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This story has the characters of Roswell a show which will live in our hearts always. If you wish to know more than just read it! It has a little twist to it cause I'm writing it and I'm making the story from things that might have or alreadyhappened or just plane and simple wish I was her...

Please let me know what you think if it sucks which it might tham just let me have it...

I dedicate this and all my stories to a writer who makes me want to write wonderful stories like she does...

Maia your the best....*bounce*


Hi my name is Max and I am 24 years old and I wanted the world to know about the woman that brought so much love into my life.Well where do I begin to tell a story of a love that I had never known of if it wasn't for her, she brought so much to my life even when I didn't deserve or it or even when I messed things up so bad that I would of never forgiving myself for the shit I put her through but she did she loved me that much. I on the other hand know now what I should of known a long time ago from the first day I ever saw her is that I love her and she will be the greatest love story, song, poem or whatever you want to call that good old fashion feeling called love.

I mean I'm not talking about puppy love or that feeling where once you have the girl you don't want her anymore, nope were talking about love the feeling that you are in heaven everytime a kiss is placed on any part of the body or the skin feels the tender touch of a hand on the small of your back or holding your face in between them so to tell you the truth I don't know what it is well maybe I do in one word that will describe what Elizabeth means to me HEAVEN..
Elizabeth ia my heaven my angel, my love,and my heart she was my age no one could measure up to her they weren't even a milimeter pf her she was an angel granted the wish to live as human being on this planet to love and be with me than to remain in heaven. Well maybe she didn't find me but it was well worth it she stood by my side through everything and she loved me...

It was the summer of 1999 and love was in the air and so was all the hormones flying back and forth. I lived with my best friend Michael in an apartment in good o San Francisco a city full of life and parties and one more things girls all kinds. It was like San Francisco was a buffet and we were here to search for the right one, which meant going through alot of bad ones to get there.. It was a friday night and Michael wanted to go out since the weather all day was beautiful and that always mean that the girls were going to be out barely wearing any clothing..

Michael would of preferred nothing but hey what can you say were just too horny guys looking for love in all the wrong places.... Well maybe Michael me I just broke up with my Katherine we've been together for about three years the break up was more my idea than hers, she's a wonderful girl a nice body and a great smile and she was a star, so what else could you ask for well I just kept feeling that something was missing like love or just longing for a person when they're gone but I didn't miss her when she was not around actually to tell you the truth I kinda liked it better when she wasn't in the picture.

Michael thought I was crazy for letting her go I mean she was an actress and in a couple of movies that we have at the apartment. She's definetly a hottie but I want more. Hey I think Michael was just more upset we both wanted to become actors she knew alot of people in this business and I had some roles like on Buffy the vampire slayer with Michelle Gellar and I was also on the WB show Dawson Creek but nothing really stable. Michael was in the U2 video and some other stuff and she was our way into the spotlight. I mean yeah we were in the tabloids for all kinds of crazy things but they still focused more on Katherine than they did on me.. I don't mind it hey I feel you gotta work hard at the things you want in life and Michael is more like to hell with that I'm just going to meet some famous chick and work it from there..

Okay so we tried to at least figure our plan of action so we decided to stick with what we could do now which was to figure out what we were going to wear. I decided to wear like a dark denim jeans with a black sweater with black shoes and a leather coat. Michael decided to wear his stone wash jeans and I camel color shirt,so we both gotinto the shower and washed evry part of our bodies no we weren't in the same shower we have to of them after all the cleaning and shaving was done we both got out the shower and were getting ready for what was to happen. Hey maybe we'll get lucky and maybe we won't I just know there is something waiting for me... I have this feeling that destiny awaits me and I'm going to find it!!!! So we both finished getting ready and hed out the door..

Well that is an intro to the story if you would like to know what happens once they walk out the door than Feed Back Please....

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Okay here is a new part but you I love all the feed back that I'm gettin for this story....

So here it goes if you have any suggestions or remarks don't be scared to tell me the truth....

Okay n one more thing this is a story of my favorite characters of Roswell n a part of my life..

PT 2

So we headed out the door and into the garage to get into my car. Okay I drive a honda nothing special and I won't get into too much details about that, it's like when we decide to both go out together I drive cuz I don't think me and michael would look cool on his bike. Well maybe if we were living in Castro but we don't! So we drove for about twenty minutes to what we consider the heart of San Francisco it's what we call North Beach it's like little italy here 10 blocks away from chinatown and fisherman warf.. It's looks beautiful on a night like this everyone out and about sitting outside the resturant hanging with there friends and just enjoying the nice warm weather which we really don't get so much in the city.

Me and michael were starving I had a light lunch but I think michael decided to skip the two basic meals for the day and skip straight to dinner. So we chose to eat at this resturant called Little Steps of Rome the palce is so cool I mean they play loud music and the waiters and I think everyone that works there just singing real loud yeah it's that loud that sometimes I can't hear what michael is saying or what I'm even trying to say to myself. The food is great and I love all the woman that go there it's like a hot spot for chicks and that is what we were in search for tonight.

Well we've been sitting here for like 2 hours just trying to figure out our next destination so of course Michael suggested we hit a strip club since it was only 10 and michael thinks you hit the club too early then your just losers and everyone will really know your looking for girls.
So I decided to go with him it's really not my thing and plus they never have any cute girls.. So we walked 5 blocks to the nearest strip club paid the entrance fee and enter the establishment... Okay if your wondering where we get our money well we are trying to be actors but our parents meaning michael and mine are pretty well off.. Okay well back to the story! so we had a couple of drinks and wathed the girls prance around almost naked trying to get us to give more but if they only knew Michael he won't give up his money to anyone nnot even me and I lived with him for 3 years and I've known him all my life. So we were there for 2 hours and I suggested we leave and we head straight to the club.

"Damm Max why is there a long ass line? If I knew it would be this long I would of said forget it to the strip club and came straight here."

"Don't worry about it michael I mean maybe there just holding to make it look busy!"

"Okay!!!! That doesn't make this night look any better for us especially when it's like 10 to 1 meaning for one girl is ten guys."

"Don't worry about it Michael just chill and enjoy the night."

"Easy for you to say if you feel lonely all you got to do is call Katherine and she'll be up here form LA in a heart beat."

"Hey I'm not going there with you okay and me and her it's over and for the better."

While we were talking all of sudden I turn my head I didn't get to catch who walked by but they left the scent of strawberries that it captured my heart for five minutes before Michael snapped me out of it!

"Hello where were you I've been trying to get a response from you!"

"Okay what did want since you were trying so hard!"

"Shit nothing I just wanted you to start moving cause there is a gap between us and them and I think the people behind us wants you to move."

"Oh!" Max said with a look of stupidity which he knew must be written on his forehead.

Gosh I must of been out of it and I didn't even know it the smell just over whelmed me and I don't even know why! It had a sweetness to it and it was just so geez I can't put it into words. Well finally the line started moving and we were in, I mean it looked like it would of been slow but it wasn't it was going off. So me and Michael made way to the bar it was crowded not too much that I was bumping into or rubbing my thing up against someone but it was crowded! The music was great and I ordered my drink before turning around and there it was agian that scent... I mean there was so many people I couldn't tell who was wearing that perfume it drove me crazy... I don't know why but I had to find out who was wearing that scent on them!!!!

"Hey Michael lets walk around!"

"No not right now Max plus I don't want anyone spilling liqour on me."

"It's not that crowded."

"Hey you know I don't dress like this often so just chill buddy."

There was no way I was going to convince him to walk around so that I could find this girl geez I mean what would I say at the moment. Oh yeah and there be Michael nagging at me saying I'm just chasing a scent of a woman like a crazy hound dog. Hey I smelt you a mile away and I'm in love... So me and Michael just stood at the bar had a couple of shots and was chilling. So 30 mins later I was talking to the bartender trying to order my drink when the scent of strawberries made me turn around and see if I could catch her this time. When I turned around I bumped into to someones back and the two girls turn around and so did Michael to see the fuss I was making.

Okay well if you want more than Feed Back and suggestions....

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Michaela this next little part is for you cause I like your honesty and it's okay to be hooked on Behr I got like 6 stars I wouldn't mind having myself..

Well I hope you enjoy this and MAIA I hope you come back soon....

PT 3

So when I turned around BAMM I accidently hit someone when she turned around I thought since I could smell the strawberries that it had to be her. It just had to be I mean I've sensed her everytime she was around okay well I'm not like an alien they can't has like a sixth sense but I've smelt strawberries ever since I was in line. When the young woman turned around I crossed my fingers and and looked up.

"Hi" Max said like an impatient child waiting to open a gift on christmas day

"Hello" The young woman said with a smile that can brigthen up any dark day

"I'm sorry about that I didn't mean to bump into you"

"Well it's okay I was just trying to make my way to the bar."

"Well can I order something for you?"

"Sure I like a pineapple n malibu please if you don't mind."

"No it will be my pleasure and by the way my name is max."

"Hi Max my name is Michaela and this is my friend Jessica."

"Oh it's nice to meet the both of you and this is my friend Michael."

When I had turned around to tap michael on his shoulders he was already talking to a girl. He seemed happy at the moment and I knew that when conversation got bored he would find me. I just turned back around and went to talk to Michaela and Jessica apologizing that michael was busy so the three of us stood near the bar and had a couple of drinks. I stilled smelled the scent of strawberries but I didn't want to push up Michaela and try to sniff her I had a better idea.
They were around the bay and attended college and was just out for the night since final and everything was over till next semester. Then all of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulders and I turned around to smile at Michael.

"Hey Max I'm going to head over to the dance floor with Maria and her firend. You should come too."

"No it's okay I think I've met the girl of my dreams."

"Okay yeah right and I met mines Max."

"You live in a big fantasy world you know that!"

"Yeah but I'll hook up with you later but if you get bored she does have a friend."

"Okay well good luck with your dream girl."

When michael started to walk away and I turned back to the girls for some reason the scent was fading but it couldn't Michaela was right here in front of me and yet the scent was now gone 5 minutes later it was gone. I was so mortified I had picked up on the wrong girl and now what was I to do the night was almost over and I didn't find her but I couldn't be rude. So through out the night I didn't smell anymore strawberries but Michalea and her friend made me laugh it was about and hour till the club closes and I haven't seen Michael all night. I think I got to know Michaela and Jessica alot better since we hung out for the whole night we danced a little bit more but I was worried there was still no sign of michael anywhere! While all this searching for Michael all night me and the girls got to know each other quite well. We exchanged numbers and said we would hang out for coffee or something so since I didn't find Michael and I knew he couldn't leave without me I walked the girls to there car.

"Thanks Max for walking us to our cars."

"It's no problem but I better get back before I loose my friend."

"Well you have my number so maybe we can have dinner or something or just hang out."

"Yeah I love to do that well you guys get home safely."

"You too and bye Max it was nice meeting you." Jessica said as she rolled down the car window.

I watched them as they drove off but I had to go back and get Michael. When I was walking back I just had this strange feeling that Michaela is a beautiful girl and maybe we would be really good friends but she wasn't my strawberry. I didn't smell anything on her the whole night I was dissapointed and yet happy that I made a new friend. I walked back I saw Michael with two girls he looked drunk and I think he was by the way he was swaying. I smell strawberries again and it was strong not liek the other times in the club it was distinct I could smell it. It just seems to coming from the direction where Michael was standing I was sending a silent prayer into the night, please let iot be here please it just has to be her. Gosh for a second I felt like I was Tom Hanks in You've Got Mail, when he went to go meet Meg Ryan gosh that seems spooky. Maybe I just want to be an actor way too badly. The closer I got to Michale the more the scent just seemed to linger in the air. All of a sudden I see Michael kneeling onto the ground and the girl with the blonde hair helped him and then the figure of a girl was all I could see. I didn't get to see her face but the scent was lingering in the air and all of a sudden some guy comes up to her and takes her into the car and yet even though she is long gone there is still the scent of strawberries in the air.

When I reached Michael he looked sick and all of a sudden the girl with blonde hair says.

"You must be Max your friend here is kinda drunk maybe it's time you take him home."

"Thanks for all your help uh I never got your name."

"Oh my name is Maria DeLuca."

"I know this is bad timing but the perfume you are wearing it's nice do you know the name of it?"

"You know what sorry I don't it's my best friends perfume and she just left with one of our friends well I got to go now but give Michael my num and tell him if he remembers me to give me a call."

"Yeah sure I will well drive home safely."

"Yeah you too bye."

Michael was with strawberry all night long and I missed it how could I. Damm if I left the club to walk the girls a little earlier or paid more attention to Michale when he was picking up on girls than I would of met her and now it's too late but I still have Maria's number.. So I put Michael into the car and drove back home I managed to get michael into bed and than I head straight for my room holding onto it for dear life not wanting to loose it so I placed it near the window.

I had such a nice dream than I heard Michael in the morning and bamm I felt a gosh of wind coming from the door and I didn't think nothing of it till I remembered the number.

"Nooooooooooooooo" Max said in terror

Feed BAck and suggestions would be great to keep this story going....

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okay I did some changes to part 3 so if you read it already than great but just make sure cuz I added some parts....*bounce*
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View Original Thread Okay well today is such a treat especially since I put up three new parts and I think I'm going to stop since no one seems to be reading this.

Well if you are then I thank you so much and don't forget people the Feed Backs really help...

PT 4

From that day on it was so hard not to think of her thats all I seem to do was just sit and think about her. The only thing I knew about her was that she smelled like strawberries and had long brown hair. I know that doesn't seem like much to go on but thats all I had! Michael was definhetly no help to me. He really didn't care he was so bored in town and needed something to do that he flew to LA to find work. Hey I'm all down for him finding work but I mean couldn't he just stick around! Three months went by and I went to the club every single weekend to look for her I went so damm much I was like a regular which in easy terms mean I was like VIP all the bouncer knew me and I didn't have to wait in line anymore but it was good that I had this kind of clout but she never came back at all...
I knew I couldn't go through life like this searching for a girl who didn't know I exsist and not only that but she could be married or engaged and I don't know if she'll even like me.

Well a week went by and I had already made up mind to let go so on my way back from the gym after I tidy up a bit I was right about to go to bed when the phone rang I really didn't ant to pick up so I let the machine pick up.

"Hey you shit I know your home and lying in bed and wondering o where can she be right so pick up the damm phone I got some important news to tell you."

I just left it as it is and than the phone rang again and again and so finally after the fifth try I decided to pick up the phone and right when I grabbed the phone I totally forgot that I could of just turned off the ringer.

"Ok Michael what is it that you have to wake me up at 3 in the morning on a wed."

"Okay well while you were chasing dream girl I've been out and about looking for work when I heard from our agents that they are looking for people for a new tv show called Roswell."

Ok and your point is what Michael I'm tired and I just want to go to bed."

"Well don't get your panties in a bunch but there holding auditions so if I were you I get your ass here real quick."

Are you lying to me cause if you are and your joking I'm going to kill you and I mean that well I'll book my flight right now and I'll call you when I get to the airport."

"Alright buddy now wasn't this worth waking up for or what."

"Good bye Michael!"

"See you tomorrow Maxwell by the way I know that yo might not believe me but I knwo there some girl out there for you that you were made for but I got faith in you."

"Thanks buddy so I guess happy huntings to us both right."

When we hung up I went to book my plane tickets packed and took a short nap before I headed out to the airport. Well the flight was short and Michael wa sright on time to pick me up. So we headed fo rthe studio where the audition was being held and picked up a script and I decided I wante dto have the lead role of Jason Behr. The only thing Michael told me so far and what Igot from reading the script was that it was called Roswell and it had to do with Aliens and love and all that good stuff which sounded interesting. Michael decided to audition for the role of Brendan Fehr which I knew he would especially how they are both alike in alot of ways.
While I was reaidng to myself waiting for michael to come back with some coffee I felt a pair of arms wrap my waist to turn me around.

"Hey Max how are you long time no see."

I'm good and what about you it's been awhile hasn't it."

"Yes it has Max and I missed you so much."

"Hey Katherine I can't do this right now Im so sorry."

"I know that it's over I just wish we were still friends."

"Okay that would be nice."

"Hey Katherine long time no see what brings you here."

"Nice to see you too Michael well I'm here picking up my script I'm playing Isabel."

"Really well I'm tryin out for Brendan and max is I guess tryin out for your younger brother."

"Well this should be fun." Katherine said while smile a devilish smile towards Max

"Maxwell here's your cofee well I'm next so wish me luck guys."

"Good Luck!" they both said as michael started to walk
into the room.

"Well Max since you guys are in town then we should hang out."

"Sure I'll give you a call after I talk to michael."

"Ok well don't be a stranger."

Well an hour later me and michael finished our readings and went to get a bite to eat while we waited patiently for them to call us back. It wasn't till after we ate our food that Michaelphone rang and it was the producer telling him he had gotten the part and should be in to meet hi co stars. I was all happy fo rmichael but sad fo rmyself since I didn't get a call back yet. Well 30 mins later which felt like eternity my phone ran and after I hung up I told michael I will be playing his best bud in real life and TV.

So we headed back to the hotel to get some goosd rest before meeting the people we would be working with side by side. I mean you got to work with cool people. So the next morning when we go tup and we went straight to Mr. Coffee Bean to get some good coffee and headed straight to the studio. When we got there we were told to head straight to the room since evryone was there. When Michale opened the door I thought I was dreaming she was here strawberry I could smell it in the air when I got in we were intro duce to the directors and told to introduce ourselves. It was funny cause Maria wa sthere and she would play michael on screen girlfriend and I knew Katherine was playing my sister but who was to play my leading lady. I walked up to her and the closer I got the sweeter she smelled I felt like I was walking in air and if no one could see it then they are blind.

"Hi my name is max." As he looked into her eyes

"Hello Max I'm Elizabeth."

Okay this might sound corny but you know in that movie Jerry Mcguire when Tom walks in and says hello to Renee and he was like Iwant my wife back and she said you had me at hello. Let me tell you I know what that means I've falling in love and I fell at the moment she opened her sweet mouth to say my name.

It was true she had me Max at hello.......

Okay Feed Back Please if you want me to continue

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Thank you for all the feed back and I'm happy that you guys like it.

Don't forget be honest with your feed back and suggestions...

Pt 5

It so funny when I think back to the day we met it was like fate finally said okay heres your chance buster now you do what you want and like in the script we make our own future. Well everyday of shooting there was a connection between maria n michael and it was weird cause the way they were are just like brendan and majandra. Those are the character that they played but it was hard I have to come up with a plan to help liz fall in love with me it was difficult since people started to find out me and katherine use to go out a long time ago. Even though she said she was fine with working with me and that it was okay that we weren't together but you know when a girl says that she doesn't mean it!

Well for the next month or so we got to know all the cast memebers on the show and the were totally cool when we were done shooting the pilot we were going to do out and celebrate and pray that the network picks up the show. So while all this month I was falling for Liz it wasn't sure if she was falling for me. Hey I do know for sure she wasn't with no one and that was a big relief! SO in this new show me and liz would fall in love to the point that nothing not time or drastic changes could drive us apart. I thought that it was more like life wanting to be accepted and loved and not always knowing who you are, the last day of shooting we were invited all to a club to celebrate. I was thrill this was a chance to get to know Liz on a more personal level. Michael on the other hand was doing some good work with Maria they really dug each other and through the conversations I have with Michael I knew they were both actresses and live in San Francisco and thats where they would go when this was over. Michael was in love and he kinda shed a little of his hard side for her, all four of us would always be together. They were an item for about 2 weeks and going strong. So I knew I had to my plan into motion.Well after the night of the party we all went back to where we came from gosh I sound like an alien. The four of us were heading back to San Francisco and I was sitting next to Liz on the plane.

"So max what will you be doing in your spare time?"

"I really don't know just relax and get back into the habit of working out, what about you?"

"Well if I can make it I can take some classes since maria will be busy this summer."

"Well she might but if you want to hang out then just call me."

"Thanks I might just take you up on that offer."

"I hope you do."

"Max I'm tired can I just rest my head on your shoulders please."

"Sure anything you want."

Oh my god she is resting her head on my shoulder oh god what do I do. I just sat there for an hour watching her sleep she was so beautiful. She looked like a slleping slow white to me with her fair skin and her fair skin. If I kissed her on the lips would she awake and be my princess. Okay I really feel like a sap right now. I know one thing is for sure I won't hurt her every! There something about Liz maybe it's everything cause even though she's right her I still want more of her like it's not enough I want to give her all that I am but I want to take everything from her as well.. We all said our goodbyes and said we see each other soon.

On our way home I was debating wether or not to tell Michalel that Liz was my dream girl. I didn't want to say anything on the set so for a whole month I just kept my mouth shut. Hey life is like high school with all the gossiprunning around. So I didn't want to cause any troubles with Liz n Katherine or Maria or anyone for that matter so I just kept my love for her inside was deep inside and acted towards her in a professional manner.
When we got into the house and after finished un packing I decided to tell Michael everything I was going to lay it on him real thick. You should of seen his reaction to what I told him he acted just like a girl.

"What you love Liz what in the world are you talking about!"

"Michael remember my dream girl I was chasing well I was chasing Liz."

"You are sick okay you gotta let this dream girl go Max there is a girl for you and maybe it's liz and maybe it's not."

"No Michael I have never lied to you in all the years I have known you and I'm telling you out of all my years alive I have never once loved anyone till I saw her."

"Okay Romeo and your telling me this because of what and now! Why didn't you tell me when we were in LA!"

"I don't know everything with Katherine and then I wanted to be professional at work."

"She thats why you never get first place Max take a chance be daring you say be professional what part of that word explains me and maria."

"Okay I get your point so what am I to do now."

"Well I can see if Maria knows anything but it's going to cost you."

"Your going to make me pay for information on Liz, your even sicker than I am."

"Okay well you can wsh my clothes and my bike how about that."

"OKay that seems fair, so what do you think my chances are right now."

"Slim to nothing"


"Hey I'm being honest so why don't you order some pizza and I'll grab the beers and we devise a plan....."

Okay here ones part for today I'll post more soon if you wanna know the plan then feed back please...

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Okay this is the last part for today and if no one reads this than I'll just be hurt an dnot inspired to write.

It's your feedback and suggestions that let us know as writers that you want us to continue without that than it's hard to be happy to write.

I do thank everyone that has read this story it means so much to me.

Maia where are you?

PT 6

So that night while me and Michael try to come up with a plan we just talked okay well more like I listen to him talk about Maria this and Maria that I mean he’s got it bad for this girl. Hey you would too she’s not my type but she sure keeps Michael on he’s feet.
They really do make a real good couple when I see her at the house sometimes I wish that Liz would be here as well but she’s probably on some data that I don’t even know about and when I start to think about it jealousy runs through my head. Hey I know I’m not her boyfriend and I never told her how I feel so I guess she can do whatever it is that she wants RIGHT!!!!! Okay well let me get straight to the point. The plan was for Michael to sacrifice by spending soooooo much time at Maria’s getting to know Liz and finding out what she likes and who if he can. Hell that shouldn’t be hard he guess to be with two beautiful girls while I wait at home folding he’ clothes. Well one night Maria went up to him and his cover was blown. You guys are probably wondering how well let me tell it to you…

“Hey Michael I wanted to know something?”

“Okay baby what’s up?”

“Well don’t get this the wrong idea but I just need to know!”

“Go ahead ask your question since it seems to bothering you so much.”

“Ok do you have a thing for Liz cause if you do then just let me know so I don’t end up looking like a fool.”

“What the hell are you talking about!!!!!”

“Well your always here and I love it but every time where all together the end of the night you start asking questions about her.”

“Let me tell you something and you listen real good.”

“Oh my god you’re going to tell me you’re in love with her something.”

“No I’m not Maria how can I when I ‘m in love with you.”

This came out as such a shock that Michael now realizing what he said was mortified what happens if she said she didn’t or worse what if she did they had only been together for like 3 months and that is just way to fast to fall in love. Well maybe not for Michael since this was his first time and he really was in love but let me get back to the way Michael was telling it!

“Did you just tell me you love me Michael?”

“Yes I did and if you want to believe me than great if not hey your lost and not mine.”

“Do you always have to be like that I mean can’t you just drop the wall for 20 minutes.”

“Ok I will but can you just stop over reacting.”

“Over reacting you’ve been asking a lot of questions about my best friend and room mate and I’m not suppose to ask why.”

“It’s has nothing to do with you I promised a friend a favor.”

“What favor if you don’t tell me right at this moment I will never forgive.”

“I know you will one day I’m just scared that my friend won’t”

“What the hell are you talking about.”?

“Max is in love with Liz happy now, I was suppose to find as much as I can about her for him so he knew what he would do.”

“Max is in love with ok now I know your lying since max never says anything and hasn’t seen or made contact with her in a month.”

Hey I think it’s silly but it’s the truth the day that I met you he was dying to find the girl who I didn’t know was your friend that smells like strawberries.”

“Oh my god this is so weird!!!!”

“Tell me about it..”

Well after the conversation Maria asked a lot of questions about max but she didn’t want to say anything until she knew for sure that max could be trusted with Liz’s heart. Well Michael told her everything even down to the embarrassing stuff, which he swore to keep a secret. When Michael returned home I was already to hit the hay and get some sleep. I was sore form my work out and now I just wanted to rest. All of a sudden someone screaming told me to hang on cu she thinks they have a better chance than I though of. They wanted me to be with Liz the both of them on my side I knew it be a matter of time when she’ll be mine. It took Mariah two weeks to get to know me better and than she decided to help me since she knew her friend needed to find a guy or just fall in love by the time she was 30 years old.

She did tell me that Liz had asked about me but thought I was still with Katherine because of the rumors that were on the set. I had to explain to her what happen and why. it was sow hard to think that I would loose a chance that hasn’t been giving to me yet because of some rumors. I know Maria didn’t’ believe them but that was because she was Michael’s girl. She said that she would help but it took months just to start moving on our plan. So let me tell you by the end of two months we became real good friends it was hard to adjust but I guess you have to start somewhere and I was the one waiting for her to start. I fell more in love with her than I could ever imagine and I think every by now could see but here she’s been hurt and I mean it’s really was hard for her to open up and I totally understand a beautiful girl getting hurt over and over again it would definitely put a dent in my love life so I reassured her that I would always be here for her. So from the day that we met until now we’ve moved to like first base and not the sexual kind like I like but just being really good friends. Oh but let me tell you what change that and boy will you be surprise I know she was!

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Ok thanks for all the feed back and I love reading how excited you are about this story and as for you Michaela you make me laugh I was laughing readin your feed back don't worry your characters doesn't go away yet. She's a fighter so you'll see what happens.

Okay well here are new parts for you to read let me know whatcha think..

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PT 7

So we all hung out daily and it was cool to have around I had gotten to know her pretty well and the only thing missing was my arms around her waist and my lips on her sweet lips. Maria and Michael seems to be happy together and they were up to they’re usual all lovely dovey and shit and me and Liz just watched in amazement the two people who were lucky if they found someone to deal with them for a day actually found someone that they can love and be together for I don’t know say FOREVER. Well it was a Friday night and the couple decided to make it a blockbuster night, which meant make out session and sex nasty dirty love me slowly sex. If wish I was getting some not that I’m complaining but I am a guy with needs to I’m not like a girl that can just wait. So they left Liz and me to ourselves, which was ok, but something seem to be bothering my strawberry. Liz asked if she could talk to me and it seemed like something was bothering her so I said sure we could talk outside on the patio if you like.
We both walked onto the patio and I sat myself and the drink on the table waiting for Liz to tell me what was wrong.

“So what’s up you seem bothered by something.”

“Well I am Max everyday now for the past couple of months I have been receiving one single rose a day and always attached to it was a poem telling me about a boy who is in love!”

“Really do you have a clue to who it is?”

“That’s the thing I don’t know many people in the city so I’m boggled by everything!”

“Is it scaring you Liz?”

“No that’s the thing to know that out there is a man that sweet just takes my breath away.”

Oh my god she thinks it’s sweet is what max thought to himself

“So why the long face about it?”

“What happens if the rose was meant for someone else and he just got the address mixed up.”

“I don’t think so maybe he has the right place and is just waiting for you to find him.”

“Okay max well that will be hard since he never leaves a name and it comes at different times.”

“Okay maybe he is just waiting to sweep you off your feet when you’re not expecting it.”

“Well I hope I meet him soon Max I know in my heart that I was meant to love a man like that.”

“Well anything else you want to talk about.”

“No I just needed someone to listen to me.”

“Well does Maria say about the whole thing.”

“Nothing she just jumps around like a school girl and tells me ooh someone has a secret admirer.”

“Yeah that sounds like her.”

“Hey max have you gotten a call yet from the producer?”

“No why have you.”

“No I was just wondering if the network picked up the show or not.”

“They’ll call us if they have any info.”

“Yeah that’s true well I’m going to head home I’m feeling a little tired.”

“Okay well I’ll walk you out and I hope you get home safely if you can’t sleep Liz you know you can call me to talk if you want.”

“Thanks Max you’re the best I know one day you’ll make some girl happy.”

Liz placed a kiss on the cheek like she always does when she is leaving Max but something was different this time and I wasn’t sure if it was I or she or the both of us I just knew it was different. She said to me I’ll make some girl happy and I know that girl will be Liz. So she say if there was a man out there like the one sending her roses she knew that she could love him, I think that is what she said unless I added that in myself. Well I got to think of the next plan we already know she is ready to meet this guy so we’ll have her meet him. Plus she said she knows she was meant to love a man like that! God I love her it’s just so sad that I only can say that to myself and Maria and Michael when they’re not in love mode. I mean I have a solid friendship with Liz and now it’s just a matter of time that she’ll know I’ve been in love with her. How many ways do I love her let me count the ways. Well from one to a million is everything that she is that she knows, the things that she believes in and okay break it sown it’s just her.

I mean I know out there in the world I might seem like a hopeless romantic but what is wrong with that to be loved and love someone in return. Waking up next to the person you were meant to be with and I know that now a days people take advantage of that! I know that because I’ve seen it happen to some of my close friends one minute they know who they are and what they want to become and the moment they think they’re in love they loose a piece to themselves. I’ve seen it I mean with Katherine I was just there to be there like a comfort blanket at first I was scared to leave losing all the glamorous things she brings to my life. Well when I have more time to have a discussion of the topic of love I’ll be sure to let you know, but at the moment I’m trying to work on the matters of a particular girl name Elizabeth. I just figured out a plan well I didn’t figure it out but I remember one not just one but a couple of Liz’s favorite movies.

So I’ll call and make the arrangements and then wouldn’t you like to know what happens… I know after this plan she will learn to love me. Okay I figured out the plan so now I’m going put it into action. I’ll show you what a hopeless romantic is all about. All right people let me tell you what I did to win Liz’s heart! Well the day was set for a week from today which will be next Friday and so the next couple of days I’d call to make all the arrangements and make sure everything and I mean everything would be perfect at least for this one night. So with all that was going on I did not tell Michael or Maria anything they kept asking and I kept ignoring. Don’t you hate those people who just bug you over the same thing over and over again! I gave no hint or clue or even a smirk when they were close to figuring it out. They had an advantage I think I mean Michael is my best friend and Maria is Liz’s best friend so they can come up with sometthing if they came up for air once in awhile. So the day has come and this was the plan okay at this moment it is 3 in the afternoon and I know that Liz is at home cause I just got off the phone with her and she said she was going to take a nap. Today is the day when her dreams come true.

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Oaky well this is another part for today and I will be with a new post sometime soon so I hope you enjoy it..

PT 8


Dear Diary,

Oh my god I had such a wonderful time last night it was amazing and he loves me and I think I love him in return. I can’t believe he did that went through all of that for me am I even worthy myself to be loved like that!!!! You know what yes I am I deserve it and so does everyone in the world. So let me retell the night my prince came to rescue me.

Well anyways I just got off the phone with Max and he has become such a big part of my life and such a special friend to me. It’s so funny how we met and after that it’s been nice to have someone around. I am jealous though of what Michael and Maria have it’s so sweet and it really must be nice to be loved like that by a man who is worthy of it. I know that there is someone is out there for me I got another rose today and hour ago and I wonder why always just one rose does it mean something or is it just some bad joke being played on me. Well right when I was about to close my eyes and hit the bed I heard the doorbell rang I tried to ignore it but someone kept pushing the door bell so I had to get up I knew Maria wasn’t home cause of course she is with Michael.

“Hello who is it.”

“Delivery for Elizabeth Appleby.”

“Okay come on up.”

“Can I have you sign here please.”

“Do you know who sent this.”?

“No mam we were told to pick it up form the store and deliver it at this time.”

“Thank you for your troubles and have a nice day.”

“Yes the same to you too.”

Well I got a package I’m not sure what it was but it was for ma and it was from my favorite designer so I know that it’s clothes. When I started to open the box I was totally surprised the first thing I saw was a not and it was in that writing the one that I know he was made for me and the note written by the person who I hope it to be.

My Love,

Except this gift from you to me as a symbol of what is to come tonight and every night from then on, I remained a secret for the simple fact I wanted you to see me for the romantic person that I am and not an image of the men that have hurt you before. Enclosed in this letter are directions and instructions for you to follow down this yellow path road you will find home. Please know at this moment I am thinking of only you and that on the bottom of this letter is a verse form a sound which should describe how I feel. Till tonight may you no longer have to wait for true love.

Love you

Here it is!

Never knew I could feel like this. It’s like I’ve never seen the sky before want to vanish inside your kiss, everyday I’m loving you more and more listen to my heart can you hear it sing telling me to give you everything. Seasons may change form winter to spring butt I love you till my dying day.

Oh my god he must be an angel to write something so beautiful as that. Wait did he say we were going to meet tonight. Oh My God okay I’m panicking now what do I do or wear what happens if he thinks I’m ugly oh god scared now. All right I just need to take a deep breath and relax and finished opening this box. When I opened it the first thing I saw was a rose my favorite a fire and ice rose. Have you’ve ever seen one before it’s such a lovely red and then there is white mixed into it. Okay I opened the white tissue paper and when I open it all I could do was drop my jaw to the floor it was a beautiful Red dress that swooshed form side to side like a bell. It looked so good on my skin well I called Maria back home to help me get ready but Michael was going to the casino and gamble for a little. I mean it came with everything shoes, Shaw and even dewberry the only thing scary was that he had to know me he had all my sizes correct. I was putting on the dress and I looked beautiful from what Michael told me.

Well it also said to eat light there will be dinner served an I should be ready in about and hour and a half. So hauled my ass to the bathroom and as quick as I can put on my make-up and shave and did all that girly stuff I took everything to be serious tonight and I was going to see him I just hope that he is the one. The clock seemed to move quickly today or maybe it’s just me I’m not quite sure at this moment. All of a sudden I heard keys in the door and held up the bottom of my dress and ran to it knowing that it had to be Maria. I stood at the door way and when Maria walked in and saw me she dropped her shopping bags to the floor and just gasped for air as her hand was to her mouth.

“Oh my god chica, you look stunning.”

“Where did you get that dress it’s gorgeous!”

“It was sent to me today from that guy the one I’ve been telling you about he wants to meet.”

“Oh my god your joking right well are you going? What am I talking about you have to go Liz.”

“I’m just scared what if he doesn’t like me or I’m the wrong girl!”

“You got to be kidding me right no man will send you roses everyday for a couple of months if he thought you were the wrong girl!”

“Yeah you do have a point okay I’m dressed and ready to go I’ll just take it one step at a time.”
“That’s’ my girl well anyways don’t forget to put your special perfume on!”

“Oh god Maria I almost forgot to do that, what would I do without you.”

“Go crazy and forget to put on your shoe on your left foot.”

“Oh god!!!”

“Let me get this straight he picked out everything including the you know what?”

“Oh no I supplied the under garments he just did the rest.”

“Okay Cinderella I just heard the bell ring so you better get going.”

“Wish me luck Maria I hope it’s the one!”

“Well maybe he is, enjoy yourself tonight okay.”

As the door closes behind and me and I am to find out what lays ahead for me all I know is that I hope it’s him the one I’m falling in love with. I’ve never seen his face or heard his voice or felt his hand in my own or his heart beating next to mine but something greater than myself tells me to love him and I will no matter what he looks like or even if he’s the worlds biggest geek. Oh god snap out of it this is why I hate blind dates. Well I wonder where the driver is taking me this is a beautiful limo and the ceiling sparkles there in it is another rose on the seat across from me and it reads.

Not too much longer till we meet my princess and may you learn to love me as I have learned to love you….

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Pt 9

Well at this moment the driver should be already on his way to pick up Liz to drop her off at the location. Okay so I reserved a seat for two on the balcony of the old San Francisco Opera House where they are showing Phantom of the opera it is a formal occasion hence why I got the dress. You should of seen me I didn’t know what her size was and I was trying to describe her to people I didn’t know so if it’s too big than I hope not but shit I’m Fucked. Excuse my language I’m just so nervous and I don’t know if I can make it through the night. Well I’m going to have to since everything has been arranged and paid for and it is worth it to see Liz in that beautiful red dress. The way the dress sways from side to side reminds of bells. Well I got to leave now and be they’re a little late than usual. I hope she didn’t think I will stand her up but I want her to be surprised.


Well the driver has stopped and since the windows were tinted and I didn’t want the wind to mess up hair I’m not quite sure where we are all I know is that drive was not so long. When the driver comes to open up my door to help me out I was greeted by a handsome man in a tux. He was so dreamy I could of fainted he look like a model and I thought he is the one but I was so tongue tied I couldn’t speak. The opera house as beautiful I’ve never been in there before and I’ve only seen it from the outside. The man escorts me into the opera house and takes me to the balcony he seats me in my seat and next to me is a card. I pick it up an open it and the letter was from him it was his writing before I read it I thought o god he saw me and knew I was ugly and left but I had to read it for my own curiosity.

My Love,

This opera house or anything could never hold a candle to your beauty I shall be there momentarily I had some last minute business to take care of, so do not fear I shall be there faster than you can count to one hundred.

Love Always

Oh my heart was pounding I thought for a moment and at that moment I had to rush that thought out of my head cause I know that he is a gentleman and would never do that to a lady. Then in the back of my mind I was wondering what he was doing and if he thought of me. I was so confused I’m about to meet this wonderful man and all I could do was think of him. The way he his eyes captivate mine and with one smile I go melting in the knees. I told myself I would never want to go through the feeling of getting hurt again but I’m a sucker for cupids arrows and I know that if I didn’t at least let myself love again I would grow to old and bitter and I don’t want that for myself. Then I heard someone ask me I wanted champagne when I turned to answer my mouth cracked wide open and the program in my hand fell to the floor.

When I reached the top of the balcony I saw her from behind and I could smell her in the air I loved it the way the light dazzled her skin and gave her a more glowing look than I’ve seen in awhile. She couldn’t be more beautiful than right now. I slowly walked up to her and asked:

“Would you like some champagne.”

“No thank you.” She looked shocked when she turned around to see me there with a bottle in hand. I didn’t know what to do run or sit.

“Here Liz you dropped your program on the floor let me get it for you.”

“Max what are you doing here.”

“Well I’m here to watch the phantom of the opera and you?”

“Well I guess I was waiting for you.”

“Oh you were and how was the drive” I said as I noticed her eyes started to sparkle.

“It was beautiful so it was you all along!”

“I didn’t know how to tell you how I felt without feeling stupid.”

“Well the show is about to start so what ever you need to say lets just say it later.”


Well for the nest two hours I was a nervous wreck and I imagined she was too but I knew since she didn’t stand up than she must in some way care about me and by the end of this night I’ll know how she feels. The opera was beautiful at times I thought I could see a tear drop from her eyes. Oh how I just wanted to go there and wipe it for her. I mean the music itself was touching, I mean I understood how the phantom felt to love someone and never know if it could be to live in darkness waiting for her return. Then to only find that she loves someone else and it was not you. I hope the last part wouldn’t be the part for us but hey you never know I won’t know till the end. The lights started to get bright for it was time for intermission and I knew I had to answer some questions.

“How did you plan all this without no one knowing max?”

“Easy I did on my spare time.”

“This has been wonderful and I want you to know that.”

“I think it is more wonderful because you are here with me.”

“When did you start to feel this way.”

“A long time now it’s been so long Liz.”

“When I want to know.”

“It was at a club.”
“What club I didn’t meet you till the day at the studio.”

“I know that I was at a club remember the first day you met Michael.”

“Yeah I remember but I didn’t see you there.”

“I was there I was busy at the time when you guys were getting to know one another.”

“Oh I see.”

“It was the same perfume that you are wearing now that made me want you for some reason and please don’t be scared I know it sounds crazy.”

“Yeah it does and can you blame if I do seem scared.”

“No I don’t blame you that’s why I did it this way so you would care for the real me not the friend you grew to love.”

“Okay and then.”

“Well then when I met you at the studio the moment you said hello I was yours forever.”


“Well shall we take our seats the next part is starting.”

“Max I need to tell you something.”

“Can it just wait I want to enjoy this for now and let all that I have said and done just soak in so you won’t be scared of me.”

“Okay you got a deal.”

Well than for the next hour we sat quietly enjoying the show I dreaded ending cause I didn’t know whether or not she was going to leave right after or if she would be interested and stay. When the show ended I was glad when she said:

“So what do you have planned next for us Max?”

“Well my princess this is your night.”

“Well on with the show would be the best way to say it.”

“Yes Liz on with the show.”

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Okay here is anothe part and you want to keep up cause alot of things will be happening to all four of them.

Oh yeah to the people who leaves feed back thank you so much.

I love to know that you are enjoying this as much as I like writing it for you guys.

PT 10

Well after that I had the limo take us to the pier, since it was a beautiful nights we could see the boats sailing on the ocean. I wrapped the blanket around both of our shoulders as we sat in the carriage. I said she was to be a princess tonight and it was such a beautiful night. When I wrapped the blanket around us I was happy when she didn’t push me away could she love me now that she knows it’s me or is she just being polite. We talked a lot about everything it was things that we would talk about in person but this time it was different. I think it was different because she knew it was me who loved her and how that came to be. We stopped at a store cause Liz was thirsty when I got out of the carriage and walked in the store I grabbed a bottle of water and pulled out my cell phone to make sure the other plans were ready for us in an about and hour. When I walked out of the store Liz had gotten out of the carriage and I watched her pet the horse she looked like snow white but just in a red dress. When I got back I gave her the water after I helped her back into the carriage as we rode around some more she placed her head on my shoulders. I wanted to jump out my seat when she did that.

While we were moving she came up to my ears and told me that she wished this night wasn’t over and I said it doesn’t have to be if she didn’t want it to! So with one answer I had the carriage driver drop us off at the hotel. Okay I’m a man can’t I hope to get lucky but it wasn’t for that okay I thought maybe a nice dinner and I had another surprise waiting for her. When we stopped I helped her out of the carriage and she walked up to the horse and kissed it and told the man thank you for a lovely ride. She is so gracious and it is part of another reason why I love her and I’ll tell you more as we go along.

“So max a hotel, boy you really did think of everything! Didn’t you!”

“No this is not why I got it.”

“Well if you like I can go to your place or you can come to mine.”

“No this is fine! I’m just saying you’ve been a busy boy.”

“Only for moments like this!”

When I went to the counter to check in Liz just took in sight the beautiful hotel it was old and looked ancient but inside was beautiful a part of history. It would be a part of our history.”

“Well are you ready.”

“Ready as I’ll ever be!”

“Well shall we be on our way.”

“Yes max I will follow you.”

We took the elevator up to the 8th floor and the reason why I chose eight was cause it seem to be my good luck number. When the elevator doors open I reached in my pocket and pulled out a white scarf.

“Okay I hope your not going to get kinky on me now are you.”

“No just that this next part is a surprise so you must be blind folded.”

“Okay well that seems scary.”

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes I do.”

So I wrapped the scarf over her eyes and placed her hands in my hand and walked her to the room I grabbed the key and open the door I lead her into the room and sat her down on a chair. I just had to make sure all was done before I unfolded her blindfold and then I did and she started to cry.

I started to tear the whole night has been overwhelming I never had a man do so much to win my heart. When the blindfolds came off there was candles everywhere it smelled like strawberries it was so beautiful in front of me was a table decorated with rose petals and candles and he ordered food too. When I looked around there was balloons saying I love you and it just won me over. I didn’t know what to do! Then when I turned and looked at the bed it was done in red satin sheets with roses pedals everywhere he came up to me from behind with one rose and I cried even more not because of the flower but because of what he said.

“Liz I just wanted to tell you that I love you and have known for quite sometime now and the reason why I only sent one rose at a time is because there are millions of roses out there but only one can match your beauty.”

“Max that is so sweet but I need to tell you something.”

“Okay wait I must say all that I need to say before you start, if nothing comes from tonight I will only wish for your happiness and no matter what I will still be your friend.”

“I don’t want to be your friend.”

“I took things way too far and I understand I scared this is my fault I’ll leave now and you can leave tomorrow.”

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PT 11

When I heard those words I was heart broken I felt if a part of died with that last sentence out of her mouth. When she saw the look in my face she grabbed my face and forced me to look at her even though I didn’t want to.

“No max you don’t understand I’m in love with you.”


“When I was suppose to meet mystery guy tonight I wanted it to be you so bad I fell in love with you the day we started to become friends and the only reason why I told you about the roses was to try to get a reaction out of you and now I understand why I didn’t.’

“Liz you made me the happiest man on earth.”

“I wanted it to be you so bad and I prayed and will for it to happen and when it did I was surprise but now I’m okay.”

“You are so what are you telling me Liz.”

“Max you made me the happiest person alive.”

When she said this my heart leap for joy the woman that I have been in love with for almost a year loved me in return. It wasn’t because of tonight but she loved me she really did all that I ever wished for was coming true with this I sat down not wanting to let her hand go and than I opened the tray of food. I t was cheeseburger her favorite she laughed and I knew she was impressed nothing was going to spoil this night. I had turned on the music and this particular song cam eon by surface and I grabbed the Liz’s other hand and asked dif she would dance with me. She started to laugh cause if you listen to the words you’ll understand why.

Closer than friends

If you don't know how I feel for you
It's time I let all feelings show
I love you
And I'll never let you go
No baby
Right now we're just friends
But I pray someday you'll surrender
To love so tender
I won't push you
As long as you know that my love is true

While the words were being sung I wrap my arms around her waist and dance to this song one that we both knew had a lot of meaning for us. Closer than friends that was the next step we had established a friendship and there is love. All I knew at this moment was not who I was or who she was the only thing I knew is who we were together.

Get closer to you baby
Closer than just friends
Get closer to you baby
Closer than just friends
How about you

How about you
It's hard to explain
When you're close to me
I get a warm sensation inside
I can't deny this
I want to try it
Each and every time you come by
Girl I don't wanna lose your love
By putting my cards on the table
You know I'm thankful for what we have
But I have feelings inside
They're so strong I can't hide


Girl I don't wanna lose your love
By putting my cards on the table
You know I'm thankful for what we have
But I have feelings inside
They're so strong I can't hide



Closer than friends
Me and you
I want to
How about you?
There's nothing I won't do
To get close to you
My baby
Nothing I won't do to get close to you baby

We knew the song was coming to the end and when it was almost done Liz raised her head and looked into my eyes and it was then as the last word was being sung when she kissed me and not just s peck but a real kissed. It was the only thing we knew at that moment was just the kiss. When the kisses grew more passionate I walked her to the bed not wanting to remove my lips from hers and I laid her gently down the bed and the rest is for your imagination to create. All I have to say that it was like World War II. When all was done which wasn’t over for about three hours and in that three hours I explored every part of her body covered it with kisses and you know what happened next I would tell you but I’ll keep that part to myself. When things started to cool down we both went to shower and when we were done headed to the bed where with one last kiss I fell asleep next to my strawberry. No need to dream of such things anymore cause this was real and not a dream she was mine and I hers.

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Okay readers this part is for M14 who seems to be the only one loving this story.

Well it will be memorial day on monday and sinceI only post when I am at work than this few parts are all that I can put up until Monday or tuesday.

So everyone have a nice weekend and yeah take care.
So here are 2 parts and it's gettin better.....

PT 12

That night before was one of the best nights of my life and the reason why I say one of the best because just to give you a little hint we had many more nights like this after and still to come. I was one of those people who trusted real easily and got my heart broken a lot just by having false hopes and I get scared sometimes that Liz will just get up and leave. She once said to me and I think it made real sense. “It’s easy to forgive someone who has done wrong to you cause in human nature for people to make mistakes but when you hurt yourself whether it be by the way you do things or think it’s harder to be forgiven for your own treason. I think yeah it’s easy when someone lets you down cause you can blame them but what happens when you break your own heart how do you forgive that. I know that with Liz and all the pain she went through that she has no walls up from all the hurt sometimes she just smiles and goes with the flow of life. I admire that in her after all the hurt that she has endure she still is willing to give her heart to me. WOW I gotta love that about her you know!

Well during all this time we haven’t received a call from the producer of that pilot we shot for Roswell so we just took this time to look for work. I got a couple doing commercial and so did everyone else. It’s hard to find jobs nowadays. Well Michael, Maria, Liz and me, we did a lot of stuff during our time off we like go to Great America, which in California is like a miniature Magic Mountain. The weather was getting nicer and we just spent hours in the sun and doing all kind of stuff like going to Reno and gambling which I love to do hey I’m an actor and so are all my friends so don’t you think that’s a big gamble in itself. We became real close to each other if I needed help with Liz than Maria would help and so on so on. We were one big happy family. I never seen couples like us together and happy and had all the same things in common. Oh yeah whenever we see Maria and Michael fight it was just pure comedy in it’s rawest form we just had to laugh and promise each other we would never do that, it was easy to promise to not do something before it happens than to be forgiven after all the promises is made and broken. Hey that’s something else all entirely different. We spent so many nights like the one we had when I surprised her and it was great the love making and the intimate thoughts shared between me and her it was just magical nothing could be more greater than this right now. Well we spent a lot of time between her place and mine but I had something better in mind. Time flies by so fast when things are good and before you knew it days turned into months and so on, months had past and things never felt different just better. One day Michael came to me for advice and it was for a gift to get Maria for their anniversary and can you believed it they have been together for a year and me and Liz barely hit 6 months.

“Hey Max I need your help!”

“With what Michael you seem to be all knowing.”

“I know I am but not when it comes to girls and this one in particular.”

“What do you mean!”

“I mean it’s been a year for me and Maria and I don’t know what to get her that she can’t already get for herself.”

“Damm it’s been a year shit times flies by fast.”

“Your telling me one minute I’m a lonely fish in a pond and BAMM next I’m in love.”

“Yeah in love that definitely describes you at this moment. Did you ever think that this would be happening to the both of us and I have you to thank.”

“Yeah you do and I haven’t heard you say thank you yet.”

“Okay Michael you’re the man and thank you.”

“Okay enough worshipping me just help me out here.”

“Well I can call Liz and ask her for suggestions cause you know she would know what you should do.”

“Yeah do that well I got to get to the airport for my audition so you let me know what you guys come up with and I’ll give you call tomorrow and remember max it’s two days away.”

“Wait a minute your letting me take care of this for you!”

“Yeah since I figure you owe me one and hey Max can you make it not to mushy cause you do that and she’ll know I didn’t plan it.”


“Okay later bud and thanks for the help don’t worry I’ll be back the day of the anniversary so you can let me know the deal.”

“Michael, wait a minute you can’t put this on my shoulders.”


PT 13

I couldn’t believe he left me here to do all his dirty work so I sat and thought what would I do if it were our anniversary the way I feel about her I would purpose. Hey if I gave him that idea he kick my ass and then some plus Maria would never believe that it was his idea. So I sat for about three hours just thinking and planning until Liz walked in the door and I dropped everything to run to her and gave her a kiss and not just any kiss the one you give when you miss someone so much like you haven’t seen them in ages. The first hour was just cuddling with each other on the couch while she told me of her day and what had occurred I didn’t really have much to say cause I was a couch potato today and just lounged around the house. I love this girl whenever my day has been bad or good she is always there to comfort me and I love to know that I do the same for my girl.

“So it sounds like you had a rough day.”

“Yeah but a good or bad day it’s nice to know I can come home to you.”

“Yeah I know what you mean.”

“Well so what did you do all day, since it seems like you haven’t even had time to shower.”

“Oh nothing you know guys stuff like watch dirty movies and read dirty magazines the stuff my mommy never let me do!”

“You know what Max you are really grouse.”

“Yeah I’m the number one biggest pervert.”

“God you are sick.”

“Yeah sick in love with you.”

“Oh yeah I saw Michael when I was coming here and he said you had something really important to talk about.”
“Yeah I do but can we talk about it later I wanna play.”

“Hey mister play later talk now!”

“Okay well you know it’s their year anniversary and he doesn’t know what to get her or do for her!”

“Max I love Michael and Maria and I want it to be nice for her but I won’t help!!”


“Well it’s a special day and he has been with her for a year to come up with something and even if it turns bad than hey she’ll love it no matter what cause he planned it.”

“I get it but Michael and plans are horrible you know that.”

“Yes and so does Maria so if he comes with a full proof plan you think she won’t know who planned it.”

“Okay I get it.”

“You can give him suggestions but ultimately it’s up to him!”

Well after a couple of more minutes of her convincing me she won’t help I had to think of what I will tell Michael. I know that Maria means a great deal to him and I understand where Liz is coming with this but Michael and plans don’t mix. I mean I would never in my life have him plan my bachelor party that’s for sure. Liz made me dinner and we watched a movie before she kissed me goodnight to head home and be with Maria. Liz wondered herself what would Michael do for their special day especially when it was only two days away. She was biting her nails as I walked her to the car!

“I hate the fact that you’re leaving so soon.”

“I know Max but Maria is alone and I haven’t really spent much time with her.”

“I know and I’m glad that I got to at least see you tonight.”

“Me too.. Max I love you.”

“I love you too Liz is something the matter.”

“No I just want you to know to know that I do.”

“I know you do and I hope you know that I love you Liz.”

“Okay well I better get going Maria should be done with her auditions so Muah lots of love to you.”

“Excuse you better get back here and give me a kiss missy.”

“Ooops did I forget to!”

“You know you weren’t funny.”

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PT 14

While I watched my love drive away I wanted to think of what I will tell Michael and I didn’t even have a clue on what he should do for Maria but I have faith in my friend he’ll figure out something. Well the nest day came and I was nervous for Michael he hasn’t called yet which mean that maybe his audition went well. Oh then I heard it and I cursed myself for having the biggest mouth on the entire planet. SO when I was walking over to the cordless I picked it up well let me tell you by the end of the discussion I wasn’t happy I was just informed that Roswell was not picked up by any of the networks and I knew this would be hard on Liz and Maria but I was kinda happy. I mean I wouldn’t need to rub my relationship in front of Katherine and Liz would not be uncomfortable when we had to do scenes. I’m telling you there is nothing worse than a woman scorn. Then the phone rang and without thinking I just picked it up.


“Hey Buddy”

“Hey Michael I guess you got the news.”

“Yeah I did that’s sad I thought it would have been a hit.”

“Me too, have you talked to Maria?”

“Yeah but she’s mad right now!”


“Well I told her that I wouldn’t be able to be back until after our anniversary.”

“Michael, why not are you crazy what could be more important than Maria?”

“Well my career she out of all people and you to for that matter should no that it’s this business that has no sense of time.”

“Sorry buddy yeah I understand!”

“Yeah well I do have a plan I want you to take her someone that I know will cheer her up.”

“Okay well let me grab a pen.”

“So I’ll let the people at the place know you’ll be there tomorrow at 8 so that should give you guys time to take her to eat and stuff like that and max I’ll pay you back.”

“Okay well just give me the info.”

“You got everything?”

“Yeah buddy well get some rest.”

“Thanks Max.”

“Your welcome Michael and hey what are friend for right!!”

When I got off the phone I was disappointed in him just for the simple fact that he loves this girl and I know it but sometimes he puts everything else above her and that's not fair to Maria. I can understand if it was a small occasion but your one year that’s a big deal. Like when I turn 25 I’ll be hitting a quarter of a century and trust me when that day comes I’m going out in a bang. So I called Liz up before I went to bed and when she picked up it was juts so nice to hear her voice.

“Hi Max.”

“How is everything?”

“Well pretty good you heard about the show right.”

“Yeah I did and you heard about Michael haven’t you.”

“Can’t you tell by the mad woman yelling in the background.”

“Geez Liz I didn’t know that there was that many foul words in the world.”

“Trust me she’s making up some of them along the way.”

“She’s pretty pissed off isn’t she?”

“Well I would be too but I understand where he’s coming from and she will too when she calms down a little but not tonight maybe tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah about that maybe we should take her out and stuff.”

“Yeah that sounds good well you make the plans and I’ll see you tomorrow after 4 okay.”

“Yeah that should be great I’ll be back from the photo shoot by then.

“Ok baby I love you and see you soon.”

“Hey Liz!”

“Yes Max”

“I missed you already!”

“I miss you too.”

“ Oh yeah make sure you guys are dressed to impress!”


“It is her one year and I think it should be wonderful even if it is with us.”

“Your so sweet, I love you and good night Max.”

“Good Night Liz”-

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MiCHAeLa YouR juSt a SweEt HeaRt anD I loVe ThE nEwEsT pArT 2 YoUr Story
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PT 15

Michael’s POV

Well today was interesting I know that tomorrow is our one anniversary and I hope that she’ll enjoy this joke I will be playing on her. I have been with Maria for a year now and that’s along time for myself especially when my relationship’s in the past never to go past the 90 probation period it usually ends after 30 and 60 if I’m lucky but one year! That is along time to me it seems like 10 in dog years but hey I’m not counting but I know that she is and it’s cute! Well I knew that Liz wouldn’t help and they have a point that I need to do things myself I was just asking them so that it would drive Maria crazy not knowing and knowing that I need help. Okay I admit it’s a cruel joke but hey I’m a guy. Well a weird one I had things plan two weeks ago when she first brought tried to get information out of me but I love the way she tried. It was cute she tried to seduce me into telling her and I totally ignored her. The reason why I personally think we work well is because she makes me whole we balance each other out and let me tell you it’s hard for someone to do that! I know were not Liz and Max at all they have this sweet relationship with all the high expectations that things will always be so sweet. Well with Maria and me were like sweet tarts those candies that can be sweet one minute and sour the next. I love her and I can honestly say for the first time I love someone and want to give her all of me.

Okay I might act like a bad ass but I’m not I just have walls and Maria has taken the time with me and helped me opened up some of the doors that I thought was locked shut. So I am going to give her the surprise of her life especially since she got off the phone pretty pissed off at me. Well I think it played itself out well but if you can hear the ban chi scream trust me if I can avoid another phone conversation I would. I mean I never heard so many foul words come out mouth like I did tonight.

“Hey Michael how was your auditions?”

“I think it went pretty well especially since they asked me to stay tomorrow to do some more readings.”

“Wait your going to be in LA tomorrow!”

“Yeah I have to this is my career.”

“Okay do you even remember what tomorrow is and how important it is to me.”

“Yes I do baby but this is big and it could put me on the map.”

“You know what Michael that is so unfair I gave a lot of auditions and roles cause you needed me.”

“I know you did but that’s you and not me.”

“I do it because I love you.”

“Well I knew this was going to happen you would do all this stuff for me and then one day throw it in my face.”

“I’m not trying to give you a guilt trip I just want you home with me for one day is that so much to ask for!”

“No it’s not but what if I leave than do you think I’ll ever get another chance like this.”
“You’re a talented actor and more roles will come for you just come home PLEASE Michael! I’m begging you.”

“Maria stop crying I love you and I would never do anything to hurt you!”

“So come home!!!”

“I can’t baby I’ll make it up to you on Sunday okay, just hang out with Liz and Max and I’ll call you on your cell.”

“Michael don’t make me beg on the phone!”

“Then don’t okay I’ll see you when I get back and I’ll make it up to you, I promise!”

“Just come home for one day and you can go back to LA the next day, I need this day with you it’s our first!”

“Yeah it won’t be the last okay baby but I gotta get some rest.”

“I can’t believe your not coming home for me! Well before you go you know how you said you would never hurt me well you just did.”

“Hello Maria you still there?” “Maria, I can’t believe she hung up on me”

PT 16

When I woke up this morning I was so dreading it not only yeah I get to see Liz but than we had her very upset best friend with us. I know she still pretty upset especially when I got off the phone with Liz the last thing I heard was her damming all of man kind. I hope today she won’t be so upset. Like I said before and I will say over and over again there is nothing worse than a woman scorn. I mean can you image all that hormones thrusting out at one guy. I thank god I’m in the clear from the firing squad. Well I promised I’d at least take her this place Michael told me to help with the pick me upper. I have no idea where this place is and I hope the instructions Michael gave me are correct or were all going to take a trip around the bay. Well when I called Liz this morning she sounded like she had just woke up and she did all because of me! I guess by the way she sounded they got to sleep late since Maria was on her rampage but she was glad that today might be a little better nothing can make it right since Michael’s not around but I told her about the place Michael told us to take her to and she agree anything that might cheer her up.

Well we talked a little just mostly about how much I miss her and love r her to death. She would be on the phone laughing at times cause she would say I sound like a girl and that she be her part. We would role play she play the girl and I try to play the hard headed man it would be hilarious we even try to imitate Michael and Maria just because they always gave us some kind of kicks. When she got off the phone I told her I’d be they’re in a couple of hours and we can go grab some lunch and then head off to that place. I wasn’t sure what to wear, all I knew was it was a nice place and so I’d pulled out my black suit and a nice red shirt since it was my favorite color and I thought to myself is me and Liz are really in tune than we’ll match not like the sadly Hawkins dance or anything but close enough. I was really scared to go and pick them up especially with Maria’s attitude I don’t want the one to get the bad end of the stick because she was mad at Michael and he was my best friend. When I left the house I started to head to they’re house one part of me was scared shitless and the other part just couldn’t wait any longer to see Liz.

“How are my two favorite girls doing today.”

“I’m good now that you’re here.”

“I’m getting sick!”

“Oh yeah Happy anniversary.”

“Thanks max don’t mind me I’m just so hurt that he wouldn’t try to make it back home today, I know he has to work but he didn’t even try.”

“Maria were all here for you and were going to help you get through this day.”

“Thanks max Liz is real lucky.”

“I hope you know that Liz.”

“Trust me Maria I really am lucky.”

“Hey I’m the lucky one I got two beautiful girls in my car.”

“Baby that is just sick.”

“Hey I only woke up a couple of hours ago okay it’s still lingering in my mind,”

“Okay enough with the nasty talk now, I know how you two must feel when me and asshoe are on each other.”

“Oh yeah she gets it Liz.”

“So where would you two like to go?”

“Well I ‘m hungry and I know Maria is even if she says she’s not.”

“Okay we’ll go eat and than check out the place.”

“What place max?”

“This place your man wanted me to take you to here is the address.”

“Damm it even miles away he can be so sweet.”

“What is it?” Liz was curious and wanted answers

“It’s this karaoke place I love to go and sing at but Michael would never go, see how can I stay mad at that.”

Well we went downtown and ate at the cheesecake factory that place is the best the food is good and even though the cheesecake cost about 8 bucks a slice it was heaven in my mouth. Okay if you ever get the chance to be in San Francisco than you have to eat there. It’s totally the best kind of food the price is reasonable and it’s pretty portions of food we were there for like 2 hours just trying to have our stomach somewhat settle. When the bill was paid we left to head over to our next location and when we got there and gave our name the lady directed us to the room. I always thought of this place like an open mic session when anyone goes up in front of strangers and sing their heart out. Well it was like that and a lot of people were mellow and I was happy that at least we would have some privacy especially if Maria would make me sing. The room that we walked in to was huge it had a stage and everything from what I could tell but it was so dark when the lady left the room all of a sudden we heard a voice and Maria placed her hand on her heart and than she gasped for air and Liz went to help her stand. The voice was so familiar but it couldn’t be it just couldn’t but it could be.

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PT 17

When Liz finally helped Maria up to her feet lights went on the disco ball was moving and it looked like a club and then that voice again! When I looked at Maria her eyes were filled with tears, we didn’t know what it was and then on the stage as we were told to look that way in the back you can see a band getting ready to play a song. It was a familiar song one that I’ve heard with the girls and then he walked out dressed in a suit! I couldn’t believe he came up with his own plan. Maria frown turned upside down to a huge smile she couldn’t believe it; to be honest I don’t think anyone can! He walked onto the stage in dark denim jeans and a camel color sweater a look that drives Maria crazy.
While he walked up the band started to play and these were the words coming out of his mouth singing yeah I said singing to his girl fro the anniversary.

For The Girl Who Has Everything
N Sync

You drive a pretty car - you know how fine you are
and nobody needs to say it.. no way..
They love the clothes you wear - they compliment you and I
Just love the way you play it...
But the only thing you dream of - money can't buy for you..
And in my dreams I make your wish come true
For the girl who has everything
I bring you love
I bring you love
Cause the girl who has everything can't get enough
of my love
Why do you run and hide? - Say what you feel inside (say what you feel..)
Why must you always fake it? (oh yeah..)
Girl you need to understand
your heart is safe within my hands and
I promise I'll never break it...ohh..
I know that you still dream of what money can't buy for you
and in my dreams I'll make your wish come true
For the girl who has everything
I bring you love (I bring you love)
I bring you love
Cause the girl who has everything can't get enough (enough of...)
Of my love
If you just let me try - my baby listen
I'll help you find what you've been missing
you gotta listen to your heart and not your mind
Ohh.. baby yeah...
For the girl who has everything (everything..)
I bring you love (I bring you love..)
I bring you love (I bring you love..)
Cause the girl who has everything can't get enough
my love (of my love..)
For the girl who has everything (I can't, cause you want my love )
I bring you love (And I'm gonna give it to ya)
I bring you love
Cause the girl who has everything can't get enough

Oh god as the song was coming to it’s end I couldn’t believe how much he loved her I mean he sounds like that seagull on little mermaid the one that needed to be shot. It was good I have to give him that I mean he chose to sing something he knows he can’t do and the song just made sense! I mean they both love N-Sync meaning Liz and Maria but hey I think me and Michael could take them on they’re singers and were wanna be actors one day will be on cloud nine and it’s always Justin and JC. I mean they’re cute but that’s about it but anyways Liz would never leave me for them! I think! Well maybe Maria would but who knows. When the sound was finally over he walked over to Maria with a dozen of roses and a look that she could just stare at all night long.

“Happy Anniversary Maria.”

“I can’t believe you lied to me and you did all this.”

“Hey I can’t afford to give you gold but you have my heart which is worth more.”

“Oh Michael I love you so much! Thank you!

“I hope you enjoyed it.”

“Yes I did all I could do was think Justin was singing to me and he had a cold that is why he sounded so funny.”

“I hope that was a joke.”

“Of course it is.”

“Well shall we go the night isn’t over.”

“Okay well bye guys and thank you so much.”

“Hey max thanks.”

“No problem bud.”

“Maria enjoy yourself tonight.”

“I will Liz.”

We watched as both of our friends walked out to enjoy there one year and all I could do is think in 6 months will I be able to top that. Well as we headed towards the door I was tapped on the shoulders and when I turned around I was being hugged and by the look on Liz’s face she really didn’t like what she saw.

“Oh my god I haven’t seen you in awhile! Where have you’ve been?”

“Oh just working and hanging out.”

Fianlly noticing that she was rude and didn't introduce herself she turned to Liz

“Oh my god I’m so rude where are my manners, Hi my name is Michaela.”

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PT. 18

When Michaela was introducing herself Liz looked polite but you know how girls dog other girls and it’s common. I could feel the air just stiffen all around me and I knew that I would definitely have to deal with the firing squad and I don’t know what to do I mean me and Michaela as you remembered met at the club when I was chasing or should I say stalking Liz but hey she’ll be so heated she won’t care. Plus Michaela is a sweet heart I know that I was a bad friend and just totally ignored her but I’ve been with Liz and she is all I can think about. I also know that Michaela is an understanding person, I hope.

“Hi my name is Liz.”

“Oh sorry Michaela this is my girlfriend.”

“Oh I’m sorry for bothering you guys I just wanted to say hi.”

“Oh no it’s no problem! Well we gotta go now so see you around Michaela.”

“It’s was nice to meet you Michaela.”

“It was nice to meet you too and take care of this guy. Let me tell you something your one lucky girl.”

“Thanks Michaela I know.”

When we went to the car it was totally quiet and I didn’t know what to do at this point.

“So Liz you hungry?”

“No Max… Who was that.”

“Michaela is a girl I met at the club.”

“Okay I know that whatever you did before me stays in the past but did you guys like um…”

“Oh no the day I was looking for you I thought she was you and no we were never together.”

“Oh I’m sorry I hate being jealous but I’m scared to loose you Max.”

“Well you never have to worry about that, you just have to trust me Liz.”

“I do!”

“Okay so what do you wanna do now.”



“I know you heard me max! YOU!”

“Well that is definitely no problem.”

So we headed straight for her house since M&M would be at my place and when we got in we just made a couple of sandwiches and headed straight for the bedroom and what happens behind close doors is between me, Liz and the walls around us. Well you know what they say a nice girl when you see her but a freak behind close doors, No I’m kidding that isn’t Liz even though I wish she was a little….

Sorry so short but haven't been inspired to write so much.
But Michaela I promise to give you more parts today ot tomorrow okay...
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Okay I'm going to end this story in a couple of days so enjoy it!!!

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PT. 18

When Michaela was introducing herself Liz looked polite but you know how girls dog other girls and it’s common. I could feel the air just stiffen all around me and I knew that I would definitely have to deal with the firing squad and I don’t know what to do I mean me and Michaela as you remembered met at the club when I was chasing or should I say stalking Liz but hey she’ll be so heated she won’t care. Plus Michaela is a sweet heart I know that I was a bad friend and just totally ignored her but I’ve been with Liz and she is all I can think about. I also know that Michaela is an understanding person, I hope.

“Hi my name is Liz.”

“Oh sorry Michaela this is my girlfriend.”

“Oh I’m sorry for bothering you guys I just wanted to say hi.”

“Oh no it’s no problem! Well we gotta go now so see you around Michaela.”

“It’s was nice to meet you Michaela.”

“It was nice to meet you too and take care of this guy. Let me tell you something your one lucky girl.”

“Thanks Michaela I know.”

When we went to the car it was totally quiet and I didn’t know what to do at this point.

“So Liz you hungry?”

“No Max… Who was that.”

“Michaela is a girl I met at the club.”

“Okay I know that whatever you did before me stays in the past but did you guys like um…”

“Oh no the day I was looking for you I thought she was you and no we were never together.”

“Oh I’m sorry I hate being jealous but I’m scared to loose you Max.”

“Well you never have to worry about that, you just have to trust me Liz.”

“I do!”

“Okay so what do you wanna do now.”



“I know you heard me max! YOU!”

“Well that is definitely no problem.”

So we headed straight for her house since M&M would be at my place and when we got in we just made a couple of sandwiches and headed straight for the bedroom and what happens behind close doors is between me, Liz and the walls around us. Well you know what they say a nice girl when you see her but a freak behind close doors, No I’m kidding that isn’t Liz even though I wish she was a little….

PT 19

When Can I see You Again

When can my heart beat again
When does the pain ever end
When do the tears stop from running over
When does "you'll get over it" begin
I hear what you're saying
But I swear that it's not making sense
So when can I see you
When can I see you again
When can my heart beat again
When can I see you again
When can I breathe once again
And when can I see you
When does my "someday" begin
When I'll find someone again
And what if I still am not truly over
What am I supposed to do then, babe...
Do you see what I'm saying
Even if, if it's not making sense
So when can I see you

When can I see you again
When can my heart beat again
When can I see you again
And when can I breathe once again
And when can I see you...again

Yeah, baby
Do you see what I'm saying
Even if, if it's not making sense, baby
So when can I see you again

When can I see you again

Can my heart beat again, baby

When can I see you again

And when can I breathe once again

And when can I see, babe, again
Wanna see you again

Okay you guys are probably wondering what is up with this song well it’s to help you understand what I was going through, after that day it seemed to be the last day we all spent with each other. I don't know if it was the moon or something but business was booming and everyone of us was busy for the next couple of months I barely saw anyone. We were all flying between San Francisco, New York, Florida and anywhere actor’s models were needed. Liz and Maria had a lot of print work for them and modeling shows to do. It was nice when I got to see her on TV when I couldn’t be with her in person. You guys don’t understand how hard it was , I mean I missed her so much and my cell phone bill was outrageous. Yeah I was able to afford paying for it since I had so much work to do. It was a strain I think on all of us. I had daily conversations with Michael and it seemed him and Maria was constantly fighting over everything and anything. I guess it was because they were so far and we all knew temptation was all around us. I kinda got into the moods where I would pick fights with Liz so that she would leave me I mean it was easier for us not to be together so I wouldn’t have to worry about her leaving.

In this business everything is unpredictable we meet beautiful people day in and day out and groupies is what we call them are everywhere some make it to the room and some just do about anything. I understood Liz’s frustration cause they were a part of my own. I think for a guy it’s easier at times to get caught cheating but females now they’re the slicker ones. They know they can get away with a lot more than a guy can I mean they might not admit it but girls are more players than an average man. So fella’s don’t under estimate the power of a smart woman. Everyday all I did was think of her, what she was doing and with whom! I mean the jealousy was enough to drive me mad. I don’t know how she was feeling but I was missing her so much. I needed to figure out a way that she would stay with me forever. I think that was all I think about and nothing else. We tried to write letter s but since we were always traveling it was hard to get a mailing address. So since it was a new age of computers we just e-mailed each other or talk online but it was hard I didn’t like it cause when I would go on she wasn’t there and I would send her some cards that I knew she didn’t pick up yet, I was worried okay tripping like a mad man. I was just thinking maybe she was with some guy who happened to sweep her off her feet since I wasn’t around. Okay she called me and told me she would be home in a week and ask what was my schedule like. I told her I would be done a couple of days after her return and she said for me to call when I got back in, I was so happy to know in a week or so we would be together and I wouldn’t go crazy. I just need to be with her right now I feel so bad for what I’ve done and I hope she never finds out the truth or it will be the end and I can’t loose Liz, I love her way too much…..

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All I can tell you is that someone is going to die of I'm not going to tell you but I was crying when I wrote the upcoming parts it's a part of my life..

Well see you around don't change michaela stay cute and sweet
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Okay M14 here is another part for you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I like writing it...

Feed Back Please

PT 20

The week flew by so fast since I knew it wouldn’t be long till I saw my girl. I had a special gift for her that I purchased in this boutique and I know she'll love it. Of course I was happy that I was going to see my friends a couple of weeks after my return home but I missed her so much. All I thought about was what I should so for her on my return I know that we have been together less than a year but it just seems like a lifetime that I have been away. I wonder if she was true to me while I was away and she was in Europe or wherever else she traveled to! I know I have I wouldn’t want to loose a good thing. Well I’m going to finish up my work here and than I’ll be on my way home to see my girl. I just need to make sure she stays happy and that she never finds out the truth… It will destroy us and me if she ever knew..


God it’s been too damm long since I’ve seen him! I mean I have pictures and stuff from the magazines that he’s been on but it’s not the same it isn’t like the real feeling I get when he holds me in his arms. I miss everything down to his annoying habits that just piss me off. I miss him so much and I think for a girl that’s miles away I have behaved. I mean yeah Maria and me have gone out a couple of times and yes I was tempted but I never indulge myself in any naughty activity that may do harm to my relationship. Maria was a total mommy here she wouldn’t even want to meet anyone she was to happy with the surprise Michael did for the anniversary that she’s hooked. I wish the same sometimes that me and max were truly just made for each other and no one else. I know, I know it’s a lot to wish for but he’s the one, the only one for me. I just can’t wait to see him and I think I have the perfect idea for a romantic night.

Well I was thinking when he came back I know the first thing he wants to see is me and of course his hormones will be out of control especially it’s been a while for the both of us but anyways let me get back on track. Okay I know his planes lands at 7 or 8 at night so I think I will make us a basket filled with fruits whip cream and his favorite apple pie as desert and I think I’ll make my famous cream of mushroom chicken with rice. I know he likes that cause he makes me make it for him like two times a week. I’ll lay a blanket out on the beach when the sun is still setting and than we can watch as the sky turns from orange and red to a nice dark black and I hope that the sky is clear so that we can see all the stars in the sky shine as bright as our love. I’ll have a fire going and take out the food and than we’ll catch up on things we did and people we met and than I’ll give it all to him desert and everything and anything else he wants. I think that’s a good idea and maybe I’ll change it in the next few days.

“Hey Maria are you glad to be leaving?”

“Oh yeah kinda, I mean I miss Michael and stuff but I like the idea of having steady jobs like this.”

“Yeah I do too, but we’ve been away from them for so long!”

“Yeah I always wonder if they are doing dirt behind or backs.”

“I don’t think so!”

“Don’t be too sure we’ve been away from each other a couple of long months and they just like us have needs.”

“Well we were tempted and we didn’t fall through with it!”

“Yeah Liz but understand something females think with their hearts and as for men they think with the stick between there legs okay!”

“I wouldn’t know what to do if Max hurt me and I hope I never have to find out!”

“Yeah I’m on that same stage I love Michael but the moment he hurts me his nuts are going to go!”

“That is so mean of you Maria.”

“Yeah I know but you know I was just kidding.”

“Yes I do!!!

“Well get some rest it’s going to be a long day tomorrow and a long flight before we get home.”

“Okay well good night Maria and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay chica tootles.”

You know what I would never have to worry about that cause I know he loves me and I’ll show him how much I love him when he gets home and me and max were made for each other and that is what I’ll believe in, but Maria has a point about the men and female what they use to think with. Oh god I need some rest this is driving me crazy….

PT 21

The moment I knew that it was only a half hour that was keeping me away from the woman that I love I think I must have shed a tear. I knew that it was joy that I was feeling but could it also be guilt, I wasn’t sure what if she knew or heard or have found out and was already to walk out of my life, Hell what happens if she was gone! I don’t know what I would do with myself if that were to happen. I would be and empty human shell just empty all love and faith gone just gone. When the plane landed and I had signal I dialed Liz’s number while I was walking to baggage claim. I just couldn’t wait any longer to be with her to smell her skin and kiss those lips that I long for, one more thing I just couldn’t wait for her to tell me everything would be okay.


“Max, where are you?”

“I’m on my way home to shower and unpack a few things.”

“How did you do? You weren’t supposed to be home till tomorrow.”

“I just needed to see and be with you! Liz, I missed you so much and I’m so sorry for thinking crazy thoughts.”

“It’s okay I had the same thoughts but I know that you love me and would never do anything to hurt me!”

“I’m glad that you know that Liz, you mean the world to me!”

“What’s wrong max the sound of your voice just sounds so sad!”

“Nothing it’s just I miss you!”

“Well no problem I’ll fix that when I see you and I have something special planned for us!”

“What is it?”

“It’ s a surprise.”

“Well can I have a hint!”

“Okay, well I’m involved.”

“Okay I love it already”

“Well all I need is for you to be here.”

“Okay well I’ll be there in an hour okay love.”

“I’ll see you soon max and oh I love you.”

“I love you too!”

During the drive home was horrible, I felt so guilty for what I did and I never meant to hurt her and if I could I’ll make sure she never knows anything I just need to hurry and get home unpack my things and head over to her place. When I got there she was wearing a beautiful summer dress she looked so exquisite that I could hardly breathe. She knew she was driving me crazy and I think that is what she wanted! We drove to the beach and had the most romantic evening out on the sand under the stars with the calming ocean waves to help us relax and take a short nap. She looked like a goddess underneath the twinkling of the stars and how the moonlight made her skin seem to be glowing. This was the night I brought my gift that I had gotten her and there was no better time than tonight. I was going to make this right and I would do it the only way I knew how by making sure everyday of her life was peaceful and happy and filled with love.

“I can’t believe you did all this for me!”

“Well I wanted to do something special for you like you did for me.”

“Oh god Liz please don’t ever leave me.”

“Don’t be silly why on earth would you think of something like that?”

“I’m just scared that this all a dream and when I wake up your gone.”

“Okay if I am gone it just means that I went to work or I went home.”

“I know but if you knew how much I love you well you might actually be scared.”

“Nothing would make me scared of you.”

When I heard this particular song on the radio from Shelby Lynne, I thought this would be perfect to ask Liz to dance. I knew she put this song intentionally especially if you listen to the words. Liz always listens to the words that’s how you know when she says this song reminds me of you than it really does. That’s my girl as goofy as she gets I love her. While the words were sung through the air all I did was just take a deep breathe of the wonderful smell that Liz used to captivate me just 9 months ago. I was in love then just as much as I’m in love now.

(written by Shelby Lynne, Dorothy Overstreet and Jay Joyce)

In the dark I can hear you whisper
shadows still, move across the distance

What did you say, it's okay
Did you miss me
Did you miss me

Make it mine, takin' time, forgotten
speak for me, silent plea, surrender

What did you say, it's okay
Did you miss me
Did you miss me

You know at times I wondered
if you ever thought of me
and I wondered if you wanted to be free
like me, and I needed to feel you and
I wondered did you miss me baby, oh yeah

Turn to gray, bluer shade, when the sun comes
Peaceful time, cease your mind, Dreamsome

What did you say, it's okay, oh baby
Did you miss me
Did you miss me
Did you miss me
Did you miss me

Let me know if you want more!!!!!!*bounce*
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I'll post more soon and I think it'smore you and me reading my story...

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PT 22

When the song was done I grabbed her hands and sat her down on the blanket and I looked into those brown eyes of hers and placed my hand upon her cheek.

“Well do you?”

“Do I what Max I’m not sure what you’re asking!” She said as the smile she was trying to hold in was making it’s way out.

“You know like the song said, did you miss me?”

“Every moment!”

“Liz I need to tell you something! You may like it and you may not I wrote it on the plane and I just want you to give me a moment while I read it to you. Just promise you won’t run off or cry or anything like that and I apologize now for what you might feel like ten minutes from now.”

“Max your scaring me ! What is it?”

“Liz please!!! Don’t cry it’s not bad okay just let me read you this letter and then you’ll know what I’m trying to say.”

“Okay Max but you nearly scared me to death I was thinking you were going to tell me you don’t love me.”

“That could never happen and by the way can I read my letter!!”

“Oh, Okay”

Dear Liz,

I wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you are in my life. I messed around and played the fields, things you wish to forget that I did and I understand! I love you and want to experience every new feeling whether it was good or bad with you! I have never loved any woman the way I love you! I never even knew the meaning of love till the first day I saw you at the Roswell set and even way before that I just knew that I had to have you! I knew that you were the only one for me. The sun rises with you being my first thoughts and the sun sets the same way no matter where you are I hope you know that I’m always with you. I know that we’ve been together for a short period of time but everyday is an adventure with you. Everything you do is unpredictable something that I can never get sick of you. I know that we both have busy careers but I’m willing to make time for us! I would move heaven and earth to keep you from harms way and I wanted to know if you think of me as a long-term relationship!

I just need for you to know that you are a part of me a part of the man that I want to become nothing would give me more pleasure than just knowing that you’ll be here.
We started off as friends and then became lovers now I’m just asking if you’ll be more.
I carry your picture with me all the time and I talk to you in my dreams I know in a way that can sound strange but I know love like this doesn’t come around often! I love you Liz for the woman you are and the woman I know one day you’ll be. Always know that Liz I love you and only you form now until the day I die…

“Where is this coming from Max? Oh my god, are you dying?”

“No Liz I’m not dying.”

“Oh god I was like almost about to have a heart attack.”

“Well I don’t want that happening at least for a long time form now.”

“Oh god max I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you!”

“Well let’s hope neither of us will have to find out.”

“Yes that would be nice.”

“Liz I got you something and I hope that with my letter you’ll understand what I’m trying to say to you!

“Well I know you love me but max what is this!

“Liz will you do me the honors of becoming my wife?”

PT 23


I Elizabeth Appleby am now engaged to Max Evans the man that I know I love more than my own life. I know that this seems kinda sappy but it’s definitely not everyday you find the man of your dreams. I mean he read this letter to me last night and I hoped it was going to be what I thought it was and it was! I know I made it seem like I didn’t know but what would it look like if I jumped to the marriage conclusion and he really just wanted to say LOVE U BABE or something along that line. Being apart from anyone you love it’s just too hard to do. I trust max and that is how I know that I can be with him. You have to trust your partner always. He looked so good last night! When you don’t see someone in a long time than you just think desert!!! Well I know that I could tell just how much he missed me by the way we made love. I mean it was gentle yet rough and than I mean when we exploded it was like the biggest California earthquake!

Well lets just keep that secret between you, me and the walls and oh yeah I can’t forget Maria who happened to hear me scream when she walking in the house with Michael. She told me with one scream her and Michael bolted out of the house. Geez was I that loud I didn’t know they came home. I haven’t seen Maria she just talked to me through my door. I think she still thinks Max is here but let me get up and shower and tell my best friend the good news.

“Hey Maria!”

“So how was your night?

“Oh god Maria! Stop It Please!!”

“Hey I mean it must have been something real scary to have you screaming like you did! You little BANCHI you!”

“Oh god Maria was Michael with you?”

“Yeah and all he could say was, Why don’t you scream like that and then we got into an argument and the make up sex.”

“I see, so the world wasn’t shaking for just me now was it!”

“Shut up!”

“Maria what do you think about Max?”

“Why you asking chica.”

“Well I just wanted to know what you’d think of my future husband.”


“I know you heard me Maria! HUSBAND”

“Oh my god Liz! I’m so happy for you no one deserves you like he does.”

“Thank you so you have no problems with him?”

“Yeah I do as a matter of fact! One, he’s stealing my best friend, and I can’t believe that you beat me to the alter.”

“Yes I did!”

“Oh my god what day did you guys pick and oh what colors, oh my! the arrangement and the invitations.”

“Maria slow your role holly shit I mean let me just let this husband, wife thing just settle in my head first.”

“Okay but I get to be coordinator.”

“No problem! So are you happy for me?”

“Of course I am and I know that you guys will be very happy together.”

“Thanks this means a lot to me and Maria will you be my maid of honor.”

Right when I said that Maria had such a big smile than WHAM she fainted I think she was more excited than I was. I picked her up and moved her to the couch it’s times like this you wish you had a man around. I mean people are just heavy but when they’re like lifeless it’s like trying to push an elephant. Hey don’t get me wrong I’m not saying Maria is an elephant.

“Maria honey are you okay?”

“Oh yeah and the answer is YES and I promise not to faint on your wedding day.”

“Thank you.”

Then both of the girls just cried and held each other knowing this meant a change in all their lives..

Okay hope you like it

No feed back no story and I'm going to post one part a day so people can catch up I think I post too much..

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Okay my bad M14 sometimes I get confused myself so let me get it straight bnow and this will be it.

Max Evans
Elizabeth Appleby
Maria Delfino
Michael Guerrin

I think since I mixed them up an dreading people stories I got all messed up thank you for correcting me...

Hey I asked for honest feed back and I got it....

So I'll do the one post a day from now on
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Where are all the single people going

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PT 24

Well I can’t believe in a year’s time from now we’ll be married. She said yes I mean it blew me away I was thinking she might say it’ s not time yet or something else and I don’t know if I can handle rejection. Now with this new plan she’ll never have to know!
Well I got a lot to talk to Michael about I mean were going to move in together so I was going to ask how he’s relationship was going with Maria and if they were going to move it step up a notch. I mean I love this place and it’s convenient and Liz lives in a good area as well so we were thinking maybe we can just keep the apartment and Michael can move in with Maria.

“Hey Michael!”

“What’s up buddy!”

“What is the grin for dude?”

“Hey I heard Liz last night and damm I didn’t know you put it down like that!”

“Hey that’s private! I mean the things I do with Liz.”

“I know but I just want to shake your hand okay! Okay so give me a hint on how you were making Liz scream like that?”

“I proposed.”

“You what! Your Fucking with me right!”

“I asked her to marry me.”

“I knew this was coming. I knew it! Damm your really into this girl aren’t you?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I knew you would I had a bet with Maria and I said it would be after your one year and she said before then.”

“I can’t believe you had a poll on my love life.”

“Well no thanks to you now but I got to go and practice my act!”

“Act! You know what Michael I don’t wanna know.”

“Oh by the way Max you think you’re the only one who has a surprise well let me tell you something buddy, me and Maria have decided to move into her apartment so you won’t have to worry about the living arrangements. My girl and me are doing well! I’m not getting married but one day we will.”

“She must got you hooked! Shit I’ve never seen you flip over some girl like this!”

“Hey don’t talk buddy! You’re walking away from being a singleton to walk down the aisle with the old ball and chain.”

“Hey! You’re talking about my future wife!”


“Thanks Michael and I don’t need to ask you right? You’ve known me for a long time and we been through a lot so I..”

“Yeah you don’t need to go through this sentimental stuff with me my answer is yes I’ll be your best man.”

“You know I love you right Michael even though you’re a pain in my ass at times but you’re the only family I’ve known!!”

“Leave the mushy stuff for Liz and Maria okay Maxwell.”

“Hey Michael when you have time I need to talk to you.”

“Shit by the look on your face it seems like you might need to talk now! So what’s up?”

“Do you trust Maria when she’s away?”

“Yeah I do at times and there are times I don’t! Why!”

“Do you think she trusts you?”

“Yeah I know she does and I give her no reason not too!" Why you asking max? Do you think Liz was fooling around?”

“You know that would never happen so just forget it I guess it’s the pre wedding jitters I’m getting!”

“Okay but if it stills bothers you just let me know!”

“I will and give your crazy girl my love.”

“Same to you! Tell her congrats okay.”

“I will! See ya!”

Well I must say that went really well I guess in a way we are all growing up so fast. I mean I’m engaged and by the end of this month living with my girl! Holly shit I better clean my room and throw away some old stuff. I mean I don’t want to leave evidence around. Please god just let everything stay this good!

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Hey Lane nice to see you here bu twhat is your story called I'll go and check it out!!! Oh I got a question to ask you for my signature picetur do you like this one or the one where theyu were kissing when they got married cause I was going to put both but wow it's was big!!
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Okay here is one part for my reader for today I hope you enjoy it!!!!

PT 25

Well we finally got everything situated. Michael is now leaving with Maria and my fiancée lives with me. It was weird and all at first, maybe because I wasn’t use to living with a girl. I mean what in the world is a buff puff, geez what happen to plain bar soap now I have bath and body works body wash that smell so fruity I walk around thinking I’m gay or something. “No offense to anyone gay “ I mean now when I do laundry I find thongs not that I don’t mind but hey a man is still a man. I mean it has to be weird for Liz too I mean we fight sometimes about me cleaning up after myself. She tells me repeatedly that she’s not my maid! I can’t help it half the population of men out there are slobs. I don’t fold my thongs like Liz does when she does laundry but I have to admit when she does laundry my clothes seem to smell better and there always folded so nice. The good thing is we still see M&M once in awhile when Liz cooks or something like that! I must say that being engaged isn’t all that bad. I mean Michael made it seems like I had lost all of my freedom but I still hang out with the guys and it’s nice to come home to someone. No more lonely nights for me.

I mean the whole thing about being in a relationship as I see is that two different people having one common goal, which is to be together. I mean when I’m sick it’s funny how the medicine cabinet is always filled. I mean I think I have enough band-aids and cold medicine to last me trough the longest war! Okay yeah, I complain about all the stuff but it’s refreshing to walk into the house and have it smell like Liz all over the place. I guess it’s better than walking to Mike’s house and having smell like herbal medicine or the fact like you would think they have a garden in the living room. It’s hilarious how when girls who have lived together a fair amount of time can be so clingy. I mean Maria calls the house like 30 times a day just to see what were doing. Michael was like asking if we brain washed his girl cause he hasn’t seen her this unhappy since his surprise and that was like months ago. Well last time I said we were only a couple of months from our 1-year but since we were too busy moving that was our gift to each other. I was upset that I couldn’t do more but Liz was just happy picking furniture and decorating and just simply being with me. Living with someone of the opposite sex is really hard, I mean the more time you spend with each other it seems like you’ll find some kind of flaw but hey I guess I’ll have a lifetime for Liz to figure out mine. She totally says that I don’t have any but I do, like leaving the toilet seat up! I mean Michael and me had a whole conversation on why girls don’t like that and we still couldn’t come up with any reason. Hey what about when men shave and get the little hairs all over the sink I know that must drive her crazy! I know the thing that gets me is when I come in the house and it smells like nail polish, I mean aren’t there shops for that!

“Max are you home?”

“Hey baby I’m in the room.”

“Oh god I missed you so much I couldn’t wait to get home to you!”

“You know I like the sound of that. I think maybe I should go out of town more often!”

“I think maybe we should stop talking and let me show you how much I missed you!”

“Liz where’s your ring?”

“Oh god I put it in my purse when I was at the photo shoot!”

“Yeah sure why would you do that I mean to forget to put it on.”

“I was just in a rush to get home.”

“Sure that’s the only reason or maybe you decided to go after some guy and didn’t have the heart to tell him that you were engaged!”

“Max you’re over reacting to nothing! I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“I would never forget to wear your ring and I know that it’s written somewhere the only reason a ring is off is to tell people your available or maybe couldn’t you just lie and tell them it was from your mother or something than I would never know the truth!”

“Max don’t you trust me.”

“Not right now!”

“Max! Where are you going? Come back Max!” I can’t believe he just walked out on me.

Liz Pov

I can’t believe that Max doesn’t trust me enough to believe in me or us for that matter. I mean I was accused of the unthinkable and I now I don’t even get a chance to explain myself. I kinda think that now me living with and him and being engaged seems to be putting a strain on our relationship. I have never done anything to hurt him so why won’t he just trust me. I was working and I can’t be wearing a ring on my finger at the shoot! I mean it’s not a prop you know! Well there just has too more to this I mean he just flips out over nothing! I can’t believe what is going on here!

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PT 26

When she came home all I could do was think about was go to her hold her and tell her how much I missed her but when I saw that the ring wasn’t on the finger I was just upset. I mean that is some shady stuff to do and I know form experience when females didn’t wear they’re ring that it like an invitation for single guys to pick up on her. I called Michael right when I got in my car and went over to his place I just needed to calm down! When I had told him what happened he flipped out. He was like if Maria did that to him he wouldn’t have been as calm as I was. I could be over reacting about this whole situation and maybe I’m just letting my fears out on her! I need to figure out what to do cause I can’t live like this forever.

“Maxwell are you sure you want to get married? I mean this is a big deal if you don’t trust her how in the world will you guys have a happy marriage.”

“Michael I think you need to shut up! I know Liz and she love Max, she would never do anything wrong and maybe she did just forgot to put it on cause she was rushing to come home and see him! You guys are both over reacting to something so small.”

“I mean you have a point but what if that was me and you?”

“I would give you the benefit of the doubt Michael if I love you like I do, I would listen first before I flip off and walk away!”

“Oh come on Maria no you wouldn’t you cut my balls off so quick I wouldn’t even know what hit me.”

“Okay can you guys stop thinking about yourself for one minute and help me here!”

“Well Max I should suggest that you try to talk to her. I mean you can’t live the rest of your life not being able to trust your partner and you have to be able to communicate with her or else why are you guys together.”
“Yeah Maria has a point max it won’t hurt! Just tell her how you feel and why your feeling this way and it should help you through whatever it is your going through.”

“Thanks you guys but I better get back.”

“Call us if you need us max.”

When I had gotten in my car all I could do was think of Liz with someone else and I would just flip. I mean she’s a beautiful girl and a hell of a catch wouldn't you say. When I got into the house it was quiet expect for the sniffles I heard coming form the bathroom. I felt so bad and I didn’t know what to do I was knocking on the door for 30 minutes and she just wouldn’t answer me. I tried talking through the door but she wasn’t responding so I told her that I would be in the room if she needed me! Well people let me tell you after an hour she finally came to the room!

“Liz I’m so sorry baby! I just got all crazy thinking you were with someone else!”

“Max you know I would never do anything to hurt you.”

“Max don’t you trust me?”

“I do it’s just that I don’t trust the men out there!

“Max you hold my heart and it is yours for however long you choose to keep it!”

“I needed to hear that from you Liz”

We talked for an hour after my return and she was so sad that I gave her my reasons and she understood so we headed to our room where the make up part will be off the hook…. Okay so you probably figured it out by now that everything with Liz was back to normal and we were all leaving the next week for Hawaii. We had saved enough money to get out of San Francisco and go sight seeing and all that romantic stuff. It wasn’t the trip that I was worried about it was what happened when we came home. Well it was good to be home, I mean we were tanned and had the time of our lives we did everything form flying in helicopters to bungee jumping and even diving off cliffs into the water. I think we wanted to try cause we saw it on road rules and it looked like fun. We saw everything from the little islands of Hawaii to the mall in the local city. It was beautiful and Maria and Liz were happy and that is what we cared about. We mad love on beaches and sat in front of fires roasting marshmallows and just relaxing. We all dreaded coming home but we knew we had too.. I mean I think Maria might have over packed or something! I mean getting on the plane she had two luggage’s leaving for Hawaii and when we were coming back she had four and in order not to get charged she gave each of us one bag to check in for her.

We were trying to figure if she brought the village people home with us. When we were in Hawaii the amazing thing happened Michael asked the big questions which of course Maria said yes so a little after we get married they are going to be Mr. and Mrs. Michael Guerrin. Liz and me figured he would propose her I mean it was his idea to go to Hawaii and Maria loves it here. So we were excited on the plane both the girls looked bridal gowns trying to make sure they don’t accidentally pick the same one. While Michael and me just slept, I mean it was a long ride and hey I was tired. I think I’m exhausted form being around Maria she could really suck the life out of you. When we saw that we were heading into SFO we got ready to exist the plane.

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PT 27

I think this would be the last time we would be this happy together in a long time. Since I’m telling this story I’ll get to the part that I was dreading to tell.. How everything and I mean life as I know it just ended. Well for months after our return things were great I mean it was like the four of us were a big family. Michael loved Liz like a little sister and it suited him being and only child! Me and Maria seemed to always act like we were related and we did a lot of things together celebrated birthdays and were there if someone was up or down. I couldn’t believe I let it all fall apart.

I was at home sitting on the couch and watching TV when I heard the phone ring and Liz didn’t pick it up so by the fourth ring I went to the phone and all I heard was this familiar voice and I thought to myself this couldn’t e happen to me not now after everything was going so good with me and Liz. For the past weeks her and Maria were doing all the girl stuff like bridal dresses and flower reservation and all the little tid bits you know girls do when planning a wedding. Well back to the point when I answered the phone I realized that my past had came back to haunt me, couldn’t let it happen so I hung up the phone.

“Max who was that?”

“Uh it was the wrong number baby!”

“Oh okay cause I’m waiting for Maria to call me cause were going to have lunch!”

“Oh so that would mean that Michael is free?”

“Yes he is why don’t you call him and then we can hook up for dinner tonight!”

“Yeah that sounds good.”

When I was talking to Michael the call waiting was going crazy someone was trying to get through and they weren’t given up. I finally got a hold of Michael we made plans to meet at this bar we go to so I hung up the phone scared out of my ass that someone would call back again and Liz would pick it up! Then I think at the moment god heard my prayer and Maria walked into the house and the girls left for there day of shopping and wedding planning.

“So what’s up Max?”

“Michael I need to talk to you and it’s serious!”

“Dude what’s wrong?”

“Well when I was in New York and I bumped into Katherine, we just hung out and had drinks.”

“What so bad about that!”

“The bad thing is I woke up in my bed with her and I don’t know how much I drank but I blacked out!”

“How could you do this to Liz? Max what the hell were you thinking you know that Kat is still hung up on you and you allowed yourself to be put in that kind of situation!”

“I know Michael but what do I do now.”

“Does Liz know or something?”

“No it’s just Katherine tried to make contact with me and it was just pure luck that she didn’t pick up the phone and then your girl came to pick her up.”

“I don’t know what to tell you Max, I’m disappointed in you! I thought that you really loved this girl!”

“I do but it just happened and I can’t remember what happened that night!”

“So why don’t you tell Liz the truth!”

“I can’t Michael I’m not taking a chance at losing Liz!”

“Well then I don’t know what else to tell you but your secret is safe with me!”

“Thanks but if you come up with something please let me know ok!”

“You know I will but we better get back home and get ready for dinner.”

When I got into the house the phone rang and I picked it up thinking it was Liz!

“Liz is that you?”

“Sorry max this isn’t Liz but I hope you’re happy to hear from me anyways!”

“Why are you calling me?”

“I need to talk to you Max! Please!!!”

“I have nothing to say to you! I just need you to leave me alone!”

“I can’t max, I love you so much and I know that things can work for us if you let it.”

“Okay now I’m telling you stop fucking bothering me and don’t ever call this number again! I’m happy and going to marry Liz so just leave me alone.”

“Max don’t do this cause if you really love Liz than you wouldn’t have spent that night with me making love and telling me how you were for leaving me. You asked me back and I said yes so that means maybe I should break the news to Liz.”

“You bitch you don’t you dare say anything to her and I would never leave Liz to be with you ever again.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to get you back. Max cause you were meant for me and if you don’t than well I’ll make your life a living hell.”

“Leave me the fuck alone and stay away form both our lives.”

“You will pay for this Max, I’ll make sure of that,” Katherine said after Max hung up the phone on her.


PT 28

I was so upset I just hung up the phone hoping no one heard. I didn’t know what to do! It was when we were working and I was in New York I bumped into her and then one thing lead to another and I was so wasted. I tried so hard to keep it from Liz but I don’t understand how she got this number. What am I going to do! If I tell Liz what happens she is going to leave me and I won’t risk that! I tried to go about business as usual but it was so hard! I kept watching over my shoulders. I know Liz must of notice something was wrong cause she was acting so weird and I just couldn’t put a finger on it! I thought it must be that time of the month or something but I couldn’t think about this anymore I had to get ready for my trip to New York for my photo shoot. I was auditioning on the show Smallville so I have to take test shots but I’ll continue to tell you what happened.

Well I was only going to be in New York for the weekend and Liz said she would be doing a show and would call me as soon as she had some spare time. Well I never heard from her not all weekend when I called Maria she didn’t know anything and then I was really got to worry it wasn’t like her to not call or anything especially if she knows that I will be worried sick. So the day I was flying home no sign of her at the airport and so I took a cab back home and when I got there my heart just broke. I knew one day she would be the death of me but I didn’t know now would be the time. I couldn’t breath I clenched my heart and just started crying. Things were different, stuff was gone I made my way to the bedroom and there on the bed was a letter I picked it up and this is what I read.

Dear Maxwell,

I never in my wildest dream thought that you could ever do this to me!
I love you with all of me and I gave you everything, I believed in us even when I knew that I shouldn’t.
I know that you might not understand right now but let me help you! I heard you on the phone. You thought that I wasn’t home and when I heard the phone rang I thought it was you and I guess that we picked it up the same time and so you didn’t hear me.

You got mad at me for fooling around and I wasn’t when all of this was a scheme to cover your own ass. I was a fool to love you! I was going to be your wife and have you one day have you just leave me or better fuck around through out our whole marriage.
Thank you for helping me realize now what I didn’t want to believe in and that was you doing harm. I will never look at love the same way. I am so hurt by all of this that I don’t even know what to say or think anymore. You were the one foe me but I guess you didn’t think of me the same way and I’m sorry. So I’m leaving the ring on the bed, which was once filled with love and dreams for the future, and I ask you to not look for me or even ask about me. I hope that you and Katherine have a future together. I loved you and the one thing that I’m sorry of is that I really did. You are nothing to me and from this day I am nothing to you!

Well enjoy these too parts

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Part 29

I dropped the letter onto the floor and all I can do was just cry. I think I cried so hard that my eyes felt as though it would just pop out. I just lost control and went on a rampage, I threw stuff everywhere and anything that was left there by Liz I burned. I couldn’t deal with it, I knew it was my fault but she waited till I was away to pack up and leave which meant that she planned this all along. She knew of my indiscretions but she waited until the time was right. I hated her for leaving myself and then I hated myself for being so weak. I couldn’t believe that I messed up so bad and even if I wanted to she would never forgive me and I don’t even know where to begin to find her. Then I heard keys in the door and I ran to see if Liz came back it was Michael and Maria. The first thing she did was walk right up to me and slapped me, which I knew I deserve. Maria pounded on my chest, which couldn’t cause as much pain to me, then I was already feeling.

“You son of a bitch how could you do this to her? She loved you and you were to be married now she’s gone! I hate you.”

“Babe control yourself please baby this won’t help.”

“Michael she’s gone and he did it.” She mumbled in his shirt as the tears just fell and fell.

“I’m sorry I don’t know! I was drunk and Katherine she just…..”

“You know what I don’t want to hear it Max.”

“Where is she Michael? I have to find her!”

“I don’t know.” Michael said to max knowing that the answer was just a lie cause he promised Maria he wouldn’t say!

“Even if we knew I wouldn’t tell you Max! You don’t deserve her and she is probably better without you.”

“Maria just stop go in the car and wait for me.”



“It’ s okay that Maria goes off on me Michael! She has ever right to be!”

“I know but this isn’t something you need right now.”

“Thanks for coming,”

“Don’t worry bud, I’m here if you need me but I got to take Maria home she’s really hurt by all this.”

“I’m sorry.”


I remember the day as if it were yesterday! There is nothing left of the woman I love just broken memories of what our life use to be. All I know is the woman that I love Elizabeth Appleby is dead and I killed her!

“I’m so sorry Liz, please come back!”

This would be the last thing he said as he lay on the floor crying his broken heart out as he held a picture of what use to be his girl!


“Shall Believe”
Written by Sheryl Crow & Bill Bottrell

Come to me now
And lay your hands over me
Even if it's a lie
Say it will be alright
And I shall believe

I'm broken in two
And I know you're on to me
That I only come home
When I'm so all alone
But I do believe

That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly you won't give up on me
And I shall believe
And I shall believe

Open the door
And show me your face tonight
I know it's true
No one heals me like you
And you hold the key

Never again
would I turn away from you
I'm so heavy tonight
But your love is alright
And I do believe

That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly
You won't give up on me
And I shall believe
I shall believe
And I shall believe

PT. 30

Do you know that was her favorite song and I just had to play this song so I could try to keep a piece of her with me for as long as possible I tried to keep myself busy with my work and once in awhile when I turned on the TV I would she her and she looked like a goddess but there was sadness in her eyes. She was hurt and she should be I betrayed her trust and our love. I can’t live without her! So I just need to believe that one day I can make this right! It’s been months and I haven’t heard or seen her. I think that time is taking it’s toll on me cause I can’t seem to be able to remember the way she looks at me when we were still in love. All I kinda do is just stay home, I mean I go to work and that’s all I do, I mean I have to do something to keep me sane. I tried to hang out with Michael and Maria but the memories are just too much for me. . It was hard to be around them especially when it use to be four not three! Plus every time I’m around Maria has attitude and I know even though she’s says she forgives me it’s in a woman’s nature to stand by their friend. Hey I would probably do the same if I was in her shoes but I need her to help me. They don’t understand! When I heard the phone rang, I ran to it hoping that it might be Liz!


“Hi is Max there?”

“Yeah this is Max can I ask who’s calling!”

“Hey Max it’s me! Michaela!”

“Hey you! What’s up?”

“Nothing , I just wanted to see what you were doing!”

“Nothing Michaela this is just been a rough couple of months!”

“What do you mean rough Max I’ve seen you on TV, billboards and magazine, it’s like primetime for you.”

“Well me and Liz broke up awhile ago.”

“What happened you guys looked so in love.”

“I made a mistake and cheated on her when I was in NY.”

“You know Max I’m not going to lecture you are anything but if you need a friend to talk to, you know I’m here for you.”

“Thanks Michaela you’re the best.”

“Well do you want to talk about it Max?”

“No it’s just it’ so hard, I loved her and I fucked up so bad and I want to win her back or at least get a chance to explain .”

“I know it’s hard but you have to do what needs to be done Max. When the time is right you’ll see her again.”

“Well I better go, I go to get to my shoot. I just need to keep busy so I won’t have to think about this anymore.”

“Well Max Take care and I’m here for you, Okay I just want you to know that. Max…”

“Yeah Mica!”

“Don’t forget to live life now!”

“Thanks Mica, you know hey let’s hook up for dinner it be nice to be around people again or should I say friends.”

“Sure you got my number so just call when you’re ready.”

Okay it was real nice that she called and it helped take my mind off of Liz for a short period of time. She’s turned out to be a real friend one I can call my little sister…


Whoooooo Hooooooo Michaela is back!!!!!

Enjoy everyone I hope you like it!!!!!

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PT 31


Okay my name is Elizabeth Appleby and a couple of months ago a part of me died. Well have you ever loved something or someone so much that you thought you couldn’t live if they weren’t around? Well that’s how much I loved Max until he broke my heart! I mean things were good I gave him everything I had my heart, soul and body and I guess that wasn’t good enough cause he had to sleep around while we were apart for work. How could this happen to me? How could I’ve been so blind. I said yes! Damm it I said yes I would be the wife of a man that strayed! I use to pick up magazines and do those stupid test like will he cheat, and all other kinds of quiz that would prove him to be no good. Every time my answer was no he was faithful and the things he does means he loves you. Can I tell you all now that is just full of shit! I mean it yeah love has a way of turning the sweetest girl to a bitter man hating bitch. Okay one day I’ll get over it but for now I want to stay mad. I know my mom would say when you hate someone its just another reason for you to keep them in your life! I never understood that till now I mean I hate Max and every time I think of love or food or anything I’ll think of him! Geez am I that pathetic or what?

I wanted a man that truly understands how to treat a woman and be honest with me and I thought I did find it in him but I guess I was so wrong. My heart fooled me again and I’m
the only one to blame things were just way too good. I still see Maria and when I try not to ask or even let myself think about him! Well that’s not the only reason I’m writing right now it’s just a couple of weeks ago I bumped into a woman that I met when I was with Max. Her name is Michaela and she is actually a sweetheart.

“Hi Liz! How are you doing ?”

“Your Michaela, I remember we met at the karaoke place.”

“I’m really sorry for what happen to you and max?”

“How did you know.”

“Well I called him and he was just a mess Liz, he loves and you he is so sorry for what he did! He told me everything about you leaving and why you left and he is just a big mess!”

Then all of a sudden I broke into tears and by now I couldn’t help myself. It was like my body needed to weep fro so long but I was holding it in like I thought I didn’t have too!
I didn’t miss him but I did. I just don’t know if I can ever forgive him! My grandmother use to say your soul mate is something you have to work at cause if you don’t then he isn’t your soul mate. I wonder if I got that right! Well when Mica that’s what I call her, I just broke down in tears right there on the streets.

“Oh god I didn’t mean to make matters worse but you guys were happy and this shouldn’t stop you from being together! I know that it’s hard but time does heal all wounds. Poor Max and you for that matter, It’s so sad to see people who are in love keep themselves apart.”

“It’s just been so hard and I didn’t realize how hard till now, I miss him so much!”

“Maybe you should talk to him or move on but you can’t stay like this it’s not healthy for either of you!”

“I know but it’s just hard cause I loved him so much and what if I never feel this way again?”

“You will but my friend Jessica is there and not to be rude but I gotta go. Here is my number if you ever need to talk.”

“Thank you and I’m sorry.”

“For what Liz!”

“Having bad thoughts about you when I first met you.”

“It’s okay Liz we all make mistakes even Max.”

It wasn’t the realization that I had to move on but the fact yes it’s true people do make mistakes and I should forgive and forget. So how do you forgive and forget!!!!!! All I know is somewhere along that line I lost a part of myself the innocent part that would believe in things like happily ever after. So which means yeah I still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny and all that good stuff but now I don’t know if I can believe in myself. I use to see a star a wish for the same wish that me and max would stay together and be happy, but life doesn’t do what we want it to I guess! Let me give you guys some good advice! Don’t ever let a man break or make your happiness. Well I think form this day on Max is in the past and the future and destiny is what I’ll make of it.

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Okay well here is two new parts that my Editor AvengingAngel has finished for me so here it goes I hope you enjoy it and I think there will only be eight parts left till this story is over...

Hey Michaela where have you've been?

PT 32

Well weeks have passed and I think my life is sorta back to normal and to be honest it has been 6 months and nine days. Yeah I’m counting the days as if I were on the alcoholics anonymous program;12 steps so I’m just taking one step at a time. I haven’t thought much about her, just sometimes when I hear a song or see her face on TV. I think I can say I’ve been blessed to not have to see her around. Well not to be mean it’s just I don't know if I can take seeing her again right now and especially if she's with someone new.
I mean I go out with friends and it’s not that weird to be around Michael and Maria especially now that they finally found a director who finds they’re off screen romance as funny as their on screen love story they play in there new movie, which right now I’m trying to get ready to head off to their movie premiere. Well I haven’t been that bad off either I was lucky to have a small part in The Shipping News with Kevin Spacey. Yeah, he’s like big shot and I am little frog in really big pond.

Well I chose to wear a tux from Ralph Lauren not too dressy but good enough for tonight.
I know how important premieres are cause Maria was fussing all day because of what she was going to wear. Well tonight I’m going solo I guess, so that ways girls will come up and talk to me. I’m ready to get back on the horse and I don't want to be alone anymore. I'm tired of listening to All By Myself from Celine Dion!!! I've been alone way too long and it's time to get on with my life I promise this time not to make the same mistakes but it will never be the same.. She's was the only one for me! Hey I’m just taking Mica’s advice! Well the limo is here and I got to put on the finishing touch!

The Movie Premiere

Welcome everyone to the 2003 movie premiere of Love Stinks. Here on the red carpet we bring you the stars and the fashion they bring tonight. Well as we see our two young hot couples Maria Delfino and Michael Guerrin.

“Michael and Maria tell what was it like working together on screen?”

“Well working with Maria is always great cause it gives us time to spend time with each other during the days and nights!”

“Oh I apologize it’s been really a great experience for the both of us and yes it’s always great to work with the man you love.”

“The audience wants to know so much about you guys like when you met and fell in love?”

“Well that’s for another day to talk about but for right now we don’t want to miss the movie.” Michael said as he escorted his beautiful girlfriend into the theater

“They’re you have it and now I see another up coming actor and his name ladies is Max Evans. Lets see if we can get a moment with him. Max come on down and have a chat with ET.”

“Okay sure why not and how are you doing?”

“Great we see you stuck with Ralph Lauren!”

“Yes, it’s comfortable and there’s nothing better than to feel good in the clothes you wear.”

“Well a lot of us got to see your acting skills when watching The Shipping News. How was it working with Oscar winner Kevin Spacey?”

“Well they were like my teachers and it was great to learn from the best.”

“So do you have any other movie plans for right now?”

“Well right now I’m just trying to find a script I like.”

When the camera turned to catch the next couple Max face had turned pale white as if death had just come to him telling him it’s time!

“Mr. Evans are you okay? You look kinda ill!”

“I thought I just saw a ghost!!”

PT 33

“Here’s comes Hollywood hottest couple, Josh Hartnett and Elizabeth Appleby.”

“Josh do we have to stop in front of the camera?”

“Oh come on we live for the camera as they do for us.”

“Okay, you have a point.”

“Well how are the young couple doing today? I must say Elizabeth you look gorgeous.”

“Thank you and how are all our friends doing at ET?”

“Well if we had him I think we would be in great shape.”

“Ladies I’m still here if you haven’t notice.”

“Well Mr. Hartnett you have picked a beauty haven’t you!”

“You can say that I am a very lucky man!”

When the announcer turned to Liz to ask her a question Josh and the announcer saw the grave look on her face and thought she was ill.

“Baby are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine!”

The announcer had forgotten someone was still there and so he did his duties to introduce everyone.

“Oh by the way have you met Max Evans?”

“Yes we met at an audition a long time ago for the show Roswell.”

“Oh, hi my name is Josh Hartnett.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you Josh and how are you Liz.”

“I’m doing good and yourself?” While asking this questioned she couldn’t seem to look into his eyes for fear of what Josh might realize was the truth and what she had just lied about.

“I’m good!”

When Max tried to get a question out of his mouth to ask Liz he was interrupted Josh right when the words were about to come out.

“So max who are you here to see?”

“Well Michael and Maria are my friends so I’m just here for moral support.”

When Max had finish answering Josh’s question the new man of Liz’s life turned to Liz and stretched his arm out to her.

“Well Liz we better get going before we’re late.”

“It was nice to see you again Max.” Liz tried to say that as sweetly as she could possibly portray to the world without showing her real feeling towards Max.

When she walked away all I could do was whisper to myself “not as nice it is to see you”. I couldn’t believe she was with Josh and they actually looked good together but she was happier with me. After all this time I still loved her and nothing I could do would let me forget that. When I walked in I sat next to Michael who of course was sitting in the same row with Elizabeth and Josh. It was so hard, sometimes I can feel my heart pounding so loud I think that everyone can hear it! She looked good and she was somewhat happy but I can tell from her eyes that she was shocked, just as shocked as I was to see her. I should have figured it before, Maria was her friend and Liz would never flake on her best friend. I don’t think for that during the whole movie I ever took my eyes off Liz. I think Josh could feel the tension between the two of us. Who couldn’t? She was the love of my life and he’s sitting there thinking she thinks of him that way! I tapped Michael shoulders cause I needed to know why he didn’t tell me!

“Michael, why didn’t you tell me Liz was with someone.”

“I don’t know Max, maybe cause I didn’t know till right now! You know Maria doesn’t tell me anything when it comes to Liz.”

“Well is she happy?”

“I don’t know Max can I watch the movie!”

“Sure buddy but doesn’t she look good.”

“Sure! Sure!”

Well the movie will be a big success for the teen audience they want to hit. I liked it and I must admit that M&M did a really good job. Well the movie was over and everyone was going to the after party in they’re honor. So I was asked to go and I couldn’t say no to Michael and I wanted to be around Liz or in her presence. I just have to know if it’s still there. When we were walking out I guess Josh got an important phone call and by the sound of it, I think it was his manager.

“Hey Max can you a huge favor and take Liz to the party? I have to meet my agent about this part in Pearl Harbor that I’ve been trying to get!”

“Babe I don’t want to go if you’re not going to be with me!” Liz tried to persuade her man to not leave her with Max!

“Please don’t be mad I’ll make it up to you when I see tonight. So I need to go right now knowing that you are not mad at me!”

“I’m sorry Josh I guess I’m trying to keep you all to myself right now!”

“So you okay with this Liz!” Josh said with a smile and as he walked to peck his girl on the cheek.

“Yes I am!”

“So Max you have no problem of watching over my girl for the night do you?”

“No it’s okay I’ll take her!” Max tried to say without him knowing that he had something else planned.

“Okay well I’ll see you later.” Liz said to Josh as he turned around and walked away turning back to say one thing to his girl who he might loose forever!

“I’ll be there after everything is settled okay! Thanks Max just take care of my girl!”

“Ok I will, don’t worry about it.”

“By you guys enjoy the night and I will see you later Liz.”

“Okay Bye.”

Right when Josh left Liz had the most hateful look towards me. I can’t believe she can look at me that way especially when she has a new man and me I was waiting all this time. Thank God I told myself that I will move on like what’s that person said Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive okay that is a chick song but it fits at this moment.

“Liz we need to talk!”

“I have nothing more to say to you that I have not already said before, so can we just get this over with okay or you know what I can call Maria and see if she can swing back and get me!!"

“No Liz we need to talk or you just need to hear me out!”

“I don’t need to do anything for you Max not now or ever!!”

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PT 34

I mean for the next half hour it was like a seesaw ride up and down, up and down. I just couldn’t believe how much I believed she was still in love with me but how do I approach her?. Well when she called Maria, she seemed very discouraged when she was talking to Maria and then she turned to me and said to me in such a harsh tone that I have never heard her use before!

“Okay can we just go Max? She can’t come back for me they seemed to be parking the car.”

“Sure just wait here and I’ll go get the car okay.”

“Sure whatever let’s just get this over with!”

Well Liz rode with me in the limo to the party and I know if it were by choice then she would of rather die of an incurable disease. The first five minutes of the ride was spent in silence and I didn’t know how much more of this I could of take. There was too much to say and I realized if I didn’t say it now and I let her go than she would be gone for good. If you could just see how beautiful she looks tonight it would just melt the coldest heart. She wore a red satin dress that was backless and it showed her soft milky skin. Her hair was held up by barrettes that matched her dress and blended into her hair. She was too irresistible. Then I finally got the courage to say what I needed to say to her before the night was over. So I decided not to go to the party, instead I just drove to the beach so that we can be alone to talk and I knew that screaming would be involved.

“Max ! Where in the world are we going?”

“You left me no choice Liz! I need to talk to you and I’m taking us to a place where we can talk!”

“Have you gone mad, this is kidnapping you know that right?”

“Well if it will help me get through to you then you can throw the book at me! Right now I don’t give a shit! I’ve tried to look for you for months and I finally found you and I’m not letting this chance get away. Do you hear me?”

“I’m calling the police Max! You’re fucking out of your mind’!”

“Give me that phone! I don’t want to hurt you but I need you to just stay calm.”

“Stay calm your kidnapping me and you just took away my phone!”

“I won’t hurt you!”

“Okay that is full of shit cause I’ve heard you use that line to me one too many times!”

I had stopped the car and turned off the engine when I reached a good place where Liz and I could be alone to talk. Through out the ride she was screaming as though I was a serial killer trying to kill her! I mean she begged for her cell phone back and promised not to press charges but I knew no matter how upset she was, I was hoping that it wouldn’t have to get that bad! When the car has stopped and she was calm she didn’t try to fight me to let her out of the car she was calm and she was crying. I don’t know how long she was crying I was just trying not to panic and watch the road. I didn’t know that she had been crying my mind was blank. I have never seen her cry like this when she left me my heart broke just thinking she was crying like this feeling so much pain and to be alone through something so terrible. My heart broke at that moment knowing that I was the cause of her heart breaking for the second time. I never saw her when she left me and all I thought was that she was just upset but never did I imagine me, Max putting her through so much!

“Max ! Why are you doing this to me?”

“I’m not trying to hurt you Liz, I just need a moment to say what I’ve been trying to tell you for months now! I tried to find you and ask you all these questions and being with you now I can’t even come up with one.”

“Like I told you Max I don’t want to hear anything from you ever!”

“Please Liz I missed you so much and I’m so sorry!”

“Max you have to understand once and for all I’ve moved on and I’m with Josh and my career is going somewhere. I’m on the map in Hollywood and you’re going to destroy it by coming back! So you need to leave me alone Max Please!!!!”

“I can’t do that Liz! If you ask me to do anything else I would but I will not let you go.”

“You don’t understand Max, I was sad for months that I thought I couldn’t go on and I had Maria there but in the long run all I wanted was to see you and just see if things can just go back but I knew that it would never happened. Do you understand how much you hurt me Max? I was devastated, I mean 8 months from that day we were to walk down the isle and become man and wife.”

“I’m so sorry Liz!”

“You let in her lives and she destroyed you and me and I will not let you do it to me twice in one year!”

“Please Liz I need to know do you love him?”

“What does love have to do with anything anymore Max? I mean you love someone and they leave so what’s the point?”

“Do you love him Liz? Please I have to know!”

“You don’t need to know anything than the fact that picking myself up was the hardest thing to do and there were times I didn’t think I would even make it alive. I wanted to die. Never in my life have I ever loved anyone so much to the point that I thought my life was over! So, you want to know the truth Max? No I don’t love him and I won’t ever love anyone the way I loved you.”

“Liz do you still love me?”

“There will no one that captures my heart the way you do! So, are we done yet? Because I want to go and forget this ever happened.”

“Liz I know I hurt you and what I did was wrong and I know that I might never be forgiven but I want you to know that I love you Liz, I never once let a day go bye without me thinking of you and if I could turn the hands of time I would to make things right. So all I want you to know is that I can’t live without you, Liz, and please don’t ask me too…”

“Max it’s to late for this and it’s just complicated now with Josh. I don’t know if I can forgive you. But yes I did think of you often, wondering what you were doing and with whom and I just had to find a new me and move on, I just want you to please take me to the party!”

“I tried saying all that I need to say to you and you know that I love you and my life doesn’t work without you in it and I’ve tried Liz but I can’t and I’m willing to do anything to win you back. I don’t care about anything else but you.”

When I started the car to drive away to take Liz back to the party. I t was silent and there was so much tension in the car and you cold just feel it! I was so upset with myself that I never once thought of how much I pain I had put her though and now I saw what I did to her first hand. I knew nothing would ever take the hurt away but I had to try something. When we finally reached the party and I dropped her off she fixed her make up and hoped no one would ask where she was and I knew a part of her hoped Josh wasn’t there yet to ask questions. When she left the car I grabbed her hand and placed a gentle kiss on her knuckles and looked at her and I knew she saw in my eyes how sorry I was and how much I still loved her!

“Max you have to let me go! It’s for the best that you stay out of my life!”

“I know you don’t want to believe me when I tell you this but you are the only one for me Liz and I realized how much pain I caused you but I can not let you go! I won’t and no matter what you say to me my heart will never stop loving you!”

“Max just let go. I know how you feel cause there will never be a man who will touch my heart like you did but it’s too late now!”

“Liz it’s never too late for love, you and I know that so Liz will you just try to let me in again even if it just means we start off as friends?”

“I can’t, Max, not now or ever! You can’t be friends with someone when your still in love with them and it’s just too hard! I wouldn’t know what to do if...I just can’t Max!”

“Well when you’re at the party tonight and everyday of your life I just I want you to know this Liz! I’m coming for you!”

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Well here are new parts for you guys okay....

PT 35


For the past week now all I can do was think of him! God I hate myself and I knew in my heart that if I ever saw him again I would just melt in those eyes of his. You should of seen my face when I saw him at the red carpet it had never dawned on me that he might be there but I should have remember he was Michael’s best friend. Oh god when I saw his face when he saw me walking up with Josh I could of died. Never in my life did I want him to see that, I guess I wanted to spare his heart of any heartache. God I still love him and god forgive me I still do! I wanted to just hide my face in his arms and ask him to kiss me back to the time when things were good but I knew that would never happened. I can’t erase the past and it has made me who I am and now I feel as though I’m betraying Josh. It was josh that made it easier for me to move on. He has been so patient with me and now I have lied to him about what max meant to me and what we once were. I guess in a way I can understand why Max kept it away form me. I just don’t understand that if he loved me so much then why did he betray me?

I loved him with all my heart and I never once thought about sleeping around when we were away from each other but I did kiss a man and I never told him but that was just a kiss nothing serious as what him and Katherine did behind my back. Do you think if I gave him another chance that things may be okay. I mean if we pass this bump in the world would he do this to me again or will we be in love like we once were! I need to talk to my best friend!


“Hey Liz how are you?”

“I’m good Maria I just called to ask for advice?”

“You mean you want to talk about Max!”

“No I just wanted you intake on something.”

“Liz you don’t have to lie to me okay I saw you when you came back and you had been crying and it doesn’t take 2 hours form the theatre to the club.”

“Were you keeping tabs on me Maria.”

“Liz all I know is when it comes to max you don’t tend to think straight.”

“I know but it’s just I still love him Andy know he still loves me!”

“I know he does!”


“Well you know I do see him around and he asked about you but I promised you I wouldn’t say anything.”

“So has he been umm”

“You want to ask me if he has been or was seeing anybody.”

“Yeah I guess!”

“Well he hasn’t and all he does is just work and he reminds me of someone! I just can’ t put my finger on who.. Oh yeah I remember you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well you guys use to live life and have fun now all you guys do is work it’s like you guys won’t even try to move on!”

“It’s not that easy!”

“Hard is living with Michael easy would be for you guys to figure out what you guys want to do!”

“So your saying I should try!”

“Hey chicca I didn’t say anything this is really what about what your hearts wants!”

“I don’t know well maybe I want things like they use too be before this nightmare began.”

“Well like I’ve said if you want something than go after it and get it! No one is going to help you so you have to help yourself.”

“So what about Josh?”

“Be honest with him like he has always been honest with you!”

“Thanks Maria! Oh yeah can I get his”

“Number sure here it is!”

“How did you know!”

Well you know I do all that astrological stuff so I had it already written down to give it you.”

“Well good luck Liz and just call me I you want to talk.

“I will and thanks for listening.”

“No problem, just remember you were born to be happy.”

The only thing is how do I do that? Be happy I mean what made me happy was what broke my heart. Can I do it forgive Max? Should I even try to? I have so many questions and I have no answers. Maybe time will help me figure things out. All I do know is that a life without love is no life at all. Plus how often is it that you find your mate, that one person who you know that you were made for! God I hate the fact that when it comes to Max Evans I’m just a sucker for love and I don’t know what to do but I know that if I walk away form love now if I’ll ever be able to feel the way I felt with Max ever again. I have to tell Josh that it has to end now cause I can’t give him or be to him what he is to me!

“Hey Josh nice that you can come over in such a short time.”

“Well you said it was important so I came as fast as I could!”

“Well I have to be honest with you the day we met Max Evans and I said he was an old friend well I lied me and max were engaged.”

“I figured it was more than what you told me that night when I took you home. You looked as though you were crying and I figured it was because of him.”

“I know for a fact that I’m still in love with him and as much as I want to deny it, I can’t.”

“You know Liz I knew something was going on when I saw your face when you saw him at the premiere and I don’t think I can stand in the way of true love.”

“I’m so sorry Josh if I hurt you in any way.”

“I know you didn’t mean to do it on purpose but Liz I love you and that is the reason why I would never stand in the way of your happiness.”

‘Josh how did I get so lucky?”

“You weren’t lucky I was and I couldn’t go on with myself if in the back of my head I kept you guys apart and wondered everyday if you love him more than you love me!”

“Oh josh…”

“Don’t say anything Liz will leave it as a good not =e and I better get going now.”

“I’m so sorry josh.”

“Don’t be Liz you wouldn’t be you if you didn’t stand by something you believe in!”

“Will you keep in touch?”

“Well not for awhile but give me time and I’ll be fine! So good night Liz!”

“Good night josh”

“Liz can I say something before I go!”

“Yes you can josh anything!”

“I don’t know what happened between you and Max but I can tell by the way he looks at you that he never stop loving you Liz.”

With Josh’s Last sentence I watched him get into his car and drive off. I let out a sigh of relief cause she knew that things would be okay and she had to find max and tell him this! I just hoped it wasn’t too late to change things.

Part 36

PT 36

Michael POV

Damm I swear you know my girl and me had a discussion about this one day and it is that we hate being the middle people when it comes to friends. You know what exactly do you say when there going through the rough times and it’s was cause one best friend to another I mean it is just hard! I try real hard to act like a bad ass but I really think I’m turning into a pussy ever since I’ve been with Maria. Hey I love my girl to death and there is no one in this galaxy that was made better for me than her! Hell I never believed in that whole love crap, that is for hopeless romantics! Well not anymore I guess you can say I’ve converted from headstrong guy to romantic puppy! I wonder with the new information that I’ve learned if that will be enough to heal all the damage that was done. Well at least I can say I’m somebody’s hero! Well all I know is if Maria doesn’t call in the next five minutes, well then she’s fired.

“Hello! What took you so long to call me back!”

“Sorry babe but I was on the phone with Liz!”

“Oh okay! Well what’s up!”

“Well nothing but I think that Liz wants to work things out with Max!”

“Really damm it’s about time! I mean did you see them at the movie it was like electric shock while standing in water.”

“I know but she’s not sure if she can forgive him!”

“Well after I tell you what happened to me today I think she can!”

“What is Michael? You know how happy I get to hear about good juicy gossip!”

“Well I bumped into Alex here and he was going off telling me about his ex girlfriend!”

“Wait a minute Alex has a girl!!!!”

“Well he did until he woke up and found out she was still going on an don about her ex!”

“I feel so bad for Alex! Well… come on who is she?”

“Well it’s Max’s ex…” Before Michael could say anything Maria just jumped in!

“Your telling me Alex was with Katherine!! How in the world did that happen! I mean Alex is some what of a geek and I don’t really see them living together in bliss!”

“Well if you let me finish my sentence before you cut me in well… as I was saying all she did was talk about her ex and it drove him crazy! She never said his name buy I was talking to Alex and one day that got into it and he was like why couldn’t she just move on and forget about this guy and she babbling on about how much she loved him and he left her for some girl and what she did to make his life miserable.”

“What do you mean she was going to make his life miserable?”

“ Well can you just let me finish Maria!

“Okay you don’t have to have a spasm space boy!”

“Okay well I guess one night she was blasted, I mean just flat out drunk and she was telling Alex how she drugged him and made it seem like they slept together an dhow happy she was that he believed that he would do such a thing. Then she said when she found out that they broke up she just did the happy dance.”

“Wait a minute! If I’m hearing you right our best friends have been miserable for months now because of a lie and he never did sleep with her! Um……………”

“What’s wrong Maria you sound like death just hit you!”

“Well I was so mean to max and I slapped him thinking he messed around behind Liz’s back!”

“He’ll forgive you Maria! You were just protecting your friend that’s all!”

“Yeah but it still makes me feel bad for the both of them! Well have you told Max!”

“No he’s won’t be back form Europe until tonight and I don’t know where he is staying.”

“Well Michael I love you but gotta go now so bye !”

“Maria…. Maria… Hey … Hello… Dammm…..”

I hate when she does that!

okay feed back please and thanks to my editor for all her help!!!!
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that is why you are so crazy and have like 1000 postings but I love you Michaela for it and keep it up I wish I had that much time on my hands but it' ssummer for you so enjoy it and I'll post more later today sometime today okay......

Thank you roswellluver for keeping up with the story....

Okay I got to work now so see you later...
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Okay my dedicated readers there is only a few parts left and I will try to post two or maybe one at a time... Just to be mean!!! *big* I'm in the works of writing a new story but I need a little help so like I said before suggestions will be great....

So here it goes two new parts.....

PT 37

Maria’s POV

Well anyways if I heard correctly then Katherine is the Bitch who ruined my friend’s happiness not max! God damm it I was so stupid, we should of trusted him and oh god I raised my hand to him! I wonder will he ever forgive me I must seem like such an ass! God and Liz she was so devastated when she found out and all these month of pain for what nothing!!! When I see her or if I ever, I’ll show her what happens when you mess with family and my man’s best friend!!!! I need to tell Liz!! Shit where was she today damm myself I totally can’t remember! Think Maria think! When you nee dot remember something you don’t and when you don’t you do!!

Okay slow your roll Maria! Ok I’m insane I was sitting here talking to myself when I just remember that no matter where Liz she will always pick up her cell phone and it hit me call it!! I must seem like a nut case sometimes in front of Michael but hey he is going to have to deal with me for the rest of his life!!!


“What’s wrong? Are you ok Maria!

“Yeah I’m fine but are you sitting down!”

“At the moment I am what’s this all about Maria!”

“Chica is there anyone around you?”

“No Maria but tell me what this is al about!”

“Well you know how you wish that this whole thing never happened and you said you would of never thought Max would hurt you like this!”

“Yeah! Why! You know that we can’t travel back in time and even if I did well it might just happen again!”

“Well you don’t really need to travel anywhere!”

“Maria what is your point cause if you don’t have one then I’ll call you when I get home!”

“Don’t get upset!”

“Maria I have to go ok!”

Right when Liz was about to hang up the phone I got the courage form I don’t know where to scream my point!


“What….. did you say Maria!”

“I said he never slept with her!”

“Ok how do you know this!”

“Well Alex use to go out with her and to get to my point she was drunk and I guess really fucked up that she blurted it out to Alex, then he told Michael when they bumped into one another!”

“Are you sure!”

“Yes Liz he never hurt you it was a plan to break you guys up!”


“Liz please don’t cry! I thought since you wanted a way than her is your chance!”

“I just can’t believe all this time we were apart and I and Max were hurting she did this to us! I walked away and I should of believed in him! God what kind of a girlfriend am I Maria?”

“Liz everything will be okay!! I mean we know the truth and Liz……….. Are you there?????”

Then I heard the dial tone. I was so worried I tried calling her cell back but I got the machine! Shit me and my damm big mouth, I should of told her in person! Not like this and not on the phone! Damm where could she have gone? I mean Maxis in Europe till tonight so no he’s not going to be around! Let me try Michael cell since he should be back by now!!!

PT 38


God damm her! I can’t believe for months now I thought max cheated on me and it was all a lie! One she used to break us up! I can’t believe after all this time he never once tried to move on and I did! I gave myself to another man and now I just hope he forgives me! I wanted to work things out but not like this not by hurting him! I mean what kind of fool am I to walk away form love while someone out there has prayed and wish for this to happen! I just want things to go back to a time in my heart where I always believed no harm could of come to us!! Damm I almost hit that car okay Liz calm down! You know where your going I just hope you get therein one piece! That Bitch she did this to me and what the fuck did I ever do to her to deserve this kind of shit! I mean get over he left cause he didn’t love you! So your going to play psycho and hurt him by breaking us up! If she was really smart than she should of known that this wasn’t going to keep us apart for long. What me and Max have is stronger than anything I have ever felt before.

I can’t believe this shit! What was she thinking! What could she have possibly gain! I mean he didn’t come running back to her if that was what she wanted! He told about that relationship and I could tell form his eyes when he said he wasn’t happy with her! I mean yeah she is more glamorous but it’s not the cover of the book that makes you want to read it, it’s what inside. I just hope Max can forgive me! All this time and the way I left oh god it broke my heart to do it and what about him! I must of crushed him, I mean we were whole and than in an instance became to halves one not being able to really move on without the other! Oh god I can just kick myself for what has happened! All this time I never once stop loving him and to know that we have a chance, I just don’t know if I can go through with it! So much has happened and I don’t know if he’ll ever forgive me for being with Josh! Shit I don’t know if I can forgive myself. Well you know what I’m going to put the blame where it belongs!

We are now going to Michael and Maria’s house so that she can explain what has happened to Michael!

“What the fuck did you do Maria!”

“Will you just stop yelling at me okay she had a right to know!”

“Yeah and you told and now what if she was suppose to know than why are you so scared right now!!”

“Cause I know if it was me and I heard some shit like that I would just explode!”

“You should of just waited until I told max!”

“Well did you get a hold of him yet?”

“Yeah I did he’s on his way here so you can explain what happened to Liz!”

“Michael that’s not fair think of it like you were in they’re shoes!”

“Think of what yeah I have a temper but I can control it! You woman just fly off the handle!”

“Don’t put this shit on me Michael! If your friend didn’t use to date someone so crazy none of this shit wouldn’t happen!!!!”

While they were arguing they didn’t even notice someone walking in the house!

“Hello you guys!”

“Oh good your here!” Michael said to his friend thanking him silently for interrupting them form one of there famous fights.

“Okay what the hell is up with you two!”

“Nothing! Oh wait it is something would you like to hear it form me or my crazy girlfriend!”

“Hear what and maybe I should leave!”

“No Max don’t go let Michael tell you this story!

“Okay long version or short version! Just take your pick Max!”

“Okay short please I really don’t have time for this shit need to find Liz!”

“Well my girl already told her and she went ballistic and now we don’t know where she went! Did I cover everything Maria!”

“Just shut up Michael!”

“Where is she Maria!”

“I don’t know!”

“Well call her!”

“I’ve tried and she isn’t picking up her phone!”

“Well let’s go to her place!”

“Okay.. Wait….. if I was in Liz’s shoes I know where I go!”

“You don’t think she went there Max? Would she!”

“I don’t know anymore maybe I mean if it was me I would do a little ass kicking! Shit we better go!”

“You guys think she went to go an confront Katherine!

When they figured that out of rage that Liz might head over to Katherine’s house we left the house as fats as we could. I just took off while they were still fighting! Katherine’s house was only 45 minutes form here so I drove as fast as I could just hoping that Liz wasn’t already there!

Feed Back Please
I love to know what you think!!!

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I think it was only you and Lana that I can tell that has been keepin up with this story....

I so love you guys for that...

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oops did I do that
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Okay 4 more parts to go and here is a new one so I hope that you have enjoyed my fic.... Oh yeah since were getting close and stuff it will be really nice if I get a whole lot of feed back...... Plus this one goes out to Lana n Michaela for really sticking by my side....

Angel thanks for being a great editor!!! Maia thank you for inspiring me to write!!

Okay I swear I was like winning an award or something..... *LMAO*


PT 39


Damm when I finally arrived at that bitches house, I turned off the engine and took key out of the ignition! I mean I was so mad and pumped at the same time that my hands were shaking I couldn’t stop it! I really needed to hit someone or something! I couldn’t take it anymore, I mean all these months of feeling alone and betrayed and then to have given myself half hearted to another man to hurt the one I love it’s too much to bear! I start walking to the apartments on top of Beverly hills! They look glamorous but not when I’m done!

“Hello! Who is it?” Katherine said in such a happy tone like a girl waiting for the guy of there dreams.

“It’ s Liz!” She tried to say as calmly as possible!

“Oh.. What are you doing here!’ She said as she opened the door and saw who it was!

“I just needed to have a one on one talk with you to clear up some stuff!

“Well I’m expecting someone so can we just do this some other time!”

“Not really Katherine, there is this big rumor going around that you intentionally broke me and Max up!”

“Well you heard right! I had to try and help max see the real you!”

“What the fuck are you talking about! You don’t even know me! You bitch what the fuck did I ever do to you for you to pull some shit like that on me!” Liz was starting to shake the anger that she was trying to hold in seemed to find it’s way out!

“You know what I really don’t have time for your shit right now okay! So can you please get the fuck out of my house!”

When Katherine was about to close the doors Liz pushed the door open and walked into Katherine’s house!

“Well you better make time you bitch cause you’ve got some serious explaining to do! You do you even care about the shit you put us through!”

“You wanna know something I really don’t give a fuck ok! So why don’t you get your ass out of my house!

When Liz heard that she became furious and took her right hand up and slapped Katherine right on face leaving the hand print on her cheeks!”

“What the fuck is your problem you sick bitch!”

“You wanna know! Do you really wanna fucking know Liz!!!! Well it’s you all this time that I was with Max and I gave him everything and anything he wanted but did that keep him happy no…. He just had to believe that there was something else out there for him! So he dumped me that son of a bitch!! We were fucking around on and off yeah I knew it was just for sex but that meant I still had him in my life! Well that shit all change when you came into his life! I saw him with you, I mean you had everything I wanted him to give me and much more! So I decided he didn’t deserve to be happy if it wasn’t with me!”

“You pulled this stunt cause you got left by man! You know what you need some serious help!”

“What the fuck do you know! I mean you had the better part he really loves you! I mean I suggested we hook up for old time sake and you know what he said I love Liz and that was it!”

“You know what I don’t wanna hear this shit no more!”

“Well I’m not letting you run to max so you guys can patch things up and be all fucking happy while I’m miserable!”

“What is that suppose to mean!”

“Maybe he’ll love me again if your not in the picture!”

“You know what!!!!! Your fucking crazy!!!!”

When Liz started walking towards the house she felt her hair being pulled from the back!!

“Get your fucking hands off me!”

“Bitch you aren’t leaving to go to max! He’s mine and I’m going to win him back when your out of the picture!”

they were pulling each other hair back and forth it was like this for ten minutes and then Katherine finally got Liz on the floor and was sitting on top of her hitting her and scratching her face. You can see the scratch marks were already going to form on her face but they had to end this tonight! Liz took all the strength she had left to push Katherine up off of her and than the roles were reverse Liz took all the power she had to beat her face left to right and right to left!!!

“Stop it !!! Stop it!!!!!” Katherine was screaming of fear for her life!

“Hell no bitch you deserve it for the shit you put us through!!!!

When they were yelling at each other and Katherine got a hold of the golf club near the coffee table and swung it at Liz hitting the back of her head! Liz was hit in the back of the head and before you knew it BAMM she hit the floor and Katherine was just standing there with an evil smirk thinking of what to do with her next! Katherine paced the room back and forth until she just stood on top of Liz looking at her and just imagining to herself that max would at least still be with her or at least still fucking around if it wasn't for Liz. All the images rushed into Katherine’s head causing her to go insane! All she knew that if Liz wasn’t in the picture then they would still have a chance to be together! While looking down Liz as she bent down to look at her all she could think was how this girl destroyed her life!!! She took the club in her hand and raised her arm up to get a good swing at Liz’s head as if she was playing golf.

“You think you can have him! You can’t and after I’m done with you he’ll forget all about you!!

Katherine stood on top of Liz and was about to swing when she felt someone grab her around!

“Stay the fuck away from her you bitch!!!

Sorry for the foul langauge but hey it kinda looses it's effect when you use fudge or something like that!! and oh yeah FEED BACK PLEASE!

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Hey it might be him or it could be Josh you know cause he loves her and stuff and what happens if the gang is stuck or Katherine moved....

Gotcha thinking didn't I and I think with my animation pictures it take longer for my page to load up...

I love u Lana your hillarious....
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Thank you everyone for the wonderful feed back and I love u Michaela u are so damm cute.....

Hey I wish I can quit my job or better yet I wish I can afford a computer at home....

If I did than hey I'll be a million post.... *wink *smile*




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Okay I am putting the a new part later on today and I have just finish a couple of parts of my new story and I will let you know when I decided what a tittle will be....

I so love you guys....
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I just read your little qoute on the bottom of your picture and I love it.....

posted on 24-Jun-2002 2:50:28 PM by behritall4me
Oaky I just put together the first part of my new fic....

The tittle is You think you know so please go and check it out okay.......

Love Ya

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PT 40

Katherine was shocked when she turned around saw that it was me. I got there just in time to grabbed the golf club out her hand and pushed onto the couch.

“Max we can be together!!!!”

“We will never be together Katherine, I don’t love you! Even if I did the person you turned out to be is pure evil!”

“Max I loved you and you threw me away for her! She should pay!!”

“If you ever come near her or me Katherine I swear the god I’ll kill you!”

“Max you don’t know what your saying!”

“Yes I do! I don’t know how I ever allowed myself to care for you!”

Everything that was being said was driving her insane you could feel the tension thicken in the room and Katherine was furious. She did it again! Liz managed to break them and now she had to pay. Katherine couldn’t think of anything else but wanting to destroy them both for what she was going through and so got up and grab anything she could get her hands on and started throwing it at me!

“You son of a Bitch!! How could you do this to me I love you and gave you everything!!”

“Katherine are you fucking out of your mind!!!! It’s over!!”

“It will never be over until the two of you are dead!!!! I hate you !!!!! DIEEEEEEEE!!!!”

I had managed to dodge the lamps and glass that were being thrown in my way and I managed pushed her down and hold onto her until I felt that she was calm. She was fussy at first, she kept trying to push me off of her and she was screaming so loud that I thought I be deaf by the time this was over but then time was on my side and she just zoned out as if she was a zombie.. Knowing that she wasn’t going to fight anymore I got up and carried her the couch.. Realizing that Liz was still out I quickly walked over to her and gently picked her up in my arms and started walking towards the door. I looked back once at the figure lying there and knew this was partly my fault, all the pain caused to these women were my doing but now I had a chance to make things right to Liz. With one look before walking out I remember whispering something to Liz’s ears..

“I’m so sorry Liz.” Then I gently placed a kissed on the crown of her head.

When I walked out there were people standing all around trying to figure what the fuss was about. They knew who lived in the apartment and you know what the gossip world is all about. I made my way through the crowd and headed towards the elevator. When I got to the bottom of the floor I could start to feel Liz twitch. I wasn’t sure if she was going to wake up and go crazy or just sleep till the next day. I know that girl fights can be exhausting and it’s not always good to be in the path of a woman that’s pissed off! I mad my way through the corridors of the building and I think they saw me cause I all I saw was Maria coming at me like a raging bull and I was the red cloth.

“Oh my god Max! Is she okay? What Happened? Well tell me something!

Maria was trying to bombard me with so many questions when I realized that Liz was in my arms. She was there and I was holding her nothing nor no one could tear us apart and I think that after all that happened Katherine was the only one close. I saw the look in Maria’s face she looked at me then to Liz to see if scars were occurred during this little friction between the girls and me. I saw she just wanted to know if it was WWF in there or not or if Liz did some damage. I was amused I mean you have to be girls always want the nitty gritty details of everything.

“Maria can I just put Liz in the car and I’ll explain everything on the way to my house, Damm it Maria she needs to rest and I just need time to catch my breathe! Females aren’t that easy to deal with okay! I mean can you handle yourself 24 hours a day.”

“Sorry Max I’m just worried an dif Liz is hurt then this is all my fault!”

“Baby you can’t blame yourself for telling her I think Liz would of kicked your ass if she found out from someone else!” Michael kissed Maria on the forehead to show her that everything would be fine

“I mean Maria I know that you had her best interest but she could of gotten hurt if I didn’t make it or was a second late Katherine would of done anything to keep her out of my life!”

“Max I’m so sorry for ever doubting you!”

“It’s okay Maria you wouldn’t have been her best friend if you didn’t care.”

“But….. I’m just so sorry and I should of listen to you instead of just coming at you the way I did.”

“Yeah but you were just reacting to the way you were feeling.”

“Okay you two can we go now before anything else crazy happens.”

“You know what Michael I noticed that when you do open your mouth that it’s actually something I wanna hear.”

“Oh I see Liz is back and now your cracking jokes!”

“Michael I could of never done this without you!”

“Yeah bud lets go I’ll figure out a way you can pay me back!”

When we all got back into the car it seemed like forever! I had Liz there and she was going to be mine again. I never knew that there was anyone in this life who could of captured my heart the way that she did, she meant the world and much more to me. It was everything that she was and everything I knew she would be that I was drawn too! I knew that with her in my life that I would be a better man for myself and for her. I was so determined to make sure things work and I knew that her friends were going to help me make my dreams come true. I realized that a life without love is no life at all and a life without trust is even worse. She was my match in every way! I couldn’t wait to get to the house. We were so quiet in the car so that we wouldn’t wake Liz she must have been through a lot these past months and she had to do it all alone. I could seethe wrinkles form lack of sleep in the corner of those beautiful eyes and I knew that the moment I found her Katherine’s that she was still in love with me and not Josh and for me that was a big relief. I know that she took on another lover but do I stay mad at her for that if I do all I would do is just cause more pain for myself and her! When we turned the corner onto my street I was thrilled she would be at our house again not mines but ours. I knew that things would just be fine.

When they parked the car I carried her weary body into the house and laid her on the bed. When I walk outside I see that Maria still wants answers to her questions and so we sit down on the couch and I retell the horrible happenings of my meeting with Katherine and how I found Liz knocked out. I can see the pain in Maria’s eyes cause she knows a minute later and Liz could have been a goner. I didn’t want to think about that but I had to give them some information. Well we sat around for more than over two hours and Liz had yet to wake up so I suggested that they stay in the guest room and I’ll watch Liz in the room. I wanted to be near her even if it was sitting on a chair and watching her sleep. So we all called it a night and hoped that in the morning Liz would be up.

“Good night you guys and if Liz wakes up I’ll be sure to come and get you so please keep the clothes on!”

“Yeah buddy don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!”

“Michael that’s disgusting Liz is unconscious and you say some shit like that!”

“I was just…..”

“I don’t wanna hear it okay lets just go to bed!”

“Okay you two well just try not to kill each other okay I almost lost one person and I don’t want to loose you guys!”

“Good night Max and let me know if Liz wakes up!”

“Don’t worry Maria, I will!”


PT 41

I watched everyone them walk into the room to retire for the night and all I could do was think that a long time ago that was me and Liz. I knew that after this moment a lot was of was needed to repair all the damages done to each other. I should of gave her no reason to ever doubt me and she should of just trusted me… We were young than and I was still a bit immature but I’ve grown. It always takes loosing something you love to make anybody change for the better! When I had walked back into the room I sat on the side of the bed brushing her hair away from her face. I could see an image of what would become a bruise right near her eye and I wish more than anything I had like special powers to take that away. As I watched her she must have been dreaming cause there was time I think I saw her smile and than all of a sudden she would be twitching as though something was after her. I wanted to wake her but I thought it be better that she get some rest. I guess I was so exhausted myself that I had dozed off right next her my face facing her and my arms holding her body to mine. It was so comfortable that I think I fell asleep.

“Max, Wake up” Liz was pushing max back and forth like trying to wake him from what seem to be a deep sleep.

“Liz… What’s wrong are you okay? Do you need anything? Can I get you something?” Max was saying as he sat right up when he felt her call his name

“I just need to talk to you!”

“How’s your face? Liz”

“I’m just a little sore but I could use something to drink!”

“You know Maria and Michael is in the other room they want me to wake them when you were up but it’s your call.”

“No Max, Just let them sleep I’ll see them tomorrow in the morning when it’s a decent hour and I need to talk to you!”

“Okay I’ll get you something to drink and I will be right back.”

“Okay, Max..”

“Yes Liz” he answers as he looks at her before heading out the door

“Thank you for saving my life.”

“Don’t you know Liz, I ‘d do anything for you. I would die for you!”

When I walked out the room I was glad that she didn’t jump out of bed and left me there to wake up in the morning all by myself, but I wondered what she wanted to talk to me about! I knew in a way it could be bad or it could be good I wasn’t sure. I can’t believe that this is the moment I was waiting for a chance to talk to her and figure out if we could be saved and now that she’s here I don’t even know where to begin. I walk to the kitchen and I grab from the fridge her favorite Snapple which I always kept in the house for a moment when she would come back.. When I walk to the room Liz was staring out of the window the light from the street made her look angelic to me and I was in such a dream state.

“Hey you, I got you your favorite Snapple!”

“I thought that when I had left.. Um… that I finish the last one!”

“Well I went to buy some the day after in case you came back.”

“Max… I wanted to say sorry!”

“Liz what could you be sorry of! You never did anything to me.”

“Yes I did Max, I gave up on you the moment all that stuff happened and I never ever gave you the chance to explain. I loved you and I should of trusted you and instead I was a coward and left.”

“Liz you just said you Loved me does that me you don’t love me anymore.”

“No Max… I’m not saying I don’t you shit if you are really listening I’m telling you that I never stopped! I was with someone and I don’t know how you could ever forgive me.”

“Liz stop crying baby please.. I love you with all my heart and you did what you had to do cause you thought I betrayed you and you probably did it cause you thought that it might lesson the pain.”

“But Max how could you or can you forgive me!”

“Liz I never once stopped loving you and I always knew in my heart we were the real deal and I never gave up wishing that you would return.”

“Oh Max.. I’m so sorry baby.”

“It’s okay.”

She came to me not by force but because she wanted to and we kissed and than we made up for all the moments in our lives that we missed and for all the ones that were soon to come. Through out the whole night until we woke the other two up. We lied in bed holding one another talking about what we have been doing and what steps we were going to take to get back to normal. Even though there was a lot of work to be done when I suggested she move back home and I even told her that I didn’t touch nothing that all her drawers were empty. She looked at me amazed, I guess she figured I would of feel it in with all the guy stuff so that I wouldn’t think of her. She said yes.. I was so happy I rolled on top of her and I think I must of for a hot second cut off her air supply. She didn’t mind and neither did I. I wanted to jump out of bed and do a happy dance. We both decided that we would take at least a short nap and wake Maria and Michael up but we knew it was going to be a long day. I knew something though that no matter how slow or fast she wanted to take our relationship I didn’t care cause I knew that by the end of this week she would be back home and our relationship of four would be as it was. Plus I know are friends will be happy with that, I think we all must of miss the good old days.


“Yes Max.”

“I love you.”

“I love you to..”

“Just promise me something..”

“What is it you already! You got me back home what else could you want and we just did the you know..”

“Promise me you’ll never leave me Liz cause I die without you.”

“I promise okay max now go to sleep you kinda tired me out and I wanna sleep now.”

“Oh I see come and get what you want and than go to sleep.”

“Hey Max some things never change.”

“I can see that Liz but I still love you.”

“I know you do and good night Max.”

“Good night Liz”

It is almost the end and I have already written a new fic it's a buffy/roswell crossover so if you nice people will read that too it will be great.. I had alot of fun writing this story and I love you guys...

You think you know what's to come is the tittle....

So Feed Back Please.....

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Okay this is the end to what I think is my first fic and I wanted to thank everyone who help me to break into my writing skills...

Thanks Maia for getting me into it and thank's to avenging for being my beta...

Okay and thanks to all the fans who kept me wanting to write more by alway leaving me feedback...

Michalea and Lana you guys have forever left footprints in my heart.. I love you guys for always being there...

So here it goes the last part to my story...
I do have a new one up an dit is a buffy/roswell crossover. It's different same concept but charaters are moved around and yes evn though it may not seem like it but it is a dreamer fic...


PT 42

Okay well your probably want to know how things went right so I’ll go ahead and tell you for the next six months things were great. A little rocky at first but we got over it and were in heaven. Liz moved in as I said that same week and things were hard and she had some new interest like feng shui. I mean what the hell was that! We had to rearrange the furniture buy new things get rid of some old stuff. Which by the way I got attached too..

Hey but it was all worth it. Well we did a lot of work on our relationship and we got it down. Everything is smooth sailing right now and it’s been so great that I’ll tell you something the fifth month into our relationship I popped the big question again and gave her a more extravagant ring then before. You know what though she said yes and this time were not going to wait! Which brings me back today as I was trying to get my tux on and making my way to the front of the church. I just had to look back and remember all that brought us together and that we had to go through in order to get her. Of course Liz wanted a tradiotional wedding so we have our family and friends and yeah, I’m getting married today.

Well I make my way to the alter wherein front of the church and all our dear friends I make my vow to love and cherish Elizabeth. I mean this is a very touching moment that I think I’ll shed a tear. Maybe not right now but when Liz walks down the aisle that will be my breaking point. To have the dream and love that you waited for all your life be with you always. I know people out there wait and wait till they’re old a gray looking for what I got and it was all by some mystical force that I found her when I did. I regret a lot of shit that I’ve done in my past but I’ll be a better man for Liz.

Then I see her as the music begins and the crowd is standing they’re in the sunlight walking as graceful as an dangle is Elizabeth. I shed a tear she had a white veil which she was handed to her from Maria’s wedding and then she had on this blue pendant that Michael had given her and in the right ring finger was the ring that her mother had given her form her grandmother and then something new would be the earrings that I got for her to match Michael’s necklace. You know Liz didn’t any of that to make her beautiful she shined on her own as her dress swooshes from side to side as she walks the bride was just heaven to me. When she walked down the aisle instead of the past memories I was thinking when I was getting ready all I thought about was the future. Me and Liz with kids and grandkids in the same retirement home and everything.

She finally gets to the alter and as she faces me and I lift the veil over her face I can see that tears have been shed while walking and I wanted to hold her and tell her things would be fine but all she needed was a smile.

We took each others hand and walked up one step to meet the priest and as he opened his book I squeeze her hand just something we learned to do to let the other know hey I love you. I thought it was a cute gesture to make than the obvious let me swallow your face type stuff. While the priest is talking we don’t her much of what he is saying cause at the moment I think we were just lost in each others eyes and we knew that our day had come/ We were going to be happy an din love from this lifetime till the next. We see Maria get up to a podium where she is to say a few words…

Maria Pov

“To My Friend

We have been friends for quiet some time now.
sharing many good times, as well as some bad.

We listen to you and realize you may feel you have little to offer, or that your experiences may not have earned you any rewards, or your feelings sometimes of having little value to this world.
But if you ask us we think you are the brightest star, the warmest sunshine,
the sweetest smile. and the greatest giggle ever heard.
We can talk of the good, the bad and the ugly; it doesn't seem to matter, but that's what friendship is all about.
So on that note; today you and Max did not only become husband and wife,
you became best friends for life!
So here's to Elizabeth and Max for many years of love and friendship!”

“May we have our next speaker please.” The priest points in Michael’s direction.

Michael Pov

“Well I’m not really good at expressing my feelings and I think all of us here can agree with that especially my beautiful wife Maria. Well today isn’t about me or any of us here it’s about Max and Liz what they have gone through to get here and I can say from first hand experience that yeah it was a bumpy road. So I wrote a little something in honor of the couple who stand before us so here I go.”

“There once was a boy
Who fell fast for a girl
His love was in his career
and hers for the world
He’d see her in passing
She’d see him too
What the two of them felt
Nobody knew
She’d cross the street
And he’d cross her mind
And he’d think of her
As she left him behind
But one special day
When the sunshine was good
The two of them spoke
As if always they would
She was delightful
And he made her smile
And the two of them thought
Good things all the while
He loved her smarts
And her ways all around
He found her beauty
Enchanting and sound
She loved his innocence
And his silliness too
And his goodness is
Something she just right away knew
So the two of them walked
And the two of them played
And the two of them cherished
All of their days
So it came to be known
All over the town
That the boy and the girl
Would forever be bound
And the two of them knew
From the moment they met
That no other would do
So the boy and girl wed.”

“Now may we have the bride and groom exchange they’re vows.”

Liz Pov
“ I, Elizabeth take Max, to be my husband, secure in the knowledge that you will be my constant friend, my faithful partner in life, and my one true love.
On this special day, I give to you in the presence of God and my close family and friends that I promise to stay by your side as your faithful wife in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, as well as through the good times and the bad.
I promise to love you without reservation, comfort you in times of distress, encourage you to achieve all of your goals, laugh with you and cry with you, grow with you in mind and spirit, always be open and honest with you, and cherish you for as long as we both shall live.”

“Now Max would you like to say your vows”

Max Pov

“ I, Maxwell take Elizabeth, to be my wife, secure in the knowledge that you will be my constant friend, my faithful partner in life, and my one true love.
On this special day, I give to you in the presence of God and my close family and friends that I promise to stay by your side as your faithful wife in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, as well as through the good times and the bad.
I promise to love you without reservation, comfort you in times of distress, encourage you to achieve all of your goals, laugh with you and cry with you, grow with you in mind and spirit, always be open and honest with you, and cherish you for as long as we both shall live.”

“In the presence of all your family and friends I now pronounce you husband and wife.”

“Holly shit! Holly shit! We did it Liz!”

“Yes we did how about we hit the road and get the show on the road!”

Well were off so I just wanted to say thanks for attending our wedding and having the patient to read my story but hey good things do come to those who wait. I mean, I’m married and Liz and Myself will be living HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!!

Feed BAck will be nice an dI hope other people read this story and enjoy it... Thanks everyone for the support... Okay one mor plug it's called You think you know what's to come and that's my new one so check it out.....


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