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Title: don't put your spell on me
Disclaimer: hmmm....well I wish I owned jason behr... too bad for me... it all belongs to upn and that know who they are! lol but I own Bianca Taylor and Nicole Parker lol.... my own imagination..such a nice tool *happy*
Summary:'s about j/k...fine about max and liz's cousin nicole at first until you learn something... (I aint telling lol) and it becomes max and liz... C/C
Rating:for now...kinda pg13...then kiddies beware? lol..
Author's note: well....u might notice that nicole acts like liz and that liz acts like tess...and tess is really nice in here .did it for a reason up ur mind and allow some changes? lol.. ur choice...

here are all the parts to catch up on... *happy*
Max Evans walked into school about ten minutes before the homeroom bell was supposed to ring. His locker was just down the hall so he took his time. A flood of memories rushed back at him of last year being a junior. Then of course there was the anticipation for what this coming year would bring. His eyes wandered down the hall past the laughter and smell of fresh paint looking for familiar faces.
That was when he saw her. The red hair flowing down to her shoulders and being carelessly twisted between her fingers. Those bright blue eyes shining as she pulled off her sunglasses. The black baby-tee that she was wearing showed just a glimpse of her flat stomach where he could see a tiny red heart tattooed. The hip hugger jeans she had on made her look better than Britney Spears at the Music Awards. His eyes traveled back up to her face and quickly analyzed her dimpled cheeks with the wide lip gloss covered smile. Max almost drooled at this gift of perfection before him. He was stopped short in the middle of the hallway staring at a beautiful girl and his mind couldn't believe it. His feet however betrayed him by walking forward again and stopping in front of his locker right down the hall. His eyes tried not to seek her out as his fingers pulled the combination lock off. he grabbed his math book and looked at his schedule briefly before glancing her way. His locker slammed shut as he realized that she was gone. He turned sharply and grinned as Michael's hand moved off his locker and came up for a high-five.
"Hey man!"Michael smiled as they started off on their path to homeroom.
"What have ya been up to? I haven't seen you all summer!" Max exclaimed. He noticed how his friend glanced down and blushed nervously.
"I spent the summer with Maria,"then he said quietly,"and her mom."
Max laughed,"What? Her mom?! You gotta be kidding me.. wow, how the mighty have fallen." Michael punched him lightly and laughed too.
Until he got serious," I think....well I know that I've never felt this way about anyone else."
Max looked at him and sighed,"I didn't think you would get committed before I would." He frowned and stopped infront of room 201. Michael glanced at his watch and told him"we can talk at lunch" and then he went off down the hall. Max's head shook as he noticed that his rebel friend was actually in a hurry to get to homeroom.
After homeroom Max was in math. No one that he knew was with him at the start of the day and he was beginning to feel lonely. He was seated in the front just because his last name was Evans. Seated right next to him was the beautiful girl he had seen in the hallway earlier. She was bent over her desk reading a paper Mr.Naoni just passed out. He watched breathlessly as she pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and bit a pencap in her mouth. As Mr.Naoni called out her name she looked up and raised her hand. He had almost missed it but was glad that he hadn't. The name fit her in every way, Nicole Parker. That was when the teacher looked back at the attendence sheet and asked."are you related to a Liz Parker?" She flushed a little at having brought attention to herself and nodded. Readjusting her shirt she replied,"we're cousins." As she went back to reading more names were called out until she looked at him and flashed a bright smile. His heart stopped as he said "here!"That was the best day of his high school career.

here is the new part....hope ya like it....whoever you
2 weeks later...
He saw her sitting there again. The seventeen year old -red haired- blue eyed girl from his math and gym class. Just the thought of her running the track with her 34c chest made him very horny. He would always spot her sitting on that exact bench in the park after school. It never appeared that she was waiting for someone. of course he had never gotten the courage up to talk to her. Just the sight of her was enough for him to go over the edge.
Nicole caught him looking at her out of the corner of her eye. 'why does he keep on staring?'she thought to herself. and then she immediately wondered if she looked like a mess or something. 'That could be it' and she reached for her purse. But before she could get the mirror out a hand clasped over her's and pulled her off the bench.
"Sean!" she exclaimed and gave him a huge hug. His hands wrapped around her and pulled her up until she was lifted off the ground slightly.
Max watched silently as she hugged the tall muscular guy. 'He looks familiar' then he remembered spotting them walking down the hall a couple of times. Convinced it was her boyfriend, Max walked towards the end of the park just missing the hopeful look in Nicole's eyes as she searched for him.
'Where is he?' she asked herself as Sean sat next to her and started rambling on about her cousin, Liz. She vaguely remembered him saying he liked her about a week ago but now....who knew? She giggled but stopped when he started to give her questioning glares.
"What's so funny about Liz's grandmother's heart attack?" he demanded. That was when she realized that this might be a bad time to laugh during his story. But she also noticed he had said Liz's grandmother. 'Man he's obsessed' she thought to herself because it was her grandmother too. And the weird thing is...she never had a heart attack! Which started her up again to his dismay.
"Okay Nikki spit it out,"he ordered as he popped a piece of gum in his mouth. She held her hand out for a piece ready to explain.
All of those days alone.... and she has a boyfriend?? It didn't make sense to Max. He trudged his feet along the sidewalk and started off to his car parked about a quarter of a mile away. His mind flashed back to when he first saw her, that first school day back in September when she smiled at him during math class. Her face lit up with that smile and for about a minute Max had thought it was directed at someone else. But of course she had only smiled because he was staring at her when the teacher was trying to get his attention.
Sean watched her as she mumbled something about guys and their fear of commitment to girls. She didn’t even know what she was saying because her mind kept wandering back to that guy. ‘I must know him from somewhere else besides school’. She tried to place him to an event in her mind, ’was he at Maria’s birthday party last month?’
“Was who at Maria’s birthday party?” Sean asked puzzled. Nikki frowned as she realized that she had spoken out loud. She crossed and uncrossed her legs before mumbling,”Max Evans.”
“Max Evans! The Max Evans???” Sean exclaimed. She practically jumped from the shock and astonishment in his voice.
“Yes,”she stated matter-of-factly and then asked,”why? Do you know him?”
Sean scoffed at that remark,”do I know him? Do I know him?” She nodded eagerly and he replied “of course I don’t know him. Who the hell is he?” Nicole sighed in relief as she explained the situation briefly to him. But it wasn’t until she started talking about how she had noticed Max around the park that Sean interrupted,”you think he’s stalking you? Maybe he is one of those depressant suicidal types. He could sacrifice stuff at home in front of his shrine for you.”
Nicole burst out laughing at the level of ridiculousness that Sean had just reached. She continued her giggling until seeing the time from her watch.
“Shit! I was supposed to be home twenty minutes ago!,” she exclaimed as Sean handed the purse to her. She gave him a peck on the cheek, told him she would be on the lookout for any signs that Liz liked him and left. Running home her mind drifted back to that gorgeous guy from her school. Picturing his sexy smile, his jet black hair cut short above his forehead. The intense gaze he had that made his brown eyes stand out. She felt her heart start to race as she rounded the corner and concentrated on Max Evans.
“Max Evans,”she breathed. The name just rolled off her tongue.
Nikki reached her red brick house in the town of Roswell, New Mexico. She slowed down and evened out her breathing before entering the home that she shared with her cousin, aunt and uncle.
“Nicole!,” her aunt Nancy practically squeezed her to death with relief that she was safe. “Where have you been young lady?” Nicole shrugged and answered,”the park?” as she noticed Liz grinning in the corner. But when their eyes caught Liz walked off towards her room. ‘I love her walk,’ she thought to herself as she looked at the confident stride. But Nancy Parker didn’t notice this silent exchange between the two cousins.
“We were all so worried! Go put your school stuff away and come help me with dinner. Okay?” then with that Mrs. Parker was in the kitchen and Nicole was trudging off towards her room. But when she walked in was the moment shock hit her.

The room was in utter chaos. Her mind panicked as she surveyed her blankets off the bed and laying on the floor. The mattress overturned and her clothes laying all over the place.
She stepped towards her dresser and found her jewelry box. Her hands shook as she opened it up and found it surprisingly untouched! Her mind was wheeling ‘why would someone do this to the rest of my room and not touch my jewelry? When could this have happened? Who would do this? What could they want?’ That was when it hit her. The whole fight she had with Liz yesterday. She remembered it so vividly in her mind....
‘ Why were you staring at Max Evans in English?” Liz had started off. It wasn’t until Nicole got an attitude that Liz got pissed.
“What’s it to you?” Nicole replied.
“Don’t get any ideas! He’s mine!”Liz stated coldly.
“Oh really?” Nicole asked sarcastically. “Well I didn’t see your name on him!”
“Maybe you didn’t look hard enough,” Liz replied in a sweet tone raising her eyebrows. Her cousin then retorted loudly, “if you’d know anything about me or my life then you would know that I already have a date with him tomorrow!” of course she was lying but Liz didn’t know that.
As Nicole recalled their screaming match from the other day her feet carried her to the door. She was about to uncover this mystery and she knew right where to start. As her hand turned the knob of Liz’s bedroom door she heard the music blaring in the background. Nicole opened the door and stepped quietly inside of Liz’s spacious bedroom. She was dancing around with a book in her hand. Nicole almost burst out laughing as she watched Liz shake her hips and sing out loud. The book fell on the floor and Nicole just caught the name before Liz turned around and spotted her. Teen witch for the next generation was still laying on the floor when Liz narrowed her eyes and stepped closer.
“What are you doing in my room?” Liz asked defiantly. Nicole also stepped closer and glared at her before saying in a harsh tone, “you know what I’m doing here. You bitch!” she had added the bitch part just to let her know that she wasn’t afraid of her. Who cared if Liz was her cousin and Nancy was just in the other room? Not Nicole! But Liz just smiled, it looked more of a smirk to Nicole but she wasn’t sure.
“Actually I don’t know. So if you don’t plan on explaining yourself right now then I suggest you leave. Before I have to make you and your huge slutty butt go screaming out for your dead mommy,” Liz said in a tone that made Nicole shiver. She slapped her when she mentioned her mom. ‘Now I know she did it,’ Nicole thought as she shifted her weight onto her right foot.
“I don’t plan on leaving until you apologize and explain yourself for destroying my room!” Nikki shouted as Liz rubbed her cheek.
“I can’t believe you did that. That took guts Nikki. Maybe it’s time we had a look at them don’t ya think?” Liz asked before kicking her in the stomach. Nikki’s face turned pink as her eyes watered and her hand gripped her belly. Then Liz opened her door and pushed her out so Nicole’s butt landed on the floor. Liz then said “stay away from Max Evans cuz.”
“Nicole! Come and get dinner!” Nancy called out when Liz’s door slammed shut. She reached out with her hand against the wall and pulled herself up. The mirror on the wall showed her pale reflection and she raised her shirt halfway to show her stomach. Her index finger traced over the red kick mark. Nicole dried her eyes with her hand and went to her room. Next to a picture of her and her parents was her make up box. She brushed the cherry blush against her cheeks and looked in the mirror again to see her rosy reflection. Satisfied with herself, and scared of what Liz would do if she told her aunt what happened, she walked to the kitchen. Her stomach felt really queasy but she still thought that she should eat something to make Nancy happy. She looked at the chicken and potato helping and felt like she was going to throw up. But her hand raised the fork anyway.
Max had gotten home about an hour ago and finished his homework already. Even though it’s a Friday night he doesn’t have any plans. Max reached for the phone and called up Michael Guerin. Maybe, if he was in luck, Michael would have the night free from Maria. They ahd all gone out before but Max still felt like a chaperone when with them. As he pressed in the number for his friend’s apartment he ran a hand through his hair and checked his reflection in the mirror. The phone rang a couple of times before he got the answering machine. He cursed quietly and put the phone back on the hook. It wasn’t like he had a whole list of friends to call and truthfully he knew he wouldn’t want to hang out with them anyways. The only real person that he wanted to be with tonight was Nicole Parker. He didn’t even know why he felt this way about her. It wasn’t like they had even talked before. ‘Maybe it’s her smile,’ Max thought. ‘She does have a beautifully charming smile.’ Then his mind went back to his friend, Michael and how he had fallen head over heels for Maria. Now that Maxwell knew how it felt he would never tease Michael again.

Now that Maxwell knew how it felt he would never tease Michael again. ‘It’s time to take initiative Max! You are a senior now. Some eighteen year olds have kids by now and you have never had a real girlfriend.’ Even though all of this was supposed to convince him to call Nicole it was only making him depressed. He walked out to the kitchen where he saw his sister seated at the kitchen table.
“Hey Isabel,” Max said to her as he opened the refrigerator. He pulled a carton of orange juice out but on his way to get a glass he noticed her face. Sitting down across from her sad appearance he asked what was wrong. A tear dripped down his sister’s face and he watched confused as she angrily brushed it away with a delicate finger.
“ Nothing, I’m fine,”she lied to him. He chuckled slightly and reached out with his hand to lift her face up. Their eyes locked and he whispered, “Isabel you’re not fine. Tell your favorite brother what’s wrong.” she smiled, but it was only a small smile and she told him about a fight that she had with Alex earlier. As she rambled on he learned that Alex was going on a field trip to Canada next week and Isabel knew for a fact that Bianca Taylor was going on the trip too. Isabel had heard in the locker room after cheerleading practice that Bianca had a huge crush on Isabel’s boyfriend, Alex.

Max sighed seeing how upset this news was making his sister.
“Alex cherishes you Isabel. He would never go for a girl like Bianca,” he tried to reassure her. She started crying again and let out some words between sobs,” you mean the most popular girl in our high school? The hottest girl? Don’t lie to me Max,” she said as she looked at his face,”I know every guy wants some of her.”
Max shook his head slowly and put the orange juice back in the fridge.
“Isabel, Alex would be crazy to want to be with that slut. I’m sorry but I have heard so many things about her being easy....” he trailed off as she sniffed loudly and said “you’re not helping.”
“Sorry...I just know that Alex loves and respects you. You’re all he talks about. Sometimes it makes me sick,”he laughed. She giggled a little and then the phone rang.
“You think that’s him?”she asked seriously.
“Could be,”he answered and then picked up the phone,”hello.” But as he heard a girl’s voice he knew it wasn’t Alex calling to make up.
“Umm.... is Max there?” she asked. He felt his heart race as he realized that this girl had called for him.
“Yes this is him,”he answered. There was a silence for a moment before he heard her say, “this is Nicole. Nicole Parker....from your math class?” He almost choked on the air
“I know who you are Nicole. What’s up?” he asked as he silently prayed that she hadn’t called him for the math homework. Isabel looked at him curiously as she grabbed a tissue to dry her eyes.
“Oh....I just wasn’t expecting you home. I was going to leave a message,” she exclaimed in one big breath.
“Well if you want I can hang up and then you can call back and leave a message.” Max offered hoping that wasn’t what she wanted to do.
“No...that’s okay. I just wanted to ask you a question anyway...” He held his breath as she trailed off and prompted, “what’s your question Nicole?”
She rushed it all out again, “ Are you free tonight? Because if you’re not it’s fine... I was just wondering if you wanted to go out sometime.” he sighed with relief that it wasn’t anything school related then he had to pinch himself as he heard her ask him out. Isabel mouthed “who is it?” and Max shook his head and raised one finger to tell her “in a minute.”
“Max are you there?” she asked worried. He nodded his head and then almost smacked himself because she couldn’t see him.
“No....I’m not busy tonight. I’d love to go out with you,” he added in his head ‘more than you know.’
“Great!” she exclaimed. He grinned as he heard the excitement in her voice.
“Where do you want to go?” he asked as Isabel, who couldn’t wait any longer, had pulled out a pad and pencil. He wrote ‘Nicole Parker’ on there and saw her face smile in recognition and approval.
“How about the movies? I can meet you at 22nd and Maine,”she suggested and Max agreed.
“What shows are playing?” he asked wanting to keep her on the phone as long as possible. He loved the sound of her voice and was incredibly nervous about going out with her. As she started listing some shows and their times he asked Isabel on the paper ‘what should I wear?’ She got up and walked to his room as he followed her with the cordless phone. She walked into his closet and started flipping through some shirts as he sat on the bed and said, “Spiderman sounds good. What time is the next showing again?” Isabel pulled out a black shirt and threw it to him before stepping towards his dresser to look for pants. She ended up pulling out a bunch of cargo pants and jeans before deciding on some basic black dress pants. She then gave him a dark blue jacket to complete the look she was going for. He said to the phone, “I’ll meet you there in ten minutes then?” after she agreed they hung up and he practically jumped up and down with anticipation.
“Nicole Parker huh?” his sister said teasingly. He grinned as his shirt pulled over his head and he put the new black one on. His sister started toward the door to let him finish getting changed before replying, “just watch out Max. I know for a fact that her cousin, Liz, is totally into you.” She smirked and closed the door quietly. He shook his head laughing,” yeah right, like every girl is lining up to date me.” Then he put on his black pants and pulled up new socks. Checking himself out in the mirror he didn’t think he looked that bad. “Black can definitely be your color Evans” he said to himself and then ran his hands through his hair quickly. He grabbed his jacket and his keys off his dresser and went back to the kitchen.
“Izzie? Are you going to be okay?” he asked as he put his cup in the sink.
“Yeah Max, I’m fine. Just go, have a good time,”she smiled at him as she fingered a picture of Alex on the table. He smiled back, gave her a hug and put his shoes on as fast as he could. Then she walked with him to the door and he headed to his green jeep.
Isabel watched her brother leave and let out a slow sigh. It had been so hard lately to keep her secret from him. Learning that she could walk in on other people’s dreams was a big shock to her system. It had started during the summer when she fell asleep with her hand on the yearbook. That was when she first learned of Alex Whitman. He had never really stood out to her before but all of his dreams just called out to her. There was something about Alex and his aura that touched Isabel deeply.
Michael looked at Maria as she got up and picked up her bright pink bowling ball and sauntered to the lane. He smirked as she swung her hand back and rolled it down. Michael was beating her by 20 points and bragging about it every chance he got. She groaned loudly as a 6 flashed on the screen.
“Hey baby. How ‘bout you just sit down and look pretty for the rest of the game and let the real bowlers do their job?” Michael suggested teasingly. Maria smacked him with her purse and then rested back in her chair frowning.
Then Michael Guerin picked up his black ball and walked to the front. As he received yet another strike his arms went up in the air triumphantly, grinning at his girlfriend.
Maria wanted to kiss that grin right off of Michael’s face and take him right here right now. ‘He is so goddamn sexy when he’s bowling she thought as a sly smile filled her face. Running her fingers through her hair she watched her guy check their scores again. ‘For the millionth time tonight,’ she noted to herself. She guessed it wasn’t too bad that he was such a big competitor. After all he had no chance to learn to play fairly with other kids when he was bouncing back and forth between foster homes.

Liz watched fuming as Nicole left for her date. She had called Max about 5 minutes earlier from her bedroom and Liz had heard the entire conversation.
“Mom, I’m heading out,” she called and grabbed her coat. Elizabeth Parker used to be a nice girl. She was one of them girls that did her homework assignments every night and aced every test in the morning. Teachers trusted her with the errands and students tried to cheat off of her. But now that she was a senior in high school and still hadn’t gotten Max Evans she was going to stick up for herself. So when her and Maria were at the bookstore and spotted a witchcraft book they decided to give it a try. Maria had been her best fried for 6 years and they were in this together. ‘Although she didn’t need a spell to get Michael,’ Liz thought bitterly. ‘Max should want me....not Nicole. The slut, she’ll pay for this and then Max will love me.’ she smiled and walked out the door knowing full well that her mom hadn’t heard her. With each step the moon looked brighter and she was counting the days until it would be full. She needed to pick up one last material for the spell that would get Nicole to leave Max alone. Since Nicole took the car she had to walk but it was fine with her. ‘Let her have this stupid date,’ she smirked as she thought about how things would be when she was dating the sexiest guy at school.
Alex Whitman brushed his teeth as he heard his dad arguing with his mom to get out the door. They were already late for an important dinner meeting with his boss. He rinsed his mouth and bared his teeth to the mirror. Then Alex frowned thinking that here he was on a Friday night home alone. Both of his brothers had dates and his parents were going out. His dad waved goodbye and he watched the blue van pull away. Settling down with a bag of chips and the remote control he almost had to laugh at how pathetic he was. ‘And if it weren’t for your fight with Isabel you wouldn’t be home right now,’ he scolded himself. How could he have been so stupid as to have gotten happy knowing that she was jealous. He knew that Isabel hated Bianca and that he would never go out with her. But having the fact that she actually cared in his head it made him a little overconfident. Alex loved Isabel and would never go for another girl. ‘But she obviously doesn’t know that,’ he reminded himself hurt that she would think so little of him. He selected a movie channel and prepared himself for a long night alone.
The car curved around the corner and she stopped at the movie theater. He was already waiting there and his eyes pierced into her as she got out. Stepping onto the curb she looked at him as his eyes traveled up her body. She felt slightly self-conscious in the blakc mini-skirt, red baby tee and platform boots. Hugging her jacket closer to her cold skin she smiled at Max and he blushed and smiled back. ‘The way he looked in all black made him seem mysterious in a sexy kind of way’ Nicole thought before blushing also. The way he led her into the building made her feel like he could read her thoughts. ‘That’s impossible,’she thought and walked up to the ticket counter.


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The girl that sold them the Spiderman tickets shot her a jealous stare and she had to keep from grinning widely. But inside she was complimenting herself for being so bold as to call Max on a Friday night. But as she recalled the conversation in her head she knew there was nothing bold about it. Her heart started to race again as he led her to the back row.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘I can’t believe I am doing this,’ Max’s head spun as he sat next to her in the back. He had heard of many guys that did things in the back row. ‘I hope she doesn’t think that I am planning anything,’ but then he thought, ‘I wish I was planning something.’ he was so nervous and incredibly glad that it was dark in there so she couldn’t see his face. He glanced at her again and then wondered what she was thinking. ‘Why don’t you find out Evans?’ he reprimanded himself inwardly.
“Would you like something to eat....or drink?” he asked concerned. She shook her head lightly and replied,” I just had dinner.”
“Oh,”he murmured and then racked his head for something to say. He didn’t want to talk about school, that was a little boring...
“How’s Isabel?” she interrupted his thoughts. He smiled, glad that she had found a subject and that she cared about his sister. “She’s fine... well she just had an arguement with Alex but I’m sure that they will work it out.” Max hoped that he didn’t sound like he would start any rumors about his sister or anything.
“Oh... I hope they do,”she added on. The previews started for the movie and he didn’t want to seem rude by just ending the conversation.
“Are you getting along with Liz fine?” he asked after thinking about it shortly. Then Max noticed her stiffen up in the chair and looked a little uncomfortable. ‘Nice job Max’ he thought as she cleared her throat softly.
“Well....not really to tell ya the truth.”
“Why not?” he asked turning towards her, he looked into her face and could have sworn her blue eyes sparkled.
“She’s....”she paused and then rephrased it, “we are really different. In two different social groups, you know what I mean?” The opening credits rolled over the screen and some light reflected off her face. He could tell that she was upset over something but didn’t want to pressure it out of her.
“Yeah I know,” then he placed his hand over her’s seeming careless about it but really feeling a little sick about it. Not sick like he wanted to throw up at the sight of her but the clammy hand, heart beating fast, breathing hard, butterflies in the stomach sick. She smiled again and he felt his heart almost jump with joy as she squeezed his hand a little before lacing her fingers with his. He turned his attention to the movie but really couldn’t concentrate when she leaned her head on his shoulder. He pushed his feet against his seat in front of him until his body was slouched in the seat and his chin was on her forehead.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kyle walked up and down the stairs pumping for more air. His legs ached and his breaths came short and fast but he was motivated. He had to continue. ‘Just two more,’ he told himself but his body knew that there would be more. Kyle Valenti was the kind of jock who went above the limit of exercise. His sneakers were muddy and he made a mental note to clean them later. ‘Unlike girls that would just go out and get new shoes,’ he had to remind himself that laughing took away special energy after that thought. He remembered when he had dated Liz Parker as a freshman, of course she had gone by Elizabeth then. That was before he had found out that she was using him to get closer to Max Evans though. He had been so embarrassed when the school found out but now he was over it. Now he was going after Bianca Taylor. Bianca would be perfect with him, after all he was the football captain and she was the head cheerleader. It was meant to be.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After the movie Nicole and Max decided to drive around the town. She had left her car at the movie theater and joined him in the jeep. As they spotted places they knew they told stories that made each other laugh. Max remembered being at a dance last year where Michael showed up without a shirt on and picked a fight with the principal. But Maria was too busy staring to help him out so Max had to break it up. Nicole laughed as she pictured Maria just drooling over Michael. After about a half an hour went by and they were back at the movie theater they got out of the car. Nicole made the first move by putting her hand in his and Max fidgeted nervously as they walked closer to her car. Her curfew was at midnight and it was only eleven, ‘I don’t want this night to end’ she realized.
“Hey, you wanna go for ice cream? My treat,” she offered hoping that he wouldn’t turn her down. Max grinned at her and answered, “you’ve got yourself a date.” she grinned back and they both got in her car this time. (as a disclaimer the magic box is from buffy the vampire slayer)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Liz scowled as Maria’s cell phone rang one more time before she hung up. ‘I wonder what Nicole’s doing right now...’ then her mind filled with images of Nicole and Max making out and she got angry. After telling herself to calm down once more she passed the Crashdown Café and looked at it closely. She hadn’t been in there since the place was sold to some elderly couple. Nikki’s dad used to own the place and it was the hottest spot in town.. But now, it was just lame. She opened the door and walked in to the almost empty room. Sitting at a table near the back she smirked seeing the waitress practically skipping towards her. Liz knew that she was doing something good but she decided to only pretend she was really hungry.
“Welcome to the Crashdown Café,” the bubbly waitress greeted her. She looked around and didn’t recognize any of the three tourists in there. She smiled and said,” hi...can I have a Dr. Pepper?” she wanted to get her order in before Amy (she looked at the name tag) started small talk.
Amy the friendly, young waitress jotted down the order, “anything to eat?” ‘Aw...what the heck, ya only live once.’ Liz thought then looked at the menu.
“Sure....I’d like a...”her eyes trailed down the menu to realize that all the names were changed. ‘It’s a regular McDonald’s now,’ she frowned.
“Just a cheeseburger” she finished and handed her the menu. That was when the door opened, rattling loudly, and Bianca Taylor walked through. She glanced in Liz’s direction, smiled and moved to a booth along the wall. That was all Elizabeth needed to go sit across from her.
“ what are you doing here?” she asked motioning to the room. Bianca ran her fingers through her shoulder length hair and snapped her fingers making the waitress hurry over. Deliberately avoiding her question she ordered rudely, “one diet coke, make sure it’s diet. Extra ice. And some onion rings. No grease.” Amy’s hand shook as she said the order again and blushed when Bianca raised her voice because it was wrong. Liz could tell that it was the girl’s first day here and her friend was only making it worse. After Amy hurried away Bianca turned her attention back to Liz.
“Got the nutmeg?” she asked quietly and pulled out her mirror. The lipstick smeared across her lips and she rubbed the color all over.
“Yeah, I just got it tonight. Everything’s ready,” she assured her.
“When’s the next full moon?” Bianca asked nonchalantly still rifling through her purse. That was when she pulled out her wallet and took the newspaper clipping out. As she handed it to Liz her eyes narrowed slightly. The waitress came back with their food and drinks just as Liz finished reading the article about the weather lately.
“Why did you want me to read this?” she inquired. Bianca sipped her diet coke and turned the paper over so a store was covering the page.
‘The Magic Box will be opening shortly in Roswell, New Mexico where you can buy all your magical needs,’she read.
“Exciting huh?” Bia asked and ate her onion ring frowning at it as she noticed the grease. Then she mumbled on about how people never listened these days and food was so greasy. Liz was used to her rich friend’s complaining and just went back to the topic at hand.
“When is it opening?”
“ my dad says next week....the newspaper doesn’t say.”
“How would your dad know?” Liz questioned as she had another bite of her cheeseburger.
“He owns the company that is working on the construction for the shop.” she stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“How’s Alex?” Liz smirked knowing just how to tick her off.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two hours later...
Max’s hand ran up her thigh and she moaned, pushing his mouth to her’s. They were in the backseat of her car and she was making out with him passionately. Their kisses deepened as she sucked his lower lip gently. Her mind felt empty and her heart full as her hands ran under his shirt. She felt his hard abs and pulled his shirt over his head. As their lips broke apart he breathed in fully before crashing his mouth onto her’s once more. She moved her hands down to the bulge in his pants and couldn’t believe that he was feeling this way about her. Her: Nicole Parker! Somehow this very news just excited her in a new way and she felt his hands running down her neck... his lips trailed kisses up her cheek and nibbled her ear slightly. She felt herself blush as her mind had thoughts of him finishing his pleasures in areas below the belt and she couldn’t believe that she was acting this way. Her legs spread apart and he adjusted so that he was resting on top of her on the seat. She knew that it was a damn good thing that she had brought her car because they couldn’t do this in his jeep. He moved his lips down to her neck and sucked her gently and she could just imagine Liz’s face if she walked in with a hickey on her neck, Nikki giggled quietly and Max thought it was his kisses doing it to her so he moved his head down to her baby tee... his mouth moved to the top of it and his smooth hands pushed it down a little until her chest practically popped out and his thumbs roamed over her body.... “Bleep bleep bleep” she heard. She wanted to ask Max what that sound was but he was moving his head down to her stomach now and she didn’t want him to stop... but the noise continued until....
“Nicole! Wake up...get ready we are going to go shopping today...remember? ” Nancy yelled from the living room. “Nicole! Wake up...get ready we are going to go shopping today...remember? ” Nancy yelled from the living room. Nicole rolled over on the bed and opened her eyes slowly. Squinting from the sunlight she remembered her dream vividly. Blushing slightly she rose out of bed and made a move for her closet. After getting dressed and realizing that the scar on her stomach wasn’t that big she made a move for the kitchen. Breakfast being her favorite meal she smiled widely. Seeing Liz at the table practically sleeping in her chair she smirked and recalled Nancy telling her that not everyone was a morning person. Nikki picked up the cheerio box and poured it into her blue bowl. She put it down on the table just loud enough for her cousin to raise her head where she smiled widely at her.
“Did you have fun on your date last night?” Nancy asked as she walked into the kitchen. Even though she came home on time her aunt was asleep already.
“ was great... we watched Spiderman then drove around a little... and then went for ice cream.” Nikki smiled as she remembered the goodnight kiss in front of her car and was glad that she had left it out because Liz was shooting daggers at her with her eyes.

Max woke up slowly as if in a daze and pulled his head off the pillow, opening his eyes to the blinding sun. ‘ughh....too early’ his mind thought and then he closed his eyes once again... meanwhile downstairs Isabel was talking to their mother in the kitchen when there was a knock at the door. It was Alex coming to make up with her..she knew it had to be him. But there was Bianca standing at her door.
“What do you want Taylor?” she called her by her last name. The head of the cheerleading team pushed her way into her home and said “I have to talk to Max”.
“oh no you will not have my brother too... you can have Kyle..and Jim..and all of them little preppy jocks but not my brother,” Isabel responded calmly. Then before Isabel even knew what was happening she had blasted Bianca onto her front lawn and green sparks were shooting out of her hand.

Max awoke by the knock on the door and thinking that it was for him he stumbled down the stairs... but when he saw Bianca Taylor the most annoying girl from his school he decided to wait until she left. Isabel yelled at her and then he rubbed his eyes for what happened next. Isabel had used some kind of powers to send the girl flying out the door. He couldn’t believe this was happening and he had no idea how to explain it. Their mom was in the kitchen, oblivious to all of this and he had just witnessed the most magical thing in his life coming from is own sister’s hand. Isabel turned and shot him a horrified look fully comprehending that he had been there for everything.
His head was reeling and his hands were shaking. Here he was acting like Maria when a shoe sale ended and he suddenly wished that he had some cedar oils. His sister closed the door and stepped towards him slowly. Max stepped back, crossing his arms over his hurt chest. His own sister....his flesh and blood really.
“Please...can we talk about this?” she begged him. Her brother was shaken up and she was terrified of what he might do.
“Okay...” he stumbled out. They both made a move for the stairs but Isabel walked up first. They reached his room and he suddenly became very cautious in front of her. ‘Max that’s silly,’ he told himself. ‘She’s your sister, she isn’t dangerous.’ Isabel started pacing the floor slowly and fumbling her hands while Max, still shaken up, sat on his chair.
“Who are you?” he asked quietly. He watched as Isabel’s eyes widened and she frowned, “I’m still your sister. I still love you.” She stopped pacing suddenly and came to a decision.
“Max, I trust you. This is the biggest secret I have,” she started off and he wished that she was telling him some little thing. ‘Like when we broke mom’s favorite vase,’ he remembered.
“You fixed that didn’t you?” he asked her as his mind flashed back to when he had come home to find the vase back together. She had insisted that “SuperGlue works miracles”. He suddenly felt sick as he tried to think of how many times his sister had lied to him.
“I’m an alien,” she told him. He gasped at the honesty in her statement. Sitting on his bed she demonstrated her power by changing his blankets from blue to neon orange and back again.”the ship that crashed in 1947 was carrying me....and the others,” she didn’t want to risk everyone’s safety because of her carelessness.
“How long have you known?” he asked astounded.
“ I have had these powers :the green shield, the transforming of molecules for sometimes now. I basically learned of then about a year after we were adopted. I just learned of my dream walking powers.” She shifted uncomfortably on the bedspread.
“ how could this be?” he asked her, “we were both found in the desert. Why are you an alien? And I’m not.” he wanted to make sure that he was human. After all, he would have developed his powers already, wouldn’t he?
“ I’m guessing, we’re not really related Max. I’m half human and you are fully.” Isabel didn’t look that disappointed that they weren’t really related but he wasn’t sure of anything anymore. He felt his breath coming in sparsely and he felt lightheaded. Standing up dizzily he said, “I need some air.” She practically jumped in front of him and he put his hand over his mouth as his stomach jumped with her.
“Max, you can’t tell anyone. Not Nicole or..” she paused and went on, “Michael. Not even mom and dad.” her voice was low and secretive but held power in it too. And even thought he shouldn’t, he felt scared of what she might do if he told.
“ Or what they’ll do to me,” she answered his thoughts. His heart feeling hollow he asked,”who?”
“ You know the government would cover up any kind of extraterrestrial life. They will lock us up in labs and test us. You read what happened to them witches in Salem. We are as different as they were.” As Isabel spoke Max wanted to ask who the others were. But feeling obligated to their safety and not wanting that kind of responsibility he kept his mouth shut.
“Please tell me that I can trust you Max . I need to know that we will be safe with you knowing our secret.” He nodded and walked out of the room feeling like he had just lost his whole family. Even though Max was close to both of his parents he knew that he really wasn’t their son. And now finding out that the girl he had known all his life came from another planet, he wanted to cry. Slipping past the kitchen and almost tripping on the rug in the hall he stepped outside. The front steps felt hard under his pajama pants and he almost blushed knowing that it was mid-day and he wasn’t fully dressed yet.
Isabel felt the tears streaming down her cheeks before she even knew she was crying. It had been so hard trying to explain who she was. And knowing that Max was not really related to her, it just felt painful. She sobbed quietly and got up to walk to her room. When she was there she looked out her window and saw Max. he was stepping towards the swing in their backyard. She could hear the thoughts mumbling through his mind and desperately wanted to shut it out. Not to invade his privacy and not to hurt him any longer. She watched his steady rhythm as his legs pumped himself up and let himself swing back down. She needed to talk to someone so out came her tape recorder from inside the wall. That was the safest place she could ever find for it so she kept pulling the wall molecules apart and placing it inside whenever she needed to. Not a big fan of writing she always said her thoughts out loud.
“Today I shared my secret, I have been keeping it ever since I found out that October day when I was 6.just last summer I developed a new power, dream walking. This was how I found Alex. I truly love him but I am terrified that if he finds out who I am,” a tear slid down her cheek and her index finger brushed it away slowly.
“ he won’t love me,” she paused but went back to the subject at hand, “I feel like I have already lost my brother. When I learned that Michael, Kyle and Tess were just like me, I suddenly felt like I belonged somewhere. But without Max, I don’t think I can continue living this life. I thought he would understand me, I am the same Isabel he has always known. I just have great powers and am endangering everyone I know.
(as a disclaimer the tape recorder idea is from felicity...I watch too much tv lol... )

I sometimes wish that I wasn’t from the planet of Antar.” As soon as she finished that thought the telephone rang. It was Michael with the news that he had found the granolithe. They had been looking for it ever since they had found the pod chamber. It couldn’t have been that far away they figured. After all the pod chambers were not even a mile from the crash site. It was amazing all of the stuff we had figured out since we found each other. I put the tape recorder back in the wall and grabbing my shoes I ran out the door. There was no time to talk to Max anymore and try to explain our situation. I told my mom I was going to hang out with Michael and then I left. Even though the jeep was both of our’s I felt bad for taking it without telling him. My mind kept telling me that he’d understand but my heart was feeling sad and lost. I drove out to the pod chambers where I found Kyle and Tess already waiting in Jim Valenti’s truck. They told me where Michael said to meet and I followed them out into the desert rocks. Now was not the time to tell them that I had spilled our secret. They were walking a couple of feet ahead of me but I could still gather bits of their conversation. He was asking her about her latest power when I butt in.
“You have a new power?” I walked faster to catch up to them.
“Yeah... I just found out about it a couple of days ago and me and Kyle have been practicing when his dad is working.” Tess lived at Kyle’s house because when she moved to Roswell a couple of months ago her only guardian left her all alone in a big house on Maple street. The sheriff is taking care of her but they had to be extremely careful. Two aliens and a government official all under one roof was dangerous. Kyle told their alien friend to demonstrate her new power. She closed her eyes, concentrating hard until starting from the heels of her shoes there was a blue shimmering light. Her body disappeared slowly and the light faded away until it reappeared on the other side of Isabel. She almost jumped but Tess was grinning wickedly, obviously proud of herself.
“Cool huh? Now whenever I have them premonitions I can orb myself to the danger,” Tess told them. ‘ She is such a do-gooder,’ Isabel thought as they walked up the hill.
“Good thing I wore my sneakers,’ she joked with them and Kyle gave her a small chuckle. Isabel saw Michael as they got closer and she couldn’t help but grin at his rebellish clothing.
“He’s trying way too hard to be bad,” she remarked as Tess orbed her way to his side.
“She’s so lazy,” Kyle said as he and Isabel continued their journey. Really Tess wasn’t, Iz could tell that she just wanted to practice her powers incase any threats came up. ‘Tess is the one that would do anything to protect her family’ Iz observed as they approached Michael and he showed them where the granolithe was found...
Liz knew that it wouldn’t be that hard to lose Nicole and her mom in the mall. After all they love to shop. So when they went into a shoe store ten minutes ago she had slipped out behind an elderly couple. ‘I never should have even came here,’ she thought to herself as she walked out the mall’s exit. It was better that she had hung out with the two of them for a while, ‘this way I won’t get into a lot of trouble with mom.’ Liz pushed her way past the crowd in the parking lot and then walked downtown. Her feet knew where she was going even before her mind did. Turning on his street she spotted Max’s house a couple of feet in front of her. Being on the track team she was a fast walker and near the door in a matter of seconds.
‘I wonder if he’s home,’ then looked around back to see if the love of her life was there. Her breath catching in her throat she spotted his dark hair. Slowly striding her way towards him as if she belonged there. He was crying softly on the swing, his legs dangling in the air and she felt time stop if only for a minute. ‘Be bold Liz. Remember who you are trying to be,’ she tried to motivate herself. Liz Parker walked swiftly and silently to Max’s side. They had been friends for a while but she had always been in love with him. Max, being the oblivious type, just liked to hang out. ‘Now’s my chance,’ she realized and kneeled down next to him.
tbc as soon as I write the next part fully

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ok....thank you! lol.... I actually have it typed and ready but didn't want to look too lame sitting here posting whne no one was really reading it. hehehe... anyways here ya go and as for ur question (yes she is lol...)

“What’s wrong Max?” she asked in a sweet tone. He shook his head a little to signify nothing and tried to hide his face from her. Liz Parker was no dummy, she knew something was up but didn’t want to pry it out of him. ‘He’ll talk when he’s ready,’ she reassured herself.
“It’s ok, I’m here now,” she pulled him in close to her. She felt her heart race when he rested his head on her shoulder. She rubbed his back (willingly) as he sniffed a little.
Max raised his head a little and looked Liz in the face. She was there on a Saturday morning and he didn’t know why. He just knew that she was sitting on the ground, ruining her pants, and letting him cry on her shoulder. Liz was staring him dead-on but it was the sweet look that he missed. Lately she was trying so hard to be bad that he almost pitied her. But right now the look on her face reminded him of Maria’s party last year. When they had shared that first kiss on Halloween. He had thought nothing of it, after all it was just a dare. But his eyes located Liz’s luscious lips and he couldn’t help but erase all thoughts of Nicole from his mind. He knew it was wrong, especially since he had just gone out with her cousin last night but Max needed to feel her again. His lips momentarily brushed against her’s. As shocked as Liz was she couldn’t help but shiver as he came back for more. The air got chilly as Liz felt a raindrop fall on her shoulder but she wasn’t going to be the one to break away. His hands ran through her silky hair and then trailed down to her chin. They stayed there as his lips crashed onto her’s. As the rain poured down onto their mingled forms all Liz’s mind could think about was how perfect this moment was. How their bodies fit together and how much she didn’t want that moment to end. She was actually happy, physically and emotionally.
Max’s head was spinning. Her kiss hadn’t felt like this before. In his mind he felt connected to his friend. Flashes spun through his mind of Liz and him when they were younger. He saw her in third grade wearing a cupcake dress. Then he saw himself, felt the love that she felt. When he was hanging out with Michael, her stares full of desire. Max’s kisses intensified as he saw her, jealous, yesterday night. She opened her mouth to his awaiting tongue but before he could passionately move the french kiss along he heard his mom calling him. With this newfound knowledge that Liz loved him, he wanted to talk with her before going in the house.
“Max! Phone’s urgent,” his mom called again. He broke apart from her and saw her open her eyes, surprised that it was over so suddenly. He rose from the swing and when she stood too was the moment he longed for her mouth to be on his once again.
“Coming mom,”he yelled back and Liz shifted her feet uncomfortably. He should have asked them to call him back later but he had no idea what to say to this new girl before him.
“You want to come inside? It’s warm in there. You can wear some of Isabel’s clothes while my mom dries your’s if you want. I should only be a minute,” he babbled on.

ok.... so is she gonna go inside? what happens when she get's there? lol.... I just wanna keep ya on your toes... *tongue* I got more... just want some feedback... I think it's empowering lol....

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TD DreamerBehr originally wrote:
You got my attention! This is good! Is it the spell that is making Max feel like this? Or does he really love Liz??? Plz let it be that he really loves Liz!!!

ok.... thank you *happy* can I tell? lol... she didn't do the spell yet... he is starting to have feelings for her but you will find out later that this may not be enough.... they have been friends for a while now so this news is startling to max. just keep that in mind lol....

*big*~michaela I felt like updating... who cares if two people are reading lol... thank you both *big*

Now that they had kissed he felt completely different around her. It was a mind numbing sensation and he couldn’t wait to feel more. She agreed as her hair became soaked through with rain. He smiled softly as the light shined at her a new way and then grew embarrassed that she looked like she had just come out of the shower. Suddenly he felt ashamed to be turned on at the thought of his former friend naked. She reached for his hand and laced her fingers through his. He looked at their hands together, her’s soft with the rain beating on it and his larger. ‘It is amazing how well we fit together,’ he thought as they walked in through the back door. He showed her where his sister’s room was and then walked to the phone.
“Hello?” it was Bianca Taylor. He really couldn’t think about her right now...seeing as how she was after every guy at West Roswell High.
“Look..Bianca,” he started out before she interrupted him, “you can call me Bia, Max.” He tried not to notice the way she said it in a seductive tone.
“Bianca, I don’t like you okay? Please stop calling me,”he had to get it off his chest so that she wouldn’t think that he was leading her on.
‘Fine Maxwell,” she stated in a pissed off tone before lightening it and replying coyly, “you have no idea what you’re missing.” Then with a click the conversation was over. It was at that moment when Liz walked back into the living room. She was wearing one of Max’s muscle shirts and a pair of his boxers. He heard the front door close and looked back at her puzzled.
“Your mom invited me to dinner, she’s going grocery shopping.” The she gestured towards the clothes, “Isabel’s style really isn’t me.”
Flabbergasted, he stuttered out, “ n-no, I-it’s fa...fine.” He tried to keep from staring at her long legs and sat down on the couch. Nikki’s cousin sat close to him but allowed hm enough space to move about.
“Did you...see things too?” she asked in a quiet voice. He was still wet from the rain and her finger was tracing his name over and over on his pants.
“Like flashes?” he responded with his question, unsure of how to answer her’s. Today was just one surprise after the other and he didn’t think he could deal with one more.
“Yes, it was strange huh?” she questioned and blushed slightly thinking about the kiss. He couldn’t believe they were discussing this topic and turned to face her. All of a sudden the whole scene replayed back to him as his eyes traveled from her brown locks of hair to her tilted chin. His fingers brushed against her cheeks and he asked, “what are we doing here Liz?” She looked deeply into his amber eyes and he could almost feel her touching his soul.
“We’re connecting,” then her mouth covered his before Max could reply. It was the same amazing feeling of love as her hands rubbed their way down his back. Max moaned as her soft hands brushed against his bare arms and felt his wet shirt cling to his skin. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this, it was wrong. Not when he liked her cousin.
“We *kiss* have to *kiss* stop this” he told her.
She responded, “but *kiss* why?” He pulled himself away from her, no matter how hard it was until they were on different sides of the couch. Then Max glanced at his wet clothes and told her he needed to get changed.
“ need some help?” she smirked and waggled her eyebrows. He blushed a little while shaking his head. Then getting up slowly he walked to his room before looking back at Liz sprawled over the couch. He quickly got changed into a t-shirt and jeans before returning to the living room. Now was the time to talk things over with Liz and get the situation settled.
“We need to talk” he stated looking her straight in the face.

tbc *big*
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thank you amie...I didn't think they were fantastic but thanx *big* I am thinking about stopping this story but I really love writing it so as long as I have one or two people reading it's okay with me. I just want to be a writer and love writing and am totally caught up int his plotline now that .... I just can't stop
Michael moved his arm until it was resting on Maria’s shoulder and he was holding her tight. She snuggled in and started to watch the movie. They had rented it earlier at Blockbuster. It had taken her a lot of begging to rent ‘love story’ because she had wanted to see it for so long. Michael loved action movies but she had seen enough car crashes, bombs, double agents and dead people during the course of their relationship. The main character’s faces filled the screen and she heard Michael groan when they kissed. Rolling her eyes, she nudged her boyfriend to be silent.
“Shh ,” she whispered and turned her attention back to the romantic film. Michael’s hand covered her’s and laced their fingers together. ‘At least he’s trying’ she told herself as she felt him fidgeting uncomfortably.
Maria remembered last night. She had to giggle at how Michael had reacted when she started crying after the girl died. It really was one of the saddest movies she had ever seen. But her sweetie didn’t make fun of her for being so ‘girly’.
Alex made a move for the phone. He had waited all night in front of the television for Isabel to call. He figured that she would be the first to apologize. ‘But she isn’t going to obviously’ he thought as he recalled just how stubborn his girlfriend really could be. Alex dialed her number as he tried to think of something to say to her.
“I’ll just be myself,” he decided before laughing at how stupid that sounded.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~tbc *big*
anyways that is it for now...I know kinda rude to leave ya there and I am not going to write the part where max and liz talk... decided that I will tell it another way... gotta get all the characters in right?
I hope someone feedbacks... I am kinda depressed that not a lot of people have...after all I am one of the ultimate feedbackers lol..
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thank you so much and g's care_behr~you are like freaking me out...
lttlemrmade~you aren't going just george's fault?
thank you cameramandc~I don't know for sure what I will do with them yet but thanx for reading.
and behritall4me~ I am pretending my name is nicole lol.... *big* that's how I do sly about it and no one notices....(cept amie lol) how many stories ya got?
anyways on with the new part? lol....seems like ya all have been waiting for it... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“I’ll just be myself,” he decided before laughing at how stupid that sounded. He is always himself.
“Hello” Max answered after 2 rings.
“Hey Max. It’s Alex, is Isabel home?” he cut through the small talk.
“Actually she’s not,” his voice sounded strained which peaked Alex’s interest. Then he heard a girl’s voice in the background.
‘Who’s that?” Alex asked curiously.
“Liz, she came over this morning,” Max said sounding like he was holding something back.
“Oh?” Alex was going to try and find out what was going on. “What are you guys doing over there?” Max sighed loudly, “nothing much, just talking. Want me to tell Isabel you called ,Alex?”
He snickered at his friend’s curt reply, “ yeah that would be a great help thanks.” Then Max hung up abruptly while he listened to the dull dial tone in his ear. Replacing the phone on it’s hook he murmured, “I can’t believe he just hung up on me.” He thought that Max was his friend, but he guessed that maybe they just weren’t that close anymore.
“Or maybe it has to do with the fact that you had a fight with his only sister,” he scolded himself out loud. Just as he was busy thinking of how to make it up to Isabel he heard the shrill sound of the phone ringing. Picking it up he expected to hear the bored voice of yet another telemarketer. But instead it was the perky tone of his best friend, Maria.
“Alex! Man am I glad that you are home,” she exclaimed. He was about to open his mouth and say hello to her but instead she went on , “ well I was sitting here and started to thinking, it’s been a while since my last party.” He recalled that it was only a month ago but let her finish.
“So I want to have another one next weekend. I was thinking maybe Saturday night? Can you help with the decorations?”
He said, “yeah, sure” really fast as she continued in a rushed breath.
“Wow that’s great. Thanx Alex. I knew I could count on you. Can you call Isabel and tell her? I would love for you two to be there. Feel free to spread the word. Well I gotta go. Oh my gosh I almost forgot! There’s a theme,” Alex groaned at the thought of what kind of ridiculous theme she would think of. It would be fine if it was Halloween but that was her last party.
“What’s your theme Maria?” he asked in a tone that implied he couldn’t care less
“well thanx for caring so much Alex,” he could hear her sarcastic tone and just knew she was rolling her eyes at the phone.
“ sorry, I’m interested. Really I am. So what is it?” he asked quickly before she decided to pick an argument with him.
“Come dressed as your favorite movie star!!” she told him with her excited voice. He could imagine her as a cheerleader, she was so perky.
“So who are you going to be?” she asked it like he had been dreaming of this theme for years.
Alex groaned, “ I don’t know Maria. Give me some time to think about it geeze.”
“Okay fine. I’ll talk to you later. I have a whole school to invite!” they said their goodbye’s and hung up. It was always like Maria to go overboard for a little party. ‘Her mom is probably out of town or something,’ he reasoned. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~tbc *big*
well as some foreshadowing the next part is about kyle... I gotta mix it in people... lol
thank you for reading ~michaela

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thank you both...I am glad you like it.. *big*
well I figured I was going to introduce this new character to bring about conflict lol
nice huh?
and behritall4me? ya better update! lol
here goes nothing... hope you like it...(yeah I know it's short)
Kyle Valenti walked quickly to escape the rain. He was on his way to get a job and had no idea where to work. That was when his eyes gazed upon the Crashdown Café. It wasn’t a bad place to start and he didn’t have to be embarrassed working there. It wasn’t like any of the kids from school hung out there. His mind was taking all of this information and piecing it together. It was the perfect job, ‘and I can cook,’ he recalled. Kyle walked in to ask the owner who he knew to be an elderly man.
“Hello sir,” he started out. Calling him sir was a sign of respect and he totally loved sucking up.
“Can I help you son?” the man was old enough to call him ‘grandson’.
“I am looking for employment part-time, after school, during the week. I can cook or bus tables. Anything else you need I would be glad to learn or just help out.” he knew that it was good to list when you would be able to work and what you could do up-front. The owner smiled and looked him over, “as a matter of fact we are looking for a new cook. I have been doing it lately but as you can see,” he gestured to his face. “I’m not getting any younger.” Kyle definitely could see that and he winced as the man’s eye twitched and his wrinkled face crumpled into a smile. “So when can you start?” Kyle was going to ask Bianca out tonight but he figured that could wait a couple more days until he flirted with her more.
“Whenever you need me,” he told the man with a small smile. He found that really hard to do considering that the Crashdown was almost totally empty. One lone customer sat in the corner, he hadn’t noticed him before but now with a closer look he recognized him. ‘Man I haven’t seen him in years. He skipped town when I was in middle school.’ Kyle wanted to go over and see what brought Zan here but he was busy talking to the owner.
“...about seven o’clock.” Kyle snapped back to attention with them 3 words.
tbc or not???
*happy* ~michaela

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lol...g's thank you guys...
that's really nice
yeah tania I know...endless...hehehe and I got a couple ideas
well here's the deal...I wrote a lot today
I wrote a couple pages (during global lol) and I think they're ok but my mom is getting strict about the computer now (lol....sux) I gonna update tomorrow possibly (when she goes to I such a bad kid..) *tongue*
thank you so much for the feedback...I was like shocked reading it. *big*

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lol..g's ...calm
you better not stop writing your story...that's sad...I like ur story..
hmm...well I have more of this...just want to tease you guys a little...
ok... yes I think ur right with that but as I said before it's high school...things add aliens and withcraft and who knows when it's true love and when it's not right? *wink* I means...spells and mindwarping can make anyone think something that's not true.... am I right? lol
so here ya guys go... I get time during math to write lol...
hope ya like it *big*
Liz was outraged, her own friend was going after Max. Max. the only guy she ever wanted, and Bianca? It was ridiculous!
“I can’t believe her. She calls herself my friend? We’re in the circle of trust. She has betrayed me and Isabel.” Liz paced back and forth in her room. The house was empty and it was dark outside. Nicole and her mom went out to buy some food for dinner. The moon was almost full and the luminous glow it had made her fell full of power.
‘ I thought I had enough to deal with when Nicole was after him,’ she used the past tense because they would perform the spell the next day.
“ but now Bianca wants him? I don’t think so! She wants every guy we know. The little slut,” Liz picked up her pillow and threw it against the wall. It didn’t damage anything but made her feel a ton better. Knowing it was too late to find another ‘sister’ to help with the ritual she flopped on the bed.
“Why me?” she exclaimed in fustration. It was then that raindrops started to splatter against her windowpane. liz got up and walked through her door to the empty house. It felt cold as the curtains fluttered in the breeze. Liz pulled the window closed and then grabbing her coat she walked outside.
Lightening lit up the sky and thunder crackled in the breeze. It had been raining on and off all day. The air was cold and humid but with her spring jacket on she felt warm and alive. The steps were hard underneath her and as she leaned against the frame of the house raindrops splattered on the ground. It somehow felt comforting to sit out here and watch nature at work. A chill went down her spine as she watched the leaves flutter from the trees into the wind. A paper bag rustled along the ground which caused Liz to frown at the lack of respect for our earth.
he watched her in the rain. So quiet she was. The comfort but hurt in her eyes unsettled him. Through the raindrops on his car windor he watched her in front of her house. Reaching in the glove compartment he pulled out his waterproof camera. This was one for the memory book. Once he married her, and he knew he would, he could show these pictures to her. The first time he realized he was in love. Not some kind of puppy love, he knew this was meant to be. As he climbed out of the truck and started to feel the cool, calming effect of the rain he knew it was right.
“It’s written in the stars,” he spoke aloud and gestured at the sky. Then, making sure she didn’t notice him, he starting clicking away. Great pictures they were. It was a shame they wouldn’t be able to stay here. Roswell was such a nice town. But he would take Liz Parker back to Antar to be his queen. It was their destiny and up to him to make it happen.
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The week was going by fast. It was already Tuesday and Nicole walked out of school. She was on her way to the park when Max stopped beside her.
“ Hey, I’ve been looking all over for you. You weren’t in math today,” he seemed sad. She looked away and replied, “yeah, I wasn’t feeling too well. Do we have homework?” they walked on talking about school until Nikki spotted Liz out of the corner of her eye. She was sitting on the hood of her car and glaring at her cousin. Max spotted her too and they both stopped abruptly.
“ I ....uh, I forgot something.” Max said. She looked at his panicked face and knew he was lying. Her heart sank as she looked back from Liz to Max.

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The week was going by fast. It was already Tuesday and Nicole walked out of school. She was on her way to the park when Max stopped beside her.
“ Hey, I’ve been looking all over for you. You weren’t in math today,” he seemed sad. She looked away and replied, “yeah, I wasn’t feeling too well. Do we have homework?” they walked on talking about school until Nikki spotted Liz out of the corner of her eye. She was sitting on the hood of her car and glaring at her cousin. Max spotted her too and they both stopped abruptly.
“ I ....uh, I forgot something.” Max said. She looked at his panicked face and knew he was lying. Her heart sank as she looked back from Liz to Max.
“okay, I’ll catch you later,” she knew that she wouldn’t but she couldn’t help but sigh.
“Yeah, sure” Max agreed and hurried off in the opposite direction.
‘ It’s never going to happen Nikki’ she thought to herself hurt. It wasn’t fair that Liz got everything. Nicole didn’t even have parents or her own home and Liz had to steal the only guy she was ever interested in.
“Well I’m not going to give up without a fight” she knew she wouldn’t. When she reached the park she saw Sean sitting on her bench and a smile broke out over her face. He was over Liz, had told her earlier. Hadn’t given her a reason to why but that didn’t matter. She was just happy that he was finally listening to reason.
“Hey man!” she greeted him with a big hug and he grinned at her before handing her a box.
“What’s this?” she asked in surprise.
“Well I know your birthday is not until next week but I’ve got to be going on a trip.” he told her as she sat on the bench.
“Where are you going?”
“Remember that demo tape I sent out a couple of months ago to that producer? Well they called me back yesterday and want me to come in.” He looked so excited when she told him that was great news and she was psyched for him.
“Yeah, Maria’s going to be freaking out when she hears we got the audition.”
“What do you mean ‘we’?” she was confused because Maria wasn’t part of Sean’s band. He did most of the vocals himself.
“Well the song we sent in .’partygirl’, Maria was a lead part in that and they told me that they want her too.” He didn’t seem jealous or anything, in fact he seemed genuinely happy for their friend.
“Wow....that’s awesome!” she was amazed that her two best friends just got discovered.
“Well wait until we get the job first. Then we can all celebrate,” he winked at her and she playfully slaped his arm. No matter how much he joked about it, it was never going to happen.
“I better be going.” he said looking at his watch. “They want us there by Saturday and it’s a long drive to Los Angeles. Plus knowing maria she’s going to freak for a while,” he chuckled, “ then pack everything she owns.” Nicole laughed with him then gave him a quick hug before he got up to walk to his car.
“Don’t forget to open that gift!” he yelled as he walked away. She nodded and waved. It was so cool to hear that Sean might be famous soon. And Maria? “G’s she’s gonna flip.”Nicole muttered as she pulled off the card.
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“Don’t forget to open that gift!” he yelled as he walked away. She nodded and waved. It was so cool to hear that Sean might be famous soon. And Maria? “G’s she’s gonna flip.”Nicole muttered as she pulled off the card.
It read:
you’ve been my best friend for a while now. Don’t worry I won’t get all sappy on you. Just wanted to say thanks, Happy Birthday and give you something to help your relationship with Max.
She finished reading it and was really curious to see what the gift was. The wrapping peeled off easily and she opened it. Blushing she pushed aside a piece of lingerie and saw a pack of condoms.
“I can’t believe him,” she murmured closing the box. The heat had risen to her face and she knew it probably matched her red hair. Nicole knew it was ridiculous to be blushing because she probably wasn’t even going to use the contents. Liz had basically won.
‘What happened to fighting for him?’ Nicole thought gloomily. She looked back at the box and remembered when they had went shopping last fall and he had been interested in her clothe sizes. ‘So this is what that was all about,’ she concluded. Nikki couldn’t believe he had actually went out and bought that.
‘Sean does know me though. And I would never have the nerve to buy this.’ her gaze drifted from the box to the furthest area of the park. An elderly woman was feeding some birds, near that was a man walking his dog. She liked to just sit here and watch people. Often her and Sean would make up silly stories about what they had done earlier that day. And with the green grass, the clam sky and maybe a few birds flying in the breeze she felt at peace. That is, until she returned home for the night, always on guard. Liz always surprised her with the lengths of her anger. Nicole had ruled out that it was jealousy. ‘I have nothing she can be jealous of,’ she told herself. It might not boost up her confidence but at least it was the truth.
Isabel was having a rough day. She hadn’t gotten much sleep last night and had a big calculus test earlier that morning. She groaned as one of her shoelaces became untied and when she bent over to tie it her purse fell out of her hand. Someone walked up to her in sketchers shoes and after she tied her shoe she stood up to thank him. Alex handed her the purse with a small smile. She knew what the smile meant, had seen it everyday last year. ‘He’s nervous, does that mena he’s going to apologize?’ her head was having a marathon just thinking about it.
“Hi,” she mustered out and adjusted her footing. Even now, after all of this time of going out, the sight of him made her knees go weak.

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‘He’s nervous, does that mean he’s going to apologize?’ her head was having a marathon just thinking about it.
“Hi,” she mustered out and adjusted her footing. Even know, after all of this time of going out, the sight of him made her knees go weak. Her eyes traced his body upwards from his sneakers, past his cargo pants and up to his white polo shirt. His hair looked soft and his eyes bright. She searched for a conversation starter after he said hello. But he beat her to it, “I really am sorry Iz, I guess it just boosted my ego or something to think that you were jealous. My manhood was at stake,” he joked. She let out a little giggle and when he reached his hand out for her’s she laced her fingers with his.
“I would never do anything intentionally to hurt you. I love you more than you can know but I need to go on this trip.” they had started walking out the building together hand in hand but when he said that , her heart fell to the ground. Tears were springing to her eyes as he tried to explain the situation.
“I am really not good in french. Bribing with donuts doesn’t work on all the teachers ya know. I need to go on this trip to raise my grade...” he paused and noticed her tears.
“izzy, don’t cry,” he told her before cupping her face in his hands as they stopped at the top of the stairs. She held back a sob, trying to regain her self control. She was never this open, only to Max but somehow her emotions got the best of her when she was with Alex.
“I love you too Alex. And I want you to do good in school. I’m just afraid to lose you.” she rubbed her eyes with her hands and he looked at her sympathetically.
“You could never lose me Isabel. I’ll be around you so much that you will get sick of me. There’s no one else for me. I’s always been you,” she smiled sweetly at the soft tone of his voice. She looked up to him and then his lips met her’s.
Sunday night
The Parker House
Liz Parker set all her supplies on her alter and then blessed them in the name of the spirit and the goddess Ana. Isabel mixed the clover (for fidelity), nutmeg (faithful feelings) and the chopped bits of red licorice (fidelity) in their bowl. Then she stirred the mixture 13 times as she was saying “may all around me be faithful but free should spirit want this to be.”
Then with the help of Bianca, they poured it in the center of the white cloth that was laid out on the floor. Bianca then took a small piece of chocolate (for love) and scratched the words ‘faithful but free’ on it with a needle. Liz looked back in the TEEN-WITCH book before telling them the next step. She twisted the red and white ribbons together and as she secured both ends with a knot she whispered “may all around me be faithful but free should spirit want this to be.”
Then Isabel tied the cloth, making a pouch, with the ribbon. She handed it to Liz before holding hands again with Bianca. The closed their eyes forming a circle as the candles flickered in the room.
Liz’s body rocked back and forth on the floor as she sung the chant again and again. Her voice carried throughout the otherwise empty house and she rose her voice higher. It seemed to gain more power as Isabel and Bianca listened silently. Their minds began to wander. Not on a straight path anymore but moving from home life to school and back.
Isabel’s mind went from the granolithe and Michael to Alex. Then Max before returning back to her home planet. She loved when her mind wandered because that was when she had memories of her old life.
Bianca’s mind wandered from make-up to clothes. Then to school where she was failing some classes. Her mind already had a plan formed about how to seduce her teachers for better grades. Then she thought of her home life.
Liz’s mind wandered back and forth from Max back to Nicole. Back and forth like a tennis match. Their faces shimmering in her mind. Then she finished by saying “with harm to none. May all astrological correspondences be correct for this working, and may this spell not reverse, or place upon me any curse. So mote it be!”
They opened their eyes to thank the spirit and then released their magic circle. Liz put the charm bag in her purse to carry it around until the ‘danger’ of Nicole had passed.
back to Tuesday
Crashdown Caf
zan sat in the back booth again. He couldn’t believe how much this place had changed. On top of the table right in front of him were his developed pictures from the other night. He looked closely at the blown up picture of Liz sitting on the porch. The next one was of her standing on the sidewalk with her head tilted towards the sky. His breath caught as he looked at how beautiful she was. He looked up to notice that Kyle was working again. Right now his brother’s friend was sweeping the floor. As Kyle neared Zan’s table he pushed the pictures back into a pile and then placed them in his coat pocket. His eyes swept around the café to where two older men were talking in loud, angry voices. He watched as Liz came out of the back. She was talking with Kyle. Zan hadn’t even seen her come in......................

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‘Man it’s a good thing I put those pictures away’ he thought as his eyes trailed down her body. The halter top she was wearing bared her midriff and just as he was about to get up and cling to her curvy body she walked to the bathroom. He knew it would totally freak her out if he did that anyways.
His eyes tore back to the two men.
The bigger one stood up and pushed the scrawny guy.
His voice rang out and seemingly echoed in Zan’s ears.
It was through slow motion that he watched the gun get pulled out of his pocket.
His breath caught in his throat as Liz stepped out of the bathroom.
Zan couldn’t think. His mind was shut off and his heart was pumping in overtime.
The big hand rested over the trigger while the nerdy younger man stepped back.
His eyes were frozen in fear and you could tell he was in shock.
Zan jumped out of his seat, his eyes still on the two guys.
With fast strides he was about halfway across the room when he heard the shot ring out.
Liz was about 2 feet in front of him but she was in the direct path of the bullet.
Zan’s blood pumped through his veins, adrenaline coursing through his body. He couldn’t let this happen. Liz was his life, his love, she was his soul mate. They were meant to be together.
The fate of the world was on them and if they weren’t together....Zan couldn’t even think of the consequences right now. Everything was still in slow motion as the scrawnier guy had jumped out of the path.
The older more burly of the two was still standing there, gun enclosed in his palm tightly.
Zan knew it was now or never and as he saw Liz stiffen he heard a scream escape her lips.
Kyle stood by in shock, his mouth forming a circle and his hands gripping a washcloth.
Zan’s feet flew off the ground and he pushed his body in front of Liz’s. He felt himself hit the ground and almost swore because he thought that he had missed.
But the bullet ripped through his shirt and tore his chest muscles.
His body gasped for air when the blood burst out of the vein that was in the way.
He gasped as Liz flung herself onto him. She looked like she was about to pass out but he saw her hold herself together. There was a look of recognition across her face and something else. Maybe a mixture of disappointment and gratitude.
His hand reached up and felt his chest.....the hole didn’t seem that big.
Liz looked like she was going to freak out any second...Zan couldn’t let that happen so he mustered a small smile, just for her. The breath was coming in short and shallow takes but he managed to say “I’m okay”. Kyle looked down at them and Zan knew what he was thinking.
“Isabel!” Kyle shouted in realization and Zan tried to nod. There was only one other way for him to be saved. Isabel could do it with her powers or......his hand reached for Liz’s. ‘Or the love of my life could save me from this fate.’
His mind cleared, there wasn’t a bright light or a tunnel but absolute darkness. Then some deep pink shined from his left. He let his mind encompass the rosy color.
He heard Liz’s thoughts in his mind. Then he pulled her hand, that was cupped with his, and rested it over the bloody hole.
Instead of feeling his lungs dying out like they had before, they filled with oxygen. Deep breaths came into his throat as he felt his heartbeat returning. Zan’s mind just focused on Liz until he heard her voice in his ear....she was repeating something in Latin. He didn’t know what it meant but it gave him the chills. Why was she saying a spell? Was she a witch? He had never thought that was what the seer had meant. She had predicted his love turning to the side of darkness. Is she an evil witch? But his heart wouldn’t allow him to believe it. After all of them years they had been in love back home.... he just knew Liz too well. She would never turn away from him. She was pure, he didn’t care if this was another generation of her and this was a whole another planet. They were connected and he was not going to quit now that he finally was with her.
But as her voice continued to flow into his ears he could hear the turmoil around him. Apparently the men had fled when he was hit. But Zan gasped the air into his lungs. As much as he tried to hold onto the connection he couldn’t. The last thing he heard was Liz’s voice ringing in his ear “o mater Luna, Regina nocis, adiuvo me nunc.” then he blacked out with his neck pressed against the cold tile floor.
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disclaimer: this idea belonged to my exbf lol....don't ask how I found out... quite funny actually but anyways....don't sue me hun!

Thursday - lunch period
West Roswell High

Zan had been sexually frustrated all day. He may not go to this school but this was where his lover Nicole was. He spotted her walking down the hall. It was just yesterday that he had figured out everything. His mind was full of all this new information that he could just not absorb right now. He was horny as all hell. He spotted her bright red hair... her shining smile full of perfection. It screamed out to him and turned him on. He was hard already and when he got within arms distance of her he picked her up. There was no one else in the hallway so he swung her around. Nicole, his goddess of perfection squealed with delight before planting a big kiss on his lips. He was astounded that she would be so bad right here in the hallway. A gray haired history teacher walked to one of the doors on their right and slammed it shut. She giggled with amusement and dragged him down the hall. He knew what this school was all about. The eraser room did have 2 purposes after all. But when they reached the door they could see two figures inside. And by the looks of it they were not cleaning the erasers. Zan groaned with disappointment and was just about to give up when Nikki’s eyes lit up and the twinkle set shivers down his spine. She had a smirk on her face and he was growing in anticipation to know what the plan was. His eyes followed her gaze at the girl’s bathroom door. She could sense his bulging member through his jeans and knew what he was going through. To her this was the most flattering thing. He found her attractive...and wanted to have sex with her. Zan was her prince... her king whatever it was. She was not entirely sure on the situation just knew that she was not interested in Maxwell Evans anymore. This was a different version of her former crush. He was daring and sexy. The grin on his lips just wrecked havoc on her heart and her stomach was doing cartwheels. She couldn’t wait for the right moment and the right time. No need for any of this mushy stuff. She was determined to give him a good time and satisfy her wants and needs while she was at it. Nicole didn’t need candles and flowers to know that her man loved her. Zan had shown her flashes of their past life. She knew the feeling he had when he saw her. And the confusion when she was gone.
Nicole pulled Zan across the hall and then peeked inside the room to make sure it was empty. When her head appeared on the other side of the door again a smile was widening her face and he stepped inside with her. By now she was showering him with kisses. Her full red lips brushing against his hot flesh. His neck and then his cheek again before landing back on his mouth. As her tongue ran over his lower lip he pulled the zipper to his pants down to let himself hang out for the time being. He was more comfortable now and sighed in content when she sucked his bottom lip and then ran her tongue into his mouth fully. He pushed the middle stall door open and sat down on the lid that covered the seat. His jeans were all the way on the ground now and his cock was fully aroused. She pulled her skirt up and raised her eyebrow at him as she lowered herself down onto his lap. He found himself gasp with her walls tightening around him after his fingers had pushed her thong down of course. That was the thing about his past wife. She may look all innocent on the outside but underneath this layer of clothing she could be a bad ass. He sighed for a moment before she placed her moist tongue over his lips again. Her fingers ran down his back and he couldn’t help but shiver. The door was closed but they still had the remote possibility of getting caught. After all they were in a school building. His lips followed down her jaw line and then kissed her collarbone gently. She couldn’t help but move her legs around his waist and pull herself closer to him. He was totally turning her on even more than when she first met him. She just needed to feel him inside her...pumping himself into her. As if he could read her thoughts Zan moved his hands to her waist and started pulling her up and then pushing her back down. He started a rhythm, first having her go fast and then slowly... taunting. Teasing her. He couldn’t help it he needed more of her... his fingertips of the left hand moved to her blouse... then when he realized he might need two hands to pull it off his mouth sank down to her chest. His right hand was still pulling her up and down and she marveled at his strength. It was just then that his teeth ripped her shirt across and she gasped at his animal side. Zan grinned at her before lowering his mouth back to their new found love spot. The nipples perched under his lips and his tongue caressed them gently. All the while she moaned. It was at that moment that her moaning stopped. He paused too because they heard voices. He pulled her all the way on top of him and back so that it would only look like one pair of legs were under this stall door. Then he saw 3 pairs of feet come into the stall. The girls’ voices were loud and two of them walked into the stalls around them. There were only 3 stalls because the school was so damn cheap. Zan couldn’t believe his luck. This danger aroused him. His cock was pulsating inside her body and he knew Nikki could feel it too. She groaned at the thought of them not being able to continue. So as the two girls were doing their business he started lifting her up and down again. It was hard and fast and made him go hard into her but they didn’t have much time. He wanted to finish this before he had to get back to work. His breath caught in his throat as she looked down at him. Her eyes were shining and he could have swore that there was a glimpse of a tear in her eyes but then it disappeared. She felt her heart racing and pumped her own hips up and down. They tried to be as quiet as possible so as to not get into any trouble. They heard the toilets flushing and that was when he started pumping her up and down faster and faster. She tried to maintain her moans because the third girl was now using the bathroom while her other friends gabbed at the sinks. They were washing up when Zan felt himself cum. He was pushing her down onto him and felt himself lose control. It was everything he expected it to be and so much more. He saw himself back at home. Everything he had ever loved up until that moment was now replaced by this. This by far was the best thing to ever happen in the life he had lead her and on Earth. The third toilet flushed as he felt her walls contract around himself and her cum drip down the sides of his leg. His heart was racing but was managing somehow to get his breathing under control. Zan heard them leave and the door swing close as Nicole got up off his lap. She pulled her shirt back up where he had ravished her skin before and her skirt flew back down to her knees. He pulled himself up off the seat until they were standing practically on top of each other. She kissed him lightly once more before opening up the stall door. They left the bathroom hand in hand until he walked out the school door. It wouldn’t be until later that she would realize her thong was missing and wasn’t in the bathroom. But oh well... another person’s treasure. Nicole sighed and walked to the cafeteria. She was finally a little bit happy with her life and totally satisfied with the love of her life. But her mind drifted to ways she could seduce him later as she stepped into the lunch line.
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and yet another disclaimer : got the idea of the necklace lighting up from the daughters of the moon books. and the whitleighters are from charmed of course! (I look all over the place where there is magic for ideas) *big*
and here we go...
7:00 am
The Pod Chambers

The projection of the seer almost seemed lifelike. Her body illuminated the entire cave. Zan looked closely at her face. She didn’t seem nearly as old as before. She was aging backwards it seemed.
The hologram then started to speak. Her voice rang out in his ears.
“I saw your queen.

It was different than before.

She was different.

They have the same blood.

Almost matching DNA’s but two people.

Two girls.


One is a fake.

A decoy sent by Khivar.

The other is your queen.

It’s up to you now.

To save your planet.

To win the war.

Find your love.

Look into her eyes Zan.” she noticed him raise his right eyebrow so she added, “please forgive me , your highness.”
“That’s better” he finally spoke, his voice cracking. He was startled. His mind was going back to the events from the day before. ‘I saved Liz’s life. We were supposed to form the connection. My queen could save me. But she said a spell.’ He was thinking in overtime. ‘All these hours of watching her? For nothing?’ the sound of the seer’s voice was blocked out as he realized what he had to do. What being a king was really all about. Risking your life to save others. ‘My followers’ his mind realized. H could talk to Michael and Isabel, Kyle and Tess. They had to be able to help him. Who was Liz’s cousin? He had never payed attention to her family on this planet. Which was ridiculous considering how much he had been stalking her.
“How will I know?” he interrupted the seer’s endless gabbing. She seemed to think for a moment then told him the answer,”there is a tattoo. On both of their waists. One on the right side the other on the left. Both are hearts. To find out who is pure, who you love,”she paused if not sure what she was about to tell him would be accurate.
“What do I have to do?” he raised his voice. Zan knew how to sound with kinglike power. He was impatient. This could not wait any longer. He sensed the skins were getting closer. Their threat could only cause real danger if he didn’t find the right girl. Liz or...whoever she was. But Zan had a hunch. He knew that whatever she was about to say would determine his fate.
“Put your hand over the tattoo. If her hands start to glow it’s her. They will show green lines spiraling down her palms. The decoy from Khivar will get angry. She will know this trick and you may have to fight her away.”
‘This only causes more problems’ Zan thought. He didn’t like the sound of this. After all he had seen Liz practicing witchcraft. She went to the Magic Box often and he seldom saw her without her spell book.
“What if she puts a spell on herself? What if I am able to see the green lines and it’s the wrong one?” Zan voiced his fears worriedly. The seer looked at him like he was losing his mind.
“Your highness do you forget?” she asked puzzled. Just as he was about to ask what she was talking about the lady continued.
“I am a sorceress. I am part of your royal court...” Zan nodded but cut in, “what does this have to do with anything?”
“Let me finish please your majesty. With another nod the seer had permission to go on. “The connection you will form will be powerful. I will not steer you wrong. Watching, waiting. I can prevent any deceptions. The necklace you wear. That symbol will not lead you wrong. Wear it always for when you are most vulnerable it will light up. This will show you danger. It is completely trustworthy. Not even the greatest of magic can destroy the good of your heart.” Zan’s hand reached up to his neck. His index finger traced the symbol. The information sounded familiar to him but he still was in awe to know that they had gone through so much to protect him. But he still had so many questions. Like she could sense his thoughts she asked what was troubling him.
“I have been thinking about it for so long. The royal 4. And themn my queen. She is here I know that. I also know I am the king. I count in the royal 4 but my queen does not. But that’s still 5. Tess, Michael, Isabel, me and Kyle” he held up 5 fingers to demonstrate his point. “Who belongs where? Who is the outsider? What went wrong?”
“Obviously the trip must have damaged some of your memory. I believe we had told you Tess’s job. She is there to protect you. The most loyal of all our land. She has proved her life capable of our country. How could that have escaped your mind? She indeed deserves part of the royal court. Just as her lover Kyle? That’s his name here. I believe I am familiar with your Earth names. Just as her lover Kyle believes. Besides the fact that they love each other that is probably another of the reasons they will be married. Kyle and Michael are your seconds in command. While Isabel, your sister, is in charge of all the affairs of the country. Antar would not be the same without her reasoning skills.” he absorbed the information quietly before whispering, “do you know how close Nicholas is?” she shook her head in sorrow. Only faintly replying that things have gotten worse at home. “Khivar is taking advantage of all of you being gone. The power that be can only stall him for so long. Even the whitelighters feel the end coming. You wouldn’t believe how devastated they were when they found out....” she hung her head in mourn. He closed his mind as images of his parents appeared.

Them being held hostage.

Expressions of horror painted on their ashen faces.

Fear towards leaving their only son in the country.

In charge of the country.

The blood running down their slashed necks.

That moment Zan could not tear his eyes away.

To be forever haunted by their limp bodies.

It only made him more determined.

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8:00 AM
Evan’s house

Isabel ran upstairs with someone after the doorbell rang. Max didn’t see who it was because he was standing in the living room with Liz. Ever since their kiss a couple of days ago he had been feeling so awkward around her. What was he supposed to do now? How was he supposed to feel around his best friend? Liz fidgeted uncomfortably as he switched on the tv. Getting up he motioned for her to sit on the couch as he walked to the kitchen. Eight in the morning on a Wednesday and he wasn’t in school. A day off sure felt weird to this straight A student.
“What do you want for breakfast?” Max almost cringed as he heard his voice crack. This was all so new to him. The butterfly feeling in his stomach and the sudden swaying of his heart from the head to the toes. Even when he had been lusting after Nicole he had never felt this way. Many years with her as his best friend and one morning changed everything. Of course that morning was the last thing he wanted to think about. Max shuddered as he pictured Isabel’s hand having green sparks again in his mind. he wasn’t sure how to act around Isabel either. His own sister was from outer space. He couldn’t even believe it but he knew it was true. He had seen it for himself. No trapdoors, no hidden wires, it was all real. He shook his head back to reality only to realize that he had missed every word that Liz had just said.
“What? Sorry, I was zoning out,” he told her, embarrassment showing on his face.
“I asked what you had,” she replied with a small smile. It didn’t look like she felt sorry for him or anything. Just a genuine smile, ‘but it still felt weird,’ he thought with a shudder down his spine.
“Waffles, pancakes, cereal, toast,” he walked into the kitchen and opened the refridgerator. His voice carried into the living room, “everything, anything you want.”
“Surprise me,” she said carelessly as she flipped through the stations.
Upstairs Isabel closed her door behind Zan. As she turned around she heard Michael’s ladder banging against her window. Isabel opened the frame and let him, Kyle and Tess inside.
“Well, our first official meeting of the royal four,” Kyle said as he looked at Zan. He had known him for years, and of course Isabel had too because they were related. But when things got tough and the powers started to get uncontrollable for a while Zan ran away. This was about the time they met Michael and a couple of months later Tess found them.
“Not exactly,” Zan replied as he sat down on Isabel’s bed and rubbed his eyes.
“ what do you mean?” Michael asked as he studied what this new alien looked like. To him he was almost Max but with a tougher rebel edge. Obviously this was developed when he was away because Michael was sure that the Evans would not have allowed their son to have multiple piercings and tattoos.
“We’re not the royal four. Well some of us, it’s hard to explain” Max’s twin brother said to them.
“Well I’ve got all day until my shift at 5,” Kyle told him and sat down also. Tess murmured an agreement along with Isabel when Michael said “ so explain it fast”.
“okay, okay, geeze. I’ll explain it all. Starting with when and why I left Roswell back in junior high.” Zan remembered that day clearly. All the fears he had when he packed his suitcase and headed out of town. Then he told them of his experiences in New York city where he worked as a singer at a local club. There he had his own band but everything changed one day when he met Serena. She had been sent by the seer to him and had succeeded in locating their king. That was the time that Zan found out about his past on Antar. That was when his quest for his queen began. But he realized it was time to go back home too. Then he told them about what he could remember from the flashes of his life on the throne at the start of the war.
Liz walked into the kitchen to see Max making pancakes on the stove. She watched him quietly thinking along in her head as he hummed a little tune off the local radio station.

Should I tell him? But wouldn’t that be going against Khivar’s wishes? Everything has to be kept a secret until we win the war. Until we kill Zan and Nicole. They must die so Khivar can take over. We have important plans for Antar.
But now I’m getting soft. I’m falling for Max. And I’m falling hard. When I took over this body 4 months ago I didn’t know I would get so attached. How was I supposed to know that I could have fun as a human on this planet?
Of course if it wasn’t for Max being hot, Bianca and Isabel joining me in the witchcraft and making life hell for Nicole then I wouldn’t have made it here so long. To think that I have gone that soft.... so soft as to be grateful for a bunch of humans makes my skin coil. Khivar would be so mad. I bet this is what being a traitor feels like.
As long as I stick to the plan I won’t get into any trouble. I have to make Zan fall for me. Which wouldn’t be too hard except for the fact that I don’t love him. I love Max. It’s a shame that the man they resembled the king after when they sent him to this planet is the love of my life. The one I want to be with. I can’t have it both ways. I need to get to Zan and keep him from meeting Nicole. I know he has been spying on me. He thinks I am his queen. This must keep going if we want to succeed in murdering the royal 4. And that loyal protector of their’s must be locked up also. Nicholas will enjoy her as a congratulations present for coming up with the best plan to rock this world. The skins must attack soon. They weaken the royal 4 today and I can fool Zan into thinking I am his true love. Maybe another spell will help. The one I said at the Crashdown Café did not seem to work. It weakened him for a couple of minutes but he was too strong to succumb to my mere powers. They seem to have been getting dimmer the longer I stay in this form. I must talk to Khivar about returning to our normal form soon before they die out forever.
But first, Max. I need to connect with him and show him what I am made of. This is not for the planet, not for the war. This is for my broken heart that needs some rekindling.
They kiss in the kitchen on the counter top as all thoughts of breakfast escape their minds.


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9:00 Am
The Evan’s living room
Evan’s house

After making out with Liz for a half an hour I am ready to give my lips a round of applause. We didn’t even make it to breakfast, our kisses were so heated and passionate. Just thinking about it causes my stomach to do flip-flops. I know I would never make it to having sex with Liz. I would die of pleasure before all of our clothes would be off.
I know that I love Liz Parker. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. It almost seems like I have known this girl forever and if I haven’t than I definitely want to. It took me long enough but I, Max Evans, have finally declared my love to my best friend. The only problem is, she just excused herself to go to the bathroom without saying it back. If she doesn’t feel the same way for me than I’ll die. I don’t know what I will do. I can’t live this life without her. Can’t go another day without seeing her piercing brown eyes.
She’s taking too long. This can’t be good.

Max walked up the stairs and was heading around the corner to the bathroom when he heard a bunch of voices. ‘It almost sounds like...’ his mind thought as he neared Isabel’s door. ‘It’s Michael!’ Max knew that Michael was friends with his sister as well as him but to hear him and what sounded like Tess arguing in there came as a surprise.
“What are we supposed to do?” Kyle’s voice chimed in. ‘What is she doing? Having a party? ‘ Isabel’s brother thought as he opened the door. But as it swung backwards he found himself staring at well, himself.
“Max!” Isabel jumped up off her bed and looked at him in shock.
“Zan” his voice was heard over the silence that came when he had appeared.
“When did you arrive?” he asked before glancing around the room. Everyone else’s face was directed towards him and his twin brother.

This is amazing. I am a protector. The seer, we met with her and she explained everything. I mean everything.

It all happened when Khivar got power-hungry. Then he had a major argument with Zan’s parents about the ruling of the throne. Khivar is Zan’s cousin and he was just angry that Zan was next in line for king. That was when he met Nicholas and the skins.

In my mind it was a stormy night on Antar. Maybe a dark alley when Nicholas approached Khivar. He told him of how he knew what was going on. How unfair and unjust the system of Antar was. Their government rulings had to be changed and how he was going to be the one to do it.

Khivar joined Nicholas and the skins. They all ganged up against the current king and queen for various reasons. The motives for Nicholas’ and his followers is not known to the seer. They must have had high ulterior motives for all of the things that they did next.

First they kidnapped Zan’s parents. After holding them hostage for a few days Zan was ready to do whatever it would take to get them out. Then Nicholas called the prince to schedule a meeting.

TBC *angel*
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dedicated to:Shama *happy*

Life on Antar-flashback

Zan was moving quickly down the hall of his huge mansion. Antar’s highest hill was where his home was located. On top of the hill looking over the entire planet almost. From the highest balcony you could see the clouds forming in the sky. Their purple majestic colors transforming the aura of their planet into a fine rainbow of hope, of love, of wonder.
But Zan was not paying attention to the wonderful view. He didn’t notice the guards as he made his way down the hall or even the new furniture that was just put in. He didn’t see his sister Isabel sitting on the sofa or even Tess as she made her way after him. He had one thing on his mind and that was it. No one was going to stop him from doing this.
It wasn’t about being the best. It wasn’t even about being king. Zan didn’t want to lose his parents. They were all he had right now and if he lost them he didn’t know what he would do. He was struck between higher forces. Forces that were unattainable and uncontrollable. But if he had his way they would be controlled. And they would be controlled by him. He had to find a way to save his mom and dad. He had to save his country. Without them it would go into shambles.
Who would want to be ruled by a man who couldn’t even keep his own parents alive? A man that was still acting like a love-struck boy. And he was. He was in love for the first time in his life with the most beautiful girl in the universe. She made his hands sweat, his heart swing and his stomach wheel around in circles. Just as he was thinking of his love, of Zoe, Tess came running up to him. Well Tess was her nickname by the members of the staff. Her real name was Tessin. She was named after one of the ancient gods of Antar, the god of bravery.
Tessin reached him and grabbed his arm.
“Sire, I cannot let you go,” she told him. He looked at her briefly before tugging his arm away and being free of her grip he started to run down the hallway. Usually he would not run from his servants but yell at them to go away and then move on. But Tessin was different. She was always there for him. There to help him with whatever he needed. And she knew all about his and Zoe’s secret marriage. Their secret love in fact. He was expected to marry another but Zoe was all that mattered to him. And him to her.
Tess ran after her master down the hall. She would give her life for him in a heartbeat. She was the most loyal of all of his guards. It just happened to be that one of his seconds in command was in love with her. He saw the sparkle in her eyes when he was mentioned and when he waltzed into a room. They were bound to be together. That was why he was going to propose tonight. Tess knew this of course, her friends had a hard time keeping a secret and she was practically giddy with the thought. But if marrying her love meant losing the empire then it must not be.
So she ran after him down the hall and through the front door. She knew where he was headed. Everyone knew where he was going. He was going to meet Nicholas. They were going to rescue the king and queen. The royal parents of Zan were being held captive against their own will and Tess knew there was nothing he could do about it. She might be able to help him. Just as she was about to reach him she heard a female voice down the hall. It was in front of them and as she reached Zan he slowed down.
There was Zoe. She was everything you could want in a princess and more. But they didn’t have time to think about who she was, who she wanted to be. They had the throne to save. A planet to claim. Zoe ran with them against all of Zan’s objections. She was there to be with him until the end. But Zoe prayed with all her heart that they would make it out alive.
When they reached the castle Zan told Tess and Zoe to go upstairs and he would go downstairs. They could path eachother in their minds if they saw or heard anything. Zan told them to go there on purpose. He knew that they would not hold his parents at the top of the building. There was a secret lair downstairs to be discovered and he was the one that was going to risk his life doing it. He kisses Zoe sweetly on the lips before they parted their separate ways never to be seen again.
Downstairs Nicholas was waiting. But he was not waiting with anyone else. He had seen through special equipment set up all over the house the way that Zan had kissed Zoe goodbye. Nicholas chuckled evily as he sent his guard upstairs to retrieve the prince. He would pay for not recognizing the skins for the power they held. He would pay.

The seer had told them what happened next. She told them of how Nicholas had captured Zan and made him watch his parents die. He saw their faces in horror and agony and all he could feel was guilt. But that wasn’t all that happened that night. That was not the end of pain for this prince of Antar.

That night also brought about changes in his love life. Nicholas was so evil that he had tried to kill Zoe. He knew that Zan would not be able to live in a world without his beloved wife. A wife who was meant to be with this skin in so many ways. He was mean to enjoy her love not this son of the king. So Nicholas sent a blast to kill her. The only thing that happened was, the seer had seen it coming. She had witnessed the whole evil doing in her dream the night before. But she had arrived too late to save his parents. She had arrived too late to save Zan from witnessing that terror. But she hadn’t arrived too late for Zoe.
This took a lot of critical thinking as she raced to the room where the killing would be done. Nicholas would want payback on her and the royal court. He would want to make sure Zoe was dead. That Zan suffered. He would be coming back, that was known for sure.
So she did the only thing she knew possible. She got Zoe away from this planet. She sent her to Earth with a new name, a new identitiy, a new life. A life without her love, her friends, her family. A life even without her powers. She would be a human on the planet of Earth. And when Zan found out? He would go rescue his love. The only clue that the seer had was New Mexico. New Mexico was where everything would happen. It would be explained. They would find each other. This was the spot.
So she sent Zoe to Earth. She sent the royal 4 there and Tessin as their protector. That way she knew they would make it. They would make it out alive, and together. Because true love can survive any test. Even the test of mistaken identity. Because Nicholas had found out of her plan. And he had sent a carbon copy of Zoe as a decoy. Someone to distract Zan long enough so that they could take over the planet. Khivar had sent her to fall in love with Zan to get him to love her back. And then to destroy him and the royal 4 one by one. He had sent her in the name of Liz Parker. The only problem with this plan? This carbon copy had a mind of her own. But more importantly, a heart that would love another.

TBC *angel*
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Still Wednesday
10:00 Am
Isabel’s room
The Evan’s house

It had been an hour since Max had first seen Zan again. He had been so shocked, so surprised. It took a lot of strength for him to stay in that room and listen to what they had to say. What they could possibly say that would make this situation better. How could this situation be better? He had just found out that his sister was an alien. And now his twin brother was one too? It made no sense to Max. his mind was in utter confusion. He had hardly even noticed that Liz had been missing for an hour. Hardly was the key word. Because she wasn’t here. And if she had come out of the bathroom he would have heard her. That settled his worst fear. She didn’t have any feelings for him other than friendship. So what was with all of the kissing? Was she just a tease? Maybe he had been imagining all of it.

But if that was his dream than what was this? His nightmare? It certainly seemed that way. All of his friends. Michael, Kyle, Tess. Loyal friend Tess. She had always been there for him in the past. His mind was spinning to think that they had been lying to him. They had been lying all this time. He wasn’t even sure who he could believe now. Yes this was his nightmare. Now if he could just wake up.

Isabel looked over to see how her brother was taking it and it was not going so good. He was staring at them in complete shock and when he wasn’t doing that he kept looking towards the door. It looked to her like he was planning his escape. But how ridiculous could that be? Them not being who they said they were could not change that much. They were still his friends and his siblings. This didn’t change anything right?

But as she looked over at him again it did seem like it had changed a lot. It had and there was nothing she could do about it. Or was there? Her mind was running around in circles trying to figure out what to do next. How to prove herself to Max. she was still his sister and now more than ever he had to know that. Then she came up with the perfect idea. It had taken a while but now she knew what she had to do. How she would get him to realize that they were still the same people but with different backgrounds. If this didn’t work? Then she just might lose the person the closest to her. She did not want to lose Max. what if he told someone? No, he wouldn’t do that. What if Alex finds out and takes it the same way? She had been considering telling him for weeks now but never had the right chance. but now she wasn’t too sure if she wanted him to find out. She wouldn’t be able to handle another freak-out like this one.


Zan wondered if any of this was making sense to Max. And just as he was about to stop rambling on and ask him a question he got a path from Isabel. Since they were related they could talk to each other from inside their heads. Isabel told him that she wanted to talk to the seer. That it would be in their best interest to figure out why they were aliens and why Max wasn’t. After all they were twin brothers. They shared the same blood. The same DNA . He thought that this was a great idea. What if Max was an alien and they just didn’t know it yet? What if... what if’s were on his mind a lot often . What would his life be like if he wasn’t an alien? He could only wonder because he was stuck with that problem.

So for the next hour they drove to the Granolithe Chambers. This was where Zan said that they would meet the seer. Little did they know that someone was following them in route the entire way. Watching them, and plotting against the royal court.


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Nicholas drove faster. Liz was in the back seat looking out the window with a scowl on her face. He didn’t know what her problem was. It’s not like she was the one that had to drive this wretched vehicle! These humans thought that they were so cool because they invented the car and the airplane. Even their puny brains couldn’t process the idea of orbing from one spot to the other and projecting to somewhere else. But even Nicholas had someone to look up to. The big boss that told him when and where and how to do everything. Khivar never let him make any of the important decisions. That was why he was stuck driving behind them. This was supposed to be less suspicious? ‘Yeah right,’ Nicholas thought sarcastically as he let a car pass him on the road. Once they were out in the desert his following would be more obvious. That was when they would get out and use their powers. But until then Nick and Liz had to lay low. You can’t just start popping up in the Granolithe Chamber. After all there might be a trap. So he drove on. And when he actually got there and they hiked all the way up? Khivar shows up in a holographic image and tells them his plan! He doesn’t want them to plan the attack now. Nicholas has to listen to what they know, gather information. Then they’ll strike.

DeLuca residence

Maria groaned as the doorbell rang once more. She did not feel like answering that. “Mom!” Maria called as she switched the channel from MTV to VH1 from where she was laying on the couch. It was the day before spring break officially started and she was determined not to move a muscle the whole time.
“Get the door please hon, I’m in the shower” her mother called from the bathroom. Funny, maria hadn’t heard her go in. She grunted and rolled off the couch and landed on the floor. Crawling to she looked out the window next to the door and saw her cousin Sean there. He waved and laughed at her as she slowly raised up to let him in.
“This better be good. I was watching ‘Behind the Music’.” she told him as he followed her to the kitchen area. Pouring herself another bowl of cereal she sat down on the chair. The room was yellow with green sponge spots on the walls. There might have been a pattern but Sean couldn’t tell. He looked over at her cream colored fridge to see many pictures of her and Michael. They were dancing and bowling and laying at the beach from last summer. His gaze rifted to his cousin. She was pretty, for a relative, and dressed kind of 60ish. But even though that look had gone out maybe last year it still suited her. She fit the floral dresses and lace image well. Plus her shoulder length blonde hair was up in a messy bun giving her the “I don’t give a damn” look.
“You won’t believe the news” he told her with a big grin on his face. She looked from him to the Cap’n crunch box and shook her head. “No more silly stories or endless trials at the enterprising business. I am through with the scams to make money. They never work and I still have blisters on my toes from the last endeavor on wooden sandals.” she said to him as she rubbed her foot with one hand while holding her spoon with the other. He took the bowl and spoon away from her and grabbed both of her hands. She was like a limp doll as he pulled her off the chair. ‘This might take some more energy. We need to get psyched up’ he thought and then started to twirl her around. He picked her up an inch off the ground and spun her so that her feet were swinging out behind her. “Eek” she squealed as he dropped her on the couch. Sean began a little dance as he proceeded in telling her the news.
“No business adventures. No more scams. No more small time gigs. We’re ready for the big time baby!” he jumped up and touched her ceiling as she looked at him in shock.
“Let me guess. You just won the lottery” she stated with no interest in her voice. He groaned.
“Pep up cuz! We just got a record deal!” he shouted as Amy Deluca came out of the bathroom.
“I thought I heard someone. What is all the shouting about?” she asked as Maria screamed. She pumped her hand into the air and yelled “YEAH BABY” in a very good Austin Powers impression. As her and Sean danced around the coffee table Amy couldn’t be heard over the noise as she kept asking what was going on. Sean finally stopped celebrating with Maria for one minute and explained to her mother who then decided to join in. She was so proud of her daughter getting discovered. “We have to go out and celebrate!!” she yelled as she ran to her room to get changed.
Maria agreed and left Sean dancing in the living room so she could go get ready. They were going to hit the town and spice up their life. Tonight was the happiest night of her life. To think that she had thought about squandering her whole vacation away. Sean had just explained that they wanted her there by Saturday! However was she going to finish packing by then? It was already Tuesday night! She had no time. And she had to call Liz and Nicole! They would be so excited for her. She thought of all of this as she got dressed.

That night her mother, Sean and her celebrated. Then the next day she would call up her friends and share the good news. This was definitely her big moment and she wanted to let everyone in. But oh what to tell Michael.

After the Granolithe Chambers meeting
back at the Evan’s house

Isabel sat down on the couch and pondered over it all. It almost made sense if you put everything in chronological order.

1. Zan marrying Zoe in secret
2.Khivar was denied the throne in fault of Zan.
3. Nicholas and Khivar’s encounter.
4. They decided to get even.
5. They kidnapped Zan’s parents with the help of the skins.
6. The seer saw this all in a premonition. She ran to stop it from happening.
7..The deaths of the king and queen
8. And then the blast to kill Zoe.
9. So the seer sent her to Earth, where she would be safe for the time being.
10. But Nicholas and Khivar saw of this plan and made a clone. Someone that would take Zoe’s place and act as bait to get them what they wanted, complete control of Antar. They sent her into Liz’s body just months ago.

This was where Max came in. He was an only child that was just medicated at Roswell Hospital. He had been in a car wreck that to this day he refused to talk about. But the seer fixed their parents and the child’s memories so that Zan would be included in them as the twin brother. Then later Isabel was transported to safety from her planet into their mother’s stomach. They didn’t realize that she was pregnant until a couple of weeks later. This almost made sense. But what about Zoe? Who was she? Where was she hiding? Did she have any idea of what was in store for her? And her past life? Isabel couldn’t help but ask these questions out loud to Zan. He looked at her and then repeated what the seer had told him.
“She was different.

They have the same blood.

Almost matching DNA’s but two people.

Two girls.


One is a fake.

A decoy sent by Khivar.

The other is your queen.

It’s up to you now.

To save your planet.

To win the war.

Find your love.”

“Does Liz have a cousin?” he asked her. Max exploded in outrage, “Liz? Why would you be talking about her? What does she have to do with any of this?”
Zan looked at him surprised. Could he not have figured it out by now? “Liz is the decoy sent by Khivar. I thought that you would have totaled that all together by now. Liz was doing magic. Witchcraft. She put a spell on me at the Crashdown. And,” he paused. “I really didn’t want to mention this for fear that someone would be listening or there would be an oustider or something that had gone wrong. Some little thing like that.”
Max whispered, “What is it?” He was through with all of this stalling. He needed to know if the girl he loved. His best friend for years, was not who she said she was.
“My necklace glowed when I arrived at the door earlier. You didn’t see me and know who I was because we hurried upstairs quickly. But for that fraction of a second that I was in the hallway it glowed bright and I know that’s only because Liz was standing there next to you. My necklace can detect danger and she is it.” Max scoffed at that, “your necklace can detect danger? Yeah right and my toe hurts when there’s going to be a thunderstorm.” he chuckled at his alien brother.
Isabel smacked him on the arm and replied in an equally concerned tone, “after everything that you have found out today you don’t believe him? Well I do. I know that he’s telling the truth. And yes,” she looked over at Zan, “she does have a cousin.”

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if anyone hasn't guessed-when I finish the story I post the parts much quicker lol....actually it takes me a while to type but only what....3 more parts I think. they will be long too. sorry if that inconvienances anyone lol.

Dedicated to: Shama(4x)-thank you so much for all the bumps. you are such a great reader. I appreciate it. *big*
roswelllover-thanx again *happy*
Lana Lane- hehehe you always say that! but thanx.

and here it is... if anyone get's confused feel free to ask questions lol. I will try and answer them as best as I can. it might all seem rushed because it was. I was in the car for like 50 hours... what did ya expect me to do? LOL...

Zan’s head shot up, he had been staring at the ground when she had said those fatal words ‘she has a cousin’. Zan’s mind repeated the phrase over and over as Max frowned. He clearly was unhappy with everyone thinking those bad things about Liz. But the seeer had said his necklace was foolproof. He looked down at it and smiled. This piece of jewelry could have just found him his past wife. Zoe and him would be reunited! He looked at Isabel who appeared to still be thinking all of this over. But there was no time for that! He had to find Liz’s cousin and make sure that she was the one. After all, people do have more than one cousin right?
“So where is she? What’s her name? Can I see her? I have to tell her everything, we have to explain it all before”- Zan’s hurried rush of questions was interrupted by Isabel’s voice.
“Hold your horses. We don’t even know if it’s her. Is there any way that you can be sure?” she asked him, her eyes gazing into his. She was concerned for him, her older brother. It was touching really but Zan knew they didn’t have enough time for heartwarming moments. Khivar and Nicholas were close, he could feel it.
“The only way for me to be sure is to connect with her.” he told Isabel point-blank.
“Oh” she murmured and then grabbed the telephone. He listened as she dialed a number and then talked with someone.
“How fast can you make it over here?” there was a pause and then Isabel replied,”Great! See ya soon.” She hung up the phone and then told Zan that Nicole would be here soon.
“Nicole?” he questioned. Isabel hadn’t just invited one of her friends over to chat had she?
“Liz’s cousin,”she answered with a small smile, “her only cousin.” He smiled with her as he remembered that the seer had said two cousins.
‘This had to be her!’ his body practically leaped with anticipation to the door. She would be here soon. Zan fixed his hair anxiously in the mirror before heading out the front to sit on the porch steps. It was a matter of minutes before her car pulled up. She got out and Zan could only stare. Stare at her wonderful figure and the way she held herself walking towards his house. Her radiant red hair flowing down her shoulders. The beauty of her face with concern etched into her features and then, confusion.
“Max?” she called him while walking up the steps. He stood as she reached him and for a split second her shirt slid up to reveal a small red heart tattooed on her hip. That second was over as she hugged him and then asked, “What happened to you?”
Zan realized that she thought he was Max. the door opened behind them and Max came out with Isabel in back. He frowned as Nicole looked back and forth between him and Max. Then she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. That was it. He had had enough! Zan stormed into the house. It didn’t matter which girl was Zoe. Max already had Liz and Nicole only for himself. Ridiculous was what it was. He heard their voices from outside and then some footsteps leading to him in the dining room. Maybe the seer was wrong. Maybe his chained necklace was wrong. Maybe everything was all mixed up. He certainly felt like it was. Doubt was consuming his mind, all this could be an elaborate trick being played on him. It certainly seemed like a big prime time tv show on the WB.
“I’m so sorry, you must think I’m a complete dork for that. It’s just,” Nicole paused and glanced behind her at Max. “I thought you were your brother.” she fidgeted nervously.
“Yeah I figured that” Zan replied in an understanding tone, his eyes caste on the table. Isabel’s eyebrows furrowed as she watched this exchange of conversation.
“Maybe we should explain why we called you here,” Isabel said to Nikki.

It took an hour for them to explain everything to me. By them I mean Zan, Isabel and Max. Kyle, Tess and Michael just listened. In a way it seemed like I wasn’t the only one in the room still adjusting to this information. But what happened next was totally out of this world. Zan repeated what the seer had said like the words were etched into his brain. But Liz, evil? I knew she was a bitch but capable of this kind of thing? No way. But if Liz isn’t the decoy than that means that I am. Maybe they have this all wrong. It seems too shocking to be true. There is evidence. They did show me their powers. It’s extraordinary what they can do. Me, a destined queen of another planet? I take one good look in the mirror and know the whole thing’s a joke. I sit down and wait for them to finish whispering about what we all know is going to happen next. I feel like such an outsider of this little group. Max pulls me aside to apologize. When I ask what for he actually tells me the truth. He loves Liz, perhaps he always has, she is his best friend. It doesn’t matter to him if she is part of this plan, he doesn’t believe that she could do any wrong. And as I listen to Max I fight back the urge to smack him. He loves this girl? If all of this information is true than Max is an asshole in my book. How can he love a girl that wants to kill me? And his own brother! This Liz isn’t even the same that he’s known all his life. She just arrived a couple of months ago. This is an alien he has fallen for. Plus he didn’t even have the nerve to tell me. I walk away from him with one thought in my head ‘Let’s do this’.

When I first arrived I knew what my job was. To find Zan and Zoe and kill them. Well not necessarily kill them but to find them and bring them to Khivar. So when I was projected into this body 3 months ago I started to watch people around town until I caught Isabel using her powers. If this was Vilondra then Zan couldn’t be too far behind. I guess that was around the time that I fell in love with Max. Could you blame me? I thought that he was Zan. Which really is not so much of a good thing either. And maybe the lack of usage of his powers should have clued me in but I figured he was being really careful. That’s just like our former prince. Sorry, I think of him as former because in my mind Khivar has already won. But now I am starting to think that this may not be true. They still have a chance. and I feel ashamed to say it but, its all my fault.
If I had done my job correctly Nicole wouldn’t be in the picture and I wouldn’t be in love with Max . Zan would have fallen head over heels for me, that’s what I came here for. Khivar would have my life if he knew of my mistake. Nicholas knows but I mind-warped him so to think none of that happened. It will buy me a little time. The longer I stay on this planet the worse my powers get. This mind warp should only last a few days at the most. That’s why time is of the essence in this plan. The skins have to strike soon before they get too weak. In my mind I know that this is what’s right. What we have to do. But in my heart?

Well let’s just say ‘love is a force that nothing can mess with’.

TBC *angel*
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here goes nothing... LOl...

She’s a human for now. I wonder if she would be safer this way. When I make the connection things will be different. She will be different. She will remember. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. In her memory will be the day that she almost died. Oh if only I could live that day over again. To insist that she didn’t come with me, it’s too dangerous. But even alien kings of distant planets don’t have time machines. What’s done is done. But my heart keeps tlaking to my head and do you want to know what they are saying? Well it’s nothing good.
Heart: Do you really want to put her in that situation again?
Brain: We will be stronger together.
Heart: But what if she remembers being in that castle? Nicholas coming after her, the seer sending her off to some foreign planet? And then what happens when she thinks that you deserted her?
Brain: I didn’t desert her. I did what had to be done. I’m the king.
Heart: But aren’t you a husband first?
And I guess my brain was thinking about that when Nicole came up to me. She’s ready. I can sense it. So we turned off the lights and unplugged the phone for no interruptions. ‘It was now or never’ I thought as we sat down on the floor. Nicole cross-legged in front of me and Isabel, Tess, Kyle, Michael and Max on the two couches around us.
“Are you ready?” I asked her and she nodded before a strange look came upon her face.
“What’s wrong?” I asked as she pointed at my chest. Looking down I saw Antar’s symbol shining through the dark material of my shirt.
“When I am most vulnerable or in danger” I murmured to myself and then looked back at Liz’s cousin. Lifting her shirt slightly the tattoo came into view. I watched her hands as mine covered the heart for any signs of betrayal.they didn’t sparkle with green lines or anything as I delved deep into her aura. Her spirit was incredible. So emotional, so free. Pain in her life and in mine. We connected......

The connection

Flash: Life on Antar- Zan

Flash: Life on Antar- Zoe

Flash: The seer sending her into space.

Flash: Zan’s pain for her and his parents.

Flash: Zoe turned into Nicole.

Flash: Zan sent to Earth, everyone’s memory was altered to believe that he had been there all along.

Flash: Zan’s life of searching for his identity.

Flash: Nicole losing her parents and moving.

Flash: Zan following Liz.

Flash: Nicole’s living situation with Liz.

And then a silver lining to the dark clouds of their lives...
Nicole saw and felt within her heart how much Zan loved her and the distraught he had felt when she wasn’t in his life anymore.
A few sweet moments to add to their memories....

Flash: Zoe and Zan’s first kiss.
Flash: Their first anniversary.
Flash: Their wedding which was in secret.
Flash: Their secret honeymoon.
Flash: Zoe and Zan kissing in a closet.
Flash: Kissing on a bed
Flash: A hug in the parlor
Flash: Their last moment together in the castle.

Then just as it felt like Zan was coming out of a daze he looked at her stomach. His hand right below her tanned midriff was shooting out sparks. They were silver and blue and were drifting from his fingers through her body. He watched as they slinked up and down her figured. In a matter of seconds her whole body was shining with a mixture of silver and deep blue. Then Zan watched in awe as her waist slipped out of his touch. Nicole drifted towards the ceiling but stopped about two feet short of it. She was still sitting cross-legged otherwise it would have reminded Zan of that game ‘lite as a feather stiff as a board’. She appeared to still be gaining her memory as her shimmering lines faded. Nikki drifted back down to the floor where she opened her eyes brimming with tears.
“Zan” she choked out before enveloping him in a hug.
“Zoe” escaped his lips as he stroked her back.
“I remember, I remember everything” teardrops slid down her cheeks as she told him what she remembered, what she felt, what she saw.
For the rest of the night she wouldn’t leave his side. Not even when he, Isabel and Tess formed a plan for how to sneak attack the skins. It was hard to formulate how they could get them somewhere until Max spoke up. And when he was finished Nicole had a whole newfound respect for him.

TBC *angel*
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anyways that's funny roswelllover... sorry that we scared you... and shama? geeze you really want nicole to die huh? well I am sorry you feel that way... here's my new part lol.. Thanks again *big*
sorry by the way that I suck at writing battle scenes.

Friday afternoon
the parking lot of the Crashdown Caf
the plan goes into action....

Zan sat in the front seat of Max’s jeep. He would drive out to the Pod Chambers when he received the signal. Right now Max was acting as bait for the enemies. Zan knew that he wouldn’t last long. This alien king looked out the window to see Nicole seated on a bench across the street. Isabel watched from the passenger seat as he got out and jogged over to Nikki.
“What are you doing here?” he asked as clouds formed in the sky.
“I couldn’t just let you go by yourself. I want to help.” Zan almost smiled, Zoe was definitely back. But he couldn’t let history repeat itself.
“No, I insist that you stay here where it’s safe with Tess.” He told her as he motioned to Tess who was standing beside the window in the Crashdown Café . Nicole’s hand pulled his face back to her’s so that they were staring each other in the eyes.
“Now you listen to me Zan and you listen good,” she put her hands on his and they linked their fingers together.
“I told you that I remember and I do. What almost happened to me was not your fault. I know things were hard afterwards but we can make it together. Our powers are stronger together. We are stronger together.” Zan looked at their hands as she talked to him in that voice that stated she knew what she was talking about.
“Love will hold us together” she said quietly and he saw the silveriness of her aura mixed with the deep blue of his like it had two days before. The colors met up at their fingertips and sent a small charge of electricity off. She must be doing this to prove her point.
“I love you. I want to be there for you like I was on Antar, I’m your wife Zan. I hope that what we shared yesterday wasn’t just special to me.”
“Of course not,” his eyes shot back up to her’s, “I love you so very much Zoe, you know that. I don’t want this to end in tragedy.” she smiled softly before embracing him in a hug.
“Even Romeo and Juliet were together at the end” she whispered in his ear and with that he pulled himself away and led her towards the car and their awaiting court.
“They’re ready” Michael told him as they got in. The seating arrangement was adjusted as Isabel sat on Kyle’s lap in the back and Nicole sat in the passenger’s seat. The car accelerated out of the parking lot and down the highway at 60 m.p.h.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Zan asked his love. And when she nodded it reminded him of their actions the day before. That would probably be the last time he would experience pleasure if this plan didn’t work.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Max get out of the way,” Liz shouted at him from behind. He turned to face her on the desert ground.
“So it is true” he said rather than asked.
“I’m sorry” she said back as the answer. From the sides of her what he could only guess were skins started to block off the exits. He was trapped in. Suddenly this plan didn’t seem like such a good idea. He was surrounded by aliens. And Max had to admit it to himself, he was scared. What if they didn’t do what they were expected to? What if Zan and the others didn’t make it to them on time?
But then Liz did what they expected, she told them not to use their powers. He breathed a sigh of relief as she asked where the others were. From right behind her Zan said “Right here.” and as Liz turned Tess orbed into view next to Max. He was about to ask her what she was doing there because she was supposed to be protecting Nicole. There was no time for conversation as Tess blasted a couple of the skins with fire balls. It seemed like she had full control of her powers now and a couple of new ones. That lesson with the seer yesterday must have worked well.
The alien enemies screamed in agony as their skin burst into flames. The scene seemed so surreal to Max. the hologram of Zan was dodging blasts from Liz to wear her out and make her believe he was real until they arrived in the jeep. This was actually done by Michael who realized he had the power a couple of days ago and hadn’t told them. He wanted to develop it on his own but when the plan came up he confessed. Max watched as Tess shot out flame balls at one skin after another and finally as the jeep pulled into view. Kyle got out and formed a green shield around Max and himself. It wasn’t really big but he assured Max that it was powerful. Then Nicole and the real Zan came into the scene. It was hard for Max to see what they were doing through the shield. The hologram vanished as Michael came out of the back and started fighting some small guys. Isabel began a spell to conjure up Khivar and Nicholas. She seemed so hurt when they informed her that this Liz who was her best friend was actually against them the whole time. When Khivar and Nicholas appeared they looked calm but as soon as they saw the energy flowing from their king and queen they got worried. It was like watching a battle scene from every one of his action movies only with hands instead of guns. First Kyle switched his shield so that it was in front of Zan and the newly-found Zoe. Then max moved to the side of the mountain so as to not be in the way. Michael kicked the last guy in the face and Tess set him on fire before they entered the fight against Khivar and his lackey. The last one to enter the fight was Isabel. She sat down next to Kyle who was still concentrating on keeping the shield up. He made it so that their blasts could go out but none could come in. Isabel could tell that physically it was draining him. She set a blanket down on the ground and placed some vanilla candles around it. Inside she felt like Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Her step of the plan was to say a spell which would mentally, emotionally, and physically weaken Khivar and Nicholas.
A couple of minutes later Zan could see that they were winning. One final blow was all it would take but everyone looked like they would pass out any minute, himself included. He looked over at Max who appeared to be very concerned but mad because there was nothing he could do.
“It’s all over now, accept it Zan” Khivar said in his booming loud voice.
“No it’s not” Liz said from behind him. Nicholas turned around to see her with one hand raised out.
“What are you to do my sweet?” her ruler asked as he was still facing Zan who had forgotten all about her. Was she on their side now? Liz pathed Zan in his mind “when I step forward blast him with an electric shock from you and Zoe and a fire ball from Tess. If you keep Isabel up with her spell while Kyle and Michael bond together to form a large ball of light then we could use enough of our powers to get Khivar down. Nicholas shouldn’t last much longer”. He listened intently and when she was done he nodded and formed a group path to tell the others. He was saying “ we have a new plan” inside their minds when Isabel raised her hand and everyone but them froze.
“Can we really trust her?” she asked. Zan looked at her in shock.
“Why didn’t you do this earlier?” he asked her and Michael actually laughed at them. But they didn’t have time to waste, her time freeze didn’t last that long and the plan was a necessity. They agreed that it was worth a try and everyone would do their part.
But when the plan carried into action there was something that they hadn’t counted on... Nicholas’ revenge.

TBC *angel*
sorry that I'm leaving it there lol... expect an update as early as tomorrow or as late as the day after LOL.... *happy*
btw... the next part in the beginning is where you see who dies.... lol...aren't I evil? *tongue*

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Well well well... one very short part after this and it's done.
I wanted to thank you all now for sticking by with me as I made a horrible mess of the fanfic world... lol
*happy* thanks to and dedicated to
roswelllover, Sarah_helen, Lana Lane and Shama
okay... now everyone is going to get totally mad at me with this part but I know that it won't last long... right? lol...thanx so much for your feedback and bumps and I am chanting with you lana.
hehehehehe *happy*

Time seemed to be in slow motion...
Liz stepped forward.
Khivar was facing her.
Nicholas was turning back.
Zan and Zoe fueled their powers together.
Isabel chanted her spell.
Kyle and Michael’s hands faced together.
Tess put her arm out.
Then like a tape was on fast forward all of these blasts hit Khivar. He exploded while screaming out in pain.
Nicholas watched a big grin form on Liz’s face and he got pissed. Then she saw the look in his eyes. He cracked his knuckles evilly. The mind-warp was gone. He knew that she loved Max. Turning he faced Max and Liz screamed out. As a ball of fire came out of his hand Max’s eyes widened. It flew at the speed of lightening towards it’s target before Liz orbed in it’s path. She burned before Max. Zan watched in shock before Zoe and Tess hit Nicholas with an electricity and fire ball. He left the same way as his master, in pain.
It was minutes later as Max held some ashes in his hand of the girl who risked her life for him. His brother watched him grieve in silence.

Fast Forward to Saturday morning...
The Granolithe with the seer

Kyle, Michael, Isabel, Nicole, Zan and Tess formed a circle and the seer’s hologram came through the middle. She had welcomed back Zoe and was happy to hear of what happened at their battlegrounds. But now they had a choice. Who was to stay? And who was to go back to their home planet a hero?

Later on...
Isabel called Alex on her cordless phone from her room. She hadn’t talked to him in a couple of days. Hearing his voice would help her decide.

Zan and Nicole/Zoe sat next to each other on the couch. Ever since their connection they had been so close. She gazed into his eyes and he returned the soft smile she gave him. Nicole kissed his cheek and leaned onto his shoulder. As he ran his fingers through her hair pulling it out of her face their decision was made.

Michael sat in his apartment and looked at a photo of his girlfriend. Maria had a hair dryer in her hand and a smile o her face. It was one of those ‘real photo’ moments where she hadn’t posed. The hair dryer was because she had been singing along with the radio at a party once. He couldn’t talk with her right now. She was on her way to Los Angeles with Sean. He was incredibly happy for her but a large part of him missed her. Perhaps this was the easiest decision he had ever made.

Kyle was talking with his dad at the kitchen table. He told them of everything that had happened. What life had been like while holding that secret. How he was a soldier and second in command on another planet and as Tess walked in from the living room he introduced her as the love of his other life. It was a lot to take in for the sheriff and the choice Kyle made didnt help one bit.

Tess didn’t need long to make up her mind. She knew what she was born to do and that was what she loved. Tess wanted to help people and as a protector? Well she knew this choice wouldn’t affect her life very much.

TBC *angel*
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One hour later back at the Granolithe.
The scene looked something like this....

Max hugging his older brother and then giving Isabel a turn. Nicole/ Zoe stood by watching.
Kyle and his dad were talking as Tess held his hand.
Michael was nowhere to be seen, about ten minutes earlier he had said his good bye’s. At this time he was on his way to Maria.

The seer projected the Granolithe. It was time.
Kyle and Tess, Zan and Zoe stepped forward. Behind them were a tearful sister and father. Max had cried all he could earlier. His sister hugged him sadly, at least they had each other. The scene was so unreal as the 4 stepped inside the portal. They were leaving behind a princess and a second in command but gaining a queen and king.
As Zan stepped inside his hand reached out and fireworks boomed in the air of the cave. The ship blasted off into the sky as the shimmering specks formed a figure. Max stood by in shock as Isabel and Jim Valenti headed out.

Elizabeth Parker formed in front of him. She smiled as Max’s jaw dropped.
“Guess what” she said in her girly voice.
“What?” he asked as she moved her hand next to his.
“I’m 100% human” he grinned and leaned down to kiss her.
“Thank you” Max whispered before his lips met her’s. She knew what he was talking about and it warmed her heart. They broke apart from each other and as they left the cave to stand in the sunlight she said the most romantic words his ears had ever heard.

“I love you too.”

The End.


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