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Title: The Best Time of Your Life
Author: Angella (Angeldsr03⊕
Rating: Pg-13
Category: M/L what else is there!!! and rest of group.
Disclaimer: me no own.
Summary: Liz and her family die in a car reck….ha ha just kidding. Liz and her family move to Roswell, and for Liz everything changes.
Author’s note: Please leave lots of feedback. [Good, bad, I don’t care! I just want to know if I should go on. It may have aliens, may not. I haven’t decided yet.

Part 1
She was supposed to be doing her homework, but she just needed a break so she decided to write in her journal instead. Although she usually did it at night, the time just seemed right.

…My life is this same, boring routine too and I guess some people would see that as a good thing, but I hate it and when I woke up this morning I had a strange feeling like everything as I know it was about to change…
“Liz, hun?” As Nancy knocked on Liz’s door, Liz quickly put her journal away and made it look like she was really focusing on her homework. She didn’t want her mother to learn she had the journal. It was her own little secret. Besides if her found out she had one, she might start looking for it and that was something that could never happen.
“Yeah Mom?”
“Can you come downstairs for a minute, your dad and I need to talk to you.”

As she walked behind her mom towards the kitchen she had this overbearing feeling of dread. These kinds of situations can never turn out good. NEVER. It’s like some unwritten law of family life.
“This isn’t going to be some sex talk is it, cause I took sex-ed 3 years ago, so, umm, I already know about the banana and the basket.”
“Never mind, what is it?”
“Hun, due to the raise in the economy your father and I have decided we’re going to have to let you go.”
Liz couldn’t believe her ears, she knew she wasn’t the perfect child, but they were now going to kick her out of the house! “Is this some sick joke?”
Nancy and Jeff couldn’t hold their laughter in any longer.
“Actually… yes it is…Sorry Liz, it’s just, the look… on you …face, big and bug eyed!” Jeff said. Which set him and Nancy on an even louder fit of laughter.
“Okay! This is getting old, I’m going back upstairs until you two decide to get over yourselves.” Turning around to walk away.
“Okay. Now for the real news- Hun due to the raise in economy”
“Just calm down and listen to me, due to the raise in economy we’re going to have to move…[dramatic pause]… to Switzerland.”
“WHAT! But Mom, Dad! How could you”
Nancy cut her off. “Ha, just kidding actually to Roswell.”
“This is still a joke. We already live in Roswell. Roswell, Georgia.”
“Unfortunately no,” Jeff said, “Same name, different state.”
“You mean Roswell, New Mexico!!!”
“Listen, it’s not as bad as you think.” Nancy said.
“Not bad! Oh yeah Dad, it’s great- the Alien capital of the world…It’s even hotter out there than it is here! Plus I’m going to graduate soon, can’t we at least wait until then?”
“I’m sorry, but that’s the way it has to be, we’ve tried everything we can so we can stay here, but it’s just not going to work, so we’re going to have to move into Grandma’s old house.”
“When are we leaving?” Liz said sadly.
“We should start packing tomorrow, so we can be out of here by next Friday, so we both expect you to be here to help.”
“Whatever. I’m going upstairs.” Liz left and marched very loudly back to her room and slammed the door.
“Well,” Jeff said, “ I think she took it better than we thought.”
“Still, Jeff, the ‘bug eyes’ was hilarious!”
“We’re old, we have to get out kicks somehow.”
As Liz laid on her bed in her room, she couldn’t believe it. She’s been here all her life and now her parents just expected her to drop everything and leave. Even though she didn’t really like the town, but it was the only thing she knew. Still, no matter what, she was still going to Buckhead and club hop tomorrow night. Maybe then she could tell her friends about leaving…


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Happy Memorial Day Weekend*happy*
Part 2

Tomorrow was the move and Liz would leave her world to start anew. Dang, she hated her parents right now. It’s all their fault anyway. All those stupid boxes, and dealing with teachers about her grades. The only good that has come out of this was that because of all the lifting, the muscle mass in her arms has tripled in size. Buff myster, Woo Hoo! She could arm wrestle Arnold Swartzenager now!
Who cares. Tonight was her last night in Georgia and her friends. It was 9:30 and all of her stuff was packed for tomorrow, now she was all ready to go decked out in a red top with zigzag straps in the back, covered in glitter with a skirt to match and some strappy heals.
All of the sudden “Beep Beep!” Time to go. Liz came running down the stairs to get to her friend’s car.
“Bye Dad!” she yelled running straight for the front door.
“Bye Liz, have a good time,” Jeff said, his eyes never leaving the television, “Don’t stay out too…” by then Liz was out the front door with a SLAM, “late…” Jeff finished, turning his head to see she was already gone.
“Wuz up homie!!!” Kenyatta yelled through her opened window.
“Cum on Gurl, let’s roll out!” Rachel said.
Liz was running down her driveway to Nakeita’s blue Benz .
“I’m coming, Rachel” Liz was doing her best not to trip and fall on her butt.
“Get it right gurl, it’s Ray-chell”
You can only see it to believe it. A blue Benz with 2 of the most Ghetto girls you have ever seen, (Picture the friends from “Moesha” times 100) and LIZ.
“Gurl you be lookin Tiiiight!” Kenyatta said.
“Thank you, thank you. Now let’s go!”
They left Liz’s house with Ludacris blaring from the speakers ready for a night of fun.

Jeff just watched them leave looking outside from the front window, “Thank God I don’t have to see those 2 anymore.”
The three of them rolled into club 2- 2 Tango, the best club in town.
“Hey Chris!” The bouncer didn’t see Liz at first, but could recognize her voice right away.
“Hey gal! Come on in.”
“Thanks so much Chris, you’re a pal.”
Liz led the way while the four of them walked into the club.
“I’m so glad she’s got the hookup.” Rachel said.
Liz left the other 2 behind and RAN straight to the dance floor. She didn’t want to tell her friends she was leaving. All week while packing she had suffered from wishful thinking. Praying, sometime this week her parents would come in and say, “Never mind, honey, we don’t have to go.” And Liz would put everything back up all nice and neat on her shelves where they belonged. That never happened and she had to tell them she was leaving tomorrow…
{Later that night…}
The four of them are sitting at the bar.
“Damn! This club be off the chain, so happenin’!” Rachel yelled over the music.
“What ain’t happenin’ is you de-boin’ my drinks! Take Liz’s or buy your own!” Kenyatta yelled. Rachel had been taking her drinks all night and she was getting really tired of it.
“Naw shawty. She’s the DD, no alcohol for her.”
Liz figured she might as well tell them now. They were about to leave in an hour or so, so it was either now or never.
“Speaking of which, you guys need to find a new Driving Diva.”
“Wuz up with you?!” Kenyatta said.
“Oh, all the sudden the sista’s too good to drive us home!” Rachel yelled.
“Yeah, well I found out I’m leaving tomorrow.” Liz casually replied like it was nothing, and then took a sip of her drink.
“Oh hell naw!” Rachel yelled. She would have none of this. “Where you be now?!”
“Roswell, New Mexico” Liz said sadly starring at her drink like it was the most interesting thing in the world.
Kenyatta and Rachel just burst into a loud fit of laughter.
“You Playin’ right? Usher don’t even go there.” They couldn’t stop laughing. No one would voluntarily move to Roswell, New Mexico.
“Stop it! It’s true, I’m leaving tomorrow.” Liz couldn’t believe these two. They thought it was a joke!
“You for real doh’” Rachel asked.
“Oh no! Now you definitely need a drink, a REAL drink. None of this sissy virgin shit!” Kenyatta said handing Liz her vodka.
“Do you want to sit here and talk?” Rachel asked.
“No. Let’s go back out.” Liz replied. She wasn’t just going to sit there. She’d rather be out on the floor enjoying her last time with her friends.
“THAT’S MY GURL! I knew we let you hang out with us for a reason.” Kenyatta said.
They danced the night away like tomorrow was never coming.


Part 3
{The next day…}

Everyone at the Parker house was packed and ready to go. Liz and her parents got in the car and started to back out of the driveway. Then all of the sudden a blue Benz rolled up behind them, blocking Jeff in the driveway. Rachel had her head out the window yelling “Wait Mr. P! Stop!”
“Oh God, what now?” Nancy mumbled under her breath.
Liz and her parents as well as her friends got out of their cars. Rachel and Kenyatta ran straight for Liz both giving her a hug.
“Liz,” Kenyatta said, “I would like to start of by saying,” she then noticed Jeff and Nancy standing there, “OH HEY Mr. P, Mrs. P wuz-up?”
“Anyway” Rachel said, “Mr. P, you bein’ a fool fro taking her away. Roswell High is going to be a dump with her not here as: {clears voice} head cheerleader, Rizzo in ‘GREASE’ Student Council Treasurer, Beta Club Vice Pres, next year’s Valedictorian, ect, ect.”
“Second of all,” Kenyatta said, “Liz…we luv you homie g! Here’s a gift of stuff so you will never forget us girlfriend.
“Are you guys okay?” Liz asked, “Are you crying?”
“Naw gurl, just allergies, you know, crazy pollen count. {sniff, sniff}” Rachel replied.
“Yeah, new contacts, you know.” Kenyatta said. “Liz, we also leave you with a message: If you run into some hoochies and skanks, or you can’t find a date, call us gurl, ‘cause we gots your back. Homie for life! We luv you Liz, GROUP HUG!” Rachel pulled everyone into the hug even Jeff and Nancy.
“Thank you, I’m going to miss you guys so much.” Liz said sadly.
“Liz, it’s time to go.” Jeff said.
“Can we get a prayer before you depart?” Rachel asked.
“Why, of course Rachel, we’d be happy for one.” Nancy said. Rachel and Kenyatta immediately grabbed everyone’s hand and started.
“Dear Father,” Kenyatta said in her best preacher voice, “as we meet together here this day,”
“AMEN SISTA!” Rachel yelled. Liz, Nancy, and Jeff opened their eyes and turned to Rachel in shock, who still had her eyes closed, her face deep in concentration.
“We ask you Lord, Jesus, to watch over Mr. P, Mrs. P, and Homie G and their stuff.”
“Oh Laud Jesus!” Rachel yelled again.
“Keep our homie and her crew safe from large road kill and if some jacked up driver comes along tryin’ to start some mess, let us be on swift wheels at their place so we can kick their skank a…” Jeff turned to Kenyatta with a watch-it-look. “automobile. Can I get an Amen.” Kenayatta finished.
“Amen” They all said.
After the prayer was said, Jeff and Nancy started walking back to their car leaving Liz to say good-bye to her friends.
“I’m glad we won’t have to hear those ebonics again.” Jeff said.
“Oh, hun, nothing’s wrong with a little ‘wes’ side!’ besides their good girls. Just…well…”
“Annoying as hell?” Jeff cut in.
“well, I was thinking more of ‘different’, but I think you hit the nail on the head.”

“Liz, Gurl, we gonna miss you”
“Me Too”
“Even though once you go black you can never go back, you need to find you a MAN!” Kenyatta said.
“Okay, I’ll try”
“And you better write and call my cell.”
“But the price would be ridiculous, Kenyatta!”
“Shoot, I don’t pay for it. That’s what a man is for!” she said with a wink.
“And most importantly,” Rachel said, “ You can never say ‘y’all’ again. X it out of your vocab from this moment on, cause gurl, they don’t play that way.”
“Rachel’s right. Listen, one time I was with my homeboys in Phillie and we wuz eatin some chitlins, and I said it and Oh Boy did they… never mind. Just don’t say it for your own safety.”
After one last hug and one last good-bye they got back to their cars and let the Parker’s leave all waving good-bye.


Part 4

The Parkers started down the highway on their way to Roswell, and Liz just sat in the back looking at what her friends had gotten her. It was a tin with “Friends-4-Life” on the front. There was a letter written to her by each of them and little mementos in it. A mixed CD, some trek (weave), a toy soldier, a picture of all 3 of them, some stationary, and peanut butter M&Ms her favorite.
Her parents only listened to oldies in the car, so Liz popped in the CD into her CD player.

Welcome to Atlanta
Where the players play

She read the cover they had made “Songs so you won’t forget us”
She looked over the track list and thankfully they weren’t all rap. She liked it, but not that much!
Liz saw one song and just started to laugh like crazy.
Destiny’s Child-Bootylicious
They were all dancing in a club.
“Liz, Romeo over there checkin’ you out” Rachel said.
Liz glanced over at him, “No, he’s not my type.”
“Well, looks like he thinks your one Bootylicious babe.”
“Yeah” Liz replied, “But I don’t think he’s ready for this jelly.”
Making them all start a huge fit of laughter

“Liz” Jeff asked, “What’s so funny?”
“Nothing dad. Everything’s fine.”

{two days later…}
Desert here, desert there, desert, desert everywhere.
Gosh could this drive be anymore boring.
Liz had her head pressed against the window and there was …you guessed it…desert as far as the eyes could see.
“Mom, could you PLEASE change the radio?”
“I’m sorry hun, but this is the only station out here.” Nancy said
The batteries to her CD player had died about 3 states ago and she really didn’t want to hear this crap her parents called music.

I got my first real six-string, bought it at the five-and-dime
Played it till my fingers bled, was the summer of '69
Me and some guys from school had a band and we tried real hard
Jimmy quit and Jody got married, shoulda known we'd never get far

But when I look back now
The summer seemed to last forever
And if I had the choice
Yeah, I'd always wanna be there
Those were the best days of my life

“Oh Liz, this is the good stuff. Your Mom and I listened to this when we dated…”
“Blah, blah blah” was all that Liz was hearing. She could see his mouth move from the rear view mirror, but no words were coming out.
“…and besides we’re almost there.” Liz definitely heard that part.
“Really! How far?”
“Not too much longer. Really Liz, I don’t think Roswell is going to be that bad for you, you’ll make lots of friends in no time. Don’t worry. Your Mom and I grew up there and look how we are now. Why, I think you just might end up like me and your mom here.” Jeff finished with a smile.
That’s it. Liz knew it. She was going to die.


~What you’ve been waiting for. Next part, Roswell, NM and she’ll meet everybody. FB PLEASE!

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In this story Claudia is Nancy’s mom, not Jeff’s.

Part 5
“There it is, dear. ‘Roswell 3 miles’ Oh Jeff, I’m so excited! I wonder if our old friends are still here. You remember, Amy, Jim, Diane, Phillip.”
“Jim had the biggest crush on Amy in high school.” Jeff replied, smiling at the memory of his high school buddies.
“Get out of town!”
“Can’t. We’re not in one yet.” Jeff replied smiling.
Nancy just went on pretending not to hear that, not wanting to give him idea that he just might be funny. [sarcasm] “But all he did was make fun of her.”
“Jim had one, but was just too chicken to do anything about it. He was just hiding it, some love-hate thing. I can’t wait to meet up the guys if they’re still there.”
“We should have kept touch. Should we wake up Liz?”
Liz was sleeping silently in the back seat.
“No, wait ‘til we get to your mom’s. I don’t want her to start the whole, {in whinnying voice} ‘Mom, Dad, I have to use the bathroom’ mess.” Jeff answered.
“Jeff, she’s almost 17, not 7.” Nancy replied.
All of the sudden Liz woke up. “Mom, Dad, I have to use the bathroom.”
Jeff just turned to Nancy with the “I-told you so” look.
“Can you wait just a little longer,” Nancy said, “we’re almost at your grandma’s.”
“REALLY! FINALLY!” Liz yelled causing her parents to jump in their seats. “I mean,” Liz started in a much quieter voice, “Yeah, y’all, no problem. I can wait.”

As they drove though downtown Roswell Liz just stared in unbelief. This was it? Her old subdivision was bigger than this. She didn’t see a single building over 5 stories. This was a joke. There HAD to be more to Roswell than this.
As Jeff pulled into his mother-in-law’s driveway, the woman herself came flying out the front door to meet them.
“Nancy! Liz! How are you! Was the trip rough? Are you tired? Do you need something to drink?” she asked with enthusiasm and hugged them as soon as they got out of the car. Jeff just stood to the side and cleared his throat hoping for her attention. Claudia turned around and with a stoic face replied, “hello, Jeff.” Then turned back around. “How are the two most wonderful women in the world?” she asked happily.
“Mom, what are you doing here? I thought you were still on that dig in South America.”
“Technically I am, but I couldn’t help but come meet you here knowing I’d see you.” Claudia said happily. She turned to face Jeff, “Well, don’t just stand there, make yourself useful and bring the stuff in.”
“Yes, m’am.” Jeff replied mumbling under his breath the entire way.
“Jeff, don’t mumble. You sound like a dying house fly.” Claudia said walking in the door of the house.
“Yes, mother dear.” Jeff said with his best sarcasm and most fake smile.

Nancy, Liz and Claudia walked into a deserted house. “Mom, where’s all of your furniture?”
“Well, I figured you should just live here instead of trying to find a place of your own. I’m never here anyway, so I had my stuff put in storage.”
“Where’s all the stuff?!” Jeff yelled, dropping everything on the floor.
“Daddy, Grandma just gave us her house!” Liz said in excitement.
“WHAT!” Jeff yelled. Well, at least he didn’t have to look at any of her ugly furniture. He loved Nancy to death and that’s the only reason why he came within 100 yards of the wicked mother-in-law of the west.
“Well, we have some stuff on the trailer, but the rest of our things aren’t going to be here for another week.” Jeff said.
“Well, I guess that means I’ll have to stay here for 2 weeks. Since you won’t get your things until next Friday, I need some time to help you move in properly.” Claudia replied.
“I’m sure that’d be great, but I think we can manage, right Nancy dear?” Jeff turned to his wife hoping for at lease a little help.
“Jeff, I think it’s a great idea! Mom, you should stay as long as you want. We’d love your help.” She couldn’t believe how great her mom was.
“Claudia, why don’t you show Liz around town. Nancy and I need to settle a few things.” Jeff said through clenched teeth. He then made a pact with himself. Whenever he looked at his wife he’d only think one thing, “Traitor”.
“Come on Grandma, let’s go!” Liz said happily. She might not like Roswell, but she loved her grandma. Liz already walked out the door with Claudia in tow.

“Grandma, do we need the car?” Liz asked.
“I may be old, but I’m not that old. Let’s walk, besides I hate to break it to you, but there’s not much here, honey bear.”
“Alright, let’s go.”


Next part I PROMISE she meets the gang. Please leave LOTS of feedback!

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Part 6
It only took Claudia and Liz a half an hour to walk through all of downtown Roswell, and as they walked Liz felt worse than when she rode by it in the car. There was absolutely nothing here and that’s all she’d see for the rest of her senior year. Nothingness. Where on earth could you go around to have fun?! After they crossed through town Claudia decided they had better start home. Liz told her she wanted to stay behind and still look around a little more.
“Are you sure, honey bear?”
“Yeah. I need to go ahead and find a job.”
“That’s my honey bear, independent. I went to the UFO Museum yesterday. You just might want to check that place out. Your co-workers would look great.” Claudia said with a wink.
“That’s okay, I thing we walked by a place.” Liz said.
“Whatever you want Liz, just call home. If you get lost I’ll come get you.”
“Are you sure you can go by yourself?” Liz asked. She didn’t want anything to happen to her.
“Liz, if I can trek through South America as a day job I can certainly walk home. Don’t worry about me, just go be a woman of the…well, it’s not the 90s anymore, what would you call now? The 00s? Anyway. Just call home and let us know.” And with that Liz’s grandma started back for the house.

Earlier while walking with her grandma Liz had on her job scanner on and found a dainty little restaurant called the Crashdown café. Liz had developed job-hunting into an art form. She hated interviews, she hated bosses, she hated customers sometimes, but she loved the financial independence so she always had a job, and she knew she would get one right away here in Roswell.
Back home Liz loved Planet Hollywood in Atlanta and knew the pay was better than some other restaurants, so she decided she wanted to work there. Instead of going in a dead hour, she went during the dinner rush and asked the manager if she could help and was hired on the spot.
“Time to execute plan ‘Mission: Crashdown’.” And with that walked into the café. There were people everywhere. All of the tables were taken and there were only a few waitresses running around. The first thing she saw was some short, brown haired lady yelling, “AGNES! Get your butt over here and serve these people or your fired!” Yep. That’s the manager.
“No, you cannot have another smoke break, or you’ll have a tough break trying to find a new job!” Amy yelled at the old woman.
Liz walked right up to her and asked, “Can I help? It looks busy out there and you seem to have your hands full.” Then showed her pearly whites in an all-innocent look.
Amy took one look at the petite girl standing in front of her. “AGNES, YOUR FIRED!” then turned to look at Liz, “I’ll get you a shirt so you can start now. Come get me tonight for the real uniform.”
Liz just smiled, “Thank you.”
All of the sudden some girl with blond hair ran up, “MOM, please don’t tell me you fired her! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! There’s NO WAY Courtney and I can handle all of those people!”
Amy cut her off, “MARIA! Wonderful daughter of mine, your in panic mode. Calm down and sniff some cedar oil. Maria, this is our new waitress…”Then she turned to Liz realizing she didn’t know her name.
“Yeah, Liz. Maria tell her the basics right now and feed those hungry people while I get Agnes off my case before I pull out my hair out.”
“Okay, Liz, you have the booths near the wall, 11-17. Here’s a pad. Write the order down and hang it on a clip thingy at the window and when Michael rings the bell and yells your number come and get it. The special today is Men in Blackberry pie. Now GO!” Maria shoved Liz out the double doors out to the customers.

The rest of the night was as busy as ever. She only talked to Maria once before closing to ask where the restroom was and to call her house and tell her parents where she was. By closing time they all were going to die from exhaustion. Maria, Michael, and Liz were all sitting in a boot eating some extra burgers Michael had cooked up.
“I can’t wait to show you around school Monday. Do you need a ride there? I can pick you up.” Maria asked.
“Really? That would be great.”
“No problem. I’ll just drop you home tonight so I’ll know where to go Monday morning.” Maria said with a smile. Liz already loved the girl. She was so nice. Maybe they could be friends. They talked for a while and Liz soon learned Maria could talk to the wall and be all right. She wasn’t quite sure about Michael though. He just sat there most of the time and when he did talk he just argued with Maria.
“You arrogant pig”
“Drama Queen”
Amy came over to where they were sitting. “Don’t worry about them Liz. All they ever do is fight, you just learn to get used to it. I personally don’t see how they go out together. Here is your uniform and schedule, and welcome to the Crashdown family.” Amy said with a smile and then got up to do other things. Michael and Maria stopped shoving down each other’s throats when Amy came over.
After Amy had gotten to the back of the restaurant, Liz looked at her schedule.
“Great.” She mumbled.
“What’s up Liz?” Maria asked.
“I have to help move in some stuff tomorrow and work the dinner shift tomorrow. I’m going to fall apart.”
“Well, I’m off tomorrow, so I can come help if you want. Maybe Michael could come too?” Maria asked looking at him.
Michael just said, “Work.” And kept eating.
“Okay then, I’ll ask Alex. Oh you’ll love him! He’s like my best friend in the whole entire world and he’s so funny.” Maria said.
“That would be awesome. Just come over when you can.” Liz couldn’t believe it. She just got here and she already had a friend to help out.
“No problem. So Liz, why did your family end up moving here?”
”Well, my parents are involved with a secret unit of the FBI called the Special Unit and they work with alien stuff. Anyway, even though they crash was here, their base is in Roswell, Georgia and my parents were head of research there until their boss transferred them here to work undercover and hunt for some more aliens.”
Liz looked up form her plate of Saturn Rings and saw 2 pairs of VERY intense eyes looking at here. Michael dropped the burger he was eating and looked at Liz like his eyeballs were about to pop out. Then got up and said, “I gotta go.” and left almost running out the door.
“What’s up with him?” Liz asked and then continued to eat her rings.

{The next day}
“Liz! Time to get up!” Nancy turned on the lights.
“Five more minutes Mom.” Liz mumbled and rolled over to get the light out of her eyes.
“Come on Liz. We have to go move everything in.”
“Fine. What time is it? Is the sun even out yet?” Liz asked sitting up in bed.
“6:30 and no. Now let’s go.”
“Great.” Liz said then left the room to take a shower.

Maria came around 12:30 while the family was taking a break and eating lunch.
“Hey Maria. I’m SO glad you’re here. Mom, Dad, Grandma, this is Maria Deluca. Maria works and lives at the Crashdown. Maria, these are my parents and Gandma Claudia.”
“Hey! It’s so nice to meet you.”
“Oh Maria, I love you hair do.” Claudia said with a smile.
“Thank you. I was totally going for the pixie look.” Maria said.
“Well…um…We’ll be up in my room. Bye.” Liz pulled Maria up the stairs into her room and shut the door.
“Thank you oh great one!” Liz pretending to bow at her feet. “You, oh great one, have saved me form scrubbing the stinky garage. I love you and eternally in your debt”
“Well, I already knew I was wonderful, but thank you for recognizing it.” They both burst out laughing. “So, what can I do?”
“Well, we’re done moving furniture for now, because the rest of it won’t be here until Friday, so I was wondering if you could help me paint my room? This white has got to go.” Liz said.
“Sure. What color shall the artist be working with today?” Maria asked in her best French accent.
“Why a beautiful shade of yellow.”
“Ooo La La. It will be magnific!”

“So where’s that Alex guy you were talking about?” Liz asked while they were painting and listening to the radio.
“Oh, he couldn’t make it. He has to practice with his band ‘the Whits’ but he said he was sorry and he’d meet us Monday morning at school.”
“That’s cool, so is there anything to do here?” Liz asked. She hoped she had got the wrong impression and that this town was actually fun.
“Maria just burst out laughing. “Oh your one funny gal. I wish there was. We had the orthodontist convention last year. No, but sometimes there’s parties at the old soap factory. Every year there is an UFO Convention and the Enigma. Oh my gosh it’s the coolest. It’s a New Year’s party, but you have to find it through these clues around town. Max and I found it last year and it was SO MUCH FUN!”
“Who’s Max? I thought you date Michael?”
”I do, did, still-whatever. I never dated Max. No one has. He’s Michael’s best friend and Alex’s girlfriend, Isabel, is his sister. Anyway, Max is super cute and really smart and on the basketball team, but he never dates anybody. Really nice guy though. You’ll like him. You know- tall, dark, handsome. He’s kind of shy towards people though, Oh and his sister can like act like the Ice Queen Bitch, but she’s really nice though.”
Dang this girl could talk! She only asked two questions and got Maria’s complete social life.
“So Liz, do you have a boyfriend?” The good stuff. This is the kind of stuff Maria wanted to hear.
“Nope” Liz said simply, but Maria HAD to know more than that.
“Oh, so you broke up with him when you moved?”
“Nope.” Liz said again and continued to paint.
“Are you gay? I mean, I have no problem with that, not that it’s a bad thing, I mean, it’s just good to know, but”
“Maria! No, I’m not gay.” Man this girl was a trip.
“Well, have you ever had a boyfriend?
“Yeah. A long time ago.” Liz said. She wasn’t going to say anything else about that.
“Well, why not now?!”
Liz smiled. Rachel had asked her the same thing, “Well Maria, I’m waiting for my knight in shinning armor.”
“Awwww! That’s so sweet. Oh! This is like my most favorite song.” Maria walked over to the radio to turn it up.
“This is KROZ with Sheryl Crow’s new song ‘soaking up the sun’”

My friend the communist
Holds meetings in his RV
I can¹t afford his gas
So I¹m stuck here watching TV
I don¹t have digital
I don¹t have diddly squat
It¹s not having what you want
It¹s wanting what you¹ve got o

As the song played Maria and Liz put their brushes down and started dancing all around the room.
I¹m gonna soak up the sun
Gonna tell everyone
To lighten up (I¹m gonna tell 'em that)
I¹ve got no one to blame
For every time I feel lame
I¹m looking up o I¹m gonna soak up the sun
I¹m gonna soak up the sun

Maria picked up a brush and started using it as a microphone singing to her audience.
To buy the things it takes
To win me some of your love
Every time I turn around
I¹m looking up, you¹re looking down
Maybe something¹s wrong with you
That makes you act the way you do

I¹m gonna soak up the sun
While it¹s still free
I¹m gonna soak up the sun
Before it goes out on me
Don¹t have no master suite
I¹m still the king of me
You have a fancy ride, but baby
I¹m the one who has the key
Every time I turn around
I¹m looking up, you¹re looking down
Maybe something¹s wrong with you
That makes you act the way you do
Maybe I am crazy too
I¹ve got a crummy job
It don¹t pay near enough

I¹m gonna soak up the sun
Got my 45 on
So I can rock on.

“Wow, you can really dance girl!” Maria said.
“thanks, you’ve got a set pf pipes there yourself.”
“Karaoke every Wednesday night at the Pizza Pan for the many years can only produce the best.” Maria said with a smile.

Later they finished and cleaned up everything. While the room dried they took a break in the kitchen. Maria decided she should go so Liz could get ready for work.
”So, I’ll pick you up at 7:30 Monday?” Maria asked.
“7:30 sharp. Thank you so much for helping. I owe you one.” Liz said.
“Oh no problem. See you Monday chica.” Then Maria left in her red Jetta.

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Part 7

Beep! Beep!
Oh crap, that was Maria’s car. Well, at least she’s punctual. Liz was still in her bathroom blow drying her hair when Maria pulled into her driveway to leave for her first day at West Roswell High. Liz just threw her hair up into a ponytail and ran downstairs.
”Bye Mom, Dad, Grandma!” Liz ran to the kitchen and grabbed some food in the kitchen before going out the door.
“Have a nice day honey bear” Claudia said. Then Liz was gone.
“Do you think she’ll be alright here, Mom?” Nancy asked.
“I think she’ll get a little bit of a culture shock, but besides that I think she’ll be all right.” Claudia gave her daughter a reassuring hug.
“Don’t worry. Liz is a good girl, she’ll be just fine.” Jeff said trying to make his wife feel better.
“Jeff, drink your coffee.” Claudia glared at him like he was the devil in human form.
“Oh, look at the time. I have to get going to work. Bye.” And with that Jeff left.

{at school}
As Maria pulled into the high school parking lot Liz couldn’t help but notice how different everything was.
“Okay Liz, stick close to me and you should be okay.” Maria said.
“Should I really worry?”
“There are a few danger zones we have to overcome, but besides that everything will be peachy keen.” Maria said with a smile.
“Great.” Liz mumbled to herself. Well, here goes nothing. West Roswell High, ready or not, here I come.

As they walked to the office Maria pointed out a “danger zone”.
“Okay, draw your attention to your right. We have jerk #1 and his followers. If you add all of their IQ’s together you get their jersey numbers. Leader there-Sean Deluca. Yes, same last name, but don’t be fooled. Even though we are related this football star is trouble. Besides, I’m still trying to prove our relations are non-existent, but some sick lie told to me by my Mom as cruel and unusual punishment for using her car.”
“He looks cute.” Liz wouldn’t mind getting with him.
“Oh Hell No. Sean is absolutely off limits! That’s where the danger zone comes in. He will get his paws on anything that has boobs and rip her to shreds. He’s coming this way. Quick! Don’t make eye contact.” Maria quickly decided the floor was very interesting and blocked Liz out of Sean’s view. Sean just kept walking down the hallway with is posse.
“Whew. That was a close one. Let’s keep going. There on your right we have Bitch #2 of the year-Pam Troy. We may see #1 later, but hopefully God is smiling down upon us today. Anyway, her parents have money, so Pam is party queen. I swear, she’s like an alcoholic, but everyone goes to her after Homecoming party.
Liz just walked next to Maria trying to soak everything in. She was so used to ghetto fabulous that this was a 180. It looked like a scene from the show “Popular” (Oh I miss it!)
“Here’s the office. I’ll wait here for you. Alex should be by here soon. Just ask the old lady for a schedule and locker.” Maria said, looking around for Alex to show up.
“Thanks Maria. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Liz said.
She walked into the office and there in a desk was a woman that should have died 40 years ago, but hadn’t been that lucky.
“Excuse me m’am, but I’m new and need a schedule and locker. My parents called yesterday about me and here are all my records.”
The old woman put down the magazine she was reading and looked at Liz like she was the stupidest creature created since the mosquito.
“Well Miss,” she looked at the name on the folder, “Parker, just wait. This may take a while.” Then SLOWLY got out of her chair and left to the next room. Liz stepped outside to find Maria.
“I think you should go to class. This lady’s going to take forever.”
“Okay. Well Alex isn’t here yet, anyway. Just meet me back here after class.”
“Sounds great. Tell Alex I’m sorry I missed him” Liz said
“I will. See you after 1st chica.”
Liz walked back inside the office and sure enough Dinosaur wasn’t back yet. She took a seat in one of the chairs against the wall and waited. Twenty minutes later Dinosaur came back with her schedule and other items.
“Well, Miss Parker it looks like you’re our new valedictorian. Mr. Evans will be quite disappointed.” Liz just took her things and was shown to her first period –Spanish.

Liz walked into Ms. Rodriguez class.
“Hola Senorita.” The teacher yelled bubbly as soon as Liz stepped through the door. She must have her cheeks permanently fixed into a smile position. Liz handed the teacher some things. The teacher turned to the class and said, “Class we have a new student: Liz Parker.” She didn’t get to introduce herself. “Liz, just find a seat and start on the assignment on the board. Come to me after school for your book and such. Okay dear” My gosh, would she please stop smiling like that. She looked like one of the children on Barney after a midlife crisis. Liz saw Maria and immediately went to go and sit next to her.
“Oh My Gosh! This is awesome. I’m so glad you’re here.” Liz couldn’t believe her luck. “Does she always look like that?”
“Ms. Rodriguez Loves Spanish and likes to show it everyday. I swear some people just can’t handle all that perky-ness first thing in the morning. Just to let you know though, if you talk you have to wear a sombrero so…” Maria had way too many days where her hair was messed up with that thing.
“Oh, sorry.” Liz started conjugating the verbs on the board. When she was finished she was surprised to see that everyone else around her was still working, so she just sat there.
“Senorita Parker,” Ms. Rodriguez called happily, “You need to do the verbs on the board.”
“I’m finished.” Liz said.
“Oh okay, could you bring it here?” She asked with a smile. The entire class stared at Liz as she made her way up to the teacher’s desk.
“Why are you not in my honor’s class?”
“Because all of my other classes are.” Liz said with a fake smile. She really didn’t want to hear this. Spanish was her break class where she could do other homework and stuff like that.
“Well, now this one is too. After school we’re moving you into my 5th period.”
Liz left her work with the teacher. As she turned around to walk back to her desk all of the students dropped their heads to look like they were doing their work. Liz sat quietly at her desk until the bell rang.

“Let me see your schedule.” Maria grabbed it out of Liz’s hands and looked at it. “Why didn’t you tell me you were smart!? We’re not going to have any classes together now except for P.E.” Maria said sadly.
“I’m sorry. Can you show me where my locker is? I’ll make P.E. my favorite class in the whole wide world.”
“Oh no. You don’t have to stoup that low! Come on, let’s go.”
While going to her locker Maria continued her grand tour.
“This, Ah yes, this is the best room in the entire school- the Eraser Room.” Maria said with a evil gleam in her eye.
“It’s just a closet. What’s so great about it?” Liz was confused.
“The room itself is terrible: chalk everywhere, small, crowded. Anyway, it’s what you DO in there that makes it great. I swear I’ve gone in there with Michael and come out with hickeys the size of peeps.”
“Whoa. Too much information. Just say it’s the make out room.” Well, maybe the school wasn’t so bad after all.
“SHIT! Bitch alert!” Maria said.
Liz turned around and saw a short, curly haired blond talking to some boy at the lockers.
“NO! Don’t turn around she might actually see you! She’s head of the cheer squad and really wants to get with my friend Max, but he can’t stand her. She thinks she’s all that, I think all that bleach leaked into her brain or something.”
”Who’s that guy she’s talking too?”
“Hold on, let me take a peak…oh, that’s Kyle Valenti. He’s a jock, but a good jock. He was Jerk #1 until he turned Buddhist.” Then all of the sudden Maria started laughing.
“What is it Maria, is she picking her nose or something?”
“No, Kyle sees us over here and REALLY wants me to help him get her away from him.” Maria said with a smirk.
“Well, are we?”
“Na. He left a crummy tip yesterday and I told him he’d regret it. Payback is a pain in the butt.”
“Poor Guy.” Liz said sadly.
“Come on, let’s go find your locker.” They both started walking away leaving Kyle about to die.

As Liz and Maria walked down the hallway Liz saw the most gorgeous creature ever created by God. He was standing at his locker, what a butt! And better yet, Maria kept leading her closer and closer to this new wonder man. The next thing she knew, she was standing right next to him. Liz was brought back to reality with the sound of Maria’s voice.
“Okay, this is your locker. Your class is down the there-2nd door to the left. I’ll see you later.”
Liz nodded her thanks while wiping any drool that may that may have formed form staring at the guy next to her.
“Oh, Hey Max.” Maria said talking to Liz’s dream man. Max. The most beautiful name in the world. All of her children that are boys are going to be named Max. Max1, Max2, Max3. Max, Max, Max. He turned around to look at Maria. Oh! His eyes are beautiful too!
“Oh hey Maria. How are you?”
“ Late Max, this is Liz. She’s new. I have to go. I can’t be late to Ms. Brian’s class, or I’ll have D-Hall for the rest of the year. Bye!”
“Bye Maria, Thanks!” Liz yelled to her. Maria then took off down the hallway like a woman on a mission..
Max waved to Maria as she ran off, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Liz. Liz, the most beautiful name in the world. All of his children that will be girls are going to be named Liz. Liz 1, Liz2, Liz3, Liz Liz Liz!
Liz tried to concentrate on her locker combination instead of staring at Max. She tried it four times and her locker still wouldn’t open. Max stayed and watched Liz and had to smile. She looked so cute trying to get his old locker to open.
“Having trouble?” he asked.
Liz turned to face Max he was still standing there? She thought he would have left for class by now.
“Umm…yeah…It won’t open.” Liz tried not to stare at his beautiful hazel eyes for too long. She didn’t’ want to appear the crazy new girl with ga ga eyes.
“I, uh, used to have that locker before Jason moved and I took his. May I?” he asked pointing to the locker with a shy smile. Liz nodded her head. Oh My Gosh. He was beautiful and nice? This had to be some mistake-that or he wanted to jump her bones. No that’s not it. He’s just one in a million..
Max banged on the locker twice causing it to open. Liz just stared at his strong arms. He must work out. Oh to have them around her!
“There you go.” He said with a smile presenting the opened locker. “I heard Maria give you directions to your next class. I’m going there too. Want me to go with you?” Oh CRAP. He asked that OUT LOUD?! Since when was he the outgoing one. HE was about to say never mind and that he was sorry until he heard…
“Well, it looks like you’re my knight in shining armor. I’d love too.” And gave him her best smile as they walked together to class.

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Part 8
Just as Max and Liz walked in the bell started to ring.
“I have to warn you, Mr. Walker isn’t the most interesting teacher in the world. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t talk about his hair piece.”
Max made his way to his seat while Liz headed towards Mr. Walker’s desk.
My Gosh! It looks like a gerbil climbed on top of Mr. Walker’s head and died there! The teacher didn’t seem to notice Liz standing there, looking busy writing something down.
“Excuse me sir, I’m your new student, Liz Parker.” The teacher didn’t respond or look up from his paper.
“Sir? Hello?” Liz tried waving her hand in front of his face. Still no reaction. “Umm….Sir, your bald spot is showing.”
“WHAT! WHERE?!” Mr. Walker frantically patted his hands on his head causing the class to burst out into laughter. Max stared at Liz in disbelief. She was definitely going to get it. Mr. Walker, realizing that Liz was lying, looked up at Liz.
“And who just might you be?” he asked glaring at her. Yep. Definitely going to get it.
“Why, your new student Liz Parker, sir” she replied with an all innocent smile.
“Well then, since you seem to already have the class’s attention, why don’t you introduce yourself while I handle some things.”
“I’d be delighted.”
“Class, please continue to give your undivided attention to our new student.”
Those directions wouldn’t’ be hard for Max to follow. He now wished he didn’t sit all the way in the back so he could see her face much better. She was so brave telling Mr. Walker that. He still couldn’t understand where HIS sudden burst of bravery came from. Usually he’d never talk to a girl like Liz, but something was different about this girl.
“Okay well, y’all my name is Liz Parker.” The class started to giggle breaking Liz out of her concentration. What was so funny? Is her fly open? Oh. CRAP. She covered her mouth with her hand realizing her mistake. The forbidden word! Max still thought Liz looked cute standing up there.
“Sorry, as you can probably tell by now, I’m from Roswell, Georgia. I was captain of the cheerleading squad there, and um… the lady in the front office tells me that I’m the new valedictorian here.”
The entire class dropped their jaw at her last sentence especially Max. Oh. CRAP. She was beautiful, daring, and smart? This cant’ be. No…wait. SHE STOLE HIS TITLE! Crap again! Competition. He could deal with that…maybe…he never had competition like this before.
“Well Ms. Parker,” Mr. Walker said with a new found respect for the girl, “Please take a seat. There are some empty ones in the back. The person you sit next to will your lab partner for the year.”
“Thank you” Can’t any of the teachers here use her first name? Liz scanned the back of the classroom and saw 2 empty seats. One next to Max and then the table next to him with some pimply, pocket protector nerd. Hmmm… tough choice. I wonder which?
“Hey Max, can I sit next to you?” Liz asked.
“Oh, yeah…sure.” Oh my gosh. She was sitting next to him? What about Tess? WHAT ABOUT TESS! Who cares, let her sit next to Eugene. There were so many days he considered “accidentally” flinging acid her way during labs. And speaking of the devil, look who just walked into the room…Tess came bouncing in handing Mr. Walker her note.
“I’m like, SO sorry, but there were some last minute stuff for cheerleading tryouts I had to do since, you know, I’m captain and all.” Then she started towards her seat. Make that former seat. She was about to say hi to Max before sitting down when she saw HER there.
“EXCUSE ME, but what are you doing in my seat?”
“Oh, hey Tess! Tess, now don’t be mad, but Liz is new and since Mr. Walker knows you’re a great studen the decided to move you next to Eugene, so I could help Liz.” He knew the only way to Tess was through her ego. Besides if all went well, he could get Tess far away and that’d be one less thing he’d have to deal with.
“Fine, but only for you Max.” Tess looked at Liz like she was her next meal. All Liz could think was “BRING IT ON!” As Tess turned away, Max faced Liz and rolled his eyes letting out a big sigh of relief. They both stated to laugh, Tess saw them and threw her stuff down on her desk loudly making them stop.
“Hey Tess!” Eugene said with a smile showing his braces.”
“SHUT UP! And while your at it, don’t even think about toughing me.” Tess said in disgust.

“Watch out Liz, he says ‘ladies and gentlemen’ all of the time.”
“Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, your lab…”
Max and Liz started to laugh “Ms. Parker, “Mr. Walker said, “We’d like to start off on the right foot wouldn’t’ we?”
“Um.” Max and Liz tried their best to control their laughter, “Of course sir.”

Tess was infuriated. This Liz girl was actually talking and laughing with Max. HER MAX! Oh yeah this new girl doesn’t’ know what’s coming for her.
As Liz started on her lab, she was glad to discover Max actually did his work and didn’t just sit there. Better yet, they were actually working well together.
“Well Liz, I…umm…just wanted to let you know if you need any help with anything I’m here to help, and uh, welcome to West Roswell High.” Max ended with a smile. He had NO idea what had gotten into him. Since when was he so bold?
“Thanks Max. That’s great to know.” Liz had actually already gone over this material at her old school, but she wasn’t about to tell him anytime soon.
~Ring RING!~ class was over
“Hey Liz” Tess said with fake enthusiasm. Max couldn’t believe it. Can’t she just disappear?
“Welcome to Roswell! Can I talk to you for just one sec?” She asked with a smile.
“Actually Tess, I think Liz has to get to class.” Max interjected. Mr. Walker was one thing, but Tess was a whole new level and he wasn’t sure Liz could handle her.
“No. That’s okay Max. Sure Tess let’s talk. I’ll see you later Max, okay?” Liz just had to see what this girl was all about.
“Liz I don’t think…”
“Max,” Liz said cutting him off, “It’ll be okay. I’ll see you later.” The tension between the two girls could be cut with a knife. Max nodded his head and waited by the door. Just far enough so he couldn’t ease drop, but close enough in case it got physical to break it up. Tess was spoiled rotten, and had been known to catfight when she didn’t get her way.
“Okay Liz,” Tess said, “Your new so I’ll go easy on you. Max, that guy you were laughing with, he’s mine and everyone here knows it. So just do yourself a favor and lay off, got it.” Liz could see horns growing out of Tess’s ears as she spoke.
“Um yeah, I get it. You’ve called dibs on a man you are trying to get and still haven’t been able to when it looks like I’ve gotten closer to him in one hour than you have the entire time you’ve known him? I don’t have time for this. He’s a person and sill pick whoever he wants and apparently that’s not you.” And with that Liz got up and started walking towards the door.
“Don’t you walk away from me bitch!” Tess then got up and started to follow her all of the way out the classroom door with everyone in the hallway hearing her. “ I rule this school and you better do what I say or I’ll make your life here a living hell!”
Liz turned around to face her, and Tess was right in her face. “Look here, you may have all of these people on a leash, but heaven knows you won’t get that from me and I swear, if you don’t back off I will not hesitate to have a smack down here and now to bitch slap you into last week, and give me the opportunity to be known as the girl who kicked Tess Harding’s ass on her first day at school. I’d feel like crap walking into cheer tryouts in a body cast.”
“Like you could ever survive a cheerleading tryout.” Tess sneered
“Ooo. Good comeback. I’ll have to use that one sometime. From what I hear, your team sucks dick and I’m not surprised if your captain.”
“What the Hell! You have no clue what your talking about!”
“Yeah. Head Cheerleader and 3 time Southeastern Regional Team championship winner doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Just be glad I won’t be there so you’ll really look like crap. Now run along.” Liz waved off with her hand.
“This isn’t over Parker.” Tess said stomping away.
“This isn’t over Parker” Liz imitated like she was retard.
“Okay people! Go about your lives. There’s nothing left to see here.” Maria started towards Liz waving her arms for people to leave. “Shoo! Shoo!”
“Liz! That was awesome! I can’t believe you did that! He Max come here!”
Max walked over to them from where he was standing and was still in shock of what had just happened.
“My Gosh. Is she always like that?” Liz asked.
“No, usually she’s worse.” Max said with a smirk as the three of them walked down the hallway.
“Well,” Maria started, “I’m glad to see the two of you are getting to know each other better.” Sending a wink Max’s way.
“Okay, I have to go to my locker, so I’ll see you guys later.” Max said and took off in a different direction. Maria and Liz kept walking towards Liz’s next class.
“So Liz, what do you think about Max?” Maria asked.
“Max…umm…well, he’s okay.” She wanted to yell out he was the best ting since the creation of mankind, but she just met the guy.
“Uh huh. Really. Okay well, here’s your class. I’ll see you at lunch.” Maria waved goodbye and left. Liz walked into her English class and settled things with the teacher. Then all of the sudden she saw Max walk in. This is beautiful. Hot man in 2 classes! Maybe they had more classes together! The thought of that made her smile.
Unfortunately, she wasn’t as lucky as her science class in the seating arrangement and made her way to Timbuck Tu to take her seat with Max far away.
All during class Max had Goosebumps. He felt her there behind him, but couldn’t see her and it was driving him nuts! He tried to pay attention to the teacher and take notes, but all of the sudden it was a lot harder knowing a certain someone was not too far away. It was the longest 55 minutes of his life. When the bell rang, Max quickly got his things together and approached Liz.
“Would you like for me to show you to lunch?” he asked, hey, what the heck.
“Why I’d love to.” She said with a smile and linked arms with her dreamboat.
Max felt a jolt of energy flow through him at her touch. He wondered if it was only him or if, just maybe, she felt something too. He looked down at her face and his spirit soared as he looked upon the most beautiful smile. Off they went to meet the rest of the gang at lunch.

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Part 9
Maria was already sitting in the quad with Isabel and Michael waiting for the others to arrive.
“Anyway, there’s a new girl here and I invited her to eat lunch with us.” Maria said.
“Oh great. Who is it?” Isabel asked with sarcasm overflowing.
“Liz Parker.” Maria said with a sly smile.
“What!?” Isabel and Michael yelled at the same time.
“Well, I have no worries not. After hearing what happened between her and Tess, I already like her.” Isabel said.
“ I don’t like her. She‘s weird.” Michael said simply before taking another bite out of his sandwich.
“Yeah Michael, and your completely normal?” Maria asked.
Then all of the sudden Alex walked up.
“And where in the name of Holy Mary have you been?” Maria asked then whacked him over the head.
“Owww! Michael, how do you deal with this?” Alex said.
“Don’t even answer that Michael,” Maria glared at him. “How could you Alex? You were supposed to meet me and new girl Liz this morning. I had to show her around all by myself. Plus dodge Pam AND Sean.”
“Sorry. I had car trouble.” Maria gave him the “yeah right” look
“No really,” he continued, “I just got here. My dad had to come from work and drive me here. I would have stayed home but, I just Had to see my favorite girl. Hello Isabel.” He turned all of his attention to her with a hello kiss.
“Why, hello to you too, Alex. Your car should breakdown more often.” Isabel said with a smile.
“Oh Maria, Kyle told me to tell you he hates your puckeing guts and from this point forward you are his public enemy number 1, so he can’t eat with us. Something about he can’t keep his food down and look at a traitor at the same time.”
“Damn Maria,” Michael said, “What’d you do to him?”
“Oh nothing much. I just left him to deal with Tess this morning. Hey, don’t give me that look! He totally deserved it. He left me a crappy tip yesterday.”
“Ouch. Remind me to tip well next time.” Alex said.
“Dude, you never tip.” Michael said.
“Oh yeah. Never mind. I’ll just make sure to have that Liz girl near by. You guys hear what she did to Tess this morning? I hear she’s hanging a lock of Tess’s curls she ripped out of her head in the front hall.”
“Whatever. It was just some talk. Liz just put Tess in her place in a very cool way.” Maria said.
“Well remind me never to piss her off.” Alex said.
“Alex, did you hit your head or something. You seem to be reminded about a lot of things lately.”
“Well you know how the mind works one sec”
He was cut off by Maria “Awww! How cute!” she squealed.
“What is it?” Isabel asked.
“Look over there.” Maria said pointing to the double doors. Walking their way was Max and Liz with arms linked, laughing and smiling.
“Max is going to have a girlfriend!” Maria sang bouncing in her seat.
“Huh?” Alex asked, “You know you are talking about Max right? Tess has been throwing herself at him for months and nothing. Max…girlfriend…”
“Look at him. I just introduced him to Liz and now their arms are linked! It’s a sign you guys. A sign of True Love. I just know it-SOUL MATES!” Maria’s smile was so big it might have hit Michael in the face. She really wished this would work out for Max. Alex was right about Tess, but Liz was different, and the group needed a permanent way to even things out couple wise and get rid of the 5th wheel.
“Slow down matchmaker. Next you are going to say they need to see that stupid fortune teller of yours.” Michael said he wasn’t going to let some chick he didn’t even like get with his best friend, no matter how much better she was than Tess.
“Yeah besides, Max is just being nice.” Isabel resorted. “Him touching arms with a girl doesn’t mean soul mates.”
“Whatever.” Maria said. “Why are you worried about it Iz? You said you liked her.”
“Like as in ‘bring to the party’ like. Not ‘date my only brother’ like.”
“Well, just because you don’t ‘like’ her now doesn’t mean you won’t later, so please don’t go all ‘Ice Queen’ on her.”
“Just for saying that, I think I just might.” Isabel said. If looks could kill Michael would have to find a new girlfriend.
“Don’t worry. I have a sense for these things. Besides, I go tyou and Alex together. I’m going out with Michael ‘Stonewall’ Guerin. I can do anything.”
“Okay then, make it so I will pass my Physics test 6th period.” Alex said.
“Okay, fine. I can do anything but miracles. Sorry Alex.”

“Hey guys.” Max said, “This is Liz Parker.”
“Hello.” she said with a wave.
“Liz, this is my sister Isabel, her boyfriend Alex, and you already know Michael and Maria.” Max said while they sat and began to eat.
“Oh so THIS is the famous Alex I keep hearing about. It’s nice to finally meet you. Maria has said so much about you.” Liz said.
“Yep. I like her already.” Alex said. “Well, we’ve all heard about you and your close encounter with Max’s stalker. That was great. I would have loved to have been there and see the look on Tess’s face.”
Isabel was going to say something about her being a cheerleader, but then she remembered she had to be a bitch for Maria.
“You can see the look on her face when Liz beats her at cheerleading tryouts.” Maria said.
“Speaking of which, why on earth are you guys having tryouts now and not last Spring?”
“So I can go to the football games.” Michael said. Liz was shocked to actually hear him talk. Every time she saw him he was either working or eating.
“What?” Liz asked.
“Yeah. One of the only reasons we go is to see the cheerleaders fall down.”
“Remember the time Rachel was on top of the pyramid? They all fell onto the field and caught a pass. It was hilarious.” Alex said.
“Yeah,” Max said. “ The umpire didn’t know what to do.”
“Okay stop it you guys.” Isabel said. She could only take so much. “We’re not THAT bad.”
“I’m sorry babe, but you guys womp.” Alex said
“Yeah. It’s my new word I heard it on some cartoon I saw this morning waiting for my dad. Isn’t it un-womp.”
“Hey, have any of you guys seen Kyle?”
“Oh, hey Serena.” Maria said, “ Liz, this is Serena. She works at the CD with us. You didn’t see her because she was off this weekend. Anyway, she’s Kyle’s girlfriend. Sorry Serena, but he decided he hates my upchucked guts right now and said he wouldn’t eat with scum like me.”
“Male Chauvinist Pig. Why can’t he act like a normal man and get over stuff? This is why I have a boyfriend-to spend quality time with at school. OH well, his loss.” Serena said as the short haired brunette sat next to Isabel and Maria. “He’ll just have to see me after work. I swear, he’s getting hit in the head too much during football practice.”

The next thing you know the bell rang and it was time to go to class.
“Max, do you mind showing Liz to her next class? I …I have to talk to my teacher.”
“Sure, no problem. I mean, if it’s alright with Liz.” Max turned to Liz for her answer.
“Yeah that’s fine. Let’s go.” and with that they got up and left.
“Don’t even think about it Maria. You know and I know you have study hall with me next period.” Alex said giving her “the look”.
“What! I’m not doing anything. You on the other hand need to do something about Iz..”
“Yeah sure, whatever. Come on or we’re going to be late.” Alex grabbed her arm and dragged her down the hallway.
Maria could just see it now. Li zwas smart, nice and funny. Just the type Max needs. It looks like he’s already broken off a piece of his shell by actually making physical contact with a member of the opposite sex besides his Mom and sister. Yep. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
Now if Alex would just let go of her arm!

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I feel like crap. I come back and there is only ONE reply. I’m so upset. Do you guys want me to go on? Or leave it be? Was it not written that well? If I don’t get anything this time I’ll stop posting. Thanks Roswelluver for your post. You get special brownie points and all my love. Since it’s been a while since I’ve posted I decided to post THREE PARTS! FEEDBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part 9
The rest of the day was okay. Unfortunately Liz didn’t have any more classes with Max, but she did have classes with at least one of the people she met at lunch that day. My gosh, people really do worship Tess here. All day long people had been starting at her and pointing. When Liz looked back at them they would either quickly look away in some fear or give her thumbs up or something like that. She couldn’t be more grateful she had P.E. 6th period with Maria. She didn’t have to walk around school all sweaty and nasty.

After Liz told Ms. Rodriguez she WASN”T changing any of her classes, she and Maria walked out to the parking lot towards Maria’s Jetta to join Alex.
“So, how was the rest of your day, Liz?” Alex asked.
“Not too bad actually, except the people who wouldn’t leave me alone about Tess. Gosh they need to get lives. Anyway, when do you get your car back?”
“Well, Kyle said he’d work on it as soon as he gets out of football practice, so probably Wednesday afternoon.”
“That’s good.”
“Yeah,” Maria started, “ I can only handle your odor in my car for so long.”
“I’m wearing ‘Old Spice’. Thank You. It’s a classic, and it’s still working. So maybe it’s just all that cedar oil you inhale like air.”
Liz had to smile at the two of them. They were such nice people and seemed really close.
“Maria, can you drop me off at the Crashdown? I have to work.” Liz asked getting into the car.
“Don’t sweat it. Alex always meets me at the CD after school. It’s absolutely no problem and besides I only LIVE there.”
“IT’s good to have you here, Liz.” Alex said.
“Thanks A”
“OH CRAP!” Maria yelled, cutting Liz off.
“What?!” Alex yelled back.
“I totally forgot to ask. Liz are you off Wednesday?”
“Maria, you almost allowed me to have a heart attack and die to ask if Liz was off work Wednesday?” Alex asked.
“Oh shut up, Alex and don’t look so surprised. We’ve only known each other, well…um… OUR WHOLE LIVES! Anyway, Liz are you off?”
“Yeah, I think so. Why?”
“You must officially be initiated into the group which is only done through the Pizza Pan and the mighty karaoke machine.” Maria said with a smile.
“Isn’t karaoke Japanese for tone deaf?” Liz asked.
“Whatever Liz. Look I’ll be there, Michael will be there because he knows he’d better, Alex will be there because Isabel will be, and even Kyle and Serena will. Oh yeah, Max will be there because he knows Tess can’t sing.” Maria said with a devilish wink.
How can Maria talk like that and not breath?
“Well, since you put it that way….no.”
“Oh come on Liz.”
“I know it may be hard, but don’t let Maria scare you.” Alex said, “No really. It’s actually kinda fun. We just get up there, and sound like crap together and have fun. Well, accept Maria. She’s the only one that can really sing. Don’t worry about being embarrassed because usually no one else is there.”
“I don’t know. Maybe.”
“Great! I’ll pick you up at 7.” Maria said.
“Maria, I didn’t say ‘yes’ I said ‘maybe’. Do you know the difference between the two?” Liz asked.
“Maybe is just one step before ‘yes’ and by Wednesday I’ll get you there.”
“Don’t worry, she’s right, She will.” Alex said.
“Thanks Maria.” Liz said sarcastically.
“ No problem. Anytime.” Maria said happily.
They continued to drive towards the Crashdown while Maria and Liz prepared for the oncoming dinner rush.

Come closing time everyone was ready to go home. Alex had left a couple of hours ago.
“Courtney! You better be mopping the floor back there!” Maria yelled. “ I swear Liz, she’s a walking hooker. Every time she’s near Michael she’s like “Take me! Take me now!’ She needs to find her own man.”
“Don’t worry. She’s just jealous.” Liz said.
“Damn Straight!” Michael said coming u behind Maria and giving her a hug. “If I saw someone going out with a fine man like me myself I’d be jealous too.”
Wack! Maria smacked him right in the back of the noggin. “Whatever Mickey. But I must say- you do look pretty hot covered in cooking grease and ketchup.” Maria said with a giggle.
“Okay guys.” Liz said, “Please don’t do that around me until I have my own man to flirt with.”
“Ah, All in due time, Liz. All in due time.” Maria said.

{knock Knock}
“Liz, can you unlock the door and let them in?” Maria asked, “Ummm. Michael and I are kind of busy.”
“I swear. Why is after hours the busiest hour?” Liz asked while walking to the door. “Hey, Kyle.”
“Hey. Whoa re you?”
“New Girl. Liz. Remember? Any of this seem familiar?”
Blink! The little light bulb in Kyle’s head went off.
“Oh, Tess beater! Cool. Is Serena here?”
“Yeah. She’s round back helping Courtney. SERENA!” Liz yelled towards the back, “Your man is here!”
All of the sudden something crashed in the back room.
“Kyle?” Serena came to the front. In case you don’t know, Serena seems to firmly believe in the Greek tradition of plate breaking. In all of the waitresses she’s worked with, she’d never seen someone break so many plates. Who knows how she actually gets paid.
When Serena saw Kyle she ran up to him and he opened his arms up into a hug.
“Why do I not have a boyfriend again?” Liz asked.
Well, behind Kyle came Isabel and Max.
“Hello Isabel. Hey Max.” Liz said as she locked the door behind them. She still wasn’t quite sure if Isabel actually liked her or not, so she decided to keep her space between the two of them.
“Oh, hey Liz. Do you know where Alex is?” Isabel asked. So much for not liking.
“Oh he left for home a few hours ago, but I think he said something about coming back.”
“Oh okay…” Isabel said and sat down in a booth.
“Hey Liz.” Max said.
“Bye Max”
“What? Wait. Where are you going?” Max asked.
“Home. I’ve had a long day. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Okay…wait. Where do you live? Do you want a ride?”
“Oh no. that’s fine. It’s not that far. Besides it’s a nice night, but ask me again sometime.”
“Are you sure?” he asked still concerned.
“Yeah. I’ll be fine. Oh yeah, I can’t wait to hear you sing Wednesday.” With that she left and started heading home. Max stood there dumbfounded. How did she know he… “MARIA!”

I’ll be back with the other two in a sec.*wink*
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{Wednesday at Liz’ house}
Liz ad Maria agreed for her to come pick her up at 7:30 so they could hang out and get there around 8, and as always Maria was right on time.
“Liz, Hun! Your friend Maria’s here!” her dad yelled. Less than 30 seconds later Liz heard a knock on her door.
“Come on in Maria.” Liz said.
But vow do you now it is dis Maria you speak of?” Maria asked giving her best Dracula impression. Then all of the sudden as Liz was about to open the door it flew open, “muwa ha ha ha! I vant to suck your blood!” Maria yelled.
“OH no! Save me! Save me!” Liz yelled waving her arms all around as Maria chased her around the room.
“I will save you!” Liz and Maria both looked to the door to see who was there, “Hey Grandma.” Liz said.
“Hey girls. Sorry to spoil your fun. I just couldn’t resist.”
“No, your cool.” Maria said.
“I just came up to ask if you guys wanted something to eat before you left.”
“Well, we’re going to the Pizza Pan, so I think we’re going to eat there. But thanks Grandma.” Liz said.
“Yeah, thank you.” Maria said.
“Alright. I’ll leave you and Dracula alone. If you guys need anything, just call for ‘Buffy’ and I’ll be right up.” Then she left and went back downstairs.
“I absolutely love her!” Maria said lying down on Liz’s bed with a “plop”
“So what now?” Liz asked
“Vell, now dat we are alone..” Dracula came back, “let’s look at your attire so you can impress Max.”
“What?!” Liz exclaimed.
“Come on. I know you like him. He absolutely adores you, so come on, work with me!” Maria said walking up to her closet.
“Max does not adore me.” Liz resorted.
“Yeah. And de-Nile’s just a river in Egypt. Come on Chica. Admit it. Lizzie’s got a crush.” Maria began to sing
“Whatever. You’re seeing things.”
“Yeah. Sparks between the two of you. Now hmm….” Maria was looking deeper and deeper into the closet. “Wa LA! This would be great.” Pulling out some leather pants Rachel had gotten her for her birthday.
“Maria, this is karaoke. Not clubbing.”
“You DO like Max, right?”
“Umm…yeah I think I do, maybe.”
“I KNEW IT! OMG! This is SO cool! Okaay, okay. Breathe, breathe.” Maria then pulled out a cial out of her purse and started to sniff out of it.
“Whoa! Maria. I love you girl, but ummm…you can’t do drugs here. I’m not telling you you can’t, just not in my house because I swear if my parents come in..”
“LIZ calm down! It’s cedar oil. It calms the nerves. Totally natural..”
“So is marijuana.”
“Liz! I’m serious. My mom buys this stuff in the herb store down the street from the CD. Totally safe.”
“Oh Okay then. I feel like a jerk now. Sorry Maria.”
“No Problem, girlie, it’s okay. Do you know what your going to sing tonight?”
“Maybe. You’ll just have to wait and see” Liz said with a smile. “Come on. Let’s get going.”
They walked downstairs “Bye Mom and Dad. See you later!” Liz yelled then was out the front door.

They arrived at the Pizza Pan five minutes early and Kyle and Serena were already there.
“hey guys. Kyle, you remember Liz right?” Maria asked.
“Yeah. Glad you could come.” he said.
“Thanks. So, Kyle, does Buddha smile upon singing?” Liz asked.
“Why of course. See, little grasshopper, Buddha says music can cleanse the soul and bring joy. As well as…”
“OKAY Kyle, that’s enough.” Serena interrupted. “Only so much Buddha for one day, babe.”
Then Isabel and Alex walked in.
“Hey guys.” Alex said as the walked to where everyone was sitting. “Have you guys ordered yet?”
“Oh Okay then, I’ll just go order the usual anchovies pizza. How about you Liz?”
“Awww that’s gross!”
“What are you talking about? It has plenty of protein. I hear it makes you smarter too.” Alex said with a smile.
“Well, while you order a large for you and your brain problems you can get the rest of us the usual.” Kyle said.
“With the way you’ve been acting lately I think you should get a slice too!” Serena said.
“Can I just have a supreme?” Liz asked.
“So Iz, where’s Max?” Maria asked.
“Oh I rode with Alex, so I don’t really know. He said he’d be here though.”
Maria sent Liz a wink.
“Guys,” Liz said, “I’ll be right back-bathroom?”
“In the back to the left.” Maria said.
“Thanks” and Liz left.
Alex and Isabel came back with their drinks. “So, ready to get this party started?” Alex asked.
“We still have to wait on Michael and Max.” Kyle said.
“Where’d Liz go?” Isabel asked.
“Little girls room.” Kyle answered.

Michael and Max came in together with a bag of stuff.
“Where have you guys been?” Serena asked, “and what’s with the bag?”
“oh nothing. Just some stuff. We were just um…playing some basketball before coming over. Where’s Liz?” Max asked.
“Little girls room.” Kyle answered. “Whoa! Déjà vu.”
“Whatever man,” Alex said throwing an ice cube at him.
“Hey guys.” Liz said sitting down in her seat. After a little prep talk she was ready to talk to Max now.
“Okay, NOW lets get this party started.” Michael said.
“Whoa.” Alex and Kyle said together while looking at each other, “Déjà vu.”

Michael jumped on stage and grabbed the microphone. “Alright. Here to honor the new member of the group blah blah blah. Guys come here.”
Alex, Max, and Kyle went up to join Michael on stage. Max carrying the bag.
“Maria, Michael is starting to sound like you.” Serena whispered to her.
“Yeah. Isn’t it beautiful. Next mission is the hair.”
“Alright.” Alex said “What Mr. Dictionary is trying to say is” Alex cleared his throat and started to talk in his best show announcer voice “Here, tonight, in honor of our new member this song is for you!” He then turned around and joined the other guys with their backs turned towards the girls.
The music started and they all turned around with bandanas and sunglasses on.

Welcome to Roswell where the players play
And we ride on dem thangs like ev-ery day
Big beats, hit eats, see aliens roamin
And parties dont stop 'til eight in the mo'nin

The girls just started to laugh, and the guys started dancing around to the words.

Yeah, Welcome to Roswell, desert and hammer and UFo's
Back to the mackin' and jackin' the clothes, adolescent packin a fo'
A knock on the do', who is it?
I would happen to know, the one with the flow
Who did it?,

it was me I suppose
Max in the Jeep and Mica's in the Cutt Supreme
Skatin down old Nat, Gat tooked and lean
I‘m good and clean, as matter' fact we’re a team
No dirt on the sneak's, gotta keep it so my kicks is clean
I get the cream, cops see me flick my beams
Ah crap it’s dad, better go find hy hyper beam

Oink Oink, Pig Pig, do away with the pork
Only siguar needs a steak knife and a fork
Did you forget your manners, Maria will loose my banners

“Maria did you just snort!” Isabel asked between laughs. They couldn’t stop. They were all laughing their heads off.

Now the party dont start 'til we walk in
And we usually dont leave until the thing ends
But in the mean-time, in between time
You work yo thing, we'll work mine
I been puttin' it down here since 83'
Since the late show MD rivalry
More froze than bad ice, with a place to be
If you was ridin, you was ballin to homie Shadi

“OMG! I’m gonna pee in my pants!” Serena yelled.

I’m the MBP, Most Ballernous Player
Make my own rules, just call me the mayor
Monday night, Gentlemen's Club
Tuesday night, Im up in the velvet room, gettin it on
Wednesday, Im at strokers on lean
Thursday, jump clean, and I fall up in cream
Friday, shark bar kyack with Frank Skeem, right on the floor is where you can find me
Saturday, is off the heezy fo' sheezy, you can find me up in one-tweezy
Sunday, is when I get my sleepin'
Cause on Monday we be at it again, Holla!

Welcome to Roswell where the players play
And we ride on them things like everyday
Big beats, hit eats, see aliens roamin
This party dont stop 'til eight in the mo'nin

When the song ended all of the girls got up and started to cheer and clap. The guys took a bow and sat down in their seats.
“Good job, homies. You be off ‘da chain!” Liz said ghetto- fabulously.
The group all turned to her “What?”
“Oh never mind.” Liz said and rolled her eyes.
“Liz,” Serena said, “I think it’s your turn.”
“That’s okay. Why don’t you go?” Liz replied with an innocent smile.
“Oh no you don’t” Maria said “You get your cute buns up there right now and sing your heart out!”
Maria pushed Liz on stage and handed her the microphone. The group started to holler and whistle as she stood up there.
“Liz, introduce yourself to Steve. He owns the place.”
“Hey Steve, I’m Liz. I’m a Gemini and like to take long walks on the beach. Ha ha. Anyway. You guys gave me a tough act to follow, but here you go.” Liz pushed the button to start the song.

First I was afraid
I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side
But then I spent so many nights
Thinking how you did me wrong and I stood strong
And I learned how to get along!

Max just starred at Liz like a catfish as she danced around to the music. She looked so cute!

Go on now go!
Walk out the door
Just turn around now, you’re not welcome anymore.
Weren’t you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye?
Did I crumble?
Did you think I’d lay down and die!
Oh no not I. I will survive.

The group cheered and hollered encouraging her as she danced around. As she sang the group realized she really could sing. As she finished and took a bow everyone stood up and cheered. Then all of the sudden Maria, Isabel and Serena came on stage.
“Liz, can you be Lil’ Kim?” Isabel asked
“What are you talking about?”
“Oh my gosh! I’ve always wanted to do this song!” Serena said bouncing up and down with Maria. Liz just stood there with absolutely no clue what they were talking about.
“Well, guess that’s a yes. Hit it Maria.” Isabel said.

Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista
Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, go sista

Isabel: He met Marmalade down in old Moulin Rouge
Struttin’ her stuff on the street
She said, “Hello, hey Jo, you wanna give it a go?”
Oh! uh huh

Gouchie, Gouchie, ya ya dada (Hey hey hey)
Gouchie, Gouchie, ya ya here (here)
Mocha Chocalata ya ya (oh yea)
Creole lady Marmalade

He sat in her boudoir while she freshened up
Boy drank all that Magnolia wine
All her black satin sheets, suede's, dark greens yeah

Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir
(ce soir, what what what) Voulez vous coucher avec moi

yea yea uh
He come through with the money and the garter bags
I let him know we bout that cake straight up the gate uh
We independent women, some mistake us for whores
I'm sayin‘, why spend mine when I can spend yours Disagree?
Well that's you and I’m sorry
Imma keep playing these cats out like
Atari Wear ideal shoes get love from the dudes
4 bad a** chicks from the Moulin Rouge
hey sistas, soul sistas, betta get that dough sistas
We drink wine with diamonds in the glass
bottle case the meaning of expensive taste
if you wanna Gouchie, Gouchie, ya ya
Mocha Chocalate-a what?
Real Lady Marmalade

hey Hey Hey!
Touch of her skin feeling silky smooth
color of cafe au lait alright
Made the savage beast inside roar until he cried,

As Serena sang she walked over to Kyle and started to dance around him.

Gouchie, Gouchie, ya ya dada (da daeaea yea)
Gouchie, Gouchie, ya ya here (ooh)
Mocha Choca lata ya ya (yea)
Creole lady Marmalade

Then came Maria to Michael and Isabel to Alex. Liz just stood on stage and danced around.

Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir (ce soir)
Voulez vous coucher avec moi (all my sistas yea)
Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir (ce soir)
Voulez vous coucher avec moi (C‘Mon! uh)

Serena:(oh Leaeaa Oh)
Maria... (Lady Marmalade)
Liz...(hey Hey! uh uh uh uh...)
Isabel...(Oh Oh oooo)

Max just sat there looking at Liz and laughing along. Maria butt bumped Max on stage with Liz. Liz looked over and saw Max standing there eyes wide open, so she started to dance with him. Unfortunately they had reached the end of the song.

Creole Lady Marmalade Yes-ah......

The song ended Max and Liz starred at each other. Why couldn’t Maria have good timing with everything.
“Oh my gosh, Liz” Maria said “You were so good.” snapping them both back to reality.
“Thanks Maria, thanks a lot.”
“I say you guys do that song EVERY Wednesday.” Kyle said looking at Serena.
“You liked that, huh?” Serena asked.
“Yeah I liked it a lot.” Kyle said slow and breathlessly.

They were all eating their pizza and soon after Steve came out to them.
“Sorry to break up the party guys, but it’s time to close. Liz, all I can say is I should have found you when you moved here and warned you about these guys.”
“Thanks Steve. And just for that, we’ll have to come earlier next week.” Maria said.
“Great. Just great.” Steve said then walked back to the kitchen to finish cleaning.

“So what now?” Liz asked.
“Now we go.” Isabel said. “Max, Alex is going to drop me home, okay.”
“Liz, Michael and I want to go out. Do you mind if Max gives you a ride home?” Maria asked.
“Um…yeah. Sure.”
“OH I LOVE YOU! You’re the greatest. Let’s go, Mickey G.”
“Liz you did great. See you tomorrow.” Serena waved goodbye and was out the door with Kyle.
“Thanks. Bye.”
“Hey Liz, ready to go?” Max asked. Woo Hoo gonna have a babe in the car. He was grateful he made Michael stop by his house and take a shower before they left for the Pizza Pan.
“Yeah sure.”
They walked out to Max’s Jeep.
“Thanks for doing this Max.” Liz said as Max started the car.
“No problem. Where do you live?” Max asked.
“Do you know where Moonlit Drive is?”
“Yeah,” Max turned on the radio and then realized he didn’t know what kind of music she liked. He just turned it on hoping she’d change it if she didn’t like it. Well, now he had her in the car for at least 15 minutes. Now what? Should he talk? But about what? He knew he should have thought about these things earlier. He was about to say something when her cell phone went off. So much for conversation.
Liz reached into her purse and turned it on.
“Hello?…OMG! I can’t believe you guys called. Don’t you know what time it is?”
Max just looked at Liz wondering who it was.
“Hold on, okay… Max, it’s my friends from Roswell!” She was so excited.

“You guys I’ve only been gone for less that a week.” Liz said into the phone.
“Gurl,” Kenyatta said, “What did I tell you! You had best call my cell phone!”
“Yeah gurl,” Rachel said, “What you be doin, just chillin?”
“Well,” Liz said, “right now my friend, Max , is giving me a ride home.” Max heard that and couldn’t help how he’d like to do things friends don’t do before he dropped her off. Bad Max. Get your head out of the gutter.
“Oh heck naw!” Rachel said “You alone in a car with a boy. Put him on da phone.”
“But Rachel…”
“Un huh” Nakeita said.
“Fine. Hold on.” Liz said to them. Then turned to Max. “Max, I know this is going to sound really weird, but umm…they want to talk to you. In the background you could hear “hurry up Homie! Distance ain’t free!”
“Um, okay. Sure. Why not” Max figured what the heck. Liz’s friends would be nice people.
“Okay hold on, Max….Okay Rache, Kenyatta, Nakieta, this is Max, okay, don’t be buckin up on him either.” Liz said into the phone.
“Naw gurl, we straight.” Nakeita said.
“Okay Max here you go.” Liz handed him the phone.

I Lied. I'm only going to post two not three. I want to see what kind of feed back I get. Just to encourage you, I already have the part written. it's all up to you guys. *big*
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heh. Three replies is enough. Here's the next part!

“Hello?” Max asked.
‘BOY! HOW YOU THINK YOU BE!?” Kenyatta yelled into the phone. It was so loud Max had to move the phone away from his ear. Liz saw the look on Max’s face and couldn’t help but laugh at him.

“You best not hit on my home gurl or Tu Pac knows I’ll come over there and…”
“Nakieta!” Rachel cut her off “ Now Max, listen. I know you probably be a pretty boy, so no funny stuff a’right. Cause Liz ain’t no skank.”
“Uh HUH!” Kenyatta said.
“I’d never do that. She’s in good hands.” Max said.
“Oh really?” Nakeita said. “You gots a job, cause Liz can’t have no bum for a man. Gotta pay dem bills.”
“Yeah. I work at a museum here in town.” Max said.
“You ain’t got no kids?” Kenyatta asked.
Max laughed at that question.
“No, no kids.” Max replied. Liz couldn’t believe they asked that, hearing Max’s answer.
“You sure? NO unknown children you don’t know about?” Kenyatta asked.
“Kenyatta, what kind a question is dat!” Rachel asked. “Anywayz. Awright, Max. Put Liz on da phone.” Rachel said.

“Liz, they want to talk to you.” Max said and handed her back the phone.

“Yeah?” Liz asked
“Is this boy fine? As in Usher fine?” Nakeita asked.
“Well, yeah. I think so.” Liz said eyeing Max as he drove.
“THEN WHY AIN’T YOU WITH HIM?!” Rachel yelled.
“You best get with him ’for some hoochie try an take him! Don’t you remember anything we taught you?” Kenyatta said.
“Send us a picture.” Nakeita said.
“Alright.” Liz said.
“Mr. P cool?” Rachel asked
“Yeah. They alright.” Liz said
“Cool. Word up is we gots to go. Now get with this Max man!” Nakeita said.
“We luv you gurl!” Rachel said.
“Tell Max we said ‘Watch your back cause Tu Pac’s alive’” Kenyatta said.
“alright, peace out my homies and luv to you all. bye!” she hung up the phone.

“Max, they said something about watching your back because Tu Pac is still alive. Whatever that means.”
Max looked at Liz dumbfounded. He had no clue SHE could talk like that, and her friends! This girl was just full of surprises. Liz was worried when Max didn’t say anything back.
“Max, are you okay? What did they say to you?”
“Uh, yeah. I’m just fine. Here’s your street.”
“Oh. My house is right there .” Liz said pointing to her house.
“Why do you guys still have a moving van?” Max asked seeing it in the driveway.
“The rest of our stuff isn’t coming until Friday, so they’re going to pick up this moving van then.”
“Oh, do you think you guys will need any help?”
“Thanks, but I think we’ll be okay. Thanks though, I really appreciate it.” Liz said as she got out of the car.
“no problem. Anytime. See you in class tomorrow.” Max said.
‘Yeah class. Bye Max.” Liz said then walked to the door. Max watched her until she was safely in the door. Liz ran up to her bedroom as watched Max as he drove away. Why wasn’t she with this man?

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Part 12
{ Thursday Afternoon at the Crashdown}
Max came in and sat in his usual spot in Liz’s section pretending to look at the menu.
“Liz, Max is starring at you again.” Maria said
“Well I wish he’d do more than just stare.” She mumbled to herself
“What was that?” Maria asked.
“Come on. Tell Momma Maria everything.”
“It’s just…I don’t know. I mean he’s way hot, athletic, nice but he’s so shy. Seriously- can he have fun? Loosen up? Karaoke is one thing, dating is another.”
“Liz babe, you have nothing to worry about, totally. It’s just…he doesn’t know you well. Trust me. He’ll loosen up once he gets to know you better. Just wait. He’ll come around.”
“I don’t know if I want to wait. Can you wait on him for me? Nature is calling.”
“Yeah right, sure no problem chica”
As Liz walked towards the back, Mari approached Max to take his order. “So what will it be today?”
Max looked up from his menu surprised to see Maria there instead of Liz.
“Where’s Liz?”
“Nice to see you too, Max.” see replied as she rolled her eyes. “She’s in the back, so don’t worry she’ll be back. So what do you want or would you rather Courtney take your order?”
“That’s okay, Maria. I’ll just have the usual. Oh and Brody wants his usual too, so I’ll have his to go.”
“Okay, I’ll be right back with your drink.” Maria walked over to the soda machine.
Liz never came over to his table. Max just quietly ate by himself until someone did come over to his table. She just sat down in the seat in front of him.
“Hey Maxie” She squealed.
‘Oh God.’ Max thought to himself. ‘Not now. “Hey Tess.” Max put his burger down to pretend he was looking at her.
“I can’t believe we found each other here like this. It must be fate trying to tell us something.” she said with a smile.
“Tess, I eat here everyday.” Max said irritated. Can’t she just go away.
Tess just ignored what Max said and kept going. “anyway, are you coming to watch cheer tryouts next week?”
“I don’t know I have basketball practice.” Max said. Liz watched from the bar as they talked and couldn’t stand to it any longer. He didn’t even try to leave. She went back to the back room.
“Well, I think I can make it special for you.” Tess said softly as she put her hand on top of his.
“Gosh, look at the time, I’ve got to go.” he said as he shot out of his seat.
“But your not done with your food.” Tess wined. Max threw some money on the table and started heading towards the door with Brody’s order.
“Well, you know how it is. Gotta feed the monkey.” And with that he left Tess in the Crashdown.

{That night Maria is at Michael’s house after a date}
“Maria! We do not go out so you can talk about Max and Liz.” Michael protested. He was getting annoyed. That’s all she would talk about. All night.
“YES we do because I’m your girlfriend and you really do love me.”
“Id love you more if you’d shut..”
“Now,” Maria said totally ignoring him talking, “I know Liz likes Max and Max likes Liz, but he’s not doing anything. He needs to take some action. Talk to him, Michael. You’re his best friend. See what’s up with him.”
“And what if I don’t?”
“You’ll face the wrath of Hurricane DeLuca and no Italian food of any kind until they go out.”
“So when do you want me to talk to him?”
“That’s what I though. Soon, like ASAP soon”
“Alright fine. Now, can we please get back to us?”
“I thought you’d never ask.” Maria said with a smile.

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Part 13
Liz was so relieved. Her first week at West Roswell High was officially over. Tess had kept giving her the evil eye whenever they saw each other and she still had not encountered Pam Troy. After 5th period she meet with Sean and found out her really wasn’t that bad of a guy. Good enough for their date to the movies Saturday night. She couldn’t wait forever for Max. If he really cared he’d do something about it by now. All in all, Liz believed everything would be okay. She didn’t have to work tonight so her plans were to just help unpack and sleep.

“So Liz,” Maria asked “Ready to go?”
“No. What is this I’m hearing about you and my cousin? Didn’t I warn you about him?”
“That‘s great, Maria.” Then Liz made a mad run towards the Jetta.
“Hey! Wait up!” Maria yelled trying to keep up. Li z got to the car and tagged the door “I win! Come on Maria!” Maria had stopped running and started to walk.
“I don’t know how on earth Charlie’s Angels make running in boots look easy. Besides, I’ve got the keys.” Maria dangled them in the air. “Now if you don’t explain this entire catastrophe you have gotten yourself into I’ll be driving the long way home.”
“Maria. I’m going to the movies with him. I’m not marrying him. He really isn’t that bad.”
“Yeah. Just ask every girl here he’s been with. I swear he must have more sex diseases than James Bond. Besides what about Max? I thought things were going good?”
“They could be going good if he did something about it.”

As Maria drove up to Liz’s house it was crowded with moving vans and people carrying things around.
“Whoa girl. You’ve got the entire trucking company of New Mexico here.” Maria said.
“I know. We have a lot of stuff.”
“Hey, what’s Max’s car doing here? It looks like Mr. Evan’s car is here too.” Maria said pointing to the jeep.
“I have NO earthly clue. Come on. We’re going to find out.”
Maria parked the car and followed Liz into the house.
“Dad! Mom! Grandma?! Hello!” Liz looked around trying to find them without hitting one of the boxes everywhere. They walked into the kitchen to see her mom and some lady with blond hair helping unload some china.
“Oh hello hun, Maria. Liz, this is Ms. Evans. We were best friends in high school. Diane, this is my daughter Liz.” Nancy said smiling.
“Hello Liz. Isabel has told me so much about you.. Hey Maria. How is your mother doing?” Diane asked.
“She’s good. Her and Mr. Valenti are going out now.” Maria said.
“Valenti?” Nancy asked, “As in JIM Valenti?”
“Yeah…” Maria said hesitantly.
“OH my goodness! Diane, why didn’t you tell me he still lived here?”
“Um Mom,” Liz interrupted, “Sorry to intrude, but where’s Dad and Grandma?”
“Your father is in the back putting up stuff with Phillip and Max, and your grandmom is telling the movers where to put everything, dear.”
“Thanks Mom. It was nice to meet you, Ms. Evans.”
“The pleasure was all mine. Oh and Maria, we’re having a bar-b-que here at six. Can you ask Jim and your mom if they can come?” Diane asked.
“Sure no problem.” Maria replied, “Liz can I use your phone?”
“Yeah. Lets go up to my room.”

Maria and Liz walked into her room to find Claudia and Max there. Claudia was telling him where to put some boxes.
“Yeah, right there Max. No, not on top of the bed.“ She then saw them at the door. “Oh hello, honey bear! Hey Maria. How was your day?”
“Good.” Maria said, “Hey Max. How’d you get dragged here?”
“My dad found out I was off work and told me I had to come, but I don’t mind.”

“LIZ! LIZ!” Jeff yelled form outside.
Liz walked over to her window and opened it.
“Yeah Dad?” She shouted down to him. He was standing in the driveway with a mover.
“Where do you want them to put your car?” Jeff asked,
“Hold on, I’ll be right down!” Liz turned to face everyone in the room “MY CAR’S HERE!!!” she bounced around happily then ran to the driveway with Maria following. Max watched them go zoom out the room, then looked at Claudia questioningly. Claudia just shrugged her shoulders.
“Anyway, Like I was saying. White roses are her favorite and she absolutely loves that chivalry stuff, but she loves adventure and fun too.”
“Are you sure? White roses?” Max asked.
“I gave birth to her mother. I think I would have a good idea. She tells me everything.” Claudia said with a serious face.
“Did she say anything about me?” Max asked.
“You realize you are asking for a little old grandmother to betray the trust of her sole granddaughter and joy of her life as we now know it?”
Max just starred wide eyed. He had no clue what to say to that.
“You, Maxwell Evans, are just going to have to find out for yourself. Now go follow her and see what all the ruckus is about.” Claudia said.
“Thank you so much.” Max said.
“My pleasure. Thank you for your help.”

Max got to the driveway to see a mover pull up a silver BMW Z3 Roadster Convertible. (insert ‘Ferris Buller’s Day Off’ music here)
“Isn’t it beautiful?” Liz said dreamily.
“This…is…Your Car!” Max couldn’t believe his eyes.
“Well, I guess you won’t be needing rides form me anymore.” Maria said.
“OH YES I DO!” Liz said.
“Liz, you have a car. A hot car. Why do you need a ride form me?”
“I can’t drive it.” Liz said embarrassed.
“What? Why?” Max asked.
“I don’t know stick. My dad was supposed to teach me when I got the car, but with the move and everything he hasn’t had the time.”
“Why did you buy the car if you can’t drive it?” Maria asked.
“Oh Heck no! We didn’t buy this car! I won it in a radio contest.”
“Wow. That’s cool. Well, I have to go. Tell you parents I said bye.” Max said.
“And where do you think you’re going?” Maria asked. Max couldn’t just leave like this.
“I‘m supposed to meet Michael. He wanted to talk to me about something.”
“GO Max! GO Right Now!” Maria said pushing him towards his car.
“Okay bye Maria, bye Liz.”
“Bye Max.” Liz said. Why did he have to go? Couldn’t he stay a little longer and, oh I don’t know, Ask Her Out.
Max didn’t want to go and be away form Liz. He faced that torture everyday at school after class, but he knew he’d see her at the cook out here tonight and that made him feel a little better about Liz leaving. Liz couldn’t help but want to give him a kiss goodbye, so she blew one to him when he wasn’t looking and watched him drive away. Claudia watched it all from Liz’s window. She couldn’t believe it. Her little honey bear was growing up. She liked Max. He reminded her so much of her husband and knew once he asked Liz out they would be inseparable.

“My gosh Liz, this is like SO cool! You have a convertible! Can I sit in it?” Maria asked excitedly.
“Yeah sure” Maria jumped in the passenger side. While Liz climbed in the driver’s seat.
“Ooo. Tan leather interior, so smooth. How’d you win the car?”
“Okay, first you had to get your name picked as a contestant. Your mane was put in by calling in at a certain time. The station picked four people and they had to stand next to the car with one hand on it at all times outside the Mall of Georgia. The last person left won. We had pee brakes and stuff, but I won! I love it!”
“That’s so cool!”
“Yeah. There were two girls and two guys. Megan and I ganged up to get rid of the guys, so we started talking about periods and cramps until one of the guys left.”
“Oh my gosh! That’s so funny. Oh crap. I’ve still got to call my mom.” Maria said.
“Oh yeah. Let’s go back inside.”

{Max and Michael playing basketball}
“So Max, what’s up with you and that Liz chick?”
Max tried to make a shot, but as soon as “Liz” came out of Michael’s mouth, he completely missed the basket.
“Nothing. Why do you want to know? I thought you didn’t care.”
“I didn’t. Maria does, so now I do. She told me to talk to you or there are consequences I can’t live with. Anyway. Get with Liz, Maxwell.”
“I can’t right now, Michael.”
“Oh yes you can and you will if it’s the last thing I do. This is bigger than you and Liz, Max. My sex life is involved and that’s not something I want messed with. You’ve got to seize the moment, Maxwell.”
“It’s complicated.”
“Well, if you plan on getting with her you better do it fast. Kyle heard Sean say something about wanting to snag her after practice yesterday.”
Michael. Then stole the ball from Max and scored a 3 pointer.
“It’s just…I want everything to be perfect, Michael. I don’t want her to think I’m a complete looser. I’m telling you, those people from Georgia are nothing like the people here.”
“Relax Maxwell.” Michael said taking another shot. “First off she won’t think you’re a looser. Second don’t worry about Georgia. She’s in New Mexico now. She needs to do what the Romans do. Max, just be yourself and have fun.”
“Well, I’ve got to go.” Max said.
“What for?”
“My parents are having a bar-b-que with Liz parents. Supposedly they were best friends in high school and my dad wants Iz and I to come.”
“Alright. We should do this again. Talking about Liz really improves my game against you. I think your loosing your touch.” Michael said while his stuff.
“You wish. Anyway, do you want to come?”
“Na. I’ve got to work. I’ll see you tomorrow, dude.” Michael walked over to his motorcycle and dialed a number on his cell phone.
“Hey Maria, Stage 1 complete.”


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I hope all can find comfort on the anniversary of a most tragic date in American history. Here is a web site in memory of those who died that terrible day.

May God be with us all
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since I got some beautiful bumps I thought I'd let you know what's up. REAL LIFE SUCKS! *sad*AP classes and Senior stuff are taking a bunch of muah's time and it ain't pretty! I have a plan for parts and am trying to find time to post. {in best Madam Vivian voice} I see Sean and Max confrontation, verbal abuse of one they call, (can you tell I don't particularly like her?) tryouts with pom poms, and spicy ribs????
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