Author: Maria_ang21
Category: Everybody.
Rating: R (for some strong language)
Summary: Takes place after "Who Died And Made You King." When a
mysterious girl comes to Roswell, things and people start to change
and nobody knows why until Liz gets into a confrontation with this new
girl. They later find out that not everything is what it seems.
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the writers, directors,
cast and crew of Roswell. Although I wouldn't mind being affiliated
with the cast especially Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr. I don't own the
show or any of the characters. I do, however, want to share this
fanfic with all the Roswellians out there. Roswell will always be my
favorite show no matter what other shows come along. I hope you like
this story.

Part Four

Liz: Max! No!

Liz wakes up and screams Max's name. Kyle and Maria hear her and run

Kyle: What's wrong?
Liz: (crying hysterically) Max is dead!
Maria: No he's not. He's at Isabel’s.
Liz: No he's dead, I saw her kill him.

Maria gives Liz a hug and tries to calm her down.

Meanwhile, back at Isabel's apartment.
Isabel screams and breaks contact with Liz. Max and Michael run into
her room. As a reflex Isabel uses her powers and throws them into the
wall. She runs to them and makes sure she didn't hurt them.

Max: Isabel what happened?
Isabel: It was a dream, you're alive.
Max: Yeah I'm alive.
Michael: What happened?
Isabel: It was horrible. Max you were

Before she could finish the sentence Max's cell phone rang.

Max: Hold on, that could be Maria. I told her to call me if anything
else happened.

Max: Hello.
Kyle: Max you have to come quick. Liz needs you. She had a nightmare
and we can't calm her down.

Max knew it was true because he heard Liz crying in the background.

Max: Kyle what happened?
Kyle: I can't explain now, just get over here.
Max: Alright. (turns and looks at Michael) Come on we have to go.
Isabel: Max what happened?
Max: It's Liz, I guess she's taking this nightmare worse than you did.
Isabel: I want to go. I know what she's going through. I know what
she saw maybe I can help.
Max: Okay let's go.
Isabel: Let me get my keys. I'll tell you about the dream on the way.

At the crashdown.
Kyle: Max is on his way.
Maria: Go get Liz some water.
Kyle: Okay.
Liz: (crying) Maria he's dead, she killed him. He’s dead because he
loved me.
Maria: Liz calm down. Max is not dead. Kyle just got off the phone
with him.
Kyle: Here (gives Liz the cup of water).
Maria: Drink some water, maybe it will calm you down.

Liz drinks the water very slowly.

Maria: Kyle can you stay with her until Max comes? I have to go get
things ready downstairs.
Kyle: Yeah, no problem.

Maria goes downstairs and picks up the glass that was on the floor.
She sits down and starts crying. Michael, Max and Isabel walk in
unnoticed. Michael walks toward Maria.

Michael: Maria?
Maria: (crying) Michael you should've seen her. I can't stand to see
her like that, she was so scared. She was so hurt and there was
nothing I could do about it.
Michael: (sits next to her) It'll be okay.
Maria: She couldn't even tell us what the dream was about.
Michael: Isabel already told us what it was about.
Maria: (confused) Isabel? How does she know what it was about?
Isabel: I was dreamwalking in Liz's mind to see if she forgot to tell
Max anything else about what happened earlier.
Max: Where is she?
Maria: She's upstairs with Kyle.
Max: I'm going to go see her.
Isabel: I'll go with you.

Max and Isabel go upstairs.

Michael: I'll help you down here until someone comes down to help.

He gives Maria a hug.

Max knocks on the door.

Kyle: Come in.
Max: (looks at Kyle) How is she?
Liz: (jumps out of her bed and hugs Max) You're alive!

Max could see that Liz had been crying.

Max: I'm okay.
Liz: (tears start to fall down her cheeks) I thought I had lost you.
Max: Look at me. Liz look at me.

Liz looks into Max's beautiful brown eyes. She sees his love for her.

Max: I will always be here. You will never lose me, you here. I love
you Liz Parker and I will do anything to protect you.
Liz: I love you too.

Liz and Max hug. Isabel smiles happily. She thinks to herself that
it's good to see her brother so happy with the one he loves. Kyle was
happy to see them like that too but deep in the back of his mind he
couldn't shake this feeling that something was wrong. Liz also felt
that something was wrong, but she hid it from the others. She didn't
want to worry them even more.

Part Five

Max: How are you feeling?
Liz: Better, although all of this crying gave me a headache again.

They all laugh at Liz's remark including Liz herself. They all go
downstairs to join Michael and Maria.


Young girl knocking on the door.

Man: May I help you?
Girl: I came to see about the apartment for rent.
Man: Sure just fill out this form.
Girl: Can I fill it out here?
Man: Sure, come on in.
Girl: Thank you.

She walks in, sits down and in five minutes she is finished.

Man: Would you like to see it?
Girl: Yes, please.

They walk out of his office and walk toward the apartment.

Man: Now, it has furniture so you don't need that.
Girl: Good, because I don't have any.
Man: Do you have a place to stay?
Girl: Well, no. I'm new and I don't know anyone.
Man: I normally don't do this but since you don't have a place to
stay and since nobody has called about this apartment, I'll let you
have it. That is if you have the first months rent and the deposit.
Girl: Yeah I have it.
Man: Well then the apartment is yours. Come back to the office and
I'll give you a key.
Girl: Okay and thank you for giving me a chance to rent this
Man: No problem, you seem like a nice girl.

She leaves his office and walks to her new apartment. She unlocks the
door, sits on the couch.

Girl: Home sweet home.

At the crashdown.

Maria: How do you feel?
Liz: I'm fine. I'm sorry if I scared you and Kyle.
Kyle: We weren't scared. We were just worried about you.

Kyle, Liz and Maria hugged. At that moment the alien trio felt out of
place. Liz looked at them.

Liz: Come on you guys, you're our friends too.

The aliens joined them in a group hug.

Man: What's going on?

They all turned around quickly to see...

To be continued...

Part Six

Man: What's going on?

They all turned around quickly to see...

Liz: Dad.
Mr. Parker: So what's going on?
Liz: Nothing we just thought it would be nice to share a group hug.
Mr. Parker: I have to go run some errands and I'll probably be gone
most of the day.
Liz: Okay.

Mr. Parker kisses Liz on the cheek and goes out of the back doors.

Isabel: So what are all of you going to do when you graduate?
Maria: (in disbelief) Graduation is only five weeks away. Michael
have you found out if you're going to graduate?
Michael: I have an appointment with the counselor on Monday. I'll
find out then.
Liz: I'm going to college in the fall but for the summer I'm going on
Maria: (smiling) Road trip?
Liz: (smiling) Road trip.
Max: Where are you going?
Liz: How about California?
Maria: Yeah, we'll go to the beach.
Kyle: Can I go with you guys?
Maria: Now you know that all you guys are going with us.
Isabel: I can't go. I can't leave Jesse now that he's trying to
adjust to the new situation.
Max: You should ask if he'll mind if you go. Maybe he'd adjust better
if he had time to himself to think.
Isabel: (with a smile on her face) Okay I'll tell him about it
Maria: Yeah, we could all use a vacation.

At that moment two men in suits walked in and sat in a booth. That
made them nervous. They've learned to associate men in suits with the
FBI, which were a danger to them. Maria comes out from behind the

Maria: What can I get for you?
Man #1: Just two coffees please.
Maria: Anything else?
Man #2: No, that'll be all thank you.

Maria walks back up to the counter.

Maria: Two coffees.
Liz: That's it?
Maria: Yeah.

Maria take the men their coffees. Then a third man walks in.

Isabel: Dad, what are you doing here?
Mr. Evans: I came to talk to Mr. Kane and Mr. Jones about the
Anderson case.
Isabel: Where's Jesse?
Mr. Evans: He's back at the office working on some other things that
need to be handled. Now if you'll excuse me I need to talk to them.
Isabel: Okay sure. Do you need anything?
Mr. Evans: Yeah, just get me a coffee.
Isabel: Sure.

She walks to the counter.

Isabel: Hey Liz my dad wants a coffee.
Liz: Okay I'll take it to him.
Max: Who are those men with him?
Isabel: They're here to talk about business.

Kyle gets out of his seat.

Kyle: I have to go to work.
Michael: Me too.

Dan (the new cook) comes in to the Crashdown.

Liz and Maria: Hey Dan.
Dan: Hey.
Liz: Max, Michael, Isabel, this is Dan.
Max: Hey.
Isabel: Nice to meet you.
Michael: What's up?
Dan: Hi.
Liz: And you already know Kyle.
Kyle: Hey.
Dan: Hey.
Kyle and Michael: We'll see you guys later.
Isabel: I have to go too. Max can you give me a ride?
Max: Yeah, I'll be back.
Liz and Maria: Bye.

Philip Evans and the two men walk up to the counter and pay for their

Mr. Evans: Goodbye girls.
Liz and Maria: Goodbye Mr. Evans.

The three men walk out the door. Liz starts to feel hot.

Liz: I'm going to the bathroom.

She enters the bathroom, goes to the sink and splashes water on her
face. When she looks in the mirror she notices that her eyes are a
firery red color almost like the color amber.

Liz: What's happening to me?

She closes her eyes and then opens them, they were back to their
original color. She thought to herself, "I can't tell anyone about
this. They're already worried about me enough."


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