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Authors Note: This idea just came to me, so I figured I might as well work on it. I hope you enjoy it and please I need feedback so I can tell what I need to improve, and to see if I should continue with this. Thanks, Jeremiah


Title: Reversal
Author: Jeremiah
Rating PG 13 - R for now!
Category: M/L
Disclamer: I own nothing!
Summary: What would happen if the humans got sent back to antar without the aliens?


It was dark, she couldnt see nothing. All she knew was that she was in a lot of pain. She tried to move but it was to hard.She hopes that her friends are alright as she calls for them.

"Maria.....Alex....Kyle..... Are you there?"

Nothing. Liz was scared.

"Come on you guys were are you ?" Liz called again just a little louder this time. She finally heard a response.

"Chica, im right here by the door....I think it is the door at least I hope so." Maria spoke, you could tell by the tone of her voice that she was scared.

"Lizzie, im right here with kyle, are you two alright?" Alex asked, he was worried about his friends.

"Yes." both girls replied.

"So were are we?" Kyle asked finally speaking up.

"We're in the pod chamber last time I checked, with the granioth." Maria said.

"me too. '' alex replied.

The four humans got up and dusted them selfs off and made sure the other one was alright.

"Come on lets get out of here." Liz said to a much relieved group. " The door is stuck, come on help me." Liz said. Maria , Kyle , Alex went to help Liz it took a while the door was jammed because of the crash. They finally got it opened, but the sight in front of them made them wish they hadn't.

The guard and his army were standing in front of the granioth when it opened and the Humans came out. The guard spoke.

"Hold it right there your coming with us."

"What the hell is this place and who the hell are you?" Alex asked pissed off that someone was holding a gun to his face.

"well to answer your question, you are on the planet Antar, and second im the palace guard, and I am here to capture you."

I know that was short, I just want to see what you guys thoght about it, please im begging for some major feedback here so I can see if I should continue! Thanks.

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Authors Note: I just want to thank all of you that left me feedback:





Thank you for leaving me feedback! It is greatly appreciated! I hope that you guys enjoy this part, I want to deal with the fallout of The Gerbil, but dont worry I am a complete dreamer and believe me I was disapointed with the second season! I hope you guys like this, it is just some history of what happen I will get to the good parts if I get more feedback, so please leave me some, so I can know if I am doing a good job or not! Thanks and heres part 1.

Part One

She loved him. She still does, and most likely she will always love him. Soul-Mates are suppose to love one another for forever right? That was what her grandmother use to call her and Max,Her exact word were if it comes easy then its not meant to be, but if you have to work for it , that means he is your soul mate. Well if that is true then that means Max and Her were beyond the term, they always seemed to have a situation going on. Dont get her wrong they were happy once, they even had fun, but that all changed when Destiny came along and destroyed everything.Max had claimed that he wanted nothing to do with Tess that all he wanted was to be with her, He kept saying that they made their own Destiny, and nothing else. Well all that changed on a certain night in october, and the rest you might say was pure hell. Max this past year had been siding with Tess over her. Liz knew that he only was because he thought she had betrayed him by sleeping with kyle.'Damn Future Max.' but a part of her always believed that he would always stand by her and not believe what his eyes were seeing, but what his heart would be telling him, but I guess it was a good thing, because it saved the world, Liz thought to herself as she sat in the Crashdown. Getting back to her thoughts, See the thing is that everything that happened this past year came ahead one night, it was a week after prom and almost everybody was there.Isabel, kyle and Tess were at a booth, Liz was working on the recipts and Max and Michael were at the counter, When Maria and Jim Valenti came through the door, Maria was in tears and she ran to hug Liz.

"Oh Lizzie...."

"Whats wrong?"

"Its alex...." Maria couldnt even say anymore, she was to upset.Liz just looked at Jim and he finally replied .

"Alex was in an accident."

That moment , was when the truth was reveled and by no less then Tess her self.

"Damn, I didnt mean to take it this far!" Tess exploded in guilt.All the others turned and faced Tess, it took a while but Tess finally admitted to mind warping Alex into decoding the book, so they were able to go home. Everybody was stunned, Maria was furious that one of her best friends was injured because of Tess.

"You Damn Bitch! I am going to kill you." Maria said with so much venom in her voice, everybody was scared, luckily michael was able to hold her back. Max and Isabel looked at her with complete hatred, they trusted her and they were made out as complete and utter fools.

"I swear Tess if alex so much stays in a coma and dies, I will do something so horrible to you, that even Volondra would be ashamed!" Isabel spoke, she and alex just got together and now she could lose him, well that is not going to happen! she thought to her self. Max on the other hand was speechless and furious at the same time, yet he knew that there was more that tess was hiding. " What else?"

"What do you mean max?"

"QUIT IT AND TELL ME WHAT ELSE YOU HAVE DONE!!!!!" Max yelled, he wasnt going to let her ruin any more of their lives.Everyone was just staring at Tess waiting and waiting. That was when she also told them that she was the one That killed Nasedo and that the image they saw at the cave with max and isabels mother was just a mind warp.Liz shuddered thinking upon that night, whenever she was thinking about what happened she would almost lose it all together. Thank god that alex survived that accident, yet they were all feeling the aeffect of tess.

Liz was still in thought when the door to the crashdown opened and then walked through was a certain max evans and the rest of the gang, minus maria she was already here getting off from her shift. Liz just looked right at Max and He looked right back at her, He gave her one of his famous Max Evans Smiles, and she couldnt help but feel like the luckest girls alive. he was wearing his new Leather jacket, and a new colonge, which she liked. He walked up to her and gave her a little peck on the cheek.

"Hey Baby."

"Hey to yourself sexy." Liz couldnt help herself, they were finally together and for one she was not letting go.

P.S I Hope you guys like this part, im not that sure about it. I wanted to give this story some time so I can tell a good story for the characters, so dont worry though a lot of exciting things are about to happen, so please leave FEEDBACK! Thanks.
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It has been one week and two days,three hours and five seconds since they got back together.And as you can tell no one has been keeping track. They were supose to be studing for their english exam that they have tomorrow, but the only thing that they wanted was to study biology.

It felt so good to be in his arms again and to taste his sweet lips on hers, liz thought she was dreaming. She has been wanting this since that awful day in october.Yeah it turns out that wasnt a mindwarp, but she had sacurfised enough, all she wanted was to be with the half human , half alien that she wanted.

Man it feels so good to be able to hold her in my arms and to touch her and to feel, it has been so long. Max thought happily as he moved his lips from her mouth to the side of her neck. They were separated for far too long, much longer to his liking, but all that matters is that they are here now with the only person that they want to be with, that was one another.


"What Liz?"

"I missed this."

"Me too baby, me too." Max agreed with liz as he looked into her eyes, he could get lost in them forever.

If anyone told them that they would be like this, after this past year, they would of laughed in the persons face, but now they are not letting go . They continued to make out, and to take the occasional break to breath, as much as they hated to be apart for even a second.

"come on Max, we need to study for this test."

Max pouted and gave Liz his best puppy dog face.

"Awwwww, Liz we can study later..."

"That is what we said an hour ago!"

"You see that was three o clock, the best time to study is six o clock."

"Oh really and why is that?" Liz asked with an amused look on her face.

"Just because it is...." Max whined like a little boy.Liz just laughed, it was so cute on how max was, trying to get more time to make out. She couldnt refuse, and she rewarded him with a slow and tender kiss, which soon turned passionate. That was when it happened.


Three people coming out of the pod chamber. One an older man about 50, then a woman that was about the same age, the third was a man who was a bit younger maybe 17-18. They were talking, and using powers to open the door to the chamber.

* End of flash*

Max and liz were both speechless, and confused of what just happened. It has been a while since thy got a flash together.

"What just happened? Max."

"I dont know Liz, I dont know what happened, its been a while since we recieved a flash."

"Do you know what this means?" Liz asked with a confused and yet worried look.

"No, I dont but dont worry, we will get to the bottom of this."

"I guess, we need to get everyone together and tell them what happened."

"Yeah, I guess we can do it now."

"Do you think there are more aliens on this Planet?"

"How else do you explain those people or what ever they are coming out of the chamber."

Liz was worried, why is this all happening now? Then this thought that entered her mind. What if this is the end? She knew what Future max had said, and yet here she was no longer then 5 minutes ago kissing max.What if these are their enemies coming now that tess is gone? Max could see the worried look on his beloveds face.

"Dont worry, we will be alright, we will get through this." Max tried to reassure her.

"I guess we should go now." Liz said with a little smile on her face to thank max for trying to make her feel better.


At Michaels place everyone was there sitting around listening to max and liz explain what happened in the flash.

"Oh my god! What do you think this means max?" Isabel said to her brother.

"We dont know Iz, but I want to make sure that we are all safe."

Michael being michael wanted to go right now and take care of the problem.

"Maxwell, what are we doing, sitting here, were we should be out taking care of this litlle situation."

"Michael, do you think that I dont want to?" Max asked sorta angry, he was tired of Michael always being this pig headed and stborn, if he wasnt care ful it could get him killed one day.

"Come on Spaceboy, Give Max some room, so we can think of a plan."

"Oh what, lets just sit here on our asses and get killed." Michael replied all sarcastically.

Maria didnt find that really neccesary, and told michael that same thing.

"Thats right michael, I want us to killed, if I wanted that to happen I would make sure you would be in charge, so I know things can go wrong!"

Max and Liz had enough, of this and told them so.

"Come on you two! Stop it, we have to work together on this!" Liz replied to both michael and maria.

Max couldnt but smile at Liz ,and be so proud of her strength.

"Sorry." Michael and Maria both said.With that taken caree of they made their plans. Isabel and alex would go with Max and Liz in the Jeep, and kyle woul go with Michael and Maria in the jetta. They were going to go see if there was trouble at the chamber. They were about to go when they heard a knock at the door.

"Who is it?"

"Its the F.B.I"

Authors Note: I just want to know what you guys think so far. And to thank those that leave feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

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Authors Note: I just want to say thank you to all the fabulous people that have read this and left me feedback it is so greatly appreciated it, So here is the next part.

Part Three

"It's the FBI."

Every one was shocked,or scared out of there minds. They havent heard from the FBI in close to a year and now het show up at their door step. Michael just wanted to blast them , but max stoped him.

"Open the door, Michael."

"are you crazy Maxwell!, you still remember that they are our enemies!"

"Of course they are, I havent forgot but we need to throw suspision of us and the only way for us to star is to open that damn door!" Max tried to make Michael understand that, to much dismay.

Michael was pissed.Why the hell are the FBI back? he answered the door.

"Sorry about that I was in the back roo, how can I help you?"

"Yes, Im Agent Smith and this here is Agent Malone, Now we have a few questions that we need to ask you."

"What kind of questions?" max asked, coming up behind michael.

"Do you know this girl?" He showed a picture of Tess.

"Yes, why?"

"Because she was Murdered. And as her friends we want your help to catch her killer."

Every one was in shock, tess was dead, and why would the FBI want their help if it was murder investigaton.

"I thought you guys didnt really do local murder investigations?" Michael asked.

"well this isnt a local one as you said, but a national security matter." agent smith told the scared group.

"Why is that?" liz asked.

"Because we believe that whoever killed This young and innocent girl is an alien."

"Yeah right! Aliens have you been watching one two many X-files?" Alex tried to cut the tension with a joke.

"That was real funny young man, but no we are serious."

"well we dont know nothing that can help." Michael replied.

"well if you have any more that you find out will you guys give us a call, here is our card."

"We will." Max answered.

"Thank you and sorry for your loss." The two agents left.

"Great, this is all that we need!" Isabel replied, the FBI still make hernervous, specially what they did to max in the white room.

"Come on, we have to focus, I know the FBI are inportant but we need to see what is out there at the Pod Chamber." Max told everyone.

"Do you ever get sick of this crap?" maria said all fustrated as they all walked to the cars.

"all the time!all the time." Michael said as he gave her a hug.


On their way to the chamber, all liz could do was look at max.

"Whats wrong?" max asked.

"I dont know what I would do if I ever lost you." liz said all choked up.

"well you dont have to worry about that, because I am not leaving you , believe me it was hell this past year not to be able to hold you,not to do this." Max said as he gave her a small yet passionate kiss.

"feel better?"



what seemed to take forever, they were finally at the chamber.

"Nothing to be out of the ordinary her." Kyle said.

"You never know." Isabel answered.

The pod squad went inside to see if their chamber was still in tact and to see if any one touched the granioth.

"Everything seems to be fine, I say we go and worry about the FBI on our tails, michael suggested of course with a touch of sarcasim.

"Fine lets go." Max said as they were walking out. Max and Isabe and michael were out, but that was when it happened a lound noise and the ground was shaking, and then the door closed.

"What the hell?" Michael yelled.

"I dont know, but lets go!" max said.

The three made it back to the cars in time to see the granioth take off.What they didnt know was that it had Four very scared humans for a ride.

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Authors Note: I planned on updating this morning, but something has come up, but I plan on updating tonight! I promise.
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Part 4 ( this takes place Right after the prolouge, so the humans are already captives.)

They were in a small and dark dungeon. Did anyone still called it that anymore? All they knew was that they were on antar and without the ones that are really suppose to be on this planet, the aliens. Liz, Alex, Maria and Kyle were just sitting in the room, thinking about a way to escape.

"I cant believe that we are here on this godforsaken planet, prisoners no doubt!" Maria said as she was starting to admit to the fact that they are in serious trouble, and so far dosent seem like they have a way out.

"Tell me about it! You would think the aconmindations could be a little better, knowing that we are guests on thier planet!" Alex replied trying to lift up his friends spirits. It wasnt working.

"That is sooooooooo not funny right now whitman! ' Kyle replied with his usual flare.

"Sorry, but if I think about it for too long, it will just make me go crazy."

"Dont worry Alex, your not alone." Liz spoke for the first time since she and the rest of her friends were brought here.

"I wonder what they want with us." Maria asked afraid of what the answer might truly be.

"I dont know, but I am guessing we are about to find out. " Liz answered as the dungeon door opened. And then came in the guards.

"follow us."

"What if we dont want to,maybe you should just let us go." Maria said.

"Not on your life, and now if you appreciate your life you would just keep your mouths shut and start walking!" The guards answered back.

"why do I have a feeling im not going to like where we are going." Kyle spoke.

"NOW that was sooooooooo not funny." Alex replied as they followed the guards.

Meanwhile on Earth....................

"I cant believe this! They are trapped on our home planet!" Isabel screamed as the three aliens were finally accepting the situation.

"how do we get them back!" michael asked , he was really worried for his friends, especially Maria, who knows what could happen to them on a planet that was responsible for him. Max on the other hand is completely terrified for Liz and the others, but he kicked into leader mode, it was the only chance that they had to bring their love ones home.

"I dont know, Michael but im sure as HELL not going to rest until I have them back on earth, and Liz in my arms." Max said with so much conviction, that nobody doubted those words. The only thing was HOW they were going to bring them home with out getting killed or even worse.

P.S I know this part is really short, but I havent had time lately , but I wanted to give you guys a little something. So please please leave feedback and I might just have to update later on tonight.

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I know this is sad, im just giving myself a bump! please leave feedback, or I will take it as a sign to stop writing.
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Authors Note: Thank you for all the wonderful feedback, I so greatly appreciate it. Sorry I havent posted sooner, I was unfortnally busy with real life, dont you hate it when that happens?LOL Here is Part 5.


Max havent slept that much, if he did at all since they disapeard and was transpoted to the home planet. Not Max, Isabel and Michael, but more like Liz, Maria and Alex and Kyle. He dosent know what to do. The three of them were up all last night trying to find what to do. They were trying to find the people that he and Liz saw in that vision, but they were gone, they were busy trying to save their friends. God how could things get any worse? Why did everything have to be so bad? Why couldnt they get atleast a break from all this crap? No, they couldnt because of what he Isabel and Michael are. And Now Liz and everyone is paying the price.But Max knew there was no way in Hell that he wasnt going to give Liz up, he knew how hard it was to go with out her and he will not go through that again.Max was in deep thought when there was a knock at the door.

"Max, It's me, can I come in?" Isabel asked her brother.

"Sure Izzy, the door is unlocked."

Isabel walked in, and what she saw nearly broke what was left of her heart. Max was on his bed, just staring up at the ceiling.They had all been devestated when Liz, Maria , Alex and Kyle were accidently rocketed to Antar. How could that happe, wasnt it only suppose to reconise the aliens? How was it that they got transported? Well the three of them were going to find a way to bring them all home, even if it killed them.

"Max, we will bring them home."

"I just dont know how?"

"We will find a way, I can promise you that at least, there is no way that I am going to leave alex all the way up there in a galaxy far away." Isabel said with atouch of conviction in hr voice.

Max just looked at his sister and wonder how did she go from being the Ice Princess to this pperson that was now standing in his room, He knew that it had to do with one Alex Whitman, And he was thankful for Alex for that.

"So besides trying to confort your brother what did you want Izzy."

"Just to let you know that Michael and I are going back to the chamber to see if we missed something, I know we have already been there but it dosent hurt if we looked again, now does it?"

"No it dosent, in fact I was sorta thinking the same thing."

"Sure you were." Isabel said smirking.

"I was, so how is Michael doing?"

"The same as you, just he wont show it, Max he is completely devestaed over this, I never saw him like this, not even after he killed pierce." Isabel said.

"Maria got to him, she got to the real him." Max said happily that his friend had some one like Maria. It was the same way with him and his Liz.

"Come on, lets go." Isabel said. She and Max then left to go over to Michaels so they can begin their search again.

Meanwhile in the desert.........

"What the hell are we going to do Kane?"

"I dont know? Lana, they werent suppose to end up like this. None of them were suppose to go to Antar."

"But the humans are there and it is our job to correct the mistake." Mystique spoke for the first time.

"Everthing got out of hand, we came here to help them and that is what we are going to do, nothing has changed except we have to help them with one more situation." Kane replied. He really was beating up himself over this. He was in charged of this mission and now he screwed everything up! He just hoped that the Queen wouldnt be too upset that he let her childrens mates go right to their deaths.

"Come on Kane, you cant beat yourself up for this, we WILL get them back before Kivar and that damn Nicholas do anything to them." Lana tried to reassure her brother.But of course it wasnt helping.

"Come on we have to go to the royal three now and help them." Mystque told them.

Meanwhile back on Antar.....

The four Humans were scared out of their minds. This was something that they hadnt planned for. To be on Antar, they always believed that if a chance was to come up to come here they would be with their soul mates not as prisoners of Kivar. Thats right they finally met that bastard.They are now sitting back in their cell after the litttle meeting they had with the monster, they had always wondered about.

"Well that went well, dont you think?" Kyle replied sarcastically.

"At least he didnt kill us." Alex said.

"That is not helping Alex." Maria replied with her rolling her eyes.

"Come on guys there has to be something for us to do, to get the hell out of here and Kivars liitle camp he has here." Liz spoke trying to motivate her friends and reminded them that the only way to be saved is if they had to do it themselfs, there was no way to communicate to Max and the others, so the only way was to excape.

"How are we going to do it Liz?" Maria asked.

"I will help you." A voice announced. The four turned and looked, they were in complete shock.

"Max!" Liz asked .

"No, its me Zan."

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Authors Note: Thank you goes out to BEHRITALL4ME and LANA LANE for all the wonderful feedback that you guys give me, I want to thank you so much for it. I hope that you guys enjoy this part, I wrote this as an expanation to why zan is there. So if it is boring, im sorry I just want to give reason why he is still alive. And BEHRITALL4ME, your questions, all of them will be answered in good time.

Part 6


"No, it's me Zan."

Liz was in complete shock! The person that was standing in front of her looked like max, but he says his name is Zan, didnt he get killed by Rath And Lonnie?


"I used my shield, you know the power that Max has, well we have the same, except mine is stronger."

"How did you know? That I was going to ask that?"

"I can sense what you were going to say."

"Oh, How?"

"Wow you are a curious one, no wonder why you are so good at science." Zan teased her a little.

Liz just blushed." well yeah I am curious."

The other three could tell what was going on. Liz and Zan were flirting! They could not beliv it, here they were stuck in a dungeon, and the two were flirting! Maria had to make her presence known.

"Excuse me, ok let us know when you guys are done flirting, so we can ask a couple of questions. One This one is for Liz. What about Max? Two this one is for Zan, a two parter for you sir, One are you trying to get in my friends pants? and second WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE I THOUGHT YOUR REJECTS OF A FAMILY MURDERED YOU?"

liz was embarresed by Maria's little out burst, Zan was just amused.

"MARIA! I cant not believe you! First off I Love Max, I Cant stand being away from him, second, I want you to apologise to Zan, for yelling at him like that, he didnt even have a chance to expain himself and you just bit his head off, so apologise!" Liz said defending Zan, she didnt know why but even though she would not intentionally set out to betray Max, Zan would make it hard for her. Were are these feelings coming from? Liz thought as she waited for Maria to apologise.

"Look, zan im sorry, I didnt mean to you know, it's just that its weird seing someone that we all were told to believe that was dead. And lizzie, im sorry I shouldnt doubt your commentment to Max, im sorry girlfriend can you please accept my apology, even though I still think im right."

That was the best apology that she was going to get from Maria, so she just accepted, and hugged her friend.

Alex,was getting inpatient as was Kyle, they wanted to know what the hell ws going on.

"I hate to break up this moment but can we please find out what zan is doing here?" Alex asked.

"Sorry." Both Liz and Maria said at the same time.

Zan had looked at them with a bit of jealousy. He was envious that they had a close and loving relationship, he wanted something with that with Lonnie and rath, but you know what happened,they betrayed him. That just made his blood boil, he decided to stop thinking about that, and tell them the story.

"Well let me Start from the accident, and so on."


"See me , lonnie, Rath and Ava we were walking along, from a basket ball game, the ball went in to the street, so when I went to get it, I felt Lonnie push me from behind and I knew that was the moment."

"Wait you knew that they were going to kill you?"
liz asked, feeling Zan's agony.

"Actually I knew for a while, now but a part of me just wouldnt believe that my so called family would want to kill me."

"Im so sorry, man that must of been rough." Kyle said.

"yeah, well you see I was ready for anything to happen, so I ws prepared, I was working on a new power, that the rest didnt even know about, I hid flat on my stomach as the truck went over, I made myself look dead, when I really wasnt." Zan retold the whole story with glimmers of tears in his eyes.

"That must of been so awful, knowing they could o that to you." Maria said, she felt bad for zan, she could still remember what it was like to meet the rejects, and knowing how they could be this devious.

"well, how did you get to antar?" Liz asked.

"I met these three people that were from my planet, thy told me they could help me, so they brought me back, not knowing kivar would be waiting when we arrived, they happened to escape, but I ...well you know the story."

"So how are we going to escape?" Liz asked, finally finding the courage to ask.

"I dont know, but all I do know is that I WILL not let anything happen to you." Zan said with authority in his voice as he looked right into Liz's eyes.

"I believe you." She stated, as she looked at him. She couldnt believe the change in him, she meet Lonnie, Rath and Ava and they were dressed as punks,She always pictured zan would dress the same way, but not here, he looks like max, actually like future max.

"Come on we have think of something, som way to get the hell of this planet." Zan said to the others.

As they were about to, they heard an exposion rip through the building, and then before they knew it, the world went black.

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This is dedicated to my wonderful Dedicated Readers:


By the way BEHRITALL4ME I will answer all your questions, but if I did it all at once what would the fun be in that? LOL!

LANA- I know that I can count on you for feedback! Thank you for the support. Now were is the new part for your wonderful story?

Part 8

"What are we going to do Kane?" Lana asked her brother, yet she was scared to find out the answer.

"We find the royals, and help them through this,and to get thier mates back." Kane answered.

"They are by the pod chamber." Mystique spoke finally finding his voice.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Lana asked her two brothers.


"There has to be a clue somewere, how to get them back!" Michael said fustrated.He was really worried about his friends, that were stuck on his home planet. Especially about his Maria. Another fine Mess that the three of them put the humans through.

"Dont worry, we will find something, even if we have to go to the FBI." Max proclaimed. There was no way in Hell that he was going to leave his liz on a planet that could get her killed.

"Max, come on be realistic, do you think they would care about them! Huh answer that one fearless leader! All they would care about is that they would have three aliens in thier custody, there dream come true." Isabel stated.

"Well what else do we have to go on?" Max stated fustrated. He couldnt help orrying about the longer that the humans stayed on antar, the less chance they have coming home, well alive anyway.

"Izzy....." Max was about to finish, when a sharp pain ripped through him and he went out.

"MAX!!!!!!!!!!!" Isabel and Michael both cried out. They didnt know what had cause this.

As Isabel and Michael went to care of Max, they didnt see the three behind them.

"What is wrong with King Zan." Lana asked worried for her King.

"He is Dying." That is all that Kane had said.

Meanwhile back on antar...............

The exposion rocked the palace.Kivar had all his men go check and surrond the palace.

"Be Ready to attack at any moment, got it!" Nicholas said to the crew.

"Nicholas, what the hell was that!I thought your job was to make sure that this kind of thing dosent happen!" kivar was beyond pissed.

"Im sorry, your majesty, I dont know what that was , we took care of all the zoids, there couldnt be any one left!" Nicholas cried, he was a scared little alien, Kivar was one boss you did not want to make angry.


"Yes, Sir." Nicholas replied quietly.

Meanwhile at the dungeon.....

Gravel and rock were all over were. You could still feel the burn and smoke of the expolosion. The dungeon was right by the place were the expolosion happened, no one was able to survive that. Or was suppose not have. Maria opened her eyes.

"Liz, Alex,Kyle....Zan." Maria cried out.

At first there was no answer.

"Come on, please answer me!" Maria was beyond terified at this point.


"Alex! Are you alright?"

"Barely, I will live and you?"


"About Liz and Kyle?"

"Im Fine Alex, well im alive at least." Kyle answered

"Thank God!, Now what about Lizzie and Zan."

"Oh MY GOD! LIZ!" Alex cried out for his friend.Thier friend.

Alex, Maria, Kyle went crawled to Liz to see if she was alright.But there was no answer and no pulse.

"Oh My God! No please Liz you can not be dead!" Maria screamed. She could not lose her very best friend. Maria's scream woke Zan.

"Liz..." Zan said all groggy.

"Oh Zan! Please you got to save her!" Maria begged, him to try and save liz.

"First off, are you alright Zan?" Kyle asked.

"No, but I will survive." Zan replied , that is when he saw Liz.

"OH GOD! EVERY BODY OUT OF MY WAY!" Zan yelled. He was not going to let Liz die!

Liz was dead. She was not breathing,it was too late. But Zan refused to believe that , the same way that Max had back that day in the Crashdown, when Liz got shot. Zan put his hands , one on her face, and the second on her heart and that was when the flashes came.

Zan as a little boy, left alone to find something to eat.

Zan trying to play with Rath and Lonnie, but to no avail, they made fun of him and made him cry.

Zan And Ava, walking along, kissing and making out.

Liz as alittle girl with Alex and Maria playing hide and seek.

Liz on her first science fair, she won a blue ribbion.

Liz and Max making out, heavily on her bed.


Then the flashes were over. Zan collapsed. It took too much power, he was exhausted.

Liz opened her eyes, a much delight to her friends.

"Liz, oh thank god, you made it! I dont know what I would of done if anything happened to you." Maria cried.

"yeah Liz, we thought we lost you for good, but Zan her saved you." Alex said with unshed tears in his eyes.

Liz just turned her head and saw Zan, lying on the floor.

"Oh, god we have to help him."

"dont worry, im fine sweets, I just tired, I will be fine."

"Thank you...Thank you for saving my life."

"No problem." Zan said as he got up, while he did that Liz went into his arms and gave him a hug.

"I know, I just wanted to say that." Liz said as she looked into his eyes.The same eyes that Max had.

"Come on, we should get out while we can, lets go, this whole place is blown wide open, so we can get the Hell out!" Zan said as he led the others out of the dungeon.

"Where to Now?" Liz asked.

"Come on this way." Zan said , the others followed.

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Part 9

As Isabel and Michael were trying to help out Max, they didnt see the three come from behind them.

"We can help." Kane said.

Michael and Isabel both turned around.

"Who are you?"

"Hello Rath, Hello Vilandra, we are Kane, Lana and this is Mystique we are your subjects from the home planet."

Michael and Isabel were shocked. Som how they knew they could trust them, they dont know why, but they just did.

"So can you help Max?" Isabel said as tears were running down her face.

"Yes." Lana said, she couldnt take it seeing Vilandra...I mean Isabel, she is isabel here in this life, cry.


"Take him to the cave." Kane said, and the five of them carried Max in to the pod chamber.


As They were leaving and trying to find their way out from whatwas left of the dungeon, Liz felt her heart filling with pain, and then she knew.

"MAX!!!!!!!!!!!" Liz cried out.

"What is wrong Chica?" Maria asked.

"Max he is in danger." Liz cried out, tears flowing down her face as there was no tommorrow.

"he will be alright." Zan said with a certainty in his voice.

"How do you know?" Liz said.

"Were connected, we share the same soul, just we have two diffrent bodies, but one soul. He will be fine and you two will be together soon,I promise you that much." Zan said as he did not know why that aspect semed to bother him so much.

"Thank you zan." liz was happy to hear that her Max was going to be safe, and tht she wa going to be with him. She kissed Zan to show her gratitude.

Zan was taken back by the kiss, he some how knew that he wanted more, something more sensual something more then friendship from this liz parker, he was just too afraid of what that meant.

"So were are we headed for?" alex noted the tension in zan's eyes as he looked at Liz and he just decided that it was best to change the subject.

"Were headed to see my mother, and to free her." zan said. shocking the hell out of the humans.

"The queen is still alive?" Kyle asked.

"Yes." Zan said as emotions were about to take him over.

"I thought Kivar would have already..." Liuz did not want o say the last word.

"Kill her? " Zan finished. " Yes I am too suprised. But damn glad that she is stii alive, now we have to save her.

They walked all the way to the outside , seeing antar for the first time, since they were taken to the prison through underground amazwd them all.

"Wow, its...." Alex was trying to com up with the words to describe this beauty.

"Home.Im finally home." Zan said as tears were running down his face.

Liz was blown awat by the looks of this place, no wonder why tess wanted to com back so badly this is an amasing place. she turned and saw the anguish on zan's face. She took his hand in hers, and tried to support him.

Zan just looked at liz and was happy that she was here for him.he hust thanked her with his eyes.

"Come on lets go."

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Part 10

It seemed like hours, even days, when Max finally came to. The five of them Michael. Isabel,Kane,Lana and Mystique were standing around Max with the stones, and praying what would happen. When He finally came to, every one was beyond happy.

"Oh Max, I am so glad your alright." Isabel screeched. Happy to have her brother back.

"yeah it's great to have you back, maximillion." Michael showing emotion.

Lane and Lana and Mystique were just staring at awe, at the royal three. just in an amazement of the bond between the three, and they were wondering how they could ever betray one another on antar.just then they were brought out of thier thoughts by none other then Max.

"Dont touch me you traitor!" Max bellowed to Isabel.

Isabel and Michael were speechless.

"What...." Isabel tried to speak.

"I said dont touch me! Or are you becoming stupid as you age Vilandra!"

Everyone was stunned. Especially Michael and more so Isabel, her brother just called her by her past life's name.

"Max..." Michael tried to speak.

"Rath, why the hell are you calling me that , You know my name is Zan." Max/Zan said to a shocked and speechless room.

Lana And Mystique just turned to Kane for answers.

"I dont know what is going on persay, but it seems Max ,when he collapsed, somehow he ended up in the past, and he got his memories as king Zan." kane tried to give a good expanation to what was going on.

The three of them looked at the the three in front of them to see what happens next.

"Max...I dont know what is going on but in this life you are Max Evans, Vilandra is Isabel Evans your sister and no she hadnt betrayed you in this life and she never will, and I am Michael Guerin, not Rath , we are completely diffrent peoplw then we were on Antar." Michael tried to get through to him but it didnt work.

"Ok, Rath I knew you had a warped sense of humor but this is riduclous! I mean come on!" Zan was fustrated to non belief tht his second in command was spuing this crap. They were the royal three of antar, why would they be measle little half humans on earth of all god forsaken places.

"It's true Max! I would never intentionally hurt you, I know I did back on our home planet, but I am completely diffrent now! please tell me you believe me." isabel pleaded her brother to believe her , she wouldnt know what to do if he dosent.

"What ever you say sister dear!" Zan replied icy to her.

"Were is my wife. Ava?" Zan asked the others.

"Im right here, darling." Tess walked in to the pod chamber.

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Part 11

It seemed to be forever. but they finally arrived to were Zan was taking them. They were going to rescue his mother. The place were they kept her nearly broke Zan's heart. Even though she is technically not his mother, but that of the real Zan, he still craved that love, and he loved her and he found this place to be beneth a queen of her statue.

Liz could feel the heartache come off him in waves. There was nothing more then she wanted to do more was to make him feel better, but she knew she couldnt. This must be hell for him. To know that his mother was trapped against her will. That his sworn enemy made her and his whole family suffer, just so kivar could rule this damn planet.

Maria was scared out of her mind.She wishes that Michael could be with her right now.This was his planet after all. Why the hell did she have to be trapped her after all? He ws the one that wanted to be here more then the other aliens, well besides Tess. All she could think about is that she hoped that Michael would try everything in his power to try and bring her home.

Alex was speechless. here he was on an another planet, and he wa speechless. this is a dream come true for him, to be able to learn about a diffrent planet. His mind craved knowledge and this is the perfect place to do it, to be able to know a lot more about Isabel's home planet. Isabel. That is why he is the most excited here, he wants to know moe so he could tell Isabel all she wanted to know, so she would be impressed.

Kyle was looking at evryone else, and was wondering what was going on in thier minds. He was scared, this wasn ot suppose to happen! He was suppose to be some jock at West Roswell High, not stranded on some foreign planet , on which is same planet that they are running for thier lives he made add. Then all His thoughts turned to one person, and that person happened to be the one person that he hoped that would never betray him and she did. He cared a lot for Tess, but she was just using him and the others to get to Max. Thank God, that didnt happen, or other wise Alex might of been dead.

Zan didnt know what to do, here he was standing only a few fet from the place were the queen was held captive and yet he couldnt move.

"Come on Zan You can do it, you can rescue your mother." Liz tried to encourage him.

"She is not even my real mother."

"What are you talking about? Of course she is."

"Im Just a dupe."

"A dupe of HER SON! which makes you her son as well."

"Thanks ."

"For what?"

"For trying to make me feel better."

"No problem, now go be the leader that I know you can be."

Zan was touched by Liz's words. No one in his life ever had that much faith in him. And he didnt want to let her down, At that moment all he knew was that his dupe was one lucky bastard.

"Ok, I guess this is it."

"Not so Fast, your fake highness."

It was nicholas.

"Man, even the reject of the king, thinks he is all tht, but I will show you another thing coming." Nicholas said as he threw an energy blast toward their way.


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Part 12

"Were is my wife?" Zan/Max asked.

"Im right here, darling." Tess replied as she walked in to the pod chamber. Facing to a group of uprised people.

"How the hell are you here? We thought you were dead!" Michael bellowed.

"Nice to see you too,Rath?" Tess replied.

"You BITCH!" Isabel screamed , rembering what she was doing to Alex, she lounge at Tess.

"NO! Vilandra! Dont you touch my wife!" Zan/Max relied in his king voice.

Tess barley got out of the way of Isabel. Leaving Isabel to be one pissed off alien. How could max support this skanky bitch, even if he thinks of himself as his former self.

"Yeah, yo's yous would sees thats its me, not my skankytrash dupe!" Ava said finally revealing herself.

"What the hell is going on here?" Michael asked once again.

"Yeah I like an answer to that myself." Kane asked, finally speaking up since Tess's/Ava's arrival.

"Its like this, see lonnie and Rath are still alive and they wants to kill me, cuz you know them bein them and all. Well I figures to come back here, since my dupe is gone, and hide out her, so the only way to do that is to be like her." Ava said that last part in total disgust.

"What if this is some trick?" Lana asked, quite suspicious at the other dupe.

"Yo, would tess, be this nice, since being exposed, no she woulds do no such thin, since being a total bitch. I might have to look like that skanky ho, believe me thats not by choice!"

"Then were is my wife? this Tess?" Zan/Max asked Ava.

"The bitch got what was coming to her, she's dead."

"You mean she is really dead?" Isabel asked, afraid to get her hopes to high.

"yes. the troll is dead." Ava said with a smile on her face.

"Can we all do a happy dance now?" Lana asked , leaving everyone with smiles on thier faces,except Zan/Max


"Zan, or whoever the hell you think you are, shut up!" Ava relied. God how could she ever had feelings for Zan!

"Did you talk to me just like that, because I hope you didnt for your sake!"

"Ohhhh, whats you going to do abouts it king wannabe?"


"Oh my gods! we betta be scare cuz hes mad! " Ava relied sarcastically. He might look like he is tough, but he is just a pathetic little boy.

Michael, Isabel,Kane,Lana and Mystique all were left with smiles on thier faces.

"I see how it is!" Zan/Max replied.

"Comes stop bein such a baby!" Ava said as she rolled her eyes.


Back on Antar...............


Zan relied as he tried to protect everyone from Nicholas power rage.

He just pulled the shield in time, it bounced and burnt Nicholas to a crisp.

"Oh My God!" Maria screeched.

"Wow!, that was wow!" Alex replied.

"Yeah, that was sooooooooo cool!" Kyle said as he looked on with a impressed smirk.

Liz just was speechless, she never saw anyone get burnt to death before, it takes time to get used to, hopefully she never had to seeit again. but you never know what you are going to see while on this planet.

Zan was speechless. Even though he had to kill before to keep himself sve, but it is something that he has never got use to. And something, he feels deep in his soul that he never will.

"Zan, its ok, you did it to save our lives!" Liz tried to reassure him, but it didnt work.

"Come, on lets go!" Zan replied coldly.

"Dont you just love the way all aliens seem to go tpsy turvy with thier emotions, I swear it must be a alien thing!" Maria replied to the others as they followed Zan into the cave to save the queen.

It was dark, and cold it would be a suprise if anyone could survive.

How could kivar be so cold, do do this. Oh yeah he is evil as hell.

"Mother.....Mother are you there."

" that you son?" Her voice sounded so broken.

"Mother! its me!" Zan called out, then he saw her.

"Oh God! Mother! hold on, I am here to save you."

Zan broke the chains that were around her wrists. Mother and son were reunited.

"Oh Zan, your here."

"Yes, well its not your real Zan, im just a dupe of your son.'

"But you are a part of my son, so how can I love you anyless."

Her word went to his heart, as if they were what it needed to heal.

"Mother..." Zan broke down in her arms

The others just looked on as they watched the reunion. Liz couldnt help but wish that Max was here to be a part of this as well as Isabel and Michael.

Zan finally stoped crying. He remembered the others.

"Mother I have some friends I like you to meet."

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1. Reversal
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3. Life After
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5 Time To Say Goodbye To yesterday
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God could our lives get any more strange? Maria ponder the question to herself. This is unbelieveable, we our on some strange planet, watching one of the many reincarnations of my best friends soulmate reuniting with the presumed dead queen of anter, her boyfriends planet! Yep our lives our sure strange.

Wow this is way too for real.I cant believe that im me, Kyle valenti is meeting a queen,Sure she may be an alien queen but royalty is royalty!

I wish Isabel was here, so she could meet her real mother! that would make her so happy. I just have to ask the queen if I could take something back to Isabel so she can have a little piece of what her mother and her life was here. Alex thought to himself.

Max should be here. But I guess in some way he is, even though it is his dupe. Liz thought to her self as she countinue to watch Zan and The Queen. She was fussing over him, and he couldnt take it any other way. Liz was happy for him, because from stories that she heard zan had a difficult life, with not that much happiness, and if this is what makes him happy, then she too was happy.

She knew that she was attracted to Zan. But she loves Max, and even as much as she would like to act on this attraction to Zan, she couldnt do that to Max, even though they basically are the same essence. Max is her soulmate, and even though they are a galaxy apart right now, she could still feel him, even though she knew something I wrong. ' what happened, god I hope he is alright, please Max come back to me, I love you.' liz thought to herself, hoping with every fiber in her body that he would get the messeage.

Back In Roswell..............

I Love You too Liz!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Max/Zan cried out, shocking everyone with his little outburst.

"Max! What is it!" Isabel asked with concern for her brother.

"How many times to I have to tell you it is ZAN!,And to tell you what is going on , I have to find this girl, this girl that owns my soul! I dont even know who she is, but I want her! I need her! Were is she? She just called out to me in my head, so she cant be here, so were is she?" He asked with a venom in his voice.

"You Mean Liz?" Michael asked.


"Her name is Liz, Zan, she was MAX'S Girlfriend!" Isabel said with a bit of an attitude.

"Then that makes her MINE! and im going to get her! so come on I have to find a way to save my love."

P.S Please let me know what you think, I know its short, and im sorry I wanted to give you guys a little something, please feedback is inportant on this, because I think that sucked! so please let me know.

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Part 14

It has been a year and two months since the humans were blasted off to outer space and to Antar.Anyone else would just give up and call it hopeless. But not these three. Michael and Isabel and Zan/Max were still looking trying to find anyway to save their love ones from depending doom. The whole thing with max was getting worse, the personality of Zan basically took over, leaving any hope of recovery for Max Evans to silim to none. He was bossy arrogant and a total King. Ava almost killed him because he was getting on her nerves, but that was avoided due to the fact that it would have to take all four of them to bring the humans home.

Isabel was missing Alex like crazy. She had promised herself if Alex and the others were to be brought back, she would change her ways. She felt utterly alone. At times like this she would usually have Michael Or max to talk to , but Michael was caught up in his own misery of missing Maria and totally blaming himself for her diseaperance. And Max.Well he wasnt Max anymore.And he hast been for some time now, No make that a LONG time now. She misses her brother,and even though they were brother and sister on Antar, she dosent count Zan as her brother, because her brother was never mean and when you screwd up he always gave you another chance. Yes, Zan has a right to be mad at Vilandra, she did sleep with the enemy,and betray her whole entire family.But Max didnt or I should say never held it against her, but Zan was a totally diffrent story. Kane,Lana and Mystique were still trying to find out a way for the humans to be rescued, but as the same for everything else nothing turns up. Zan just sits around brooting like a poor little lost boy. He is still trying to find a way to rescue Liz,that is the only time Isabel reconizes a part of Max and still knows that he is in there some were.

On Antar............................

Dear Journal,

Its, me again. And today I have finally given up hope that we are ever going home again. It has been over a year and two months! And still we are here! God! I miss Max so much, I wonder if he is still trying to find me?Does he still care? I hope so.But a part of me also hopes that he has moved on. I love him so much I just want him to be able to be happy, because I still remember what it was like to be with out him and I hope that he dosent have to suffer the same fate. I wonder about my Parents and Amy deLuca, the Whitmans,and the sheriff. Man the Sherrif, I feel so bad for him. Especially when Kyle was killed during the last battle with Kivar, he was in the royal army,Zan apointed him,We were all runing trying to find a place to hide, when one day Kivar suprised us all,and Kyle was part of the causality of that.I miss him. He was my friend and now he was lost to us, forever. And all due to the alien abyss.
And Zan.Zan.He is making a wonderful king for Antar, all of the people love him.I Love Him.But I am Not In Love with him. I was attracted, hell I am still attracted to him,but he is no Max.I want My Max.Well I ever get to see and feel and Make love to Max. I picture that everynight in my sleep.

I am asleep in the Royal bedroom,all of asudden, I feel him next to me, I wake up.


"Yes, Love?"

"Is that really you?

"It's me, Im here Liz, and We are never going to be apart again."

I am so full of emotion, I throw myself into a hug with him, cling on with on my hold." I Love You So Much."

"I Love You Too, I missed holding you like this."

"I finally look into his eyes and I see passion that is burning.I could feel his desire his want his need to complete with me.And I want him with as much fiber in my being.I pull his head down , so his lips could touch mine.The kiss is tender at first.Slowly but surely getting to know what the other feels lik again.Then all the time we have been apart comes flowing back and the kiss becomes so much more. Our hands are over each other. Max he lies me down on the bed, I could feel his warm lips moving from my mouth down to my neck.Oh God he feels so good.He moves his left hand and slowly unbuttons my nightgown.Pushing it off me.Then he stops kissing me when he notices im wearing nothing underneath


"It gets hot, dont Like?"

"NO! I like, I love it in fact." He says as his voice says in that husky tone, when ever he is in the mood.He goes back to placing soft and warm kisses on my neck, he moves his hand down to cup my breast.He starts to twist my nipple and fick it with his magical fingers.

God I love his hands.I cry out in estacy, which makes him eager.

"Like that Baby?"

"Yes, please Max."

"Please what Love?"

"Make Love to me."

"I Plan to, all night long."

"Well go faster!"

The next thing I know is that I could feel his hot mouth moving down my body, first moving from sucking on both of my breasts,pulling and tugging on both of them, He bites a little. The sensation I feel is so increadable I dont know how to put words to it. Them I am brought to another level when he is licking my hot wet clit, when his oh so ever powerful tounge.



"I need to see you."

"No Problem, you want to undress me baby?"


"Go ahead, my body is yours, completely and utterly yours, You are the only one that is allowed to see me like this."

"And the same as with me. I only want to share my body and my soul with you Max."

I slowly move his shirt, I then move tiny hands over his big masculine chest.I never knew a man could be si beautiful.His Chest is amasing. His nipples are lighty pink and hard as a rock. I slowly suck on one while I twist the other one.

"GOD! Liiiiizzzzzzzzz" Max throws his head back in pure estacy. it pleasures me to see him like this, to know that I am the only one to bring him to such places.I then take of his pants and boxers, leaving him in his beautful glory.

"You Like?" He sys with a smirk.


"I Love you Liz."

"I Love you too."

And then we would connect joing to become one, we would start of slow but with each thrust, it was becoming more like aniamalistic.Max started to pump into me so hard and so fast that We could hear our bodys smacking with the glorified sweat.Then he would cum into me so much I thought he was never going to stop.

Then that is the part I always wake up at. Leaving me fully aroused and completely empty. I had it again tonight, the only diffrence was that Zan came into my Room when I woke up.

"Liz, are you awake?"

"Yes, I am now."

"Good, sorry didnt mean to wake you."

"I was already awake, what do you need?"

"Liz, I need toy ask you something, and I know it is soon, but I have to ask you any way."

"Go ahead."

"I need to do this for the kingdom, and since your here anyway and I love you, I need to ask you some thing."

"What is it?"

"Liz, Will you do me the honor of becoming my Queen? Will you Marry me?"

And at that moment something hits me. Did Zan say He loves me?

Back on Earth( Same time)

Max/Zan wakes up from his sleep scared and angry.


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Part 15

I cant believe that in about Three days, I am going to become Queen of Antar! I mean this is going way to fast for me. It was just last week that Zan asked me to marry him and now this wedding is coming at the speed of light! Now I am here sitting in the Royal quarters thinking to myself as what mess that I am in. I knew I said I had given up all hope about going home,but I still think there is a part of me that Hopes that Max still believes in my Rescue and he comes for me. I know this is going to sound shallow,But I did picture being Queen of Antar, Just that Max was going to be my King.I imangined being with him and ruling this wonderful amasing planet. I picture Max setting up a kingdom that was free and able to do what they want to do without being told what to do.
Max would make an excellent king. She would be so proud of him. Not to say that Zan is not a good one to be King, Zan and Max are from the same essence, yet they are completely their own person. Max would think about things and situations through rationally, While Zan just does things on impulse. Not saying that Impulse is a bad thing, it is just it could come with a cost. Yes a part of her is attracted to Zan and that is why she said yes to his proposal. A part of me does love him.And I know that he will make a good husband.I know that he loves me, but I cant help but wish it was Max that I was about to marry.


Zan was standing around thinking about his wedding that was to take place in three days. He was going to marry his dreamgirl. HHe only knew Liz for the Past couple of years now, But Zan knows that there is no one else for him. She will Make a good wife, a good Queen and a Good Lover.Ever since He first saw her face he knew what he wanted. And now that she had given up about going back to earth, He now has a chance to be the one that She wants, the one that she loves. Zan knowsabout her feelings for his dupe.And he is ok with that. They are basically the same, but not the same either. I just hope that she could forgive me. I hope she understands why I lied to her. I hope that she could forgive me.


There was no way in hell that he was going to lose her. Especially to him! Not to his dupe! He was going to get his soulmate back and that was what it is going to happen. Max was determined to to get his Liz back and were she belongs, with him. Even in his current condition. The part of him that remembers being Zan is starting to get better, Because even when he thinks he is Zan, He still wants Liz. There was no way that he was going to give up on his queen. Not again! He was not going to give up on his love. But he has to act even faster. Or he would lose her completely. He has three days left.

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Part 16

I cant believe that My best friend is going to become a Queen Of an alien Planet! I mean talk about a culture shock! Dont get me wrong, I always knew That Liz would be a Queen, Max's Queen when they got married.But now that she is marrying Zan It is completely diffrent.I Like Zan,I really do, he has saved our asses from time to time,He tried hard as hell to bring Kyle back from the dead and I could tell how much that hurt him not being able to help Liz out by saving Kyles Life. Zan is a good person, He is just not Lizzie's Soulmate.That title belongs to one Max Evans. And It has been a long time since we had ssen our podsters.I wonder how Michael is doing? I wonder if he is still trying to save me? He better or when I finally am able to go home I will kick his Ass all the way here! I miss him so much.So much That I didnt realise on how much I did Love him.And then my mind goes back to Lizzie. If I feel this bad over Michael, I cannot imange the pain that she is going through because she cant be with Max.Those two always had a special connection.Not knocking my connection to Michael but no one could ever hope to compete with what Max and Liz have.It is just to rare to be duplicated twice. And my dear poor sweet Alex.he is missing his Isabel each and passing day. I knew that he had a crush or liked her but I never realised that he felt that way about her as Liz and I felt about Max and Michael. Zan has him in charge of all the technologhy stuff here,Since Alex is so good with stuff like that. Which I have another thing to think Zan for. He has made both of my best friends stay here as pleasent as possible. Hell he even Made Me a Princess, So I dont have that much room to complain.I mean when we first arrived here we could of been killed by the midget Nicholas and Kivar. And Now here we are almost two years later and were still standing. When I try and Look back on who we were before we got sucked into the alien abyss, and I realised something, I thought I would never say.I wouldnt go back to being that girl.I like who I am Now.I like who Liz is Now.I like Who alex is Now.I Liked who Kyle became before his death. We all had to change and grow up and For the longest time I resented it. But Now as I prepare to watch My friend marry a man She is attracted to and Admire but not loves, It tears me into pieces.I am glad, I know zan will Make Liz happy and he does look like Max. And then There is a part of me that realises that Liz is settling for second best and she deseves more then that.


My Lizzie is getting Married in about three days! I cant believe it. I just wish It was to her dream guy. I know that Zan and Max are the same but they are not. They might look the same and share the same essence, but they are complete and total polar oppisites. Zan is an awesome guy, and he is a fablous king. And if I didnt know about Max Evans, he would be the kind of Man that I would choose for My lizzie. I am just glad that she has Maria and Alex up here with her. I would go and try and confort her But I know that she would freak to know that her father is up here on the same planet as her. And as been since about when they arrived. She can never find out the truth. It would destroy her. It would destroy me. All I can say is that I am glad that she was raised by Jeff and Nancy Parker.No one could ask for better people to take care of their daughter. Now my baby girl is marrying her king! It might be the wrong King Now but I have a feeling that will change sooner then All we think. God when did everything become so damn complicated! I mean Why did they have to get lost from the others! Why did I have to lose all three of my children! Cali,Allen and Rath.


Why did I have to lie to her? Why Didnt I just go up to her and Say "Liz, I knew there is a way for you to go home and I have it." Now if she would ever find out that I lied to her, She will never be mine! I cant let my damn dupe have her, he never did deserve her! I mean I loved her My entire life! This one and our past life as well. Please Please Dont let her find out. I cant lose her again. Even if it is to me.

"I love you Cali."

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It was the day that they have all waited for. They had looked forward to it, since the annoncement. Today was the day that their King was marrying the new Queen. And they knew already that she would be a vast improvement over Queen Ava. to put it nicely Ava was a power hungry Bitch. She didnt give a Damn about the subjects,All she care dabout was the crown, the power of the perstigue that the title of queen would have. Elizabeth seemed to be much kinder. She actually took the time out to know their names. Ever since King zan won back the Kingdom from Kivar, It has become such a better place and half of that was due to Elizabeth's presence. All of the subjects loved her. They respected her. And all that was because she didnt make them feel like Subjects at all.
The commoners werent the only ones that were in love with the soon to be new queen. All of the palace were in amasement over how diffrent Elizabeth was from Ava. And they were happy with the change. It was even nice having Maria and Alex here. It made the place come alive, which hadnt been for such a long time. They could tell the diffrence in Their king as well. He actually showed affection for Elizabeth, something he nevr did with Ava. With ava it seemed like it was forced and he never said how much he cares for Ava, as he does when ever he and Elizabeth are out together. It has become such a better place . Every one was buzy trying to get ready for the big day. The queen had almost every guard around elizabeths room. For becoming a new Queen, you Need protection right?
Maria and Alex were With Liz in her room, getting her ready for what is about to take place.

"Liz, I can tbelieve that you are getting married!" Maria screeched.

"I Know, tell me about it . Lizzie you know you are not suppose to do this right? you are not suppose to get married, let a man touch you, oh and you cant let him see you naked." Alex said, he was protecting one of his girls.

"Damn! I guess I am going to have to turn off the lights when I have SEX!" liz replied to jst get an reaction from Alex.

"I am not here, I am not hearing ANYTHING!" Alex said as he pluged his ears. Maria and Liz laughed. Maria still had reservations about this marriage. But as like Liz, She finally gave up on the Idea of going home. So She decided that She would support Liz on this one. She was Glad That Liz was Marrying Zan, Maria Knew Zan would be good to Liz, Or She would have to kick his Royal Ass!

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Who Is It?"

"It's Me, I just want to see How my lovely bride is doing?'' Zan asked nervously. His dreams were about to come true. To Bad they had to come true based on a simple lie.

"You Know Zan, I know this isnt Earth and all, but since we are FROM EARTH, we are going to follow a few customs here. Like The Groom isnt suppose to see the bride BEFORE the wedding! So Move it along! Shoo shoo, or I am going to have Alex Kick your Ass!" Maria shouted through the door. You could tell he was Max's Dupe.He was just as Bad, as not being able to go with out a certain amount of time without seeing Liz.

"Well if that is your only threat then I have nothing to be concerned about." Zan Joked, he loved to get a rise from Alex.

"HEY!" Alex shouted as he caught on to what Zan meant.

"Just jokin with you Man, I Just want to say to Liz before the wedding starts."

"What is it?" Liz asked.

"I just want to say to you, Is Thank You. Thank You For being you.For just bring sunshine into a soul that hasnt seen it for a long time. Than You for your smile, It really brings light into a room. Thank you for being willing to go through with this. As I Know that You Dont love me like him. But I can promise you this Liz, I Love You Without a certain doubt. I love you like there was no end. And I believe that. I believe In the dream that could be. I know that you are going to be a Wonderful Queen, A Wonderful Wife, A Wonderful Friend. I am so glad that you have come into my life. I am afraid thatthis is some dream and I will wake up and You will think of me as some monster. But I know you will never think that. Because I know you. I know that You are kind , you are pure and you are breathtaking. I am the Luckiest Dupe Of an Alien King on this planet. And I want to thank you for bring Maria and Alex into my life. I know that neither of you have asked for this, and I am completely blown away by your Bravery. And I want to Thank you All for coming into my life. I never Really had Friends before , But I Know I Now have More then That I have a Family. A Family That I will protect till my dying day. I better go now, Oh and By the way Liz...I Love You." Zan left after his heart felt speech. Leaving behind three very touched and speechless Humans. Maria and Alex turned to Liz and gave her a group hug and told her she was proud of her. They left to go to the Royal room, were the wedding would take place.

That just left liz alone. She was lost in thought, Still trying to soak in Zan's heartfelt sppech. As much as that meant to her, all she could think was that was something Max would say to her. But now that was over. It was time to start a new life. A new chapter. She could love Zan someday. Today was a stepping stone for that.It was also a day to let go of the one that she wanted. It was tiime to let go of the love of her life. So as she turned to go all she could say was.

"Goodbye Max."

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Part 18

This was suppose to be the happiest day of his life. And he was happy, because he was going to marry his dream girl. Ever since he first saw her in that dungeon Kivar had them all in, He has been in love with her. And Now she has agreed to become his Queen. He couldnt ask for a better person to share his life, HIs heart and hopefully someday when she is ready His bed with. He has dreamed about what it would be like to make love to her. To touch her, to just to feel her in his arms. He dreams about that every night, and every night he wakes up in a need for a very cold shower. He knows that he is second place in her heart, and he is fine with that. At least he hopes he is in her heart. Zan knows about the great love that Liz has with his Dupe, and he sorta feels jipped that it couldnt been him. But then when he looks around he realises that it is he that is marry Liz, and Not Max. I Know this is selfish, but I cant help the smile that comes crawling on my face. The music is starting. Here it comes.


I am officially AM A Married woman right now. Zan And I got married. I am a Queen, Oh MY GOD! What have I got myself into? Zan Is so happy. And when I look at his face It makes me feel even more guiltier. How can I not love this man? I mean feel so in love that it hurts? When ever I look at him my breath is taken away. Because I am in love with a other. Not just another. But His Dupe. My Max. I was suppose to share this day with him. He is suppose to be the one that is by my side. He is the one I am suppose to honor and obey? He is the one I am suppose to love with my heart my mind and my body! I am suppose to be with Max! God, how did everything get so out of control, First Tess, Then getting shipped off to Antar and now here. See what Kind of wife am I ? I mean zan is a terrific husband, and I am not going to lie to you, I am attracted to him big time, But What is good with attraction if it is not accompied by Love? Arent you suppose to love the one your attracted too. Just looking at him makes me feel like I am Tess as well. I dont deserve zan, as Like tess Never deserved max!
The reception is over.I guess it is time for the King and The New Queen to retire to their bedroom and consimate this relationship. Zan is being a complete gentle man. He tells me, he could make it look like we made love , so I wouldnt be so unconfortable. He is a great man. He deserves to Have a woman that Loves Him Completely. Not someone that can only give him half a heart, while the other half belonged to another. I cant think about this now. It is time to make love with my husband.

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Part 19

"Michael! He has been locked up in that Damn room of his for the past week! He will never come out! You Know I miss them too, but come on it has been two years already, we have to move on with our lives!" Isabel tried to reason with Michael.

"How can you even say that?! What about Alex? Uh, or is he that easy to forget like the Rest of your boytoys!" Michael knew he was being harsh. But Isabel was out of line when she mention that they should forget about the search. There was No way in Hell that he was going to forget about Maria! never! They might not have always gotten along, they fight like cats and dogs, but that was part of the attraction. Maria is the love of his life and there is no way in hell that he was going to forget about trying to rescue. Not jst Maria either, Liz ,Alex and even kyle have become friends of his. Of course he never showed it, but he was glad that they were in in the know. They were like his family and there was no way that he could turn their back on them. For some reason he felt as strong about saving Liz and Alex, the same as he feels for Maria. Isabel was just being a total bitch. what can I say she is what she is.

"HOW CAN YOU EVEN SAY THAT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!" isabel screamed at Michael. How can anyone dare to speak that she dosent love Alex. Of course she wants him home and safe and with her. BUt it has been over two years, what is their chance for survival? Especially with Kivar still in charge. Isabel couldnt even look at Michael, so she just took off to her room.

Max had heard the whole thing between Michael and Isabel. How could Isabel think about just leaving them there. Of course he knew his sister was scared and how she was wondering how they could survive? Of course they didnt know that they were safe, from Kivar at least. They didnt literally have their past self inside them fighting for control. But for the first time in nearly two years, he was thankful for his situation. Well for the part that now he knows that they are safe. But not for the part that he knows is that Liz had married another. He dosent blame her, at all. He loves her. He knows that Liz is afraid that she is never going to be able to come home again. And she feels safe with Zan.


His past self.


His dupe from New York. The one that happens to be on Antar, the one Liz married. He knows that one thing is clear. Max could still feel the conection that was between them. He felt how she was Married to him. How she Loves him, not his dupe. Which helps him get through the pain. Zan might have her now, but she is not his. Liz blongs to me. Max thought with a certain possiesveness. He is going to find a way back to go get her and make her his. Max was in deep thought as he felt this bolt of pain that incoursed through his entire body. He never felt this amount of pain before, not even in the White Room. Then there was a flash of light. Max was gone. And in his place was .......Zan.


Liz didnt know what happened , Suddenly as Zan was undressing about to come to bed, He felt over in Pain and then there was some strange light. It was so bright that she passed out from it. And when she came to, Zan was gone. She was frantic.

"Zan were are you?" Liz was starting to get scared. What if one of their enemies were here and they were under attack? Oh God what is she going to do? Liz got out of bed, searching any were zan might of gone. She forgot to search the floor by the bed.

There layed Max Evans.

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I have to find them. I have to let them find out the truth by me and no one else or everything would be completely ruined! How could everything go so wrong? I mean how the hell did it fall apart ? I planned this to the letter! Damn! If this falls through, you can say goodbye to the precious King and queen...........
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Part 20

Liz was speechless. She was actually shocked. Which is a suprise, after everything that she has been through you would figure she wouldnt be suprised anymore. But here she was suprised as hell. In front of her was the love of her life. Max was here. She didnt know how or why even, but she didnt care. All that she was happy for was Max was here and she was never letting go. Then a part of her feels the uprising of guilt that was inside of her.

Here she was happy to see him, on her honeymoon to some other man.And not just to any other man, but to his dupe. How can he ever forgive her for giving up hope? obvisouly he hadnt or he wouldnt be here now.

Max was still out of it. he was unconcious from his little journey. Then he began to stir.

"Liz?" he just called out her name. Not knowing that she was near. It just came naturally to call out her name.

"Yes, Max I am here." liz said as emotion was about to take her over. max had sounded like truly broken man, that had his hope pinned on having her near him. it broke her heart to see him like this.

Max opened his eyes slowly to see that he wasnt dreaming. This couldnt possibly be Real. This has to be one of the many other dreams that he has had about her. No this couldnt be Real.

"You...Your not real." his voice cracked with tears.

"I am real max and I am here." Liz spoke with a gentle voice as her heart broke further more.

"No...No Please ...Stop it! You are not real! YOU ARE NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!" max screamed. He was tired of having his heart get broken when ever he woke up. All he ever wanted was to be with her. To have her hold him. To feel her love. To give his love to her. That is all he ever wanted. But then he would wake up and then it would be over.

"It is me, I will prove it." Liz said as she went to kiss him. And as her lips touched his the flashes came out in force.

Their first kiss on the balcony that night.

The making up on her bed the after noon they found Tess to be a traitor.

The pain of realising there might not be any hope in finding one another again.

Max's pain in over that Liz is in trouble and he has no way to get to her. All his fustration.

Liz's despair in over her attraction to Zan, and wondering what it meant.

Liz's anguish in over deciding to Marry Zan. She was wondering about how Max would take it.

Max's pain in waking up from his dreams realising Liz is not there. His heart is braking all over again.

The Realization that they are back together. It is increadable.

Then the flashes stop. Max and Liz pull away. Both of them speechless. Liz had to find the courage to speak.

"Why Max?"

Max then had to speak from his heart the only truth that he has ever known.

"It was You."

That simple answer brought tears to Liz's eyes. he gave the same one when she asked him why he revealed the real self to her. it made her love him even more. She couldnt take the guilt any more she had to tell him.

"Max. There is something I need to tell you."

"I know Liz, it's alright."

"How did you know?"

"I saw it in the flashes, liz I am glad that he was here for you. I am not mad, it ha sbeen years since we last saw each other you had no way in knowing that if we would ever see each othr again."

Liz was blown away by his forgiveness.

"I Love you."

"And I you. But let this be known. He might have put that ring on your finger, but You are MINE!" max said as he crushed his lips to hers, Reveling in the fact that he can touch her again. Then a Thought entered his mind.

This was were he belonged.In Liz's arms.

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Part 21

Destiny. Hate that word. Yet it is what is taking place. I personally think it should be called fate. Two star crossed lovers traveling across time and space for one another? I dont think just an ordinary love can accomplish that. Take a look at my daughter and her king. Our king. They are so much in Love. It sometimes hurts to look at them and just wish for a ounce of what they share.

I just hope that they can survive what is going to happen next. what they know to be true will turn out to be a lie. They have eto trust what is in their hearts and not just go by what they see with their eyes.

Apperences can be decieving.

Anyone can be anything that they are not.

I just hope that they are prepared for the danger. a new enemy is on the rise and there is nothing to do to stop it. All they can do is to fight it.

To fight with all that they got.

But I believe that they can. They just need to trust and not to keep secrets. but I do believe they finally learned it from their experience with a traitor. Yes, they are stonger as a whole. Not just one individual can do it all.

When the truth does come out about Liz's heritage as an alien queen, they will be shooken to their foundation. To find out that Alex is her brother and as Michael. Also to learn that Zan and Vilandra also had another sibling that is walking along with them on earth.

Many things will take place. but before they can get to a place of peace. they Must fight the destruction that is headed their way.

To fight with all they got!

They will lose love ones. They will find out who are their friends and who are their eniemies.

Who know that saying , keep your friends closer, But your eniemes even closer?

Nothing could be more true.

And I am not talking about Ava either.

P.S I hope you like this. Please leave feedback!
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Part 22

Damn Him! Damn! How the hell does he always seem to win! He always wins! I mean he is probably up there making love to my wife! Thats right MY Wife. How the hell did he ended up there and I am here? Zan thought as he paced around the room that is Max's. He was about to begin the honeymoon that he wanted with liz. the one that he wanted so much. But now he wasnt going to get.

Now how did he switch places. That was what he needed to get answered.

As he was thinking what went wrong, three figures were standing there smirking.

"Always a bridesmaid never a bride!" Lana couldnt hold back her laugh. Kane and Mystique didnt even try.

"What the hell are you three doing HERE!" Zan was shocked to see them here.

"Not happy to see us? We are Really hurt!" Kane said with a sarcastic tone.

"Answer my Damn Question! What the hell are you here for!" Zan was not pleased. He had a feeling that they were behind the whole thing.

"What do you think? We are reunting the REAL King and Queen! Can you like say duh?" Mystique replied. Not liking Zan's tone. He was not going to be treated like beneth him.

"I knew! I knew! It was you, you had to take away my dream! You took away what I wanted." Zan's voice broke into a little boy's who sounded that didnt get what they wanted on christmas.

"Zan, you knew that she was suppose to be Never yours right?" Lana said as she was begining to feel bad for the King's dupe. No one deserves a broken heart.

"I know....I know." Zan said as the tears were falling openly down his face.

While the four of them, none of them realised that someone was watching them from the outside.

"Time to die. Time to die." Kivar said as he started to Raise his hand to his enemies as it began to glow......

P.S Enjoy this part! Please tell me what you think. I am not that sure of it.

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Part 23

Ther has been no sight of trouble for over a month. Which Liz and Max wasnt sure if it was a good thing or not. Kivar was rumored to be dead, But you can never tell if that was the truth or not. Plus they sti;ll had to find a way to get home. As much as Max loved to be on HIS Home planet, He missed Isabel and Michael. Plus his Earth Parents. Plus he knew how much Liz missed her family. That was enough to make them want to go home. Max and Liz were sitting with Maria and Alex in the palaces dinning room. His mother returned to the throne to make antar the place that it was before all the pain and bloodshed took place. Both Maria and alex were shocked to find Max here. Both of them both thinking about that they would never see each other again, It made them have a slimmer of hope.

"So how are we going to go home?" Maria asked finally breaking the silent. Ever since they enetered the room. Max and Liz were lost in thier own little world. Which wasnt a total suprise. They were just waiting for the queen to return. As if she knew that she was being thought of , The queen came back. All of them stood and bow.

"That was enough. You guys dont have to continue that. Now let's get back to why I am here. I have found a way to get you guys back home." The Queen told to a very shocked group.

"You found us a way home?" Alex asked. Not wanting to get his hopes up. He and the others have been here for over two years. So he wasnt sure if this was the Real deal or not.

"Yes, I have. Now I want to explain to you why you havent been able t go home a lot sooner."

"Go On Mother." Max told his mother. Wanting to know more of the Reason why He was apart from his soulmate for over two years.

"The pod, That will take you back home was safe from the war. So you guys could of gone home earlier."

"WHAT!" The group of angry and shocked group asked. They could of gone home a long time ago? Why didnt they know this.

"Why are you barely telling us Now! Mother. Why did you make me wait to see Liz again! Do you have the slightest clue how Muched I missed her!" Max snapped at his mother. He couldnt help it. Just to know that they could of been home a long time ago made him mad.

"Max.There must of been a reason why we were here for so long. Now let your mother continue." Liz said to max. She too was a little angry, But inside she knew that there had to be a Good Reason.

"Thank you Liz, Now the reason why you guys couldnt go home earlier was...

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Part 24- The conclusion

"You mean we had to stay here for that long to just to learn that!" Maria screeched. Sorry but she was one pissed off little pixie. She couldnt help it. she has been away from her Spaceboy for way too long. To just learn a lesson that could of been easily learned in one day.

"I'm Sorry Maria. I know how much you miss Rath, But this was imprtant. To learn about this place. this culture. It was to help you with your enemies. Because as Much as we would love to believe that Kivar is dead, He is not." The Queen said.

"What do you mean Mother?" Max asked. He was not liking were this was going. Kivar was a dangerous enemy. There was not such a thing as being to prepared when it came to him.

"What I mean Zan Is that Kivar is on earth. So you need to be careful. There is no longer the safety of Kivar not knowing were you guys are. That Luxrary is gone."

"What do we have to do?" Liz asked. She was not liking the fact that monster was on Earth. Were everone that she loves is down there. A chance for them to be hurt.

"Zan Knows what to do. The battle is No longer on Antar. It has moved to Earth. So, It is time for you to go." The queen said to the group that was before her.

"Thank you for everything." Liz, Maria and Alex said to the Queen.

"You are all welcome. My children are lucky to have you in thier lives." The Queen said to the three humans. They were just what her children needed. She then turned to her oldest son.

"Zan. You Need to Prepare. You Need to use the knowledge as King to guide you during this battle. But at the same time, You and Your sister and your second. Need to let go of this place. Antar is safe. It will go on with a new regime in place. But you need to accept that your life here is over. You have parents who love you. You have a family down there. I will love you and your sister to the day that I die.But My time is over with you two. Make me proud. Max." The Queen said.

"Thank You Mother." Max said with Tears in his eye. He had a feeling that this would be the last time that He would see his mother, But a calm and reassuring feeling came over him. Letting him know that it would be alright. Max took Liz's hand and lead Maria and alex into the portal that would take them home. Waving their last goodbye to the Queen. They left. to Go Home.

After a Long Journey to get there. They were now home. As They walked out of the pod chamber, They were greeted with three visitors.

"Glad your home." Lana said. It was good to see them back.

"But we have bad news." Kane said as he looked Max right in the eye.

"What is it?" Max asked. Wondering if this was the Start of the war.

"I dont know how to tell you this. Isabel and Michael...Their dead."

AN: This Story is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yay! I am not sure if I should do a sequel? If I do, will you guys read it?.

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