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Title: Truth on Antar
Author: Tina T
Email: goddessgurl⊕
Disclaimer: I don’t own it. I’m just borrowing a few of the characters.
Rating: PG 13
Summary: It starts on Antar but eventually gets to when they come to earth.
Spoiler: None, except maybe Destiny.
Category: Max/ Liz
Authors Note: Please read my other fic, Runaway.

Part One

Zan looked out the large windows in his bedroom towards the bright stars. He could see the second moon rising over the horizon and adding a pale blue light to the darkening sky. He thought back to when everything was easy. He thought back before the war started, when the palace was happy.


Vilandra, Rath, and Zan playing on a beach. Zan and Rath dragging Vilandra through the warm sand toward the cold water. She screams for mercy as they pick her up and throw her in. Rath and Zan were laughing so hard they didn’t notice as Vilantra aimed her power at them, causing them to fall face first into the red water. Their glares only lasted for a second before they all begun laughing.

//End Flash//

Now everything had changed. Ever since she had come things had only gotten worse. Khivar’s army was advancing rapidly. They got closer everyday, as Zan’s father grew weaker. Zan knew that he would soon have to take over the fight, and he wasn’t sure he was ready for that.

Zan couldn’t even rely on those closest to him. Since Rath and Vilantra had gotten betrothed, by Father’s wishes, they couldn’t be in the same room together. Recently Vilantra had locked herself in her room and vowed to remain there until the marriage was called off. Ava only instigated them. She seemed to like watching the palace fall apart.

Nothing like this had happened while Zan’s father was in control.

“Zan?” Zan was pulled from his thoughts by the call from the door. It was his fiancé, Ava. She was the reason everything was going wrong, and Zan knew it, he just couldn’t prove it.

“Yes?” Zan asked, trying to sound pleased, but failing.

“Can I come in? I have the wedding planners here and-”

“Actually, I’m busy now so could you come back later.” It wasn’t a question.



“Fine.” And she was gone.


Vilandra sat in her chambers, crying. She was a princess. They weren’t supposed to cry. They were supposed to be beautiful and perfect. She was so sick of that. She wasn't allowed to be who she was. And she was so sick of everyone kissing up to her, only trying to gain a position or something else that she could give them. No one actually wanted to be around her because of who she was, they only liked her for what she was.

She’d only had two real friends that didn’t want anything from her, and that was Zan and Rath, and now they weren’t there for her either.

Rath had avoided her since her parents had decided that they would marry. Of course his parent’s loved the idea. It brought them into the Royal Family. Didn’t Rath understand that she hated this as much as she did? He was her best friend, almost like her brother. It would be like marrying Zan. She couldn’t think of it as anything but that. How could her parents not see that?

Then there was Zan. He hid from Ava at all costs. Vilandra understood what he was going through but she didn’t want to risk leaving her chambers to talk to him. She could run into Rath, or even worse Ava, and she didn’t feel like seeing either of them now. For some reason Ava just gave her a bad vibe. The girl always had a perfect aura, which was nowhere near normal, causing Vilantra to believe that she was hiding something.

Vilandra understood that Rath and Zan had a lot of things on their minds right now, with Khivar and the war and Father being sick, but her selfish side really wanted her childhood playmates back.


Rath stared at the stars. One had always taken his attention. It wasn’t bright or big, but for some reason he always found it. When he was younger, with fewer things to think of, he and Zan had made up lives for themselves. Ones where they were just normal kids, living on one of the planets that circled that star. Then Ava came, and ruined everything. Zan didn’t know this, neither did Vilandra, but Rath had found out that Ava had suggested his and Vilantra’s marriage. They king thought it was a great idea, until the engagement begun causing fights, but Ava kept him from taking back the engagement. She had found something to blackmail him with so he hadn’t done anything.

Rath still hadn’t figured out why it meant so much that he and Vilantra marry, but it did.

What really scared him was that she was going to be queen. That gave her almost unlimited power.

“Rath?” He spun around and found himself face-to-face Zan.

“God Zan way to scare me.”

“My father’s gotten worse. They don’t know if he’ll make it through the night.” Rath just noticed the fear in Zan’s eyes. This was bad. Zan was someone who always had unreadable eyes. They were always fierce and never showed emotions. It was one of the things that made Rath know he would be a good king.

“Let’s go then.” And then they ran back to the palace.


Zan kneeled before his dying father, while Rath and Vilandra watched from separate corners.

“What can I do for you, Father? What do you need?” Zan asked.

“I… I wish... to see you… married,” he answered through a coughing fit. He tried to calm himself but was failing.

Rath watch Zan’s face fall. “As you wish,” he answered, rising to his feet and walking towards the door, with Rath close behind.

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Hi all. I'm gonna be posting part 2 sometime this week I think. I'm gonna stop posting after that though, if I don't get at least, let say, 5 feedbacks.

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Ok, so here's part two. Remember I want like 5 replys. (That's what I said right?) Sorry I'm acting like this (blame the author of cry (I think) she gave me the idea.) Anyway, here's the part.

Part Two (header in part one)

“Where are you going?” Rath asked once he’d caught up to Zan.

“To get Ava and Mother so we can start the wedding.”

“What? You don’t have to marry her. You don’t want to. Just tell your father no.”

“I can’t!” Zan said, spinning around to face Rath. “This is my father’s death wish. How can I deny a dying man, no my dying FATHER, his final wish?”

Rath couldn’t answer that. He was going to have to marry her, for his father.

“That’s what I thought.” Zan turned and begun walking back down the hall.

“Zan wait!” Rath called. He wasn’t stopping. Rath ran to catch up and finally stopped him by grabbing his shoulder. “Zan I understand why you’re doing this but think of what this will do to the people. Do you really want-” He stopped as he saw Ava approaching.

“Does he really what?” Ava asked with her innocent smile plastered on her face.

“Ava there’s something more important happening,” Zan said before Rath could answer her question. “Father is about to die and his final wish was to see us marry.” Zan’s voice got very quiet as he finished his sentence.

Ava’s smile doubled. “Really? So we’re getting married?”

“As soon as I get Mother. I think she is in her chambers. Go back to Father’s room. I will be there soon and we will start the ceremony.”

“Wait. We’re going to do this now?” Ava questioned. “The wedding isn’t planned yet. My dress isn’t finished and my family isn’t here. We have to wait at least another week.”

“My father doesn’t have another week! If he dies before we are married, we won’t get married. I am only doing this now because he asked me to, and I won’t refuse my father’s dying wish. Do you understand?”

“Yes Zan. But we will be able to have a big wedding after this right? One that’s somewhere prettier.”

“Not now Ava,” Rath said, stepping in. He could see that Zan was getting irritated and right now was not the time. “You go down to the room and we will be back with the priest soon.”

“I don’t believe that I was talking to you, and is that anyway to speak to your future queen? Anyway, I’m going.” Ava quickly walked off before Zan could yell at her again. She could see he was furious about this but that didn’t matter since she was shortly going to become the queen.

“Thank you, Rath,” Zan said. “Why don’t you get the priest and I’ll go find my mom. I’ll meet you back at the room.”

“You know we can always just leave,” Rath said. Zan could tell he was joking and only trying to make him feel better so he didn’t get mad.

“Ask me again in a week,” he replied before walking towards the queen’s chambers.


Ten minutes later Zan and Rath were both back in the small hospital room. Rath stood next to Zan as his second-in-command. Vilandra stood unwillingly by Ava’s side as her lady-in-waiting. Since everyone had agreed there was no room for Ava’s original lady-in-waiting Vilandra had been suckered into it.

“Zan do you take Ava to be your bride until death do you part?”

“I do,” Zan replied, numbly.

“And Ava do you take Zan to be your groom until death parts you?”

“I do.”

“Then I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” Zan gently kissed Ava but pulled back quickly. Ava didn’t seem to like that, but she didn’t do anything about it.

“I guess you will be taking my room,” Zan’s mother said, approaching the new couple. “Since your father is here now and I am in there all alone it is only fitting you should have the room for yourselves.”

“I don’t think I want to switch everything tonight,” Zan said, before Ava could even open her mouth. “Maybe tomorrow.”

“Zan, darling,” Ava said, overly pronouncing every word, “don’t be silly. We can’t turn down your mother’s offer. It would be rude. We can have the slaves move our things.”

“Why would your things be moved?” Zan’s mother asked, reminding them of her presence. “You can use my bed and you can return to your rooms in the morning for your things. Then tomorrow we will have everything else moved.”

Zan couldn’t find anyway out of it. “Alright Mother.” He kissed her gently on the cheek. “Goodnight.” With that he walked from the room without Ava.

TBC... Keep reading. I promise, it's gonna get really good soon.
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Ok, I'm gonna be nice and revoke the 5 replies thing... at least until part 5. Anyway, here's part 3. Sorry it's kinda short. I'll post 5 soon.

Part 3 (header in part 1)

Several minutes later Ava entered her new room. Instead of finding Zan she found a note on the stand by the bed.


I needed some time to think.
Don’t wait up. I’ll be in eventually.


“Stupid boy. Can’t just give in. Doesn’t he know I will win?” Ava traced the outline of the paper. “Well this is just more of a challenge. I guess I wouldn’t want it to be too easy.”


Zan laid on the sandy beach and stared at the stars. Somehow his eyes kept drifting back to the same star. He’d always loved that star. He knew if he’d lived on one of the planets revolving around that world his life would be better. He almost felt it pulling him, asking him to come see it. When he was younger he’d asked why he couldn’t go there and his parents had said that it was decided that- what was the planet’s name- Earth wasn’t ready to be shown that they weren’t alone in the universe.

“Hey Zan,” Vilandra said, walking slowly towards him on the beach.

“Vilandra, what are you doing our here?”

“I thought you could use a friend. We’ve drifted apart and I hate that. You and Rath, you were the only one I could trust and I can’t loose that. I’ve missed you.”

“I think we all have,” Rath said, appearing behind Vilandra.

“Look, we may go back to fighting tomorrow,” Vilandra said, kneeling by Zan, “but for tonight can we just pretend it’s all alright. I need that right now.”



“I think there is something you two should know now,” Rath said, just sitting down. “You can’t be angry at you father when he dies so you have to know that it wasn’t his idea for us to be married.” He was talking to Vilandra, but it was something Zan needed to hear, too. “Ava gave him the idea. He was going to take it back but Ava had- has something she’s blackmailing him with, and it kept him from calling everything off.”

“What did she know?”

“I don’t know. I do know that it must be something big. It’s probably something that could strip your father, and therefore you, of the throne. That means you can’t leave her Zan, and we’re,” he pointed between him and Vilandra, “are going to have to marry.”

They were silent for a while, trying to process everything they’d been told. After a while they decided to move on to happier things and ended up talking for the rest of the night.


Zan didn’t even bother going to check on Ava. He simply went to his old room to change and went to the dining room for breakfast. His mother was already there… with Ava.

“Good morning,” he said, trying to act normal.

“About time you got up,” Ava said. Apparently she didn’t want anyone else knowing he hadn’t come in that night.

“Where are Rath and Vilandra?” he asked, dodging Ava’s death glare. When his mother turned away from him he turned to Ava and gave her a look that made her blood freeze. No one could out do him when it came to expressions.

“They haven’t come down yet,” Zan’s mother answered. “They should be here soon.”

“No. I am so sick of this. Just stop it.” Everyone knew whom Vilandra was yelling at before they appeared.

“I’m not doing anything. What is your problem?” Sure enough Rath was close behind.

“You!” With that Vilandra and Rath walked into the dining room and saw they had an audience. “Good morning,” Vilandra said, the scowl meant for Rath turning into a smile Zan could see was taking too much effort. He could read his sister like that.

He didn’t know what was wrong, though. They had all gotten along so well the night before. What could have possibly gone wrong in an hour? Before Zan could give it much thought, Vilandra had sat down beside him, sandwiching him between her and Ava. She laid a small note on the table, hidden to everyone but Zan by his plate. Zan picked up the small note and stuffed it into his pocket, promising to read it later.

No one noticed as the Ava’s smile faltered, just for a moment, as she saw the letter slip into Zan’s pocket. No one knew the secret she was hiding, at least not yet.

TBC... FB??????

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Yay! I got my five replies!! Ok, since I won't get much time to post next week (probably). I'm gonna post part four now.
About Tess, I hate Tess. I always knew she was evil and I was about thisclose to hurling when she and Max... well, let's just say when Max lost his mind. Of course she's got something coming. Now, you just have to figure out when.
As for the thing with Liz, read on...

Part 4

Zan waited until he was sure he wouldn’t be bothered before he read the note. He’d gone to the same place he’d sat with Vilandra and Rath the night before. The sun was falling beneath the ocean’s barrier and night would be upon them soon so Zan decided he should open the letter before while he could still read it. He slid his index finger across the outside of the letter
and carefully ripped open the side. He tipped the envelope sideways so the smooth paper would fall into his hand.

Dear Zan-

Thank you so much for last night. I
really needed to talk with you and Rath
like that, at least one more time. I
have a feeling, telling me we won’t
be together much longer, and now,
at least one of my last memories of
you will be happy. Zan always remember
I love you. You’re my brother, and I don’t
know what I’d do without you. Just, no
matter what happens, or how this war ends,
always remember that.



Zan stared down at the letter and wiped a tear from his eye. He didn’t know what was going on with Vilandra, but he would be behind her all the way. He owed his sister that.


“Precautions must be taken, Zan. We can’t risk Khivar gaining control. If he got Antar under his rule, he could get almost any other planet. We have the strongest army of any planet within this galaxy. Don’t you think people would form alliances with
Khivar if it would help insure their safety?”

“Of course,” Zan replied, “but how will sending us to another world stop that. Khivar would still control Antar.”

“But the people would have hope. We would return to stop Khivar.”

“Rath, we can’t stop him now!”

“He knows about us now. We will be different in the future. We’ll only be half-antarian and on another planet. This way we have the element of suprize on our side.”

Zan still didn’t see how sending them away would help, but Rath believed it would, and he was usually right. “Alright. You set it up. Don’t tell anyone in the palace where we are going though. No one except you, Vilandra, and I can know.”

“Not Ava?” Rath asked in a mocking tone.

“I don’t trust her. Isn’t it convenient that she turned up just as the war began? Something’s off with her. I just can’t place my finger on it.” Zan began to walk from the lab, but Rath stopped him again.

“Wait, Zan, where will we go?”



Zan stood above the window in his room. His old room. The room he shared with Ava didn’t overlook the ocean. You could only see the city. Ava seemed to enjoy watching the people stare up at her in awe when she would peek out the window, but
Zan didn’t like being gawked at. The city only showed him his future; one he would willingly trade. The ocean revealed his past.

Zan didn’t move at all as the door creaked open.


“It’s not Ava.” Zan turned and found himself face- to- face with a beautiful, raven-haired girl. She had the bluest eyes, the exact color of the ocean. Zan couldn’t look away from them. “I’m here with a message from Rath.” She took a note from her pocket
and held it out to him. Their hands brushed lightly as he took it and he felt a burst of energy rush through him. He saw her eyes widen, showing she felt it too, but she hid it well. She began to walk away, but he stopped her.

“Wait, please, who are you?”

“My name is Arrianna.” A small smile appeared on her face. Zan felt his heart speed up.

“Arrianna.” He stepped closer until her hair brushed his cheek. “Arrianna, will you meet me tonight, on the beach?” He saw her head bob slowly up and down and he knew her heart was racing. “When the second moon is directly overhead, come to the rocks.” He stepped back and she looked up into his eyes. Without breaking their gaze she backed out of the room. He
instantly felt colder when her eyes broke away from his and she walked back down the hall.

TBC... Yeah, yeah, I know it's short. I'm sorry, but hey, look who I added. That should make up for the length and I promise, part 5 is really good.
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Hey. I don't have time to put up a post, but I'm trying. (Stupid teachers. Whoever invented finals hated teens.)

Roswellluver- Hmmmmm. I'm gonna have to be mean and keep that as my little secret. Bwahaha. (Do you see what caffene can do to a person?)

Angel eyes- First off, I love your name. Second, I have blue eyes so I *had* to give Arrianna blue eyes. I totally forgot that the gerbil has blue eyes. (I still believe she was wearing blue contacts to cover her red eyes. That's just my theory though.)

Anyway, I'm definatly gonna post by the end of the week, meaning by Saturday. (Scools out!!! hehehe.) I've already planned most of the rest of the story, so it shouldn't be too long before I finish it. Oh, and just so people don't get confused, this story will only be about what happens on Antar. Anything happening on Earth will happen in the sequal. (I'm gonna call it Secrets on Earth. Then if I make it a trilogy I can call the third one Truth in Roswell and it can be the Truth and Secrets Trilogy. *That last part is NOT for sure yet!*)
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Here's part 5. Hehe. Sorry it's a day late. I love this part. This is a big Zan/ Arrianna part. Hope you like it. Don't forget about FB!

Part 5

Ava watched as the girl left Zan’s old room. This was not good. This was not part of the plan. Well Ava would deal with her, before Zan could do anything worthwhile with her. She’d give them their night though… maybe. That way Zan could be really crushed when something happened to his little tramp, and that
would be like him handing the throne to her. Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all.


Zan suddenly remembered the letter. He slid it open and quickly read it.


Something you’ve gotta see.
Come soon. Bio lab.


Zan hurried to the lab, not noticing as Ava hurried away from her hiding spot.


“What’s up?” Zan asked as he entered the lab.

“I got the project completed, but I need DNA from you, Vilandra and Ava. Just a hair sample will work.”

“You called me down for that?”

“Not exactly. Zan, Khivar’s armies are ten miles from the gate. They will be her in two days. I don’t know if we will be able to hold them off again. We need this to be ready now.”

“I’ll get something from Ava’s hairbrush and I’ll send Vilandra down. You’ll have to explain this to her.” Zan pulled a hair from his head without even wincing handed it to Rath, then rushed up the stairs to Ava’s room.

He slipped in the door unnoticed and got to the bathroom. He slid the drawer open and pulled Ava’s brush out. He found a hair easily and rushed back to give it to Rath.

What he found surprised him. Rath sat in a corner with Vilandra’s head buried in his shoulder. Every couple seconds her body would shake. Rath held her and let her cry. When he saw Zan come in his eyes begged Zan to help.

Zan closed the distance between him and his sister. As soon as he touched her back she raised her head. Her eyes were swollen and puffy from crying and her makeup was gone. Her face was a sickly gray.

“You want us to leave?” she asked, a quiver shaking her voice. “How can you think we could leave? This is the only place that’s ever been home. How can we leave our family? What about Mother? What about the kingdom?”

“Calm down Lonnie. We’re going to be fine. We’ll be fine. We’ll be together and that’s all we’ll need. We’re going to make it, and we’ll be back someday. I promise.”

“We may not even have to leave,” Rath filled in, even though he knew it wasn’t true. “Everything is set up, but it will only send us away if something… happens to us… here.”

“So we… we’re going to die?” Tears flooded her eyes again.

“No this makes it so we won’t die. This is good.”

“Sure. Good.” Vilandra pulled a hair from her head and handed it to Rath while her hand shook rapidly.

That’s when Zan remembered Ava’s hair. He opened his hand and gave Rath the small blond hair that lay in his hand. Rath took it and walked over to the computer, but Zan’s eyes didn’t move. He couldn’t help but wish he’d had a raven colored hair from Arrianna’s head, but it was too late for that, and now the gods had decided his fate.


Zan stared out as the waves raced towards the shore and crashed onto the rocks making them slick and leaving them shining in the moonlight.

Another wave crashed and sprayed water on him. It was
freezing cold, but he didn’t flinch. After a moment the water evaporated off of him. That’s when Zan felt her. The warm feeling was back. He seemed to get a shield from the harsh midnight winds, and he knew she was there. He felt her hesitate so he turned around, to show her he’d seen her.

“You came.” His voice was soft and he beckoned her to sit by him. She moved a bit faster as she approached him. She sat across from him and Zan noticed the moonlight made her glow like an angel.

He reached out and lightly touched her hand, and the spark ran through him again.

Then he noticed that tears were glistening in her eyes. “Why did you want to see me?”

“Don’t you feel it? That spark whenever we touch? I’ve known you for a few hours and I already feel like I know you better than A- people I’ve know for a lot longer.”

“I felt it, and I’ve never felt anything like that before, but… you’re married. I can’t… I can’t come between that.”

“I’m in a marriage without feeling. I felt more in that simple touch than I’ve ever felt with Ava. I just want to talk to you. I want to get to know you. Please, we can just talk and then you can decide that I’m scum for going behind Ava’s back.”

A small smile appeared on her lips and Zan knew that meant yes. “Thank you.”

“What was I supposed to do, refuse the king? I don’t think I want that on my record.” Her smile grew larger and she looked him in the eye. Her eyes twinkled like diamonds. “So what do you want to talk about?”

“Um, how about we start with why I haven’t seen you around before?”

“I just came here after my mother I’m living with my cousin now. She’s the reason I got a job in the palace. You see, my cousin, she was your mother’s lady- in- waiting.”

“Why didn’t you ever come visit her?”

“Family issues. I decided it would be the best place for me to come when my parents died, though. Aria was always one of my favorite cousins, and I knew she’d take care of me, at least until I got on my feet.”

Arrianna’s eyes got glossy and Zan could tell she was trying not to cry.

“I’m sorry it was… it was a bad question.”

“No it’s… it’s not your fault.” Her eyes regained their shine and she took his hand. “Now it’s my turn. What’s it like being King?”

Zan looked at the ground. “A lot harder than everyone thinks,” he answered. “Everyone expects you to know the right answers. No one wants to help you; they just all want you’re help. I lost my friends, and my family has always treated me like I was just the heir, and not their son. At least everyone except Vilandra.”

Zan and Arrianna spent the night talking and by the end of the night they knew each other’s childhoods, fears, pets, friends, and anything else they had thought of. When they realized they’d half to be leaving soon Arrianna felt a pang in her heart. She
was going to miss him. She was falling for him.

“So am I scum?” Zan asked. By then dawn was rapidly approaching and their time was almost up.

“What?” Then Arrianna remembered. “Oh, no. And far from it.” Then she paused for a moment. She looked up and there were tears in her eyes, threatening to spill at any moment. “Now I wish I had come to town sooner.” Then the tears were free, spilling down Arrianna’s face.

Zan felt something pinch his heart and he gently took Arrianna’s chin. He slid closer to her and he kissed the tears off of her face one by one. He felt her smooth skin under his lips and tasted the salty tears.

After a moment he pulled back and looked at her. Without a word they leaned forward, and their lips brushed past each other. Before she could pull back Zan had his hands in her hair and his lips were on hers. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, needing to feel him. Zan tried to remember to
control himself, but the kiss pulled all other thoughts from his head. Before he knew it, they’d gone too far.

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First off, thanks for all the feedback.

marteloise roswellluver Shama and dreamer4-life thank you for posting. I love feedback. have I said that before. I think so.

latahart- I have to ask, why does your description thingy say keep of the dreamer's heart. yours is the only one I've seen that says that. How did you do it. it's cool.

viL ya- well you know Ava has to come. she's got to be a pain in the you know what. it's her job. plus, she may have something coming to her. and how do you know Arrianna doesn't come to Earth?

CC- bout time you read this. geesh, you take foorever to get online. rath is MICHAEL, zan is MAX, ava is EVIL and vilandra is ISABEL. no I didn't hit myself, thank you very much. I am ver skilled.

anyway, onto the part.

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First off, thanks for all the feedback.

marteloise roswellluver Shama and dreamer4-life thank you for posting. I love feedback. have I said that before. I think so.

latahart- I have to ask, why does your description thingy say keep of the dreamer's heart. yours is the only one I've seen that says that. How did you do it. it's cool.

viL ya- well you know Ava has to come. she's got to be a pain in the you know what. it's her job. plus, she may have something coming to her. and how do you know Arrianna doesn't come to Earth?

CC- bout time you read this. geesh, you take foorever to get online. rath is MICHAEL, zan is MAX, ava is EVIL and vilandra is ISABEL. no I didn't hit myself, thank you very much. I am ver skilled.

anyway, onto the part.

Part 6

Arrianna woke as the dim light of dawn fell onto her face. She felt someone’s strong arms around her and the night’s events rushed back to her. She gently twisted herself until her head was resting against his chest. Even as she did this, she begun to realize just what she had done. The logical part of her brain told her she should run away, and never speak of this night again, but another part of her know she couldn’t deny what had happened without bringing even more pain to herself.

“I caught you,” Zan whispered in her ear. She tipped her head up and found herself locked in Zan’s gaze.

She yawned as he lightly kissed her forehead. “Huh?”

“I know you’re awake.”

Dread slowly crept over Arrianna. No matter how much she had wanted to believe that she could make her fairytale last, as he talked to her, she realized it would never happen. She’d slept with the king. The married king!

Arrianna began to move herself away from Zan. When she stood she heard him gasp. She let her eyes fall to his, but this time his eyes weren’t focused on her face; they rested on her stomach.

Slowly Arrianna lowered her eyes. On either side of her belly button were two silver handprints.

Arrianna’s hands quickly found their way to her abdomen. She wasn’t trying to hide the hands; she just wanted to be closer to her babies.

“Arrianna?” Zan said quietly. He was now standing in front of her. “Arrianna, do you know what this means?”

“It doesn’t mean anything. You’re married, Zan. I can’t… This doesn’t change things. I was too late. I can’t just come and take you away.” Tears began to fall from Arrianna’s face.

“Arrianna, I can’t loose you. You know what twins mean. Only true love can make twins. No one can separate true love.”

“No…” Zan stopped her with a kiss. “No, Zan,” she said, pushing him back. “You can’t just make it go away by kissing me. We can’t be together. We just… we can’t.” Her tears were making her eyes shine in the early morning sun.

“I just found you,” Zan cried, gripping Arrianna’s shoulders. “I can’t loose you. Not when I just found you.”

“I love you, Zan. I always will. But I can’t stay with you. The price is too high.” She grabbed her things and ran across the beach before Zan could catch her. When she reached the dunes she turned back once more and let Zan see the tears falling from her face.


Vilandra stared at her mirror like a ghost. Her hand slowly brought her brush through her loose curls. A steady silence filled the room.

Vilandra had always been able to sense things. The day her grandmother died, for example, she’d felt sorrow for her even before she’d been told she’d died. Today she knew something bad was going to happen. She felt the same sorrow she had when her grandmother had died, only it was multiplied. Besides that a deep dread rested on her body and she knew something bad would happen… soon.

The silence was ended by a frantic knock on the door. It seemed much too loud for the little room.

Vilandra hurried to the door and flung it open. Her annoyance disappeared when she saw Zan, pale and weary with tear tracks traced down his face, swaying in the doorway.

“Oh my God. Zan what’s wrong?” Vilandra led Zan into her room and tried to get him onto her bed, but he collapsed into the first chair he saw. Vilandra gently shut her door and hurried back to her brother. “Zan what is it?”

Zan took a deep breath. His body shook with the small effort.

“She’s gone. I lost her.”

“Who? Who’s gone?”

Zan looked up at his sister and remembered that she knew nothing of Arrianna. He’d only met her the day before, but he felt like he’d known her forever.

“I met someone yesterday,” Zan began. “I asked her to meet me on the beach last night and we talked all night. I love her… and now she’s… she’s gone.” Zan was coming close to crying again.

“Zan-” Vilandra began.

“She’s pregnant, Lonnie… with twins.”

“What? How? Don’t answer that. Who is she?”

“Her name’s Arrianna. She works in the lab.”

“You have to find her, Zan.”

“She said we can’t be together, and it’s all because of Ava.”

“Zan, find her. Go!” Vilandra pulled her brother to feet, pushing him towards the door. Zan begun moving, but he crumpled to the floor just feet from the door.

Vilandra rushed to his side. “Zan? Zan, talk to me.”

“It’s Arrianna. She’s in trouble!” Zan scrambled to his feet and ran through the door, leaving Vilandra to fill in the pieces.

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OK, I've posted once a day for once. I always get pissed at the authors who leave cliff hangers so I'm not going to be one of those authors. Well I won't leave you in suspense for too long.

Also, this story already has a sequal in the making. (Secrets on Earth. Don't look for it. It's not posted, but I swear the day I finish posting this I will put it up.) I was wondering what you guys thoguht about it being a Trilogy. (Truth on Antar, Secrets on Earth, Truth in Roswell)

Thank you for the feedback. I'm gonna post even though I've only got 2 replies cause I want people to get caught up to me in Secrets on Earth. (If you can't tell I REALLY like it. I swear I will post often with that.)

Roswellluver- I liked the idea of twins meaning true love, 'cause then I could apply my theory to the realy Roswell and say that Max didn't love *it.* (We don't know that him and Liz didn't *eventually* have twins. My theory could work.)

Tomochika- cool name. If you want to know who's hurting Arrianna and... hmmmm I won't even give a clue to that yet. Don't worry read this part and you find out.

BTW this is a 9 part fic. (Much shorter than the sequal!!) Just thought you should know that. Oh, and has anyone heard the song Fear by Sarah Mc- the lady that sings I will remember you. It's on the Roswell soundtrack. Number six. If anyone has, I want to ask you something.

Ok, enough of my rambling. Here's the part.

Part 7

Zan stumbled down the narrow hallway. With each step he took, the pain in the back of his neck grew sharper. He couldn’t stop now, not when he was so close.


“You can’t abandon me now!” Ava screamed. “I kept my part of the deal. She’s dead… or at least she will be soon.” She looked down at Arrianna’s pale body, crumpled on the floor.

“You will go with them.” It wasn’t a question. “They must have a plan or they would have evacuated the palace already.” Ava’s gaze returned to the man standing before her.

“No Khivar. I’m supposed to be your queen now. That was what this was all about. So we could live as royalty.”

Khivar leaned down and kissed her. “You’re going with them,” he whispered, once they’d pulled apart. We can’t risk them coming back and reclaiming the throne now can we?”

“All right.” She turned to go, but changed her mind and kicked Arrianna in the ribs once more. “Now I feel better.” She kissed Khivar once more and left.

Khivar gave the girl one last look, muttering the word “Whore” under his breath. Then crept out, watching for anyone to spot him.


Zan fell to the floor beside Arrianna, gently grabbing her hand and warming it between his.

“Zan?” Arrianna’s eyes slowly opened. A tear rolled down Zan’s cheek.

“Let me heal you,” he said, placing his hands on her cheeks. Soon their connection buzzed to life.

He looked for something… anything he could heal, but he couldn’t find anything. He couldn’t save her.

Without losing the connection he pressed his lips to Arrianna’s, letting their tears mix.

“Who did this to you?” Zan asked. His lips brushed against hers with every word.

“It…” Arrianna fell limp in Zan’s arms. Zan tried to use their connection to find his answer, but it was too late. She was gone.

Zan looked down at Arrianna’s pale face and he knew what he had to do. Without hesitation he pulled a single hair from her head. He laid her body gently on the floor, promising to return to her.

Zan ran as quickly as his legs would carry him. He paid no attention to anything so when Rath grabbed his arm he nearly collapsed.

“Where are you going?”

“I need to change something. Something about our ‘little trip.’”

Rath got the idea. “What?”

“I need to bring someone else.”

“What? Are you-”

“If she comes, Ava stays.”

“Who is she?”

“I’ll explain later, but you should know, she… she…” Tears blurred Zan’s vision, but he knew Rath understood when he placed an arm on his shoulder. “Will it still work?” he asked, hoping against everything that the fates had sided with him for once.

“Let’s hope so.” Zan begun to walk again, but Rath caught his arm again. “Zan, you need to know something. Khivar's guards infiltrated the palace this morning. I have all of my men looking for Khivar but the bastard's hard to track. There's no question now. It will take a miracle for us to get out of this and he knows it. Unless we find an angel, it's over. Earth here we come."

Zan looked at the hair in his hand as a tear fell into his palm. He knew it was over. His angel was gone.

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Thank you so mcuh for the feedback. I guess since I'm on I'll send out the next part. (You have to realize that I'm being very nice for doing this. It's like 100* but my computer.

CC- You know what I did when they broke Max and Liz up on the show. You were one of the unlucky people who had to listen to me rant and rave about what they did to my show, and now you're doubting my faith in ML? Sheesh. Oh, and thank you for not correcting my errors.

PS Guess who stopped by my house today? Miss volleyball coach herself. Oooh and we got a pool too!

JaneLane- I'm sorry. Hey, Zan is trying to bring her back.

rossieaddicted- I think anime1029 could take some clues from you. Thank you. I love compilments (can you see my ego inflating?)

nallitie- I know, I hate it when people leave loose ends. *ehem meagzie* well here's your new part.

viLya- actually when I wrote this I wasn't sure why I added the twins but they actually come up again later.

Tomochika- yeah this story's kinda sad. don't worry. the next one gets better.
check your bmail about the fear thing. I'll send you my question.

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Part 8

Zan and Rath raced down the hallway, dodging the hordes of people trying to escape the palace. Zan was working on autopilot. He followed Rath, not noticing anything in the palace. He only felt the tiny strand of Arrianna’s hair clutched in his hand.

When Rath suddenly stopped Zan almost crashed into him. Zan looked forward and saw the lab. Without hesitation he steeped forward.

Before he reached the door Rath grabbed his arm. “What are you doing?” Zan demanded.

“Look at the door.” Zan then noticed the pale green light coming from the door’s corners.

“Who’s in there?”

“I don’t know but I’ve got a real good guess.”


Rath gave a small nod and took a few steps closer to the door. After a moment Zan followed.

“Do you see anyone?” Zan whispered.

“Shhh.” Rath reached toward the barrier, trying to test it’s strength.

As soon as his hand touched the door he flew backwards.

Zan ran to Rath, who was lying on the floor, unable to move through the pain. When he got close enough he saw Rath’s gaze fixed on the door. He was trying to speak.

“You!” he spat, barely managing a whisper.

Zan turned and saw Ava smiling wickedly through the force field.

“You… you killed her!”

Just then Khivar and Vilandra chose to arrive. The sandwiched Zan between them and the force field. Khivar’s hand rested on Vilandra’s back and she seemed pleased by it.

“It wasn’t just her,” Vilandra said, her blue eyes sparkling. Zan had never seen so much evil in his sister. He was too fixed on Vilandra to notice Rath struggling to tell him something.

“No… no!” Zan screamed. “You wouldn’t do that to me. You wouldn’t hurt me like that.”

“You are really dense, Zan. Ya know that?” Khivar smilled and pulled Vilandra closer, just to see Zan’s eyes darken. Vilandra kissed Khivar, not bothering to hide it from Zan. When she turned back to him, she laughed at the rage she saw burning in his eyes.


Zan took one final look at Rath. His body had fallen still, but his eyes still stared back, full of pain and emotion. With one final twitch, Rath’s eyes rolled closed. A tear rolled down Zan’s cheek as he realized he had lost another loved one that day.

When Zan turned back he saw Khivar smirking at his sympathy.

Zan’s blood began to boil and anger coursed through his body. Before anyone knew it, Zan had launched himself at Khivar.

It was all over before it even began. Somehow Khivar’s hand got to Zan’s neck and Zan fell to the floor. Just before his eyes drifted closed, Zan noticed that Khivar’s hand was tinted green against Vilandra’s back, but he was too weak to make a connection. The last thing Zan felt was the strand of Arrianna’s hair, still clutched in his fist. With his last thought, he realized he had failed her again.


Khivar released his hold on Vilandra, his hand returning to it’s normal color.

Vilandra spun and slapped him with the little strength she had left. As she fell to the floor beside her brother she realized Khivar had drained her power. She clutched Zan’s lifeless hand as she watched Khivar connect with Rath, confirming he was dead. A sob escaped her lips as he made his way to her.

“I always knew you were the weak one,” he said, kneeling before her. “You should have taken my offer. We could have been unstoppable.” He bent his head and kissed her, after making sure Ava had disappeared back into the lab. Vilandra used the little strength she had to push him away, but he easily stopped her. She could do nothing but let the tears roll down her cheeks.

“But now,” he said, once he had pulled away, “I can’t let you live.” He placed his finger on her temple and her eyes drifted closed. Vilandra now welcomed death and the reunion with her family.

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Thank you so much for the feedback. I'm gonna be nice and post the last part now. (Once I get Secrets on Earth up I'll leave a link here.

CC-If they didn't die, then they couldn't really come to earth could they? are you ever going to learn to trust me? I'm sorry I haven't read ur fic yet, but I was not about to roast back here while I read it, and I swear something moved back here last night. (I'm a weeny you know that. I think it was my cat, but no matter what it was I high taled it to my room.) Call Mellissa and see when we can go over. (you remember what louse said about ppl who lit up daily? I'm one of them.)

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marteloise- I feel so loved. everybody's calling for me :>

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Here's the last part. I'll be back with the link to Secrets on Earth soon.

Part 9

Khivar touched the wall about two inches from the door. The force field shut down and Khivar entered the lab. He found Ava pushing buttons.

“What are you doing?” Khivar shouted.

“I… I couldn’t keep them from leaving, but I made myself stronger. There will now be two groups. One will be significantly weaker, but they will still be loyal to the palace. The other group will be loyal to whoever gives them the best offer. They will have distorted memories, but more than the other group. I will put my stronger clone with the weaker team.”

“You’ve done good. Now you must finish your assignment.” Khivar placed a finger on her temple and she too fell to the floor, dead.

Khivar left the lab, never looking back at the bodies of the Royal Four.


The warrior stood timidly before Khivar. The palace was now under Khivar’s rule so he could find no reason for Khivar to need him.

“What have you called on me for, sir?”

“I need you to watch the Royal Four. You will protect Ava. Only reveal yourself to the others when it becomes necessary. When you do show yourself to them, make sure they are separated. I don’t want them getting close to anyone. Remind them of their lives here. It ruined them once, it will ruin them again.”

“I understand sir. When will I be leaving.

“Now. Have fun on earth.” Khivar laughed, making the guard uneasy. Moments later he was escorted to his ship.

The man didn’t fight, because he understood his duty. He took a final look at Antar before climbing onto his ship, knowing it would be his last.


Arrianna looked into the blinding light. She didn’t move towards it, but she couldn’t move away.

Suddenly the white light rushed forward and she saw something she never would’ve guessed.

“Mom?” Arrianna asked. “Is it really you?”

“It’s me darling, but I’m afraid we won’t be together for a while longer.”


“Our family has many secrets, things you would never imagine. It isn’t for you to find the answers though. I’m going to give you a second chance. The only way to save yourself is to find the truth. It’s in your hands now.”

Arrianna’s mother extended her hands and Arrianna grasped them in her own. Arrianna began to glow lightly. After a moment she realized she couldn’t feel her mothers hands anymore. When she opened her eyes she was no longer with her mother, or even on the floor where Ava had killed her. She was resting in a transport pod.

Arrianna’s eyes drifted closed as the pod flew away, never to return to Antar again.

The End
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Here is the link to Secrets on Earth. (See how nice I am? I posted it today.)


Hope you like it. Tell me if the link doesn't work.


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A Second Chance

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