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“L is for love”
Date: May 22, 2002
Rating: M/L PG-13
Summary: Max, admiring Liz from afar, discovers his alien powers when Liz’s life is threatened. His foster parents hate him and he’s never had any friends. Suddenly feeling incredibly alone, Max has no one to turn to. No one but Liz. They only have each other now as they struggle to go back HOME.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but my own words


“No!!!!” Suddenly, something exploded inside of him. A blinding blue ray shot out of Max’s hand and the robber clad in black flew backwards with an amazing ambience. His eyes, previously filled with anger, darkened into confusion. Panicking, he ran to a very frightened Liz.
As he approached her, she backed away and screamed, “Leave me alone! Don’t touch me!”
Seeing the intense fear in her eyes broke Max’s heart. He, himself, didn’t know what had happened, but he wasn’t running away from himself!
“Liz, please, I won’t hurt you. I won’t!”
“Go away! Go away!” The tears flowed like rivers down her face, staining her pale cheeks.
Max was torn. He didn’t know what to do. He just wanted to hold her, his dear Liz, the perfect girl he had been in love with since the third grade, the girl who hadn’t know that he existed until now. She was trembling and it suddenly dawned on him that she wasn’t afraid of just the robber anymore, but of him also. Liz Parker was afraid of him. He felt the tears starting to sting his eyes and knew that if he stayed, they would come pouring down…. So he left.

The cold grabbed at him, dark hands threatening to drag him down in the dark alley. Max wrapped his arms tighter around himself, reveling in the little warmth that he could produce. Every time he closed his eyes, images of Liz’s terrified face shocked him back to awareness.
He hadn’t returned home. Why should he? His foster parents despised him, but giving him up would taint their reputations so they were forced to keep him. He had never had any friends, ever. The only person he had ever wanted to get remotely close to was Liz. Liz, the girl who owned his heart, the girl who thought he was a monster. Maybe he was. Who cares? He had no idea where he was. After leaving Liz, he blindly ran, running away from the pain Liz caused him, running from the sirens. Now he was alone and cold, like usual. But what did that matter? After Liz told police about what had happened, they would surely lock him up and use him as a lab rat.
What was he? Was he really a monster? Where had that blue light come from? How come it had never happened before? Why today, why now?
“Because Liz was in danger, you idiot,” Max thought to himself.
He had already tried countless number of times to get the blue light to come back, but it just wouldn’t work. He decided to try again. He extended his right arm out and faced his hand towards the brick wall in front of him.
He tried to focus., repeating to himself over and over again, “Blue light. Blue light. Blue light.”
But he only saw Liz. Images of her beautiful smile and perfect face. He even heard her voice, beckoning him.
“Blue light. Blue light. Blue light,” he continued to whisper, barely aware of what he was doing.
Suddenly, Max was blinded. Blue light surrounded him and he couldn’t see. He could only feel the heat vibrating from his hand. Completely caught off guard, Max stopped focusing on his memories of Liz and his hand. As quickly as it had appeared, it went away. Once again, Max was engulfed by darkness.
Breathing rapidly, he stuck his hand out again and thought of Liz and focused on his hand. A moment later, the blue light came back and sent a trash can flying. Excited, Max got up and continued to practice, blowing things out of the way. He shot the light at a small brick and to his surprise, it came flying back at him. All was black.

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Everything was white. Max could barely see.
“Am I dead?” he thought.
“No, Max. You are very much alive.”
Shocked, Max sat up and stuck his hand out, preparing to attack.
“Your powers will not work here, Max. This is in your mind, a memory that has been stored in your head, waiting for this day,” a beautiful lady glowing blue said. Her voice was soft and floated like music to Max. Instinctively, Max knew who this was. His mother.
She laughed. “Yes, son. I am your mother, but we don’t have much time. Max, you’re not an ordinary human, you’re extraordinary, you’re… not. Quite. Human.”
Seeing his confused face, she walked over to him.
“Sit down,” she pointed to a chair that had miraculously appeared out of nowhere. They sat.
“Max, you’re not from Earth. You’re an alien.”
“What? That can’t-“
“It can be because it is. You are from another planet, Antar, a planet where you are King, King Zan, where you rule all. In Earth time 1949, you had decided to send a ship down to Earth. You wanted the aliens in it to live among the humans and learn their culture and to share it with our planet when they came back. Then, you decided that you must go too. Your Queen, Lisara, begged for you to stay, for she had heard from the scientists that anything could happen. The scientists had told her that if you went, you might lose your memory and never return, that you might die because you might not be able to exist on Earth. You went anyway, leaving her alone, alone and pregnant. No, you had never known that she carried your child. She was told that if you knew, you wouldn’t go. She knew how much this meant to you and decided to wait until you came back. But you never did come back. When she heard of the crash, she, being devastated, locked herself away. Little did we know that she was secretly planning to go find you.”
“Where is she now?” Max questioned.
“We do not know. Max, time has stopped on our planet for we cannot live without our King and Queen. You must go find her and bring her back. We are afraid that she too has lost her memory and is living among the humans in Roswell. She may even be attending the same school as you.”
“Wait a minute. You said that this is a memory, but how could that be?”
“We had given this to you in your sleep, just in case and then after Lisara left, we sent the rest to you.”
“How does she look like? My Lisara?”
“She was the sun, she was your everything. Since the first day you two met, it was known that you would be wedded and rule Antar. That was your fate. You loved each other more than anything and that is why we cannot live without you. It was decided by her parents, your father, and me that we would stop time until you two returned,” she paused. “Max, Zan, do you know of who I am talking about? Do you know of anyone who takes your breath away, whose sold existence seems to be the only reason you are living?”
“Liz,” Max breathed out.
“Liz. Go to her, but do not tell her of all this until your love is strong. You may tell her of your being an alien, of you having powers.”
“But doesn’t she have powers too?”
“No. Lisara was born without powers, a strange occurrence on our planet. Her parents never knew what happened, why she turned out that way. Her lack of powers was the very reason we were hesitant about your marriage. Although written in the stars, we did not know how you could both rule if she was powerless. However, we soon learned that her love for you was all the power she needed. Because she loved you, your powers strengthened and you grew invincible. The only person who could ever harm you was Lisara, but the whole planet knew that she would never hurt you.”
“But Liz does not love me. She hates me. I first discovered my powers today, when a robber was about to shoot her. She saw me and she probably thinks that I’m a monster.” Tears welled up in his eyes.
“Ah, but Zan, listen to your heart. I can assure you that she has not told anyone of what has happened.”
“How do you know?”
“Because she loves you.”
“We never talk. We’ve only talked twice in the nine years we’ve known each other.”
“That does not mean that she does not love you. You love her, don’t you?”
“More than anything.”
“Go, Zan. Find her and don’t let her go.” She started fading.
“No! Mother! Don’t leave! How will I know how to go back home?”
“The two of you will figure it out together.” Max could barely see her.
“But… No!”
“I believe in you, Zan, we all do.” She was just a voice now, a memory once again.

Snapping awake, Max discovered that he was covered in sweat and that his forehead was bleeding.
“Maybe I am going crazy,” he thought.
But somehow, in his heart, his very essence, he knew that he wasn’t.

Filled with all that new knowledge, he decided that it was time to head home. Although he had a newfound power, he knew that if threatened, he might hurt someone, he might even kill someone, and that’s definitely something he did not want to do.
He may be an alien, but he was not a murderer.

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Sorry this part is kind of short

“Max, can we talk?”
Shocked, Max’s head snapped up and he found himself face to face with Liz Parker. She had bags under her eyes and her eyes shone with nervousness, but she was still the most beautiful thing ever.
Speechless, all Max could do was nod. He had been afraid to come to school, but his parents had forced him. When he had returned home last night, he had endured a two hour yelling session from The Great Asshole (his foster father), but nothing was mentioned about the robbery. Max had figured that his mother was right, that Liz hadn’t told anyone, but he wasn’t sure.
“How about today? After school? I know a place where it’s quiet.”
Forcing his voice out, Max agreed, “Sure, Lisar-Liz. Whatever you want.”
“Do you think that maybe you could drive? My car’s broken.”
She wanted him to drive them somewhere? His eyes widened and he rasped out, “Sure.”
“Ok then, umm, so I’ll see you at your car after school.” She started walking away.
“Wait, Liz!” She turned around. Slowly, cautiously, he walked up to her.
“How are you feeling? I mean, after yesterday, and all.” She looked so tired, he just wanted to touch her so badly, to hold her while she fell asleep.
“I’m fine. Thanks, Max.” With that, she left.

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“Make a left. Here it is,” Liz pointed to a clear area. Max knew this place. He came here often. It was The Desert, his favorite place in the whole universe… well, world. Stopping the car, they both got out. They sat down, a couple of feet apart on the blanket Max had just spread out.
“Ummm,” Max nervously stammered out.
“Max, what was that yesterday? That light?” Liz blurted out.
“Uhhhh… Liz…. Well…” He was clearly avoiding her question. “Aren’t those flowers so pretty?”
“Max,” she said sternly. Turning, she grabbed his handsome face in her hands and turned him towards her. Locking her eyes with his, she continued, “I didn’t tell anyone about it. I just said that there was a robber and I had tripped and blacked out and that the next thing I remembered was waking up to the sirens. The guy’s in jail now, he doesn’t remember a thing at all.”
Pain filled his eyes. Liz, seeing that, felt her heart break. Although they had only spoken a few times, Liz had fallen in love with him, this handsome, quiet guy who she always caught staring at her. No one knew of her feelings for him, but her. She was afraid that if people knew, they’d tell him and he’d hate her, and she’d be hurt.
“Oh, Max.” She slid up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her face into him. He inhaled her wonderful smell.
“Max, I’m so sorry about how I reacted yesterday. So sorry. I didn’t, I was just afraid.” Her tears soaked his shirt and in turn, he wrapped his arms around her more tightly.
Something had broken between them. Their love for one another flowed out and engulfed them in bright rainbows of color. All of the loneliness they had seeped out with their tears. Leaning back a little, Liz captured Max’s gaze and as if there were strings between them, he leaned down and suddenly, they were kissing. Fireworks exploded. Stars burst. They clung onto each other, enjoying the sensation of flying through space, like hanging onto the back of a rocket ship. Their lips played with each other as their tongues dueled.
All of a sudden, Max saw Liz, or rather Lisara, clad in white, exchanging wedding vows with him.
Breaking the kiss, Max pulled away, shocked, but happier than ever.
“Max, what was that? Did you see it? I was there, and so were you and we were saying something, exchanging words or something.”
Panic seized him. What should he do? Should he tell her about him being an alien? His mother had told him to, right?
Max began to move away from Liz, only to find her still hanging onto him, as if she was afraid that if she let go, he’d disappear.
“Liz, I, I’m… not human. I’m an alien.”
Shocked, Liz couldn’t find her voice, but she was not only shocked with him, but with herself. The news seemed somewhat… normal, she didn’t find it all too unbelievable.
Disgusted with himself, Max moved out of her loving embrace.
“No, Max!” she cried. She held him close as she pressed her face into his neck. “Explain,” she said, her words vibrating his neck.
Burying his face into her soft hair, he began, “I discovered my powers yesterday, Liz. I was just as scared of me as you were. I ran away and hid in an alley and there, I discovered how to work them.”
He held her closer. “I just have to focus on my hand and…” he let it drift.
“And what?”
She looked up at him and gathering all her courage, she said, “I love you, Max Evans. I always have and whatever you’re hiding, you can share with me. I promise I’ll never tell.”
Max was blown away. Were his ears like broken or something?
She smiled. “Yes, Max, I just said that I love you.”
“Liz, I, I…”
“I love you too. Since the third grade, since forever.”
Her smile widened. Arching up, she kissed him. Again, there were fireworks and stars, but no flashes.
“I have to think of you,” Max said as he broke away.
“What?” Liz asked breathlessly.
“To use my power, I have to focus on my hand and think of you.” His cheeks were bright red and Liz felt her face heating up also, but she was fine with that. Because at that moment, Liz finally knew what it meant to be truly happy. Max’s words were melting her heart and Liz felt like jumping up and down, like doing cartwheels across the whole desert.
“Liz, are you, are you, scared, of me?”
“Of course not, you silly alien!” Giggling, she playfully hit him on his muscular chest. He laughed and it was the most beautiful sound Liz had ever heard.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile, let alone laugh,” she thought to herself.
Laughing, he grabbed her sides and they began to lightly wrestle. Moments later, Max had Liz pinned down.
“Max?” Liz was lying on her back, staring up into Max’s chocolate-brown eyes. “He must have been an alien angel,” she thought to herself as the sunlight shone around Max, making him look like God’s gift to women… well to her because he was all hers.
“Yes, my love?”
Liz felt a tingle run down her back at the nickname.
“Promise me that you’ll never leave me.”
He leaned down and millimeters before his lips touched hers, he whispered, “I promise.”

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Spicy trini1: it's just max and liz and maria right now.. michael too, but he and max aren't friends yet and michael's not an alien

dancepixie: lol I know! I just love to write and hell, I love max and liz


Hand in hand, they walked towards the doors of the Crashdown, the restaurant Liz’s Dad owned (she lived on top of it). It was almost closing time and there were only a few customers left inside.
“I had a great time today, Liz.”
“Me too. Max? Maybe we could do something tomorrow night?”
Max chuckled. “She wants to see me again!” he thought to himself happily.
“How about I take you out to dinner and then we go to the movies?”
“I’m a 21st century woman, I’ll pay for myself.” She thrust her chin out defiantly.
Laughing, he said, “Well, I’m an old-fashioned guy, so I’ll pay. But you can always return the favor.” His eyes twinkled mischievously.
“Oh really? How?”
He answered with a kiss. A long kiss. A long, heart-stopping kiss. His arms wrapped tightly around her and her little sighs of delight sent shivers down his back.
“Good night, Max. I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”
“Night, Liz.” With a squeeze of her hand, he walked away. Liz watched his back as it slowly started turning into a black dot, then disappeared. Sighing with content, she opened the Crashdown doors and walked in.
Liz jumped at Maria Deluca’s shrill voice screaming at her.
Maria and Liz had been best friends since they were in kindergarten. But not even Maria knew of Liz’s not-so-secret-anymore crush on Max.
Maria ran over and dragged Liz into a booth with her. “What were you doing with Max Evans?”
“Nothing. We spent the afternoon together and he drove me home.”
“You spent the afternoon together?! You’ve never like even talked!” Liz stifled a giggle as she saw Maria’s shocked expression. “And plus, it looked as if you two did more than just talk! I saw that good-night kiss, Liz!”
“Kiss? What kiss?”
Maria, noticing Liz’s extremely guilty face, said, “Liz! What happened with him?”
Liz couldn’t hold it in anymore. She was bursting to tell Maria about Max, about how sweet and perfect he was, about how he loved her.
“Maria, we went to talk after school and one thing led to another and…”
“And you kissed?!”
“A little more than that.” Liz smiled devilishly.
“Oh migod! You two have like never even talked and you’re telling me that you went ALL THE WAY with him?!”
“What?! NO!” Liz was shocked now. How could Maria think that? “I love him, Maria. I always have.”
“That can’t be! You never mentioned it to me before!”
“I never told anyone. He was my little secret.”
“But we’re best friends!”
“I told him that I loved him.”
Maria’s eyes widened even more. “You WHAT? And? What’d he say?”
Liz smiled brightly and Maria smiled back at her best friend’s happiness. It was clear that she was in love and from what she saw before, it was also clear that Max was in love with her.
“He said that he loved me too! Oh, Maria. He’s just the sweetest person ever!”
“I think it’s time for our annual gossip sleepover!” Maria laughed.
Liz smiled and nodded eagerly. “I agree.”
“Wait, I still have some clothes here right?”
Liz rolled her eyes good-naturedly. “Of course! Plus, I don’t even remember which clothes are yours and which are mine anymore.”
Giggling like little school girls, Liz and Maria made their way upstairs.
After changing into their pajamas, the two girls got into Liz’s bed and curious Maria finally asked, “Liz? How was it? Being with Max?”
Liz sighed with content as she reminisced about that afternoon. “Oh, Maria, it was the best! When we kissed, I swear that I saw fireworks. Oh and this one time, I even saw like.. an image.. a flash of some sort.”
“What? What did you see? Max naked with whip cream?” Maria teased.
“Maria! No,” Liz laughed. “I saw him… and me. We were, I think we were exchanging marriage vows.”
“Whoa! Liz, I can barely understand telling him you love him after talking for a few hours, but getting hitched! Liz, what are you doing?”
“No, Maria! We didn’t get married! I just saw that… when we kissed for the first time. What does it mean?”
“Well, you know how I am, Liz. I believe in the stars and destiny and all that, but you don’t.”
“Well, I could start. Please, Maria, help me out.”
She laughed quietly. “Liz, I think that maybe the two of you were like married in your past lives or something. That would explain the flashes and the quick development of your relationship.”
“Me and Max… Married. Do you really think so?”
“I don’t know, but it’s a possibility. How about tomorrow, I do a love chart for you two?”
“That’d be great, Maria! Thanks so much!”
“That’s what best friends are for.”
And they fell asleep, Maria thinking about her best friend’s newfound love, Liz dreaming of Max.

“A love chart?” Max’s nose wrinkled and the two girls couldn’t help laughing.
Liz playfully smacked Max on the chest and snuggled in closer to him. “Well it could help to explain the flashes and all that other stuff…” she drifted off.
Max looked down into her doe eyes and asked, “Will doing it make you happy?”
“Well, I guess, yes.”
“Ok then! A love chart it is!” He leaned down and stole a quick kiss.
Max and Liz could faintly hear Maria’s gagging noises next to them, but they clearly heard her say, “You two lovebirds make me sick! Go get a room!”
Red as fire engines, the two abruptly broke apart. When the bell rang, Max grabbed Liz’s hand and they headed off to first period drawing with Mr. Borme aka Mr. Bore-Me. Entering the classroom, they decide to sit at a table in the back.
“Hello, class. Today, we are going to start our new unit on the human body.”
Cheers erupted from the class and someone in the front whistled loudly.
Max laughed and leaned over to whisper in Liz’s ear, “This sounds like fun. Maybe we could get started on exploring each other’s bodies tonight after the love chart.” Suggestively, he nudged her arm and broke out in laughter once again at her red face.
“Class, settle down, settle down! The first thing you will do is pick a partner to work with for this whole unit. Your partner must be of the opposite sex. Be careful about who you choose because there will be no switches later on. Go ahead, I will give you ten minutes.”
Students moved everywhere, the jocks with the cheerleaders, the nerds with the nerds (no offense!), and so on.
“Hmmm.. I wonder who I should work with? Ooo, Michael Guerin… definitely a good choice. I’ll be right back, Max.” Liz got up and started to walk away, but was stopped by Max grabbing her. Gently, but forcefully, he pulled her down into his lap.
“Max,” she hissed. “What are you doing?” Twisting and turning, she struggled to escape from his grasp.
“I’m not letting you go until you promise me that you’ll be my partner.”
“But Maaaaaxxx,” she whined. “I want to work with Michael!”
He pouted. Liz tried her hardest to resist that adorable look in his eyes.
“Well, well, it looks as if Mr. Evans and Ms. Parker have already started on the project.”
Shocked back into reality, Max and Liz turned to see everyone staring at them and Mr. Borme smiling amusedly. Max quickly let go of Liz and Liz jumped back into her seat.
“Now, class, please come up and tell me who your partner is.”
“Do you want to go or should I?” Max asked.
Liz hid her face in her hands and with her voice muffled, said, “You go. My life is over.”
Max just smiled and walked to the front of the classroom. While he was waiting, Michael tapped him on the shoulder and smiling, said, “Well, it looks like you got to Liz first. I was going to ask her. Are you two going out or something?”
Max’s chest involuntarily puffed out and he proudly stated, “Hell yeah, she’s mine.”
Michael laughed and said, “Whoa! I get it, I get it, she’s yours.” He slapped Max on the back and said, “You lucky bastard.” Then, he walked away.
Meanwhile, Liz was still hiding in her hands when suddenly, she felt a slight tap on her shoulder. Looking up, she found herself staring at a really pretty blond girl.
The girl smiled and said, “Hi, my name is Tess. I’m new here.”
“Hi, Tess. My name is Liz. Welcome to Roswell High.” Humouredly, Liz stuck her hand out and Tess, laughing, took it.
“Zan and I belong together. You’ve never been good enough for him, Lisara, but me, I’m perfect,” Tess said.
“No, Tessina, you are wrong. Zan loves me and would never ever be with you,” Liz replied.
“If you marry him and become Queen, I cannot promise that you will be safe.”
“Are you threatening me?”
“You have no powers, while I, on the other hand, have more than you could ever dream of. What kind of a Queen could you be? How could you protect Antar without any powers? How could you protect yourself?”
“My love for Zan is my power.”
“Ha! You are using him and I know it. It is a pity that he is too blind to see the truth. If he found out the real reason you were marrying him, he’d be crushed, and I’d be there for him.”
“The real reason? I am marrying him for one reason only. I am marrying him because I love him.”
Tessina laughed. “Love? You do not know what love is. You are marrying him for the power, for the title. One day he will find out and I will be Queen.”
“Leave now, Tessina. Before I call the guards.” Her voice shook slightly.
“See? You know that I speak of the truth. You do not belong on Antar, you do not belong on the throne. You belong on Earth, you Human!”
And all Liz saw was black.

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Sorry, this part is kind of short


Liz blinked. Once. Twice. Groaning, she touched her forehead and found a large bump. Suddenly, she realized that she had no idea where she was. She shot up and startled a sleeping Max.
Max held Liz tightly and murmured, “I was so scared, Liz, so scared.” His voice cracked.
Liz pulled back slightly. “What happened?”
“You fainted in class. The new girl started screaming while I was signing us up and then I heard her screaming your name and I got to you quickly. Mr. Borme called the ambulance and they picked you up and took you here. Your parents were here, but they went home after I assured them that I’d stay with you the whole time.”
Liz shrank into Max’s embrace and started crying. “Oh, Max. It was horrible, so horrible. I got another flash!”
A cold fear gripped Max. His mother had warned him not to tell Liz yet, not until they were ready to go home and he knew they weren’t.
She continued, “I shook hands with Tess, the new girl, and oh, God, Max.” Sobs shook her body as Max whispered soft nothings into her ear. “I saw her… and me. She was saying that I wasn’t worthy of being Queen of this place called Antar and that I didn’t really love this guy named Zan. She said that I would betray him. Oh, Max! You’re Zan! I know it, I could see you, feel you.”
Max’s mind screamed, “But how can this be? Mom said that Lisara loved me more than anything! She would never betray me!”
“Please don’t hate me, Max. Please don’t.”
Liz’s plea broke his heart. “Liz, it’s ok, sweetie, it’s ok. Everything’s all right now, Tess can’t harm you now. Shh.. I’m here.”
And Max rocked Liz back and forth until he could hear her even breathing. Carefully, he laid her down on the bed and tucked her in. Settling down next to her on top of the covers, sleep overtook him.

“Look at them, honey.”
“I never even knew that Liz had a boyfriend, but it’s obvious that she and Max are together… and might I add, in love.”
“Yeah, our little girl in love.”
“She’s not that little anymore.”
“I couldn’t have picked a better guy for her. Max Evans is a darling. I hear that he is quite intelligent and great at drawing.”
“Yes. He’s also adopted.”
“Just like Liz.”
“Only difference is that he knows it.”

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AGAIN, this part is short, but I'm sorry! The next one will be much longer *angel*
“Hi, Liz. I just came to see how you were doing. Here, some flowers for you.” Tess placed the flowers on the table by the window and walked towards Liz on the hospital bed.
“Max! Max! Come here!” Liz’s voice was panicky and Max rushed out of the bathroom.
“What’s wrong, sweetie?” He grabbed her hand and sat down next to her, not even noticing Tess, who was suddenly all red, staring at Max and practically drooling.
“Ummm, Max, this is Tess. Tess, Max.”
“Huh?” Alert, Max turned and saw Tess. The first thing that popped into his mind was, “Damn, she’s ugly!” But he couldn’t say that! “Oh, hi Tess.” Instinctively, he slid closer to Liz, ready to pounce if Tess did anything weird.
“Hi, ummm, hi, uhhh, Max,” Tess stuttered out. “He’s so great-looking! What’s he doing with her?” she thought to herself. She watched with jealousy as Max turned away from her and started playing with Liz’s hair, brushing it away from her face and giving her nose little kisses. She cleared her throat. “Well, I guess I should be going. I make you feel better, Liz. Bye, Max.” With a look she thought was a sexy look at Max, she left.
“Thank God she left,” Max sighed with relief. “I thought that I might just lose my lunch there.”
Liz laughed and ran her fingers through his hair. “She’s not that bad! Plus, I think she likes you,” she half-jokingly said.
Max looked at her with concern. “What’s wrong?”
She looked down at her hands. “Well, remember how I was saying yesterday that I saw Tess in my flash saying all those horrible things.. well, what if that really happened in like our last life or something? What if history’s replaying itself? She threatened me, Max, and you too!” She looked up and saw Max sticking his hand out. “Max? What are you doing?”
A moment later, the blue light came out, not as brightly and it didn’t blow anything away. It just glowed. “I can’t stop it!”
Suddenly, his hand started turning towards himself and Liz grew panicky. “Max! Stop! You might hurt yourself! Max!” His hand continued to move towards his chest and then it just stopped, the light resting slightly above his heart.
Max and Liz stared at his chest in disbelief.
“Oh migod,” they breathed out.

“I have to get Max,” Tess yelled to her bedroom walls. “I belong with him, not Liz!”
In all her fury, she forcefully stuck her hand out and blew up her lamp.

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“It looked like this. See the five circles? Well, they were aligned in a ‘V.’ Do you know what it is?” Liz asked Maria.
Maria’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped. “Where did you say you saw this?”
“Umm, I just saw it on a little piece of paper that was on the night table. I woke up and there it was,” Liz lied. Liz hated lying to Maria, but she knew that she had to. If anyone else found out about Max being an alien, he could be in real danger and Liz definitely didn’t want that.
“Liz, it’s a sign! I knew you and Max were together in your past lives!” Maria bounced up and down on the mattress, her excitement shining clearly in her eyes. “Wait, let me guess, Max’s birthday is on the Ides of March, right?”
“How did you know?!” Liz exclaimed.
“Liz! That’s like the official day of astrology! Every decade, the Ides of March falls on the date in which there’s an eclipse. But this Ides of March is even more special. For the first time in centuries, the stars will be aligned in the official sign of the stars.”
“What’s the sign?” Liz’s brow furrowed in questioning.
“That! The symbol you saw with the five circles in a ‘V!’ That’s the symbol!”
Now even Liz was shocked. What could this mean? Was something going to happen? Was Max going to leave? Tears formed in her eyes.
“Liz, what’s the matter?” Maria leaned over and hugged Liz tightly.
“Maria, get Max, please, get Max.”

“Damnit, WORK!” Max screamed at the elevator buttons. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the doors closed the elevator started moving up. Max’s heart was pounding loudly and his chest was tight. Maria had just called him about ten minutes ago, interrupting his shower. She had sounded upset and once Max heard, “Liz, she needs you,” he rushed to the hospital like a madman. He nearly knocked some old women in wheelchairs down with his headlong rush here.
“Thank God!” Max exclaimed and ran to Liz’s room. The second he stepped in, his tunnel of vision narrowed down to only Liz. He didn’t even acknowledge Maria, who left quietly and quickly. He just ran straight to Liz and held her as she choked on sobs.
“What is it, Liz? What’s got you so upset?” He worked fiercely, trying to wipe away all of her tears, but failing miserably.
“Maria… sign… chest… Ides March… align… leave… Antar… Oh!” And she started sobbing again.
Confusion struck him. What in the universe was she talking about? Cupping her soft face in his hands, he steadied her gaze onto him. “Liz, look at me.” She looked. “Liz, I need for you to tell me what’s bothering you. Let me make it all better, sweetie.”
How could she refuse him? “Max, that sign. Maria said that it was the symbol of the stars and that the stars would be aligned in that symbol on your birthday, the Ides of March, for the first time in centuries! And that there’d be an eclipse!”
“Why’s that so upsetting?” Max asked as gently as possible. For him, this news gave him hope, that tiny flicker grew to a large flame. Maybe this was what his Mom was talking about.. that this was the time, but Liz wasn’t ready, he was sure of it.
“Max! What if, what if, something happens and you go back to Antar? What if you leave me?”
“I won’t. I can’t. Even if I wanted to, which I don’t, I don’t know how! Besides, my birthday’s in five months! It’s only October!”
“Max! Something’s wrong. I can feel it. Something’s going to happen on your birthday and it’s going to change our lives forever. Maybe we should go-“
Max silenced her with a kiss, a kiss that was everything. It silently provided her with all the assurance that she needed. Max would never leave her, not if his life depended on it.
“Mom! Ummm… this is, well, umm,” Max stammered.
Liz, although slightly pink, just smiled at Max’s nervousness. “It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Evans. My name is Liz Parker and I’m Max’s girlfriend.”
Max’s mom, Diane, walked over to Max, and much to his embarrassment, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Then, she turned towards Liz and smiled brightly. “Oh, it’s nice to finally meet you too, Liz. Max’s father and I have been curious to find out who this Goddess was that had stolen our son’s heart.”
Liz’s blush deepened.
“Mom, what are you doing here?” Max asked, grabbing Liz’s hand and absently playing with her fingers.
Diane caught her son’s actions and was shocked at how happy she was that her son had finally found someone. She knew that Max didn’t think much of her or his father, but Diane loved Max nonetheless.
“Well, I just spoke with Liz’s mother and we decide that I would be the one to tell you guys the good news.”
Liz perked up considerably. “Good news?”
“Yes, dear. The doctors said that whenever you’re ready, you can go home, even if it’s tonight. Your parents are at home right now.”
“Oh, really? That’s great!” Liz looked at Max. “Max, I want to go home now.”
He smiled back at her. “Sure. Whatever you want.” He turned to Diane and asked, “Mom, is it okay if maybe I take Liz home and spend the night at her house?”
Diane smiled. “Only if you two promise to behave yourselves.”
Max and Liz blushed and Diane laughed. “Liz, why don’t you get dressed while Max and I go tell the doctor that you’re leaving?”
Liz nodded and Max and Diane walked out the door. “Max, I like her, Liz, that is.”
“Yeah, I like her too,” Max chuckled.
“Max, your father and I, we want to talk to you, we need to talk to you.”
“About what?”
“About us. We’re a family, Max, no matter what. Honestly, I’m tired of having you slip away from us. When you were young, we used to be so close.” Her voice started to crack and Max stopped and gave his Mom a hug.
“Mom, we’ll talk, I promise. But right now, I really just want to be with Liz.”
Diane wiped at her tears and smiled quivering lips. “You really love her, don’t you? And I can see that she loves you dearly also.”
“Mom, I think she’s the one.”
“Oh, Max. You’re both very young and you’ve just met!”
“I know that, but-“
“It’s written in the stars.”
Max stared at his mother in wonder.
“I know more than you think, honey.”

“Ah, it feels so great to be in my own bed!” Liz plopped down onto her bed and sat up on her elbows. Watching Max with admiration, her breath caught in her throat at the sight of his strong arms putting down her bags. Catching her staring at him, Max smiled seductively. Slowly walking over to her, he carefully began removing her shoes, rubbing her feet, enjoying her little moans of pleasure.
“Oh, Max.”
Then, he just stopped. “Max?” Liz opened her eyes to see Max leaning over her. Gently, he lowered himself until their chests were pressed together. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, their lips touched.
“Lisara, will you become my Queen?”
Liz gasped. There was Max, kneeling down, proposing to her. She had dreamed of this moment for so long. She just stared down into his stunning brown eyes and suddenly, her vision was blurry. Tears rolled down her face like rain, but Max knew. He knew that they were tears of happiness.
“Lisara? My love?”
And she crumbled. Like the petal of a wilting flower. Straight into Max’s waiting arms.
“Yes, Zan, yes. I’ll be your Queen,” she cried softly. But in her head, four powerful words kept ringing, “What have you done, what have you done?”
“Max?” Max had jumped away from her as she was on fire. “What was that?”
“I’ve got to go,” Max said, starting to get up.
“Max! Max!” But Max wouldn’t listen. He had seen the flash too and now he was worried. He wondered to himself, “Will Liz eventually see more flashes? Will she find out the truth and run?”
“Agh, Max!” Liz gasped out. “It hurts!”
Hearing the agony in her voice, Max climbed back in through the window to see Liz scrunched up in a circle on her bed, clutching at her stomach.
“What’s wrong, Liz?”
The bed started to shake as Liz’s body sent her into spasms of pain. Max ran over to her and grabbed her trembling arm, but only for a quick moment. Less than a millisecond after he had touched her, he was sent flying back with an amazing force and crashed into the wall. His head rammed against the hard surface and a throbbing pain settled in. Through grimacing pain, he saw a bright blue light surround Liz. The light blinded him and the heat started to burn his skin. He could feel little bits of fire jumping around on his skin, marking him.
Then all was dark. The bed no longer shook and Liz was no longer screaming in pain. Blood trickled down his head, but that didn’t stop Max. He quickly got up and ran to a crying Liz.
“Don’t touch me!” she screamed. Max backed away, taken aback by the demand.
“What’s wrong, Liz?”
“Just leave. We can’t be near you right now,” she whispered.
“We? Liz, are you ok?”
“Yes, yes, we’re ok, you can’t come back until he says so.”
“Who?!” Max demanded.
“Go away,” she commanded and sticking her hand out, sent poor Max hurtling back towards the wall. With a loud *bam,* Max’s body smacked the wall, his burns rubbing against his clothes, bleeding. Stunned, Max cautiously got up and gave Liz one last look… one last look filled with confused anguish.

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It’s been three days since Max has seen Liz.
“Sweetie, is everything ok between you and Liz?” Diane asked.
Max looked up from the drawing of Liz he had been working on. It was kind of hard to draw her body considering he’d never seen it, but oh well, he had to. The project would be due soon and even though they would be given time in class tomorrow, Max wasn’t sure if Liz would be willing to talk to him. He had called her every day at least three times a day, but still nothing.
“Yeah, Mom. Everything’s fine,” Max lied. What could he tell her? “Oh, no, Mom. Everything’s not all right. See, I’m an alien and I was married to Liz in my past life, but she didn’t have any powers, yet thee days ago, she was surrounded by a bright light and it looks as if she does have powers now.” Yeah, right, that would fly well.
“Are you sure? Max, sweetie, you know that you can tell me anything. I thought that our little family meeting had cleared all that up.”
Yeah right. All that happened was that his parents talked and talked about how important family was while Max sat there and tried not to fall asleep. Then, the next day, both of his parents were at work again. Yup, it looks as if they had worked really hard to spend time with him. But that didn’t matter. He didn’t really want to spend time with them anyway, he wanted to spend time with Liz, but that didn’t look like it was going to happen anytime soon.
“Yeah, I know, Mom. Thanks for worrying, but really, nothing’s wrong, everything’s normal as can be,” he smiled.

“Now remember, class, the males’ drawings of the females are due in two days. Make sure all unnecessary lines are erased and shadows are all drawn in. Also, no color. I want to be able to see the color through your drawings. After the males turn their drawings in, it will then be the females turn to draw. Gentlemen, please make sure that you are wearing only shorts that day, shorts, not Speedos or boxers, but shorts You may begin.”
Papers rustled and the girls started stripping down to their bathing suits. Most of the girls were in bikini’s, but a few modest ones were in one pieces. Liz, though, didn’t move.
When Max saw her enter the classroom, his heart sped up and he moved his stuff so that she could sit with him, but instead, she chose to sit next to Tess! Max nearly fell out of his chair.
Making a decision, he decided to go to Liz and make her speak to him.
“Hey, Liz.”
She barely looked at him, but Tess did.
“Hey, Max! How are you?” Tess asked… a little too enthusiastically.
“Fine,” Max stated coldly, not even glancing her way. His eyes were glued to Liz, Liz with large bags under her eyes, looking even darker because of her pale face.
“Max! Liz just told me that she’s not going to do this project. I’m sorry, but hey! I don’t have a partner either, maybe we could work together!”
“In your dreams,” he thought, but said instead, “Umm, maybe. I need to talk to Liz first.” He waited expectantly for her to leave, but she didn’t get the hint. Dumb blonde (no offense to blondes!). “Alone.”
Her eyes widened as she finally got the hint. “Oh, ok! I’ll see you in a few minutes!” With that, she bounced away, smiling like an idiot and thinking to herself, “Yes! Now, I’ll show Max how good I can be!”
Max lifted Liz’s chin and forced her to look at him. “Liz, what’s wrong? You look so tired. I’ve called you at least fifty times in the last few days, how come you won’t speak with me? What’s up?”
“Nothing.” Her voice was weak, almost fragile, as if she was afraid of speaking too loudly and breaking it.
“Liz, don’t lie to me. I can always tell when you’re lying. I know you too well.”
“Well, if you know me so well, why can’t you tell what’s wrong?” she snapped, splitting his heart in half.
“Liz, I’m tired of these damn games!”
“Fine!” She got up and ran out of the room. Max was right on her tail and caught up to her in the hallway.
“Liz!” He grabbed her around the waist and held her as she struggled against his strength.
Suddenly, he gasped and let her go, his face white as snow. She didn’t move either. They just stood there and starred at each other, eyes wide and astounded.
“How come you didn’t tell me?” Max asked.
“I was afraid that you’d leave us,” she squeaked out.
“How could I ever leave you? Nothing in the whole universe, this planet and mine, could take me away from you… and our son.”

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Smiling, Max leaned down to give Liz a quick kiss. She moved away. She knew what she had to do and she knew that if she didn’t do it now, she’d never have enough courage again.
He frowned. “Liz?”
“Max, I need to talk to you.” Her serious tone caught him off guard. Suddenly, his palms grew sweaty and he knew something was wrong.
“Ok, here sit down.” Tenderly, he led her to the couch. He searched her eyes for any hints of what she was about to say, but found none.
“Max, I’ve been thinking a lot lately and-“
“Uh oh. Sounds serious,” he tried to joke, but Liz could see the fear in his eyes, hear the hesitance in his voice.
“Max, how am I pregnant? We’ve never slept together or did anything but kiss! It’s scientifically impossible!”
“Liz, being an alien has nothing to do with science.”
“That too! Where did my strange powers come from?”
“From our son.”
“But, Max, Tess had said that I didn’t have any powers! Plus, I’m not an alien, I’m human!”
“Liz, I don’t know. I’ve already told you everything that I know. We belong together, Liz, on Earth and on Antar.”
“But what about Tess? Or Tessina, should I say. She had said that I would betray you, that I was using you, and she called me a human! That has to mean that I was a human!”
“No, it doesn’t. Being called a human was probably just an insult on Antar.”
“And about me coming to Earth in a space ship, how? I wasn’t adopted like you, my parents had me. I couldn’t have come to Earth in a spaceship.”
“All I know is that this has all happened. We have to stop questioning and start thinking about our future. My mother said that we would leave for Antar soon and I have a hunch that it will be on my birthday, the Ides of March when the stars are aligned like that symbol on my chest.”
“I don’t want to leave, Max. I want to stay here, on Earth.”
“But our son, he won’t survive here.”
“How do I know that I really belong with you? On Antar? What if you had just mistaken me to be your Queen, what if it’s really Tess?”
Max got tears in his eyes. “Are you doubting us?” His voice trembled.
“Max, I can’t see you anymore,” Liz said flatly, without any emotion at all, but inside, she was dying from heart break.
“What?! Liz, you can’t mean that!” His tears started to flow. She turned away, not able to bear seeing anymore of his tears, of the pain she was causing him.
“I do, Max. I hate this, all of this. I’m pregnant, Max! Once my parents find out, they’ll disown me! My whole life has been ruined by this… by you.” The words came out perfectly, just like she had rehearsed a million times before, knowing how hard it would actually be. But she just kept thinking, “If I really love Max and our son, I have to do this, I can’t let him see any doubt, any love. He belongs with Tess, she told me, I saw it.”
“Liz, please don’t do this,” he pleaded, tortured by her decision. “What about our son?”
“What about him?” But she knew, she knew that their son needed the both of them to survive, but he wasn’t born yet, and maybe, when he was, he’d go to his rightful mother, not Liz, not this useless human. The thought of losing her son almost brought tears to her eyes, but she kept telling herself that she needed to be strong.
“He needs the both of us, Liz. He needs me.”
“I’m sure he’ll learn to live without you,” she said coldly.
“What about me? I need you.”
“I’m sure you’ll learn to live without me.”

Everywhere. He was everywhere, always staring at her. She could feel his eyes on her when she walked across a room, when she was talking with Maria. He had tried numerous times to call her, but finally gave up. Instead, he resorted to staring at her. After losing him, Liz had fallen apart. There was just too much in her life, too much that she couldn’t handle. She needed someone and that someone was Maria. Maria understood too, completely, she didn’t doubt Liz at all, just accepted what Liz had to say, about Max, about Liz, about Max and Liz’s son.
“Are you sure you can do this?” Maria’s eyes were full of concern.
Liz just nodded. “I have to. Max needs to see that I’m over him.”
“But Josh Bernstein? Liz, that would kill Max!”
Josh Bernstein. Half the girls in the school wanted him and Liz was about to ask him out, ask him to their homecoming. She knew he would say yes, he had had a crush on Liz since they were in fifth grade.
“Maria, please, I need your support with this.”
“You have it. It’s just that, Liz, please don’t do anything you’ll regret. You’re practically throwing Max into Tess’ arms!”
“I know, but it’s what I have to do. Is Max watching?”
“When is he ever not watching?”
Liz got up and walked over to Josh’s table, slightly swaying her hips. “Hey, Josh,” she said softly.
Immediately, Josh’s gaze landed on her. He smiled, displaying a perfect set of white teeth. He was incredibly handsome, but not as great as Max, no one was. “Hey, Liz. What’s up?”
“Nothing. I was just wondering if you’re going to homecoming in two weeks.” She sat down on the table, crossing her legs and showing Josh quite an expanse of skin.
From halfway across the room, Max just starred. He felt like he had just been punched, then kicked, then blown by alien powers. There was Liz, his Liz, flirtatiously sitting with Josh Bernstein, the guy who everyone knew liked her. Jealousy surged through him and it took all his willpower to not go over there and blow Josh around like a yo-yo.
Liz could feel Max’s pain and anger and it tore at her like a hungry lion.
“Well, I want to go, but I don’t have a date,” Josh said hintingly.
“Really? A handsome guy like you,” she paused and placed a finger on his chest, “without a date?”
He smiled.
“Well, what a co-ink-e-dink!” Liz exclaimed flirtatiously. “I don’t have a date either!”
“Liz Parker, would you make me the happiest guy in Roswell and go to homecoming with me?”
She smiled, making sure to look him straight in the eyes. “Oh, Joshy! I’d love to!” Leaning down, she gave him a quick peck across the cheek.
Max saw red. Angrily, he yanked open the cafeteria door and slammed it shut with so much force that it echoed loudly in the cafeteria.
“Whoa, what was that?” Josh asked.
“I’m not sure, probably some crazy student,” Liz lied. She knew it was Max. “Well, Joshy, I’ll see you tomorrow, I’ve got to go and tell all my friends.” She winked and walked away. After walking out of the cafeteria, she walked into the bathroom and collapsed against the wall, sobs shaking her body violently.

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“Wow, Liz, you look so beautiful! That’s definitely the right dress!” Maria exclaimed staring at Liz who had just walked out of the dressing room.
Liz studied herself in the mirror. The dress was working wonders. It hugged in all the right places and the red really brought out her chocolate eyes and the shine in her hair. The thin straps showed off her silky shoulders and the neckline was low enough to accent what little assets she had, but high enough to keep her looking innocent. Turning to study her side, she took in her flat stomach and placed her hand on it, feeling the warmth of her son.
“Max,” she thought, remembering his smile, his gorgeous pools of brown. She was so sure that she would drown in them. She could almost feel his soft fingers combing through her hair, caressing her face.
“Liz! Earth to Liz!”
“Oops, sorry, Maria. I guess I just zoned out there.”
“Yeah.” Liz sat down next to Maria and leaned her head down on Maria’s shoulder. “I just miss him so much.”
“Liz, I’m sure that if you just asked him for forgiveness, he’d be with you again. It’s obvious that he still loves you. Tess is just a distraction. Plus, Michael told me that they’ve never even kissed before! It’s been two weeks! Michael said that he’s only going with Tess because she knows so much about them being aliens and all. Oh, and she’s been like stalking him ever since you broke up with him.”
Liz could hear the happiness in Maria’s voice when she talked about Michael. Liz envied her best friend. Here Liz was, going through so much, and her best friend was happier than ever. Liz used to have that, before she left Max.
“He’s started calling me again, you know. But I won’t talk to him. I just don’t know what to say!”
“Start by saying ‘I’m sorry.’ Then worry about the rest later.”
“No, I can’t. This is the best way. I told you, I know that Max and Tess belong together.”
“Liz! That was what Tess had told you in the flash! That doesn’t mean that it’s true! Plus, you’re carrying Max’s baby, not her.”
“I know, Maria. I’m so glad I told you about everything. It hurt me so much to have to lie to you.”
“I know, Liz. I’m not mad, I never was. I understand what you were doing, you just wanted to protect Max.”
“My powers are becoming stronger and I’m scared. The baby tells me that he wants Max, but I can’t, I can’t give him to his father.”
“Liz, I think you should talk to Max about this. Your son needs both his parents to live. Remember how you called me a few nights ago, in all that pain? It was probably because the baby wanted Max.”
“Max is with Tess now. On the Ides of March, the two of them will fly off in a spaceship together and live happily ever after on Antar,” Liz replied bitterly.
“Liz! Even though Tess is an alien, they’re not meant to be, not like you and Max. Max would never leave you.”
“I’m with Josh now. I don’t need Max.”
“Liz, Josh Bernstein is nice and all, but he’s no Max.”
“Max doesn’t even care. I wanted to make him jealous, but he doesn’t even care.”
“Ha! You know that’s a lie! Max was telling me how he wanted to blast Josh all the way to Antar to get him away from you!” Maria laughed. “Liz, go talk to him, tell me how much you love him and if you have to, though I highly doubt you will, get down on your knees and beg!”
“Maybe I will go pay Max a small visit.”
“That’s a good girl!”

“Max, come on. It’s been like two weeks and we haven’t even kissed! What’s wrong with you?”
“Just go home, Tess.” Max gently, but firmly pushed her away from him. Her breath was starting to make him sick.
“No! I’m tired of you treating me like this! You either give me the attention I deserve, or I’m out of here!”
“Good! Leave!” Max yelled and thought to himself, “Why can’t I EVER get her to leave me alone?!”
“Damnit, Max!” Tess stuck her hand out and blew up soda can he was holding.
“Fuck, Tess! Look at the mess you made!”
“I told you all that about Antar, about you being King and me being your Queen and you still can’t say ‘thank you’?!” She paced around his room.
Max knelt down on the carpet and moved his hand across the spill, drying it with his powers. Tess had provided him with a lot of information. The symbol on his chest was the symbol of the King and not only did he have the power to blow things up, but he could do lots of other things too. He could move objects around, clean things in an instant, and he could even heal, save people from dying.
“Get over Liz already! She left you for Josh! She’s not coming back! Accept me as your Queen and I’ll carry your son, not that no-good bitch!
Max stood up and grabbed Tess’ arm hard. “Don’t. You. Ever. Call. Liz. That. Again,” he said through gritted teeth.
“Or what?” Tess challenged.
“Or this,” a sultry voice said.
Suddenly, Tess was thrown back. Her eyes widened at the satisfactory smile on Liz’s face.
“What are you doing here?” Tess demanded.
Without answering, Liz climbed in through Max’s window and walked up to him. She didn’t say a word, just studied his handsome face.
“What have I done?” Liz thought to herself as she noted the extreme pain in his eyes. Although it still killed him to see her, Max’s gaze never once wavered.
Without turning around, Liz raised her hand and shot Tess, who was attempting to get up, back down again.
Still staring into Max’s eyes, Liz said, “Don’t get up, Tess. I want to speak with Max.”
Finally, Max spoke. “What? Is something wrong with our son?”
“No, Max. I just wanted to talk to you about, well, about us.”
“Us?” he questioned.
She nodded, her soft fingers reaching up and brushing the hair away from Max’s face.
“Maybe we could go to the Desert?”
Max nodded eagerly. At this point, he missed her so much that he was willing to do anything to be with her, even if it meant dressing up in a duck outfit and running around Roswell quacking.
She smiled, making his heart speed up rapidly. Liz grabbed Max’s hand and they walked to the window about to climb out.
“Max! You can’t just leave me here!” Tess screamed.
Max paused. “You’re right. You might scare my mother.” Using his powers, he lifted her up and carefully brought her through the window and not-so-nicely dropped her onto the grass. Tess’ eyes shone with jealousy and hatred as she watched Max lovingly offer Liz his hand and helped her tiny frame get through his bedroom window.
“I can’t believe he’s still hung up on her!” Tess’ mind screamed in frustration. “It’s because of the baby, well let’s see how much he’ll care about her once the baby’s gone!”

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“Isn’t it a beautiful night, Max?” Liz asked, staring up at the sky. They were in Max’s jeep and she was idly caressing Max’s hand, knowing the effect she was having on him. She felt ashamed, hurting him so, but she also felt happy, knowing that he really did miss her, that Tess really didn’t mean a thing.
“Yeah, you are beautiful,” he accidentally blurted out. “I mean, I mean, yeah, it is a beautiful night.”
Liz smiled. She sighed at the familiar sweet sensations coursing through her body at Max’s adoring words.
“Do you miss me?” Max’s hand went cold in hers. She knew that she was being bold, but she was sick of playing games with him, she wanted him back in her life and she wanted him to know it.
“I, well, look at that star. It’s really umm bright.”
Liz got up and moved so that she was leaning over Max. Staring down into his love-filled eyes, she was surprised at the tears forming there. “Oh, Max,” she sighed. “I need to know.”
“Liz, all I thought about was you. Everything reminded me of you, of your smile, your laughter. You were like a ghost, constantly haunting me,” he said honestly, no longer shy.
“Max, I’m so sorry about all the pain I caused you, so sorry. I was so convinced, so sure that you belonged with Tess. I thought that that would be best, even though my heart wouldn’t let me believe it.”
“I know, Liz, I know.”
“Well, I don’t know if I should tell you this, but, well, Maria told me.”
“What?!” Liz’s eyes widened.
“I was feeling so upset and so hurt. I went to her and she well, she told me. It broke my heart learning about all that you were willing to do, to give up for me. But then, the more I saw you with Josh, the more I began to wonder if maybe you really were starting to fall for him. That’s when I decided that I had to do something. If you were going to really leave me, I had to be prepared to fight for you. So I went to Tess. She told me a lot about Antar and about my powers, but Liz, I can promise you that I’ve never ever kissed her.”
“And I never kissed Josh.”
“It drove me crazy to see you with him!”
She giggled softly. More seriously, she asked, “Max? Can you ever forgive me for hurting you?” Tears started to form in her eyes. She was so afraid that he’d say no.
“Liz, I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Slowly, she kissed him. Instantly, she could feel the fireworks, see the stars. She thrilled at how his familiar kiss gave her goosebumps and her heart was about to burst. She felt as if she had just come back from a long journey in search of something and now, she was finally home in Max’s arms and she had found what she was missing, Max. His hands wounded up in her hair, clutching at her head, keeping her close to him. “Max,” she moaned out.
“My Queen, you must warn the King about this. You cannot let him go.”
“Sheeva, I cannot stop him. It is what he wants.”
“Anything could happen! He might never come back! Your son needs the both of you to live, my Queen.”
“Do you think that I do not know that?”
“Have you told him about the child?”
“No. I am afraid that if I do, he will not go.”
“If that’s what it takes, you must let him know. What if he never comes back?”
“Sheeva, you have been my nurse since I was born and I have always listened to your advice, but I cannot do that this time.”
“My Queen, Tessina is planning something. She believes that without your child, the King will leave you and go to her. You must tell him; you need protection!”
“Tessina will not touch me! Zan has guards with me all the time! He would never let anything happen to me.”
“Your Majesty, stop being foolish! If the King leaves, there is nothing protecting you! Tessina has always gotten what she wants!”
“Not this time she won’t.”
“Forgive me, but how can you be so sure?”
“Max! Tess is going to hurt our son! Oh max, did you, did you see-?”
“Shh, Liz,” he soothed her tears. “I’m here. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“Goodnight, Liz. Get some rest, sweetie,” Max whispered as he tucked his sweet Liz into her bed. It was 2 am and they had just got home, having spent most of their time making up at the Desert. He had just helped her change into her pajamas and it was getting really late.
He leaned down and gave her a quick kiss on the lips, but cutting it short because he knew that if he didn’t, he would end up spending the whole night here and she wouldn’t get the rest she so badly needed. Well, not only did she need it, but honestly, so did he. Ever since she left him, Max hadn’t been able to get a good night’s sleep; he spent the whole night tossing and turning, images of her beauty flooding his mind and distracting him from sleep. When he did fall asleep, he dreamt of her always and woke up within minutes, missing her all the more.
“Max, stay with me please. I need you tonight,” she begged, looking deep into his eyes, once again falling into his trance.
Smiling, he told her, “You know I can’t resist you, but I also can’t stay. If your parents saw me here now, they’d kill me! But don’t worry, I’ll be here tomorrow morning, afternoon, whenever you wake up, and we can go to the zoo since I know you love animals so much.” Winking, he gave her another kiss, one that wasn’t that short, sending the both of them back into their own little world. “I’ll just say goodbye now. To you,” another kiss, “and to our son.” With that, he pushed the blanket off of Liz’s tiny body and lifting her top a little, gave her flat stomach a little kiss.
Tears formed in her eyes, slowly trailing down her face and staining her pillow, tiny little circles. Sitting up, she wrapped her arms around the man of her dreams, marveling again at how lucky she was that this man wanted to be with her. She buried her face into his neck. “It’s as if we were made for each other,” she mused at how perfectly she fit within his body.
“Please, Max.” She began to unbutton his shirt, silently thanking him for not fighting her. Peeling back his shirt, she let it drop onto the floor. She stared at his chest in wonder. He looked like a Greek God. Her Greek God.
Fulfilling an unspoken request, he climbed over her and settled his body next to hers, wrapping his arms around her and threw the blanket over them. She slid closer to him, snuggling into his body, wanting to become a part of him. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her stomach, strengthening their connection with their son. Foreheads touching, bodies glued together, they both slept better than they had in weeks.

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"You’re the lucky human who gets to fend off my sexual maulings!"

"Wow! That one,” he pointed to a big, fat, old zebra, “looks exactly like you!”
Above him, Cindy giggled adorably. She laughed and mocked Liz, “Lizzie! Maxie sayed you looked wike a zeeba! Dat one! Dat fat one!"
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Liz woke to the soft whispers of caresses Max was bestowing upon her. But she didn’t immediately open her eyes, instead, she just enjoyed the wonderful sensations Max was creating in her, luxuriating in the feel of his fingers playing with her thick hair. Sending a shiver through her body, his touch began to move over her face, her eyes, her nose, her lips. Liz had never felt like this before. Her body was burning and she felt incredibly frightened, yet exhilarated at the same time. Opening her eyes slowly, she saw Max, Max with the light surrounding him like a halo. Liz wasn’t sure if she was still dreaming or if she had somehow found her way into heaven.
“Mornin’ sunshine,” Max whispered, a tender smile playing across his face.
“Am I in heaven?” Liz asked playfully.
“I guess you have to be, seeing as I’m here.”
She laughed. “What makes you so great?”
“I’m a God and you know it.”
“Well, God Max, aren’t you supposed to be muscular and handsome?”
“Are you implying that I’m not?”
“I’m not implying anything,” she smiled devilishly, “I’m flat out saying it.”
“For that, you shall be punished, my beautiful slave.”
“Slave? That was never mentioned in the contract! I want my lawyer!”
“I know what you want, and it’s not a lawyer,” he said suggestively, wiggling his eyebrows.
She gasped. “Max!” she exclaimed, astonished at his forwardness. “You perverted alien! Are all big-headed green with two big, black eyes, aliens as naughty as you?”
“Nah. I got all the hormones!”
“Lucky me,” Liz muttered sarcastically.
“Hell yeah! You’re the lucky human who gets to fend off my sexual maulings!”
“Ha! It would be harder to fight off a pillow, you weakling,” she stated, a challenge shining in her eyes. She inched away, getting ready to escape him if necessary.
“Oh really?” he said, amused. Suddenly, without warning, he stuck his hand out and using his powers, dragged a struggling Liz back to him. Lurching forward, he rolled on top of her and began to tickle her mercilessly. Writhing like a worm, she laughed hysterically.
“Max! Max! Please stop! Stop…!”
Ignoring her pleas, he continued to tickle her in places she didn’t even know were ticklish like right in the middle of her rib cage. That tickled like a mother! With a brush of his fingers on her sensitive stomach, he sent her into uncontrollable hiccups.
*Max! I’m dying!” she managed to get out between hiccups. “Mommy!” she screamed… but a little too loudly.
Suddenly, they heard a knocking. Max jumped off of Liz and ended up hitting his head on her bedpost. Groaning, Max held his hands over his head.
“Liz? Honey? Is everything alright? Let me in!” Nancy Parker, Liz’s mom, shouted through the door. “Who’s in there with you?”
Panic edging her eyes, she whispered to Max, “What should we do?”
“Stall her, I’ll leave.”
“No, I want you to stay. I’ll just explain to her why you’re here.”
Uncertainty flooded his voice. “Are you sure?”
In response, she turned to the door and shouted, “Hold on, Mom!” Getting up, she adjusted her clothes and her hair, looking like a little girl who had just got caught for playing with her mom’s make-up. Taking a deep breath, she walked to the door and opened it, quickly explaining, “Mom, Max is here, but it’s not what you think! He dropped me off last night and I wanted him to tuck me in so he did and we ended up falling asleep and-“
“Max! Darling! How are you?”
Huh? Both teens stared at her with jaws hanging to the floor. They had expected yelling, anger, shouting, but they had not expected this.
“I, we, I, umm, we’re fine, uhh, thanks,” he finally managed to get out.
Nancy smiled at their surprise. She wasn’t upset with them, she knew that they would never do anything stupid like get Liz pregnant, never. She was just happy that they were back together. She had noticed that Max never came around anymore and that her daughter was always moping around the house, but she had figured that they could handle this themselves. And she was right With a wink she said, “Don’t worry, kids. Are you two doing anything today?”
“Yeah, mom. Max promised to take me to the zoo today,” Liz said excitedly.
Nancy’s face fell.
“Is something wrong, Mrs. Parker?” Max asked politely.
“Well, Liz, Uncle George and Aunt Lucy are coming today with little Cindy.”
“Oh really? I love Cindy!” Liz said. Turning to Max, she explained, “Cindy’s my little cousin. She’s three and the cutest little thing! She and Maria are like the closest people I have to a sister!”
Max smiled at Liz’s obvious pleasure.
“Cindy’s really excited to see you too, Liz. It’s almost been two months since the last time we saw them. But sweetie, if you’re going to the zoo, you won’t be here when she arrives.”
Now it was time for Liz’s smile to turn upside down into a frown. It killed Max to see her happiness deflating like a balloon. “How about we take her along with us?” he suggested.
Their smiles lit up again. “That’s a great idea! We’ll all go meet them at the airport in two hours so hurry up and get ready!” Nancy quickly left the room, shutting the door behind her.
Max got up. “I guess that’s my cue. I’ll be back in less than an hour.” He walked over to her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. “Try not to miss me too much, ok?” She nodded. “I wasn’t talking to you! I was talking to our son!” They laughed and Max knelt down and gave Liz’s stomach a kiss through the fabric of her pajamas. She watched him climb out of her window, his great butt flashing in her face and couldn’t resist a smile.
She called out, “I love you!” as he walked out into the bright sunlight.

“And where have you been, young man? Your father and I were worried sick!” Diane scolded at her son.
“Yeah right,” he thought, “I’m surprised you even noticed I was gone.” Aloud he said, “I’m sorry. I went to drop Liz off and I kind of fell asleep.”
“In your Jeep!”
“No, I mean, I went to drop her off and I also went to tuck her in and then we talked for a while and then I fell asleep. I’m sorry, I should have called.”
“You’re darn right you should have! You’ve aged me another ten years!” Suddenly, tears sprang to her eyes and she collapsed onto the couch, crying softly, surprising the hell out of Max. Stunned, he walked over to her and gave her a big hug.
“Mom, please don’t cry. I’m fine and I’m really sorry that I was so inconsiderate.”
She nodded into her son’s shoulder. “We never see you anymore, sweetie. You’re never home and we love Liz and all, but you need to spend more time with us too.”
“I know, it’s just that, Liz means everything to me, Mom, and I don’t want to miss a moment with her,” he confessed. “How about we go out for lunch together tomorrow? All of us and if you don’t mind, Liz too. I want you guys to get to know her better.”
She sat up and wiped away her tears. “That sounds wonderful. I’ll go call your father soon. Oh, Max, I’m so happy that you and Liz are back together. I was getting worried about you two. No offense, darling, but I didn’t like that Tess girl all too much.”
“Neither did I,” he smiled, “Mom, may I take Liz and her little cousin, Cindy, to the zoo today? I’ve already talked to Mrs. Parker about it.”
“Of course, sweetie.” He smiled, something that she had so dearly missed when Max and Liz had stopped seeing each other. He gave her a quick squeeze and ran upstairs. Diane was incredibly happy for her son. She had waited so long for him to be happy. She loved him and no matter what anyone said, in her heart, she knew that he was her son and although she felt the normal mother’s jealousy because another woman was taking away her son, she knew that this was best for him.
Liz Parker was the perfect woman for Max Evans.

“Maxie! Look at da zeebas!” Cindy exclaimed, bouncing up and down on Max’s broad shoulders. She pointed animatedly at the zebras, eyes wide and innocent.
“Yes, Maxie, look at the zeebas,” Liz said, her eyes glowing mischievously.
Max looked down and smiled that gorgeous smile at her, weakening her eyes and sending goosebumps down her back. Despite the jacket she was wearing, she could feel the chills trembling through her.
“Yes, Lizzie, I am looking at them. Wow! That one,” he pointed to a big, fat, old zebra, “looks exactly like you!”
Above him, Cindy giggled adorably. She laughed and mocked Liz, “Lizzie! Maxie sayed you looked wike a zeeba! Dat one! Dat fat one!” She giggled again and so did Max. The two of them were so adorable together that Liz didn’t mind being the reason as to why they were laughing. Since the first second Cindy had met Max, she had immediately taken to him, following him and holding his hand. And Max was great with her. He told dumb jokes that cracked her up and gave her piggy-back rides. Liz loved watching them together. Watching them made her heart swell, she could clearly see now how great he would be with their son.
She pretended to look hurt. Pouting, she cried, “I’m so hurt! My heart’s broken!” Covering her eyes with her hands, she pretended to cry.
Instantly, Cindy apologized earnestly, “Oh, Lizzie! I sowey! Peas don’t qwhy! Maxie, gwive Lizzie a hug! A biiiiiiiiiig hug!”
Max made a disgusted face and exclaimed, “Well, only because you want me to, Cindy.” He carefully put his arms around Liz, making sure Cindy didn’t fall. Liz looked up and smiled, locking eyes with Max. They just stared at each other, lost in the moment.
“See? Maxie, you made Lizzie few aw bedder!”
They just smiled at each other again and linked hands.

“Lizzie? Aw you and Maxie gonna get mawied?” Cindy asked, her eyes wide and innocent.
Liz nearly choked on her ice-cream.
“What made you ask that?!” Max had gone to get some napkins for the ice-cream they were all eating. Cindy had the special zoo flavor which unfortunately, consisted of a hundred different colors which were all beginning to stain her small mouth. Max and Liz were sharing a coffee mocha cone, but at this rate, Liz was going to finish it all.
“Mommy sayed dat when oo people wuv eadoder, dey get mawied. You and Maxie wuv eadoder so much!”
Liz chuckled. “How much?”
She thrusted her arms out and giggled, “Dis much!”
“This much what?”
“Max!” her cheeks burned, “What did you hear?”
“Nothing. What did I miss?”
“I asked Lizzie if you oo were gonna get mawied.” Liz’s hand rushes to cover her mouth, but it’s too late. “She’s got such a big mouth!” she thought.
His eyes shone with amusement. “What did she say?”
“She didn’t answa me! Aw you? Aw you?” Cindy’s eagerness showed and made Liz less embarrassed.
Max looked at her straight in the eyes and said softly, “I hope so.”

Slowly walking, they stopped when Liz exclaimed, “Oh no! It’s almost one! The sea show’s going to start in ten minutes! We better hurry.” So all three of them rushed to the water auditorium. Unfortunately, the only seats left were in the “Splash” zone. Judging by the few people sitting there, they knew that it wasn’t a fun “splash” zone.
“Yeah! We get to get aw wet!” Cindy squealed. Squirming off of Max’s shoulders, she rushed to find a seat… nearest to the water.
“Cindy!” Max and Liz started running towards her.
“Wait, Max!” Liz came to a stop.
“What’s wrong?”
“Maybe, we could just watch Cindy from up here, I mean, we’re still in the ‘splash’ zone, but we wouldn’t get that wet. And besides, I really don’t want to get soaked!” she begged, gracing Max with her puppy face.
He closed his eyes. “Uh oh. No way am I going to look at that face! That could make a man do anything! We’re going to go sit with Cindy because it’ll be fun!” It was weird talking to someone without looking at them, but Max could see Liz’s beautiful face clearly in his mind.
“But Max…” she whined.
He opened his eyes with a quick blink and grabbed Liz, tossing her over his shoulder.
“Oh migod, Max! Put me down!” She could feel her face burning like none other and knew that she was getting extremely red. From her position, she could see like everyone staring at them, laughing. “Max! Put me down this instant! Max!” she wailed.
“Ok,” he complied, but Liz soon found out why. They were next to Cindy, only about 10 feet away from the water. Liz started panicking, she could already feel the water soaking her clothes, streaming down her face. She turned and decided to try and make her escape, but Max knew her too well. Before she could take two steps, she felt his arms around her waist, dragging her back to him and she landed in his lap. Writhing, she tried to escape his grasp, but to her disappointment, he was just too strong. Here she was struggling with all her strength and he wasn’t even trying! He just sat there and even had the nerve to yawn!
“Just give up already.”
She sighed. “Fine.” She stopped struggling and just relaxed, enjoying the warmth of his arms wrapped around her, her back pressed to his chest, his breath on her cheek. Without warning, everyone started clapping. “Is the show starting already?” But nothing was coming out onto the water and nothing indicated that it was starting.
“Uhhh, Liz. I don’t think that’s what they’re all clapping at.”
She frowned. “Then at what?”
He used his lips on her cheek to push her face to the side. She gasped. They were clapping for them.
Several guys whistled.
“You keep an eye on her, dude!”
Automatically, his arms tightened around her.
Some girls sighed and looked at Max dreamily.
Liz gripped his hands tighter and groaned from embarrassment, burying her face into Max’s embrace, wishing for an alien ship to come out of the ceiling and shoot them back to Antar.
“Dey qwapping for you!” Cindy exclaimed. She turned her attention back to the crowd… and shouted loudly, “Lizzie and Maxie aw gonna get mawied!”
Now, they were both red. Max buried his face next to Liz’s.
“I cannot believe this,” he whispered.
But it wasn’t over. Cindy continued even more loudly, “And dey gonna have babwees!”
“Oh migod! Why did you ever tell her you were going to marry me!” Liz whispered back. She immediately regretted it. Even though it was dark, she knew she had just hurt Max. Her words stung and Max wanted to know if she really meant it, if her heart hadn’t picked up a hundred beats, if she didn’t want to be married to him.
“Max? I’m sorry, it didn’t come out the right way. I was only joking,” she apologized. Forgetting the crowd watching them like a movie, she leaned back and lifted Max’s chin so that he was looking straight at her. With her eyes full of love, she told him sincerely, “I love you, Max Evans, and I do want to marry you. And not only do I want to marry you and live on Antar as your Queen, but I want to have your son, the child that I’m carrying right now.”
Tears stung his eyes and they began to kiss, ignoring the clapping and cheering. They were too enchanted with one another to notice anything but each other.
“Now, if the young couple would please stop entertaining the audience, although we really appreciate it, but the show’s about to start.”
They pulled away from one another quickly. Their cheeks a deep crimson red, they just nodded and turned back to the water to see a guy in a wetsuit laughing at them. Cindy squealed and ran further down into the “splash zone,” her excitement shining brightly in her eyes.
As the show continued, they “oohed” and “ahhed” at the wonderful performance. The dolphins were magical, dancing like graceful ballerinas and making sweet music. The seals were adorably funny, tossing balls on their nose and making little seal jokes.
The whole time, they held hands, just enjoying each other’s company. Max’s free hand rested gently on her stomach, sending their son images of what they were seeing. At one point, Max jumped and Liz, concerned, asked him what was wrong. His answer was a heart-stopping smile and, “Our son just laughed. He likes the seals.” It brought tears to her eyes.
She then vowed to herself and to her son, “No matter what happens, I will fight to the end to keep Max in our lives.”

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that's what I'd like to know. I already have the next couple of parts ready, but I'd still like to know.
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behritall4me-you must have like read my mind!! You'll see what I mean in the next few parts. I went crazy and wrote so much, but I don't think I'm going to post it all yet *happy*


“Hey, Josh.” This time, there wasn’t any flirtatiousness in her voice, no playfulness. Max was watching and she knew, but this was for a different reason. She wasn’t here to hurt Max anymore, but now, she would have to hurt Josh.
He must have noticed her change in attitude, who wouldn’t, because his eyes got a cautious gleam to them and he seemed worried. Liz felt like the dirt on the bottom on someone’s shoe.. someone who had been trekking through mud all day.
“Hey, Liz. Is something wrong?” Immediately, his hands came to rest on her bare arms. Repulsed at having someone other than Max touch her, she pulled away quickly, almost rudely.
Pain filled his eyes and she regretted what she had done. Taking a deep breath, she said, “Josh, I really need to talk to you. It’s important. It’s about homecoming.”
“I know, I know,” his face seemed to droop with sadness, “you and Max are back together again, huh?”
“Uh, uh, how did you know?”
He smiled weakly. “I can see the smile in your eyes. Max Evans is one lucky guy.” He got up and gave her a small, friendly peck on the cheek, bringing tears to her eyes and walked away. She hated hurting him, but she hated herself even more. All along, she had used him to get what she wanted, Max, not even taking into consideration Josh’s feelings. She wasn’t playing anymore, what she was doing involved people’s hearts and feelings.
She jumped at the unexpected weight of someone’s warm hand on her shoulder. Instinctively, she knew it was Max. Leaning back into his arms, she sighed.
“Did everything go ok?” he asked softly, somehow knowing the self-beating Liz was going through.
She turned to face the love of her life. “Max, I hurt him, I can’t believe I could do that to anyone!” The tears returned and she wept silently onto Max. If you had done that to me, I would have been devastated and-”
“I love you, Liz.”
And somehow, that was all she needed to hear.

“Zan! Zan!” Lisara cried, clutching her stomach, doing her best to protect their son.
“He cannot hear you, Lisara, he is halfway across the city,” Tessina hissed out, ugly hatred filling her dead eyes. “I warned you before to stay away from him, to let him be with me, but no. You did not listen and now, it is time to pay.”
“Tessina! You are crazy! When Zan hears about this, he’ll-“
“He’ll fall to his knees and kiss my feet! Zan and I are meant to be! You stole our child and I will make you sorry for that.” She stuck her hand out and blew fragile Lisara into her dresser. Lisara fell and moaned in pain, tears flooding her eyes as the pain became more than she could bear.
She cried silently for her Zan, “Please, Zan, please, come save us!”
Tessina, in all of her rage, ran over to the unfortunate Queen and kicked her in the stomach, shocking Lisara’s son, sending bullets of pain through Lisara’s weakening body.
“I cannot give up, I must save my son. Zan, oh Zan,” her mind wailed.
Tessina laughed, an evil laugh, a laugh on the skins. The skins were horrible aliens, they killed for fun and always left a skin behind as a mark, a symbol of their crime. Panic fleeted before Lisara.
“Yes, my Queen,” Tessina spat out. “One more wave of my hand and both of you despicable life forms will be gone forever. I can make it painful and slow, I can kill your son first, and let you live through it and by the time I finish, you will be begging for death.”
Lisara gathered what little breath she had left. “If you love Zan, how could you possibly harm his son, his child of which I am carrying?” she gasped out in between sharp intakes of pain.
For a fleeting moment, doubt crossed Tessina’s face, but it passed within moments. Tessina smiled that horrible smile and stuck her hand out. Laughing, she said, “This is it, Liz, this is it.”

“MAX!” Liz bolted upright in bed, hoarsely screaming Max’s name.
“Max, where’s Max? I need Max,” her mind demanded frantically. In the dark, her eyes sought for him.
A startled Max awoke from sleep.
“He’s here, with me,” Liz thought as her hands covered her eyes and tears flowed down her face. Instantly, Max wrapped his strong, protective arms around her and cuddled her down in bed next to him. He murmured sweet nothings into her ear, kissing away her tears, and hugging away the pain.
When she had calmed enough to make understandable sentences, she spoke, holding onto Max’s body for dear life.
“Max, the dream, it was so real. Tess, Tessina, was there and she was hurting me and I kept calling for you, but you were gone. She kept kicking me, trying to kill me and our son. She was so angry, so jealous! And then, towards the end, she, she didn’t call me Lisara anymore, but, but Liz! Max, she’s going to hurt our son! I know it!” Once again, the pain coursed through her body, sending her into another round of salty tears.
Max was speechless. He didn’t know how to make it all better anymore. His life had spun out of control and he had not only ruined his life, but Liz’s also. He had always known that Tess was jealous of Liz, but he never thought that she would actually try to hurt his son. She must know that Max was a hundred times more powerful and that because Liz was carrying his baby, Liz had acquired some powers also.
“Liz, I, I don’t know what to do. I can’t believe, I’m so sorry that I did this to you, put you in this danger, and-“
She cut him off, knowing that he was blaming himself for what he didn’t do. “No, Max. You have nothing to be sorry about. But please, promise me that you’ll never leave me alone anymore, promise me that you’ll always be here to protect me, please promise me, please,” she pleaded, the fright in her voice tearing Max’s heart into a million shreds.
“I promise, my sweet Liz, I promise.”
Suddenly, the mood had changed. Liz was now reassured that everything would be all right, as long as she had Max, nothing could harm her. And Max was now sure that Liz wasn’t angry at him, that she didn’t regret loving him. All they needed tonight was love.
She looked into his soul, “Max, love me.”
“I do.”
She gently grabbed his handsome face into her hands and whispered again into the dark, “Love me.”
He nodded, lovingly kissing her face, her neck. “I will.”
“Max, love me.”
And he did, his caresses proclaiming his love for her, his kisses giving her strength.

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grrr TESS

When Max awoke the next morning, his body still buzzing, he stared in awe and admiration at Liz. She looked so peaceful and happy. He tried to move to wrap his arms around her, but their entangled bodies wouldn’t allow it. Liz slowly awakened a few moments later. They shyly eyed each other, their faces flushed. Awkwardly, they stared.
“What if she regrets it?” Max worried, “What if she thinks that I took advantage of her and hates me for it?” All of her possible scenarios floated through Max’s mind. She could cry, yell at him, scream…
But he hadn’t thought that she could just smile.
He smiled back, relief flooding through him.
“Good mornin’ Max.”
“Good morning, Liz. How are you feeling?” He kissed her bare shoulder.
Her eyes fluttered closed. “I’m great and so is the baby.”
“Does it hurt still?”
She smiled, a smile that made Max weak in the knees. “No, it never did.” She trailed a lazy finger across his chest, lightly fingering his well-toned body. Max gasped. Her fingers were creating a trail of soft blue light!
“Liz, what color is your dress to homecoming?”
Liz’s eyes widened. She had completely forgotten that homecoming was tomorrow night! “Red.”
“Can I see it? I bet you look even more beautiful in it,” he teased.
She feigned shock. “Of course you can’t see it, Mr. Evans! I want to blow you away with it tomorrow night.”
Max smiled. “Fine, I’ll wait, but I’m telling you now that I’m not a patient man.”
“Liz Parker! Max Evans! You two better get up and eat some breakfast! Jeff and I are leaving now, but we left some food for you out here!” Liz’s mom yelled through the door. Both their parents knew that the two spend nights together and have gotten used to it. That was the only way they ever saw their children, nowadays.
Max’s stomach growled. “I’m starving, let’s go!” He jumped out of bed and was about to go out when he heard Liz’s uncontrollable laughter behind him. He turned to her, a huge question mark on his face. “What?”
“Max Evans, are you just going to go out there naked like that?” her eyes glittered.
Max gasped and looked down. He had completely forgotten that he was stark naked! Quickly covering what he could of himself, he ran to Liz’s dresser and pulled out one of his boxers and shirts. The two had mutually decided to leave half of their clothes at the other’s house a few days before.
Liz just laid there, smiling at Max’s predicament. As he struggled to put his clothes on, she admired her lover’s perfect body.
He turned to her again and asked, “Aren’t you going to get up?”
“Nope. I think that I want you to go get me some food and bring it back here.”
“Excuse me, but who ever said that I was now your personal slave?”
“You don’t remember promising me that last night?”
“No. When?” he asked playfully.
“When you were moaning and groaning like a sex-craved alien.”
“Hey! That’s not fair! I didn’t know what I was saying, I could only feel.”
“Oh well, all’s fair in love and sex,” she laughed.
Max ran and jumped onto the bed, attacking Liz’s throat. She laughed loudly, unable to stop. “Max! Max! Stop,” she yelled, the smiling playing at her lips.
Max didn’t listen, just continued to be the “sex-craved alien.” He nipped at her throat when all of a sudden, he was thrown back with an amazing force. His head bounced against the wall and he could see stars.
“Oh migod, Max! Are you ok, honey?” Liz ran over to her poor alien and began to examine him for any major injuries.
He brushed her away gently. “I’m ok, but what happened?”
Liz looked down, fiddling with her thumbs.
“I did it.”
“What? Why?”
“Well,” she looked up, “it wasn’t really me. It was our son. I guess he didn’t realize that you were playing with me.”
He laughed. Leaning down, he gave her bare stomach a soft kiss. “Son, don’t you know that I would never hurt your mom, or you for that matter?”
Liz smiled and brushed the hair away from Max’s face.
“Hey, Liz, now who’s running around naked?”
Liz shrieked and dove under the covers, clearly hearing Max’s loud laughing near her. From under the covers, her muffled voice begged, “Please go get my clothes, Max. Please.”
He tried lifting the blanket up, but couldn’t seem to. “Liz, are you using your powers? What have you done?”
“Nothing! Now go get me my clothes!”
“Nope. Not only you come out.”
“Well then, it looks as if I’m going to starve.”
“Ok, that’s fine with me.”
“What about your son, Max? If I starve, he starves.”
“Liz! You little-“
“I don’t think you want to finish that sentence, honey.” Liz laughed. From under the covers, she could hear Max’s voice getting closer. She chuckled again into the darkness. All of a sudden, the cover was snatched out of her hands and she was lying there, on her bed, NAKED for all the world to see! Ok, maybe not the world, but Max.
“Max!” She ran over to him and jumped on his back. Lightly, they fell to the floor and began to wrestle. “Give me back the blanket! Max!”
He just laughed and yawned while she struggled. “Liz Parker, just give up.”
“Never!” With that, she just jumped on him, surprising the hell out of her alien. Max lay on top of her, gently holding her down.
He opened his mouth to say something, when he was interrupted by a loud scream. Shocked, both looked towards Liz’s balcony. There stood a VERY shocked Maria.
“Crap!” Max yelled, quickly reaching for the blanket to cover Liz up.
“Ummm.. hey, Maria,” Liz smiled.
Maria’s jaw almost touched the floor as she stood there, her mouth working like a fish. But what she came to say was really important so she quickly overcame her shock and said, “Something’s wrong.”
Immediately, Max’s body went to protect Liz. Cautiously, he asked, “What’s wrong? What’s happened?”
“I just finished doing my weekly tarot card reading and when I mentioned Liz-“
“Tarot card reading? Come on, Maria.”
Liz apologized, “I’m sorry, Maria. Just keep going. What did the cards say about me?”
“Liz! I did it over and over and over again. I thought that maybe, just maybe I did it wrong even though I’ve never made a mistake with it before.”
“Maria, please just get to the point!”
“Liz, the cards, they said that you, they saw in your near future, it was, death.”

And I will take
You in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you

I've loved you forever,
In lifetimes before
And I promise you never...
Will you hurt anymore
I give you my word
I give you my heart
This is a battle we've won
And with this vow,
Forever has now begun...

Hearing the harmonious voices of *N SYNC in the background, Liz cuddles in closer to Max. This is the last song of the night, of homecoming. Liz’s eyes open slightly and she smiles at Maria who’s dancing with Michael, looking so happy and in love. Liz is ecstatic that Maria now knows just how great being in love is. Max’s arms are wrapped around Liz, one hand playing with her back, caressing the smoothness there. It feels so perfect to Liz that she closes her eyes once again.
“I want to engrave this moment in my memory forever,” she whispers silently to herself.
Suddenly, he leans his head down, getting closer to hers. His soft hand touches her cheek and lifted her chin up and Liz falls hopelessly into the endless pools of his brown eyes.
“Liz,” he whispered, so low she could barely hear it. Her heartbeat picks up and she has trouble breathing. She closed her eyes as he slowly, agonizingly slowly learned down and captured her lips with his.
His lips are so gentle, his kiss so sweet. Liz feels the familiar undeniable need to be closer to him, to feel him. Wrapping her arms around his neck more tightly, their kiss deepens until it becomes everything.
They’re not sure how long they stay like that, locked together. But after a while, he gently pulled away. Staring down into her eyes, he doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t need to. All his feelings, thoughts are in his eyes. Liz could see the awe there, the love. Slowly, she grinned. He pulled himself away from her grasp and got down on one knee. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a little black box and revealed a beautiful diamond ring perched inside. The diamond is surrounded by tiny specks of turquoise.
His voice is rough and his eyes are wet.
“Liz, since the first time I saw you in the third grade, I have been in love with you. Your smile, your laugh, your love, they have been the only things keeping me alive. The sun doesn’t make me half as warm as your touch does, the stars’ shine is dull compared to the sparkle in your eyes. On Antar, you are my Queen and I am your King. Elizabeth Parker, the woman who is carrying my child, will you make me the happiest man alive on Earth and on Antar and be my wife?”
Liz is speechless, her eyes shining brightly in the dimly-lit gym. Her heart feels like it’s about to burst and she can’t stop the tears from falling. Her knees feel like Jell-O and she nodded weakly.
“Yes, Max, yes, I”ll be your wife,” she cried out.
Still kneeling, Max slides the beautiful ring onto Liz’s left ring finger. Standing up, he takes her into his arms and although everyone’s starting to clear the gym, they just stand there, swaying slightly from side to side, surrounded by unconditional love.

The glasses clinked together and the four teens cheered loudly. “To Max and Liz,” Maria and Michael said.
“To us,” Max and Liz repeated, staring into each other’s eyes.
“Oh, you guys make me sick,” Maria laughed. Michael nodded and slung his arm around Maria.
They were at Romeo’s, the new Italian restaurant in town. It was a beautiful place, soft music was playing and candles lit the place. Liz was resting against Max’s chest and they had just finished ordering. Max’s fingers were absently playing with strands of her soft hair and Liz’s hands were resting innocently on his thighs.
“So Max, did you see the game last night? Man, Iverson really kicked some ass,” Michael said, clearly being brought back to the game.
“Oh yeah, he scored 90 points!”
Liz and Maria good-naturedly rolled their eyes, but the guys were too engrossed in their conversation to notice. The two girls began to talk about shopping.
“Here you go,” their waiter said placing various dishes onto the table.
“Thanks,” they all echoed, digging into the food. They were starving!
Not caring who saw, Max and Liz took turns feeding each other little bits of food, just like Michael and Maria were on the other end. Liz smiled and whispered quietly into Max’s ear, “Who would have thought that Michael Guerin, our star quarterback, could act so in love?”
Max laughed gently and agreed, “Yup. Now whenever we want him to do something, we can just blackmail him.”
Liz giggled and gently smacked him on the chest, “You’re horrible!”
Maria asked from the other side of the table, “Why? What’d he do now?” Her voice took on an annoyed tone, but they all knew she was just kidding.
“Oh, nothing. He was just rambling on about how we could blackmail Michael,” Liz said nonchalantly.
“What?!” Michael asked.
They all laughed and Liz squealed, “Ooo! Dessert!” as their waiter set down some ice-cream. The two girls quickly began to lick away at their ice-cream while the guys stared mesmerizing.
Self-conscious, they stopped and asked at the same time, like best friends always do, “What? Do I have ice-cream on my face?” They stared at each other and bursted out laughing. The guys just shook their heads and grabbed their girlfriends’ spoons and started eating away at their ice-cream.
“Hey! Honey pooh, give that back!” Maria demanded, her hands waving in front of Michael’s red face.
Max and Liz looked at one another, “Honey pooh?” Michael didn’t say anything, his red face said it all. Max said, “Even we don’t have pet names!”
“Oh shut your mouth, Evans,” Michael demanded.
“Or what, honey pooh?” Max shot back.
“Or I’ll take both of these fine ladies home with me tonight and leave your sorry ass here.”
“Hey! I’ll have you know that Max’s ass is not sorry at all!” Liz defended.
“Thanks, sweetie,” Max looked at Liz with gratefulness.
“It may be a little small and flabby, but-“
“That’s enough, hon!”
Liz laughed and gave Max a small peck on the cheek. But the smile quickly faded into a contortion of pain.
Worried, Max asked anxiously, “Liz? Honey? What is it?”
She grabbed at her stomach and started moaning in pain. Now everyone was worried.
Max quickly said, “Maria, Michael, you two stay here. We’ll be right back.” He picked Liz up and carried her out of the restaurant to his Jeep. Yanking his door open, he laid his fiancé down and placed his hand on her stomach. Liz made it hard for him, shifting and groaning. Max closed his eyes and focused on his son.
A little boy stood in front of Max. His brown hair was tousled and his brown eyes were smiling at Max. Having no control over his body, Max’s arms were thrust out and the little boy ran over to him and jumped into Max’s strong arms. Automatically, Max could feel the love this little boy in his arms had for him.
The boy smiled and looked Max straight in the eyes.
“Hi, Daddy.”
Max gasped and stepped back away from Liz. She was covered in sweat, tears were rolling down her face. But she wasn’t hurting anymore; Max sighed in relief. He inched closer to her and she opened her eyes, begging him to come to her. He complied, lifting her back up from the seat and calmed her. Shifting so that she was in his lap, Max stroked her hair.
Breaking the silence, Liz questioned, “Max? What did you see? You made the pain go away and I know you didn’t heal me because there wasn’t any light.”
Max continued to stroke her hair, searching for the right words. In encouragement, Liz turned her head and gave his chin a sweet peck. Sighing, Max spoke, “Liz, you wouldn’t believe it. I saw our son! He had our brown hair and my nose and mouth, but your big, doe eyes. I just stood there and stuck out my arms and he ran and gave me a hug! He was, he was, just, wow.”
Liz looked into Max’s gorgeous pools of brown and smiled at his excitement. His eyes shone with love and amusement and Liz was nearly brought to tears as she pictured her son and future husband together.
“Come here,” Max grabbed Liz’s hand under his own and placed it with his under her shirt and on her bare stomach. Closing his eyes, he concentrated on their son. Liz followed suit, her eyes drifting shut.
Emotions shot through them.
Liz gasped at the scene before them.
There she was, in this gorgeous, blue summer dress, sitting on soft sand and laughing at this other Max and this adorable, little boy… her son. The two were building a large sand castle, laughing and having so much fun. Suddenly, her son threw some sand onto Max’s legs and giggling, ran quickly to Liz. With Max chasing him, her son sprinted straight into Liz’s arms. Surprised, Liz let out a yelp and laughing, she picked him up and they started running.
Max chased them and their son screamed, “Mommy! Huewy! Daddy’s coming! Ahhhh!”
They ran, but they just weren’t quick enough. Max easily caught them and the three tumbled onto the sand. They wrestled and before their son knew it, Max had him pinned beneath him and Liz and Max started tickling him.
“Mommy! Daddy! Stooooooooppppppp!’
They laughed and stopped, Liz scooped their son up into her arms and sat in between Max’s legs. The three sat quietly and watched the beautiful sunset.
“Mommy? Daddy?” their son whispered, not wanting to break the perfection of this moment.
“Hmm?” Max and Liz both hummed.
“I love you.”
Both of them had tears in their eyes. Slowly, they began to kiss, memories of their son filling their kiss with more love than ever.
“Well, it looks as if Liz is feeling better.”
The couple pulled apart and blushed at the amusement on their friends’ faces.

“No! Liz! Watch out!” Max struggled to run to Liz.

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I love Max and Liz remember? I would never let them be hurt!

“No! Liz! Watch out!” Max struggled to run to Liz.
“Ahhh!” Liz’s scream pierced through the dark night, along with the squeal of the tires and Liz’s petite body being smashed into the car. Her body was flung backward and she fell onto the street, crumpled. Max ran to her and scooped her up into his arms. In the background, Max could hear Maria crying and screaming and Michael yelling at the bastard in the car.
“You fuckin’ idiot! Get out here!” Michael yelled at the driver, but the drive didn’t budge. The driver gave Michael the finger and speeded away with Michael attempting to catch up to the car, but failing miserably.
Max tried his hardest to zone it all out. Placing his hand on Liz’s stomach, he allowed the connection to flow through him.
Max was somehow taken through her body, through her blood. He traveled everywhere and healed all the pain. He was bombarded with images of Liz: Liz at three, Liz at her first dance, Liz here, Liz there. His body shook violently, but he didn’t let go. He found her heart and began to send the blue warmth into it, quickly feeling her heart begin to pump strongly again.
Gasping, he collapsed onto the ground next to Liz, gasping for breath. He could hear Liz coughing and struggling for breath also. Relieved, he wrapped his hand around Liz’s, squeezing it to assure her that he was there for her. Tears poured down both of their faces, Max because he had been this close to losing Liz and Liz because of the pain in her stomach.
“Max,” she rasped out, “the baby!”
Panicking, Max placed his hand onto her stomach once again. He opened the connection again, but he couldn’t find their son. “Liz, I can’t find him! Liz!”
Liz placed her trembling hand onto his and closed her eyes. But nothing happened. Her powers, they were gone.
She screamed, an anguished, torn scream that broke Max’s heart. And she didn’t stop.

He wept silently, connected to his son, listening again to the beautiful sound of his tiny heartbeat.
“I had been so close to losing him, him and Liz,” Max’s weary mind screamed, “What would I have done if I had lost them? I couldn’t live without Liz, without my son.”
His tears soaked Liz’s shirt and his bed sheets. His head rested lightly on her chest, her breathing coaxing him into sleep.

“Max, what was that? A fuckin’ blue light came from your hand!” Michael screamed, clearly confused and frustrated.
“Michael, calm down, dude. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“Stop messing with me! I saw what I saw and I know something’s going on here!”
Max remained silent, he didn’t know what to say. He was tired of lying to Michael, the guy who had become his best friend. Michael deserved to know the truth about this guy, this alien he called a friend.
“You’re not going to believe me, Michael.”
“Tell me and I’ll decide for myself.”
Max sighed. “Well, I’m, I’m not from here, I’m from umm, up there.”
“Up where?”
“Errr, space. A planet named ummm Antar.”
Michael laughed bitterly. “You expect me to believe that?! You want me to believe that you’re like an alien or something? Man, I’m just a little smarter than that!”
“I’m not lying, Michael. Ask Liz, Maria. They both know.”
“You are all crazy. Crazy!”
“I’ll prove it,” Max stuck his hand out and the blue light came shooting out, sending the remote control flying across the room.
Michael jumped. “Holy mother of mothers!”
The words rushed out, “And Liz is pregnant. With my son. And on Antar, she’s my Queen, but right now, time’s frozen there because my parents and Liz’s decided that they couldn’t survive without their King and Queen. I found all that out when I hit my head with a brick and my Mom told me in this memory that they had planted into my mind before I went to Earth. Oh, and Tess is an alien too and apparently, she wants to kill Liz and our son, but I won’t let that happen. That’s why Liz and I are always watching her stomach. My son’s going to be strong too. He’s already showing signs of power. Well, actually, Liz is showing it. All of his powers are with her right now, so although on Antar she doesn’t have any powers, which no one knows why, she does now because of the baby.” He breathed a sigh of relief.
Michael just stared at Max, like he had grown antennas out of his head. “Do you have antennas?” Michael asked.
“Nevermind. Wow, Max, this is umm somewhat hard to take in.”
“I know, but if you decide never to speak to me or Liz again, please don’t tell anyone about us, you could put me, Liz, our baby,” he paused, “and Maria in danger.”
Michael’s gaze snapped up. “Is Maria, well, is she-”
“No. She’s a human like you.” Max could see the relief flow through Michael’s body.
“Wait! Did you say that Tess is like, a bad alien or something? That she wants to kill Liz and your, umm, your baby?”
Max nodded, his eyebrows bunching together.
“Max! I never got the chance to tell you this, but the driver of the car, the car that hit Liz, I saw who it was! It was Tess, Max, Tess! And she didn’t look scared or sorry at all! She was smiling, Max, smiling!”
Max grabbed Michael’s arm. He looked intensely at his best friend. “Are you sure about this? If you’re not, then take it all back because I swear to God, I’ll kill Tess for this!”
Michael nodded, looking weak and vulnerable for the first time. “Max, I don’t think you should waste your time bothering with Tess right now, you should be with Liz! She’s not alone is she?” The concern shone in his eyes.
Max’s body tensed and he ran out of there like lightning.

Liz couldn’t breathe. Hands were wrapped firmly around her tiny throat, slowly squeezing the life out of her. Her vision was blurred. She could only feel the pain and hear her son crying and calling out to her. Black spots were appearing before her, sending her to the brink of unconsciousness.
“Does it hurt, Liz? How badly? I warned you to leave Max alone! But NO, you wouldn’t listen to me, would you?” Tess didn’t wait for an answer. “It’s too bad that you didn’t, you could have not only saved your pathetic self, but your little baby too. The baby that should have been mine!”
The hands wrapped tighter around her, choking her and stealing her life. Her arms went limp and she felt like she could no longer fight. “It’s all over, Tess has won,” Liz softly thought to herself, “I love you,” she silently told her son. “I love you, Max,” she mentally sent the message to the man she loved, the man who she was going to marry, the man who she was going to be with forever. But that was all gone now, she wouldn’t be with him anymore, she’d be gone, leaving him all alone. “Max,” she mentally cried, praying that he’d never forget her.
The blackness was grabbing at her, almost succeeding in pulling her into the darkness. The strength leaked from her body and Liz knew she wasn’t going to make it.

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Max ran quickly to his house. The door was locked because his parents were on business trips and he had forgotten his keys.
“Max! Please, help me! Please!”
“Daddeeee! Peas!”
Max gasped and knew that he had to get his room somehow. But the security system was the best around and the house HUGE. How was he possibly going to get in without his keys?
“What the fuck? I’m an alien!” he yelled aloud. Not caring if blood-thirsty FBI agents saw him, he used his powers to unlock the door, nearly melting the doorknob in the process.
He rushed in and ran up the marble staircase. As he got closer to his room, he could hear Tess’s disgusting voice yelling maniacally. He blew open the door and stepped in… and nearly died himself. The anger and fear boiled inside of him as he saw Tess with her hands wrapped around his lovely Liz’s throat.
“YOU FUCKIN’ WHORE!” he screamed as he blew her halfway across the room. Making sure she didn’t get up anytime soon, he used his powers to slam a large bookend onto her head.
He ran to Liz and immediately started to heal her, praying to God, to anyone that she’d be ok, and that their son would be ok too. He began panicking; she wasn’t breathing!
“Liz, please, please don’t leave me! I can’t live without you! I need you! Liz, baby, please!” he cried, his tears dripping onto her face. His heart felt like it would never be mended again, the pain was unbearable, even for Max Evans, King of Antar.
Suddenly, his heart soared as he heard Liz cough. The connection was there again! Liz and their baby was alive! Max cried still, tears of joy and relief soaking them.
He looked into her beautiful eyes which were finally opening.
“Max, I love you,” she managed to rasp out.
Max didn’t say anything, just leaned down to give her a sweet kiss and cried onto her. Liz closed her eyes also and began to cry. The two shared their tears and somehow, they both knew that their son was crying tears of happiness too.
From across the room, although there was a throbbing pain in her head, Tess managed to get up. She saw Max, her beloved Max, crying over that little bitch and Tess nearly lost it. But she knew that if Max saw her, alive and conscious, he’d kill her. So she decided that it would be best for her to sneak out and escape while the opportunity stood. Silently, she tip-toed out of the room, stealing on last glance at her man. She knew in her heart that Max loved her, he had to, because that’s the way she wanted things to be. And she also knew that she would have to get rid of Liz first. Filled with anger and jealously, Tess crept out of the house and started walking. She rounded a corner and was shocked when something hit her in the face. She fell and opened her eyes, her nose bleeding.
Maria stood there. “Tess, you bitch! You tried to kill my best friend and her baby!” Maria yelled. She began to kick Tess, her rage showing clearly. Maria couldn’t believe that she had lost control, but she couldn’t hold it in any longer.
On the ground, Tess grabbed at her stomach. “Please, Maria, stop. I don’t know what you’re talking about!” she lied.
“Don’t you dare lie to me! Michael told me that it was you in the car! You ran Liz over and laughed! Laughed that you almost killed someone!”
“He’s lying! I-“
Maria kicked her again, harder this time. “Michael. Doesn’t. Lie!” Maria was shocked at herself, she was hurting someone!
“Fine! You want the truth? I did try to kill your pathetic little friend, but I failed! Guess what though? I tried again today! Ha! And I almost did it. It felt so good to have her throat in my-“
Maria lost it. She fell to the floor and began to punch and slap Tess. Tess cried out in pain, but Maria didn’t give a damn. Her nails scratched at Tess’s horrible face, blood trickling down Tess’s neck. Suddenly, she was pulled back by strong hands. She kicked, trying to escape and go back to beating Tess. But the arms wrapped tightly around her wouldn’t allow it.
“Maria, honey, it’s ok, it’s ok, I’m here,” Michael whispered, his hands stroking her back and he kissed her face.
She still tried though. All she could see was red. All she wanted to do was beat the hell out of Tess.
“Maria, Liz is ok, Max healed her. Let’s go see her. Maria, I love you,” Michael’s loving voice breathed in her ear.
She stopped fighting and collapsed, like a deflating balloon. She sobbed in Michael’s arms, her body shaking violently. Michael held her tightly, rocking her like a baby. He whispered, “Maria, you’re not a bad person for doing this. Don’t think that you are. Tess is the bad one. She tried to hurt Liz, your best friend, so you had every right to want to hurt her back. But remember, Maria, you aren’t Tess, you’re not as evil as she is. You may have wanted to hurt her, but you could never had killed her. Don’t blame yourself, honey pooh.”
She nodded weakly.
“I love you too, Michael, I love you too.”

“Max, I appreciate your concern, but I’ll be ok. You’re tired and you need some rest. Plus, I’m only going downstairs. I’ll be right back,” Liz leaned down and gave Max a tender kiss. Max smiled wearily and Liz felt a stab at her heart. Ever since the incident with Tess, Max barely got any sleep. He spent her waking moments with her and spent the rest watching over her, making sure she was ok.
“Liz, please be careful. If you need anything, if something happens, just-“
“I know, I know, just call. Max, go to sleep. I’ll be back in a second.” She softly walked out the door and down the stairs. She knew that she could protect herself. The baby had grown stronger and so had his powers. She remembered how only yesterday, she had managed to throw Max into the pool when they were sun bathing. She hadn’t thought that it would work, but it did. She smiled at the memory of Max, dripping wet yet smiling that gorgeous smile at her. She sighed. She was going to miss these powers once he was born. She opened the refrigerator door and peeked inside.
“Mmm,” her stomach growled. Max’s parents always kept his house stocked with food, as if Max ate like a pig. Gathering a bunch of fruit onto a plate, she carefully walked back upstairs. Locking the door behind her, she snuggled in next to Max. She turned on the tv and flipped through the channels. She stopped at the Miss Cleo channel.
“I bet Maria’s watching this,” Liz smiled to herself.
She began to nibble at the fruit on the night table beside her. Suddenly, Max threw his arm around her and his face found a home in her side. She sighed, loving the feeling of him. She ran her fingers through his hair, making sure not to wake her sleeping beauty. Yeah, yeah, well, her sleeping beauty’s a guy, ok?
“As you all know, the Ides of March is quickly approaching. I did another star chart today and I have discovered that something extraordinary is going to happen. Not only will the stars align into the official star symbol and not only will there also be an eclipse, but the eclipse will last a whole hour! Longer than ever. My chart said that good things will happen, but also some bad things. I want to warn you all in advance to be careful on that night. Something strange is going on, something that will change the world forever, Lisara,” Miss Chloe said.
Liz gasped. No, it can’t be! It’s impossible! Miss Chloe could not have just said her name!
“Yes, Lisara, I am talking to you. You and Zan and your child must be prepared for whatever will happen that day. You also must watch out for your enemies. There are those who will try to prevent you from your destiny… and there is more to your destiny that you are yet to find out about. But be patient, my dear, the time will come soon.”
Liz gasped again and reluctantly shook a tired Max. “Max, Max, get up!”
He instantly snapped awake, jumping up and proclaiming, “What? What’s wrong, Liz?”
“Shh, I’m not hurt. But Max, look!” She pointed to the television screen.
Max looked and turned back towards Liz quizzically. He wrapped his arm around her. “Liz, are you all right? There’s nothing there. The tv’s not even on!”
Liz turned towards the tv and to her complete surprise, the tv was off! “But, but Max! It was just on!”
“Liz, I think you’re more tired than I am.” He gave her a small kiss on the forehead and laid her down.
She fought him. “Max! Stop it! I’m not kidding! I was watching Miss Cleo and she started talking to me! She even said my name, well not Liz, but Lisara, but Max! I’m serious! She said we have enemies and that there’s still a lot about our destiny that we have to find out! Max! Max! Do you believe me?” she cried desperately.
He nodded, kissing her to silence her. “Liz, get some rest, honey. We’ll talk about it tomorrow, ok?”
She sat up, but was quickly laid back down on her back. “Max! No! We need to talk about it now!”
She quieted. Not once has Max ever raised his voice with her. Not once! She cringed and got tears in her eyes.
“Liz, please, I’m sorry, but you’re stressing yourself out and the baby too. Please, just calm down and get some rest. We’ll talk all about it tomorrow.”
“Max, don’t you ever raise your voice with me again!” She got up and started stomping away.
Max didn’t take it personally. He was used to her emotional mood swings now, but he also knew exactly how to make her feel better. He jumped out of bed and running to her, scooped her up in his arms and gave her a big, fat kiss. She fought him, for about a millisecond.
“Max, I just miss you so much.”
He looked at her like she was crazy. “I’m with you every second!” he exclaimed as he gently laid her on the bed.
Once again, she got tears in her eyes. “Do you want to be with me? Or is this something that you feel like you have to do? Protect me? Sometimes I feel as if I’m holding you back from, from life.”
“Liz Parker-soon-to-be-Evans, you are my life.”
It was the best sleep they’ve gotten since that day with Tess.

“Feel, Maria! He’s kicking!”
Maria’s hand covered Liz’s stomach, which was beginning to take on some roundness. As she felt the soft kicking of the baby, she smiled brightly.
“Liz, your stomach’s starting to show. I know you’re happy about it, but what about your parents and Max’s? Won’t they get suspicious?” Maria asked.
Liz sighed. “We’ve already thought about that. I think that I’m just going to have to wear bigger clothes and make them believe that I’ve changed or that that’s the new trend at school.”
“If you need help, I can start to wear baggy clothes too!” Maria was always willing to try anything and everything, she lived off of adventure.
“Thanks, Maria! But we’ll only have to do it for a while, I mean, the Ides of March is almost here, in about a month and a half!”
“Oh, Liz! I’m going to miss you!” Maria cried, swallowing Liz in a big hug.
“Who knows? Maybe the Queen of Antar will need an astrologer to inform her about her star chart every week,” Liz winked. The two girls laughed and hugged again. “Maria, you’re the best friend a girl could have,” Liz gave her a peck on the cheek as best friends always do.
“You know what you must do for me,” the man said. He was kissing Liz, showing his ownership with his touches.
Liz moaned softly. “Yes, yes, anything for you.”
The mysterious man chuckled softly, sending sparks of fright down Liz’s spine. “Zan will never know what happened. One minute, he will be on the Throne with his Queen and the next, he will be locked up in prison and will be forced to watch his Queen and me, his worst enemy, together.”
Liz felt ashamed of herself. She was supposed to love Zan, yet she was betraying him. But she couldn’t help it. This man had an uncontrollable power over her.
She said solemnly, “Yes, he will never know what happened.”
Liz gasped and collapsed against her pillow.
“Liz, what’s wrong?” Maria cried frantically, wiping away the sweat that had gathered on Liz’s forehead a moment ago. She grew more frantic as she watched the tears pour down Liz’s face. “Liz? Liz?!”
“Max! I need Max!” Liz wailed.
Maria ran to Max’s window and seeing the two guys playing basketball outside, she screamed, “Max! Hurry!”
Max, hearing the urgent tone in Maria’s voice and having already felt the sickening pull in his stomach moments before, knew that Liz needed him. He ran upstairs and before any of them knew it, he was by Liz, rocking her back and forth whispering into her ear, “Liz, honey, what’s wrong? It’s all going to be ok. I’m here, baby, I’m here.”
Maria snuck away and closed the door tightly. She knew they needed their privacy.
Liz didn’t say anything, just kept crying and clinging onto Max. Max began to feel extremely uneasy. He knew something was terribly wrong and wondered if it had to do with their baby or if it was another flash. Lately, she had been getting more and more flashes, but they had been good ones, ones that made them both happy to hear. And of course, Liz being the sensitive person she is, cried each time, but this time, these tears were different.
“Liz, please tell me what’s wrong. Please,” he begged.
Liz was at a loss for words. She didn’t know if she could tell him, she was disgusted with herself. She knew that he would be so hurt if he found out, found out that she was cheating on him and plotting with his worst enemy to overthrow him. He leaned down to kiss her and their lips played softly with one another.
“How could you, Lisara? You said that you loved me!” Zan cried, painful tears trailing down his face.
Liz was crying too. It hurt so bad, she didn’t know what to do. “Please, Zan, I, I didn’t-“
“And with Revil, my worst enemy! I thought I meant something to you, I thought you would never betray me. But I was wrong. I never meant anything to you and you were betraying me all along!” Zan’s anger shone in his eyes, but so did his heartache. He remembered how Revil had had his arms wrapped around his Lisara, but no, that was inaccurate, Lisara was not his, she never was.
Liz placed her hand on Zan’s arm, loving the feel of his soft skin, the skin which she would never feel again. Immediately, Zan moved away, jumping as if Liz was on fire. The tears poured down quicker down her face.
“Zan, I’m so so sorry. If I had known that he was going to hurt the both of us-“
“Of course he was! Did you actually believe that he cared about you?!”
Liz stepped back. “I, I mean, yes, well, he said he did.”
“You wanted his love?” Zan’s voice cracked.
“I, no, but, oh Zan!” She rushed to him, but he just moved away.
He thought to himself, the words echoing in his lonely mind, “Her tears. Why does she have to cry? I want to go over there and hold her, to tell her everything’s ok… What?! You just found her with Revil! Leave her, hurt her.”
“Lisara, I’m leaving for Earth tomorrow. I plan to never return and-“
“No, Zan! You can’t leave me! Or Antar! If you do, Revil will surely take over your throne!”
“Then let him have it!”
“What about the people of Antar? You are just going to let them suffer under Revil’s rule?”
“I might as well. I might as well let him, seeing as how he’s already taken away everything from me.”
“He hasn’t taken anything yet! You still have-“
“He took you away, Lisara, and you are my everything.”
“Make it stop, Max! Make it stop!” Liz cried, her tears drenching Max’s shirt.
“Liz, tell me what you’re seeing, please, then I can take it all away,” Max tried to get her to look him in the eyes, but she just continued weeping, hating herself.
“No, Max, I can’t tell you! You’ll hate me! Max, please don’t ever leave me!
“Liz, I promise that I’ll never ever leave you, no matter what!” Max promised desperately.
She shook her head again. “No, I can’t tell you!” With that, she went into another round of wails.
“Liz, listen to me, whatever you saw, you can trust me with it, I won’t ever let someone that you did in the past affect us now.”
“Max, just hold me, please.”
He sighed, defeated. Throwing off his clothes, he crawled into bed with her, stroking her hair pleasurably until they both fell asleep.

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Liz shook, her arms wrapped around her knees. She was sitting outside by the pool, just staring at her unloyal reflection. She couldn’t believe what she had done to Zan on Antar! How could she? The tears started to fill her eyes again as she remembered how hurt Zan had been when he found out, his eyes had appeared dead and uncaring, as if everything was over. The last thing he said, “He took you away, Lisara, and you are my everything,” it haunted her, echoing in her mind over and over again. Her hand trailed in the water lazily.
“Is he gone yet, Lisara?” Revil asked.
She nodded, the guilt overwhelming her once again.
“What is it, my Queen?” Revil asked, his hand cupping her chin.
Liz jumped back, speechless, she didn’t know what to say to Revil anymore. When she looked at him, she felt like throwing up. How had she ever enjoyed his touch? His kiss? He was nothing compared to Zan, nothing. Zan was her everything, why hadn’t she been smarter about it before? Now it was too late, he had gone to Earth without anyone knowing and had left her all alone with Revil. She still couldn’t figure out why Revil wanted her with him, he had what he wanted now, power, the Throne, what good could she do now?
He looked at her angrily. “I would think that you’d be happy, Lisara! We can be together now, without Zan getting in our way! We will rule Antar together and you will carry my son! Do you understand?”
Liz didn’t move. “I am already carrying Zan’s son, I will not carry yours,” she thought to herself, “I will also never lie in bed with you, Revil. You are pure evil and I hate you.”
“Lisara! What is the matter with you! If I did not know how much you loved me, I might be forced to suspect that you miss Zan!” He said, silently commanding her to object and declare her willingness to do whatever he wished again. But she didn’t. He grew furious. “Lisara! Why are you not grateful? I could have easily discarded you, but I chose not to! I could have killed both you and that horrible wimp of a leader Zan, but I did not! Why are you refusing me?”
“Don’t ever speak of Zan that way!” Liz cried. A force took over her body and her hand snapped up and something happened, something that had never happened before. A blue light shot out of her hand, sending Revil flying halfway across the room and knocking him unconscious. Liz gasped. She had powers! For the first time in her life, she was acquiring powers.
Instantly, a sick feeling overcame her. If she had powers, that had to mean one thing.
She said aloud, “Zan is dead.”
By the end of this flash, Liz was sobbing again. The flashes were becoming more and more real, the emotions would overtake her body and she could feel everything so vividly. Her body shook and she wanted to cry for Max, she wanted to more than anything, but she knew she shouldn’t. If she did, he’d just ask for her to tell him again, and she’d have to give in because she could never resist him.
Liz turned around and through a blurry vision, she saw Max standing there, his arms wide open, his eyes accepting. She got up and ran into his arms, crying with him in the moonlight.
“Liz, whatever it is, you can tell me. But I’ll also understand if you can’t. I won’t push you anymore,” he whispered, his breath tickling her ear.
She nodded weakly. He picked her up and carried her back into his room. Placing her onto the bed, he tucked her in and snuggled in next to her. She turned to him, staring deeply into his eyes.
“How could I ever betray him? What was wrong with me?” she thought to herself. She soon lost herself in his gorgeous pools of brown. He caressed her cheek and stared back. He knew that when she was ready, she would tell him. Whatever it was that was bothering her would eventually bring her to tell him.
“I did something very bad on Antar,” she cried.
He wiped away at her tears and spoke softly, “What did you do?”
“I betrayed you… and you hated me for it,” her voice cracked, tears breaking her words up.
“I could never hate you, Liz, you are my everything.”
That only made her cry harder. The words were too familiar. “Max, I did though. I hurt you so badly and you were so angry. You said you were going to go back to Earth and would never come back. You said that you never wanted to come back to Antar because of what I did.”
Max thought to himself, “Whoa. This must be serious.” He decided not to say anything aloud though, he just nodded and continued to stroke her cheek.
“Max, I, please promise me right now that what I’m about to say won’t change the way you feel about me. Please, promise me.”
He looked straight into her soul and said sincerely, “I promise. Liz, if you really don’t want to tell me, you don’t have to. I trust you.”
That only made it all the harder. She swallowed and said, “You had an enemy, his name was Revil. He was your worst enemy and you hated him more than anything. Your hatred for him was almost as strong as your love for me. Do you understand how much you despised him?”
He nodded and she continued, “Since forever, he wanted to kill you. He wanted the power that you had, the woman who loved you, and the Throne which was yours since the day you were born.”
He saw how hard she was struggling and gave her a sound kiss hoping to encourage her. That was all the encouragement she needed.
“For some reason that I do not understand now and did not understand then, I, I, well…”
“I cheated on you with him,” she blurted out.
He leaned back and stared at her, the same pain was there in his eyes, the same anger, the same tears. He didn’t know what to say, he just felt all these feelings and he wanted to run, to desert her, to smash someone’s face in.
Liz just cried harder. She knew that his promise was broken. She knew that he was going to turn away from her and leave her, she just knew it.
He sat up. Throwing off his covers, he walked to the window, his shoulders heaving. Liz sat up, but didn’t go to him. She tried to quiet her cries, but was failing miserably.
“Do you still love him?” he asked, his voice tight and cold.
She shook her head, but then realized that he couldn’t see. “No, Max. There’s only you. I couldn’t even remember when I was Lisara why I had betrayed you with him. I could only remember that he had this control over me and that he scared me, yet sometimes thrilled me.”
“Liz, you stay here and get some rest. I’ll be back in the morning,” he still hadn’t turned around.
“Max!” she cried, “Please, honey, I’m sorry, but you promised!”
He finally turned around, the tears in his eyes shining wildly. “Liz, I still love you. I promised you that my feelings for you wouldn’t change and they haven’t. I just need some time to think, ok?”
She nodded, her body looking grossly thin and pale in the moonlight. She was surprised when he walked over to her and kissed her. The kiss was the same as always, but there was more love in it, if possible. He touched her cheek and said, “Go to sleep, sweetie. When you wake up, I’ll be here.”
“I’m so sorry, Max.”
“So am I.”

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Liz was afraid to open her eyes. She had been awake for some time now, but didn’t want to open her eyes and see that Max really wasn’t here. She hadn’t heard him come in and couldn’t hear him now. Her worst fear had come true: he had left her. The tears started to flow out of her eyes and she tried unsuccessfully to wipe them away. Suddenly, she felt Max’s strong arms wrap around her and stroking her cheek. She opened her eyes to see Max’s handsome, forgiving face looking down at her in concern.
“Why are you crying, Liz? What’s wrong?” He sounded weary and tired and Liz felt like kicking herself for doing this to him.
“I thought, I thought that you hadn’t, I didn’t hear you and,” she started sobbing again.
He chuckled, “Liz, I promised you I’d be here, and I am, I’m not going to leave you because of something you did in the past. I just had to get away last night, to think. When you told me about Revil, I could feel the anger, the hate, and it just hurt so badly that I had to leave. I needed to clear my head so that I wouldn’t say or do anything stupid.”
“Things won’t ever be the same again will they, Max?” she asked, like a little child.
“No, Liz, it’ll never be the same again.” Her eyes dropped and he continued, “Because I won’t ever let you out of my sight again.” His smile made her heart go pitter patter. A boldness taking over her, she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately. He responded fully and soon, they were just two bodies tangled within each other in the bright sunlight.
Afterwards, they laid there, Liz cuddled against Max’s strong chest, Max’s fingers absently twisting her hair. They didn’t dare talk because they didn’t want to break the perfection of the moment. He caressed her face, her shoulders, her back; he just needed to touch her, just as she needed to touch him. Her hands were smoothing over his chest and she was trying her hardest not to cry. She was so relieved that Max still wanted her. She actually still couldn’t believe it. She kissed him again.
“I must talk to the Queen! It is extremely urgent! It is about King Zan!” The guards grabbed at the hooded woman. She flailed her arms and although she appeared weak because of her thinness, she was fairly strong.
“Let her go.” Everyone quieted and turned towards the door. There stood Liz, dressed in the gorgeous red gown Zan had given her for her sixteenth birthday a few years ago.
“But my Queen, she may be a danger to you and-“
“Leave us this instant,” Liz commanded. They left. The two women stared at one another.
“Well? You had something to say about Zan?”
The woman nodded and removed her hood.
Maria! Could it be? Liz looked closer into the flash and saw yes, it was Maria, only different, she looked Antarian, like Lisara and Tessina and Zan all did.
“My name is Mariana. I am a star follower. My Queen,” Mariana walked towards Liz and stuck her hands out, “Your King, Zan, he is in danger on Earth. He is calling to you; you must go save him! Only you can do it!”
“Who do you think you are? Can you not see that I am in enough pain and agony over my husband’s death? Must you come and stab at the wounds?” Liz’s voice cracked and tears started to brim her eyes.
“I am terribly sorry, but King Zan is calling out to you. Can you not hear it, my Lady?”
Liz could hear it, clearer than she could hear her own voice. His voice, his love haunted her every second of every minute of every day.
“My Queen, I hate to cause you any more trouble, but we both know that the young prince of whom you are carrying cannot live without the King.”
“How do you know about the child?” Liz demanded.
Mariana’s gave never once wavered. She looked Liz in the eyes and stated firmly, “I know many things. One of which is that you must go save the King or we will all be doomed.”
“What was it this time, Liz?”
Liz’s gaze snapped up to Max’s. “Max, it was Maria, but her name was Mariana! She was there and she was telling me that I had to go save you on Earth or else Antar would be destroyed. She knew about our son!”
“Can I see?” Max asked, his eyes seeking permission. Liz nodded and Max placed his hands on either side of her head and opened the connection.
Images of her flashes rushed through his mind, confusing him, yet helping him to understand. He broke away when he saw Revil with Liz.
“Max?” Liz questioned.
“I hate him,” Max said through gritted teeth.
Liz remained silent; she knew that she shouldn’t say anything, just let him vent.
“Do you, Liz, do you still have, well, feelings for him?”
She shook her head furiously. “Honestly, Max, I don’t think I ever did.”
That was all he needed to hear.

She could feel the tears welling up again. She scolded herself, “Liz, stop it. Max has enough to deal with, he doesn’t need an emotional fiancé now.” She just continued to stare at herself in the mirror.
She was at Nordstrom’s and was trying on a fancy dress for their formal dinner tomorrow night with their parents. They were going to tell their parents about their engagement, but not the baby. She had tried on about fifteen dresses and she still couldn’t find the right one! They all made her look fat as a whale and her stomach stuck out like a watermelon. She glared with envy at the other thin girls trying on the same dresses, but filling them out perfectly with their tiny bodies.
“I used to be that thin,” she thought to herself, “and my butt was smaller.”
She was glad that she hadn’t asked Max to come. If he did, she’d probably die. Surrounded by all these thin girls, how could Max resist looking? He was human after- alien, after all. And especially after what he had just found out about her and Revil, she would have no right to be upset at him.
She walked out of the dressing room to the last dress rack. She rummaged through and stopped when she saw it. It was the perfect dress! It looked exactly like the beautiful blue summer dress she was wearing in her flash about her and Max and their son at the beach! She grabbed it excitedly and ran to the dressing room.
She put it on and stared in wonder at her reflection.
“It’s perfect,” she said aloud in awe, forgetting about her insecurity and her round stomach. She smiled. She could just imagine how Max would react! He’d gaze at her with I]that look and everything that they had found out in the past few days would be forgotten and then he’d hold her again and everything would be perfect.
Just perfect.

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Max smiled and rubbed his hands together. He was so grateful that Liz hadn’t asked him to go along with her to shop for her dress. If she had, then he wouldn’t have been able to do what he was doing.
The room was lit like sunlight by scattered candles. Rose petals were on the bed along with two dozen roses resting on the pillow. Soft music was playing and everything was perfect.
He heard the oven sound so he ran downstairs and sniffed hungrily at the garlic bread there. Spaghetti was Liz’s favorite and she had been craving for it lately. Max wanted tonight to be the best night of Liz’s life; she deserved it. The baby had been causing her tons of stress and she never had any time to sleep. Also, she was so self-conscious about the way she looked that she hated to go out. Personally, Max thought that she looked more beautiful than ever.
Max threw down the oven mitt he was wearing and picked up the phone.
“Hey, Max!”
“Hey, babe. How’s shopping going?”
“Great! I tried on like a million dresses and I think I’ve found the one! You’ll love it! It’s-“
“Don’t say anymore, Liz. I want to be surprised.” Max smiled into the phone.
“Oh, you will be! You’re going to be blown away!”
He laughed and his heart fluttered when he heard Liz’s laughter. He missed it.
“Max, I’ve got to go. I’m almost up to pay. I’ll be home in about ten minutes.”
“That’s fine. Love you.”
“I love you too.”
He hung up, a smile plastered on his face. “I’ve got to hurry,” he mumbled to himself. Quickly, he set the table and lit the candles. Liz had mentioned on their thirteenth date that her perfect date would be a romantic candlelit dinner with, might I add, Max there.
He ran upstairs to change into a nice pair of khakis and an ironed shirt. Just as he was gelling his hair, he heard a car pull into the driveway. Glancing out the window, he saw Liz walking up to the front door. His breath caught as he watched her. She was so graceful in her pink miniskirt and white tank top. Snapping himself out of his little Liz-is-so-perfect world, he opened the door before she could.
“Good evening, Mademoiselle,” he bowed.
Liz gasped. Max looked so handsome! His eyes twinkled at her and although she had no idea what was going on, she trusted him completely so she replied, “Good evening to you too, sir.”
Putting her purse down, he tied a blindfold around her eyes.
“Just trust me.” He grabbed her hand and led them slowly into the dining room.
“Mmmm, what’s that smell? It’s delicious!”
“You’ll find out soon enough.”
He gently pushed her down into a chair and asked, “Are you ready?”
He gave her a kiss and while they were still locked together, he started to remove the blindfold. When it was off, he broke away and smiled when she gasped.
Liz was speechless. Everything was so beautiful! The candles on the table gave off a slight fragrance and the spaghetti smelled even better! Tears gathered in her eyes as Max turned her to him and said, “Liz, nothing in the universe means more to me than you and I’m sure that on Antar and in past lifetimes, it was the same way. I know that you’ve been going through a lot lately, especially with all of those flashes along with the normal burdens of pregnancy and I wanted to do something to show you just how much I love you and appreciate all that you’ve done for me. I love you, Liz Parker”
Tears of joy flowed down her face.
“Max, I, don’t, I-“ Max cut her off, silencing her with a kiss, a kiss that sent the both of them hurtling towards ecstasy.
“Come on, Liz. Dig in before it gets cold.”
Liz nodded and took a bite. “Mmmmm! Max! It’s delicious! Where’d you get it?”
He feigned shock and annoyance. “Where’d I get it?! I made it! Can’t you tell?”
Liz laughed. “No, because the last time you cooked something, it turned out black and hard!”
“When?” he challenged.
“Remember that cake for Maria’s birthday?”
“Oh yeah! That one time, geez, Liz. I’m better now. I’ve been practicing.”
“I can see that.”
“Liz, so, are you enjoying yourself?”
“Oh, Max! It’s perfect! I couldn’t have asked for anymore!”
“Really?” he asked, seeking more praise.
“Well, no. It would be better if you were naked, but that’s a different story entirely.”
They both laughed. “So, get any phone numbers at the mall?” Max teased.
“Of course! You know, because this belly is just sooo attractive.” She slapped it and yelled, “Ow!”
“What’s wrong?”
“Our son just zapped me!” They laughed again.
“Jason Evans, are you giving your mother trouble?”
Max blushed. “I mean, I just, it just popped out and-“
Liz giggled. “Max! That’s the name I was thinking of too!”
“Then, Jason it is!”
“He likes it!”
Max sighed. “I wish we could tell our parents about him. They’d love him just as much as we do.”
“I know, Max. I want the same thing, but if we tell them, then we’d also have to tell them about your being an alien.”
“Maybe, well, maybe we should.”
“Max, you know that that would only put us in more danger.”
“Why are you always right?”
“Because you’re always wrong.” He pouted, but she paid no attention.
“I’m done!” she announced. “What next?”
Max laughed at her eagerness and grabbed her hand. “Upstairs.” Silently, they walked to Max’s room, the excitement building.
When Liz opened the door, she squealed out in surprise, “Max! Oh migod!” She turned around and jumped into Max’s arms, hugging him tightly. “I love you so much! I’ve never ever going to let you go!”
He laughed and challenged, “Oh yeah?” He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her nose, everywhere but her lips, which were aching for him. Her grip loosened and he whispered, “See?”
“You’re just so talented.” She pushed up onto her tip toes and kissed him eagerly.
Max gently picked her up and brought her over to the bed, handing her the roses.
“Oh, Max! They’re gorgeous!” She sniffed them and sighed in delight. She rested on the petals and smiled up at her lover.
He began to slowly remove her clothes, lightly massaging her sore body.
“Max?” she whispered, not wanting to break the mood, “why is it that I’m completely naked and you still have all your clothes on?”
“Because tonight is all about you.” He turned her onto her stomach and after spreading massage oil onto her, he began to rub, massaging her body.
Liz felt great. Max’s tender treatment was relaxing her beyond belief and she felt all of the stress and tension rubbing away. She smiled when she heard Max’s slight humming to the music. “Max? Make love to me.”
How could he resist her?

“Mom, Dad, Max and I have some things to tell you,” Liz announced, glancing nervously at her and Max’s parents across the table. She relaxed a little when she felt Max’s hand squeeze hers reassuringly.
“As you all know, Liz and I, although we may have only been dating for a short amount of time, have been inseparable since. I love her with all of my heart.”
“And I love Max.”
“A while ago, I did something that I still have not regretted.”
“Kids? What is this about?” Diane Evans asked.
“Liz? You’re not, you’re not, are you?” Nancy Parker panicked.
“I proposed to Liz and she said ‘yes.’”
“What?!” all four parents practically screamed at the same time.
Liz showed them the ring on her finger. The mothers gasped and the fathers just stared.
“Kids, this is a very big step and you are still so young. Are you sure-“ Max’s father started to ask.
“Yes, Dad. We’re very sure. We’ve been sure since forever,” he turned to Liz’s parents, “I love Liz, so much, and I know, we know that we’re meant to be. I know that we’re still young, but we can make things work. We love each other.”
“That’s not always enough,” Nancy Parker said, almost sadly.
Liz’s eyes brimmed with tears. She hadn’t expected this, well, maybe she had, but she had been hoping for something better. She wanted them all to be happy for her and Max, why weren’t they?
Everyone started talking at once, everyone but Liz.
Suddenly, she got up, tears streaming down her face, and said, “I thought you wanted us to be happy, but you don’t, at all.” She pushed her chair back and ran out of the restaurant.
“Liz!” Max cried out and without glancing back at the parents, he chased after Liz. He started to panic, but finally found her in his Jeep, crying her eyes out.
“Liz, sweetie, I’m sorry things didn’t go the way you wanted to, but honey, please don’t cry, we’ll work things out.”
She just shook her head and continued to cry. She covered her face with her hands and leaned into Max when he put his arms around her.
“We’ll make it work, I promise.”
She crept closer to Max. “They’ll never accept us, never!”
“Liz, I’m going to tell them the truth. The whole truth. About me being an alien, about Jason, about it all.”
“No, Max! You can’t! I won’t let you!”
“Liz, it’s the only way. I don’t want to leave them hating us. They need to know the truth.”
“Max, I don’t want to lose you. It was hard enough the first time, don’t make me go through it again,” she pleaded.
He kissed her forehead. “You won’t lose me again, I promise. Come on, let’s go back in there and ask if we can speak to them at home, where all those people aren’t.”
She nodded, weak from Max’s nearness. He offered her his hand and she took it gratefully. Adjusting herself, she and Max walked back in the restaurant.
“Elizabeth Parker!” Nancy Parker said sternly. “What was that about? Since when have you been so rude? Apologize to Mr. And Mrs. Evans this instant.”
Max was about to object when Liz said quietly, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. If you could just give us another chance. There’s more that Max and I need to tell you about, but we can’t tell you here.”
Max nodded and wrapped him arm tighter around Liz’s waist.
“More?” Liz’s dad asked, “Isn’t this enough for one night?”
“I think you’ve aged us all fifty years,” Max’s dad answered.
Max and Liz both shook their heads at the same time. “It’s really urgent,” Max explained.
Diane Evans looked from Max to Liz and then back to Max. She noticed the way they were touching, how they always needed to be close, as if one couldn’t live without the other. She also saw the way they held each other almost possessively, but so sweetly. She caught a glimpse of their hands intertwined within each others and she saw the way her hand covered her stomach protectively, the way- what?! She stared back at Liz’s hand and gasped. “No, it can’t be, it can’t,” she said loudly.
“What can’t, dear?” her husband asked.
“Liz is pregnant.”

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“No, Max, your mother and I forbid you to see Liz again! You will get a job and pay child support, but that’s it! You will not marry her!” Max’s father screamed.
“Dad! I love Liz and you’re not even letting us explain! She-“
“Explain?! What else is there to explain? You slept with her and got her pregnant! You’re both still in high school and you think that we’ll let you get married? Do you know how hard it is to raise a baby? You have to change diapers and-“
They continued to fight with Diane Evans just sitting there, her gaze glancing back and forth between her son and husband.
Meanwhile, Liz and her parents were on the other side of the Evans’ living room having their own screaming session.
“I cannot believe how irresponsible and stupid you two acted! Having sex is one thing, but having unprotected sex? I thought we taught you better than that!” Liz’s father yelled.
“You don’t understand! It’s not like that! It’s-“
“A baby is a lot of responsibility, Liz! What about Harvard? You think Harvard is going to accept a pregnant teenager?” Nancy Parker yelled.
Liz just sat there, tears welling in her eyes. “Why wouldn’t they listen?” she cried. Suddenly, she couldn’t take it anymore. She stuck her hand out and blew up the Evans’ blue lamp. Glass shattered everywhere and all was silent. Everyone stared at Liz, confusion and fear sparking their eyes. Seeing the frustration in her eyes, Max ran over to her and wrapped her tightly in his arms.
“Liz, honey, calm down. Don’t get yourself too worked up. Remember Jason.”
She nodded weakly. “I’m sorry, Max. I just, I just couldn’t stop it. Everyone was yelling and no one would listen to us and-“ She sighed and nuzzled Max’s neck.
Both sets of parents continued to stare. The scene before them struck them speechless. Maybe their kids were the ones being mature while the parents weren’t.
“Liz? What, how did you do that?”
Max looked at his mother and stated simply, “We’re aliens.”

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! PART 22!

“It’s scary to think that I’ll be losing my little girl in about a month,” Nancy Parker said, brushing Liz’s soft hair. It was mother-daughter night and they decided to spend the whole day doing the things they loved best: shopping and gossiping.

Liz turned around and hugged her mother. “Mom, I love you so much, and besides, you’ll never ever lose me. I’ll always be your little girl…even if I’m not that little anymore.”

Nancy smiled. “Liz, things have been really hard lately. It’s difficult for me and Diane and even your fathers to cope with you two leaving. Not only your leaving, but the fact that you both are aliens. But we love you and we’re willing to do whatever we have to for you.. and Jason too.”

“I’ll make sure to send you pictures of him from Antar.” They laughed and Liz realized just how much she had missed spending time with her mom. Being with Max was the best, but every girl needs her mommy.

“Liz? Are you sure that you want to do this? I know you love Max and want to be with him, but don’t do this for him. Do it for you and you only. It may be his destiny, but is it yours?”

“Mom, it is my destiny. I belong on Antar with Max and Jason. I love them both so much and Jason needs both me and Max to survive.”

“Why not ask Max to stay longer?”

“We can’t. We don’t know if there will ever be another chance. Mom, time on Antar is frozen and the people dying. They need us to live. If we don’t go back, Antar will remain the way it is.”

“I just don’t want you to give up all of your dreams for him. You still have so much going for you and-“

“Mom, I love astronomy. You know that. Ever since I was a baby, I loved the stars and the moon and the sun. I was fascinated by it and always drawn to it. Now we know why. What Max and I don’t know though is how this all works out. Like some of the pieces of the puzzle are missing. It’s weird, Max was adopted so that makes sense that he had crashed, but me? I was born. We still can’t figure it out.”

Nancy looked nervous all of a sudden. Nervous and guilty. She got up and said meekly, “Liz, I’ll be right back.”

“Mom? Is there something wrong?” But she was already gone. Liz didn’t know what was going on, but after a day with her mom, she really missed Max and needed to hear his voice. She figured that when her mom came back, she’d hang up, so she dialed Max’s number.


“Hi, Mrs. Evans? How are you?”

“Oh, sweetie, I’m fine, thanks. How’s mother and baby?”

Liz laughed into the phone. “We’re fine. Jason’s been kicking a lot more lately though and the morning sickness hasn’t been getting better, but oh well.”

“Now, Jason, you listen to your grandmother. Stop giving your mother so much trouble and be a good boy.”
They both laughed, but were interrupted by Max’s voice. “Liz?”

“Yes, Max, it is your beloved Liz. Liz, we miss you around the house, be sure to come over for dinner some time soon,” she hung up after Liz agreed.

“So, how was mother-daughter day?”

“Fun! We went shopping and you’ll love what we bought,” she hinted suggestively.

“Oh, really? Like what?”

“Let’s just say it involves lots of sheer lace.”

Max laughed and asked on a more serious tone, “How are you feeling?”

“Fine, Max. You don’t need to worry.”

“I am beginning to worry about you, my Queen,” Mariana asked, concern etching her face.

“Oh, Mariana. I am fine.” The two had become great friends and Liz was more than grateful for all of Mariana’s guidance. The two had previously been talking about Liz’s journey to Earth to find Zan.

“Are you still having those horrid flashes?”

Liz sighed. “Yes. And every time, Zan gets upset and leaves in them. I wish I had told him about them before he left.”

“Yes, but if you had, then he might have been upset with you and you did not want that.”

“Why am I getting these flashes of being with Revil? I despise him more than Zan does!”

“I believe it might have something to do with Tessina. She has been even more envious of you lately. With Zan gone, she may send you these flashes even more frequently.”

“It does not matter. What’s done is done. Besides, I am going to find Zan in just a few days.”

“What will you do about the baby? Will he not notice that you have acquired powers all of a sudden?”

“He will notice, but he will also be ecstatic about the baby. He and I have always wanted a family.”

“But on Earth? The other scientists have already warned you that you may not be able to return. What if you do not find him?”

“Zan and I have this magnetic connection. We will definitely find each other. We were meant to be.”

“Liz?! Liz!” Max’s voice screamed over the phone.

“It’s ok, Max. I’m here, I had another flash!”

“Oh, what about?” His voice was wary.

“I need to show you, oh Max, please come over!”

“But your mother and-“

“Please Max.”

He sighed. “I’ll be there in five minutes.”

For the next five minutes, Liz sat in her “chair” on the balcony and waited impatiently for Max. She couldn’t wait for him to see the flash! Liz was never with Revil! She had never betrayed Max! Liz’s heart pumped with excitement.

She heard Max coming up the ladder so she jumped up. But to her surprise, it wasn’t her handsome brown-eyed lover, but Tess!

Immediately, Liz’s hand flew up in front of her, protecting her and Jason.

“I’m not here to hurt you, Liz.”

“Yeah right!” Liz scoffed.

“I know you’ve found out about the flashes I sent you and how they’re not true.”

“How could you? How could you try to hurt Max so badly?”

“Because I wanted him.”

“Tess, what are you doing here? Max will be here any second now and if he sees you up here he’ll kill you.”

“Liz, I need to warn you. I know that I’ve made a lot of mistakes and that I’ve hurt you and Max so badly in the past, but you need to trust me.”

“Trust you? Are you crazy?”

“When you go back to Antar and start life again, you need to be careful. You guys have strong enemies.”

“Like Revil.” It was more of a statement than a question.

“Yes. He and some others thought that the throne was theirs when you left, but with the discontinuation of time, they never did get to it. So when you restart time, make sure Max is with you every second and that your guards are strong and capable of defeating some of the strongest soldiers out there. If Revil and his followers get to you without Max by your side, there is no way that you can win. They’ll use you and your baby to get Max to do whatever they want and then in the end, they’ll just end up killing you.”

“Won’t all Antarians help to fight them?”

“Probably, but that doesn’t mean that they can win. Revil is really strong, not nearly as strong as Max, but strong enough to hurt you, even with your baby’s powers.”

“Tess, if you’re trying to scare me-“

“I’m trying to save you.” Before Liz could comment, Tess climbed back down the ladder and disappeared.

Liz sat there, stunned, still contemplating Tess’ words. A few moments later, she heard feet climbing up her ladder. Max’s familiar face popped up and Liz’s sigh was full of relief. She jumped up and nearly knocked him over with the force of her hug.

He laughed and teased, “I missed you too.”

“Max,” she sighed. Max noted the frustration and stress in her voice and immediately, lines of worry began to wrinkle his head. He pulled away from her and looked at her questioningly.

“Tess came by,” she stated simply. But before he could react fully, she raised herself up on tip-toes and graced his lips with a kiss. He tried to struggle with her, but how could he resist?

Finally, he managed to pull away. “Liz? Did she try to hurt you? Where’d she go? When I get my hands on her, I swear I’ll-“

“She tried to help us, Max. She told me that when we go to Antar, that we’ve got to be careful because Revil and his followers, they want to hurt us!”

“What? That can’t be! I mean, he, you, well, I mean-“
“That’s what my flash was about!” she ran and once again, threw herself into his embrace. Eagerly, she placed her hands on his head and opened their connection.

Bits of Liz’s previous flash paraded through Max’s mind.
Gasping, they pulled away from each other. Relief and happiness flooded through Max as he rushed to Liz and drowned her with his kisses.

He leaned back slightly. “I love you, Liz! I should have known that you would never betray me, I should have known. I’m so sorry that I didn’t trust you and that-“
Liz, still in a daze from his love, snapped back into reality and silenced his apology with a finger over his lips.

“Max, I think that deep down, we knew that it wasn’t true. We love each other and we were just too blinded by guilt and pain to realize that we knew all along that that could never happen.”

Max nodded at Liz’s oh-so-right words. He leaned down and captured her lips with his. They became lost in one another, devouring each other’s lips and love.


The two of them slowly drew apart and smiled at Liz’s parents.

“Hi Mr. and Mrs. Parker. How are you guys?”

Nancy Parker laughed softly and said, “Fine, but I see that I cannot leave my daughter for a few minutes without her calling you to come over.”

“I’m sorry. I guess I’ll go now.” He turned to Liz and was about to kiss her good-bye when Liz’s father interrupted them.

“Max, why don’t you stay?” Then, he turned to his daughter and said solemnly, “Liz, there’s something that your mother and I need to discuss with you.”

The serious tone in his voice made Liz’s heart quench with fear. She walked up to her parents and asked, “What is it? What’s wrong?” When they wouldn’t answer her, she began to cry and Max took her in his arms.

“Let’s go to the living room,” Liz’s mom suggested.
The four of them walked there in a tense silence. They sat down, the parents on one couch, the teens on another.

“Liz, remember how you were telling me about how you and Max couldn’t figure out how it was possible for you to be here because you weren’t adopted like Max?”

Liz nodded slowly, holding onto Max even tighter. Somehow, she could sense that what she was about to find out would change her life forever.

“Liz, your mother and I, we got married and we couldn’t wait to start a family. A few months after our wedding, we found out that well, your mother couldn’t have babies because of blows to her abdomen due to her athletic years at school.”

“What? But you had me!” Tears sprang to Liz’s eyes and Max held her trembling body still.

“Liz, your father and I love you so much,” Liz’s mom’s voice cracked and she started crying. Liz’s father wrapped an arm around her.

“You’re adopted, Liz. Your mother and I, we were planning on telling you when you were little, so that you’d always know, but we just kept putting it off.”
“How could you?! Is that why you accepted Max so easily? Is that why-“ Liz collapsed, tears soaking Max’s shirt.

“Liz, we love you.” Her parents got up and started walking over to her, their arms spread.

“No! Don’t touch me!” she screamed, crawling into Max’s embrace even more. Max knew how hard this was for her parents and tried moving away from her hold, but she was too strong. Max didn’t want to hurt her, so he just looked at her parents hopelessly.

They were hurt, both had tears streaming down their faces. “Liz, you’re still our daughter and we’re still your parents. Please,” they pleaded.

But she just shook her head.

“Liz, honey, go to your parents. They love you, please Liz. You’re hurting them,” Max whispered in her ear.

She looked up at him through blurry eyes. He could see the pain and the hurt there. He told her silently to forgive them, that they loved her. She was torn. She didn’t know what to do. The hurt of their betrayal stung at her and all she wanted was to stay in Max’s arms, protected from more lies. But she could see in Max’s eyes how badly her parents needed her. With the help of Max, she got up and walked into her parents’ embrace. The three of them cried, emotions overwhelming them.

Max felt that it was time for him to go. Liz didn’t need him here anymore. Silently, he started to walk towards the door.


He turned around to see Liz looking at him, pleading for him to stay. He just walked back to her, kissed her quickly, but lovingly and whispered, “You need to be alone with them right now.” With that, the three of them watched as Max walked away.

A lamp blew up. Then a picture frame. And then a pillow.

“Liz! Stop it!”

“I can’t! Jason won’t let me!”

“Jason! Stop it this instant or-“

“Max! DUCK!”

Max’s eyes widened as he fell to the floor. A few inches above him, a blue ray shone, denting the wall behind him.

Liz’s scream echoed off the walls. “Jason! Stop!”

“Liz? Max? What’s going on in here?” Diane Evans’ face popped through the door, and immediately, her eyes widened in shock at her son’s charred room.

“Mrs. Evans! Duck!”

Diane quickly slammed the door shut and moments later, the door bulged outward with a **boom**. She stepped back and grabbed at her heart, shaking.

Back in the room, Max continued to yell at Jason. “Jason! Stop it! You’re hurting your mom!”

As quickly as it had started, it stopped.

Immediately, Max ran over to a frightened Liz. He stroked her hair and murmured, “Are you ok? God, please be ok.”

She nodded weakly and collapsed into his arms, tired from Jason’s use of her body.

Max lifted her gently and placed her on his bed. “Just rest.” He kissed her on the forehead and tucked her in.
Walking out, he found himself face to face with a very frightened mom.

“Ummm.. hi, Mom.”

“Max? What [/]was that?!” Her eyes were wide in her pale face.

He gently grabbed her hand and walked them downstairs, explaining, “I’m not really sure. We know that it was Jason and that he was basically going out of control with his powers. Liz couldn’t stop him and he wouldn’t listen to me.”

“How did you finally get him to stop?”

“I just told him that he was hurting Liz.”

“Oh dear. There won’t be any more of those episodes will there?”

He sighed tiredly. “I’m not sure.”

“Max, honey. Look at you. You’re tired, go get some rest with Liz.”

“I can’t, mom. I need to be strong for Liz and I need to make sure she and Jason are ok. I can’t do that if I’m sleeping.”

“Max, you can’t protect them if you’re practically dead from tiredness,” she looked into her son’s exhausted eyes, “Liz wants you to stay healthy. She loves you. And by wearing yourself out, you’re just hurting her.”
Max nodded, no longer able to fight her.

“Good, now go get some rest. If some bad aliens come trying to take over the world, I’ll make sure to tell you.”

They laughed and Max went upstairs and after silently closing his door, he climbs into bed next to Liz. She stirred slightly and he brushed the hair out of her face, his soft touch sending her back into the world of dreams. He softly places his hand on her warm stomach and leaning down, whispers to his son, “Jason, you scared your mother and me so badly today. Don’t do it again.” He kissed her stomach and fell asleep, dreaming of Liz’s smiling face.

“Liz?” Max sat up and looked around. Liz was nowhere to be seen. “Liz?” he asked louder.

Suddenly, he heard rustling and saw Liz emerge from the balcony. In the moonlight, he could see her smile.

“I’m sorry, did I wake you?” she asked, crawling back into Max’s arms.

“No, but you know how I get. I can’t sleep unless you’re with me.”

She giggled softly. “We’re going to have to fix that. I can’t be with you every second, you know.”

“I like it just the way it is, that way, you have to be with me.”

“Oh gosh, such a burden.” She rolled her eyes sweetly.

Max laughed quietly “And it’s not a burden to deal with a moody, sensitive, pregnant alien fiancé? One whose baby has decided to blow things up whenever he wants?”

“I’m not moody!” she pouted.

He raised his eyebrows at her.

Liz chuckled then. “Ok, you’re right, I am just a little moody.”

“A little?” he feigned shock. “One minute you’re trying to blow my head off and the next you want to have your way with me in bed!”

“That never happened!”

“It happened yesterday.”

She blushed at the memory. “Oh yeah.”

He laughed and kissed her nose tenderly.

“Max? Isn’t it hard to believe that the Ides of March is in two weeks?”

“Yeah. I’m going to miss everyone.”

“I already miss Maria. I can’t imagine how it’ll be without her!”

“But Liz, you have a Maria on Antar too: Mariana.”

“I guess.”

“To be honest, I’m kind of scared.”

“Me too. Max? Promise me that you’ll never let me be lonely on Antar. I mean, you’re the King, which means you’ll probably never be home and stuff. Just promise me that if I ever need you, you’ll be there.”

“I promise. But Liz, where’s all this coming from?

Another flash?”

She shook her head.

“Then where?”

“Well nothing. I was out there on the balcony and I was just thinking about things and that kind of popped into my mind.”

“I would never leave my wife and kid alone.”

“I know, I just needed to hear it,” she paused, then playfully, “I’m not your wife yet.”

“But you are… on Antar that is.”

“I don’t even remember the wedding,” she pouted, “so I don’t think I’m your wife.”

“You are, woman!”

“Excuse me, but I have a name.”

“Oh yea.. what was it again? Queen of all Bitches?”

She laughed and slapped him on the chest. He let out a fake yelp of pain and grabbed at the spot where she had hit him.

“I’ve been bruised forever,” he said dramatically.

She giggled again and leaned over him, her eyes staring deeply into his. “Maybe it’s time to unbruise it.” She started to lean down.

Max’s breathing became heavy and his heartbeat rapid. He hated it when Liz teased him like this. As her lips neared his, he closed his eyes and waited impatiently. And he kept waiting. Reluctantly, he opened his eyes to see that she had pulled away and Max groaned at the loss of her heat.

She said devilishly, “Or maybe not.”

“Liz,” he warned.

“Yes?” she drawled out.

Without warning, his hands grabbed at the sides of her head and pulled her down for a heart-searing kiss.
Her hands were tangled in his hair and his soft hand was cupping her satin cheek.

Breathless, she pulled away and leaned her head down on his chest. His fingers continued to play with strands of her hair, absently twisting them.

She held on tightly to him, her body humming from his kiss.

They fell asleep like that.

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!PART 23!

“Isn’t this like the fifth time this week?” Maria screamed at Max.
Max nodded.
“You really need to like put her in a glass box or something when she gets like this!” Michael yelled.
He, Maria, and Michael were hiding behind some boxes in the alley behind Liz’s house. In front of them, Liz was blasting away at things again.
Max shot Michael a nasty look and laughed when he saw Michael throw his hands up in apology and surrender.
“Liz?” Max yelled.
“Don’t come out yet!” she yelled back, sending pieces of box flying. Her hand shot out and a brick blew up. She tried to turn around, but Jason wouldn’t let her. Suddenly, a piece of the brick came flying back and hitting her square in the head, knocked her out.
“Liz!” Max cried, running over to her. He cradled her head in his lap and placing his hand over her forehead, healed the cut, the blood evaporating into thin air. She groaned, but didn’t wake.
“Is she all right?” Maria asked urgently.
He nodded. “Yeah, but I’m going to have to put her to bed. It really knocked her out.”
Michael and Maria nodded. “We’ll be right here.”
Max carefully carried her to the ladder. Using his powers, he lifted her body up to her balcony and placed her on her lawn chair. Quickly, he climbed up the ladder and picked her up, tucking her back into bed.
“Shhh Liz. Just go to sleep, sweetie.”
“Don’t leave me. It hurts.” Her hand went to touch her throbbing forehead, but Max grabbed it.
“Liz, don't touch it.”
Tears welled up in her eyes. Max sighed, “Liz, Maria and Michael are outside. I need to talk to them about the Ides of March and how we’re going to leave.”
She nodded, a tear falling. He kissed it away. After wrapping her up tightly in her blanket, he walked downstairs and smiled at the other couple.
“Is she sleeping?” Michael asked.
“Yup. She wouldn’t let me go, but I finally told her that I needed to talk to you guys about us leaving.”
“Max, we don’t have any idea where your ship is!”
“I know.”
“Look, Maria and I will go to the library and see if there’s anything about the crash.”
Max nodded.
“If we find anything, we’ll call you on your cell phone,” Maria said.
The two left, holding hands while Max went back upstairs. He sat on Liz’s bed, gazing at her, trying to figure out how they were ever going to go back home. Eventually, he fell asleep next to her.

A while later, he woke up. Quietly, he sat up and looked at Liz’s peaceful face. She shifted and looked at Max. “Hi,” she whispered.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-“
“Max, I can sense you a mile away,” she smiled and he smiled back. “What time is it?”
“Umm,” he looked at the clock, “two.”
She yawned and asked, “So, did you guys find out anything about the ship?”
He shook his head. “I’m such a failure. How am I King if I can’t even remember where a measly ship is?”
Liz’s heart broke. She crawled to Max and wrapped her arms around him, settling into his lap. “Max, you were and still are a great King. It’s not your fault that you can’t remember. So many things have happened you were reborn, Max. What you knew was taken away with your rebirth, you could have never stopped it.”
“Liz, I don’t deserve to be King of Antar,” he paused, “but mostly, I don't deserve to be with you. On Antar, you were the great Queen, on Earth, you’re still great.”
“Max!” She made him look at her. “I love you, and we deserve each other and all of Antar needs you. They trust you and depend on you. Max, their faith is in you. They stopped time, sure that you would come back and save them. And you will. We both will. Together.”
He smiled, grateful for her strength and encouragement. He leaned down and captured her sweet lips with his.
Liz grabs her head, the throbbing sending shots of pain throughout her body. Opening her eyes slowly, she’s shocked and scared.
“It seems as if I’ve landed on Earth,” she whispered aloud in awe.
Using her powers to remove the metal from blocking her leg, she manages to get out. Aches and pain fill her body, but there’s nothing she can do about it. Zan has the healing powers.
“I must find him,” she said through frightened tears.
The ship was on fire, blazing in the dark moonlight. She quickly used her powers to stop the fire and to repair any damages done to the ship.
Frantically, she looked around. She turned around to see that she was in a cave of some sort. It was dark in there, but beautiful. Suddenly, something caught her eye. It was a purple sleeve… with Zan’s King symbol on it! This was Zan’s shirt! He had been here! Excited, she used her powers to engrave the symbol of her Zan, of her, and of Antar into the walls surrounding her. “Just in case he comes back here,” she thought.
She finally managed to find her way out. She gasped. It was beautiful! She was surrounded by miles of sand like the beaches on Antar. The sun and the stars shone brightly.
“But it cannot be a beach for there is no water in sight.” She pondered over the name of this miraculous place. “Desert. It is a desert,” she somehow knew.
Liz snapped back to reality, staring into Max’s loving eyes. “I know where the ship is.”

“The Desert?”
“It makes sense though, doesn’t it, Max? Whenever we felt lonely or hurt, we would go to it.”
“I know, but The Desert. It’s just so weird.”
“Max, I’ve never told anyone this before, but well, The Desert was where the strongest of the fantasies I’ve had of you were at.”
He cocked his eyebrows. “Oh really? What kind of fantasies?”
That brought a smile onto her serious face. But she shook it off. “That’s not important right now. What is important is that you hurry up and drive!”
“Liz, we’re here!” He started to stop the car, but was interrupted by Liz’s command.
“No! Keep going. See those caves over there? That’s where it is.”
“Liz, it can’t be there. There’s no way a ship could get in there in the first place, let alone stay there for 17 years.”
“Stop the car! It’s right here.”
He sighed and got out, rushing to keep up with Liz who was already climbing up the large rock formations.
“Liz! Be careful!”
He finally caught up, his chest heaving. “When did you get so athletic?” he joked.
She smiled briefly and placed two hands on a large vertical rock. “Help me.”
“Uhh, Liz. I don’t think rocks open.”
“This one does. I can feel it.”
She grabbed his hands and pushed them against the rock with her own. Suddenly, a bright blue light flashed and the rock slowly creaked open.
She walked in. She sensed that Max wasn’t behind her and turned around. She bursted out laughing at the stunned expression on his face. “See? I told you so,” she said, just to spite him.
He shook his head and laughed, running to her. She shrieked and blindly ran. Max continued to run, and ran straight into her. “Whoa!” He grabbed her and asked, “Why the sudden stop?”
She didn’t say anything, just stared. Max turned and gasped.
All around them, three repeating symbols were shining everywhere. Max recognized one of them: his symbol as King and the other two looked familiar, but he couldn’t place his finger on it. Liz walked over to a wall and placed her hand on a mark that was the exact same as Max’s but upside down.
“Max!” she screamed.
He rushed over to her. “What is it?” He grabbed her and turned her around so that she was facing him.
“Max! This symbol, it’s mine! It stands for ‘the King’s Queen!’” she said excitedly. “And this one,” she pointed to the third one with two rectangles and a triangle between them, like a castle, “is the symbol of Antar!”
Max was speechless. He just stared at everything and then finally spoke in a rush of excitement. “Liz! Look! Is that the ship?”
“Yes, Max! It’s the Granolith, our ride home.” The two walked quickly over to it and walked in. They were surrounded by glowing blue walls inscribed with tons of Antarian writing. In the center was a circle with four holes on the circumference and the symbol of Antar in the center.
“Wow,” Max said, grabbing a hold of Liz’s warm hand. Everything seemed so unreal and he needed to hold something of substance. Liz smiled, knowing why he was holding her hand.
The two slowly began to walk around the small ship, fascinated by it. Liz leaned down and touched one of the holes.
“I love you, Lisara.”
“I love you too, Zan.”
She let go of Max’s hand, much to his dislike, and touched the second hole.
“Be careful, Zan. We don’t know what’s out there.”
He took her in his arms and gave her forehead a reassuring kiss. “My Lisara, I will be back soon. You do not need to worry, I would never leave you here alone.”
The third.
“Oh, my dear Lisara, Zan will be back soon,” her mother said.
Tears stained her cheeks. “I miss him so much already.”
“I know, but you know that he would not wish for you to spend the time while he’s gone in bed crying.”
“I do not know what to do without him.”
The fourth.
It’s the first day of third grade, and little Liz is extremely nervous, her palms are sweating and her heart’s beating a thousand miles per hour. She walks to her desk and sits down as the bell rings.
“Good morning, class. My name is Miss-“
The door opened suddenly and a little boy walked in. He had the brownest eyes and the shyest smile.
He flashed a nervous grin
“Zan,” Liz breathed out.
She collapsed back, lying on the cold floor of the Granolith.
“Liz?” Max went to her and wrapped her up in his arms in his lap. He wiped away the sweat that had gathered on her forehead.
She didn’t move, just relished his warmth. Finally, she spoke. “I saw, it was, I, wow.”
He smiled at her inability to make coherent sentences. “What’d you see?”
“First, I just saw you and me and we were just telling eachother that we loved one another. And then I saw you and me again. I think it was when you were leaving. And then I saw my mom! She was telling me that you’d be back and I was lying in bed crying. Then I saw, well, the first day I saw you.”
“You walked in late. And you just smiled and I said ‘Zan’.”
She smiled. “Let me show you.”
So she did and when she finished, he had tears in his eyes. “You knew, from the very first day, you knew.”
She hugged him tightly. “I’m scared,” she murmured.
“It’ll be ok, as long as we have eachother.”

Max and Liz had been preparing for their trip back home for the past week and a half. With only three days left, they spent the remaining time with their family and friends reminiscing about past memories, crying, and hugging.
It was the night before the Ides of March, the night before their lives would be changed forever. They had decided that it would be best to spend this last night together at the Granolith. After a teary good-bye, they managed to get to the Granolith.
“Max?” She and Max were sharing a “bed.” A bed which consisted of two blankets. She was wrapped up in his protective arms, their foreheads touching, looking into eachother’s eyes.
“Hmm?” he replied sleepily.
“Happy early Birthday.”
He looked at her with surprise.
“I know that things have been really hectic and we’ve just kind of skimmed over the fact that the Ides of March is your birthday also.” She sat up and reached under her pillow. “Here.” She presented him with two presents wrapped in silver wrapping paper with blue ribbon.
“Wow. Thanks, Liz.” He gave her a sweet kiss, completely forgetting about the gifts as he became lost in her warmth.
Smiling, she pulled away. “Open,” she commanded.
He grinned and opened the larger package first. His breath caught as he stared at the gorgeous picture of Liz he held in his hands. It was of her perfect face, her hair framing her face in perfection, her eyes shining with laughter and her smile bright. “When… Where-“
“I did it while you were out with your parents the other day. My mom and Maria went with me.”
His eyes filled with tears. “It’s beautiful. I love it. Thank you!” He bent to give her another kiss, but she backed away.
“There’s one more.”
He smiled. Eagerly, he ripped it open. At first he laughed. “A necklace?”
“Look at it more closely.”
So he did. It was silver with “Zan” in diamonds hanging off the bottom. He turned it around and engraved on the back was, “King of Antar and the Love of my life.”
He was blown away. He couldn’t speak. Tears flowed down his face at her beautiful presents. He put them on the ground next to him and grabbed Liz, kissing her passionately.
Slowly, his hands touched her, covering every inch of her body, caressing her in places which sent her hurtling towards ecstasy.
And she returned his passion, his love kiss for kiss, touch for touch.

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!PART 24!

“Argh!” Max screamed in pain.
Liz just stared at him hopelessly halfway across the ship. Tears were streaming down her face as she watched Max. Five rays of blue were shooting out of the symbol in his chest and she could see the agonizing pain that he was in.
“Max, honey, what can I do?” she cried eagerly.
He just continued to holler.
“Max!!!” she screamed helplessly. She hated to watch Max hurt. It broke her heart.
“Liz! Liz!” he finally spoke. “Get in.. center!”
She nodded, tears blurring her vision. Immediately after she stepped into the center, four large rays of blue heat shot out of the holes on the floor, enveloping her in blue light. “Max!” she screamed, panic squeezing at her heart.
Suddenly, he appeared next to her, no longer in pain, but the symbol still shining. He wrapped his arms tightly around her, holding her still as the ground began to shake.
“Max, I’m scared!” she cried into his arms.
He nodded, his lips lost in her hair. He wrapped his arms tighter around her; it almost seemed as if he was trying to make them one.
She held him closer too, fear forcing salty tears down her face to soak Max’s shirt. The ship began to shake back and forth and the two almost fell, but Max used his powers to keep them in place.
A loud BOOM was heard and before the two knew it, they were shooting through a tunnel of blue light, clinging onto one another as wind attempted to force its way between them.
“Max? Don’t let me go!” Liz pleaded, sobbing.
“Never!” Max replied. And to prove his point, he somehow managed to bring her closer to him. He was scared beyond belief too, but he knew that he had to be strong for Liz. She didn’t need to see his fear.
Glass shattered and metal bent. Another loud BOOM erupted in their ears… and then all was silent and black.
“Max?” Liz whispered, afraid of what could be lurking in the dark.
“Are you ok, Liz?” His hands cupped her face in the darkness. The familiar terrain was covered by his healing hands. Whatever had been injured, was fine now. “What about Jason?” his hands crept to her stomach and feeling his son’s connection, both Max and Liz were overwhelmed with relief.
“We’re both fine, what about you?” Although she didn’t have actual healing powers, her loving hands on his face soothed his fear and revived his confidence.
“Liz, where are we?”
His words brought her back to reality. “I don't know, but let’s just pray it’s Antar.” But her joke came out weak.
He grabbed her hand. “Let’s go find out, ok?”
She squeezed his hand and leaned in close to him. His arm came around her waist and slowly, he led her out of the ship.
She gasped. “Max, it’s beautiful!”
They were staring at a vast land of rolling green hills. The purple, pink sky was lit above them, surrounding the city in a beautiful halo of light. The stars shone brightly, smiling down. In the center, they could see a large castle, large and glorious. On the highest center tower, the symbol of Antar was engraved and on the two towers on either side, were the symbols of Zan and of Lisara.
Max didn’t know what to say. He still couldn’t quite grasp the concept that this was real.
Liz on the other hand, was more than excited. “Come on, Max!” She let go of him and started running down the huge formation of land they were on.
“Liz! Be careful!” he yelled, chasing after her. He ran and ran, but she seemed to be getting further and further until he couldn’t see her anymore. He ran until he reached the castle. Seeing the door ajar, he walked in and nearly fainted.
The interior was wow. In front of him stood a grand marble staircase. The ground was all marble and there were rooms on either sides of him and more down the hallways. Up above, light twinkled down on him from a diamond chandelier. He walked into the room to his left. It appeared to be a living room (one of many he was to find out). The colors were mostly blue, the color of Antar. He sighed, relieved when he saw Liz at the grand fireplace, a picture frame in her hands.
He walked up to her and wrapping his arms around her, which was becoming difficult since her stomach had grown to its full size, gasped at the photo she held. It was of the two of them dancing in a large, glittering ballroom. In the background, there were two elegant thrones with a shining symbol on each: Max’s and Liz’s, or rather Zan’s and Lisara’s. Liz was radiant, her smile causing that familiar tug on his heart. She was clothed in a beautiful gown, red as blood and somehow, Max knew that dress, remembered the satiny feel of it, the way it hugged Liz’s body so perfectly. It was obvious that she was enamored with Max and Max, smiling that special smile just for her, was glowing in the attention. Dressed in a tuxedo, he made Liz think of Prince Charming.
“We were even perfect for eachother on Antar,” she sighed, lost in her romantic thoughts.
He smiled and grabbed the picture. Placing it back on the mantel, he turned her around and graced her forehead with a soft kiss. “Let’s go save Antar,” he teased, but she could hear the seriousness in his voice.
Holding hands, they made their way around the first level of the castle.
“Max? Where is everyone?” she asked, voicing Max’s own silent question.
“I don’t know.”
They fell silent. Although they couldn’t remember being here, they knew their way around. That door, it led to the kitchen. That door over there, the fourth living room. After what seemed like hours, they decided to make their way upstairs. They walked up the stairs, tip-toeing as if they didn’t want to break the fragileness of this place. They turned and before they realized what they were doing, they found themselves at their bedroom, the royal bedroom. Max placed his hand on the doorknob, but couldn’t open it because of Liz’s hand covering his.
“Max, I, maybe we shouldn’t-“
He cut her off, a finger to her lips. Somehow, he knew that this was where they had to be. Their bedroom, where they had professed their love countless number of times, where in their past lives, Jason had come running in after a nightmare, was where they would revive the life on Antar. Somehow, they would do it.
Creaking open, the door, revealed the largest bedroom the both of them had ever seen. The walls were coated in blue and a shimmering gold. Long, flowing velvet curtains draped across the windows. Located in the very center of the room against the wall was the bed. It was about twice the size of a queen-sized bed and the matching sheets and covers glowed.
Liz let go of Max’s hand and as if in a trance, walked over to the bed. She lightly fingered the fabric.
Zan’s hands touched her, caressing the tender skin in her elbow.
“Zan,” she moaned.
He led a trail of wet kisses all over her body, from her head to her toes.
“Lisara,” he growled, “I want to make love to you.”
She smiled seductively. “What are you waiting for, my love?”
She collapsed back onto the bed, overwhelmed by the lingering of his touch.
“Liz?” Max hurried over, concerned. Picking her up, he noted the heat of her body, the sudden desire in her eyes.
She wrapped her arms around his neck, the need to love this man took control of her body. She kissed him, needing to be closer.
Max responded. Somehow, being in this place, in his bed at his home, heightened his pleasure.
They made love. At the peak of their ecstasy though, something happened. They both saw flashes, millions of them. It almost seemed like a timeline, like a recap of their life on Antar.
Blue light surrounded them in a bright bubble, enveloping them in its heat. But there was no pain.
The bubble got smaller, then, in less than a second, it expanded, covering all of Antar in a large warmth of blue.
Suddenly, it was gone. Max, with his arms around Liz, shook slightly, his eyes large in his pale face. Liz swallowed and slowly inched closer.
Her eyes widened. “Max?” she sat up, “Do you hear that?” Curious, she got up and as if she did it every day, walked over to their closet and pulled out her robe and Max’s. After covering herself up, she threw the other robe at Max. Quickly he put it on. With his arm wrapped around her waist, they made their way to the door. Holding his breath, he opened the door.
They both gasped. There were people in the house! Thousands of maids and butlers walked around. Then, in one instant, they all seemed to notice Max and Liz.
Immediately, their eyes widened and they dropped down onto their knees.
Max heard Liz’s sharp intake of breath. They both just stood there, not knowing what to do. Finally, Liz spoke softly, “Ummm, good morning.”
Still on their knees, everyone looked up and smiled. “Good morning, my King, my Queen.”
Max and Liz smiled and everyone got up and began to do their own thing again. Max turned to Liz and leaned down to give her a soft kiss. His hand cupped her cheek and he reveled in the satiny feel of her skin.
“Zan! Lisara!”
The two turned. There stood two couples, smiling brightly and hurrying towards them.
“Mom, Dad,” they both gasped out. Excitedly, the two ran into the arms of their parents, tears of joy falling all around.
“Oh, our sweet King and Queen are back!”
Max and Liz smiled.
“Yeah, we’re back.”

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I've finished the last part, THE END to "L is for love"
But I've decided that I'm not sure whether or not I want to post it lol

I want begging *happy*

Actually, I'll probably have it up soon. I just didn't want you all to think I was dead
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Well, this is it.
Thanks so much to all of you who have been so loyal to this story, I couldn't have done it without you *happy*
And who knows? Maybe there'll be a sequel


“Excuse me, my King, but you are needed,” Lunaria, a servant, said, interrupting Max’s important meeting with his council.

Max’s eyes widened as he looked around. His council, although loyal to the bone, glanced at him amusingly and a little annoyingly. This would be the fourth time this week that that had happened. They had vital matters to discuss about Revil and his followers. Although four years had passed since the return of Zan and Lisara, their enemies were still working furiously to win the Throne.

Max sighed, exasperated. “What is it?”

“The Queen has requested your presence.”

“Please tell her that it must wait. I am holding a prominent meeting right now and do not wish to be disturbed… even by my Queen.” He said the last part quietly, as if he was afraid and unsure.
Rath, his most faithful soldier, laughed inwardly. Zan was the strongest Antarian anyone had ever known. Not even all of Antar combined could defeat him. Yet, their King had a weakness… he was scared as hell of his wife.

Lunaria nodded and closing the door, left them to continue.

Max proceeded, apologizing quickly for his wife’s interruption.

“As I was saying, where have Revil and the others been seen last?” Max asked seriously, gesturing to the map he had lain out.

“Southern Antar, by Astronoville. My men and I believe, however, that they are hiding in the mountains right this instant. The mountains provide them with more shelter and protection than we would ever want,” Rath said, using his powers to move the glowing balls of light, which represented Revil and the followers, to the mountains about 1,203 feetometers from Astronoville.

“I see. Well, what do you all think would be best for-“


They all looked up from their papers to see Queen Lisara standing there, as radiant as always, looking somewhat angered and impatient.

Although no one said anything aloud, the Council laughed silently, “He’s in for it now.” But with stern looks on their faces, they turned towards Zan and nearly died. Their invincible King looked panicked and he was nervously playing with his hands.


She walked over to him and he couldn’t resist admiring her once again, even though he knew doom was about to descend. She was wearing a lovely white dress, long and flowing, reminding him of her soft mountain of thick hair. Her cheeks were tinted with a lively glow and her eyes shone.

Finally reaching him, she turned his chair towards her and looking into his eyes, stated simply, “I am in need of your presence right now.”

Lowering his voice, he explained, “Sweetie, can you not see that I am in a very important meeting right now?”

She pouted, gracing Max with her adorable puppy face.

Seeing it, he felt his control beginning to dissolve. “Damn that look,” he cursed silently. His eyes bulged and his cheeks reddened slightly as she laughed, tossing her head back, her shiny hair catching the gleam from the light.

Ever since they had come back, their connection had strengthened and they were now able to read each other’s mind. Most of the time, it was a great thing, he loved being able to hear how handsome she thought he was, how much she loved him. But at times like these… some things were better left unheard.

She grabbed his hand and he felt his heart skip a beat. Ignoring the scandalized faces of the Council, she crawled into his lap and grabbing his face in her hands, began to kiss him fervently.

“Liz! Stop it!!” he screamed at her through his connection, but he didn’t mean it, not one single bit.

After what seemed too short of a period, she pulled away and looking at him through lowered lashes, she asked once more, “Please come with me.”

He nodded and turned to his Council. “I am very sorry but-“

“Oh just go with the Queen before she throws you on the couch,” Rath nearly yelled. Everyone laughed and holding hands, Max and Liz quickly left.

Letting go of the warmth of her hand, Max wrapped his arm around her tiny waist. After she had Jason, she went crazy trying to lose all the weight she thought she had gained. Max, on the other hand, didn’t think she looked any different, except maybe that she was more beautiful than ever. When she started to not eat, that’s when Max knew things were getting out of control. He remembered how he had finally convinced her by spending all day in bed, going through great pains to show her just how wonderful her body was.

“Liz,” he growled into her ear, sending goosebumps down her arms, “what is all this about?”

She stopped suddenly and turned, wrapping her arms around his waist as he did the same to her. “You promised me that you’d never leave me alone, remember?”

Max knew this was coming. “Of course I do, honey, but-“

She shook her head. “You promised and yet, you’re still spending all of your time in that stupid office with those people! Your son’s growing up and he needs his father.”

“I know, but look, this is important. I’m trying to save Antar from Revil and-“

“I thought you loved me,” she teased seriously.

“I do, more than anything, but this is important.”

“And so is your wife and child.” She tip-toed and captured his lips with hers. Just when he was beginning to respond, his heart pounding, she pulled away and smiled seductively. “Come on.” She grabbed his hand and the two of them began to walk outside.

Max smiled as he saw Jason playing in the sand box.

“Jason! Look who’s here?” Liz called.

Although Max and Liz had decided that around others, they would call eachother Zan and Lisara, they could not behr to change Jason’s name and everyone, although hesitant at first, had grown to love it.

Immediately, Jason’s head shot up and at the sight of Max, he smiled brightly and laughed. Running over to them, he yelled, “Daddy! Daddy!”

“Hey, little man,” Max laughed, catching Jason in his strong arms.

“Daddy! I bwild a cawstle wike ows!” (I built a castle like ours)

“Wow! Can I see?”

Jason nodded, his brown hair bouncing up and down. Wriggling, he managed to get out of Max’s strong grip. Grabbing his dad’s hand, he began to tug them towards the sand box.

Max chuckled. “Ok, ok!”

When they reached the box, Max feigned shock and awe, exclaiming, “Wow, Jas! How’d you do it?”

“Aw by meswelf!” (All by myself)

“Wow! I wish I could do that!”

Jason got up and pulled Max into the sand. He sprawled onto his hands. Laughing, Jason tugged Max into a sitting position. “Hep me!” (Help me)

Max nodded and began to work alongside his son.

Liz watched, her eyes shining from unshed tears. The two were so perfect together. Every night, Liz thanked the stars and the planets for blessing her with these two. Life wouldn’t be as perfect as it was now.

“Ok, Jason. J.”

“Jayswen!” (Jason)

Liz clapped. “Great job!”

Max looked up at her questioningly. “What are you two playing?”

Liz winked. “The Alphabet Game. You know, they one that we always used to play.” Her eyes crinkled with laughter. “Ok, K.”

Jason didn’t look up, just continued to work on his castle. “Kwing.” (King)


For a few moments, Jason was quiet and he didn’t move. Slowly, he looked up at her and giggling, ran into her arms, knocking her over into Max’s waiting arms. The three stayed in the sand like that, tangled up and laughing.

Jason sat up and smiled as he towered over his parents as he stated simply:
“L is for love.”

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