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Title: Tormented Love
Author: Donnie
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or its characters. The songs used belong to Kittie
Summary: Liz Parker has her share of dark secrets that no one knows.
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Authors note: For those that read Punks and All do u want me to continue? I went through a major block but now that it is gone I can keep writing it It’s up to you just let me know somehow.

I stare out the vast windows of the Crash’, and take note of what is going down across the street. They have deemed me unworthy to be part of their group. I have been dismissed from their presence, and they don’t even know the worst of it yet. My campion sits besides me also watching, giving the occasional shake of his head, a dry laugh. He doesn’t care that he has been dismissed as well. He never wanted in. He stumbled into this mess, I wish I could say the same. But I can’t.

We have been convicted of a crime that we did not commit and we pay the consequences as if we had. They do not see us seeing them. They are in there own bubble and that will be their downfall, their ignorance. They think they have only one enemy. Mayhap they believe two if the count there earthly rivals.

I gave them there biggest gift, and the best advice, and I am the one that shall dance upon there grave.I said trust with your heart, and the eyes deceive. They did not follow my advice, and my gift of life will be wasted, because I plan on spilling their blood.

They are no longer down the road but standing in front of me, my campion, he dies not care. Nor do I. Finally they ask a question worth answering.

“Why did you do it?”

I do not respond but they receive their answer with just a look into my eyes, and finally they take my advice and see with there hearts, but its to late, they are as good as dead.

They answer there own question

“You hate us, don’t you?”

I simply nod, and me and my campion walk out of the door.

I awake from my odd dream drenched in sweat at the sweet tap of my mother fingers to my door.

"Get up time for school!"

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Hey thanks everyone that left fb!

The next part will be out later today I am acutally typeing it now.

ANYWAY, The rest of the story is not like this, this is just a kinda crazed look into the dream, the rest of the story is pretty normal though....well as normal as my stories get.

I know I am starting Punks again, and I may do one more but im not sure which one, I will figure that out later today, since its summer almost I can do a lot more. Umm thats it I think! Thanks again.
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Lyssa-Keke! lol is that how u spell it alyssa? Its the pro its aloud to be short! Lol I kno it is a lil confussing but it will all make since in a bit. well moving on!


I couldn’t look in anyone eyes. They were all there everyone. No one played hookie, acted sick, skipped..... Hours before I had been stating my hate for them in my demented dreams and now I was here at school with them. My companion or Kyle as he is formally know to all us lovely people keeps sending me glances and tries to corner me. I know that he knows. Him and everyone trying to corner me as put me to my mission. Mission
Avoid Everyone In the IKAA club. Or the ‘I know a alien club’ I bumped into a hard chest. Looked up and guess what ‘mission failed’ flashed through my mind in red bubble letters.

At this point I gave a uneasy cough, a sweet smile that I knew looked like I was dying and in a nice perky cheerleader voice squealed

“Hi Kyle!” I think I am going to cry at my serious lack of acting skills because this is pathetic. He even gives me a sympathetic eye, it says something like. A-ha-I-Have-You-Now-You-Toilet-scum. Yeah really sympathetic

“Liz what is going on? All of a sudden in the middle of my dream about me and Pamela Anderson doing strenuous activity-“ Hold up cut it right there!

“Kyle I do not want to know about you and dear ol’ Pam doing the nasty.”

“Like I was saying I’m having my dream then im having a heart touching dream of me and you watching the squad Maria and Alex and making telepathic plans on how to kill them, then you telling them u hated them, and bam im back with Pam!” Hmm, if he got to go back to his dream with Pam that ment he got to sleep longer them me! How is that fair? And were I woke up sweaty and smelly he woke up with a wet spot and smelly.......I would rather be sweaty any day.

“I don’t know what that has to do with me.” The voice in my head is going Lie, lie, lie and lie good. Who am I to ignore my inner voice?

“Well, I wasn’t sure until I saw your back.” What? When did he see my back? Wait what’s the matter with my back? Frankly I think its kinda nice. Not to rough, kinda tan......Sorry its not my fault I have a wondering mind.

“What about my back?” He looks left, right, behind us in front of us does a 360 degree circle, then a 180, nope we don’t look suspicious. Then grabs my hand and pulls me into the guys locker room. Woo-hoo! I always wanted to go in here. I look around and run my hands togther, and start licking my lips. That’s when my eyes fall on the sexist thing I have ever seen. The shower head. Why is it that when I finally get dragged in here its empty? I’ve been robbed.

Kyle tugs my hand and pulls me t the full length mirror, and turns my back towards it, Is my butt really that big? I’m inspecting my ever growing back when he lifts the back of my shirt so I see a glowing X type thing. I do not have a tattoo, I know this, I have no glowing red tattoo’s. There is four circles that make the X with lines connecting it, and in the , middle were the two lines meet is a spiral with the X once again in the middle of the spiral. It would be really cool if it weren’t glowing.
Kyle unbuttons his shirt and turns around so I can see his back there on his shoulder blade is the same mark.

I have four words for him.

“I anit do it!” and I tell him that too, and what does he have to say to me?

“Me neither!” yeah, uh-hun sure he didn’t. I really believe him. Notice the scarism? That’s goos for you.

“I didn’t” Yes he did.

“Well ok maybe I did do something but it was on complete accident.!” Whoa he pulled a Maria I think he got all that out in one breath. Now what happened to him not doing anything? Do yall remember that? I do! Now its my turn to give him the A-Ha-I-Got-You-Now-You-Toilet-Scum!, look.

“Well what did you do?” I did not know my voice could go that high. Maybe I SHOULD try out for cheerleading. Never mind I did not have that thought.

“Well you know how my bitch of a mom left me that box before she left? It had this mark on it, and she also wrote a note to go with it. Well me being me just looked at the note because I was pondering on burning the note and the box. But I read the note and it said all this crap about how he loved me, and did not want to leave but that it just wasn’t the life for her. Well it also said that I could only open the box with you. But that was before she even knew you existed so I was wondering how she knew about you. Much less knew we would be friends. So I opened the box, and found these.”

He lets something drop down his sleeve, and two necklaces appear in his hand.. I know which one is mine immediately and make a grab for it. It is a medium sized stone that looked like it had been cut in half because one side of the stone was flat while the other curved. The weird thing about it was (come on its my life, everything about it is sci-fi!) well the weird thing was that it was deep forest green, not emerald but much deeper, and it had little veins that made it look like shattered glass of purple, and in the middle was our ever appearing X. Kyle’s was the same only his was purple with green venison. It was on a string that looked like leather but was shiny. Kinda like leather diamonds. Yes I am aware that leather diamonds would be a very scary thing.

I had to play it cool so I shrugged tied it around my neck, and Kyle followed suit. This is what we get for putting on weird alien jewelry that we find left for us years ago in mysterious boxes, with cool X;’s on them. Wouldn’t you know we fainted the minute it touched the hollow of our throats? I had a feeling someone was giving us the Toilet-Scum eye right now. Uh-oh
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oops guys I am sooo sorry, I forgot to update (gulp) But I guess only two ppl care..........(sob) so now I am sad and am going to go and cry in my bed....... Thank you to the two ppl that left Fb!!!!!!!!!!
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I appear in the woods near a small creek. Of course we all know that Kyle is a copy cat and had to come too......But the shocker is that Sean is here, Sean and some chic I have never seen before, She has Pink and Black hair. And pericing Violet eyes. Well almighty then! Why am I always the last person to know stuff?

“Liz its about time you found out!” Sean says while sititng down on a log on the other side of the creek.

Now don’t I feel dumb because I have not in fact figured it out. I am confused. Very very confused.

“What are you talking about? What should I have figured out? Who is that? Why is Kyle here?” I have to stop I have been hanging around Maria too long.

Kyle has nodded his head to all of my questions but is looking at the chic, who’s name no one has decided to tell me. Nice of them isn’t it? Just leave me out here in the dark twiddling my thumbs.

“So I guess you haven’t figured it out.” Sean can be so dense.

“No dip Sean!” Kyle is looking at him as if he were about to pounce. No not in a sexual way.... Kyle’s not Like that. I don’t think. You can never tell. I mean he plays Football, and all the guys hitting each others butts... Im not going there.

“Well in that case. Im only answering one question she, is Searna. But just call her Sean. Oh and Parker I herd that thought. I am not dense!”

And just as suddenly as Sea and him left they were gone. Leaving me to freak out. Why is Searna here? I was not supposed to meet her until much later on in life. Is that a good or bad thing? While I am thinking I look up at the sun only to see that there are two suns. I knew I was not crazy. It is really hot!

That’s not the only weird thing. The creek is really clear so clear that you can see to the bottom. The bottom with the black sand. And the air feels different. Drier but still moist. I stand up to look around as Kyle is doing, and notice I am barefoot for the first time. The ground is moist almost mud like. Before I can do a closer inspection I here Kyle telling me that we should go. I know that we can come back later. So I reluctantly agree but not before looking at a mountain in the far off distance and faintly seeing the carving if the X.

When I wake up from my dream illsoion thing. I am on top of Kyle, literly on top of him as he lay on the bench coming to. When he stares I know imdetly that he had the thing to. But just as I am about to ask him about it I here the doors burst forth, and the stamping of feet on the floor. Kyle looks around and quickly remembers were we were and tries to sit up, witch just makes me fall over and him on top of me on the floor, with his face ground into the crock of my neck.

That’s when I here it. The shout of Mrs. Powel the P.E teacher telling me and Kyle to go to the office. But I don’t really notice him. Not really, my eyes are locked on that of Max Evans as he stares at me with tears in his eyes, and calmly squares his shoulders and comes over to me slowly, his tears have been replaced with a blazing tidal wave of emotion. None which I thick benefit me.

All the hold is conviction, and hate. He can’t actually think that me and Kyle would, be making out. and I mean in the boys locker room? Please. But as he nears I know that is what he thinks.

He gives me a crooked half smile, and I almost breath a sigh of relief. Almost. But his eyes are still vexing mine, and as he bends his head down to whisper in my ear letting his lips brush my cheek I almost think everything is going to be ok. Almost.

He doesn’t speaks the words and that is what makes he worst. He lightly breaths them in my ear. As if I am not worth the breath that it would take him to conjure up enough air and energy for the words he is about to waste on me. As if to scare me. Which he has.

“I should have thought this much of you.” But that was not even the worst part. As if it was not bad enough that he was whoreimg me down. He had to go for the last blow. He was signing my death warrant or so he thought.

“Traitor.” All I had been thorough for him, and he called me a traitor? My fear was pushed to the side and in its place my rage took its rightful place, He was doubting me, after he had slept with Tess, for Kyle’s noes being close to my neck? I know I did not even look like I had been making out with anybody. My breathing was nice and even my lips not swollen or red, my clothes perfectly fine.

I glared at him the whole time that it took me to get up. I felt the necklace heating up at the hollow of my throat, and as I opened my mouth to lash out I quickly closed it. I relized I had nothing to say to him. Nothing at all. I just walked to the door with Kyle by my side as we made our way to the principal’s office. I never looked back.

But I felt my heart that was made of week ash finally crumble after being burned so meany time repeatedly, and formed its way into hard and strong limestone. He was done hurting me.

Now it was his turn to hurt And I would Make sure that he hurt just as much as I have for the past two years.

Thnals guys for the FB!!!! now I feel loved!! *tears*. Well I hope I did not disappoint you with this part... *nervosuly chewing on bottom lip*