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Title: Perchnace To Dream
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17 Parts will be labeled accordingly.
Category: Post Graduation mainly M/L
Summary: As Liz is just married at the age of nineteen she experiences dreams, dreams that are too real to really be considered dreams. You see, Liz has been married once before in another timeline and because of what Future Max, Liz and Serena did in creating a tear in time space and changing the future these are the dreams that Liz is experiencing. Certain things about her new marriage remind her of the life and marriage she would have experienced in the that other timeline.
Author's Note: I got he idea for this story before the finale aired but since I was a little spoiled at the time I was able to incorporate a few things into the plot. However the premise is mainly based on Liz and how these dreams affect her.

I would also like to extend a BIG thank You to my very helpful beta Cookie *angel*


Part 1

The Bar was sparsely populated at this late hour and it seemed as if they were the only two left. Their friends had long since abandoned them for home and bed, still they remained, not wanting this nearly magical evening to end. Gently swaying to the music, enveloped in the arms of her love, the arms of her new husband, Liz felt as if she could get lost. For the moment it seemed as if the world had shifted and they were the only two that existed. Not that Liz would have minded either way; she was thoroughly enjoying herself as the warm breezes blew around them and Sheryl Crow’s “I Shall Believe” wafted from the speakers.

They were embarking on a new chapter of their life, one which might seem a bit scary at such a young age, with uncharted futures to conquer, but now no matter what happened those futures were linked to each other. “Any regrets?” he asked brushing a wavy dark tress behind her ear.

Liz shook her head in the negative before placing it to rest on the lapel of his tux. “Max what are we going to tell our parents?” She could just imagine their parents shocked faces ridden with the news of their hasty elopement. She silently mused over having been married by an Elvis impersonator.

“We’ll deal with that when the time comes.” He shrugged, not wanting to ruin the night with worry. It was their wedding night, crude and rushed as it may be. It was a night Max wanted them to be able to look back on for years to come with fond memories. And he didn’t want to waste a second worrying about their uncertain future. “Maybe we should get some rest...” Max drew soothing circles on the small of her back her gown dipped low and there was a vast expanse of creamy skin exposed there. “If we need to get you back on campus by tomorrow afternoon…and I still need to get back to Albuquerque.”

Her breath was warm on his skin as she spoke “But Max.” her nail scratched at the first few buttons of his shirt, fingers deftly undoing them “I’m not tired” her fingers played with the first few inches of uncovered tan skin of his collar and toned pects.

Her gentle touch caused his mind to haze over with desire. “Then…what do you want to do.” Max squeaked out as her lips replaced her fingers at the nape of his neck. “We should go.” Max said looking around to see if anyone had seen them before scooping up his petite bride in his arms and carrying her off to consummate their marriage, Liz’s giggles echoing behind them.

It wouldn’t be their first time by far but it was their first time as man and wife.

* * *

“Liz…” Max’s gentle baritone voice roused her from a peaceful sleep. She had been having a dream, if you could call it that. It had felt so real... They were just married and she could clearly recall the joy as it was one of the happiest nights of her life. “Sorry to wake you but we’re going to stop soon.”

Looking down at her attire she silently wondered if she was still dreaming the large white skirt was definitely something a bride would wear. Liz took in her surroundings of the Volkswagen Van, the gentle lull of the engine, and four other bodies occupying the cavity of the automobile and then clearly remembered where she was. Yes she and Max had been married yesterday but it wasn’t like in her dream. They were on the run from the FBI, had stopped briefly at a chapel in Albuquerque to get hitched and hadn’t looked back since.

No Elvis Chapel, or late night dancing, no parents to wish them well or even chide them on their impetuous decision. They were fleeing the only home they’d ever known, and even though they had most of the closest people in the world surrounding them, she missed Roswell already. “Where are we?” Liz asked gazing out at the window at the passing landscape.

“We just crossed the border.” Max responded “We’re in Mexico.” Sierra Vista, to be exact, a quaint town just past the border of Arizona. It wasn’t a huge tourist area small enough for the gang not to have to worry about being discovered, yet large enough to find a resort for which Max and Liz to spend their first night as husband and wife.

Actually it would be their second night. Last night they’d shared the back seat of the van, but tonight they’d have a bit of privacy. It was kind of difficult to properly celebrate their marriage with Maria and Isabel right up front and Michael and Kyle alternating with driving. Therefore Max wanted to make this special for Liz he just hoped she liked his surprise.

The hotel they were staying in wasn’t grand by any means but nice. “You like?” Max asked as he carried her over the threshold and placed her securely on her feet, Liz’s giggles echoing through the hallway.

Liz paused taking in her surroundings “Max it’s beautiful” she gasped. The bed was neat and freshly made with white satin sheets and a lavender comforter white rose petals adorning it. On the counter in the bathroom there was a basket with assorted fragranced soaps. The trail of rose petals led out to the terrace over looking the pool. “This must have cost…”

“…Don’t worry about how much it cost.” He said joining her on the terrace slipping his arms around her narrow waist. “Liz you’re giving up so much to be with me. I just wanted to make… this memorable in some way for you.”

“But Max…”

“No buts,” He said placing a finger over her lips, “just enjoy.” A smile painted his lips as he pressed them to hers. The connection they shared allowed, though weak, Max insight to his wife’s feelings, and he could tell that Liz was worrying about the future. How would they live? Where would they go? Were a few of the many questions whizzing through her mind at the moment. Admittedly, similar concerns plagued his mind as well however for the moment he was willing to put them aside. This was their honeymoon, and that was the last thing they needed to be focusing on. Liz needed to enjoy herself and Max was determined to accomplish that for her, even if he had to make her mindless with passion to do so.

Scooping her up in his arms once again he carried her inside and laid her down on their rose petal covered bed. The cushiony fabric of her skirt was falling around them as he leaned between her thighs. Max’s lips instantly attached to the soft skin at the nape of her neck.

Liz pawed at the waistband of his slacks attempting to pull out his shirt needing to feel his skin against her own. In almost the same instant that Liz had made contact with his heated flesh the door flew open her friend standing on the other side. “Liz did you see the bathrooms?” Maria chimed seemingly unaffected by the sight of Max and Liz tangled in each other’s embraces on the bed before her “Oh sorry” she said “But we’ve got joining rooms. This is so cool it can be like a sleepover.” She said taking a seat on the bed beside them.

Liz had wondered where that door led upon seeing it when they first arrived. Now she knew it led straight into the realm of Maria interruptus. It was no secret that her best friend had the worst timing. Over the past three years as Max and Liz had been dating Maria had a knack for walking in on them on the most inopportune times. “Maria we were kind of…” Liz said hoping she would take the hint.

“Oh” she blanched still not catching the full meaning. “…Oh” She repeated taking in their intertwined limbs and puffy lips as understanding dawned over her. “Oh… Ew, guys, it’s like eight o’ clock in the morning!”

“I know.” Max granted “but we didn’t really get a chance to last night.” He pointed out.

“Would it be okay if we talked later?” Liz asked.

“Sure chica that’d be okay.” Maria said deciding that she should give the couple their privacy for the moment.

“Hey Maria I brought in your ba…” Michael said as he entered taking in the scene before him. This certainly was better than the room he and Maria were sharing. “Swanky Maxwell.”

“Really Liz,” Maria agreed “You guys are so lucky I mean Michael told me you were staying in the honeymoon suite but this is just…”she said as she began her inspection the room and all its amenities.

“Why would the honeymoon suite have a joining room?” Liz whispered to Max.

“Actually it doesn’t it’s all supposed to be one room. The next room is a sitting room with a fold out couch that Michael and Maria are sleeping on.” Max explained

“Yeah we figured it’d be cheaper if we split the price of this rather than getting another room.” Michael admitted.

“I heard that.” Maria echoed from the bathroom. Exiting to deliver a swift smack to Michael’s shoulder.

“What?” Michael shrugged. They weren’t newly weds. All they needed was a place to lay their heads as far as he was concerned.

“Could we please have some time alone?” Max asked, reminding the bickering pair who had seemingly over looked he and his wife’s presence.

“Come, let’s leave.” Maria said dragging Michael towards their own room “By the way Liz, I’m borrowing this.” Maria said as she held up the bottle of fragranced shower gel.

Liz didn’t care what Maria took as long as she left her and her husband in peace for a few hours. Before Liz had the opportunity to nod her approval Kyle burst through the front door saying

“So this is where everyone is staying.” He waved at Max and Liz who were still on the bed, Liz now using Max’s chest as a pillow “Hi guys.”

“Oh just forget it!” Liz said sitting up to right her and Max’s clothing. She could see they weren’t gong to get much privacy anytime soon.

Kyle shrugged.

“Kyle where’d you…” Isabel stumbled in the open front door of the room “You weren’t planning on keeping this huge room to yourself?”

“Course not.” Max said scrubbing his hands over his face in frustration.

“Great, now move over.” Isabel said making a place for her to get comfortable on the bed beside them.

Maria reclaimed her seat on the other side as she began flipping through the channels “Since we’re staying, I wonder if you guys get pay per view.”

“Can we order room service?” Kyle asked

Michael answered with “No need the fridge in the other room is stocked…”

Liz cast her husband a sympathetic glance attempting to make themselves as comfortable as possible with their friends crowding around them. Although she was a bit disappointed that they wouldn’t get any alone time at the moment she could understand why everyone ended up flocking together. They were fleeing the only home most of them had ever known. They craved familiarity even if it came in the form of wigging out in a hotel room with their best buds on the night of Max and Liz’s wedding.

* * *

As the gang sat around a batch of nachos, melted cheese, tomatoes and sour cream oozing over the side, Liz took a heaping nacho full of the aforementioned ingredients. The dainty long white gloves and veil in her hair causing it to seem a bit out of place for her. “Pretty good.” She said taking a bite “Though not as good as Senor Chow’s.”

“Nothing is as good as Senor Chow’s.” Max agreed, both remembering the sight of their very first date back home in Roswell. He would never have imagined that he’d be sitting here over a batch of nachos, in much the same manner that he had then, after marrying the beauty before him.

“Are you guys gushing?” Alex asked cutting short their brief reminiscence.

“If you are could you cut it out. Some of us are trying to eat.” Michael agreed.

“Leave them alone they were just married they deserve to gush.” Isabel offered coming to her brother’s defense.

“No we are not ‘gushing’ Alex, as you so eloquently put it.” Liz provided as she fed Max a nacho.

“We’re in love.” He finished for her.

Finishing each other’s sentences? “And I thought they were bad before they were married.” Michael commented.

“Dear Brother, trust me no one is more happy for you than I am, but I have to agree with Michael on this one we should do something…anything before I’m forced to gag myself watching you two.” Isabel said.

“Look no further! I have found the answer.” Maria proclaimed as she returned to the table placing the huge karaoke catalogue in the middle.

“Maria I can guarantee there is no way you’re gonna get me or anyone else here to sing. Besides you’re the only one who’s any good at that type of thing.” Michael told her as her as she took a seat on his lap and began leafing through the catalogue.

“Trust me Maria, you don’t want to hear me sing.” Liz said. Her voice was no prize, in fact, the last time she’d attempted to sing for someone Max kept trying to heal himself because he was sure that she had shattered his eardrums.

“She’s right.” Max confirmed, not wanting a repeat of the incident.

“You can’t be that bad. Come on I never got to throw you a bachelorette party. I have to get you drunk and have you make a fool of yourself. It’s my right as best friend” Maria implored, she was always finding new and inventive ways to plead her case.

“She’s right you know and by right we’re supposed to find Max some naked women...”Alex said quickly receiving a playful tap on the arm from his girlfriend Isabel “…However, since that’s not going to happen we could at least try to get him to dance or something. Or is the evening pretty much complete for you two at feeding each other and making goo-goo eyes at each other?”

“Oh that could be fun.” Liz said perking up at the idea.

“What making goo-goo eyes at each other?” Max asked

“No silly, dancing especially you. I’d love to see you dance.”

“I don’t really do this type of music.” Max said as heard the musical version of ‘Saturday Night Fever’ being played on the radio.

“You can choose the song.” Liz offered “Please” she pleaded an adorable pout painting her lips.

He could never resist her when she made that face “Okay I’ll dance…but only if you sing.”

Liz pondered this for a moment. She was pretty horrible at singing and they were in Arizona, so there was the chance of any of her friends from school walking and hearing her but it would be worth it if just to see Max shake his groove thing. “Deal.”

“Perfect Liz you could sing ‘Maniac’ that tune from dirty dancing and it’s the perfect song for Evans to shake his ass.”

* * *

Hours later the gang stumbled into the parking lot laughing hysterically at themselves “Max, you are by far the most hilarious dancer…I can’t wait to develop this roll it’s going to be priceless.” Isabel said holding the disposable camera just out of Max’s reach.

“No seriously man what the hell were you doing?” Alex asked placing his arm around Isabel’s shoulder.

“I was shaking my ass.” Max said looking around at all his friends face sputtering with laughter. “What’s so funny?” He looked at Liz who was doubled over laughing just as hard as the rest “I believe it was at your request.”

“Yes honey, and a very good job of ass shaking you did.” Liz placated still smiling brightly as she placed a lingering his on his cheek “I wouldn’t mind a repeat performance a little later.”

“This from the one who nearly had us tossed out of the place for shattering all the glassware.” Maria said causing more laughs to erupt from the group.

“I did hear few things breaking.” Max said now it was his turn to tease.

“I hate to break this up but we have to get back to Roswell before mom flips her lid. I told her I was going to an all night study group. I don’t think all my courses combined at the community college is enough work for all night to spill into tomorrow morning,”

“And that is my cue to leave. My good people I bid you adieu.” Alex said “Congratulations Max and Liz.”

“Thank you. Thanks for coming.” Max said, as he hugged his sister farewell and Liz hugged Alex.

Saying goodbye was always difficult these were her best friends in the world and they probably wouldn’t see one another again until semester break “Yeah it really meant a lot to us.” Liz agreed.

They waved as Alex and Isabel drove off in his rabbit before returning inside. “I don’t know about you guys but I’m beat I’m going to hit the hay.” Maria said as a yawned overtook her.

“Yeah me too see you guys in the a.m.” Michael said following her to the elevator.

Leaving the newly wed couple alone in the Hotel lobby to decide whether or not they should return to the bar or not. “So how about it Mrs. Evans?” Max said loving the way that seemed to flow so naturally from his tongue “Time for bed?”

At the moment Liz was too entranced by the sound of Sheryl Crow wafting from the radio. “I love this song we have to dance.” She said pulling him back towards the bar…

continued in next post

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For summary see first part

* * *

Liz awoke to the welcoming smile of her love “Good dream?” Max asked peering down at her. She languidly stretched against him as she nodded. He spoke in whisper “I could tell. You had the most …serene smile on your face.”

“It was our wedding and everyone was there Isabel, Maria, Michael…and Alex too.” Liz hesitated as she mentioned the last name. During the dream it had seemed so natural that she hadn’t quite registered the significance of her deceased friend being in attendance.

“What about Toto and Aunty M?” Max joked, a shallow smirk painting his features. “Kidding.” He had to make light of the situation it was a tactic he always used in order to avoid the guilt that threatened to over take him. Given who and what he was and the life he was able to provide for her it was only natural that Liz would dream of an ideal wedding in which all her friends and family could attend, friends that had died because of his mistakes. Liz said she forgive him, but could he forgive himself…

“Do you ever dream?” Liz queried. She was pretty sure that what she dreamt hadn’t just been a dream, that it had actually happened at one time or another. And it involved both her and Max so maybe he’d seen it as well

“Dream…dream about what?”


“Yeah… I guess sometimes… why?”

“It’s just…“ Liz got a distant look on her face almost as if she had gone somewhere else for a moment, but then just as quickly she dismissed it. “Never mind …” She trailed, quickly becoming lost in her thoughts.

“Okay.” Max said, not fully understanding her sudden change in demeanor but the least he could do was try to make her feel better. He looked around at all the sleeping bodies that littered the suite illuminated in the soft glow of the television. “Let’s get out of here.”

“And go where?” she asked

“Isabel and Kyle have a room across the hall but since they’re in here…” Max let the statement hang in the air thick with he possibility of how they could spend the rest of the evening.

Before Max could think the next thought Liz was up and tiptoeing toward the door, finger over her mouth signaling for him to quiet so as not to disturb anyone. They’d changed their clothing since earlier. Low riding jeans were now replacing her wedding skirt baby’s breath still adorning her hair. Max thought she looked like an angel as she carefully stepped toward the door.

By the time they were out in the hall Max couldn’t resist scooping up his petite wife and carrying her over the threshold into Kyle and Iz’s room. “I think this must be the third time you’ve done that today.” Liz giggled.

“Maybe this time we’ll get to finish.” Max said. He allowed her body to slide down his as he captured her lips in a languid kiss, her legs wrapping around his waist.

Max carried her over to one of the beds and gently let her fall in the middle. As Liz stood on the bed, her usually short height towered a few inches over him “I could get used to it up here...” She said sealing her open mouth to his own.

Absently thumbing the hem of her top, Max remembered being interrupted by their friends earlier. He knew they were all asleep now but just to be safe he abruptly tore himself away from Liz to lock and seal the door with his powers. “Just in case.” Liz’s passion fogged brain hadn’t quite registered the fact his lip had left hers and by the time that she did she could hear his baritone voice over by the door saying, “Now where were we?” rich with seduction.

With an outstretched finger Liz beckoned him to the bed “Mr. Evans I do believe you were about to do this…” She laced her finger under the edges of her top deftly lifting it over her head a feisty hand resting on her hip. As Max approached her, his gaze raked her form drawn to the pert supple peaks of her breasts obviously pleased with the fact that she had for gone wearing a bra.

As Max joined her at the edge of the bed looking down into his golden eyes Liz could see that they clouded over with desire turning them almost black. It was evident that time for play had ended. He was like a jungle cat stalking his prey, still as a shiver anticipated his next move.

Swiftly, Max snatched her feet out from under her causing Liz to land on the soft bed behind her.

In that moment Liz was the most beautiful creature he had ever beheld sprawled out on the bed before wearing an inviting smile. He was like a kid a Christmas unwrapping his most desired and sought after present. He didn’t know where to begin. His most basic instincts told him to hastily discard the rest of her clothing and get down to business but he knew Liz deserved more than that. She deserved to be revered.

Making a decision, Max dipped his face to the creamy expanse of skin above her low riding jeans. He placed feather light kisses there lingering in the area he’d healed her so many years ago. If he’d known then what a sloppy mess he’d turn her life into he may have stayed away for exactly that reason. But he never once regretted his decision to heal her, because life without Liz simply wasn’t life. Besides, he couldn’t go back now and he didn’t want to.

His hands traveled from her ribs over her navel to the place where her waist flared out into slender hips. He unfastened her jeans skillfully sliding them down her legs to reveal white lace panties. The first time they made love the night before their graduation he’d been so tentative with her, but now he knew this territory and so he had free range.

Shifting positions, Max pressed his lips to hers in a long and passionate kiss. His arms surrounded her. Fingers moved from her waist to the small of her back and then moved up her spine. Her back arched at his touch, pressing the pillowy mounds of her breasts into him. However there was still the matter of his clothing separating them.

Sharing a tender kiss that quickly grew heated. And needing to feel his skin against her own Liz's hands slipped under Max's T-shirt, caressing his bare flesh. Max broke the kiss long enough to draw the T-shirt over his head and toss it away. Then he moved over Liz, his thighs sliding between her knees as he resumed his ministrations.

Feeling the her petite frame writhing beneath him he had to see her, a vision in white lace gentle flowers adoring her hair “Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?”

“Yes but I could stand to hear it again.” She teased .

“You will.” Max whispered close to her ear before running his tongue along the outer shell, there wasn’t a part of her body he didn’t love “I plan on telling you everyday as long as we live.”

Allowing his words to sink in Max stepped up the pace, trailing kisses down her throat, past her collarbone. He licked the valley in between her breasts, then moved to the right and circled her nipple with his tongue, careful not to touch it. Liz was breathing heavily now, nearly every breath a little whimper of pleasure. During their first experience together Max hadn’t really taken the time he wanted to explore her body, and he definitely planned on making up for it, learning her reactions, what she liked, every moan, every sigh until he became a master at pleasing her.

When at last Max sucked her nipple into his mouth, and her cries became progressively louder as Max went back to suckling her nipples, alternating his hands and his mouth. He was breathing labored as well, struggling for control as each of Liz's sounds vibrated through his body.

“Max, I want to see you too.” Liz breathed feeling a tad more underdressed than he. Here she was with only her underwear and he had yet to take off his jeans this was her husband she wanted them on even terms and no longer had to feel shy about asking.

“Okay.” He said, lying back on the bed to allow her full access. Her hand on his abdomen Liz briefly ran her middle finger over each ripple there. Liz had always admired this part of him the way it felt as there bodies were pressed together, not many guys had abs to speak of, not like Max did…

Not wanting to make much more time on preliminaries Liz unfastened his jeans and slid those and his boxers down his legs revealing his erection which stood proud against his belly.

Having never really taken the time to look at his part of a male before Liz was astounded by the feel of smooth skin over hard steel. Sure she’d felt him move inside her the other night bringing her to the heights of passion, but never had she examined it. Max laughed at her as she watched the way his body reacted to her with curious fascination. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing…” He smirked “…just… when can I expect the lab report? Before or after we’ve made love?”

“You may not want to joke with me when I’m handling precious goods.” Liz said as she began playing with the sensitive sacs below his member.

He gasped for air as she found the evermost sensitive spot and fingered it gently. “Liz if you don’t stop that I may not make it very much longer.” He rasped

Liz relinquished her hold in him then slid up the bed beside him placing a tender kiss on the tip of his nose.

Still breathing raggedly, Max buried his face in Liz's hair, inhaling the sweet fragrance of her mixed with the freshness of flowers. Once his breathing returned to its normal pace Max threaded his hand the waist band of her panties and slid them down her legs

He just looked at her, his hand stilled on her thigh. “I guess they’ll be a part on that lab for female anatomy as well.” Max smiled briefly at her as he reached for her dark curls, his face reflecting wonder he found her wet.

He bent to kiss her neck as he began to explore her womanhood. Max's fingers traced a careful path, learning Liz's contours, her peaks and valleys. He found the hard little nub of her clitoris, and gently began to rub it. Max thought he could watch all day as her face contorted in pleasure. But he didn’t want to bring her to completion yet, not like this.

Holding himself in his hand he guided his shaft to her folds letting it slide against her coating himself in her juices. Watching her face for discomfort he inched into her depths. He only saw bliss as their bodies joined. Allowing himself to relax he lost himself to the tidal wave of love that swept over him as their bodes worked together. Each of his thrusts complimented her strokes.

It was evident that these two were made for each other. It wasn’t just having sex or even making love for them. This was a joining of souls. Over his shoulder out the window the last thing she saw before falling over the edge was the picturesque sun on the horizon as it was beginning to set…

* * *

…As he climbed over the balcony, wide-brimmed hat adorning his head Liz cheeks were still flaming slightly embarrassed by the fact that he had serenaded her accompanied by a mariachi band. Max… shy Max… her Max. This would be all over school by tomorrow morning. But she was thrilled to se him “Mariachi?”

“I had to get your attention.” He hesitantly began “You wouldn’t listen to me otherwise and I had to talk to you.”

Liz knew what she was going to ask. The same thing he had come to her window every night this week asking, for her to give them another chance. And after his oh so public profession of love she wasn’t sure she had the strength to refuse him this time “Max it’s late…”

“… I know it is…” He interjected taking a step closer. His proximity was alarming. The connection they shared strong as ever and Liz could feel the desperation coming off of him in waves. “… we don’t have to talk now, I just came to give you these.” He placed two tickets in her hand.

“Gomez.” a song by them played on the radio the night of their first date.

He took another step “They’ll be in Santa Fe on Friday…Come with me.” He could see she was torn “Please…” he whispered

His mouth was less than an inch away from hers. She could feel his warm breath on his cheek as the last of her resolve crumbed. His lips were plaint and Liz wasn’t sure exactly who was the initiator of this kiss.

His palm on her the side of her face gently holding it there.

Her hand in the soft tufts of hair at the back of his neck.

All things familiar.

“Lizzie!” he father called form her window drawing them out of their reverie and causing them to abruptly break apart “It’s late sweetie. Say good night.”

She nodded her consent to her father before turning to Max handing him back the tickets and saying, “I can’t go to the concert.”

As Liz climbed inside her window as single tear slipped down her cheek.

* * *

He was back again. The night of the Gomez concert, not more than a week after Mariachi incident he was back persisting with the same questions and this time Liz caved.

He was back again and telling her what she meant to him, how he didn’t care about anyone or anything except her.

He was back again and touching her until her eyes darkened and she gave in.

He was back again and there in her bed it was sweet and fumbling and awkward, and when he pulled out his wallet with the condom in it, Liz was ever so thankful, that he had protection with him. They stayed awake until nearly dawn exploring each other, and that night she had her very first orgasm and he was so awed by the power of it, that they became inseparable from that night on.

He was back again and this time he wasn’t leaving…

* * *

The first thing Liz saw when she opened her eyes was the darkness outside their window. She’d missed the sunset. She recognized the familiar warmth in her tummy as the after glow of their lovemaking threatened to consume her.

Who knew sex with an Alien could be this good? No more guessing about the hour orgasm of which Maria spoke. Liz had one herself and it was like a dream…no more like a hallucination because she was very much awake during the entire thing and could recall it clearly “Did you see that?” she asked Max whose eyes were beginning to drift close heavy with sleep.

“See what?” He asked

It was apparent by his answer that he had not. How could any one sleep after that? But they had both had a day and could probably use their sleep. After all, who knew when they’d have to be on the road again. “Nothing.” she says indulging him in one last kiss and snuggled into his embrace “I love you.”

“Love you too.” And Liz knew that he did… in both timelines…


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Part 2

Liz tightly gripped the package neatly wrapped in plain brown paper. The address read Mr. and Mrs. Parker, Crashdown Cafe 23 N. Main Street Roswell, NM. She didn’t want to let go. Letting go meant letting go of any and all ties with her parents back home in Roswell. It was her journal, and by sending it to them she was admitting the truth about Max’s alien heritage and the fact that she had married him. Her parents would have privy to her deepest and most personal thoughts over the past three years. But at least they would know how much she loved Max and that wherever Liz would be she was relatively safe and happy. She desperately wished that she could be there when her parents read it. What would they think knowing that she’d gotten married?

“You ready?” Max asked as he watched her eyes fixed forlornly on the package then glancing toward the post office.

Liz gazed once more at her journal before nodding. Hands intertwined she and Max made their way towards the stately building.

There was no return address on the package so there would be no way of her parents responding, it was safer for them that way. Not that the gang would ever be in the same place for more than a few days. After they mailed this they would be on the road again, headed for God only knew where.

Liz was happy; she had Max that was all that mattered, wasn’t it? As the van pulled off, Liz hid her face in Max’s shirt not wanting the others to see her cry over such a seemingly routine task as putting something in the mail. However recently with all the goodbyes and other new experiences it seemed Liz’s emotions were always bubbling right under the surface. She usually kept them pretty well concealed, but right then she just couldn’t help herself.

Liz’s tears weren’t necessarily tears of joy or tears of sorrow. They were tears of familiarity lost, yet tears of possibility for the future.

Max and Liz were in the back seat again and Maria jestingly commented that, “You guys always get the back seat.” which was the truth. If Max wasn’t driving he and Liz usually occupied the back seat. “What are you guys christening that Max and Liz’s seat? Other people might want to sit in the back too you know.”

Max silently signaled to Maria that now was not the time for jokes, although he couldn’t see Liz’s small smile as it was hidden in the sleeve of his shirt.

Maria always had a knack for making people laugh in spite of themselves, especially Liz. She simply chalked it up to being best friends and silently wondered if that had always been true? Liz knew one thing for sure. She was more than glad that Maria decided to come with them. She couldn’t imagine this trip without her or having to say goodbye. They’d known each other practically since birth. Maria was almost like her link to back home in Roswell when things were a lot less complicated…

* * *

“…So we’ll just tell them right? No beating around the bush.” Liz said as Max rang the doorbell to his parent’s house.

“Right.” He agreed as simple as that. Although it wasn’t doing much to calm her jangled nerves, she was thankful that one of them could be collected about this “We’ll be fine.” He assured pulling her toward him in a gentle embrace “Our parents know how much we love each other…and you know how much I love you? Right? ”

“Yes.” she answered a slow smile rising to her lips

Max leaned his forehead against hers “Alright then what else could matter?” He placed a lingering kiss on her lips his tranquil disposition quickly leaking through her veins. That connection certainly came in handy, Liz thought to herself, especially in times like these.

“Max, Liz so glad you could make it!” Diane Evans greeted as she ushered the couple inside the house. The rich aroma baked meats and other fixings of Christmas dinner hang heavy in the air. “You can have a seat in the living room with the others” Dinner will be ready in few minutes.”

Dinner was a lot more enjoyable than expected. The Evans and the Parkers had all come together to enjoy a nice holiday meal. This was the first Christmas the two families were spending together. Since it was obvious to them that their children were so in love with each other and would not stand to be separated on Christmas day, the parents decided they would have Christmas dinner all in one location.

Both families quickly tired of debating over who would have the kids for dinner and who would have them for dessert, had been the custom in years past. Therefore Nancy and Diane exchanged recipes and prepared the meal as Philip and Jeff made room for a few extra guests at the table that year.

Dinner was accompanied with idle chatter of how the kids were adjusting to their respective first years in college, Max at the University of Las Cruces and Liz at the University of Phoenix in Arizona. In turn the question was also brought up of how they missed being away from Roswell and all their friends. Liz had to keep herself from laughing at that one considering ever since they’d eloped Max had driven up to see her nearly every weekend.

“So Liz, I’ve heard you talk about Micro biology as your major. How are you finding your courses?” Philip inquired

“They’re okay...”Liz answered matter of faculty. Truth be told she probably hadn’t been spending as much time on her studies as she would have liked, what with the recent excitement in her life.

Max knew this and often felt guilty about distracting her from her schoolwork. Liz squeezed his hand reassuringly under the table letting him know that she loved him and there was no reason to feel guilty about what they’d done.

“What are your plans after graduating?”

“Lizzie’s got her sights set on Harvard for grad school.” Jeff informed beaming with pride. Liz knew that had been her dad’s dream for her ever since she was five and he had put a poster of Cambridge over her bed. She hated to disappoint him but that might be inevitable given the newest set of circumstances she didn’t plan on going anywhere without Max.

“Well dad it’s still a few years yet…I’m just taking it all in stride.” Liz said attempting to lighten the mood.

“Kind of like you took your relationship with Max in stride.” Nancy said. Although she’d learned to accept her daughter’s relationship with he young man sitting across the table, which Liz appreciated, Nancy was none too thrilled about it. No one should be that serious about love at their age.

“Oh yes I remember when you two started dating your father and I were taking bets that you would be engaged by the end of your senior year in high school.” Diane added receiving chuckles of agreement from the others seated at the table.

“When can we expect a proposal from you Max?” Phillip asked.

Of course their parents had just been joking, but they were unaware of exactly how close to home these questions were hitting for Max and Liz.

Now it was Max’s turn to offer comfort as he squeezed Liz’s quaking hand underneath the table. “Actually Dad, Mom, Mr. and Mrs. Parker, Liz and I are already married. In October we went to Vegas and eloped.”

All laughter ceased and Liz wasn’t totally convinced they believed him so she held out her wedding band for them to see as confirmation.

The tension was so thick in that dining room it could be cut with a knife. The silence was deafening after Max’s announcement as the faces of each and every guardian contorted as they digested the news.

Liz waited on baited breath for someone to comment.

The doorbell rang breaking the stillness and Max went to answer it. He returned a few minutes later with Maria. “Delivery from Deluca pies. Fresh out of the oven my mom made it for this very special Evans-Parker shindig.” Maria chimed.

Liz felt sorry for Maria having walked in to an unavoidably tense situation, unbeknownst to her that Max had already filled Maria in

“Should I serve it up?” Maria queried.

When there were no responses, “Yeah thanks Maria I’ll have some.” Max said needing something…anything to break the tension.

“How about you Liz, pie?” Maria asked

Before Liz had the chance to answer her mother blurted out “Liz are you pregnant!?” voicing everyone’s suspicions.

Liz looked like she’s about to hyperventilate “Mom no...” she sputtered out as Maria accidentally dropped a slice of pie on her lap “Oh God Liz, so sorry… anyone know what gets pumpkin out …We should take care of that” as she pulled her friend out of the dining room.

Once they were out of earshot “Maria what was that about?” Liz asked

“I was rescuing you.”

“Let’s workout a system for next time. How about the one in need of rescuing will be the one to freely hurl food at her clothing.” She took the damp dish towel Maria handed her and began wiping the stain.

“Liz, Max just dropped a juicy piece of meat and between the look on your parents faces and the Evans looked liked a hungry pack of ravenous wolves ready to attack.”

“Oh My God Maria, what am I going to do!” Liz said embracing Maria in hug.

“Well you could always hide out in here with me and let Max handle it.”

“I really appreciate that sentiment Maria but I can’t leave Max in there to face the ‘wolves’ alone.”.

“You sure? Cause I think he could handle it.”

“We did this together. We’ll stick through it together.” Liz persisted.

“Okay girly, but you know I have your back.” Maria said, flashing her a million dollar smile. Liz couldn’t help smiling back. “Here Liz, take some Pie. Definite tension breaker…”

* * *

Once it was confirmed that Liz was in fact not with child, annulments and other contracts were proposed to the pair over the next week by Max’s father. Everyone pretty much agreed that Max and Liz had been married too soon and were concerned with the stability of their decision. In the end love won out their parents agreed to let them stay married as long as Max and Liz agreed to finish college before they moved in together.

* * *

“Finally.” Maria said upon seeing Liz’s eyes open, “We thought you were going to sleep straight through the day.”

“Was I out long?” Noticing she was still in the VW van a place that had become like a home over the past few days.

“Just since noon…but you do realize that it’s now nearly midnight that’s about twelve hours.” Maria stated as she showed Liz her watch to confirm the time, “Max is worried about you. I told him he should probably give you a rest from all that alien sex…tiring stuff…” she continued laughing at her own joke.

Liz took the time to go over her dream in her mind. Again it had been very real… almost life like… and she was almost positive that these weren’t just dreams, “Maria I think something is happening to me I think I’m slipping through time.” She stated somewhat unsure of herself.


“Remember what I told you about Max returning from the future last year. When we changed our future he disappeared …but I think what ever tear he said he created in time is still open because that’s what I was dreaming about.” Liz attempted to explain. The look her friend was giving her didn’t belie complete confidence. Liz knew she was crazy for even thinking it, “I know it sounds weird but…”

“…Weird? No chica, we’re riding around the country in a van with a bunch of aliens I don’t think things will get much weirder than that.” She took a breath “ I just think that if what you think you are experiencing is true you should probably tell Max …or even Isabel. I mean she’s the expert on dreams right?”

Liz was amazed at how easily she accepted it. Here Liz was freaking out thinking she was insane… or very close to it and Maria was able to help her put things into perspective. “Maria I’m so glad you are here with me.” she leaned over the seat to embrace her in a hug “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“I told you we would always have each other, and you know I always keep my word.” Maria assured as she hugged her back.

“Where is everyone?”

“They went inside to get something to eat. Max is getting yours.” She informed motioning toward the burger joint.

“Oh, well did you tell him…”

“…No mayonnaise or cheese on yours.”

“Thanks.” Liz loved how they knew each other so well. Definitely couldn’t give this friendship up, she thought as she settled into her seat.

“And more importantly now that you’ve taken your tryst into womanhood and just plain bizarre and hallucinogenic sex, I have to know what did you think?” Maria quizzed only causing red to fuse through Liz’s cheeks. Maria knew Max and Liz had done it when she saw Liz the day of their graduation, they day they left home. That whole day there was an unmistakable glow surrounding Liz that only could have been caused by one thing. “Oh come don’t tell me you forgot already.”

“Trust me Maria, sex with Max is something I will never forget.” Liz admitted a distant seductive look coating her features. Maria looked at her incredulously and Liz realized she’d unwittingly revealed more to Maria than she would have liked. The two friends to broke out into a sputtering laughter.

“What are you girls talking about?” Max asked as he opened the door to the van to find his wife and her friend cracking up over something.

“Nothing…Liz just…” Maria answered quickly looking between Max and Liz her blush growing by the second “…Nothing.” She covered deciding it probably be best if Max didn’t know his wife could be a nymph just yet… That is if he didn’t already know.

Maria moved over giving Max and Liz their place on the back seat...


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Consultant Team
About the gang cramping Max and Liz's style. They weren't really oblivious simply choosing to ignore. Remember initially Michael and Maria were going to leave but then Kyle walked in and things went down hill from there. *big* she probably should ahve kicked out but you know our dream couple. At least they got theire time alone eventually

Lelea and others who asked
The flashes/dreams aren't going to harm Liz and don't worry Max will know soon enough afterall they have to do something with that hour. *wink*

Once again thanks for the compliments on my writing. I've really been working hard on that so please don't hesitate to ask questions or simply drop a line letting me know that you love it...or hate it for that matter. Interaction with readers is what makes writing worth while.


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*happy* Guys thanks guy for athe feedback. I'm glad to see some PODs and other are dropping by to leave theri comment on the story.

Here's the next part and if you guys are really cool I might be able to get the next part out by the end of the weekend enjoy!

Part 3

“Would you relax, I wasn’t in any danger. I can handle myself those guys weren’t a threat!” Liz assured Max as they entered their room at the motel just across the street from the campus of the University of Phoenix. She slammed the door behind them.

“Why’d you go out anyway?” Max asked not at all buying that Liz…his little Liz…5 ft. 2” Liz… could handle herself against four college aged guys. Alien blast or no, she needed his protection.

“I was going for a jog.” Liz stated matter of faculty as she discarded her sweaty shorts and t-shirt, placing them in the pile in the corner with their other dirty laundry. “I have to keep in shape. We can never be sure when the FBI is going to attack.” Liz was now parading around the room wearing nothing but a smile.

Was she trying to make him loose his focus? She was. Liz was attempting to distract him and joking about things that were very serious. But it wouldn’t work, narrow waist flaring into subtle curves be damned. “You can’t just go out whenever you feel like it. We have no idea who could be watching, not to mention all the kooks and wierdos you may run into this time of morning.”

“Yes you’re right,” Liz smiled brightly as she placed a chaste kiss on the tip of his nose “and I have my very own big strong weirdo here to protect me.” She squeezed his bicep for emphasis.

Was she mocking him? “Li-iz.” Max griped

“Ma-ax,” She mimicked “lighten up if I really had to I would have just used my formidable alien powers to put those guys in their place.” Liz realized her brief joke hadn’t gone over as well as she would have hoped as Max eyes widened with fear “Kidding! Don’t you trust me?”

“I do but…” He sighed “…could you just ask me next time.”

‘Ask? Now he was joking’ Liz thought. He didn’t really expect her to ask his permission to do something as simple as take a jog…did he?

They’d been on the road for nearly three weeks and in that time Liz realized that Max was a lot more controlling then she would have imagined. In the beginning it had been cute how he was protective of her but now it was just plain annoying. Yes, they were married and she respected him as her husband, but did he in turn respect her as his wife? “We should just get some rest.” She said as she scooted her still nude form under the covers of their bed “We’ll talk about this in the morning.” Although it already was, Liz thought to herself as the early twilight rays broke the night…

* * *

Liz jogged down the steps of the residence hall and out into the noonday sun. It was a seasonably warm day in April, and she had a few extra moments to kill before her next class. Therefore she made her way to the park across the street for a short workout.

As she started on her path she realized her shoe was untied and quickly jogged over to the nearest bench to rectify the situation. What she didn’t realize was that in the process she was giving a group of male classmates who were seated underneath a nearby tree an ample view of her supple backside.

“Need some help with that?” One of them asked as they approached taking an appraising view of her body.

“Um, no thanks.” Liz responded and then attempted to continue on her way but found that her path was blocked.

“Jogging this way?”

“No actually I was going that way.” She said pointing over his shoulder

“This way works for me.” He shrugged

“You know what I should probably get back to the hall I have a class in a few…”

“…So soon? I didn’t get your name.”

“Uh, Liz.”

“Well Liz, do you think you’d be interested in grabbing a bite eat or coffee? Whatever’s good for you.”

“I don’t think that’s going to be possible. You see I’m married.”

This little admission received a chortle of laugher from the guy and his friends “You expect me to believe that you are…”

“Married?” The familiar baritone voice rang next to her ear “Yes, actually she is almost a year now.” Max placed his arm possessively around her waist “These guys bothering you Liz…”

“No.” She assured “Let’s just go.” She said dragging him away from the somewhat embarrassing scene. Once they were out of earshot she turned to him and said, “I can’t believe you just did that!”

“Did what? Protected you from those idiots?”

“No Max, you came over and staked you claim on me as if you were sometime animal or …a caveman.” She covered her face with her hands “You might as well have saved yourself the trouble and peed all around me. This way anytime anyone dare approach me they’d smell your scent and realize this was your territory.”

“Not a bad idea.” Max joked quickly realizing his humor hadn’t gone over as well as he would have hoped as Liz was giving him that look, that cut-the-crap-or-else look “Kidding. Liz I’m sorry that’s not what I was trying to do. I just love you so much sometimes I want to keep you safe and all to myself. I guess I got a little carried away will you forgive me?” He implored those adorable golden eyes pleading with her. Curse those eyes. They really could be a distraction especially in times like these when she was supposed to be upset with him.

Of course, Liz did forgive him. In fact she spent he better part of the afternoon “forgiving” him under that shade of a nearby tree…

In fact Liz doubted anyone would ever question her availability to date again.

* * *

Liz pushed her legs over the side of the bed as she listened to the sound of her husband’s harsh breathing as he slept. She’d had another dream…more like a glimpse in to an alternate world, and one thing she came out of it with was that Max was like this in both timelines.



Liz had known that when they started dating. “Hey it’s who I am…” she recalled him saying once when she called him on it. She accepted it then, but now that she was getting an up close and personal show of it everyday, it was becoming a bit unbearable. Slowly Liz was beginning to understand that as many advantages as there were to being Mrs. Maxwell Evans, there were also a few disadvantages. For one could he breathe any louder? Listening to Max as he slept was like listening to the suction of a vacuum. Maybe it was an alien thing.

Liz determined she wasn’t going to get any rest in there with the human hoover so she might as well seek solace in the one place that could always provide her comfort, and a place to think.

The shower.

At least it would always be the same no matter where she went. Yes, bathrooms were different but there was something about standing under a stream of water that was familiar. As Liz headed for the bathroom, she opened the curtain to let some sunlight into their room. Max stirred slightly turning away from the light.

* * *

As the soothing warm water flowed over her body Liz thought about few things. Yes, Max wasn’t perfect but then who was. Being married to a half human didn’t automatically make their marriage ideal, and it was even worse for them because they never got a break from one another. They traveled together, they ate together. Even couples who lived together had the brief reprieve of school and work. She and Max needed to work at this and they would…just as soon as she could get a few moments peace.

* * *

As Max awoke he found the spot next to him in the bed, usually occupied by his wife vacant. However he could tell by the sound of running water coming from the bathroom that she must be in there. Max didn’t want to disturb her but he really had to pee. In fact that‘s why he’d woken up the tingling sensation in his groin combined with the excessive light flooding in the room from the window

Who opened the damn curtains?

* * *

Max peaked his head in the bathroom to find the silhouette of Liz thoroughly engrossed in her shower. She didn’t even seem to notice him. She wouldn’t mind if he took a quick leak. Quietly lifting the toilet seat he unbuttoned his jeans and did his business. Very routine morning ritual and for a moment he forgot she was in the shower and flushed the toilet.

Liz let out a strangled cry as the warm water streaming over her skin turned ice cold.

Max winced at he sound “Oh my god Liz I’m so sorry!” Max said as he opened the shower curtain to see if she was okay.

“Get Out!” She said attempting to cover her naked form. As if Max hadn’t seen her in the nude before. She promptly covered herself with a towel and began pushing out of the bathroom door “Get out! Get Out!” And she didn’t stop there she continued pushing him towards the door of their room

“Liz I’m…” he attempted

“…No Max, You have to go!”

Max barely had time to put himself back in his pants before he found himself out on the motel terrace looking out over the all the parked cars. He hadn’t even had time to grab a shirt. He banged on the door “Liz Come on …can’t we…can’t we talk about this.” Although he wasn’t sure exactly what he’d done. Max continued banging like that for nearly a minute with no response.

Until Maria poked her head at of the door next to his “Shut up! Some people are trying to…Oh hey, Max. You and Liz are going to have to play Tarzan and Jane some other time, ‘cause I…”

“…Liz kicked me out.”

“So why not just go back in. I mean if there were ever a time to have the power to break and enter…”

“I don’t want to upset her.”

Maria sighed realizing she was going to have to intervene. “Give me a minute.” She grabbed a robe, then had him to unlock the door for her so could talk to Liz.

When she entered she found her friend fully clothed with damp hair as she sulked in the corner. “Liz care to tell me why there is a half naked space man outside your room.”

“Maria, I can’t take it any more! I need my space. Max is everywhere, in the bed, in the bathroom, and in the beginning it was sweet and fun cuddling with him after we’d made love, but now it‘s just… I wish he would leave… Oh God and the snoring!” Liz explained

“Max snores?”

“Not snores so much as just this really heavy nasally breathing.”

Maria nodded in understanding “Okay.” She said. Having gone through something similar with Michael when they’d first become intimate she could relate to what Liz was feeling. Of course, at the time Maria could just get out of bed and make the trek across town to her own bed and bathroom. Liz couldn’t do that. They had to stick it out. Being that close to someone wasn’t necessarily better…or worse… it was just different and took some getting used to. There wasn’t anything Maria felt she could say here, so simply fished the desired item out of Max bag and left.

Quietly closing the motel room door behind her she found Max sitting right outside waiting expectantly Maria handed him a T-shirt. “Max you need to give her some space.” She then went back in her room.

Max slipped the shirt over his head “What… space? You’re just going to leave me out here! Liz? Maria? “ The Arizona sun beat down on him “It’s hot out here!”

As he said this Kyle was passing with a bucket of ice “Ice?” he offered.


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As promised a new part

Part 4

Liz spent he majority of the day in the motel room simply thinking…and writing… She didn’t really have a journal anymore. But amongst their travels the gang had stopped at a gift shop on the side of the road. While there Liz picked up a plain composition notebook where she now wrote all her thoughts.

It’s June 3rd I’m Liz Parker and the first thing that I realized about marriage is it’s not easy. It feels so weird to even say that, I’m nineteen and I’m married…

She wrote about all the things that annoyed her about her new husband but she wrote about all the things that she loved about him as well.

Sometimes you have to pick apart a persons character to realize what a treasure you have. That’s what I have in Max and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world, this world or any other…

Having spent so much time with herself Liz realized that her attitude this morning had very little if anything to do with Max and mostly stemmed from her own insecurities.

With these changes over the past few months it’s frustrating not knowing what I’ve turned into. I mean it’s not like I can just go get a physical. I’m the type of person that always had a plan and a reason for everything. Not knowing something as simple as my on physiology is a big adjustment but one I can make…one I’m going to have to make.

As she completed her entry Liz tore the spiraled page out of the notebook and balled it up in the fist of her right hand. Concentrating all her emotions she compressed the piece of paper into a smoldering pile of ash, which she promptly discarded in the trashcan near the window.

Max didn’t know that Liz had learned to use a few aspects of her powers very well and now used them somewhat recreationally. She’d learned her lesson about keeping a journal people on the run from the FBI didn’t have that luxury. Therefore every night Liz would pour her emotions onto the page and burn and discard of it, which she actually found kind of freeing. This way she never had to worry about anyone finding out her secrets.

Feeling a lot better about things than she had earlier that day Liz figured she would use the extra time alone to tidy up the room. After all they’d probably be on the road again in the morning it couldn’t hurt to start packing. She began folding up the pile of dirty laundry in the corner of the room but as she touched a pair of Max jeans Liz was taken back by an almost blinding flash of light.

**”…I don’t know Michael I think we may have made a mistake in marrying so soon…”**

Just as quickly as it had come it was gone. Liz recognized the face and voice as that of her husband, which she knew well. What she hadn’t been expecting was to have a premonition, if you could call it that, from simply touching his clothing. Apparently her abilities were expanding usually she had to be touching the physical person to get any sense of them. Maybe this connection was simply her and Max.

Liz felt woozy and disoriented by the power of it but quickly shook it off as the realization of exactly what Max had been saying in the vision hit her. She couldn’t let him go around thinking their marriage was a mistake.

* * *

“…Are you kidding I’ve never met two people more suited for each other than you and Liz…She loves you” Kyle said laughing heartily at the idea that Max and Liz didn’t belong together. He took a shot at the cooler but narrowly missed. Over the past three years he’d watched their relationship grow, good times and bad. It was obvious that she was smitten with him…they both were.

“Air ball!” Michael teased Kyle at his near miss.

“I love her too.” Max said trying to refocus their attention “but you should have seen her this morning. She was pretty pissed… and I don’t even know what I did.” He explained.

“Maria’s like that every morning. Sometimes I think she‘s got this perpetual case of PMS.” Michael jokingly offered as he took a shot at the cooler and landed it successfully. “Ahh Ladies and gentlemen the king!” Max didn’t find it quite so funny he knew these guys were trying to help but so far they weren’t offering any real insight into what Liz’s problem was. “But there’s got to be another reason. You said Liz is not usually like that. She’s been sleeping a lot and she’s moody. Maybe she’s…”

* * *

Liz raced down the stairs of the cheap motel in search of the place where she thought she recognized her husband from her vision. After a few minutes of frantic searching she found Max and the other guys out by the ice machine near the parking lot talking and shooting ice chips into a cooler from one of the rooms. “We have to talk.” She said to Max.

He agreed quickly. Max knew there was much to discuss, and maybe he’d get some answers too. Bidding the guys farewell, he and Liz made their way to the park across the street, the same park from the incident earlier this morning….the park she thought she recognized from her dream. It had a familiar feeling to it for both of them.

The short walk there was silent. And the evening shadows cast its darkness around everything as the sun set “So…” Liz said as they stood in the shade of an elm.

“Before you begin I just want to say that I know what’s going on with you, and while it might be a bit unexpected at this time, we’ll make it work, because I am more than thrilled about you having our child…” Max continued rambling on until Liz interrupted him.

“…Wait a child?” she asked. What was he talking about?

“Yes, a child. You are pregnant right.” That was the conclusion he and the guys had come to earlier. Liz was pregnant and simply afraid to tell him.

“No Max I’m not.” Liz had to keep herself from laughing at the absurdity of the idea. She wanted to have a child with Max someday, but they definitely weren’t ready now, and until that time they were taking precautions, he knew that “Where did you come up with that?”

“Oh.” Was all that Max could say his knees felt weak beneath him and he took a seat in the grass.

Liz noticed the light go out of his eyes at her denial. Max had seemed so excited at the prospect of having a child, and Liz had a guess at what was behind this sudden change in demeanor. She sat in the space beside him in the grass. “You’re thinking about your son aren’t you?”

He nodded with this distant look in his eyes “Yeah I wonder where he is, and if he’s safe and happy. I wonder what his new parents call him… If he remembers me.”

“He remembers you.” Liz assured

“Sometimes I wish he… we could be together. But I suppose it’s better off this way. If he were with me I’d probably just mess up his life…like I messed up yours.”

“You haven’t messed up my life.” She enveloped his large frame with her much smaller one offering what comfort she could “Look at me. Whatever we go through it’s worth it because we’re together now and I love you.”

“What about what happened this morning.”

“This morning I was upset because you were trying to be controlling and as much as I love you that’s one thing I don’t like about you ... That and your snoring. Trust me Max, this morning had a lot more to do with me than anything else. ”

“I’m sorry Liz. If I’m controlling it’s only ‘cause I love you and just want to keep you safe, but I’ll try not to get let myself get carried away next time.”

“And I’ll try to hear you out before I let myself get so steamed about it.” By this time they were leaning against the tree Max sandwiched between Liz legs as he peacefully rested his head on her shoulder. She looked down to see a slight smile painting his lips “What’s so funny?”

“It’s just, you said I snore. Do I really do that?”

She didn’t want to hurt his feelings but, “Yes.” she admitted, which only received a fit of laughter to erupt from Max chest as he denied it. “Yes you do. I‘m serious. Really loudly too, but it’s okay because I’m sure if you thought about it you’d find something I do that ticks you off.”

“I don’t think so.”

“There has to be something. Think hard.” She encouraged as she tried to think of habit of hers that others might find annoying. Max thought he could look at her all night, just like that brow fraught with attentiveness she was beautiful…. and that thing she did with her nose

“Okay, how about that that absolutely ador…I mean annoying way you crinkle your nose when you’re concentrating.”

“You mean like this ...” She scrunched her nose with a smile.

“Exactly like that...”He said as he met her lips in a languid kiss. Slowly and lazily their tongues dueled. They stayed like that for a while simply enjoying the taste of each other and the presence of love.

“Can we be serious for a moment Max. There is something going on with me that I’d definitely like to share with you.”

“What it is it more changes.” He body went rigid at this and the idea that she had suffered in any way because of him.

“No nothing like that.” She assured, and he relaxed against her once again. “It’s not something I can tell so much as you have to experience.”

“And how would I do that?” Max baited as his hand began a slow ascent up her bare legs stopping briefly to massage her ankles… then her calves. His lips weren’t idle with either as they played at the soft skin of her chin and neck.

Liz tried to think through the haze of desire his ministrations were creating “Well you know how when we make love and we have the… “His hand rose higher on her thigh “…the hour long…” Teeth softly nipped at her neck “…orgasm. I have these visions.”

“Visions?” Max questioned as his hands played with the hem of her skirt.

“Dreams…hallucinations…. I figured that that if we were both…” She thought momentarily of how tactfully to say what she wanted, his roaming finger making it increasingly difficult, “… both there at the same time and concentrating combining our powers I might be able to show you.”

Only the barrier of her panties remained between he and his goal, as his hand traveled under her skirt “So by there you mean…”

“There…”She joined him in blissful unison as he gently stroked her sopping womanhood.

Max laughed. ‘He certainly seemed to be in playful mood’ Liz thought as she asked “What is it.”

“You look like you’re about to be ‘there’ right now.” Max joked

“Okay funny guy, let’s remember you have to be ‘there’ too.”

“Well let’s get started with that then…” There in the grass shielded from the view of prying eyes by a tree they discovered the essence of real love as they reverently undressed and their minds and bodies came together combining into one soul she saw the visions and this time her saw them too…

* * *

The Prom was in full swing. The gym was decorated in blue and silver balloons. Guys were dressed in rented tuxes, and girls in girls in dresses that they were quickly discovering weren’t comfortable to dance in. There was line of party-goers for pictures and that’s where Max and Liz could be found. When it was their turn and they approached the camera Liz whispered to Max “Smile Big.”

“Only if you give me a reason.” He retorted.

“How about, you’re gonna lucky tonight.” She said the clenched teeth of her smile


“I get luck every night so…”He joked, which wasn’t far from the truth. Ever since they became intimate Max and Liz made it their business to be together at least three times a week

Just as the cameraman readied for the next photo Liz leaned and kissed him


The picture of Max and Liz kissing against a blue background with silver balloons, decked out in prom attire was the same picture that hung on their wall of their first apartment...

* * *

Max was so proud of her, all of her hard work had finally paid off and she was valedictorian. And it was his smiling face that Liz looked for in the crowd at West Roswell High’s 2002 Graduation to give her the courage to get through her speech.

They walked across the stage and received their diplomas. And after the ceremony when Liz was in the parking lot being congratulated by her fellow classmates it was Max’s baritone voice that made her laugh as he whispered “Now can I tell everyone I made out with the valedictorian last night.”

And it was his loving embrace she fell into and relished the congratulations and well wishes on her biggest accomplishment to date.

* * *

“…The truth of the matter is I’ve been thinking seriously about marriage recently as well. But when we make that step I want to be able to afford all the things you need, want, and more. We’re nineteen what kind of life could we have?” Max explained

“One in which we are insanely in love and content… Romeo and Juliet were younger, Max, age doesn’t matter. We’ll, work toward having those things together.”

“Liz will you do me the honor of being my wife.”

“Do you really need to ask?”

* * *

“Did you see that?” Liz asked breathlessly as her passion induced quaking subsided

“Yes…”Max said barely believing it himself “Yes I did.”


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Scottie On the Hour long POC under the tree (hey I rhyme *happy*) just enough parts were exposed for Max and Liz to do the deed but still enough clothing was in place for it to seem innocent to the passerby, if of coarse they saw them. Use your imagination *wink*

Lizwell *big*

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Soon I promise *angel*
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I'm sorry for the long wait od thid part I'd lost the disc which had the outline for this story and all my notes so I kind a had to do this part form memory. But thanks once again to my very helpful beta Cookie who had copy of the outline saved on her comp.

Enjoy *happy*

From Part 4

Max was so proud of her, all of her hard work had finally paid off and she was valedictorian. And it was his smiling face that Liz looked for in crowd at graduation 2002 at West Roswell High to give the courage to get through her speech.

They walked across the stage and received their diplomas. And after the ceremony when Liz was in the parking lot being congratulated by her fellow classmates it was Max baritone voice that made her laugh as he whispered “Now can I tell everyone I made out with the valedictorian last night.”

And it was his loving embrace she fell into and relished the congratulations and well wishes on her biggest accomplishment to date.

* * *

“…The truth of the matter is I’ve been thinking seriously about marriage recently as well. But when we make that step I want to be able to afford all the things you need, want, and more. We’re nineteen what kind of life could we have?” Max explained

“One in which we are insanely in love and contented… Romeo and Juliet were younger Max age doesn’t matter. Well, work toward having those things together.”

“Liz will you do me the honor of being my wife.”

“Do you really need to ask?”

* * *

“Did you see that?” Liz asked as her passion induced quaking subsided

“Yes…”Max said barely believing it himself “Yes I did?”

Part 5

“What was that?” Max asked, only half believing what they’d just seen.

“I’m not sure exactly but I think that it was glimpses of another time.” Max eyes were trained on her face waiting for Liz to elaborate “Remember what I told you about Future Max?” Max nodded. How could he forget why Liz said she’d feigned sleeping with Kyle all those months ago, although they rarely brought it up, it having been a painful time in both of their lives. “I think what we saw was what our life would have been like had we never tried to change the future.”

Max’s gaze was cast downward, face expressionless as he digested her explanation. Liz continued “I mean think about it Max it’s the only thing that makes sense. Me making valedictorian…going away to college…” She was recounting the things they’d seen, going over them in her mind as if storing them for later use “ …and the proposal was just like he said it would be.”

She remembered clearly the night a future version of the man sitting before her now had come waltzing into her life, telling her of all the things to come for them…all the things she would never have… Liz had felt utterly hopeless then. But now seeing those same things for the first time was quite an experience and it moved her almost to tears. At the time Liz hadn’t been aware of quite how profoundly Future Max’s visit affected her but now she knew it was indelibly imprinted in her mind.

In a cherished gesture he ran the rough pads of his thumbs across the soft planes of her cheek Max attempted to sooth her. “These visions…you only see them when we’re...”

“…Sometimes I see them at night in my dreams. In fact that’s how it started the night after we were married I had a dream about our wedding… our other wedding.” Liz clarified

‘That’s probably why she’d been sleeping so often.’ Max thought to himself “So they’re dreams?” He asked.

“They’re more than that.” She persisted.

“We should mention this to Isabel.”

“No, just us.”

“Maybe she can help.”

“Just us!” her voice had come out louder than she intended and it sounded strained to her own ears. “Sorry I just … can we just keep this between the two of us for now.” Liz wasn’t so sure why but she wasn’t ready to share this with everyone just yet.

He nodded, a simple response to her impassioned plead. The intimacy of the moment had been lost.

As the cool evening breezes blew around them and Liz watched her husband’s stealth form as he slipped his shirt over his head. She was sad to say goodbye to this part of their evening and their special spot under the tree. The gang would probably be on the road again tomorrow. Never again would she and Max have the opportunity walk past his spot and share a memory and a chuckle at their once risqué behavior.

Filled with an unexplainable sense of loss Liz couldn’t stand it anymore. She needed some familiarity, something to cling to if only the tree. “I feel like we should stay here. And I don’t mean in the park I mean here…in Phoenix. I feel like we would be leaving behind something important if we left...”

Max didn’t responded, hadn’t even given a gesture to signal that he was listening, but Liz knew that he was simply unsure how to react.

“…I mean who knows if the FBI will ever stop looking for us. We’d have to be careful but I think we should put our roots down and start a life for ourselves.”

“Yes” He agreed simply, those piercing eyes looking upon her in understanding.

And as simple as that Liz understood as well “You feel it too.”

Max nodded “Does it have anything to do with the visions…our connection?”

“I’m not sure…I can’t really explain why either I just feel like…”

“…Like you’d be leaving a piece of yourself here.” He provided for her. Liz nodded “Then we’ll stay.” Max agreed as she shrugged into his embrace and they started toward the motel.

* * *

Once Max and Liz returned to their motel room they found four smiling faces awaiting their return. “What are you guys doing here, in our room?” Max queried

“We were worried. You two were gone for a while.” Isabel explained, as she looked up from her magazine and her perch in one of the tackily upholstered recliners in the corner.

“I told you they’d be back eventually.” Maria said upon their entrance.

“Yeah well we figured if at least one of you didn’t return by sun up we’d just send out a search party…for Max.” Isabel joked making it apparent that everyone had been filled on the newly weds brief dispute of earlier.

Liz thought it was endearing that even though they were in such constant fear for their safety brother and sister could still find time to rib each other.

“Very Funny Iz.” Max said not at all pleased that once again the six of them were crowded in he and Liz’s small room.

“I only speak the truth brother. From what I hear Liz had you pretty well …kicked out.”

“That’s all worked out now.” Max provided sharing knowing glance with Liz.

“Yeah well I figured you two would want to call a meeting when you got back so I did the honors.” Michael informed.

“Thanks.” Max said before whispering, “remind me to alien proof the door when they leave.” to his wife.

“By the way, Congratulations.” Maria said embracing Liz in a hug.

“Congratulations on what?” Liz asked not entirely sure what this was about

“The baby.” Maria simply stated, “Michael told us.”

“Well thanks for spreading the word buddy, but Liz isn’t pregnant.” Max said.

“She’s not!” Kyle exhaled “Thank God. No offense to you guys but...”

“None taken.” Liz acknowledged. Their lifestyle as of now simply wasn’t conducive to supporting a baby. “We’re not pregnant but we do have something we need to tell you guys.” She prefaced.

Steeling himself for all possible reactions, “Liz and I have decided to stay here in Arizona and Liz is going to enroll in school this summer.” Max informed

“But…”Isabel protested.

Max forged ahead feeling he had to get his piece out, “…You guys can take the van and continue on if you want but, this is important to us. …” As Liz cautioned him a glance unseen by the others he tried to think of a way to explain why they wanted to stay without admitting their suspicions about what her dreams meant. They weren’t ready to tell the rest of them, not just yet “We want to start our life together.”

“If you’re staying I’m staying too… I gave up my life in Roswell to be with you. There is no way I’m leaving my best friend behind.” Maria griped

“I thought you were here to be with me.” Michael said. Maria shrugged.

“Maria’s right.” Isabel agreed “We all stick together. That’s what we agreed remember? If Max and Liz are staying so are we”

“Okay if you’re sure?” Max querie