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Author: Alysha

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Summary: After graduation. Picks up with Jeff reading the journal.

Ok. I know I have like two other fics, but this idea got in my head before the credits at the end finished rolling and it had to be written. It won't be updated until after MAy 31, which is when school lets out. Same for my other fics.

drifted to another sentence. “Burn this by the pod chamber where my husband was born.” Lizzie had a husband. While Liz was still a Parker, she was an Evans’ now. Nancy should read this, along with Amy and the Evans as well. Amy might like to know what her daughter has been up to this past year, and the Evans might like to know that their son got married. Jeff’s eyes drifted towards the letter that had been enclosed with the journal.

Dear Daddy,
I don’t know which you’ll read first the letter or the journal, but the letter will make more sense if you read it after the journal. (Hint, stop and read the journal.) Ok. I’m hoping by the time you read this sentence you have finished the journal.

Daddy, I love you and Mommy more than you’ll ever know. I hope you’ll forgive me for everything that has happened since I found out about Max. But really, I hope you understand. I know it’s too much to ask for you to approve, but I hope we at least have an understanding and a blessing from you. I can’t ask you to be proud, but I wish I could make you. But I know I can’t. You used to tell me you’d be proud as long as I was safe and had a college degree. As I right now, by no means am I or do I have either, but I am happy. I don’t know if we’ll be in the same place when you get this, but I do know one thing. I’ll be with family. My family of friends.

Love you lots and forever, your daughter, Elizabeth Parker-Evans

And Jeff wept. He might never get to see his daughter again or be able to tell her that he was proud, and that he did understand. That he did approve. Because he had been in that same exact situtation himself.

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Omg. Um Ok. I just realized that that was only half of the prologue. I had about another paragraph. Lemme find it hold on.

Jeff rubbed his hands over his face tiredly. He felt as if he had aged twelve years in the past twelve hours he had been reading Liz’s journal. This was why the three kids he had watched grow up from toddlers suddenly seemed so foreign. Liz and Maria weren’t trying to protect the ones they loved because they were bad, but because they were thought to be bad. While he thought Max had taken his baby girl away from him, he had really given his daughter life and something to live for.

Ok. That was the first pargraph. I am so sorry. And thanks for all the feedback. I woulds love to update, but have a ton of school stuff to do.I have a report, essay, project, power point, and portfolio all before friday. Then starting next week I have exams. Grrrrrrrr. Whoever invented school wasn't exactly the brightest person.
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hehehe. I have no clue what I meant by that comment. Usually I plan my fis out before I began, but that wrote itself. This fic will jump back and forth between the parents, and the gang.

Question: Would y'all like to see Isabel and JEsse reunite? Or Kyle and Isabel. I'm a whirlwind, but ify'all really want I/K I can do that.
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Bringing Alex back from the grave. Hmmm. As much as I wish I could, I am partical to Jesse and Isabel now, and for once am going to keep Alex dead. Err. Not in the story. Plus, I am trying not to have so much alien shenaggins.

Thanks for all the feedback and bumpage, and I may just may be able to update all of my fics on Saturday. A whole week early, but my engish exam won't be as hard as I thought it would be. But I wouldn't expect it Saturday, but just check any way.
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I will definitly be updating on Friday. I have ha;f of the next chapter written out and my mom is picking me up from school, (meaning I don't have to wait an hour for the bus), so It'll be up by 12:30 central time I think, with my other stories not too far behind.
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Liz looked out the window of the Dodge Caravan. After maxing out the Evan's credit cards that they had given to Isabel they were able to buy a car that went more than twenty miles an hour. The van wasn't new but it was only a ninety seven. Maria, LIZ and Michael had taken everything they had out of the bank, along with Liz's inhertence from Grandma Claudia. Right now everyone was arguing over which movie to watch on the laptop. Maria and Isabel wanted Legally Blonde, while the boys wanted to watch Gone in Sixty Seconds. Her and Max were staying out of it, as it was their day to drive. Max had just finished his two of six hours and Liz figured she'd start around two, Liz was half listening to the argument in the back.

"Come on Michael. Legally Blonde is an awesome movie." Maria was saying.

"It's about a blone." Kyle scoffed.

"And what's wrong with blondes?" Isabel asked shaking her hair which was once aain blonde.

"Nothing." Michael said quickly. He may be able to blast, but Isabel could rearrange his dreams and make them nightmares.

Liz grinned from the front. She knew Michael what Michael was thinking. Liz looked down at her new journal in her lap. Max had given it to her and had used his powers to emboss on it Elizabeth Parker Evans. The date was June 12, 2002. This was the day they were supposed to have died, or at least the day they thought they were gonna die. Instead it was the day after her wedding day., two days since she left Roswell and twenty four hours since she had mailed her dad her journal. She had air mailed it yesterday morning and according to what the people told her he should have gotten it sometime yesterday afternoon. She wondered what her father would think of her marriage. As if sensing her train of thoughts, Max grabbed her hand holding it in his free one.

"Hey'll always love you Liz" Max told her.

Liz smiled sadly. "I hope he knows I'll always love him." She said quietly.

"He knows." Max told her comforting. "They all know." He added looking at the rest in the back who had finally agreed on a movie. "What movie?" he asked.

"Pearl Harbor." Kyle muttered.

Liz laughed. "Somebody scoot over. I'm coming back."

"Spaceboy, scoot over and give Lizzie some room." Maria said elbowing him in the stomach.

"oww." Michael gasped "I'm going keep Max company." He said climbing over the seats.

"Max is a big boy, he don't need anyone keeping him company." Isabel said from wehre she was laying down in the back.

Liz turned around smooshed between the armrest and Maria, who had kyle on her otherside so she couldn't move. "How are you feeling?" Liz asked Isabel.

"Like I'm gonna loose breakfast." Isabel muttered.

"You hardly ate any." Liz reminded her. "Isabel you don't think you're?"

This is only half. I hurt my arm really bad yesterday and as of right now am waiting for my mom. Once the doctors gives me the pok I'll be back typing.
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My arm is still sore, but I'll probably get the rest out tomorrow. ANd I really apoligize for it being so short, but I can't even make a fist without pains shooting through it so typing hurts bad.
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“So, you mean to tell me my daughter is dating an alien?” Amy DeLuca asked.

The Evanses, Parkers, Jesse, his mom, Jim Valenti and Amy DeLuca were all siting around the Evanses’s living room.

“My daughter is having sex with an alien.” Nancy Parker said on the edge of hysteria. “Jeff, Jeff. This wasn’t part of the plan. Nope, not yet.” Everyone looked at Mrs. Parker. They knew she tended to get hysterical over all things Liz. Liz had been a miracle almost. The Parkers had been told there was a ninty-five percent chance Nancy would never be able to have kids. They had been almost completely done the adoption process when Nancy found out she was pregnant.

“Nan, calm down, honey, please calm down.” Jeff said rubbing his wife’s shoulder. “So its just gonna happen a little sooner.”

“Jesse, how long have you known?” Mrs. Ramirez asked.

“About a month and a half.” Jesse answered.

“You just found out?” she exclaimed jumping up.

Jesse nodded. “Isabel wanted to tell me from the beginning, but Max and Michael wouldn’t let her.”

She nodded turning to the Evans. “How long have you known?”

“Less than Jesse has.” Diane answered.

Suddenly Phillip realized what it was Jeff had said. “What do you mean it happened sooner?” he asked.

Jeff looked at him blankly for a minute. He hadn’t realized anyone had heard what he said. “Oh um, uh, um, Lizzie leaving. We thought we had until August.”

The others accepted this. Jim spoke up. “I think we should reconvene in the morning.” He said. He looked at Amy. “Come on. I’ll bring you home.” The two walked out.

Jesse looked at his mom, before following her out the door.

Nancy and Diane retreated into the kitchen, while Jeff and Phillip stood looking at each other.

“what do you think about the marriage?” Phillip asked.

“I’m still a little unsure about that.” Jeff told him honestly.

“Me too.” Phillip said. “Me too.”

“It’s about time.” Diane said as her and Nancy sat drinking tea in the kitchen.

If it had to be someone, I’m glad it’s Max.” Nancy admitted.

“I’m glad it’s Liz.” Diane said and with that the two fell into a comfortable silence.

Wow. Is Isabel pregnant? Gotta wait. But I'll give you a hint, another couple definitly is. Well not yet, but will be.

Question- I have thought about bringing back MAx's son, something happen to his adoptive parents, and the Evans get him. SHould I or shouldn't I?

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Look for a new part tomorrow. And bring tissue. Also, if you have heart problems, be warns. Major shocker. It was a shocker for me.
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I'm about to update. It may be kind of short,but look for another part friday. Sorry aboout yesterday. I forgot I had an orthodontist.
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“It’s possible.” Isabel told Liz, her mind immediately doing the math. “I think I may be.”

“Shit, Isabel. This kinda complicates hiding out.” Michael said, being his usual self.

“It’s not like I knew I was gonna be running from the FBI for my life when I got pregnant.” Isabel shot back.

“How can we tell without an actual test?” Maria asked, knowing they didn’t have the funds nor the time. They were barley staying one step ahead of the FBI as it was.

“Maria, we’re among aliens, or they are among us.” Kyle laughed at his own joke. “I’m pretty sure they can do their connection thingies.”

“If you’re gonna be one of us, get the names and words right.” Michael said.

“Alright, what’s it called then?” Kyle asked, while the others threw confused glances at Michael.

“A connection.” Michael simply stated.

“Oh, excuse me. It’s not a connection thingy. It’s plain connection.” Kyle said sarcastically.

“Children, children please.” Liz broke in trying to stop it before it got out of hand. “You’re acting like two-year-olds and not helping one bit.” Liz continues. It was as if her maternal instinct was kicking in.

“No, you’re not.” Maria said swatting Michael upside the back of his head. “It’s bad enough with Max and Isabel the alien sibilings, we don’t need another set.”

“Hey, don’t compare me to them two!” Isabel and Kyle said at practically the same time.

“Max and I fight more like the teenagers we are, while they fight like two year-olds.” Isabel cleared up.

“Yeah.” Kyle said before realizing Isabel had been putting him down.

Maria turned to Liz and Max, who were watching amusedly. “They’re like flatworms. Whoever gets the first jab is more manly.”

Liz grinned at Maria’s analogy, while Max looked confused. “Huh?”

“Flatworms are bisexual. They can be male or female. When they mate it’s called penis fencing. They each have two and the one who get it in the other first is consieder more manly.” Liz explained to her husband.

“Like with these two, whoever gets the first jab wins.” Maria concluded.

“I’m being compared to a flatworm now?” Michael groaned.

“Hey, flatworms are the most beautiful sea creatures.” Maria said, laughing as Michael turned red.

“Are you trying to tell me I am beautiful?” Michael asked pulling Maria towards him.

“Maybe.” Maria breathed before planting her lips on his.

“I know one thing.” Isabel said looking out the window. “I’m not the only one pregnant.” Max and Liz spoked their heads over the back of the very back seat from where they had been cuddled up in the luggage area.

"Who?" Kyle asked, though he was pretty sure he knew who.

Isabel started to answer "Ma" “watch out!” Liz screamed as the car went off the side the road.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jeff and Nancy got out of their silver Nissan Maxima walking up to the cabin, Nancy knocked. The door opened. “Mom, it’s started.”

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“It’s a flat tire.” Michael said as he got out of the van to inspect the damage. The rest piled out behind him trying to stretch their legs.

“I’ll get on it.” Kyle said. “A year of working for Toby and I finally come in handy.” He grumbled under his breath as he got the spare tire Max and Liz had been sitting on.

Michael turned to Liz and Max. “I’d say congratulations are in order then.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Liz said still not fully comprehending. Maria on the other hand understood completely.

“Lizzie and Isabel are gonna have babies.” Maria sang dancing around on side of the road.

Max scooped Liz up in his arms practically dancing around himself, before he stopped. “Isabel, how do you know?”

“I tried to dreamwalk y’all last night and kept getting blocked from Liz. Someone wants to protect their mommy.” Isabel said. “I was gonna wait and let you figure out on your own, but I am not gonna be the only one Michael yells at.”

“Michael will be yelling at no one. Michael will be happy for everyone.” Maria said shooting a look Michael saying he better or else.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Jeffery, what do you mean it started?”

“Liz and Max got married, the child must already be conceived.” Jeff answered looking at his mom. Claudia glanced down at him and motioned for him to continue. “Annie warned us about this. She said it would one day happen. We just never realized this soon.”

“Nothing happens as you expect my dears. You two of all people should know that.” Claudia Parker told her son. She smiled at him and at the pictures he had brought of Liz. For the past couple of years she had to let her beloved granddaughter think she was dead or the whole plan would be ruined. She only hoped the plan could still go on. Some things had been changed, but surely good was supposed to come out on top in the end right? It always did in movies.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Max and Liz lay cuddled in the back of the van again. “Are you happy about this, Liz?” Max asked. Everyone else was, but Max wasn’t sure about his wife’s feelings. They had talked about kids before everything started and he knew Liz wanted a different life than the one she was leading when she had kids.
“I am Max. I really am.” Liz answered. “I’m terrified, but I have you here and I know you won’t let nothing bad happen.”

Max nodded pulling Liz closer. “Never.” He whisphered into her hair. “Never.”

“Max, you have to promise me one thing.” Liz said suddenly.

“What baby?” he asked his face still in her hair with one hand stroking it.

“We have to send the baby to our parents.” Max pulled back looking at Liz. “Isabel and I talked about it earlier when we were in the back. We can’t raise kids on the road Max. Jesse will probably get theirs, but our baby will have to go to our parents.”

Max searched Liz’s eyes and realized this was something she wasn’t backing down from. She wanted this baby to live a normal life, something that couldn’t be done on the run. “I promise baby, I promise.”

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Wow. Three updates in under 24 hours. I am on a roll.

OK. More flatworms. Everything about flatworms on here is true.

"Hey, Liz remember that little jingle? Double the pleasure, double the fun?" Maria asked. Liz nodded. "Now everytime I think about it I think about the flatworms."

"Maria, enough about the flatworms." Liz said from where her and Isabel were laying squeezed up on the backseat laying down.

Max looked back at Liz. In the twentyfour hours since Isabel had told them Liz was pregnant he had connected to both him and Liz's and Jesse and Isabel's children. Isabel was having a boy, but it was still too soon to tell what sex his and Liz' was. For Liz it had been an extremely emotional twentfour hours. She had found out she was pregnant and decided she was sending the baby to her mom and dad, as well as her inlaws for them to raise the child. He knew it was killing Liz more than it was killing him. Liz had always wanted kids. He just wanted to know who he was. Liz had known who she was, that is until he came along. Now he had turned her world upside down, and even that oof their unborn child. Liz told him he needed to stop blaming himself, because it was things that couldn't be controlled. Max took opne last long glance at Liz before focusing back on his conversation between him, Michael and Kyle. Liz was soo tired and it was just from emotions. He didn't want to thinks about how tired she would be once the baby made itself known.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jesse woke up on the Evan's sofa. Isabel had dreamwalked him again. And this time gave him amazing news. Diane and Nancy looked up from where they were rereading Liz's diary and analyzing almost detail. He briefly wondered if they were looking for a clue as to when they should have noticed. "Isabel dreamwalked me last night." He stated getting everyone in therooms attention.

"And?" Phillip asked.

"Well, it can be good or it can be bad. I mean it's good and bad."

"Well? What is it?" Amy DeLuca asked.

"Isabel and Liz are pregnant." Jesse spit out unsure of the parents reactions.

Mrs. Ramirez, Phillip and Diane all let out a whoop, while Nancy and Jeff just looked unsure. Jesse took it into account that they were just skipping the happiness and going straight to the worrying. Isabel and Liz were on the run and stress was not good for babies.

"I'm sensing a but coming along." Nancy said. Looking at Jesse.

"They're sending the babies back here. To Roswell. They want the babies raised here." Jesse said. "Isabel says it's killing Liz already, but Liz is trying to act strong."

"What about Isabel?" Nancy asked.

"She says at least our baby will be raised, with me, the father. It's killing Liz the baby will never know either of it's parents." Jesse answered, the ful meaning hitting him. His child would never get to know his or her mother.

Nancy gasped grabbing Jeff's hand. Their little Lizzie was gonna be a mommy yet, they would be rasing the child. Along with the Evans. Nancy was suddenly glad her and Diane had bonded together to be such good friend. Nancy realized why it was killing Liz. This child was a product of her and Max's undying love, and they'd never get to see it other than the short time the would have with it when it was born. And Nancy broke down right then and there, the reality of all Liz had given up and would forever be giving up hitting her full on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Now tell me again why my parents won't be able to burn my journal?" Liz asked hotly from where she sat in between Max and Isabel. Kyle was driving while Michael sat in the passenger seat. Maria was laying in the back.

"I protected it against all elements." Michael said.

"When you say all elements what elements do you mean?" Liz asked. Max ran his hand up and down her arm in an attempt to calm her dowen.

"Wind, water, fire, any of the other oone hundred and thirty two scientific elements." Michael said

"Wow." Isabel said. " I didn't think you had been to class enough times to know how many elements there were."

Michael smirked before responding. "I passed intergrated science junior year."

"Micahel, that's a freshmen class." Max said.


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Ok. JUst so noone thinks I am crazy about flatworms for the wrong reaso, here are some pictures. They remind me of bands of ribbons gracefully rolling in the water.



these are just some. there are many more each one just as gorgous as the last.

here's the site. All pictures which is awesome.

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Max smiled looking at Liz. It had been a month since they had learned of Liz’s pregnancy and already she was beginning to show, Isabel had been showing since a few days after they realized she was pregnant. After reading and rereading Alex’s translations of the book, they estimated the pregnancies to last four to five months. Max was thankful for this. It would mean that Isabel and Liz would had to have been showing before they left and in the pictures which had been shown around town when the FBI were looking for them, they found out, that the pictures had been taken three days before they left, and in the Liz and Isabel’s stomachs were clearly flat. Max was wondering just how much this would throw the FBI off. Would they expect the pregnancy to last less? Would they get suspicious of two children suddenly showing up in the Evans, Parkers home? Jesse had already left for Boston and was shuttling back and forth to Roswell practically every weekend. Max wondered if he’d do that once the baby was born. If the baby was anything like Isabel it would hate flying. Jesse stayed in contact with them somewhat. Isabel would dream walk him every few days. Max remembered back to last night when Isabel had helped Liz talk to her parents via dreams. He had been unable to go with her, but whatever had been said had made Liz happy. Max had seen the tears start streaming down her face and at first began to get worried, but Maria had stopped him, saying no mater what was happening in Liz’s dream, good or bad, it needed to be said. Max had given in to Maria’s reasoning and let Liz have her “talk”. He was glad to later find out that they were happy tears. Her parents were proud of her and wished she had been able to bring Max in the dream with her so they could tell him. And today he hadn’t seen her this happy, in well awhile. While she was sad her parents would be raising the baby, she was happy that some part of her and Max’s love would live on.

Max’s thoughts soon drifted to Michael and Maria. They were keeping their relationship at kissing. All of the others were stumped by how they managed to do that, but Max was pretty sure it had to do with how easily he had gotten Liz pregnant as well as Tess. Both one time. But Max was truly grateful for Michael and Maria. Maria had been Liz’s rock and constant companion, doing for what Liz Max was powerless to do. She constantly sang silly little songs to get Liz’s mind off her problems and for that Max was grateful. Michael, while he had once been rash, when placed with the care of two pregnant women, became calm and rational Which surprised everyone. Sure he still was rash but when push came to shove he though long and hard. He was once again Max’s confidant. Max told him things he didn’t want Liz to know he worried about. He figured she had enough things on her mind as it was.

Max looked over at Isabel now. She was highly protective of Liz right now. Max was thankful. After Isabel’s revelation that Liz was pregnant followed by Liz’s news they were sending they babies to their parents and Jesse, it was almost as if Liz had closed herself off into this little shell at times. Withdrawing from everyone even him. Max knew why, or at least thought he did, but didn’t know how to talk to Liz about it. He smiled as even in her sleep his sister was still protective of her son. Yeah, they found out it was a boy. Isabel was happy and after a dream walking session with Jesse, had been coming up with names. Liz knew what she was having, but refused to tell anyone, including Max, but Liz had told him she had the perfect name.


“Jeffery, Nancy, can I talk to you?” Phillip asked, as the gang started to leave the area near the pod chamber. It was the fourth time in the past month that they had tried t burn the diary and no matter what they did it would never burn.

“Sure, what’s wrong?” Jeff asked.

“Well, remember last month Nancy said something about it was happening too soon?” Noticing the nods, he continued on. “What was it about?”

“Phillip, I thinks it’s time we come clean, but mind you we can’t tell much only what we know we can tell.” Nancy said.

“Do you remember Carly Davedson?” Jeff asked

“From high school?” Phillip asked. Jeff nodded. “Yeah, wasn’t she killed in the car accident?”

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“Liz is alien too, Phillip.” Jeff said slowly.

Phillip looked at him. “Ok, but what does Carly Davedson have to do with Liz?” he asked, Carly died when they were seventeen. Liz was born when Jeff and Nancy were twenty.

“Liz isn’t my real daughter.” Nancy said not quite looking at no one. Liz was her daughter in every sense of the word, except blood. While Liz had been born from her body, she hadn’t been conceived like most babies.

Phillip looked at Nancy almost like she had lost it, and Nancy hasten to correct herself. “Not blood.”

Phillip looked at Jeff. He remembered Nancy being pregnant. HE had come home for Christmas break and Nancy had been practically glowing. “Liz is Carly Davedson’s daughter, and we’ve known about Max longer than we’ve known Max.”


“Liz, honey, please talk to me.” Max said kneeling in front of Liz smashed in between the seats. Liz had been curled up crying for the last twenty minutes.

Liz looked up into his eyes and shook her head. “You’re gonna think I’m stupid.”

“Not a chance.” Max said rubbing her back with his arm. “And remember nothing can be as stupid as what happened when I got drunk.”

Liz smiled at that memory. “You were pretty stupid.” She said softly.

“Now tell me what’s wrong.” Max said empathetically.

“I want peanut butter.” Liz said, almost sheepishly.

Isabel heard her and agreed. “Me too.”

Max looked between the two, Isabel on the seat in front of him and Liz on side of him. “And the pregnant women craved peanut butter.” He mumbled under his breath. “Liz, Izzy, as much as I would love to give you some peanut butter, we’re sorta out at the moment. Next stop I promise we’ll be peanut butter.” The two sighed and Max strated to feel guilty. For a brief second.

Liz slapped his arm. “Don’t even go there. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t. I could have walked away from all of this whenever, but I didn’t, never have and never will. It’s my choice, and my decision.” Liz said snuggling up to Max before finally falling asleep.

Expect a long part soon. I finally know somewhat of the direction I am heading. I had to make-up my mind with LIz.
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I wanna apoligize for the parts being sooo short. I have attention deficeit hyperactivity disorder, so being off my medicine my attention span is like gone. I may just end up posting this as one long fic in the end if y'all would rather wait and read then.
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But I still want a dell.
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