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ok, this part is super short, but I want to know what people think of it before I send out anymore.

Author: Tina T
Disclaimer: It's not mine. It belongs to way too many people to name. Don’t sue me.
Spoilers: Season 1 and 2 and a tiny bit of three.
Summary: Liz gets a second chance. Can she fix things?

Liz bolted up in bed as the tears rolled down her cheeks. She stared at her room through the tears, hoping it would keep the memories from coming. The balcony only made her think of Max, before Tess had ruined everything. Before she took off into space with his baby. The tears fell harder. Liz didn't want to think about that.

Her eyes fell on a picture of her, Maria and Alex. Liz hit the picture with the back of her hand, making it fly off of her dresser. Alex was dead. Tess had killed him and he wasn't coming back.

"Liz," Mrs. Parker called from the door. "Liz, I heard something crash. Are you ok?"

Liz quickly wiped the tears from her eyes. She tried to keep her mom from hearing that she'd been crying. "It was nothing, Mom. I just dropped something. I'll clean it up."

"Ok," Mrs. Parker said, still sounding a bit worried. "Maria's here. She said she wants to take you somewhere."

Liz couldn't take this right now. She just wanted to be alone. "Mom, will you tell her I don't feel too well right now? I don't really want to go out."

"Are you ok? Should I-"

"Mom, I'm just a little tired. I'll be fine. I just don't want to go out right now. I'm fine, really."

"Alright then. I'll tell her you don't feel good."

"Thanks." Then her mom was gone.

Liz ran into her bathroom and turned the shower on as warm as she could stand it. She figured Maria would be up soon to check on her. Liz stepped into the steamy shower without getting out of her pajamas. She curled up on the floor and waited to hear Maria come and leave.


"Liz?" Maria called from Liz's door. "Liz are you in there?" Maria could hear the shower running. Mrs. Parker had said Liz was tired, so why wasn't Liz in bed? Maria decided not to barge in and instead walked back out to her Jetta with Alex waiting in the passenger seat.


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Ok, I'm sending out part 2 now. Most of what you asked is answered in part 3, (I'll post that next week. I'm staying with family this weekend (did you know that some people don't have computers?) and I can't post this weekend, but I'll be back soon.) but I'm still not quite sure why Maria didn't just barge in. Well, just say it was because of an odd alignment of the planets. Anyway, on with the story. Sorry this part's so short.

Part 2 (header in part 1)

“Where’s Liz?” Alex asked, as Maria climbed in to the car alone.

“I think she’s avoiding me. Her mom said she was tired, but when I went up to her room she was in the shower. When you’re tired you sleep, right? Right.”

“Maria! Chill.” Maria finally took a breath so Alex cut in. “It’s Liz. She wouldn’t ditch you. She probably just didn’t feel good, and wanted some alone time. You know she needs us right now, with Max and everything. Just give her a little time to think about things. Just until she’s ready to talk. You know she’ll come to you.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. I’ll calm down.” Maria started the car and they pulled out of the Crashdown.


Liz shut off the shower as she heard Maria leave. She walked to the sink and dried her face, but her tears kept coming so she just walked out.

She decided to change out of her soggy pajamas and into a pair of sweats. She put in a random CD, pushed shuffle and climbed into bed, waiting for the music.

“It’s taken much too long
To get it right
Would it be so wrong
To maybe find someone
A miracle

And all you really need
Is everything you could never be
And so you give it all
For a miracle

Is there a trace
Inside her face
Of a lonely miracle
And so you wait
And lie awake
For a lonely miracle

You never really know
What it is
Not until it goes
And if it comes again
It’s a miracle

But what you miss is love
In everything below and up above
And could she bring it all
A miracle.”
(Vertical Horizon, Miracle)

The tears rushed down Liz’s face, and her only thoughts were hoping for a miracle.


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Alright. Here it is. As promised. Most of the stuff is answered here but I still want you a bit confused. Hopefully it will keep you hooked for a while.*big*
Thanks for all of the feedback. Make sure you check out my other fics. *look at my signature!!*
Anyways here it is.

Part 3

Later that night Liz sat on her balcony, watching the light of the sun fade against the rapidly darkening sky. The stars used to comfort Liz. They had always made her feel closer to Max, like she knew a part of his world, but now, now the stars held no comfort, because Liz knew Tess was out there somewhere and now Tess held a piece of Max Liz would never have. Suddenly a bright light flashed before Liz and she jumped off of her lawn chair and towards her window. She was about to jump through when the future version of Max appeared before her.

“N… no… you- you can’t… not again.” Sobs shook through Liz’s body as she crumpled onto the floor.

He was by her side in seconds. When he touched her shoulder she looked up into his deep amber green eyes. She could see he was shocked by the anger radiating off of her body. He took a step back but never broke eye contact.

Liz dried her tears. She was sick of being walk on. She was sick of being hurt. “Go away. I don’t want to do this again. I don’t care what will happen if I don’t help you this time. Once is enough. No more. Find yourself another guinea pig.”

Future Max looked on in shock. “Again?” he questioned, baffled. “No one has come to you before. You would have told me. I would have known.”

“Why would I tell you anything? After everything you put me through, how can you assume I would tell you anything?”

“Everything I put you through? What did I do to you? I loved you.”

“You had a really funny way of showing it then, or on your planet is it a sign of love if you give yourself to someone else and get them pregnant?”

“I never got anyone else pregnant and you were my first. I was never even with anyone else.”

“Then how did Tess get-” Liz was cut short by the sound of a mirachi band. She walked to the edge of her balcony and saw Max singing with the mirachi band. He threw her a bouquet of red roses and changed them mid-air to beautiful white roses. Liz caught them and a single tear fell into the bouquet.

Liz saw future Max step back out of view and knew her dad was coming.

“Lizzie? Max, is that you again? It's 11:00.” What the hell is going on out there? Is that Max again? Her dad walked to the edge of the balcony and looked out to see Max. “Aw, jeez.” With that he walked back inside.

After Max walked back inside Liz began to interrogate future Max. “What’s going on? What’s the date?” He couldn’t answer fast enough so Liz ran into her room and checked her calendar. “October 30th?” How? Why?” The questions kept tumbling from Liz’s mouth, but she couldn’t find the answers.

“I need to think about this,” Liz said. “Just give me a night. I know everything you were going to tell me anyway, so just… just let me sort things out.” With that Liz walked into her bathroom to get ready for bed, leaving no room for discussion. When she came out, future Max was gone. To where, she didn’t know.

Liz fell onto her bed, the weight of many unlived months on her shoulders. She was still trying to figure out what had and what hadn’t happened. Before she knew it the day took it’s toll and she fell to sleep, still seeking the answers.

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OK, here is part four. Tell me what you think.

Part 4

Liz opened her eyes and found herself sitting on a small rock beside a large pond. She looked around for someone else, but only saw fields of wildflowers. When she turned back to the pond Isabel stood before her, only her hair was short and… brown.

Isabel kneeled on the ground so she was the same height as Liz while she sat on the rock. “Don’t freak, ok? If you wake up, we’re screwed, ok?” Liz nodded. “I’m sure you’re confused, and I’m here to explain. You know your dream last night? Wasn’t a dream. That is what will happen if you listen to future Max. Don’t get me wrong, future Max isn’t evil, for all we know. Tess is. I don’t have much to explain since you saw it but you have to change things.”

“Why are you in my dream? Why didn’t you come to me like Max?”

“Well, as you saw, Tess took the Granolith. It took us almost two years to find a way to get the power to come here and I’m only here in essence. That’s why I came and not Max or Michael or Maria, or even you. I can dream walk really well. Since I’ve been practicing my whole life it takes me less energy and while I’m here I have about half of my strength. Max and Michael couldn’t dream walk with only half of their strength. You and Maria wouldn’t have been able to do anything.”

“Ok. How did you get the Granolith to work?”

“Liz, it’s still me. Isabel. Science is not my thing. You could explain it and Max could explain it but I know zilch.”

“Alright. Last thing… maybe. Why did you come to me? Why didn’t… future me tell you to stop doing this to me.”

Isabel’s eyes softened at Liz’s remark. “You asked us to come. You see this time, instead of heartbreak we’re telling you that you need to be with Max. You have to find a way to survive without Tess. With her, we lost Alex, came pretty close to losing Maria a few times, and we lost you and Max. You know you hold us together, right? The group, I mean.”

“Wait, me and Max died? I thought-”

“You didn’t die physically, but you weren’t yourselves anymore. Max was on a quest to save his son, and you were trying to get your dad to let you see Max, while you snuck around with Max, trying to find his kid.”

“Why wouldn’t my dad let me see Max? He likes Max.”

“Oh well he didn’t after Max talked you into robbing a convenience store. You held the gun, he tried to find the ship that was hidden in the basement. It’s really funny if you think about it.”

Isabel and the pond started to fade. “Liz you have to save him for me. I love him. Save Alex.” Her voice was merely a whisper echoing in Liz’s mind as Liz sat up in bed. She decided this called for a group meeting.


Liz climbed out of her car and started for the stairs. He feet felt like stone, as she climbed the last five steps. ‘What if it was just a dream?’ Liz thought. ‘What if Tess is playing some cruel game on me and I’m just going to hurt his parents more by playing dumb and asking to see Alex?’ It was too late to rethink her plans though. Now she was at the door. She raised her hand to the door and it just hung there for a second. Finally, Liz brought it down on the door. The knock seemed much too loud. She thought people in the next house might have heard her.

‘You’re just scared,’ she rationalized. Suddenly the door flew open. It was Alex. Without thinking about it Liz threw her arms around him.

“Um, hello to you too,” he said. Liz realized she must seem insane.

“Sorry Alex. I just came to say, I’m calling a meeting and you’re coming, k? K. Let’s go.” Liz grabbed his arm and drug him out to her car. “Ok now Maria or Michael? We’ll get Maria ‘cause then she can drive the rest of the way.”

Liz drove to Maria’s house then to Michael’s and then took them to the Evan’s. They got inside and found Max, Isabel and Mr. Evans sitting on the couch watching Saturday morning cartoons.

“What are ya doing here?” Isabel asked when she saw her mom lead her friends into the living room.

“Remember we have that project on Czechoslovakians due on Monday?” Liz filled in. She’d planned out a cover story in case the elder Evans were home.

“They have a six person group?” Mrs. Evans asked doubtfully.

“Actually three groups of two, but we all decided to pool resources. Everything’s over here since we’re working over here.”

“Oh, alright.” Mrs. Evans turned went and sat beside her husband who had already gone back to the TV. “Make yourself at home. You can use whatever room you want just don’t make a mess.”

Max and Isabel joined the group and went to Max’s room. “Ok, what the hell was that?” Isabel asked as soon as they were safely in Max’s room.

“Ask Liz,” Michael said before collapsing onto Max’s bed.

“You know you may want to hear this Michael.”

“I may want to… in an hour. It’s Saturday. You’ve gotta sleep until at least ten. It’s only nine. I get an hour.”

“If you don’t listen to me, Alex may die.” That got everyone’s attention and questions were being thrown at Liz faster than she could handle. She closed her eyes, rubbed her temples and waited. Soon everyone got the point and quieted.

“Ok as I said, if you don’t listen Alex may die. First it was Isabel and Michael, two people, then it was Alex, one person. Hopefully, third times a charm. Maybe we won’t loose any this time.”

“Liz, since you’ve said I may die twice now I think I have the right to say this. EXPLAIN!”
“Okay. Here goes…”

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viL ya- I love Alex! He is the coolest person on the show. (I lost all respect for Max when he... lets just say when he went crazy... grrrrrrrr.) Anyway, there is your clue. I love Alex!!!

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I'm really sorry I haven't posted for a while. I was trying to finish up with TOA so I've been neglecting my other fics. Anyway, here's part 5.

Part 5

Liz looked at her friends. Five expectant faces looked back. She drew in a sharp breath. “Everything started about 7 months ago. Um, I mean, this month.” Everyone looked at her like she was crazy. “Ok, I know this will be a bit… odd, but will you just pretend you believe me until I can finish. Then you can look at me like I’m crazy.”

“Liz, what are you talking about? We don’t think your crazy,” Maria said soothingly. It didn’t convince Liz.

“Yeah you do, and you’ve got good reason. I probably wouldn’t believe anyone telling this story, but I’ve seen everything happen, so I’ve sort of got to believe. Look just indulge me and listen ok?” Everyone nodded. “Alright. Everything started last night. Someone came to me. It was Max… from the future.” Liz continued quickly before the questions started. “He told me a friend of mine helped you alter the Granolith so it would work for time travel. Normally that’s not what it’s supposed to be used for, but it worked.

“He told me that because of my relationship with Max, Tess left Roswell. Without her you weren’t a complete group, and you couldn’t win the battle with Khivar. Eventually, both worlds ended.

“What he didn’t expect was that his coming wouldn’t help all that much. You see, right before he came I had a dream… only it wasn’t a dream. It was the future that would happen because of what I would have done to Max.” She looked at Max with sorrow in her eyes. “About two years into the future the group found a way to come back. This time they didn’t have the Granolith though, so they only had enough power to come back in essence. Isabel came and dream walked me. She showed me everything.” Tears formed in Liz’s eyes and she momentarily forgot about the group.

Then she felt arms around her shoulders. They weren’t Max’s. When she looked up she saw Alex. Against her will she wrapped her arms around him and let several tears fall. “It’s ok Liz. It’s all right. Just tell us what happened.”

Liz pulled back from Alex enough to continue her story. “You… you died, Alex. She killed you. That bitch killed you, and ruined us.” The group sat, stunned by Liz’s words. Fire blazed in her eyes and everyone knew whom she was talking about.

Still, Michael had to ask. “Who?”

“Tess. She’s working for Khivar. She killed Alex to find a way home. Then… then, she, she got pregnant with the heir… and she… she left.”

No one talked for a long time. Maria looked back and forth between Max and Liz incredulously. How could Liz’s story be true? Max wouldn’t sleep with Tess. He was too into Liz. Even as Maria thought it, she knew Liz was telling the truth. Isabel, she thought simply.

Max watched as Liz stared at the ground. He wanted to comfort her, but he didn’t know if she would want him near her after all she had seen he would do. How could his future self have put her through that?

Alex silently stared as his friends. He couldn’t form the words to say anything. What are you supposed to say after you find out your going to die? Nothing seemed to work. Every joke he’d ever heard flew out of his head. Nothing would work, but right now someone needed to say something.

Michael and Isabel just watched everything. Michael moved to Maria and put his arms around her as she stared blankly at everyone. After a moment she turned to him and clasped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his chest.

The feeling flooding Isabel scared her. She wanted to cry just at the thought of losing Alex even though less that a week ago she had told him she couldn’t be more than his friend. She knew her feeling went beyond friendship and that scared her. She was just getting used to having friends who really cared about her. She wasn’t ready to fall for someone. Don’t waste time you don’t know you have, a voice in her head whispered. She knew it was her future self. Still, she couldn’t bring herself to move to Alex. I’ll just have to make sure I have time, she promised herself.

Liz finally let her tears fall, no longer afraid of what the others would think. Soon she felt arms around her, and she knew Max was with her. She looked up into his eyes and saw his love for her, but before she could do anything he began to speak to everyone. “Ok everyone, since we know this is going to happen we can stop it,” he said, taking control. “I don’t want anyone, especially Alex, left alone. For now I think things should be fine, but watch your backs. No one is to be alone with Tess under any circumstances. Understood?” Everyone nodded. “Ok, then I guess this meeting’s over.”

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OK, I'm back. And guess what??? I have a new part too.

viL ya- Of course I wouldn't let Alex die. To me that is a crime against Roswell. (Do you hear me JK?) As for a friend like him, are we sure guys like that exist?

Strawberry Shortcake- I can't wait til I find out what I do to her either. I was thinking slow and painful. And gorey. Oh, you can't forget gorey. (I have problems. I think I need help.) You can expect that whatever I do though, it will not be suitible for little children to read. I may even have to make up my own four letter words.

wild_child_uk- I'm hoping I can fix things so Liz doesn't feel so lost anymore. I'm really trying, but JK left things really messy. This could take some time.


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Part 6

Everyone except for Max and Liz filled out. Liz had gone back to looking at the floor. She knew Max was trying to get her attention, but she refused to look up. “Liz,” he said simply, giving up on being subtle. “Liz, please look at me.”

Liz did as he asked, but almost wished she hadn’t. His eyes held a pain that took more that a lifetime to form. She knew that she had put a lot of it there, and that only made her heart break a little more.

“Liz, I am so sorry,” Max said, closing the distance between them and pulling her from the bed into a hug. Liz held on and knew they were both trying to find the comfort that had been stolen.

“Why are you sorry?” Liz finally asked, pulling away just enough to look into his emerald eyes. They instantly clouded with guilt.

“I hurt you. I let the enemy in. I… it all happened because of me. If I hadn’t been so selfish, you wouldn’t have even gotten into this mess. This isn’t your fight Liz. You don’t have to be here.” He turned his head down refusing to look into Liz’s pleading eyes.

“Don’t give me that bull. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. I’d be in the ground. Dead.” The word caught in her throat as the reality finally hit her. “You saved me, and you know I want to be here. This is my fight as much as yours. My planet’s at stake here too, you know.” She smiled at him, lightly slapping his arm. “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to Max. I’m not scared of what will happen. I know you always be there for me.”

“How can you be so sure? After everything you’ve seen, and everything you’ve been through because of me, you still believe. How?”

“Max, you were the one who always believed. You kept coming, even when I rejected you. You always knew I was lying to you.” Her eyes fell down, ashamed of her own failures.

Max knew they were bouncing between lifetimes, so he brought them back. “Liz that never happened. This time we’ll fix things… together. That’s the only way we can accomplish anything. I can’t live without you.” Max pulled Liz to him and they sat, clinging to each other, hoping they would never have to let go.


Isabel sat in the back of Maria’s car. “So, what are we going to do?” she asked, finally breaking the silence.

“What can we do?” Maria asked, rhetorically. “All we can do is watch our backs. We have to wait and see what happens.”

“I’m not good at waiting. That’s why I’m always on the action team,” Michael grumbled.

“Well now you become one of us lowly waiters,” Alex said, reaching out his hand. “Welcome to the club. It sucks.”

Isabel tuned them out. The conversation was becoming boring. She focused on everything she had learned. She could almost feel the shell that had been around her heart reforming. She had let people get close and now she was being punished for it. If no one got close to her, she couldn’t get hurt, right? Don’t do this to yourself, a voice whispered in her head. She knew it was her future self, but she ignored it. Getting close to people made you soft, and she couldn’t afford to get soft. It could get them all killed, and she couldn’t let that happen. She would have to become the Ice Princess again. Letting them in would only hurt them. This was how she could save them.

She said it so many times she almost believed it. Looking into the front of the car, she knew it would be hard. Maria and Alex had turned on the radio to drown out the silence and Alex was singing his own version of Britney Spears with Maria. Isabel even saw a small smile playing on Michael’s lips. She couldn’t get into that though. That would be getting too close. She couldn’t hurt them.


Maria watched as Alex jumped into song along with Britney Spears “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” She couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her lips. She quickly jumped in, adding backup.

She soon noticed the smile Michael was trying hard to contain, and smiled to herself. He was finally opening up.

Looking into the back, she knew she couldn’t say the same for Isabel. Ever time her icy exterior seemed to melt a couple degrees it would just cool down 10 more. Maria was beginning to wonder if they would ever be able to get through to her.

Sighing, she shut off the radio. “Hey,” Alex complained. “I was letting out my inner Britney!” Maria smiled again.

“So what are we going to do for the rest of the day?” she asked, realizing she was driving around aimlessly. “How about a movie? We can go see the new horror. Um, what’s it called?”

“You mean Valentine?” Michael asked. Maria nodded. “Sure why not?” Everyone nodded except Isabel. “Isabel?” Michael asked.

“Oh, um, I don’t think I can. I should be getting home.” She watched everyone’s faces fall.

“Aw, come on Iz,” Alex pleaded. “We can make fun of the dumb blond-” Alex noticed he was in a car with two blondes. “Um, I mean, the stupid ones in the movie.”

“Plus,” Maria said, giving Alex a cold glare that was cancelled out by her smile, “you can’t go home and bust in on Max and Liz.”

Isabel almost smiled at her friend’s playfulness, but quickly stopped herself. A movie could be ok, right? She had gone to movies with her cheerleader friends back before everything, but that was before the group. Without entirely wanting to, Isabel found herself nodding, agreeing to see the movie.

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Ok, I'm back and I fanally have a new part.

Angelic- what are fanfics for except to fix all fo the screw ups that we called season two?

wild_child_uk- hmm, I dunno if A/I are right for each other *evil grin*

jeremiah- thank you. you are such a cool fan.

Strawberry Shortcake- we wouldn't be dealing with a good remake of Maria if she just let Isabel slip away, now would we? And Alex is the heart of the group. (You know you love Alex.)

clueless- it took me a while, but I am back!

And now on with the part!
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Part 7
“So,” Alex said as everyone walked out of the theater, “what’d you think?”

“Alright,” Maria said. “I’ll give it a seven and a half. You?”

“Eight. The blonde was hot. Don’t you agree Michael?”

Michael looked at Alex and then Maria. “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear you.”

“Good boy. I think we should go for breakfast,” Maria said, looking at her watch. “Food is always a good follow up for a movie.”

“I’ve got to get home,” Isabel said, avoiding Alex’s eyes. She knew that he knew she was avoiding him. She had made sure that Michael and Maria were between them in the theater. She knew she could hold up her shell with the others, but Alex would see through her in a second. He just cared too much. Maybe it was too much for his own good. It had been before.

“Are you sure? I hate being outnumbered,” Maria whined, breaking out the puppy dog face. Isabel nodded, trying to hide the smile that was threatening to break out. “Aw, come on Iz. Please. Michael can be hard on his own, but you’re letting them team up on me.”

“I have to Maria. I have to go get ready for practice.”

“Fine,” Maria pouted. “Let’s go.”


Max pulled up to the Crashdown with Liz following in her parents’ car. She got out and walked up to where he was waiting for her by the doors. “Do your parents know that you left this morning?” Max asked as she walked up to him.

“I left a note… I think. Do I want to go in there?”

“Probably not, but now you’ve got to.” Liz’s shoulders slumped in defeat and she started towards the door.

“Maybe you should wait out here,” Liz said to Max. Leaving the house in the early morning would be bad enough, but returning with Max would only make things worse.

“I was just about to say the same thing. I’ll wait out here for 15 minutes then I’ll come in to see you, ok?”

“15? Ten. I can’t take 15 minutes.” Max nodded so Liz walked into the Crashdown to face her parents.

She found her dad hunched over the register like nothing had happened. “Liz?” he asked as she walked in through the front. “Why aren’t you in your room?”

Liz had never considered that they might not have known that she had left. Quickly she tried to think of some reason she would have to leave. “ I, um, needed something from the store.”

“And what would that be?”

Liz tried to think of something that would make her father stop questioning her. In the end she decided that the only thing that would stop him was the one thing that could shut any guy up. She stepped closed to her father and whispered, “I had to get some feminine products.” Liz sighed inwardly when she saw her father stiffen.

“Next time leave a note.” With that he walked away to tend to the customers.

Just as her father walked away Liz heard the familiar ringing of the door and turned to find Max walking in, only he wasn’t alone. Beside him stood Tess. Still Liz walked over to them. “Hey.”

She could see the apology in Max’s eyes. “Hey. I saw Tess outside, so she suggested we all have breakfast.”

Liz nodded and led them to a table. She slid into the booth and Max followed while Tess moved to the other side. “So,” Tess said, obviously uncomfortable. “Are you guys back together?”

Liz smiled shyly, unsure of what to say to Tess anymore. Now that she knew her potential, she didn’t want to test her limits, and Max was definitely a sore spot for her. Still, she didn’t want to lie about her and Max. Finally she answered, “We’re trying.”

“That’s nice.” Liz could see the lie in her eyes, but she knew she couldn’t say anything.

“So,” Max said, cutting into the silence. “Why don’t we order?”


Isabel sighed as she packed her pom poms into her duffel bag and headed for the door. Pam Troy and Stacey Knight were the only ones left in the locker room, and they didn’t seem all too eager to see her go. “Hey Isabel,” Pam said in her greater than thou tone. Isabel cringed. She was only three feet from the door. Could she make it and act like she hadn’t heard her?

Groaning inwardly she turned to face Pam. She didn’t need Stacey rewriting the story so everyone thought Isabel ran. “Yeah Pam?” Isabel had retreated back into her shell. She shouldn’t have been worried about gossip being spread about her since that had been about the only consistent thing that had happened since the beginning of the year, but Ice Princess Isabel did care. So she stayed.

“Rumor has it that you’re falling a little below yourself. Is it true that you’re going with that Whitman freak? I mean everyone knew that you hung out with Michael, but at least he has something going for him, but Whitman? What are you thinking?”

The old Isabel would have lashed out at Pam for talking about her friends like that, but Ice Princess Isabel couldn’t feel a thing. The ice had frozen her heart and her emotions were dead. At least that’s what she was going for. “Why would I be dating Alex Whitman? He’s like, a nerd?” Isabel brushed her hair over her shoulder and breezed out of the locker room. She couldn’t deal with long chats with Pam when her shield wasn’t fully in tack yet.

As Isabel stepped out into the gym she nearly ran into Miss Rikesdale, her principal. “Hello Isabel. I was hoping you’d be here. Can you come into my office so we could talk?”

Isabel tried to think of something she had done that would draw the principal’s attention, but nothing came to mind. Finally realizing she hadn’t responded she simply nodded at the middle-aged woman and followed her through the hallways she knew so well.

“What did you want to talk to me about?” Isabel asked, clearly confused. It wasn’t often that she got summoned by her principal after Saturday cheerleading practice. Actually, scratch that, it was never.

“Don’t worry Isabel, you’re not in trouble. I just wanted to talk to you about some of you classes. I’ve noticed that you have nearly enough credits to graduate come the end of the year. If you take an extra class this coming semester, you can graduate a year early. Now, if you wold like to graduate with your friends I can understand that and you can just go on with your junior year as planned, but this is a big opportunity. You should think about it.” She handed Isabel a paper with several classes on it. “That’s a list of classes you may take. I understand that you need some time to make your decision, so I’m giving you this now. We can talk again at the end of this semester and I will need to know your decision.” She stood from her desk and signaled that the meeting was over. Isabel followed and walked to the door.

“Thank you,” Isabel said, looking incredulously at the paper in her hands. “I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”

“Take your time. This isn’t a decision to be made lightly. Think of the pros and cons of either way. You don’t want to regret your choice.” Isabel nodded and walked from the office, already sure of her choice. Graduating early meant she would leave Roswell and all of her truths behind. College could be a new world for her. This was a gift, and she wasn’t about to give it up.

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Part 8a

Liz slowly climbed the stairs to her bedroom. She had no idea who or what would be waiting for her when she reached the top, and honesty, she wasn’t sure she wanted to find out. She knew exactly what future Max had wanted and she had done the exact opposite. How could she explain everything that she knew to him? By the time she got to her door Liz had almost decided to spend the night at Maria’s.

“Come one Liz,” she told herself. “Use a little backbone.” With one last deep breath Liz pushed her door open and stepped inside, while quickly scanning the room. She found the future version of Max sitting at her desk, looking at her things. Obviously she hadn’t done enough to get rid of him.

“What are you doing?” she asked, clearly startling him.

“Where have you been all day? We have work to do.” Liz pushed her door closed and locked it, hoping her parents wouldn’t come to say goodnight.

“I had to fix things. I told them.”

Max looked at her and she could see the traces of anger building in his eyes. “Please tell me that you didn’t tell them about me.”

“I can’t. They needed to know. I told everyone, minus Tess, Kyle and Valenti.”

“Oh, well then everything’s ok as long as they don’t know,” Max said sarcastically. “If you wouldn’t have run off, you would have known that you can’t tell them. They can’t know that I am here. I can’t know I’m here. Bad things will happen.”

“Bad things did happen,” Liz said. “I did what you wanted me to the first time around. You know what happened? Alex died.”


“Oh, I’m just getting started. Alex didn’t just die. He was killed… by Tess. She got pregnant with your baby so she got away. She and Nasedo had joined with Khivar and were going to turn you Isabel and Michael over to him.”

“How do you know that?” he asked, clearly not buying it.

“The Isabel from that timeline came to me in a dream and showed it to me. I can’t let that happen.”

“She must be lying,” he insisted. “I wouldn’t sleep with Tess.”

“You did.” Liz looked at the floor. “The only way I could make you fall out of love with me was to make you think I had slept with Kyle. Things got bad between us when Alex died and she was there with open arms.” Liz closed her mouth as she heard the familiar sound of feet on the balcony. “Hide!” Liz insisted, pushing him into the bathroom.


“Someone’s on the balcony. Just listen.” She closed the door and got to the balcony just as Max jumped over.


“Hey.” Max greeted her with a sweet kiss. As their lips parted Liz moved back and sat on her lawn chair, pushing her legs over the edges so Max could sit in front of her. “How come you came over?”

“I thought we could talk.”


“Everything. We’ve been through a lot recently. I thought you could use a vent.”

“Yeah,” Liz said, looking down. “It’s like I lived it. I keep getting thrown back and forth. I mean, I have a year’s worth of knowledge, but I’m still this Liz. It’s really confusing.”

“It sounds like it.” Max laughed.

“This probably doesn’t make any sense to you.” Liz was trying to get over the odd feeling she got from talking with Max. She couldn’t remember things being that nice with them for a long time, no matter which timeline she looked at.

“I don’t know how to deal with all of this,” Max confessed. “I mean, I’ve been having trouble just coming to grips with the fact that I’m king, and now I find out that I failed.” Liz started to protest, but he silenced her. “It’s true. I let one of our friends die. I let the enemy get in. I mean, now I can’t see her as the enemy. She’s been with us through a lot. My first impression of her isn’t like what I get when I think of the skins. She has a name. She’s one of my people. But then she’s not.”

“Can we not talk about Tess right now?” Liz asked. No matter what Max thought, Liz could see Tess as the enemy. She had seen it.

“Sure,” Max said, sensing her uncomfort. He pulled her into a hug. “This can’t have been easy for you.”

Liz nodded against his shoulder. After a moment she felt a little better and started to pull back only to find herself caught in Max’s gaze. Slowly his head came towards her. As soon as their lips touched, the flashes came.

“And I wanna believe you
When you tell me that it’ll be okay
Yeah, I try to believe you
But I don’t.”

Max and Liz yelling at each other in Alex’s room.
Max and Liz yelling in front of a taxi.
Max and Tess talking in the observatory.
Max and Tess kissing.
Max connecting with his son.
Max and Tess joining hands.
*End Flash*

“When you say that it’s gonna be
It always to out to be a different way
I try to believe you
Not today….

Liz pushed Max back and climbed out of her chair. Tears were pooling in her eyes.

“Liz,” Max asked with concern. “What it is?”

“No,” Liz said. “No, I can’t. I thought I could, but I can’t.”

“You can’t what? Liz tell me so I can help.”

“I don’t know how I’ll feel
Tomorrow, tomorrow
I don’t know what to say
Tomorrow, tomorrow is a different day.”

“You can’t,” Liz said, stepping away. “You can’t help with this. I can’t take it. It’s too much. I can’t do this.” She waved her finger between them. “I can’t do us.”


“I can see it,” Liz said, heartbroken. “I can see you. I can see you with her.” Tears rushed down Liz’s cheeks as she choked on a sob. “I can see you kissing her… touching her.” Liz squeezed her eyes closed. “It won’t go away.”

“Liz please,” Max said, placing a hand on her arm. She quickly brushed it off.

“It’s always been up to you
It’s turning around, it’s up to me
I’m gonna do what I have to do
Just don’t
Give me a little time
Leave me alone a little while
Maybe it’s not too late
Not today…”

“Liz let me help you,” Max begged. “We can get through it. Don’t give up on us. Please.”

“I think you should leave,” Liz said, turning to her room. Tears lined her cheeks.

“Liz,” Max said frantically.

“Don’t,” Liz choked. “Please.”

Max stared at her as she climbed back into her room before he went back down her latter, leaving the little pieces of their fragile relationship scattered on her balcony.

And I wanna believe you
When you tell me that it’ll be okay
Yeah I try to believe you
Not today…
(Avril Lavigne, “Tomorrow”)