Tittle: My Way(AU)
Author: MandyRoswell
Rating: PG-13
Category: M/L,M/M,D/Je,P/A,Jo/C
Disclamier: Belongs to WB and UPN.
Summary: This takes place right after Cry Your Name. Liz has been friends with Dawson,Pacey,Jen,Jack and Joey all of her life. She moves to New York to be with her friends and to get away from ever seeing Max with Tess.
Author's Note: If you send me FB I will up date soon ,if you don't then I will think that no one is reading this and you will just have to wait for the next part.When there name is in capes lock that means that they are talking.


(Roswell at the CrashDown)
Max,Micheal and Isbeal are sitting were they all ways sit. Maria comes up to them to take there order. MARIA:"Hey guys what will it be today?" Max looks at her like some thing is wrong.
MAX:"Were is Liz? This is her table."
MARIA:"She went to New York. She got in to College early." MICHEAL: "I'll have the same as all ways." ISBEAL:"Me too." Maria leaves to go get there food. MAX:"Why didn't she say any thing?" ISBEAL:"After what happned at Alex's I don't think that she will be talking to us for a while."

(At Kyle's house)
Kyle is on the phone with Liz.
KYLE:"How is New York?"
KYLE:"Maria is going crazy. You should have invited me with you. You should have seen the way Max has been looking at me. I think he knows that I know were you are at."
LIZ:"Why do you think that?"
KYLE:"Think about it. Right now Max hates both of us. He thinks that you and I slept together."
Jen is yelling "LIZ COME HERE PLEASE."
LIZ:"Sorry Kyle I have to go. Talk with you later.Bye."
KYLE:"Bye Liz."

(In NY. In Jen's room.)
JEN:"What should I wear to our first day of school?"
LIZ:"Any thing."
JEN:Who was that on the phone?"
JEN:"What did he want?"
LIZ:"Just wanted to know what NY was like."
Jen and Liz head out the door to go there first day of College.

My next post is what happends at College and what is going on in Roswell now that Liz is gone. FB please.