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Title: The Distance To Here
Author: Trinity
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17.
Disclaimer: UPN owns Roswell, the characters, and situations. No infringement intended. Nothing is mine.
Summary: Pre-Busted. Returning to Roswell after a tragedy occurs, Liz attempts to get back on her feet while caring for her daughter. Deeply depressed, Liz runs into an old friend and ex-boyfriend, Max, who tries to help her through, but is still in love with her. However Liz is determined to make a new life for her and her daughter, but will Liz forgive Max and will Max be able to be part of her life?
Category: Liz/Fielding, Liz/Max, with some other CC: Kyle/Isabel and Michael/Maria.
Authors Notes: The title is taken from a song by Live.

“Liz, I just want to put everything that happened behind us,” Max stated sincerely. He and Liz stood on a desolate dock in the dark, talking for what seemed like the first time since the whole ordeal. Liz merely stared at the ground as she gauged Max’s words.

Finally gazing upwards, Liz cocked an eyebrow and gave Max an exasperated look. “Yeah, you know that I would, too, if I had impregnated an alien killer who murdered one of our best friends and then left the planet with my unborn child,” Liz shot back. She didn’t mean to be so rude or unrelenting, but Max had hurt her on numerous occasions.

Wasn’t she allowed to be happy?

Pursing his lips, Max nodded as he narrowed his eyes and glared at the dock instead of Liz. “So… you’re still holding on to that?”

In response Liz coughed so as to hide her amazement. The fact that Max could even think she would so easily get over anything as simple as him sleeping with Tess annoyed and enraged her beyond belief. “It's hard not to, Max. See, you slept with Tess, and then you got her pregnant. I don't know how to just move past that. You hurt me, you know?” The anger and hurt was apparent in Liz’s voice and immediately Max felt horrible; he knew he had to explain, but he wasn’t sure how.

Shifting from one foot to the other, Max averted Liz’s intense gaze as she awaited his answer. He had thought that winning Liz back would be easy; he would say that he loved her and she would come running back into his arms.

Now it didn’t seem like that would be happening.

“It attracted me,” Max finally answered. Shrugging sheepishly Max added, “I admit that. It was something I had to find out about, and now I'm over it.” Liz’s brow furrowed as she tried to concentrate on what Max was saying. But all she could think about was how horrible Max was making her feel. Even the words coming out of his mouth were making her feel as though she were his doormat.

“It’s not that simple…” Liz started, only to have Max interrupt her with more of his words. And that’s what Liz realized, Max was made up of nothing except words, and his words meant nothing. A promise wasn’t a promise unless it was fulfilled.

“Liz, I’m here. I'm not going anywhere,” Max stated, smiling as if that was the correct answer. “Isabel, Michael, and I, we've lost our only way home. There's no way back. You're the only-- you're my only reason. I want to be with you.”

Again Liz’s brow creased as she contemplated Max’s words. Was he saying that he chose her simply because he couldn’t get home? She wrung her hands together and glanced at the wood on the dock out of the corner of her eye. Hadn’t it been her grandmother who had once told her that happiness was all that mattered? Hadn’t she said it was good to have fun?

And Max; Liz wasn’t quite sure what to make of Max now. No longer did he make her feel beautiful and loved and special. Instead, Liz now felt like a doormat or piece of meat that Max came back to only when he desperately needed her.

And Liz didn’t want to be that. She knew that she was better than that, and if that was all Max saw her as—his reason to stay behind because his way home left—than maybe Liz wasn’t willing to accept that.

Nervously shifting about, Liz pushed a few stray strands of hair behind her ears as she spoke. “What if that isn’t enough?”

Max nearly choked on the air he was breathing. He had thought for sure that he would win Liz’s heart back with his last words. But now, as he gazed down at the one person he needed more than most other things, he knew he had lost.

“What do you mean?” Max stammered.

Straightening slightly, Liz gently bit down on her lower lip as she collected her thoughts. “I mean, what if that isn’t enough for me? I don’t want to be second best, Max,” Liz explained as best she could. And once she was done, she waited for Max to respond, but he didn’t. So Liz did the only thing she knew to do. Slowly, she turned and started back towards her home.

When she reached the end of the dock, Liz turned slightly and looked back at Max’s hunched over figure. While it hurt to know that Max thought so little of her, it was liberating to finally have gotten her feelings off her chest. And while Liz knew that her heart would never quite heal, she believed that just maybe, if she were lucky enough, she would get her fairy tale ending.

AN: I swear I tried to write a new part to China Doll and No Ordinary Love and every single other story, and I really do have half of the ending to Vendetta written, but this came to me and I had to go with it, otherwise I never would have even written the half of Vendetta or the new part to Once You've Loved Someone. Okay, enough... enjoy...

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Here is a great few words from "Scrubs."

Sing them to the tune of I'm A Little Teapot

Man-oh-man would I have loved to hear Liz or Maria sing this during this season...

I'm a little doormat
Sit and Stay
Let People Use me Everyday...

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Chapter 2

The wedding invitation rested gingerly in Max’s hand. It hadn’t been addressed to him, rather Michael and Maria, but the moment he had caught site of Liz’s dainty handwriting on the envelope, Max knew he wouldn’t be able to resist. Liz had not spoken or contacted him since she had left for boarding school halfway through senior year.

Six years. Six long years without any form of contact from Liz. She would write Maria. She would call Kyle. She would even e-mail Michael and Isabel. But not once did Max receive any acknowledgment from Liz that she was alive and well, or that she missed him, or to hear him tell her that he missed her.

Not that he blamed her.

He hadn’t given her very much to miss.

Max realized this, now, and he also realized that he was a bit late in his recognition of what had really been wrong in his relationship with Liz. Everything about them had been one sided; everything had been about him.

Liz had been right when she had said she had given up everything to be with him. And in the end, he had given up on her.

But he thought about her every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute, and every second of his life. She consumed him and Max knew there wasn’t a damn thing he could do because she wouldn’t even acknowledge him.

His rough, callused fingers trailed along the soft edges of the ivory white invitation as his eyes reread the gold embossed letters. Delicately imprinted Japanese symbols decorated one side of the silk-like piece of paper. “In peace, love, and happiness our souls are united… Miss Elizabeth Anne Parker and Mr. Fielding Walker request the pleasure of your presence at their marriage…”

Fielding. What sort of name was that?

He snorted, smelling, breathing as though it were his first time in his life. And through it all, he sounded like a pig. The thought along made him burst out into an embarrassing, animal-like laughter.

Fielding. What sort of name was that? It was the name of the man who was lucky enough to marry Ms. Elizabeth Anne Parker.

“Hey Max; Maria said you might need a friend.” Michael’s voice penetrated through the thick fog that had set in the moment Max had picked up the invitation, which had been taunting him as it sat on the coffee table. He turned and gazed at his long time friend, watching as he took a seat, causing the couch to buckle slightly under their weight.

Max faintly remembered hearing Maria complains to Michael that they would need a new couch sometime soon. Maybe she was right.

“How long?” Max suddenly whispered. His voice was thick with emotion.

He wanted to know.

He wanted to know how long Fielding and Liz had been dating. He wanted to know how long Liz waited before finding someone else. He wanted to know how long everyone but him had known. He wanted to know how long everyone had hidden the fact that Liz was getting married.

And most importantly, he wanted to know how long Fielding had made Liz happy, and how he did it without breaking her heart in the process, as Max had done so many times.

“God… been together three years, give or take a month or two,” Michael finally responded with a shrug.

It was a little past eleven Michael noticed as he glanced over at the clock. Normally Max never stayed this late, but Michael understood, as did Maria, whom had told her husband to go out and talk some sense into their friend.

Michael watched his long time friend hang his head in shame. His shoulders were slumped over and he didn’t look healthy at all.

“He’s a good guy, Max. He’ll give her the life she deserves,” Michael explained, hoping to placate his friend.

Turning his head to look at his friend, Max forced a smile onto his lips. “If you’re trying to make me feel better, you aren’t doing that great of a job.” Returning his gaze to the floor, Max heaved in a sizeable breathe of air and forced it into his lungs. “Anyway, when did you meet him?”

A chuckle passed Michael’s lips as he patted Max on the back. “After Maria and my wedding; on our honeymoon. The Parker’s and Fielding’s sent Liz and Fielding on vacation after graduation; a present of sorts.” It had been a nice surprise for both couples. While Maria had wanted Liz to come to her wedding, Liz had been stuck back east finishing her finals and getting ready for graduation. Neither couple had expected to see the other.

“Wow…didn’t know the Parker’s had the money,” Max commented dryly.

“They don’t,” Michael whispered. At Max’s questioning glance, Michael continued. “Fielding’s parents paid for practically everything, at least from what I understand they did.”

“Is that where he proposed?” Max asked, though he was pretty sure he already knew the answer. He didn’t even have to look to see Michael nod his head in agreement. Returning his gaze to the invitation, Max peered at the address of the wedding; Roswell, New Mexico; just as he had suspected. “Didn’t even invite me,” Max joked wryly, though Michael could hear the turmoil in his friends voice.

“For security measures, I’m sure,” Michael teased lightly.

A muffled laugh passed Max’s suddenly dry lips. “Yeah, wouldn’t want me to kill the groom and steal his fiancée…” Max’s jaw clenched and unclenched spasmodically as images of a faceless man fell to the ground, dead, at the alter, while Liz stood by his side, screaming and crying in agony.

As if sensing his friend’s suddenly dark mood, Michael scooted away slightly. “Come on, cheer up. You always told me that as long as she was happy than you were happy; now I know that’s bullshit, but maybe you should listen to your own words for once and follow through with them,” Michael advised. Slowly, Michael pushed himself up to a standing position and stared down at his friend. “Go home, Max. She’s happy; they’re happy together; they love each other, and not even you could break them up.”

Striding back towards his bedroom, Michael stopped suddenly and turned one last time to look at his friend. Shaking his head in shame, Michael returned to his wife, all the while hoping that hi best friend would get through this.

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Chapter 3

Stalking stealthily through the streets of Roswell, Max paid close attention to the noise he was making as he made his way down the alley of the Crashdown. One false step or loud noise and Max knew he would be found out.

Normally he would never even think about doing anything like this, but when he had overheard Maria say that Liz, Fielding and their three-month-old daughter, Rayna were in town, Max had known he had to go see. But tomorrow was the wedding and Max wanted to see Liz one last time; he wanted to make sure she was happy; he wanted to see the man whom had finally stolen his dream girl.

Hoisting himself up the ladder, Max had to fight off the numerous images of times past when he had climbed that same ladder, each reason different from the other. The last time he had climbed this ladder was that same night Liz had forever left him, choosing to embrace a life without him; now she was going to seal her fate and Max knew that he wasn’t even remotely close to being part of it.

Which was partly why he had to see her one last time.

In all the time that he had spent waiting for her to come back and say that what they had was good enough, Max had learned a few things on his own. He had learned that what he had felt for Tess was nothing compared to what he felt for Liz. He had learned that no matter how much of an alien he was, it was Liz who made him human. And he had learned that Liz was his life.

And in the end, when Liz had left for boarding school with the excuse that she needed to get away for awhile and grow up away from everything that alien, Max learned that he had blown his chances with Liz. For in the end, she hadn’t said goodbye to him, she hadn’t even told him. Instead he had had to find out from Michael.

Michael, who wasn’t even friends with Liz, had known, but Max hadn’t. Liz had confided in Michael- told him that she couldn’t live in Roswell because of all the bad memories; told him that she needed to grow up and not be tied down to everything that was alien; told him that she was sick of everything that was Max.

At first Max hadn’t understood half of what Liz had told Michael, but now, reflecting on his behavior, Max understood perfectly.

He had been a complete and utter ass. Liz had had every right to refuse his advances and insistences that they belonged together.

No, he didn’t deserve someone as perfect and pure as Liz.

Pure, that was one thing he would never be. At least, according to what he heard, Liz and Fielding had waited two years to have their child, though from what he understood, Rayna hadn’t been planned. Max, on the other hand, couldn’t help but berate himself for his one mistake.

His one night with Tess had been a complete mistake; one Max knew he would never live down. He had yet to find his son and Tess had yet to make any form of contact.

Before Max could dwell on that thought, he found himself witnessing one of the most beautiful scenes in his whole life. Only, something was wrong with the scene; instead of Max lying in bed with her, Fielding was in his place; at least Max presumed the man lying beside Liz was Fielding.

Lying naked on the bed, her chest barely even covered by the sheet, and her face hidden by her chocolate tresses and her fiancé’s muscular arm, was none other than Liz Parker. Their baby rested between the lovers, sleeping just as peacefully as the other two. Mother and daughter were obviously staring at each other, and Fielding was protectively shielding the two.

It was perfect, looking so much like something out of a fairy tale or storybook; looking something like the life Max knew he would never have.

Not needing to see anymore, Max quickly, but quietly, showed himself off Liz’s old balcony and back to his apartment. It was late and he had work tomorrow.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow Liz Parker would become Mrs. Fielding Walker; Mrs. Liz Walker; Mrs. SomeOneBesideEvans’; just plan old Mrs. It didn’t have the same effect on Max as Liz Evans’, but as Michael had said, it was right.

The content look on Liz’s face as she had slept with her family was unlike any look Max had ever seen cross Liz’s face, and for the first time he understood true love and happiness.

Whatever Fielding had done had been right, because Max had never seen Liz look that happy before.

Now Max just prayed that Fielding would continue to make Liz happy; to give her the life she deserved. And he prayed that one day Liz Parker-Walker would forgive him for ruining her life.


She looked more radiant than ever before. Her whole face glowed as he watched her slowly make her way down the aisle. Her father was daintily holding her arm and helping her along the way. Maria and two other girls Max didn’t know stood at the front of the aisle and beside fielding was none other than Michael and two other men that Max could only guess were Fielding’s friends. Everyone looked perfect, just as Max had expected.

Postcards from another time
Photographs with love inscribed
Scrawled in your familiar hand
Reminders of the promises
And plans

She didn’t spare him a glance because she didn’t even know he was there. Their connection was gone, at least it was gone for her, but Max could still feel her from a hundred miles away. He knew he shouldn’t be there, but he had to have one last glimpse. After seeing her last night, Max hadn’t been able to hold himself back. She was perfection at its best, and while it was a stab to his heart to see Liz and Fielding standing together before a minister, he knew it was for the best. Liz deserved this; Liz deserved Fielding, and Fielding might even deserve Liz.

Imagine love is always waiting for us
Where we left it
Closed in a room with pillows
Strewn about
And bedding left unmade
Imagine love, imagine love
Llies waiting frozen now
In time

The dress hung loosely on her petite frame, but she looked beautiful in it and it accentuated her beauty, if that was even possible. It was a simple Thai silk bodice that tied up in back and a Thai silk skirt with gold beading and a bustle train on the skirt. Half of her hair was piled up on the crown of her head where it was curled; a few tendrils hung in her face, along with her veil, but Max only wanted to feel her hair running through his fingers, he could care less about the veil.

I'm still lonely, baby
When I think about your kiss
When I talk about the long ago
It's you I miss
Time softens all the blows
Forgets the tears that fell
Sweetens both the highs and lows
'Till you're more like a dream
Than a man loved well

And that’s when Max remembered, he would never get the chance to run his fingers through her long, beautiful, silky hair. He would never get to kiss her or hold her or tell her how much he loved her. He hadn’t done anything of the sorts in the last six years, but Max had always held onto a sliver of hope that Liz would return and he would be able to do it again. Now with Liz marrying Fielding, Max knew he would never get that chance again. And it tore him in two. To know he had been such an asshole to Liz was bad enough, but to know that his chance was completely gone was what really killed him.

Someday we're going to smile about it
Looking back
You said one day I would forget

He watched with tears in his eyes as the minister pronounced Fielding and Liz husband and wife. He watched as they kissed. He watched as Liz gave Fielding that brilliant smile that Max had sworn she had reserved just for him. He watched as they picked up their baby girl and laughed and hugged and kissed and loved. He watched, in slow motion, as Liz, Fielding and Rayna, ran down the aisle as white rose petals rained down upon them. And all the while he felt his heart slowly die.

Imagine love is always waiting for us
Where we left it
Closed in a room with pillows
Strewn about
And bedding left unmade
Imagine love, imagine love

AN: Song credit goes to Lori Carson and "Imagine Love" is the song name.

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Chapter 4

Five Years Later…

Bounding through the picket fence, leaping up the six steps, jumping over the porch and shoving the front door open, five-year-old Rayna Walker gleefully giggled and shouted in delight as she and her friend made their way through her house.

It was a little past four o’clock so Rayna knew her father would still be at work, but if she was lucky, her mother might be home. Otherwise, there was always Lucy, her maid, or Juanita, the housekeeper. At first her mother had remained at home, watching over and caring for her, but as time wore on and once they had moved out to California from their original Massachusetts home, they had gotten housekeepers, butlers, and cooks to take care of everything.

That was when her mother had returned to work, but only while Rayna was in school or play-care. And for that reason Rayna loved her mother. She was always there for her. No matter what her mother was doing, she would drop everything if it meant that Rayna needed her.

That wasn’t to say her father was never around, however his work schedule was a little more demanding. From what Rayna understood, her father was some sort of “VP,” whatever that was at his father’s company.

He was always going on business trips and he usually didn’t get home as early as her mother did. But Rayna didn’t mind because e always made it up to her by playing with she and her mother. And he called her all the time whenever he was on a business trip.

“Momma?” Rayna called out. It was Friday and Friday was always family night. Usually her mother and father would get dressed up, and Rayna would as well, and they would go out and see a play or movie or they would go out to dinner. But no matter what, they would always go out somewhere and spend time together.

Grabbing her friend’s hand, Rayna led Stephanie through her large house, trying to locate her mother, or anyone for that matter. Usually someone would flock to her upon her arrival, but now Rayna couldn’t find anyone.

“Momma?… Pappa?” Rayna cried. She was starting to get worried. The house was always filled with people. Her parents would never leave her alone. Beside, it was four o’clock and it was Friday. She knew her father had gone out of town on another business trip, but he was supposed to get back today.

As her mind continued to turn with possibilities as to where her mother was, a thought suddenly entered her head: her father was already home! Often she would find her mother and father locked away in their bedroom if and when her father got home early. Usually she would be able to tell if he was home because she would hear funny noises coming from their room and their door would be locked. Then when she would knock she would hear some more funny noises and a minute or two later either her mother or father would come out all flustered and be out of breathe.

Making sure that Stephanie was still with her, Rayna took a sudden turn and led her friend through a secret door that led upstairs to her parent’s bedroom. The passage way was lit by a minimal number of lights, but according to her parents it was only to be used in emergencies, like if there was a fire or if someone broke into the house. However, to Rayna, this seemed like a big enough of an emergency: her father was home and her parents were playing hide-and-go-seek.

“Com’on!” Rayna said as she continued to pull her friend. Together they ran down the hallway until Rayna came to an abrupt stop in front of a large wooden door. It was wide open and everyone was gathered inside, grouped together around the bed.

Letting go of her friend’s hand, Rayna took a tentative step into her parent’s bedroom. It seemed darker and bigger than usual. Everyone was circled around the bed and Rayna could hear someone crying.

There were tears in everyone’s eyes.

“Momma?” Rayna whispered. Her heart beat wildly within her chest and she wondered what was going on.

Parting before the tiny girl, the servants of the house cleared a path, so as to let the lady of the house tell her daughter the news.

Watching her daughter slowly making her way to her, Liz couldn’t help the sob that burst free from her lips. She sat on the edge of the bed with a blanket wrapped around her body, which was covered only by one of her husband’s dress shirts, but upon seeing her daughter, she let her body fall to the floor so that she could envelope her daughter in her arms. Tears streamed down her cheeks and splattered onto her daughter’s full head sandy blonde hair. But even as she held her daughter in her arms the pain remained with her.

“Momma, why are you cwying? Is it cause of the vase? I swear I didn’t mean to bweak the vase… Lucy pwomised that it was okay…” Rayna cried along with her mother.

All the while, Liz continued to hold her daughter’s petite body to her own tiny frame, both shaking and trembling. “No baby, it isn’t the vase…” Liz whispered brokenly. Most of the servants had resumed their close watch, though a few had left to take Stephanie home.

“Than what is it momma?” Rayna asked as she pulled away and looked at her mother. Her doe brown eyes were rimmed with fresh tears and her bottom lip trembled as she stared up at her mother half in fear and half in anticipation.

“It’s your father…”


Tonight’s top story is about Elizabeth Walker, of San Francisco, who was looking forward Friday afternoon to reuniting with her husband when she was called with what can easily be some of the most devastating news in her life.
A private plane carrying Walker’s husband Fielding Walker, the vice president of AF Walker Enterprise and his mother, Margaret Walker, also of San Francisco, had slammed into the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains late Friday afternoon.
According to the Washoe County Sheriff's Department, pilot Vince Spanson, 53, suffered only cuts and bruises when the private jet went down 9 miles outside of the Reno-Tahoe International Airport.
The flight, originating from Chicago, Illinois, was en route to the Bay Area when the plane went down about 2 p.m. near Hunter Lake.
According to Sergeant Ted Hunter, the pilot said the plane hit the ground at about 60 miles per hour and it flipped over, killing nearly everyone inside…

Max stared at the television screen in utter shock. His eyes remained fixated on the screen as an image of Liz and her family flashed before him. They looked so happy and carefree, just as they had five years ago.

When he had watched Liz get married, Max had been sure it would last forever; he had been positive that Fielding would be there for Liz forever. But now he was dead. And if he wasn’t there that meant Liz wasn’t happy.

And as Max continued to listen to the news anchor report on the crash, Max could think of nothing but Liz, Rayna, and their impending future and the unhappiness waiting for them.


“One of Fielding’s fondest wishes was to make a difference; to know that somehow he had changed the world for the better; to know that he was better than the worst thing about him.

I am honored to be asked to speak by the Walker family today. I am not standing here as a coworker, but as a friend. There are others here with a longer and deeper association with Fielding than mine, namely, his wife, but she asked me to speak today, and for that reason I am honored.” Charlie Denker turned and smiled over at Liz, Rayna and Sal—the remainder of the Walker family. And in return they smiled through their tearful eyes and urged him to continue.

“Fielding Walker was a presence in our lives. He was a fragile hero to whom we all had an emotional attachment so strong and lasting that it defied logic; much like Fielding’s love for his wife and daughter.” The crowd surrounding the casket chuckled and laughed at Charlie’s words, but they all knew it to be true. Once everyone had quieted down, Charlie continued. “Fielding often told me that he didn’t understand this enduring connection and affection from everyone he had ever met and spent time with.

Maybe Fielding was uncomfortable with it, not just because of his basic shyness, but because he was always too honest to regard himself as some kind of deity. But it didn’t matter, because he was.

Fielding Walker had dual qualities that were seldom seen. He exuded dynamism and excitement, but at the same time he touched our hearts. There was greatness in him, but vulnerability too.

A few days before his death, Fielding confided in me. He told me that he was happy; that living with his wife and daughter was all that mattered, and that without them he would be lost. He also told me that he hoped he had done a good job thus far. I didn’t get to respond then, so I’ll respond now.

In the last five years, Fielding Walker, who was always so hard on himself, finally came to accept and appreciate the distinction between a role model and a hero; he was both, not only to us, but to his family- to his wife and daughter.” Glancing again over at Liz and Rayna, Charlie felt a lump rise in his throat as he watched mother and daughter both crying and holding one another.

“I know we all have various meetings to get to so we can take over each other’s companies, so I’ll make this short.” Again the room broke out laughing as the truth came out once again. “Fielding brought out the best in each one of us. And I just hope that God has a place for him where he can do his favorite thing: watch Liz.” And again laughter filled the room. “No, seriously, I hope God knows that he’s getting a special guy; not only a special guy, but a hero.

So long, Fielding… and thanks…”

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Chapter 5

Arm extended, Liz was carefully and quickly led off the airstrip and to the safety of the airport terminal, where she, Rayna and her father-in-law, Sal, could wait for someone to bring their baggage. Once inside the airport depot, Liz turned and watched the various workers scramble about her personal helicopter.

Everything still seemed to move in slow motion for Liz; even the men working didn’t seem to be going that fast, as Liz had expected and hoped it would appear. Nothing seemed to be alive or real anymore; now, living life was like being in a movie; everything was always in slow motion and Liz was positive that she was stuck in her silent, slow world forever.

Shortly after Fielding and Margaret’s deaths, Sal and Liz had decided to return to Roswell so that Liz could resume her life in her hometown while recovering from her husband’s traumatic death, and Sal could grieve for his wife’s death as well. Of course there was also Rayna, who seemed to be just as affected as Liz and Sal, both of whom wished they could change everything, if only for Rayna’s sake.

A moment after she arrived in the terminal, both Liz and Rayna were pulled into a hug by her parents. Nancy and Jeff had rarely seen their daughter or grandchild since the two had moved out to California. Both had attended the funeral, but they had had to leave shortly after as they had been unable to leave their restaurant for too long.

“Oh sweetheart,” Nancy whispered reverently against her daughter’s hair. Her tear streaked face was hidden as she held her daughter and grandchild in her arms, but when she pulled away, Nancy found that tears were falling from her daughter’s beautiful eyes as well.

Unlike Nancy, Jeff continued to hold his daughter and grandchild in his arms, unwilling to let them go for fear that they might be next. He knew that Liz easily could have been with Fielding, as could have Rayna, and as much as he hated to say it, he was glad that they weren’t with him at the time.

As Jeff continued to hug his family, Nancy moved towards Sal and offered him a sad smile before slipping her arms around him and hugging him as well. “How are you holding up?” Nancy asked as she pulled away. He too was crying.

“As best as can be expected at a time like this,” Sal offered shakily as he gave Nancy a quick hug and a chaste kiss on the cheek. He knew his visit to Roswell would be short, but he also knew he needed to make sure that Liz and Rayna were okay before he left; while he might have a company, family was his priority, and his son’s family was one of his most important.

Sal had always been fond of Liz; she had a good head on her shoulders and she was a wonderful person to be around. Yes, at first he had had some problems with she and her son going out, but over time he had grown to love her, just as his son had. At first he had believed she was only after his son’s coming money. But once he had met her and spent some time with her, Sal had instantly known that Liz was a keeper.

Of course, upon meeting her family, Sal had known that while she was a small town girl who had come from a family that wasn’t that well off, she was destined to become something big; she was going to be somebody. And now she was. Like his son, she had graduated from Harvard, but instead of law, she had received her masters in microbiology. It had taken a long time, but with their hard work both had graduated, and before schedule.

“And what about my little baby girl?” Nancy finally asked as she knelt down and opened her arms, waiting for Rayna to come and give Nancy her expected hug. It was a tender moment between the families; one they would never forget.


“Rise and shine, sweetheart!” Nancy announced jovially as she entered her daughter’s room. The master bedroom-like room was filled with light; it spilled in one direction, refracted off another and filled another portion of the room. It looked as though the various angles were playing a game of tag.

Dragging the sheet up and over her head, Liz tried to ignore her mother. This was her home, not her mothers, thus she had every right to sleep in. Besides, it wasn’t like she had to work in the café or anything; the café wasn’t even below them anymore.

Not long after Liz and Fielding had married and moved to California, mysteriously enough, the Parker’s had moved into Fielding’s old home in Roswell. Of course upon finding this out, Liz had gone to Sal to find out why, to which he explained that it was a gift to her parents because they had finally joined families.

Of course, the house remained in Fielding’s name, which technically made it Liz’s house now that Fielding was dead.

When Liz didn’t move, Nancy sighed and placed her hands on her hips as she tried to figure out what to do. “Come on, Lizzie, time to get up,” Nancy declared sternly.

“Mommmm!” Liz whined. Didn’t her mother get it? She was drowning her sorrows and mourning for her lost husband by sleeping the hours away.

“Don’t mom me,” Nancy scolded. While Liz was a grown woman, Nancy refused to see her daughter as anything but the small girl she had known and loved. “It’s past noon and you’re still lazing about in bed when you have a million and one things to get done.”

“No! I’m going to continue to sleep!” Liz protested, though her voice came out muffled due to the blanket covering her.

Glaring down at her daughter, Nancy fought to keep the scowl off her face. She knew Liz had to be going through a hard time having lost her husband, but Nancy also knew that her daughter was strong and would bounce back in due time. She also knew it would do no good to let her simply lay in bed, letting the world pass her by.

Tracking back down the long hallway, Nancy quickly made her way through the mini mansion and to her granddaughters room. If she knew anything about Liz, then she was positive that Rayna would be the one that would be able to get her mother out of bed.

Not a moment later, after retrieving her granddaughter, Nancy waltzed back in, smiling deviously.

“What am I ‘possed to do, gamma?” Rayna asked innocently. She rubbed tiredly at her eyes, trying her best to wipe away the sleepies, as her father had called them.

Grinning down at the small child, Nancy leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “All you have to do is go and wake up your mother; just like you woke your grandfather and I up this morning!”

A smile lit up Rayna’s face as she remembered her grandparents surprise at seeing her running into their room and jumping on their bed, informing them that it was time for breakfast. When they hadn’t responded as she wished she had jumped up and down, laughing and giggling. Of course, a moment later, after playing as thought hey were still asleep, Jeff had jolted forward and scooped his granddaughter into his arms, taking her down onto the bed with him and tickling her.

Not a moment later, Nancy watched as Rayna scampered forward, her little feet carrying her quickly to Liz’s bed. She watched in amusement and shock as her daughter jerked up in surprise and grabbed her daughter before she even landed. A wicked smile played over Liz’s lips and gleam remained in her eyes.

“Good try, mother!” Liz teased before starting her own tickle attack on her daughter. Soon after, Nancy found herself in the pile, playing with her daughter and grandchild, and enjoying every minute of it.


Max sat restlessly in his office staring at the stack of papers in front of him. He wanted to go with Michael and Maria to visit Liz today, unfortunately he did not have the same luxuries they had; while they could take off work at any point in time, Max had to secure his time off before hand, making sure that everything would run smoothly before he took off.

Running his own business was hard, especially when he had so few workers. It was a small design firm that mainly worked on designs of building- architecture and such. While in college Max hadn’t known what to pursue, but after a little thought and taking a few classes he decided that being an architect wouldn’t be so bad. His father had been nice enough to loan him money to start up his own business, and while it was still relatively small, he did get enough business to survive quite well.

Unfortunately today, as much as Max wanted to take off and go with Michael and Maria, he knew he couldn’t. He had a meeting with a new client and if he secured this account then he was assured success unlike ever before. The client would only be in for a week, and after talking with a few people, Max had found out that he was the only person the client was looking into using. This of course made Max stay n the office.

But his concentration was shot. All he could think about was Liz and what it would be like to see her again. He wondered how she would react. Would she be repelled? Would she let him explain? Would she allow him to prove that he wasn’t a complete asshole? Would she give him another shot?

Max knew that Liz had just lost her husband and he knew it was a bad idea to get involved with her right away, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t at least be there for her. And maybe, after she was ready, and if she wanted, then they could try again.

Of course there was also Rayna. Max knew that trying to win over her daughter would be hard, but he was confident that he could handle the challenge, after all, if Rayna was part of the package that included Liz, than Max wanted to be a part of it as well.

Over the years Max had thought long and hard about everything that he had done wrong. He knew everything wasn’t completely his fault, but he had messed up quite a bit. While he had been galvanizing around the country looking for his son he had completely ignored Liz. And even though they hadn’t been together, while he had been around, he had actively pursued her, if that was what Max even wanted to call it right now.

Looking back, Max now understood why Liz had left him. Sure there was the whole Tess thing as well as his son, but Max now understood there was nothing he could do. He had searched for his son and found nothing. It was time to move on. He also understood that at the time he hadn’t deserved her, and sometimes Max wasn’t sure he still did. But he was willing to try. He wanted to prove to Liz that she was special and that he understood that she had needs to.

Before she had been second in his mind; his wants and needs had always been first. And only now did Max realize that. He realized how big of a jerk he had been. Liz had verbally expressed that she felt as though she were nothing but his leftovers, and he being the idiot that he had been, had confirmed it.

Now Max was ready to do otherwise. He was going to show Liz that she was first priority in his life; she wasn’t second best, hell she wasn’t even first—she was the best and the only.

But, first, Max had to settle this account, become friends with Liz and show her that he didn’t want anything more than she wanted, and then, once they were both comfortable, he would do everything and anything to win Liz back. Only this time, he wasn’t going to screw things up.

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Chapter 6

“Liz, flowers!” Nancy called up to her daughter from the larger than needed foyer, her voice reverberating throughout the house. She had never grown accustomed to the large home her daughter and son-in-law had given them. As nice as it was to have the extra space and all the beautiful and expensive furnishings, Nancy stilled loved the smallness and comfort of the Crashdown.

Living at the Crashdown she never felt as though her apartment would swallow her up, rather it was the perfect size. But now, living in the mansion, Nancy always felt alone. Whenever she would call to her husband or when someone would call on the telephone or come to visit and ring the doorbell, all Nancy heard were echoes. It was eerie and too much for her.

Eyeing the dozen white roses and intricately detailed vase, Nancy couldn’t help but wonder whom they were from now. Liz and Sal had been receiving flowers ever since they had arrived. The house, while large, was quickly becoming over stocked with beautiful, and expensive, flower pieces.

Nancy had been flower shopping before and she knew that some of the pieces sent easily had to have cost a couple hundred dollars. But the white roses were something new. It was simple yet elegant. All in all, Nancy liked it, a lot.

A moment later she watched as her daughter came down the stairs, a slight bounce in her step. While she knew Liz was still mourning her husband’s death, it was obvious that she was also starting to accept it and live life, if only for Rayna’s sake. Of course, Sal had helped out a great deal. He had secured all ends of the business so that Liz would have no troubles keeping their business afloat in Roswell with occasional trips to San Francisco. He had also assured Nancy that Liz would be more than well off for money, and if she chose to, Liz could go without working for the rest of her life, and still live more than comfortably.

“Who are they from?” Liz asked as she took the bouquet from mother. She eyed it and smiled at its simple beauty; she had always loved white roses. Tears welled up in her eyes as memories of Fielding bringing her white roses surfaced in her mind.

Had he gone as far to make sure she still got white roses on random days even when he died? Liz wouldn’t have put it past him. He always surprised her with little things like that.

Placing the vase down on the table, she plucked the card from the card pick and hastily opened the envelope. The writing on the outside of the envelope was unrecognizable, and Liz immediately assumed it to be from some coworker or friend of she and Fielding. But as soon as she read the card, an almost inaudible gasp left her lips as tears spilled down her cheeks.

“Honey?” Nancy probed, hoping to get some foresight into her daughter’s sudden outburst. As soon as Liz offered the card to her mother, Nancy noted the trembling of her fingers before grasping the card and reading it for herself.

‘There is so little I can do to help you bear your sorrow. There is so little I can say to help you through tomorrow. But may these few words comfort you and let you know somehow I am here for you. My heartfelt thoughts and sympathy are there with you right now.

Max Evans…’


“…Max Evans’, it’s good to meet you,” Sal said with gusto as he shook the young man’s hand. His lips curved into a smile as he surveyed the young man before him. Dark hair, amber eyes, tall, broad shoulders, good posture, sharply dressed, and a firm handshake; Sal could already tell that he liked him; reminded him of his son.

“It’s good to meet you as well, Mr…”

“Walker, Sal Walker. I’m filling in for Charlie; he got caught up with the wife and kids and I was down in Roswell, so I thought I would get the job done for him.” Max could hardly believed his luck. Sal Walker, Liz’s father-in-law was standing right in front of him. But what befuddled him was why Sal was here; obviously this was some sort of mix up.

With a questioning gaze, Max asked. “I don’t mean to be rude, but I believe I was going to work on the details of the building of Champion Enterprise.”

“You’re a smart lad, but as I said, I’m filling in for Charlie. We merged a few days ago; Champion was sinking and Charlie is a good friend so AF Walker decided to play big daddy and help our ‘son’ out,” Sal explained quickly. He decided not to mention how Champion was practically broke and the only reason his company was acquiring Champion was for AF Walker’s own financial gain; to have the Champion name would really help the company out. “So let’s get down to business.”

The next two hours were some of the hardest ever for Max to sit down and concentrate on. All he wanted to do was ask Sal about Liz; how was she doing?, how was Rayna?, did she get his flowers?, did she like them?, did she throw them away?, and numerous other questions, almost all pertaining to Liz.

Originally he had planned to send something a tad bit nicer, but upon thinking about Liz, Max knew that white roses would hit on personal note while remaining elegant. They would tell Liz that he still knew her, but right now he was offering his condolences.

If Max had learned anything over the years it was why Liz had asked Michael, Maria, Isabel, Kyle to hide her relationship with Fielding from him. He had been the biggest ass to her; why would she ever want to talk to him again? Hell, why would she want to invite him to her special day when all he would have done was try to prove his love and most likely ruin her wedding.

But Max understood everything now. He understood what he had done was wrong and he hoped and believed that he had grown up. For now, Max knew that if Liz decided to be his friend, then that would be enough for him. If she decided to try for more- of course that was only when she was ready- then Max knew he would be more than willing to try for a relationship. And, if by some miracle, Liz finally accepted him, than maybe he could give her the life he had always hoped to.

But only if she wanted it.

That had been Max’s second vital error. He had pushed her for too much too soon. Back then he had been naïve, believing that his past actions played no role in his future with Liz. But now he knew better. This time around, he would wait, patiently until she came around to him and was willing to accept him as a friend. He also understood that no matter what happened, he and Liz had to talk.

A lot of things had transpired between them, as well as in between them that needed to be worked out before they could even think about having any sort of relationship. The first of which needed to be discussed was Tess; the stem of all their problems.

Yes, he had made a mistake by sleeping with her and Max was willing to admit so, but it is in the past. No, he hadn’t found his son despite all his searching and attempts, and he knew that would always stand between he and Liz. Max wanted to commit himself to Liz, but with Tess still out there somewhere with his son he knew that a part of him would still be committed to them. And that tore Max apart.

However, Liz had just as much to deal with. Rayna belonged to Liz and Fielding and Max knew he could never be Rayna’s father. And, if by some miracle, Liz actually decided to give him a second chance, then Max didn’t want Rayna to think that he was trying to replace her father.

But still, there was a lot of baggage between the two of them. Before, Max had dreamed that he and Liz could be together despite all their differences and everything between them. Now Max understood that life wasn’t some fairy tale where everyone lived happily ever after. There was always someone else’s feelings to consider, and one, and possibly two children played into the picture, things become quite complicated.

However Max was willing to try anyway. He wanted part of the fairy tale ending; he wanted to finally win Liz Parker’s heart and attempt to keep it.

“… not to be rude, but I really must be going.” Max shook his head and did his best to snap out of his self-induced haze, hoping not to appear as though he hadn’t been listening. “I have a lunch meeting with the new CEO of Champion and I really shouldn’t…” Sal suddenly let his voice trail off as a wonderful idea hit him. “Do you have any plans for lunch?”

Max was taken aback by Sal’s sudden invitation. As much as he liked Sal, he wasn’t sure that he would want to go to lunch with the man, though, meeting the new CEO of Champion would be nice, especially since Max could try and set up a time to meet and go over the final plans.

“It would be a great time to meet your new partner!” Sal insisted with a hearty laugh. Max could hardly believe the man. Only two months had passed since Fielding’s death, yet he seemed happy as a clam, despite his son’s death.

Mulling over the request, Max decided that it wouldn’t hurt to get out. In fact, maybe it would even get his mind of Liz. However, as soon as that thought hit Max, he knew he was going delusional; how could he ever not think about Liz?

“Sure, why not,” Max finally agreed. He grabbed his jacket and headed out of his office along side Sal, both amiably chatting. As he passed his secretary, Max informed her that he would be gone for the remainder of the day as he had a dinner to attend with his family and he had to leave early to get there in time.


“Momma, you look willy pwetty!” Rayna emphasized to her mother as she sat beside her, in front of the large vanity mirror. Her hands idly played with her mother’s makeup, not even noticing the powder that was mucking up her brand new dress. A light filled Rayna’s eyes as an idea formed in her mind. After all, the only time her mother dressed up was one two occasions: for work or for daddy! And since Rayna knew that her mother had moved away from her work, there was only one plausible solution. “Awe you going to see daddy?”

Tears filled Rayna’s eyes as memories of her father surfaced in her mind. She really missed him. Her mother and grandfather had said that her father and grandmother had passed away and that they had lost them. But maybe her father had come back, early. Maybe He had found his way back home!

The lipstick pressed to Liz’s lips fell to the counter of the vanity as she turned and gazed down at her daughter with a mixture of regret, sorrow, and love. Gathering her daughter in her arms, Liz brushed a stray strand of hair from face and kissed her nose. It pained Liz to know that her daughter still didn’t fully grasp that her father had died.

“No, sweetheart. Like your grandfather and I said, your father and grandmother aren’t coming back; they’ve gone away and there’s no way for them to come back.” It was so hard to explain death to such a young child. She and Sal had tried to elucidate Rayna on death and how Fielding and Margaret would never come back because they were dead. No matter what they said, Rayna didn’t seem to grasp the idea.

“But why momma? Why can’t daddy and nana come back?” Rayna asked as tears pooled in her big, doe eyes.

Clapping a hand over her face as a fresh bout of tears spilled down her cheeks, Liz hugged her daughter to her. “Because they can’t,” Liz cried. It was so hard; everything was so hard. “In life, wh-when the time is right, people die. When someone dies, his or her body stops living. Do you get what I mean?”

Processing her mother’s words as best she could, Rayna shook her head ‘no’ as more confusion set in. “But you and gwanddady said daddy and nana passed away. You said that you lost them; so now we just havta find ‘em, wight?”

A sob engulfed Liz as she clutched her daughter to her. “No baby, daddy and nana didn’t pass away, they died. When someone dies, they don’t come back; they can’t. When a person dies, their body stops working; their heart stops beating.”

“Does that mean daddy doesn’t love us anymowe?” Rayna asked, as if that were the answer to her question.

“Oh, sweetheart no! Never! Your father will never stop loving you, or me. Just because your heart stops beating doesn’t mean you stop loving someone.” Taking a deep breath and regaining her wits, Liz continued. “You father and grandmother died, sweetheart, but they still love you very much.” Smothering a few tears away, Liz smiled down at her daughter. She glanced at the clock and noticed that she was running a little late, but she knew Sal would understand. “Do you remember in Sunday school how your teacher would talk about Heaven?” At Rayna’s nod of understanding, Liz continued. “Well your father and grandmother are in Heaven right now. And instead of being her physically with us, they are watching us from up above.”

“So they awe in Heaven with God! Awe they angels?” Rayna asked hopefully. “Do they got wings and hellos?”

Smiling at her daughter, Liz had to once again clasp a hand over her mouth so as to muffle the sob. “Yeah, baby, they are. Daddy and Grandma are angels and they have wings and halo’s and they sit on clouds all day watching over us and making sure that we’re okay.”

“But why mamma? Did they wanna leave us?” Rayna asked curiously.

“Oh of course not, baby. Your father and grandmother would have loved to stay, but it was their time. No one gets to choose when they die…”

“So does that mean I’m gonna die too momma? And you too?” Rayna asked, her voice suddenly low and extremely sad. And while Liz wanted to lie and tell her daughter no, she knew she couldn’t; it wouldn’t be right.

“Yes, sweetheart; someday we all die…”


The restaurant was fairly crowded for Monday afternoon, but it was mainly businessmen meeting with various others, working out deals and finalizing plans.

Off in the corner, in one of the most secluded but selective areas, Max and Sal sat waiting for their last guest. The swanky restaurant had jumped to attend to every one of Sal’s needs, willing to accommodate as best they could for the wealthy man. Under normal conditions it would be impossible to get a seat unless one had booked at least a few weeks in advance. However Sal had simply waltzed in and demanded a table for three. It was needless to say that Max was more than impressed.

He was curious to meet the person whom he would be working with. Hopefully he would be as easy going as Sal was, as Max thoroughly enjoyed his time with Sal and could see why Liz married Fielding, especially if the guy was anything like his father.

“I can’t imagine what is taking her so long; she’s never late,” Sal muttered. Max nearly choked on his water.


Usually, under most circumstances, Max rarely worked with women as they never dealt with this area. And it was rare for a woman to be a CEO of such a big company. Not that Max doubted a woman to fill such a job, but in Roswell it was uncommon. However it would prove to be a nice change as women were usually much easier to deal with.

As if hearing Sal’s words, a worker of the prestigious restaurant sauntered up to the two with a smug grin plastered on his face. His thick French accent made it difficult for either of the men to understand him. “Mr. Walker, we just received a call informing us that your third guest will be joining you shortly; Miss Walker was held up and is fighting traffic as we speak.”

However, despite the worker’s thick accent, Max still understood two words: Miss Walker. Miss Walker, as in Liz Parker.

Could it be? Was she the new CEO of Championship.

It would only make sense. It had been all over the news that she would be returning to Roswell, and recently Max had read that Sal was turning over his newly acquired business over to his daughter-in-law.

Now everything made sense; all the balls were falling into their rightful place. And as Max contemplated everything, he couldn’t stop the grin that spread over his face; maybe things really would work out between he and Liz. After all, what better way to get to reacquaint yourself with someone than to work closely with them on one of the most important openings ever.

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Chapter 7

The tension was thick when Liz first arrived. Never in her wildest dreams had she expected to run into Max Evans’. But not only had she run into Max Evans’, but now she was going to have lunch with him.

“Mr. Evans’, I’d like you to meet the new CEO of the Roswell Championship corporation division and my daughter, Elizabeth Parker-Walker,” Sal said as he pulled Liz’s chair out and waited for her to sit down. He watched as Max’s stance stiffened before the young man stood up and offered his hand. He also noticed the look of recognition and shock in Liz’s eyes, yet she was quick to react and guard her true emotions. However neither Sal nor Liz were prepared for Max to kiss her hand.

A part of Sal wanted to knock Max upside the head, however he knew the man was just being a gentleman. Beside, Fielding was gone and Liz technically was available to date. Sal just hoped these two didn’t mix business with pleasure, as it was obvious to Sal that something had sparked between these two.

“I heard about your loss, Mrs. Walker, and I’d like to offer my deepest condolences,” Max offered softly. He waited until Liz was seated before sitting back down. There was no way he was going to screw things up, not when this was most likely his only chance to maybe win back Liz’s trust.

Liz was momentarily stunned by Max’s polite behavior and it even sounded as though he were deeply sorry about Fielding’s death, though she couldn’t quite understand why. After all she had excluded him from her life and wedding ever since she had left Roswell so many years ago.

Maybe she had been to harsh before. Maybe this was her turn to be a better person. It seemed as though Max had grown quite a bit. Maybe he wasn’t the child he had once been; maybe he had finally grown up and figured out that life isn’t always perfect and one doesn’t always get what he or she wants.

“And I would like to thank you for the roses, they’re beautiful,” Liz finally answered, with a slight blush. Her cheeks reddened further at Max’s brilliant smile and nod of gratitude and welcome. However her features were quickly masked as soon as she saw Sal’s astonished glance.

“Flowers? My Max, you do work fast!” Sal exclaimed. He had known he was working with a bright young man, but for Max to know that Liz was the new CEO of Championship and to send her flowers truly astonished Sal. He hadn’t thought anyone knew.

At Sal’s words, Max nearly choked on the sip of water he was trying to swallow. His throat had grown increasingly dry, as he had watched Liz. She was just as beautiful as the last time he had seen her. Her hair was a bit longer and though she had aged, she still looked young for her true age. Not even the hardships of being a mother had taken a toll on her.

But just because she was still beautiful and just because he wanted to date her, Max knew that only Liz could decide what would happen between them. For now they would be business partners. They would share an occasional business lunch or dinner. He would not step over the line no matter how badly he wanted to, because right now was crucial. If he wanted to win back Liz’s trust he had to work for it and show her that he was no longer the person he had been.

Before he had been a dense young boy who could hardly find his way out of a paper bag. On numerous occasions Max had found himself philandering about aimlessly trying to find meaning. But now Max knew the truth.

Liz was the meaning to his life, and he had fucked up, royally.

Noting Max’s intense stare at Liz, Sal tried to squash down the feelings of betrayal by his new business partner. It was none of his business who Liz dated, or even if she dated. And while he hoped that Liz would remain in his life, Sal knew that she had no responsibility to. Fielding had left Liz and Rayna more then enough money to live on if they chose to.

And if she decided to date, then that was her choice. Sal just hoped that she waited long enough to let her heart mend before jumping into the arms of another. Sal knew all to well the enticing nature of another’s arms of compassion in one’s time of need. He just hoped Liz knew that he as well as her own parents were there for her.

“Well, what do you say we order some grub and get to talking about your ideas, Max,” Sal insisted. The tension was growing too thick for his liking. Max was staring at Liz. Liz was staring at the tablecloth and anything else beside Max. And Sal was left in the middle.

The remainder of the lunch was spent with Max filling Liz and Sal in on his ideas for Championship’s new building that he and his co-workers had designed. He had spent numerous hours on this project and Max would be damned if he lost the account because of a few building slip-ups here and there. Everything had to be perfect if Max wanted to succeed with this company.

It was helpful and frustrating for Liz and Sal to interrupt with their ideas. Since their other offices were in San Francisco and Las Angeles the building structures were quite a bit more up to date and innovative in nature as well as design. While Max wanted to please them, he also wanted them to understand that Roswell wasn’t some big time business commerce city. It didn’t need some fancy building with gardens and gazebos and all those fancy gadgets as a big city office would. And Max saw no reason for a garage parking when the company would start with a mere 250 employees.

Granted the company would grow, especially with the Walker name behind it, Max wasn’t sure that Sal or Liz understood that Roswell did not want nor need something so big and fancy. The residents would not be happy with the development, no matter how many jobs it brought in. If anything it would attract foreigners and people that the city dwellers would not want invading the town.

But in the end he relented. After all, no one fought with the Walker’s. It was well known that whatever a Walker wanted, a Walker got. Max had heard numerous stories about the Walker’s business, mainly about how happy employees were with the company and how the Walker family did everything in its power to make sure everything went smoothly and was perfect.

As the small group left the restaurant, Max couldn’t help but sigh. He wasn’t ready to leave Liz’s presence. Throughout the lunch in he had enjoyed simply watching her. Whenever she would become engrossed in a topic her whole persona changed. No longer did a sullen woman sit before him, rather an animated lady whose whole face lit up as she spoke and gestured wildly with her hands.

He watched as Sal handed Liz’s ticket to the valet first. It was obvious the elder Walker greatly cared for Liz, but that was understandable; who didn’t instantly fall in love with Liz upon meeting her? But would Sal’s presence hinder his chance with Liz? Would Sal refuse him the chance to get to know Liz and slowly win back her friendship and hopefully her trust?

Before Max could dwell on the subject for much longer he noticed that Sal was saying something. “… best for the two of you to get together and finalize the plans.” Max stared at the man quizzically. He didn’t want to admit that he hadn’t been listening, but he also didn’t want to misinterpret the situation. Was Sal saying he and Liz should have lunch again?

“Max?” Liz asked for the second time. He was staring at her again and it was more than a little unnerving. She could still feel his eyes on her whenever he was looking at her; her hairs stood on end on the back of her neck and for some reason it felt like her whole body was tingling.

“I’m sorry, I was just thinking about the structural plans,” Max explained, hoping that Sal and Liz would buy his lame excuse. It speared as though they did as both nodded their heads in understanding.

“I was just asking how Thursday was shaping up for you? I have an opening for 1:30 in the afternoon, if that’s okay with you,” Liz said as she continued to gaze down at her organizer, unwilling to meet Max’s intense gaze.

Could it be true? Was Liz Parker asking him out for lunch? Was it really that easy? Swallowing the lump in his throat, Max quickly pulled out his personal digital assistant and scanned through Thursday; he had two meetings and a lunch with Isabel and her husband.

Not anymore. Quickly scratching out his one o’clock meeting as well as his lunch with Isabel, Max replaced it with Liz’s name in bold letters. “That’s great!” Max said excitedly. He could hardly believe it. In a few days he would be seeing Liz again.

“Sal?” Liz asked. She turned her gaze to him, her eyes penetrating his own as she silently pleaded for him to attend the lunch. She knew he was a busy man and he was supposed to leave in a day or two, but she desperately wanted him to come to her lunch with Max. There was no way she would last a whole lunch with Max, alone.

Again Sal had noted the all too excited manner of Max when Liz had invited him to lunch, and he had also noted the tinge of fear in Liz’s voice as she had pleaded with him to come. But as he stared at the two he knew that it wasn’t his place to step in between them. It was obvious Liz felt something for this man, otherwise she wouldn’t be so afraid. If Max Evans’ were just some Joe Blow then Liz would have no problem working with him, or even having lunch with him.

But Max Evans’ wasn’t just some Joe Blow; Max Evans’ obviously meant something to Liz. And as much as it pained Sal to think about Liz moving on, he also couldn’t deny that it would be a good thing, in the long run. It had been months since Fielding’s death and it would be good for Liz to get out.

And Rayna. While Sal wanted to keep Liz and Rayna to himself, he knew that he could never be the father that Rayna needed. But maybe Max Evans’ could. Sal had done some research on the young man and he seemed to be a good man. He came from a stable home, had graduated at the top of his college class, and despite some troubled teenage years, Max Evans’ was a good man. He had money, a wonderful home, and he was single.

What else could he want for his grandchild and daughter?

Love; that was what he could want for them. And somehow, despite how much he wanted to fight it, Sal knew that Max Evans’ could provide the love Liz and Rayna would need.

It was with that thought in mind that Sal decided he would do everything in his power to get Max and Liz together. It was obvious Max was interested in Liz, and if Liz’s behavior was any indication to her true feelings then she too was interested in Max. After all, why would she be so frightened about a simple lunch; she had had plenty of lunches with other business associates, so what made Max different form the rest?

Attraction. The attraction between the two was obvious. And for that reason Sal was positive he could set the two up. After all they would have to work together constantly for the coming months, and what better way to set two people up than by having to spend as much time as possible together?

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m not going to be able to make it; I’ve got a… a… I’ve got a manicure I have to go to,” Sal explained. Max nearly choked on his laughter as he tried to keep a straight face, and Liz stared incredulously at her father-in-law. What the hell was he talking about?

Unfortunately before she could argue the valet came around with her car. Sal quickly ushered her into the car, depositing her into her seat with a quick kiss to her forehead. “Remember sweetheart, Thursday at 1:30; I’m sure Max will remember.” This time Liz stared in horror at her father-in-law. She couldn’t believe him; he was setting her up on a date!

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