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Title: the love of my life
Author: Candy*4eva
Summary: What if Michael was human and only knew Maria?
Rating: *PG-13/NC-17*
Category: M/M
Author's note: This the first fanfic I've ever made! Feedback would be great!

Part 1

A young girl stood outside her new home, hating it already, when a curious young boy around the same age as her with spiky brown hair and brown eyes introduced himself.

"You must be the newbies...hey! I'm Michael, what's yours?"

"Maria Deluca" replied the young girl

"Cool" said Michael

The girl was about 5ft 7"s tall, she had long blonde hair with bluest eyes you ever seen.
Michael frowned as her father approached because the girl looked afraid.

*What the hell...?* thought Michael as Maria flinched when her father touched her.

"Hello, my name is David Deluca, Maria's father!" introduced a fairly middle aged man who was in his early 40's.

"My name is Michael Guerin" replied the boy standing in front of Maria.
David grabbed onto his daughter as she turned away, Michael heard her gasp.

*Why is she so afraid?* thought Michael as he was concerned about Maria.
Maria looked up to see Michael's eyes, she thought they were like pools of light which you drown into.
Maria was wearing a short white vest with jeans and a pair of trainers. Her long hair was halfway to her waist and it was slightly curly.
Michael was surprised at himself because he found that he was longing to be with her.

"Well, Maria....why don't you go off with this young man for a while, so I can sort out everything here?" suggested David.
Michael suddenly looked at Maria to find her staring at him and then she quickly looked away.

*Oh shit...!* thought Maria, she knew that Michael saw that she was staring at him and she felt a hot flush creeping up to her face.....that was when she knew she was blushing.

Michael quipped up, smiling at Maria "Sure! We could go on my bike for a while?" while pointing to his motorbike.
For the first time, Maria smiled at him and he silently groaned.

*Anything to get away from this psycho!*thought Maria as she was referring to her father.
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Thanks to all who FB me :D
I'll indiviually thank you in the next part ok?
And this part is purely M/M interaction together *tongue*
You'll know more about her father in part 3


Part 2

Michael took Maria's arm as he guided her to his motorbike, feeling a little nervous, and secretly happy.
As Michael got on, he sensed that Maria was nervous about bikes and handed her a spare helmet.

*Oh hell..! I'm sooo stupid!* thought Maria as she climbed onto the motorbike, behind Michael while putting on the helmet.
It was then, she realized that she had to hold onto Michael's waist, she felt hot and she knew she was blushing once again under the helmet.

"are you ready, Maria?" asked Michael

Maria just nodded and slipped her hands onto Michael's waist and rested on his abodemn.
Michael hardened in an instant, he quickly started his motorbike and went roaring off in the distance.

An hour and half later....while in the countryside.
Michael heard Maria sigh and pulled his bike to the side of the road and switched off the engine.
Maria just smiled and held onto Michael as he stopped.
He turned around and took Maria's helmet off.

*She is so beautiful* as he saw her long hair swaying in the wind, her eyes widened in wonder and her full raspberry lips pouting.

Maria noticed his breathing was deep so leant forward and whispered in his ears "Why did we stop?"....while her hand lightly brushed against the front of his jeans.

Michael moaned softly as he felt her hand go past, wanting more, he leant forward and kissed Maria's neck as she moaned in pleasure....he put his hands under her top.
Maria gasped as flesh touched flesh, his hands brushing lightly on her breasts, her nipples hardened through her shirt ands he could see it.

"To have fun, Maria" whispered Michael, while smirking at her cheekily.
Both Maria and Michael could see each other's eyes were glazed over with passion and longing....but they had to wait as nightfall was upon them.