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Title: A Bet That Changed A Boy’s Life
Author: Dreamer_to_the_end
email: kell03⊕
Disclaimer: I own noting Roswell belongs to Jason Katims and ‘UPN’ , if I did Roswell would of had a fourth season.
Category: AU, M/L-with others
Summary: Max, Michael, Kyle and Alex are Aliens sent to Earth for the same reasons as on the show, but one day Kyle makes a bet that changes everything in Max’s life...that’s all I'm saying you have to read the fic to know more
rating: PG-R
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Max Evans, Michael Evans, Alex Whitman and Kyle Valenti are the guys you would call ‘aren’t from around here’
They were in the 1947 crash and are Aliens hidden behind their human sides. The Evans, Whitman's and Valenti’s had adopted the 4 guys when they had broken out of their pods at the age of 6.

Liz Parker the popular girl who is Sean Deluca’s Girlfriend and object of Max‘s affection since 3rd grade.

Maria Deluca Sean Deluca’s cousin, in a casual relationship with Michael Evans.

Tess Harding best friends with Maria and in a casual relationship with Kyle Valenti for a month as Kyle had a reputation for being a player

Isabel Guerin Girlfriend of Alex Whitman also only casual as the aliens had decided not to get attached to any of them.

And amongst them is Max who is the shy guy who hides behind the tree and loves Liz from afar and envies his ‘family’, The guy who also has Liz parker’s attention even though he may deny it.

But on June 15th 2002 Max’s Life had just began

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NOTE: I know this may not act like Max but this story happens cuz of a bet so he needs to take it

Part 1
Kyle, Michael, Max, and Alex are in the Crashdown.

“so what’s everyone's plans for today” Alex asked

“Going to the party at Victoria Stewarts house with Tess” Kyle answered

“Same except I'm going with Maria” Michael replied.

“Max, what you doing tonight” Alex asked

“Nothing, probably stay home and do my homework” Max answered popping a fry into his mouth

“your going to spend Friday night at home...doing homework” Michael asked in disbelief.’

“You need a chick, man” Kyle said.

Max ignored their comments.

How about we make a bet Max, the first girl that walks through that door is your target, you have to get her to go out with you and it has to last for at least a week, if you don’t then when we go back to Antar we’ll tell our people how much of a wuss our king is and you will have no disrespect at all” Kyle said

“You wouldn’t” Max said

“Max man you need a chick I’m doing this for the good of you if you won’t do it volunteering than you’ll do it by force” Kyle said smirking

“You're loving every moment f this aren’t you” Max asked

“Oh Yeah” Kyle said ”So what’s it going to be Maxwell” Kyle asked

“Is there any other option, what do yo think ” Max said pissed.

“So that's Yes I guess” Kyle said, The door jingled “There’s your que” Kyle said looking up to see who had just entered the diner and smirked, Max looked behind him to see who his ‘girlfriend’ would be and cursed, in walked Liz Parker the object of his affection, his target.

“Well if it isn’t a coincidence” Michael said “I’m not going to miss this for the world” Michael replied.

Max looked back at them wise eyes wide shaking his head “You guys.....I can’t.....not her please” Max pleaded.

“A deal’s a deal Max” Kyle said

“Guys maybe we shouldn’t” Alex said looking at his friends facade

“No, we are not going to make this easier for Maxwell” Kyle said .”Besides I'm mean Max you should be happy it’s Liz and not some whore” Kyle said

“Kyle, she’s Sean’s Girlfriend, and she’s out of my league... I can’t do this Kyle... not her” Max said

“It’s only a week Maxwell as long as you try will be enough now go your Juliet is waiting” Michael said.

“Max looked over at Liz, she was laughing with her friends as Sean had his arm around her, how was he suppose to even go near her, he nearly faints when she says hi to him let alone physically touch him he gulped this bet was going to kill him.

“You can start at the party tonight, we will see you there won’t we” Kyle asked

max nodded not being able to form words.
“Max Evans is looking at you” Anna White. Liz’s best friend whispered to Liz.

“Anna, we’ve gone over this besides could you not mention Max near Sean, you know he’ll freak” Liz whispered back, as Sean was engaged in a conversation.

“Liz stop fooling yourself, your no happy” Anna said

“I’m as happy as a normal person can be Anna without them ending up in the mental institute” Liz gave Anna a pointed look to tell her to let it go.

“Look fine I'll lay off but I hate seeing you like this” Anna said

“ I’m fine Anna really” Liz said giving her a smile, Anna smiled back but didn’t give in but let it go she’d deal with Liz after they were alone.

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Max, Michael, Kyle and Alex had invited themselves to Max's house and are in Max's room turning it into hell.

“Guys......STOP!” Max shouted stopping their frantic movements.

“What” Kyle asked.

“What” Max asked disbelievingly “Look around you you’ve turned my room into yours” Max said looking around his ‘room’

“Just like it’s suppose to be , Max sometimes I wonder if you were reborn as a chick” Kyle said. while he received a glare from Max.

“Thanks for that Kyle I'll keep that in mind when we get back to Antar and I kick your ass” Max retorted back.

“Look, Max, Kyle we have a party to go to so keep the testosterone levels down” Alex stepped in between the two guys “Max we'll be out in the lounge room when you come out, Kyle C'mon” Alex said ushering Kyle to the door.

Kyle walked after Michael and Alex, leaving Max to himself and his devilish room, he sighed it was going to have to wait until he got home after the party, how he got stuck in this situation he didn’t know....but Kyle he shook his head Kyle and his antics it always got them in trouble half the time.

After getting changed into a black silk button down shirt and khaki’s he walked out into the lounge room where the others would be waiting.

“Well I guess it’s okay” Michael answered, “Where’s the Cologne Max” Kyle asked.

“Geez Kyle I have alien powers I don’t need ‘Cologne’ Max answered.

“How can you not wear cologne” Kyle asked disbelievingly, Max shook his head “NO Kyle I am wearing cologne just not as much as to stink the whole place” Max answered.

“But it’s what attracts the girls Maxie” Kyle teased.

“Your really pissing me off” Max said.

“Yeah I know and I'm loving it” Kyle grinned, Alex shook his head “You two I cannot understand your either at each other’s throats or your best buds I will never understand” Alex mumbled but they both heard.

“C’mon we have a party to go to” Michael said getting off the couch and walking to the door the guys soon following.

The closer they were getting to their destination the more nervous Max got, tonight would be the start of his bet, tonight would be the start of many first on his part, tonight he’d be moving towards a taken territory.

Max quit fidgeting” Kyle said from the drivers seat looking into the rear-view mirror.

Max mumbled back a non coherent remark which wasn’t heard but anyone.

Max could hear the loud music flooding from the house hat was packed with people and cars.

“Big bro you all on your own now , we expect to see results” Michael said , Alex, Kyle and himself leaving Max alone to go find their girlfriends.

“Good luck Maxwell, here goes nothing’ Max muttered to himself as he walked into the house and through the thorns of people.

he reached the kitchen and decided to not drink anything offered to him unless he wanted a repeat performance of Kyle’s as they had learnt a long time ago that aliens and alcohol didn’t mix.

Walking back out into the room filled with people dancing around he spotted his ‘Angel’ Liz dancing with Sean laughing at something he’d said, his heart clenched knowing it wasn’t him making her happy not being able to stand the sight of them he walked out of the room to god knows where to think ‘how am I suppose to get her to go out with me for a week I mean she's totally content in her relationship what would she want with me’ Max thought, as he walked he bumped into something , he looked up to see what it was no make it someone.

Liz had gotten tired as he'd danced to two fast songs retiring for a while as nature was calling she was thinking , she’d seen Max enter the room and when she looked at him when she laughed at something Sean had said, she’d sees, thinks she saw a hurt look cross Max's face but passed it off as her mind playing tricks on her as it had gone as fast as it had appeared, not knowing where she was walking. thump, she bumped into someone. or maybe something.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t looking were I was going” Liz said and then glanced up to see who she’d bumped into and it was Max the one and only.

“Oh Max, hey sorry Liz apologised sheepishly.

“Hey it’s okay” Max answered.

“So what you doing her I never see you at these things I thought parties wasn’t your thing” Liz asked.

‘oh great she thinks I'm a geek now a guy who doesn’t like parties even he sounded weird to him’ Max thought. “Ah yeah there not but you know Kyle and Michael they have their way of dragging me into these things” Max answered. ‘great he was suppose to fix it not make it worst’ Max kicked himself in the head.

“Yeah I do, their the party animals” Liz answered.

“I.... sorry to stop you from wherever you were heading” Max apologized.

“Oh yeah......the little girls room” Liz chuckled. “Uh do you mind if I hand out with you, Kyle, Michael and Alex kinda have company” Max said ‘where was this sudden boldness coming from’ Max though.

Liz grinned up at him “Sure, just if you can wait I......need” Liz pointed to the restroom.

Max chuckled and nodded “Yeah I'll wait “ Max said still laughing.

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Part 3

After Liz had come back from the bathroom, she led Max to her group of friends which apparently only was Anna and her boyfriend James.

“Hey guys” Liz said waking up to them.

Anna smiled looking at Max and then Liz “Hey” Anna greeted

“This is Max, Max my Best friend Anna and her Boyfriend James” Liz introduced.

“Hey” Max said sheepishly.

after trading pleasantries Liz turned to Anna “Have you seen Sean” Liz asked.

“I saw him head out back, drunk” Anna added

Liz nodded “C’mon” and pulled Max onto the dance floor.

“Liz.....I’ll just be near the side” Max said pulling away.

“Max what’s wrong” Liz asked.

“Dancing’s not my thing” Max confessed.

“oh C’mon Max I bet your not bad” Liz said.

“Liz really just let it go” Max said.

“Nope, how about we make a deal if I see that you can’t dance then I won’t force you too” Liz said.

“Deal” Max said knowing he was bad at dancing, dragging Max onto the dance floor where the rest of the couples danced.

“And you said dancing wasn’t your thing” Liz said as she saw Max moving to the beat.

Max was shocked to say the least he thought he’d probably stand on her toes or make a big foul of himself but s far he was doing pretty good so he shrugged when Liz complimented him.

“You don’t take compliments very well do you” Liz asked loudly over the loud music.

Max shook his head “No, I'm not used to them” Max answered.

Soon the beat of a slow song came on and Max turned the other direction figuring he had his time, Liz grabbed his arm “Where you going we just go started” Liz asked softly.

Max couldn’t speak.

“Look we can stop after this sing if you want okay” Liz assured him softly “Max I need company who else am I suppose to dance with” Liz added as she had seen Max about to protest.

Max sighed “Okay” Max said, Liz smiled and linked her arms around his neck, Max didn’t know where to lay them so she helped, bringing his hands and laying them on her hip.

max was on cloud nine as he slowly moved with the beat with his dream girl, he actually had her in his arms, his dream had come true tonight even if it wasn't in the love way she was still here with him, he didn’t move his hands or step forward, he was nervous as it was he didn't want to move over the jut a dance line, she had a boyfriend that was in the football team of course he could always kick his ass if they did get in a fight but he wasn’t the type, it would be wrong o steal another guys girl.

Liz was in pure bliss the feel of his strong arms around her his manly scent surrounded and enveloped her making her feel safe, she’d never felt like this with Sean it had always been forced whatever she did.

Tess and Kyle had walked in from their make out session in one of the bedrooms, Kyle saw Max and Liz dancing “He moves fast” he muttered to himself.

“Looks like your going to lose your money Tess said, she knew about the bet it was exactly something that Kyle would do, she was glad that Max would now find someone.

“I got to cut him so slack I didn't know he had it in him” Kyle said amazed.

“looks like Max put you in his place” Alex said walking up to Kyle and Tess with Isabel.

“Whitman shut up” Kyle said.

“I can’t wait to see your face when Max gets the money” Alex chuckled.

“Your so sure about that” Kyle said.

“It’s Max why wouldn't I be” Alex said walking away.

“That guy confuses me” Kyle said shaking his head

“C’mon lets go” Tess said pulling Kyle towards the dance floor.
After a while, Max and Liz had parted the dance floor and had walked back to Anna and James, Anna pulled Liz away from the guys to get something to drink.

“You looked pretty cosy out here” Anna whispered.

“Anna” Liz warned.

“C’mon you have to say that there was something there” Anna said.

“No Anna there was nothing there, I had to practically force him to dance” Liz said.

“Girl I will never understand you” Anna said as they walked back to the guys.

As they were talking Sean walked in with his football buddies behind him “Liz, me and the guys are gonna go to another party, do you want to come” Sean showing his very apparent drunken state.

“I’m going to head home I'm tired I'll seeya tomorrow and Sean be careful” Liz said.

“Don't worry about me” Sean said kissing her quickly on the lips and walking away.

Max looked away as Sean leaned forward to kiss her, it was a sight he didn’t want to see, Anna saw him and smiled even more convinced that Max liked her best friend just as much.

Liz turned around “Can you possibly drop me off” Liz asked Max with a smile.

“Sure” Max answered.

“great, Bye Anna, James” Liz waved taking Max's hand and walking to the door.

All Max could do was look at his hand which was connected to her small one.

Kyle, Michael and Alex had all seen Liz take Max’s hand and disappear out the door, not knowing what but them being guys had another thing in mind.

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