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Title True Destiny 2 Child of Hope
Author Helen (Roswelllostcause)
Rating PG-13 up to R
Disclaimer If I owned Roswell things would have been very differnt. But I don't and we know what we got!!!
Summery Sequal to True Destiny. Katie's destiny must be fullfilled for there to be peace.


A child will be born that will bring hope in a time of need. This child will help bring peace to six worlds. Five in one solor sytem one in a distaned one. Raised by a King and Queen she will be a sweet caring girl. This girl will know of her destiny at a young age, and be know as the child of hope or child of peace.

Prophcy written it the year 2006 AR of Antar/ 1624 AD of Earth.

Serena read the prophcy again. She knew when Katie was born that the prophcy was coming true. But with Katie missing now the prophcy may never come true.

"Katie we need you. Without you there may never be peace." said Serena

Part 1

Liz sat on the balcony outsided her childhood home staring at the starts. It had been two weeks since her daughter had been taken from her, Liz vowed that Nicholas and Lonnie would pay for steeling her sweet little girl from her. She had run out of tears long ago. She didn't turn when she heard someone climb out her old bedroom window.

"Liz you should come in." said her best friend Maria
"Maria you don't know what it's like to have someone you love taken from you." Liz said softly
"We will find Katie. Your going to get your daughter back."
"I want to believe that."
"Liz why would Nicholas take Katie?"
"He hated Lexis. Lexis was the only one who stood up to his bullying. He did this to get me back."
"Come on in Liz. Everyone is worried about you."
"Ok. Maria how are you feeling?"
"Not bad. But Liz I won't be able to climb out this window after you much longer."
"I know you only have two months left until your baby is due."
"Yeah. Michael is so happy we are having a girl."
"That's great."

Liz climbed in the window and helped Maria in. Then both of them walked down to the Crashdown. When Liz walked in Max wrapped his arms around Liz and pulled her into a booth with him.

"How are you doing?"
"Not too good."
"Liz, Nicholas sent a note for you said Zath."
"Let me see it."

Zath handed Liz Nicholas's note and Liz read it to herself, before dropping it on the table. Max picked it up and read it to everyone.

"Lexis, give me Zan, Rath and Vilandra or you will never see your brat again." said Max
"Liz?" asked Serena
"I can't do what he wants. I can't ask you to do that for me. Any of you." said Liz looking Michael, Isabel and then Max in the eye.
"Liz I'm going to try and dreamwalk Katie." said Isabel
"Ok becareful Isabel."
"I will be."
"I'm coming with you." said Alex

Liz watched as her two friends headed into the backroom. She still couldn't believe that less then a month ago she found out that Alex wasn't really dead after nine years.


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Thank you for the feedback!!! Yes I know it's strange for Katie to be picked but Max and Liz's baby has a differnt destiny. True Destiny is over on the repost bord. Sorry I don't know how to do a link. If some one bmails me and explans in very easy trems I'll link it!!!

Part 2

Isabel and Alex when up to Liz's old bedroom and layed down on the bed. Alex wrapped his arms around Isabel. Isabel pulled out a photo of Katie and touched it, and a moment later found herself in Katie's dream.

Katie's Dream

Isabel looked around and found herself in a field of wild flowers. A few feet a head she saw Katie sitting studing the differnt kinds of flowers.

"Aunt Isabel you dreamwalking me aren't you?"
"Yes Katie. Are you ok?"
"Katie have they hurt you?"
"No but they are both poo poo heads."
"Do you know where you are?"
"We are going to find you."
"I know. Tell mommy not to worry so much. It's not good for Claudia."
"I will."
"Better go your evil twin is coming."
"Ok. Remember that we all love you."
"Tell mommy I love her."

Isabel woke from the dreamwalk and layed in Alex's arms for a few minutes.

"You ok?" asked Alex
"Yes. Her mind is so peaceful. I know she is scared but it's peaceful in her mind."
"Ready to tell Liz how Katie is doing?"
"Yeah. She's ok for now. But I don't know how long that will be the case."
"Katie is smart she won't do anything to make them hurt her."
"I know."
"Come on Iz."

Alex and Isabel when back to the Crashdown. They found Liz still wrapped in Max's arms.

"How is she?" asked Liz
"They haven't hurt her." said Isabel
"Isabel how is my daughter?" asked Liz
"Scared but ok."
"Thank you."
"Liz she said she doesn't want to worry. It's not good for the baby."
"I know. But I can't help but worry. She's my little girl."
"Liz honey she is going to be ok." said Max

Liz leaned in to Max who held her closer. Liz watched as her parents and the Evans brought out dinner for everyone. Her mom placed a plate in front of her.

"Liz you need to eat. If not for yourself than for your baby." said Nancy softly
"I'll try mom."

Nancy when back into the backroom and fell on the sofa in the brake room. She started to cry. She felt a gentle hand on her shoulder. SHe looked up to see Serena standing there.

"It's not your fault Mrs. Parker. Liz doesn't blame you." said Serena softly
"I know."
"Mrs. Parker, Liz isn't dealing with this well."
"I shouldn't have left her alone."
"Nicholas has it in for Liz. Lexis and him didn't get along. He was a bully. She was a sweet girl until you crossed her. He has been waitting a long time to get her back for what she's done to him."
"So he took her daughter."
"You guys will be able to find her won't you?"
"We are doing everything we can."
"Thank you Serena."

Serena gave Liz's mother a small smile before heading back out to eat her dinner. Nancy knew that this young woman cared deeply for both Liz and Katie.

Part 3

Kavar paced in his office of his former base. Most of his followers left when he let Liz and Kathra go two weeks ago. He had forgotten how much Nicholas hated Lexis. Nicholas had been a bully in school, Lexis hated seeing anyone picked on had been the only one to stand up to him. Nicholas had vowed revenge and now he had it. He had taken her little girl.

"Liz I'm going to do whatever it takes to give you back your daughter."
"Now that is something I never thought I would hear from you." came a voice

Kavar looked by the door and saw Julie standing there.

"Julesra what are you doing here?"
"Well Kavar to see if I was right about you. Nicky acted on his hate for Lexis didn't he?"
"You really didlove my sister didn't you?"
"I still do. Julesra I let Liz and Kathra go."
"I heard. Where did Nicky take the kid?"
"No idea. But if we ever want peace again we have to find the girl."
"The prophcy is coming true?"
"Yes that little girl is the only chance any of us have for peace."
"Why do you care?"
"I made mistakes I admit that. But Liz won't have to fear me any more, I won't go after her again."
"Kavar if you learn...."
"Anything I will let you know."
"Julesra I forgot how lovely you were."
"Kavar you know I don't like you. Never did."
"Your never going to forgive me are you?"
"That's right. Your the reason I lost my sister. I loved her. I may never have been close to her, but I loved her very much."
"I loved her too."
"Lexis loved Zan not you."
"I know I should have let her stay friends with Zan. If I had she wouldn't have died."
"I think she was going to do that no matter what."
"Go to Liz and Max. I'll be in touch if I find anything out."
"Julesra it was good to see you."

Julie didn't say anything as she left. She still didn't trust the guy and never would. But he hadn't taken Liz's daughter.

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Part 4

Liz layed in bed thinking and got hit with a new memory.

Liz's memory

Lexis sat on a bench outside the dean's office. She pushed her long strawberry blond hair out of her face. She was in trouble again. She got in a fight with Nicholas. He was in with his father talking to the dean. She watched as students passed the office. Most of the students were use to this by now. She looked up and saw her sister had stopped.

"Jules whaat's up?" asked Lexis
"Don't tell me you got in another fight."
"Ok I won't."
"Who's coming today?"
"It's mom's turn."
"Lexis why do you fight Nicholas so much?"
"He's a jerk. He keeps picking on the little kids."
"That's the way he is! You got to stop."
"Jules I won't let him get away with this!"
"You know dad is thinking of sending you to boarding school on Tantar."
"He won't!"
"He just might. I better get to class."
"Yeah whatever."

Lexis sat on the bench for five minutes before her mother walked into the office.

"LEXIS! I can't believe you."
"Mom Nicholas was picking on Andy."
"Your cousin? This time it's over your cousin?"
"Honey you can't keep getting into fights."
"I know."

Just then the dean's office door opened and Nicholas and his father walked out. Then the dean called Lexis and her mother in.

"Lady Jarna please sit down. Lexis."
"Hi Dean Raner." said Lexis
"Dean what is her punishmen this time?"
"Lexis is suspended for two weeks. This was the thrid fight in the past two months. Chandrew told me you were sticking up for him. So did Princess Vilandra. That is the only reason I'm not exspelling you Lexis."
"Thank you sir." said Lexis

Lexis got up and walked out with her mother. As she walked out of the school she saw Zan at his locker.

"Lex what's wrong?" asked Zan
"I can't talk. I'm kinda in major trouble."
"Fight with Nicholas."
"Yeah I better go, by the way tell Lonnie thanks. She saved my butt from getting exspelled."
"Meet you at the lake later?" he wispeared
"Maybe. See ya Zan."
"Coming mom."
"Prince Zan good to see you."
"You too Landy Jarna."

Later that day Lexis sat in her room reading when her father walked in.

"Lexis I'm tired of this. Why can't you stay out of trouble?"
"Dad, I couldn't let Nicholas keep picking on Andy."
"Honey it's not lady like to fight."
"I don't want to be a lady."
"You are a lady. Your thirteen in a few years your engagment will be anonced."
"I don't care."
"Dad I don't care because you are going to pick the guy and it's not going to be who I want to be bound to."
"Lexis you know this is how things are done."
"So what dad? I'm going out."

Lexis grabbed her jacket and left. She walked to the lake and started to throw rocks at the water.

"Your mad."
"Zan shut up."
"Your really mad."
"My dad wants me to start acting like a lady."

Zan started to laugh. He could never see Lexis ever acting like a real lady.

"Glad you find that funny."
"Lex it's just you and lady in the same senetence doesn't sound right."
"What's wrong?"
"Zan your parents pick who you marry right?"
"Yeah why do you ask?"
"My dad brought up that he picks the guy I marry today."
"Lex don't worry about it."
"Why shouldn't I? I know it won't be the only guy I want to marry."

Zan turned to her and saw that she was staring at the sunset. But he knew who she was talking about.

"Lex, you know we will never be more than just friends."
"Zan I may be only thirteen but I can't stop the way I feel about you."
"But what would your father do if he knew?"
"Put me on the first shuttle to Tantar and the Zan school for girls."
"I should get home. See you around."

Lexis walked off. Zan didn't know what to do about his friend.

Liz smiled at the memory. Lexis and Zan were in love from such a young age but their parents would never let them be more than friends.


Note: I may do more parts that are memoies of the past. Maybe Max will start to remember something soon too.
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Part 5

Nicholas walked into the small room where he kept the four year old trouble maker. He had her for two weeks and she had been nothing but a pain. She had changed his hair color six times, bit him ten times and kicked him more times then he could remember.

"What do you want poo poo head?" asked Katie
"Is that how your mother would want you to speak to me?" asked Nicholas
"I'm not aloud to use the words she would."
"How can she put up with a brat like you?"
"She loves me and I'm not a brat."
"Your mother better do what I want or she won't ever see you again."
"You won't ever get Max, Uncle Michael or Aunt Isabel. Mommy won't give them to you for me."

Nicholas got mad and when to hit Katie, but she threw him across the room with her powers. Nicholas flew into the wall hard. He had no idea that this pint size pain had this much power. He got up and walked over to the little girl.

"Your going to pay for that you little brat."
"I'm not afraid of you poo poo head."
"You should be."
"Mommy can beat you up and so can Max."

Nicholas walked out of the room in pain. Lonnie watched him trying not to laugh.

"Yo that kid is just like Lexis. She kicked your butt."
"Shut up Lonnie."
"Yo you know when everyone back on Antar hears about this your going to be a laughingstock."
"And I thought you were a special kind of stupid."
"Look little punk. That girl should be with her mother not here with yous know that yo."
"Lonnie I'm in charge not you. I will deside what is done. If you don't like it than you can get lost freak."
"Hope Lexis's powers show up in that cornball Liz soon so she can kick your ass."

Lonnie when for a walk and bumped into Ava.

"Yo Lonnie watch where yous going."
"Ava just the loser I wanted to see."
"What do ya want Lonnie?"
"I can get yous the kid."
"I can get yos that pain in the ass kid Nicholas took from Liz."
"The kid is the only way peace will happen yo."
"I know Serena filled me in on that."
"Nicholas is going to far with thing. He hated Lexis because she wouldn't put up with his crap."
"No kidding."
"Yo yous come and get the brat if I get her out here?"
"Good see ya yo."

Ava watched as Lonnie walked off. She still didn't trust her. But she didn't have much choice.

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Part 6

Liz sat in a booth with her lunch sitting untouched in front of her. She knew she should eat but found it very hard too.

"Liz honey you have to eat." said Diane Evans sitting across from her.
"I know. But I'm worried about Katie. She was back in my life a little more than a day and now she's gone."
"I know honey."
"Diane a couple weeks ago I was worried I wouldn't be a good mother. Now I know I shouldn't have."
"Liz you love your little girl, and you know everyone here is trying to find Katie."
"I know."
"Parker you got my help too." came a voice

Liz turned to see a woman she hadn't seen in over a year. But had worked with before her life had turned back into a real life x-files.

"Agent Duff." said Liz
"Liz I'm not here as an FBI Agent. I took sometime off to help you."
"Because I have always liked you. I know you quit. But I could never have sloved that case last year without your help."
"So what do you know?"
"That your daughter has been kidnapped by an alien named Nicholas. Liz I promise I will never tell anyone about this. Besides who would believe me?"
"Suzanne thank you."
"Your welcome Liz."
"Agent Duff what brings you back to Roswell?" asked Isabel
"Ms. Evans. I am here to help find Liz's daughter." said Duff.
"Isabel I worked with Agent Duff last year on a kidnapping case. The last normal case I ever had." said Liz
"Don't worry Isabel as far as anyone knows I'm on vacation except those in this room know." said Duff
"I'll be back in a little bit." said Liz

Liz got up and walked into the backroom. She started to pace. She couldn't believe that her daughter was still missing, She heard the back door open and saw Ava slip in.

"Yo Liz you ok?" asked Ava
"No I'm not Ava."
"Liz your worried about Katie."
"Ava do you remember Antar?"
"Uh yeah a little."
"Your not who you were then."
"I know. It's just Lexis didn't like me."
"I'm not Lexis. Ava I may have her memories and powers but I'm not her."
"Liz do you know why Lexis didn't like me?"
"Ava I don't want to talk about it."

Ava I won't be the one to tell you that you were the one that caused my brother to die back on Antar. Liz thought to herself.

"It's ok Liz. Uh I ran into Lonnie a little while ago."
"She's thinking of getting Katie away from Nicholas."
"Cause of the propchy."
"The Child of Hope."
"Yeah she thinks Kate might be it."
"Who knows? If it gives you your daughter back who cares?"
"Ava if it is true than peace is at hand for everyone."
"That's good ain't it?"
"Yes very good."
"Liz have you eaten?"
"I know your worried. But you are putting your's and Max's baby in danger by not eatting."
"Ava I know."

Liz and Ava when back into the Crashdown. Liz sat down and picked up her fork and started to eat slowly.

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Here's part 7. Sorry it's so short but my brain is still stuck in triple over time of Game three of the Stanely Cup playoffs. Hey atless my team the Red Wings won so it was worth it!!!!!

Part 7

Zath stood in front of a map of New Mexico. He had been trying to figer out where Nicholas was hiding with Katie. But he still had nothing.

"Zath any luck yet?" asked Andy
"No Andy. I'm worried that we may never find Katie."
"Liz isn't doing very well. She's behrly eating."
"Andy that's not good. Liz needs to be strong for what is to come."
"How do we get her to eat if she doesn't want too?"
"Don't know. But she is putting herself and her baby in danger."
"Zath she loves her little girl. Even though she never talked about her. I know she use to think about her all the time."
"Liz has a good heart. This is one of the reason she will be a great Queen. But Andy Katie has a destiny of her own."
"What do you mean?"
"Remember the phropchy about the child of hope?"
"Yeah. Are you telling me that Liz's daughter Katie is the one of in it?"
"She is. Liz was in a dark place when Katie was born. Liz began to have hope knowing that Katie was out there some where in the world. But what Liz didn't know was that Serena would bring Katie to us to keep safe until Liz was ready to raise her daughter."
"Zath we have to find Katie."
"Any ideas where she could be?"
"No but let's not forget that Nicholas isn't the smartest guy who ever lived."
"True since he was beaten up by a girl."
"What are you talking about?"
"Zath what Andy is saying is that Lexis use to kick Nicholas's butt." said Jen
"She was something else wasn't she?" asked Andy
"I find this hard to believe." said Zath
"It's true. No bully messes with Lexis." said Andy

Zath just stared at the two of them, He found this so hard to believe. From everything he was told about Lexis she had been a sweet caring person. Very smart and had meny friend but only a few close ones. The three of them studied the map and came up with areas for everyone to start searching in the morning. They already coverd all of Roswell up to five miles around the town.

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Part 8

Maria sat in a booth in the Crahsdown watching Michael and Max talk. She knew they were talking about Liz. Everyone was worried about Liz. She had started to withdraw shortly after Katie was kidnapped. After a few minutes Michael joinned her.

"Sorry about that."
"It's ok so what did Max want to talk about?"
"He's really worried about Liz. She needs her daughter."
"How are we going to find her?"
"I don't know."
"Michael there is a way to find her isn't there?"
"Maybe. I talked to Serena earlier today and she said that Liz should have a conection with Katie. But the things is it's very weak because of how much time they spent apart."
"So Liz could find her if she works at it?"
"Yeah. But Liz is growing weak because she's not eatting. She is really the only one who can find Kate."
"That's easier said then done."
"Maria your her bestfriend talk to her. Try and help her to become the friend that was willing to put her life on the line to procted us again. We are doing everything we can to help her but she needs to help us too."
"I know Michael. But you know Liz. She is very stubbern when she wants to be. If I didn't know better I would say that you too were related."
"Well uh actully turns out that we are cousins. Well on her mom's side if you go with Rath and Lexis's moms."
"That is like thrid cousins Michael." said Liz sitting down next to Maria.
"You remember stuff Liz?" asked Michael
"Yeah a little. Rath and Lexis are thrid cousins or something on that line. Their moms are cousins."
"How do you know Liz?" asked Michael
"I just do. If you want next time we see Julie you can ask."
"Liz are you ok?" asked Maria
"Yeah I guess. I know that a lot of this depends on me to find Katie."
"Do you want help?" asked Maria
"It's late tomarrow I'll try and reach Katie."
"So uh Liz do you remember what I was like?" asked Michael
"A little I'll tell you tomarrow." said Liz

Liz got up and headed for the backroom door. She plaused for a moment.

"By the way I hate when humans or aliens talk about me behind my back." said Liz staring at her two friends.

Michael and Maria turned to see Liz walk throught the door.

"How did she do that?" asked Maria
"I have no idea. But let's drop the Liz topic for now, seeing she knows when we are talking about her."
"No kidding. But this has to be something new. I don't think she could do it when we were kids."
"Actully Maria. Liz has always known she just never said anything before." said Jeff Parker
"Really?" asked Michael'
"It's true. Liz just knows these things. But since she helped Alex it's gotten stronger. Liz has always been in tune with things. But that may have to due with the fact that she's not fully human too."
"Mr. Parker none of the other aliens I have met can do that." said Maria
"But Lexis could Maria." said Michael
"Did you just say Lexis could?"
"Yeah I did."
"Michael looks like you are starting to remember." said Jeff
"A little."
"Michael we should get home. We'll see you tomarrow Mr. Parker." said Maria

Maria and Michael left and headed for their apartment.

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Part 9

When Liz walked through the backroom door she found Max waitting for her by the stairs. He wrapped an arm around her and they headed upstairs.

"Max I know your worried about me. But I'm ok."
"Liz how do you know that we will find Katie?"
"I just do. Max I know your afaird I might hurt myself if you leave me too long, but the truth is I won't. You can leave my side once in a while."
"I heard you use to drink. Don't worry Isabel didn't tell me. Serena did."
"I did in collage. I drank a lot. I stopped the day after I was rapped. I haven't touched a bottle in five years, and I don't plan to now."
"How do I know it's true?"
"Max I promise I won't do anything to harm our baby. I love her and I love you. I also love Katie and Joey. I just want my little girl safe again."
"I know. But Liz you have to eat. It's not good for the baby that your not eatting."
"I will Max. If I try to fight you any more then have Michael and Kyle hold me down while you force feed me."
"Is that a promise?"

Liz gave Max a kiss on his cheek as they walked into the apartment. Liz saw a light on in the small kitchen.

"Max go on to bed. I'll be there in a few minutes."
"Ok honey."

Liz walked into the kitchen and found her mom sitting at the table drinking Scotch.

"Mom stop blamming yourself for Katie getting kidnapped."
"Liz when did you get here?"
"Just now. Drinking won't slove anything mom."
"I forgot do you want me to......"
"It's ok mom. I've been sober for five years. It's still hard but I get by day by day."
"Liz how on earth did you even get the liquer you were underage."
"I had ways. Besides most bars near campus didn't card. I should have turned them in when I joinned the FBI."
"When did you start?"
"Shortly after I left Roswell."
"Why don't you blame me?"
"Because it's not your fault. None of us knew that Nicholas would do this. You did what you did for years with me. You left her to take a nap. I would have done the samething."
"Yeah. Night mom, I guess I take after you a little Scotch was my drink of choice when I didn't want beer."
"Good night Liz. Don't worry about me I won't drink any more tonight."
"Mom I know you can take care of yourself. Trust me to do the same."
"I noticed your ring before. Did Max ask you to marry him?"
"Yeah when we were in D.C. but he didn't give me the ring until right before I brough Katie here. I was going to tell you and dad."
"I know honey. It's good to know that you and Max worked things out."
"I'm going to bed. See you tomarrow mom."
"See you in the morning honey."

Liz walked into her old room and saw Max sitting on the roof. She walked over to the window and climbed out and sat on Max's lap.

"Hey your mom ok?"
"She will be."
"What was she drinking?"
"Scotch. Use to be one of my drinks of choice. But that was a long time ago."
"True. But it's a daily battle isn't it?"
"Yeah. Once we get settled I want to start going to AA meetings again like I was in D.C."
"They help?"
"Yeah. I had this sponser Pam who was really cool. I could call her any time day or night. More than once I found myself outside a bar ready to go in."
"But you didn't."
"No I didn't. She came and got me and took me to a diner where we talked for hours."
"How did you know you had a promblem?"
"I didn't. Serena kept telling me. But I didn't want to believe her. I relized she was right when I was unable to stop Jax. When I woke in the hospital I made the desision to quit drinking and get help. Serena got rid of all the bottles in our apartment, which wasn't an easy task. I hide most of them."
"She's been a really good friend to you."
"Yes she has. I couldn't have made it through withdraw without her."
"Liz I want the truth. Is there any chance you could start drinking again?"
"A small one."
"How small?"
"Max there will always be a chance that I will start drinking again. This is a battle I will always be fighting. More than once I wanted to drink in the past two weeks. But I didn't. You want to know the only reason I didn't? Our baby. I won't risk harming our baby."
"One of them. I'm going to bed are you coming?"
"In a minute."

Liz gave Max a kiss and when inside. Max sat outside thinking about what Liz had said. Then when in and joinned her a few minutes later.

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Note Next part up on Wed.
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Part 10

Katie's Dream

Katie found herself staring out at a lake that she had never seen before in her life. She turned to find a woman watching her.

"Who are you?"
"A friend."
"Where am I?"
"A lake that use to mean something to your mother and who she use to be."
"I don't understand."
"Katie honey, this is where Lexis and Zan use to meet and talk."
"My mom and Max?"
"Who are you?"
"The one that will lead you to your destiny."
"How can I have a destiny? I'm a little girl."
"Everyone has a destiny from the day they are born."
"What is mine?"
"You will know when the time is right."
"Who are you?"
"A friend you will know in time."
"How can you be a friend when we never met?"

The woman pushed her strawberry bloned hair back and smiled at the little girl.

"You may not know me now. But you will very soon."

Katie looked at the woman. Her smile reminded her of someone, but she didn't know who. But she could tell that this woman was about the same age as her mother.

"Why won't you tell me your name?"
"You will when the time is right. Katie always remember that your mom loves you."
"I know. I miss her."
"She misses you too."
"You know my mom?"
"In a way."
"Why won't you tell me anything?"
"Look into yourself and you will find the answers you are looking for."

Katie watched as the woman disapeared into the mist. She had no idea what that woman ment by what she said.

End of Dream

Katie woke and thought about the stange dream she had, The woman reminded her of someone but she didn't know who. For some reason her mother stood out in her mind the most.

TBC!!!! Any Ideas on who the mystery woman is????
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Ok the mystery woman isn't Maria or Grandma C. Pam Liz's old sponser??? Very well could be. But she is also someone from when it all began. I know I'm not telling much you will find out who it is in Part 19!!!

Part 11

Serena wiped a tear from her eye. She just found out what she feared was true. She would never have a child of her own. Kathra had told her a few minutes before.

"Serena honey are you ok?" asked Kathra
"I know your not happy with the news."
"Kathra I have known for a while that I might not be able to have children."
"It's not your fault. Zath will understand."
"I know. Besides Alex did point out that we could aways adopt. So meny kids have lost their parents in the war on Antar."
"I know."
"I know I shouldn't be jelese of Liz and Maria but I am a little."
"Serena it's ok to be. Just don't let it harm your friendship with either of them. You helped Liz through one of the hardest times of her life. You helped to take care of her daughter for four years. You know that Liz is always going to be greatful to you for that."
"I know."
"Serena we will find Liz's daughter. You now that. But part of this is up to Liz."
"I know. But Liz's conection with Katie is so weak. I don't know if she can."
"She might not be able to alone. But with help she will be able to."
"Kathra what do you think will happen to my father?"
"Serena you know the law. He will be brought to trial for treasen then whatever Max desides is the punishment."

Serena knew what the punishment for treasen was. In almost all cases it was death. SHe knew that was what would most likely happen to her father.

"Serena I know that you don't like your father, but that doesn't change the fact that he is still your father."
"I know."
"Maybe you should talk to your father."
"No way."
"You will have to deal with your issues with him at some point."
"Kathra I don't want to talk about him."
"Honey what bothers you so much about your father?"
"I hate him ok? He treated me like I didn't matter my whole life unless he wanted something. He took you and Liz from those who love you and he killed my mother! My mom was your bestfriend."
"He does love you."
"Yeah right. He has never said those words to me. He only talked about how he loves Lexis."
"Serena no matter how you feel about Kavar. It doesn't change the fact that he is still your father."
"Kathra I'll be in my room."

Serena got up and when to her room. Kathra didn't know what to do about Serena. She knew that she was upset. But that didn't mean anything. Maybe Liz could help Serena come to treams with her father.

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Part 12

Kyle layed in his bed in his apartment with Ava curled uo next to him. He never dreamed that the punk of an alien would fall in love with him. They were such an odd couple. The all american jock and the purple haired punk girl.

"Yo Kyle you ok?"
"Yeah Ava I'm ok."
"We will find Liz's daughter."
"I know."
"What is going to happen with us?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well Maria and Michael are getting married. So are Max and Liz. Alex and Isabel are working things out between them."
"So what you want to know is where are we going. I don't know. What do you want to happen with us?"
"Kyle this may sound really cornball but I love you."
"I don't think it's cornball. I feel the same way about you."
"Yeah Ava I love you."

Kyle leaned over and gave Ava a kiss. Ava never thought that she would find anyone who would love her. Kyle was one of a kind. She thought that it was ironic that Liz was with Max who was once Zan who Ava in a past life was married to, and she was in love with one of Liz's exboyfriends.

"So you really think we can find Katie Ava?"
"Yeah Nicholas ain't going to win."
"How do you know?"
"I just do."
"I hope that your right."

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Things between ** means it's in the mind only.

Part 13

Katie sat in the room she was locked in. Over the last couple of days she noticed that Lonnie was being nicer to her. SHe didn't know or care why. She looked up when she heard the door open. Lonnie walked in with her breakfast.

"Yo kid I got something for ya to eat."
"Lonnie I want my mommy."
"I know kid."

Lonnie left the plate of pancakes covered in syrup and tobasco sauce for Katie and left. Katie dug into her breakfast and tried to call out to her mom in her mind.

*Mommy can you hear me?*
*Mommy I'm scared.*
*I know honey.*
*When are you coming to get me?*
*Soon honey. Can you tell me what it looks like near you?*
*Lot's of trees. I'm in a little house near lots of trees.*
*Katie honey we will find you as soon as we can.*
*I love you mommy.*
*I love you too honey.*
*Tell daddy I miss him.*
*I will honey. Max misses you too.*

The conection broke and Liz could no longer hear her daughter's voice in her head.

"Liz are you ok?" asked Isabel
"Yeah. I know where we need to look."
"Frazier Woods. Katie said she is in a cabin near lots of trees."
"Liz there are at lest six cabins that I know of in the woods." said Valenti
"I know Shariff. But if we split into teams then we should be able to cover them all. But no team with out an alien to dangerous." said Liz
"Liz honey sure you should go?" asked Nancy
"Mom I'll be fine. But Maria I want you to stay here. I don't want any harm to come to your baby."
"Liz what about yours?" asked Maria
"I'll be fine. You are due in two months. I still have a while before I'm due. Please Maria? I couldn't live with myself if any harm comes to your baby."
"Maria, Liz is right you stay." said Michael
"Fine but I don't like it." said Maria

Liz gave Maria a hug. Then pulled out a pad and tried to deside how to devied everyone up.

"Liz, Philip and I are staying here with Maria." said Diane
"Ok." said Liz
"Liz, Joey is staying too." said Max
"DAD!" said Joey
"Joey, honey I know you want to help find Katie, but I need you to take care of your grandparents and Aunt Maria ok?" said Liz
"Ok mom if you need me to do that then I will." said Joey
"Thank you honey." said Liz

Liz devied everyone into groups and told them who they are looking with then everyone headed out to the woods to start looking.


The groups are:
Serena, Michael and Zath
Alex, Isabel and Kathra
Kyle, Ava and Jen
Andy, Valenti and Agent Duff
Max, Liz and Julie

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Part 14

Serena followed Michael as they headed toward one of the cabins. Zath walked next to her.

"What's wrong Serena?" asked Zath
"Zath I found out something last night."
"what is it?"
"I can't have childern. Your mother confrimed it."
"Rena I love you. It doesn't matter tp me that you can't have kids. If you really want a family then we will adopt."
"You mean it?"

Zath wrapped his arms around Serena and pulled her into a kiss. Michael looked back at them.

"Hey we got a job to do out here. We didn't come out here so you two can make out." said Michael
"Michael we know. Don't worry about me." said Serena
"Rena your my sister. It's my job to worry about you." said Michael
"Yeah I know."
"So Michael how much farther do we have to go?" asked Zath
"Not far."

They headed deeper into the woods until they came up to a cabin. They knew they had nothing, The cabin was bearly standing and had no roof.

"We got nothing." said Michael
"Yes we do. We know Nicholas wasn't stupid enough to bring Katie here." said Serena
"What do we do now?" asked Michael
"Call Maria and tell her we have nothing." said Zath

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Part 15

Alex lead the way into the woods. He rememberd the last time he had been in these woods. He and Kyle had been trapped by the alien crystles in the cave.

"Alex you ok?" asked Isabel
"Yeah. It's just the last time I was out here was when Kyle and I were trapped by the blue crystles underground." said Alex
"That's right." said Isabel
"The Ghandarium crystals?" asked Kathra
"Yeah." said Alex
"Michael killed the Queen before any harm came to Alex and Kyle." said Isabel
"That's good." said Kathra
"Well here's the cabin we need to check out." said Alex

The three of them looked around the cabin and saw no sign of anyone being there. When they finished looking and found nothing they called to check in.

"Hey Maria it's Alex. We got nothing."
"Your not the only one. Michael's group called and they found nothing too."
"We're heading back."
"Got it."


Jen walked behind Kyle and Ava who were a few feet a head holding hands. She never thought that the punk would hook up with the former jock.

"Jen you ok?" asked Ava
"Yeah." said Jen
"You don't seem ok to us." said Kyle
"Look Buddha Boy, I'm fine. Let's find this cabin and see if Katie is there and get this over with."

Kyle looked at Ava not sure what to do about Liz's Royal Gaurd. She was very differnt than Ava said she was. But then again she had been living her life to protected her Queen. Now she didn't know her place in this new world.

"Jen you know Liz thinks of ya as a friend." said Ava
"Yeah I know."
"Look you made a mistake and Liz forgave you. So don't worry Jen." said kyle

Jen didn't reply. She looked ahead and saw a cabin. But it was more of a burned out shell of a cabin.

"Do think they are here." said Ava
"No kidding." said Kyle
"Any idea what happend?" asked Jen
"No. Maybe my dad knows." said Kyle

After calling Maria they headed back to the Crashdown.

TBC!!!! Who do you think finds Katie?????????
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Part 16A

Liz and Max lead the way through the woods to the cabin. Julie watched them together. It was great to see them together like that.

"Jules you ok?" asked Liz
"Liz I'm fine. I payed a visit to Kavar. I have no idea what you said to him, but he wants to help to find your daughter." said Julie
"Why would he want to do that?" asked Max
"Max, Kavar maybe evil but he won't harm a child." said Liz
"Liz you know he always laught when Lexis kicked Nicholas's butt." said Julie
"I know Jules. I remember being in the office more than once for fighting."
"Uh guys look." said Max

Liz and Julie looked up and saw four gaurds outside the cabin.

"Looks like we found them." said Julie
"Yeah." said Liz
"You ok?" asked Max
"I'm fine Max."

Liz walked over to a tree and sat down. Then closed her eyes and tried to reach Katie.

*Are you ok honey?*
*Katie we are outside the house your in. Max, Aunt Julie and me.*
*Mommy becareful.*
*We will honey.*

Liz broke the conection and looked up at Max and Julie.

"Max call everyone and tell them to get here. We will need everyone to get Katie out." said Liz

Max pulled out a cell and called Serena.

"Serena it's Max. We found her."
"On our way fearless leader." said Serena

Max rolled his eyes. Serena was so much like Michael it wasn't funny. Then he called Isabel's phone.

"Hey Iz it's Max. We need your help we found Katie."
"Got it Max on our way."

Max then called Kyle and Valenti and told them to come.

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Part 16B

When everyone arived they made plans to get Katie out.

"Max, I'm going in." said Liz
"Liz it's dangerous." said Max
"Max look Katie is my daughter. I'm not going to let Nicky get away with this." said Liz
"Max you may not remember but Lexis could kick Nicholas's ass. Liz has that power in her, she just has to put her mind too it to use it." said Andy
"Liz I just don't want anything to happen to you." said Max
"I know. But Max you have to let me be me too. You know I'm not going to stand back and do nothing to save my daughter."
"Liz are you sure you won't be putting your baby in danger?" asked Isabel
"She will be fine. Liz was fine last time." said Serena
"Ok we know our jobs. Max and Liz are going in. Kyle, Valenti, Alex and Agent Duff willdrive the getaway cars, and the rest of us take out the gaurds." said Michael

Everyone moved into possion. Liz watched as Isabel and Jen walked up to one of the gaurds and started to flirt. Michael sent a blast at them and Andy pulled Jen back and the fight began. More skins came out of the house and Max and Liz when in.

*Mommy what's going on?*
*It's ok honey. Max and I are coming to get you.*
*Mommy Aunt Isabel's twin is with me.*
*Tell her to leave and Max and I will leave her alone.*
*I did. She said that as soon as you get here she will get lost.*

Max and Liz reached a locked door.

"Well if it isn't Lex and Zan." came a voice
"Call me that again and your dead Nicky." said Liz
"You haven't changed a bit have you?" asked Nicholas
"Nicky I could kick your ass on Antar and I can kick it now." said Liz clamly
"Liz honey you sure you are beat him?" whispered Max
"Yes Max."
"Lexis you want your brat back and I want you dead again." said Nicholas
"We can't always get what we want." said Liz
"So what do you want to give me for your brat?"
"Liz don't cut any deals with him. He won't keep his end of it." said Max
"Max I can handle this. Give me back my daughter and I won't blow you to dust." said Liz
"Well you aren't the sweet little lady everyone thinks you are. Wait Lexis you never were a lady." said Nicholas

Liz couldn't believe that he had brought that up. Max just stared at her for a second.

"Max I'll explan later. Nicholas I may never have been a lady. But you never have or ever be a real man. Your nothing but an ass."
"Lexis what makes you think you can beat me now?"
"Nicholas I just don't understand you. You have always hated me, and I have always disliked you but that means crap now."
"Look tell me a good reason to give you your brat back to you and I will."
"Yo dumb ass how about the kid is just like her mom and can kick your sorry ass?" said Lonnie standing in the now open door.
"Lonnie get lost." said Nicholas
"NO way. Liz go get the kid I'll hold off Nicholas for ya." said Lonnie
"Lonnie why are you doing this?" asked Max
"Max who cares? She is helping us. Lets not question the fact that she has grown a heart." said Liz

Liz when into the room and found Katie sitting on the bed crying. Liz when over to her and rubbed her back. Katie looked up at Liz then wrapped her arms around her.

"Mommy I missed you so much."
"I missed you too honey."
"We go home now?"
"You, daddy, Joey and me be a family now?"
"You bet."
"Hey kiddo let's go." said Max
"Daddy!" said Katie jumping into Max's arms and giving him a hug.

Liz let a small smile apear on her face. She never dreamt that her daughter and the man she loved would hit it off so well. Max carried her as they made their way out of the house. They saw no sign of Lonnie and Nicholas. When they got out the found Nicholas waitting for them.

"Well Lexis thought you could get away didn't you?"
"Nicky shut up." said Liz
"Your not going to reach your destiny."

Liz stared at Nicholas and before she knew it Nicholas was in the air, and then crashing through the roof of the cabin.

"Liz how did you do that?" asked Max
"No clue. But let's get out of here while we can."

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Part 17A

Valenti paced by his car waitting for Max and Liz to show up. He was getting a little worried they were running late. But who knows what they found when they when in that cabin. Just then he saw Max and Liz come running out of the woods with Katie riding piggyback on Max.

"You ok?" asked Valenti
"Fine Shariff. But let's get back to the Crashdown." said Liz
"You sure Liz?"
"Shariff we will explan everything when we get to the Crashdown." said Max

Max and Liz helped Katie into the car and Valenti drove back to the Crashdown.

"Mommy will the meanie come after me again?" asked Katie
"Not if I can help it honey." said Liz
"Katie your mom and I will do everything we can to keep you safe." said Max
"I know daddy." said Katie

A short time later Valenti parked in front of the Crashdown. They walked inot the diner.

"Ok what happend in that cabin?" asked Valenti
"Well let's just say Nicholas learned not to threaten Liz's life. She threw him through the roof of the cabin without touching him." said Max
"Makes sense to me. Lexis always had strong mettle powers." said Andy
"Really?" asked Liz
"Yeah. Would I lie to you Lizzie?" asked Andy

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Part 17B

Liz sat in a booth. Katie was curled up next to her. Kathra sat down across from Liz.

"Liz your scared aren't you?" asked Kathra
"Yeah. I lost control and my anger took over. I could have hurt Katie or Max."
"But you didn't. Liz you didn't lost full control because you only got Nicholas."
"True but it could have just been as easy for me to hurt someone I care about."
"Liz control will come in time. But you can't be afraid of what's in you. These gifts either will destroy you or help you. Let your friends help you to learn control."
"I know. I wll. I need to control this."
"You will Liz. I should have been honest with you long ago. Then I could have started your trainning before now." said Serena walking over to them.
"Serena I wasn't ready to know then. You know that. I have never been upset about that. I was about the fact that you didn't tell me that Alex was alive." said Liz
"Liz I am really sorry about that." said Serena
"We are cool Rena. You helped me when I was going through hell. I'll never forget that. I trust you with my life."
"Why Liz?"
"Because your my friend."
"You really believe that?"
"Serena yes. You will always be my friend."

Serena looked at Liz with a small smile on her face but tears in her eyes. Liz reached up and wiped the tears from Serena's face.

"Serena you have always wanted a family that loves you. But look around you they may not be blood, but they care about you and love you for who you are. They are as much your family as or father or I am." said Michael
"Michael's right. Your stuck with us babe." said Maria
"Thanks all of you." said Serena

Liz reachover her sleeping daughter and gave Serena a hug.

"Everything will be ok Rena." said Liz
"Hope your right Liz." said Serena

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Part 18

Kavar walked through the woods to what was left of the cabin Nicholas was in.

"Well it looks like Lexis got the better of you again Nicholas."
"Shut up. I'm going to kill that bitch and her brat too."
"Nicholas you kill that little girl and there will never be peace."
"I never believed in prophcies. They are nothing but wishful thinking."
"But they have a habbit of coming true. You may not want to believe it. But it is going to come true."
"Kavar get lost your not welcome here."
"Last time I checked I was still in charge."
"You lost that right when you let that bitch Lexis go."
"Grow up Nicholas. You are still a stupid little school boy. Lexis stood up to you and you hated that a girl wouldn't put up with your crap."
"Lexis should have minded her own bussiness."
"Oh but that wouldn't have been our Lexis. She was strong minded and caring. Why do you think I fell in love with her?"
"Kavar what do you want?"
"Give up this need for revenge."
"No way. I will kill Lexis. Or I will die trying."
"Then I will have to say it was nice knowing you."

Kavar walked out of the cabin. He knew what the right thing to do was, and that was to go and warn the little Queen that had once been his wife.

Liz I hope you are listening to my warning. Nicholas really has it in for you.

Kavar left the woods and headed into town. When he reached the Crashdown he walked in. He saw Liz sitting in a booth in the back. He walked over and sat across from her.

"What do you want Kavar?" Liz asked without looking at him.
"I come in peace Liz."
"Oh please you sound like one of those stupid Alien invasion movies."
"Look Liz Nicholas wants you and your daughter dead."
"No kidding. But he's not going to kill me or Katie."
"Your getting stronger everyday. Liz I saw the cabin. You thew Nicholas into the roof didn't you?"
"How did you know that?"
"Lexis had the power to thow or hold people with her mind. It was stronger when she was upset or angrey."
"Why are you here?"
"I want to help you."
"Why? You never do anything without a price."
"Because I believe now is the time for peace. Katie is the only way that will happen."

Liz looked at Kavar and saw that he really did want to help.

"If I let you help what do I have to give you?"
"I don't believe you."
"I understand Liz. I'm going to go."

Liz watched as Kavar left, She didn't trust him. Why he wanted to help she didn't know. But she didn't believe a word out of his mouth. Well she did about Nicholas wanting her dead.

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Part 19

Julie sat in her room at the base. She knew Liz didn't remember everything. She didn't remember her own twin sister.

"Julie are you ok?" asked Kathra
"Yeah. Just thinking about Bethra."
"Lexis's twin."
"Yeah. You know that she took Lexis death really hard. She never forgave Kavar for the way he treated Lexis."
"She's on Earth."
"I know. Liz doesn't remember her."
"She will in time. Beth did visit Katie's dreams."
"Beth's destiny was to help others to find theirs. Weather Liz know it or not Beth has been working to get her and Max together for a long time."
"I know."
"So where is Beth?"
"She will be here in a few days."
"Hope Liz remembers her soon."
"Liz will remember when the time is right."
"I know Kathra. I'm going to try and get some sleep."
"Ok honey."

Kathra left and Julie drifted off to sleep.

Julie's Dream

Julie stood on the bank of the lake. She looked out over the water. She heard someone com up behind her.

"Julie how is my twin?" came a voice.
"It's Beth now. You know trying to fit in on Earth."
"Yeah I know."
"How is Liz?"
"Doing better than a few days ago."
"Found Katie?"
"Yeah. Why doesn't Liz remember you yet?"
"Jules she will. Just can't yet. The time isn't right."
"She remembers Max really well."
"I know. It was ment to happen like that."
"I don't understand."
"Jules your destiny was to serve in the King of Antar's army. Mine to advise the King and Queen. Lexis was to stop the war before it happend. But she killed herself and screwed us all."
"But Liz's destiny is to be Queen."
"Yes, that is how she will complet her destiny from the past."
"Beth where are you?"
"Not far. Never been far from Liz. In fact if not for me the only FBI Agent that gave a damn about them as teenagers would be dead."
"Beth you know Liz and I have both been FBI Agents too."
"I know but Liz quit because she couldn't turn her friends in."

Julie stared out at the lake. SHe didn't come here after Lexis died. It had to meny memories of her sister.

"Sorry Beth. It's just the lake reminds me of Lexis so much."
"I know. I have always found peace here. It helped me after Lexis died."
"I remember."
"Jules don't let Nicky harm Liz or Katie. We need both of them."
"I won't let him near either of them."
"Good. Jules Liz is in for a surprise. I'm going to be in Roswell in two days."
"Why is she in for a surprise?"
"We met before. Twice. I was a blond then and with this guy Larry."
"Oh one of the eyewitnesses of the shooting and healing of Liz Parker."
"Does Larry know you are an alien?"
"No. Not that it maters. Things didn't work out."
"Would you ever be with a human?"
"Oh yeah. I think humans are great."

Julie smiled at that coment. She hoped that Beth would find love some day. She loved someone but was far from them.

Julie woke and knew that Liz was in for a big surprise.

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Part 20A

Max sat on a bench in the park watching Liz with Katie and Joey. After a few minutes he saw Liz come and sit by him.

"Liz you ok?"
"Yeah just need to sit down for a little while."
"Liz I'm worried about you."
"Max I'm fine."

Max kissed Liz and got hit with a flash.

Zan and Lexis kissing by the lake for the first time.

Max pulled away and looked at Liz.

"I remember something."
"What do you remember?"
"Our first kiss on Antar."
"I remember that. It was on the bank of the lake. We shared a lot of things there."
"Why is your memory coming back before me?"
"I don't know."
"Mommy there is a lady staring at you and daddy." said Katie

Liz looked up and saw a woman with strawberry blond hair sitting on the other side of the play area. She felt like she knew this person.

"Max I'm going to talk to her."
"Just becareful Liz."
"I will."

Liz got up and walked over to the woman. When she got closer she got hit with a flash.

Lexis and Bethra playing a trick on Julesra.

Liz sat down next to her.

"Beth it's been a long time." said Liz
"Not as long as you think Lexis. I've been watching you for a long time Liz."
"Jennifer from the day I was shot. That was you."
"Yeah. I had to bring you and Max together. Too bad that bitch Tess showed up and did her mind games on everyone."
"I never trusted her."
"True. But Ava isn't like her."
"I know. She doesn't remember why Lexis didn't like her."
"Vanter died because of her."
"I know he and I were close."
"You know he hated Kavar. But he knew that dad wanted you to marry him. So he never let you know how he felt."
"Vanter was cool like that. But that dare Ava gave him to jump Zark's cannon, cost him his life. He never made it."
"That's when you stopped liking Ava."
"Yeah but I can't tell her that. She's my friend."
"Liz she is differnt than who she was."
"I know just like I'm not really Lexis any more. She isn't the Ava we knew on Antar. Tess was more like her."
"I know. Liz so is that the King over there?"
"Yeah that's Max."
"Come on let me meet the guy who won your heart in two lifetimes on two differnt planets."
"Yeah sure."
"Liz what is wrong?"
"Nothing Beth."

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Part 20B

Liz lead Beth over to Max. Max watched as they came up to him.

"Max, this is Bethra, Lexis's twin from Antar." said Liz
"Hey Max. It's just Beth now." said Beth
"So Beth what brings you to Roswell now?" asked Max
"I have to make sure Katie reaches her destiny." said Beth
"That really does mean she is the child of hope then." said Liz
"I don't understand." said Max
"Well Max it's an old phropchy on Antar. In short it states that a girl will be born and raised by a King and Queen and bring hope and peace to six worlds." said Liz
"Katie is the kid talked about in it. I payed her a visit in her dreams once. She is almost ready to learn of her destiny." said Beth
"Beth she is so young!" said Liz
"Liz I was her age when I learned my destiny. Well in my first life anyway. This one I learned it about three months before you were shot." said Beth
"When did you die on Antar?" asked Liz
"Uh that would have been six months after you. After the war broke out. I was kept in our solor sytem while you were sent here." said Beth
"You know Beth one thing I do miss is the strawberry blond hair I had on Antar." said Liz
"Liz don't even think about changing your hair. I love you just the way you are." said Max
"Boy you and Zan are so alike." said Beth rolling her eyes.

Liz wathced as Katie and Joey came running up to them. Katie looked at Beth a little strangely.

"Your the lady from my dream." said Katie
"Yes Katie I am. My name is Beth." said Beth
"I know who you are your Lexis's twin." said Joey
"Yes Joey I was."
"Your mommy's sister?" asked Katie
"Yeah kiddio. But she's not why I'm here. You are."
"You said something about my destiny in the dream."
"Kate let's all go back to Grandma and Grandpa's and talk." said Liz
"Ok mommy." said Katie

Max wrapped an arm arounf Liz and they lead the way back to the Crashdown.

"Liz there is something about Beth." said Max
"Yeah remember Larry and Jennifer?"
"Yeah they were in the Crashdown the day you got shot."
"Beth was Jennifer."
"So she's a shapeshifter?"
"No just able to do miner changes in her apearence. So I wouldn't know her until the time was right."
"Max I'm a hybrit just like you. I just grew up near our home world." said Beth

Max nodded and held Liz closer. Beth could see that Max really did love Liz. Liz wondered what had happend between Beth and Larry. She made a note to ask Beth about that later.

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