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Title: Something's Happen For A Reason -challenge
Author: roswelllover
Disclaimer: I OWN nothing, zip nadda
Category: AU, M/T, M/L, K/T, K/L mainly M/L the others will be mentioned but not main.
Summary: based on challenge by Lille on the Discussion board
Rating: PG-NC-17
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Elizabeth Parker daughter of Jeff and Nancy Parker multimillionaire who own The Parker corporation the second largest company in America. Elizabeth Parker is dating Kyle Valenti for 7 years, a middle class guy who Liz had fallen in love with since high school, he’d been her first everything and as long as she knew he’d be her last.

Jeff Parker didn’t adore Kyle Valenti but because for the sake of his daughter’s happiness he accepted him,

Maxwell Evans son of Philip and Diane Evans owners of Evan’s Co the largest company in America

But now after 20 years, Jeff Parker’s company was going broke and the only way to save it is to merge with Phillip Evans company Evans Co, but with that came one condition that Jeff Parker’s daughter Elizabeth Parker was to Marry Phillip Evans son Maxwell Evans no matter what.


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Part 1

“Kyle Valenti has arrived Sir” Vicky, Jeff Parker’s secutary said

“Thanks you Vicky let him in” Jeff said

A few minuted later Kyle walked in and Vicky closed the door, Kyle stood at the door not knowing what to do.

“Sit down Kyle” Jeff said indicating him to the seat in front of him, Kyle sat down.

“what did you need me for” Kyle asked

“ I don’t want you seeing my Daughter anymore, I love her more than life itself but for her happiness and mine I cannot let this relationship continue, I want you to tell her whatever you want and leave this city r country if you have to I will have that arranged for you if you tell her what I have asked you to do I do have my way’s Mr Valenti and I will use them is this clear” Jeff said

“You can’t do this, I love her and she loves me I know this are you willing to risk your daughters happiness for a reputation, that’s what it is isn’t it it’s because my families not as wealthy as you, Liz doesn’t care about that” Kyle said

“I’m not risking Liz’s happiness I'm saving It and if she continues to have this relationship with you then she will be, I am doing this for the good of my daughter, if you do not obey me Mr Valenti I will have the papers know about your mother” Jeff threatened “No are you willing t do this” Jeff asked

Kyle looked defeated and mumbled a yes

“good, I'd knew this wouldn’t be hard” Jeff said

“I’d like to be done within two days because I will have your flight and living arrangements ready by Wednesday that gives you 3 days to do everything, you can come back to my office on Monday and we will discuss more “ Jeff said

Kyle stop up and headed to the door “I mean it Kyle, Liz is to know nothing about this” Jeff said

“She won’t” Kyle answered and left the room.
Philip had asked his on to come down to his office that same very afternoon

“Hey Dad what’s so important” Max asked, his dad had interrupted his weekend with Tess.

“Yesterday, I received a cal from Jeff Parker and I had gone down there and found out that his company is going broke and he needs my help and I am offering it under the terms that his daughter Elizabeth Parker to marry you and he has agreed” Philip said

Max shook his head “you can’t do this, im not some guinea pig you can test with, you can’t force me to marry just anyone” Max said

“Max you are 22 years ld I cannot pass down this business until you are married and Elizabeth is the best to fit the role as your wife” Philip said.

“What about Tess, you know my girlfriend” Max said in mock sarcasm

“I expect you to end your relationship with her soon, after that you are to get to know Liz before your weeding in a month” Philip said.

“I can’t fucking believe this, I'm 22 Dad” max said sceptically.

“If you intend to keep the family business running you will do as I say, or you will have no association with this family what so ever” Philip said.

“I’m your Damn son” Max shouted “you'd just disown me like that” Max asked

“if we had to, we would” Philip answered.

“Fine” Max gritted out “Does mom know about this’ Max asked

“she does and she approved” Philip replied.

Max stormed out of the office and slammed the door, he was 22 and they treated him like he was 16, he ran his fingers through his hair and left to go back to his apartment.

(sorry for the UC, I'm a dreamer so I'll make up for it later in the fic)

“You're glowing, what happened yesterday” Maria asked Liz, they had decided to go out shopping together.

“Oh Maria Kyle asked me to marry him yesterday and I said yes” Liz said gushing and showed her best friend of 18 years her engagement ring.

“Congratulations chica, does your Dad know yet” Liz asked

“No, I'm going to tell him tonight with Kyle, I invited him to dinner” Liz said with a huge grin on her face.

“I’m really happy for you Liz, we have to tell Michael” Maria said and started heading back to their car.
Max was thinking over what he was about to do, Tess was a nice girl, petite blond with blue eyes and it didn’t matter to his parents cause she was wealthy too what did make her on the bad side was her possessiveness of him, he knew about it, his parents knew about it in fact everyone did he didn’t mind because it never got out of hand but he was fearing that he would indeed see that side of her today.

Max walked into Tess’s Apartment he had the key to her apartment so there was no need to knock, when Tess heard footsteps she looked up from her sitting position and smiled when she saw Max.

“Hey baby” Tess said walking to him and kissing him on the lips.
“Hey” max said tense

“what’s wrong” Tess asked seeing his state

“Umm...Tess sit down there’s something I need to tell you” Max said gesturing to the couch.

Tess and Max sat down, Max took her hands in his and looked at her “I have to break up with you” Max started

“But what...why....did I do something wrong” Tess asked frantically.

“No you didn’t do anything wrong Baby” Max said wiping her tears away. “you at least deserve an honest explanation ok.....My dad just told me that I have to marry Elizabeth parker if I don’t all hopes of a future are gone, I cant do’s not you don’t ever think that but it’s what I have to do” Max said sadly.

Tess shook her head and looked at Max in fear “You can’t leave me! I love you Max!” tess aid gripping onto Max’s shirt.

“Tess babe I'm sorry” Max said as he held her close

“NO! I'm not letting you go for anyone, especially Elizabeth” Tess said “ How can they do this.....How can they do this to us” Tess said as more tears followed closely after the others.

“It's so sorry, you’ll find someone who’s worth you love” Max reassured her and held her until her tears subsided, knowing he had to leave soon before he made it harder for Tess, he untangled himself from Tess’s fierce hold and stood up to leave he headed to the door.

“Please don’t leave me!” Tess shouted but saw that he had already gone.

Max got in his black convertible and drove to his parents house.
Liz had told Michael the news and he’d been just as happy as Maria him being her Best friend since Junior high was great as he had a males perspective on the views she wanted, but he’d always been over-protective kinda like the brother she never had, Liz entered hers and Kyle's apartment to see that half of Kyle's stuff was packed.

“Kyle!” Liz shouted out hysterically.

she ran into their bedroom to find his packing the rest of his stuff away “Kyle” Liz said with tears in her eyes. “What’s going on” Liz asked as the tears fell and Kyle made no movement to go to her aid.

“The engagements off Liz” Kyle said his heart breaking in the process as hers.

“Why” Liz whispered but Kyle heard

“I don’t love you Liz, I never did I only said I did for the money but you know what I'm sick of being in this relationship it’s killing me!” Kyle shouted

“You don’t mean that” Liz shouted out in anger and hurt “Your not like that, that’s why I fell in love with you” Liz shouted again.

“well Liz newsflash not everything is perfect you’ve got the wrong guy” Kyle shouted as he zipped up his bag.

“Where are you going now” Liz asked

“You don’t earn the right to know that anymore Liz” Kyle said as he picked up his bag and walked pass Liz and down the hallway.

“So what your just going to leave” Liz shouted no longer hurt but angry.

“Yeah I am!” Kyle shouted with his hand on the doorknob.

“hey asshole don’t forget this” Liz shouted as she took her ring off and threw it at him and ran into now her room and slammed the door.

“Kyle stood there and looked at the ring on the floor and a tear slipped out of his eye, he’d just lost the love of his life because he wasn’t good enough for her father, he bent down and picked up the ring and looked back into the apartment to memorize it, to know that he did used to live before he had died inside and left to stay at the motor in closing the door and leaving his life behind him.
Liz was dressed in sweats and a pale pink tank top, she no longer felt she heard her phone ring but let her answering machine pick up.

beep “Hey chica, it’ me just wondering when you and prince charming where going to turn up just in case you forgot you have a dinner to attend, must be on your way since your not picking up so I'll seeya when you get her love you” beep.

Liz sat up and grabbed her keys, that’s where she needed to be, HOME.

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Liz parked the car in front of her parents house, the lights were on and Michel's car was parked in the driveway along with her Dad’s, she shut off the ignition and got out of the car and walked across the familiar grass to the doorstep of hr old house, the house that held too many memories of her and Kyle but the only place to take away her pain, she knocked on the door waiting for someone to open it.

Maria opened the door, as everyone else was to bus, knowing it must be Liz and Kyle but when she did she hadn’t expected to see a hurt Liz nearly in tears.

“Oh my god chica what’s wrong” Maria asked opening the door fully and taking Liz in an embrace.

Liz was in tears as she was in the comfort embrace of her Best friend and tried to form coherent words “He....HE dumped me ’Ria....Kyle dumped me” Liz said in tears.

“Oh chica” Maria said walking Liz over to the couch and seeing the worried looks on Michael's, Nancy and Jeff’s face.

“What’s wrong” Michael asked coming and sitting next to Maria who held a sobbing Liz in her arms.

“The asshole dumped her” Maria said in disbelief, she’d seen the love in her best friends eyes and Kyle’s to she didn’t know what had gone wrong, but it did and Liz was the one who got hurt.

“I’m going to kill that son of a bitch” Michael said in anger.

“Michael,, calm down” Jeff’s voice interrupted them.

“Mommy” Liz said looking up and running to her Mom.

“Sweetheart, it will be ok” Nancy said her heart was constricting with pain she knew about what Jeff had done, but she had to agree it was the only way but to break Liz's heart in the process she was regretting the decision.

Jeff shook his head at Nancy he could see the regret in her eyes.

After Liz’s cries had subsidized she told them her story, Nancy had told her to stay home until she was better and Liz had agreed.
Max had gone home and saw his parents siting on the couch.

“Mom” Max said

“Oh sweetheart I'm so sorry but there’s no other way if things were different then....” Diane rushed out to explain.

“It’s ok Mom” Max said then looked at hi dad “What do you want me to do now, I told Tess, what’s next” max said

“well we have to hear from Jeff about what went with Elizabeth then we can process from then” Phillip said.

“Can’t you see that Dad, it’s ok to mess with my life but to mess with Liz’s” Max said in disgust.

“In business things need to be done Max, you’ll understand that when you takeover” Philip said

“There’s nothing to understand when you step in between your son’s life and someone else’s I may be able to forgive you some day but when she becomes your daughter in law and she finds out, I don’t think she will be as forgivable and you know what I won’t blame her” Max said.

“Don’t make accusations you know that won’t come true, Liz is a great person a very nice young lady ” Philip said.

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The next day Jeff Parker had called Philip ad told him that Liz was now available, that she was no longer with Kyle or anyone else, but said that they wait 2 weeks for Liz to re-compose herself.

it was now a month later, Philip and Jeff had arranged a meeting for the two to meet and tell Liz for the first time.

They had decided to meet at Jeff’s house, Max and Philip pulled up into their mansion and knocked on the door.

The Maid led them to Jeff’s office, Max saw Jeff and stopped mid stride when he saw who would be Elizabeth, he felt an attraction towards her, he‘d seen her before on TV the newspapers but she looked beautiful in real life with her silky chocolate brown hair that flowed down her shoulders, big doe eyes, succulent lips that he wanted a taste of , she was petite and looked so fragile, her eyes held no emotion, he knew that could be the result of her life being ripped away from her, because of him, Liz saw the two men walk towards them one she knew must be Phillip Evans from the lines on his face from old age and the other being Maxwell Evans his son, he was quite the man with dark brown hair, his deep amber eyes were like windows to his soul, he was well built with the casual way he was dressed and his face looked stressed, she felt something for him an attraction but was shocked at how fast she could feel something, she’d just gotten out of a relationship a month ago she wasn’t ready, but her heart seemed to think otherwise, she wasn’t sure.

“Jeff” Philip greeted “Ah and you must be the wonderful Elizabeth” Philip said

Liz blushed at his comment “Thank you Mr Evans, it’s Liz” Liz said politely.

“Liz, this is My son Max, Max this is Liz and Jeff Parker” Philip introduced.

“It‘s nice to meet you Mr Parker“ Max shook Jeff‘s hand and then turned to Liz “It‘s nice to meet you“ max said and kissed her hand as Liz blushed again.

The two adults watched on as their son and daughter got acquainted

“Lizzie you probably wondering why your here” Jeff started

“yeah” Liz said

“everyone sit down first” Jeff said as Liz and Max sat down on the couch with some distance between each other and Philip sat on the single arm chair.

“Lizzie, our business went bankrupt and Philip Evans has offered to help the corporation rebuild itself again but under one condition that you are to marry his son Max” Jeff explained sincerely.

Liz sat silently then looked at her father “Marry him, dad I just got out of a relationship a month ago and now your telling me I have to marry Max for business” Liz said in disbelief.

“Lizzie I’m sorry sweetie but there’s no other way” Jeff answered.

“I’m your daughter dad, I’m not some damn property you can sell” Liz shouted her, hurt and anger suppressing.

“Liz please” Jeff said

“NO, I'm not going to give into your business schemes, not this time, this goes to far” Liz said getting up and walking out the door.

Jeff was about to get up when Max stopped him “Let me try” Max said genuinely, Jeff nodded and sat down, as Max followed after Liz he saw her figure outside the French doors to the big backyard, she was sitting on a swing hugging herself.

Max opened the doors and closed them behind him “Whatever it is I don’t care I want to be alone” Liz said thinking it was her dad.

Max came around and sat next to her “Eliza....”

“Liz remember” Liz cut in answering politely.

“Liz, it wasn’t my idea to marry you I only saw you for the first time today so please don’t think it’s a scheme that I thought up” Max said

Liz shook her head “it’s not that trust me I know how forceful our parents can be when it comes to business and family” Liz said with a smile.

“I only found out a month ago, I was forced to break up with my girlfriend and I'll tell you this when our parents make us get married, I won’t force you to do anything , I'm only doing this because my dad had threatened to make me no existence if I didn‘t ” Max whispered.

“ Oh My god Max I didn‘t think it was that serious , but Thank you, it means a lot” Liz said giving him a smile.

Max nodded “I really am sorry behalf of me and my family” Max said

“You have nothing to be sorry about” Liz said

“come on lets go back inside, I have a feeling we’ll become great friends” Max said smiling.

“I’d like that” Liz said , as her heart soared at the smile she had just received, she knew it was wrong and didn’t know where all these feelings were coming from but she was in the beginning of the process of healing her broken heart.

When they went back into Jeff’s office, the two men looked up to see their children enter

“Liz” Jeff said concerned

“Dad look I may understand where your coming from but you have to realise I'm not ready yet and I don’t know how long it’ll have to be but I'm not ready yet, it’s too soon” Liz said shaking her head.

Jeff was about to say something when Philip cut him off “It’s ok Liz, take as much time as you want” Philip said with a gentle smile.

“Thank you” Liz whispered “may I be excused” Liz asked

“Sure honey” Jeff said and watched Liz’s retreating figure.

“She’ll come around sooner than you think Jeff” Philip said

“And your so sure about that dad” Max asked, still standing at the entrance.

“Let’s go son we have a lot to talk about” Philip said, they said their farewells to Jeff.
Liz had retreated to her old room and laid down on her pillow ‘how could they do this to her, to her and Max when she heard Max's side of the story she felt her sincerity for him, he was being pushed into the same situation as her because of their stubborn business crazed parents.

Liz felt sick for the 6th time that week, it had started 2 weeks ago and Liz had rubbed it off thinking it was a bug but now she was fearing the worse as it was now 2 weeks and a bug wouldn’t last that long,

She stepped into her bathroom and heaved into the toilet and stood up and turned the faucet on and washed her face she looked over at the brown bag inside it held a pregnancy test she had bought that morning before her dad had told her about the meeting at the drug store, she took it out and read the instructions, and took a deep breath as she followed them now she waited with baited breath for the two minuted to either go or for time to stop, she didn’t want to know if her fears were true, she couldn’t but on the other hand she wanted to get over it if it was just a bug she could stop stressing and get herself treated, her watch beeped signalling two minutes were up she dwelled over weather or not she should get up and find out, after a moment of battling with her head she sighed and got up she picked it up and turned it over and gasped dropping it, she was going to be a mother a single mother the mantra said in her head as she slid to the bathroom floor and cried, The door clicked open and Maria came walking in

“hey chica your dad...” Maria trailed off seeing her best friend sobbing on the floor and what looked like a pregnancy test on the floor

“Liz” Maria chocked out.

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Part 4

“Liz” Maria chocked out while kneeling down beside her and wrapping her arms around her as her body racked with sobs

“It’s positive” Liz answered, knowing Maria would have seen the test on the floor.

“Ohhh Lizzie” Maria said

“I’m going to be a mother, I'm....I'm not ready for this” Liz said sobbing

“What am suppose to do Maria” Liz said through her tears.

“I don’t know sweetie, but me, Michael, your mom and your dad will be here for you, you’ve got everyone you love to support you” Maria said

“Thank you Maria” Liz said as she laid her head on Maria’s shoulder

“Come on how about we fix you up and go tell your mom the news” Maria said getting up then giving Liz her hand, Liz took it and stood up wiping her tears and followed after Maria.
“You have no right dad, did you see hw torn she was, no you didn’t you were to self absorbed to notice, do you know how hurt she is how can you do this to her” max said

“Are you sure your only talking about her” Philip asked as their chauffer drove them back to their mansion.

“Oh no your not going to turn this on me” max said

“Don’t go being a smart ass, haven't you learnt anything we’ve taught you how would your mother feel” Philip retorted.

“Don’t bring mom into this” Max said raged “Will you stop hurting people for money” Max said

Philip ignored him “Will you ever realise what I do is for the best of you” Philip said.
Maria walked into the garden to see Nancy and Jeff talking outside, Maria and Liz walked up to them.

“Mrs Parker, Mr Parker we need to talk to you it’s important” Maria said

“sure” Nancy said as she saw her daughters distraught face.

Once in the lounge room Nancy turned to them” what is it, something happened” Nancy asked

“Liz do you want to or shall I” Maria asked her first.

“Thanks for offering Maria , but I think I can handle this” Liz said then turned to her parents.

“I’m pregnant” Liz blurted out she was tired of thinking of a way to break it to them

“Lizzie” Nancy said embracing her daughter and stroking her hair.

“Are you sure, who's the father” Jeff asked.

“Jeff” Nancy scolded

“Yes I'm sure I just found out today and it‘s Kyle” Liz said bitterly sometimes her dad was just to much.

“Are you sure it’s Kyle’s” Jeff asked

‘Yes dad I'm not a slut” Liz snapped.

“It’s not what your dad means” Nancy said

“This complicates everything" Jeff spoke out loud.

“Well I'm sorry that my pregnancy is causing havoc on your business troubles” Liz said sarcastically.

“Liz” Jeff warned

“Honey, your father said you didn’t accept the proposal” Nancy asked

“No I didn't” Liz said

“What proposal” Maria asked confused.

silence envelops them.

“I was told today that in order to save my parents corporation I have to marry Maxwell Evans” Liz said breaking the silence.

Maria gasped.

“Lizzie you know your gong to have to marry him now tat your pregnant how will you survive and what about the media what if they get their hands on this finding out that your a single mother you have to marry him” Jeff said.

Liz contemplated what he said, Max had been really sweet and caring to her that afternoon, but she didn’t know him well enough what if it was only a facade and upfront cover he hid behind but she knew her father was right marrying Max was the only option left even if she wasn’t ready.

“Okay” Liz whispered “I'll marry him under one condition I want to able to get to know him better instead of thrown into a marriage with someone I don’t know” Liz said

“Whatever you want Liz” Jeff said hugging his daughter “We only want the best fro you, even if it’s not your desire too , he’s the best man I'd want you to marry” Jeff said

“Liz are you sure” Maria asked “It’s a big step, have you even seen this guy” Maria asked

“Yeah I have and I'm sure” Liz said looking at the ground.

“Liz we’ll make an appointment with the doctor tomorrow to b on the safe side ok honey” Nancy said

“Yeah, ok” Liz said
Max was laying on the couch, with his head resting on his mom watching a old movie that was showing on one of the 1000 channels when Philip walked in.

“Diane, Max, I have some great news” Philip said happily

“What is it Philip” Diane asked as Max sat up.

“I just received a call from Jeff, Liz has agreed to marry Max, but says she wants to get to know him before they get married so I have set up a meeting tomorrow you can get to know yourselves as much as you want” Philip said

Max nodded “What time will she get here” Max asked

“Noon” Philip answered “Tell Liz that she doesn’t have to worry about the wedding plans they will be done for the both of you” Philip said

“And when will this weeding be” Max asked

“You’ll know the exact date tomorrow, but in the 4 weeks is the latest” Philip answered

Max nodded, knowing arguing with him would be no use.
After Jeff had gotten off the phone with Philip he told Liz about the arrangements and the time of her appointment, Liz was now seated on her bed clutching her blue nearly torn teddy bear that Michael had given her, well like her mom said she would learn to love Max if she didn’t love him form the start.

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Part 5

Nancy and Jeff stayed seated on the couch, Liz and Maria had abandoned to their rooms.

“How do you think Philip react to the news” Nancy asked, she couldn’t believe her little girl was pregnant , she was disappointed at her daughter for getting pregnant before getting married .

“I’m not sure if he really wants his son to get married to Liz then he may not change his mind otherwise were may end up losing our daughter and our business” Jeff said.

“How'd we get ourself in this situation” Nancy asked.

“It was bound to happen” Jeff answered.
Liz sat in the doctor’s office nervously awaiting for the doctor to come back with the results as if it would make a difference, how many pregnancy tests are wrong 1 out of 50, the door opened and doctor Smith walked in and sat down opposite her.

“Congratulations Miss Parker your going to be a mom” Dr Smith announced.

“So it is confirmed” Liz said out loud trying to assure herself.

Dr Smith nodded “Yes your a month and 3 weeks along”

Liz sighed ‘that had been the night Kyle had proposed to her’

“You will need to come back in 2 weeks so we can see how health the baby will be” Dr Smith said.

Liz nodded “Thank you , I guess I'll be seeing you in 2 weeks then” Liz said

Dr Smith smiled “Bye Liz” He bid farewell to her as she opened the door and slipped out.
Liz had arrived at the Evans house to be greeted by Philip, Max and Diane, Max had then taken her back to his apartment.

“Cosy” Liz answered as they entered the 3 bedroom apartment, with an ocean view on the 27th floor the walls were a peachy cream colour, with several paintings hanging on the walls, the place looked just like the Evans house except it had the sense of loneliness.

“Yeah I love the ocean view and at night I like to go out and star gaze” Max answered walking into the apartment after closing the door.

“In that case I'm going to love this place” Liz grinned.

“Do you like star gazing too” Max asked

“Yeah....Astronomy has always had an interest in me I believe there's other worlds out there” Liz answered.

“I can tell you have an interest in Astronomy I can hear the awe in your voice when you talk about it’ Max answered staring at her intently.

Liz blushed under his gaze, and Max felt her uneasiness.

“do you want something to drink” Max asked as they sat on the black leather couch.

“no I'm fine” Liz answered.

“So should we get started in the getting to know each other part” Max grinned.

“I think we already have” Liz answered.

Max nodded “So what do you want to know” Max asked.

Liz shrugged “okay we can start off by telling each other about our lives and then we'll move on from there” Liz answered.

“Fair enough okay I'll go first” Max asked.

Liz nodded.

“Okay well, my name is Maxwell Philip Evans born on the 15th March 1982 I have a sister who’s 2 years older than me Isabel Bethany Evans who’s married to Alex Charles Whitman my best friend of 16 years had casual relationship through out my single years Tess being my last girlfriend...that’s about it I guess I'm soon to be owner of my dad’s company and married to a beautiful woman named Liz Parker” Max introduced.

“Quite the charmer I see” Liz teased.

“I try” Max grinned, Liz chuckled.

“Okay my name is Elizabeth Claudia Parker born on August 25th 1983 I ‘m an only child, I have two best friends Maria Deluca who I have been friends with since the womb and Michael Guerin since junior High, I've been in 3 relationships and Kyle was my longest and last” Liz answered ‘soon to be mother’ Liz added in her mind.

“Well your nicer than I pictured” Max answered.

“I am” Liz asked in disbelief.

“Yeah I figured you were this big snob who’d bitch about anything but your not the media sure has you wrong” Max answered.

“Well Max Evans I thought you’d be one to know that what the media says is not true as I figured you to be a player a real jerk......which I must add that you not being in a steady relationship could say your a player but your hardly a jerk” Liz answered.

“I resent that I was in a relationship with tess fro 6 months” Max answered.

Liz smirked “I think marrying me has to be the biggest commitment your going to make in your entire life” Liz answered.

“It’s not what I had planned....thought I'd be a bachelor for 6 more years before settling in I think reality fell on me a bit faster” Max answered.

“So any pets, bad habits, strange behaviours, a night job I should know about” Liz asked

“hey no no pets too lazy, no bad habits, no strange behaviour and no night job” Max answered chuckling.

“Great we got that cleared” Liz answered.

“How about you’ Max asked.

“NO, no no And no” Liz answered.

“Okay so late night rendezvous or anything as such” Max smirked.

“No” Liz answered and Max nodded.

And the rest of the day was filed with conversation and teasing they’d found out they had a lot in common first starting with the interest in astronomy, same music likes, ice cream flavours and TV shows.

“So I have one more question to ask what do you look for in a woman not that it matters cause this weeding is far beyond our capabilities I'm just curious” Liz asked felling more comfortable after their light hearted conversations.

Max chuckled “I like woman who are honest, loyal passionate that have the same interest as me, I dated a blonde Tess but like brunettes better , my type of woman would be someone I click with instantly” Max answered honestly. “How about you what do you look for in a guy” Max asked.

“Romantic, Honest, loyal, sensitive I should click with him the first time I meet him we should get a long well it doesn’t matter what colour hair they have but my last 3 boyfriends have tend to be brunettes and you’d have to be the 4th” Liz chucked, both oblivious to the fact they had just described the other.

“You know what I am so glad your not a fashion crazed woman” Max said out loud.

“What” Liz asked.

“My sister has got to be the biggest Fashion crazed woman I know and I've had this image of all women being like hat which you’ve seemed to prove wrong” Max answered.

Liz chuckled “Max if we were all the same then you’d a jerk hod leave his girlfriend after sleeping with her claiming it was just a casual thing after 7 years” Liz spat out bitterly.

Max sensed the change in mood “I’m sorry” Max apologised.

Liz shook her head you have nothing to be sorry about” Liz said and then looked at him “Max....I...have something to tell you, you deserve to know since you may be stuck with me” Liz said.

“It’s okay Liz whatever it is it can’t be that bad” Max said.

Liz chuckled “hah tell me that after you hear it” Liz said and then turned serious “I......yesterday I found out I was pregnant with my ex’s baby Liz blurted out.

‘whoa he wasn’t expecting that one, Liz looked at him waiting for his reaction. “now will be the time you tell em to get out of your apartment and that your not marrying a whore like me” Liz said as a lone tear escaped down her rosy cheek.

“What god no Liz” Max said “Your not a whore...why....why would you think I'd say that” Max asked gripping her hands, not knowing if he’d be allowed to do more.

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