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Title: Sunnydale, L.A., & Roswell
Author: Redemptions Angel
Rating: PG-13/R
Catagory: Crossover. Roswell: All Conventional Couples. Heavily M/L. Buffy: All Coventional Couples.
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Roswell, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Angel in any way, shape or form. They're all property of 20th Century Fox, The UPN, The WB, Jason Katims, Joss Whedon, etc...You know the drill, I own nothing, and I’m not profiting from this, don't sue cause I’m broke.
Spoilers: Michael drags his friends on a new vision quest. Just read it. Set betweenSeason 1& 2 of Roswell. Mid-Late Season 1 of Angel. & Early Season 4 of Buffy. How? Artistic license perhaps?
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Author Note: I went through this whole thing AGAIN and fixed any typos I could find as well as kept up with the whole revision process. Coming along quite nicely, yes?

Part 1

Liz poised the pen above a clean page and began to write; writing pretty neatly considering the highway had quite few potholes along the way.

July 22nd

You know how there are those days where you wake up and you just know you’re in forsomething huge? Not necessarily something good or something bad, just something. How you know in your gut that your whole world is about to change and you can do nothing but wait for it to happen. I'm Liz Parker and I woke up feeling exactly as such. I just never imagined It'd put me in a lumbering open-air vehicle headed for Southern California when I’m suppose to be serving people Chili-Rocket-dogs & Unidentified french frying objects. I thought there’d be some new mystery to solve right at home, like always. But I guess I can’t be right all the time.
We’re going to some place called Sunnydale; I've never heard of it either. But Michael's convinced there's something out there that's important, That we need to find. Would it be too forward of me to assume that things are about to get completely horrible?

Liz closed her journal for the time being and looked ahead of her at Maria's car. Maria was driving, Michael was in the passenger seat and Tess was in the back of the ’96 red VW Jetta.

Liz then glanced over at Max as he drove; he glanced at Liz and smiled. For once they found themselves in a comfortable silence.

Isabel leaned up between their seats. "How much farther is it Max?" She asked a little impatiently.

Max didn't even look back at her. "15 more miles." Isabel sighed sitting back and pulled her hair up in a tight ponytail.

"Max? Did Michael say what it is exactly that we're looking for? I mean did he see it or anything in the vision?" Liz asked.

"No, but he thinks he'll know when he gets close enough to it. I guess it gives off an…energy. He can just feel it." Max explained.

Liz was silent for a moment then looked at him again. "This reminds me too much of the last time Michael wanted to take a trip because of a vision." She said absently.

"Yeah except this time it's not so...tense." Isabel put in her two cents.

'Yeah and no one's getting thrown around.' Liz thought back to the mild confrontation between Michael and Kyle. She saw a green sign beside the road that read "Sunnydale 10 miles." She watched the scenery fly by the jeep and found herself hoping they got there soon. The sun was beginning to slide behind the horizon.

Buffy flew through the air and hit the ground with a sickening sound. She flipped up and back onto her feet taking a fighter's stance in seconds.

The demon growled and hurtled itself at her. Buffy expertly flipped the demon over her head and let it hit the ground this time instead of her. Then she unsheathed the sword Giles had told her would get the job done, and she brought it down hard at the demon's throat. With an in-human cry from the beast Buffy saw Giles had been right. The creature was dead; its black blood oozed from it’s severed head and throat into the green grass below.

Xander and Willow stepped closer seeing that the threat was now gone.

"Come on, guys" Buffy said sheathing the sword. "We need to find a good place to bury this thing." Willow grimaced at that.

Xander tilted his head at the decapitated creature. "I don't have to carry the head do I?"

Buffy smiled at his joke while rolling her eyes. "Just be lucky it didn’t explode when I killed it."

“That’d be a lot worse then the ‘poof’ thing because it wouldn’t be dusty, ya know, it’d be more…slimey.” Willow stuck out her tongue, grossed out.

“Well you gotta figure slimey is better than absorby. At least this thing just died and didn’t get all absorby and passing on with the aspect of a demon thing.” Xander noted.

“Gee thanks. I really wanted to remember that Xand.” Buffy said.

The three friends kept chattering unenthuisiatically as they moved on to clean-up duty.

Angel sat in his office chair reading a book of poetry. For once they had a slow night at "Angel Investigations" and he wanted something to get his mind off of more pressing concerns.

Two seconds later Cordelia walked in and if the poetry wouldn’t keep him distracted then she certainly could.

"God, what a loser that guy was! I mean he seemed great until he decided at dinner, it was okay to grope me in the restaurant." She sighed sharply. "All men really ARE beasts! If they aren't the literal kind-No offense."

"None-taken." Angel countered; his hands folded in his lap a small half-smile playing on his lips as Cordelia bantered on. He noted Wesley had entered the room and was now listening to Cordy’s chatter.

"-Then they are the, ya know, the other kind. Sleezy, sex-crazed creeps who think if they pay for something that means my body has lost the "No-Vacancy" sign." Cordelia continued. "I mean please! Just because you can afford Chez Bijoux, does NOT mean you're worthy of suddenly treating me like a piece of meat!"

"Rough night then?" Angel asked, the secret smile still there.

"Hello?! Were we having a conversation here or-"Cordelia was cut off mid sentence as she was assaulted with a vision. One hand at her pounding temple while the other attempted to steady herself by the chair on the opposite side of Angel’s desk. Her face was contorted in pain. Angel and Wesley were at her side in time to make sure she didn't fall to the floor.

'Just when I thought I had the night off.' Angel thought.

Cordelia saw the familiar flashing of images. She saw a girl's face. She had long blonde hair and big Doe eyes, Isabel Evans.Then another face a tall dark intense looking young man, Max Evans.One other appeared in her mind’s eye, a rebellious youth with spikey brown hair, Michael Guerin. With each of the three faces came their names. Then she saw Buffy. The infamous "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign and then fire, a flash of fangs, & bloodshed. Cordelia could almost feel the heat of the flames lapping at her neck. Then it was gone. Pretty vague, of course they usually were.

"Cordelia?" Wesley asked looking concerned. Her eyes finally snapped open and she gasped.

"Um, get a pen. Isabel Evans, Max Evans, and Michael Guerin.The girl's blonde, and a great dresser.." Cordy added. "This Max guy has dark hair, intense eyes, muscular, brooding. Kind of reminds me of you Angel except not as-" Angel glanced at her somewhat impatiently. "Okay, okay! Um and this Michael guy. Spikey light brown hair, he looks kind of rude actually." Cordy made a little face.

"Anything else? What else did you see?" Angel asked as Wesley wrote down the names and vague descriptions.
Cordelia paused looking up at Angel seriously. "Buffy." Angel's eyes flashed. "-And Sunnydale, like these kids are coming to Sunnydale or something."


"Yeah” Cordy nodded. “They didn't look much older than 16 to me." She shrugged. "But I also saw fire, and alot having to do with vampires & blood."

Wesley nodded. "Maybe they are perhaps a threat to Buffy?" Wesley ventured.

Cordelia arched a brow. "Three sixteen year old kids?"

Angel interjected. "They may not be. When we get names with faces it's usually because they need our help."

Cordy looked at him. "Looks like we're headed to Sunnydale then?”

Angel nodded. "Yeah, pack a bag just incase we have to stay there more than a night."

"Can we even get into Sunnydale before dawn?" Cordelia asked.

"We will if we leave now. Come on I'll take you each home to get some things and we'll head out." They headed for the exit, which led to the parking lot. They had no time to waste if they wanted to get to Sunnydale before daybreak.

Part 2

"Come on Maria! You have to stop okay?" Michael said urgently, as Maria finally gave in and pulled up to the shoulder of the road.

"Oh god! Can't you just wait 'til we reach a gas station or something? It's only a couple more miles." She protested, making a disgusted face.

Tess sat in the back and kept quiet. She'd listended to them trade insults, and bicker all the way up. She had nothing to say that could possibly help.

Michael shot out of the car door and off into the woods. They had reached the outskirts of Sunnydale minutes ago and well...Michael really, REALLY had to relieve himself.

After a couple minutes he emmerged, looking refreshed and hopped back into the car. Maria just stared at him as he slammed the door.

"What?" He barked.

Maria sighed, "Nothing. Nothing, let’s just go." The two vehicles continued into Sunnydale. Maria not wasting her breath on another pointless argument. Tess silently thanked whatever deity was listening for that.

Spike was found walking the streets of Sunnydale in silence; he took a drag off of his cigarette, exhaling the smoke leisurely. To say the least his mood was less than chipper. Buffy had practically ruined his chances of ever getting that chip out of his head. He muttered low curses but stopped when he heard the sounds of cars just beyond him. He glanced over his shoulder and watched as the cars went by. The scent of new blood carrying on the air.

"On bleedin’ perfect!" He cursed. "We finally get something worth killing in this town and I can't do anything about it." He did however notice some of the blood was in human and that piqued his interests even more in whoever was in those cars.

He followed after them at an eased pace. This he HAD to see for himself.

Angel drove South towards Sunnydale. Cordelia had fallen asleep in the backseat, curled up in a ball her jacket being used as a makeshift pillow and Wesley was dozing in the front seat. His head lolling to one side, his glasses slightly askew on his face. Angel smiled to himself, watching them. They went out of their way for him time and time again and for that he was grateful. He always seemed to muse on it at moments like this one. His sharp gaze returned to the road that lay ahead, they still had a long way to go.

The gang parked at a tiny but clean hotel a little further into town. They all got out grabbing up the belongings they'd brought with them. Max entered the small lobby and asked about the rooms. When he returned he'd rented two rooms and they'd stay there for tonight before really beginning Michael’s vision quest in the morning.

"So how are we splitting this up?" Michael asked. "I mean are all the girls going in one room? Or what?"

"No, there should be three in each room. That way it’s *even*." Isabel chimed in. Not fancying the idea of staying in a room with Liz, Maria, and Tess and letting the boys get the other room all to themselves. She’d rather share with her brother and Michael then the brainiac, the blathermouth, & the other blonde.

"Well, the simplest way to do it would be to give Liz, Maria, and Tess one room. Michael, Isabel and I can take the other." Max suggested, even though he didn't particularly like the idea. He didn’t like putting two opposing forces in one space, but it seemed the most logical choice for tonight.

The three shorter girls didn’t seem to care for the idea either, but they were all tired so they kept quiet. Liz took the room key from Max giving him a weak smile before turning on her heel to go unlock her door and settle in for the night.

A couple hours after settling in, Michael and Isabel had gone together to go check out the vending machines outside their rooms. Michael was feeding the machine coins, while Isabel folded her arms over her chest waiting impatiently. She felt the hair on the back of her neck prickle. This town was giving off a weird vibe.

"Michael hurry up okay? I don't like standing out here." She turned to give the parking lot a quick glance over. When she turned back to Michael a figure stood just behind him. Isabel barely withheld a gasp, and Michael immediately whirled around but didn’t back away.

"Who the hell are you?" Michael snapped at the guy. 'How'd this guy sneak up on us and we didn’t know about it?' He wondered.

The guy exhaled a plume of cigarette smoke in Michael’s face. He was dressed entirely in black except for a red button down shirt peeking from beneath a worn leather duster. He was incredibly pale, and had shock blonde hair. A cocky grin spread across his lips as he flicked ashes from the cancer stick.

"Was about to ask you two the same thing." He said with a thick British accent.

"You live here?" Isabel asked confused by the accent.

"Yeah, unfortunately." He informed her while giving her the eye. Michael was seconds away from decking him until he finished what he was saying. "Can't imagine why a bunch of teenagers would be coming to Sunnyhell at night of all times."

Isabel really didn't like this guy and she could tell Michael wasn't crazy about him either.

“Well it's really none of your business. So if you'll excuse us." Michael said a little rudely. "I'd like to get some sleep."

Max had just stepped outside, feeling something not right. He looked intensely at the stranger. Making it clear with his gaze that whoever he was he wasn’t welcome here. Loitering outside their rooms.

"Right then, need your rest and all. Don't let me keep you." Spike said, glancing at Max with a devilish glint in his eyes. Isabel and Michael turned to go back inside without a second thought.

"Although I guess it's not too strange you being in Sunnyhell and all, not one of the three of you are human to begin with." Spike said. The three of them turned back to look at him.

"Don't bother puttin' up an act with me. I can smell it on you." He said. Not one of them would say a word.

"Yeah, okay I see 'ow it's going to be. See ya around." Spike said grinning again. He dropped the cigarette to the ground and put it out with his boot heel. Max, Michael, and Isabel all looked at each other and when they looked back towards the place where the stranger had stood he was gone.

"Let's get inside." Isabel said. Max closed the door behind them and locked it.

Buffy, Willow, and Xander sat at the Bronze.They'd snagged their usual table and Buffy sipped her mocha, listening to the band that was playing tonight. To her surprise they were actually enjoyable. But they were no “Dingoes Ate My Baby.” The band Willow’s boyfriend Oz played Bass for.

"Hey Xander thanks for treating us to Mochas." Willow said happily while drinking hers.

"Yeah Xand, that's really sweet of you." Buffy added with a warm smile.

"Ah no problem! I gotta treat my two favorite ladies to a tasty caffinated sugar rush now and then. It makes me look all thoughtful and caring when I’m the one who picks up the tab." Xander explain and smiled in that silly way he had.

“And they say chivalry is dead.” Buffy said smirking and exchanging a look with Willow.

He bobbed his head to the music and then got up. "Ooh hey, anyone care to get funky with the Xandman." He said doing something that the girls assumed was supposed to be dancing.

Buffy and Willow looked at each other and grinned. "We should humor him once in awhile." Buffy said getting up with Willow.

"Right, his ego's so fragile and all." Willow replied.

Xander attempted some witty comment as the three of them moved into the crowd of dancers and joined in on their swaying and gyrating.

Angel had just reached the outskirts of town when Cordy and Wesley were waking up. Cordelia stretched in the back and yawned. "We almost there?"

"Just a few more miles." Angel told her, seeing the “Welcome To Sunnydale" sign just ahead of them.

"Good because I want to rent a nice hotel room and go back to bed." Cordelia said.

"We're not going to a hotel. First we need to go tell the others what's going on." Angel said. “See if they know anything about these kids in your vision.”

"Fine but I better be getting paid for missing valuable beauty rest." Cordy huffed.

Liz was the only one still awake in her room. Tess had a bed to herself, and Maria and Liz shared the other. By the light of the bedside lamp Liz was looking through her old journal entries when the phone rang. She picked it up.

"Hello?" She whispered not wanting to disturb the others from their rest.

"Liz? It's Max." He was calling from next door.

"Hi Max, what is it?" She asked smiling a tiny bit to herself.

"Do me a favor?”

"Yeah?" She asked.

"Stay in your room until the morning, okay?"

"Well I wasn’t planning on leaving, but why?" She asked, her brow furrowing in concern.

"I'll tell you in the morning, but just promise me you'll stay inside." He persisted.

"Okay Max, I'll stay in, we'll all stay in. I promise." He was worried about her. She smiled a little wider.

"Good.” He sounded a little relieved. “Are the others asleep?” He asked.

Liz nodded her dark head. “Yeah Tess changed and went right to sleep. Maria did too after she gabbed for an hour about how frustrated she is with Michael.” The laughter was visible in her voice.

Max seemed amused as well. “Yeah Michael was doing the same thing until Isabel threw a pillow at his head and told him to stop.”

They both shared a laugh. Max seemed much more relaxed now. ”Well, I shouldn’t keep you any longer. Goodnight Liz."

Liz smiled softly into the phone. "Goodnight Max."

"I love you." He whispered.

"I--love you too." She was a little taken aback by that, but was happy he said it all the same. She waited until he hung up before closing her journal and setting it aside. Then she turned out the lamp, curled up next to her best friend, and went to sleep.

Spike walked torwards the Bronze. 'If I can't kill, I might as well drown my sorrows.' He thought miserably.
He saw a couple of college boys approaching him, and pushed past them roughly, then cringed waiting for the mind numbing pain to come to him.

"Hey what the hell's your problem man?" One of them asked grumpily. Clearly drunk.

Spike stood in astonishment when it didn't come to him. He had felt nothing at all. He looked puzzled. Spike turned and studied the kid. After a moment of silence he throw a punch. Thd kid fell to the ground wailing in pain and gripping his nose. Nothing, no pain. It hadn’t hurt Spike in the slightest. He smiled wolfishly.

"God damn it!" The kid cursed and held a hand to his rapidly swelling bloody nose.

"What an Asshole!" The other kid muttered while helping his friend up to his feet.

Spike laughed heartily ignoring their comments. "Oh this is great! This is too great!" He shouted. The pair looked at him as if he were insane. Before they could react he vamped out and grabbed the kid he'd punched and bit into him fiercely. Draining the kid quickly.

His friend looked wide-eyed and stumbled away, "Oh shit man! I shouldn’t have had that sixth shot tonight." He mumbled before he turned to run back to the Bronze. Unfortunately the drunk was grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground first.

"Sorry mate, no more drinks for you." Spike said shaking his head before proceeding to kill the kid. After he had his fill he dumped the bodies in the alley. No one was the wiser. No one had seen him. He then walked into the Bronze with a grin that couldn't have been wiped away for anything in the world.

'I could've killed those kids at the hotel, and I didn't.' He thought intrigued while watching the Slayer and her friends dancing. 'What a wonderful night this'll be.' He stepped into the shadows of a darkened corner and watched the Slayer, watching and waiting. Formulating all sorts of nasty little ideas.

Part 3

Liz awoke with a tiny yawn, still cuddled up in the hotel comforter. She glanced over at Maria who was still asleep, then looked over at Tess who apparently had just woken up and was headed to the bathroom. Interestingly enough Liz and Tess were actually getting along. (Chalk that up to the Hellmouth, for any Buffy fans, lol)

"Morning." Liz said with a gentle smile.

“Morning." Tess said on her way to take a shower. She managed a smile.

Liz stared after her a moment and then decided to get up and see if the others were awake yet. She went next door, in her pajamas no less. She knocked lightly on the door. After a few minutes Max answered it, a smile spread across his lips. 'Liz Parker is standing at my hotel door in pink pajamas and slippers. I think I like Sunnydale.' He thought.

"Um hey Max, I wanted to come see what you were up to since Tess got the first shower." Liz said while tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Come in." He said standing aside so she could pass.

By the sounds coming from the bathroom it seemed as though Isabel was already primping. Not that she needed to, with what she was capable of. Even alien women needed time to look their best.

As Max closed the door Michael groaned and squinted with half closed eyes and burrowed down into the blankets of his bed and pulled a pillow over his head.

Liz looked at Max and laughed silently. They sat down on the other bed together.

"So…what are our plans for today?" Liz asked unsure of what their first steps would be in looking for whatever had drawn them here.

"Well, for the most part we're going to let Michael decide where to go since he's the one connected to this, but I did find out about a couple of places that might be good to check."

"Really?" Liz was even more curious.

"Yeah, apparently Sunnydale's only highschool was burned to shambles at the end of Senoir year last year. Besides that there's alot of weird stories floating around about this town. The locals have more stories then we do back home."

"Wow." Her brow furrowed. "Okay, but why'd the school get burned down?"

"I'm not sure, something about an attack at their Graduation Day ceremony."

Just then Isabel stepped out of the bathroom, looking perfect as usual. A great outfit and beautiful hair on top of that.

"So when are we heading out?" Isabel asked, before Max could answer she added. "We should go get some breakfast too."

"We will, but we can't get going 'til everyone's ready." Max said. Isabel cast a glance at Liz and Max, both in their nightclothes. She raised a brow.

Liz blushed and stood up. "Oh um I better wake Maria and get around."

"Right." Max nodded in agreement. Without looking he grabbed a pillow and threw it at Michael’s head.

"I'm up, god!" He barked and stumbled out of bed.

Angel and co. had arrived just before dawn and had gotten stuck at Giles for the time being. Giles was more surprised than anything else and knew or at least assumed it was something of extreme inportance if they had driven all night to get to Sunnydale.

He had made some tea and offered them all a seat. He had tried calling Buffy and Willow at the dorms, but they weren't their or weren’t awake. So he left a message just incase.

"Now what are you saying?" Giles asked for clarification.

"All we really know is that there are three teenagers headed to town who are connected to whatevers going to happen. It involves Buffy and a fire. Possibly a vampire attack." Angel said wishing he had more information for the Watcher.

Cordelia added. "So this probably means I should be getting another vision sometime in the future." She rolled her eyes not loving the idea at all.

"So our only real course of action is to keep an eye open for these teenagers and Cordelia's next vision." Wesley said. Giles nodded, his hands folded in thought under his chin.

"Well, you're welcome to stay here, uh-I do have extra rooms down the hall." Giles offered trying to be hospitable. Even though Angel was definitely not his favorite person in the world.

"We don't want to be an inconvienance." Angel said knowing Giles might still be wary of him.

"That is of course your choice." Giles replied.

As an uncomfortable silence began to fill the room the door opened breaking the tension. "Hey Giles, before we head to class, we decided to stop by and let you know that I'll be here later to train and Will-" Buffy was stopped mid sentence when she looked up to see Wesley and Cordy sitting there, but more importantly Angel.

Willow’s mouth fell open. “Oh boy.” She looked between Buffy and the others.

After a few minutes of silence Buffy managed. "Angel? What are you doing here?" Her voice was very soft and full of mixed emotions.

Giles took that moment to interject. "The others came because Cordelia had a vision. They may be hanging around for a few days until we figure out what's going to happen." Giles looked at Willow and Buffy's Mochas then the box they were carrying. "Ooh...did you get Jelly-filled?"

Willow smiled. "Don't we always?" She opened the box for him and he took one.

Even though the mood had lightened there was still tension in the air. "Wesley, Cordy? Doughnut?" Willow offered cheerily.

Cordy frowned. "Nope, no doughy-goodness for me."

Wesley declined. "No. Thank you."

"K, guess Rosenburg gets her choice of Boston Cremes." She said half joking before setting the box on the table and taking a seat.

Buffy played with her hands nervously. "…anything I should help with, about this vision?"

Cordelia handed her a slip of paper. "Oh yeah, we're looking for these kids." She described them briefly; the paper had each of their names.

"Oh...well why are they here?"

"We don't know yet."

"O-kay. I guess we'll keep an eye out for them." Buffy said. She turned around. "Hey Will? We should probably go if we want to get to class on time."

"Okay." Willow grabbed her bag, doughnut, and mocha and headed for the door. Buffy did the same and before leaving she turned around. "I'll see you guys later." But she looked directly at Angel when she said it then turned and closed the door behind her.

Part 4

A bell rang signifying the end of Buffy's classes for that day at U.C. Sunnydale.She had a bit of a blank/confused expression as Willow joined her in the corridor.

"Hey Buff." Willow studied her friend. "Anyone home?"

Buffy was brought back to earth. "What? -Huh? -Yeah-I'm here." She said in a quick string of words. Then smiled apologetically. "Oh I'm sorry Will. I just kind of zoned after seeing Angel this morning." Willow listened to her friend, obviously having already noticed this.

"I realize that, I mean everytime you guys see each other it's like the whole world stops. He's definately a complex guy."

"Yeah…he's something alright." Buffy added with a heavy sigh. "So what are we thinking about lunch?"

Willow beamed. "More mochas?"

Buffy laughed softly. "Some actual food with vitamin-y goodness would be good too."

"Okay." Willow was thoughtful. "Well...there is this new place that makes sandwiches and stuff next to the 'Expresso Pump'."

Buffy nodded. "Great, we'll grab something there then go for the caffiene." Willow nodded in agreement and they were on their way.

Everything was kind of quiet at Giles' place. Giles had left to run some errands. Cordy and Wes were catching a couple zzzz's after the long drive and Angel sat on the sofa looking through an ancient text from Gile’s personal collection.

The Roswellians headed out to see what the town had to offer and continue the search for whatever had brought them here. They had been driving through the small Southern Californian town for around thirty minutes when they agreed to grab some food and continue looking after eating.

Michael stared out the passengers’ side window with obvious disinterest. Clearly frustrated with how uneventful things had been since their arrival. The air sang to him. It was like this whole place was radiating an energy, but he couldn’t pinpoint anything specific. That is until they almost passed a small sandwich shop off the main dag. He sat up straight in his seat and his hand flew to the door handle.

"Pull in here." He demanded.

Maria rolled her eyes and turned into a parking place out front. 'God, he could be a touch more polite if he wanted a sandwich that badly. I swear men are so-' She thought while cutting the ignition and was about to give Michael a short glare, but noticed he was out of the car before she had an opportunity. He hadn't even had the decency to close the door behind him. She had to wonder if he had even waited for the car to stop moving before he’d climbed out.

Tess stared at Michaels' back as he walked away. She glanced at Maria and they got out quickly noticing Max had already pulled in beside them and was following Michael.Obviously trying to see what he was up too.

Michael closed his eyes letting his senses lead him; the feeling was getting stronger and stronger. Whatever he was suppose to find, it was close. It was right here.

"Michael?" Max called; Michael heard him faintly, but didn't stop.

Willow had just gotten her lunch and Buffy was waiting for the employees to finish making hers'. Her brows knitted together the fine hair on the back of her neck was standing on end. The only time this happened was when someone was watching her or worse, was about to attack her. She remained casual despite the impending wiggins.

She smiled at the person who brought her food to her and said a polite 'Thank you.' before heading towards the small table Willow had picked out. Buffy inspected her sandwhich as she walked making sure they had gotten it right when she heard Willow call out to her.

"Buffy, look out!" Willow cringed as Buffy looked up just in time to get knocked into by a tall guy who apparently had been paying less attention than Buffy had.

"Oof!" Buffy grunted stumbling back a step before dropping her sandwhich. "Oh great! $2.50 down the drain!"

Michaels' eyes shot open as he ran straight into someone. He stepped back and stared at the person he had run into.

"Uh…sorry..."He muttered looking a little confused at the confident little blonde who was mourning the loss of a turkey on wheat.

The girl looked up at him giving him a tiny amused half smile. "Oh no need, if I had actually looked where I was going I'd still have a lunch." She punned.

Michael withheld an actual smile. He noticed the little redhead that now joined them.

"Hey Buffy look I can go get you another one." Willow offered helpfully.

'What kind of a name is Buffy?' Michael mused silently.

"It's okay Will." Buffy replied with a smile. She looked up at Michael. "Um...are you new in town or something? I've never seen you around here before." She asked. ‘Is this who was giving me the wig?’ She wondered.

Michael nodded slowly. "Yeah...sightseeing," His expression remained blank. "Roadtrip." His senses had led him to this girl. That confused him even more, she gave off this odd energy and he saw an aura around her. It was a deep royal blue that seemed to sparkle. He blinked but it was still there.

'I must be the only one who can see that.' He thought. He looked at the redhead she was surrounded by a bright emerald green aura that almost flickered like flames. He hadn’t realized he was staring until the two girls looked up at him then glanced between each other. "You okay?" Buffy asked.

Max watched the whole scene and shook his head. He came up behind Michael as the little blonde asked Michael if he was okay. Max patted Michaels' shoulder hard enough to get him to tear his eyes away and look at Max now.
The blonde was waiting for a reply giving them both a curious look accented with an arched eyebrow. The redhead tried to smile politely.

"Um…yeah, yeah. Fine." He exhaled slowly. "Sorry. Weird day." Was all he said.

"Oh, I have those alot." Buffy said smiling again. Willow nodded in agreement.

"I'm Buffy and this is my friend Willow." Buffy introduced finally to them. "What're your names? If I may ask."

Michael had now stopped speaking altogether, and Max was unsure if he had because he thought the girl was beautiful or because he had embarrassed himself.

"This is Michael. I'm Max." Max replied. "Nice to meet you both." He extended his hand, glancing once sidelong at Michael.

"You too." Buffy said and shook his hand. Something clicked in the back of her mind. 'That sounds familiar.' She thought.

Max shook Willows' hand as well. She smiled somewhat shyly and nodded.

"Well we should probably go. We have a few things to do, here let me pay you for your lunch." Max offered reaching for his wallet.

Buffy waved him off. “No, it’s fine really.”

“No I insist. It’s our fault you lost your meal be-“ Max was saying when he was interrupted by two things. An angry looking Maria who came storming over after Michael and Michael looking at Max quickly and protesting to the idea of leaving.

"No Max! This is where I wanted to get lunch." He gave his friend a look and hoped he understood why. Maria's voice broke in now.

"My god Michael! What is your problem? You just get up and leave! Oh, what? Are you too good to close my cars' door now? The car my mother, my mother who loves me, has entrusted me with on this trip!" She stood infront of him shouting and like usual Michael looked unimpressed.

"And for what? So you can flirt with some girl you don't even know?" Maria turned looking at Buffy saying quickly. "No offense." Then turned back to continue her verbal assualt on Michael.

"None taken." Buffy and Willow looked at each other smirking.

"That is not why I came over here Maria, okay? And your mothers' car isn't going to break down because I left the door hanging open for a couple minutes." Michael defended.

"Oh hello? Who was the one that got us on a trip in the very same car only may a remind you that we had to have it towed. On MY money when YOU were the one who was responsible for having it breakdown in the first place all because you suck at controlling-" She spoke in a quick string of words, Michael slapped his hand over her mouth and grabbed her arm, prompting a glare from Maria.

"Not. Now." He said in a clipped tone then removed his hands from her person. She stood almost shocked for a moment then she started in again. "Oh, you are so NOT riding in my car for the rest of this trip pal! If ever again!" She stormed away to go and complain to Liz.

"You’re breaking my heart." Michael groaned sarcastically. He rubbed his forehead warily then glanced up watching the two girls smiling. "What?" He barked.

"Nothing." Buffy and Willow said in unison then looked at each other. "Um we just knew a couple like you two." Buffy added.

"We aren't a couple." Michael said on reflex.

"Whatever you say." Buffy said, totally not believing him. She noticed three others joining them. A tall imperious blonde, a short blonde and a brunette. Maria was still close by letting off steam. She also noticed the weird feeling she got from some of them. She felt it before from Michael, then Max, and now felt it from at least two others she assumed. A tiny voice in Buffy’s mind said they weren’t human, but they looked completely normal and it was broad daylight. Maybe she’d be better off not writing them off so easily.

"Who are your friends?" Isabel asked walking out around Michael.

"Izzy, we just met."

"I'm aware, look are we getting lunch or what?" She was hungry and tired and wanted to sit down and eat something.

"This is ah…Buffy and Willow." Michael said. 'I think I'm getting a migraine, too much estrogen.' He thought.

"I'm Isabel." She told the other two trying to be polite. "That's Liz, Tess, and over there. That’s-"

"Maria?" Willow offered.

Isabel looked at her.

"I heard." Willow smiled.

"Yeah we're all sorry about that." Isabel nudged Michael hard in the rib, he looked at her touching his side lightly, then looked them. "Sorry."

Isabel smiled.

Now things were really clicking for Buffy. 'Okay names, I've heard those names.' She couldn't place them.

"So where are you all staying?" Willow asked curiously.

"At a little hotel a few streets away from here." Liz told her.

Willow smiled. "Oh we know where that is. The Sunnydale Motor Inn." She said. Liz nodded.

It finally clicked for the Slayer. The trio standing infront of her had been the ones from Cordelia’s vision. She hadn’t even had to look for them they had found her. Buffy spoke up. "Well we have to get going, but stop by the Bronze tonight. It's the local and only club in town and tonight they're charging no cover. Maybe we can talk some more."

"Sure.” Isabel said. “How would we get there from here?”

"It's a right at the end of this street. You can’t miss it." Buffy explained. "Not far at all. We don’t exactly have a whole lot of town here."

"Okay." Isabel nodded. "I'm up for some fun."

"We'll see you around." Max said.

"See ya." Buffy said before turning and leaving with WIllow.

Part 5

"Look I'm telling you we were suppose to find that girl Max!! The energy, the vision it's all connected to her!" Michael said once back in the hotel room.

"Michael, I'm not saying you're wrong, but what's some college girl have to do with us?" Max said a little frustrated.

"Well I don't know..Maybe..Maybe she's one of us." Michael looked at him carefully. "I saw and felt things about that girl that I've never felt before."

“Oh somebody gag me!” Maria said rolling her eyes.

"What did you see Michael?" Tess asked from her spot beside Isabel, fully believing him.

He paused for a moment. "An energy it was all around her..Blue. It glowed. Same with her friend, except hers was green."

"You're sure you weren't imagining it?" Maria asked, folding her arms across her chest. 'What a pathetic way to get around the fact he flirted shamelessly.'She thought.

"I couldn't make that up..It was there." He answered.

"Okay, okay Michael we believe you." Isabel put in. "But..What are we suppose to do from here?" She said looking between her brother and the frustrated spikey haired boy. "I mean why is she so important? And how do we figure that out without looking weird."

Liz finally spoke now. "Isabel's right. If she is important we need to know why."

"Well then we'll go to this club tonight. See if we can find out anything about her without giving ourselves away." Max said ending the discussion. "Okay?"

The others nodded.

"Find out what about who?" A familiar voice asked from the doorway.

"Alex!" Isabel said. "What are you doing here?" She got up and hugged him, actually displaying her affections for him infront of the others.

Alex smiled and hugged her back before looking around the room. "Well Liz left me a note explaining that you guys were going on a trip. So I wouldn’t wonder if there was a mass abduction or something." He looked around again. "But I didn't know everyone was going. Makes a guy feel a little left out of the loop."

"How'd you know how to find us?" Michael asked.

"Liz told me the town name." He smiled. "It wasn't hard to find you guys.." He told them proudly. "I was the one that hacked into Topolsky’s files remember? Tracking you guys down was a snap."

"You didn't let anyone know where you went did you?" Tess asked.

"Of course not."


"So.." Alex asked again. "Who's this person you're trying to find out about?"

Buffy and Willow walked into Giles apartment early that evening.

Angel stood when he saw them. "Find anything?"

"What? Oh! I knew I was missing something." Buffy scolded herself while turning to Willow. "Those kids we ran into today were the kids we were suppose to look for!" She announced.

"Yeah that has to be them. But there was more than three of them." Willow said glancing around at the group.

Giles looked pretty intrigued. "Did you learn anything of particular interest?"

Buffy nodded proudly. "They’re staying at the Sunnydale Motor Inn and we invited them to meet us at the Bronze later."

"Well then that's good right?" Cordelia asked. "We can find out why they're here."

Xander had been in the kitchen with Anya raiding the British man's fridge.

"Ooh are we on stake out?" He asked.

"Yeah kind of." Buffy replied. "Willow and I are going to the Bronze to talk to them."

"We'll come along too." Xander offered. “New people? Fun and danger? I am so there!” He exclaimed rubbing his hands together.

Angel spoke then. "Okay then we'll go check out the hotel. Look for anything that might be useful. Try to keep them out awhile."

Buffy nodded. "Can do."

Spike felt the coming of the night. He waited in anticipation for it. He was going to track down those kids. The prospect of these newcomers along with the loss of the chips' power meant he was going to have a hell of alot more fun in this town.

"Those brats don't know what's coming for them. The big bad is back to destroy this waste of land and no one will stand in the way." He vamped out, his features changing and he growled. “Not even the Slayer.”

After the sun had set on their first day in the town of Sunnydale.The group decided to take Buffy up on her offer to meet at the Bronze.

They stepped inside looking around. Buffy and Willow sat at a table with a dark haired boy and another girl.

"Hey." Buffy said as they approached. "We wondered if you'd show."

"Yeah well, nothing better happening in this town." Michael said.

"Do I detect an air of hostility?" Xander said, earning a whack in the arm by Buffy. "Xander!"

Xander chuckled and then grabbed his arm. “Ow.” That earned a couple of smiles.

Micheal noticed even now that he still saw the energy around Buffy and Willow, but no one else in the club.

"Have a seat." Buffy said patting a stool. The kids each grabbed a seat and pulled it up to the table.

Angel glanced around to make sure no one was watching, then he turned the hotel room's door handle hard enough to snap the lock. Cordelia and Wesley stepped inside first and invited him in.

They checked the room high and low. So far earning nothing for their troubles.

"Come on let's check the next room." Angel said stepping outside and closing the door behind them.

Proceeding into the next room much as they had the previous room. Cordelia found a strange almost mettallic looking book in one of the duffle bags. "I think I found something.” She said calling the others attention to the book.

Angel and Wesley walked over and looked it over. "Doesn't look like a language I'm familiar with." Wesley said.

"Or a language at all." Cordelia commented while staring at pages of punched out symbols.

"It is. Just not one I think we’ve seen before." Angel added.

They flipped through it coming to a page of pictures. Of four children, then to the next page of four teens.

"These are the kids in my vision." Cordelia confirmed pointing to each face. "Michael. Isabel. Max, but I don't know who this is." She said looking at the etching of a curly haired girl.

"Well at least now we have a good idea of what they look like." Angel commented.

"How intriguing." Wesley said. “Possibly the last of a lost civilization? Let’s see if there’s anything else of use around here.” He walked through the room looking around and tripped over a grey/green duffle bag. A drawstring pouch and a book tumbled out along with some clothes.

Angel went to pick them up. "Among Us." He spoke the title before handing the book to Wesley. He opened the pouch, five amber stones lay within it, he reached in to pick one up, it glowed brightly in his palm and burned his hand, and he dropped it quickly. He panted slightly from the pain as the wound healed almost instantly thanks to his vampiric origins.

"What's the deal with that?" Cordelia asked making a face.

"I don't know." Angel replied. Wesley bravely reached inside picking one up. Nothing happened.

"It must have some sort of defense system against things that are.."Wesley began groping for some explanation.

"Demonic?" Angel finished for him.

They were quiet a moment. “Well yes. Or possibly any creature that appears as a threat.”

Cordelia was looking through another bag. "Weird."

"What?" The others asked.

"Someone sure likes spicey food." She said holding up a couple bottles of tabasco sauce. "That's a little quirky."

"Well I've seen enough to know something's up." Angel said. "Put everything back where you found it. We don't want anyone to know we were here." As they left Angel made sure the locks were back in place although broken.

"So what's so special about this town?" Maria asked Buffy and Co. "I mean the only highschool we saw was burned to the ground."

They glanced at each other.

"Freak accident." Willow said.

'With a freak..'Buffy thought still a little hard on herself. The others looked a little surprised.

"Let's just say there's alot of gang activity in town." Xander lied.

Maria raised her brows before taking a sip of her soda.

Liz and Max sat together, holding hands listening and gazing at each other. The dark atmophere of the club was setting a certain mood.

Buffy watched them recognising something there, something all too familiar to her. Their expressions, their body language, the look in their eyes. It all told a tale of a couple so hard gone in love with each other that it felt like nothing else mattered. So far gone in love that that very same love became painful and complicated at times. Something that wouldn't allow them to be together yet they'd try all the same. Defy the stars.

"How long have you two been together?" She said a wistful look on her features. The two of them turned to look at her.

"What?" Liz asked a little taken aback. She blushed.

"You are a couple right?" Buffy asked.

"Um, well.." Liz didn't know what to say. Max stared at Buffy, catching some hint of something in the look she gave them. Something that ached for the past.

"It's nice while you have it. So passionate, so special and it's all your own." Buffy continued.

Willow and Xander exchanged glances, realizing this was some upsetting Buffy/Angel reminising going on.

"..And no matter how hard you try there's something always in the way of it. Something so big it feels like you can never have what you want." Buffy's eyes saddened slightly but she still smiled. "Enjoy it while you have it, however long it's lasts. Whether it’s a day or a lifetime."

Tess got up. "Excuse me." She muttered and headed off to get a drink.

Maria rolled her eyes at Tess. Then turned back to Buffy, her green eyes dreamy over the love talk. It sounded so nice. Michael appeared uncomfortable when not distracted by his vision quest. Isabel’s face was a blank mask and Alex continued drinking his orange soda as he listened to the band play.

Liz spoke to Buffy then. "Do you miss him?" Understanding where the speech was coming from now.

Buffy glanced at the tabletop then back up at the brunette. "Not as much as I use to, but everytime I see him it's like he chisels off another little piece of my heart and takes it with him."

Max squeezed Liz's hand under the table.

"But enough of my pathetic love life." She said smiling again. Buffy couldn't believe she'd admitted that, she'd kept that in for so long. And she could tell it was dragging down the mood at the table.

"It's not pathetic." Liz told her kindly in a soft tone. Max's lips hinted at a smile.

"Thank you." Buffy replied sweetly.

Spike breathed the night air deep into his dead lungs. He knew this would be an eventful evening. His night. He headed torwards the Bronze his stride purposeful, a confident swagger.

Once stepping inside he surveyed the room. Picking up on each individual he'd hoped to find. Eight of them with the addition of three others. Some he had grown accustom to, some he wasn't, but couldn't wait to be.
His eyes narrowed and focused solely on Liz.Two things ran through his mind. One was to kill the slayer and the other was to have that girl. The little brunette with whom the tall brooding type was so attached to. He smirked and sunk into the shadows like a ghost.

Part 6

Maria dragged Michael out onto the dance floor.

"I don't dance Maria." He said over the loud music. If he really didn’t then how had she gotten him this far?

"You do now." She replied. "I know we're here for a reason, but you take yourself way too seriously, you need to have a little fun."

Michael wanted to go find out about the blonde at the table, but he supposed the blonde infront of him moving her hips was just as well. 'You're going soft.' He mentally chided himself.

Max looked off at Michael and Maria.

"Okay, now I’m convinced we’ve stepped into another dimension." Max said dryly to Isabel.

"You know as serious as you two boys take yourselves, once in awhile you do realize your hormones will get the better of you?" She said with a tiny smile.

Anya nodded in agreement. “Oh yes. It’s true. Xander’s hormones get the better of him all the time. Especially when I show up at his place nak-“ Xander blushed and laughed nervously as he covered her mouth.

“Anya? Honey? What did we talk about?” He asked carefully. He released her mouth and she looked up at him like a scolded puppy.

“Oh right. You told me it wasn’t appropriate in any social situation of more then two parties to talk about how we like to have lots and lots of se-“ Xander covered her mouth again laughing. He looked jokingly across the table at their guests.

“She is SUCH a kidder!” He exclaimed. He got a strange glance from everyone and an amused smirk from Alex. Willow smiled and patted Xander’s shoulder out of pity. Buffy and Liz just sat by quietly listening to the others. Tess pretended as though she were watching the band play. Somehow segregrated from the group even though she was sitting along with them.

It appeared as though the majority of the group was enjoying themselves for the first time since they'd arrived. Everyone was sort of relaxed and content with their new friends.

"Perfect timing." Spike said to himself, as he and one of his lackies sat back in the shadows. "Go get someone to eat and make sure the Slayer sees you." He advised.

The vampire nodded and walked off in search of a meal. Spike had thought of everything, he also had five or six others stationed outside the Bronze in anticipation of said plan. He may have been unable to be taken seriously with the chip working, but now the local underground feared him again since the chip’s malfunction a few nights prior.
He watched and waited. The vampire had found a young girl and was escorting her out, and sure enough The Slayer and her scoobies noticed. She got up quickly. He read her lips; she made up an excuse about going to catch up with a friend. She and her friends left, leaving the visitors alone for the moment.

"Oh even better.." He whispered with a sly grin. The little brunette had gotten up; she was heading to the restroom. Spike smiled. "My job just got a hell of alot easier." His eyes followed her; she glanced around once feeling someone watching her then continued to the bathroom.

Outside the vampire bit into the struggling girls' neck. He held her tightly against him as the girl let out a wimper.

Buffy rushed out into the alley her stake in hand. She glanced around for a second before she spotted them behind a Dumpster.

"Uh-uh." She began. "I told you guys that's not very polite to do to a girl on the first date. Don’t you have any manners?"

The vamp growled dropping the weakened girl to the ground, she was still alive. ‘Good.’ Buffy thought as she ran at him and propelled herself off an old crate and lauched into a roundhouse kick that connected with his jaw, causing him to stagger away. Just before she had him cornered, he began laughing. She looked confused. "It's not suppose to tickle." She said then looked up and around. They were surrounded. One had grabbed Willow.

"You guys are so NOT funny." She said as she turned back to the cornered vampire. She was greeted with a punch in the face.

Willow used her Wiccan abilities to float a piece of broken crate up behind her captor and seconds later he was dusted. She then went to help Xander and Anya.

Buffy got up from the ground and began wailing on the vampire. They exchanged many blows before she finally had him dusted. As soon as one was gone another advanced on her in its place.

Liz walked down the back hallway to the restroom she had a sinking feeling in her stomach that something was wrong. She glanced around to be sure she was alone, she appeared to be so she continued into the restroom, closing the door quietly behind her.

She stepped up to one of the large mirrors hanging over one of the many sinks and studied her reflection. Liz turned on the faucet and dipped down to splash the cool water on her face.

At the sudden sound of a toilet flushing she jerked her head up startled. Liz cautiously moved down the row and looked beneath each stall but no feet were there. Her heart skipped a beat. She slowly returned to the sink and took a deep breath.

Footsteps, behind her. She turned around, nothing. No one was there at all.

"It's okay." Liz told herself turning back to the mirror. "Your mind is just playing tricks on you." She whispered trying to boost her confidence. She dug into her pocket for her lip balm and quickly smeared some on her lips and smacked the together. Anything to forget the weird noises in the restroom. She capped it and returned in to the pocket of her jeans.

Liz turned to go and gasped as she came face to face with a tall bleached blonde man.

"It's funny what tricks your mind likes to play." He said seductively. He was pale, and his grin was predatory.

Liz glanced back at the mirror then back to the stranger, who was standing too close to her for comfort.

"Y-you.."She tried to get out.

"Yeah I know..No reflection..Makes it hard to shave.." He said casually. Spike revelled in the sound of her quickening heart rate and her rapid breathing. A mix of adrenaline and fear drifted from her along with the soft scent of vanilla.

Liz made a bold move and ran past him torwards the door. "Max!!" She cried, knowing he couldn’t hear her over the loud club. Just as her fingertips grazed the doorknob she was grabbed from behind. A strong hand slid over her mouth and the other went around her waist.

"Now, now. If I wanted that one I would've waited for HIM to leave the table." Spike said as dragged her torwards the window.

Liz had been gone for awhile now. Max didn’t like it. Something was happening he could feel it. He stood and started torwards the backhall.

"Max." Isabel said getting up and following him. "Where are you going?’ She asked picking up on his nervous energy.

"I’m going to check on Liz."

"You can't go in the girls' room Max." His sister replied.

"I know that's why you are." He said as they reached the door. They both looked at it then Isabel looked at him skeptically. "She’s probably just fixing her hair or something."

"I don’t care. Just make sure everything’s alright." He said. She sighed and pushed the door open and stood for a moment looking around as the door closed behind her. No one was there. Isabel checked each stall. "Liz?" She asked quietly. Her voice echoed off the pale pink walls. It was clear that no one was still in the restroom.

Finally she noticed the open window, the only sign anything was out of place. A scrap of fabric hung from a nail caught in the wall. Isabel walked over and pulled it free, it was from Liz's shirt. She stood on her toes and stared out of the window. A soft breeze brushed her face but that was all. The alley beyond was empty and silent. Isabel turned and ran for the door.

"Max!" She cried coming from the restroom.

His head shot up with questioning eyes. Isabel held out the fabric to him. "I-I think someone...took Liz." Isabel said worriedly.

Max ran the material between his fingers. The soft lavender cotton was the only sign Liz had even been there. He remained silent until Isabel thought she might scream.

"We're leaving." He finally replied in a low tone and Isabel ran out to tell the others what was going on.

As the Roswellians rushed out of the Bronze they were shocked to witness a body fly from an alley mouth and into the side of a nearby building with a loud thud. The figure stood and shook it off, it was Buffy.

"Ya know you have really bad social skills." They heard her say as a creature charged her; it's face grotesquely misshapen. It snarled at her. She delivered a series of punches and a kick, but this vampire was stronger then the lame garden variety. That or Buffy was feeling fatigued. It grabbed her attempted kick and flipped her in the air. She landed on the asphault with a grunt. Buffy scrambled to get up again but before she could the vampire picked her up by the throat and rammed her into the wall of the building she’d already hit. Then splintered the stake in her hand.

"Die girl!" It growled, squeezing her throat tighter in his hands.

"Uh." She gasped for air trying to break free.

"Max do something!" Isabel urged frightened. "That thing will kill her!!"

Max wanted to but he was momentarily conflicted.

Michael pushed past them as three other figures charged torwards the fight. His hand shot up a brilliant flash of light eminated from his palm and knocked the figure away from the struggling blonde. Buffy fell to the ground gasping for air, momentarily dazed.

"Michael." Max warned.

"We need this girl Maxwell. I'm not gonna watch her die, she's a link to us." Michael snapped. Buffy looked up at the group, confused once more. 'What just happened?' She questioned, then glanced at the three other newcomers, it was Angel, Wesley, and Cordelia.

Angel wasted no time, his features shimmered into the feral visage of the demon within him. He began savaging the vampire that almost killed Buffy. Cordelia and Wesley ran to Buffy's side, helping her up.

"Are you okay?" Cordelia asked.

"Yeah. I’m fine now." Buffy said breathily glancing once more at the group of teens.

Tess looked at her fellow companions. "We should leave, they've seen too much."

Michael looked at her. "They're fighting a bunch of.." He glanced at them not knowing what they were as the fight raged on. "I doubt they're going to think we're the weird ones."

Max was getting more anxious. "Besides we need to find Liz!" His anger breaking through. “This is their town. Maybe they can help.”

"How?" Tess asked. "We don't know where she was taken or by who. For all we know she’s already dead." Max shot her an icy stare and Tess backed away, but he realized she was right as much as he hated to admit that to himself. He then looked back at the fight infront of them.

Maria walked up beside Michael and wrapped an arm around his waist, she looked scared. He wrapped his arms around her. Alex came up beside Isabel, squeezing her shoulders and she leaned back against him. Tess stared at the others then looked back to Max. Max watched in awe as the little blonde got up and put herself back into the fight. She grabbed another vampire and began wailing on it. Her moves along with the tall dark males were almost perfectly in synch with each other.

"Angel!" She cried, Angel looked up at her. "Switch!" He stooped on the ground and Buffy rolled across his back and they began fighting again. Buffy was determined to kill the one that had threatened her life.

Xander and Anya were working on another vampire as Willow, Cordy, and Wesley worked on the other. It was amazing how they all worked together to combat these creatures.

Buffy finally slammed the stake home in the vamp that had earlier terrorized her. As he exploded in a shower of dust Buffy uttered. "Loser."

She straightened up from her defensive position and looked around seeing Angel had just killed the last of them. Her friends were collecting themselves as the ash carried on the soft breeze. Buffy finally looked back at the group again. The ones who somehow had saved her.

Angel looked up at them as well and Buffy raised her brows at him and mouthed the word 'Face'. Angel realized he was still changed and let his features sink back to a human mask.

This earned a few strange looks from the Roswellians. They would have a lot of questions for each other later.

"Is there something you want to tell me?" Buffy asked Michael on the walk to Giles.

"What about you?"

"Oh right.." Buffy sighed. "..Yeah..Me."

Angel was walking beside Alex. Alex kept looking at him uneasily.

"So uh.." Alex began, not knowing what to say. Angel glanced at him. Alex got a little nervous.

"Don't worry." Angel began. "I don't bite." He smiled inwardly.

"Um..So I saw people..At least things I thought were people exploding.."Alex finally said.

Xander looked at him, then spoke to Isabel. "He's taking this rather well." Isabel just glanced at him.

Max stalked on ahead of them. He turned around suddenly eyeing them all. No one had ever seen him so angry and distraught before. At least no one who knew him. "Look..Liz is gone. I'm not going to sit around and pretend everything's fine when she could be.." Max trailed off. 'Don't even think that.' He told himself, his eyes dropping to the ground.

Everyone had stopped and stared at him. Angel watched him solemnly. He related way too much to this boy who was only sixteen years old, compared to the years he had on him.

Angel spoke. "Look we've been in this kind of situation before. We'll get her back for you alive and well, but first we need to get somewhere safe and talk this out. We need a plan."

Max glared at him. "The longer we wait the more likely it is she's-"

Angel cut him off. "First we need to know where she is or at least who took her. You can not walk in there blinded by your emotions for her, or you'll get everyone killed."

"You don't know what I'm capable of." Max shot back advancing torwards Angel.

"And you don't know what I'm capable of..Or what exists in this town..That fight back there was just the tip of the iceberg." Angel said, the two of them stood their faces inches apart.

Michael advanced torwards them, anger flickered in him that this guy thought he could boss Max around, Buffy grabbed him by the arm. He looked at her and started forward again, but she pulled him back hard. He rubbed his arm.

"He needs to hear this." She told him. "Angel!" She called looking up at the vampire.

Angel looked at her then glanced back at Max and brushed past the boy. Leaving Max to stare down at the ground again.

"Look, we need to get to Giles apartment." Buffy told Max. "I promise we'll explain about Sunnydale and who we are and everything else, but we need you to chill. We'll get her back you just have to play by our rules for a little while."

Max looked at her.

"We've done this ALOT, so either work with us, or get yourselves in deeper.." She glanced between them all now. "There's way too much testosterone flying around here." she muttered, walking torwards the apartment at a quicker pace, the heels of her leather boots clicking behind her.

Liz watched with big scared eyes as the blonde man walked back and forth infront of her. Her slender wrists were bound to a pipe running along the factory wall. A single tear ran down her cheek.

That made Spike's smile widen.

"Lost little girl.." He said. "..In a scary new town full of big bad things..." Liz tried to surpress a shudder of fear, but couldn't help herself.

He tilted his head to one side. "You're shaking. Must be bloody aweful not having your loverboy here to protect you and fight off all the nasties who might want a taste." He stood infront of her studying her quaking form. The scent of fear was intoxicating. "Poor sweet child." He ran a cold hand down her cheek. She gasped at the chill and jerked her head away. Spike loved this.

"Oh shhh.." He whispered. "..I'm not going to hurt you." Liz relaxed only the tiniest bit.

He smiled. "..Yet." He added as his face changed.

Liz's eyes widened but she dared not make a sound.

Spike chuckled. This was too great.

Part 7

It had been hard for Gile's to make sure everyone had a seat, but he somehow managed. Very simply he was enthrawled by the conversation beginning before him.

"Okay." Buffy began as she stood before the entire room. "What are you?" Buffy asked rather bluntly to whom ever it concerned in the Roswell section. She got some interesting facial expressions, but no one spoke.

"I told you already. We deal with weird stuff all the time. From what Angel told me I’m guessing you’ve got something going on. Personally I don't care what you are because you already saved my bacon once. You stopped that beasty back there from popping my head off my shoulders." She looked from face to face before she continued. “In any event, it’s probably important that we know.”

"It's not exactly something we go around telling people about." Isabel told her reluctantly.

Buffy was in no mood for excuses. There was some poor girl out there probably scared to death of not going home ever again.

Buffy sighed. "Look..Liz is important to you right?"

Distinct nods came from all.

Buffy exhaled loudly. "Well...I can't help save your friend Liz if you guys won't share."

Angel stood up straight from his place leaning against the wall and took a couple of steps towards the blonde. "Buffy maybe it would be easier for them to except our help if we told them about who we are first." Buffy just looked at him blankly for a moment.

"Oh, right I was going to get there..Eventually.." She said sort of embarrassed.

"Yay. It's story time with big, broodin' vamp man!" Xander quipped sitting beside Anya.

Alex was putting two and two together now. "Oh wait..Bite..Vamp..You’re a vampire?" He asked a little confused by his revelation.

"Vampires aren't rea-"Michael started.

"Oh you wouldn't think so..." Angel spoke softly, letting his face shift into its less friendly visage. He didn't like it but it helped prove a point.

Michael stared at him a long moment as if unimpressed, but he did keep quiet.

"You saw it in the alley. I had changed, the others we fought were vampires..They’re probably the ones who took your friend." Angel explained simply.

"But they all exploded..." Alex said "..That is what happened right? Because if not then I need glasses."

Buffy jumped in and nodded. "Yep vampires, you stake them through the heart and they go POOF!"

"But then why-" Alex began stating the next obvious question, he was the only one who actually wanted to say what everyone was thinking. His curiousity was sort of refreshing to the two ex-Watchers in the room.

"I was cursed." Angel said his face shifting back to normal. "A long time ago...I've been around for 245 years or more now. A normal vampire has no soul; it's a demon living in a corpses shell. When a human being is changed the demon gets the body; it’s memories, everything but its soul. It's an easy way to live no guilt, no remorse…Very carefree lifestyle.” He paused for affect. “ I killed the wrong girl one night. An important member of a gypsy clan called the Romani. They created a curse to restore my human soul, after over a century of bringing ugly death to anyone I met I felt pain and guilt for it. Every person I had killed clung to my memory.”

“And to attone for his crimes of the past he helps to restore balance in the world. The good and evil, dark and light.” Wesley added.

“Yeah and we help him. We have our own Investigation Agency back in LA.” Cordy said with a nod. She curbed the impulse to ask if they were getting paid after this little escapade was over.

"Okay..Then what about you?" Michael asked looking at Buffy. "I've never seen a girl fight like that...I've never seen anyone fight like that."

"Might want to let Giles explain that it's his favorite part." Buffy said teasingly. "Go on Giles. That’s your gig."

Giles gave Buffy a short look but decided to explain it to their visitors despite his Slayer’s teasing.He cleared his throat. "Well as there are vampires and various other dark creatures in the world, that you'd be better of never knowing about. There must be a balance between good and evil. Buffy is that balance. Onto each generation there is born a girl, one girl in all the world with the strength and the skill to hunt and kill demons, vampires and other forces of darkness. Buffy is that girl. She’s a vampire slayer."

"Oh we haven't pulled that speech out in a long time. Giles? You feel good now?"

"Xander joking is for later. You’re scaring the out of towners." Willow chided.

"I'm shutting up." Xander said clamping his mouth shut.

Buffy decided to go from there. "Giles over here is my Watcher.. Basically the watcher trains the slayer and also provides information needed to fight all the evil." She nodded torwards the others. "To shorten this story, Willow, Xander, and Anya help us."

“Oooh hey don’t forget Oz.” Willow added hopefully.

Buffy smiled a tiny bit. “And our friend Oz. You’ll probably meet him later.” She sighed. “Normally Watchers and Slayers are a duo deal, but my friends found out what I was shortly after I moved here a few years ago and they decided they wanted in so that’s why our entourage is pretty large.”

She watched silently as the kids draped over the couch let all this information sink in.

"We knew you were coming too." Cordelia added suddenly.

"How?" Max asked looking over at her.

"I get visions." She said bluntly. "In my vision I saw each of you three.” She pointed to Max, Michael, and Isabel. “ But none of the others. And Buffy and some other stuff that's not so pleasant. That's how we knew we had to come to Sunnydale."

Michael glanced up at them. "I had a vision.." He admitted much softer then usual.

"You did?" Giles asked in curiousity.

"Yeah that's really why we came here.."

"Michael." Tess warned. She was still fighting spilling this to a whole room full of people.

"Continue.."Buffy prompted her arms folded across her chest.

"Sometimes I get these visions from different things I touch. It only happened one other time and it led us to Texas. It was less vague then the last time. I had a town name and an energy. We got a map and drove out here. Once we got into town I just followed my senses.” Michael explained.

“Well that make sense cause Sunnydale brings in all kinds of.." Willow began. "Wait a minute. We still don't know what you are.."

Michael sighed. "Earlier today, in the sandwhich shop.."

Buffy filled in the blanks. "You felt the energy from me."


"Which again begs the question. What are you?" Buffy said echoing the question for the third time.

The others looked at Max. He got slightly uncomfortable with all the expectant glances. He sat up straighter.

"We're uh not from around here." He began.

Buffy looked puzzled. "Well duh we knew that. Could you vague that up for me?" She kidded.

"No, no…Michael, Isabel, Tess and I aren't from around this planet." He said slowly a little bit afraid of how they might react.

"You're Aliens?" Buffy stared at them.

"Yes." Max confirmed.

Xander interjected with an ‘Oh’ kind of expression. "You guys aren't all green and slimy under there are you? I'm not a big fan of slime."

"No." Max answered. Surprised at how casual they were taking this. "Everything about us is human, except for our blood." He paused getting a very brief flashback of Agent Peirce and the X-rays from the White Room then was back with them. "That and we have powers."

Angel picked up that brief instance of something in Max's face, but he waited.

"Well like what kind of powers?" Willow asked interested.

"We can manipulate simple molecular stuctures." Max said.

"Huh?" Buffy, Cordelia, Anya, and Xander all said in unison.

Willow being Willow said. "It means…well to put it simply they can change the form of stuff. Color, texture, shape, substance." Willow explained beaming, she always had been a book nerd and proud of it.

“Yeah.” Max said.

"Can you show us?" Cordelia asked. The four looked at each other, and then Isabel got up from the couch having an idea.

"Do you have any water?" She asked.

"Um yes..Of course." Giles said getting up and led her over to the kitchen. He got a glass of water and handed it to her.

“Thanks.” She said quickly. Isabel held it out infront of her. At first she held her hand over it. The water heated up and began to boil steam rising from the glass then the stopped the boil and she started to turn the glass over as if to dump it's contents on the rug. As the water rushed from the glass Isabel used her free hand to freeze it in place, a stream of frozen cascading water still clung to the glass.

"My word." Came from Giles.

“Neat.” Willow chirped. A big smile stretched across her face.

"We can all do things like that. But we all have our own special abilities. I could show you mine, but it's kind of hard to do right now." Isabel said staring proudly at her trick.

"Why?" Buffy asked still staring at the stream of frozen tap water.

"Because no one’s asleep here that I could try it on. I call it Dreamwalking, I can enter people's minds, usually only when they are sleeping, but sometimes when they're awake too. Know their thoughts, feelings, dreams and put myself into them." She explained as she carefully collected the frozen stream of water above the glass and slowly unfroze it, letting it drain back into the glass. Then she set it on the counter.

"Cool.” Buffy said. “Can any of you do that too?" She asked them.

"No, just Isabel." Max said. "I can heal people by connecting with them. Reverse whatever damage is done. That’s why Maria, Alex, and Liz know the truth about us. Back in September Liz was accidently shot."

“She would’ve died if Max hadn’t healed her and then Liz told me about them. And then we told Alex.” Maria explained. “A couple friends back home know too. We kind of help keep the whole thing underwraps. That’s why nobody’s too hot about showing you the secret alien handshake. We had creepy FBI guys after us.”

Buffy nodded. “Makes sense. What else can you do?”

Michael spoke up next. "I get the occassional vision and you saw what else I can do. I’m also pretty good at blowing things up."

Tess didn't even begin to explain her power. As Buffy glanced at her she just smiled and closed her eyes.

Everyone looked at her expectantly and without warning vampires burst through windows and doors and began an all out assault on the room.

The others tensed and were ready to fight, and as Buffy tried to throw the first punch it all dissappeared.

"What?" She asked looking around in confusion.

Tess looked at up her. "I did it. I can get into someone's head and make them think something's happening when it really isn’t. I made you all think you were being attacked."

"Well we'll get along okay as long as you don’t do that again." Buffy said testily. “Ever.”

Tess nodded, silently pleased with her illusion.

Max was getting antsy again. “So now that you know what we are when are we going after Liz?”

Liz stood warily in her spot. Spike finally came back into the room. "Well, well..How are we holding up luv?"

Liz tensed up almost instantly; fear had found her again. A cut ran along her cheek. Spike had had a little fun earlier.

"You know?" He said looking her over. "I don't think your lover's coming for you...what a pity.." He inhaled sharply continuing. "..I can't very well change you if he's not around to suffer through it now can I?" He asked smirking at her.

Liz still kept her mouth shut. She wasn't stupid, if she talked back he might just hurt her again.

"What's that?" He asked looking in her direction. "Not going to talk?"

"Fine then I'll continue with the plan." Spike had sunk to a new low, he knew this girl was sweet and innocent, if he changed her, made her one of his kind she'd always be his. He could pamper her, treat her like his dark goddess.

Oh no Spike was completely over Dru, oh sure.

"But…you need to look the part for our little play." He commented. "This innocent school girl look is just not working for me. Hmm. What shall we do?" He tapped an elegant finger against his lips then he pulled out something from behind his back. It was a dress. An old, long, elegant, black dress. It had a corset-like top and the sleeves were off the shoulder, long, and bell shaped. The skirt was full and had a sheer overlay of fabric. It was all lacey and extravagant, very gothic.

"Do you like it?" He purred at her. "You'd look absolutely smashing in it you know." Liz just starred at him as if he were insane. Maybe Spike had spent too much time with his now long gone paramour Drusilla.

"Veronique." He called to one of his female minions. The vampire appeared from the shadows. Her long shiny red hair cascading over her shoulders. Her face was vamped. Without question she waited for his orders. " Go see to it that our girl here gets changed hmm?"

She nodded taking the dress. Spike approached Liz at a relaxed gate; He untied her and escorted her to the room Veronique had disappeared into. Liz was just going to walk in, just to get away from him. However before she had the chance he grabbed her by both shoulders, provoking a short stifled cry. He lingered around the back of her neck sweeping her dark hair away from it. "Now.." He whispered. "..You do what you're told and be good." His face shifted and he let his fangs linger over her soft neck. "Or I'll drain you right here." His features shifted back again. "Are we clear?"

Liz nodded silently and went inside. She almost wanted to cry as the door closed behind her. 'Max where are you? Please don't leave me here.' She thought miserably.

"Okay well where do we start in the search for the kidnapper?" Willow asked. "Any ideas?"

Buffy finally took a seat. "If we're thinking vampires, who's the most likely to do it?"

"Well since Spike got 'fixed' the vamps have been pretty random." Xander mentioned. "By the way, where is our favorite undead punching bag?"

"He hasn't been around for a few days, he's normally always loitering over here." Buffy said.

"Spike?" Maria asked. "Cute name." She said sarcastically.

"Well if you saw him you might understand the nickname. Actually his real name is William, but he goes a little ballistic when you call him that." Buffy added rubbing the back of her neck lightly.

"Um okay that's great. Really.." Maria said a little frustrated. "..But who the hell is this guy?"

Willow spoke up. "Nasty British vampire..Has a thing for smoking, leather and killing people.."

Max sat up. "Did you say British?"

"Oh and did I mention peroxide? He looks like Billy Idol from hell."

Bells were going off now.

Max rested his head in his hands. Michael began explaining. "We met this guy, last night...he knew we weren't..Normal."

"You did?" Buffy asked her skin tingling, but she calmed down remembering the chip.

"Yeah." Isabel said with a disgusted look. "He was majorly creepy."

Angel looked at Buffy. "You think he might have done this? I wouldn’t put it past him.”

"Well maybe, but he had this thing put in his head, this chip, He couldn't even hit people or he'd get the mother of all migraines." Buffy said a little confused. “It rendered him pretty harmless to humans.”

"But it could be possible?" Angel questioned.

"I suppose, but he can't hurt her. We could go check around town for them." Buffy said.

"Okay then let's do this. Why don't we all split up and search town? Wesley and Cordelia are a team. Xander and Anya, Giles and Willow, and Buffy you're with me." Angel said. Buffy arched a brow at his take charge attitude.

"We're not going to sit here twiddling our thumbs waiting for you to come back." Michael snapped. This guy was more annoying then Max could be.

"Look I can't tell you to stay anymore then I'm going to tell you to go and look for her, but I'll only say this. If this chip is inactive and you find Liz with Spike, no matter what powers you have I'd strongly advise you to come back here before attempting to confront them." Angel told them. "Whatever way you plan on splitting up, if he's been as frustrated as I think he is, unable to do what he usually does, he'll tear you apart. It doen't matter how special you are."

"But she said herself he can't hurt anyone." Max said gesturing torwards Buffy.

"Yes, but the fact that Liz and Spike aren't around makes me think he's got something planned." Angel told him.

"Fine. Michael..You’re coming with me." Max said looking Angel over before getting up. He was in no mood for reasoning. He just needed Liz back.

Michael glanced between them and followed.

"Max." Isabel called after her brother. He turned to look at her. "Please..Be careful." He just nodded before turning to leave, Michael in tow. This snapped the others into motion. Buffy and Angel were on the move after giving everyone else a couple places to look. They all split up as they left the apartment.

It was time to save Liz Parker.

Part 8

Liz looked at herself in apparently the only mirror in the entire warehouse. Veronique had made her up like some gothic princess. It made Liz’s stomach heave.
She looked at her reflection again. Her hair was left down but curled into tight ringlets, dark eye makeup and a deep mauve lipstick had been applied to her lovely face. And then there was the dress...the corset was tight on her figure, and showed of her assets quite uncomfortably. The sleeves covered her delicate hands and long strips of fabric hung freely from them. The skirt was layers upon layers of black and sheer fabric. She most certainly was a gothic princess, but she didn't want to be.

Her breath caught in her throat as she felt a cold, deadly..But at the moment gentle hand on the nape of her neck. She knew who it was even though she never saw his reflection in the mirror.

"What a beauty you've become." He said almost lovingly while curling his fingers in her hair. "I thought you might want to see yourself once last time before we continue any farther..It’s only fair." He whispered against her neck.

Liz found her voice this time. "This...Is not fair." She said trying to control the angry tears in her voice.

"What's that?" He asked amused.

She turned her jaw set staring up at him in pure defiance. "How can you think this is fair? I'm being held against my will being dressed as something I'm not. I don't like you, I never will and Max is coming for me! You can’t just keep me here and believe that it’s fair." She moved past him. Spike let her; it amused him too much to not watch her try to leave.

Liz at first moved to a set of iron doors that were guarded by two vampires. When the vampires moved to pull her away. Spike raised his hand and shook his head and watched as she tugged at the heavy iron doors with all her might. They were locked. He withheld a chuckle as the now much more fiesty little brunette moved to any possible exit she could find and tried to escape. To no avail. Every possible exit was sealed. She was stuck here.

Spike snickered as Liz turned and faced him again her expression a mix of anger, fear, and worry.

"A little dissappointed are we?" He asked. "Do you honestly think I was going to just let you leave? Sorry pet but, you're staying here and your attitude will indeed change when you awake tomorrow night." His voice raising slightly.

Liz stared at him.

"What?" He said opening his arms. "You've got no response? No protest? No comeback? Nothing?" He smiled now approaching her. "See this is where I reinstate you're. Not. Leaving." He was in her face now. "You're mine now! You belong to me! Not some pathetic little brooding highschool boy who thinks he knows what love and suffering is all about!"

Liz glared at him. She narrowed her eyes and spit in his face.

Spike didn't flinch he just pursed his lips, wiped his face with a hand then looked at it rubbing his fingers together in what he's just wiped away from his face. He started nodding his head. "Yeah." He whispered.

His arm shot out and grabbed Liz by the back of her head. She cried out her hands scramling for purchase. Trying to wrench his grip free from her hair. He walked swiftly across the room dragging her along behind him.

"ENOUGH WITH THE PLEASANTRIES AROUND HERE!" He yelled. He'd just about snapped. He couldn't make Drusilla love him and he couldn't make this girl love him, so he'd just have to find a way to deal, but until then..

He pushed her up against a wall and held her wrists in place then he captured her mouth with his own in a greedy kiss. Her cries of protest were stifled and she tried to push him away, but she couldn't. He was far too strong.

He finally stopped his invasion on her mouth and pulled away, his face morphing as it often had when he was angry and he bound her back to the pipe. He then lit a cigarette to calm himself and blew the smoke in her face, she coughed and turned her head away.

"Enough with playing pretty games. You're going to learn to listen to me, and when you become one of my own you will learn to like this." He ground out flicking ashes on the cement floor.

"I'd rather die first!" She shot back. He had turned away from her by this time. He smiled to himself. "Don't worry pet. You will." And with that he left the room. Leaving Liz to hold back her tears.

(Part 9 coming tomorrow..)

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