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Author: MariaAng21
Category: Everybody.
Rating: PG 13
Summary: This takes place after the “Graduation” episode.
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the writers, directors,
cast and crew of Roswell. Although I wouldn't mind being affiliated
with the cast especially Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr. I don't own the
show or any of the characters. I do, however, want to share this
fanfic with all the Roswellians out there. Roswell will always be my
favorite show no matter what other shows come along.

Part 1

This is the first entry in my new journal. I didn’t think that I would write another one of these but after what happened last night I have to write about what’s on my mind.

Entry #1:
We left Roswell shortly after graduation. We didn’t stay long due to circumstances that endangered our lives. What those circumstances were I cannot say. We decided to hide out in Arizona for a little while. We’ve been here living a normal life for almost two years now. Maria and Michael still have that on-again off–again relationship (right now they’re on-again). Kyle and Isabel have gotten closer they’re more like brother and sister now. As for Max and me: we’re still happily married. We haven’t had kids because we both agreed it would be too dangerous. We each pitched in and rent a beautiful five-bedroom house. We all have jobs too. Everything was perfect until one day our past came back for us. This is how it started again:

It was a beautiful spring day; the sun was shining and the breeze was blowing. We were getting ready to have our weekly barbecue. It was around 5:00 in the evening. Maria, Isabel and I were inside preparing the food while the guys were outside reliving the same argument they have every Saturday.

Max: I cooked last week. It’s your turn.
Michael: No I cooked last time. It’s your turn.
Kyle: You’re both wrong. I was the cook last week.

The girls are standing by the back door.

Maria: Max cooked last week.
Liz: Michael cooked the week before that.
Isabel: Kyle it’s your turn.

Max and Michael look at Kyle and smile.

Kyle: okay it’s my turn.

Maria: We just came out to tell you that the food is ready.
Isabel: The charcoal isn’t ready yet?
Michael: I can fix that.
Max: No Michael. We agreed when we left Roswell not to use our powers again.
Liz: We can just put the food in the fridge until the charcoal is ready.

Maria, Liz and Kyle go inside.

Michael: Why do you insist on denying who we really are?
Max: I’m not denying anything. I’m just trying to protect us and try to avoid what happened in Roswell. I don’t want that to happen here. When I used my powers in Roswell it set off a chain of events that led to them finding out the truth about us and we nearly got killed for it.
Isabel: Max is right. We can’t use our powers anymore. We have to be more human not only for our safety but for the safety of our friends.
Michael: That’s just it; we’re not humans. Why should we pretend to be something we’re not?
Max: But we are human, Michael. Our DNA was blended with human DNA remember?
Michael: I’m going to watch the tube.

Kyle comes outside and Michael goes inside.

Kyle: Okay I’m ready to cook.

Liz and Maria come outside.

Maria: What’s wrong with Michael?
Max: He thinks we’re denying what we are by not using our powers.
Maria: He’ll be fine later. He just needs time to himself.
Kyle: The charcoal is ready.
Liz: I’ll go get the food.
Maria: I’ll help you.

They go inside the house. Liz begins to open the door of the refrigerator. Then all of a sudden she gets a flash of something. She gasps.

Maria: Liz what’s wrong?
Liz: I got a flash of a building blowing up.
Maria: You haven’t had one of those since we left Roswell.
Liz: It looked like the one that Tess caused but this time something came from the sky and crashed into the building.
Maria: I’ll get you some tea to calm you down.

Max and Isabel walk in and see Liz sitting down.

Isabel: Where’s the food?
Liz: It’s in the refrigerator.
Maria: She just had a vision.
Max: A vision of what?
Maria: Here’s your tea.
Liz: Thanks. I saw a building explode.
Isabel: What building? Where?
Liz: I don’t know I just saw a light coming from the sky and it kept getting closer to the building. I guess it crashed into the building because the next thing I saw was the explosion.

Kyle walks into the kitchen.

Kyle: What’s up? Where’s the food?
Isabel: I’ll get it.
Liz: No I’ll get it Isabel.
Max: Are you sure?
Liz: Yes Max. Besides it was just a vision. I didn’t use one of my other active powers.

Liz and Isabel take the food outside.

Kyle: A vision?
Maria: Liz had a vision of a building exploding.
Kyle: Wow she hasn’t had a vision since we left.
Maria: I know; that’s what scares me. What if some other Czechoslovakian landed somewhere?
Kyle: I’m sure everything will be okay.

Max Kyle and Maria walk out of the back door.

Liz: We put the food on the table.
Kyle: Okay thanks.

Michael is sitting on the couch flipping through the channels of the television trying to find something to watch. He put it on a channel that had the news on.

Woman: I’m here in Roswell, New Mexico where an object crashed into the air force base. Our sources say that it was the same air force base that unexplainably exploded almost two years ago. Officials tell us that it was an airplane that crashed into the building. We interviewed an eyewitness earlier and here’s what he had to say. The latest word is that there are no survivors.

Man: It was no airplane. It was coming to fast.
Woman: Where were you when you saw the crash?
Man: I was sitting on my roof watching the stars. Then I saw this bright light moving towards the base and then it blew up.
Woman: This is Kathy Sanderson channel 6 news; back to you in the studio.

Michael gets up and runs to the backyard.

Michael: It’s happening again.
Max: What is?
Michael: Something mysteriously crashed into the air force base in Roswell. They said it was an airplane but an eyewitness said that it was a bright light coming from the sky.
Maria: Oh my god.
Isabel: Liz you were right.
Michael: What was she right about?
Maria: She had a vision of something crashing into a building.
Michael: When?
Isabel: About ten minutes ago.
Liz: Our parents; what if they’re in danger? Max we have to go back.
Max: They know what we look like. What if they see us and kill us right when we get to Roswell? They know about all four of us.
Kyle: They don’t know about Maria or me.
Isabel: What are you trying to say?
Kyle: We could go in and find out what’s happening. We’ll find out who survived.
Michael: The news said there were no survivors.
Max: Are you sure you want to do this?
Kyle: Yes. My dad is in Roswell and if that thing that crashed is alien related I want you guys to be there.
Isabel: What about you Maria?
Maria: Yeah I agree with Kyle I’ll feel better about my mom’s safety if you were there.
Max: Well I guess we go back to Roswell.


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Unfotunately I won't be able to post the other parts for two reasons. 1) I barely started writing it and I haven't gotten that far. 2) I won't have access to a computer for a while because I usually use the school's computer and this semester is over today for me. I don't have a computer at home so I won't be posting more until the middle of June.

I am so sorry to do this to you guys. If for any chance I do get access to a comp I will try to post other parts.

Thank you for reading this Fanfiction. Try reading my other one titled "The Truth" Parts 1-16. *bounce*
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Good News!! I will be updating this soon. I will also try to update my other fanfic "The Truth."*bounce**bounce*
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I know it took me a while but here is Part 2 of "Retruning To Roswell"

Author: MariaAng21
Category: Everybody.
Rating: PG 13
Summary: This takes place after the “Graduation” episode.
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the writers, directors,
cast and crew of Roswell. Although I wouldn't mind being affiliated
with the cast especially Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr. I don't own the
show or any of the characters. I do, however, want to share this
fanfic with all the Roswellians out there. Roswell will always be my
favorite show no matter what other shows come along.

Part 2

Max: Okay here’s what we’ll do. First, we have to pack a few things for the trip.
Liz: I think we should do that right now and we’ll talk about the plan on the way to Roswell.

The six rush to their rooms and start packing. Within ten minutes they were all in the living room and ready to go. The girls went around the house to make sure everything was locked while the guys put all the bags in the van. They all climbed into the van and headed to Roswell.

Entry #2:
I admit; a small part of me doesn’t want to go to Roswell. There are just too many bad memories in Roswell. There is, however, the other part of me that is excited to go back and see my parents. I remember all the good times I’ve had there. I met Max in Roswell and I fell in love with him. The prom; how could I forget the prom? Alex was there with us; those were the happier times. I remember when we cut school and went to Las Vegas and were caught by Valenti. We had some great times in Roswell too. Now that I think about it; I am really happy to go back. Roswell here we come!

Maria: Are you writing in your journal again?
Liz: Yeah. What do you think about going back to Roswell?
Maria: I’m actually happy to go back. I didn’t realize how much I miss my mom.
Liz: I know I miss my parents too. We had some great times there didn’t we?
Maria: Yeah we did. Who knows maybe this time we’ll have an even better time?
Kyle: Have you gotten any more visions?
Liz: No I haven’t. Although something has been bothering me since we left Arizona.
Max: What is it? Are you okay?
Liz: It’s nothing serious. I was just wondering how I got that vision if I was just touching the refrigerator. In Roswell I was touching Max when I got those visions of us getting killed. Isabel: Maybe your powers are getting stronger.
Liz: Yeah I guess you’re right.
Max: Okay let’s go over the plan. We’ll drop you off in Roswell.
Kyle: I’ll call my dad to pick us up.
Max: You’ll go back to his house and find out what he knows about the crash.
Isabel: If the FBI is investigating it they probably won’t tell him much about it.
Max: Well now that he’s back on the Roswell police department he can find out more than we ever could.
Maria: If everyone really did die in there I’ll call you on your cell phone and let you know it’s safe to come back.
Isabel: When Maria calls us we’ll go back to Roswell.
Max: Does everyone know what to do?
Michael: Yeah we all got it.

Entry #3:
I thought this part of my life died when Tess died but I guess I was wrong. Here I am involved in another alien dilemma. I guess I always knew that this part of our lives would never be over. I knew what I was getting myself into even before I married Max but I don’t care. I love him and nothing will ever change that. I know that he would give up his life to save me, as I would do the same for him. I know we can get through this together. All six of us will fight this thing until the end.

Two hours later.

Kyle: We’re almost in Roswell.
Liz: Already?
Max: Kyle, stop right here. I’ll drive the rest of the way.

Kyle and Max switch seats.

Max: Okay it’s a little less than one mile until I drop you off. Are you ready?
Kyle: Yeah.
Maria: As ready as I’ll ever be.

Max stops the van and both Kyle and Maria get out. Max turns the van around and drives away. Kyle walks up to a telephone booth and dials his dad’s phone number.

Jim: Hello.
Kyle: Dad; it’s me.
Jim: Kyle?
Kyle: Yeah I need you to come and pick us up.
Jim: Us?
Kyle: Maria’s with me.
Jim: Where are you guys?
Kyle: We’re at a phone booth at the thrift store. The one that is right before you leave Roswell.
Jim: I’ll be right there.

Kyle hangs up the phone.

Kyle: He’s on his way.
Maria: Oh good.

Max parks the van behind a tall bush.

Michael: What do we do now?
Max: We wait until Maria calls us.

Meanwhile back in Roswell.

Maria: How long do you think it will take your dad to get here?
Kyle: I don’t know.
Man #1: What are you two doing?

Maria and Kyle scramble to their feet. They see two men with rifles.

Tell me what you think of it.*bounce**big**bounce*
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I'm glad you liked it. I will be posting another Part later today.*big*
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Author: MariaAng21
Category: Everybody.
Rating: PG 13
Summary: This takes place after the “Graduation” episode.
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the writers, directors,
cast and crew of Roswell. Although I wouldn't mind being affiliated
with the cast especially Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr. I don't own the
show or any of the characters. I do, however, want to share this
fanfic with all the Roswellians out there. Roswell will always be my
favorite show no matter what other shows come along.

Part 3

Man #2: They don’t have bracelets.
Maria: What bracelets?
Kyle: We just came back to Roswell. My dad is coming to pick us up.
Man #1: Where are you coming from?
Kyle: We’re on vacation. We wanted to see our friends and family that live here.
Maria: Could you please stop pointing those guns at us?
Man #2: It’s just a precaution.
Man #1: If you are on vacation where is your luggage?
Maria: What do you think these duffel bags are for?
Man #2: That’s not much for a vacation.
Maria: We aren’t staying long. We didn’t say we were going to stay for ten years. Do you know what vacation means? It doesn’t mean we’re moving to Roswell.
Man #1: All the sarcasm isn’t necessary.
Maria: Well neither is treating us as if we’re criminals.
Kyle: Maria.
Maria: No Kyle; I won’t keep my mouth shut. I’m sorry but I don’t like being treated like this. I come back because I want to see my mom who I haven’t seen in almost two years and I get treated like this. I didn’t do anything and they’re pointing a gun at me.

Maria starts to cry.

Man #1: Calm down miss.
Maria: (Sobbing) I just want to go home and give my mom a hug. Would you just leave us alone?
Man #2: Okay but make sure your father takes you to get your bracelets. If you don’t have them you will get arrested.
Kyle: Okay I will.

The two men get into their jeep and drive away.

Kyle: Are you okay?
Maria: Are they gone?
Kyle: Yeah.
Maria: Wow it worked.

Maria wipes her eyes.

Kyle: You weren’t really crying?
Maria: Now you know me better than that. I’m not the type to cry when we are in trouble.
Kyle: You could be an actress. I thought you were crying. How did you know it would work?
Maria: I learned a few things while being with Michael.
1.) Guys like it when girls flirt with them. I knew that wouldn’t work so I went to the next one.
2.) Guys will do anything to make a girl stop crying. They will go nuts if they can’t get you to calm down and stop crying.
Kyle: That’s true. I remember when Alex died; I hated seeing you, Liz and Isabel cry. I wanted to make the pain go away.
Maria: That’s sweet.
Kyle: Come on, my dad is coming.

Kyle and Maria get up and then Jim pulls up in a truck. Jim gets out and gives them both a hug. They climb into the truck and leave.

Jim: What are you doing here? Where are the others? Are they all right?
Maria: Enough questions. I’ve heard enough for today.
Jim: What are you talking about?
Kyle: When we arrived we were interrogated by two military policemen.
Jim: They let you go?
Maria: I acted like I was crying and they let us go.
Kyle: Where are we going?
Jim: First we’re taking Maria to her mom’s house.

Here is the third Part. I hope you enjoyed it.*bounce*
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Author: MariaAng21
Category: Everybody.
Rating: PG 13
Summary: This takes place after the “Graduation” episode.
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the writers, directors,
cast and crew of Roswell. Although I wouldn't mind being affiliated
with the cast especially Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr. I don't own the
show or any of the characters.

Part 4

Kyle: What do you know about the air force base? Who was in there?
Jim: All I know is that there were no survivors.
Maria: Do you know if the ones who know about Max, Michael, Isabel and Liz were in there?
Jim: I don’t know; I haven’t gone to the site yet. How did you find out about the crash?
Kyle: Liz had a vision of it happening.
Maria: And Michael saw it on the news.
Kyle: That’s how we knew it was here.
Jim: Were you that close to here?
Kyle: We were in Arizona.
Jim: And the news reported about this incident in Roswell?
Maria: Yeah. I wonder how they find out about it.
Kyle: How is Jesse doing?
Jim: He’s in the FBI now.
Kyle and Maria: What!
Maria: He joined the FBI after he saw how far they would go to get their hands on someone like Isabel. Unbelievable!

They stop in front of Maria’s mother’s house. Amy comes out of the house while Maria and Kyle get out of the truck.

Amy: Maria!
Maria: Mom.

Maria runs to her mom and gives her a hug.

Amy: Oh honey I’ve missed you so much.
Maria: I’ve missed you too.
Jim: I think we should go inside.

They all walk into the house.

Amy: How have you been? Where are the others? Are they all right?
Maria: Mom we’re all fine. Max is waiting for me to call him about the crash. They want to know if it’s safe for them to come back.
Jim: You two stay here. I’ll go see what I can find out.

Jim walks towards the door

Kyle: Dad.

Kyle gets off the couch and walks to his dad.

Kyle: Be careful.
Jim: I will.

They hug and Jim walks out the door.

Meanwhile; outside of Roswell.

Michael: What’s taking them so long? What if something went wrong? We have to go check it out.
Max: No! We wait until Maria calls.
Michael: I’m not waiting. I’m going in now.

Michael gets out of the van and starts walking towards Roswell. Max gets out and follows him.

Max: Michael, wait. You can’t go in Roswell not knowing what the streets are like right now.
Michael: You can’t tell me what to do. You renounced the throne remember? I’m not your second-in-command anymore.

Michael turns and walks away. Liz and Isabel walk towards Max.

Isabel: Why didn’t you stop him?
Max: Because he’s right. I can’t tell him what to do anymore; he’s not my second-in-command.

Liz runs to catch up to Michael.

Liz: Michael.
Michael: Don’t try to talk me out of it Liz. Your husband couldn’t stop me and neither can you.
Liz: Just listen to what I have to say.
Michael: Okay what is it?
Liz: I know that you’re worried about Maria. I’m worried about her too, she’s my best friend but we can’t go in there without knowing the situation. That’ll be suicide and you know it.
Michael: Okay I heard what you had to say.

Michael turns and walks away. Liz tries to get his arm but only manages to touch his shirt.

Michael walks into Roswell. Two men carrying rifles approach him.

Man #1: Stay right there.
Michael: I didn’t do anything. What is this all about?
Man #2: Just do what he says.

Michael steps forward but he trips.

Man #1: He’s going to attack!
Man #2: Shoot him!

The two men shoot Michael three times each. Michael falls to the floor and dies.

If you are confused about the bracelets I'll explain. The bracelets are a way for the FBI to see who actually lives in Roswell and who is an outsider. If they don't have a bracelet they will get arrested on suspicion of blowing up the air force base. Do you understand?

Read my other fic "The Truth"*bounce*

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Author: MariaAng21
Category: Everybody.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This takes place after the “Graduation” episode.
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the writers, directors,
cast and crew of Roswell. Although I wouldn't mind being affiliated
with the cast especially Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr. I don't own the
show or any of the characters.

Part 5

Liz falls to her knees.

Liz: Michael.

He turns and sees her on the floor.

Michael: What happened?
Liz: I saw it.
Michael: Saw what?

Liz looks up at him.

Liz: Your death.

Max and Isabel run towards them.

Michael: You got another vision?
Max: Of what?
Liz: Of Michael being shot by two military policemen.
Isabel: Where?
Liz: In Roswell.
Max: That’s why I want to wait until Maria or Kyle calls us.
Michael: Don’t worry. I’m not going until they call.
Isabel: good.

The four walk back to the van.

Jim arrives at the crash site.

Man: Hold it right there.
Jim: I’m Jim Valenti. I’m with the Roswell Police Department.

The man looks at the clipboard in his hand.

Man: Okay go in.

Jim goes in and sees the wreckage for the first time since it happened. He walks up to one of the colonels.

Jim: I’m Jim Valenti with the police department. How many agents died in this catastrophe?
Colonel Shaw: Unfortunately everyone that was stationed here in Roswell died. Some of my best agents and they’re gone. I will find the ones responsible and make them pay.
Jim: What exactly crashed into the base?
Colonel Shaw: Why so many questions? What are you trying to find out?
Jim: I just want to know who did this. I have family and friends here in Roswell and I would like to know if they’re safe. You can’t blame me for being worried.
Colonel Shaw: No I can’t. We’ll keep you posted on whatever we find out.
Jim: Thank you I appreciate it.

Jim leaves the base. Colonel Shaw walks up to an agent.

Colonel Shaw: I want you to find out all you can about Jim Valenti.
Agent Ramirez: Do you suspect him?
Colonel Shaw: He’s too curious. I think he knows something.
Agent Ramirez: (Thinking) I have to warn Jim.
Agent Ramirez: (To Colonel Shaw) yes, sir.

Jim goes to the police station and picks up six bracelets without being noticed. He climbs back in his truck and goes to Amy’s house.

The phone rings at Amy’s house.

Amy: Hello.
Agent Ramirez: It’s me, Jesse. Is Jim there by any chance?
Amy: No he went to the crash site. Kyle is here. Would you like to talk to him?
Jesse: Kyle’s back? Okay put him on the phone.
Amy: (Handing the phone to Kyle) it’s for you.
Kyle: Hello?
Jesse: What are you doing back?
Kyle: How could you betray Isabel like that? She really loves you.
Jesse: I can’t explain right now. We need to meet somewhere but not in Roswell.
Kyle: Well Max, Michael, Isabel and Liz are…

Kyle stops in mid sentence.

Kyle: Why should I trust you? What if you’re trying to get me to tell you their location so you could turn them in and maybe get a reward for it?
Jesse: I understand how you must feel about me.
Kyle: Oh then you know that I don’t want to talk to you. I am so mad that you could turn against someone that loves you as much as Isabel does. All that time we were in Arizona she never stopped talking about you. She thought about you all the time. There were times when I heard her in her room crying. You can figure out why she was crying.
Jesse: I haven’t turned on you guys. If I had I wouldn’t have called your dad to tell him that they’re starting to suspect him.
Kyle: What?
Jesse: They said that he was too curious and they think he knows something. We all really need to meet somewhere.
Kyle: Who do you mean when you say “all?”
Jesse: The six of you, all those who know everything. They’re not here are they?
Kyle: No they’re not. What about my dad is he included in this meeting?
Jesse: Of course. We should meet where they are.
Kyle: Okay but we’re driving you there.
Jesse: Fine. Meet me at the crashdown in ten minutes.
Kyle: Okay we’ll be there.

Kyle hangs up the phone.

Kyle: We have to meet Jesse at the crashdown in ten minutes.
Maria: What! He actually wants us to meet him? He’s really got some nerve! He’s a traitor I’m not meeting him anywhere. He can kiss my…

Kyle interrupts Maria before she could finish her sentence.

Kyle: We have to trust him. He said that they think my dad knows something.
Maria: Yeah and he could be lying.

Jim walks in the door.

Jim: What’s going on?
Kyle: Jesse wants us to meet him at the crashdown in ten minutes.
Maria: Yeah and I think it’s a bad idea.
Kyle: I don’t like it either but I see no other way.
Jim: Before I forget here are your bracelets. I got some for the others too. We better get going.
Amy: Take my car.
Jim: Okay thanks.

The three climb into the car and head to the crashdown.

Outside of Roswell Isabel is sitting in the van by herself. Max, Liz and Michael are sitting on some boulders a few feet away. Liz looks at Isabel and goes to talk to her.

Liz: Are you okay?
Isabel: Yeah. I’m just nervous about seeing Jesse again. What if he doesn’t love me anymore? What if he found someone else?

Isabel starts to cry and Liz gives her a hug. She gets a vision of Jesse and pulls away. Isabel looks at Liz.

Isabel: What’s wrong?
Liz: I got a vision of Jesse.
Isabel: What was it about? Is he all right?

What do you think about it? What do you think Liz saw in her vision?
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I'm glad you guys are reading my fics but I won't be able to update until tomorrow. Sorry. I was busy typing my next fanfic "My Roswell Episodes" I will be able to update "The Truth" so feel free to read that one.

P.S. I turn 22 years old on the 25th of this month, Yay!!!
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Author: MariaAng21
Category: Everybody.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the writers, directors,
cast and crew of Roswell. Although I wouldn't mind being affiliated with the cast especially Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr. I don’t own the show or any of the characters.
I’d really appreciate it if you not post this fanfic anywhere else without my permission. Thank you.

Part 6

Liz: He’s fine. I’m just worried about what he was wearing.
Isabel: What do you mean?
Liz: I saw him sitting with Maria, Kyle and Valenti. Isabel; he was wearing an FBI uniform.
Isabel: What? That can’t be. He knows that they would do anything to get us. He would never betray me like that. He loves me.
Liz: Calm down Isabel.

Isabel gets out of the van and Liz follows her.

Isabel: You must’ve been mistaken. Maybe it was a mindwarp.

Max and Michael see what’s going on and they start walking towards them.

Liz: A mindwarp from who? The only person we knew that could do that was Tess and she’s dead.
Michael: What’s wrong Isabel?
Isabel: Ask Miss clairvoyant over there.

All three look at Liz.

Liz: I had a vision of Jesse in an FBI uniform.
Max: What? Jesse’s an FBI agent now?
Liz: Yeah I think so.
Isabel: No he’s not. He would never do that to me.
Michael: You never know, maybe he started hating you for leaving him in Roswell. He wanted to pay you back by joining the FBI.
Max: He knew that the FBI was always a threat to us.
Isabel: You guys believe Liz?
Max: You know her visions have always been right.
Isabel: Well this time they are. Just leave me alone.

Isabel walks to a boulder and sits on it.

In Roswell Kyle, Maria and Jim are sitting in a booth at the crashdown. Agent Jesse Ramirez of the FBI walks in and joins them in the booth. Maria looks at him and rolls her eyes at him.

Jesse: I want to thank you for meeting me here.
Jim: It’s no problem.
Jesse: How are you guys?
Kyle: Fine.
Maria: No comment. I wouldn’t want to say anything you could use against me.
Jesse: I can see that you’re upset.
Maria: (Sarcastically) wow! You’re a genius. I didn’t think anyone would figure that out.
Jim: Maria.
Maria: I’m going to a different booth. I can’t stand to sit by a traitor. Kyle let me know what happens.
Kyle: Okay.

She gets out of the booth and sits in a different one.

Jim: Sorry about that.
Jesse: It’s no problem. She’s taking this really hard.
Kyle: Well the FBI is after the ones she loves; how would you feel?
Jim: Kyle that’s enough.
Kyle: Dad I’m sorry but I can’t do this either. Just seeing that uniform makes me angry.

Jesse follows Kyle out of the booth.

Jesse: Look Kyle I know it looks like I betrayed Isabel but I didn’t. I joined the FBI to throw them off of Isabel, Max, Liz and Michael. I would do anything for Isabel and if that means dying for her then so be it.

Kyle stays quiet for a minute,

Kyle: Okay I’ll take you to them. I’ll be back I’m going to tell Maria.
Jesse: Okay I’ll go talk to your dad.

Maria: What lies did he tell you this time?
Kyle: He said that he joined them to throw them off of Isabel’s case.
Maria: That’s a bunch a bull.
Kyle: I’m taking him to them.
Maria: What? Did he mindwarp you or something? How could you do that? He’s in the FBI! He’s what they fear most and you’re taking him to them!

Maria gets up and runs out of the door. She gets in the car and drives away.

Jim: What happened?
Kyle: She got mad and left. She also took the car.

Maria is driving in the car and tears are falling down her face. “How could he do this? I won’t let them hurt Michael or any of the others even if it means that I have to kill Jesse. I’m sorry Isabel but if I’m right about him I will definitely kill him.” She wipes the tears from her eyes.

Man #1: Oh it’s you again? Where are you going?
Maria: I’m leaving I don’t like the way I’m being treated.
Man #2: That explains the tears.
Maria: Those tears are none of your business.
Man #1: Okay go through.

Maria leaves Roswell. “I have to warn them. I’m not letting them get hurt.” Maria starts to drive slowly when she realizes that her friends could be anywhere.

Meanwhile back at the Crashdown Café.

Jesse: We can take my car.
Kyle: Okay let’s go.

They get in the car and drive off.

Maria spots the van parked by some bushes. She stops the car and gets out.

Maria: Liz? Max?
Liz: Over here!

Maria runs over to them.

Max: What happened? I thought you were going to call.
Maria: Jesse’s in the FBI now.
Isabel: It’s true? Jesse did betray me?
Maria: You know?
Michael: Liz saw it in a vision.
Isabel: I can’t believe this. I thought he loved me.
Liz: I’m sorry Isabel. I was hoping that vision wasn’t true.

Jesse, Kyle and Jim are now out of Roswell and looking for the van. Kyle sees Maria’s car and tells Jesse to stop the car.

At the crashsite in Roswell; agent Ramirez shows up.

Jesse: Agent Ramirez reporting for duty sir.
Colonel Shaw: What did you find out about Valenti?
Jesse: What are you talking about?
Shaw: The assignment I gave you; the one where I told you to find out everything about Jim Valenti.
Jesse: (Confused) with all due respect sir. You never gave me that assignment.
Shaw: Yes I did. It was about 45 minutes ago.
Agent Braddock: Excuse me sir but I was with agent Ramirez all morning. This is the first time we’ve talked to you today.
Shaw: So who did I give the assignment to? Do you have a twin brother?
Jesse: No I don’t.
Shaw: We need to find the impostor.
Jesse and Braddock: Yes sir.
Jesse runs to the nearest jeep and leaves without his partner. Jesse decides to go to Jim’s house but he sees the truck parked at Amy’s house. Amy answers the door.

Amy: What are you doing here? I thought you were with Kyle, Jim and Maria. They went to meet you at the Crashdown.
Jesse: When did they leave?
Amy: About thirty minutes ago. Is something wrong?

Jesse runs to the jeep and leaves.

Outside of Roswell Kyle is leading Jim and Jesse to his friends.

Kyle: What’s wrong with Isabel?
Liz: Kyle?
Isabel: Is it true about Jesse?

They look and see Jesse in his uniform.

Isabel: No.
Michael: I knew he couldn’t be trusted.
Max: There has to be a good explanation.
Maria: What’s to explain? He betrayed you.
Jim: How are you?
Max: We’re fine.
Jesse: Isabel how are you?
Isabel: Stay away from me.
Jesse: Let me explain.
Michael: Let’s kill him.
Max: Let’s listen to what he has to say.
Liz: Max can I talk to you for a minute?

She takes him aside.

Max: What is it?
Liz: I agree with Michael and Maria. Something doesn’t feel right.
Max: What do we do?
Liz: I think we should decide this together.
Max: Everyone?
Liz: Except for Jesse.

Max: We have to have an emergency meeting.
Liz: I’m sorry Jesse but this doesn’t include you.
Jesse: That’s okay.

Jesse walks away from the group.

Maria: What are we going to do?
Kyle: I think we should trust him. He’s a good guy.

Maria looked at Kyle suspiciously. Liz and Maria walked up to Kyle who was standing next to Jim.

Maria: Why the sudden change? When we first found out you were the first to turn against Jesse.
Kyle: I…uh changed my mind. He loves you Isabel and he would never hurt you.
Isabel: I’m not sure about that. How could you defend him?
Kyle: How can you not?
Liz: Isabel’s right Kyle. You’ve never disagreed with Isabel since you two have gotten close. What’s up?
Kyle: She’s making a mistake by not trusting him.

Jesse is looking at them and thinking, “The four humans on one side and the three aliens on the other. Maybe NOW’s the time to do it.”

Which Jesse do you think is the impostor? What do you think Jesse is going to do with them? I won't be posting anymore until August 26th. I'm sorry.
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Author: MariaAng21
Category: Everybody.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the writers, directors,
cast and crew of Roswell. Although I wouldn't mind being affiliated with the cast especially Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr. I don’t own the show or any of the characters.
I’d really appreciate it if you not post this fanfic anywhere else without my permission. Thank you.

Part Seven
Maria: You know ever since you talked to Jesse you've been acting different.
Kyle: (Getting angry) what's that supposed to mean?

All of a sudden Max, Michael and Isabel went flying into the wall. The other four ran to where they had landed.

Maria: Michael what's wrong?
Jim: They're unconcious.

Liz stood up and turned to Jesse.

Liz: You shouldn't have done that.
Jesse: Oh what are you going to do?

Liz held up her hand and sent him flying in the air. He got up and dusted himself off.

Jesse: So the human he saved now has alien powers. Let's see how you handle this. You'll love being connected to them.

Jesse picked her up with his powers and threw her into a window of the building they were satnding by.

Maria: Liz!
Jim: Who are you?

Jesse waved his hand into the air. There was a flash of light and the other three fell to the floor. There were bodies lying all over the ground. He picked up Isabel and put her in his car. He got in and parked closer to Max and Michael. He put them in his car and drove away.

Ten minutes later Liz crawled out of the building and saw her friends lying on the ground. She looked around but didn't see Michael, Isabel or her husband. She stopped at the foot of the stairs because she was so weak. A glass from the window she went through had made a deep gash on her side.

Maria and Kyle were the first to get up. Maria ran to Liz.

Maria: Oh my god! Liz are you all right?
Liz: They're gone.

She tries to stand up but falls back to the ground.

Jim: We have to take you to the hospital.

Someone walks ouy from behind the building.

Young woman: That won't be necessary.
Liz: Ava?
Ava: Yeah it's me. I came to warn you but I can see that I'm too late.
Maria: I don't believe her! She's probably working for Jesse.

Liz tried to use her powers but only managed to throw sparks from her hand. She held onto her side in agony.

Ava: I'm here to help you. I could never work for someone so twisted.
Kyle: Well if you really want to help us; tell us what the hell is going on. Why is Jesse acting like that and why does he have powers? What did he do to me that has me so confused?
Ava: That's not Jesse. It's a very powerful shapeshifter.
Maria: Well then who is he really?
Ava: I've never seen him in his true form. He's always shapeshifted into someone else.
Liz: Guys...I

She stops moving.

Maria: Liz, wake up.
Ava: Move aside. She's not dead, she passed out from the pain.
Jim: We have to take her to the hospital.
Ava: I can heal her.
Maria: Are you sure?
Ava: Yes.

She placed her hand over the wound and within a minute Liz opened her eyes.

Tell me what you think. Do you think Ava really wants to help them? Who do you think is the shapeshifter?*bounce*

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Author: MariaAng21
Category: Everybody.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the writers, directors,
cast and crew of Roswell. Although, I wouldn't mind being affiliated with the cast especially Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr. I don’t own the show or any of the characters. I might introduce a few new characters which will be my own idea. Any similarity, if any, between them and other characters in other fics is purely coincidental.
I’d really appreciate it if you not post this fanfic anywhere else without my permission. Thank you.

Part Eight

Liz: I have to find Max.
Ava: You have to relax. You’re still a little weak. (Turning to the others) We have to get her to a safe place.
Jim: It can’t be Roswell. There are too many FBI agents there everywhere.
Kyle: Can’t we just take her in here? It looks abandoned.
Ava: No it’s too close to Roswell. I saw an old place up the road that looks like nobody lives there.
Jim: Okay I guess we go there.
They get in the car and head down the road.

Jesse pulls up to a cave wall. With the wave of his hand the wall opens up and he drives in. Six men walk towards the car.

Jesse: Get them out and put them in their rooms. Make sure you give them the shots to neutralize their powers.
Rick: Yes sir.
Jesse: I don’t want anything to go wrong this time. We can’t kill them before I get what I want from them. This is my last chance. Let’s do it right.
Lance: Don’t worry; we won’t make the same mistake as last time.
Jesse: We have to figure out exactly how to get it. I know that if we kill one it will pass on to one of the others. We can’t kill the last one until we figure out how to transfer it to me.

The men take Michael, Max and Isabel out of the car. They walk down the hall and put them in separate rooms.

Maria, Kyle, Liz, Ava and Jim are already inside the house.

Liz: How did you know that he was a shape shifter?
Ava: Because I’ve seen him shape shift before. For a while he was pretending to be Max.
Liz: For how long?
Ava: Six months ago Max showed up in New York. He said that you had all turned against him and that’s why he left. In the beginning everything was great. We all got along so well. I guess he just wanted to gain our trust. About a month and a half ago he kept asking about the royal crest.
Maria: The one that the king has?
Ava: Yes. He asked what would happen to the royal crest if the king was killed. We told him that it passed on to the second-in-command which had already happened when Zan was killed. Then he asked what would happen if the second-in-command was killed. We told him that it would pass on to Lonnie or me we really didn’t know who it passed on to after Rath.
Liz: Basically he was trying to find out how to get it. That’s why he kidnapped Max, Isabel and Michael. He wants to get the royal crest from them so he can be the king of Antar.
Maria: When did you see him shape shift?
Ava: Two weeks ago I saw him shape shift into Liz.
Liz: Why me?
Ava: I don’t know. When I went to warn Lonnie and Rath it was too late. He had already killed them.
Maria: He’s going to kill them?!
Jim: We have to find them.
Ava: Don’t worry; he won’t kill them until he finds out how to transfer the crest from them to himself. That gives us time to come up with a plan.

Meanwhile, back at the crash site in Roswell Agent Shaw and agent Braddock are having a conversation.

Agent Shaw: Where is agent Ramirez?
Agent Braddock: He’s not back yet?
Shaw: No. Wasn’t he with you?
Braddock: We left in separate jeeps.
Shaw: When he comes back have him come see me.
Braddock: Yes, sir.

Inside the cave Isabel starts to wake up. She slowly opens her eyes. She sees that she is in a room with no windows, the walls are cream colored and there are only two doors. She slowly get off the bed and walks to one of the doors. She opens the first door which leads to a bathroom. The second door is locked. She tried to unlock it with her powers but she found out that she couldn’t use her powers. “Why can’t I unlock the door,” she thought. “Where are Max, Michael and the others?”

She goes to sit back down on the bed. The door opens and Jesse walks in.

Jesse: Hello Isabel.
Isabel: You stay the hell away from me.

She gets up and tries to use her powers against him but fails.

Jesse: What’s the matter? Did you lose you powers?
Isabel: What have you done to me?
Jesse: Did you actually think that I would let you keep your powers? I knew that you would use them against me.
Isabel: Where are Max and Michael?
Jesse: They’re in their rooms. I took their powers too.
Isabel: Where are Kyle, Liz, Maria and Jim?
Jesse: Those pathetic humans? I don’t need them so I knocked them unconscious and left them there. Although, I did have trouble with your brothers girlfriend she tried to hurt me with her weak powers. I took care of her and sent her flying through the window of that building. I doubt she lived through that. There was glass everywhere.

Isabel runs towards him and shouts.

Isabel: I’m going to kill you!

He used his powers to throw her on the bed.

Jesse: The other three are most likely alive. I only knocked them out.
Isabel: How could’ve Kyle believed you?
Jesse: It wasn’t easy. I had to persuade him a little. Maria wouldn’t let me get close enough to her. She doubted me and she made that pretty clear.
Isabel: What do you mean persuade him?
Jesse: Well I had to get one of your friends on my side. He did an excellent job of defending me.
Isabel: You mind warped him?
Jesse: If you’ll excuse me I have to go check on my other two test subjects.

He walks out of the door and locks it. Isabel starts crying on the bed.

Isabel: Max I am so sorry. Jesse killed Liz. My husband killed your wife. I should’ve let Michael kill him when he had the chance. You’re a widow now and it’s my fault.

She lies on the bed and cries herself to sleep.

Well what do you think?*bounce*

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Author: MariaAng21
Category: Everybody.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This takes place after the “Graduation” episode.
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the writers, directors,
cast and crew of Roswell. Although I wouldn't mind being affiliated
with the cast especially Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr. I don't own the
show or any of the characters. I do, however, want to share this
fanfic with all the Roswellians out there. Roswell will always be my
favorite show no matter what other shows come along.
I’d really appreciate it if you not post this fanfic anywhere else without my permission. Thank you.

Part 9

Tears begin to fall down Liz’s face.

Maria: Liz what’s wrong?
Liz: She thinks I’m dead and she’s blaming herself. I can feel her sadness.
Kyle: Who’s sadness?
Liz: Isabel’s.
Maria: How is it possible to feel her emotions?
Ava: I don’t know.
Liz: Before Jesse threw me into the building he said, “How would you like to be connected to them.”
Ava: That’s it. He somehow managed to connect you to them.
Liz: But I only feel Isabel.
Jim: Maybe Michael and Max are still knocked out.
Kyle: Why would he connect you to them?
Ava: He probably thinks that she won’t be able to handle all of their feelings. Or maybe he wants you to feel their pain and suffering.
Maria: This is bad.
Ava: Actually this can be good.
Kyle: What do you mean?
Ava: Well maybe we can contact them through Liz. Are you up to it?
Liz: Anything to get them back.
Ava: I’ll help you through it.

Ava and Liz sit on the floor facing each other.

Ava: Close you eyes and concentrate.

Michael is sitting on the bed trying to figure out how to get out of that room. He suddenly hears someone and he looks around the room. He’s sees Liz materialize right before his eyes.

Michael: Liz?
Liz: How are you?
Michael: How did you do that?
Liz: Jesse connected me to the three of you.
Michael: You’re lying. This is some sort of trap. Jesse’s trying to get information out of me.
Liz: Ask me something that only I would know and not Jesse.
Michael: what happened to your diary when we first met?
Liz: You stole it because I had written about the three of you.
Michael: How are you doing this?
Liz: Ava is helping me. Jesse wants the royal crest. He tried to get it from your dupes but he killed them. Ava escaped to warn us but it was too late. He had already kidnapped you. Do you have your powers?
Michael: No he must’ve taken them.
Liz: I’m going to try to contact Max and Isabel. I’ll try to come back.
Michael: Be careful Liz.

She disappeared. Two men enter Max’s room followed by Jesse. Max was on the bed asleep.

Jesse: He’s not awake yet?
Rick: We had to give him another dose of the tranquilizer because he woke up before the other two.

The three men leave the room.

Liz opens her eyes and takes a deep breath.

Maria: Are you okay?
Liz: Yeah I was talking to Michael.
Maria: Is he okay?
Liz: Yeah but Jesse took his powers from him.
Kyle: How?
Liz: I don’t know I’m going to try Max next.

She closes her eyes and concentrates on Max. She couldn’t get through so she started concentrating on Isabel. Within a minute she materialized in Isabel’s room. Isabel frantically gets up from the bed.

Isabel: I’m sorry Liz. It’s my fault that Jesse killed you.
Liz: I’m not dead.
Isabel: So how are you here? How did you just appear like that?
Liz: Jesse connected me with you guys when he threw me into the building. He wanted me to feel everything you guys go through.
Isabel: Your powers must be getting stronger if you can do this on your own.
Liz: Ava is helping me.
Isabel: Tess’ dupe?
Liz: Yeah.
Isabel: How did she know about this?
Liz: He did it to Rath and Lonnie. He killed them to get the royal crest. He’s not really Jesse, he’s a shape shifter. He had shape shifted into Max.
Isabel: Have you contacted Max or Michael.
Liz: I’ve contacted Michael but I haven’t been able to get through to Max. I’ll be back.

Liz opens her eyes and takes another deep breath.

Do you think you can trust Ava?

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Author: MariaAng21
Category: Everybody.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This takes place after the “Graduation” episode.
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the writers, directors,
cast and crew of Roswell. Although I wouldn't mind being affiliated
with the cast especially Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr. I don't own the
show or any of the characters. I do, however, want to share this
fanfic with all the Roswellians out there. Roswell will always be my
favorite show no matter what other shows come along.
I’d really appreciate it if you not post this fanfic anywhere else without my permission. Thank you.

Part 10

Jim: Did you talk to Max?
Liz: I couldn’t get through to him but I did talk to Isabel. She thought I was dead. He took her powers too.
Jim: We have to find out who this shape shifter really is.
Liz: (Thinking) every time they say the words shape shifter I automatically think of Nasedo. When I saw Jesse walking towards us, for a brief second, I saw the face of Nasedo.
Kyle: Liz are you okay? You seem a bit quiet.
Liz: Yeah I’m fine. I was just trying to think of who it could be.
Maria: The only shape shifter we knew about was Nasedo and he’s dead.
Liz: I have to try to reach Max again.
Ava: Ask Isabel if she could help us.
Maria: How is she going to help? She doesn’t have her powers.
Ava: She could use both of our powers to try and connect with Max because she’s his sister.
Kyle: Wow that’s amazing. I wish I was an alien.

Liz and Ava sit facing each other and they close their eyes. Within a minute Liz was back in Isabel’s room.

Isabel: Liz you’re back already?
Liz: We need your help to connect with Max.
Isabel: I don’t have my powers.
Liz: You can use mine and Ava’s to connect with him.
Isabel: Okay I’ll try.

Liz sat on the bed opposite of Isabel. She held out her hand and Isabel put her hands over Liz’s hands. They closed their eyes and they both ended up in Max’s room. Liz immediately saw him and ran to him.

Liz: Max can you hear me? Open your eyes.

Isabel joined Liz next to Max’s bed.

Isabel: Max wake up.

He started to open his eyes very slowly.

Max: Liz? Isabel?
Liz: Yes it’s us. What happened to you?

At that moment Isabel disappeared and Liz opened her eyes.

Maria: What happened? Did you talk to Max?
Liz: No I didn’t get a chance to. Isabel broke contact before Max could tell me anything. He seemed as if he was drugged or something.
Kyle: I wonder what happened.
Jim: I hope it’s nothing serious.

Ava: What if Isabel got caught?

In Isabel’s room Jesse walked in and saw her on the bed with her eyes closed.

Jesse: Just what exactly were you doing before I came in?
Isabel: None of your damn business.
Jesse: If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were trying to communicate with someone.
Isabel: If you must know I was meditating.
Jesse: Meditating?
Isabel: It’s not like there is anything else to do in here.
Jesse: No matter. I came in here because I need your help.
Isabel: You thought I would help you?

He stood back and into a tall man with black hair and dark brown eyes. Although Isabel had never seen this man she recognized him right away.

Isabel: Kavar?
Kavar: Yes it’s me Vilandra.

In that instant she had forgotten her conversation with Liz or anything else for that matter.

Isabel: It can’t be. I sent you back to Antar.
Kavar: I came back for you. I need your help.

He walked to her and leaned in to kiss her. Isabel was able to resist him (this time).

Isabel: I won’t help you.
Kavar: What if I bring back the one person you love the most?
Isabel: Jesse?
Kavar: You know better than I do that I’m not talking about him. You know who you never stopped thinking of, the one that will always be in your heart. Even in death you still love him. You remember Alex don’t you?

At the mere sound of his name Isabel remembered how much she loved him. She realized that Jesse had never taken his place. She knew that nobody could. Her love for Alex would never die and the thought of having him in her arms again overwhelmed her.

Isabel: Alex is dead. He died because of me.
Kavar: I have the power to bring him back.

Isabel closed her eyes as tears started to fall down her face.

Isabel: (Whispers) Alex.
Kavar: Just imagine you and Alex walking down the street holding hands. He could hold you in his arms for as long as you want. You could get back the love of your life and all you have to do is help me.

Isabel stood quiet for about a minute. She opened her eyes and they were completely black.

Isabel: Consider it done.

Isabel gone bad? Do you think Isabel will turn against her friends to get Alex back? *sad**bounce**bounce**sad*
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