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Title: Chaos (Sequel to Pathos)
Author: JO
Catagory: Future Fic, Post-Departure
Summary: The year is 2018 and Lily is still missing. Max, Liz, Michael, Isabel, Kyle, Absalom and Jase travel to Copper Summit in hopes of rescuing her and ending the four-year struggle. Maria, Amy and their children must fight for their lives to stay alive. Kivar, Tristan, Tess and Tess' daughter Morgana each have plans of their own.

Must read Pathos to understand

Author's Note:I missed the Friday deadline to start because I was enjoying Attack of the Clones. Please don't hold that against me and I hope you enjoy the next segment of this continuing fic.



September 2018

Liz sat in the passenger seat of the SUV, the wind whipping her hair into corkscrew curls. It had rained the day before, which she was somewhat thankful for because she could roll down the window without the threat of choking on the desert’s dust. She glanced to her left at her husband’s stone face, his once perfect skin marred by wrinkles from worry and war.

He glanced at her quickly, having felt her staring at him. He smiled at her with his eyes, something that he rarely did with anyone but her, and tenderly touched her slightly protruding stomach. Liz felt a responsive kick from their child as her father’s hand swept lightly over her mother’s skin. Their joy-filled eyes met momentarily and Max placed his hands back on the steering wheel, his face once again stone.

She turned to her left, staring into the back seat where Isabel, Kyle and Michael sat tightly wedged together. They each looked so tired, so worn, so old. Kyle smiled at her and for a split second she saw Kyle at seventeen again, the carefree jock, the sheriff’s son. She felt herself smile in return just as Jase’s amber eyes caught her attention.

The spitting image of his father, Jase stared straight ahead, his face also bearing the same look of stone as his father’s. Just as his father’s eyes gave away his true emotions, Liz recognized fear within them. She too was afraid, not only for Lily, but for Maria and the others they’d left behind. She was afraid for Seth, too young to understand that his sister was in danger and for the new life she carried in her womb, already so dear to her heart. But in the depths of Jase’s amber eyes, past the fear and gravity of the situation, she saw determination, something he had inherited from Max, from both of them because the Evans’ were nothing if not determined. Determined to find Lily. Determined to bring her home. Determined to punish anyone that got in their way.

Blonde whisps of hair flashed in front of Jase and Liz focused her attention on Absalom, watching his eyelids flutter. She turned as far around in her seat as comfortably possible, staring past Kyle and Isabel’s intertwined fingers, past Michael’s passionate irritation, past Jase’s fear-speckled determination. She watched as Absalom’s body demeanor changed, his inward courage flooding outward to blend effortlessly with his calm exterior. She watched as he summoned something from deep within himself, his face bearing the marks of strain and concentration. His blue eyes flashed open, startling her and she saw that beneath the courage in his eyes, beneath the calm exterior of his face, a thunderstorm was in the making. She turned around to the front of the SUV, her eyes focusing on the desert as they drove past. She knew he would need all his courage. They would all need courage and strength and heart because they were returning to the place they had one by one abandoned. They were returning to the den of vipers that had kept Lily locked away from them for four years, despite their attempts to reclaim her. They were returning to Copper Summit.

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Liz wiped her face with her sleeve, streaking make-up and sweat across the white knit fabric. She felt like her breathing was echoing throughout the compound and that Kivar’s lackeys would be on top of them at any moment. Her stomach lurched and she leaned back against the wall, placing her hand in the small of her back. Jase grabbed her arm and Liz smiled at the look of concern written across his face. He smiled slightly, revealing the slight dimples in his cheeks and his amber
eyes returned to their normal shade of pale gold. She patted his hand twice, both of them glancing down the hall towards Michael.

They had been waiting four years for this moment, four years to finally reunite their family. And now, with a viable plan of attack, they were once again attempting to rescue Lily. Max had split the group into three sections: Michael, Liz and Jase; Isabel, Kyle and Meran; Absalom and himself and Liz instantly remembered the discussion that had followed Max’s command.

“I just care about Lily’s safety, Liz.”

“What if Isabel and Kyle get to her first, Max? She doesn’t know them. How do you expect her to trust them?”

Max ran his fingers slowly through his hair and Liz glanced in Michael’s direction, her eyes pleading for help. “She’s right, Maxwell,” Michael began. “Lily trusts three people in her life. Put Ab -”

“He’s staying with me and that’s final!”

As soon as Max realized the mistake of his outburst, his shoulders slumped forward and stepped toward Liz. Liz, in turn, spun away from him, folding her arms over her chest just as three-year-old Seth began to cry. Liz sighed loudly, hoping she conveyed her irritation at Max for waking their son and stepped for the door, only to be stopped by Maria. “You need to work this out,” she cautioned. “I’ll take care of Seth.”

Liz smiled and Maria left the living room of the apartment and headed down the hall to where Seth was sleeping. Liz placed her hand on her stomach and tears filled her eyes at the thought of losing Lily once again. She felt a slight kick vibrate the palm of her hand and she blindly
spun around to face Max. “I want Lily back, Max, and if that means you have to swallow your pride or whatever -”

“Lily is my child too, Liz. I want her here just as much as you do, but I’m not letting Absalom out of my sight.”

“Why,” she pleaded. “Why don’t you trust him?”

“Because every time I look at him, I see Tess,” he yelled, the veins in his neck and forehead bulging wildly. Liz opened her mouth to respond but Michael’s cautioning glance silenced her. She bowed her head as Max paced around the living room, his hands stuffed firmly in his pockets.

“He’s lived with us for four years, Max, in our home,” Liz quietly reminded him as Max continued to pace across the living room.

“He’s still Tess’ son, Liz. Hell, he’s still Kivar’s son.” Liz rolled her eyes at his statement. Absalom had never given her any reason to doubt him, even if he was Tess’ and Kivar’s child. “Just because you’ve welcomed him into your heart and our home doesn’t mean I trust him.”

“What will it take for you to trust him, Max,” she asked, stepping closer to her husband. “He’s drawn map after map of Kivar’s compound. He’s trained beside you, Michael and Isabel. He brought Jase back to us, for God’s sake.” She stopped abruptly when she felt Michael’s hand on her shoulder. She turned slightly toward Michael, aware now of the tears that were streaming down her face. She brushed her face quickly, turning away from Michael and Max.

“I...I can’t trust him, Liz, not when Lily’s life is at stake. I...I just can’t.”

* * *

Absalom paused in the tiny hallway, turning his head swiftly from side to side. Max stepped to his side, his weapon drawn and ready to fire. Max watched Absalom close his eyes and he felt a familiar electric charge fill the hallway. As quickly as he had felt it, it was gone and Max furrowed his brows in confusion. In the back of his mind, the faintest inkling of his connection with Liz flared and he felt a sudden rush of warmth fill his heart. Just as quickly as the electric charge within the hallway faded, so did his connection with Liz. “She’s this way,” Absalom whispered, pointing down the hallway. Max nodded once and followed Absalom as he lead him
deeper into the compound. They had gone only a few steps when Max felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end and a nagging feeling of doubt fall to the pit of his stomach. Shaking it off, he continued to follow Absalom, silently praying that Liz’s instinct about the boy was correct. If it wasn’t, he knew they were each walking straight into the pit of hell.

* * *

“Are you sure this is the way,” Kyle asked Meran as they followed the old man through a series of darkened corridors. Isabel turned and even in the darkness, he knew she was glaring at him. “It’s really dark, you know. How do you know where you’re going?”

“Kyle, shut up,” Isabel cautioned, confirming for Kyle that Isabel was indeed irritated with him. They reached the end of the corridor and Kyle opened his mouth to speak when Isabel clamped her hand over it. “I’m serious, Kyle,” she hissed in his ear. “Can you shut up?” Kyle nodded and she released her hand from his mouth.

“It always turns me on when you’re pissed,” he whispered, playfully grabbing her ass. Isabel swatted his hand away as Meran placed his hand on the wall, dissolving it instantly.

“We must use caution,” he whispered as he guided Isabel and Kyle out of the darkened corridor into one of the main hallways. “We could meet up with any number of Kivar’s soldiers.”

“My kind of party,” Kyle mused, pulling his pistol from its holster as they carefully made their way down the hallway.

* * *

Jase protectively grabbed her hand, prepared to run on Michael’s command and Liz’s eyes misted as she wondered when her little boy had become a man. If on cue, her stomach lurched again and she felt the undeniable sensation of a foot imprinting itself on the inside of her womb. She cried out in her mind, reflexively placing her hand on her stomach and winced as she felt the foot again. “Now is not the time,” she cautioned in an excited whisper, rubbing her hand in a circular motion across her stomach.

Jase turned toward her, his eyes once again filled with concern and she once again brushed the concerns away with a smile. So much like Max, she thought as Jase returned his focus to Michael almost fifty yards down the hall. Instantly the back of her neck burned and she felt Max’s body press against hers. She closed her eyes, wondering if she called out to him would he hear her.
She wanted to remind him again that she loved him and that this time, they would succeed. “It’s time, Mom. Are you okay?” Her eyes fluttered open and she nodded her head, noticing that Michael was waving them in his direction.We’re coming, Lily, she thought, praying her daughter heard her.

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“Wez Momma?”

Livvie rolled her eyes and bent down to pick up Seth from the floor. She placed him on her hip, blowing a raspberry on his cheek as they walked into the kitchen. Seth giggled loudly and Maria glared at Livvie. “He’s getting heavy,” she replied, bouncing Seth up and down on her hip as Maria gently rocked Nina.

“Wez Momma?”

“And he’s asking for Aunt Liz, too,” Livvie groaned, allowing Seth to slither down her waist as he toddled over to Maria, a wide smile appearing on both their faces.

“Momma should be home soon,” Maria said in a sing-song voice as Seth pulled furiously on her arm. “Go and play with Livvie now, okay, Seth?” Instantly the three-year-old dropped to his bottom on the kitchen floor, his screams echoing throughout the house. Maria bent down on the floor beside him, still holding Nina in her arms. Her eyes shot to the windows immediately,
thinking the worst was upon them once again.

Before she could yell for Evan and Livvie, they were both standing beside her in the kitchen, Evan trying to calm down Seth and Livvie trying to wrestle Nina away from Maria’s arms. Maria frantically climbed underneath the kitchen table, searching desperately for a small knob on the floor. Evan, holding Seth, ran his hand across the floorboard, the knob appearing instantly. Maria twisted and turned the knob to the left and right while Livvie and Evan sat on either side of her. After several seconds, she opened the secret door underneath the kitchen table and hurriedly shoved the children inside, thankful she had listened to Michael.

“This is a really stupid thing, Michael. We don’t need some secret trap door compartment.”

Michael rolled his eyes as they sat underneath their kitchen table. “I...I beg to differ, Maria. After what happened with’s not happening again.”

“But what will this room do, Michael? It’s not like it’s a bomb shelter or anything.” Michael lifted the door, stepping carefully on the first rung of the ladder.

“Be careful when you step down here. It’s dark and the first rung is easy to miss. Make sure you help the kids down or you climb in first, whichever.” He extended his hand for her and after rolling her eyes, Maria allowed Michael to guide her foot onto the ladder. She carefully climbed down, grasping frantically for Michael’s hand.
“Watch your head,” he cautioned but Maria had already stood up and bumped her head against the ceiling.

“Are we in the basement, Michael?”

“No,” he replied, pulling her toward him in the darkness.
“We’re not in the basement. This room is on the other side of the basement.”


“The basement isn’t the same size as the whole house, Maria, so when Max and I designed this room, we just built it on the other side of the basement.”

“So it’s not on any blueprint.”


“And no one knows it’s here but us.”

“Right again,” he said as a lightbulb flashed in the corner of the room, illuminating it. Maria carefully turned around which was hard to do in a hunched position.
“Now, it’s not the best room, but no one knows about it and Max swears it’s soundproof.” The area was small, with a four foot high ceiling and almost four feet
across. “It’s big enough to hide in and to sleep in. I
can build some shelves over there,” he said, pointing to the far corner. “The lights will come on one minute after the door is opened. No one can find this room, Maria.”

“Why are you doing this,” she asked as he rested his forehead against hers.

“Because I love you and I want to protect you and the kids. We don’t know what’s going to happen now.”

Maria left a tiny crack in the door once they were inside the secret room, cautioning Livvie and Evan to do whatever they had to do to keep Nina and Seth quiet. Seeing shadows skim across the floor of her kitchen, she returned her gaze to the house and unconsciously began holding her breath.

“Tess said they would be here,” she heard one man say, his boots thudding through her kitchen. She didn’t know if she felt scared that strangers that knew Tess were in her house or if she was mad because these people were streaking her clean kitchen floor. Shaking her head quickly, she tried to block those thoughts from her mind and focus on what was being said in her kitchen.

“Maybe they all went to Copper Summit,” a second man responded.

“Tess said the children would be here with Guerin’s wife. She was at the Evans house the night it exploded.” Maria felt tears sting her eyes as she listened to the men continue to discuss their lives. Somehow, despite having not been in Roswell in over ten years, Tess had managed to keep fairly regular surveillance on Roswell as well as those she now considered her enemies.

“Tristan won’t be happy about this. He wanted the kid dead. Another claim to his throne, you know.” Maria heard Livvie gasp and quickly turned her head, her eyes widening as the seconds ticked.

“Tristan’s a spoiled brat. A mother’s love is certainly unconditional.” Both men laughed and Maria listened as their voices faded. She carefully closed the door, turning her attention back to her children.

“We’re going to wait down here a while, just until Daddy gets home, okay?” Evan and Livvie nodded and Maria leaned her back against the wall, trying to control the tremors she felt throughout her body.

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We’re coming, Lily. Lily gasp aloud and pulled her hand to her mouth, causing Kivar to stare at her from across the vehicle. Her eyes widened in horror and she sunk lower into the seat. Kivar had come to her room during the early morning hours and woken her from the most peaceful dream, then whisked her away into a waiting RV at the far end of the compound. They
had been driving away from Copper Summit for almost forty-five minutes when her mother’s voice echoed through her mind.

“Are you okay,” Kivar quietly asked, now bent in front of her with his hand gently resting on her knees. Lily quickly met his grass-colored eyes and tried to get her own emotions in check. Sharon had warned her of Kivar’s immense power after Absalom and her brother had disappeared four years earlier. To say that Kivar scared her was an understatement, although he had never shown her the methodically evil side she had been warned about. Nodding her head hesitantly, she allowed a small smile to form on her lips.

“I just swallowed my gum,” she replied, relieved when Kivar’s eyes smiled with her.

“Do you need some water?”

“Yes, please,” she said, nodding her head as she cleared her throat. Kivar glared at one of the soldiers standing guard, who immediately dropped his weapon and flung open one of the cabinets filled with food. He tore open the container of bottled water and clumsily handed it to Kivar. The man returned to his attention position swiftly but Lily watched with curiosity as Kivar’s eyebrow shot up in response. She leaned forward, her eyes never leaving Kivar’s face, looking for some sign of evil etched in its timeless features. He turned to face her, startling her so that she jumped but she quickly recovered when he presented the bottle of water to her. Lily smiled
sweetly and after opening the bottle, drank its entire contents as Kivar watched.

She exhaled slowly, wiping the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand as Kivar took the empty bottle from her. He smiled slightly and returned to his seat on the lounge across from her. “Are Tess, Tristan and Morgana in another RV,” she quietly asked as the guards turned their backs to them.

“They will be following shortly. They have some...things to wrap up in Copper Summit.” Lily nodded her head in understanding and folded her hands across her chest, reclining slightly on the lounge. “Why don’t you get some rest? We’ll be traveling for hours.”

“Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise, dear one,” Kivar replied with a smile, his green eyes shimmering and Lily saw something she’d never seen before reflect in them for the first time. She smiled weakly in return and pulled the quilt tightly over her body, turning her back to Kivar.

* * *

Tess nervously paced in her room, her fingers unconsciously twirling her long ringlet curls. Max was here. She could feel it to the core of her soul and for a split second, she wanted to announce through the compound’s public address system that Lily was no longer there. She had not seen Max in almost four years, although she had known every time he had attempted to rescue Lily. Kivar called her their secret weapon and regularly praised the connection she shared
with Max. At least one good thing had come from their night on the observatory floor - they were connected to each other, she purposefully more so than him.

She had always embraced the connection she and Max had shared in their first life. But because he chose Liz Parker in their reincarnation, her love and adoration turned to hate and Tess had spent the last decade destroying everything around him, starting with kidnaping the children Max hadn’t known existed. It had been easy to take Lily and Jase Parker from their home in Denver, thanks to Serina’s help. It had hurt her to kill Serina, a woman she considered her sister, just as it
had hurt her to kill Alex Whitman and to order the deaths of so many others in Roswell. No one said war was easy, she silently reminded herself.

Shaking her head, she remembered that it was because Max had chosen Liz in the first place that she was doing this. She hated Max, hated Liz infinitely more, and wanted nothing other than to see them both suffer. She couldn’t help it if she had made a grievous error in estimating Lily’s worth. How was she to have known that Absalom would have been so effected by her, that Kivar would have been so effected by her. How could she have known that Lily would eclipse all thoughts of her in Kivar’s mind. How could she have guessed that Liz Parker’s sniveling little brat would have so much power. No matter what her original destiny had been, Tess knew her destiny in the present was to lose the men she loved to Parker women. This supposed new destiny made her even angrier and she ferociously clinched her fists together, attempting to reign some
sort of calm over her feelings. She could not function when her emotions were on overdrive and she needed to think clearly if she was going to destroy Max and Liz.

* * *

Morgana stood in front of the mirror, admiring the royal gown she would probably never wear. It was dark purple, a regal color her mother had said, and it clung to her body like a second skin. Running her hands through her hair, she watched in delight as her kinky blonde curls instantly straightened. Tonight would have been her fourteenth birthday party and she would have worn
her dark purple gown and straightened hair had it not been for Lily Parker.

Scowling, she flashed her hand over her body, changing the royal gown into a t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Her mother had told her about Kivar’s flight that morning and that he had taken Lily with him. She had thrown a tantrum, breaking her most prized possession - the snow globe Absalom had given her for her tenth birthday. Her mother had left her in tears as she tried in vain to repair the precious gift, the one thing she had left of her brother after Lily had destroyed him. Morgana swore silently because at that moment, almost two hours earlier, she had decided the world needed to be rid of Lily Parker.

* * *

Tristan sat behind the control panel in the security room in the center of the compound, his eyes trained on the several cameras on the exterior of the compound. He saw his king’s mortal enemy, Max Evans, and his own traitorous brother, Absalom sneaking through the compound toward Lily’s room. On a second camera, he saw Jase Parker with a women would could only be Lily’s
mother and another man skulking through the corridors of Jase’s one-time prison. The third camera was trained in Morgana’s room, and Tristan had been watching it most intently. He wondered if she could sense Absalom’s presence, if she could feel the man that shared half their blood was back where he belonged.

Morgana had been just a child when Absalom betrayed his entire race by choosing to help Jase Parker escape. For the past four years, his mother had assumed that Jase had somehow over-powered Absalom and taken him captive. But Tristan knew his mother did not understand the pull Lily Parker had over the men in her life. Even now, Tristan cringed to think that Kivar would
be touching Lily’s creamy skin with his rough hands when he should be the only man touching her, marking her, taking what was rightfully his.

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Breathless: What can I say?? The aliens DO like to procreate! *wink*

Just a character run down to help out:

Evans Family
Jase Parker (14 years old)
Lily Parker (14 years old)
Seth (almost 4 years old)

Guerin Family
Evan (almost 12)
Livvie (I can't remember but I think she's 9 or so)
Nina (months old)

Valenti Family
Amy Deluca Valenti
Joshua (almost 16)
Larissa (14)

Tristan [Max and Tess' son (16)]
Absalom [Tess and Kivar's son (15)]
Morgana [Tess's daughter (13 or 14]

Everyone not mentioned is deceased, either prior to Pathos or as a result of Pathos.

Got it? *tongue* It's a lot to consider, especially now that Absalom, Kivar and Tristan have a thing for Lily. But all will work out....

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“I think you’re just leading me in circles,” Max growled, his weapon at the ready as he and Absalom crouched next to a corner off the main hallway. “We’ve been down this hall several times already.”

“Kivar built this compound to confuse those not familiar with it. I swear to you that Lily’s room is this way.” His blue eyes flickered silver momentarily and his cheeks reddened as he continued to stare at Max. “It’s just down the hall.” Absalom tilted his head to his left, almost banging it against the wall they were resting against.

“Let’s go then,” Max barked, feeling his stomach rumble in response to his command. Absalom lowered his head slightly and Max watched as the teen closed his eyes. He heard the echo of several falling bodies just down the hall and for the first time since they arrived at the compound, he felt semi-confident to have Absalom on his side.

* * *

Liz ran behind Jase and Michael, both men turning back to make sure she was still keeping up with their pace. Jase had brought them into the compound from the opposite end as Lily’s room. He had shown her the door to his cell and Liz had had to push the horrible images that penetrated her mind away. Tess and Nicholas had tortured her son, intent on killing him - just because he
belonged to she and Max. She felt fresh tears streak down her face as she continued to run with Jase and Michael, remembering the utter joy she had felt the moment she had been reunited with her son.

“Mom? Mom!”

Liz turned away from the book she was reading, glancing over her shoulder as the word ‘Mom’ filled her ears. It had been a little over three months since their disastrous attempt to rescue Jase and Lily from Copper Summit and she had almost given up hope of ever hearing the voices of her first-born children again. Their young lives haunted her dreams and her mind conjured
horrific scenarios of their deaths and the death of the son Liz now carried. She would wake shaking with tears streaming down her face, unable to calm her rapid heart rate. Max had been afraid that on several occasions when the dreams woke her that she would die of a heart attack. Nothing could calm her and nothing could pacify her burgeoning fears about her children’s safety.

She sighed and returned to the book, tears pooling in her eyes so that she was unable to read it any longer. Slamming the pages together, she tossed it aside and reclined her head back against the chaise lounge. She had been determined that today would be a good day, that today would be the first day she would not think of everything that had happened, of everyone she had lost. Closing her eyes tightly, she relaxed her eyes as a shadow separated her from the sun.

“Mom? It’s me, Mom. It’s me.”

She opened her eyes slowly, shielding her eyes with her hand as she raised her head up from the chair. Her eyes widened and she brought her fists to her mouth, unable to make any sound. Swinging her legs to one side of the lounge, she cautiously stood to her feet, her hands
outstretched as she groped the face of the thin boy in front of her. “Jase,” she whispered, her voice cracking with emotion. “God, Jase, baby.” She threw herself at her son, almost the same height as her. Embracing him tightly, she felt how gaunt his skin was and how much weight he had lost. She pushed him out of her arms and stared deeply into his eyes, unable any longer to hide her motherly concern.

Jase smiled at her in return, his amber eyes sparkling in the afternoon sun. “I’m home, Mom. I’m finally home.”

Jase pulled she and Michael into a large dark cavernous room. Liz stopped slightly at the door, allowing her eyes to adjust to the direct contrast from the well-lit hallway they had just traveled through. Jase squeezed her hand and she felt her daughter kick in response to the instant
connection between the members of her family. She rubbed her stomach in a circular motion, the tiny girl in her womb instantly calming. “What is this room, Jase?”

“It’s their research room,” Jase quietly said, leading his mother further into the interior of the room. Liz glanced around them, surprised by the extensive equipment and ample amount of high-quality research notes lying on the tables. She had not seen anything like this since she was an undergrad at Harvard and would spend countless hours in the biology labs. That was before Jase and Lily; after the births of her children, Liz had become a fiercely devoted and protective mother, everything else taking second place to her son and daughter.

“What were they researching,” she asked, her hand unable to stop itself from reaching for a series of test tubes carefully labeled and standing next to a microscope.

“I don’t know, Mom,” Jase absently replied, pulling her away from the test tubes and further into the room.

“They were studying skins,” Michael said, his voice booming through the silence. Liz looked at him, her brows furrowed in confusion until Michael shined a light on an oversized test tube, suspended from the ceiling. Liz followed the light’s path and gasp audibly at the sight of the skins’ second harvest, encased and hanging directly over their heads.

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Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm having some difficulties with this fic. I am in NO WAY stopping; I'm just stepping back for a few days. I think my problem is that I (and my muse) know what's going to happen; I know what I have to write but I just don't want to do it. This is not a happy happy joy joy fic, people.

Hopefully, I'll have a new part for you next week.

Thanks for your patience!!

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Maria cradled Nina and Livvie against her, Evan huddled with Seth in the opposite corner of the small room. Maria had forgotten to put her watch on that morning, knowing she would constantly look at it and wonder where Michael was and if he were safe. Now, she wished she had at least remembered to glance at the clock hanging beside the back door of the kitchen before
she and the children had escaped into the tiny room. She felt confident that the skins were no longer in her house, particularly after Seth had fallen asleep shortly after she had decided they should stay in hiding.

Her mind swirled with the possibilities of what Tess and Max’s son had planned for them now. Tess said they would be here. Tristan won’t be happy about this. He wanted the kid dead. She sighed against the top of Livvie’s head, planting a light kiss on the crown of her eldest daughter’s scalp. She glanced at Seth, the child she’d come to love as much as her own. His parents, Maria’s best friends, had no idea of the extreme danger he was in, and that thought led Maria to think about the very pregnant Liz, traipsing through the halls of Kivar’s compound in Copper Summit, probably walking into a trap that most definitely would harm her unborn child
and could possibly take her life. Shuddering slightly, she tried in vain to push the horrible thoughts from her mind but she knew what it was like to lose a child and she knew Liz knew the feeling of loss all too well. There wasn’t a day that went by that Maria didn’t think about what could have been had she and Kyle never had dinner with Diane Evans.

Hugging Nina against her body, she roused Livvie from her slight nap, suddenly angry that they had been forced to hide in their own house. From the moment four years ago it had been revealed that Tess had taken Jase and Lily from Liz in Denver, a fear had wormed its way into a very small corner of her brain that her own children would be taken. Following the explosion that had claimed the lives of Diane, Alex and her unborn child, Maria had refused to let the fear rapidly growing in her subconscious eat away at her. She was Maria Guerin, wife of an alien warrior. She was teflon. She had lived in the alien abyss since she was sixteen years old and she knew the risks. Crossing the small area to the trap door, she felt herself flush with anger. She was
teflon. She was a warrior in her own right. Had she not given birth the three alien children? Had she not put up with Michael for close to fifteen years? That alone should have given her the ability to kick some alien ass, she mused, pushing the door open carefully.

Evan grabbed her arm before she could slide out of the secret room and Maria saw a familiar Michael grimace highlight his features. She adjusted Nina in her arms, momentarily quashing the feeling of wanting to slap Evan upside the head for his caution. She was teflon.
She was Maria Guerin. She could climb out of hiding into her kitchen without being protected. She had been protected long enough. Damn Michael for instilling caution into their kids. When had Michael ever been cautious? When had Michael not flown by the seat of his pants?

She blinked and focused on the situation at hand, realizing Evan was offering his hand to her in assistance. She watched his hazel eyes soften and Maria found herself loving Michael all over again. She handed Nina to Evan then quickly exited the secret room without the assistance of her son. She turned and grabbed for Seth followed by Livvie as the five of them remained as silent as possible in the kitchen. Taking the sleeping Nina back into her arms, she grabbed Livvie’s hand, intent on slowly walking from their kitchen out to her car parked in the garage.

“Maria? Maria, honey?”

“Mom,” Maria questioned, turning her attention from the back door of the kitchen to the front door several feet away. It was slightly ajar, and Amy Valenti and Joshua were wiping their shoes on the large rug in the foyer.
“Wh...what are you doing here?”

“We had a shopping date, remember,” Amy laughed, stepping into the living room, followed closely by Joshua. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Maria blinked and silently swore, especially when Seth began to wail at the top of his lungs, causing Nina to stir in her arms. Her entire world shifted into slow motion, with special effects like she’d only seen in The Matrix. She turned toward Livvie, her daughter trying desperately to entangle the youngest Evans into her arms. She felt something brush past her, almost knocking her into the wall, and when she raised her head from Livvie and Seth, she noticed the two skins standing in her living room.

“Maria, what the -”

“Mom,” Maria screamed, shielding Livvie and Seth from the skins by shoving them into the corner of the kitchen closest to her. “Evan, no!” She reached forward as her son ran straight into the living room, his hand outstretched as she’d seen Michael do numerous times. Before she could blink, she heard the sound of pulsar blasts echo through the living room and smoke filled
the room. She coughed loudly and felt Livvie’s clammy hand clutching tightly at her arm. “Evan! Mom! Josh!”

Waiving her hand in front of her face and grabbing one of Nina’s blankets lying on the counter, she tied it to the belt loop in her blue jeans. She placed Nina on the floor and crouched over her, tying the other end onto Seth’s small wrist. “Stay with me, Livvie,” she cautioned as the smoke began to clear. She picked her toddler up and slowly stood, relieved to feel Seth’s chubby hands
resting on her back pocket and Livvie’s labored breathing tickling her upper arm. “Mom? Evan?”

“Mom,” Evan called and Maria saw the outline of his shadow standing directly in front of her. “Mom?”

“I’m here baby,” Maria pulled Evan against her chest and felt him weakly wrap his arms around her waist.
“Where’s Gram, and Josh?”

“I...they’re dead, Mom.”

Maria bit back tears and continued to walk forward through the living room, the bright sunlight from outdoors filtering into the smoky room. Livvie and Seth remained attached to her body; she still carried Nina and was practically dragging Evan. “Did you use your powers, Evan? Are you okay? What about the skins?”

“I...I’m okay, Mom. I...I got them.”

“Good, baby,” Maria kissed his forehead, her body feeling the sun’s warmth and she sighed. “We’re almost out. Just hang on.” She pulled the front door open and was met by Larissa, her hand raised to knock. “Get Seth, Rissa, please.”

“What’s going on, Maria? Where’s Mom and Josh?”

Before Maria could answer, Seth began to cry again. Maria twirled quickly toward her living room and jerked the door closed. “Go,” she screamed, bending down to pick up Seth in her spare arm. Evan fell onto Larissa as Livvie brushed past them all, her legs pumping furiously.

Larissa stumbled slightly as she pulled Evan toward her mother’s car, watching as Maria loaded Nina, Livvie and Seth into the back seat. “Larissa! Get in the car!”

“Where’s Mom and Josh,” she questioned, shoving Evan into the middle of the front seat. “What’s going on, Ria?”

“Gram and Josh are dead,” Evan mumbled, slumping his head forward.


“Mom, the skins are coming again.”

Maria turned back toward her house as she tried to crank the car. Larissa quickly pushed the automatic locks, locking them into the car. “Livvie, try to do something.”

“Like what, Mom,” Livvie squealed, placing her hand over Seth’s mouth as Maria punched the accelerator, squealing the tires.

“Just blow up the damn house,” Maria screeched, the car fishtailing as she continued to drive away from her home. She glanced in the rearview mirror, Livvie’s head in its corner, and she watched her house explode, killing the two skins instantly. “Call Michael,” she said to Larissa, thrusting a cell phone into her sister’s lap. Larissa sniffed loudly and wiped at her eyes before she
began dialing Michael’s cell phone number. Maria focused her attention on the road as she drove them out of Roswell and toward the desert. The one conscious thought that drifted in and out of her mind was that she would survive this horrible loss of her mother, brother and her home because she was teflon.

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Lily rubbed her eyes and brushed her dark hair out of her face. The interior of the RV was dim and for a second, Lily feared she was having another of her nightmares. She sat up quickly, her mind instantly remembering that Kivar had taken her from her normal bed in Copper Summit. She had no idea where they were but she knew as she closed her eyes and let her mind blank out
that she was alone in the RV. Tears pooled in her eyes as she felt the presence of her mother in the back of her mind. She could feel pain, anger and extreme anguish coursing through her mother’s myriad of emotions. It was then that she realized her worst fear had come true: her mother was in Copper Summit to finally rescue her and she was thousands of miles away.

She angrily threw her favorite quilt off her body and she winced as she felt warmth leave her. Sharon had insisted Lily take the quilt when Kivar whisked her out of her cell in the wee morning hours. Although Lily missed her mother, could feel her mother if she concentrated hard enough, Sharon had become like a mother to her. It was Sharon that had comforted her when Kivar told
her of Absalom’s disappearance and probable death. It was Sharon that had told her of Meran’s flight, and the rumors circulating about her brother’s involvement. And it was Sharon that had shared with her the history of her father, a man she’d never met.

“Did you know my father?”

Sharon nodded, smoothing Lily’s bangs out of her face.
“I knew of him, but my family was loyal to Kivar and to his rebellion.”

“Will you tell me what happened on Antar? Tell me everything.”

Sharon laughed, the melodic tones echoing through Lily’s bare room. Her black eyes sparkled and Lily waited anxiously for Sharon to begin the magical tale of the history of her alien side, a side she’d just begun to explore in the months following Absalom’s disappearance. “You think it was magical, don’t you, child? There is nothing magical about war. Our planet was in chaos. Lives were altered forever. King Zan, the man that became your father, Max Evans, made
decisions which some considered unhealthy, and he, his sister, his counselor and her betrothed, and Zan’s queen were killed.”

“And Zan’s queen was my mother, Liz Parker.”

“No,” Sharon said softly, stilling Lily’s over-active imagination at once. “Ava was Zan’s queen, and Ava is now called Tess Harding.”

“Tess,” Lily gasp. “The woman who took us from our mother was my father’s wife? Absalom’s mother? Tristan’s mother? I...I don’t understand, Sharon.”

“I told you it was chaos,” Sharon replied, pulling Lily against her and softly brushing her long hair.

“But my mother was afraid of Tess. That’s why we moved around so much. My mother didn’t want Tess to find us.”

“By that time, Tess and Kivar were...involved. I don’t know how Tess knew about you and your brother, but Tess wanted you dead. Kivar was more interested in finding the raisonnai than helping Tess.”

“What’s the ra-”

“The raisonnai? It is an ancient prophecy which Kivar believes in.”

“What does it mean?”

“I think it tells that once the child of an Antarian king has a child, whomever controls the child will be all powerful. The child, the acrea, will be a child of peace and will unite all warring factions.”

“So the raisonnai is Tristan, right? My father’s son.”

“That is what Kivar believes,” Sharon agreed, pushing Lily out of her arms. “But it does not matter. No matter how powerful Tristan becomes, Kivar will always protect you. He thinks you very important too, Lily. Even more important than Tess, the mother of his children, his queen.”

Lily sighed and peeked through the curtains blocking her view of the outside, shielding her eyes instantly as the sun’s rays filtered into the dark RV. In the four years since she’d been in Kivar’s compound, Lily had only seen the sun from the opposite side of the pane. She had been protected and sanitized in her tiny cell, her only visitors were Absalom before his disappearance, Kivar and
Sharon. Now, at fourteen, Lily longed to step into the sunlight, to finally escape the darkness in which Kivar had kept her imprisoned. He had seen to her every need, and though he frightened her, Lily knew his green eyes would never look at her in anger. He thinks you very important too, Lily. Even more important than Tess, the mother of his children, his queen. A tiny smile framed the corners of her mouth and as she pushed the curtains back to let the sunlight stream
into her tiny cell on wheels, Lily knew that she would be imprisoned no longer. That she would finally step into the sunlight and would bathe herself in its majestic glory, and that Kivar would be watching her with approval reflecting in his green eyes.

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Tess twitched and paced in front of the bed in the innermost part of her large room. The more she paced, the closer she could feel Max getting to her. Her skin came alive at the mere thought of Max being within her grasp once again. It had been almost ten years since she felt the contours of his body crushing against hers, but she only had to close her eyes and she could feel him
underneath her as if their night on the observatory floor had just happened. A flash of their final kiss, the kiss that Liz had seen through Max’s bedroom window, penetrated her mind and she almost felt sorry for the damage she had done to her adopted home town and to Max Evans. Liz Parker, however, deserved every ounce of hurt she could withstand.

Tess fell backwards onto the bed she had shared with Kivar, Nicholas and countless others in Kivar’s army. No one had dared refuse the charms of Kivar’s queen, and no one had ever left the inner sanctuary her bedroom provided without spilling every single secret they kept. In her years with Kivar, loyally by his side through everything, Tess had once considered herself a valuable
commodity. She had ways of making men talk that Nicholas only wished he could bottle and use as a torture device. Had she not crushed several small revolts, simply by inviting the initial instigator into her bed? Had she not wooed and pleasured them, then killed them, all in Kivar’s name? Had she not born three children for Kivar’s cause, rearing them in the fashion that befitted their potential titles? She couldn’t help the fact that only Absalom had the rightful title of Kivar’s
heir. And just as certain as she was about who had fathered Tristan, she was just as uncertain about who had fathered Morgana.

Morgana was the least desired of Tess’ children, particularly because Tess had no idea who Morgana’s father was. Morgana had been conceived during a series of minor uprisings against Kivar and Tess had invited several of Kivar’s closest advisors into her inner sanctum in order to crush the tiny rebellions. It was also around the time Kivar had turned her away from his
bedroom, his entire focus on Tristan, the
raisonnai, and Tess had found herself drawn to
the second-in-command, Nicholas. When Tess had discovered her unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, she had turned to Kivar for comfort. Kivar had comforted her in the way she had craved and, after sifting through her mind as she slept with her golden locks splayed across his chest, he had proceeded to beat her so severely, her ill-conceived twins were born prematurely
with only Morgana surviving. It was no wonder to her now that Morgana had tried so hard to impress Kivar, to received even a crumb of the concern Kivar showered upon Lily Parker, and Tess prayed that her daughter would never discover the truth about the man she considered her father.

She felt a chill run down her spine, sending shockwaves through her system. She could feel Max’s presence in the compound, could almost hear his heartbeat as steady as she heard her own, and she knew that Liz was pregnant again. Liz Parker had everything that Tess had once wanted. She was the wife of a king, a man who adored her every movement. She was the mother of three powerful hybrid children, with a fourth, a little girl that would be named Serina in honor of her dead friend, almost ready to enter the world. She ended the connection with Max abruptly because she did not want to know any more of Liz Parker’s perfect life and fisted her hands into her long, blonde curls in anger. She didn’t want to watch any more of the home movies that
threaded through Max’s mind. Tess tasted blood, and for the first time in four years, she wanted revenge against the woman who had stolen her life. And she knew the only way to enact the kind of revenge she wanted was to kill the only reason Liz Parker had for living - her husband.

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Author's Note: To answer some questions --

Cinder - Jim Valenti died "off camera" meaning I didn't kill him. Anyone need a 'cheat sheet' to keep up with the high body counts??

wemac0 - Morgana's father, well, your guess is as good as mine. So far, it remains a mystery.

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Now, on with a new part --




Kyle exhaled loudly and banged his head backwards on the cinder block wall, prompting a menacing glare from Isabel. He smiled at her meekly then both of the turned their attention to Meran, who sat motionless in the corner. “Where’d they find this guy,” Kyle whispered to Isabel as he slid down the length of the wall to the floor, his knees pulled tightly against his chest. His trusty pistol lay within arm’s reach, just between he and the doorway Meran had made them stop in front of almost thirty minutes earlier.

“Absalom and Jase trust him,” Isabel responded with a shrug as she joined Kyle in a crouched position on the floor. “I guess that’s all that matters.”

“He’s a fruitcake,” Kyle mused, watching through the twilight surroundings of the inner corridors of Kivar’s compound. “Look at him,” he exclaimed, tapping Isabel rapidly on the shoulder and pointing toward Meran’s hunched form. “He’s been like for half an hour. Praying -”

“He’s chanting,” Isabel corrected.

“Whatever,” Kyle continued, hoping his frustration was evident in the tone of his voice. “It ain’t helping. Our goal is to get in to the compound and rescue Lily, not hover in the interior while Meran mumbles words I don’t understand.”

“As someone who has turned to Buddha on several occasions for spiritual clarity, I can’t believe you’d just dismiss Meran as a nut.”

“I called him a fruitcake, Iz, not a nut.”

“And there’s a difference,” Isabel questioned, realizing now that Kyle’s nervous energy was finally bubbling to the surface. She had been with him long enough to know how Kyle Valenti worked. Kyle had stood by her since the tragic deaths of her mother and son, and although Isabel suspected Kyle was extremely anxious to once again confront Tess, he was also very nervous
about doing so. Tess Harding was a sore spot for all of them. She reached blindly for his hand, and after finding it dangerously close to her thigh, she gently placed her hand on top of his and squeezed.

“If we get out of this -”

When,” Isabel corrected. “We are going to get out of this, Kyle. It’s only a matter of when.”

“Fine,” he sighed, pulling her hand into his lap and threading his fingers through hers. “When we get out of this, let’s make it official.”

“Make what official?”


“Kyle,” Isabel began, pulling her hand slowly away from his, breaking apart their intertwined fingers. Her first instinct was to run but she knew Kyle would catch her. They would both blindly run down these unknown corridors, he chasing her, and they would stumble onto
something they hadn’t asked for. “ know we can’t do that.” She stood up slowly, feeling her way several inches down the wall, trying to distance herself from Kyle.

“Iz,” he sighed and Isabel felt her heart crumble. Tears began to stream down her face and once the flood began, she knew she would be powerless to control it. “Please, Iz. I love you. I know you love me.”

“It’s not that simple, Kyle.”

“Nothing’s ever that simple with you aliens, is it,” Kyle said, his tone suddenly rough and harsh. Isabel spun toward him but was unable to make out his facial expressions in the darkness. “I should have known I could never love you. I should have known not to give my heart to you.”

“Don’t say that, Kyle,” Isabel pleaded, stepping cautiously toward the sound of his voice and his agile shadow. “Please. You know I love you.”

“Do you? Because I just asked you to marry me, Isabel, and your first instinct was to run.” Isabel gasp at his accusation, wondering momentarily when Kyle had begun to understand the inner workings of her mind when she remembered that he had been by her side for the past four years, watching and waiting. “It wasn’t the best proposal, I know,” Kyle said as he clutched her waist and pulled her toward him. “I’m sure Jesse’s proposal meant a lot to you. And I know had Alex lived, you’d be married to him and maybe your life would be totally different. I...I didn’t ask for this life,” he whispered, brushing his lips across her neck, causing her to jump slightly at his tender touch in the most dangerous of situations. “I’m 35 years old, Iz, and if I start to think
about everyone I’ve lost over the years, I’ll pick up that gun and shoot myself.”

“But -”

“And if you mention babies,” Kyle said as he released her, turning his back to her for the first time in this conversation. “I won’t lie to you, Iz. Not in all the years that we’ve been sharing a bed have I ever lied to you, so if you think I don’t think about having a child, that I don’t want a child with you, then you’re as crazy as Meran. But, right now, what I want is you,” he said quietly as he turned back toward her. “You’re the only goal I have, other than getting out of with no major
parts of my anatomy injured. Marry me, Iz. All you have to do is say yes and we’ll start living in the future instead of the past.”

“I can’t forget them, Kyle,” Isabel sniffed, wiping at her face wildly with her hands.

“I’m not asking you to forget. I’m just asking you to live, to see what can happen when you embrace life again. I’ll be there every step of the way, holding your hand.”

“You promise? Can you promise that no matter what happens when we finally step through that door that once we’re on the other side, you’ll be holding my hand from now until forever?”

“Yes, as long as it’s not my shooting hand,” Kyle mused, stepping toward her and pulling her long torso against him. “So we agree? You’re going to marry me?”

“Yes, Kyle,” Isabel whispered, her breath dancing lightly against his cheek. “I’ll marry you.”

“Where’s a bed when you need one,” Kyle replied as he pressed his lips tightly to Isabel’s, wrapping his arms snugly around her body as their slight connection skittered to life.

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“This can’t be possible, Michael,” Liz whispered as the beams from Michael’s flashlight danced on the glass tank-like containers suspended from the ceiling. In the moments since Michael had revealed what their research room had been used for, the three of them had discovered several other vials and tubes, connecting the newest breed of husks for the harvest. “I thought Tess,” she began but after glancing at Michael, she changed her train of thought. “How many are there?”

“I don’t know,” Michael answered with a shrug, shining his flashlight in and through the suspended containers.
“This presents a problem.”

“What kind of problem,” Jase asked, looping his arm over Liz’s shoulders and pulling his mother toward where Michael stood.

“One that we can’t fix,” Michael gruffly responded, his flashlight already trained on the exit door on the opposite end of the room from them.

“We can’t just leave them here, Michael,” Liz said as she stepped toward one of the containers, her hand reverently tracing the texture of the container. “We can’t let any more skins be harvested.”

“That’s not our goal, Liz,” Michael responded, shining his flashlight into Liz’s eyes, momentarily blinding her. “Our goal is to find Lily and get the hell out of here.”

“I won’t let this go, Michael,” she replied, her voice full of conviction as she stepped toward Michael and pushed the flashlight toward the ground. “If this harvest comes to fruition, what’s to stop the newest breed of skins from coming after us again, or our children.” Liz placed her hands on her hips, her steel-eyed gaze directed completely at Michael. “I won’t take any more chances with my children’s lives. Will you?”

“God dammit, Liz,” Michael screamed, raking his fingers through his long hair. He stepped forcefully toward Liz, who shrank back slightly from Michael’s advance until Jase stepped in between them. “You’ve always got to play the kids angle, don’t you? God, why can’t anything ever be easy?” He groaned loudly and stretched his hand toward the opposite wall. Before he could process the anger and rage he felt into something else, a yellow beam of light shot from his hand, producing a loud boom and a beach ball-sized hole in the wall. “Look what you made me do!”

“I didn’t make you do anything, Michael,” Liz calmly said as she walked past him toward the large console in the center of the room. Several series of wires and tubes crisscrossed and dissected each other as they ran from one end of the console to the other. Liz’s eyes followed the largest mass of wires from their path at the center of the console and along the floor to the over-sized reactor-like cone in the center of the room. “I think if we pull this out,” Liz began, crouching as low as she possibly could and pointing to a circular shape holding the most wires and tubes. “That should...”

“What? What will it do,” Michael asked, his frame shadowing her from the rest of the room.

“It’ll do something,” Liz offered, innocently meeting his eyes. “I’m not sure what, but something will happen.”

Michael stormed away from her, and Liz straightened in time to see the flashlight beams dance across the ceiling, illuminating the ghastly figures of the unharvested skins. Michael paced in and out of the rows of containers, beams of light refracting and slicing through each container the longer he paced. Jase turned toward Liz with confusion in his eyes and Liz smiled slightly, knowing Michael needed to be left alone to work off some of his inner anger before he blew up the entire room. She absently rubbed her stomach and the connection with her unborn daughter flared to life. As her connection with her daughter deepened, Liz silently wondered what Max was doing and strained to reach out for him.

* * *

Max banged his head against the cinder block wall, his pulse gun strapped across his shoulders and his left leg fully extended into the hallway. He glanced out of the corner of his eye and saw Absalom, his eyes closed in quiet concentration, which caused Max to sigh again. Since the moment they had entered Kivar’s compound, Max had had to relinquish any control of the situation at hand to Absalom. Absalom had, after all, grown up in this facility and knew it better than perhaps Kivar himself. Although he hated to admit it, Max had been certain Absalom was leading them back into a trap where Kivar and Tess could finally finish the work they’d started, but after following Absalom through the maze-like hallways, he had come to realize that Absalom was truly on their side. Banging his head against the wall again, Max didn’t know if he was happy to have his fears about Absalom finally dissolved, or if he should just pummel the boy simply because he loved Lily.

“What are you doing,” Max whispered excitedly at Absalom. His only response was Absalom’s slow-moving hand clasping his fingers across Max’s mouth. Max shrugged out of the slight hold, his pseudo-anger suddenly boiling to the surface. He almost felt like Michael, and silently wondered if Michael had ever felt such power behind his rage. “Where’s Lily, Absalom? I’m not going to ask you again.”

“She’s not here,” Absalom replied, his blue eyes meeting Max’s. “I...I can’t connect with her and I can’t feel her anywhere in the compound.”

“What do you mean she’s not here,” Max growled loudly, grabbing the collar of Absalom’s t-shirt in his fist, pulling the boy closer to him. “I trusted you. Liz trusted you, and you repay my wife’s trust by leading us straight into a trap? You are the child of your parents.”

“Lily isn’t here,” an older woman with deep black eyes said as she stepped from behind a door. “Absalom speaks the truth.”

“Sharon,” Absalom questioned, removing Max’s hand from his t-shirt as he rose to meet the woman in the hall.

“Hello, my boy. I knew you were not dead like the rumors foretold.”

“Where’s my daughter,” Max boomed, stepping to Absalom’s side and staring directly into the woman’s luminous black eyes.

“Kivar has taken her away from Copper Summit,” Sharon offered, her hand clasp firmly onto Absalom’s shoulder.

“Where did he take her,” Max pressed, advancing slightly toward the woman, his frustration highly visible on his face. “Where did Kivar take my daughter?”

“He took her to Roswell. They escaped early this morning, once Tess Harding determined you were on your way here to rescue her.”

Max stumbled backwards slightly as if he had been shot and he realized all of his planning and preparation had been in vain because, despite their distance and lack of communication, Tess had tapped into his mind and had discovered their well-laid plans. That was the moment, just as he felt Liz reach across their bond for him, that he realized Absalom would not be their undoing as he had long feared; the person that could destroy their lives once and for all would be him.

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Author's Note: Sorry - real life's been a little crazy lately. More parts should be posted tomorrow.



Maria pulled her mother’s Thunderbird off the highway a few miles from the turn-off for the abandoned pod chamber. None of them had been back to the desert after Tess’ departure almost eighteen years earlier, and certainly none of their children had ever been told the entire truth about the chaos that had plagued them. Her stomach rumbled and she suddenly remembered why she and Michael had tried to shelter their kids from the evil in their world. Tears pooled in her eyes as she glanced at Evan, his long brown hair hanging into his eyes as he slept on Larissa’s shoulder. She could see Livvie in the back seat, her hands clutching the tiny hands of Seth and Nina while she snored.

Both of her eldest children had collapsed after using their powers and Larissa had tried in vain to reach Michael on his cell phone to tell him what had happened. After the final time Larissa had tried to call Michael with no success, Maria had pitched the phone out of the car window, her frustration level at an extreme high. That was when she had decided to pull the car over to try and calm herself down. Thus far, it had not succeeded.

Allowing herself a time-out had only succeeded in making her more scared for her entire extended family and for the safety of the children in her care. I’m teflon, she thought bitterly, wiping tears from her cheeks and slamming her fists against the steering wheel. Then she could no longer control her body’s tremors or her tears.
“I never wanted this life,” she muttered, her mouth filling with saliva as the tears continued to stream down her cheeks. “Oh, God.” Her entire body shook as she allowed the fear she’d been holding inside the entire morning to come out. Quickly following the fear came the rage she felt toward Tess, toward the skins that had killed her mother and brother, and even toward Michael for being separated from her when she and their family needed him the most.

“Maria? What are we doing?”

Maria jerked her head to her right toward Larissa’s meek voice. Evan’s head was now cradled in her sister’s lap, his mouth opened slightly as his snores joined with Livvie’s, filling the car with a blubbering type of music. Using her index fingers, she sliced the tears off her face and dug down deep within her soul, knowing she was going to have to be strong for the children, if for no one else. Max and Liz were depending on her. Michael was depending on her. Her mother was depending on her. She felt her bottom lip tremble momentarily as the thoughts of her mother and Josh filtered through her mind. “We’re going to the pod chamber, Larissa, and we’re going to make a plan.”

* * *

Nicholas cautiously approached Tess’ closed door. He raised his hand to knock but slowly dropped it back to his side. Surely she had to know Absalom was in the compound. With all her powers, Tess had to be able to sense her long-missing son. He fisted his hand again, wondering if he should even come to Tess now, especially since he wasn’t sure he could tell her everything that was in his heart, things he’d longed to tell her for almost five years. She was not Ava. She was
no longer Zan’s queen, a regent he had to bow down in front of and worship from afar. In this life, their new life, he had worshiped her in her bed and he knew that he could possibly be Morgana’s father.

The door opened slowly and Tess stood on the other side, her long braid cascading over her left shoulder as she stared at him. For a moment, Nicholas thought he would faint at the sight of her and Nicholas Crawford had never fainted, no matter the amount of bloodshed he had witnessed or had caused. He had never even been to the point of fainting and wouldn’t know what to do if such a thing happened.

“Nicholas? What is it? What’s happened?”

“Let me in, Tess,” Nicholas squeaked, stepping forcefully toward her. “I have to talk to you.”

Tess opened her door wider and stepped to the side, allowing Nicholas full access to her room. She glanced behind him as she slowly closed the door. She turned toward Nicholas who was nervously pacing in the center of the room. “What’s happened? Is Tristan hurt? Or Morgana?”

“No, no,” Nicholas shook his head, waving off her concerns with his hand. “Max Evans is here.”

“I know,” she replied smugly, turning her back on her former lover. Her long braid whipped from the left side of her body to her right and Nicholas felt his knees go weak as he remembered the last moment her blonde curls had tickled his face.

“How,” Nicholas asked before he could stop himself. He shook his head quickly and ran his hands down his face, wondering when he had finally admitted to himself that he was in love with Tess. Now if he could only admit it to her.

“I felt him. I’ve been feeling him all day.”

“Oh,” Nicholas responded meekly as he remembered that Tess and Max Evans shared a connection through Tristan. If Tess knew Max were in the compound, Tristan most certainly
knew it too.

“Is that all,” Tess asked, turning back to face Nicholas. He inhaled sharply as her blue eyes pierced his, momentarily captivating him, distracting him, making him yearn. He blinked sharply and stumbled backwards away from her slow-moving form. “Is that all you wanted?”

“No,” he replied, swallowing hard at the huskiness of his own voice. “That’s not all I wanted.” He heard the swell of static run through him and he knew his husk was overloaded with the emotions he somehow felt. He had not been the pesky teenage boy that had chased after Isabel Evans in almost fifteen years ago. He had been instrumental in convincing Kivar to research the possibility of new husks for those skins not already crippled beyond repair. His had been the first of the new breed and Nicholas had modeled it himself. And when he had brought his husk to life and destroyed his old one, it was as if he had taken on a new life. A life which he could use to destroy Max Evans and lay claim to Tess Harding.

“What do you want, Nicholas,” Tess asked demurely, rolling the braid back and forth through her fingertips.

“I want you,” Nicholas responded as a blue light flew from his hand and pulled Tess into his arms. Waving his hand down the braid with Tess’ blue eyes widening in surprise, the braid dissolved, her curls springing forth, and Nicholas threw her down onto her bed with the intent of claiming her.

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Author's Note: This part is not for the squeemish. It's quite.....icky.



“What do you want,” Morgana groaned and turned her head to her doorway, her blonde ponytail bobbing in connection to her motion.

“The question is, Morg,” Tristan began as he entered his sister’s bedroom. “What do you want.”

“I think I’ve asked you not to call me ‘Morg,’ Tris,” she snarled, her blue eyes turning to smoky gray. “Get out of my room. Don’t you have someone’s torture to oversee?”

“Not since Kivar went away,” Tristan retorted, making himself comfortable on her bed. Morgana released a frustrated sigh and rolled her eyes at him while he picked through her laundry. He raised a pair of scantily-looking panties for her view, a knowing look on his face. “What would Mother say about these?”

“Mother doesn’t have to know everything,” she growled, snatching the underwear out of his hand and stuffing it into her pocket. “What do you want, other than to annoy me?”

“Let your mind blank out,” Tristan commanded, rising effortlessly from his reclining position on her bed to capture her wrist in his hand. “Can’t you feel him?”

“Who,” Morgana asked as she moved her wrist against Tristan’s hold. She heavily rolled her eyes at him again, hoping he got the hint that she didn’t want to be bothered with his antics.

“Our brother has returned to the fold,” Tristan mused, releasing Morgana’s arm when he realized she was not going to use her alien abilities in correlation with his.

“Absalom? He’s here?” Morgana’s eyes widened and the implication of Tristan’s statement hit her square in the heart. Her brother had finally returned home.

“And Jase Parker is too.”

“Jase,” Morgana questioned, her cheeks suddenly burning as scandalous thoughts of Jase flashed through her mind.
“You’re lying,” she said, intently meeting Tristan’s eyes.
“Why are you lying?” Her eyes squinted, shooting seething glares at Tristan.

“I’m not lying. They’re both here. I swear it.”

“Did Mother know they were coming?”

“Probably not.”

“Then why did Kivar leave us here,” she questioned, her voice pierced with a whiny tone. “Why not trade Absalom for Lily Parker? No one needs her anyway.”

“And the truth reveals itself,” Tristan said, once again collapsing on Morgana’s bed, crossing his legs as his typical smug look reflected on his face.

“What’s that supposed to mean,” she asked as she stepped toward him. “Why do you always have to speak in riddles?”

“Why don’t you tell Mother how you love her husband?”

Morgana’s eyes widened and she quickly turned her face away from Tristan’s view. “I...I don’t know what you mean,” she replied meekly, wiping at the sudden tears on her face.

“Tell Mother how you begged Kivar take you with him the morning he left. Explain to Mother how you snuck into her husband’s room while he slept and sifted through his mind for information about his feelings for Lily. Enlighten her as to how you used your abilities to worm your way into Kivar’s bed.” Morgana spun to face Tristan, her cheeks and neck flushed with anger. “And let me be there to see the look on our mother’s face when she finds out you’re pregnant with the baby of the man the entire world thinks is your father.”

“Bastard,” Morgana screamed and lunged for Tristan. He caught her flying fists with relative ease and threw her down onto the bed, his stance casual as she bounced twice on the bed. “I hate you!” She lunged for him again but Tristan expected the attack and caught her, causing both of them to tumble onto the bed.

“Do you think Kivar could ever love you? He doesn’t even love our mother.” He tightened his grip on her arms as she squirmed underneath him. “What makes you think he’ll love you, the bastard child of any one of his enemies?”

“Oh,” Morgana grunted, fighting against him with all her energy. Whatever powers she tried to summon to get away from Tristan, his power eclipsed hers. “Let me go!”

“Did you mindwarp him into believing you were Lily,” Tristan seethed, his face only inches away from hers. “Did he think he was making love to his precious betrothed instead of his hated non-child? Did he call you by her name as the final moments of your fuck fest ended, probably all too soon for your tastes?”

“Stop it,” Morgana screamed, kicking her legs wildly, her attempt to escape Tristan’s grip once again unsuccessful. “Stop it,” she said, her mouth trembling and filling with saliva as tears streamed down her face and into her ears. “I hate you.”

“I can make it all go away,” Tristan whispered, placing the palm of his hand on the swell of her stomach. “I can make this baby disappear and no one will ever know it existed.” He danced his fingers across the zipper of her blue jeans. He raised her head to look at her, his smile pure evil.

“What do I have to do,” Morgana asked meekly, her bright blue eyes filled with tears as raised her eyes to meet Tristan’s hooded ones. She propped herself up onto her elbows, staring at the lower half of her body where Tristan was hovering dangerously close to the button and zipper of her blue jeans.

“Tell me where Kivar took Lily and I’ll give you someone to love.”

Morgana felt her body shrink backwards as Tristan pressed his hand onto her stomach. She didn’t know much about alien pregnancies and had only discovered the pregnancy several moments before Tristan appeared in her doorway. If she told her mother about the pregnancy, Morgana knew Tess would want to know who the father was and would possibly send Nicholas to sift through her mind for the answer. All of that could be resolved, however, if she trusted Tristan. “Okay,” Morgana agreed with a nod, allowing her body to fall backwards onto the bed. “Get rid of it.”

Tristan smiled and sat up onto his knees over Morgana’s lower body. He unbuttoned her blue jeans then slowly unzipped them, revealing Morgana’s smooth, slightly rounded stomach to his eager eyes. Splaying both his hands across Morgana’s abdomen, he allowed his mind blank out and formed a connection to the unborn child. Warmth flowed from his hands into Morgana’s body. He winced and fell forward slightly as he continued to press power into Morgana. Within seconds, his task was complete.

“Where did Kivar take Lily,” he asked breathlessly, leaning his hands onto his thighs.

Morgana partially sat up, tracing her fingers against the silver handprints already forming on her stomach. Closing her eyes, she tried to form a connection within her body and was silently pleased to find nothing responded to her. “He took her to Roswell. Who’s going to love me?”

“I will,” Tristan growled, his voice husky and low and he pounced onto Morgana, knocking her back onto the bed as his lips crashed against hers.

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