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Title: Looking For Answers
Category: AU M/M M/L A/I
Rating R
Disclaimer: I don’t on any of the characters or any thing related to Roswell except for some pics, a poster, and Brendan’s hockey stick and shirt.
Summary: Maria looks for some answers as to who she is.

Part 1

Maria Evans felt that what she was fixing to ask her parents would break there heart, but she wanted to know. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her adopted parents, because she did. If it weren’t for them she wouldn’t have the life she does which included a brother and sister, but she wanted to know who her mom was and why she gave her up.

“Ria, what’s going on? You haven’t said anything in like the past ten minutes that’s so unlike you.” Max Evans asked his little sister as he kicked her leg from under the table.

“What? Max stop it! I was just in deep thought.” Maria explained, and heard a snicker from her brother’s best friend.

“That’s funny when have you ever been in deep thought.” Michael Guiern joked; Maria wasn’t one to think about the mysteries of the universe. It wasn’t that she was dumb but she just didn’t think about stuff like that. So she was rarely in deep thought and always talking a mile a minute.

“Oh shut up Spaceboy, your one to talk, you’re not exactly Mister Philosophical any ways.”

“That’s cute, exactly why do you call him Spaceboy Maria?” Mrs. Evan’s asked her daughter.

“Because he’s a space case mom.” Well, that wasn’t the real reason, but what was she supposed to say. ‘He’s from outer space and so are Max and Izzy.’

“Mom, I wanted to know, if you, if dad, well if you and dad could tell me who my parents are?” Maria finally blurted out. She knew there was no easy way to say it. After she did however, the table went silent and her mom dropped her fork from her hand on to her plate.

“Maria, why do you want to know all of the sudden?” Diane asked in the calmest way she could without letting her voice break.

“Mom, I just do. It’s not all of the sudden, but I just wanted to know why they didn’t want me or if they even loved me.” Maria said as the clear liquid of her tears filled her emerald eyes. She felt a hand rub her back; it was her sister Isabel, like she said always mothering.

“Maria, if you really want to know we can tell you, but honey I really want you to think about it.” Mr. Evans said. Maria was the only one of their children with whom they knew the parental background. With the other two children they found them one night in the cold desert coming home from a business trip. They had already had Maria but were more than willing to adopt the other two children they fell instantly in love with. He saw the look of wonder on their other two children’s faces as well, but knew that only they would know where they were from.

“Daddy, I want to know. I’m ready to know.” She told them confidently although there was this small part of her wasn’t so sure if she was ready to take the pain of knowing.

“Okay, your father we don’t know who he is but your mother is someone that lives here in town her name is Amy Deluca.”


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Part 2

Maria couldn’t believe it that her mother was Amy Deluca. She saw her almost everyday the woman baked pies for the Crashdown for heaven sakes. Amy also owned one of those tourist shops and sold aromatherapy there which is where she got hers. The young hippy woman even talked with her at times but never once gave a hint that she was her mother.

“Maria, are you okay?” Diane asked, she wasn’t really happy about telling Maria who her parents were but she knew that the day would come. She just hoped Maria was strong enough to handle it and right now she looked like she was ready to break. She knew that Maria had had contact with Amy but she wasn’t sure if Amy knew that Maria was her daughter even though they were a lot alike.

Maria didn’t answer her mother she just got up and ran to her room feeling like she needed to be alone at the moment and not wanting the others to see her cry.

Isabel looked at her mom, and then Max, who looked at his dad not know what to do. Apart of him wanted to make his little sister was alright, but another part knew that she probably needed their mom or Isabel more. Just as Diane, Max, and Isabel were all three about to get up and go check on Maria they noticed Michael’s chair was empty and he had already beat them too it.

“Maybe he can talk to her,” Isabel told them. She wanted to be the one to comfort her sister, but she always knew that those two were really close even if other people didn’t see it.

Max looked at her funny and thought, ‘since when was Michael the comforting one.’ He looked at the empty chair beside him and then towards his sister’s bed room and wondered what was going on. They were always arguing and fighting even when they were kids they would try to practically kill each other so why the hell was his best friend comforting his baby sister?

Michael got to Maria’s room to find the door locked. The spiky haired alien jingled it a little bit and received a response from the other end, “Go away.”

Michael didn’t go away though instead he looked around to see if Mr. or Mrs. Evans was watching and used his powers to unlock the door and shut it behind him as entered the vary Maria like room.

The room was filled with tie die sheets, different colored walls, with stars on the ceiling, and junk was every where. It smelled like a mixture of fragrances, but the strongest were rose and eucalyptus. It was nothing like Isabel’s girly room.

“Michael, didn’t I say go away?” Maria asked with a muffled voice due to her had being face down on her big pillow.

“How did you know it was me?” Michael asked as he inched closer to the front of her bed.

“You’re the only one that would use your powers to open my door. Well unless I was like dying or something but Max and Isabel would just talk from outside the door. No you have to be the stubborn alien you are and use your powers.” Maria told him this while she was drying off her tears with her sheet. Now she was turned over and staring into the intense hazel eyes of the tall spiky haired alien hovering over her.

Michael got tired of standing and just plopped down on the pixie’s bed; jarring her as she moved to the side to give him room.

“I know you don’t want to talk about and I’m not one to talking but I thought I’d be her for you incase you needed me. Maria, just remember this even if you feel like Amy didn’t want you just remember that Mrs. Evans did. She loves you and she’s your mom you have it better than most.” In the last statement mainly he was referring to him. His foster dad didn’t want him not well not for the reasons the Evan’s wanted Maria, Max, and Isabel.

“Michael, I’m sorry, I know that Hank’s not the best father, and that I should be happy with what I got. There is just this part of me that needs to know why, like there’s a part of you that needs to know why. I know our situations are totally different and you have the not of this earth status, but the need to know is still the same.

Michael lay down next to her and she lifted up so he could wrap an arm around her and kissed her. “I know I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Thanks, now you better get up before Max or Isabel come in and see you all sappy and stuff.” Maria sat up and kissed him on the lips gently.

“Yeah, are you okay though? I mean if you wanted to go and talk to Amy I’ll go with you. I could stay in the car and stuff if you didn’t want me around.” Michael said nervously looking everywhere but at Maria. He was not to good with this mushy crap.

Maria smiled at his suggestion, “Thank you. I appreciate that. I’m not sure when I will go but I would like you to be there.”

He just shook his head kissed her again on the forehead before he walked out of the room and back to back to the kitchen.