posted on 20-May-2002 2:03:35 PM by wenhaver
Hi everyone.

Well, there has been a lot of talk the past 2 weeks or so about the board being slow, and "I thought we got a new server", and "what the hell is going on????".... heh. well, here's the explaination, in case you didn't see it on the home page 'cause you came straight here.

After we got the new server, people were overjoyed. So overjoyed in fact, that they spent A LOT of time here. And the server didn't mind one bit. However, with our hosting plan, we only have 80 GIGs of bandwidth a month to burn through... then it costs us extra. Well kids, you guys use 5-6 gigs a DAY. Doing a little math, you see that's about double what we get. So, we tried to limit the bandwidth... which meant limiting the requests that went through at a time... trying to describe this in non-technical terms... uhm, well, imagine a big water pipe. Too much water is going through it. So to stop that without turning off the main valve, we replaced the big pipe with a drinking straw. That made all the thristy people very cranky because they couldn't get as much water (and what they did get took forever to fill their cups), and it made the main valve cranky because it was trying to push all kinds of water through a straw.

Today, we put the big pipe back on.

What that means: We need your money! *big* If you spend a lot of time here, and enjoy what we do (when it's running right, that is), then please consider donating! You can use paypal - email address admin⊕ or snail mail (new address!!!) to heidi ziegler ingraham, 13 Adeline Cr. #2, Madison, WI 53713.

A few people have asked why we don't have banner ads on the site. Most banner programs require that the admins are in complete control of the content. They don't allow pure BBS sites into their programs. So, that kind of leaves us out. I'm writing the SciFi channel a letter, to see if they'll sponsor us, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

My finace suggests a subscription type service, at like $10 a year... that would cover all the hosting costs and upgrade fees, and whatever for well over a year. If there's interest in this, I'll start a poll or a thread, or something. I'm kind of against it, because I really want this to be free/whatever you think it's worth.

This month, we should only be about 35-40 gigs over, and it's $2/gig. Our base cost is $420/month, in case anyone was wondering.

Here's a bandwidth report from our host, in case you're interested:

Bandwidth Report for Roswell-NEW
2002-05-01 5.13GB
2002-05-02 5.07GB
2002-05-03 4.70GB
2002-05-04 4.54GB
2002-05-05 5.57GB
2002-05-06 5.65GB
2002-05-07 4.17GB
2002-05-08 4.87GB
2002-05-09 4.84GB
2002-05-10 4.44GB
2002-05-11 852.37MB
2002-05-12 3.62GB
2002-05-13 4.63GB
2002-05-14 4.24GB
2002-05-15 4.35GB
2002-05-16 4.33GB
2002-05-17 3.62GB
2002-05-18 3.23GB
2002-05-19 1.70GB
Total Bandwidth: 79.58GB High Usage: 862.65Kb/s 95th Percentile: 656.51Kb/s

Enough rambling. Thanks for reading! Feel free to email with any questions (heidi⊕, but beware I have a spam blocker that might ask you to reply to an email message in order to confirm that you are indeed a real person *big*


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posted on 20-May-2002 5:00:09 PM by wenhaver
Thanks for reading this, guys. Just bumping back to the first page...

posted on 20-May-2002 5:28:22 PM by wenhaver
Oops. Sorry, Wendy. Sometimes we're real slow with that... You're on my list now *big*
posted on 21-May-2002 10:28:11 AM by wenhaver
No, bandwidth is only used when you make a request for new information. So like when you refresh a page, or read a thread, or reply to a thread. If the page is just sitting there, you're not asking for anything new to happened. As such, logging in and out also have no effect.

Mainly, it's people that go gonzo and read here all day. You know who you are *wink*. This is because they keep loading new pages.

I don't want people to think this is a problem, or their fault or anything. It just IS, and we need to find a way to handle the situation.


posted on 1-Jun-2002 11:28:27 PM by wenhaver
I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" to everyone that has sent money. Please, don't forget about us in the coming months....

Hopefully, I'll be able to update how much we have after I get to the bank on Monday. You guys rule!

Oh, and if you asked for a title on this thread, or in a letter, they will be done early next week, as we have so many registered users at this point, wendy has to go into the database to enter them! *big*

thanks again,