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Disclamier : I don't own them. However I can say Luke, Xander, Piper, Sarah, Charli are mine...

Rating : PG- at the momment

Authors note : This was orginally titled Blood brothers but since I only got one reader and also didn't say what catagory it was no one read it. Or maybe My story sucked. And also I could not located my story to update it.

All I am going to say this is a future fanfic

and there is a prologue

PLease tell me if this is bad or good.

Okay enjoy

There is a legend
Two boys, royal descenders from a powerful King
With different mothers
One makes you see things that aren't there
The other controls Time Itself

One walks in darkness
The other has a heart of gold

Together they will fight side by side
To stop the end of the world
But only one will survive

The oracle has spoken


Prologue - Darkness comes.....

October 2002

The birds were sweetly singing. The people of Roswell New Mexico were beginning to wake up.

It was a bright and sunny morning. The warm breeze gently ruffled Liz's drawn back curtains. Max Evans was fast asleep; the sense of completion was plastered on his content, carefree face. Liz was underneath him, his warmth soaked through her lukewarm skin. Liz opened her eyes; she could almost hear Angels from the heavens, preaching about their love. Carefully not to wake Max she drew back the satin sheets down to reveal his hard, toned muscular buttocks.
Liz smiled giddily to herself. If there was something she would never get tired of it was his 'tush'.
Her hands itched to squeeze his butt cheeks together but she clenched her fists, she was going to admire and not slap him silly. Although he wouldn't mind, Liz thought, keeping her laughter at bay. Liz smiled vibrantly, remembering their lovemaking last night. The whole 27hours of organic experiences still fresh in her mind. His touch, his smell, his taste and his gentleness with her body seemed like a dream.
But it wasn't a dream and it wasn't one of her daydreams about them in the shower. This was real
Liz craved more of his taste but she didn't want to lose the great awe, a miracle that was his butt.
"What are you doing jitterbug?" Max chuckled as Liz started to drool while looking at his butt.
Liz gazed up into his frivolous eyes, their foreheads touched.
"I was admiring your butt and thinking of squeezing it," Liz said in a serious tone. She could never lie to him.
Max seemed embarrassed, and then laughed quietly in a playful matter.
"I didn't know that you were a butt man Jitterbug?" He said in a hushed way then whispered, " I prefer your clitoris," and then attacked her shoulder in mini kisses and love bites.
Liz aimed for his butt, slapped him and he yelped, they rolled off the bed together, the sheets wrapped their bodies together like an Egyptian mummy.
Max propped his elbows up, side by side with her shoulders.
"Your such a sick puppy, Max" Liz couldn't help giggle she had HER MAX back.
"I know you want a normal guy Jitterbug but can you settle for this?" He clicked his fingers and white rose petals fell from the ceilings.
"That was from my dream," Liz exclaimed. " My corny boring dream," She added.
Max attacked her lips, softly nibbling her bottom lip. He looked into her eyes and uttered, with the strong tone of love he had for Liz," Nothing can compare to what I have. I have a love goddess and no one can take her away from me," He kissed her left ring finger, the diamond ring sparkled in the sunlight.
Happy tears covered their faces.
"Stop calling me jitterbug," Liz said.
Max smiled his toothily grin.
"Okay, Babe,"
"Max, get dressed now," Liz door was wrenched opened. A pale Michael entered the room, not brothering to be nice.
"I told Isabel that she can not use my credit card," Max muffled, his face deeply snug in Liz's breasts.
Michael towered over then, his hands on his knees. Regaining his lost breath.
"No Max it's important. She's back"
This time Max turned to face him, with Liz wrapping her arms around his waist.
"Who's back," Max asked
Liz gasped, her happy bubbles popped. Acid filled her mouth" Tess,"


Tess, The girl who still haunts Liz's dreams. Tess Harding, who carried Max's son hers and his son, the woman who was Max's destiny. The woman who betrayed them all and murdered Alex.
Tess was back

No one spoke on the way to the pod chamber. Max seemed frightened but also eager to see his son. Not once did he speak or touched Liz.
Liz felt like a worn dishrag, someone where in Liz's mind she knew that this day would come. That day when she would lose Max forever. But that day, in her mind didn't come until her and Max was shrivelled and old with age.
Maria's Jetta came to an abrupt halt. Max, Isabel, Maria and Liz walked towards the chamber. Kyle and Michael were already inside.

Liz slowly stopped, watched the others walk in. Her skin was on fire; her breaths came in distant gasps. She couldn't walk in there. If she did she knew her relationship with Max would be over.
Her body trembled uncontrollably as she hyperventilated. She couldn't walk in there. She stumbled back, her palms scratched along the desert floor.
Liz struggled to get to Michael's motorcycle; she had a few lessons but not enough to feel confident riding one. However, fear took over and she jumped on board, gunned the ignition and drove off at tremendous speed.

Tears soaked her shirt; her long cocoa tress flung back and danced with the wind. Her palms stung, Liz didn't care. Her heart was breaking and she felt nauseous.
The trip home took forever but when Liz's feet touched the soft floorboards of her room. She broke down in hysterical sobs; her legs and hands harshly kicked the floor, her mirror smashed into million microscopic pieces.

Powers, another thing Liz was afraid of. She was one of them however she was much stronger than Nicolas. Or so Michael told her after she made the ground shake beneath their feet with just one thought.
Liz stared at the ruined mirror.
Reconstruct, she thought.
The mirror began to rapidly rebuild itself fewer than three milliseconds.
It took at least ten whole seconds for Max, Michael and Isabel.
She was more alien than them and that's what scared her completely. That and the dreams she'd been having. A few weeks ago Liz had a dream about Maria being in a harsh car accident, which ended up with Liz singing at Maria's funeral.
Shocked, Liz told Maria about the dream. Maria said she'd been watching too many Scream 1,2,3 and Hannibal.
The day went fine until Maria went to her car. It was around three pm. The way her golden locks glistered in the afternoon heat. Her classy grin. Even the tone of her ' good bye' sounded exactly like the dream.
Liz watched Maria drive onto the highway. When Liz turned her back, it happened. Maria's jetta was upside down and on fire. Glass smashed everywhere. Right next to the Jetta was a petrol truck, which was leaking petrol. It will be in a matter of seconds before Maria's car would explode. A growing crowd was brewing around the scene.

But something took over Liz; she didn't feel scared or upset. She struck out her hand and imagined going back in time, erasing this incident. A halo surrounded her, amber coloured her skin as her eyes turned white. Sparks of electricity zapped from her fiery locks and glowing fingertips.

Everything around her turned grey, cheesy black and white shows.
She then looked at her watch. It should read four but the black hands were moving anti clockwise. The heard of people walked backwards, their conversation in reverse and it sounded foreign. The bird's wings flapped down and up. It looked like someone was rewinding a tape while they will still watching it. Liz could almost see faint lines moving the time frame backwards.
The jetta hurdled backwards in the air, the shriek of Maria's scream sounded like a parrot. The pool of petrol flowed in reverse, the pierced hole closed up and the petrol truck rolled backwards. The black hands of Liz's wristwatch were almost at three. She could see Maria unclipping her seatbelt, the door magically opening itself as Maria step out, backtracking to where she was standing with Liz.

Liz dropped her hand to her sides and immediately the halo vanished. The clock read three pm again.
Liz was still in shock. It was against every rule of physics to change time. And she did it with the snap of her fingers.
"See ya chicha," Maria said then noticed Liz's pale face as the petrol Truck drove past.
"Yeah... " Liz spoke. She felt... good. She wasn't tired, actually she wanted to do something more powerful which scared her a little.


Back to the present Liz was in the middle of her room. She waved her hand over the white satin sheets and they erupted in red flames. The black ash dissolved into thin air. Liz dusted her hands off. She didn't want the reminder of Their 72 hour love making since Tess, the hore was back in town.
Her red cotton sheets in her hands. She stood there for a few moments and sighed.
Liz dropped the red sheets in the middle, hovered her hand out and the cotton pile folded itself out. By magic it flew in the air; the straight red sheet dropped softly and tucked itself into the mattress, followed by the second pale red sheet. The black comforter rested on top, the pillows leaped from the ground and landed on the king size bed.

Sometimes powers do have their advantage.

Liz felt light headed, stumbled to the toilet bowl and she vomited for the next half and hour and twenty minutes.
That reaction never happened before. Liz thought. She usually felt more energetic after she used her powers except the big ones like changing time. However no one knew that but herself.

No she wasn't pregnant. She was on the pill.

But since her change of status it might not work.

The word Shit flew around her head.

Only one-way to find out, Liz said to herself and cradled a pregnancy test in her hands.


Half an hour later she was staring at the pink cross, her result. Which confirmed that she was pregnant.

What am I going to do?
Her parents will kill her. Max already has one son and he doesn't need two.
Isabel would kill her; Liz already knew that Isabel despised her.

Okay, Liz thought. Deep breaths, talk to Maria. Everything will be okay...
Just make sure the others never find out.


Liz stood in front of Michael's apartment for about half and hour. Complementing on whether to knock on the door or SMS Maria on her phone?
Why am I kidding- I should go home- I'm pregnant!
The door swung open, Michael stood there and ushered her in.

PIE JESU by Sarah Brightman was playing in the background.

Liz felt like she was going to throw up all over again. There in the middle was Max and Tess, their son giggling as Max made goofy faces. The warm beams of sunshine glowed on them.
Liz hasn't seen Max that happy in months; his eyes glowed in awe of his son. Max and Tess's son kicked his baby feet around, poking his tongue out as his blue eyes roamed around.

"You.... have....a ni-nice son," Liz managed to form a sentence but her stomach filled with acid, her eyes silently shed tears inside.
Tess, with short curly blonde hair smiled " Thank you. His name is Luke Evans," She turned to Max " Is that okay? " Tess asked.
"I like it," Max whispered, joy spread on his face as he watched his son gaze happily at him, " My Son," He whispered to Luke.
"Our Son," Tess said.
Slowly Liz slid off the engagement ring and slid it in her pocket. " Is Maria here?"
"She's in my room," Michael muffled, eating his pepperoni pizza.

Liz closed her eyes, focused like Max taught her about splitting up her atoms, like sand was being poured from a jar she disappeared and reappeared in Michael's room, scaring Maria as she just finished putting on her blue sweater.
"Geese Louise please don't do that again," She flustered.
"Maria I really need to talk to you," Liz said through tears, seeping from her eyes.
They both lay on Michael's bed.
"I know that Tess is back but she's changed. While you ran off she explained about feeling guilty and ran off into the Kefzol jungle- don't ask me where it is? Anyway she stole a ship and went through hell to get here,"

"Maria I have something to tell you," Liz said.
"Oh my god you didn't sleep with Max?" Maria said.
Liz opened her mouth then closed it.
"Cause if you did I have total disapproval of you Liz - sex isn't great okay, chicha?" Maria fiddled with her blonde braids.
Maybe right now isn't the time to tell her, Liz thought to herself.
"SO you and Michael what's the story?" Liz asked lightly, her stomach grumbled with hunger.
"We did some talking and we had sex-love- it was so great I cannot believe we had this stupid fight," Maria babbled on.
"So it's alright for you to do it but not me?" Liz said quietly.
"It's different?" Maria said, eyes on the ceiling.
"Different? How?" Liz asked.
"Well Liz your innocent and naive,"
"WHAT!" Liz screamed. Hearing the faint cries from a baby in the lounge room.
"Liz what I was trying to say is-"
"That I am some little puppy dog and should be always the one who is put down by others? Don't you know what I've been through?"
The door opened with an Angry Max, little Luke crying in his arms.
"What's going on- keep it down Luke was sleeping,"
Liz stared at Luke, the spawn on Tess and Max. Liz didn't even hesitate. She disappeared and focused on being in her room.
A wave of dizziness hit her, heavy as stone.
Better not use that one just yet,
She flopped on her bed and thought about the little child inside her womb. She rubbed her flat stomach.
"What ever happens I will be here for you- if you are a boy or girl I will call you Alex,"
"Whatever happens I will be here for you okay Alex?"
Liz cried herself to sleep.


Five men and women stood around a blazing fire in an unknown location.
Larek stood there with the others in silence, gazed at the stars,
"It has begun," Larek stated to the others. " It has begun,"

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Authors note* hi thanks for all your nice FB- yes this is an M/L fanfic but it focus is on the futre generation but it has an M/L happy ending

Anyway here is the next part

I like questions cause then I know what you want to know more about?


Why don't you turn back time Liz? The little voice mocked.
No, Liz answered. That would be very dangerous- I am only using that for life and death situations. Why am I hearing voices?

Liz was in Science but Max was away today. Mr and Mrs Evans were spoiling their grandson. Max and Tess were talking about the future.
I could always astral project myself there; find out what's happening? And it is a life and death situation.
Seeing that she finished today's experiment Liz closed her eyes. She felt her surroundings around her shift and remaking itself into a new image, almost like Liz was casting stones into the river and watching the water ripple in never-ending waves. When Liz opened her eyes she was in Max's bedroom. Tess was holding their son, Luke. Liz sat at the end of Max's bed; it was like she was actually there however no one noticed her at all.

"I went to hell and back for you, Max. I sheltered our son from the skins," Tess pleaded.
Max didn't give her an ounce of pity, which brought a smug smile to Liz. " This is all nice and all but I won't tolerate a murderous person on my grounds, and neither my son,"
"Your son? I thought we would be a family Max," Tess seethed, Luke gargled and was transfixed at the computer desk, which by chance is where Liz was sitting.
"I am getting married to the love of my Life, Liz and I think she would be a good role model for Luke," Max caressed Luke's plump cheeks. " What's up kiddo?" Luke was staring at Liz as if he could see her in the room. He pointed to where Liz was sitting, exactly where Liz was sitting.
*Oh Shit can he see me? * Liz remained stiff as a board. Luke glanced up at his father with his cunning baby blues, drooled and giggled he pointed to a golden-framed photo poised at Max's bedside table. It was a recent picture of Liz, wearing her uniform at the Crashdown.
"Yes Luke Kyle Harding-Evans That's Liz and you'll love her very much," Max made faces which made Liz smile, thinking of their unborn child inside her womb.
"Will she? Max? I mean this would be a constant reminder that you made love to someone else?"
"Sex Tess we had sex- nothing else,"
"That's not what I felt,"
"I was thinking of Liz the whole time,"
"Were you?"
"Yes! now leave me and my son alone,"
"Doesn't Luke get a say in this?"
"I think he will agree with me,"
"When he is older not matter what happens they will never be close,"
"You don't know Liz at All,"
"Max I came here to collect you and Isabel, Michael; to go back to Sharma, Luke's birth place. You see- we are wining the war but we need you Max,"
"No you don't,"
"Then what about Luke? Remember all the times you felt alone growing up and not be able to use your powers? Is that a world you want your son to live in?"
Max remained silent. " No,"
"Then for our son's sake and the lives of our people and the people of Earth- Liz as well if you want to protect them I guess we should go back,"
"What if we don't accept Tess?"
"Say goodbye to Luke cause that's the last time you are going to see him- ever. So what will it be Liz Parker or your son, Luke? I know you are going to choose Liz but think for a moment when she knew she was like you what happened?"
Max bowed his head, tears seeped from his eyes," She ran away?"
"I will need an answer by tomorrow,"
Meanwhile a tearful Liz was about to leave when she felt someone touching her arm. It was Luke; he was placed on the table while Tess pleaded with Max in her evil bitchy way.

Don't Cry Liz... A boy's voice soothed quietly in her head. Liz realised that voice belonged to Luke. I like you anyway...

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thanks for the feedback

however no one knows where I am leading withe story which is great

also I forgot to say that I own these charcters- Charli, Luke, Xander, Piper, Sarah and Lola ( I liked run lola run)

Okay I hope you like the next part- just more about the oracle and more insight on the story I am heading to- so just a few more parts with the prolouge then we go to xander etc and they are eighteen blah blah blah

okay feed back would be nice-

The adventure continues- the third warrior

Somewhere in a distant galaxy- far far far away

Larek stood with his royal subjects, studying the ancient scroll written before time. It was the scroll that proclaimed the set date for the end of the world- and the warriors that are destined to be the key to save them from turmoil.

It was his loyal minion Clark that gave him the news about the third part of the scroll being translated after one thousand years of decoding the ancient language spoken by the ancients.

“ It seems there is a third,” Clark said.
“ A third?” Larek said. “ I thought the oracle proclaimed two boys?”
“ Yes but the oracle speaks of another one in the third section just translated.” Clark handed the crinkled translation.

There is a legend
Two boys, royal descenders from a powerful King
With different mothers
One makes you see things that aren't there
The other controls Time Itself

One walks in darkness
The other has a heart of gold

Together they will fight side by side
To stop the end of the world
But only one will survive

The oracle has spoken

Although these two boys are all powerful
They carry each a powerful gift
But they will be defenceless without their sister
The chosen one who controls time itself will give birth to two robust warriors. A boy and a girl

The boy who walks in darkness is separted from the boy with the heart of gold and the girl- the wild child..

The three are all important in the fight against the end of the world
These three will lead the front line along with two others- royal descendants and a human who is changed by the warrior who has the heart of gold And a prince of darkness.

The end of the world will commence when they reach adulthood and at the same time the chosen human has been raised from the dead…

However, only one of the warriors would survive unless….

Larek dropped the piece of paper, turned to Clark “ That’s it? “
Clark gulped “Yes- we cannot translate one of the ancient words Shima-darrie. It might mean changed time or to be all connected- or walk between time? Or even the un dead We are still working it out,”
Larek turned away, his dwarfed slimy hands covered his empty soulless eyes. “ Time is running out Clarkshimniaoth,” He stated his minion’s full name whilst looked at the opaque landscape, his planet, closet to the head- Antar. “The end of the world has been set we must be ready at all costs. Find more about the chosen human- the prince of Darkness?” Larerk turned to his minion, shrugged at continued to look at the rugged landscape.
“ Yes your highness,” Clarkshimniaoth left his king along in his chambers to mediate. “ It seems I have to use Brodie in order to talk with the chosen mother in the scrolls. I hope Liz is feeling okay,”
He closed his eyes and focused on reaching out with his mind.

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Auhtors note: I hate school- bloddy assignments and maths oh I hate maths and our teacher flirts with all the feamle teacher- very scary


The chosen one who controls time itself will give birth to two robust warriors. A boy and a girl
Both important in the fight against the end of the world

(Robust- just a fancy word for powerful, strong)

)) ** &&

Liz didn’t want to move from Michael’s couch, it brought comfort to her brittle back, Liz swears she must have two mini Max n Liz’s in her womb. Max was talking to the group, about what Tess proposed.
More like blackmailed, Liz thought.
Luke Evans was in Tess’s arms, next to Liz on the couch. Liz pressed her back against to tattered material; Luke’s eyes were glued to her stomach, pouting just like Max.
Does Luke know?
Michael said,” Max, Maria’s pregnant”
“ What,” Liz replied. Did she hear Michael correctly? Was her best friend pregnant?
Liz planted her arms on the arm of the sofa, and struggled as her knees wobbled, she stood up. Her right arm pressed her back straight.
It has been only forty-two hours and already she felt she was six months pregnant. “ How long,” Liz asked Maria. Her stomach fluttered and faint two small glowing hands were rotating on her stomach, Liz crossed her arms- stopping the glow being seen.
“ Six weeks,” Maria said.
Liz remained silent. She should have realised. All those times when Maria ate food with ‘cranberry’ sauce. Or how she refused to pick boxes up from the kitchen. Why didn’t she tell her?
“ If we have to go Max, Maria is coming with. I am not leaving her here,” Michael, arms wrapped around Maria- Maria was glowing with warmth.
“ That’s makes the two of us,” Isabel said, holding Kyle’s hand.
“ What?” Liz said, this time a little louder and the room quaked. “ Your married Isabel. What about Jesse?” Michael’s oven burst into red flames, loud beeps were emitted from the smoke detector. Michael rushed to grab the extinguisher and a pool of foam covered the flame- it diminished
“ Geez Liz get a hold of yourself,” Isabel boiled with rage.
“ It wasn’t me,” Liz said back to Isabel. “ Anyway I am not having an affair with another man,”
“ At least I didn’t have a fling with a man who already has a son,” Isabel shot back.
“ Isabel- that’s enough!” Max crossed his arms and stood next to Michael and Maria. Kyle and Tess were quietly chatting.
“ You want to know Liz? Well Jesse was already having an affair- with Joslin- all those sudden business trips- I caught him in our bed with Joslin, with her black hair and green eyes. I cried for two days and Kyle was there for me and one thing lead to another and we did it- Yesterday I divorced Jesse- I am a free women and I am expecting a baby girl so you shut up!” Isabel screeched and everyone was silent.
“ I am expecting a girl also,” Michael, said to quieten Isabel.
“ If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be standing here. If I was a selfish bitch like you- using men at their disposal- crushing hearts like you did to Alex- you wouldn’t be here. I sacrificed my happiness= MY HAPPINESSS”
Tess and Kyle went to the bench top to change Luke’s diaper when
The couch caught on fire. Black smoke covered the floor. With one waved from Max it quickly disappeared.
“ I had so many lonely nights- nightmares. Did you guys know what it feels like?” Liz felt her skin heat up -salt tears were everywhere on her clammy skin.
“ What are you talking about?” Isabel said.
“Didn’t Maria say anything?” Liz turned to Maria,” Did you tell them like I asked you earlier because I was so frightened and couldn’t utter a fucking word?”
Maria let a mild squeak.
She didn’t tell them.
Liz stormed out. Liz couldn’t deal being in a room full of smug people at the moment; she was also very hungry for some apple pie.
“ Liz,” Max said.
Liz stopped, turned and without a moment hesitation she collapsed into his arms, warm and loving embrace.
“ I know how hard it must be for you with me.” Max stared to hiccup- it was a sign he too was about to cry.
“ No Max IT wasn’t your fault It’s just I can’t deal with them being so selfish when I sacrificed everything for them and they don’t even respect me,” Liz drooled on his black polo shirt, the smell of Calvin Klein scent sent satisfaction to her soul. “ I love you Max,”
Liz couldn’t give him up. He was her shadow, her other half.
Max started to cry, hiccuping and sniffling he broke into uncontrollable sobs, he whispered in her lips “They don’t know how much I craved to smell your jasmine hair Or how my body melted when you kissed my cheek, Liz I love you please don’t leave me- we will figure something out together, nothing else matters as long we love each other,” Max was kissing Liz everywhere, eyelids cheeks and the tip of her wet nose.
“ Is love stro-ng e-nough,” Liz lips tremble, her eyes stung from the continuous flow of tears.
“ I shall believe,” Max spoke into her hair, he took a deep breath and exhaled” I love you, I love that smell”
They both stood in the street, wrapped in each other’s warmth, both not wanting to leave this embrace, their little world with no troubles where they could spend an eternity loving each other.
“ Max I am going to try something very weird but I want you to focus on us in the shower, naked,” Liz said.
Max chuckled,” That won’t be too hard but maybe I need a little help,” he slid his hand under her top, and reached to the tip of her left breast. Liz stifled her groan, how she wanted to feel him under her fingertips. “ I need some hellllp to-too,” Liz slid her fingers under his shirt, she felt his muscles tighten,”
They held each other dearly, and Liz closed her eyes.
Okay, all she needed to do was to think that they were in the shower, naked.
So the first thing was where is the shower?
It was in her bathroom. Her bathroom had a white porcelain bathtub big enough to fit two people; one centimetre pale blue tiles covered the walls. The shower was in the far right corner, behind the bathtub and the toilet and basin was to her left.
The shower had a blue shower curtain, with small fish and dolphins at the hem.
The water would be warm and all in one direction, steam would cover the whole room, the door would be locked and Gomez we haven’t turned around would be softy played in the background. Max would have his hands in her wet silky hair, applying shampoo, while she layered his chest with body lotion, the bottle he had given her a long time ago, before Tess came into their lives.
The vision was becoming clearer, she had to focus on the smell, to make the image more real.
Max’s hair would be soaked and ruffled from her hands, running through it very slowly. His eyes would be darker, darker than mahogany, the streaks of amber swirling in circles as his red most lips curled into a toothy grin, his white teeth sparkled, the stubble of his three day old bread would send shivers down her whole body as his chin rubbed against hers, he would be softly singing the Spanish love song he once sang to her with the mariachi band. Only this time she would enjoy the rich deep sound of his love escaping his sexy mouth. Her mind blurred a bit and her stomach fluttered again.
Yes, Liz thought- it’s happening.
Liz kept her eyes closed. Then she felt a few drops of water splatter against her face,” Oh my God, Liz how the hell?” Max said out loud.
She opened her eyes and was faced with her loving Max, smiling happily “ Now if we could picture Paris, it beats airplanes,”
Liz blushed,” You don’t think that was too weird,” Warm steam covered her naked body, she felt Max’s penis could hard against her stomach.
“ No,” Max shook his head,” Do you feel okay after that?” He caressed her cheek, checking for any signs of tiredness of scratchers.
“ No I feel fine, I don’t feel drained at all Max,” Liz said.
Max tightened his hold on her, cupping her breasts,” That’s different, we always feel a bit weary after we use our powers, don’t worry Liz I will keep this secret,” Max wiggle his eyebrows” Beats the eraser room,”
“ Max!” Liz slapped him playfully, god this felt too good- it erased everything that happened before, Luke, Tess and Isabel were far from their minds.
Max squeezed the shampoo bottle on her hair, a few cold liquid landed her neck, she gasped and Max wiped it away,” Better,” Max touched her nose with her own.
Her heart crumbled, he was so focus on her, nothing else. Liz pushed him inside her and Max thrust her to the wall, they both moaned, her hard breasts pressed against his warm chest, steam everywhere and warm water trickled down their joined bodies.
Liz felt whole, and then she felt a jab, a slap in the face but in her mind. It hurt like being punched in the stomach. Liz shook her head quickly- she must have imagined that. Liz returned to Max who was sucking on her neck, she locked her arms around his neck, and he gently pushed her up the wall. Her wall clamped around him and he cried out, his sperm spouted inside her.
Then Liz felt that same jab again, and again, someone was trying to get her attention.
What the?
Hello there?
Liz was puzzled; someone was trying talking to her.
Mommy I’m hungry. A quiet boy said
Yeah mom what he said we are Hungry! That was a girl’s voiced, an outraged one too.
Then she felt a warm glow coming from her stomach, Liz wrenched herself from Max, and her hands clasped around her stomach, touching the two glowing hands.
A boy and girl
She was going to have twins?
Pregnant, came to her mind, and whacked her on the head.
“ Liz,” Max circled his arms around her waist, kiss her neck. Her back still faced Max.
“ What’s wrong?” Max asked, a little worried.
Liz slowly turned to face him,
Should I tell him about the two babies inside her womb? Liz thought.
“ Well…” Liz whispered.


I will have more parts soon but I will let you know that there are only a few parts left of the prologe then onto the story!

I needed to write a long background so would would get what happend and their powers and stuff


Be back soon unless stupid stupid teacher give us more assignements ---


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AUTHORS NOTE: Hi thanks for bumping- and for your replies and interesting Pictures..

Here is the next part-- the prolouge will soon end then focus more on the childern. And it would make sense



** ** **

Strong, dangerous, undeniable, feelings- stupid feelings, Liz thought to herself. But Liz couldn’t bring herself to tell the love of her life that she was pregnant with his boy and girl, twins.
It was like she formed the words in her mouth but somehow her lips were sewn with a thin piece of thread. Max gingerly helped her out of the shower and dried her off gently with a warm white towel.
Max stood behind her, looped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him, kissing the top of her head.
“ It’s okay Liz, you can tell me later.” Max said softly.
Then the phone rang.
“ Shit,” Liz cursed herself then blushed.
Max stood there with a slight grin on his handsome face,” You swore,” Like it was the most interesting thing in the world.
Liz pecked him on the cheek and wrapped the towel around her and darted to the phone in her room.
“ Hello Liz Parker,”
“ It’s Larek Liz. I don’t have much time- please come to the UFO centre, alone,” The dull, uninterested tone sent shivers down her spine. Liz placed the phone back on the cradle and tucked her hair behind her ears.
“ Max,” Liz shouted. Max popped his head out the bathroom door.
“ Yeah?”
As Liz pulled at her chest of draws, “ Brodie wants me to come to his office. Something about a deal between the two centres,”
“ Oh,” Max said.
“ Can you drop me off? If you do I promise to fulfil one of your fantasies?”
Max laughed.” Oh good one,”
“ Come on!” Liz smiled sheepishly as she entered the bathroom. Max was standing there with a towel wrapped around his waist.
“ You really want to know?” Max asked.
“ Uh-Huh since I am your wife-to-be I should know what to do?” Liz rocked her hips side to side; surprised they were having this conversation without awkwardness.
“ Well Liz its stupid. When we were in the tenth grade uh. I liked the idea of you with your uniform on, nothing underneath with handcuffs and some chocolate cake and Tabasco sauce,” Max ears went bright red and shook his head. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck; her towel was on the floor. Max moaned and traced circles on her soft warm buttocks.
“ I will keep that in mind since you fulfilled mine with the shower,” Liz smiled.
“ Really,” Max said, his amber eyes glowed as he stared at her lovingly.
“ Yes, I better get going though,” Liz, said, she sighed.
“ I help you get dressed,” Max excitedly clapped his hands and raced to her bedroom.

“ MAX!!!” Liz squealed.
Clothes were thrown everywhere, a tornado of underwear, bras and shirt were randomly being thrown to every crook and nanny of the room.
“ Oh, I love this,” Max held up the black g-string,
“ Max, Maria made me buy that thong,” Liz sat at the foot of her bed.
“ But I would love you more if you wore this,” Max flung the g-string at her; Liz caught it in her hands.
“ Okay. Okay But I don’t know how to put this thong on, can you help me?” Liz boldly stood up with her hands at her sides.
“ Are you sure? Your fiancé will be pissed?” But Max was already crouching down, holding the black thong in his left hand. “ Please spread your legs,” Max kissed her knees and Liz step into the thong. Max slowly tugged the underwear upwards, his hands lightly grazed her skin, leaving a glow in its wake. Max was eye level with her black soft curls; he nuzzled them with his nose.

How can he do this to me? Liz thought. Can he make me cum just by one touch?

the word was like a cold bucket of ice slapped on her skin. Their voices were softer but different from last time.
< MOMMY I’M HUNGRY> Liz’s lamp on her bedside table smashed slowly. Very slowly, Liz could see the thin cracks gradually breaking apart into microscopic pieces. The red second hand on her clock wall took forever to move; she heard the long loud click as it moved. Max Evans was still frozen in position. It was like time on earth stopped or was being slowed down, kind of like in the movie The MATRIX. But only this time Liz knew who was doing this.
It was her baby girl in her womb; a soft pink glow pulsed on her stomach.
(Mom, this girl is nuts- I’m hungry too) The voice was similar to Max’s. ON her stomach next to the pink hand A blue handprint faded in and out. Liz watched as the lamp reconstructed itself, it was whole again not one crack or one piece missing.
Max Evans was still slowly moving up her body.
**Xander and…** Liz thought to herself ** Lola. Lola please stop doing that I will eat soon, before I go to Larek**
Almost after the word escaped her thoughts. Time was restored; Liz was thrown- jerked by her hair back into time, her head throbbed Liz couldn’t think as her vision blurred. Liz could only make out blobs, brown red and yellow. Max was towering over her. Liz rubbed her temples together.
What the hell happened?
“ Liz…” Max asked.
“ I’m okay,” Liz stated. Was she? “ I got to go Max, I love you,” Liz kissed him on the lips. Liz waved her hand on herself and she was dressed in her crashdown uniform, with a neatly high ponytail and antenna, with a black lacy bra underneath,” So I don’t have to get change, see you later at?”
Max hugged her, kissed her moist lips,” At Michael’s, I love you,”
“ Me too,” Liz had acid chirring in her stomach. She hated lying to him.

__ __ __

The birds were silent cheeping but it couldn’t block out the heated argument that was between Tess and Maria at Michael’s. Max Evans heard their high-irritating voices a block away.
Liz seemed different, he didn’t know how but each time Max was with her something was tugging his mind, pulling him further into nothingness. Just beforehand he heard a boy and a girl giggling inside his head.
Was he going mad?
“ Max!” Michael raced towards him. “ You need to hear this,” Michael escorted Max into the lounge room where everyone was except Liz, who was with Brodie.
“ Max we need to leave – NOW!” Tess screeched.” Our friends will pick us up at a certain time to quickly lead us to a safe place. Khivair knows I have gone to your side. He has an army bigger than anyone has seen- he will attack Antar and Earth unless we sticks together. Maria, Kyle, Isabel you, Micahel and me” Tess picked up Luke was fast asleep.
“ And Liz,” Kyle said.
Tess shuffled her feet,” Yeah if she wants,”
“ When?” Max asked.
Tess didn’t look at him but instead put Luke back down in his cradle.
“ Three hours,”

__ __ __ __

Liz skipped down the concrete steps. Alex and Lola settle down after three whole apple and chilli sauce pie.
Boy, do they were hungry.
“ Your Late,” Brodie stood in front of her, his eyes stood into twilight- he never blink but his eyes seemed empty like something that made him HIM was switched off. “ But I guess babies come first,”
Liz opened her mouth them closed it,” How did you…”
“ It was in these scrolls Liz,” There was no trace of British twang in his voice- this scared Liz.
“ What kind of scrolls?” Liz crossed her arms.
“ Written before our time… Look Liz I don’t have much time. In three hours they are leaving,”
“ Who?”
“ The royal four, the boy who walks in darkness or in other words Luke, Kyle, Maria,”
“What boy who walks in darkness?”
“ Look Tess was actually right. She risked her life getting here. Antar needs them to help secured a hold to win their planet back. If they stay Antar will be lost- and Earth will be taken over and the granolith will be lost.”
“ What? Larek I thought that the.”
“ Yeah but after Tess left for Antar the granolith noticed that the heir was not aboard so it re-transported back here. Tess used a device called the stone of midnight- very powerful -one of three,”
“ If Luke’s no the heir then who is?”
“ The heir to the throne is given to the boy- the boy you carry in there is the chosen for the throne. Your daughter is chosen to control the granolith,”
Liz remained silent; Liz sat down on the cornet steps, her head in her hands. Larek sat a few steps down and look at her pleading for her to listen.
“ Okay,” Liz exhaled slowly then breathed in then let out a soft sight “ Okay Xander is the heir- and Lola is chosen to guard the granolith so what?”
“ Now Liz you don’t understand. I Knew King Zan - he was very powerful and Khiviar will never stop until the heir and the granolith keeper is killed. And the chosen Queen too,”
“ Okay?” Liz still didn’t get where this was heading. Liz was still taking everything in. She was the chosen Queen, her son is the heir to the throne and her daughter is destined to protect the most unknown powerful weapon everyone in Max’s galaxy will kill for.
“ I need you to do this- no matter what Liz you and your children must be kept unknown and protected,”
“ Okay,” Liz said. She felt the same way.
“ Does Max know?”
Liz shook her head.
” Okay that’s good. No One must know of this…”
“ Larek what do you want me to do?”
“ Liz, please don’t hate me. You seem like a intelligent girl; and I know Zan would have loved you if you were alive back then
“ Okay Larek…what do you propose?” Liz had a gut feeling that she wasn’t going to like this.
“ When everyone decides to go,”
“ Yeah,”
“ I need you to stay behind. “

** ** **

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Did she hear Larek correctly?
Did he just ask her to stay behind?
“ No.” Liz said.
Doesn’t he know how much pain she has endured over the months?
Her love for Max was like the Garden of Eden. With one seed he planted by healing her it started growing, creating roots and planting itself to the ground, with other plants slowing sprouting from the dirt. Each leaf was a kiss. Her garden of love was the Rainforest; it was always wet from his kisses, and always smelt blissful because of his aftershave. And how his hot breath made her shiver with anticipation.

But then something happened.
The leaves turned brown
And the fruits tasted sour
Darkness clouded.
Now the weeds infected the garden with their yellow buds, killing off the small butterflies.

The weed was Tess

She was the Ice Pike that crushed the ice block in two Along with her heart.

Future Max was the drought. He dried all her well being up- no more fluorescent greens or hot rain- it was dry; cracked and dead.

When Alex died it was another nail in the coffin of her love for Max. Then that Baby came which almost made the rainforest die from global warming. Liz was too tired from crying and being the saviour. This time she would be greedy- she wanted to be with Max. Even if it meant being in danger and putting her unborn children at risk.

“ Liz- I knew that you would say that so I quickly wrote the scroll out- or what has been translated.” Larek handed her a crinkled piece of paper. Brodie’s arm was limp and lifeless.

Liz unwrinkled the paper- it scratched her dry hands while fresh tears flowed.

There is a legend
Two boys, royal descenders from a powerful King
With different mothers
One makes you see things that aren't there
The other controls Time Itself

One walks in darkness
The other has a heart of gold

Together they will fight side by side
To stop the end of the world
But only one will survive

Although these two boys are all powerful
They carry each a powerful gift
But they will be defenceless without their sister
The chosen one who controls time itself will give birth to two robust warriors. A boy and a girl
Both important in the fight against the end of the world
These three will lead the front line along with two others- royal descendants and a human who is changed by the warrior who has the heart of gold and a prince of darkness.

The end of the world will commence when they reach adulthood and at the same time the chosen human has been raised from the dead…

However, only one of the warriors would survive unless….

“ What does this mean anyway- its just bullshit Larek! Your working with Tess!” Liz spat. Larek wouldn’t be telling the truth- he was faithful to Tess/Ava and her Max- whom is leaving under three hours.

“ It means that Luke will live a life of hatred, turmoil and complete coldness- he won’t be loved by his mother. Max? Well he would be locked up in prison. Luke will be brought up on false hopes- I feel sorry for him. He is innocent. He didn’t get the birthright because Max didn’t love Tess. In order for the birthright to be transferred is when the King loves her more than life itself. Your son is the heir. He has the heart of gold- he would be like the human Max. Always thinking of others- a true leader when it comes to war. He would be very powerful. On the other hand your daughter is a wild child- hungry for fights but very smart and is an image of Aphrodite. Your son will choose his wife just like Max did in the crashdown. Now the prince of darkness well we don’t know much about him except he is the son of pure evil.” Larek mumbled and twiddled his thumbs together.

“ Shut up just shut up okay? Okay? Shit happens but when I am with Max nothing matters. All I have to do is curl up in his arms and he will speak sweet nothingness in my ears about love and the future. But I had to sacrifice my happiness for everyone. I had to put up with Maria and Michael’s blooming relationship. Tess and Max, having sex. I had to put with everything. However nothing of that matter cause I am leaving this place and marrying my max and we are going to have lots and lost of children and be merry!” Liz gasped, tears rolled down her face.

Larek sighed,” You are strong Liz. Stay here; protect your children at any cost. I can tell you and Max are soul mates. You are both leaders. I will be here for you. Please stay; we can do something for you though. We can manipulate time and extend you last moments with Max for another hour. Don’t tell him anything regarding your children. You carry the heir and a powerful fighter. Therefore you are Antas’s Queen.”

Larek handed Liz a piece of paper.

There is a women
chosen as the kings mate
she is the one who holds the key to giving birth to the two warriors and a world of peace.

“ It says there is a woman who is chosen by the king to be his mate. It is she who is the key to giving birth to the two warriors and a world of peace. Liz, your Majesty- if you do this I will promise you we will be in your debt. And you and Max can have a whole year together in the Grendiz islands- alone,”

Liz bowed her head and Larek’s promises floated around. The lives of her son and daughter and her and Max’s were at stake. And so are the lives of their people.

“ Okay, Larek” Liz cried to herself. She just hoped Max would still love her.
“ Go Liz, you have four hours- we have just extended your time,” Larek ushered her to leave the building.

Breathe Liz coached herself. Just breathe


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I live for you
All of my days
Belong to you

You draw me to
Your tenderness
You make me new

Into the secret place
I will run
Where my heart
Can be free in the grace I have found

Unto you be all glory and praise
How my heart seeks your face
As I’m waiting on you
Only you are my strength and my tower
Fill my life with your power
As I stand in awe of you

Unto you- from the forth coming Planet Shakers Album “ Reflector”

Three hours had passed. It only seemed two seconds ago Liz was talking with Larek.

It was Future Max all over again. Max’s face masked the heartbreak when he saw Liz and Kyle in bed.
He kept asking why? Why now? Wasn’t he good enough for her?
However Liz’s heart was breaking with each hiccup attempt of breath within her. Liz tried explaining to Max that since he has a son with Tess she didn’t want to steal him away from Luke.
But Max had other ideas.
“ We could stay here Liz and we could live our lives in Australia. Poland Russia? You like Russia or.. Or not right now Liz. We just found each other Liz and know we have to let go. Not this time Liz. You have to come with… please,” Max and Liz were eloped in each other arms, naked underneath Liz’s blanket.
“ Max,” Liz whispered and half squeaked. She didn’t want to lose Max but she didn’t want to jeopardise the lives of their children either. So she said something close to her heart.
“ Remember the time you took me out for a drive and we ended up in hospital because of the horse. And we couldn’t stop looking at each other,” Liz kissed the tip of his nose and the bottom of his throat before leaning on his chest to listen to his strong heartbeat.
“ Have “ Kiss “can “ Kiss” I not forget Liz, you were so” Max kissed her cheek” beautiful that day,” Max snuggled further into the bed, putting Liz between his legs.
“ Well. When we flew off that cliff I felt no pain but freedom. Here I was with the man I dreamt about and all I could feel was love, peace and I saw an image of us smiling and I felt you hugging me after when my grandmother Claudia died.” Liz traced circles around Max’s stomach while he lazily played with her sweaty hair.
Max grunted in approval.
“ I wanted to go back there Max. When we were so carefree and nothing in any shape or form touched us. But it can’t be that way. If I went to Antar I will distract you from your duty,”
Max tugged her arms and Liz was beneath Max, his elbows were used as support to hover over her form. “ All the time Liz I wished we were still in Michael’s apartment. I want you there but your right. Can I promise you something?”
Liz nodded.
“ Whatever happens? Wait for me and I promise you I will return,” Max kissed her lips, soaring his tongue and brush lovingly against hers.
“ Promise, Max I will wait forever. I love you,” Liz vowed and licked the shell of his ear. Max shivered.
“ It’s time Max,” Liz eyes were blurred and her stomach were squeezing together while her heart broke in two.

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The granolith chamber vibrated with life. Liz had Luke in her arms; he gurgled and seemed in awe of her presence.
“ Look after your father Luke. Be brave and make your parents proud,” Liz handed Luke, who was wrapped in Isabel’s green blanket to Tess who smiled.
“ You’ve won Tess. But you only won the title of Ava. You will never win his heart, his soul. That belongs to me.” Liz said, rubbing her long skinny fingers together.
“ For now Liz. But what happens in the future you will not be apart of is up to how long he can last. Which won’t be long,” Tess smiled greedily as two blue gems shining in the barren region.
Max, Michael and Kyle were checking the five bags they all packed while Maria was by herself, arms crossed. Isabel was still outside.
Liz walked, her shoes made sand prints as she stood in front of Maria. She had to tell some body but not in person.
“ Maria. I love you as a sister. Be strong and love Michael and I know you will be happy.” Liz handed a blue envelope. “ This is for you and only you to read when you reach Antar,”
Maria nodded and bit her lower lip, trembling Maria hugged Liz and cried
“ I wish you were coming with us. But I know you will never be forgotten. I will make sure Max is safe.” Maris joined the group in the circular room.
Liz stood next to the empty pods as they all ambled into the chamber.
The granolith whirled and the sound was like motor belonging to a racecar. Quickly accelerating until a loud humming noise, Liz covered her ears. Rocks were hitting her head as little marbles. The cave was falling apart around her. Liz covered her head and crouched and dove for the opening that was slowly blocked by falling spikes.
Liz was covered in dirt. Liz heaved over and coughed and dusted herself off.
All that was left of her friends and her Lover was a shooting star streaking through the rich colours of orange red and yellow.
Liz knees buckled and she was on the desert floor, some of the sand was in her mouth but who cared?
Liz lost everything she loved.

November 21 2002. 31 days later= 1 month.

Liz smelt detergent everywhere. It was expected if you were in waist deep of water in Roswell’s waterways system. Quietly hiding from Lonnie, Rath, Nicholas and a herd of skins. She was almost due to give birth and she felt heavier than a hippo.
She saw the wavy shadows cast by the lights in the pipe.
They were closing in. Liz dived in the water and her eyes adjusted to the underwater pipe ways. She saw everything as if it was air.
She wasn’t alone in the water.
She was facing Lonnie, a very smiley smutty Lonnie with her Mohawk friend Rath.

Liz ignored the burning sensation in her lungs. She needed air but she couldn’t move. Instead she was swimming towards Lonnie and Rath.
No! Liz thought. Must get control of own body.
Lonnie had long black with red steaks and she had blue mascara around her brown eyes. Lonnie was using her powers to control Liz’s mind. To use Liz as a puppet and get hold of her and kill her offspring.
Liz needed air, her lungs were breathing water and it was slowly chocking her to death. It took all her energy to keep her eyes open.
((Mommy)) Her children beckoned. ((Need help?))
((Help would be nice but I don’t want to get you hurt)) Liz thought back. Her eyes were blurry and she almost was in arms length of Lonnie’s arm.
Liz saw her left arm reaching out towards Lonnie.
No! Liz stared at the arm and shakily brought the arm to her side and Liz felt her children’s power building up.
There was a hatch at the bottom of the box area.
Bubbles were seeping through.
It must be the only way out, Liz thought. And dived further, forcing her arms to sift through the water.
She was almost out of breath but she knew her children were helping her. Liz saw out of her vision green emitted as a shield from Rath and Lonnie.
The hatch opened and Liz was sucked through a long pipe-it was like a slide.
Liz was still in water and was glad the pipe was big enough to fit her bludge in front of her.
Liz opened her mouth wide and expanded her lungs as she was flung outside and in the warm breeze; her wet hair was soaked up into long dreadlocks.
Her wet feet touched the warm sand. Liz sighs of relief. She knew her children did that. But which one?
((That was I)) It was her daughter.
((The shield was me mommy)) that was her son.
Liz turned herself around and her knees touched each other.
Explode! Liz thought.
The complex detonated as a big water mushroom cloud, Lonnie and Rath were in the distance.
The sheriff’s convertible squealed to an abrupt halt behind Liz.
It was early in the morning and Liz thanked Jim Valenti for the beach towel her handed her.
Liz strapped herself in and Jim Valenti gunned the engine.
The sun slowly rose.
Liz knew it would be the last time she was with her children.

Roswell’s city limit was peaceful to drive through. The shops were beginning to open for a new day.
Liz continued to stroke her stomach an when they came to the crashdown her father was there.
“ Father,” Liz said.
“ Come on Liz,” Jeff replied and scooped his pregnant daughter into his arms and kicked the double door open.
There put Liz down exactly where she was shot in September 99.
Liz knew her water broke hours ago but was able to resist them pushing through but Liz was ready for the pain of giving birth.
“ Nancy get some towels and Jim hold her hand. I don’t know about Alien’s child birth but it will be a while,” Liz father said. Liz told her father everything after they left, including the Evans and Amy Deluca.
Liz was grateful she wasn’t entirely alone in this.
Brodie entered the crashdown and locked the doors. She held a big blue bag. “ It’s Larek, I am here to baptise the king and the granolith keeper,”
Nancy was back with a dish full of water and a pile of towels. Nancy was still wearied out by the “ possession” Larek did to Brodie.
“ Push Liz,” Her mother said. “ Push. Breathe in and out, come one honey,” Her mouth made an O with her lips and hyperventilated by showing Liz what to do.
All Liz could register was the burning sensation in her lower stomach, wetness and the pain- worse than period pain.
Liz bit her lip and looked heavenwards and howled and breathed in and out, groaning through the while experience. Diane Evans entered the room with her husband and quickly sat beside her and her mother, applying a cold cloth to her forehead. Her long purple dress was soaked from the water of the waterways system.
Liz sighed as she heard a shrill of crying, a perfect healthy a baby covered in the womb juices and blood. Cried and cried in Jeff’s arms.
“ It’s a boy,” Jeff declared and the parents, including Amy who just arrived with coconut pie sat in awe.
“ Xander,” Liz whispered but then she felt another push. Her daughter was not far behind.
“ oh, aww, oooe aoohh,” Liz clenched her teeth together.
Another cries, much louder. It was Lola, her daughter.
Amy, Nancy and Diane cleaned Xander and Lola while the men help Liz into a sitting position.
Larek prepared his ritual on a nearby booth.
They had half an hour before the crashdown opened.
Liz was now holding Xander and Lola in her arms. Xander looked more like his father while Lola was more like her own mother.
Liz felt her heart bleed a little as she realised Max would never know about this.
Larek had a purple pouch filled with blue powder and flicked the substance of Xander face, he sneezed a coughed. Then started to cry which set of Lola.
Larek also had flicked red substance of Lola’s forehead. She howled.
Liz cooed at them and immediately they both stopped crying.
“ It is alien mombo-jombo? I wish I had that power when Maria was born,” Amy smiled and Jim put his arm around her.
“ Are you sure you want to do this?” Her mother asked. They had grown closer together the past month, they all had.
“ I have to keep them safe,” Liz felt her eyes close and her lashes twitch, she was crying.

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3 hours later

Jim Valenti was in the local orphanage hospital.
Roswell’s adoption centre it was called.
Xander and Lola were in the children’s ward in clear baskets while Jim filled out the adoption form.

Name: Lola Elizabeth Parker
Sex: Female
Biological mother: Elizabeth Ann Parker
Biological Father: Maxwell Joseph Evans
Time born: 8: 22am 21/11/02

Name: Alexander Maxwell Parker
Sex: Male
Biological mother: Elizabeth Ann Parker
Biological Father: Maxwell Joseph Evans
Time born: 8: 15am. 21/11/02

Jim Valenti filled the rest of the adoption form and waited to be served.
Liz Parker was a very brave girl. He knew she must have been feeling much worse than when he picked her up in October. But as Liz said she wanted her children to have a safe life. Cal Langley said he would make sure no one finds out about his or her alien sides.
“ Can I help you,” A middle aged Lady with the name tag ‘ Rose’ asked in her uninterested tone.
“ I want to put these twins up for adoption, their mother abandoned them after birth. I am their Godfather”
“ We get that a lot lately. Are there any requests you want to give before putting them up for adoption? Name?”
“ Jim Valenti. When they are eighteen give them this necklace,” Jim put the lather necklace on the table. “ These records are classified. No one must read them without my permission. Understand? No one must read these records unless I give full permission in writing”
“ We understand. We get that a lot too. Sign here and we will put this necklace in storage and the records in the underground library, Rose chewed on her purple bubblegum.
Jim signed the form on the hard billboard and the nurse took the form and put it in the file P.
“ Would you like to say your final goodbye?” Rose opened the door into a room fill of crying newborn babies. Jim saw two sleeping forms in the far corner of the room. It was Xander and Lola.
“ I will give you one minute,” Rose left the room.
Jim sighed. Max Evans was the only boy who Jim was very proud to know. And here he was saying good-bye to Max’s offspring.
“ You might not understand. But it was for the best,” Jim touched Xander’s plump cheeks and touched the warm forehead of Lola’s.


September 2020- 18 years later

New York

Julian High school

“ Mr Perkins and Miss Croft. Your daughter Lola has disturbed this school, again,” Mr Parkhurst. Head Minster of Julian High probed his éclair shaped fingers at Mr Ed Perkins and girlfriend Jessica (Mrs Louise Perkins and Ed devoiced two years ago).
“ What did she do this time?” Ed asked. He was tired of coming into the principal’s office. Everyone knew his name and it was Lola’s senior year. Can she be good for once?
“ She dyed all the jocks pants pink and they had a game on Friday. You know what this means? Our football team- the Julian eagles had to walk onto the field with black shirts and hot pink shorts!”
The principal was a mirror image to jabba the hut from stars wars. His bald forehead was red and a few veins popped through.
“ Your son, Alex is this years valedictorian. He has a heart of gold. Which can’t Lola be like that?” The principal mused.
“ We think it was the anger at her biological mother. They were abandoned at birth,” Jessica, professional aerobics teacher explained as she smiled at her boyfriend.
“ We will have to discuss this further but now you must go, I have to meet with the coach and have to calm him down from killing your daughter.” The principal left the room.
Lola Perkins made her entrance, smoking her third cigarette. Her long dark hair was in a neat high ponytail with a few loose locks and her doe eyes shone at her foster parent and bitch of a girlfriend.
“ The principal has to calm down coach swain again. He has made death threats to kill you,” Jessica screeched- she was only twenty-nine while her foster father was in his early forties.
Lola breathed in her cloud of smoke and blew in front of Jessica’s face. Jessica coughed.
“ Wouldn’t be the first time.” Lola adjusted her black leather jacket. She butted out her fag by smudging it into the principal’s desk.
“ Well, after dying the entire football teams’ pants pink. Burning their mascot and magically all the teams’ cars were on the gym roof last Tuesday? Would this have anything to do with Marco Genie, the quarterback? Your ex-boyfriend,” Ed eyed her daughter and Lola scoffed.
“ Just because Marco slept with Riana Troy, spawn of whore Pam troy from Roswell- In my bed has nothing to do with it,”
“ So that explains why your bed was on fire this morning?” Ed said.
“ I will get golden boy Xan to make a new one. He is the golden child,” Lola walked outside the principal door and the bell rang. It was lunch.
Her brother Xander was walking from his top Maths class.
“ Hi, sis, Kill anyone today?” He scratched his black hair while his rich amber eyes stared into the large crowed in the caff. “ I hear Marco was pissed that you tied-dyed his pants. Good for you,”
Xander patted his sister back.
“ Yeah, You will have to make me a new bed. I kinda burnt mine,”
“ Was it burn by using a lighter or was it-“
“ It was definitely the other,” Lola whispered.” Yo Charli!” Lola hollered her partner in crime. “ Break any noses?”
Charli Daniel Laughed as her shoulder length curly blonde hair bounced and her green eyes stared at Xander. She resembled the character called ‘ Lady’ in Almost Famous.
“ No, But I might in an hour. I got Spanish,” Charli grinned, taking shy glances at Xander.
“ Mr Diego?” Xander said. “ I got Miss Toni for Japanese,”
They entered the caff and discussed on either having nachos or lasagne. Xander and Lola both chose Nachos with Tabasco sauce while Charlie had lasagne.
The three found a bench at the back. Xander’s best bud, Jack Daniel was sitting there. His short blonde hair was spiked and his baby blues were glued to a book called “ Among us,” Jack worshiped U.F.O and anything to do with Roswell New Mexico.
“ Hey Cousin,” Said Charli as she sat next to Xander, they blushed when their arms met. Lola rolled her eyes
“Give me a break,” she muttered.
“ What are you reading?’ how to call aliens using a telephone?” Lola drenched her cheesy Nachos in hot sauce.
“ Anyone would think you’re an alien after seeing you put a litre of Tabasco in your cherry cola and nachos, ,” Jack didn’t look up from his blue book. He kept on reading. “ My Aunty- Ms Ta-pol-ski (Jack couldn’t pronounce the name). Was with the F.B.I. In 1999 She was a guidance counsellor at Roswell West High secretly studying…
“ Max Evans, She mysteriously disappeared” Lola finished his sentence.” You told us like five times already,” Lola plopped a nacho in her mouth, closed her eyes and a smile was erupted.
“ Your such a show off sis,” Xander said then gulped on his cherry cola Tabasco.
“ Speak for yourself,” Lola said back.
“ Chill, you guys,” Charli said. “ I’m gonna get a soda, Jack?”
Jack stared at his annoying cousin who was mouthing,” they need to talk” and pointing at Xander and Lola.
“ Oh,” Jack said. “ Oh I have to go and take a leak,” Jack got the idea and left brother and sister alone.
“ Lola,” Xander slid close but not to close to his twin. “ Did you find anything?”
“ No,” Lola replied. “ It was encrypted but all it said was we were born on November 21, 2002 in Roswell New Mexico,” Lola crossed her arms and bowed her head.
“ It’s gonna be okay Lola, Marco is a bastard but you have your annoying golden boy brother here and Charli and Jack. You still got Mom, even though she lives in Sydney she is still our mother,” Xander touched her shoulder, she flinched and turned to Xander.” At least you aren’t afraid of the water,” Xander said and Lola smiled.
“ But you have got the respect. Thanks for giving me another reason to envy Alexander Maxwell Perkins,” Lola stepped outside the bench, causing people to stare as she walked through the hallway. She growled at the lunch lady and dramatically kicked the doors open. Everyone stopped abruptly to watch her, the rebel leave. Everyone was silent and looked between the door and her brother Xander who was more shocked by her behaviour.
“ What have I given you to envy me Lola?” Xander whispered.
Xander was ready to get up and leave But Charli touched his shoulder and Xander stopped to look at Charli’s beautiful green eyes.
“ Let her go Xander. She needs time to cool off”
Xander stared at Charli and smiled shyly.
“ You make it sound so easy but she has been like this when we were kids,”



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Authors note: Thakns for the FB and I know you want another part so here you go!



ANTAR- Sharma Yangeiu River

Xavier was quietly watching the water flow beneath him as his ‘rowers’ used long ivory poles to cut through the coagulate water.
He touched his dark rich red spiked dreadlock hair. He had little silver rings around the tip of every dreadlock. His deep sea green eyes were glued to the vanished floors under his tarp mat. Xavier’s skin was smooth with no blemishes. Every woman adored him. Today was Xavier’s nineteenth birthday and he was going to celebrate in style. Stay away from his so called father and hang out with the enemy, his best bud Luke or Lucas as Xavier sometimes called him. He saw another boat in the Yangeiu River, one of the great rivers of Sharma. The Yangeiu had the clearest water in the western hemisphere; you could see every grain of white sand on the riverbed. It was that clear it was like you were swimming through air.

There was his friend Luke, he was sitting perfectly still as one of his servants combed his sandy blonde hair. His amber eyes were scanning the countryside. They were alone for now so Xavier ordered to row past that boat. He tightened the animal skin short sarong he made last week around his waist.
“ Hi Lucas!” Xavier plopped a small round fruit in his mouth and grinned.
“ Happy birthday Xav (his nick name)” Luke handed him over the threshold a woven basket. Inside was strange clothing.
“ What is this?” Xavier asked Luke while he ordered his boat to be joined to Luke’s. Once the ivory poles were connected to both boats firmly Xavier stepped over the gap and jumped on Luke’s boat, it wobbled and Xavier plopped himself down next to Luke of the fur rug.
“ It is Earth clothes. You got Khaki cargos and a black button down shirt and a black leather jacket and something called Calvin Kilen Y shaped pants and a skate’s belt if you needed that and black army boots. I decided to dine in style this year. We go to Roswell New Mexico on September 22 2020.” Lucas handed a plate of food to Xavier and Xavier placed a purple baby melon in his mouth. Lucas had his servants fan them down with bird feathers; it was very hot this Luna month.
“ I though about picking a date for you to take to the sixth Luna eclipse festival. Everyone is going to be there and I thought It would be hilarious if we turned up with a bunch of humans,” Luke touched his one blonde plait with a small pearl bead at the end.
“ Then we shall go friend. Anything to get away from my father,” Xavier ripped a little piece of skin of his hand. “ At least I am a cross breed from skin and human. I have DNA at least,” Xavier bowed his head.
“ AT least your father protects you. My parents hate me”
“ Your father doesn’t,”
“ Yeah but my mother made my father go insane, he doesn’t see what I have become,”
“ Then we shall go after the blood moon rises. Let the fun begin,” Xavier high five his best friend. Luke was pretty strong after living eighteen years of hatred, aloneness and darkness. Luke pretty much walked through darkness all throughout his life. And Xavier understood, after all he is the prince of darkness.
“ Okay Bro,” Luke smirked.
“ Your highness,” One of Luke’s servants beckoned. “ Your mother comes this way,”
“ Should I or should you?” Luke asked Xavier who was leaping to his boat and rowing away.
“ I will. You got a beating from last time,” Xavier called back.

Tess’s boat gracefully rode the tough rivers waves. Her golden arc boat blinded the trees light from the two red suns burning in the indigo sky.

“ Servants, are you ready to dive,” Xavier whispered.
His servant nodded and Xavier got ready to put on a ‘show’ for Luke’s serpent mother.
“ You scum from the hell demon moria. Get out of my way,” Xavier bit back from laughing. He and his friend Luke were the best actors.
“No. I got here first. I challenge you. Try and capsize my boat and drown in the Yangeiu River where the animals were scorn you,”
“ Aye,” Xavier yelled back across the river. Tess’s boat stopped and she watched with giddiness.

Xavier went to the left side of his boat and clamped on and focused on capsizing his own boat. His servants were already sliding into the river and swimming away. Meanwhile Luke pretended to use his power to capsize the boat. Luckily they were friends, Luke was one of the most powerful beside Luke’s father Max. But since Max lost his marbles no one dared to say anything. For fear of suffering the same fate as Max did.


A big tornado water spiralled upwards when the Boat rolled over and Xavier pretends to drown in the river and he jumped up and floated through the river.
His skin sarong was still around his waist. Or else he would be naked.
“ I will get you for this Luke!” Xavier declared with open arms.
Tess was laughing and Luke was bowing happily. Or so it seemed.
Sorry buddy that thought entered Xavier’s mind. It was Luke.
That’s all right I needed to get cool. It’s so hot. Xavier sent back. He looked in the distance and saw Luke’s boat rowing away followed by Tess. Luke wouldn’t get a beating from Tess tonight.
Xavier floated around and saw the basket plop up beside him. Xavier swam back to the Forrest bank.
His boat was under the water, among the many other boats that were destroyed because of the war over power.
Now all Xavier had to face was the Rath from his father, Khivair.



I dropped a few hints along the way and I hoped you picked them up
if not let me know
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I am still here

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Authors note: hi I am back. sorry I took so long.

but thanks for sticking around.

Chapter Three

The weather was perfect for a barbeque and soccer matches in New York. Lola watched Lakers middle schools’ soccer match from the steel metal chairs on the grass with eager outraged parents, cheering their children along. All the while some of the parents wished they were home watching television. Lola could tell by looking at their faces.
Lola was alone, again. Xander didn’t understand. Lola set her own bed on fire this morning. She didn’t mean for it to happen. All Lola wanted was to have the visions to get out of her head. The image of Marco and that other girl groaning and moan, fucking each other’s brains out like their no tomorrow in her bed. Her king sized bed with black satin sheets and a Japanese red quilt.
Marco’s low husky voice was in her ears.

Come on baby…. He said…. Harder…. Faster…

Lola hands heated up and she clenched her jaw.

Lola had to scrunch up the sheets of her bed using her teeth. Next thing fire covered everything and her bed turned into ash and clumped onto the floor. The fire died out and Lola sat in the circle of ash catching her breath as the visions stopped.
No one would understand was her and Xander are going through. You see Xander can heal while Lola can make flames with a touch and he and Lola can sense things.
But it can be frustrating, once Xan tried to change his shirt from blue to green but that ended up as ash too.
Lola glanced at her black fingernails; a pool of amber escaped her ivory fingertips when she waved her right hand over her left, back and forth- black and amber.
Lola and Xan could only do certain things. Xan could heal cuts and bruises and can activate a green metallic shield. While herself, only gets visions, images when she touches something. That was about it. They couldn’t practice on a field or something, or as Jack has said before. Aliens go to Eagle rock to die. And Lola didn’t want to die just yet.

** ** ** ** **

September- ninth

“ Class, for history we were going to go Salt Lake. However since my sister is getting married around the same time in Roswell New Mexico we are going to the national history convention from the eighteenth to the twenty-sixth. Please get these forms signed by tomorrow.” Mr sharpio said before adjusting his thick black spectacles.
Xander and Charlin (her proper name) were quietly sitting in the back row when Lola entered. The class cooed and whooped.
“ Ah Miss Perkins. Glad you can join us. Roswell,” Mr sharpio shoved the papers into Lola’s hand.
Lola head to the back row and sat next to Jack, a desk across from Xander and Charlin.
Roswell, Xander thought and she curled his tongue around it.
The name seemed familiar. The name opened doors in his mind and something inside him was ticking.
Roswell Roswell Roswell Roswell Roswell
“ Where’s Lola?” Jack asked.
Xander sighed. “ There is only one place she’ll be. We will go after this period has finished,”

Lola typed her Internet name into the computer at the Marine’s Internet Café.
Her lip drooped a little, as her doe eyes wavered over the screen.
No replies, Lola said to herself. It’s been days and still no replies.
Frustrated, Lola eyed at the computer in front of her.
Her heart sank; Lola was this close to getting her hands on her adoption papers. And she had no reply about the papers.
Lola took a swig of her cappuccino, the white foam created a frothy moustache across her ivory skin.
I should fry them…. No one will notice. After all Lola has been trying ever since she was ten.
The Internet crushed her whole. Her bones were tweaking again, a red shade traveled up her frozen face.
No replies… no replies… no replies… no reason why she can’t find out who she was ..Lola signed off and chucked her plastic cup in the bin.
She walked through the creaky doors into the busy streets of New York. Lola looked back.
Her long dark hair was sailing the hot breeze, sweat began to bead under her armpits.
Her leather jacket had became her skin. Black coals were her eyes.
No replies…… no replies…. No replies…
The whole world seemed to stand still when Marine’s Internet Café blew up in shatters,
balls of fire debris flew onto oncoming traffic and Flambéing meats truck squealed in protest.
The truck was thrown to its side by the explosion. Cars were beeping and the people were screaming
When the truck leaked petrol- another explosion. Lola was still staring at the Café in endless red flames.
The Café was now the back ash on the ground, glass broke underneath Lola’s steel capped army boots as
she walked in between ash and flame.
The printers were throwing off sparks, randomly spiting out papers covered in ink-
The papers curled and crinkled when they passed Lola’s shoes.
Only one computer was unscathed.
It was the same computer she was recently working on.
Lola waltzed in a heated rage.
No replies… no replies..
Heat was in the palm of her hand. Lola planted her left hand on the computer screen.
( Tap) her palm touched the screen gingerly.
Roswell New Mexico Local press.
Lola’s eyes were half shut, blinking quickly as her eyes were coated in white spots.
The palm of her hand Left a shiny handprint on the now cracked webbed screen.
Lola stood in awe as the computer crumbled in ash. A evil sly grin- but she was still hungry for more damage.

Lola gasped and fell of the park bench with a hideous sound as her back snapped back into place.
Lola glanced at her watch.
3:30 PM
Lola groaned. Her head buzzed and Lola grimaced when someone else touched her shoulder.
"Lola," It was Charli. Her blonde curly hair bounced- sunlight seared her eyes.
"I will tell you that my hair is naturally dull mocca but hey- blondes have all the fun," Charli swooned and fanned her face.
"I thought your hair was blonde?" Someone else, her brother Xander, hurled Lola up.
"What are you doing here?" The question more aimed at her brother Xander.
As always he wasn’t listening- too busy staring at Charli. Everyone knew they liked each other except Charli and Xander.
Lola shrugged- the dream quickly forgotten.
"Come on- Lets go an get you a cappuccino and get to Debra K before the sales run out," Charli smiled at Xander- a‘ I understand your twin is a twisted anger-induced bitch’ But don’t get me wrong, Lola thought. Charli is still a friend.
"Where’s jack?" Lola asked. She wanted to be alone with Xander to explain she some how made her bed go on fire.
“ At the parking lot. Come one. You can check your inbox at Marine’s Internet Café” Xander said.


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I am going to try and answer some questions

as to weather or not Liz is alive. is a mysterey for now.

Lola and Xander aren't that close like isabel and Max.

Luke being like Tess? in some ways yes and in some ways no.

xaiver. I like him becasue he is a cheeky character. rebelious stuck up bastard but he wants to be the oppoiste of his father. he doesn't want to be like his father.

I am trying to get a focus of some uncontroable powers they have.

here is a clue.

as far as I know. on 19th of september liz got shot

they are all going to roswell. I will tell you something will happen on september 19th

wait and see.

I am happy that you like this fic. hope I am not boring you too much.

thanks for your FB- MEANS ALOT TO ME!!


new part this weekend.
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Thanks for the replies


Does anyone watch Mutant X?

It just started here. Anyway if so the character Brendan- the lightning guy- tall dark hair> is what Xander looks like.


Anyway new part

Chapter 4

Antar- Palace headquarters

Piper Guerin and Sara Evans were in the rumpus room. A dilapidated pool table with three pool balls and no pool sticks was in the far corner. The room was black. Black walls, black curtains and even the beanbags were black.
Piper was slouched in a seeping beanbag when Luke walked in.
He is a work of art, she thought. Clear amber eyes and sandy blonde hair- Piper shook her head. Her long wavy brown hair framed her delicate features. Pale green eyes stared at Luke as he whispered to his cousin Sara.
It’s about his father, Piper thought.
Piper stood up from the beanbag, her long red summer kimono dress brushed against the tattered carpet.
Leaving Luke and his cousin to talk Piper walked down the castle breezeway, gazing at a painting done by her father.
Looking Left and right Piper touched the picture of a mysterious dome.
A pile of rigs emerged from the ground and swallowed her whole.

“ Even though I’m blind I’m glad I don’t have to see your hideous face. I am humble knowing the last image I saw was when Liz had her first of many climaxes,”

“ You’ll love me Max! Liz is dead. Hell she didn’t even come here. You belong to me. Until you come to your senses you will be left in the dark,”

“Fine by me. All I see is Liz’s supple breast covered by my watering mouth,”

Piper held her breath. She was in the shadows.
There was Max Evans- some people called him Zan. He was chained to the wall; shirtless with dirt smudged silk Indian pants His waist long plaited hair covered the long fingernail scars on his face and upper body, his glazed white eyes wobbled around the room.
Who is Liz?
From the stories she heard growing up. Max was in love with Tess but as Piper listened further she knew she had been lied to.
She heard that name before, usually when her mother murmured in her slumber.
Tess, Queen of Antar huffed and screeched almost outside her pale skin and left. She had lone blonde hair covered in silky plaits and piled into little curls at the top. The golden band across her forehead had one green gem.
A metre worth of white silk tumbled behind Tess’s wretched wrath as she walked past, blinded by rage she didn’t notice Piper walk into the room where they kept Max.
So this is the Max Evans her father and their little group used to praise about.
Zan, the powerful leader now had his head was bowed to the sess pool floor.
“ I know your there but who ever you are young lady get the hell out before she finds you” His voice was deep and yet silenced by the seventeen years of torture.
“ My name is Piper Amy Guerin. Daughter of your second in command,” Piper sat next to the slouched olden man. She saw a spark of happiness but then again it could be from all the sudden temperature uprise that could of affect her senses. A ball sized sweat flowed underneath her arms and legs.
“So you’re the daughter of Michael. I’m Max.”
“ I know,” Piper replied. “ Maria sometimes calls you girlfriend,”
Max smirked” Oh, Maria. She never changes,”
Piper kneeled in front of Max, who had his head staring at the front door; his white eyes sent shivers down her spine. He looked like death but the death door was only half closed.
“ Who’s Liz?” Piper asked. If she could find who Liz was then maybe she could find out why Xander’s Sara’s and her parents parent’s despised each other?
Max smiled, his white eyes seemed endless-soulless but Piper could see a faint rim of amber peaking through.” Liz was the reason for living. She was like ecstasy, a drug- she addictive. I loved her very much.”
“ That still doesn’t answer my question. Why does my mother every night- cry out the name Liz? Why does my mother make remarks at Tess for being a cold-blooded murder? Vilandra is never around? Why did my father attempt to murder Xander? Why does Queen Tess keep you down here and no one dares speak about what you did? Why does everyone hate each other? Can’t stand the sight of each other. Does this have to do with Liz? Who is Liz? I must know,” Piper clenched her knuckles together, to calm the wave of power surging through her veins.
“ Why do you desire such information when you already know the answer?” Max replied. Piper touched his cheek, he winches at the contact of cold skin.
“ Come on Max, you know our skin is naturally cold to make sure we don’t die from the heat,”
Piper shook her head. Her mother tried to tell her about this girl with dark hair and dark eyes and loved Max very much but her father interrupted them and know her mother doesn’t live with them anymore but with Vilandra.
“ The Liz I loved is gone -,” A single tear streaked his scared face.
“ Don’t you love your son?” Piper asked.
“ I love him with all my heart. But he is grown up- he will understand that I will always love him but if he loves me he would allow me to reunite with my lover,”
“ I didn’t know you had visitors Zan,” the voice was musical, an angelic voice. It belonged to a woman around her mother’s age. She wore black from head to toe except for a black mesh veil covering the slits for her two eyes.
“ Who are you?” Piper demanded.
“ Are you ready for your bath, Zan?” The woman had a crystal jug filled with clear water.
“ Thankyou Magenta. Piper this is my servant Magenta” Max replied.
Magenta’s white hands were decorated in tiny dots as she clasped Max’s Shoulder. She was leading him out of the small cell.
“ Max!” Piper called after him.
“ You got what you came for and know you know why. Liz was the glue for our group and now that she is gone there is no way it will be put back together,”


Next part will be here soon

From rachel

ps I hope you liked it
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Chapter Five

“ I swear my brother is whipped over your cousin,” Lola confessed. “ I should just change my name to Lonnie and become a sex symbol,”
Jack smirked.” One of many reasons why we didn’t work out,” He draped his arm on her shoulder but Lola shrugged it off.” So I guess I am just a try-out?”
“ No, Lola your amazing. We were not meant to be- it didn’t work out,” Jack sighed and followed her into the Internet Café.
The Internet café was one of many hangouts of Julian High. One half was filled with rows of computers while the other half was filled with little triangular tables and coffee couches.
Lola picked the last computer in the fifth row. A lady with a hooked nose and fuzzy red hair lazily asked Lola what she wanted to drink.
“ I will have the cap-“
Lola took a swig of her cappuccino, the white foam created a frothy moustache across her ivory skin.
Lola tucked her dark hair behind her small mouse ears. “ Actually I’ll have a hot chocolate,”
Lola saw Jack Daniel with his mouth open wide- his spearmint breath surrounded her. The waitress waltzed over to the counter, putting her notebook in her tiny white apron.
“ That’s the first time you haven’t ordered a cappuccino. Is that you Lopez?” Jack called her by her pet name they invented while they used to date. Key word used to. Before he fucked Lucy Tran- head cheerleader. But that was a while back.
Lola felt herself heat up; her windpipe seemed to malfunction as Lola typed her password into the computer.
“ Well I felt like I should try something different?” Lola felt that it was best not to tell him that she had a dream about blowing up the Internet café. Or else she’ll be hugging a white jumpsuit.
A plastic foam cup was place on the small sliver disc beside her, Jack smiled at the blonde waitress and started flirting with her- the nametag said Katrina.
Lola clicked on her inbox and while she waited she glanced at her watch.
Her lip drooped a little, as her doe eyes wavered over the screen.
No replies, Lola said to herself. It’s been days and still no replies.
Frustrated, Lola eyed at the computer in front of her.
Her heart sank; Lola was this close to getting her hands on her adoption papers. And she had no reply about the papers.
Lola took a swig of her cappuccino, the white foam created a frothy moustache across her ivory skin.
Lola glanced at the foam cup, the white with speck of chocolate dribbled down her chin.
She ordered a Hot chocolate not a cappuccino?
Lola turned around to see if Jack was still here, on the metal chair. But of course Lola saw him walking outside the double doors with the Katrina girl. Away from her…
Lola was green with envy. Her brother was probably on the moon and Jack easily picked up some young waitress?
Why couldn’t she be attractive? Why are men afraid of her?
No replies… no replies… no replies… no reason why she can’t find out who she was…. Lola signed off and chucked her plastic cup in the bin.
Lola’s hand was pressed against the table- a faint image of herself throwing the plastic cup in the bin was right in front of her. But no one seemed to notice.
Her head felt hot and numbly sparks of electricity emitted from hand to hand under the grey table.
Why did she have that dream anyway?
Was it a warning?
Or her crazy imagination playing mind games?

She walked through the creaky doors into the busy streets of New York. Lola looked back.
Her long dark hair was sailing the hot breeze, sweat began to bead under her armpits.
Her leather jacket had become her skin. Black coals were her eyes.
No replies… no replies…. No replies…
Lola slowly turned herself around to face the café.

The whole world seemed to stand still when Marine’s Internet Café blew up in shatters,
balls of fire debris flew onto oncoming traffic and Flambéing meats truck squealed in protest.
The truck was thrown to its side by the explosion. Cars were beeping and the people were screaming
When the truck leaked petrol- another explosion. Lola was still staring at the Café in endless red flames.
The Café was now the back ash on the ground, glass broke underneath Lola’s steel capped army boots as
she walked in between ash and flame.
Lola saw the café turned to ash. And yet no one noticed this was happening.
Her hands were dry; rubbing her palms together Lola clenched her teeth.
“ No,” Lola whispered.
Lola turned, shook off her leather jacket and carried it in her arms as she melted into the crowd. Lola saw tow big black letters ‘ DK’ Xander was staring at Charli in her new Indian- almost see through top.
“ Why isn’t there somebody for me?” Lola confessed. She took out a cigarette and with her hand she made the fag ignite. Lola glared at her brother and huffed down the subway stairs.
Behind her, on the main road near the ostentatious café the Flambéing meats truck dredged along the road happily. The driver of the truck was obvious to the fact that Lola could have burnt him to a crisp and everybody else.

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Chapter six
Luke waited for Sara and Piper to sit on the long thin red grass before he announced his plan.
“ After the blood moon rises we leave for earth,” Luke felt Piper take his hand; it felt nice so he smiled at her.
“What for cus?” Sara flipped her long dark blonde hair around as her blue eyes stared at him.
“ For some freedom,” Xavier, son of Khivair was standing behind Sara when he said this. It was evident he got a beating from his father but he’d had shown no emotion to what he was feeling.
“ So it’s true, you are friends,” Piper smiled. “ You guys are treading on thin ice,”
“ We are going to Roswell- we will arrive 6am on the 22nd of September. I don’t control the granolith therefore It is a slight chance we won’t get there,” Xavier said.
“ Don’t earth people wear underwear?” Piper asked.
Luke smiled,” Yeah and this thing perfume too,”
“ So it’s all settled? I gotta get going or someone will see us,” Xavier looked left and right, his black lion cloth flapped against the breeze as his bare feet touched the leaf floor.
“ While you guys do what you do. I want to find some information regarding our parents past.” Piper said, looking at the ground Luke touched her shin and gently pushed her to look into his amber eyes.
“ What do you mean?” Luke asked, he took his hands away and crossed his arms.
Piper turned her back and looked at everyone, all their skin all had a bluer tint and little specks of white dust across their necks. Her cold hands touched her pale blue cheekbone.
“ There was this girl called Liz. She must have been my mothers best friend and… romantically involved with your father, Luke. She is the main reason our parent hate each other. Maybe we could find out who she was?” Piper bowed her head. Xavier laughed,” Maybe that’s why Tess can’t get Max to fuck her. He only has eyes for a girl named Liz,”
Luke turned around and eyed Xavier, who was taller than him. Xavier smirked but found himself eating dirt. Luke pressed his knee to Xavier chest, pinning him to the ground.
“ Don’t you ever talk about my mother like that? She and my father are in love but your father had blasted him blind. Say it Xav,”
Xavier spiked dreadlock hair was covered in dirt, he smiled at Luke frustrated anger. Luke didn’t know that really his mother mind warped his father so bad he lost the ability to see “ No,”
“ Then I’ll make you forget,” Luke closed his eyes and focused on reaching Xavier mind.
Luckily Sara distracted them, she wailed and started flapping about screaming and screaming. Luke quickly pounced on Xavier and covered Sara’s mouth.

Piper sighed

“ Even though I’m blind I’m glad I don’t have to see your hideous face. I am humble knowing the last image I saw was when Liz had her first of many climaxes,”

“ You’ll love me Max! Liz is dead. Hell she didn’t even come here. You belong to me. Until you come to your senses you will be left in the dark,”

“Fine by me. All I see is Liz’s supple breast covered by my watering mouth,”

Piper pondered about telling him about what his father said about Liz. But decided no to. Luke doesn’t bear the seal but has mastered his mind warping skills- he could fry anyone’s mind at any time. She didn’t want to find out what he can do, at all.

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I got another part coming soon

just thought I let you know

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first of all

no no new part yet

I am talking to my muse

but my muse is busy so

instead somone wants a chart?

well I guess I can do that

Isabel married Kyle

and they have a child called Sara

Tess and Max have a child called Luke

Khiviar and a humble village woman who was killed after giving birth. Khivar has a son called Xavier

Micahel and Maria have a child called Piper

so Xavier, Sara, Luke, Piper live on Antar and all were born on Antar


Charli Daniel is Jack's cousin
Jack is Lola's ex and friend

Xander is Liz'z and MAx's child. Xander has a twin called Lola.



Isabel and Kyle


Tess and Max


Khivar and village girl- who is now dead


Liz and MAx

Lola, Xander

does this answer your question?

Lola, Xander, Charli and Jack were born on earth

Sara, Luke, Xavier and Piper were born on ANtar


be back in a tick!

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alright....( deep breath)

this will be more explained in the story but

everyone hates each other

Liz is dead- as far as we know

and she was the glue for the group


They all live in the country/ regoin but in far ends becasue even though they hate each other they still have to run the planet since Max is f⊕#&

But Since the parents are caught in their fueds

they don't notice the teenagers- Sara, Piper, Luke and Xavier forming a friendship

okay now I am making everyone confused

I better write something

be back

but please telll me if this helps!!


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I am back

alright I was going to post two parts but I have only had enough time to do one...

Chapter seven

“ Agent Tolpolsky, our Aunt was so close to discover Max Evans dark secret,” Xander mimicked Charlin’s cousin Jack, he scrunched his nose and touched his big ears, of course they were red from all the attention he was getting from Charlin.
Charli, or her full name Charlin, Xander thought. She looked so good in the white Indian top. And the fact of it being almost see through and seeing her neon red bra had nothing to do with the fact he felt a burning desire from his… energy source.
An employee with long red hair and green eyes flipped on the radio and the song, I shall believe by Sheryl Crow filled the clothes store. Xander knew this song because his sister always listened to this and they both had a strange feeling of heartbreak.
“ So… do you think I should buy the top?” Charli’s dyed blonde curly hair covered her shining soft green eyes.
Xander adjusted his jacket and lend closer to tuck a spring strand behind her left ear. Charli was in mid movement an almost dropped the top but tilted into his touch.
The low strings of the guitar sound filled their ears as he felt himself falling deeper and deeper into her eyes.
“ Hey guys have you eaten?” Jack Daniel had his arm around a girl with blonde hair who was smiling.
But Xander wasn’t listening. He had that feeling again, it drafted in endless waves. He recognised the feeling. It came from his twin- Lola.
She was walking- walking and trying to disappear. Her energy as he sometimes called it was swirling around him in dark dull colours. She felt upset by something, lonely. He tried to give her some of his feelings but they were pushed away.
He left Charli’s side and left the store. He knew Charli would be upset but these can be dangerous.
The feelings were like violin strings, each giving off a pure note and Lola was playing a scale in G minor and making the b flats seemed louder than the rest.
Xander gently pushed a stranger to the left and he went down the dark staircase, ignoring the smell of stench the subways usually gave off on a bad day.
And there was Lola, sitting on a steel bench on the fifth plateau, next to a hairy bum- a homeless man with endless piles of bags.
She blew out the smoke from her dark lips as her doe eyes almost cried out to be gushed out by a poker. She butted out her fag and handed it to the hairy bum who thanked her.
Her dark hair was down and hangs loose around her slim face that seemed a bit green from all the cigarettes she inhaled.
Xander payed the ticket man to walk through and headed towards Lola who still didn’t acknowledge his presence.
“ You called sis?” He said. He waved his arms in front of her field of vision but nothing happened.
Her eyes seemed to be in another world. Her entire face screamed death. Xander sat next to Lola and touched the leather jacket on her lap- anticipating the cold hard slap from Lola. She hated it when Xander touched her stuff and sometimes he couldn’t figure out why she always knew when he took a bit of chocolate or went into her room to listen to her Gomez CD.
But nothing happened.

So Xander sat quietly next to his sister. Maybe she was daydreaming again. Lola always seemed to be daydreaming lately about something but what? Xander didn’t know.


energy source?
that was in the convention ep
where Micahel tells Max how to take his mind off liz...
ha ha h ah


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story continues

Lola was in the cemetery with a group of people wearing black. A girl with wavy blonde hair was sobbing more than singing as the coffin sunk deeper into the ground.
Only Lola wasn’t wearing black or showing any signs of sadness.
The carved Tombstone was a black plaque in the ground with gold letters engraved.
Alex Whitman
Gingerly parting her thick dark hair to one side Lola eyed the sad-faced character with doe eyes standing next to the girl with blonde hair.
The honey smelled grass felt cold under her sneakers, they squeaked whenever she moved.
Lola was used to this, it happened before. When ever she was thinking about cherry cola or looking at a map of Roswell Jack had given her. She would be …here and among these people.
But the girl with dark skin and long split end hair drew her deeper into this… dream world.
She watched everyone leave the gravesite of a loved teenager named Alexander Charles Whitman.
All except one
He looked around eighteen with dark bangs covering his haunted eyes- the eyes of a wise leader.
The teen followed an older man wearing a clad shirt and jeans in the New Mexico sun.
He lashed out at the man- his veins erupting from his tanned neck.
She could feel their voices in her flesh….
“ Max… its suicide…”
So the teen’s name was Max, Lola touched his shoulder but he didn’t acknowledge her presence. He just grabbed the cream folder from the old man and grunted.
Why is this happening to her?
This intensified the realization that Lola’s mother was a drug lord or… she was different.
Maybe if…
The subway train screeched to a halt and Lola was only half awake to notice everyone huddled around her.
“ Lola,”
She breathed in when Lola saw Xander’s eyes
It was a mirror image of the stranger from the dream world… Max.
“ Hungry?” Xander asked.

Chapter Eight

MacDonald’s was packed. Crowds of people squeezed their way into the diner to sit in tight circle-shaped booths decorated seventies style.
“ Hi, may I take your order?” a tired teenager asked from the counter.
“ I’ll have a bacon deluxe meal,” Xander rubbed Lola’s back but Lola sneered and shrugged him off.
“ I’ll have a cheeseburger, fries and coke – wait, make that a small meal,” Lola grumbled and lit a cigarette.
The lady at the counter smiled and pointed at the non-smoking zone sticker.
“ Bite me,” Lola blew ash in her face and trudged back to the back booth next to the ladies toilets.
Lola pressed her sweaty face to the cream walls while Jack and Charli sat opposite her and left a spare seat next to Lola for Xander.
“ The Lady said you order will be here in a little while,” Xander sat his tray down and ripped a white piece of paper in his hands,” Her name was June.” Xander scratched his chin ” she gave me her phone number,”
“ Should have told her you were gay,” Lola took a long slurp of Xander’s milkshake but grimaced. Xander shook two Tabasco sauce packets in his left hand and dribbled the sauce over his burger and opened the lid for his milkshake. The vanilla milkshake looked pinker than strawberries after two packets of hot sauce oozed into the mixture.
“ What happened at the subway? You seemed-“
“ Dead?” Lola said to her brother. “ I certainly felt like a ghost. No one can see or hear me but I am able to touch them. It’s like I am walking through time,”
“ Here is your cheeseburger, fries and small milk, enjoy,” June placed the contents on the table.
“ Is this some kind of joke cause my brother didn’t like you?” Lola rudely asked.” I asked for a small MEAL, meal and coke,”
June grumbled and took the milk away and Lola happily drenched her cheeseburger in Tabasco sauce.
“Lola are you sure your not making this up? Powers? Come on? I’ll get Dad to book you in with Doctor Frazier,” Xander smiled at Charli.
“ You don’t believe me do you?” Lola realised. Her own twin brother thinks she’s crazy?
“ I just think this is some kind of phase. Remember when you said you could see into the future? And now this?” Xander leaned closer,” I have been telling everyone to stop the rumour about you being crazy. Lola just let all your feelings slide.”
“ And everyone says you have a heart of gold?”
“ I’m just trying to protect you,”
“ From who?”
“ Yourself,”
“Here is your small milk and coke,” June placed the plastic cups on the counter.
Lola clenched her hands together.
“AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Lola screamed “ I ordered a f⊕#*ing…”
A chocolate milkshake flew from a nearby table and exploded over the waitress’ head.
“ Oh fricken hell!!! My boyfriend dumped me today and now this???” cried the waitress, flailing for a napkin to wipe her face. She started to hurry off.
“ Sorry,” Xander smiled and handed a five-dollar bill to the waitress. She smiled, briefly. Then her eyes shot daggers at Lola. “Bitch!” she said, and left.
“ So Charli. What are you doing tonight?” Jack laughed hysterically then abruptly died when he saw Lola’s livid facial expression.
Lola eyed at the two plastic cups and waved her hand over the milk; it sizzled under her gaze.
Lola breathed heavily as she dug her fingernails into her skin until it bled. She pictured in her mind the liquids burning as lava.
The plastic cups jumped slightly.

“ Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit,” Charli screamed as the hot milk and hot bubbly coke seared her top and sizzled her skin.
Of course Xander always had the healing touch. He scooped Charli into his warm embrace and she smiled.
It looks like Xander cares about Charli more than Lola. Lola smelt burning skin on her back.
She walked alone as she exited restaurant and drowned herself in the sounds of New York.
Feeling totally alone, different and unloved.
Jack mentioned something about their history class going to Roswell.
If only she could prove to her brother that she had the powers. Then he would forget about Charli, forget about everything.
And be her brother again.

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authors note: maybe you are thinking if xander has powers and why am I only showing lola's?? well its becasue lola is more of the main character at the part in time but xander has some life changing event very soon.

ba da bing!!!!


ps: I get to see roswell season 3!! oct 17th 10:30pm!! yeah!!!!!!!
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uerr hi

I am here

new part next wednesday..... may be short but.. I have work and blah...

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okay like I said there is a new part but I am in the process of editing it -
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Dear Fellow readers :
All of you have something in common. You haven’t received another part of one of the stories written by!
So now that I am back or in the real world, Rachel would like to explain herself. This year Rachel wanted a challenge- something to do with writing. There was a Novella Writing competition out for all High school students. The word limit must be no less than 10 000 and no larger than 20 000. Let me tell you something. You don’t really know how much sleep I lost.

So I wrote a Novella called TWO SIDED MIRROR

So My story is about Brooklyn- turning sweet sixteen who gets advice on life from her rebellious brother Alexander- who prefers to be called Xander. I’ll just give you his advice from little extracts from his letter..

Life is a two sided Mirror. It’s only once that we see both sides….. People hide from each other Brooklyn… so how do we really know the person with out seeing both sides?

I’m thinking of changing a few characters names and appearance so I could change this to a Roswell story AU that’s already finished! Wow! I have already posted it- if you wanna read it

Okay so ever since March I have been writing this story- well it took me three months to go through six story ideas before Two sided Mirror arrived.. 19,492 words and 67 pages…. So I worked really hard on this for 9 months and nine days this includes all my spare time and all my energy I always devote to these lists of stories

1. La Flamingo Deluxe
2. The Wild One
3. The Gatekeeper
4. The One
5. The Outsider- new
6. The cult of Aphrodite- new
7. Destined forever- finished
8. Destined forever sequel( on same board as Destined Forever)
9. Parallel Universe
10. Thursday nights at the Crashdown- on polar web site

Okay so this is the bad part of the news. SO when Two sides mirror was coming to an end I have a looked at the status of my stories. You see for me to slowly slip back into Roswell writing mode as I like to call it I have to put a temporary hold on some stories. Until I get hang of it and start writing for the other stories that were put on hold.

So this list are the ones I put on hold, which are the ones I quite love so this is hard for me too…

1. The Gatekeeper
2. Destined forever- finished –
3. Destined forever sequel( on same board as D F)
4. The Wild One
5. The cult of Aphrodite- new
6. Parallel Universe

And the ones I will continue writing for are

1. La Flamingo Deluxe
2. Thursday Nights at the Crashdown
3. The Outsider
4. The One

Okay so Before I end this letter I will write the status on each story. But I would like to thank these two people- New Yorker 18 and 2crzy4roswell. You guys kept me going when I felt like giving up on THE ONE and La Flamingo Deluxe..

La Flamingo Deluxe

Okay…. Now if I remember Mad Max- LOL and the gang saw Ava in NY who said she pretended to be a girl called Rachel- working at Michael’s fashion company
The G
If you remember this is the same Rachel who is working with Michael so this will help the gang to get behind the scenes at the fashion show.. and Ava was going to tel them Zan’s dark past- I am so looking for to this!

And Michael and Liz are at his messy apartment where they are going to have a shaving cream fight- Lol! At least I think they will… okay and Liz and those pills her pimp gave her. Well she is still taking them! But not for long… and this disc is going to be discovered and so is Liz’s confession to Sean’s murder- which was the reason why she left Roswell in the first place..

And evil Jesse. Now that I finally am seeing Roswell season 3 I can work better with Jesse! And his faithful minion Tess. Eww and how is Isabel going to help Lex- Jesse Kill Michael? And what about Tara-charli? Yes she is Michael’s and Liz’s child but more about that later but I must warn you she isn’t quite Tara…

And yes Liz will find out she is Lola.
( I have beeped out this part because someone on this board might guess my ending!)

The Gatekeeper

Rae’s or Riana Parker love for Kyle and her fatal attraction to Zan… I feel so sorry for her. Okay so I left you with Liz seeing a vision of herself of killing Zan in the bath tub! But that’s the magi talking!
So the gang is going to have to find out about Riana. Max is not that thick- but that’s debatable… so what is rae’s plan to get max and liz together… and what about Tess?? Remember Rae feeling sick that when real pure evil is around… well is she going to throw up again or what if she got her feelings mixed up? No she is not pregnant. Well what you are going to find out that on the way to earth Liz’s pod got damaged so the aliens put her with Rae’s so they shared a pos and became more in tune with each other… like twins… okay I leave that part there…
And Zan da man is not going to sit around much longer… he wants to have Rae back with him… so this is going to be… trouble?

So that all I can say with out giving away a new villain! Evil laugh!

Thursday Nights at the Crashdown

Another polar story I only gave the prologue to. At the polar attraction board- ezboard.
So I won’t say much coz it is not here
If you want to read it bmail me

The outsider

Well this is based on this theme “ what if only three pods were saved and one got left behind?” and no dupes in this story…. That’s why its kinda AU
So Max was raised in the base. Not like Adam in the books but a walking killing machine…

Liz has a troubled life. At eight she saw her father and her aunty have sex. Well she caught them in the act when Nancy was 5 months pregnant! With a son!- Liz’s father was a guy named Gordon so Jeff Parker will be in it later as Nancy new love interest!
So they went back to Roswell- where Liz was born. Liz is a good working girl looking after her 4 year old brother Jason and her mother Nancy and she is only sixteen! ( she will turn seventeen in December the 7)

This is a new story… bear with me


So Liz is on Antar- trying to uncover the four square’s past? But she can not understand Zan? The original King

And what about this son? Is it going to be Zan’s or Max’s?- you are goning to wonder about that one for a while

And this Serena! She is sketchy ! but you have got to understand. Liz was originally deaf and alex and her parents are dead so with Serena offering something else. Its better being on earth liz kind thought but liz was mentally forced… more about that later

And this mysterious ring? Which ends up after their love making at las Vegas but soon Liz can go anyway. Including the night of Gomez where she could have cemented everything! Okay???
Man I have already planned this story out and don’t want to give away much but…. A new part will be out soon… and this twist I got for you whoooa!

The other stories that are put on hold- will still get parts but not frequently as the others- a private paragraph will be posted shortly about the where I am up to after this letter is sent out…. And plus this letter will be too long because I love all my stories

Please- forgive my lack of updates

From Rachel-
If you have lost any of the stories links please let me know by bmail or when you post your reply
PS- I am currently looking for a Beta reader- someone who I can pass ideas and first drafts of stories etc…

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GEZ1987 originally wrote:
I have just found this fic and it is really cool!!!!

Hope you post more soon


WOW! yeah I was just checking up on this story and yes I am updating this one- it will be updated this sunday- or monday

thanks for reading this- I have another story- THE ONE that's based on antar so I am trying to make this antar planet- polar oppoiste to the planet in THE ONE

I probably just confused you here haven't I???

really!⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕ A *bounce**bounce* BIG THANKS! cos I thought this story wasn't that flashy or something like that.