Author: Maria_ang21
Category: Everybody.
Rating: R (for some strong language)
Summary: Takes place after "Who Died And Made You King." When a
mysterious girl comes to Roswell, things and people start to change
and nobody knows why until Liz gets into a confrontation with this new
girl. They later find out that not everything is what it seems.
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the writers, directors,
cast and crew of Roswell. Although I wouldn't mind being affiliated
with the cast especially Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr. I don't own the
show or any of the characters. I do, however, want to share this
fanfic with all the Roswellians out there. Roswell will always be my
favorite show no matter what other shows come along. I hope you like
this story.

Part Seven

Isabel and Max having a conversation in his car.

Isabel: Max there was something about that dream that I didn't tell
Max: What is it?
Isabel: When I yelled in Liz's dream... she heard me.
Max: Who Liz?
Isabel: No, Tess.
Max: How do you know she heard you?
Isabel: Well when I yelled, she turned around and looked right at me.
You know those energy balls that she threw at you. She tried to
throw one at me but I was able to deflect it away from me. Liz
probably didn't see her do this because she ran to your side when
they let her go.
Max: Why didn't you tell us before?
Isabel: I didn't think anything about it, I thought it was a part of
the dream. When Liz didn't tell me that I was in her dream I knew
that part wasn't part of the dream.
Max: What are you trying to say Isabel?
Isabel: I think someone manipulated her to have that dream.
Max: But who?
Isabel: Who do we know that can mindwarp?
Max: Tess, but she's on our home planet.
Isabel: What if she came back unnoticed? Maybe it was Tess that Liz
Max: Where do you think she is if she is here?
Isabel: I don't know.
Max: But what if it wasn't her? If it was Tess she probably would've
showed up by now.
Isabel: Well then who or what is it?
Max: I wish I knew. We should be careful anyway. Don't tell anyone
about this until we know for sure what we're dealing with.
Isabel: What about Michael?
Max: I'll tell him.

Isabel gets out the car and walks to her apartment door, Max drives

Back at the Crashdown.

Liz: I am so glad that we close in two hours.
Maria: I know, I am so tired. Why was it so busy today?
Dan: It's the good food... and the beautiful waitresses.

Maria and Liz both smile.

Mr. Parker: It's called good business. You know what since you guys
worked so hard I'll let you close right now.
Liz: But it's only 8:30.
Mr. Parker: I know. You three look exhausted. I'll lock the doors,
you guys put the dishes in the dishwasher, turn off the grill and
clean the rest of the tables and we'll call it a night.

Dan turned off the grill and cleaned it, Liz and Maria cleaned the
tables and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Dan and Maria went home
and Liz went to her room.

Michael and Max sitting on the couch.

Max: Michael we have to talk.
Michael: What's up Maxwell?
Max: Isabel thinks that another alien or worse is in Roswell.
Michael: Why what happened?
Max: She thinks that's what caused Liz's nightmare.
Michael: And made them feel how they felt earlier.
Max: Yeah.
Michael: Well how is that possible what kind of alien can get into
someone's head and make them have a dream?
Max: Tess.

Michael gets up from the couch.

Michael: She thinks Tess is back? We have to find her and kill her.
Max: I don't think it was Tess.
Michael: Why not?
Max: Because I don't feel her. We were connected when we had sex so I
could probably feel her return.
Michael: So who do you think it is?
Max: Someone more powerful than Tess and maybe even more powerful
than us.
Michael: We have to do something!
Max: No Michael. I don't want to worry anyone until we know what it
Michael: So what do we do now?
Max: We'll just have to wait and see what happens, but we have to be
Michael: Dammit Max we have to do something! We can't just wait until
it kills one of us!

Max gets up from the couch.

Max: I said we just have to wait.
Michael: And what if it kills Liz?

Max pushes Michael into the wall.

Max: (angrily) Don't say that! Don't you ever say that again!
Michael: Now you see my point. I don't want Maria to get hurt and I'm
sure Isabel doesn't want Jesse to get hurt.
Max: We don't even know where it is. We're going to have to wait
until it shows itself, in the meantime, we'll be careful.

Liz is sitting on the balcony. "What the hell happened to me
earlier?" Liz knew that it had something to do with the alien power
that she inherited from Max when he healed her. Her hands started to
throw sparks again. "Oh no, not again This is just like the last
time, only last time my eyes didn't turn like they did earlier." Liz
was so busy debating whether or not she should tell the others about
it that she didn't notice Kyle climb onto the balcony.

Kyle: Liz.
Liz: (gasps) Kyle you scared me.
Kyle: Sorry about that I just didn't know who else to turn to. And I
know you went through this before.
Liz: Went through what?

Kyle held out his hands and sparks were coming out of them. Kyle sat
down in the chair next to her.

Liz: Kyle it's happening to you too.

Liz showed him her hands.

Kyle: It's happening again?
Liz: Apparently, but this time it's different.
Kyle: How?
Liz: Well for one thing, earlier my turned into an eerie amber color.
Kyle: What?
Liz: Yeah, I went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and they were
that color.

Kyle jumps out of his chair.

Kyle : Like that?
Liz: Judging by your response I'd say they're amber again right?

Kyle nods his head. Liz closes her eyes, counts to five and opens her

Kyle: Now that's better. They looked like they were glowing. Like you
had fire in your eyes.
Liz: Kyle do me a favor, don't tell anyone about this conversation.
Not even Maria, she's been keeping an eye on me since this morning.
Kyle: Okay sure.
Liz: You know what, I'm going to bed. I'll see you tomorrow.
Kyle: Okay bye.

Liz goes in her room and lays on the bed. She gets an idea and sits
up. She put her hand out toward a picture on the wall. She closes her
eyes and concentrates on that picture. Within a minute the glass
shatters, the picture and the frame fall on the ground. Liz gets out
of bed and says, "I'm turning into an alien."

Part Eight

That night Liz got only a couple of hours of sleep. To her surprise,
she wasn't tired. She was more energetic than when she went to bed.
Phone rings. She rolls over to answer it.

Liz: Hello.
Kyle: Liz, it's me.
Liz: What's up Kyle?
Kyle: How do you feel?
Liz: I'm fine. We need to talk. Meet me by the pod chamber in thirty minutes.
Kyle: Okay I'll see you then. Bye.

They hang up the phone. Liz rolls out of bed and gets in the shower.
She gets dressed and goes to meet Kyle. Kyle did the same thing.
Twenty minutes after they hung up the phone, they were already there.
Liz told Kyle about the picture, they discussed it for a while until
Liz's cell phone rang.

Liz: Hello.
Woman: Where are you?
Liz: Oh hi mom, I went for a walk.
Mrs. Parker: Why didn't you leave a note, we were worried sick.
Liz: Sorry I guess I forgot. I'll be home later, I ran into Kyle and
we're just going to hang out okay.
Mrs. Parker: Okay, don't be home too late.
Liz: I won't Bye.
Mrs. Parker: Bye.

Hangs up the phone.

Mrs. Parker: She says that she went for a walk and ran into Kyle. She
said they were going to hang out.
Mr. Parker: You know I think our daughter is hiding something from us.
We better find out what it is.

Picks up the phone and dials the number.
Man: Hello.
Jeff Parker: Hi it's me Jeff.
Man: How are you?
Jeff: I need to know what you found out about Max.
Man: Why what's wrong?
Jeff: I can't talk about it over the phone.
Man: Okay I'll be over there in ten minutes.
Jeff: I'll see you then.

Jeff hangs up the phone.

Nancy Parker: What was that all about? Who were you talking to and
what were they trying to find out about Max?
Jeff: It was Philip Evans. He seems to think that Max is hiding
something from them and I think he's right.

Kyle and Liz at the cave. Liz walks up to the door that can only be
opened by aliens. She wondered if she would be able to open it. She
had seen Max do it a few times before. She waves her hand across the
outside of the pod chamber. A handprint appears, she put her hand on it to
match and she pressed down. The door started to open. Kyle was
surprised to see the door open for a human or at least she used to be
a human he thought.

Kyle: How did you know that it would open for you?
Liz: I didn't. I just wanted to see if I could.
Kyle: Do you know what this means? You're turning into an alien; which
means I'll probably turn into one too. We have to tell Max.
Liz: No! We can't tell him. All you have to do is learn how to
control them and get prepared to have fun. Look what I can do, stand

She puts her hand in front of a wall of rock and then it explodes.

Liz: Wouldn't you like to do that?
Kyle: Yeah that was amazing.
Liz: Are you going to tell Max about our new powers? When you start
getting them I'll show you how to control them.
Kyle: No I won't tell him.
Liz: Tell no one.
Kyle: Okay.
Liz: Well you know what I think we should go home before they get
Kyle: Yeah.

They get in Kyle's car and leave.

Knock on the door. Jeff goes to open it.

Jeff: Hello Phil come on in.
Phil: Why did you ask about what I found out about Max?
Jeff: Because I think Liz is hiding something and I think it has to
do with Max's secret. She's been acting different lately. Yesterday I
walked into the Crashdown and they were in a group hug. When I asked
what was going on Liz told me that they just felt like having a group
hug. This morning she got up early and left without leaving a note.
She told Nancy that she went for a walk and ran into Kyle and that
they were going to hang out.
Phil: So what do you want to do? I have a board in my office of my
suspicions about Max, do you want to go see it?
Jeff: Sure, maybe it'll give me an idea of what I'm dealing with.
Liz: Dealing with what?

Phil and Jeff turn around to see Liz and Kyle standing by the door.

Jeff: Hello Kyle. Liz you're home.
Kyle: Hello Mr. Parker, Mr. Evans.
Phil: Hello Kyle.
Liz: Yeah what did you mean when you said that it'll give me good
idea of what I'm dealing with?
Jeff: Oh well...
Phil: Your father wants to see if he has a case against a
manufacturer of something he bought. It broke after one day and they
don't want to replace it.
Jeff: It was very expensive. I don't want to lose out on all that
Liz: Okay.
Phil: We should get going.
Jeff: Okay, I'll be home later.
Liz: Bye dad.

Phil and Jeff leave the house. Liz watches them from the door. They
get in the car and drive away. She closes the door.

Liz: I don't believe him.
Kyle: Why would he lie to you?
Liz: I don't know but it probably has to do with Mr. Evans
investigating Max.
Kyle: But why?
Liz: Because I think he's helping him or he's investigating me.
Nancy: Liz your home.
Liz: I came to get my books we have to go to Max's to study for
Nancy: Hello Kyle.
Kyle: Hello Mrs. Parker.
Liz: What was Max's dad doing here?
Nancy: Well your father told me that he had to talk to him about
something but he didn't tell me what it was about. Where is your
Liz: He left with Mr. Evans. Okay I'm going to get my books so we can
get started studying for our finals.

She runs to her room and gets her books.

Liz: Okay mom I'll be home later.
Nancy: Okay sweetie.

They leave and the phone rings.

Nancy: Hello.
Maria: Hi Mrs. Parker is Liz there?
Nancy: Oh hi Maria. She went to Max's already to study for your
finals. Kyle took her over there.
Maria: Study for our finals.

Maria thinking, "Oh my god she lied to her mom what do I say?"

Maria: Okay I'll just talk to her when I get there.

She hangs up the phone gets in her car and heads for Max's place.

Maria: (thinking) Why did Liz lie to her mom? Why is she really going
to Max's and why didn't she tell me about it? What is she doing with
Kyle? She usually has me take her to Max's.

Nancy picks up the phone and dials.

Man: Hello.
Nancy: Liz just lied to me.
Jeff: why what happened?
Nancy: She told me that she was going to study down Max's. She said
they were all going to be there. Maria just called and when I told her
about it, she sounded puzzled as if she didn't know about a study
group. (with tears filling her eyes) What's happened to our little
Jeff: I don't know but I'll find out.

Part Nine

Back at Max and Michael’s apartment.

Max: So Michael are you going to see Maria today?
Michael: I don’t plan on it.
Max: (looking out the window) Well it looks like you are.

Max saw Maria’s car pull up to the apartment.

Michael: What are you talking about?
Max: She just got here. Liz.

Max sees Liz and Kyle pull up directly after Maria. They get out of the cars at the same time. He goes out to talk to Liz.

Liz: Maria what are you doing here?
Maria: Your mom told me you came over here to study for finals. What’s that all about?
Liz: I’ll explain inside.
Max: What are you guys doing here?
Liz: (walks up to Max) We have to talk.

She walks past him and goes inside while Max, Maria and Kyle walk in behind her. She closes the door as soon as everyone is inside.

Liz: Hi Michael.
Michael: Hey guys what’s going on?
Liz: Well I’m just going to just ask the question. Max is your dad still trying to find out about you?
Max: Yeah I think so why?
Liz: Because he was at my house earlier talking to my dad. I think my dad is helping him or trying to find out about me.
Max: Why would he be trying to find out about you?
Liz: He probably got tired of all the secretive stuff in my life and wants to know what it is.
Michael: Well how do you know it was you they were talking about?
Kyle: Because we heard him say “so I can see what I’m dealing with.” When Liz asked him about it he said he wanted to see if he had a case against a manufacturer for a defective product he bought.
Maria: Why don’t you believe him?
Liz: It seems a little fake don’t you think?
Kyle: They seemed nervous when they heard Liz.
Liz: You noticed it too?
Kyle: Yeah.
Max: What were you doing at Liz’s house Kyle?
Kyle: I was dropping her off at home.
Max: Where were you guys coming from?
Liz: I was taking a walk and I ran into him and he gave me a ride home.
Max: Why didn’t you call me if you wanted a ride?
Liz: Are you jealous Max?

She knew what the answer was when he didn’t say anything.

Liz: Look Max I don’t have time for this shit! I need to know why your dad and my dad are getting so close and why they are working together!

Everyone looked at Liz. They couldn’t believe that she would talk to Max like that.

Max: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you mad.
Liz: Look I’m sorry I yelled at you. I’m just worried about what my dad will find out. I need your help to see what he’s up to.

Max gives Liz a hug.

Max: Don’t worry. I’ll help you find out what he’s doing.
Liz: Thank you.
Max: Me and Michael will come up with something and I’ll let you know about it.
Liz: Okay. I have to go I just wanted to come tell you about my dad.
Maria: I’ll give you a ride home.
Liz: Okay thanks.

Liz and Maria leave the apartment.

Maria: Why did you lie to your mom?
Liz: Because she’s probably working with my dad on whatever he’s doing.
Maria: So why did you ask Kyle for a ride?
Liz: Because he was already at my house.
Maria: Yeah what was all that about?
Liz: What?
Maria: Come on Liz, we all know that you and Kyle don’t hang out that much especially by yourselves. So what’s going on between you two?
Liz: Nothing’s going on. I just ran into him while I was going for a walk.

Maria turns into the dirt road leading to the pod chamber.

Liz: What are you doing?

Maria turns off the car, takes the keys out of the ignition and looks at Liz.

Maria: Why are you lying to me? We’re not going anywhere until you tell me the truth. What’s going on?
Liz: Oh jeez, fine I’ll walk.

Liz open the door, gets out and starts walking away from the car. Maria gets out and walks after her. She grabs Liz’s arm.

Liz: Let me go Maria!
Maria: Why won’t you talk to me? I’m your best friend, what are you hiding from me?
Liz: (turns around angrily) I’m not hiding a damn thing! You believe what you want to believe!
Maria: (with tears filling her eyes) Liz.
Liz: Just drop it Maria!
Maria: Why are you acting like this?

Liz walks towards her. Maria could see that Liz was angry. As Liz got closer Maria was stepping back until she was up against the car. Maria had never seen Liz this angry before and it scared her. Liz grabbed Maria by the arms.

Maria: Ouch, you’re hurting me.
Liz: What? Are you turning against me too? Did Michael’s supposed love blind you or are you just plain stupid? You shouldn’t test me Maria DeLuca, you have no clue what I’m capable of!

She pushes Maria against the car and walks away. Maria slides down to the ground and begins to cry. She opens the door, reaches for her cell phone and calls Michael.

Part Ten

Telephone ringing.

Michael: Hello.
Maria: (through sobs) Michael.
Michael: Maria, what’s wrong? Are you alright?
Maria: No, Liz…
Michael: Where are you?
Maria: The road right before you go to the pod chamber is.
Michael: Okay, stay there we’re on our way.

Hangs up the phone.

Liz is walking over to the pod chamber. She opens the door, walks in and the door closes behind her.

Michael: Max we have to go pick up Maria.
Max: What happened?
Michael: I don’t know but Maria was crying. All I got out of her was Liz.
Max: Did something happen to Liz?
Michael: I don’t know. Let’s go get her.
Kyle: I’m going with you guys.
Michael: Okay let’s go.

They get into Max’s car and leave.

Liz is sitting in the pod chamber. She wonders what’s happening to her.

Liz: (thinking) I yelled at Max, I’ve never even raised my voice at him. Look what I did to my best friend; I yelled at her, I pushed her into her car. She was crying; I made my best friend cry. The one who has been with me through all of this.

She puts her hands on her face, lowers her head and begins to cry.

Max, Michael and Kyle arrive to see Maria sitting on the floor with her head down. She was leaning with her back against the car. She hears the car pull up and hears the doors shut. She looks up and Michael extends his hand towards her and helps her up.

Michael: (in a gentle voice) What happened?

Maria tells them the whole story about what happened between her and Liz.

Max: (in disbelief) No, you’re not talking about Liz. You’re talking about someone else.
Maria: It was her Max, I don’t want to believe it either but I can’t deny what I saw with my own two eyes.

Kyle was shocked. He wondered if her behavior had to do with her new powers. He thought, “should I tell Max about Liz’s powers?”

Liz: Don’t Kyle. You said you wouldn’t tell him.

Kyle looks around.

Kyle: What the hell?

Liz: I’m in your mind you can talk to me through your thoughts. Don’t let them know I’m talking to you.
Max: What’s wrong Kyle?
Kyle: Um…I just can’t believe that Liz would do something like that.
Michael: Well you heard what Maria said.
Liz: Good cover-up Valenti.
Kyle: (thinking) Where are you?
Liz: I’m in the pod chamber, but don’t tell Max.
Kyle: How did you know you could go into someone’s mind?
Liz: I didn’t. I heard your thoughts and I decided to find out if you could hear mine. I guess you were thinking too loud. How’s Maria?
Kyle: Not that good.

The door begins to open.

Liz: Did you tell them I was here?
Kyle: No, why?
Liz: The door is starting to open.
Kyle: (looking towards the pod chamber) Liz, get out of there. Liz?

She did not answer and that worried Kyle.

Liz hides so she would not be seen. A girl walks in.

Girl: So this is what their pod looked like. Huh, the Granolith is gone. But who went back?

Liz was scared because of all the girl knew. “Not many people know about this stuff,” she thought. Liz knew that she was an alien because she was able to open the door. Liz decided to confront her. She had to try to protect her friends.

Max: What’s up Kyle? Why are you looking over there?
Kyle: (without looking at him) I don’t know.

Liz: Who the hell are you?
Girl: How did you get in here? You’re not one of them.
Liz: What do you know about them?
Girl: That is not your concern.
Liz: Now that’s where you’re wrong. They’re my friends, and my friends are my concern.
Girl: Enough talk.

Liz knew what she meant by that, so she was ready for her. The girl tried to throw Liz into the wall with her powers. Liz was able to block it with a shield.

Girl: But you’re not one of them, how is it that you have powers? Who are you? A skin?

Liz was able to throw her against the wall. The girl got up to her feet and tried to throw a ball of mysterious power at Liz. Liz ducked and the ball burned a hole through the wall. Liz knew she couldn’t compete with those kinds of powers so she decided to get out of the pod chamber.

Kyle was still looking towards the pod chamber and without realizing it he started walking towards it. It was like he was hypnotized by something inside the cave.

Maria: Kyle where are you going?
Michael: Kyle are you ok?
Max: Something’s wrong.

They start walking behind Kyle.

Inside the pod chamber the two girls were still fighting. Liz threw her against the wall and opened the door. She got up and threw Liz out of the pod chamber with her power. Kyle was the first to see her and then the others saw who it was. They saw the girl run out. She ran fast enough that they didn’t see her face. They didn’t follow her because they were worried about Liz. They ran to where Liz was lying on the floor.

Kyle: (kneeling down next to Liz) Liz, talk to me.
Max: (nudges Kyle out of the way and checks her pulse) She’s alive.
Maria: (crying) Why isn’t she waking up?
Michael: We have to get her back to our place.

The guys put her in Max’s car. Maria sat in the back with Liz; Kyle drove Maria’s car back. Max was driving his car and Michael was sitting on the passengers’ side of the car.