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Title: Human Contact
Disclaimer:I don't own anything
Summary: not really good at it
couples: m/l m/m a/I
Takes place after destiny

Max and Liz were laying on the hood of Max’s car just talking about really nothing just happy that they were back together….

*Flashback* Max couldn’t bare the thought of Liz not in his life so that night he snuck out of the pod chamber breaking the agreement to stay in the there for a few days to figure things out. He was a man on a mission as he parked his jeep outside in the alley and climbed up the stairs to her balcony as he got up there he expected to have to unlock her window but she was laying in a fetal position on one of her lounge chairs he knew she had been crying and felt the need to pick her up and carry her away but he knew he couldn’t so he scooted the other lounge chair next to her to where it looked like a bed and laid down on it with her for about 10 minutes he just watched her sleep then suddenly she opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around him .

I love you Max ….Liz said into his neck
I love you too Liz, you’re my destiny not some message that was recorded 50 years ago. Liz look at me

She never looked at him because she kissed him first

*End of Flashback*

Max: so…what are you doing tomorrow?
Liz: well it kind of depends on you
Max: really…well he leaned and started to kiss her neck
Liz: hmm …I see you and me *moan* *phone ring* saving the world from alien invasion.
Max: it’s okay I’ll just explain I can’t go
Liz: good luck with that
Max: hello?
Isabel: max get to the Crashdown now
Max : Okay will be there.

Liz: alien crisis?
Max: were just supposed to get there
Liz: where?
Max: Crashdown
Liz: lets go
Max: Liz…
Liz: it’s okay Max we both knew the problems wouldn’t just stop
Max: I guess
Liz: but were together ….
Max: and that’s the most important thing as he leaned in and kissed her lips as tenderly as he could .
They then set out to the crash down to handle the next alien crisis.


Next part : the Gang finds the dupes the “good” Nicolas and few others who want too…. Read to find out


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At the Crashdown

Zan: where’s the other king?

Rath: ya we don have da time to fuck around

Alex: so theres two sets of you?

Vilandra: what’s it too you?

Nicolas: were wasting time and get the humans out of here

Ava: we got no need for them

Max: what’s going on?

Isabel: meet our twins

Max: what?

Liz went to sit with Maria and Alex

Nicolas: get the humans out of here

Michael: we are a group we do everything together

Zan: ultimatum they leave or we kill them

Max: look we don’t even know-

Nicolas: raises his hand

Alex: were out of here we’ll call you later

Rath: I hope you weren’t too attached because that’s the last time you’ll have contact with the humans

Next part: The TERMS of the group 2B tommorow

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Max: what do you mean? and who are you

Nicolas: well I'll put it this way the 10 of us in this room are all aleins and are purpose

Isabel: we heard the message

Rath: that led us straight too you

Nicolas: as I was saying were all going to start training filling our destiny's

Isabel: Oh joy her voice dripping with sarcasam

Nicolas: Max, Zan has already-

Max: stop acting like you know us and why are you even talking ? arn't I the King?

Zan: you da King?

Nicolas: I'll be taking over that station for the time being

Max: what?

Nicolas: look were a group were all going to move here to roswell go to school with you guy's

Michael: are'nt you like 15?

Nicolas: shut up

Max: look you really shouldnt have thrown our friends-

Nicolas: oh yeah about that joining this group they are rules

Tess:what kind of rules?

Nicolas pulls out a sheet of paper and starts to read
1) all decions are directed to me I have the final say
2)you will all show up for training sessions everyday
3)No Talking to any of your human friends
4)What I say Go's

Max: hold on cause it sounded like you just said no contact with humans

Nicolas: besides your parents your boss ,teachers people you have to talk too

Max: you can't do that

Nicolas: oh yes I can

Isabel: we just can't stop-

Nicolas: you'll learn to hate your human sides despite humans

Michael: we need time too-

Nicolas: theres no getting out of this

Max: why no human contact? already starting to distrust these people

Nicolas: lets put it this way guys we see you with humans that know your secret who yes we know who they are their dead.

Vilandra: now were not totally heartless you guy's can explain give them a fighting chance.

Max: thinking theres no way we can do this there crazy then replys we can't do this

Tess: max you really don't understand this is what we need

Isabel: will you shutup Tess

Zan: we'll kill the humans anyway

Michael: why

Nicolas: they know our secret we feel threatned totally acceptable to kill them

Max: don't go near them his voice deadly

Nicolas: I'll do anything I please

Rath: you know that short blonde could be good for a little-

Micheal:Shut the Hell Up!!!Go near her I'll Kill you

Nicolas: well this contract go's into effect tommorow

and with that they all left and left most of the pod squad thinking of how they were going to explain.

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