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Title: Lust Ed. 101
Author: Me, aka DreamBeliever1 and Believer_Evans.
Category: M/L
Rating: If the title itself is no indication I don’t know what is LOL. Please, this is getting redundant. NC-17 but of course. I have tasted the sweet juices of smut and I cannot go back.
Disclaimer: Although I personally wish to make the men of Roswell, Especially Jason Behr, my personal love slaves, none of them belong to me. Everything belongs to….well that’s up in the air right now. But…not mine.
Summary: From the highly acclaimed author that brought you ‘You’ll Understand’, and its spin off ‘Out into the World’ ‘One Night’, ‘Little Lola’ and Little Lola2:Home’ comes a new fic. I’ve read a couple fics where Max is a teacher, so I wanted to turn the tables. Professor Elizabeth Parker enjoys her work very much. As a respectable Bio Chemistry professor, she is one of the youngest teachers at the university, and the most beautiful. I don’t want to say more, only, Max is a student ;)
Distribution: Please inform me if you wish to borrow it, I really like to know where it’s going. I’m and overprotective author. My email is shy_believer⊕
Feed back please, I thrive on it.


‘Professor Elizabeth Parker’. She walked into her office and threw her briefcase on her desk. She pulled the clip out of her hair and let it cascade down. She pulled off her painful shoes and stretched out her sore legs. Sighing, she pulled out the papers she had to grade and turned on some music.

She sighed and sometimes giggled at the many diverse answers her students had given. Only a few of them actually got the right answer. Finally grading the last paper she gathered her things and walked out toward her car.

It would be another night cuddling up with her remote control and a bowl of vanilla ice cream. She hated the loneliness of her home. It was so empty and quiet. She pulled on her sweat pants and oversized tee shirt and went to bed.

“Max turn off the light already. I’m trying to go to sleep.” The shrill voice called out from the bed. Max sighed and kept studying his notes. “Maaaaxxx.” The female whined again.
“What?” Max asked angrily. “Can’t you see I’m trying to study? Gees Tess, you can always go home you know?”
“But I like it here with you Max. Now come to bed.” She tried to seduce him. Tracing circles on his side of the bed.

“I thought you said you were trying to sleep.” Max returned to his studies. He needed to bring his grade up in his class. He had already received one academic probation warning he didn’t want another.
“Max…” She drawled on. She got out of bed and slowly walked up to him. “Come on Max. Put the books away and come to bed.” She closed the book in front of him and straddled his lap. She took him in a deep kiss and rubbed herself against his groin. Despite his protest, Max grew hard and carried her back to the bed.

“Good morning Michigan!” Her alarm radio blazed alive. “It’s 6am on a gorgeous summer day, and…” She reached over and turned it off. She groaned and kicked off the covers. She was definitely not a morning person. She dragged herself into her bathroom and turned on the shower. She let the warm, soothing water wash over her and lathered up with her favorite lavender body wash.

She dressed in her black skirt suit and grabbed a bagel on the way out. It wasn’t a long commute to work. It took her at least 20 minutes to half an hour to arrive at the university. Wayne State University. It was an intimidating institution, when she first arrived from the small town of Roswell New Mexico, and it still was. She climbed the steps up to her class and walked in. She was always on time, and even early. She spread out the days lesson and waited for the early-comers to arrive.

Max rolled out of bed, prying himself away from his ‘girlfriend’. They had been together for five months and he still hadn’t gotten used to her. She just didn’t feel like the one. He shook the feeling away and got dressed. His first class of the day was the one he most despised. Bio Chem. He got his books and ran out the door.

“Max my man.” He smiled as his best friend Michael jogged up to him. He needed a ride. “Yo Maxwell, I need…”
“A ride?” Max finished for him and laughed.
“Who did you..? Never mind, so yeah I need a ride.” He opened up the car door and climbed in.
“What happened now?” Max smiled as he turned on the car.
“Maria took away my driving privileges, again. She won’t tell me what I did.” Michael complained. Michael and Maria had been together for three years. They even lived together, except on those off days where Michael had to sleep over at Max’s after a big fight.
“Does she eve?” Max laughed and drove off to school.

Saying their good byes, Max made his way to Professor Parker’s class. Not that he didn’t like her, she was hot, but he hated the class. He just didn’t understand a damn thing she said. He sighed and walked into class and took his seat.
Ms. Parker was writing on the board, her skirt riding up her thighs.
“God damn. Just look at her Evans. Doesn’t that just make you want to hike that skirt up and fuck her up the ass?” Max turned to his friend Kyle. Kyle Valenti, resident playboy. He was in fraternity and threw every big party on campus. “I mean, damn.” He bit his fist and laughed.
“Hey Kyle, can you just keep your dick in your pants? I really need to listen. Hey you still having that party on Saturday?”
“You know it my man. Every hot looking bitch is going to be there. Who knows, even you could get lucky.” Kyle winked at him and patted him on the back.
“I’m with Tess Kyle.” Max said, feeling a cringe at admitting it.
“Tess? You still with her? Max, when are you going to kick that trash to the curb? There’s plenty of other way hotter women here. Just look at the incomparable Ms. Liz.”

“That’s Ms. Parker to you Mr. Valenti. Now if you’ll just take your seat and listen, I will start class this morning.” Liz turned around and glared at Kyle. The class erupted into laughter and clapping. Kyle blushed and quickly made his way back to his seat. “Now then, class please take out your books and turn to page 357. As a warm up please do problem 23-45.” She said as the class groaned in protest. She smiled sweetly and continued writing on the board.
Max couldn’t help but look at her as she bent down to retrieve a maker that had slipped from her hands. Her skirt rode up even higher exposing some serious leg. He shifted in his seat as he felt his member stirring to life in his jeans.

After two hours of fighting the urge to tear his hair out of his head, class was finally over. Max quickly gathered his things and headed for the door.
“Um, Max…can you please stay for a minute?” Liz called out as the other students rushed out.
“Uh, sure.” Max sighed and walked down to her desk. He waited until she finished straightening her things out and turned to him. “What is it?
“Well Max, I’ve noticed you’ve been distracted lately. Is everything alright?” She asked him with full concern. She would look over at him during class and just find him staring blankly at his notes.
“No everything’s fine.” He answered. He shifted on his feet, growing more and more uncomfortable.
“Well, then what is the problem Max? You’re last three exams have barely received C’s and I can tell you are struggling.”
“Well, yeah. I just don’t get this class. To be honest, I don’t really like it.” Max confessed.
“But you need it to graduate, so it doesn’t really matter if you like it or not. Look Max, in the class syllabus I wrote down my office hours. I’m here to help. So please, if you need any help, don’t hesitate in asking for it.” She smiled and told him he could leave.

Kyle waited for Max right outside the class.
“So?” Kyle asked anxiously as Max walked out. He had been waiting to hear why the professor had asked Max to stay.
“So, what?” Max asked as he walked by. He knew Kyle was curious but decided to string him along.
“Come on Evans, dish. What did Ms. Hot want?”
“Nothing man. She just wanted to know why I’ve been struggling in class. She offered to help me. That’s it.” Max kept walking.
“Help you? Oh man.” Kyle laughed and patted Max on the back. “She wants ya bro. I can feel it.”
“You also felt that Maria wanted you, and look who’s she with.” Max reminded him.
“That’s different. I know this. Go on, accept her help, you’ll see that I’m right.”

Liz knocked on the office door and walked in. The older man waved her in and took a seat.
“You wanted to speak to me Jim?” She asked. Jim was the head of the science department. What ever it was it would be important.
“Well, Liz you know you are the youngest professor in the university. You are a very talented and highly education individual…” He trailed on describing her more.
“Jim, if there is a part to this besides praising me and embarrassing me, please get to it.” She stepped in.
“I’m sorry, well Liz, the department has chosen you to receive the annual Wayne State University Award for Excellence in Education.” He finished with a smile. Liz was speechless. She was certainly not expecting to hear that. “Liz? Liz did you hear me?”
“Uh, yes, yes I did. Wow. This is such an honor Jim.”
“Well, you deserve it Liz. Well I’ll let you leave now. I’m sure you want to get home an celebrate.”
“Oh, yes of course…celebrate.” She smiled and shook his hand. “Thank you again.” She left the office.

She entered her empty home, threw her briefcase on her couch and walked over to the fridge. She pulled out a beer and walked over to her kitchen table. Yeah, celebrate, by herself. She sighed and sat on her couch.
“Maybe a little TV will cheer me up.” She turned it on and relaxed.

Please tell me how you like it. It just popped into my head and I couldn't sleep. Be brutal.

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thanx for the feedback guys.

This was just one of those fics that popped into my head out of nowhere and I had to get it out some how.

I am right now working on it so I hope to get more of it posted soon.

Thank you again
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Wow thanx for the awesome feedback. I think this is the most amount of feedback I have recieved. I feel so honored now

Tracy, hey girl nice to have ya here.

Thank you all very much.

Part 2

Max walked into class and noticed his professors change in attitude. She seemed extra cherry that morning. She was actually smiling; something he’d hardly ever seen her do. He couldn’t help but find himself smiling.
“Good morning class. I have something special planned for today. How does everyone feel about lab today?” Liz asked cheerily. She laughed as the class groaned and mumbled. “Ok then, let’s get in groups of three please.”

Max chose, or rather, was sucked into a group with Kyle and another boy named Alex. Alex was the typical fly on the wall. He hardly spoke to anyone and he usually disappeared in the crowd. Max greeted him and prepared for the next set of instructions. “Now, I figured everyone needed a break from work and so today I just wanted to give you all a break.”
The entire class cheered and roared. “So, let’s just take the time to get to know each other a little better huh?” She got up and walked to each group hearing their history.

She talked to each person, laughing and finding out more about them. Reaching Max’s group, she over heard him say where he was from.
“Roswell? You were born in Roswell New Mexico?” She asked as she walked up to them.
“Yep, alien central.” Max replied with a strained smile.
“I’m from Roswell. I lived there my whole life. Even worked at the Crashdown.”
“You were a waitress at the Crashdown? Are you serious?” Max leaned in closer. He was suddenly glad for his Roswellian heritage.
“Yep, in fact my father owns it. Jeff Parker, you know him?” Liz stepped over beside him.
“Jeff is your dad? He was such a great guy. He would let me owe him when I didn’t have enough money. How old are you?” The last words came out before he knew what he was saying.
“Um…I’m 28 years old. Why do you ask?” Liz blushed and cleared her throat.
“Just wondering. I’m 22 years old, I must have seen you there at some point. Roswell is a small town, no way I would have missed seeing you.”

Liz smiled and brushed against him. It was innocent enough but it caused a tiny shiver to run through Max.
“I wasn’t really the kind of girl that got out much. I pretty much just went to school, went to work, then went straight to my room. Wait is your mother Diane Evans?” Liz asked.
“Yep that’s her. You knew her?”
“Kind of. She would always bring over new recipes she’d come up with hoping my dad would add them to the menu.” Liz laughed. A few strands came loose from her neat bun and framed her face.
“Oh, I’m sorry if you ate any.” Max laughed remembering his mother’s horrid cooking adventures.

Class finally ended but Liz didn’t let them leave without some work. She handed out their next assignment and laughed it off as they complained. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt a hand on her shoulders.
“Gees, you scared me. What can I help you with?” She asked as she found it was Max.
“Um, well I’ve decided to take up on your offer.” He smiled back as he shoved his hand back in his pocket.
“Offer?” She questioned confused.
“For help. You said if I needed any help I should just ask. So, I’m asking.”
“Oh ,of course. Sure, well you know my office hours right? If you want you can stop by my office later on today.” Max nodded and smiled shyly. “Ok then. I’ll see you then.” She smiled back and watched as he climbed up the steps out of the room. ‘Whoa nice ass.’ She caught herself thinking and felt like kicking herself. ‘He’s a student.’

Max went back to his apartment after his daily workout. He was all sweaty and desperately needed a shower. He stripped off his clothes. Got a fresh towel and walked to his bathroom.
“Hey Max.” He quickly wrapped the towel around his waist ad turned around.
“Shit! Damn Maria, there is such a thing as knocking.”
“Why would I knock if I’m already inside. Now, where is that boyfriend of mine?” She put her hands on her hips.
“How should I know? Look Maria, I’m naked and this is making me uncomfortable. Can you please leave, like now?” Max kept the towel in place.
“I’ve seen you naked before Max. So you sure you haven’t seen him?” Maria walked over to the couch and sat down.
“And as I recall I never gave my consent to look. He’s not here, so go away.” He made his way to his bathroom and shut the door.
“You’re too shy Max, that’s the problem. If you want I could let you see me naked and call it even.” She called out as she turned on the TV.
“Then I’d have to see you naked like…7 times.” Max shouted back and stepped into the shower.

He showered quickly and changed into new clothes. He had his first tutoring session with Professor Parker. Liz, He smiled as he pictured her in his mind. She always looked so neat and proper. Always walking into class with a neat bun and sophisticated suit. He wondered what it would be like to see her loosen up a bit. He’d just have to find out.

“Come in.” Liz called out as someone knocked on her office door. Max walked in smiling.
“Am I late? Sorry I just worked out, and needed to shower. Didn’t want to come and stink up your office.” Max laughed and took a seat. Liz tried to suppress the mental image of a sweaty Max Evans out of her mind.
“That’s alright. I actually just got out of meeting so you’re right on time. So, what can I help you with?” She smiled back and took out her papers. Max couldn’t help but smile. She looked so beautiful even with her bun falling apart and sleeves up, and just the first two buttons of her blouse open. She even looked sexy. “Max?” She snapped him out of his haze.
“Oh, um yeah. Well actually, I haven’t been able to understand anything from the last quiz.”

“Well that is certainly a lot to cover. Let’s get started then.” She sighed. She reached down for her book and grimaced.
“What’s wrong?” Max asked concerned.
“Oh it’s nothing. It’s just, well my neck and back are working up” She reached up and rubbed the back of her neck.
“Um, if you like, I uh, I could help you with that. I’m a whiz with my hands. I’ve been told.” Max wiggled his fingers at her and laughed. Could she? I mean, he was just offering to help.
“Um, sure. OK.” She watched him walk over behind her and held her breath.

Max unsteadily lowered his hands down on her shoulders. He could have sworn he heard her gasp. Slowly his hands started to knead her tight skin.
“Wow, you weren’t kidding. You’re wound up pretty bad.” He added more pressure to his touch and could feel her relaxing.

Liz had to bite her lip to keep from moaning under the delicious pressure of his touch. She could feel every muscle of her body relax as he continued to massage her.
“Is this helping?” Max asked as he felt her shiver slightly.
“Oh yeah. I mean yes. Thank you. Uh, we should get started on your…work.” She felt disappointment course through her as his hands stopped and he walked back to his chair.

“Um, well then. Where shall we start?” Max took out his notebook and flipped to the first blank page. He noticed Liz’s flushed face and smiled. He had done that. He cleared his throat and waited for her to speak.
“Well, I guess we should start on chapter 14. Take out your book.” She saw his mouth drop and sighed.
“I knew I was forgetting something. I left it on my bed. I’m sorry.” Max ran his hand over his face and groaned.
“Oh well, I guess you’ll have to use mine. Just don’t look at the answers.” She smiled and handed him her book.

Their fingers lightly brushed and she felt a bolt of electricity run through her. She quickly pulled back and tucked a stray hand behind her ear.
“Um….can I..?” He leaned forward. She looked back confusedly and watched as he reached out behind her. He took the clip out of her hair and watched as it fell down around her. He combed through it with his fingers and then sat back down. “I uh…I just wanted to see.” He blushed and let out a breath.

“Oh.” She sighed and looked into his eyes. His deep amber eyes. His soulful eyes. The kind of eyes you could get lost in and didn’t mind. She forced herself to look away. He was a student. She couldn’t be having feelings for a student. No matter how incredibly hot he was.

Max kept his eyes fixed on her. Even as she looked away and blushed he kept looking. He could see her grow nervous and fumble with her hands. Butterflies fluttered in his stomach as he kept looking at the beautiful angel in front of him. She was everything he looked for in a woman. Smart, beautiful, and kind. He loved the feel of her silky strands between his fingers.

“Um, Max, it’s running late. Can we just…uh….reschedule this for another day?” She stuttered. How could this man make her feel like a teenager again. With just one look she fell apart. This was getting dangerous. He was a student. She couldn’t get involved with him. “So, I guess…I, will see you tomorrow in class Max.” She got up and quickly made her way to the door.

Max sighed and picked up his things. She opened the door and waited till he walked out.
“Yeah, tomorrow.” Max said as he brushed past her. He stopped right outside and froze. He knew he shouldn’t, knew that it was wrong, but he didn’t care. He quickly turned back around and crushed his mouth down on hers.

Liz was caught totally off guard as his oft lips fell on hers. She knew she should have pushed him away, but instead found herself wrapping her arms around him and pulling him flush against her body.

Max moaned as he made his way back into the office, kicking the door closed behind him. They both stumbled back to her desk and Max lifted her and sat her on it. With one hand he threw all of the items on it to the floor and thrust his tongue back in her mouth.

Liz threw her head back as his lips descended to her neck. She ran her fingers through his hair and fisted it, pulling him closer. She spread her legs and wrapped them around his waist.

He could feel her heat pressed up against his throbbing sex. He intentionally rubbed his bulge on her and smiled as she gasped out loud. He reached for her soft locks and grabbed a hand full. He never wanted to let her go.

“Ms. Parker? Liz?” They both froze as someone knocked on the door. “Liz are you there?”
“Shit, that’s my boss.” Liz gasped and tried to pull Max away. But he wouldn’t move. “Max, you have to leave. Coming Jim.” She yelled out.
“Coming? Already?” Max winked and bent in for another kiss.
“Max please.” She pleaded and tried to push him away again.
“Liz? Hello?” Jim called out again. “Is everything alright?”
“Yes, Jim. Be right there. Please, Max…” She looked into his eyes.
“Please what?” He whispered into her ear. His tongue reached out and lightly licked her earlobe.

Max finally sighed and pulled away.
“Hide.” She whispered to him as she straightened herself out.
“What? Why?” Max asked as she tried to fix her desk.
“Because I’ve taken too long to open the door. He’ll suspect something. Now, hide.”
“Suspect what?” He smiled deviously.
“Under the desk.” She pointed and shoved him under. “Be right there Jim.” She made sure she couldn’t see Max and opened the door. “Sorry about that Jim, just fixing things up. I sort of fell asleep.” She blushed.

“I can tell. Your hair is all mussed up. What happened here?” Jim walked in and saw the mess on her desk. “Why is it so hot I here?”
“Oh sorry about that. I guess I tossed in my sleep. Is it hot in here? I guess I didn’t notice.” She tried to conceal her flushed face and opened a window. “Um, what is this about Jim?” She walked over behind her desk and looked down at Max.
“About your award. The award ceremony will be this Saturday. Just wanted to tell you. You have time to buy yourself a new dress, and finally find a date.” Jim winked and laughed.

“Oh, thank you Jim. Well if that’s it…” Liz trailed off. She felt Max’s hands run over her leg and she tried not to notice.
“Actually, Liz I’ve been worried about you.” Jim said and sat down. Liz sighed and sat down as well. Her knees pinned Max and she had to pull her chair back.
“Why are you worried about me Jim?”
“Well, Liz you’ve lived here for the past four years now. You live in that house all by yourself…” He went on saying more things that reminded her of how alone she was.
“Jim I can take care of myself.” Liz interrupted.
“I know that Liz. It’s just…”
“Jim if this is about my lack of a love life, please stop.” Liz sighed and covered her face. Max was still down there listening to everything Jim was saying.
“Ok, ok. Sorry for intruding. I was just worried.” Jim held his hands out in front of him. “I can take a hint. Good bye.” He stood up and walked out of the room.

Liz sighed and slumped back on the chair. She closed her eyes wishing the embarrassment to fade away, when she felt Max’s hand inch higher up her leg. She bit her lip as his hand reached under her skirt up her thigh.

Max could see her legs twitch as he felt higher. Then he smiled as they slowly spread allowing him better access. He could see her black lacy panties and smell her need. He licked his lips as his fingers brushed over her mound and heard her gasp.

She felt his fingers slip her panties aside and run along her outer lips. She grabbed on to the sides of the table as he slipped inside running his thumb over her clit.
“Oh Liz…” Jim walked back into the office. “Liz are you ok?” He asked as he saw how tightly she was holding on to her desk.
“Jim! Hey. Um, yes. I’m….ah…. just fine. Why?” She said as her voice cracked. Max continued to explore her even as he heard Jim enter.
“Oh, well….I just forgot to leave the invite. You sure you’re alright?” He asked as he laid the card on the desk.
“Yes!” She almost shouted as Max found her sensitive spot. “I mean, yes I’m alright. Just…great.”

“Liz, you’re sweating.” Jim kept looking at her.
“I…I am. Well, it is kinda hot in…in here. Jim can you please leave?” She said as Max thrust a finger inside of her.
“Why? Liz?”
“Please, just go! I’m having kinda….uh….female troubles.”
“Oh.” Jim nodded knowingly and quickly left the office.

Max could to bit his lips to keep from laughing. He added another finger to the mix and smiled in awe as Liz cried out and let herself go. Her juice coated his hand and down her thighs. He brought his fingers to his mouth and licked off her juices.

“I’ll see you in class.” Max smiled as he crawled out of the desk and looked at the sated Liz.
“Um…yeah…” She whispered as she slowly came back to her senses. He laughed and walked out of the office.

No, this was not good at all.


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LOL, Tracy you sure know how to make me laugh. Now I can't get that song out of my head.

Thanks for the feedback. It really helps. In fact I write faster with feedback (hint) LOL.
Excellent ideas BTW.
I hope I don't let you guys down.

Part 3

Max walked into his apartment with a great smile on his face. He had just fingered his teacher. He laughed out loud and brought up his fingers to once again smell her on him.
“Max, where were ya babe?” He groaned and saw Tess standing at his bedroom’s door frame wearing only an oversized shirt of his. “I’ve been waiting for you.” She added seductively.

“Don’t you ever go home Tess? What are you doing here? I’m not in the mood.” He walked past her and went to the kitchen. “And why are you wearing my favorite shirt?” He took the carton of orange juice out and drank straight from it.

“I came over to…you know. I’ve been waiting for two hours. Where were you?” She walked over to him, but he dodged her and walked over to the couch. He turned on the TV and tuned her out. “Max, aren’t you listening to me?” She whined in her shrill voice.

“Not really. Go home already. I’m tired.” He tried to push her away as she attempted to straddle him.
“Where were you?” She asked again, not getting the hint to leave.
“None of your business Tess. Now get off. I don’t want to deal with you tonight.” Max had enough and got off the couch.

“None of my business? Max you’re my boyfriend. I’ve been here waiting for your ass, and now you act like if you don’t want me.” She yelled out as she followed him around the room.
“How said I was acting?” Max shot back.
“You know what? Fine. Be that way. See if I care. You’ll be sorry later.” She screamed and walked out of the apartment. Max counted to three and laughed as she stormed back in. “I need my clothes, but now I’m leaving.” She yelled and left again.

Liz stumbled into her house and leaned against the door. She hadn’t caught her breath since Max left her office. And that was well over an hour ago. Her body was still tingling. Her legs shook and threatened to give out with each step she took. Her sex remained in a perpetual state of wetness. He was a student. She should have stopped it before it led to that. How was she going to face him the next day? Oh god. She had to face him the next day. She had to look at him and his sexy smile.

She began to hyperventilate. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths hoping to control herself but it was a bad idea. When she closed her eyes, images of Max Evans pleasuring her from under her desk invaded her. She was pretty sure poor Jim was thinking she was insane or something. Her phone started ringing and she decided to let the machine pick it up.

“Hello? Hello? Liz, honey are you there? Hello? Pick up the phone sweetheart.” Her mother’s voice boomed through the machine. She was in no mood though to talk to her mom. “Well, when you get this call me back dear. Well…I guess I’ll just tell you. Me and your father are coming up to see you. Isn’t that great? We got this thing in the mail saying you were receiving and award and…” Beep. The machine stopped and her mother was cut off.

Her parents were coming? Not this wasn’t happening. They couldn’t come. She kept replaying the message over and over again. They were coming. Surely because of her award. Oh no, they couldn’t do that to her.

Parents, Max, award, Parents, award Max, fingers. ‘I’m good with my hands’ She kept hearing his words echo in her head. Cold shower. That’s what she needed now. An ice cold shower would do the trick. She quickly ran to her bathroom and turned on the cold water.
“I never thought I would actually need one of these.” She said out loud as she stripped off her clothing.

The next morning Liz had to pry herself out of bed. She had had the most erotic dream of her life. And its male star was Max Evans. He had done things to her in that dream that she thought scientifically impossible. She ignored the renewed ache between her legs and went off to class.

Max had woken up early that morning. First time he’d ever had time before class. He rolled out of bed and started doing push ups. He wanted to look good today. He was going to see her again. Liz. The name brought a smile to his lips. He finished and opened his closet to do chin ups on his bar.

Once satisfied he took a shower and got dressed. He put on a black button up shirt and form fitting blue jeans. He spiked up his hair and applied cologne One last look in the mirror, giving himself a thumbs up, he rushed out the door.

Liz walked into class and let out a sigh of relief when she found Max’s seat empty. She turned to the board and began writing down the days lesson. She turned back around and almost gasped when she found Max sitting in his seat and staring at her. Damn him and his incredible eyes. She cursed herself and looked away.

Max chuckled to himself as she blushed and tried to look anywhere but at him.
“Yo Maxwell, what’s up?” Max felt Kyle’s arm on his shoulder.
“What do you mean?” Max turned and looked up at his friend.
“You’re wearing your ‘getting laid’ shirt. And is that…yep it is, your fuck me cologne. And is that gel in your hair?” Kyle laughed and touched Max’s hair. “Ok man, dish it. Who’s the lucky gal? It can’t be Tess.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about Valenti.” Max laughed and shrugged.
“Whatever man. I’ll talk to ya later.” Kyle patted him on the back and ran back to his seat.

The class went by in a blur. All Max could think about was Liz. Her scent, her taste, her heat. It was all her. He could still hear her cry out in sweet pleasure and feel her essence run down his hand. He could feel himself getting hard just thinking about her.

Liz tried her best to keep her focus on her lecture but when ever she looked over at Max’s direction she saw him staring back or having his eyes closed with a devilish smile on his face. She would lose her train of thought and stuttered, trying to keep speaking clearly. She was glad when class was finally over and everyone started to pile out. Everyone, but Max.

He stayed in his seat until the very last student left and the door closed. Liz looked up and prayed that he would just leave without further embarrassing her. But he didn’t. He slowly got up from his seat and walked down to her.

“Ms. Parker.” He said with a smile. She tried not to look at him but couldn’t help it.
“Um…y…yes Max? Can we uh…talk later? I really have to go now.” She picked up her briefcase and tried to pass him but he grabbed her arms and pulled her back. “Please Max.”
“Ms. Parker…Liz, last night was…”
“A mistake.” She interrupted him before he could finish. “It was a mistake Max. I shouldn’t have let things go that far. It was my fault. Max, you are a student, I cannot be having any kind of….thing…with a student. It’s against school policy and against my moral ethics. That, shouldn’t have happened.”
“But it did. And you can’t change what happened Liz. I know you felt something too. You can say it was a mistake as much as you want, but you know it’s a lie. You wanted it just as much as I did.” Max stood so close to her that she could feel his hot breath on her face.

“No Max, this…this is not right. It’s not proper to be talking about this here.” She tried to pull away but couldn’t.
“Then let’s go somewhere else. To your office. We can talk in there,” He took her hand and tried to lead her up the steps.
“No. Max please. I can’t.” She pulled her hand away and burst into tears.

Max felt his heart break in his chest as she cried in front of him. He reached out again and pulled her into his arms. That time she didn’t fight him.
“Please don’t’ cry Liz.” He kissed the top of her head ad rubbed her arms. “We…we can talk later, just…please don’t act like this is a mistake. I know it’s not, and you know it too. Just please don’t pull away.”

Kyle was waiting for Max to come out so he could find out who this new mystery girl was. He paced out in the hall but Max was still inside. He finally got tired of waiting and peeked inside. What he found surprised him. There was Max, holding a sobbing Ms. Parker. Max had kissed the top of her head and she just stood in his arms.
“Oh shit, Max is doing the teach.” Kyle laughed to himself and slowly closed the door. Max was certainly going to get it later.


BTW for the person who asked about my other fics (sorry I have a lousy memory) I have a link to where u can find the two Lola ones and another for "Out into the World" I don't have a link to the first on. So if you really want to know about it you can email me.
Thanx again.

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You guys are awesome. Thanks for the great feedback.

I want you to know that I am working on it as we speak. I have written two more parts so far, but you know how it is. Read, and re-read. And I like to have extra parts done so it doesn't seem rushed.
Like when I first posted I already had all of part 1 and 2 and most of 3.

So if I take some time to post new parts, please now that I'm working on it *happy*

If you have any questions feel free to email me. I'm always thrilled to get responses.

Yep that Max is a bold one.
Kyle knows something now that he caught them hugging, but how much does he really know?
Will Liz recover and think things through?

Just something to think about
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Part 4

Max was playing basketball at the gym with Michael. They always met up on Fridays to work out and play a few games.
“So then she says, ‘you never listen to me’ or something like that. I wasn’t really listening. You know how she gets when she mad.” Michael explained to Max and took a shot. The ball circled the rim and fell out.
“Yeah, I know. I’ve been victim to Hurricane Maria before. So then what?” Max took the rebound and made it.
“Then she claims that I don’t do nice things for her anymore. I got her that damned bumper didn’t I? What does she expect from me?”

“Be romantic. Buy her flowers, take her out. Women love that.” Max told him as they walked to the showers. “Trust me.”
“Yo Max, Guerin. What’s up?” Kyle strolled up to them. He was covered in sweat and held a towel around his neck.
“Good ‘ole Maxwell here is giving me advice in keeping Hurricane Maria at a tropical depression.” Michael chuckled.
“Really?” Kyle eyed Max and smiled. “So Max, you gonna tell me who that lucky girl…woman is?” Kyle asked as they walked into the showers.

“Lucky girl? You got yourself a chick on the side? Or did ya finally leave that gerbil?” Michael asked.
“Valenti’s insane. There is no other woman, and Tess is no longer my problem.” Max kicked off his shorts and pulled off his shirt.
“About time. I was worried you were gonna start reproducing. But why would Kyle say there was another girl?” Michael took off his clothes too.
“Yeah Max, why would I?” Kyle teased as he took off his shorts.

“How should I know?” They stepped into the showers.
“He was wearing his ‘fuck me’ gear.” Kyle told Michael. He laughed and stepped under the stream of water.
“Seriously? Come on Maxwell, who is she?” Michael asked ash he turned on the water.
“No one. Now drop it, gees, A man can’t shower in peace anymore.” Max huffed and let the water wash over him.

They piled into Max’s car and Kyle followed behind. Michael kept trying to get Max to confess he had another girl, but Max stuck to his guns. He didn’t want anyone to find out about he and Liz just yet. He didn’t even know if there was a ‘he and Liz’. All he knew was that he wanted her so badly. With a passion even.

Liz called her parents when she finished her last class. She was tired and drained. She kept thinking about Max and how he could help her relax, but stopped herself.
“Hello? Mom is that you?” Liz asked into the phone. It had been a long time since she had talked with her parents.
“Liz? Elizabeth Parker it’s about time you picked up the phone and called. I called you yesterday and left a message on that god-forsaken answering machine. Did you get it?”
“Yes mom.” She held the phone slightly away from her ear. “I got the message. When are you coming?”
“Tomorrow morning. We’re leaving later tonight to beat the rush. And they have all those new security measures now. Gotta be at the airport four hours before your plane is set to leave. Can you believe that?” Her mother talked on and on.

“Mom, can I speak to daddy please?”
“Sure sweetie. Hang on.” Liz heard her mother calling out for her dad and then his hurried footsteps.
“Lizzie? Lizzie you there darling?” Her father called out.
“I’m here daddy. How are you?”
“Oh, just fine, just fine. How are things up there in Michigan? I hear it’s cold.”
“Yes daddy, it’s cold. Other than that things are great. Can’t wait for you guys to come.” Liz continued talking with her father; catching him up in her life alone. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow daddy. Give momma a kiss goodnight.”
“Will do Lizzie. We’ll see you tomorrow then. Love you.”
“Love you too daddy.” She blew him a kiss and hung up the phone.

Michael finally left and that left Max and Kyle alone. Kyle had tried to get the information out of Max the whole time but Max wouldn’t give. It was time for a different tactic.
“So…that Ms. Parker is really, really hot ain’t she aye Max?” Kyle nudged him as they sat on the couch. He noticed Max shift at the mention of her name. This was going to be fun.

“Uh, sure. Whatever.” Max shrugged it off. Kyle had been trying to get him to say who his mystery woman was.
“Yeah, she’s hot. I wouldn’t mind doing her. How about you?” Kyle kept up.
“I don’t know. Hey…uh…look Bay watch reruns.” Max tried changing the subject. But Kyle wasn’t going to give up that easily.
“Awe, come on. You either wanna or ya don’t. There is no in between. So what is it Evans? Do her or not?”

“I don’t want to talk about this. I…I have to go.” Max stood up and got his jacket.
“Where you going? It’s Friday.” Kyle got up and followed him.
“Out. Stop being so nosey, you’re sounding like Tess.” He told Kyle and opened the door.
“Somebody say my name?” They both turned to see Tess standing at the door.

Max groaned and turned around. He was not in the mood.
:Speak of the evil swamp thing. This is my cue to leave.” Kyle joked and walked past Tess. Max tried to move past Tess as well but she wouldn’t get out of the way.
“Move Tess, I’m leaving.” He said in an angry tone.
“But I thought we could….” She pouted trying her best to seduce him.
“You thought wrong, like you always do. Now get out of my way.” Max tried to move her aside but she only clung to him. She jumped up and wrapped her arms and legs around him. “Damn it, get off me!” Max tried to pry her off.

“But Max, I thought we could make up. You know, like we do.” She whispered in his ear and licked his earlobe. Max grimaced and finally pulled her off. She fell on the floor with a thud and looked up at him like a lost child. “Max?”
“No Tess. It’s over. We do not exist anymore. Now I want you to go back to your apartment and stay away from me.” Max said down at her.

Tess picked herself off the ground and tried to look unaffected.
“It can’t be over Max. Three years, three years we’ve been together. You can’t just say, it’s over just like that.”
“I can and did Tess. Look, I’m sorry but I don’t love you. I just don’t, and for that matter, I don’t really like you that much either. Look I don’t want to hurt you. I really don’t. I’m just…in a bad mood right now.” He stopped to breathe. He hated this. He’d never been the one that broke up he was always on the receiving end of the break up.

“You don’t want to hurt me? It’s a little too late for that Max, I’m hurt. Look, forget it. I’m leaving. Go to hell!” She stomped off. Max counted to three and she came back. “You know what, no. No I’m not going to just let it go. No, Max. It won’t be that easy. I won’t make it that easy. Just know that Max. Oh, and if this is over some stupid bitch, know this, I will find out.” She poked his chest and stormed off again.

Liz packed up her things to go home. It was eight now and she was glad Max hadn’t stopped by. She had been dreading it since she finished her classes. She gathered her briefcase and rushed out.

Max drove like a mad man trying to get back to the university. He just had to see her again. He cursed as he ran into traffic. There was an accident up ahead and none of the cars budged. He had almost even hit a car when he tried to pass the line of cars in front of him. He had tried to pass them but on coming traffic pulled him back.

He finally pulled up to the university and prayed that she was still there. Running up the step like if his life depended on it, he made it to her door. He knocked softly at first then when there was no answer he knocked harder. He pressed his forehead against the door and tried the door knob. It was locked. She wasn’t there.

Liz pulled up to her house and tried to catch her breath. Some maniac had almost hit her on her way home. He had actually tried to go into oncoming traffic. She simply walked into her house and went straight to bed. She had to wake up early the next morning to pick up her parents from the air port.

Max walked back to his car with his head down. He was so angry at the moment. If only Tess hadn’t showed up, if Kyle had left sooner, if there wasn’t any traffic, he would have made it in time to see her. He climbed into his car and hit the wheel. He just needed to go home and sleep. Just sleep it off. He knew what he was feeling was wrong. Knew that she was his teacher and that nothing could happen. She would get in trouble, and he would jeopardize his educational career.

But none of that helped. He wanted to her scream his name and cling to him. Wanted to feel her body pinned beneath him. He wanted to wake up with her in his arms and kiss her lips. He wanted to hear her say…I love you.

Liz sighed in her sleep. She held her pillow in her arms and buried her head in it. She could feel his breath on her skin, and goose bumps formed. A smiled appeared on her face and she sighed again.
“I love you.”


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Thanx to everyone for sticking with this fic. I just had to write it and I really enjoy it now.

If I don't respond to questions or If I don't really respond directly to feedback, please don't take it personal or get upset. I do read all your feedback, I really do. Just that when I get to this point I can't place names with posts, ans I have a terrible memory. I have the worst short term memory. I hardly even remember what I write and constantly have to go back and re read what I just wrote LOL.

So just know I do read what you write s don't stop *happy*
Well, on with the story.

Part 5

Liz kept looking up at the terminal waiting for her parents to arrive. She knew her mother would make a scene so she braced herself as an air plane arrived. She saw the people coming out and then spotted her parents. She waved them over and her mother came barreling through the other people.
“Liz! Honey!” Her mother screamed and reached her daughter. She hugged her tightly and tears streamed down her face. “Oh sweetie, I’ve missed you so much. How are you? Oh you look so thin. Don’t you eat well? Well, don’t you worry about that, I am going to make sure you get good meals while I’m here.” She kissed Liz’s cheek.

“Ok mom.” She smiled and nodded. She looked up and saw her father coming through. “Daddy.” She smiled and hugged him.
“Hey there Lizzie. Oh darling you look so beautiful.” He kissed her.
“Thank you daddy. Well, let’s get your bags and head on to my place.”

Liz led her parents up to her house and walked them in.
“This is a nice place you got here Lizzie. Very spacious.” Her dad nodded in approval.
“Yes dear, very cozy. Now lead me to the kitchen. I’ve got work to do.” Her mother rubbed her hands together. Liz laughed and showed her mom to the kitchen. She loved her parents very much, and was glad her house wouldn’t seem so empty for some time.

Max tossed his arm over his eyes as the sun shone through his window. He rolled over and pulled the blanket higher on his body. He didn’t want to get up that morning at all. He just wanted to stay in bed the whole day and mope. Ring! The shrill sound of his phone burst in his room. The sudden loud noise made him jump out of bed.
“Max? Where you asleep?” He smiled when he recognized the voice on the other end.
“No Isabel I was awake. Hi.”
“Oh good. I’m sorry for calling you so early but I was wondering if you remembered your niece’s birthday.” She said in a mocking tone.
“Of course I did. I already have her present as a matter of fact. I was just waiting to mail it.”
“Hmm, did you regard the list of gifts at all?”
“Yes Isabel. I know better than to disregard the list. So, what’s new. How are those kids of yours?” Max sat down at his desk chair.

“Well Leslie is excited to be turning 7 in two days, Jordan is teething and Joanne is just relaxing. Oh, Jesse made partner at his firm. Isn’t that great?” His sister perked up.
“Really? Wow, that’s great Is. And how are things with you?”
“Oh, I’m settling down now. My kids need me more than that studio does. I want to be here for my kids. So I’m going to be a stay at home mom. How exciting.” He could hear the happiness in her voice and smiled.
“Good for you sis. That’s great.”
“Well, this is going to cost Jesse, so I’ll leave you now. Talk to you later Max.”
“See ya later Isabel.” And he hung up.

“So Liz, are you taking a special some one to the award ceremony?” Her mom casually brought up as they sat around the table. Liz tried not to gag on her food and looked up at her mother.
“Oh, you let her be Nancy. I rather like my Lizzie not dealing with the male gender.” Her father winked and smiled.

“Oh you guys. Listen, I’m doing great in my job, I have a good home and you guys are here. I don’t have time for anything else.”
“But dear, you’re 28 years old. You need someone in your life. I want some grandkids.” Her mother spoke.
“Mom, I will not bear children just for your amusement. I’ll find someone when I’m good and ready.”
“There has to be someone you’re interested in. Some strapping young lad that has caught your eye.” Her mother looked up at her. Liz looked down at her food and avoided her mother’s stare. “See there is someone. Who is he? Where did you meet?”

“Mom, there’s no one.” At least no one she could have something with, she thought to herself. “Now drop it.”
“Oh, alright I’ll stop. But I know that look in your eyes. This mystery man, he’s special.” Her mother smiled warmly and continued eating.

Max finally dragged himself out of bed. He remembered he needed to buy food. Michael had cleaned him out and his fridge only contained an almost empty carton of juice, some cheese, and a box of baking soda. He took a shower, got dressed and went down to his car.

“Liz dear, you need to go shopping. You have absolutely no food in this house. Now come on. We’re getting you some groceries.” Her mom took her hand and led her out to her car.

They pulled into the grocery parking lot and found a space near the front. Liz got out of her car and noticed the car parked beside her.
“What is it dear?” Her mother asked as she noticed Liz looking at the car.
“This car. It looks like the car that almost hit me last night.” Liz looked away and shook her head.
“You almost got hit by a car? Why didn’t you tell me? Are you ok?” Her mother rushed up to her and inspected her for injuries.
“I’m alright mom. There was a lot of traffic and that guy tried to pass these other cars and almost hit mine. It’s ok. Now let’s get me some grub.”

Max pushed the cart down the aisles and picked things up that he needed. He picked out the box of Raisin Bran Crunch and tossed it into the cart.
“So tell me about this man.” He heard the female voice in the next aisle. He smiled and decided to listen in.
“Let it go mom. There’s no one.” His eyes widened. He knew that voice. Liz.

“Come on, your father isn’t here. It’s just us girls. Now dish girlfriend.” Her mother joked. Liz picked out the cans and put them in the cart.
“Mom.” Liz whined and pushed the cart along.
“Liz, come on. I’m your mother, I know these things.”

Max could hear the cart approaching his aisle and he quickly grabbed a box of cereal and held it out in front of his face just as Liz and her mother had turned into the aisle.
“There’s nothing to say mom, can’t we just shop in peace?” Liz looked at the different cereals. She noticed the box of Raisin Bran Crunch and put it in her cart. Max saw and smiled.
“Just tell me. Liz I haven’t seen you in such a long time. I just want to know what’s going on with my daughter.

Liz sighed and figured she could tell her mother something.
“There is someone.” Liz said and tried not to look at her mother. Max perked up and listened.
“I knew it. Who is he?”
“Well, it’s a little complicated.”
“The best stories are.” He mom smiled.
“Well see, I am very interested in him, but nothing could come of it. It just can’t.” She frowned and turned to her mother.

Max frowned as well but continued to listen.
“It wouldn’t be right. I really, really am interested in this man, but nothing can happen.”
“You keep saying that. Why can’t anything happen? It can’t be anything that bad.”
“He’s a student.” Liz blurted out. Max started choking and turned away. Liz and her mother turned to look at him but then turned back around.
“A student? Liz you’re involved with a student?” Her mother asked in shock.
“No, we’re…I’m not involved with him. Things are just leading up to that, and I don’t know what to do.” Liz gave a frustrated sigh and bit her bottom lip.
“Liz, I know you. You are an intelligent woman. You’ll know what to do.” Her mother smiled and they kept walking out of the aisle.

Max took a minute to regain himself. She was interested. There was hope for something now that he knew how she felt. He smiled brightly and rushed to the check out line. He saw Liz and her mother going down another aisle and paid.

He made his way to his car and noticed the car beside his. It looked just like the one he nearly hit last night. He shrugged and pulled into his car.

Max decided to head over to Michael and Maria’s. It been days since he’d paid them both a visit and thought it would be fun. He walked up to their apartment and knocked.
“Max, hey there chico, come on in.” Maria smiled, let him in and Max walked over to the couch
“Hey man, what’s up?” Michael pat on the space next to him and Max sat down.
“What’s on?” Max asked as Maria handed him a beer.
“The Pistons and the Lakers. Yes!” Michael cheered as a basket was made.

“What brings you around Max?” Maria sat down on the recliner beside them. She was finishing off a bowl of ice cream.
“Nothing. Just wanted to stop by and see how things were. How have you been?”
“Fine. This lug nut has been behaving so it’s all good.” She smiled at Michael then stuck out her tongue.

“Yeah thanks for the advice bro.” Michael whispered to Max and gave him a thumbs up. Max smiled and patted him on the back.
“Last night he made me a bath. It was so sweet of him. He put rose petals leading up and into the tub. He even bathed me.” Maria sighed and fanned herself.
“Really? Wow Mike, I’m impressed.” Max nodded in approval.
“What can I say? I’m a regular romantic. Can I have another Snapple babe?” He lightly spanked her as she passed by and winked.

Liz helped her mom put all the groceries away. Her mom kept eyeing her and secretly smiling. Her daughter had come a long way from the shy, loner little girl back in Roswell. Liz had matured into a beautiful, smart woman.
“Mom? Why are you looking at me like that?” Liz smiled at her mother.
“I’m just so very proud of you honey.” Nancy held back a tear and smiled back.
“Thank you mom.”

It was midday when Jim called Liz. He had called to remind her of the time the award’s ceremony started.
“So Liz, you’re parents are going, are you taking anyone else?” Jim asked, a hint of amusement in his tone.
“No Jim, just me and my parents. Don’t worry I’ll be fine.”
“I’m not worried about that. It’s just…well one of the other professors, asked if you had a date.”
“Really? Who?” Liz sat down, suddenly interested in what Jim had to say. Another professor asked about her.
“Well you do know our English professor, Sean Matthews?”
“Um, yeah…yes I remember him.”
“Well he was also going alone to the award’s ceremony and asked about you. He asked me to ask you if you had a date.” Liz could tell Jim was very pleased. “So what do you say Liz? How about you two young folk get together for the night?”
“I don’t Jim. I mean, I hardly ever talked to him.”
“Well you could get to know him tonight. Come on Liz, I have to call him back.”

Liz stayed silent. Should she? Sean was an attractive man, and she was sure she’d have a nice time with him. They had only spoken twice before, and he seemed very articulate and really nice. Max. His face suddenly popped in her head. She shook the image away and made up her mind.
“Jim, you can tell Mr. Matthews that…that, I’d be pleased to join him tonight. Tell him I’ll meet him there.”
“Will do. Have a great night Liz.”
“You too Jim. Bye.” She hung up the phone and sighed. She was hoping she would have a great night. Then maybe she’d stop thinking of Max Evans.

“So what are you two doing tonight?” Max asked as his two friends kissed on the couch. He cleared his throat a couple of times to get their attention.
“Oh, well I was asked to go help at the Teacher’s Ceremony. Just to set up, but they gave me some tickets. You wanna come with?” Maria looked up from Michael.
“Sure, why not. I don’t have any plans.” Max smiled to himself. Maybe he could see Liz there.


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The awaited ceremony ...

Part 6

Liz’s mom dragged her off to the mall to buy a new dress. She had looked inside Liz’s closet and found nothing but skirt suits and some jeans.
“No, no this will not do.” Nancy shook her head and they headed to the mall.

In the fourth store Nancy finally found the perfect dress for Liz. Liz wouldn’t go for anything off the top, so Nancy picked out a nice black dress. It was very form fitting and had a very low back.
“Are you sure I’m not showing too much mom. I don’t feel comfortable.” Liz kept looking in the dressing room mirror. It was a very beautiful dress, but she wasn’t used to wearing such things.

“It’s beautiful on you dear. Stop worrying. You are going to knock every man off their feet.” Liz came back out showing the dress to her mom again.
“Ya think?” Liz turned around fixing the dress. “Oh god you can see my boobs.” Liz looked down at her chest.
“It’s called cleavage hun. Now stop that. Come on, we gotta buy you some shoes.”

Max drove over to Kyle’s house. He didn’t have any nice suits so he was going to ask Kyle. He knew Kyle had a vast collection of suits.
“Who’s there?” Kyle asked from behind the door.
“Max, open up.” Kyle opened the door. He was hanging on to his bed sheet around his waist. “Busy?” Max asked and laughed.
“Kinda. What do you want?” Kyle kept looking over at his bedroom.
“Look, sorry but I need to borrow a suit. I don’t have any good ones.”

Kyle sighed and let Max in. He quickly ran to his bedroom and talked to the girl inside. Max chuckled as he heard the bathroom door close and Kyle wave him over.
“Ok, what kind?” Kyle opened his closet and showed Max his suits.
“I need a formal one. Ooh how about that one?” Max pointed to a black one. Kyle pulled it out and held it out in front of Max.
“Looks good. Just one thing though.” Kyle reached into his closet and pulled out a gray button down shirt. “There we go. Looks good. Now leave, I was in the middle of something. In more than one sense.” Kyle winked and pushed Max out of the apartment.
“Ok, ok. I get it. Thanks man I owe ya.” Max waved and ran down the hall. Kyle laughed and ran back into his room.

Liz got dressed as her mother fixed her make up. She kept reminding her that she didn’t like wearing a lot of make up and her mom kept saying she knew.
“I’m just bringing out your eyes Liz. Stop moving.”
“But it tickles. Not too much remember.” Liz kept trying to look in the mirror, but Nancy prevented her.
“There, you look gorgeous, if I say so myself.” Nancy sat and smiled. Liz turned to the mirror and couldn’t believe what she saw. She looked beautiful. Absolutely amazing.
“Whoa, mom you’re a miracle worker. Thank you so much.” She got up and hugged her mother.
“It’s no miracle. It’s you. Now let’s not get all blubbery and ruin all my hard work. Let’s go.”

Max looked in the mirror and smiled. He looked good. Really good. Great even. He put on his shoes and fixed his hair. He splashed on some of the cologne Kyle so dearingly called his ‘fuck me’ cologne.
“Smokin’.” He winked into the mirror, picked up his jacket and rushed out the door to meet Michael and Maria.

Liz pulled up to the hotel and felt her palms begin to sweat.
“Well, here we are.” They got out of the car and made their way to the entrance. Liz spotted Jim standing at the door besides Sean. He looked very handsome. “Well, here goes nothing.” She smiled at her parents and walked over to Jim and Sean.

Max bounced around in the back seat of Maria’s Jetta. They pulled into the hotel and he immediately scanned around for Liz.
“Hey Max, isn’t that the teacher you would complain about?” Maria asked as she parked the car.
“Who? Where?” Max looked around.
“That one teacher. Your first class.” Maria pointed at the female in the black dress. “She looks nice.”
“Liz.” Max sighed and smiled. She looked like and angel in a black dress. He looked into the car window and fixed his hair. Satisfied, he walked over to her not wanting to make it seem as if he was stalking her. He was only a few feet away when he saw another man clasp to her hand.

He froze and just watched as the man brought her hand up to kiss. She smiled and blushed. Max could feel his blood boiling. How dare another man touch her? He watched as they walked into the hotel and then the doors closed.

“Max? Bro, let’s go.” Michael called out to Max. Max remained unmoving. “Max?”
“Uh, I’ll…I’ll meet you inside ok. I need some air.” Max turned away from them and walked away.
“Weird. Now let’s head inside.” Maria held Michael’s arms and they walked into the hotel.

“You look positively breath taking Elizabeth.” Sean smiled as they took their seats.
“Thank you. You look very handsome yourself. And please, call me Liz.”
“Liz.” He smiled and made her blush. He held her hand and the lights dimmed.

Liz turned toward the stage and smiled as Jim went up the steps to the podium. She turned around to see her parents sitting a few rows back, beaming with pride. Max. His face popped back in her head. She frowned and tried to push the image away, but it wouldn’t. Instead it got stronger. His smile. His eyes. His touch. He assaulted her every sense.
“Liz, are you alright?” She looked up at Sean.
“I’m fine.” She smiled and took a deep breath. But she wasn’t.

Max must have walked past the entrance twelve times before finally going inside. He couldn’t find Michael or Maria so he just stood at the entrance of the large auditorium. He looked down and saw the Jim speaking and the applause of the crowd. He spotted Liz sitting in the front rows and saw the same man sitting beside her. Jealously raged again inside of him. He felt like screaming and hitting that bastard.

“And now, I am very pleased to present this next award. It represents excellence in education. This year’s recipient is a very special person to me. I saw her arrive here in Michigan, so young and scared of her own shadow. Now she has blossomed into a highly developed professor in the field of science. She has taught me that life never has to be too serious. So with out further ado, before I turn into a blubbering old man, I would love to award this year’s Wayne State University Award for Excellence in Education to my dear friend, Elizabeth Parker.” Jim started clapping and the whole auditorium stood up. Sean gave Liz a peck on the cheek before she stood up and walked up to the stage. Max looked down and clapped for her too.

She made it up and hugged Jim, tears falling. He handed her the plaque and led her to the mic stand. She waved to her parents and cleared her throat.
“Wow. I…I don’t know what to say. I mean, I knew I was getting this award but…I guess its significance never hit me till now.” She wiped her tears and smiled. “I grew up in the small town of Roswell New Mexico, little Lizzie Parker.” The crowd laughed. “And I was really a shy book worm looking for a way out. When I got the opportunity to teach, I wanted to get as far away from there as possible. I came to Michigan with a dream. To be a college professor at the highly acclaimed Wayne State. I met Jim and he taught me the ropes of the city and job. He has been a great friend and mentor while here, and I thank him for everything. My parents who are here tonight; I love you guys. You were always there to support me and encourage me to follow my dream. To all my colleagues who helped me along the way, to…” She paused as her lips quaked. She looked up and saw the shadow of a man just looking down at her. She couldn’t tell who it was but it helped her calm down. “…to my students. Without them I’d have no one to teach. Thank you very, very much.” She started crying again and hugged Jim.

Max saw her led back to her seat where the man hugged and helped her sit down. He felt so conflicted. In one hand, he felt so proud and happy for Liz. She was in fact an excellent teacher, even if he was doing poorly in her class. On the other hand, she was there with another man. A man who wasn’t him.

The ceremony came to an end and the lights turned on. The people piled out of the auditorium and to their cars.
“Max, where were ya. You missed the whole thing.” Michael spotted Max leaning against the car.
“No I didn’t. I was there.” He answered back. Michael frowned but chose not to push Max any further.
“Hey your teacher won an award.” Maria smiled and got into the car.
“I know.”

“Congratulations Liz.” Sean kissed her cheek and smiled.
“Thank you Sean.” Liz smiled back and turned to her parents.
“If you like, we could go to dinner, and further celebrate.” Sean shifted on his feet. He was clearly nervous. Liz smiled and turned to her mother. Nancy smiled and shrugged.
“That sound lovely Sean, but I am really tired now. I just really want to go home and sleep. I’m sorry.” She apologized.
“Oh, that’s ok. I understand. Some other time maybe.” He smiled and walked to his car.

“Lizzie, why didn’t you take that man’s offer?” Her father stepped in beside her and put his arm around her.
“Oh let her be Jeff. She’s just tired.” Nancy stepped in on Liz’s other side and took her arm. “I hope you know what you’re doing Liz.” She whispered into her daughter’s ear. Liz simply smiled and nodded.

Max stalked into his apartment, throwing his coat off. He reached into his fridge and pulled out a beer. He usually only kept them around for guests, never being such a drinker himself, but tonight he needed one. He sunk down on his couch and flipped on the TV.
“So we’re here tonight with love expert and author of the best selling book ‘Love: Can’t live with t, can’t live without it” Dr. Melissa Jones. We’re live and the lines are open. If you have a love question, don’t be shy. Pick up the phone and call.” Max stared at the screen. Could he? Before he knew it he had the phone in his hands and dialing the number on the screen.

“And we have our first caller. Who’s this and what’s your question?” Max heard the female voice. “Hello? Is anyone there?”
“Um…yeah, yes. This is…this is…uh…can I not say my name on air?” Max stammered. Was he really going to do this?
“Sure. So what’s your love crisis?” The female asked.
“Well. there’s this woman…”
“Isn’t it always?” The women joked. “Sorry, please go on.
“Well, this woman, she is incredible. Smart, funny, and extremely kind. I have strong, undeniable feelings for her, and I think she has feelings for me too.”
“I don’t see the problem in that.”
“She’s sort of…my college professor.” Max regretted it the moment the words left his lips. He could see the reactions of the women on the screen. They looked at each other and sighed.
“Well, mystery man, you seem to have a serious dilemma in your hands. Are you sure she feels the same way about you?”
“Yes. I, uh…heard her.” He choked on his words. “What do I do?”
“I can’t tell you what to do, all I can do is give you advice. If in fact this woman does care about you as you do her, then you just have to give her time. And your situation is pretty complicated, I mean falling for your teacher, that’s rough. Her career could be over in a flash. You need to be careful. You do understand?” Max sighed and nodded, then realized he was on the phone.
“Yes, I do.”

“You’re not quite there are you?” The woman smiled into the camera.
“What can I say? I’m hopeless.”


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Just want to dedicate this part to my gal Angel. She's been correcting my mistakes and helped me with this part. You rock girl.

And to my fab-u-lous Healers!! Eliza, Ruthie, Mary, Anni, Nikki, and all the rest. I love ya'll!!!

My truck lovin' fam!!

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Part 7

Waking up the morning after the award’s ceremony was brutal for Liz. Not having slept more than a wink, she sat up and remembered what she last saw. The TV show she had stayed up watching last night was the cause of her lack of sleep. That first caller. It sounded so much like Max, but it couldn’t be. Her imagination was probably working overtime. She was just projecting her feelings for him on someone else. But the last thing that stuck in her mind really made her think.
“What can I say? I’m hopeless.”

Ring! Max groaned as his phone kept ringing. After the TV program he couldn’t sleep. And after the beers he had drunk afterwards, his head was pounding. He lazily picked up the receiver and held it to his ear.
“Huh?” He mumbled into the phone with his eyes still closed. “Who is it?”
“Uh, I don’t want to say.” Came the snickering on the other end. “Um…this isn’t a woman but…uh, I…heard you last night. Ha loser!!” Kyle burst out laughing hysterically. Max had to move the phone away from his ear as his friend continued laughing.
“Damn you Kyle.”
“Oh my god! Evans, please tell me that wasn’t you. Come on, I’m beggin’ ya.” Kyle tried to contain his laughter. Max only remained silent trying to overcome the humiliation. “Man!” Kyle burst out again.

“If you only called to humiliate me Kyle, you can hang up now.” Max groaned and covered his face with his pillow. He never thought any one would actually hear him. It was so late.
“Nah, just part of it. I just need a ride. My car broke down.” Kyle said finally calming down.
“You’ve got to be kidding me. You call me, laugh at me, and have the fucking nerve to ask for a favor?” Max couldn’t believe Kyle’s nerve.
“Hey, I lent ya my suit didn’t I? Now come on Max, I’m serious now. I need a ride. Look, I’m sorry ok.”
“Alright. But you better not tell anyone.” Max heard Kyle hiss and shook his head. “Who’d you tell?”
“No one. It’s just…the girl that was here…she heard too and I sorta…told…her. I’m sorry man, but hey she doesn’t even know you. I just said it was a friend.” He could hear that Kyle was telling the truth and let it go.
“Ok man. I’ll be there in twenty minutes. Be ready.”
“Thanks bro.” He heard Kyle hang up and got out of bed.

The minute Max stood up he knew it was a mistake. He had to run to the bathroom to keep from puking on the floor. He retched all of the contests in his stomach and slumped over on the toilet. There was no way he was in any shape to pick up Kyle

“Talk to me.” Michael said over the phone.
“Mike can you…uh…pick up Kyle today? I told him I would but I can’t.”
“Dude you sound terrible. What’s wrong?” Michael asked in concern. Max sounded like he was dieing.
“Sick. Woke up spilling my guts. So just pick him up ok?”
“Sure thing. Take care.”

Liz smiled as her mother tapped on the door. She was already peeking inside.
“Good morning mom.” Liz yawned and waved.
“Good morning dear. Do you want some breakfast? I made strawberry pancakes, your favorite.” Her mother smiled warmly and sat beside Liz on the bed. “I could bring them in and you can have breakfast in bed.”
“Thanks mom. I love having you guys here. Just like at home. I need that. It gets…pretty lonely here sometimes.” Liz sighed and put her head on her mom’s shoulder. Nancy kissed her daughter’s forehead.
“I’ve missed you too honey.” Nancy pulled back and held Liz’s face. “I think you already have your mind made up on things dear. You might not think so now, or maybe you’re just afraid to admit it, but you know.”

“What are you talking about?” Liz pulled back. Her mother wasn’t making sense.
“You know what I’m talking about. That boy. Your student. He’s the reason you didn’t want to go to dinner with that man last night. He’s the reason you paused in your speech.” Nancy smiled and took Liz’s hands in hers.
“Mom, I don’t…how do you always know?” Liz smiled and squeezed her mother’s hands.
“I’m your mother. It’s my job.”


It was Monday. Liz cheerfully got out of bed and started to get ready. She opened her closet to pick out what to wear when she found an outfit already picked out, with a note attached to it. Liz took the hanger and the note and read it.

‘I thought you might like a little change.


Liz smiled and put the note down on her dresser. She took her shower and was drying her hair when she found another note on the bathroom mirror.

‘Wear your hair down.


Liz giggled and combed through her hair. She applied her basic make up consisting of a little mascara, sheer eye shadow, and peachy lip gloss. She fixed her hair and fixed the strap of her shoe.

She wrote the day’s lesson on the board and kept looking over her shoulder. Max still hadn’t arrived. Even as she started her lecture, Max still didn’t come through the door. She sighed and continued to explain.

Max kept looking into the class as Liz spoke. She looked amazing. Her long, brown hair was down and moved like water as she moved. She was wearing a short gray skirt, with a white blouse showing some skin under her neck. He could see the matching gray jacket hanging on her chair, and smiled. She was positively glowing. Then why couldn’t he walk into class?

He had tried, he was even on time but couldn’t walk in. She looked so young and free. She was smiling and fighting back to the hecklers in the class. She wouldn’t let Kyle get away with anything.
Max had to laugh. Why was she so happy. Images of the ceremony night flashed in his mind. That man. Was it that man that made her look so happy? After sex glow maybe?
Just the thought made him want to lose his breakfast.

The loud sound of a crashing locker made Liz give a little gasp.
“Ok, someone’s not pleased with the solution. I guess that would replace the sound of the fat lady singing, Class is dismissed.” Liz smiled and waved to the class. She laughed to herself and straightened out her desk. She heard the door swing open and turned around to see who it was.
“Max. You’re late. Two hours late to be exact. Is there a reason for your extreme tardiness?” She casually spoke and continued to tidy up her desk.

Max kept his hands in his pockets and looked down at his feet. He reminded her of a shy little boy. It was so adorable.
“Max? Hello? Is there something you needed to say?” Liz smiled up at him from behind her desk
“Yes.” Max looked up at her through hooded lashes. Just seeing her smile made him nervous.
“Spill Max. It’s ok.”

“Well, I went to the award’s ceremony.” He finally looked up at her.
“Oh…ohh.” Realization hit her. He went. He saw her. He saw her with Sean. “Max…”
“I saw you and that guy. I know, I know…it’s none of my business. But it is. It is. I thought….I thought that maybe…the office thing…the thing here…I don’t know. Maybe I read things wrong, maybe I’m crazy and just seeing or feeling what I want to feel. Maybe I’m sounding like a raving lunatic right now. I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore. All I know is you. You’re all I think about. And when I saw you with that…that…ass, I just fell apart. I couldn’t even go into the damned auditorium. I just stood there at the top looking down at you. When you cried I cried. I felt what you felt. Everything you said was like you had read my mind and said things out loud. When I finish talking you can laugh or just walk away. I just really wanted…needed to say this. I really care about you. I can even go as far to say I…I …I love you. Now I’m going to go. You can stop me, or let me go. I’m just….I’ll go now and…shut up because…yeah.” He stopped and turned around.

He waited. Waited for a reaction. Waited. But nothing. He took a shaky breath and walked up the steps. He couldn’t believe how stupid he was. He knew it was a bad idea but he did it anyways.

“Max, wait!” He stopped in his tracks and stood rigid. The hairs on the back his neck stood on end as she called out to him. “Max…I….this…we…I don’t know what’s going on. I’m usually in control of everything. And when I’m not, I lose it. This…thing, whatever it is, has turned my entire world up side down, and spun everything. When I was saying my speech, I…looked up. There…there was this shadow looking down on me from above. I…didn’t know who it was, but looking at it I felt at ease. It was you. I know it was you now. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before, not even as a teenager. Now, this thing…is driving me insane.” Liz ranted on to Max’s back. Even as she spoke he hadn’t turned around to face her.

“Well I’m so sorry Ms. Parker, I didn’t mean to cause you such distress. I never meant to harm your mental health.” Max spat out sarcastically.
“Max you’re not understanding me.” She was now right behind him and touched his arm. He slowly turned around and looked as tears brimmed her doe eyes. “I’m going insane because I feel the same way. I feel the same way Max. Since…that day in the office…” She felt her face burn. “…I’ve never stopped thinking about you. And it’s not only because of what you did. You have burned right through my heart and brain Max Evans.” Her hand reached out and touched his cheek. He put his hand over hers as tears of his own threatened to fall. “Now, this…can be dangerous. I can lose my job, you can get kicked out of school, our lives as we know it can be flushed down the drain. But, for some odd reason…I don’t really care.”

Max reached out and touched the silky strands he had longed to touch so much. He smiled and laughed through the lump in his throat.
“You look good Ms. Parker.” He smiled down at her and pulled her closer to him.
“Why thank you Mr. Evans.” She stepped closer and moved her arms around his neck.
“Why, I do suspect you’re coming on to me teach.” Max teased as he cupped her face.
“What are you going to do about it?”

Max lowered his lips on hers, slowly brushing them before opening his mouth to her. It wasn’t like their first kiss. Where that one was urgent and sudden, this one was slow and caring. Their tongues dueled together as they explored each other’s mouths.

Max tangled his hands in her hair, loving the feel of it. She smelled incredible. Although he couldn’t place the scent, but he loved it.

Liz ran her hands over his strong neck, shoulders and back. Awing in the way his muscles tensed under her touch. She smiled into his mouth and moaned as their continuous lip lock drove her body into a drowning puddle of mush.

The need for air finally made them pull apart, gasping. They rested their foreheads and smiled.
“That was…wow.” Liz giggled and licked her lips. His eyes bore into her, making the heart do flip flops.
“I have one word for you…” Max smiled seductively, and pulled on her bottom lip. “More” He growled and bent in for another kiss.

Max walked out of the room first as to not draw attention. A brilliant smile was plastered on his face and he practically skipped down the hall, whistling.

Liz came out next. Totally composed with briefcase in hand. She walked on behind him trying to act normal even as inside her heart was about to explode. She couldn’t help but giggle as Max jumped high into the air and kicked his heels together. She picked up her pace and followed him out of the building.

Alex stepped out from a corner, books clutched at his chest. He’d heard and seen everything.
“So book worm, what ya got for me?” He turned to the blonde seductress. She had a smile on her face, but it was not a pleasant one.
“Uh…he…” He paused pushing his glasses back into place.
“Come on Alex You know what I can, and will do for you after you help me.” She stood in front of him and twirled her finger on his chest. He sucked in a breath and dropped his books.
“He was in there…with her.” He confessed and stepped closer to her.
“Good boy. You’ll get your reward now.” She attacked his lips almost causing him to fall over. She rubbed her heat right into his now, very awake shaft making him hiss and griped at her harder. “Now, now. You’ll get that once you get me more info.” She stepped back and fixed herself. “See ya around. Keep in touch.” She winked and blew a kiss at him.

She left Alex standing there, glasses almost falling off. He watched as she disappeared down the hall.
“O….Ok, Tess.”


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LOL you guys are great!!!
Yeah if I give Tess a villian part it's because I really, really don't like her. LOL that's an understatement if I ever heard one.

So don't expect the gerbil bashing to stop anytime soon.
Just one warning, sex scene coming up, the first real one, just...have your barf bags ready LOL

So yeah you know what time it is. New part coming on ,three, two, one...

Part 8

Max and Liz made it to the parking lot of the university and, walking as calmly as their bodies cold let them, they finally made it to their respective cars.
“Hey, it was you.” Liz pointed and laughed. Max looked around confused. “The other night, I was driving and this maniac almost hit me.” Liz explained as she pointed to his car.
“That was you? I’m so sorry. I was kind of…” He looked away as a blush came over him. “I was driving back to um…see…you.” He smiled sheepishly at her. She giggled.
“I guess you’re not a very patient man.” She teased as she climbed into her car.
“Not when it comes to things I want.” He teased back and got into his own car.

They pulled up to the exit and Max rolled down his window. “My place or yours?” He winked at her and smiled.
“Yours. My parents are staying with me. I don’t think they’d appreciate me bringing a strange man home.” She smiled and waited for him to drive in front of her.

“Coming….wait up….I’ll be right there…hold on a sec….shut the fuck up!” Kyle shouted as the pounding on his door wouldn’t stop. He had just gotten out of the shower and only managed to pull his boxers on. He opened the door angrily and was surprised to see who it was. “Tess?”

Tess stood before him, tears streaming down her face. He’d never seen her cry. Didn’t even know she had emotions. “What…what’s wrong?” He asked as he grew uncomfortable. He didn’t like it when girls cried, and even if he didn’t like Tess all that much, having her show up at his door sobbing made him feel something.
“Can I…can I come in…I didn’t know…where….where else to go.” She kept crying. Kyle only nodded, stepping aside to let her in.

“What’s wrong?”
“I…I s…saw Max…with…another…girl.” She said in between sobs. She had her back facing him to cover up the fakeness of her play.
“Really?” Kyle had to stop himself from smiling. He was glad Max finally ditched the ditz, but he couldn’t let her know that. “But weren’t you two already broken up? Why would it matter if he was with someone else?” He went back into his room and pulled on a shirt.

“We were, but…but I was going to tell him…” She broke off and cried hysterically.
“Whoa, stop crying, it’s kinda making me uncomfortable here. What were you going to tell him?”
“I was going to tell him that…that…” Kyle was growing impatient. “…That I’m pregnant.” She sunk into his couch and cried into a cushion.

Kyle just stood there with his mouth gaping open. Tess was pregnant with Max’s brat? He walked over and sat beside her on his couch.
“Are you sure you’re pregnant?” He put his hand on her back.
“Positive. I was late so I took a pregnancy test. It came up positive. I’m having Max’s baby. But…but he was with someone else. She….she looked like….like his…teacher.” She turned and put her head on his chest. He instinctively put his arms around her and rubbed her back.
“You sure?” He felt her nod against him. “Damn. Look Tess, it’ll be alright ok. I’ll talk to him. Don’t worry about it.”

“Thank you Kyle. I knew I could count on you.” She sniffed and looked up at him. Their eyes locked, and Kyle found himself bending his head to kiss her. Their lips met halfway as Tess also leaned in to kiss him. He had meant it just to be small kiss, but it turned into a real kiss. He reached up and cupped her face, angling it for better access.

Tess smiled against his lips and pulled herself onto his lap. She could feel his thin boxers tenting beneath her and prided in it. She reached down and stroked him through them and reveled as he growled in pleasure. Taking his hand, she placed it over her breast.

Kyle kneaded it and watched as her head rolled back. His hard on was becoming unbearably painful as she continued to stroke him over his boxers. He pushed her off of his lap and pinned her down on the cushions. He ripped open her shirt and buried his face in her chest, nipping and licking at her breasts. Tess reached down and pushed her pants down bringing him up for a kiss.

Kyle hurriedly pulled his boxers off and reached for her center. She was already so wet for him and he yanked them right off. She led him inside of her and bucked her hips up to meet his thrusts. She dug her nails into his back hearing him hiss and crush his lips down on hers. He thrust into her hard and fast, desperately needing release.

“Ah! Yes…Kyle yes!” Tess cried out as she reached her climax. Kyle kept pounding into her causing her to hit her head on the arm rest of the couch. She reached down and squeezed his balls, bring him over the edge. He emptied himself and slumped down on her.

Kyle brought himself off of her, sitting on the other side of the couch. He pulled on his boxers and used his shirt to wipe himself off.
“I’ll…uh…talk to Max.” Kyle told her awkwardly. He handed her his shirt and watched as she dressed herself. What had he done? She was pregnant with Max’s baby, how was he possibly going to face Max now?

“Thank you Kyle…I should go now. Bye.” She shyly smiled over at him and got up. “This…this was nice.” She said and walked out of the apartment. Once in the hall she had to keep herself from laughing out loud. She had come to get Kyle on her side, and boy did she ever. She had to admit, he was an excellent lover.

Liz pulled into Max’s parking lot and took the space right beside his. She was taking off her seat belt when her door opened. Max held out his hand for her and helped her out of the car.
“My, my, what a gentleman.” She beamed.
“You should be treated like a lady.” He kissed her hand and led her to his apartment.

He fumbled with his keys, and she couldn’t help but giggled. He looked so anxious and nervous. He finally got his door open and stood back letting her inside first. Liz smiled and walked in. It was a nice apartment. She had expected it to be messy like a guy’s apartment, but he obviously kept his space clean.

“Nice.” She nodded in approval.
“I try. Would you like something to drink?” He asked as he walked toward the kitchen.
“Sure. What do you have?”
“Hmm, let me see. I have orange juice, soda, milk, water, some beer…and what’s this?” He smiled and pulled out a bottle of Champaign. He held it out for her and watched her smile and nod. He took out two glasses and walked over to the sofa.

Liz giggled as Max jumped over and landed right beside her. He handed her a glass and poured some of the Champaign.
“Why does a college student have a bottle of very good Champaign in his refrigerator?” Liz eyed him as she took a sip. Max shrugged and took a drink.
“Maria works at a restaurant. She gets to take things home sometimes. She gave it to me. I’ve been saving it for a special occasion.” He smiled and reached out touching her cheek. “It doesn’t get any more special than this.”

She looked so innocent as she blushed. Max smiled and leaned in to kiss her. Just as their lips were about to touch, the phone rang.
“Ignore it.” Max groaned and leaned in again. Liz started laughing as the phone kept ringing and Max almost threw a tantrum. He jumped off the couch and picked up the phone.
“This better be somebody dieing and in need of help or so help me…” Max answered angrily. He was so close to kissing Liz.
“Uh, Max?” Kyle’s voice came nervously. “Look man this is important, can I come over?”
“Hell no! Look man I’m kind of busy right now.” He looked up at Liz who was stifling her laughs.
“Well this is very important Max. I need to talk to you.”
“You’re already talking to me.” Max said frustrated.
“This isn’t something I should say over the phone. Come on let come over or you come over here.” Kyle sounded angry now. Whatever it was, he was serious. Max looked up at Liz and sighed.
“Ok, I’ll be right over.” He hung up and walked back to Liz.

“I’m so sorry. It sounds urgent.” He said as he nuzzled into her neck.
“Well, you should go then Max. I’ll be right here when you get back.” She promised and kissed his forehead. Max pouted and Liz had to practically push him away. “Go before I change my mind.”
“You’ll be here right?” He asked as he pulled on his jacket.
“I’ll be here.” She nodded and watched him leave.

“This better be good Kyle.” Max huffed as he walked into Kyle’s apartment. He noticed Kyle was nervous and chose to relax. Kyle kept pacing in front of him and biting his nails.
“It is. Look…you should sit down.” Kyle stopped and pointed to a stool. Max sighed and sat down.
“Ok, first I should tell you that…I know about you and Ms. Parker.” Kyle let it out. He saw Max’s mouth drop.
“W…what? What are y…you talking about?” Max crossed his arms in front of him.
“Cut the crap, I saw you two after class, you were hugging and she was crying.” Max let out a relieved breath. He thought Kyle had seen them earlier when they kissed.

“What are you getting at then? You make me come all the way down here to tell me that you saw us hugging?” Max looked back at him seriously.
“No. It’s just…Tess…she…she was going to talk to you today...and…she told me she saw you…and Ms. Parker…kissing.”

Max’s eyes bugged out and he nearly fell out of the stool. Tess knew. She would try to do something bad to Liz. She had warned him herself.
“How? When?”
“Tonight. Se was looking for you. She was going to tell you…” Kyle hesitated and looked away.
“What Kyle, what was she possibly going to tell me?”
“She’s pregnant.”

Liz’s cell phone rang and she reached into her coat pocket.
“Liz? Honey where are you? It’s late.” Her mother’s voice sounded worried, Just like old times.
“I’m fine mom. I’m just at a friend’s house. Go to sleep.”
“Liz. Did I ever tell you that you were a terrible liar? Just like your father. Dear, just come home. Think things through. I know you, you always were a little scientist. I also know you like to take things slow.”
“Mom…” She was going to tell her mom to mind her own business. That she was a grown woman. But when she looked around at where she was and what she was doing she felt stupid. She was waiting for Max. They were going to have sex. He was a student. It was so wrong. “I’ll be right home mom.”

She turned off her cell phone and reached for a pen and paper.

I’m sorry. I had to leave.
Hope everything is ok

She put the note on his kitchen counter and hurried out of the apartment.

“P…p…pregnant?” Max did fall out of the stool that time. He crashed down on the hard wood floor. Tess was pregnant? He was the dad? Kyle had to help him and lead him to the sofa.
“Yeah. Listen Max, she came over tonight, she was crying her brains out…” And he pretty much fucked them out too. “…and she told me she saw you two. She was going to tell you she was pregnant. You know I was the prime ring leader of the ‘I hate Tess’ club, but she looked awful bro. You gotta fix it. You gotta be a man and step up.”

Max couldn’t speak. They’d broken up, he had finally made his move for Liz, she was in his apartment right now.
“Shit, damn it!” Max cursed out and slammed his fist down on Kyle’s coffee table, breaking it in half.
“Fuck, Max!” Kyle shouted as his table snapped and collapsed.
“Sorry Kyle. I’m just…damn it! When can I catch a damn break?” Max ran his fingers through his hair and put his head down.
“Tough break Max. You got yourself into this mess.”
“We always used a condom. Every single time. If I didn’t have one, we didn’t do anything.”
“Condoms break Max.” Kyle sat opposite him.
“Look, I…I gotta go.” Max got up and went to the door.
“You have to deal with it Max!” Kyle shouted as his door slammed shut.

Max sped all the way back to his apartment. He needed Liz. Needed her calming presence. Needed to be with her. He screeched to a halt as he pulled into his parking space. Running up his stairs he opened his door and rushed in. Liz was not on the couch.
“Liz!” He ran around his apartment looking in his bedroom, bathroom and back out to the living room. Where was she? He sat down at his kitchen counter and saw a note. He opened it up and read it.

She had left. She had to leave. She was sorry. She hoped everything was ok. Everything was not ok. Tess was pregnant and she knew about Liz. Why was the world crashing down on him now. Now that he was finally happy.

After explaining why she was late, leaving out the possible sex with Max, Liz went to bed. She felt so guilty. She has promised Max she would wait for him. He would be crushed. She finally gave him hope, and she takes off. She hated her mom at the moment, but also thanked her. Sleeping with Max would have been amazing. Just having his fingers in her was like heaven, imagine what the rest of him would have been like. But sleeping with him would also be complicated. She was his teacher. It was against school policy to get involved with students.

After tossing and turning in her bed, Liz finally went to sleep. Only, her dreams wouldn’t let her rest. She would see Max hovering over her, professing his love as they made love all night long. She whimpered in her sleep as she would reach out to nothing. She was alone in her cold, cold bed.

Nancy peeked through the door as she heard Liz whimpering. She’d never seen her daughter in that condition. She could see her reaching out and whimpering when she wouldn’t find anything. It broke her heart. She knew where Liz was. Knew what she was probably going to do. And even though she had ultimately supported Liz in what ever decision she had come up with, she knew her daughter. She would never forgive herself for letting her emotions get the best of her.

She walked over to Liz and put the cover that she had kicked off back on her. She smoothed her hair back and waited until Liz’s body relaxed.
“Good night.” She whispered and left the room


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LOL, something has been brought to my attention.
I had originally said that Max and Tess had been together for 5 months, then suddenly I have Tess say that they'd been together for 3 years. I don't know how I could have made that big of a mistake, but I did.

I tend to forget what I wrote before and just keep writting. I'll try to be more careful in details like that.

So I will be refering to the orgianl time period of 5 months instead of the 3 years. It's easier anyways and doesn't mean that much of a commitment.

So again sorry for the confusion. I will TRY to keep things straight.

And btw, good theories. I'm very impressed ;)

And a note to Tracy,
Don't go around now making excuses for not writing me a new part of your fic!! I want one, PRONTO.
Don't make me sick my evil hench men after you.
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Part 9

Max had wanted to speak to Liz before class started, but for some reason people arrived extra early that morning. He had wanted to talk before class got there but he couldn’t. He could tell she was upset, so he decided to wait till after class.

Liz couldn’t hear herself speak. It was like she was having and out of body experience, and was watching herself talking to the class. Her mouth was moving but she couldn’t hear the words.

She kept looking over at Max to find him writing in his notebook. He looked detached, not really there, and that made her feel even guiltier. She forced herself to concentrate on her lecture until class was through.

She noticed Max stayed in his seat, obviously pretending to put his things away slowly, and waited for the rest of the class to leave. She went to her desk and waited for him to approach her. And sure enough he did.

“Liz? We…uh, need to talk.” He cleared his throat and prepared himself.
“Listen Max, I’m sorry about last night. I really had to go. My mom called and…” Liz tried to explain but Max cut her off.
“Liz, I have to tell you something.” He tried to speak but Liz continued to speak.
“…I know I said I was going to wait, and I was but my mom called, I couldn’t exactly tell her I was going to sle…”
“Liz, please.” Max finally covered her mouth with his hand to stop her.

He slowly removed his hand and watched her nod. “Kyle was the one who called me last night. When I got to his place he told he knew about us.” He watched as her eyes widened.
“Oh my god. Max what are we going to do? He won’t tell anyone will he?”
“I don’t know. I don’t think so. But…there’s more Liz.” He walked her over to her chair and made her sit. He sat on her desk and fidgeted.

“What is it Max?” She took his hand and looked into his deep eyes.
“He told me…he…uh…damn it.” He closed his eyes. He couldn’t bear to look at her when he told her. “I…I…got a girl pregnant.” He felt her hand pull away from his and heard her gasp.
“You what?” She pushed her chair back and stood up.
“My ex girlfriend told him that she was pregnant, and that I was the father. I didn’t know. What’s worse is that she saw us last night, in here…kissing.”

Liz couldn’t believe her ears. She was expecting to hear him say something about her leaving before he got back, but not that. She felt literary sick. Running toward the trash can at the end of the room she threw up. She felt Max’s hand on her back as she heaved the contents of her stomach into the small trash can. She flinched at his touch and pushed him away.

“I…I don’t know how it happened.” Max tried to explain but she shot back.
“You fucked her Max. That’s how, or didn’t your parents have the talk with you.” She was angry. Positively fuming.
“Liz, I broke up with her a long time ago. And we always used protection. Liz I don’t love her. I love you. Please believe me.” He pulled her into his arms but she hit his chest and got away.
“What are you planning to do then Max? Huh? You’re going to leave that poor girl to raise a child alone just so you can live out fantasy of screwing your teacher? No Max. That’s not how things work .”

“Liz if the kid is mine I will take care of it. I’m not about to abandon a poor child because of a mistake I stupidly made. But I still love you Liz. After Kyle told me, I rushed home. I needed you. I needed to hear from you that it was ok.” His eyes were filled with tears now. He wouldn’t be able to deal if she rejected him now.
“You wanted me to tell you it was ok? Are you serious Max? You expected me to be ok with this and be your shoulder to cry on? How could you think that? Damn it Max, you’re a father. As if things weren’t complicated enough. Your friend knows about us, your ex knows about us and she’s pregnant. I don’t think she’s going to take it as well as I am. She’s probably heart broken…like I am right now. With what she knows, she could go to the head of my department, heck she could go to the dean and tell her about us. Max I could lose my job.”

“It didn’t bother you that much while you were willing to sleep with me.” Max shouted back. Before he could take it back she slapped him and walked away.
“You know what Max? What ever this…thing was, consider it over. Not that it ever started to begin with. As of right now, you may no longer call me Liz. I am your teacher, Ms. Parker. Now, good day.” She stormed out of the room, leaving Max all alone in his misery.

Liz called off the rest of her classes and told Jim she was taking a personal day. She kept it together until she left his office, then she just let the tears fall. She felt so betrayed. Granted, Max and she didn’t really have anything yet, she still felt deeply hurt.
“Liz?” She quickly wiped her eyes and turned toward the voice.
“Sean, how nice to see you.” She tried her best to smile, but saw that it wasn’t working.
“Were you crying? What’s wrong?” Sean walked closer to her and noticed the tear tracks on her cheeks. “What happened?”

Liz felt a traitorous tear fall down her cheek and she turned away. She didn’t want anyone to see her cry.
“Nothing. I’m fine.” She said but knew that he wouldn’t buy it. In fact, Sean crossed his arms and looked back at her.
“I know I’m just a lowly English professor, but I do know a thing or two about emotions. Tell me what happened Liz. Please.” His green eyes showed sympathy and he reached out and touched her arm. “Come on. I don’t have my next class till after two. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.”
“Sure. Thank you.” Liz smiled and walked with him.

Max stormed into his apartment and slammed the door shut. How could he say that to her? He felt like a total ass. And she was right. Did he really expect her to be ok with him fathering a child? Who would? He growled out loud and collapsed onto his couch.
“Max?” Her heard her small voice but didn’t look up. “I know you said you never wanted to see me again, but there’s something I have to tell you.”

“Kyle already told me.” He said as he continued to look down at his hands.
“Listen, I didn’t mean for it to happen. We used a condom every time. Maybe one time it broke.” She offered explanations.
“How far along are you?” He finally looked up at her. Tess looked like she was about to burst into tears. She was dressed in jeans and a simple sweater. He was used to see her in revealing clothing. She wasn’t wearing any make up and she kept fidgeting.

“About three weeks. I went to the doctor this morning. I’m sorry Max. I know you’re young, and that we aren’t together anymore…” She just started crying and fell to her knees. Max immediately got up and was by her side.
“Tess, it’s not your fault. I had a part in this too remember. Look, we’ll get through this ok?” He wiped her eyes.
“You’re just…so amazing Max. Any other guy would have thrown me out in the street, but you…you’re different.” She smiled and wrapped her arms around him.

Max hugged her back, but it didn’t feel right. He didn’t love her. Yes, she was going to have his baby, but there was nothing there. Nothing.
“Do you feel ok?”
“I’m ok. Just a little tired.” She said and looked up at him. Max helped her up and led her to his room.
“You could…uh…stay if you want. I’ll…I’ll be right back.” Max laid her down.
“Thank you Max. For everything.” She smiled and he walked out.

As soon as she heard his door close she started laughing. She had Max right where she wanted him. He must have told that little teacher of his because he looked like if a semi truck had run over him. Her plan was working perfectly. Just one thing, she wasn’t really pregnant. She’d have to fix that little snag later. And if little Ms. Parker tried anything, she’d just have to let it slip that she’d seen her with a student. Her career and life would be finished.

“Maria! Door!” Michael yelled out as he watched TV.
“You get it. I’m getting dressed.” She yelled back for their bedroom.
“I can’t.”
“Yes you can. The door is four feet away. Get your lazy ass off the couch and answer the fucking door.”
“I’m not on the couch. Come on, Philly is playing the Lakers. I can’t risk missing anything.” He yelled back and heard her scream.

She stomped out of the bedroom, smacked Michael on the head, and opened the door.
“Hey Max, your lazy ass friend is watching the game. Make yourself comfortable.” She stepped aside and allowed Max to enter. She was holding her shirt over her bear chest and Max just laughed.
“You could have finished getting dressed Maria. I would have gladly waited.”
“Come on we’re friends. I’ve seen you naked more than once. It’s only right that I flash you some boobage.” And with that she lowered the shirt.

“Yo Max. What’s up?” Michael called out from the recliner. He turned enough to see Maria’s bear chest. “Oh for crying out loud. Damn it Maria put those away, can’t you see we have company?”
“He’s not company, he’s Max.” Maria smiled at Max, then turned and glared at Michael.
“Things not going smooth in paradise?” Max joked and walked over to the couch.

“What brings you around Max?” Maria put her shirt on and sat beside him. She saw his expression change. “Ooh that bad. Well, you’ve come to the right place. If you got a problem, I’ve got the solution. Tell me about it girlfriend.” Maria smiled and rested her chin on her hand.
“I do have a problem. A big, big problem.” Max sighed and put his head on her shoulder.
“There, there Maxie boy. You tell your auntie Maria what’s bothering you.” Maria teased and patted him on the head.
“Can you two keep it down? I can’t hear the TV.” Michael scowled at them.

“Shut up space boy. Come on Max, tell me what’s wrong. Maybe I can help.”
“Tess is pregnant.”

“What?!” Michael and Maria both asked at the same time. Michael even turned off the TV and turned to Max. Maria’s mouth hung open and just started at him.
“She’s pregnant.”
“Are you sure the brat’s yours?” Michael asked which earned him a glare from Maria.
“But really, it is?” Maria turned to Max and asked.
“I don’t know. I think it is.”
“Well, I ain’t so sure. You should have one of those tests they give a lot on Jenny Jones.”
“A paternity test.” Maria said. “That isn’t such a bad idea.”

“I can’t ask her to do that now. She was really upset today, I left her to rest in my apartment. She’s three weeks pregnant now.” Max let out a frustrated sigh.
“That’s rough man. Look, if ya need anything, you know I got your back.”
“Ditto.” Maria smiled and pulled Max into a hug. “I’m sure it’ll be ok Max. Just you wait and see.”
“You always know how to make me feel better. How do you do it?” Max smiled back at her.
“It’s a gift.”

“So you ready to tell me what’s wrong?” Sean asked after he finished off his cup. Liz took another sip of her cappuccino.
“Not really. I’m sorry Sean, it’s just…it’s personal.”
“It’s ok. You don’t have to tell me anything. Well, maybe just one thing.”
“What?” She put her cup down.
“If you’d like to go to dinner with me tonight. I figured, we said another time, and this is another time.” He made Liz laugh and watched her smile. “It’s no pressure. Just my heart.” He held his hand over his chest and pretended to wait for a strike.
“Sure Sean. I’d love to.”

So was it what you expected? LOL

*stands back for feedback*

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Adding a new part cause tomorrow I won't be here. Gonna have my YearBook Committee banquet. Woo hoo!!
So since I'm in a good mood I decided on posting a new part.

Warning: Um, may cause another bout of vomiting. I'm sorry.
No I'm not. I'm a drama queen.

Part 10

Max walked back into his apartment after talking with Michael and Maria. They had made him feel better, but once he was back in his apartment everything came crashing back to him. Tess was sitting on his couch eating a bowl of his ice cream.
“Hey Max. Where were you?” She asked as she took another spoonful of the ice cream.
“Michael and Maria’s.” He sighed and got himself a beer. It was becoming habit now.
“You told them?”

“Yeah. I needed some advice.” He walked over and sat on the other side of the sofa, away from her.
“Oh, so you couldn’t come to me for advice, so you went to your friends to spread around our business. This doesn’t concern them Max.” She said with a hint of anger in her voice.
“I needed to talk to them ok.” He shot her an annoyed glance. “They actually made a good point about something.” He wasn’t meaning to tell her like that, but he was frustrated.

“Oh really? What did dumb and dumber have to say?” She adjusted herself so that her whole body was facing him. She had put the bowl down on the floor and waited for him to speak.
“They say we should take a paternity test. Just to be sure.”

“A paternity test? What, you think I cheated on you and this isn’t your baby? This is yours Max. Just know that.” She shouted at him.
“Look, this is just a little too convenient. We break up and suddenly you’re pregnant? Look Tess…”
“No you look Max. I am not going to go along with this stupid idea your stupid friends came up with. They just want you to do this because they don’t like me.”
“If that is true, you wouldn’t mind taking the test .To prove them wrong even.”

Tess wanted to hit him. He and his stupid friends were going to ruin anything. She wasn’t pregnant, and even if she were to go out and get pregnant, the paternity test would prove it wasn’t his.
“No. I don’t need to do that. I know you’re the father.”
“You know, if you were so positive you wouldn’t be this upset. You’d take the test to prove me wrong. I know you Tess. We were together for five months remember? Look, I’m making the appointment. Like it or not, we will take the test.” Max got up and went into his room.

Liz got home and told her mom about her date. Nancy kept watching her as she spoke and could tell there was something her daughter wasn’t telling her.
“Liz what is it?” She asked her point blank.
“What’s what?”

Nancy shook her head and wagged her finger at her.
“There’s something else. What aren’t you telling me?” She saw Liz hesitate and the battle that waged inside of her.
“You’re not going to like what I have to say.” Liz warned her.
“Try me.”

Liz sighed and prepared herself for the lecture of a lifetime. “After class today, the student I told you about, Max, came to speak to me. Last night I was at his apartment when you called me. We…uh…we were going to have sex but his friend called. Then you called me and I left. Today he told me what his friend said. It turns out…” Her voice cracked and new tears formed in her eyes. “…he got a girl pregnant. We got into a fight after that and then Sean saw me crying.”

Liz could tell her mother was trying her best to bite her tongue. She knew her mother very well. Too well.
“Liz.” Nancy sighed. “Oh honey I’m so sorry.” That was different. Nancy wrapped her arms around her daughter and hugged her.

Liz didn’t know what to do. She was expecting to hear her mother rant about how she should have known better. But now her mother was comforting her.
“What have you done to my mother?” Liz smiled as they pulled back.
“What do you mean?”
“My mother would have lectured me about falling for the wrong guy.”

Nancy smiled and wiped a stray tear that fell down Liz’s cheek.
“I figured you were too old for a lecture. Listen sweetie, although it’s hard to believe I too was young once. I know what it feels like to be in love.” She put her hand up knowing Liz was going to protest. “Don’t try to argue Liz, it’s beyond that. It obviously hurt you, and you feel betrayed. You wouldn’t feel that way if it wasn’t love. Here’s my advice, if he actually wanted to tell you about his dilemma it means something. He wanted to be honest with you. He probably even thought that if he told you things wouldn’t feel as bad. Liz, you have to have a long talk with your heart. Find out what you want, and really listen. But as for tonight, it’s not right to cancel. You already agreed. So just go out, have fun, but make it clear that you do not want things to go further. It’s not right to lead the poor man on.”

At seven o’clock Sean arrived at Liz’s house. He brought her flowers for her and her mother. Liz said good night to her parents and left.

“You look very beautiful tonight Liz.” Sean complimented her as he drove to the restaurant. He noticed Liz looked distracted and guessed it was still over about what happened before.
“Oh, thank you Sean. You look very nice too.” She told him. She couldn’t stop thinking about what her mom said. She was right. She always was.

They pulled up to the restaurant and let the valet take the car. It was a nice restaurant, but not too fancy. ‘Sundown’ was the name of the small restaurant.
“Matthews, table for two?” The host asked. Sean nodded and they were led to a small table.

Liz ate in silence. Sean waited for her to speak, but when she would not he finally took it upon himself.
“Is everything alright Liz? You’ve been very distant this evening.” He put his spoon down and interlaced his fingers.
“I know. I’m sorry Sean. I just have a lot on my mind. I figured that…”
“That if you accepted my invitation you would feel better? But you don’t.” Sean finished for her.

Liz nodded. “Look you obviously don’t want to be here. Come on I’ll take you back home.” Sean called for the check and paid. They drove back to her house in silence.

Tess made her way into Max’s room. He was asleep, and was obviously dreaming. A sheen coat of sweat covered him and he was tossing in bed. She couldn’t help but smile. This would make it easier. If he was having a hot dream she could easily ease in and he wouldn’t mind.

Max was certainly having an amazing dream. It was hard for him to get to sleep but once he did, he dove right into a dream. He was in a beautiful beach; white sands, crystal clear water, and a bright summer sun. The palm trees swayed in the light breeze. It was paradise.
“Max?” He turned around with a smile. Liz. She wore a baby blue bikini with a white sarong around her waist. “Hello Max. Ready for your massage?” She asked seductively calling him over.

He quickly made his way over to her. She welcomed him with open arms and led him over to a small massage table. He climbed on and watched as she walked around him. “Would you like today’s special Max?” She slyly smiled down at him.
“And what does that consist of?”
“Mmm, a little massage followed by mind blowing sex.”

“Sounds good. I’ll have that.” He smiled back and turned over on his back. He saw Liz strip off her small bikini and climb onto the table. She straddled his hips and placed her hands on his chest. “Can we skip the massage and go straight to the sex?” Max asked as his hands went up her thighs.
“If you like. I’m here to please. And please I shall.”

Max moaned in his sleep and Tess stripped down before sauntering over to the bed. She slowly pulled the covers away to reveal Max’s hard on beneath his boxers. This was easier than she thought.

He pulled Liz down for a kiss before feeling his boxers being pulled off. He smiled up at her as her hair cascaded around her, falling against his chest. He couldn’t help but run his fingers through her silky strands, then using them to pull her down.

Tess smiled as Max pulled her down in his sleep. He was so responsive, even if it was because of the dream he was having.

Max looked up so see Liz’s hair curly now, and shorter. Her hair felt different to him. “What is it Max?” Liz asked as he paused. He shook the feeling away and returned his attention on the beautiful siren hovering over him. His hands slipped down to her hips lifting her slightly and lowering back down on his shaft.

Tess had to keep herself from moaning out loud. She certainly didn’t want him to wake up before she got what she needed. Max Evans was going to impregnate her whether he liked it or not. He filled her completely.

It all felt so real. Max knew he was dreaming, but he could actually feel her walls surround him. Feel her skin under his hard hands. Feel her breath on his face.
“Liz.” He moaned as she began to ride him faster and harder.

“Liz.” She cringed in hearing that name. Must be that hussie’s name she thought. But she wouldn’t let that stop her. She increased her pace hoping to drive him on.

Max could feel her nails dragging down his chest and hissed as she scraped over his sensitive nipples. He arched up into her, now in a sitting position. He pulled her closer, aiding her as he thrust into her. He was close, so close.
“Oh Max.” He looked up at her in shock. That wasn’t Liz’s voice. “Don’t stop Max. Don’t stop.” She pleaded, but the more he looked at her the more she began to look like Tess. He felt her dig her sharp nails into him and he cried out in pain.

His eyes sprung open to see that in fact it was Tess. He quickly pushed her off and reached for the sheets.
“What the hell are you doing?” He shouted, his member aching. He needed release so bad, but the idea of getting it from Tess, made him sick.
“You….you were calling me in your sleep….I came….and…then…you.” She couldn’t think, she was still riding through her orgasm and was in no state to come up with anything.

“Get out! Get the hell out of my apartment. I don’t want to see you until we take the paternity test. I’m now more convinced that Michael and Maria were right. Get out.” He shouted angrily at her.
“But Max…” He didn’t let her finish, instead he got out of bed and threw her clothed at her.

Max waited until he heard his door slam shut before running to his bathroom. He turned on his shower to the cold water and jumped in. He scrubbed as hard as he could trying to wash Tess off of him. He’d never felt as dirty as he did right then. He looked down and saw that he still had a very painful hard on. He took himself, hesitantly in his palm and started up a fast rhythm, hoping for it to be done. He pumped hard and faster until he spilled himself all over his shower.

He panted against the wall of the shower holding himself up on shaky legs. Just thinking of having Tess on him made him sick and he threw up. Liz. He wanted…needed Liz so much.

Liz sighed as she pulled the covers over her tired body. She had spent half the night going over what she should do about Max. Some thoughts seeped in to what she ‘could’ do with Max, making it very difficult to think clearly. But she had her mind made up.

“That bitch!” Tess shouted as she made it to her apartment. She was so mad. She had been so close, but Max had to wake up. He was dreaming about his stupid teacher. She’d had enough. Picking up her phone she dialed the number written on a small piece of paper.
“Hello?” The person asked sleepily. She had obviously woken him up, but she didn’t care.
“Alex, it’s Tess. It’s time to move on the plan B.”


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Sorry for the delay. Life is kinda going crazy right now. Stress is more than just 6 letter word, let me tell ya that.

So enough excuses. On with the show...

Part 11

Max made the call for the paternity test early next morning. He wanted to get that over with as soon as possible and get Tess out of his life for good. He was sure he was not the father, and now even suspected that she wasn’t pregnant at all. That stunt she tried to pull being the reason.

Just remembering what he had woken up to made him angry. She had taken advantage of his dream state to try to get him to have sex with her. His skin was still sensitive from the amount of scrubbing he’d given it afterwards.

And now he had to face Liz. How was he going to be able to face her after what he’d said?
He didn’t mean to say it but he just snapped.

Knock! His thoughts were interrupted by the knock on the door. He walked out of his room wearing only his boxers and hair all mussed.
“Who is it?” He called out before opening it. They just knocked again softly but wouldn’t answer. Max sighed and opened the door a little. “Liz?”

“Hello Max.” She tucked a stray hair behind her ear and looked down at her feet. She didn’t know what drove her to come, but before she knew it, she was in her car heading to his apartment. And there she was standing out in the hall looking at his feet through the small crack. He was bear foot.

“Um, what…what are you doing here?” He asked as she kept her gaze down. She was dressed for class already. A nice blue suit with a red blouse underneath. She had her jacket on her arm. “Would you…l….like to…uh…come in?”

Liz nodded and slowly made herself look up. His legs came into view and she noticed every hair. She felt herself blush as she saw he was only wearing his boxers. Quite a good sight. A slight gasp escaped her parted lips and she took in his well defined abs and chest. And then, his face. It was still etched with sleep.

Max opened the door, stepping aside to let her in. He watched as she walked in, clinging to her jacket, and stood aside. He slowly closed the door, locking it, and went to stand by her. “What brings you here?” He felt stupid. They had had a fight just yesterday and he was acting too casual, not to mention that he was standing wearing only his boxers.
“I…I really don’t know. I just had to come over. And…see you.” Liz replied sheepishly.

“Liz, I’m…”
“I’m sorry Max.” She interrupted him before he had a chance to apologize. “You came to me with a problem and I blew you off. I was being selfish, and I really hurt you when you needed some support. I’m so sorry. I know that now. Can you forgive me?” She looked up at him and looked as if she were about to cry. Her bottom lip was quivering and her hands were shaking as they held on to her jacket.

Max stepped forward, taking the jacket out of her hands and taking them in his. He pulled her toward him until there were inches away. He reached out and ran a finger down the bridge of her nose to her chin, tipping it up.
“Only if you forgive me.” He smiled and lowered his lips on hers ever so gently.

He pulled back to look at her. She was smiling and looped her arms around his neck.
“Forgiven.” She brought him back down and kissed him back. “I didn’t hurt you too much did I?” She asked as she ran her hand over his cheek.
“Nah, you can slap me around when ever you want. In fact…” He grinned down at her as he began to walk backward pulling her along. “…you can right now if you want.” He winked.

Liz looked behind him and noticed he was leading her to his bedroom.
“Hmmm, sounds like a proposition to me. Let me just do something first.” She snaked her tongue out to touch his lips and pulled away.

Max whimpered at the loss but noticed she walked over to the phone. “Hello? Yes, this is Professor Elizabeth Parker, I’m calling to say that I won’t be coming in today….no….I’m ill and can’t make it…yes…ok…thank you. Good bye.” She hung up and smiled back at Max.
“Good idea.” He nodded and took the phone from her. He dialed the phone. “Um, hey Kyle, look I won’t be able to make it today…nah just…yeah….can you take notes for me, oh and tell Michael…ok…alright buddy….I will….ok bye.” He hung up and put the phone down. “Now where were we?”

He walked up to and picked her off the floor, spinning her around. She giggled and threw her head back, letting her hair whip around. When they stopped spinning she wrapped her legs around his waist, her skirt riding up over her hips.
“If I remember correctly we were heading towards your room.” She bit her lip. She could feel Max’s hands holding her up on her bottom and walking over to his room. He kicked the door open and walked to the bed.

Liz laughed as he tossed her down on the bed and jumped on top of her. His hands ran over her thighs up to where her skirt was bunched up.
“Are you sure about this? I mean….I can’t stop….again.” Max panted as he smoothed through her hair.
“I don’t want you to stop. I’m sure.” She smiled and urged him on.

He untucked her blouse from her skirt and pulled it over her head. Reaching down he also removed her skirt leaving her pinned beneath him in only her bra and panties. His fingers trailed down her neck, between her breasts, onto her firm stomach, and stopping at the seam line of her red laced panties.

“Nice” He grinned and tugged at her panties. “Were you expecting something to happen?” He asked her as he slowly pulled them down.
“Expecting? No. Hoping…maybe.” She giggled and helped him remove her panties.

Max grinned as he tossed the red panties over his shoulder, and knelt in between her legs. Urging them apart a little more he worked his hands up her thighs to the juncture between them.
“I’ve been wanting to do this since that day under your desk.” His voice was husky as he bent down, first kissing the inside of her thigh, then kissing the crevice between her thigh and her hot center.

Liz watched his tongue snake out and brush over her outer lips. Her hands tangled in Max’s sheets as he probed into her, lightly flicking her little nub. She could feel his hands trying to keep her hips from bucking into him as he continued to lick, suck, and nibbled her down there.

Max grinned as her moans got louder and her breathing became erratic. He loved hearing just how much he affected her. Loved how her body arched off the bed when he found a sensitive area. Her womanly scent was driving him insane as he continued to eat her out, as if she were his last meal. Her legs closed around him, squeezing his head as she cried out his name. He lapped up her juices as Liz rode her climax over, until his name was but a faint whisper on her lips.

“Oh Max…that…you were…amazing.” Liz panted up as he slowly kissed his way up her body.
“You taste great.” He said seductively, licking his lips as he settled over her. “Sweet, but spicy at the same time. Your intoxicating.” He bent down claiming a kiss.

Liz could taste herself as they kissed, and the thought got her even hotter. She wanted him to know how he made her feel, and to taste himself on her lips. “I want to taste you now.” She whispered and kissed him again.

Max nodded and rolled them over so she was now on top. He watched as she kissed a trail down his body, dipping her wet tongue into his navel before licking down to the waistband on his boxers. He lifted his hips and she tugged his boxers off, tossing them over her shoulder just as he done.

Her eyes widened as his erection jolted up at her. She giggled and shyly reached out for it.
“It’s ok Liz, you can touch it. It likes you.” Max teased. Liz just grinned back taking him into her palm.

She loved the feel of him. Soft over hard. The perfect combination. She noticed the first drops of precum glisten on the tip of his manhood and couldn’t hold back. Her tongue licked over it, making his hips lift up, pushing more of him into her mouth. It surprised her at first, having him inside her mouth, but once she relaxed she took more of him.

She’d never done that before. She was certainly no virgin, she’d had sex before. But the thought of a “blow job” always disgusted her before, until now. Things she once thought “dirty” excited her when she pictured she and Max doing them. Like in that moment. She relaxed her throat muscles, taking him even deeper as he repeated her name over and over like a mantra.

“Oh god Liz!” Max finally cried out in pure ecstasy as he released himself into her sweet mouth. He didn’t want to let himself go that much, thinking she’d find it disgusting, but the look on her face told him otherwise. She licked her lips, and licked his shaft clean before climbing back up his body/
“You taste so good. Like that first drink of wine, smooth, warm and thick against your throat. I wouldn’t mind getting drunk off of you. All of you.” She traced his lips before going in for a kiss.

Max moaned as he tasted himself on her sweet lips. He looked up at her and saw that she still had her bra on. Reaching behind her, he unfastened it and pulled it down over her breasts. He noticed her arms come up to cover them and he pulled them back down.
“They’re too small.” She said as she blushed. Max’s strong hands came up, cupping them and he shook his head.
“They’re perfect. Never think anything besides that Liz. You’re perfect. Beautiful.”

“You’re about to get really lucky now, you know that.” Liz winked and laughed as he looked up at her.
“I already am.” He cupped her face and brought her down for another kiss.

Sitting up, Max brought her higher on his lap until his man hood pressed up against her lower abdomen. “I’m the luckiest man in the world, because I get to have an angel in my arms.” He said as he ran his hands along her curves.
“You can stop Max. You already have me.”
“I’m not just saying this because well...of what we’re going to do. I really mean it Liz. You are breath-takingly beautiful. Just looking at you turns me on.”
“I can see that.” Liz teased as she felt him stir to life.

“See what you do to me Liz. You…” Liz stopped him from continuing as she placed a slender finger on his lips.
“Shh, no more talking.” She whispered and watched as her finger slipped into his mouth as he sucked it in.

She moaned as he hardened against her even more as he sucked on her finger. He kept his eyes open watching the affect he was having at her. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth peeked open allowing the small moans to escape. He smiled as her center rubbed against his inner thigh, indicating that she was more than ready for him.

“Liz.” He whispered making her open her eyes. She could see all he was feeling in his eyes. Love, passion, caring, fear, insecurity. She could even see the light haze that shone through his eyes. “Are you sure about this?” He asked. She could hear the fear in his voice. A fear of her saying no. Of her changing her mind and walking out on him.
“More than ready.”

Liz nodded and lifted herself slightly. He stopped her and reached over to his nightstand, pulling out a condom from the drawer. Liz smiled and helped him put it on. Once securely on she smiled and continued what she was about to do. Max helped her slide over his ready shaft, gasping at the first initial contact. Their eyes remained locked as Liz lowered herself inch by inch on Max. Finally, fully sheathed, Max hissed as her hot walls surrounded him.

“Oh god.” Max gasped as Liz began to move on him. Slowly at first, keeping her eyes on him. Her hands were on his chest feeling his heartbeat as it sped up as she did.

Max’s hands were everywhere all at once. And his mouth burned her throat and chest as he placed open mouthed kisses to where ever he could reach. Each kiss, met each thrust. His breathing was shallow and came out in quick pants as he watched her quicken her pace on him.

Liz moved up and down onto his thick shaft, watching as his face contorted into expressions of pure pleasure. Mental note, find word to describe Max’s sex face, Liz thought to her self, which only made her giggle.

Liz’s laughter shot right through Max and in an instant Max was now above Liz, pounding into her. He was almost animalistic as he thrust deeper and faster. His face was so determined as he looked down at her. Liz was biting her lip, but couldn’t any longer as she screamed out his name as her orgasm washed over her.
“Oh god Max…Max…Max!”

Hearing her scream out his name was all Max needed to reach his own peek. With a few last thrust he grunted and cried out her name as he slumped down on her.
“Liz…Oh Liz, my Liz.” He panted and kissed her lips over and over. He never thought anything could be that good. He’d never felt that way in all his 22 years. His whole body tingled and wanted more of her.

“Liz, my Liz.” He snuggled against her neck, wrapping her in his arms. “Mine.” He growled as he rolled over with her on top. He didn’t want to crush her.
“Yours. And you’re mine.” Liz answered back kissing his chest. She snuggled in his arms, still reveling in the feel of having him inside of her. “Mine.” She whispered as she closed her eyes.

Max stroked her sweaty hair smiling as he saw her breathing steadying, showing that she was asleep. They’d done it. They’d made love. And it surpassed all of his expectations. He reached down and pulled his blanket over the both of them. He sighed and kept arms around her, feeling her breath tickle his chest. He saw a smile develop on her lips and her lips part slightly. “Max.” Came her tiny voice, but she was still asleep. He smiled and closed his own eyes, drifting off.

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Sorry for taking long to update. I've been busy, and don't have any time to write. But I thought ya'll desevered another part, so here I am.

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Part 12

Liz’s eyes slowly peeked open a two hours later. At first she was disoriented, as she woke up. She could feel something hard beneath her. It was warm, and….breathing. Her eyes widened as she looked down at the body under her. Then she smiled remembering what had happened. Shifting slightly she could feel that he was still inside her.

Max was still asleep, his arms draped over her. His breath caressed her forehead and his hair looked so adorable. His bangs fell over his forehead making him look so much younger. She brushed it back watching his eyes squint and he moved beneath her. Liz moaned as he moved inside of her.

The sound woke Max up and he saw her smiling back at him.
“How long have we’ve been out?” He asked as he yawned and stretched.
“About two hours.” She replied as she looked over at the clock he had on his night stand. She smiled and snuggled into his arms again. “I love it here.” She sighed.
“In your arms.”

“I love it too. I love it here too.” He winked as he moved within her. “Really love it.”
“Don’t start what you can’t finish.” Liz warned as she felt him stir to life inside of her heat.
“I plan to. But first I should change.”
“Change what?” Liz questioned.
“My hard hat.” He winked and pulled out of her removing the used condom. Liz giggled and watched as he reached for another one.

“Hold that thought. I’m a little hungry. Didn’t eat breakfast this morning.” Liz blushed as her stomach began to rumble. Max smiled and reached for his boxers. He laughed as Liz sighed saying she enjoyed the view.
“Here wear this.” Max handed her his large tee shirt and smiled. “I think you’ll look good in it.” He smiled wider as she pulled it on and followed him to his kitchen.

“So what would you like?” He asked as he opened the fridge.
“What ya got?” She leaned over his kitchen counter.
“How about I make you some scrambled eggs and bacon. Build your strength up.” He winked.
“Sounds good.”

Liz mouthed watered as the smell of eggs and bacon wafted towards her. Not to mention the sight of a half naked Max working over the stove. She could see his back muscles working as he moved around. She was hungry for two things now.

Max turned, pushing the plate over to her as he piled some food for himself as well. He was aware now of his hunger. He hadn’t eaten anything either and his stomach was crying for food.
“Is it good?” He asked as he spooned some of the egg into his mouth.
“Mmm hmm.” She nodded as she ate.

Max watched as she finished all the food on the plate and went off to inspect his apartment.
He loved the way she looked in his shirt. It was way too big for her, making her look even smaller than she was.
“Hmm, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan. You got quite a selection here. Never would have thought a college student actually listened to old blue eyes.” Liz smiled and popped the CD into the stereo. ‘I’ve got you under my skin’ started playing and Liz began to sway to the beat.

“What can I say? I’m an old soul.” Max said and walked over to where she was dancing. He took her hand and spun her around.
“An old soul that can dance. I’m impressed.” Liz smiled and spun back toward him, placing her other hand on his shoulder.

They dance to Frank Sinatra’s sultry voice and the beat of the band. Liz laughed as Max dipped her and preceded to kiss her.
“Hello? Max ya there?” They both turned to the door as someone knocked.

“Shit.” Max cursed, almost dropping Liz. “That’s Maria, my best friend’s girlfriend.” He whispered into her ear.
“Yo Maxwell, ya there?”
“And that would be Michael.” Max helped them both up and began to panic. “Um….be right there.” He called out as he pulled Liz into his bedroom. “Stay here. I’ll try to get rid of them.” He told Liz, giving her a kiss before running out, closing the door behind him.

“What’s up?” Max opened the door to his two friends. “What are you guys doing here?”
“Well, you didn’t go to school today. We were worried. Kyle said you weren’t going but didn’t say why? I figured it had something to do with what happened yesterday. So I brought over my oils.” Maria rambled on pulling out her smelling oils from her purse. “Wait a minute.” Maria froze and sniffed. “Oh my god. You had sex.”

“What?” Max was stunned. How did she know?
“You had sex. I can smell it in the air. And by the whiff of it. Some great sex.” Maria traveled around his living room. She was a weird one. “Ah hah. And she’s still here.” She pointed to the two plates sitting on the counter. Max was speechless.
“Eew, don’t tell me ya slept with Tess.” Michael cringed at the thought of walking in on them having sex.

“God no. I will never touch her again.” Max shook his head and tried not to gag.
“No, it’s not Tess. It’s somebody else.” Maria kept sniffing around like a basset hound.
“Look can you guys just leave? Please?” Max was practically begging now. Damn Maria and her sixth sense. “Maria will you just stop!” He yelled and scared her.

Liz was listening from behind the door. She was trying not to laugh by what she was hearing. She could hear Max’s friends trying to figure out who else was there with him. And that Maria sounded like a riot. But hearing Max’s yell frightened her too, causing her to yelp in surprise.

“Ooh she’s in the bedroom. Come on Max, who ya got in there. Do we know her?” Michael asked in amusement. He could see how frustrated Max was, and couldn’t help but keep teasing him.
“Come on guys, just leave. Please.” Max continued to plea.

“I want to meet this special lady who’s got my Max’s boxers in a twist.” Maria said as she headed for his bedroom door. “Hello, this is Maria, Max’s quirky friend. So very nice to meet you.” Maria laughed and knocked on the door. Liz knocked back but remained silent. “Cool, she responds. Well, we’ll leave you two love birds alone for now. But I want a full report on my desk later on Evans. Bye now.” Maria winked and pushed Michael out of the apartment.
“Awe, but I wanted to meet Max’s little friend.” Michael joked as they were out in the hall.

Max sighed as he locked the door. Liz emerged from his bedroom laughing.
“Awe poor baby.” She pouted and walked over to him. “They’re gone now. Why don’t I help you forget the embarrassment?” She took his hand and led him back to his room.
“I like that idea.” He finally smiled and followed her in.

Tess waited in the coffee shop. She had told Alex to meet her there an hour ago and he hadn’t showed up yet. She was getting desperate. She was losing Max to that stupid teacher.
“There you are. Where the hell have you been? I’ve been waiting for an hour.”
“I….uh….sorry. Couldn’t…uh find my….camera.” Alex stuttered as he sat down.

“Well, ok. Look, nothing is working. Max wants me to get a damned paternity test. I’m not even pregnant, what am I going to do?” Tess spoke quickly. “It’s time to hit him where it hurts. Let’s see how their little affair works out after the whole school finds out of them. And don’t worry Alex. You’ll get yours after you do this for me.” Tess winked and worked her foot up Alex’s leg.

Liz jumped in Max’s embrace when the shrill sound of her cell phone rang through the blissful silence. Liz mumbled a few obscenities, making Max laugh, as she reached for the phone.
“Liz are you ok? Your boss, Jim, called to see if you were ok since you missed work. And if I remember correctly you left here ready for work. Is there something I should know?” Liz could hear the concern mixed with humor in her mother’s voice.

“Oh, hey mom.” Liz turned to Max, and saw him smile.
“Don’t ‘hey mom’ me. Where are you? Or should I even ask?”
“Uh….” Liz turned to Max but he simply shrugged.
“Listen why don’t I just talk to you when you get back? How’s that?” Nancy teased. She knew just where her daughter was.
“Um….sure.” Liz sighed in relief and hung up. Max started laughing, earning him a smack on the arm.

“Hey.” “Max rubbed his arm and laughed.
“You are big help. I was dieing there.” Liz pouted.
“What was I supposed to do? Take the phone and tell your mother that you were here having sex with me?”

“Well…I don’t know. Ugh.” She fell back on the pillow beside Max. “She’s going to want to hear about this when I get home.”
“You can…always stay here if you want. I know I wouldn’t mind.” Max traced circles on her stomach.
“I wouldn’t either. I would love to stay right here. Forever.” She sighed and turned to him.

Max laid there with Liz in his arms. He still couldn’t believe that she was there, in his bed, holding him back. It felt so good to be with her. It felt right. Perfect.

“We need to figure out how we’re going to get through this without anyone finding out. There are already two who know and one of them could really hurt us.” Liz suddenly broke the silence. Max had been hoping she’d forget about that while there, but he knew she was right.
“I’ll talk to Kyle. I’m sure he won’t say anything. And Tess…well, I’ll figure out what to do with her later.”

“Max, you can’t just deal with her. She’s going to have your child.” Liz sat up in surprise.
“Liz, I’m not so sure about that anymore. When we talk about it, she gets all defensive and it makes me think she’s hiding something. Which is why I scheduled a paternity for later this week. I need to be sure about this. Now, can we just lay down and close our eyes, and pretend everything is perfect? I just want to hold you right now.”

Liz nodded and laid back down with her top half on his chest. She smiled as his arms came up to hold her closer.
“Ok.” She sighed and shut out the rest of the world. She’d have this time with him without worrying about anything else but enjoying this.

Kyle paced around in his apartment. Max hadn’t gone to school today, and neither did Ms. Parker. It could have just been a coincidence. Max was stressed out. Yeah, that was it. Max was just at home coping with the whole ‘Tess being pregnant’ thing.

He was guilty. He’d slept with Tess right after she told him she was pregnant with his friend’s baby. Right after he’d told Max he hated her. If he hated her, why did he take her on the couch like he hadn’t had sex in years? He needed to talk to Max.

Pulling on his jacket, Kyle was out the door heading to Max’s apartment.


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Part 13

Michael and Maria decided to go to a coffee shop after visiting Max. They both had continued laughing even after making it to their car.
“I wonder who the girl was.” Maria continued as they walked into the coffee shop and found an empty table.

“….I’m not even pregnant….. Let’s see how their little affair works out after the whole school finds out of them…” Maria quickly ducked as she heard Tess’ voice. She looked over to the other side of the coffee place and saw her talking to some guy she couldn’t recognize.
“Did you hear that?” She whispered to Michael, who in return nodded back. They looked back in enough time to see the two exiting the coffee shop.
“We have to tell Max.” Michael told Maria and they quickly made it back to their car.

“Shit.” Max cursed as he heard the insistent knocking on his door. He turned to Liz and she nodded, pushing him off the bed. He smiled and winked at before going out to see who it was.

“Kyle? What are you doing here?” Max stepped aside to let in a very nervous Kyle. Once inside, Kyle paced around his friend’s living room trying to come up with what to say. “What’s wrong?”

“Yo, you busy?” Kyle suddenly asked as he took in Max’s appearance. “Shit is Tess here?” He looked around nervously.
“No. What’s wrong with you. Why are you so nervous?”

Kyle sighed and sat on Max’s couch. He needed to tell Max what happened. It was now or never.
“Look, um….the other night, when….when I called you. I told you Tess had come over and told me she was pregnant…”
“I know. Kyle what is this about?” Max sat down next to him. He’d never seen Kyle like that.
“Yeah, well…after she…after she told me she was pregnant…we…we sorta…uh…had…sex.” Kyle finally said it. Now he was waiting for Max to blow up and probably even kick his ass.

“You slept with Tess after she told you she was pregnant?”
“Yeah, look man, I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me. You know I hate her. I made that known everyday, but seeing her like that, I don’t know. I couldn’t stop myself. I had to tell ya bro. I felt so guilty. I’m sorry.” Kyle looked pleadingly at Max who now looked in deep concentration. Yelling he could take, even a fight, but silence, that was another story. “Max, I…”

“So you come over to tell me that you’re guilty about sleeping with Tess?” Max looked up at him in surprise. He had interrupted being with his Liz, for this bullshit? “Kyle, buddy, pal, I could give a shit who you fuck. You can fuck her again for all I care. I don’t love her.”
“But…but, she’s having your kid man.”

“I’m not so sure about that anymore. We are having a paternity test done later this week. In fact, maybe you should come along too. I’m thinking she was just trying to get pregnant to get me back. She probably just used you to get knocked up.” Max explained. He saw Kyle go into a sort of shock.
“Are you sure?” Kyle asked his friend. That had never crossed his mind. He had whole-heartedly believed in what Tess had told him.
“Yeah, she even practically tried to rape me in my sleep. I don’t even think she’s pregnant.”

Another knocking was heard and Max reluctantly got up to see who it was now.
“Max, it’s us open up, it’s really important.” Max let Michael and Maria in. They hurried over to the couch. “Max, Tess isn’t really pregnant.” Maria told him as he walked back to the couch. She just couldn’t hold it back any longer.

“She’s not pregnant. We heard her say it herself. She was in Grande, talking to this geeky looking guy, and she told him that her ‘plan’ wasn’t working. She told him about the paternity test, and about some kind of affair and the school finding out.” Michael added.

Everyone turned when a loud thump came from inside Max’s bedroom. Max immediately got up and rushed into the room. He found Liz laying on the floor.
“Jeez, Max.” Kyle looked inside to see Liz. “No wonder. I thought it was just a coincidence that you were both absent, but I guess I was wrong.” Kyle sighed and helped carry Liz over to the bed.

“She must have heard and passed out. I’ve heard of extra credit but this is a bit much, don’t ya think?” Maria stepped next to Michael.
“Ok, so now you know.” Max sighed and brushed Liz’s hair back. “Yes, we…we’re sort of, seeing each other. This hasn’t been going on for long. Today was actually, well…”
“The first time you two shagged.” Maria finished for him. Max glared at her and shrugged.

Liz could hear the distant sounds of voices but couldn’t make anything out. What had happened? She was just listening in as Max’s friends showed up. Then, nothing.

Oh no. She remembered now. She heard one of Max’s friends say something about their affair, then she must have passed out. She slowly opened her eyes to see three of them standing beside the bed while Max sat beside her.
“Hey there. I’m Maria. This here is Michael, and that’s Kyle.” Maria introduced themselves.
“Uh, hi Ms. Parker.” Kyle waved and smiled awkwardly.
“Um…hi.” Liz looked at each of them then over at Max.

“Sorry, I heard a loud noise and you were on the floor.” Max apologized and tried to explain. Liz pulled the shirt lower covering her exposed her legs, and scooted into Max’s arms. She felt so vulnerable with so many people looking at her.

“I think I’ll get dressed now.” She skirted off the bed and gathered her clothes before entering Max’s bathroom. Max watched with a smile as Liz entered to his bathroom to get dressed.
“So…you’re doing the teach?” Michael broke the silence.

“It’s more than just that. I really care about her. I can even go as for to say that I love her.” Max confessed.
“Awe, our little Max is in love.” Maria sighed and put her arms around Michael. “I thought I’d never see the day. Well, I for once am happy for you.” She smiled at him.
“Me too man. God knows you deserve it.” Michael said and hugged Maria.

They all turned to Kyle who was biting his nails.
“What? I don’t know what to think about this. I’m having my own trauma. But, sure, do your thing Maxie boy. Just, be careful yeah..” Kyle waved and left.

Everyone watched as Kyle left. He was obviously not perfectly at ease with the situation. Liz was listening from behind the bathroom door, seems it was becoming a little habit. Max loved her. He said it himself. But she was worried. She could pick up Kyle’s insecurity as he talked. She would have to have a sit down with him. They needed Kyle on their side. She got dressed back in her suit and went back out into the bedroom.

Max’s eyes lit up when Liz came back into the room. Maria noticed this and smiled. She’d never seen Max so happy. Heck, she’d never seen Max happy. She was used to seeing broody, studious Max, never had she seen glowing, utterly jovial Max.

Max immediately got up and made his way over to Liz. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her lips.
“Are you leaving now?” He asked as he pulled away. His hands rested on her slender waist. He was still in his boxers and Liz placed her hands on his bear shoulders.
“I don’t want to but, I have to. Damage control at the home front. I’ll call you later.” She smiled and went up to kiss his lips.
“I’d rather you came over later.” He winked and kissed her back.

Liz picked up her jacket, gave Max one last kiss and was out the door. Max stood there just looking at the closed door.
“Awe, mira que precioso.” Maria pinched his cheek breaking him from his Liz-induced haze.
“Ok, so what are you going to do about Tess? She’s planning on revealing the thing you got going on here. That’s not good for you or Liz.” Michael brought them back to the reality of the situation. Tess was a mad woman on a mission.

Liz stepped out of the apartment building and walked over to her car. Snap. She pulled out of the parking space. Snap. She drove off. Snap. Alex snapped the pictures of Liz leaving Max’s apartment. He was doing this for Tess. She had promised him so many things, and even paid up for some already. He smiled as he remembered the night before, but his conscience was bothering him. He really liked Ms. Parker. She was an excellent teacher, and being involved in possibly ruining her career was upsetting him.

He stepped from behind the bush and walked back to his car. He needed to get home and re think the whole situation. He’d never been noticed by the female gender, and having Tess practically offering herself to him if he helped her was beyond his dreams.

“Mom, dad I’m back.” Liz announced as she walked into her home. She smiled as she called out to them. It reminded her of the time before she left Roswell. “Mom, dad?” She walked back to her room and found her parents packing. “What are you guys doing?”

“Packing. We’re heading on back home Lizzie.” Her dad said as he folded another pair of pants.
“Back, so soon?” She walked over to the bed and sat. She knew her parents couldn’t stay there forever, but she was hoping they’d stay longer.
“Well, I left Daniel in charge of the restaurant, and I think it’s about time we go back.”
“Yes dear. It’s about time we head back home.”

“But, I like you guys here. I was hoping you’d stay a bit longer. Maybe even move up here.” Liz pouted as she put her head down on her mother’s lap. “It gets lonely here when you guys aren’t around.”
“Oh, I’m sure that won’t be a problem anymore.” Nancy winked at her daughter and stroked back her hair. “You know how much we miss you back in Roswell, but we can’t stay here. We have the business down there. Now come on, we are going out before our flight tonight.”

“Tonight? You’re leaving tonight? Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Liz stood up with her hands on her hips.
“Well, how can I tell someone something when they’re not here?” Nancy countered and watched Liz blush. “Now let us finish this packing, and then we can go.”

dun dun dun!

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So I decided on throughing ya'll a new part. Enjoy

Part 14.

Maria and Michael sat on Max’s couch as he paced in front of them. He had dressed and was going to talk to them about Liz, but for some reason it made him nervous. He looked back over at his two friends, and took a deep breath.
“Maxie poo, it’s just us. You don’t have to explain anything. It’s none of our business.” Maria finally spoke.

Both Max and Michael looked at her as if she had suddenly spouted another head. “What?”
“It’s none of your business?” Max asked as if he hadn’t heard her right.
“When has anything not been your business Barbara Walter?” Michael looked at her incredulously.

“Look, despite what you guys think, I am understanding…when I want to be. I know this is hard for Max. And if he doesn’t want to talk about it. Love is something you can’t explain anyways.” She smiled up at Max.

Max kneeled before Maria and kissed her cheek.
“Thank you Maria.”
“Anything for my girlfriend.” Maria kissed him back and smiled. She then turned to Michael and slugged him.
“Hey what was that for?” Michael rubbed his arm.
“That’s for calling me Barbara Walters.”

Liz and her parents arrived at the restaurant and found a nice booth. They all sat and ordered their food.
“Do you guys really need to go?” Liz whined as she picked at her food.
“You know we do dear. Now stop making this harder than it has to be.” Her mother said and took another sip of her wine.

Jeff kept looking at his only daughter. It didn’t matter that she was 28 and a renowned professor, she was still his little Lizzie. He could remember when she would follow him around the Crash Down, always at his heel. She would stand on his feet whenever they danced. She would even play records and make him dance with her. He remembered her first day of school and how eager she was to go, but also how much she cried when he told her he couldn’t stay with her.

“Daddy?” Jeff blinked watching as the image of the little girl in his mind turned back into his beautiful, grown daughter.
“Yes sweet heart?” He smiled trying to fight the emotions running through him.
“What’s wrong? You’re not eating?” Liz reached over and took his hand in concern.
“Nothing Lizzie. Just reminiscing.” He smiled and squeezed her hand. “I miss you back home.”
“I miss it too daddy. I will make sure to visit you guys more. I promise.”

Alex walked into his apartment, hung up his coat and trudged into his room. His was physically and mentally drained.
“Hey book worm.” He heard as he walked into his room. Flipping on the lights he found Tess, sprawled out on his bed. “You got the pictures?” She sat up and smiled.
“Yeah I got them. Look Tess, I’ve been having second thoughts about all of this. I don’t think the promise of you sleeping with me is enough for carrying this around on my conscience. I don’t want to do this anymore.” He dropped the camera down on his bed and sat down, facing away from her.

“Awe, is my little book worm thinking for himself again? Now, we can’t have that. You know, you’re right, having the pleasure of sleeping with me is not enough to keep you working for me. So how about this…?” She crawled up behind him, and wrapped her arms around his waist. “…if you don’t keep working for me, I’ll just tell little Ms. skanky bitch Parker that she has a little, geeky, perverted stalker in her hands. I’ll take these little pics of yours as proof. So how’s that Alex?”

Alex just sat there frozen by her words. She was black mailing him now. He was just doing her a favor, now she was threatening him. He could feel her teeth scraping against his ear lobe and her tongue running along it as well. Ok, this chick had issues, she just threatened him now she was trying to seduce him? “So what is it going to be book worm?” She whispered into his ear.

All he could do was put his head down in defeat. He had no choice. If he didn’t help her she would lie and say he was stalking Ms. Parker. And she could use the same pictures that he took for her against him.
“Ok.” He sighed. “I’ll do whatever you want Tess.”
“Now that’s my good boy.” She held him closer, moving her hands up his shirt. “So, you’ll do what ever I want?” She asked as her nails racked across his chest. He only nodded and sucked in a breath.

The class was alive the next day. Students piled in, taking their seats. Liz wrote some problems on the while the class settled in.
“I heard she had a breakdown or something.” One student commented as they inspected their teacher. She was never absent.
“Well, I heard….”
“I heard that she didn’t have to explain for her absence.” Liz spoke up after hearing a few of the rumors.

“Now can we please settle down so class could start.” She glanced over to where Max sat and blushed. They knew the real reason for her and his absence. Casting a nervous glance at Kyle, she found him biting his nails, and looking down at his notes.

Class went on as usual. Liz stayed on course as if nothing was different, when she knew there was. She wondered if it was true about that after glow. Wondered if it was evident in her. She sighed ending the class, and watched as Max took his time packing up.

Max looked around seeing a few stragglers, but he had to get near her.
“Um, Ms. Parker. I have a question.” He walked down to her trying not to run.
“Yes, what is it Mr. Evans.” She tried not to be too obvious. Having him near was causing her stomach to flip flop. She felt like a teen again.

He looked over his shoulder one more time seeing that the rest of the students had left. Satisfied he turned back around to her with a smirk.
“I was wondering, Ms. Parker, if maybe…” He inched closer. “…I could go to you office for a little…” He stepped closer. So close his very present erection pressed against her. “…help.” He emphasized the last word by lightly grinding into her.

She giggled in surprise and pulled him closer.
“I don’t see the harm in that. Come to my office say at around…4 or 5.” She winked and kissed him full on the lips.
“Oh, I’ll be cumming alright.” He winked and kissed back.

Snap. Max grinding into Liz. Snap. Liz kissing Max. Snap. Them kissing. Snap.
Alex quickly threw his camera back in his back pack as he saw them separate, and Max heading up the steps. He pushed his glasses further up on his nose and preceded to walk away quickly.
“Yo, Alex!” He heard Max call out but didn’t stop. “Alex. Yo, wait up man!”

Alex was practically running, when he felt the hand on his shoulder. He spun around so quickly that his glasses flew right off. “What’s wrong with you? Why didn’t you stop?” Max asked as Alex squinted. He reached down and handed him his glasses.
“Oh, hey there Max. Didn’t hear you.” Alex lied.
“Didn’t hear me? I was practically yelling. What’s wrong?”

“Wrong? Nothing. Nothing’s wrong. Why…why do you ask?” Alex put his glasses back on, sweat beginning to form on his brow.
“Because you look real nervous and…and your sweating man. Do you feel ok?” Max stepped back giving Alex more breathing room.
“I…I’m ok. Just…a little nervous.”
“What about. Maybe I can help. Girl trauma?” Max smiled and lightly punched Alex’s arm.
“You could say that. I really have to go now. Max. See you in class.” Alex hurriedly walked away, leaving Max standing in the hall, very confused.

Liz waited in her office after all of her classes were over. Looking up at the clock on her wall she saw that it was 4:35. She had told Max to stop by her office at 4 or 5. She sat down awkwardly, waiting for him to get there. The sudden knock on her door almost caused her to fall out of her chair. She quickly got up and opened the door.
“Liz?” Jim noticed the bright smile on her face fade into a look of disappointment. “Were you expecting someone?” He smiled.

“No, just….uh…never mind. What can I do for you Jim?” She stepped aside letting him walk into her office. She stuck her head out looking down the halls for any sign of Max. Not seeing any she sighed and closed her door. “So, what brings you to my office?” She asked Jim as she sat back behind her desk.
“Just checking in. So your parents headed home already?”
“Yeah, just last night. It was tough. I love them so much.”
“I bet. But besides that, is everything ok with you Liz?”

“Yes why do you ask?” She kept looking over at the door then up at the clock.
“Well, I’ve talked to Sean and…”
“You talk about me with Sean? Jim I thought we were friends.” Liz stood up crossing her arms.

“I am your friend, which is why I worry about you. Is there someone else? I mean, he said it felt like there was. Is that it?” Jim asked as he sat up straighter.
“Jim, since when do you care about my love life?” Liz smiled over at the older professor. She knew he was fatherly with her. Ever since she had moved to Michigan he had been there to help her through the change.

“Look, I…I just worry you know. You’re like a daughter to me.” He smiled warmly up at her.
“I know Jim. And I appreciate it really. Just, don’t be such a buttinsky ok?” She joked and walked over to him. Jim stood up and pulled her into an embrace.
“I’ll try. I’ll let you get back to your papers now.” He said and finally left.

Sighing, she put her head down on the desk. The soft knock on the door, followed by the sound of it opening did not phase her.
“Jim?” She asked, her head still down on the desk. She felt two strong hands fall on her shoulders and start to knead them.
“Not Jim.” She heard him whisper against her ear. Just the sound of his husky voice sent chills down her spine.

“Mmmmmm…” She moaned and slowly lifted her head from the desk.
“Getting warmer.” His touch began stronger, more urgent as his hands came down to rub her arms. His breath tickled her neck as he dipped lower, until reaching her hands. “Stand up.” He spoke into her ear, letting his tongue trail out over her ear lobe.

She listened, getting up from her chair. She felt his hands travel around her waist, resting just below her navel. She smiled as he begun to sway, moving her body with his. She could hear him lightly humming. She recalled the tune and smiled. “I’ve got you under my skin. I’ve got you deep in the heart of me. So deep in my heart that you’re really a part of me. I got you under my skin.” He began to sing softly.

Liz smiled as she turned around facing him. That would now and forever be their song. She sighed as he continued to sing and dance.
“What took you so long to get here?” She finally asked as he began to hum again.
“I would have been here sooner but I had books to check out and then I saw your boss coming. Although I wouldn’t have minded having to hide under your desk again.” He winked and bent down for a kiss.

“Are you sure you don’t need anymore help? I mean, finals are just a week away.” Liz suddenly broke through the silence.
“I must not be doing something right if you’re talking about class right now.” He joked, pulling her even closer.

“It’s just…well….after finals…after the year is done…we can…be together, without having to worry anymore.” She sighed resting her head on his chest. She felt his hand stroke her long hair and could feel his breath on the top of her head. She loved the feeling of being in his arms. “I love this.”
“Me too.”

Liz closed her eyes and allowed Max’s heart beat to sound in her head. She could feel all his warmth seep into her body. She moaned slightly as his lower half rubbed against hers. She looked up at him through hooded eyes and smiled.
“Looks like you got something for me there.”
“Maybe.” He spoke in a harsh whisper. “Wanna see and found out?”

He watched her smile and nod, running her tongue along her bottom lip. He pulled back letting her hands trail down his chest, reaching the top button on his jeans. He let her trail his zipper down and reach into his boxers.
“So, is it for me?” She asked again as she cupped him, a sharp hiss heard from him.
“Oh yeah.”

They walked backwards until Liz was pressed up against her desk. He picked her up sitting her on the desk, just as he had done in their first encounter. And just like before he swiped all of the contents of the desk down to the floor. He grinned at her before crushing his lips back in hers.

Liz scoot back further on the desk as Max climbed on along with her. She opened her legs to accommodate him.
“Max.” She moaned as his hands came up to cup her breast through her blouse.
“Oh Liz. I want you so bad.” Max hissed, kneading the flesh in his hands. He loved this woman so deeply, he knew it.

“Then take me Max.” She simply replied as she cupped his face. She saw him pull away to strip off his shirt, and pants. She sat up removing her own blouse and skirt. Leaving them both in only their undergarments. “Take me Max.” She purred again.

“I plan to. Over and over and over.” He promised as he kissed her lips, eye lids, nose, then moving down to her neck. Liz tangled her fingers in his hair as he kissed down to her chest, reaching behind her to remove her bra. He slid the fabric over her arms and tossed it away. “And over.” He growled before burying himself in her chest.

Liz squirmed beneath him as his tongue darted over her nipple. She pulled him closer as if she were trying to suffocate him with her breasts. She laughed when he actually pulled away gasping for air.
“Max.” She whined, grasping at his thighs as she ground into him.
“In a second. I’m not done with you yet.” Max grinned She watched him climb off the desk, stretching out his hand to hers. She looked at him confusedly before taking his hand.

“Max?” She asked as she stood before him topless, standing in only her black lace panties.
“A recent fantasy of mine. Well, actually just something I’ve been wanting to do again.” He sat her down on her desk chair, and crawled underneath the desk.

Liz giggled as she saw him crawl beneath her. It was a bit silly, but still terribly erotic. He pulled her chair into place, and slowly spread her legs. “Keep them like that.” He told her, placing her feet flat on the floor. She nodded and laid her head back on the chair. His first touch was light, going from her ankle to the inside of her knee. “Pull closer.” He told her and she did.

She felt his hand travel further up her thigh, reaching her panties. He pulled them down and inhaled her womanly scent before returning to his actions. One attentive finger grazed her outer lips and he heard her sigh. He brought his other hand up, parting her and let a finger slide into her, coated by her juices.

“Max. Mmm, Max.” Liz panted, feeling his fingers reek havoc on her body. His fingers pumped in and out of her, causing her head to roll back, fighting to keep from screaming out in pure ecstasy. “Max. Please.” She pleaded, reaching down below the desk.
“Hold on baby. I want to see you cum. Cum for me Liz.”

With those hot words from Max, Liz exploded into her orgasm, spasming in her chair. “Thank you.” Max crawled out fro under the desk, kneeling before her in the chair. He leaned in, kissing her lips.
“No, thank you.” She breathed out, trying to get her breathing under control. “You were right about your ‘magic fingers’.” She giggled and pulled him closer, her legs interlocking around his back. Max growled when her heat brushed against his chest.
“I want you Max. Now.”
“You have me. Always.”

Kyle threw his jacket on his couch, and began pulling off his clothing, making his way to the bathroom.
“Fuck, shit. What the hell are you doing here?” Kyle shouted as he found Tess sitting on the edge of his bed.
“Why are you yelling at me?” Tess shot up.
“What the hell are you doing in my apartment? How did you get in here?” Kyle kept shouting

Tess didn’t know what to say. She didn’t expect him to be hostile towards her. “Well, what the hell do you want?”
“Why are you angry with me?” She touched his arm and he flinched away.
“Don’t fucking touch me you little bitch!” Kyle shouted, causing her to fall back on the bed. “You were trying to use me. You thought I could get you pregnant. You used me Tess. I actually felt sorry for your nasty ass. Ya got me actually trying to fight on your side. You lied to me. You weren’t really pregnant. You just said you were as part of some twisted plan to get Max back. Damn how pathetic can you get?” Kyle let all his anger out.

“What…what, huh?” Tess was dumbstruck. He could he possibly know? She opened her mouth a few times, but no words formed. Alex. Alex told him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Tess stood back up and faced him.

“Drop the act Tess. We all know. You should really be careful where you talk about your little plans. Some one might hear. Please Tess, I always knew you were a dense bimbo, but come on, it’s getting embarrassing.” Kyle laughed bitterly in her face.

“Fuck you Kyle. You are such a fucking asshole.” Tess spat out.
“No Tess, you already did that. Or is that what you were here to do again huh? Fuck me? Couldn’t get enough the first time you decided to stop by again? Is that it?” Kyle pushed her back roughly on the bed. “Was that it Tess? You wanted to some more?” He threw himself on top of her, pushing down with all his weight. “Huh? Is this what you wanted?”

He had her pinned under him, with her arms over her head. She tried to kick him off, but he had her securely between his legs.
“Get off of me!” She yelled as she squirmed beneath Kyle.
“No. This is what you wanted isn’t it? That’s why you were waiting for me on my bed right?”

“Let me go!” She shouted again. She could feel tears stinging her eyes as Kyle began to kiss her neck. She had come to try and have sex with him, but not like that. “Please. Let me go!”

Kyle froze over her and realized what he was doing. What was he going to do, rape her?
“Oh god. I think I’m going to be sick.” He quickly got off of her. “Look…just…just get out. I never want to see you here ever again. I don’t even want to see you walking down the same street as I am. I need a shower.”

“Forget you Kyle.” Tess shouted to his retreating figure. She wiped her face and straightened her wrinkled clothing. She heard the shower turn on and quickly exited the apartment, fearing Kyle would come back out. He knew. And he said “they” knew as well. She needed to think, and fast. All she’d work for was dropped from her hands in one swoop.


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Part 15

“Alex! Alex, open up!” She banged on his door. It was the only place she could run to. “Come on Alex please open up. We need to talk. It’s important.” She continued to bang on the door until it swung open.
“What do you want Tess? I’m not in the mood for you to violate my body again.” Alex stood behind the door, shirtless, and his jeans hanging low on his hips. Despite his lean physique, he was toned. His hair was matted, spiked up, and his glasses rested at the end of his nose. “Well? What is it?”

Tess forced her eyes to look away and stepped into the apartment.
“They know.” Was all she could conjure up. She watched his face drop and he fell into his couch.
“Do…do they know. I…I’m involved?”
“Oh jeez, I didn’t get around to asking. Yeah, do you guys know Alex is also involved in my plan? Please Alex.” Tess said as she sank down on the couch as well.
“Oh god. She’s my teacher Tess. Do you know what she can do to me? Finals are next week, she can make it so I don’t pass the class. And Max, oh god…he can snap me in two just like that.” He snapped his finger and cringed.

“I lost him. For good this time. I went too far.” Tess mumbled to herself. She knew it was a desperate grasp for hope, but now it was gone. She buried her face in her hands and couldn’t hold the tears that fell.
“There’s no use crying over it now. You didn’t really think it would actually work did you? You fucked around with too many lives Tess. It was bound to slam back in your face.” Alex sighed and laid his head back.
“I know. I know. I just…I just wanted him back. He was the only guy that didn’t want me as a sex toy. He was actually nice to me, well up until the end anyways. What am I going to do now?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t really care. I’m quite glad actually. I can stop this little charade now. You wouldn’t mind leaving now would you?” Alex said, he was free now. Even if he did have the risk of getting the living crap beat out of him by Max and his friends.
“That’s the least I can do.” Tess got up.
“The very least.” He grumbled without looking at her.
“I’m sorry Alex. For all it’s worth.”
“It’s worth nothing I assure you.” She heard Alex say from the couch. And with that she left.

“So can you come to my place, or will your mother call you home again?” Max teased as they dressed each other.
“My parents went back home. And I have a big, lonely house, all…to…my…self.” She said the last words as she buttoned him up the last buttons of his shirt. “I don’t really care for being alone.”

“Is that so? Well how about I come on over and keep you company? Then you wouldn’t be so alone.” He smiled and helped her into her coat.
“That would be great.”

They drove to her house in their separate cars. Liz ran to her door quickly opening it. “Well, this is my home.” She stepped inside and let Max in. She pulled off her coat, took Max’s and hung them up. “Would you like a tour?”
“Sure, if it includes a thorough tour of the bedroom.” He winked and took her hand.

Soon enough, they were in her room, on her bed, helping each other out of their clothes. “You know, I never thought it would be possible to actually be looking forward to finals.” Max chuckled. It meant that after that week they’d be able to see each other without the fear of being caught.

“I know. We won’t have to be a secret anymore.” She kissed him and pushed him down on the mattress.
“Mmm, yeah. You know. I like the view from down here.” He growled and reached out to cup her breasts.
“Mmm, and I like the view from up here.” She purred and leaned into his touch.

She slowly lowered herself on his condom covered shaft. They both groaned, never getting used to that first initial contact. Max’s hands traveled down her body until they found her hips.
“Actually, I like you from any view.” Max groaned as he pulled Liz closer.
“Me too. Max?”
“Yeah.” Max groaned as she slowly sunk and rose on him.

“I love you.” Liz watched as her words sent a rush of emotion to his face. His face lightened up with a smile and his hands softly pulled her down.
“I love you too.”

Liz let out a dreamful sigh as her lips lowered on Max’s. She’d never felt so happy in her life. Her home didn’t feel quite as empty anymore. Her heart felt whole and so did she. She’d never really admitted her real feelings to anyone, and telling Max she loved him made her feel good, just like hearing him say it back.

“I never want to leave you Liz. My Liz.” Max’s face contorted into that of pure passion and love. His gaze never left that of Liz. He loved looking at her as they made love. He loved looking at her as they talked. He just loved looking at her. He loved her. “Liz I…I want to ask you something.”

“You can ask me anything Max. You can ask me to fly to the moon and I’d do it. You could ask me to climb to the top of Mount Everest, and I’d scale it. Anything you’d ask I’d do.” She asserted. They had stopped moving, but she remained on him.
“Really?” Max breathed as she slowly sat up, pulling her closer so that their chests touched.

“Really.” She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “What is it you want to ask me Max?”
“Well, now uh…the pressure is…kinda on now. I…I don’t know how to ask.” Max laughed nervously. He could feel the color rushing to his face and saw Liz smile sweetly. “Well…Liz will you…”

Tess walked down the rain covered sidewalk alone. After leaving Alex’s place she had walked to her car, only to find her car dead. She had to walk home and soon it had begun to pour. Her usually curly hair now laid limp and straight under the weight of the water. She was completely broken.
“Hey do you need a ride?” She turned to the red sports car pulled up next to her.
“I don’t know.” She looked into the car to the blonde man inside.
“Awe come on. I promise a ride alone. Nothing else.”

She looked around then back into the car. It began to rain even harder.
“Oh, what the heck. At least if you’re a killer, I’m ready to go.” She mumbled to herself and opened the car door, stepping in.

“So where to?” The man turned to her with a smile.
“Uh, just down to Rock Hearst Rd.” Tess told him keeping her gaze out the window.
“If you don’t mind me asking…”
“Car broke down.” She answered before he had a chance to finish asking.

They reached her apartment building, and before she knew it they sat there talking.
“…so I come up with this totally off the wall scheme to get him back. Deep down inside I knew it wouldn’t have worked, but I went through it anyway. I know I’ve lost him. He loves her. He’s never been as happy as he is since he got with her. Oh god I’m sorry. I’ve been yacking away for an hour now. I’m sure you have better things to do.”

She blushed as she exited the car. “Thank you again…uh, Sean was it?”
“Yeah. Sean. Sean Matthews. Nice seeing you Tess. It’s been a pleasure speaking to you.” He smiled and waited till she walked into her building.

He’d just been driving home when he spotted the girl walking in the rain. He had no idea that this girl would speak about her ex boyfriend who happened to be having an affair with the woman of interest in his life. Elizabeth Parker, star science professor at the university, was having an affair with one of her students.

Liz stared into his eyes through a tear induced haze. He waited patiently for her answer to his question. He didn’t even know he was going to ask it until he asked. It had been seven minutes since he had asked and he was still waiting.

“Liz? Are you alright?” He was worried now. He expected some sort of reaction, but uncomfortable silence and tears was not one of them. “I knew it was too early. I’m sorry. I can take it back. We can pretend I never asked, I’ll…” He was silenced by Liz placing a finger on his lips.

“Don’t. It just…you sort of surprised me there. But don’t take what you asked back. Never take anything back.
“So….is that a yes?” He asked taking her hand from his lips. He kissed the tip of her finger.
“Yes. I’d love to.” She beamed and pulled in for a slow, sensuous kiss.
“Thank you. You have made me the happiest man on Earth…again.”

He snuggled into the crook of her neck and deeply inhaled her scent. He was still inside of her but he felt just as satisfied by simply holding her in his arms. “I love you so much. Those words don’t seem to do justice to how I feel about you. I feel as if I should come up with a new word for you.” He smiled. His eyes illuminated making him look much younger and happy.

“I know what you mean. It’s like…I feel I’ve surpassed loving you. Oh Max.” She sighed and laid her head on his chest.

Max rubbed her back, down her spine, slowly laying back down so that she rested comfortably on top of him.
“I know.”

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Part 16

Alex hurriedly got his things for class. He was more nervous than before. He would have to confront Ms. Parker, and Max that day. And even Kyle. He was a dead man walking.

Max was first to wake that morning. Liz had not moved from her position on top of him. He smiled as her warm breath spread across his chest, and he held back his amusement when he felt the distinct feeling of drool.

He looked over at the alarm clock on her night stand and grumbled. They twenty minutes to get to class.
“Liz? Baby, wake up. It’s late. Wake up love.” He tried shaking her. He started shaking with laughter as she reached her clock, as if trying to shut it off. “It’s not your alarm clock Liz.” Then he laughed even more when her same hand reached up to shut his mouth.

Liz finally opened her eyes. She could feel his entire body quaking with laughter. She moved her head and then gasped.
“Oh my god. I drooled on you. Oh, how embarrassing.” She took the sheet and wiped his moist chest.
“It’s ok. As long as it’s your drool. I’m fine with it. You can drool on me all you want.” He said and smiled. “Come on. We don’t have much time to get to class.” At that Liz turned to clock and screamed.

“Oh no! We have to hurry. I need to shower, get dressed….oh no!” She quickly disengaged her body off of Max’s. Getting her legs caught on the sheets, she fell flat on her face on the floor.
“Awe, baby. Here let me help.” Max hopped out of bed and carried her into her bathroom.

He turned on the shower head, waiting till the water was the right temperature till he helped Liz in.
“Wait, aren’t you going to shower?” Liz asked as she stood beneath the stream.
“Nah. I’ll shower later. I don’t want to wash you off just yet.” He smiled and went to retrieve his clothing. Liz smiled and sighed. She had snagged the most understanding, sensitive, caring, loving, sweetest man in the universe.

She showered in record time, and dressed herself just as quickly. Max helped brush through her hair, and insisted she leave it down.
“Ok, we should make it on time. You go in first and then I’ll make my entrance.” Liz decided as they rushed to their cars. Max nodded in agreement and jumped into his car.

They made it to the university. They were still late but not as late as they expected. Max ran on ahead of Liz just to get an earlier appearance.
“About time Evans.” Kyle commented as Max threw himself in his seat, gasping for air.
“How late are we?” Max asked then sucked in a breath.
“We?” Kyle whispered, then understood. “Not too late. I don’t even think anyone noticed. A few others are just getting here. Damn were you two…?” He didn’t get a chance to continue his question as Liz made her way into the room.

“Sorry I’m late class. Car troubles. But I know, I know. No excuses. So let’s just jump right in shall we?” Liz smiled and began her lecture.

Max was in deep stare mode when something struck the back of his head. He turned around to see what had hit him and saw Kyle pointing to something. He looked down and found the crumpled up piece of paper and picked it up. Opening it he recognized Kyle’s unique writing style.

‘So tell me man. Why were you late?’

Max laughed to himself and wrote back, tossing the note back at Kyle. He could hear Kyle’s laugh and the crinkling of the paper.

‘You dog. You were at her place? Man you are one lucky son of a bitch, you know that? I should hang around you more often to see if some of what you got rubs off on me.’

Max laughed to himself again and looked over back over at Kyle. Kyle had two thumbs up and a huge grin on his face. Max shook his head and smiled back before refocusing his attention at Liz. He listened attentively at her discussion and took notes on everything she said, even making small side notes on certain expressions and quirks he would notice. He could tell she loved her work. Talking about science made her light up and ooze with enthusiasm.

“Ok class. I guess I won’t be seeing you again until finals. So heed my advice. Go over all your notes and remember to do you note’s notes. Trust me, it’ll make a difference. Bye now.” Liz smiled and waved them off.

The students hurriedly made their way out, and Liz noticed Kyle about to leave. “Um, Kyle. Can you stay for a moment please? You too Max.” She asked shyly. Kyle nodded and looked over to Max for a clue. Max simply shrugged and followed him down the steps.
“Uh, yeah…Ms. Parker?” Kyle shifted on his feet.
“Please, call me Liz. I think we’ve gone far beyond any formal titles.” She laughed nervously. “So, I just wanted to talk to you Kyle. I need to you that you’re ok, or comfortable with…what you know.”

“Uh…” Kyle looked from Max back to Liz. Was she asking for his approval or something? “I…I’m not sure of what you mean. Why should what I think matter? This is between you and Max.”
“Kyle, you’re involved in this too. I mean, we sort of dragged you into this and I need to know how you feel. Please.” Liz nervously bit her bottom lip. She needed to hear he supported them.
“No one dragged me into anything. I put myself in here. Look, I know at first I was weirded out, but only because I never actually believed anything would happen. But, you don’t need my approval. But if you need to hear it, ok. I am very happy for the two of you. I’ve known Evans for like two years now, and I don’t remember when, if ever, he’d been as happy as he is with you. So, yeah, you have all my support.”

“Oh, thank you Kyle.” Liz smiled through tears and hugged him with all her might. “It means a lot to me.”
“Yeah man. Thanks.” Max smiled and grasped his hand.
“No problem. Ok, no more mush. I can’t take that stuff.” Kyle cleared his throat and fought back his emotion. “Now, I have to go to my next class. So….see ya later.” Kyle took a deep breath and sprinted off.

Liz fought to keep her tears at bay, but her emotions got the best of her.
“Don’t cry my Liz.” Max hugged her and kissed the top of her head.
“It’s ok Max. I’m just so happy. I was afraid maybe Kyle wouldn’t feel comfortable with us, but hearing in his own words that he’s ok with it, makes me feel so much better. I don’t know why I needed to hear that he was ok with it. I just did.” Liz sniffed and wiped her eyes.
“I know. I know. You just care about others. You didn’t want what was happening to us to affect anyone else. I understand babe.” He smiled down at her and placed a kiss on her nose. “Now I better leave and make it to my next class. Even if I’d rather stay here with you. See you tonight?”
“You better.” She winked and leaned in for another kiss. “Now, go on. I wouldn’t want to be the cause of you getting to class late, again.”

Sean observed as a young, blond man stepped out of Liz’s class. Hmm, Tess said he was a brunette, he thought but then saw another man step out of the class with a smile. He saw him look in one more time before sprinting off.

That was him. Max. Sean waited until he was out of sight before stepping into Liz’s class.

Liz heard her door open and close and smiled. It was probably Max again. “Couldn’t find your way to cl….” Liz started but stopped as she turned around and saw that it wasn’t him. “Oh hello Mr. Mathews.” She corrected herself and went back to her desk.

“Hello Ms. Parker.” He smiled, but it made her feel strangely uncomfortable.
“Uh…could I help you with something?” She asked as he continued to stare at her.
“Yes actually. I wanted to talk to you about something. I could have gone straight to Jim, but I wanted to ask you something.” He paused and stepped up closer to her desk. “Lately, I’ve been hearing some disturbing rumors about one of the university’s professors. Seems one of them is having an inappropriate relationship with one of their students. Have you heard anything about that?”

Liz froze on the spot. Oh no, people knew about her and Max. She slowly turned around to face Sean and shook her head.
“Uh…no I…I haven’t heard anything. Do you know who it is?” She asked nervously. Sean smiled to himself and continued.
“I’ve heard a number of different accounts, so I’m not sure exactly who it is. All I know is that it is indeed a female professor. I even think she works in the science department. Now Liz, there are only three female professors in the department. Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Rice, and…well of course you.”

Liz tensed at hearing her name. He knew. He definitely knew. He was just making her squirm. But why? “Now, Mrs. Martinez is very happily married. It will be a very big surprise to me if she is the one. Mrs. Rice, well she’s seventy eight, I highly doubt it would be possible for her to be the one. And, may I add, very disturbing. So that only leaves…you, Liz.” He was now standing right beside her next to her desk. She couldn’t even look at him. Her hands were shaking and she had to hold on to her desk to keep from falling over. “So Liz…is it you? Are you and that…Max is it? Having an affair?”

Liz looked up at him when he said Max’s name. Oh yeah, he knew. Tears brimmed her eyes and now her lips quaked. This was it. She was going to lose her job. “Well?”
“Look Sean. Why are you doing this? Why not just come right out and ask instead of playing mind games?”
“Oh, but I did ask. Just now. So what do you have to say?”
“I don’t have anything to say to you.” She answered angrily, and quickly left the room.

“Oh Liz. So touchy aren’t we? Well, we’ll see.” Sean said into the empty room. He picked up the scarf she had left behind and inhaled. Smiling, he folded it up and stuffed it in his pocket.

Liz ran to her office and locked it behind her. How could this have happened? They had been so careful. She let the tears fall as she sat at her desk. All she had worked for, was now slipping from her grasp. She loved her job. She loved Max. Why was this happening?

She heard a knock on her door and quickly wiped her face.
“Come in.” She called out and hoped she didn’t look too terrible.
“Liz? Are you alright?” Jim peeked into her office before fully walking in. He could see her eyes were red and he was sure he had heard her crying right before she knocked.
“No Jim. I’m not alright. Has Mr. Matthews spoken to you?” She asked wearily.

“Sean? No I haven’t even seen him today. Why?” He asked and sat across from her.
“Oh. Well, Jim. I…I …I have to leave. I can’t work here anymore.” She said quickly not knowing where she was getting the words to speak. It was the last thing she wanted to do, but she knew she had to.

“Leave? But why? What’s wrong Liz?” Jim certainly didn’t expect that.
“I just have to Jim. I’m so sorry. I really don’t want to leave, but I have to. Please, just take it as that.” She began to cry again and cursed herself for letting Jim see her like that.
“But why Liz. What’s so bad that you feel you have to leave. Tell me, maybe I could help.”

“I can’t tell you. It’s better that I don’t. It’ll be better for the entire university if I don’t. You know I love you very much Jim. I’ve told you that many times. You’re like a second father to me, a best friend. You’ve helped me so much in my years of working here, and I really, really have appreciated everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for everything Jim.” She got up and walked over to him. Jim stood up and opened his arms as she leaned in. “Thank you so much Jim. I’m going to miss you.”
“So am I dear. So am I.” He sighed and hugged her tighter. “Just, know I’ll always be here for you. Anything you need, at any time, don’t hesitate on calling me.”
“I won’t.”


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Part 17.

Max and Michael walked together to Max’s car after their last class.
“So things are good huh?” Michael asked as they exited the building.
“Things are great. She’s the one Michael. I know it.” Max beamed and pulled out his car keys.

Alex rounded the corner of the building, trying to keep his books balanced in his arms as he reached in his pocket for his car keys. He was unaware that he was walking toward the one person he had been trying to avoid all day.

“Hey. That’s the geek me and Maria saw with Tess. He’s the one she was talking to that day in the coffee shop.” Michael pointed out as he saw Alex walking toward him.
“Alex? Are you sure it was him?” Max asked. He never thought Alex would be the type of person who would intentionally hurt anyone.
“I’m positive man. That’s the guy. That’s what she called him. Alex.”

Alex looked up when he heard his name. And he regretted it the minute he did. When he looked up he met the eyes of two very angry men. Max Evans and his friend Michael. Both very big guys that could kill him in like two seconds flat. He saw Max’s look of confusion and betrayal, turn into one of pure hatred. There was no way he could get to his car in time to avoid them seeing that he was parked a car away from them. He only had one other option. Run.

“Yo Alex. I need to talk to you.” But Max had no real intentions of talking.
“Uh…actually I…I have to run.” Alex stuttered to get out. He saw the both of them slowly start to approach.
“You got that right.” Michael said right before he took off at full speed toward the smaller man.

Alex dropped everything he was carrying and ran away from the two. He looked over his shoulder as he dodged trashcans and bushes, and saw that they weren’t too far away. In fact they were on his heels. He knew he didn’t have a chance, but he was desperate. He ran back into the nearest building and pushed his way through the crowd of stunned students.

Max and Michael followed closed behind Alex, trying not to knock anyone down. Max was leading the way, trying to get to Alex.
“Shit he’s pretty fast.” Michael shouted over to Max. But he wasn’t listening.

Alex glanced back again and found himself having more of a lead. He thanked god and rushed up the nearest set of stairs. He was actually thankful for once for his lean build as he easily pushed through the crowd. He noticed both Max and Michael still having trouble getting through the students. Noticing a bathroom, Alex ran in and looked for a place to hide.

“In here!” Michael shouted to Max as they reached the top of the stairs. They ran into the bathroom and scanned the room for Alex. “Check the stalls.” Michael mouthed to Max and they both opened each stall. They heard some of the showers on and they walked over to them.

Max looked under the first curtain seeing the occupant’s feet. Too muscular. Michael checked the second stall and checked the legs. Too tanned. They reached the last stall and both checked. They couldn’t tell if it was him or not, but just as they were going to get up and leave, they noticed a pant leg slipping down.

Max pulled the curtain open to find Alex, in his clothing, soaking wet under the shower.
“You gotta admit, that was pretty smart. It could have worked.” Michael said as they continued to glare over at Alex. Max reached in first and pulled Alex out but his shirt.
“Before I kill you, I want to know why. Why did you do it?” Max demanded.
“I….I…” Alex couldn’t form any words as he looked up into the eyes of the very angry man.

“Spit it out man.” Michael said as he reached out and held Alex from behind.
“She made me.”
“Who made you?” Max asked as he fisted his hand.
“Tess. She threatened me. I had to. Look I’m sorry. I didn’t mean any harm. I didn’t even give her any of the pictures. I still have them. I like Ms. Parker. She’s a great teacher. And you, well I’m afraid of you. Think about it, why would I purposely go after you?”

Max went over what he had just heard. It did make sense. But it still didn’t make him any less angry.
“What did she threaten you with?”
“She asked me to take pictures of the two of you. At first I did because…well, I’m not very popular with the female gender and….well, you know. She offered of her services.” He tried to laugh but saw that it wasn’t a good time. “When I tried to back out of the deal, she said she’d use the pictures against me, saying that I was stalking Ms. Parker. You can kill me if you want. I know I deserve it. I could have just gone to you and said something, but…well as I said before, I’m terrified of you.”

“And for good reason.” Michael said roughly from behind. He held him in place waiting for Max to start swinging. “What are you waiting for Maxwell. Pound him already.”

Max fisted Alex still wet shirt and watched as the smaller man closed his eyes and waited for the blow.
“I can’t.” Max sighed and released him.
“What?” Both Michael and Alex asked together in surprise.
“I can’t. I can’t do it. Let him go Michael. But know this.” He stepped up to Alex again. “You will go apologize to Liz, then you will give me all of the pictures you took, and then, well just hope there isn’t a next time. Cause I won’t be so forgiving twice. Let’s go.” He motioned over to Michael and they left Alex, shaking in the bathroom.

Liz arrived at her home still in tears. She had left everything in her office, telling Jim she’d pick up her things later. She made sure her classes would be taken care of, not wanting to leave Jim with a lot of trouble. Making it to her bedroom, she laid down on her bed and just cried.

Four hours later she heard the knock on her door. She pushed herself off her bed and went to open it.
“Hey.” She sighed as she opened the door.
“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Max immediately noticed the tear tracks on her face and stepped inside. He closed the door and cupped her face. “What happened?”

Liz let herself go again, crying in his arms.
“Oh Max. Something horrible happened. I…I quit my job.” Her last words were almost lost in her sobs.
“What? Why?” Max pulled back and brushed her hair back away from her face.

“Sean knew. He found out somehow. I…I didn’t want it to get out so I went to Jim and quit. I didn’t tell him why I was leaving though. I just hope it doesn’t get out.” She sniffled and clung to Max again. “Oh Max.”
“Damn it. I’m so sorry Liz. This is all my fault. I know how much you love your job. I’m so sorry.”
Liz cut him off, not wanting to hear him apologize any further.
“Don’t. Don’t do that. I’m not sorry Max. I’ll never be sorry for what we have. Yes, I loved my job, and it hurts to have to walk away, but I love you Max. I love you. Know that I do.”

“I love you too.” With that he swooped her up and carried her into her room.

Alex walked into his apartment, still soaking wet. He’d picked up his forgotten belongings from the parking lot and driven home. Making his way to the bathroom, he discarded his wet clothing and tossed them in the bathtub. Taking of his glasses he reached for a towel and wrapped it around his lean waist.

“Could this day get any worse?” He asked aloud as he walked out of the bathroom. A faint knock came from his front door. Sighing loudly he went to see who it was. “I guess it could.” He sighed and opened the door. “What do you want now?”

Tess slowly made her way inside. She knew if she didn’t, he would never invite her in. She couldn’t blame him. “What, are you here to laugh at me some more? Or did you hear about my earlier run in?” He asked bitterly.

“I’m sorry. I never should have asked you to do any of it. I was stupid and selfish…”
“And a total bitch, and evil, and a fucking whore. I could go on and on.” He spoke, still hanging on to the door knob. He hadn’t turned to even look at her as she walked in. He couldn’t bear too.
“I deserve that. And so much more.” She said in a whisper. She couldn’t look up at him. The hurt and anger were still very evident in his eyes. And she’d caused it.
“Yeah you do. And love it as I might, to tell you exactly what you deserve, I’d rather much just like you to get the hell away from me and out of my life…for good.”

Tess finally looked up at him. His eyes stayed transfixed at the empty hallway, hand still held the door knob so hard his knuckles were turning white, and his nostrils flared. It was then she noticed his current state of dress, or lack there of. There he stood, skin moist, sporting only a towel.
“Alex…” She stepped forward, unsure of what she was going to do.
“Do you have trouble hearing or are you just that dense? I think I just told you to get out.” Alex now turned to her, eyes blazing with fury. “Get out.” He growled.

It was then that Tess lost it. She launched herself at the unsuspecting Alex, causing him to stagger backwards, and lose his towel. It pooled at his feet, almost tripping him as Tess pushed him against the door, closing it shut.

Alex’s first impulse was to push her away, to feel repulsed and angry, but instead he responded. His anger and frustration lending fuel to his awaking desire.
“I…still…hate you.” He grunted in between fervent kisses.
“I know.”
“I…really….really hate…you.” He continued as they walked backwards toward his room.
“I know.” Tess moaned into his mouth, reaching down to cup his manhood.
“I hate you so much!” He growled as they collapsed on his bed.
“I know.”


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Part 18

Max woke up in the middle of the night. In reality it was already morning. Three twenty two to be exact. He couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened before. First, he discovered that Alex, the guy he always thought of as pretty nice despite his loner tendencies, had been in cahoots with Tess. Then, Liz had told him she quit her job because one of the teachers found out about them.

He laid there watching Liz sleep. The room was almost completely dark, only slight illuminated by a street light that shone through her blinds. He could barely make up the curve of her hip in the dim room. The covers just covered her hip allowing a view of the top of her round cheek. He hadn’t meant for them to have sex. In honest, he only meant to carry her to bed and hold her until she fell asleep, but once in bed, they couldn’t stop the motions. Clothing was discarded and hands found familiar territory.

“Max?” He looked down as saw that her eyes were now wide open and looking up at him.
“Yeah. I’m here.” He whispered and ran a hand up her side until he cupped her face. “It’s still early. Go back to sleep.”
“What if I don’t want to?” She smiled coyly. “Sometimes you look so young, and other times…” She sighed and traced a finger on his chest.
“Other times what?” He asked and took her hand in his.
“Other times…you look so…grrr.” She giggled and scooted closer until she could press into his chest.
“Well, you make me, grr.” He smiled and hugged her tightly to him. “What are you going to do now?” He didn’t want to break the good mood, but he knew she was already thinking about it.
“We.” She corrected him. “We will figure something out.”

Alex woke up to the shuffling in his bed. He was laying on his stomach, arms flung over his head, and something weighing down on his lower back. He tried turning over to see what it was, but what ever it was, it wouldn’t let him move. He could feel warm puffs of air, and what felt like an arm slowly stretch out.
“Mmmm, good morning.” Tess murmured as she slowly woke up. She rolled off of him over to the side and sat up, clutching the sheet to her.

“No. no, no, no.” Alex kept repeating, refusing to open his eye. “This is all a nightmare. Some twisted dream. You’re not here.” He groaned. Turning on his side he saw her yawning. “No.”
“Yes Alex.” She sighed and scooted back on the bed. “We had sex. Amazing mind-blowing sex. And try as you might to deny it, you enjoyed it. Several times. As did I.”

“Why do you keep torturing me? Haven’t you gotten off enough from my misery?” Alex asked, and sat up.
“Alex….” She trailed. She scooted closer.
“No. Nothing you can say now will be good.” He tried to stop her, but she kept getting closer.
“But Alex…”
“Stop. You’re just a heart less bitch.” He hissed as her hand traveled up his exposed calf.
“There’s something I need to tell you.”
“No. Just don’t say anything.” His eyes were now closed as she straddled his legs. He could feel her hands run through his hair, spiking it up.
“I…like you.” She whispered into his ear before letting her tongue snake out.
“I told you not to say anything.” He moaned and flipped her over, so he was on top.

“Yeah mom, I quit. I didn’t say why.” Liz answered over the phone to her mother. Max was in the shower and she was in the kitchen preparing breakfast.
“Oh Liz. I told you to be careful. What are you going to do now?” Nancy’s concerned filled voice sounded through the receiver.
“I don’t know mom. I just hope it doesn’t get out as to why I quit.” Liz sighed and set the scrambled eggs into the plates.

Spying Max step out of the bathroom, with a small, white towel around his waist, Liz told her mother she’d call her back. “Enjoy the shower?” She called out as she poured some juice.
“It was ok. Would have been better if I had company.” He padded into the kitchen, now wearing his boxers. “Mmm, smells good. Good Morning.” He kissed her and sat down.
“I told my parents.”
“Oh. That’s who you were talking to?”
“Yeah.” She sighed and sat down.

“What did they say?”
“My dad pretty much stayed quiet, my mom was the vocal one.” She scooped some of the eggs into her mouth.
“Well, what did mom say?” Max pushed further.
“What didn’t she say is a better question.” She sighed and shoveled more food into her mouth.

Max hated to have to leave Liz in the condition she was in, but she insisted he attend his classes. Telling him that her final was that day, and that he had to go.
“No buts. Go, I know you’ll do great. Good luck.” She placed a kiss on his lips and pushed him out the door.
“I love you!” He shouted from outside and she laughed.
“I love you too. Now hurry up and leave.”

Kyle waited for Max outside of the classroom. He’d found out that morning what had happened. Well at least the stories people were telling. The only real thing he knew was that Liz had quit. Everyone just spouted off stories as to the cause of it.

Finally he saw Max coming down the hall towards him. He quickly made his way over to him.
“Man, is it true?”
“Yeah. Liz quit. What have you heard?”
“Tons of stuff. None of it true though. What happened?” Kyle asked making sure no one could hear them. Max then told him everything Liz had. All about how Sean Matthews had confronted her and threatened to reveal what he knew. “What a fucker. I have him next. Man, I don’t know if I’ll be able not to punch his lights out.” Kyle said angrily.

“I know. If I see him, I’ll kill him.” Max declared seriously.

They made their way into class and settled in their seats. Jim walked into the class, obviously still thinking about Liz.
Good morning class. I’m Professor Sadler. I’ll be giving you your final today. As many of you have probably already heard, your usual professor Ms. Parker quit yesterday. And I don’t care what many of you have heard about her decision, none of them are true, and you should all know that.” Jim said that last sentence with venom. He’d over heard what the students were saying about Liz and he really didn’t appreciate any of it.

Max tried to keep his mind on the test, but he couldn’t help but think about Liz. She’d told him countless times not to blame himself for her having to quit, but he couldn’t help it. It was his fault. And he was going to figure out how to fix it.

Liz was just sitting around when she heard a knock from her door. Looking at her clock she knew it couldn’t be Max. So getting up from her seat she went for the door.
“May I help you?” She asked as she opened the door.
“Um…uh, hi Ms. Parker. I….I’m Alex….” He stuttered.
“Alex. Alex Whitman. Of course. How are you? Um, what are you doing here?”

She didn’t know. Oh no. Alex sighed and picked up the box he’d put down on the porch.
“I uh, I brought by your things. I had stopped by your office and found out you had quit. There Mr. Sadler asked if I could bring your things.” He explained and felt his palms begin to sweat. He was nervous.

“Well that’s very nice of you, but you really didn’t have to. Here, come on in.” She moved aside and allowed Alex entry. Yep, she definitely didn’t know, or else she would never have let him in.
“And uh…I actually came to give you these.” Alex breathed out and pulled out a big envelope. He handed it to her with shaky hands. She took it confusedly and took out its contents.

He watched as her eyes widened in fear and confusion. She flipped through every photo, her breathing becoming shuddered gasps.
“Wh….what, what are these?” She looked up at him through bloodshot, tear stained eyes. “You…you took these?” She asked. Alex could only nod, losing his ability to speak. “Why?”
Alex still couldn’t say anything and couldn’t even look at her any longer. “Did…did you show these to…to Sean?” She was getting angry.

“Who?” Alex looked up at her not knowing what she meant.
“Sean. Sean Matthews. You told him. You told him and showed him these….these pictures. That’s how he knows. Why did you do that?! How could you do that? What did I ever do to you.?!” She was now shouting at him and threw the photos at him.

“I…I…I don’t…don’t know what you’re…talking about.” Alex stammered backing away from the angry woman. She was in full rage mode. Arms flailing about, nostrils flared, eyes wide open, and lips pulled tight. “I haven’t showed these to anyone.”

“Uh huh. Then how does he know, huh? What you just went to him and told him you had pictures of me, but didn’t show them to him?”
“Look, Ms. Parker. I’m the only one who’s seen these pictures. I’ve haven’t told anyone about them. I haven’t told anyone about you.” Liz was now pacing as he spoke. “I didn’t want to tell anyone, or take the pictures.”

“Oh, so you just happened to be snapping away when you caught me in your lens huh? You just happened to be outside of Max’s apartment and outside my classroom with your camera?” She shouted.
“Then what? Were you paid to take the pictures?” She laughed bitterly, not expecting him to nod. “Who?”

“Tess Harding.” He sighed and ran his hand across his face. “She was mad. She wanted revenge, so she came to me. First bribing me, then, ultimately black mailing me into taking pictures of the two of you. I never meant to hurt you Ms. Parker. I really respect you.”

Liz laughed his comment off.
“Respect me huh.” She turned to him. “How much did she pay you?”
“Well, she didn’t…she didn’t exactly ‘pay’ me per say.” He replied, looking down at his feet.
“Well what…per say, did she do?”
“She…she uh…she sorta….offered of…herself.” He mumbled.

“She offered herself?” She asked incredulously. “You mean…you mean she had sex with you?” He nodded.
“Honestly, Ms. Parker, I tried to get out of it. Really, I did. But then she threatened to take the pictures and say that I had been stalking you. She was going to use them against me.”
“Oh, and we can’t have that now can we? No, I get it. Save your ass by fucking up my life.”

“But…listen, nothing happened. Max and his friends figured out that Tess wasn’t really pregnant. Kyle confronted her, and she gave up on her plan. So no one ever saw these pictures. I don’t know how anyone could have found out. I didn’t tell anyone and neither did she.”

Liz just stared at him. Letting his confession sink in. No one saw the pictures.
“Get out.” She whispered. Alex nodded and left.


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Kyle had tried his best to keep his composure as he sat in Sean Matthew’s class. His animosity towards the man grew and grew. It was starting to get harder to keep from leaping from his seat and strangling his professor.

“Max? What…what are you doing here?” Kyle asked as he found Max waiting outside the class.
“I just wanted to have a little word with your teacher.” Max replied angrily. He looked over the exiting students at his target.
“Max you know you shouldn’t We both know you won’t be talking.” Kyle told him. “Come on, let’s go. It isn’t worth it.” Kyle tried to push him away but Max wouldn’t budge.

As soon as he walked out, Sean knew there was something wrong. He turned his head to the left and spotted one of his students, trying to push away another young man. He found that odd but chose to just walk past them. Big mistake.

Max took one look at him and charged like a bat out of hell. Kyle had to block him with all his strength
“What in the name of...?” Sean shouted as the young man was stopped a mere inch away from him. “Who the hell are you?”

“Oh I thought you knew all about me Mr. Matthews.” Max spat out, still trying to get Kyle out of the way.
“I’ve never seen you before in my life. Oh.” Then it clicked. He had seen him before. And he knew exactly who he was. “Max is it?” He asked quite amused.

“You know exactly who I am. Let me go Kyle!” He shouted and finally pushed Kyle out of the way. Kyle stumbled back into a near by wall, sliding down. “Why? Why are you harassing Liz?”
“I am doing no such thing.” He smiled, despite his fear of the tall, very pissed off man before him. He unconsciously took a step back. “I merely…”
“You threatened her. You made her quit!”
“I most certainly did not. She quit of her own accord. Now if you will.” He tried to walk past Max but he didn’t move.

“She quit because you threatened her. She loves her job, and would never quit unless she had to. You will fix it.” Max spoke up forcefully.
“Now listen here young man…”
“No, you listen old man. You hurt her. And you will undo it.”
“Or what?” Sean challenged, not liking it one bit that this young man was telling him what to do.
“You don’t even want to know ‘or what’.” Max glared.

“Come on Max. Just walk away.” Kyle came up behind him and pulled him back by the shoulders.
“Yes, Max. Just…walk…away.” That did it.

Max launched himself at Sean causing them both to fall down hard. Max was immediately beating the older man. His knuckles throbbed with pain but he didn’t let up until a few of the on-looking students pulled him away.
“You’ll pay for that!” Sean shouted tasting the blood that spilled from his nose and mouth.
“I’m not even half way through done with you! Not by a long shot!” Max shouted back as they dragged him off.

Max walked into Liz’s place, spotting her sitting on the couch staring at some papers. “Liz?”
She looked up at him and it was then he saw the tears in her eyes. “Liz, what’s wrong?”

“I had a visit by one of my students. And he brought these.” She held out the pictures to him and watched he looked through them.
“Alex came.” He sighed and sat beside her.
“You knew? You knew about this and you didn’t tell me?” She asked incredulously.
“I was going to tell you, but then everything happened. I was the one who told him to bring you the pictures and apologize.”

“So, he…he really didn’t show them to Sean?” She whimpered. Max sat down beside her and pulled her close.
“He didn’t tell me anything about showing them to anybody. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”
“I’m just glad you’re home.” She sighed and cuddled into his arms.
“Home. I like the sound of that.” He smiled. “Now let us go to our bed.”


Alex walked into his apartment like a zombie. He felt like shit, and looked like it too.
“What are you still doing here?” He asked Tess as he found her in his kitchen.
“I figured you’d be hungry. I made lunch.” She smiled and set the plates on the table.
“Why?” He asked as he made his way toward the food.
“Why what?”

Alex sat down and looked down at the food then back up at her.
“Why are you still here? Why are you making me lunch? After everything?”
“I told you, I figured you’d be hungry. Now stop talking and eat.”


Liz couldn’t find it in her mind to sleep. Her mind was still reeling with the days events to let her body rest. She still couldn’t grasp on to the fact that she had left her job. The best job she’d ever had. She knew she owed Jim an explanation, but she couldn’t bring herself to telling him what happened. Knowing Jim, he’d get disappointed in her, and then go take it out on Sean. And though that possibility seemed perfect, she knew it would only cause more scandal.

She turned and looked at Max’s sleeping face. His hair came down in wisps across his face. A shade of a beard was partcially visible. He was on his stomach, his left arm stuffed beneath the pillow, propping his head up. She placed a kiss on his shoulder and slipped out of bed.

She pulled on her robe and walked out to the kitchen. After pulling out a pint of ice cream, along with whipped cream, hot fudge, and cherries. Sitting down on her couch, she made herself a sundae.
There was nothing on TV, seeing that it was 3am. So she sat there, the only light coming from the small lamp next to her on a coffee table.

What was she going to do now? She loved teaching too much to give it up. She just had to be a teacher.

The sudden ringing of her phone jolted her out of her thoughts.
“I’m sorry Liz, were you asleep?” Nancy’s voice asked over the phone.
“No mom, I was up. Just having some ice cream. What’s up? Why aren’t you asleep?”

“Oh honey, I couldn’t sleep. I’m so worried about you.” She sighed.
“I know mom. I’m worried about me too.”
“Liz, what are you going to do now?”

Liz glanced up as she saw the bathroom light come on and the door slowing closing. Max was up.
“I don’t know what I’m going to do now mom.” There was a long pause.
“Liz, your father and I were thinking and…well we thought that maybe this would be a good opportunity for you to come back home.”

Max came out and softly padded over to her. He mouthed a ‘hi’, stole a kiss, and some ice cream, and went back into the bedroom. Liz smiled.
“Home mom?”
“Yes Liz. You can come back home, your room is still here for you, or we can help you find a nice place. As for your job, you can teach in Las Cruces if you still want to be a professor, or you can always go back to West Roswell High. They’re terribly understaffed anyways. I’m sure they’ll only be pleased to have such a prestigious college professor in their midst.”

Going back home? Teaching High School, or at Las Cruces? Could she do that? She loved this house. Though it was way too big for her, she loved it. Her thoughts drifted to Max. Max in her bedroom at the moment. Could she really leave the life she had here? Leave Max?
“I don’t know mom. I mean…”
“Shh, Liz. Just…just think about it ok? Just think about it. Can you do that for me?” Her mom’s voice sounded so stressed, so tired.

“Ok mom. I’ll think about it.”
“Ok Liz. Thank you. Now I want you to put that ice cream down, and go to bed. Good night dear.”
“Good night mom.” She hung up and put the ice cream dish in the sink.

“What happened?” Max asked as she walked back into the bedroom.
“My mom. She’s worried.” She removed her robe and climbed back into bed, allowing Max to pull them into his arms.

“It’s going to be ok. You’ll see. We’ll get through this.” He whispered into her ear, his arms tightening around her from behind.
“We will.” She sighed and closed her eyes.


Max pulled up to the school, hearing Michael gripe about yet another fight with Maria.
“So she’s all yapping and hollering about how I don’t pick up my dirty clothes. I was trying to explain how they weren’t dirty, but she wouldn’t listen. She just kept talking about how I’m inconsiderate and…hey are you even listening man?”

“Michael my girlfriend lost her job because of me.” Max finally yelled, frustrated with Michael. He was tired of hearing Michael complain.
“Hey, I’m sorry man. I wasn’t thinking.” Michael sighed. “I didn’t mean to get you mad.”
“It’s ok Mike. I’m just…I’m just on the edge right now.”

They entered the school and soon separated. Today was the day of Max’s last final. He was both happy and still very down. He walked into his class and prepared for the test. This was his last year, before he went off to graduate school to become an Anthropologist. The study of human beings always interested him. He had originally wanted to be a doctor but often found himself struggling through even the basic sciences.

So Anthropology it was.


Liz picked up the phone and dialed up her parent’s number. She had been thinking about their suggestion all night and all of that morning. Could she really leave all she’d worked for behind?
“Hello?” Her father answered the phone this time.
“Hi daddy. Did mom tell you we talked last night?”
“Of course. I was right beside her. So what did you think?”

Liz took a deep breath.
“I’ve decided…..”


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