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I am starting my forth fanfic- how do I keep up? easily just update them one at a time and each one is seprate story line

My other fics

Destined forever m/l/z

La flamingo Deluxe mi/l

The wild one ( origanlly titled Blood brothers) futre fic m/l

and this one

The Gatekeeper

Disclaimer: I don't own them at all

Authors note - This takes at Heart of mine. What if Liz was told 2 year before September 99 that she was going to get shot? And that Max Evans was going to bring her back from the dead......?

*sorry if this is confusing but it will be explained and please feed back!!!!!!!*

West Roswell High Prom

The pavement was covered in water, slowly soaking Liz's green gown.
However Liz didn't care- she needed something to be angry about. So the image of Max and Tess, mouths locked would keep at bay and not summon to the surface, rooting Liz firmly to the ground sulking to the empty park bench

The rain hailed down
Long sharp pine needles
Prickled Liz's cold wet skin

Get up, Liz ordered to herself. Get up
Liz tried but failed, ending up with the left heal of her shoe being snapped off.
Annoyed and heart-broken Liz limped to the nearest bus shelter.

The bus shelter was a brand new monstrosity of plastic and steel, but the darkness that was almost engulfing it gave the bus shelter an appearance of a dilapidated ruin. A solitary street lamp shoved its glow into the night, its light reflecting over the Perspex and making the shelter shine eerily, as if lit feebly from within.
She glanced at the street lamp over on the corner, high on its pedestal of gleaming steel. It showed no sympathy for a traveller of the night, its cold stare rebounding of her and casting long dismal shadows. She glanced at the bus-stop pole.
Mascara tears covered her poignant face.

(Liz's thoughts)

It's funny you know? It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. Kal told me I was destined to be with Zan? That I was the keeper of the Granolith? That I was the fifth element and without me they would be powerless...

And you would know what Rae would say, " Life's a bitch and then you die?"

You probably don't remember Rae? Riana Ann Parker, my twin as Mr and Mrs Thought. Little did they knew that Riana was an exact copy of me...

She left with Kal, her protector when I was seven. That's when Mr and Mrs Parker found out from Kal that Rae and myself were special... very special indeed.


Back to before

Rae hid snuggled in the bushes, giggling as Liz was trying to find her. Hide and seek was always fun. Especially when you can add a little' spice' to the game.
Liz and Rae had a gift of projecting themselves in different places, picking up objects and receiving images.

Rae remembered the time when they broke Mom's perfume. Liz held her feeble hand a made the glass swirl anti-clockwise and Rae made the bottle full with blue liquid with a swipe of her hand.

Liz was always jealous of Rae stronger powers. All Liz could do was receive images and reconstruct molecule structures while Rae could do so much more.

Rae and Liz kept their magic to themselves. After hearing stories about witches burning or the boogieman when they were five Rae and Liz were so frightened they nearly wet their panties.

"Gotcha," Liz roared, she pounced on Rae however Liz's face hit the ground.
An image of Rae, with long pigtails and her favourite cupcake dress dissolved into thin air. Liz hated cupcakes and never wore the dress instead she wore a yellowed daisy tee and shorts.

"Liz and Riana come inside," Their foster father called. Liz and Rae raced but Rae leaped the flight of stairs as a deer and Liz was left to take one step at a time.

A Tall man in a suit smiled at Riana. " I am glad to see Riana has developed her powers. She will have to teach Rath and Lonnie that one,"

"What?" Liz asked
Her parents were waxed dummies; tear streaked their ashen faces. " Oh Lizzy if you only knew how important you really are," Her mother smiled weakly.
"Riana go and pack your things you are going to stay with this nice man for a while."
Rae grinned and went to pack her things. The man came to Liz and took her hand " You are the Queen of Antar, daughter of Seth and Nara and wife to Zan. Your birthright will be kept secret and your cousin Ava will take your place until the time is right. I know you don't understand Liz but someday you will," He handed her a topaz crystal, attached to a leather band and place it over her hand. " Keep this close to your heart- this unlocks many doors- both inside and out,"

Liz didn't understand. Rae was next to Liz, a mirror image but not for long. For Rae will go under training and tattoos and piercing for the next ten years.

It was time for Rae to Leave," I will come back," Rae sobbed and tightly hugged her sister. They both knew that this is a goodbye but not for long," I will come back, Pinkie swear," Rae grinned and joined Kal in the limo.
No, Liz thought. Come back. Her stomach was being ripped out and was been smashed into the ground. Liz forever chased after the limo until her father caught her by the limbs and dragged her back crying to the Crashdown.


Now seventeen, with her eighteenth in two days Liz was still confused. Should I follow orders or should I run away from my mission? Liz shook her head. Her hair was seal's skin, water dripped from her small nose.

"Liz?" someone asked.
Liz slowly gazed up, blood shot eyes. Could it be?

Decked out in Black army boots, baggy black cargo pants and ripped grey tee. Physically in shape with a four square tattoo on her left arm. Hair chopped short exactly like Ava's, jet-black hair with silver streaks. Her bellybutton had a metal stud. She had her eyebrow pierced and also her tongue had a small green stud.

It was her sister/dupe Rae. "Riana?" Liz meekly whispered.
Rae scoffed and crossed her arms; her many silver bangles glistered in the moon light. " Who da think I waz Santa Claus or somethin?"



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wow! nice feed back

Will Alex live? he might? he might not?

OKay here is part two

Feed back would be nice- and questions too!!

PS- ahh Liz's dupe likes to use the F word alot so there is some langauge



Rae and Liz were back in the Crashdown, Liz was soaked to the bone but Rae wasn't. Not one single teardrop landed on Rae's attire.
Rae hoisted herself on the bench and let her legs dangle just like old times. " Aye, Eli-za why are you dressed that way? Cornball prom and I know that your breasts are bigger than that? Did you strap them again?"
Liz felt smaller than an ant as she slid down the ceramic wall, defeated and afraid.
"Yes I did strap them and I was just at the prom..... Max kissed Tess,"
Rae's face twitched, shocked, all the glass in the room smashed with one loud bang.
"That Ho isn't gonna fuck with da king?" Rae was a praying mantis, one more breath she'll explode.
Waving her hands in the air, Liz soothed her Dupe," I broke up with him and he chose her! We aren't suppose to be-"
"Fuck that! That self-centred dog smelling rat's arse isn't going to infect da king with her prune little hands. And when are you going to learn Liz? You and Da king are meant be and destroy the skins?" Rae kicked the wall, which made a five feet dent.
"I'm human Rae,"
"No, your not, ever since September 99 Maxie boy repaired your circuits- in a matter of days he'll member you," Rae crossed her athletic arms, decorated with mini tattoos of alien symbols.
"Not if I have anything to do with it?" Liz challenged her dupe. Rae didn't know about future Max. Rae didn't feel the deep hatred and sadness because of what had happened. That was all her fault- she wasn't going let history repeat itself.
Rae hideously cackled at her remark. Sometimes it was hard to believe that Rae was an exact copy of her. " Yo, Fucked piggy boy Sean? He is an insect- they all are! I can't believe you have survived living among this filth,"
"I like it here Rae," At least I think I do, Liz thought to herself.
"You have no idea what it's like at one of our gatherings at Encörta," Rae shook her head in disappointment. " Kal said that Shari was the most ruthless killer of all time- more desirable than Vilandra,"
"Who's Shari?" Liz asked.
"We are Shari, if you just went to one of the gatherings-"
"No, That is basically way everyone goes and loses their minds,"
"So, you have heard of it," Rae smiled which frightened Liz because it looked exactly like hers.
"When Lonnie and Rath came they said that if I gave them the granolith I will be spared, I refused. Rath invited me to go to Encörta but then I learnt it's where you go to indulge with each other " Liz told Rae.
"Rath always had an infatuation about you Liz. Which might come in handy one day," Rae said. " And on that note how is the insect clan,"
"Maria, Alex and Kyle are like family," Liz said.
Rae waved her finger at her," Ah but do they respect cha and know what you are?"
Liz remained silent.
"They don't know? Fuck Liz so are you telling me that you have lived a fucked up life and let Vilandra trample on you. If I were you I will crush her bones like butter."
"You have a lot of hatred Rae," Liz said.
"That's because I was the lover of Zan- we were the most powerful leaders however ti went all to hell." Rae bowed her head in frustration.
"Why have you come here?" Liz asked,
"I am here to tell you that the war is here,"
Liz gasped, hands on her chin. " Earth,"
"Yep- this is going to be one hell of a war," Rae leaned forward " And the humans aren't going to suspect a single thing,"

Feed back? questions?


** Rae is more smarter with english unlike rath and lonnie**

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hi tanks you waiting

the compter was upgraded and there is not anit virus protector installed yet- so on guard

here is part three- it is a long one too... I am not good with emtions so bear with me and please your repies help me to continue to write


Part Three

Her skin was rubber; Liz clenched her hands tightly to the green swivel chair. Her eyes were tightly shut, a few tears seeped.
“ One…. Two…. Three!”


A bee stung Liz. Well more like a gun stamp pierced her top right ear, where it started to curl. Her ears started to heat up, she felt uneasy and couldn’t see straight.

“ Only a few more to go!” Rae laughed.

Liz was at the last placed she vowed, not even dared to go. She was at the local Hairdresser/ tattoo shop, just at the outskirts of Roswell. The shop was the place where only punks and alien believers would go. It was just plain freaky.
Liz was carried to the table; they drew back her shirt, and clamped her firm flat stomach- to reduce the blood flow. The needle was long and thin as pencils; Liz had to look away when James (the owner of the shop) inserted the needle and the metal stud into her skin. Otherwise Liz would lose it.
“ All done. Now its just the tongue, nose and left eyebrow!” James snorted. “ I didn’t think little waitress Liz had it in you!” His voiced was thick as smoke.
Liz couldn’t speak, nor move she was numb and frozen still. The pain had taken its toll.
When James had finished the tongue, nose and eyebrow Liz was done. Now all she had to get was a few tattoos.

Your probably wondering why I’m here…Liz thought. Thinking someone else was watching her, perfect little parker in this part of town.
Apparently Rae said that Liz was the one with the correct birthright. The sole target from the skins point of view, besides the granolith.
But Liz had no training with her powers; she only had her powers restored just under a year ago. She didn’t know the rules of the book, or so Rae had said. Kal instructed Rae that she and Liz needed to switch places. Rae would be in her place and Liz would be in hers. That way Kal could train her without anyone knowing she was the chosen Queen, so she wouldn’t be in a lot of danger. Meanwhile Rae would pretend to be Liz and keep an eye out for Nicholas or any other skins that roamed the streets of Roswell.
Rae said she would be a stupid naive girl if Liz would be like her. That would mean that she had to look and act exactly like her so no one suspects anything; even Zan. Rae told Liz on the way to the saloon that Zan knew every inch of her body and if he noticed anything wrong he would kill her on the spot, no questions asked.

Which explains Liz was being pierced by metal and branded with tattoos.
“ I must warn you. Zan likes to take da back door!” A mischievous grin erupted from Rae’s face.
“ Back door….” Liz suddenly figured it out and gasped then winched as the needle zapped her with black ink. The tattoos were finished five minutes later. They now stood outside the saloon while Rae had a quick smoke. Liz wished Rae would stop- the smoke made her coke on her tongue with a new blue jewel stud.
“ He’s a back door lover! Don’t cha worry you will like it!” Rae tightened Liz’s knee high black steel capped army boots. She had red mesh stockings. Liz also wore a short leather skirt that neatly shaped her buttocks- she also had a red leather boob jube with no bra- red criss-cross decorated her back- along with a colourful dragonfly on her left shoulder blade, the mad striped cat from Alice in wonderland on her right lower shoulder blade and another small four square tattoo on her lower back- with another small square in the middle of the cross, which equalled a total of five square. Rae handed Liz a ripped sleeved jacket with the hood still attached Exactly like Zan’s. “ In case of rain,” Rae stated.
Liz no longer had her long silky dark brown hair. Instead it was chopped off and looked exactly liked Rae’s, except her hair was died a rich ruby colour with light orange streaks.
Liz was not the same Liz anymore she looked more like Rae. “ What do you mean I will like it?” Liz asked, still staring at her new reflection- it looked nothing like her.
Rae chuckled, waved her hand around her body and quickly changed into a Crashdown uniform. Her new long brown tresses were tied in a high ponytail. No heavy make and no sign of tattoos, not even the metal stud from her tongue.
“ No fair,” Liz screeched, realising Rae could have easily avoided Liz all the pain.
“ I wanted to see if you could endure the pain- you passed.” She said with no trace of her accent. It was even creeper when she smiled- she was her!
“ How?” Liz asked.
“ No No No,” Rae waved her hand in the air. “ More expressive and less formal,”
“ Ain’t cha now it da ing?” Liz said. Her voice was thick with the New York Twang. “ Holy shit,”
“ See the wonders of powers- you could change your voice with just a thought,” Rae nodded her head. “Now remember what you have to do. Go to Encöta and meet Zan. If he doesn’t realise you aren’t me then Kal would contact you but if Zan sees through- bye bye birdie. Do whatever it takes. Even if he pounces on you,” Rae said
“ Whatever it takes,” Liz repeated and picked up the fluffy white bag Rae had picked out. It had tampons and clothes and some cash and a list of what to do. “ In the meantime I will try my best not to blow your cover- but I might pounce Maxi boy- I haven’t had any in a while,” Rae joked. Liz slapped her hard.
“ No!!” Liz stated- her New York accent suited Liz; it dismissed the whole schoolgirl act.
“ Promise! Pinkie swear,” Rae smiled to Liz. “ I know you will do fine your majesty,”
“ Stop!” Liz said.
“ Okay Liz, I will expect a call from you at sunrise or I will think Zan has burnt you to a crisp and is now finishing eating your decayed bones,”
“ Ewww,” Liz scratched her stomach but Rae grasped her arm before Liz could do anything but stand still.
Rae spoke to Liz like she was talking to a five year old. “ Don’t it will get worse if you do! And remember do not. I repeat do not drink a thing called Magi. Or you’re screwed unless you have cleared your mind.”
“ Why?” Liz asked, scratched her hair and lightly touching her stud on her top right ear but regretted the move because it cause more soreness.
“ The Magi drink is a Antarian blend that’s only drunk if you are a shape shifter or you are very powerful and clear your mind of any thoughts whist consuming it- like Nicholas for example. If you drink it Liz you think left is right and right is left- it shuts down your nervous system and will cause you into what the insects say muscle meltdown”
“Okay I won’t drink Magi but please don’t treat my friends like bugs or you will screw up” With a quick hug Rae escorted Liz to the bus station via by driving Liz’s new convertible- the silver Rabbit.
The bus was headed for New York. Liz boarded the bus and gazed from her seat back at Rae while touching the topaz necklace Rae made Liz wear for some strange reason. Rae looked nice in her new look silver foil antennas and all- a little like her but Liz could see the difference. The way Rae’s eyes shone- it was cold then warm and her smile lasted two seconds at a time. Liz hoped while she was going outside her comfort zone- learning more about her alien self. She hoped Rae would learn more about her human side.

Part four (Rae’s first day undercover)

Rae wiped down the counter of the Crashdown with anger. Liz hadn’t called yet which means either Liz was with Kal or Zan finished devouring her. Rae couldn’t keep the grin off her face when she saw Rath or here he was called Michael flipping burgers- he was actually cute but not as a meltdown hottie as Zan.

Zan, her heart swelled. She loved him- as corny as it sounded but she hasn’t told him. She was afraid he would laugh at her or something else. Also Ava loved him as well. She knew Ava or as we sometimes call her Anni didn’t stand a chance but still when Zan and her had sex she often wondered if he found her attractive or if he was only with her because she treated him with respect or that she freely opened herself up.
A tear escaped her eyes but she wiped them away. Ignoring the cut in heart- she never let emotions over take her. That’s one of the things Zan was fond of- she was his firecracker and he was her king. They always organised things together- she was the information gal who isn’t so involved in other things like Lonnie, Ava and Rath were. It was sex, hockey or shopping for the others but she and Zan planned for the future. They both knew they weren’t destined to go home but they still figured what they wanted to do. Zan wanted to own a property in the Australian countryside, near the clean sandy beaches and the ocean. They both liked horses, they never admitted this to anyone else but they discussed that they will own a cottage with two black stallions and half and hour from the city so Zan could work as a computer engineer with Microsoft or something and she would try to get a job as a artist or a fashion designer. Rae has not told Zan but she imagined that they would get married at sunset by the ocean, their favourite place. And have six healthy children. She could almost see six carefree children playing hide and seek at the paddocks with Zan and her watching with content, sipping hot chocolate and chat about the name of their seventh child. Rae shook her head.
Stop thinking like that! It’s the bloody insect hell hole- the air is getting to you. The real Zan would not be with you on a countryside- you are only good enough for helping with war tactics- protecting the others and sex. Nothing more.

Yeah keep telling yourself that. Zan could be fucking Ava for all you know.
Would he? Rae ignored all the customers and Michael’s worried look.
Another tear escaped her eyes; her mascara followed the trail of her salty tears.
Finally Michael gave up his brooding stare and dragged Rae back to the kitchen and forced her to eating a slice of apple pie and orange juice. It tasted like dirt to Rae. There was no hot sauce to satisfy her taste buds but she will put up with it. She was a fighter.
His arms were on her shoulders- she felt Michael/ Rath concern and slight affection for her.
It was a deep crush.. Rae said to herself. After all in her and Michael’s past life Shari and Rath dated until she met Ava at her and Zan’s engagement party- that was the day she met Zan.
Back to the present Michael tucked a strand of hair under her ear- transfixed by the speckles of light brown in her eyes.
“ What?” Rae had to break the ice. She new Michael was going to kiss her. Rath tried once but ended up scared by Zan.
“ What? Liz you were about to explode or something?” Michael let go of his grip and went back to chop some onions. Rae was surprised he didn’t use his powers.
“ Uh,” Rae pondered and tried to think on what her corny dupe would do?
“ I had a nightmare about Maria being sliced opened by Nicholas and Lonnie would skin me alive,” Rae breathed in and slowly out.
Michael dropped his knife and wiped his sweaty brow, steam rose from the deep fryer.
He dumped the fried chips onto a bowl and dinged the bell. A waitress with long blonde hair and pale green eyes took the plate away.
“ I assure you Liz- Max and I, Isabel and Tess won’t let that happen,” Michael sternly said while chopping more carrots and onions.
What Should I say? How can I keep this act? This is much harder than I thought it would be. Rae adjusted her sliver foil antenna.
“ Okay thanks,” With that said Rae bolted to the diner, behind the counter and beside the long blonde waitress talking to a handsome tall dark stranger. Rae realised it was Max. Rae’s feelings for Zan and the sameness of her Zan with Max punched her stomach and she nearly hit the floor.
She figured it out that the tall blonde character was Maria- her dupes best friend.
“ Hi,” Rae shyly said. She didn’t know how to act. Max looked so much Like her- not hers but Zan. His eyes seemed older and wiser than an eighteen year old. His black hair was sculpted like Spanish singer – kind of like Ricky Martin. Even his smile and smell were like Zan’s. Rae took a sip of Maria’s orange juice. Although it tasted like dirt she felt a little bit better. However it didn’t get rid of her feelings for Zan, considering she was not with Zan but with Max. But the feelings stood strong. Luckily for Liz Rae rang Zan and told him about the switch and to play along and test her on her motives. He accepted and we both said goodbye- Rae wanted to throw up- she needed a life.
Max seemed confused- Rae felt the sudden change in his mood and quickly touched his shoulder. She wished she hadn’t though- it reminded her about how muscular Zan was and the feather light touch he used to tease her with- while having sex.
“ Hi,” Rae cleared her throat. “ I am not myself today,”
“I noticed,” He softly said and touched her hand; he gently stroked her hand with his thumb. She felt the deep connection opened up- she felt his love for her dupe consume her whole. Tears stung like acid- she felt his kisses of her neck. Zan’s whispers during the cold nights huddled together in the sewers, his arms around her. She felt Max hand touching her hand, the warm liquid of true love between him and her dupe danced between them.
Why did her dupe give this up this wonderful and powerful thing?
She wished it would stop- her feelings were being opened like soap bubbles and flew around the room. She broke the connection and rested her hand firmly in her lap. Maria was smiling like raspberries.
Rae turned to Maria and stared at her- she knew when Maria’s face tuned a few shades green she felt the chill that she sent to her.
She turned back to the confused Max. Now with Tess attached to him like a hook with Isabel and Alex in toe.
Wouldn’t she give to teach them a lesson.
She felt their stinking smugness, hearing their thoughts on how life was good.
Rae vowed that she would straighten things around here. Teach them that life is not black and white.
At least it will take my mind off Zan.
The plastic alien phone rang; Rae picked it up on the third ring
“ Hello Crashdown, Liz speaking,”
“ Wow its creepy hearing my voice,” It was Liz. An very confused and pissed off Liz.
“ How are things?” Rae whispered. Hopefully no one was listening.
“ Well funny you should ask….”

thanks for waiting

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I threw up this morning -not good

anyway since you guys are so nice here is a preveiw of the next part- I haven't finished it yet

Part five (Liz’s first day undercover)

The bus driver winked at her when her feet touched the charcoal pavement of the bus terminal. The sun was almost gone completely; a few stars could be vaguely seen among the industrial smoke and heat exhaust from the cars.
Who winks these days? Liz thought. Then she saw Zan, his arms crossed by his motorbike- he seemed very annoyed. He looked a lot different than Max. With his spiked dreadlocks and goatee. His multiple piercing, and tattoos- he seemed like the leader of the streets.

Looks like its show time. Liz wished Rae didn’t make her wear a green g-string; it felt like a stick was up her arse. Liz totted on her long legs towards the motorbike, Zan was drooling with passion the whole time. When Liz finally made it to his parking spot, five minutes later he shoved her to his body and attacked her with kisses.
Liz couldn’t help by responding with her tongue tracing the little hairs on his cheeks, neck and chin. She felt his arousal grow harder with each feather light touch, or when Liz moaned.
What the hell am I doing? Liz asked herself.
“ Yo I miss your heat seeping from your pants Rae- it taste like strawberries- Lets drink our body milkshake,” Zan marked her with a glowing hickey on the side of her neck. Which showed she was aroused. “ But lets leave this joint, first unless Babe she ain’t gonna wait to will hit the crib”
Liz composed herself and with her new New York Accent she whispered, “ I want to got Encörta,”
Zan smirked” Yo, Babe? You mean Encörta Jayren Kobei. Let’s go,”
“ What’s Encörta Jayren Kobei.?” Liz asked and then cursed herself for blowing her cover.
“ You lost your head Rae? It’s the full name of this joint ‘Encörta Jayren Kobei’. Encörta is likes it’s pet name,” Zan cupped her left butt check with his hand, as to push her onto the bike. But Liz knew better. She felt his “ passion” and desire to be inside her- and also some “amusement”. Which Left Liz somewhat confused.
What does he know that I don’t? Liz thought.

Thanks for your replies and I will finish part five and six soon


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Authors note - I am better now- quik recovery just drippy nose

okay here is another part- its kinda long- and encotra place well its a really ...sick(as in ewww) kind of place so sorry if I make you cringe


Part five (Liz’s first day undercover)

The bus driver winked at her when her feet touched the charcoal pavement of the bus terminal. The sun was almost gone completely; a few stars could be vaguely seen among the industrial smoke and heat exhaust from the cars.
Who winks these days? Liz thought. Then she saw Zan, his arms crossed by his motorbike- he seemed very annoyed. He looked a lot different than Max. With his spiked dreadlocks and goatee. His multiple piercing, and tattoos- he seemed like the leader of the streets.

Looks like its show time. Liz wished Rae didn’t make her wear a green g-string; it felt like a stick was up her arse. Liz totted on her long legs towards the motorbike, Zan was drooling with passion the whole time. When Liz finally made it to his parking spot, five minutes later he shoved her to his body and attacked her with kisses.
Liz couldn’t help by responding with her tongue tracing the little hairs on his cheeks, neck and chin. She felt his arousal grow harder with each feather light touch, or when Liz moaned.
What the hell am I doing? Liz asked herself.
“ Yo I miss your heat seeping from your pants Rae- it taste like strawberries- Lets drink our body milkshake,” Zan marked her with a glowing hickey on the side of her neck. Which showed she was aroused. “ But lets leave this joint, first unless Babe she ain’t gonna wait to we hit the crib”
Liz composed herself and with her new New York Accent she whispered, “ I want to go to Encörta,”
Zan smirked” Yo, Babe? You mean Encörta Jayren Kobei. Let’s go,”
“ What’s Encörta Jayren Kobei?” Liz asked and then cursed herself for blowing her cover.
“ You lost your head Rae? It’s the full name of this joint ‘Encörta Jayren Kobei’. Encörta is likes it’s pet name,” Zan cupped her left butt check with his hand, as to push her onto the bike. But Liz knew better. She felt his “ passion” and desire to be inside her- and also some “amusement”. Which Left Liz somewhat confused.
What does he know that I don’t? Liz thought.

The joint, or the place where Rae called “ the gathering” and insisted that she should go was the least thing Liz would expect. It was an old Folks home, just a few blocks away from China Town, Zan’s crib. With a few pine trees and clean angel fountains, a few, grumpy, shrivelled men were placed in their wheel chairs and ushered to their rooms by weary nurses. The nurses and the old men were all complaining about something until Zan walked through, as a King would, he walked, his hand touching hers. This was the place that Rae wanted her to go? Where everyone lives out their desires and gets turned on by each other? Liz noticed a Nurse fighting to remove a man’s bedpan, but the man refused to let go as if the bedpan represented his teddy bear. This gave Liz an idea. She stopped Zan, scratched her short ruby hair and said.
“ Oh yeah Zan, I see your bed pan needs emptying- why don’t I turn your morphine up a little bit- it brings that smell of waste right out,” Liz arched her eyebrows and made a face like a English puppy dog. Zan smiled, shook his head as he chuckled. He looked into her eyes, his amber pools sparked with foreign desires.
“ You really have got your head screwed. Did the cornball air get to cha?”
Liz quickly shook her head sideways “ No- just plain old me,”
Zan escorted her through the automatic doors towards the women in a very short nurse outfit and red curly hair, twirled into a French twist. Her name was Ariel and she looked like she was in her late twenties. The smell of detergent was everywhere and so was the colour of pale yellow- the same colour of urine.
“ Hi I’m Ariel and Welcome to the New York retirement home. How can I help you?” Ariel didn’t’ even flinch, which what Liz found odd. Even Liz would falter if two punks entered the Café. But Ariel remained still and poised her blue fountain pen on the notebook.
Zan seemed like he was a professional at communication, flexed his knuckles and fiddled with one sliver ring on his forefinger before asking this question.
“ Hi Ariel- we are here to see Nell- my Grandmother. She was in room 29 but I think she is at the top level now,” He draped himself on the bench top and continued to stare at Ariel, she took off her nurse cap and let down her curly red hair down with one twist. What Liz found strange was Ariel suddenly looked younger than Liz, even sixteen or fifteen. What the hell? Liz quickly asked Zan for some gum and resorted to chew on bubblegum a million times- to stop her from losing her cover, and getting killed. All this time Zan had this evil grin on his face- almost inhumane and dark.
Ariel’s toothpaste smile quivered into a scared puppy dog, her lips quivered before readjusting her composure, touching up her nurse uniform before bending down, from our view for a few minutes, Then Ariel Stood back up from the bench and trembled as she handed Zan an old golden brass key, Ariel flashed a sultry smile, twisted her hair up again and fastened her white nurse cap on top of her hair (she now resembled a lady in her late twenties, again) Ariel replied “ Enjoy your time- Nell will be pleased,”
Zan ushered Liz to the silver door lift. But Liz noticed everyone else was using the golden arched doors (elevators). Zan put the key inside the keyhole- at the left wall and turned three degrees left then four degrees right. The lift doors opened- cold air rushed out and billowed through her hair. They walked inside and Zan pushed a button and the doors closed. Zan waved his hand over the switchboard- a silver handprint appeared and Zan placed his left hand down, a few beeps emitted and the four square glowed brightly from his forehead- it beamed into the switchboard as if it was a secret password. Then the handprint vanished. Zan drew back his hand and placed it over her shoulders. A white hologram appeared out of nowhere. An Asian courtesan become visible
“ Welcome- please wait a few moments and please try our compliment red mints,” then the hologram dissolved into thin air.
What the hell is going on here? Liz thought wildly as panic struck her body, her limbs turned into jelly and she flopped into Zan’s strong embrace. Meanwhile the elevator was humming quietly as it moved down the 98 levels.
“ Oh can’t hold on any longer Rae?’ Zan said in an Irish accent, seeming very satisfied and pleased.
Shocked and half disgusted
Liz aimed her knee at his crotch and gave her best jab in the family jewels. Zan laughed, and he was still standing.
“ I can heal faster than you can hit me Rae,” He tucked a loose red strand behind her ear.
The elevator came to a halt
Zan grinned, his black goatee giving him this bad look, but not in an evil way. He took out a cigarette and waved his hand over it, the cigarette was lit. He took out his drag and breathed out a smoke O in front of her face.
“ Want one Rae?” Zan asked as the Lift doors opened, eerie music flooded the room.
“ No thanks Zan, just hit the floor so I can have my way with ya,” Liz said but Zan didn’t hear, the uncanny music distracted him and he disappeared into the thick cold mist.
Liz stood there in the steel metal box alone, afraid on what awaited for her in the uncharted abyss. A strong-arm appeared through the mist, cold smoke repelled from the warm arm and Zan re appeared. “ Come on Babe its Magi night tonite,”
Don’t drink Magi Liz…. Rae voiced echoed through her mind.
But what is the drink Magi? Was it Oysters or Vodka or something else? Liz was determined to find out.
I wonder how Rae is going, Then Liz snorted, as Zan blindly led her through the cold mist, which felt like seawater brushing up against her skin, quite odd but strangely familiar in the same way. Then the mist cleared. Liz wished it didn’t. Because what she is facing now was more disturbing and creepy. The room was shaped like a circle, there were six levels and lots and lots of trapezes and large birdcages in the middle, hanging by invisible wires. All filled with topless women and the Men were only wearing a shirt, some people were even having sex.
Zan twirled around and flashed a goofy grin, “Welcome to Encörta Jayren Kobei,” He began removing his ripped jacket and grey polo shirt. He tossed them to the nearest Indian waitress; with four arms and the waitress placed them behind the counter, into a box locker Marked ‘ Da Man & Rae’
Liz was gawking at his sweaty chest, all muscles clearly defined and toned, not too buffy or lean but yummy as in drooling-and-standing-drooling.
Zan swayed his hips to the fast beat, while advancing on her; he removed her boob tube with one swift move and gave it to Indian waitress. Liz clutched he arms to her bare chest and tried to bend down but Zan looped his arms around her and tried to loosen her up. “ Come on Babe- no ones going to judge ya?”
Oh what the hell, with that though Liz flung her arms in the air, and twisted her hips around seductively like a belly dancer. Zan seemed delighted and eagerly matched her moves to his and placed his hands on her hips- grinding her to him-making them one.
Laser lights flashed: red, blue, green, pink coloured their sweaty bodies. Liz hugged him closer and tried to stifle her groan.
After all Zan was a copy of Max so it was like she was with Max, half naked. Liz noticed a booth close by. It was lit up with fairy lights. A group of people were cheering a girl who was standing on top of the table and removing an item of clothing each time someone threw placid blue liquid in her face. Liz even noticed most of the people at the booth had Bright, phosphorous blue eyes.
“ It’s the magi Rae, they didn’t have clear minds- now their life is fucked up,” Zan began nibbling on her right breast. Liz pushed him a few centimetres away. “ Let’s go somewhere quiet,”
Zan nodded “ I though you never ask, babe” He took her hand and lead her to a spiral staircase that never ended. It was made of white gold and covered in foreign gems; even the banister was made of pure gold. Liz could see her reflection clearly as the sun.
“ Come on Rae,” Zan grabbed her legs and scooped her up into his arms. While the headed upwards the endless crowed Cheer them on. “ Zan! Zan!” They flung their arms in the air, and drenched themselves in head to toe what Zan said was Cow’s blood.
Liz shivered. She already hated this place.
They advanced five staircases and came to the big Egyptian doors, covered in green crystals. The foursquare symbol was marked in white gold in the middle, where the two doors met. Zan kicked the door open and they walked through. He placed her on the fluffy pink carpet, like sheep’s wool it came to her calves. It fel like silk but it was hard as steel to pull free. In the middle was a king four poster waterbed, behind was an aquarium filled with angelfish. To her left was an open bar filled with Tabasco sauce and gin. And to her right was the large windows- that extended four metres, outside was a balcony with the most beautiful view. Without thinking Liz wrenched opened the glass doors and walked up to the edge of the balcony and placed her arms on the pole, also made of white gold, she clutched her bare chest with her shivering arms. Liz looked down and saw the entire view of New York, even the top of the Empire state building. It was almost like this place was another world. The wind was fierce as a tiger’s growl. It tossed and swirled her short ruby hair in a whirlpool of different directions. However the wind was hot as Egypt’s noonday sun. Liz even noticed a slight shimmer, a coating between her and the city of New York down below as the grey mist surrounded the balcony; it seemed like New York and this place, whatever it was- were two completely separate things.
“ This is another dimension Rae, if you forgot. Time doesn’t exist here- people will never grow old, but everyone else does,” referring to the humans in New York down below. But Liz didn’t move from her comfortable position. Not until she was dragged back inside and thrown by powerful arms onto the even more comfortable waterbed. Zan laid on top of her, pinning her down. He nudged her legs open, wide open, Zan traced her thighs covered in red mesh. Then he whispered “ I didn’t think you had it in ya Liz- you passed the first of many tests,” Zan began chuckling like a chicken. Then it turned into hysterical laughs- a few happy tears of laughter escaped his mysterious eyes.
It took a few moments until it sunk in.
Zan Knew! Rae must have told him earlier. Hot acid erupted within her and Liz let it all out, “ WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU THINK YOU GUYS ARE PULLING,” She shoved him off the bed. Liz walked to the other end, but the room was very big. “ OH POOR LIZ LETS MESS WITH HER CORNY MIND. WHAT WERE YOU PLANING? HUH? FUCKING ME?” Liz slapped him hard, Zan grabbed her arms and pushed her to the wall- it made a slight dent. Zan spoke softly- too softly, which scared Liz to the core, because he sounded almost like Max when he was pissed off. Only this time Zan used power to plant her to the wall.” Liz, you are Shari- with the birth mark, we were trying to see if you can withstand pain- you passed- to see if you could keep your cool- undercover- passed with fucking flying colours Liz, This isn’t a game- its Life only you decided to join a bit later. We want to make sure you are ready to fight. Since the corn team doesn’t know- Nasdeo is dead -we are your only hope. So pay attention cause this isn’t high school or eating candy. This is a lesson of survival. Cause the skins are almost here. The war has begun and we need you strong- to control the granolith- to help lead the fight Liz. Your training and history lessons begins tomorrow.” Zan pushed her to the beside table with a phone. “ Clothes in the closet- corny but your style- call Rae tomorrow morning and tell her you passed the test” With that Zan left her alone to sleep.
Asshole, Liz thought then sighed.
Liz got under the covers and cried silently to sleep. When she awoke it was already daylight so she rang Rae.
“ Well funny you should ask Rae. I am going to get you back,” Liz spoke into the receiver, Clutching the white sheets to her bare chest.

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Authors note: in this part I am trying to say that Rae feels un wated by Zan- I hope you get that. If not tell me okay



PART SIX (Rae undercover at Roswell)

Maria and herself were inside Alex’s bedroom. Alex had just finished calling Isabel; a grim expression decorated his face. Maria and herself finished coaching Alex to turn her down for a date. Serves that bitch right, Rae thought, Vilandra was always a slut.
Maria was squealing with delight, something to do with the prom and how romantic Michael was. However the song that was been played on the radio- into my arms By Nick Cave& Bad Seeds distracted Rae. This was the song that she and Zan had sung when Fred, their sewer rat died. Rae smiled sadly. Zan was so upset when Fred died and they were only ten so Rae suggested having a mock burial in Central park at midnight. It was December so it snowed the whole night. Lonnie and Rath were quite innocent and nice when they were ten, before they became involved with each other.

Rae even remembers Zan crying on her shoulder as Ava placed the box (that contained their beloved pal Fred) into the ground. Lonnie and Rath placed little charm bracelets they made all together as a sign of eternal friendship. Rae had sung into my arms all night- so did the others while Zan just sat there, so pale and heart broken.

Rae’s memories flashed through her mind.
Rae’s first date at thirteen that had gone very badly. Zan singing this song to her while she cried herself to sleep.
Their first kiss when they were fourteen in an art museum. The strong smell of nicotine fresh in their mouths.
When they made love. Or so Rae thought. They were fifteen and it was New Years Eve. Zan kissed her softly under the stars. Then their clothes were undone and they were together in the sewers, no one saw them.
At sixteen when She and Zan tried to explain to her dupe Liz that the only way to get her powers activated was for her to get shot, so Max could restart her alien system by resurrecting her. Rae remembered picking a dead man’s face from an old wartime album at the museum of world history. So Kal, their protector could shape shift into that character and shoot Liz in the stomach so The chosen king could be reunited with his chosen Queen.
This was just before Kal abandoned them.
Rae remembered the warmth of Zan’s arms, touching her wet face. Kal was like a father to her for those sixteen years. That’s when she knew she was in love with Zan, that night when he stayed with her when he could of caused havoc on the streets with Rath, which of course he loved very much to scare humans.

Rae shook herself out of her revive. That was in the past. Things are different now. He doesn’t love you, as much you want him to. That is never going to happen.
The song ended. Rae flipped the radio off and plopped herself next to Maria on Alex’s bed.
“ So Liz what happened out there? You too seem pretty heated,” Maria said.
Rae remembered what caused Liz so much pain when they met in the rain. But she already knew. If one pair of Dupes has a mutual friendship between them they can experience everything that happens to one of them. Even memories, feelings and we see what they see. Rae knew what caused Liz heartache even before Liz told her. “ Max kissed Tess,”

Maria scoffed. Alex arched his eyebrows.
Rae thought for a moment then it came to her Max and Liz are the chosen ones. They must get back together. And maybe- maybe Liz might help her with Zan when she and Max are back together.
It sounded corny but what else is Rae going to do? Smoke and drink? As much as she wants to it is not Liz’s style.
Rae smiled at Maria, glanced at Alex then said “ But I am going to win him back,”
Maria replied with continuos whoops and jumping in the air. “ You go girl!”
Alex just chuckled “ Good luck- Tess is scary,” Alex drummed his fingers on the bedside table.
Liz kneeled on the bed. She wore a grey tank top, obviously displaying her large breasts and black leather hipster pants. Which showed her belly button, which still had her silver stud. She didn’t want to remove or make it disappear. Zan had pierced her navel- even brought the stud so it helped her through a lot of things. It also brings back to aphrodisiac of having him thrust inside of her after the belly button pierced. Rae smiled.
Alex was still frozen, jaw dropped,” Liz?? Stud and where did yog get ther,” Alex pointed at her chest. Rae just laughs quietly to herself. “ I had an impulse- and the breasts are real,”
Rae realised when Maria noticed the bellybutton ring,” Ohmigod Liz you said you would not pierce your navel,” Maria nodded in approval. “ It suits you,”
Rae glanced back at Alex; still drumming his fingers- this sent chills up her spine. Something was odd about Alex and his continuous finger tapping- she didn’t what was odd? But she would have to check that out later.
“ It’s Saturday- lets have a major sleep over and..” Rae thought to herself. What else could she say- she had never worried about this stuff before? Luckily Maria jumped in for support “ Alex take your photos and slides- we can have a major sleep over! Movies, pop corn and I need to get Michael back for not turning up for work,” Maria had a tendency to wave her cream arms in the air, her silver bracelets jingled like bells.
“ Or we can call it operation Max,” Rae said in a hush whisper. Maria whipped her head around with a devils grin “ What do you have in mind?”
Rae snickered and wiggled her eyebrows up and down,” Well here’s what we do… Alex we will start here at your place at the back with your pool and then….”

** && $$

Rae adjusted her brown string Bikini with g-string as the bottom half. Her hair was freely down and neatly brushed with two plaits at the front. Rae inserted the heart shaped topaz jewel stud in her navel. It suited her firm, slightly muscular flat stomach.

Rae applied a rich red cheery lip-gloss to her lips until they were the same colour as red roses. Rae had just finished applying sunscreen to her skin when there was a knock at the door; it was Maria “ Can I come in?”
“ Sure,” Rae replied at approved of her reflection in Alex’s mirror.
The afternoon sun had streaked through Alex’s window and onto Rae’s perfect from.
“ Well Maria?” Rae rested her hands on her hips.
Maria didn’t speak but she remained in mid movement.
“ Hey you guys we are out of.” There was Kyle, who just entered the room and stood like a wax dummy.

There was no speck of dirt on Rae’s skin. Her long silky legs with her brown g-string, most of her healthy flat, firm stomach was exposed- her topaz stud glowed in the sunlight. Her string bikini had fit her perfectly. Rae was surprised Liz never wore it. The bikini showed her two breast, big and supported- they were evidence of a drooling cleavage by the way Kyle’s eyes were glued there. Then there was her hair, not one strand was out of place. No split ends, Rae has two thin plaits, one on each side- each one done perfectly. Rae’s face was clear as sand, no spot just soft silky skin with red pout lips and white teeth- a perfect smile.
“ You look good,” Maria managed to say.
“ Hell yeah,” Kyle gave her the thumbs up. They had told him the plan earlier. Even though he didn’t approve of hurting Tess’s feelings he wanted to see King Max beg so he was in. The humans had a plan, but they didn’t notice Liz wasn’t Liz but her alien dupe Rae who knew Zan’s body very well and the arts of seduction.

“ Well,” Rae said, “ Let’s go,”


Rae finished twisting the knot on her black sarong, put on some bronze shades and let the afternoon sun sink in. The song porcelain by Moby was blasting through the speakers and the barbeque was almost ready.
While Max, Michael and Alex played basketball Rae noticed Kyle, sitting crossed legged underneath the old oak tree, a few leaves tumbled to the ground.
Rae expected Kyle to be the stereotype of the school jock, she nearly laughed when she heard Kyle quoting from the Buddha book.
But for some reason Kyle was seen now as the nice guy, or so she heard at the Café.
Which remaindered Rae on the rumour she heard Pam Troy Whisper about Liz being a slut and sleeping with Kyle, while dating the Greek God Max Evans.
The insect Maria told her not to worry about Pam, who would anyway? She is just flesh and bone- she had not sixth sense so why bother about her?
But apparently her dupe Liz did?
So it seems her and Liz have their own secrets.
· Rae’s unrequited love for Zan
· Learning to stand up to Zan when it came to sex.
· And her dupe, Liz with her real identity- alien side and this rumour with Kyle.

It’s not like Rae enjoyed having sex with Zan, she love it when he called her name in the night. But Rae had this feeling inside- a sharp thorn that he is just using her.
Don’t think that, Rae thought to herself.
She turned to Kyle, still under the old oak tree. Rae stood up from her deck chair and waltz over to the clean cut grass. She liked his brown hair, she didn’t know why but it was so rich and shiny, and maybe soft to touch. Maybe if she just…
What the hell? He is an insect; She loved Zan with all her heart. But a girl cannot go on forever pouring out her love for someone and not have it returned. She didn’t want to spend another night crying while Zan pulled out of her, cold ice was all she felt some nights.
“ Hey Liz, so what’s the plan?” Kyle’s eyes where shining in the afternoon sun.
For no reason at all Rae’s face felt hot and immediately blushed.
Maybe it is just the heat, Rae correct herself. Yes, none of this sappy crap for Rae amigo.
“ I don’t know Kyle, maybe we should enjoy this party- at night I might have something in store for Maxi boy,” Liz felt her heart stabbed at that thought.
How can Liz have a guy so much in love with her- and she loved him die away? She would kill for that!
Zan didn’t give her roses, necklaces or love letters. It was just the usual bench table or elevator than A ‘ Thanks Rae’ then off he goes. However he has save her neck may times. But sometimes just sometimes she wished things could be different. She didn’t think humans were insects Rae envied them so much. They had a free life to live, party and do what they want. Not protecting the royals- training day after day. Or being instructed to die for some stupid war cause your brother hates Zan.
Didn’t I forget to tell you, Rae thought. Khivair was her twin brother. He was born twenty minutes before her. Her parents wanted a girl so they abandoned Khivair to the streets. However Shari spent years to find her twin brother- she didn’t know until he sliced her cousin Ava open like butter. So in matter of words she was technically half skin or what the real name was Xoans.
I wonder how Liz would take the news? Rae chuckled at that thought. I wonder what Zan?
“ Hey Liz, what movies are we watching?” Isabel joined them at the tree.
God, how I hate her, Rae thought. Vilanda was they type of person who knew she was beautiful and knew that she deserved everything… Isabel was just like her- even with protecting her baby brother Max.
Rae didn’t know how Zan dealt with Lonnie? Lonnie was more in touch with herself than the rest of others. And when Nicholas joined the streets Lonnie was way too pleased. Rae knew Lonnie was probably giving Nicholas a fucking blow job- she can be so low sometimes.
“ American Beauty, The skulls, Empire records, A.I, Mars attacks- Independence day and other stuff,” Rae couldn’t think on any other movies. She never went to the Cinema. Rae just stared at the posters a lot. Plus she was busily studying her past and ancient diaries they all wrote- and scrolls too.
“ Good,” Isabel smiled but Rae and Kyle knew it was fake smile.
“ Gee what’s up her alien butt hole,” Kyle whispered. Rae couldn’t help but sinker and giggle, a few butterflies swarmed.
She liked Kyle, a lot which sacred Rae very much. She loved Zan with all her heart but being with Kyle has just? Well for starters he treated her as a person and not an item or a thing. However, she already missed the smell of nicotine from his grey shirt.
Rae hunched her shoulders with a frustrated sigh.
You’re here on two missions, Rae One: keep cool and Two: get Max and Liz back together.
Speaking of Liz I wonder how she is doing, Rae thought. Is she feeling like a fish out of water too?




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AUTHORS NOTE: I loved your replies.

Uh Rae and Zan are pretty dense people... like the kind of people you want to wack with a baseball hat

As for Kyle and Rae? I dunno I just have to think about that.

Alex yeah he is mind warped by Tess.

okay here is the next part. I relly want to kick Zan's butt and Rae's cause- well they are dense - you will know what I mean.

And I love replies and questions too, even just a bump
will make my day.


PART EIGHT – Abandoned Warehouse

“ Left, right and centre,” Kal commanded. Liz kicked left and punched right then kicked and jumped, and leaped a few metres.
“ Okay Now can I have a break,” Liz was on the floor, breathing heavily, 6 hours of non stop training of martial arts wasn’t her style.
“ Okay your Majesty, History lesson,” Kal pulled out an old maroon book.
Liz groaned.
Liz knew that she was different and the skins were coming to kill everyone but Liz wasn’t in the mood for another boring lesson on how they died and how this crappy planet is in danger from dying.. Blah blah blah
Bullshit, pure bull, that’s what Liz, thought of this- a whole heap of cow dung that could knock out New York.
Liz didn’t get any sleep because lack of clothing, it was extremely cold in her room and loud music and noises from the people downstairs.
Seeing Zan again made Liz red with anger.
How that asshole could be so cunning and self-centred. He had a major stick up his arse.
“ Liz, you have another test tonight,” Kal said as he put his black shades on and scratching his balding hair.
Liz slouched to the polished floor; the black tank and grey cargo pants suited her lost mood. “ What? Still a lock of hair from Zan’s arse,”
“ If you want that?” Kal showed no sympathy for her. Which, Liz wondered about. If he made her dupe Rae go out of her comfort zone to play innocent Liz and have herself here in New York being taught the alien ways. Why is he being worse than Nasdeo? However Nasdeo was a sick twisted shape shifter. Kal was just being cruel.
But I guess he has to, Liz corrected to herself.
“ Liz you and Zan are going to Vegas. You will be in disguised as Newly weds,” Kal chuckled.
“ Great I have to be with self centred bell boy,” Liz retorted.
Zan, who was next to Kal the whole time smirked.” Now Honey, you want me bad Baby- lets do it in Vegas,”
“ Shut up,” Liz whined. She didn’t want to go to Vegas. Last time she kept having Visions of her and Max getting married, happy and carefree. She also saw a peak of their hot steamy honeymoon. Liz didn’t want to set herself up for another crying session.
“ Now Liz, Rath and his punks ass men are the Mirage hotel - holding Ava hostage. Now your mission is simple. Distracted Rath until the siren goes off- signalling a fire,” Kal said.
“ WHAT!” Liz shrilled. Distracted Rath? Rath would looks so much like Michael? Michael is like her older brother. It would be too wired. And what did he mean distract Rath.
“ Liz you distract him, then you know what to do. Then grab the gold disc- it has the orb symbol scratched on it- you will find it then get the hell out. Mean while Zan will kill the men and grab Ava then set off the fire alarm off.” Kal said.
“ What do you mean distract Rath?” Liz asked.
“ Yo Babe just flash your tits- he will be hooked.” Zan mocked her, making a V shape by using two fingers he posed them at his mouth, then poked his tongue out between the V shape fingers and flicked in and out.
“ No” Liz shook her head.” No… No…. NO”
Liz is supposed to seduce Rath in Vegas.
“ No- NEVER!” Liz spat.
Kal smiled,” Well you could stay here.”
“ THANKYOU!” Liz breathed out a sigh of relief. She didn’t have to go through that plan.
“ But that means I have kill you, ”Kal remarked.
“ Wha?” Liz froze.
“ It is my duty to protect my set and my duty to protect them at all cost. I don’t want Rae to get caught. And after all Rae wanted you to be taught- I would want you to fail. But she said that when you were young you never feared any challenge. You even strangled a snake at Frazier Woods. She believes that you need training since Nasdeo didn’t care about you or the fate of the people. Now Liz, until I see some good thrashing or some kick ass moves or some maturity from you instead of a whining twelve year old, Liz? I will wait until you sleep then burn you alive. So what’s it going to be Liz? Death or Vegas?” Kal walked towards her, hovering around her small form. Liz felt defeated.
“ Looks Like we are going to Vegas,” Liz said to Kal.
Kal smiled, it was a small step of many towards a mutual friendship between a protector and the real queen.
“ You will be leaving at six thirty,” Kal said.
Liz looked at her watch.
Six pm
Then Liz looked at Zan,” Okay, Zan one rule no touching,” Liz walked passed him. Zan walked behind her and firmly slaps her arse and held it there before removing it. Zan was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday. “ See you cornball in half an hour. Don’t screw up,” Then snickered “ You said no touching but slapping counts,”
“ Zan? What was Rae like when you and her went on missions?” Liz said. She wondered if Zan had a slightest affection for her?
Zan and Liz stood alone in the abandoned warehouse. The same warehouse Max went to at the summit meeting.
“ Yo, she’s a smart firecracker. Always dis agreeing, mapping out battle plans- playing guitar while sweetly signing. Word, I could listen to her singing tis shit about dogs farting but I would find it incredible. Even if she is covered in mud or crying like a cornball she was beautiful in my eyes,” Zan was dazed; looking into space then Zan shook himself free from the past memories. “ But Chà you know what I’m saying She ain’t interested in tis shit,” Pointing to himself. “ She should be dating white clean cut snob cornballs. She’s fucking smart and a total hottie that I could do anything I want wanna. She was always sticking by da man. But Da Man can’t have everything. She ain’t interesting Eliza. Unrequited Love is shit house man. Know what I’m saying,” Zan shuffled in his worn out sneakers that slightly squeaked against the dirty pavement.
Liz smiled. She vowed then and there she was going to make them see that they love each other. At least one of them deserves to be happy. Then maybe, Rae could help her pick up her broken pieces that were too small for Liz to see. Then Rae could teach some of bad-girl type stuff or whatever then maybe, Liz would have the courage to move on. And when this war that Liz wasn’t destined to be in for. She could ask Sean out for a game of bowling. But that won’t be for a while; Sean is in Huston or something? Ohio? Some places talking about are more permeant freedom for Sean. After all Liz was human, a girl next door.
Zan tucked a red strand behind her pierced ear. Liz was still getting used to metal bits pierced in certain places. Thank god Rae didn’t pierce her private parts. Can that be done?
“ Yo Liz? Cornball you and fucking Maxi Boy are made for each other. Don’t forget you are Shari- Da queen -Maxi and my love from the past you are tis hybrid- ya’ll all mean.”
“ Don’t forget Zan. Rae and you are made for each other too,”
Liz saw a flicker in his tormented eyes. It was quick- so quick Liz thought she imaged it. But Liz knew what Zan must have been feeling in his heart.
He felt a slight Hope that Rae might Love him too?
“ Come on Cornball. Let’s blow this joint and go back to Encörta. Ariel expects us back.” Zan and Liz walked down the vacant room. Ariel, the fifteen-year-old who is the best projector in New York- She has the power to make herself look older. It’s like Sailor Moon, the black cat and the sailor scouts? Serena, the moon princess had this magic pen to make Serena change into anything she wanted. That was close to comparing Serna’s magic pen to Ariel power. But Ariel can do it only for ten minutes, she hasn’t yet learned to focus her power but she has training at the academy. The school for little aliens to learn their powers quicker so they will be ready when the war comes.
Liz made a mental note to herself as Zan hoisted her onto the motorbike and he gunned the engine. When they get back from Vegas- she is going to pursue this glimpse of hope from Zan about Love. Liz was going to make Rae and Zan get together.
After all one of them deserves to be happy.


It was exactly 6pm when Rae sat down with Alex’s guitar, in his room. The others were in the lounge eating pizza but Rae wanted to be alone for a while. Rae loved the guitar and when she had the spare time she would write lyrics, jamming with her guitar. With all the chaos around her all Rae wanted to do was to play, and get in touch with herself. So Rae held Alex’s acoustic guitar and started to drum one of her song. If only Rae noticed the door was slightly open.

It was June the second
And I had just opened your door
Only to see you were with someone else
The look on your face
Was too much to bear for me-e

So for many months I was in my room
Like a little girl who lost her way
I cried and I cried and I… cried

But then you were there
You took me in your arms
And we soared to the stars

Now we are back together
And I just wanted you to know
How much I missed you
How much I Love you

Rae adjusted her hold on the guitar, tapped her long fingernails on the polished varnish, the scratching sound soothed her. Rae took a deep breath and continued the song.

Don’t you know how much I missed combing my fingers through your hair?
And smelling the strong tobacco from your leather jacket
Oh can it be like old times
When our kisses were sacred?

“ I didn’t know you could play the guitar?” Max Evans was standing in Alex’s room.
“ Oh,” Rae blushed then placed the guitar in it black leather case. All this home cooked meals and good girl acting was making Rae go slightly loopy. She even caught herself plaiting her own hair. The sooner Liz is finished the tests the sooner Rae could go back.
“ Liz,” Max was sitting next to her on Alex’s bed. The warmth from his skin seeped into her right arm.
Rae had an idea. It was hastily but she needed do to something that will make Tess explode.
“ Max, I need help with that biology assignment. Do me a favour and lock the door and make yourself comfortable. This won’t take long,” Liz held the handcuffs in her right hand. While Max locked the door Rae flipped through Alex’s CD’s until she found one. Ti was marked Random with the word pit stop on. Rae placed the disc in the CD player and the warm seductive music flooded the room. Rae was still wearing her bikini only she had low slung faded ripped at the sides’ jeans on and a cowboy hat and a long black whip in her pink bag. Liz is going to thank Rae with lots and lots of beer and cigarettes. Speaking of cigarettes, Rae thought. Rae pulled out a cigarette out and lit it.
“ Uh- Liz I thought you wanted help?” Max chocked the sentence out.
“ O” Rae breathed out a long Smokey O.


I was drivin’ in my car late at night all alone
Then you stopped me asked me for a ride
Then you were all alone
Ask me why do I feel my hearts on fire
Ask me why I feel this strange desire
Ask me why do I feel like I’m falling


Take me home what a wonderful way to go
Take me home what a wonderful way to go

Rae smiled.
“ Liz turn the music off,” Max stuttered.
Rae shook her head as she flung her hands in the air, gently rocking her hips around. The room was dark as the moonlight shone on Rae’s form, casting a dancing figure of the bedside wall.
“ No Max, It helps me think,” Rae replied and walked up to Max who was retreated to Alex’s bed, Max lied down as his eyes waved down her body hungrily.
“ I thought you wanted to be friends,” Max said.
“ Oh yeah but Friends can help each other out, Stand up I won’t bite,” Rae reached out and pulled him up to her. Max touched Rae’s head then put his hands in his cargo pants and walked to the window; the black curtains were closed so no one can look in and see what they were doing.
“ So Liz what do you need help with Bio? “ Max asked, staring at the locked door. The others voices were laughing followed by a word shouting Let’s fuck.
“ Oh Max don’t worry you can go back to Cruel intentions later. I need your input,” Rae licked her lips, Max heavily breathed in.
Yes Max, Rae thought. He was so close to losing control.

Ask me why do I feel my hearts on fire
Ask me why I feel this strange desire
Ask me why do I feel like I’m falling


Take me home what a wonderful way to go
Take me home what a wonderful way to go

“ Look I put another song on Okay,” Rae tossed the CD away and pulled out Gomez, Liquid Skin and put on track six- we haven’t turned around. Rae decided that maybe stripping; lap dancing and whipped cream weren’t a good thing to do just yet. Rae changes her plan and decided dancing would be a better idea.
Rae held out her hand to Max, whom had his back tuned to her. Rae grazed his back with her perky breasts.” Max, Dance with me,”
“ Okay,” Max’s eyes were black, a dark amber.

So you spin the world around
So you want to spin world and everyone body else come undone
So you want to make catastrophe
Won’t you send it over to me?
I got to turn
I got to turn everybody came around

Rae laid her head on his chest while Max had his head nestled at the top of her straight brown hair. His warm arms slid up and down her back.
“ Liz. Why this song?” Max said, a tear slid down his left eye. Rae cupped his cheeks with her hands
“ Don’t speak Max, I love this song, I Love you,” Rae closed the distance and softly kissed his lips. Max resisted at first but then his mouth sucked and devoured hers whole as his tongue slid and stroked the roof of her mouth, He nibbled and tucked on her lower lip, pulling it forward and watch it spring back into place.
Rae gasped for breath, the world was spinning and her head felt dizzy.
“ Our first Kiss,” Max referred to the song as his forehead touched hers.
Liz! A voice shouted but Max wasn’t talking. But then Max melted into Kyle who then sucked on her neck at the Empire state building, Wait, she was in New York? Then Zan stood with his arms crossed.
“ How could you Rae?” He cried…

Rae rubbed her eyes, and snuggled into the warm cotton sheets. Alex was siting on his bed. It was six fifteen.
What? Was that all a dream?
Apparently so Rae knew Gomez was Liz favourite band. Liz sometimes emailed her- and she knew we haven’t turned around was their first kiss song. Was that all a dream?
“ Liz you have been asleep for along time, you haven’t eaten at all, what’s up?” Alex said.
Rae stomach jumped, her head was hot and Rae actually felt like shit. She slowly sat up and swings herself out of bed but then she collapsed to her knees as the stomach squeezed, warm fluid was shooting up. Rae threw up, all over Alex’s bed sheets and some of his shirt. Rae grumbled and mewed then threw up again, Rae rocked back and forth then hiccuped then threw up again.
“ Whoa Liz, you should go home,” Alex stated.
“ NO! - I’ mean this has happened to me all this week, I got food poisoning from Joey’s cooking. I’m fine. By the way what day is it?” Rae asked. She knew she was due to her monthly period. God, how that sucks why didn’t the scientist who made then cut out the period part- oh well.
Alex pointed to the calendar. She was late but only by three days.
It happens all the time, Rae thought. My periods are always irregular. Then Rae chuckled. Today it was exactly two weeks she had sex with Zan, and it was pretty good too. Because they use handcuffs and-
Cut that thought, Rae stood up. “ Uh I got some spare clothes” Referring to her bikini. “ Can I have a shower and where is everybody else?” Rae scratched her hands, when she was around humans she felt way too jumpy and uneasy. Rae yawned-gosh she was tired.
“ Yeah Liz. Everyone’s at Max and Isabel’s you have a shower and I will clean this up,” Alex stated to drum his fingers on the wall, another chill up her spine. Rae glanced at a photo with Alex and a blonde woman in front of a building.
That building? Rae couldn’t remember the name but she saw that building. That building was torn down in 1992. Rae noticed all the other photos all with places that didn’t exist anymore.
“Alex?” Rae asked.
“ Yeah,” Alex was stripping his bed.
“ Did you go all to these places?” Rae pointed at all the photos.
“ Oh yeah, I liked this building the most, it has a great view at the top,” Alex pointed to the framed picture that Rae knew that building was torn down. She was nine years old when her and Kal went to Sweden in 1992. Rae saw the building being torn down with Kal.
Alex was drumming his fingers as he studied the photos.
Suddenly all the pieces fell into place. He was mind warped.
Rae had to do something. “ Alex, come here,”
Alex sighed and grumbled then walked to her; he started down at her “ What?”
Rae placed her hands at his temples, her hands hovered 5cm at each side of his head.
“ Liz?”
“ Alex, I’m not Liz,” Then Rae focused on her healing powers. Red electricity emitted from her fingertips and formed an aura around his head. Rae closed her head and saw his networks of veins and grey matter, his brain. Rae looked for the trapped memory. She found it; it was four stonewalls around the memory. Rae punched through the walls and started healing his damaged cells.
The light stopped, Alex’s brain was fully healed. Luckily she noticed it or else one more mind warp or mishap his brain would be jell-o.
Rae placed her arms down and looked at Alex.
She broke her promise to Liz by using her powers on Alex. But she saved Alex life so all is forgiven, hopefully.
“ Who the hell are you?” Alex asked. He was frightened.
With one thought Rae was changed back into her original punk self. She had jeans and a faded pink Singlet with red bra, the red strap slightly visible. Rae had her original short jet-black hair with silver streaks. Eyebrow, tongue, left eyebrow pierced. Her colourful dragonfly and her mad cat tattoos were back too. Rae felt more like herself but Alex had retreated to the furthest corner, ready to get the phone and call Max.
“ Are you a shape shifter?” Alex asked.
“ No Alex, I’m Liz’s Dupe, Rae. Hey? Ain’t you gonna say hello to the fifth member of the pod squad?”

Okay so Zan loes Rae

and Rae loves Zan

But they both think they don't like each other

Himmm Rae dreaming of Kyle kissing her?

Rae? throwing up?

Liz has to seduce Rath in Vegas?

Rae healed Alex

Alex knows the secret but the question is? will he keep it a secret?


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Authors note: On a side note I saw smallville tonight. It was okay but I saw alot of lets say THINGS that remind me of ROSWELL!!


Liz seducing Rath. I will say funny but nothing gross. But I am trying to be funny..

Rae and Kyle or Zan and Rae

Who do you think?

you will have to see.

There might be a Zan and Kyle face off?

who knows?


THE story continues

Previously in Roswell

“ Who the hell are you?” Alex asked. He was frightened.
With one thought Rae was changed back into her original punk self. She had jeans and a faded pink Singlet with red bra, the red strap slightly visible. Rae had her original short jet-black hair with silver streaks. Eyebrow, tongue, left eyebrow pierced. Her colourful dragonfly and her mad cat tattoos were back too. Rae felt more like herself but Alex had retreated to the furthest corner, ready to get the phone and call Max.
“ Are you a shape shifter?” Alex asked.
“ No Alex, I’m Liz’s Dupe, Rae. Hey? Ain’t you gonna say hello to the fifth member of the pod squad?”


“ Dupe?” Alex said, not believing what he was seeing.
Rae rolled her eyes. These humans are denser than she expected.
“ O-Kay. I am Antar’s mother- I’m the hood.” Rae sticked her thumbs to herself, “ Ain’t that sweet. Now… now ya’ll know what I mean- I am the fifth member well there ain’t a fifth member-“
“ Wait I’m confused,” Alex had backed tracked to his bay window, next to his guitar. The sun was slowly departing beneath the arid ground.
Rae stared at Alex with a smile on her face. With one thought Rae moulded into the Crashdown uniform- only the material was changed into tight black leather- hugging every curse and outlined her breasts. Rae tied the jade green laces to her knee high leather boots with pulled the black mesh to fit more snugly. Her lips had a coat of dark pink with lip-gloss. Rae’s hair was down and roughly curled and Rae used both index fingers to touch her eyelids and a pool of dark pink coloured her eyelids and turn her fingers pitch black. Rae fasted the headband to the top of her hair. And the name Liz parker was embodied in turquoise stitching over her left breast.
Alex was staring at her- he face turning paler with every breath.
Maybe I should use my power, Rae thought. Then he would know not to mess with Rae.
Rae walked slowly to Alex until he was pressed against the wall- Rae placed her body over his, not one area of skin was unscathed.
Kiss Me, Rae sent that thought straight out. Alex inched forward and kissed her softly. Rae stood back and Alex was already spitting on the ground and wiping his face.
“ What? Okay that was weird Lizwouldneverdothat!!! stayawayfromme thatwaslikekissingmysister” Alex rushed that sentence before sitting on his bed.
“ Like I said I ain’t Liz,” Rae loved her own voice but changed back to the high innocent schoolgirl type. “ Liz never wanted you guys to know. The aliens programmed everyone but Liz and me into thinking Ava and Tess was the Queen and wife to Zan. You see they didn’t have enough time to finishing creating Liz and Me. Liz is more human than Michael and Isabel and others.” Rae pondered to herself.
How was she going to explain this to Alex?
“ Alex me and Liz are like computers- we were half finished when they sent us to Earth. They thought we would be finished in time but the ship malfunctioned and we went down. Liz and I- we hatched together and the parkers adopted us. But it seemed that the aliens finished designing me cause I had my powers. Liz didn’t yet. Apparently what I learnt from the diagrams is that Liz only needed her powers to be activated but they didn’t have enough time to finish Liz. So they went to Maxi’s boys programming and made him to activate her powers when she was sixteen.”
Rae sat next to Alex.
Alex was curled into a human ball. “ So your telling me Liz knew she was a,”
“ Alien,” Rae scrunched her brow” Yeah- she was told at her fourteenth birthday that she was going to get shot in September 99 and Max would save her. She even met the cowboy guy who would shoot her on that fateful day. Rae added in a sing along voice”- nice guy though. He is really good at playing chess,” Rae chuckled then felt a slight tug in her gut.
She betrayed Liz.
“ So Liz is an alien. She knew about Michael, Isabel, Max and didn’t even think to tell us?” Alex raised his voice.
“ Alex, lets say for example that your gay and only your parents knew. And you were gay for five years- you would want to protect the people you care about?” Rae said- trying to say that Liz was trying to protect them from her secret,” Nasdeo hated Shari- the queen if you wanted to know.”
“ So where’s Liz?” Alex asked.
“ Somewhere with Kal and Zan. Learning about her alien side,” Rae grinned.
“ Zan? Alive?” Alex said.” Wasn’t he dead?”
“ You know how I made you kiss me,” Rae said and Alex grimaced
“Well I made them think he was dead and I made them run,” Rae looked at her watch.
“ Want to go bowling Alex?” Rae asked.
“ What happened with my head?”
Rae rolled her eyes. Doesn’t this guy shut up?
Alex obviously didn’t know he was being mind warped.” Look Alex lets put this way. I saved your butt now save Liz’s butt and mine by keeping this thing a secret. Cause I am getting evil vibes from Tess ere and I think Liz doesn’t want anyone else to know. And I won’t tell Liz that I made you kiss me and by the way you’re not my type,”
“ Me neither- I love Isabel. Friends,” Alex struck out his hand and Rae shook it. “Look Alex I must say to you that you were mind warped- you didn’t go to Sweden. And if Tess mind warped you …well something up so if you ‘member anything let Rae know or I’ll get Da man to kick you arse. Com-pren-de?
Rae grabbed Alex hem and lifted his whole body a few centimetres metres of the ground.
“ Sure,” Alex breathed out and Rae dropped him, Alex fell to the floor.
“ Ow,” Alex winched.
“ So,” Rae said. “ Bowling?”
Rae clenched her stomach.
Oh my god.
She should of noticed the symtoms before.
the cravings
the lateness of her period
and everything that seemed weird.
The fucking condom must of broke, Rae thought.
She was pregnant with Zan's child.
Shit, Rae thought.


Liz stared at herself in the mirror. In a long flowing white dress with her hair framed her delicate face. She was back to her normal self- for this disguise.
A pair of warm arms looped around her waist.
“ I love you in white,” It was Max’s voice. Liz whipped around and there was Zan exactly like Max, right down to the smile on his face as he pulled the veil away from her doe eyes.
“ Wha-“
“ Like I said a disguise.” Zan escorted her out the Elvis Chapel, pretending they just got married.
Denise wormwood, the lady at the Elvis Chapel gasped, “ Bless my stars darlings. You too look amazing- ah”
“ Max Evans and my adoring wife Liz,” Zan wrapped his arms around her waist.
“ Rath will just think we are having a happy honeymoon,” He whispered in Liz’s earthen spoke loudly,” Come on Hon, to the hotel the honeymoon awaits!”
Zan and Liz were escorted to a taxi and while they were waiting to arrive at the hotel Zan went over a few details.
“ Now, Liz. You know what to do?”
“ Gosh!” Liz screeched and the taxi driver looked over his head.
“ Oh,” Liz moaned.” I can’t wait any longer,” Liz whipped her body around and straddled Zan and the Taxi driver chuckled and retreat to look at the road. It seemed to an onlooker that Zan and Liz were vividly making out but in reality they were quietly discussing the plan to save Ava.
“ How come you let Rae seduce Rath?” Liz pretended to nibbled Zan’s ear.
“ Cause Babe, no one knows you and Rae exist expect Kal and the dead shape shifter Nasdeo. And let’s keep it that way,” Zan kissed her neck teasingly. “ Were here,” The taxi came to a halt and Liz opened the door and stepped out, her long flowing gown danced slowly and Zan came beside her” It’s time,” He said and they both ran happily, just as newlyweds do and Zan scooped her into his arms and twirled her around. It was this scene; this vision Max Evans saw when he was about to leave for Roswell after the fight with Michael. Zan carried her inside and the young black bellboy carried one single black bag and one steel suitcase behind Zan and Liz.
Liz could sense Rath in the hotel; a nagging headed and twisted stomach Liz seethed.
“You feel it don’t you,” Zan said.
Liz nodded. For the first time in her life she felt more a home, there was another piece of the jigsaw been put in, her alien side was slowly showing through.
Zan gabbed the keys from the front office and He and Liz ascended upstairs. Liz felt pairs of eyes on her, burning two holes in her back. She felt Rath’s presses nearer. She could faintly see Ava’s blood streaked face surrounded by ice.
And if Zan could read her thoughts he pulled her closer as they went into the golden elevator. The elevator music bleated through the speakers like worn out drums and flat horns.
“ Ava is under the building, in the cooling ventilation system. Aliens don’t feel sudden temperature changes. So she isn’t cold just probably had a bomb strapped across her. Oh and I need your phone,”
Liz eyes wen t wide and obediently handed him her phone. Ava, the sweet caring dupe had a bomb strapped across her chest and is stuck in a ventilation system. Meanwhile Liz only had fifteen minutes before she had to seduce Rath. And all the while that evil sicking, mucus-brewing sensation was all too much. Liz falls into Zan’s arms and he carried her the rest of the way. To the top floor, the honeymoon suite and placed her on the waterbed.
“ Liz stay put, I’ll get the suitcase,” Zan said to Liz.
Two minutes later Zan came back with a glass of water and the suitcase.
Liz took a sip of water, she sighed and felt a bit better but that evil mucus feeling didn’t go away.
What was it?
A vision that Zan and herself will fail and die a horrible, painful death?
Or left over Chinese?

Zan checked his watch.
“ Liz, get yourself together. You have got two minutes then this mission starts,”

So Rae has that power.

and is she has it

so will Liz

I wonder how she'll use it when she develops that power?


Hmmmm rae might have a plan to get Liz back with Liz up her sleeve.

Does rae like Zan

or does she like Kyle??

Goota go

Feed back please


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Hey guys just bumping

and on that note


Remeber rae's power?

and hey this is a 100% dreamer story.

Liz will say its like a nightmare

and she will knock him out or something

no sex

kind of like belly dancing.

but I will say it again


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Authors note: I admit that Rae and Liz power. the power to send commands and the person obeying Ie Kiss me.

That is not mine- it belongs to Melinda Metz.
All the Roswell characters except for Rae cause I invented her. Belongs to those people.

Here is a short part.

I am thinking weather or not if the Liz distracing Rath being funny or suspense????

Becasue I am not really funny when it comes to writing.

on a side note
I am entering this novella comp. Due in December and the word limit is 10 000 - 20 000 words.
My novella is about about a spanish dancer.. blah blah

I am also entering this edstedford- is that spelt right?

and I have to sing " I could of danced all night" from My fair lady In august. ( ekkk)

BAck to Roswell..

Okay so I am talking to a few people about some ideas but I agree and the people agree no rath and Liz thing. This is a dreamer fic.

Okay next part..

Sorry I talk too much..

PART TEN continued- ALLEY Alien Pin Ten Pin bowling Knock ‘em down!

The bowling complex had just started their dance-bowling hit. This meant most of the lighting in the bowling alley had been turned off; they had disco balls and lights flashing. They had glow in the dark space ship carpet and everything was fluorescent Rae had a white leather boob jube, with white straps criss-crossed across her back. Rae wore tight black leather pants while her hair was still unruly wild. Rae was voluptuous and every man knew that, they had their mouths dropped and their red dripping tongue rolled out. Alex was a few shades greener than before.
Rae’s one of many favourite songs blasted through. Rae had to contain her self from glowing and shooting lasers from her fingertips.
Rea bobbed her head forward and hummed, picked up the glowing pink bowling ball and chucked it across the varnished alleyway.
A red X erupted on the television screen, Rae had scored another strike. The red X flashed again and again.
Oh this is too good, Rae twisted her body around and still head bobbing around. Rae whooped and yelped.
Shd had never felt this relax except when she and Zan were in the shower.
Stop that thought, Rae said to herself. Rae plopped herself down on her stool and watched Alex bowl, he also scored another strike. Rae jumped up with glee and Alex.
“ Uh-Huh- uhhuhuhhuh,” Alex yelled. The disco lights sparkles and little lights danced across their clothes. Alex and Rae wiggled around and twirled.
“ This is too weird Rae,” Alex said. “ Liz was never this entertaining, you look like a penguin or something,”
“ BRAINS!” Rae said. Rae didn’t blink her eyes and started to twitch and tapped on Alex’s forehead.
(Tap Tap Tap) Rae turned around and lifter her arms up,” BRAINS” She was a machine.
“ I can’t believe you watched the Simpons, tree house of horrors. That was on last night,” Alex flashed a goofy grin. “ Brains, Ha!”
Rea giggled in hysterics. Alex was very funny and she understood why Liz was friends with him. He was hilarious.
“ I feel this is a start of a great friendship,” Rae declared and flapped her arms around, her cleavage was shown to a few jocks from West Roswell High.
“ I know. I hope Liz won’t mind. Did you know I’m in a band, The Wits!” Alex bragged.
“ Word, This mama wants to fiddle with the speaker.” Rae spoke in her true tone, her Fluent New York accent so only Alex could hear.
“ You’re freaking me out Rae. And you look like Liz,” Alex said.
It was Rae’s turn again and Rae allowed the smooth surface of the ball glide through her fingers and Rae released the ball.
She scored a strike again.
“ Whoo Hoo!” Rae flapped her arms in the air again.
Rae felt her stomach tug again. Rae held her hand there, underneath her stomach. Was she pregnant? Rae wasn’t quite sure now.
Usually if one of the Hybrids was pregnant the juices from her clitoris would be more gel like, small green crystals that shimmered and glowed. Rae discovered she didn’t have that. She was in the shower, Alex’s shower and with out warning Rae allowed her fingers to go there. Rae was half shocked and intrigued. But her juices weren’t glowing nor were she dizzy or see the alien orb symbol or a baby’s handprint. So, that meant Rae was too paranoid and wasn’t pregnant.
But there was a voice inside her that voiced that she wished she were pregnant. Then Zan might take care of her and learn to love her. But that would be wrong and Rae knew that Zan wouldn’t deal or learn to love someone like her. Ava, Tess dupe is supposed to be the queen. But Rae knew she was the queen. Anyway Rae never met Ava before but she did know that Ava had feelings for Zan. And since Rae wasn’t there Zan might fuck her or something.
Rae shook her herself again, so if she was pregnant then why was she sick with uneasiness?
There was one answer to this dilemma. Kal told Rae before he left that she had strong gifts she would learn to master one day but one of them was to detect or sense evil in someone. She could sense the skins or a traitor.
So the things Kal describe, tiredness, painful stomachache, and cold sweat, having a late period. (Which by the way Rae had got today, luckily Liz had some tampons.) And fuzziness. And with Alex being mind warp it all lead to one thing. Tess was the evil perpetrator, working with the skins or something else. She quest to make Max love her or sleep!
Shit. Rae realised. Tess could be mind-warping Max to sleep with her and have his child. It felt like the olden days for Rae. On Antar Ava was Shari’s cousin and was infatuated with Zan; she mind warped the whole royal family just to be in Zan’s arms. While Alex had gone to the kiosk, Rae sat down and looked at her flaky left hand, little bits of skin was coming off. With one rip Rae held six-centimetre strip of her skin in the air. Two seconds later it was dust. Rae learnt that when they were creating her that they couldn’t get rid of the skin shedding. Rae had a DNA but she was left with the skin shedding as a reminder of she is or were, Khivair’s twin brother. She was ten minutes younger than him. Rae still couldn’t come to terms with it, like Isabel can’t handle the vision of her, Vilandra being a whore in the olden days. Alex had retuned with a bucket of chips and a hotdog, two cokes and a bottle of Tabasco.
“ Thanks,” Rae grabbed the chips, coke and the sauce and greedily looked at the food. Her alien tastebuds were screaming for a coat of jalapeno peppers in her mouth.
“ Alex,” Rae ate the chips with ecstasy, having the layer of hot sauce was god sent to her tastebuds. After the chips Rae resorted sucking on the Tabasco bottle.
“ Calm down Rae,” Alex touched her shoulder and Rae jerked in her seat.
Rae planted the Tabasco bottle on the table and folded her arms and quietly Rae said her wisdom,” Alex I think Tess is working for Khivair.” Rae locked eyes with Alex,” I have a feeling that were are all in Danger,”

___ _____________ ____________________


Liz stood in front of Zan and clutches her bare body. Who wore this night ware, sexy Teddy?
“ Uh, Liz the underwear is supposed to be on the outside,” Zan kneeled down and stripped off the red straps at her calves and slid the underwear back on with it being on the outside. A Diamond sash was tied loosely around her waist. Zan held the red bodice and tied it on body, her breasts being pushed up, Her hair was up in curls and little plaits. Liz couldn’t breathe, she felt naked.
“ Nope, Zan is there another outfit in the suitcase?” Liz asked. She would not in wearing, a red girdle or whatever you could this thing. And of course this outfit came from Encörta. Liz pulled on her black Japanese nightgown and tied on her with the black straps in a neat bow.
“ Remind me to kill you later on Zan,” Liz said. She was so not ready for this” Michael is like my brother.
“ Liz,” Zan put his arms on her shoulders,” Do this and I will think of you as a warrior and not a school girl,”
Zan shoved her out the door.
“ I will keep in contact with you, set your watch,”
Liz looked at her watch, 6:59pm
“ Go,” Zan ordered and Liz walked down the hallway, she increased and the dressing gown flew open and the black silky material flapped behind her.
She descended down the flashy stairs, ignoring all the shocked looks from the people entering the hotel and walked into the casino, past the bodyguard and walked down the aisle of jackpot machines, bleep bleep, was all Liz could hear besides the own sound of her shaky breath. Liz saw a flash of purple Mohawk and then Liz saw in the distance Rath was walking into the elevator. Liz crouched down and sprinted, she was a black blur among the bright neon lights. Liz jumped in and fell down to the floor just as the golden doors closed behind her.
Rath was wearing his usual baggy jeans, ripped blue shirt and puffy jacket and chains galore.
“ Yo, Babe Ya’ll tight Liz,” Rath cooed.
This is too disturbing; Liz thought then remembered Rae’s words Rath always had an infatuation about you Liz. Which might come in handy one day.
“ Well, I saw you and I just needed to to-touch you,” Liz wavered and shakily touched the hem on his ripped, stripped shirt.
She could do this, she just need to dispose Rath and get the disc. Whatever the disc is?
The elevator doors opened at the top floor.
Placebo, Taste in men was playing. There was a mesh of punks grinding into each other. It was Encörta all over again.
“ So Rath this is you alternative dimension party?” Liz said. Encörta was another plane, an alien universe. And it seemed Rath had cast a spell, a door that is opened with alien powers. A nuclear bomb could go off and no one would know. It was similar to the secret room in days of our lives when Kristen put Marlena into the secret room with all the cameras. But in this secret room, there are no cameras time didn’t exist. But Liz had an internal clock, or what Liz had learn from Zan. Hopefully Liz could tell the time while in here.
Rath lead Liz outside to a Olympic sized heated pool, steam was everywhere but this pool was floating in the night sky, the view of Las Vegas was down below with the same green bubble just like at Encörta. Liz walked up to the pool, and wondered how to distract Rath without using the word seduce. Rath was licking his pierced lips.
Oh Just slap yourself, Liz ordered.
And Rath’s left hand slapped hard on his right breaded cheek, so hard he plummeted into the pool.
What the?
Liz wondered what happened? She just thought of Rath slapping himself and he did very hard.
Liz thought, Get up, come and face me and sent that thought into the black void.
Rath obeyed and stood soaking wet, his Mohawk mattered and twisted around.
Where is the disc with the alien symbol? Liz hurled that thought to Rath’s mind. His hazel eyes blink and twitched. Nothing happened.
“ What the hell happened?” Rath commanded.
Liz winched, what now?
“ Lets go to your crib here and I will dance for you but not touching,” Liz waved her finger in to air.
“ Word,” Rath replied.
__ __ __

Alex and Rae are becoming friends! yeah!

So Ava doesn't know about Rae or that Liz is one of them. Would she get in between Zan and Rae?

What about Rae? she is torn between her love for Zan, and feeling or him not loving her. Would Kyle help pick up the pieces? and would he learn the secret? would Kyle becoming friends with Rae or something more?

Or would Zan finally fess up that he loves Rae?

Rae senses Tess is working for the skins?

What's on that disc?

Liz Parker, Las vegas in a japanese night gown and a bra and underwear? in Rath's crib/ differnt plane? like Encorta?

Rae isn't pregnant. But did she want to be pregnant?

What's her plan for bringing Max and Liz back together.

Would Rae discover Liz's journal?

so many questions...



feed back would be nice. It encourges me to move on with the story.. But I thank you guys soooo much for reading this story


It really means alot

From Rachel a.k.a
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hey guys

I will post another part either later tonight or tommorw

but I will tell you in involves Rath, a pink tutu, ' I'm a little teapot' song.

and my background on the black pentagon Brodie has ans used in Off the menu.

Rae and Liz power? well the bit about placing commands/ words in her or his mind belongs to melinda metz- fingerprints but I have something up my sleeve.

** ****

I forgot the name but who ever said if they could borrow Liz power. I don't really mind but as long that you recognise that it orignally belongs Melinda metz- fingerprints.( if your talking about the put commands in someone's head)

** **

Well I better get back to to work on finishing this part.

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Author's note: Hey I am back. and if anyone is bored and wants to do a banner for this story it would be great. I would do it myself but I am not that great at computers.

and I reackons this part is crap so I understand it if you feel the same way.

Part 12

As Liz and Rath headed inside, she noticed a white fluffy bear and a pink tutu. This gave her an idea.
“ Rath, lets make a deal. I will give you myself for your pleasure if you dressed yourself in the pink tutu and held the bear. And sing ‘ I’m a little Teapot” in the heated pool,”
Rath cracked up; his lip ring was covered in salvia.
Do It! Liz scrunched her eyebrows together and sweat began to bead under her pits.
Obediently Rath walked over to the one of many lounge chairs and picked up the fluffy tutu, it was covered in feathers. He slid it on at it sat nicely around his waist. Rath tucked the polar bear under his right arm and made a big splash in the middle of the pool. He disappeared into the mist for a while but shot back up, gulped and stared at her.
Liz crossed her arms and stood beside the pool. “ I’m waiting, come on Rath I haven’t got all day,” Liz retorted.
She saw a stack of discs next to the far left of the pool. Maybe the disc she wanted was there?
“ I… I..” Rath burped.
“ What?”
“ I don’t know the song, I’m a little tea pot,” Rath scratched his wet Mohawk. His ripped shirt was completely seen through. Liz could see his tattoos of alien symbols.
Liz bit her lip from laughter escaping.
Since Liz had to distract Rath until Zan sent his signal, which Liz slightly remember as a big black out spectacular.
Liz, still wearing the Japanese dressing gown, slid herself into the lukewarm water. She could only see up to her stomach, below her stomach were steam, mist swirling through and making tiny patterns.
“ Do what I do,” Liz made a circle handle on her right and a little S, or swan neck on her left. Rath did the same, he was very interesting in this or he was perving on the little beads of water on her breasts. Liz placed her arms at her sides. She felt her long wet hair stick to her skin, the mucus feeling was staring ti brew again.
“ Repeat after me,” Liz warmed up her voice, and in her best Kermit the frog voice she sang. “ I’m a little teapot short and spout.”
“ I’m a little teapot short and spout,” Rath snickered and inched closer to Liz. Liz backed away, the water felt like shampoo. It was soft and thick against her skin.
“Here is my handle,” Liz made the circle handle on her right and Rath copied her.
“ Here is my handle,” Rath said. Rath picked at the mattered feather tutu, he was grooming the skirt. The Bear was tucked in under his buckle on his belt.
“Here is my spout,” Liz showed him the spout.
“ Here is my spout,” Rath said. He was licking his lips.
This is too weird, Liz thought.
“ When I get all steamed up then I SHOUT!” Liz screeched.
“ When I get all STEAMED UP then I SHOUT,” Rath was enjoying himself. Who knew and jackass could find his inner child?
“ Tip me over, pour me out,” Liz bent over and motioned a pouring action.
“ Tip me over, pour me out,” Rath had this sly expression on his face.
Liz looked left and right, and then pushed herself upwards and walked on the water as cement, the water made ripples where she walked. That was the first thing Cal told her, when she put her mind to it, She could do anything. Liz toppled over and splashed into the water, it stung her eyes. And Liz rubbed her eyes, Apparently Liz wasn’t that experienced yet.
The wind picked up, her wet hair mattered and fell in her opened mouth.
Out of nowhere a black pentagon, the size of a wallet was beeping, glowing blue pentagon in the middle. It was flashing and Rath was hurdling in the water, he seemed frightened.
What was going on?
“ Get out of yen water!” Rath yelled.
The black pentagon, it was exactly like the one Brodie had.
It bleep then Liz felt cold air tickle her feet.
Rath and Liz looked down; there was no pool or party. Just air… they were beside the Hotel Building, looking down at the Las Vegas city Limits.
The wind picked up her hair and it streamed everywhere.
Liz almost stopped breathing.
Rath and Liz were falling closer… and closer towards the ground, towards their deaths.
The green shield stopped Liz from falling any further, Rath was in front of her and he continued to fall. Liz was floated back towards the pool, alone. Rath is dead. No one could survive that fall.
Liz saw the stack of discs and rushed and they tumbled on the floor.
There were gold discs, all of them.
Liz bowed her head. She had no time to feel defeated.
Liz started to search through the pile of discs.
Behind her, down by the walls of the hotel, level forty-five Rath held on for dear life. Using his hand he punched through the window, he ignored the blood that trickled down his arm.
He ripped off the tutu and tore of the bear’s head. He was a wet prune.
He went to the cream door and opened it wide and walked with murder on his mind.
She was after the disc.
No one going to get that disc, Rath thought
Part 13

Alex switched the radio on, Garbage, the trick is to keep breathing vibrated through Rae’s skin.
When Rae thought she didn’t Ava, she forgot that one time when Zan’s rat died and when they cried together in Central Park. Besides that Rae hasn’t spoken to Ava since.
Alex was driving at a comfortable speed, heading towards the Evans.
No one was talking. Alex was still uncanny out by the idea of Tess being the enemy. But he said he would keep watch and so would Rae.
Rae held clear apple lip-gloss in her hand, Lip smack lip-gloss was exactly like a mascara bottle but instead of the ink and brush there was lime liquid and a small paintbrush head and sliver handle instead of the plastic black one. The structure of the lip-gloss was scarred into her skin.
Rae followed Alex inside the warm House.
Rae was not there, she was in her fantasy world. In her world no one was angry of hurt anyone. Zan wore a ripped grey polo shirt and black baggy jeans, slightly seeing his Marvin the martin boxer shorts peaking through. He would give her red roses in the morning and in her world they lived on the sandy beach. Rae could almost the gritty sand in-between her toes.
“ Hey, Liz and Alex How was bowling,” There was sweet funny Kyle, Rae’s heart tugged. She focused hard on the image of Zan smiling at her but all she could see was pain, loneliness.
“ Great,” Alex answered for her, he must have noticed Rae was upset. Rae’s mascara was running. She was still wearing the clothes from bowling and it caused a few looks from Max, who was ordering pizza.
“ Who won?” Isabel asked, gave Alex a peck on the cheek.
“ I did,” Alex cried happily. “ Liz was good too but not for me!”
Rae could feel love in the room. The kind of love that can make you fall over in dizziness. The kind of love Rae has never experienced. Isabel was laughing, Maria and Michael were playing play station and Max was setting the table with Kyle, and Tess. Liz is so fucking lucky, Rae thought. Liz didn’t have to wake up to the bittering cold. She didn’t have to drown herself in tequila every night while Zan was fucking a tramp he picked up in a bar.
Zan would never love an ugly girl like me, Rae thought. Who am I fooling here?
I can’t take it anymore. I can’t take this shit or not experience happiness. Rae pushed Isabel roughly to the wall; everyone heard the bump it made when Isabel’s right shoulder hit the wall, followed by Isabel gasping and holding her right shoulder gingerly. Rae found the bathroom and her hand glowed as she melted the door once she was inside. The room was cold and dark but Rae was used to rooms like this. She even did drugs once in a while but that affected her powers so she resorted to tequila. Rae sunk to her knees and bowed her head so her long boring hair could touch the ground and cried. She let her guard down and let the water gates go. She felt empty, nothing. Why was she here in the first place?
She didn’t know anymore. All she knew was the pain, her heart was ripped and it never went away, it spread to her knees and it shook her cold bones to the core. Her white around her pupils were red.
There was a knock on the door.
“ Hey, Liz. Max and Michael have gone to get pizza, you like pizza don’t ya?” It was Kyle. He was being sarcastic. Rae smiled but it didn’t last. She missed Zan, even he was being such a fucking prick she had no one. And Zan was the only one who looked out for her.
“ Liz, Come on, open this door,” Kyle tapped on the door. “ I will buy you an ice-cream?” He added.
Rae didn’t budge; She was lying on the floor. Her mind wasn’t in the bathroom. She was focused on the stars in her mind, and Zan was with her and he wrapped his comforting arms around her. Rae’s heart swelled. It wasn’t working as it used to. When she was alone in the tunnels and Zan was with Lonnie or Rath or at Encörta with the tramps in cages. Rae trained her mind into a little world, it worked when she felt down and it gave her hope that she would be somewhere on this planet and she would be free. Walking down the street and not have to look over her shoulder or in an endless grass field with wild horses. Rae loved horses. Rae focused on a wild black stallion but it didn’t work either. The pain was still there. All that love struck chords in Rae; it reminded her that she was truly alone.
The knocking continued and finally after enduring ten minutes Rae unmelted the door. “ Come on in and see that hideous creature, tonight on sixty minutes.” Rae saw the tear drop into the little puddle on the floor.
Kyle was wearing a grey, button-down shirt and jeans. He pulled Rae’s body in between his legs and wrapped his arms around her waist to pull her closer to him. The image of Rae being alone in the sewers slowly faded away and she felt her heart warming up. Rae snuggled further and pulled on Kyle’s arms. Kyle’s breath was on her neck and it was so warm.
“ Liz, your upset. Tell Buddha Boy everything. Did Maria steal your make-up again or was the guilt of letting Alex win too much for you,” Kyle’s cheek touched her wet cheek and Rae let out another sob. Kyle was a guy she never met before. He was so understanding, kind and gentle and he was not like Zan.
“ I… you won’t understand.” Rae chocked out, Rae rested her head on his head and Kyle combed his warm hands through her long soft hair, spreading warmth through her cold goose-bump skin.
“ Is it the fact that Max kissed Tess and he thinks we slept together?” Kyle asked in a soothing voice. “ Cause if it is I could tell him it was a set-up,”
“ No,” Rae said. She didn’t want to do more damage and Rae didn’t want this moment to end. Kyle was keeping the repercussion of memories or trapped and unrequited love. He was setting her free.
“ Okay. We will just sit here for a while until you feel better,” Rae hugged Kyle. His arms tightened and Rae cried on his shoulder. Her heart swelled.
They stayed like for what seemed like an eternity until Rae’s phone rang.
Who would be ringing me? Rae thought.
Kyle still had his arms wrapped around her. “ You better get that and remember I am her for you at any time. Day or night,”
Rae smiled to her eyes. Kyle was different; he made her feel useful for once.
“ Hello, Liz Parker speaking,”
“ Yo Rae its me, something goin’ down and I need your help. Rae I need you,” It was Zan and Rae felt guilt of what she was feeling. Here she was, upset and depressed about Love and seeking comfort from Kyle and Zan needed her. He needed her help. Liz was there and he could of easily asked her but instead he called Rae. And before he never called her, ever. And now he did! But then again, he might be using her.
“ Ok what is it,” Rae replied. Kyle still had his arms around her and apart of Rae wished Zan didn’t ring.


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I am still here

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Authors note: I am back.


7pm- Las Vegas (Zan’s mission)

Zan watched Liz rush outside the door. He hated looking like his dupe, Max Evans, sometimes. It was like looking into a mirror and seeing a stranger staring back.
I miss Rae, Zan growled at that thought. There was no time to be thinking about Rae or how soft and smooth her long lengthy legs were. Oh how rich, the colour of her wise eyes.
No, Zan thought. Rae is above the line. He couldn’t touch something was that fine looking.
With one sweep over his body he was his normal self. Except he wore a ripped Khaki shirt and black pipped cargos- his favourite Marvin the martin boxers were slightly peaking out. Each spiked lock was changed from green to brick red with one touch of his fingers.

He pulled out the black bag from under the bed and pulled it over his shoulder. He saw the vent in the ceiling and he focused on the molecules of the metal and Zan watched the metal cave upwards and made an opening for Zan to hurl himself upward, and slide into the vent.
The vent was a tight squeeze but Zan was fine with that.
He slithered through, his legs and arms caressed the cold metal as he looked into the black abyss. He flipped on some glasses and the lens was a fluoro- special alien night vision goggles. It would lead Zan to the entire secret rooms created by the black pentagon.
He saw the little tiger tooth tattoo on his left wrist, Rae had a matching one too. He could almost smell her fresh apple hair. Zan cursed himself again. He vowed not to touch Rae. He wanted to keep her safe from harm and destruction. He even tried to move on and sleep with some girl from Encörta but that didn’t work either. He knew he was hurting Rae but he had to stay strong. Zan would not get involved, they had a mission to make sure the right royals were alive and that no bad mother fuckers enter earth’s solar system.
Zan saw a vision of Rae slouching over in the sewer, cold and dark. Rae watched the wax from the candle burn into her skin, clearly drunk. He wanted to comfort her but he had to be da man and Lonnie and Rath were being sketchy. He had no excuse except for what Cal said about they’re past life together. Shari had an incredible gift of premonitions and foreseeing the future through touching something. An excellent mind controller and Shari was beautiful and rare creature.
Zan and Shari had a forbidding love that was only accepted after their demise. And their deaths were all Zan’s fault. Shari was five months pregnant with a son, his son when she foresaw the destruction of Aria, the capital Antar. Shari saw his older sister Vilandra siding with the enemy but only feeling guilty when Khivair betrayed her love by killing half of their people.
But Zan was selfish and demanded that Shari was having nightmares. Their were so happy and in love. But all of that went to hell.
What Shari saw through her visions happened and Zan lost everything, including his love and unborn son.
Zan was horrified to learn that the losing battle of the war, their deaths was his entire fault because he chose love and he turned his back on his people.
Zan vowed to himself that he would never make that same mistake again. This included being a cold turkey towards Rae. Zan couldn’t stand it, knowing Rae was crying at night when he could just reach out and hold her close to keep her warm.
Zan missed the entrance to Ava’s prison. How did he know? He could hear Ava screaming and crying in his mind. The temperature was –5(that read on his sports watch). He couldn’t feel the cold but did notice everything was slightly bluer on his skin.
Zan slithered through the vent so half of his body was still in the vent while the other was looking downwards, there- strapped to the side was Ava. She didn’t seem afraid but Zan could feel her feelings in waves- she is afraid but wasn’t going to show it.
Gingerly, Zan flopped his left leg so a small panel would drop out.
(Click) the small square title was ion his hand. This was the small device that could shut off alternate secret rooms and their shields.
Zan touched the square and the shield was off with a whooshing sound. Zan glided out and pushed his arms to either side of the vent and spider walked down to he was facing her. Zan, with the square still in his palm pressed the square, it flickered red. The shield was back on.
But there was a beeping sound, coming from Ava’s chest. Zan pressed his knees alongside her waist and made sure he had a hold on the vent before ripping on her shirt with his left hand.
A metal shaped cobra with sharp fangs continually slithered and snaked its way around her chest, sending mini shocks to her nervous system.
“ Shit,” Zan whispered. It was an Aronki. In humans terms it was five boxes of C 4, two nuclear bombs and one big fireworks display. With this power it can blow up most of New Mexico and a bit of Texas.
Zan looked at the colour of the cobra’s scales- it was teal. They only had ten minutes.
There was only one person in the world that knew how to disarm the Aronki.
Zan had his knees pressed to the vent and to Ava’s waist. Zan used Liz’s cell phone to dial a number he knew too well.
“Yo Rae its me, something goin’ down and I need your help. Rae I need you. I need your help,”


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Authors note: hi guys. I am sorting parts here. but I will let you know rae will slip u at some point

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Authors note: Hi I am back.

sighs If only you know what is going to happen

But here is another part- short but the next one. he he he ( shakes head)

Well Zan is wondering who this Kyle is.......

Someone will discover Liz's and Rae's secret.. who will it be besides alex.

Future Max?..... what does Rae have to say about that?

and the war? what's up with dat? it will come soon.



“ Uh, Hi mom. I don’t have time to tell you how to make an alien blast cake or milkshake,” Rae said slowly. Kyle was still in the same room with her.
She was torn between emotions.
A part of her wanted Kyle to stay. And yet the other wanted to be alone, help Zan and be Rae for once.
Kyle brushed a lock of hair from her face and his hand brushed her cheek lightly.
“ Kyle…” Rae murmured into the phone.
Rae was still looking at Kyle; his eyes flickered to her eyes.
His eyes- they weren’t like Zan’s however there was something magical about the way all the tiny colours in his eyes complimented each other. Rae heard a growl from Zan, demanding who was Kyle.
“ Yeah Mom, Kyle is here- he is such a gentleman,” Unlike Zan who was a total fuck head but then he does something out of the ordinary like holding her and making up a song just for her on a guitar.
Rae listened to what Zan had to say.
Crap, Rae thought. Ava had that bomb strapped to her chest?
“ Okay mom. Listen carefully. See the skin of the strawberry? Get a knife and poke the skin softly.” Rae waited. She heard Zan grumble and Ava whimper.
When Zan grunted Rae continued her little charades, but her stomach knotted. However Kyle simply plaited her hair and told her something about him and Max getting drunk and trashing her dupes’ room.
“ Let the juices flow into the cup.” Rae said. Rae knew that Zan understood every word. That was something that made them unique- they had their own universe together knew what each other felt- almost.
“ Mom, see the colours blue green and red on the blender. Put the juice in the blender and touch the green button,”
Rae bit her nails; she was tittering on the break of screaming. Here she was moping about not being wanted when Zan, Liz, Ava and the whole fucking world could explode in ten minutes.
Stop, Rae thought. She had every right to mope. It was just a coincidence the world was about to end.
Zan say the scales turned red. It was a good sign. Only one more step to go but it was a hard one.
“ Let the skin of the banana fall off and fold it neatly the two black spots you must cut out before un-attaching the strings,”
Zan was silent, she heard the little beep accelerate then died down, a cry of relief was from Ava.
“ It’s easy to make milkshakes. Your just a bit stupid to find the recipe,” Rae said.
It was aimed to hurt Zan. That bomb was very easy to disarm if there was only one and not three. Everyone knows besides the cornballs to dis arm that snake except Zan.
“ See ya Rae- call you”
Rae didn’t hear him speak; she pushed the end button on her cell phone and slipped the phone into her pocket.
“ Thanks, Kyle.”
“ Remind me never ever to have an alien blast,” Kyle said.
“ Are you sure? Alien blasts are quite out of this world,” Rae dusted her sweaty palms on her pants.
Kyle opened the door and everyone was in the hallway, including Max. His eyes matched her pain and loneliness.
Have I ruined Liz’s changes with Max? Rae hoped she didn’t.
It seemed she had to put her plans into action, very soon.
Rae walked beside Max and pecked him on the cheek. “ Sorry about that. I don’t like Alex’s beating me at bowling,”
“ But you are kicking my arse in science,” Alex declared.
Rae chose this time to look at Tess; her eyes were focused on Max’s butt.
There is this vibe about Tess, Rae didn’t’ t like.
Everyone strolled into the diner room; the pizza boxes were already placed on the table.
Everyone was engrossed in his or her conversations to not notice Rae, followed by Alex into the backyard. Everyone but Max.
“ Rae, what’s up?” Alex asked, hands in pockets.
“Stuff, Alex but now I think it’s time to figure out how to go about this,”
Rae gazed at the stars above.
When she was around Tess, she wanted to throw up? Why?
“Alex do you know what Tess made you do?”
“ Yeah,” Alex grumbled while scratching his neck. “ Translating alien text- find the granolith Key,”
Rae pursed her lips. Why would Tess do that? Unless….
“ Alex I think she’s trying to sleep with Max in order to conceive his child. The heir to the throne. It wouldn’t work of course but her continually mind warping Max might kill him…She is fucking gonna die.”
“ How do you…”
“ Look Alex. When you are an alien and have bad vibes and hearing about the book and the key. Living on the streets you’ll learn a couple of things. Now… I need your help with my plan for Max…”


okay I don't know if you hate it or not but there you go. I feel sorry for Rae. it seems she is in love with Zan but feels safe and special with Kyle.

Zan is in with Rae but becasue of what happened in their past lives he refuses to let that happen again.

what happened to Liz?

Rath is coming to kill her?-- gasps

How does Alex feel knowing his best friends has a dupe?

all this will be answered

luv, Rachel

This is just some of the things to come

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liz has found her stronger power- " kiss of death"

she realises she has to resist her alien bad urges. since.....

coming soon

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Authors note: Remeber when I said Liz discovers her new power " kiss of death"? well that won't be for a while now but at least you know Liz has an evil power... something like that

did someone suggest Rae and Kyle?

well your in luck I wrote this next part and they are in it!

I hope it isn't too bad.

FYI I finally got to roswell cd!!! ( giddy laugh)

If you have got the CD. Get out of your chair and get it and put number 12- the bonus track. becasue I wrote this part listening to that track....
and it adds mood...


Golden circles in endless piles surrounded Liz as she hunched over, her wet Japanese gown stuck, as a second skin while her wet hair had no hope of turning back to normal.
What kind of disc did Kal asked for her to retrieve?
Liz curled her drench plait behind her left ear as she shuffled in one hand a pile of golden discs.
Liz picked one of the golden toned CD disc and held it up to the fluorescent light. Rainbows bounce off each other; a faint orb rainbow symbol danced around in the middle, a hologram of the orb symbol hovered in the hollow hole. Liz found a plastic cover and slipped the disc in. Liz strapped the disc to her inner thigh strap thanks to the red lace straps Zan made her wear.
So Liz had the correct disc but then Liz decided to collect a random ten out of many and stuffed them into a blue duffel bag on the floor near the large fish bowl.
What is it with aliens and the need to have fish bowls everywhere?
Liz was about to stand when she was struck down; a large army boot was clamped down on her spinal cord.
Rath grabbed Liz by her hair and yanked her upwards Liz clenched and breathed in.
Let go, Liz thought.
Rath let go slowly and Liz stepped back.
Something stung the back of her neck. Liz arched her arm back and her hand touched a needle with a bright blue coating more than 50ml.
Magi, Liz widened her eyes.
Was her mind clear?
Rath smiled.
Liz only saw a few blobs of colour then it shifted back to normal.
A tiny whisper as the needle dropped.
There was no time to space out.
Rath advanced on her spaced state and gently wove his ring covered greasy hands through her wet mane.
A tiny metal bullet passed Liz’s left cheekbone and shot though Rath’s head. Blood splattered the teal wall next to the Jacuzzi.
(Thud) Rath’s body fluttered and turned into ash, little min flake bits stuck to her soaked Jasmine dressing gown.
Zan blew the top nozzle of the pistol and smiled. Ava was leaning against his shoulder for support.
Liz grabbed her hair and twirled into one long log and squeeze the shampoo water. The water danced onto the grey smoke ash that once was Rath.
“Liz, let’s go,” Zan waited for Liz to pick up the blue duffel bag.

Liz walked, mostly dragged by an impatient Zan and weary Ava down the red carpet stairs, Liz left a five centimetre wet trail behind her.
Whoever thought to put florescent light bulbs everywhere must be killed. Liz eyelids were heavy, she could feel a slash of purple under the bags of her eye, and faint red splotches could be seen in the pupil
They were all huddled together at the front desk and Zan politely dropped the keys on the desk. The glasses belonging to the old man at the desk, dropped onto the counter. Bewildered, the old man planted them back on.
“ And tell the maid to be careful, there is a large hole in the floor and if she isn’t careful she could catch a glimpse of a Swedish couple practising with hand cuffs and whips.
Zan smiled and helped both Ava and Liz through the hotel. Liz rubbed the back of her neck and felt a slight bump emerging.
A red SVU pulled into the entrance and Zan and Ava sat at the back. Liz sat in the front and a man in his late thirties drove them to safety.
Edge of the ocean by Ivy slowly filled the uncomfortable silence as the gently wind gave Liz some relief as her body was sweaty, and not even her wet clothes helped to cause her relief.
“ Who’s Kyle Valenti?” Zan asked. Ava was already fast asleep and the man driving had some headphones on. Faint sounds of Mozart vibrated from the egg earphones that the driver wore.

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Part 17

Looks like Zan and Max had something in common. Liz smiled. Zan was still waiting for an answer so Liz just sat there and waited for Zan to fess up and break the barriers of his stonewall. The busy streets of Las Vegas flashed colours on her face until Zan softy said.
“ When I called Rae, Kyle was there with her,” He spoke very softy and Liz realised Zan just confessed in some way that he truly loved Rae and she was falling for somebody else.
“ Kyle is a member of the group. My ex and best friend he has this nature to make anyone safe,” Liz looked in the rear-view mirror and when the word Safe left her mouth Zan’s harsh amber eyes softened and a rim of water escaped and flew into the wind.
“ She belongs to me,” Zan said and caused a little yelp from Ava, Zan fingers were crushing her shoulders. Luckily Ava was a heavy sleeper and didn’t wake.
“ Yeah, Does she know that? So when the war comes she will automatically be by your side?” Liz said.
“ No, she doesn’t,” Zan huskily said and Liz heard him curse under his breath.
“ Then why don’t you show her?” Liz said. It was pretty simple. All Zan had to do would go to Rae and tell her he loves her. Then again that would not be Zan’s style and not in his character to publicly declare he loves someone. Because that would make him weak in the enemies’ eyes or he is worried that Rae might be in danger?
“ You wouldn’t understand?” Zan said, trying to regain his self-control of his emotions but failed.
“ I’ve been in a worse hell than you have,” Liz said, turning her head towards his and he faintly smiled, scratched his beard and adjusted his black leather wrist band but he didn’t say anything else so Liz decided to poke his fears and then he maybe get the stick out of his arse and do something.
“ She has feelings for someone else,” Liz said.

Rae saw Kyle closed the French style glass door and walk next to Rae, who had been outside for some time. Alex had been inside for some time.
Kyle just stared at her for a while, almost reading her face.
“ I know your not her but I don’t care,” Kyle softly said.

“ If you are shutting her out. Her heart bleeds and she thinks you don’t love her. Then what is she going to do when someone else walks into her life?”

Kyle gently tucked her hair behind her ear and gently touched her emerald studs in her ear. He was wearing jeans and a dark brown tight shirt that outlined his muscular body.
Rae bit her lower lip and her face was hot. His eyes were darker against the soft moonlight.

“ Then, when you waltz back into her life. She might not want you anymore and it will be too late, Zan. She wouldn’t want to listen your apology or reasons why. She just wants you to leave her alone. The it will be you that is alone and left to die with the rats,”

Rae looked into Kyle’s face and inched closer Her heart swelling by each move. Kyle weaved his strong warm safe arms around her. Her breasts touched his chest and Rae shuddered as her tears cried her sadness.
Kyle touched her chin and ushered her to face him.
Their lips almost had no space between them.

“ But if she truly loves you. Then she is torn like me. Torn between starting a new life and standing by the man who saved her life and bought her heart with those amber eyes, dark soft hair, deep voice and one heck of a body,”

Their eyes were half closed and Rae sighed. His warm mouth was inches from hers. But all Rae could see was Zan, his cocky smile. Zan allowing her to style his hair while he rubbed coconut oil in her skin to stop getting dry spots. Him teaching her to control her powers by learning Tai chi. what if he loves her? Then she would be wasting her chance and spend her time with Kyle who caused such feelings inside her that only Zan could possess. What if he loves her? What if he loves her?
“ I want to Kyle. But I can’t… I can’t betray him,”

“ So Zan what are you going to do? I say that your days of having the life with Rae are limited. Although she might not get involved with someone else the idea will always be with her. How does she feel when your there fucking some tramp from a nightclub? But there is also the possibility of Kyle making the first move,”

Rae turned her head to the glass doors at the other end of the Evans house. Kyle whirled her back to him and he silenced her with a firm hot, open-mouthed kiss.

“ Then what is going to do Zan? Is she going to give in or turn away? Either way the feeling of Kyle’s lips would always be with her. Will always be on her mind. Slowly driving her insane. Since she doesn’t really know for sure if you love her then what’s stopping her?”

His hands were covered with her hair. Rae returned the kiss. Her arms went around his neck and Rae gasped when Kyle traced his finger around the edge of her left breast.
“ Your not Liz,” Kyle said between kisses. “ I don’t care. I have these feelings for you. I don’t understand them, but I don’t care,”

“ She will have to make the choice. And I bet she will choose Kyle. He isn’t an arrogant bastard nor does he shut her out by fucking someone else right in front of her. He will set her heart free and there is nothing you can do about it? Or can you?” Liz turned to Zan, who was looking at the night sky. Tears now freely flowed but Liz felt his anger building.

Rae and Kyle had been outside for some time and Alex knew Max would start to get suspicious. And everyone would be worried ever since her little outburst. What is Rae hiding? She should be starting her plan with Max very soon so what is taking so long?
“ I just tell Liz there pizza’s are getting cold,” Alex said to the group. No one really heard as they were sucked into watching the Matrix. Maybe Rae and her relationship with Zan is not going to well. Maybe Rae could tell him about it. Alex would like anyone who is friends with Liz happy. So Alex started thinking of ways to get Rae to open up about Zan.
Alex was finishing his last bite of his cheesy pizza when he went to draw back the curtains. Alex chocked and grabbed his throat and forced himself to have a drink of Isabel’s cherry and lemon cola.
Kyle was kissing Rae and she looked upset but she was………smiling. Alex quietly slid open the door and stood outside.

“ So Zan, while your there trying to act all macho she could already be in Kyle’s arms,” Liz added.

Rae kissed the tip of Kyle’s nose. Trying to push the acid of betraying Zan out of her mind. Her heart was beating again even though the feeling of being with Zan would be something she always wanted. It will always be a dream…but she can no longer live like that anymore
“ Rae………… The pizza is getting cold,”
Rae was tangled in Kyle’s warm embrace she turned around while Kyle tightened his hold on her.
Alex stood there with his arms crossed.


I hope it wasn't too bad..


please reply your honest thoughts.
and questions and honest put downs.. ( put downs??? hah ha ha I haven't heard that in a while)
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I will be back


but please keep reading!!
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“ Tell me I am not seeing things. Tell me I didn’t see you kiss Kyle Riana?” Alex said.
Rae snivelled when Alex called her by her full name. Rae slowly untangled herself from Kyle. A few questions randomly popped into her head.
What the hell am I doing?
Kyle’s a very very good kisser
I Betrayed Zan?
“ Ye-ah?” Rae said, softly giggling. Being in the presence of Alex Whitman was quite amusing. A tall skinny character like Alex wouldn’t hurt a fly. That is until the problem involves one of his friends. Then he is a total different character. Rae saw this through the rush of images while putting his mind at ease. Rae couldn’t completely heal Alex. That wasn’t her power but Rae was able to produce more cells in his brain so hopefully his mind would be stable enough for it to heal itself. If not then Rae would need Max Evans to heal him and that is out of the question. Rae didn’t need more people knowing about Liz’s secret.
“ Riana?” Kyle whispered.
Kyle was standing so close to Rae she could feel his body heat seep into her skin. She could easily give in to her human desires but Rae wasn’t human. No matter how her body reacts when she is around Kyle- she belonged to Zan. She is destined for a lonely life.
“ Yeah. My name is Riana Parker. People call me Rae and I am Liz’s alien dupe,” Rae twitched her doe eyes. Her eyes were itchy again. She lifted her hand and quickly rubbed them.
Kyle Valenti touched his brown hair and allowed his fingertips touch his scalp. I was like being shot all over again.
“ I was expecting something like being Liz’s lost twin sister but an alien? Does that mean you are dating Zan too?”
“ You could say that,” Rae whispered.
Kyle stared into her wild brown eyes. “ So… when you were crying before you were crying about Zan. Not Max,”
Rae nodded.
“ What happened to the plan?” Alex secretly reminded Rae about the plan about seducing Max Evans.
“ Alex,” Rae waved her hand over her attire. She now wore baggy black jeans and a pale green peasant top. Her white bra was dimly seen by the way Kyle was devouring her. “ Please give us a minute,”
Alex glared at Kyle and then at Rae,” If you weren’t my friends I would be busting a cap in your arses,” Alex turned and Kyle and Rae listened to Alex’s sneakers squeaking against the damp grass.
“ So that kiss wasn’t supposed to happen?” Kyle crossed his arms.
“ It happened because we both feel something towards each other.” Rae saw a rusty swing set in the far back of the garden. Rae walked to the wooden seat and plopped herself down. Kyle stood on top of the left swing and gently swung himself.
“ It’s just these feelings are so-“ Rae rested her head in her hands.
“ Human?” Kyle jumped off the swing.
(Clang) the swing tangled itself in knots. Kyle locked eyes with Rae and smiled.
“ With Zan. It was different. He would come home and demand sex from me like some deranged animal but oh it-“ Rae stopped herself in mid sentence. “ I feel attracted towards you because you are different from Zan. Zan doesn’t care for anyone but himself. He shows no emotions towards his sister or friends and treats me like a thing. I tired to be happy because I am in love with him but it hurts so bad and-“ Rae stood up and looped her arms around his warm waist. “ I’m ready to move on. I shouldn’t wait for someone who doesn’t feel the same way,”
Kyle smiled.” Oh what the hell! Your gorgeous and my type! Better than Vicky Delaney,” Kyle’s warm breath flooded her cheeks as he kissed her cheek.
“ I should take you to Encörta.” Rae smiled. Her heart throbbed and she felt her scar of loneliness slowly healing with each touch of Kyle’s hand. “ Who is Vicky Delaney?”
“ Some chick I slept with,”
“ Was she better than me?”
“ I don’t know,”
“ Well I guess we have to find out. But we have to spill a little about each other. After when I finalise the plan to put the real king with his real Queen.”


“ Are you comfortable? Do you need an extra Blanket?” Zan asked. Pulling over the woven Indian blanket over Liz’s petite form.
They were back at Encörta and in the same room. Liz was under seven different thick blankets and had a mild temperature.
“ Don’t worry I don’t like Aeroplanes either,” Zan said while softly dabbing a cold wet flannel on her sweaty brow.
“ How is Ava?” Liz asked. Last time she saw her she was pretty shaken up and a few bruises were evident when Zan carried her into Encörta.
“ She’s doing fine.” Zan squeezed the excess water from the blue flannel into the bowl. Liz intently listened to the noises the water made when it plummeted to the bottom of the metal bowl. Zan dropped the flannel into the bowl and soaked up more cold water but it felt warm on Liz’s skin.
“ Do you know what was in the needle?” Zan asked.

Something stung the back of her neck. Liz arched her arm back and her hand touched a needle with a bright blue coating more than 50ml.
Magi, Liz widened her eyes.

“ No,” Liz lied.
Zan sighed and kept on dabbing water on her forehead. “ Seeing you like this makes me think about Rae. What is she doing? What is she wearing? What she smells like?”
Liz pulled on the warm fluffed blanket until it was under her chin. “Seeing you Zan makes me think about Max too,”
They both sat there in silence as they basked in their memories of happy times.
“ I love him,” Liz whispered.
“ I love Rae,” Zan sighed. “ But you are right Liz,”
“ No I was just jerking your chain,” Liz remembered how pale Zan looked after she belted him with what if? Questions and what if Rae betrayed him.
“ But you were still right,” Zan said. He left the flannel on Liz’s forehead and picked a plate of fruit covered in Tabasco sauce from the ground. “ Hungry?”
“ No but thank you.” Liz said.
Zan shrugged and put the plate down on the floor and made sure he didn’t jolt her as she was lying on a waterbed.
“ Liz. I am not messing with your mind here. If by chance the liquid was Magi-“
“ What if Zan?” Liz moved her body upwards and rested on her wobbly elbows.
Zan closed his hand over hers. It was warm and dry under her touch. “ If it was Magi Liz then we are in serious trouble,”

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okay I agree the part with rae and kyle is corny and rushed but the next few parts will be better. But in advance Liz is in serious trouble.

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Part 19

“ Tell me something interesting,” Kyle rested his head against the damp tree trunk in the Evans’s backyard.
“Well,” Rae looked into Kyle’s eyes.” There is a drug called Magi. It’s kind of… like Schizophrenia. It affects the mind as well as the system,”

Liz woke from a tiresome sleep and rubbed the crust from her eyes. Her skin was deprived of water and her tongue was stuck to the roof of her mouth.
“Hallucinations, delusions, disorganised thinking, agitation. Are some of the symptoms Magi has as well as Schizophrenia. But” Rae stopped as a gust of warm air filled her lungs and tussled her wild brown hair. “ It affects many people in different ways,”
Scratching her greasy hair she blinding walked into the bathroom. Zan was curled up in the bathtub with a red blanket covering his entire form but his face. He was sound asleep. Liz turned on the blue faucet - red water gushed from the tap onto the bowl and sprayed across her abdomen. It was red blood- the smell was over powering. It was human blood.
“ If you drink Magi you either die in the next twelve hours or become one of its slaves” Rae tucked her hair behind her ear. She knew she should be with Alex and the others but being alone with Kyle almost felt like being with Zan.
Almost…. Why did her heart stop a few beats whenever she thought of Zan?
“What happens if one of you guys takes it?”
Rae turned towards to him and her jaw clenched. “ Anything could happen- from violence to unleashing our alien sides, murder and lose all sense of reality,”
Scooping the red water into her hands a few dark clots soaked into her fingernails. Red clots from deep inside someone’s brain.
Liz slowly looked into the bathroom mirror and found someone different staring back at her.
“ A range of things could happen. The other side- which is usually the bad one provokes the person to do anything- this can included killing someone,”
There was the silver dog-spiked collar necklace in the middle of the blood with a piece of creamy skin still attached. A pocketknife was also in Liz’s left hand. Abruptly she decided to look on the white paved floor. It was also covered by blood that flowed from the bathtub.
In the bathtub was a limp Zan, his ashtray shirt was barely visible and half of his skin on his face had been removed. A blue silver handprint still simmered on his shoulder.
The sound of the blood mixed with water dripped loudly onto the floor.

“ One time I heard this guy name bob killed his best friend Sam. This happened two weeks after bob got injected with Magi. Magi can make you do anything. Don’t ask why we have this voodoo- mojo. All I know is that it was Rath and Zan’s fault for creating the drug,”

“ Hello Liz,” Liz’s reflection was only wearing a white Singlet top and purple underwear. Liz was covered head to toe in dry blood. It was Zan’s blood.
Two Liz’s were in the bathroom besides a very dead Zan.

“ Who are you?” Liz Parker asked.
The girl who looked like Liz laughed and mocked her with her gleaming eyes as she held the knife she used to slice Zan in her hands.
“ I am you,”

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Dear Fellow readers :
All of you have something in common. You haven’t received another part of one of the stories written by!
So now that I am back or in the real world, Rachel would like to explain herself. This year Rachel wanted a challenge- something to do with writing. There was a Novella Writing competition out for all High school students. The word limit must be no less than 10 000 and no larger than 20 000. Let me tell you something. You don’t really know how much sleep I lost.

So I wrote a Novella called TWO SIDED MIRROR

So My story is about Brooklyn- turning sweet sixteen who gets advice on life from her rebellious brother Alexander- who prefers to be called Xander. I’ll just give you his advice from little extracts from his letter..

Life is a two sided Mirror. It’s only once that we see both sides….. People hide from each other Brooklyn… so how do we really know the person with out seeing both sides?

I’m thinking of changing a few characters names and appearance so I could change this to a Roswell story AU that’s already finished! Wow! I have already posted it- if you wanna read it

Okay so ever since March I have been writing this story- well it took me three months to go through six story ideas before Two sided Mirror arrived.. 19,492 words and 67 pages…. So I worked really hard on this for 9 months and nine days this includes all my spare time and all my energy I always devote to these lists of stories

1. La Flamingo Deluxe
2. The Wild One
3. The Gatekeeper
4. The One
5. The Outsider- new
6. The cult of Aphrodite- new
7. Destined forever- finished
8. Destined forever sequel( on same board as Destined Forever)
9. Parallel Universe
10. Thursday nights at the Crashdown- on polar web site

Okay so this is the bad part of the news. SO when Two sides mirror was coming to an end I have a looked at the status of my stories. You see for me to slowly slip back into Roswell writing mode as I like to call it I have to put a temporary hold on some stories. Until I get hang of it and start writing for the other stories that were put on hold.

So this list are the ones I put on hold, which are the ones I quite love so this is hard for me too…

1. The Gatekeeper
2. Destined forever- finished –
3. Destined forever sequel( on same board as D F)
4. The Wild One
5. The cult of Aphrodite- new
6. Parallel Universe

And the ones I will continue writing for are

1. La Flamingo Deluxe
2. Thursday Nights at the Crashdown
3. The Outsider
4. The One

Okay so Before I end this letter I will write the status on each story. But I would like to thank these two people- New Yorker 18 and 2crzy4roswell. You guys kept me going when I felt like giving up on THE ONE and La Flamingo Deluxe..

La Flamingo Deluxe

Okay…. Now if I remember Mad Max- LOL and the gang saw Ava in NY who said she pretended to be a girl called Rachel- working at Michael’s fashion company
The G
If you remember this is the same Rachel who is working with Michael so this will help the gang to get behind the scenes at the fashion show.. and Ava was going to tel them Zan’s dark past- I am so looking for to this!

And Michael and Liz are at his messy apartment where they are going to have a shaving cream fight- Lol! At least I think they will… okay and Liz and those pills her pimp gave her. Well she is still taking them! But not for long… and this disc is going to be discovered and so is Liz’s confession to Sean’s murder- which was the reason why she left Roswell in the first place..

And evil Jesse. Now that I finally am seeing Roswell season 3 I can work better with Jesse! And his faithful minion Tess. Eww and how is Isabel going to help Lex- Jesse Kill Michael? And what about Tara-charli? Yes she is Michael’s and Liz’s child but more about that later but I must warn you she isn’t quite Tara…

And yes Liz will find out she is Lola.
( I have beeped out this part because someone on this board might guess my ending!)

The Gatekeeper

Rae’s or Riana Parker love for Kyle and her fatal attraction to Zan… I feel so sorry for her. Okay so I left you with Liz seeing a vision of herself of killing Zan in the bath tub! But that’s the magi talking!
So the gang is going to have to find out about Riana. Max is not that thick- but that’s debatable… so what is rae’s plan to get max and liz together… and what about Tess?? Remember Rae feeling sick that when real pure evil is around… well is she going to throw up again or what if she got her feelings mixed up? No she is not pregnant. Well what you are going to find out that on the way to earth Liz’s pod got damaged so the aliens put her with Rae’s so they shared a pos and became more in tune with each other… like twins… okay I leave that part there…
And Zan da man is not going to sit around much longer… he wants to have Rae back with him… so this is going to be… trouble?

So that all I can say with out giving away a new villain! Evil laugh!

Thursday Nights at the Crashdown

Another polar story I only gave the prologue to. At the polar attraction board- ezboard.
So I won’t say much coz it is not here
If you want to read it bmail me

The outsider

Well this is based on this theme “ what if only three pods were saved and one got left behind?” and no dupes in this story…. That’s why its kinda AU
So Max was raised in the base. Not like Adam in the books but a walking killing machine…

Liz has a troubled life. At eight she saw her father and her aunty have sex. Well she caught them in the act when Nancy was 5 months pregnant! With a son!- Liz’s father was a guy named Gordon so Jeff Parker will be in it later as Nancy new love interest!
So they went back to Roswell- where Liz was born. Liz is a good working girl looking after her 4 year old brother Jason and her mother Nancy and she is only sixteen! ( she will turn seventeen in December the 7)

This is a new story… bear with me


So Liz is on Antar- trying to uncover the four square’s past? But she can not understand Zan? The original King

And what about this son? Is it going to be Zan’s or Max’s?- you are goning to wonder about that one for a while

And this Serena! She is sketchy ! but you have got to understand. Liz was originally deaf and alex and her parents are dead so with Serena offering something else. Its better being on earth liz kind thought but liz was mentally forced… more about that later

And this mysterious ring? Which ends up after their love making at las Vegas but soon Liz can go anyway. Including the night of Gomez where she could have cemented everything! Okay???
Man I have already planned this story out and don’t want to give away much but…. A new part will be out soon… and this twist I got for you whoooa!

The other stories that are put on hold- will still get parts but not frequently as the others- a private paragraph will be posted shortly about the where I am up to after this letter is sent out…. And plus this letter will be too long because I love all my stories

Please- forgive my lack of updates

From Rachel-
If you have lost any of the stories links please let me know by bmail or when you post your reply
PS- I am currently looking for a Beta reader- someone who I can pass ideas and first drafts of stories etc…

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hey guys- I am still here if you didn't know already...