Title: Revolution
Rating: No Idea
Genre: Past Lives...and it's written by a Dreamer

Zan sighed and shuffled his feet as he watched the people dance in front of him. The women’s dresses created a rainbow as their partners spun them, their colorful skirts adding to the room’s beauty. Candles flickered everywhere, and elegant flowers were everywhere.

10 year old Zan was ready to scream.

His older sister, Lonnie nudged him. He glared at her but then saw his mother’s disapproving look and immediately stopped moving around. He looked around for Rath. His best friend was talking to some of the other noble sons and daughters in a corner of the room. Zan’s eyes narrowed in envy. As his fathers son, and heir to the throne, Zan was forced to watch the celebrations rather than take part in them.

They were celebrating the peace treaties between 3 worlds that for centuries had been locked in what had seemed to be a never ending conflict. Antar and Karlane’s monarchy and Na’Rhane’s Republic had finally come together. The Cooperation was negotiated by the man they were celebrating right now.

The Ambassador, a Na’Ranian, and his family had traveled between the 3 nations for nearly 5 years before peace was settled. The Kalane’s royal family sat on the other side of the room, opposite to Zan’s own family. The Na’Rhanian’s Head-of-State was sitting diagonally, chatting with the Ambassador and his wife.

The music came to an end, and Zan’s father stood, as did Kivar, the Kalanian King. Zan watched the respective Antarians and Kalanians bow as the two Kings rose. The Na’Ranians, however, stayed standing as their Head-of-State stood as well. Zan watched this with amazement. It was amazing how different the Na’Ranian people were from what he was used too.

M’Lan, the Head-of-State motioned forward the Ambassador and his wife. Suddenly a girl about Zan’s age appeared next to her mother. Zan stood by his father, watching the girl turn to look at her surroundings from her new vantage point. Her eyes locked with Zan’s own and didn’t lower as any girl’s were if looking at a Royal, especially a male. The girl’s face transformed as she smiled at his shock.

M’Lan’s voice shattered the lull that had surrounded Zan.

“We come here to honor and celebrate...”

It would be 7 years before Zan saw the girl again.