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Title: Faces I Remember
Author: bec
Rating: NC-17 eventually...probobly... not for quite a while though
Catagory: M/L. it's not AU, although it may seem like it for a while. Post SEASON 1
Disclaimer: The title is from the song CRAWL, by This Way. Everything else, aside from the East Hampton characters, belong to that show...what's it called again?
and if ya wanna challenge me on anything, beware. I may look like a tiny 19 year old blonde girl...but at heart im just a 7 year old who has a crush on All-Growed-Up Phill from the rugrats all growed up special. (what, he was a was cute). and hey, those little 7 yr olds are vicious I hear, so dont underestimate me.
Summary: The kids are all finishing up their junior year of high school. Liz Hastings lives in East Hampton with her adopted family. Something has always seemes off in her life, and shes finally starting to see what it might be...
THIS ISNT Au, I swear, its the roswell characters we all know and love...its just confusing at the beginning.

Faces I remember, I'll still see
And places in a memory, hold on to me
I can't wait to crawl out of my shell
Promises tell me in a thousand ways

Movin on forever
Livin' life this way
And I can't wait to crawl
I can't wait at all
I can't wait to crawl

Cuz if I wait too long
How am I ever gunna reach my destination?
And now I know the time has come
It's all right here yeah
It's all so clear to me

Eyes that open slowly
It's so hard to see
I've never seen an angel
But I'm trying to believe

And I can't wait to crawl
I can't wait at all
I can't to crawl
I can't wait anymore
I can't wait anymore
I can't wait anymore

~THIS WAY: Crawl


I’m Liz Hastings, and lately I’ve been having these feelings. It’s just this sense I have sometimes. This weird recognition. I never know when it’s gonna happen, and afterwards I’m not even sure it was real...but it’s like this thing I can’s escape. It follows me around, and just when I think that I’d imagined it all, that it was all just a figment of my clearly overactive happens again.

It just happened a minute ago, so I’d better tell you about it before I forget...or convince myself that I’m delusional.

This time it was this teal color I saw on store sign. I don’t know what it was about this teal, but these letters...these teal letters with silver outlining. It reminded me of something. It wasn’t what they spelled out or anything. I don’t thing that Pearl’s Nail Salon holds all that much significance in my life. It was just those colors. Like they were familiar for a very specific reason. I just can’t remember.

Yeah, I know. I’m probably crazy. So like I said, I’m Liz. Liz Hastings. I’m 17 and I live in East Hampton. You know, that cliché, snobby vacation spot for rich people. It’s really not that bad, I swear.

I’ve lived here all my life with my parents and little sister, Emily. She’s 7. People say we look so much alike, which I have to laugh at because we’re not related at all. Yup, that’s right. I’m adopted. When I was just a baby. I don’t have issues about it or anything. I don’t have any ambition to find my “real” parents. They died in a car crash, and I love my parents that raised me. They’d thought that they couldn’t have kids for years, so they adopted me. Then, 9 years later, completely by accident, my mom gets pregnant with Emily. It definitely caught them by surprise...but she’s the best little girl.

My life is pretty good, basically. I have a moderate number of friends at school. I get good grades. I have good parents. I have a great little sister. Yup...everything’s just great...I guess.

It’s just that...sometimes I feel like something’s wrong. Like listening to a song that’s being played in the wrong key. It’s ok on the surface, but it’s just...not right somehow. You know it could be better. It SHOULD be better. It’s not the way it was supposed to sound.

That feeling gets stronger when the other one shows up. That weird de-ja-vu that I get sometimes. The one that I get every time I look at the Pearl’s Nail Salon sign that I pass on my way home. It’s just this puzzle I can’t seem to figure out. But I have a feeling that something is coming. Like this big...epiphany. Something BETTER be coming, or else all this buildup will be pretty anticlimactic. All I know is...that I’m Liz Hastings...and something about that is


ok, so there it is. my prologue. PLEASE, tell me what you think. are you interested?

FEEDBACK please*happy*


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haha no sorry im not cindy, why does someone have the same name as me?

and EMILY , I promise, has NOTHING to do with tess. I just love the name.

(whos still writing chapter 1...ive been out all day)
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Liz Hastings closed her pale blue journal and ran her hand over the smooth cover. It was covered with silk...a present for her birthday. Her parents had noticed her growing interest in writing, and decided it would be a good idea for her to start a record of her life. The fabric was so smooth, and she loved the way it felt, but she had had to hide her disappointment at the color. She’d never been a big fan of light-blue.

A light knocking on her door brought Liz out of her reverie, and she smiled at the visitor she knew was standing impatiently outside her room. “Come in, Em.” She called softly, slipping her journal back in the top drawer of her nightstand.

The door opened slowly, revealing a little, dark brown haired seven-year-old girl, grinning happily in her pink, feety-pajamas. Her long, dark hair was braided down her back and she held a half-eaten cookie, which she was taking the last bites of, in her left hand, her right hand hidden conspicuously behind her back.

Emily padded over to Liz’s bed and plopped down on the end, still grinning. Liz had to chuckle at the sight of the small girl trying to be covert.

“Yes, Em. Anything you wanted?” Liz smiled at her little sister.

Emily pulled her hand out from behind her back, revealing her favorite book, Oh! The Places You’ll Go, by Dr. Seuss. “Please, Lizzy?” She begged giving her best puppy-dog look. “I told mommy I wanted YOU to read it to me tonight, and she said it was ok if you said it was ok...”

Liz nodded, giving in as always, and patted the space next to her on the bed. “Slide over, kiddo. But I’m only reading it ONCE, and then you have to go to bed, ok?” She sighed in compliance.

“THANK YOU, Lizzy!” Emily grinned, throwing her arms around Liz’s neck in a hug before sitting next to her obediently and handing over the book.

“Ok,” Liz began, opening the book, “Congratulations, today is your day. You’re off to great places, you’re off and away!”

After reading Emily the book and sending her off to bed, Liz found herself once again sitting in her bed thinking. It was a pretty sad situation when she was envying characters in Dr. Seuss books, but reading that story to Emily, she couldn’t help but feel jealous. SHE wanted to travel to great feel that excitement that came with knowing you were part of something bigger than yourself.

Ever night she went to sleep hoping something would change the next day. She wasn’t sure WHY she felt such...discontent. She wasn’t UNHAPPY, necessarily. She just wasn’t HAPPY. She knew that there was something out there...something that could make her feel that great thing that everybody talks about. She almost felt it sometimes. Those times when she was talking to someone, and they said something that reminded her...of what, she didn’t know. But she knew that she was sometimes reminded of SOMETHING, and it made her feel better. Less confused. Less like Liz Hastings, small town girl with a simple life, and more...alive.

She went to sleep that night thinking of the uncertainty of the future, and looking forward to it more and more with every second.

“LIZZY! Girl, how are you doin’ on this fine, spring morning?”

Liz laughed at her best friend, shoving her trig book into the top of her locker. “I’m alright, Brooke. Not as good as YOU, apparently.”

Brooke leaned back against the lockers and looked at Liz incredulously. “Elizabeth Hastings, we have three more days left of school and then it’s SUMMER. You know what THAT means. All the FINE summer boys who come out here for the sun...and never anticipate the kickass-ness that is US.” She grinned devilishly. “What reason could there possibly be NOT to be in a great mood?”

“None, I guess.” Liz conceded with a smile, closing her locker and grabbing her backpack from the floor, swinging it over her shoulder.

“Well then,” Brooke continued, pushing her wavy red hair out of her face and standing up straight. “Are you ready to go to Espanol? There are many sexy boys there and you certainly are una chica tan linda.” She giggled and linked Liz’s arm with hers.

And there was that feeling again. Like a reminder of something she never knew she’d forgotten.

Liz shook her head and smiled, and walked with Brooke to Spanish.

Brooke and I met in camp when we were 14. Our last year of summer camp. There was this guy counselor, I don’t remember his name (I have the worst memory about stuff like that, Brooke makes fun of me about it all the time), but he was THE guy at camp. SO gorgeous and we were all, of course, completely obsessed with him. Brooke and I were in the same bunk.

One day, at the mess hall, all the girls dared someone to go and talk to him. No one would do it...but then Brooke stood up and walked over to him and told him she thought he had a really cute butt. It was the funniest thing...and when she came back and sat down we started talking. We’ve been best friends ever since. She’s like the complete opposite of me. Totally outgoing and crazy and fun, and a really big smartass sometimes. But our friendship just makes sense for some reason. something that I just know is supposed to be there.

She has this way of making me feel better when everything else just seems wrong. I don’t know what I’d do without someone like her.

“What do you MAKE of those four.” Maria DeLuca took another sip of her iced-tea and gestured across the field toward the lunch table by the trees. “I mean...they’re just so...maladjusted.”

Alex Whitman looked skeptically at his best friend and back at the secluded table. “How so?”

Maria snorted a laugh and set her drink down abruptly. “Well, um, how about the fact that they’re totally closed off from anyone but themselves. Like elitists or something. It’s so rude.”

“Ok...” Alex shrugged.

“And, like...well ok, there’s Michael Guerin, who...he’s probably the most messed up of all of them. Totally closed off and quiet. Never talks to anyone. Just sort of stares in this brooding, I’ll defend my personal bubble with my life, so stay away, attitude.” Maria was prone to ranting sometimes, which Alex, of course, was used to. Michael Guerin seemed to make her especially frustrated for some reason.

“Well, that’s just what he’s...”

“And then there’s Max.” Maria interrupted, shaking her head in dissaproval. “I mean, granted he is the better half of the Evans duo, but what is WITH that boy? He has this potential to be a halfway normal, good-looking, high school boy. But he’s like, stunted by his surgical attachment to the other three. He walks around like he has nothing going for him in his entire life...led around by that hose-beast Tess Harding.”

Alex let out a loud laugh, covering his mouth with his hand in fake surprise. “MARIA! The mouth on you!” He scolded mockingly. “Anyway its PSYCHO hose-beast. Get it right.”

Maria laughed and downed some more of her iced-tea. “Right, of course. So sorry. Anyway, so I wasn’t done with my analysis...”

“What a surprise.” Alex mumbled with a smile, rolling his eyes.

“So Tess, she’s clearly a skank. Don’t know WHAT the other’s see in her. I mean Isabel, she may be a bitch...”

“A HOT bitch.” Alex interjected, looking at Isabel across the plethora of lunch tables.

Maria rolled her eyes and snorted. “Yeah, whatever, but ANYWAY, I mean she is bitchy, but she at least seems INTELLIGENT, ya know. They all seem like they have this intense stuff that they’re always talking about and thinking about. Tess is just...a waste of space.”

“You REALLY don’t like her, I’m gatherin’.” Alex chuckled, gathering up his books for his next class. “Not that I’m her biggest fan or anything. I don’t like her either. Just not as...adamantly as you.”

Maria picked up her back from the ground and chucked her iced-tea in the garbage next to her. “I just feel like this need to dislike her. Ya know. Like there’s a reason I just haven’t found yet. And as messed up as the rest of them are, they’re a lot better than her.”

“Agreed.” Alex nodded, standing up next to Maria. “They all seem like ok people. MUTE and weird, but ok. I mean, we’ve known all four of them since we were what...7? They’ve always been this way.”

Maria shook her head began to walk toward the school entrance with Alex. “I know, I know. I just wish I could figure them out . They’re just so...Roswellian.”

Michael grabbed his bag and stood up with the rest of his table. “Don’t you guys see that it’s a problem?” He shook his head in frustration. “I mean, she’s always staring at us in that creepy...investigative reporter kinda way. And she’s such a freakin’ weirdo. She COULD be an enemy.”

Tess ground her teeth together and turned to him abruptly. “For the last time, Maria DeLuca is nothing but a stupid human. It’s NOT a problem, Michael. Just drop it. She’s a human, and we don’t associate with humans.”

Michael glared at the blonde girl menacingly, while Tess glared back. “Maxwell?”

Max sighed tiredly and looked at his friend. “Tess is right, Michael. She doesn’t matter. We’ve known her forever and she’s not a threat. Just leave it.”

Tess smiled triumphantly before grabbing Max’s hand and pulling him behind her into the building.

Once they were gone, Isabel stood up and placed her hand lightly on Michael’s shoulder.

“He’s just so...the both of them...sometimes I just wanna...” Michael ground out angrily.

Isabel sighed and nodded in agreement. “I know. But what can we do. This is the way it is. It’s always been this way...They’re meant to be together...and we can’t mix with humans. It’s just...the way it is.”

Michael turned to her abruptly, forcing her arm off his shoulder. “Who said I wanted to mix with humans? I NEVER said that. It’s always been the four of us and that’’s FINE.. I just think that Max needs to grow a pair and start being a KING.”

With that, he huffed off away from the school and toward his bike, leaving Isabel standing at the table alone and frustrated at her life...or lack of one.


Ok, there it is, chapter 1. I know that its startin off kindof slow, but im tryin to set up some backstory*happy* haha

ok so let me know what you think. the premise is kidnof complicated and let me know if youre interested in


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Oh, btw I kindof have a favor to ask of anyone who can help.

I dont like in EAST HAMPTON< and all the things I say about it are based on my like, one trip there three years ago, but I wanted a big tourist town that was far away from roswell....

so if anyone knows about EH, and can give me any specifics to use like famous stores, sites, restaurants, the name of the beach and all that godo stuff, thatd be great*happy*


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Since I never sleep im done with part 2, and started writin

part 2 will be posted later today*happy*

thanks for the feedback, guys, keep it comin

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Liz turned the key in the lock and pushed open the front door of her house. “MOM? DAD? You guys home?”

“In the kitchen, Liz.” Grant Hastings’s voice filtered into the hall from the kitchen.

“Hey, Dad.” Liz greeted with a smile as she entered the brightly colored, airy kitchen. “Doin’ the books?” She nodded toward the open leather book sitting on the kitchen table before her father who was currently wearing what she liked to call his “money pondering glasses”.

Grant chuckled and took off his glasses, setting then down on the table. “Am I THAT obvious.” He smiled affectionately at his daughter. “How was school today? Break any hearts?”

“Oh, TONS.” Liz laughed. “School was good. Only two more days till summer.”

Grant nodded knowingly. Summer in East Hampton was always a very busy time. Especially for himself and his family. “Yeah, about this summer, Lizzy...I’m sorry but since Janice quit...until we hire a new waitress you may have to be working almost every day.”

Liz sat down next to her father and dropped her bookbag on the floor. “It’s ok, dad. I know the restaurant needs extra help during tourist season. And, honestly, I don’t mind waitressing. It’s like second nature or something.” She smiled at her father. “Anyway, I’m proud that my family own the most successful restaurant on the boardwalk. So don’t worry.”

Grant chuckled at his daughter. “What would we all do without you, Lizzy. You’re a life-saver. OH, speaking of which, your mom is at the restaurant right now and asked if you could pick Emily up at her ballet lesson. You can take the Jeep. I know how much you love it.”

“Sure, Dad, it’s no problem.” Liz shrugged her shoulders and smiled as she stood up, “I’m just gonna go drop my stuff in my room.”

My grandparents opened the Harbor Café when they got married. My grandfather was a chef and it had always been my grandmother’s dream to run her own business, so opening a restaurant just made sense to them, I guess. When they retired and moved to Florida (like all Long Island grandparents do eventually), they gave it to my dad. He’d been working there all his life and he loved it just as much as they did. My mother loves it it all worked out pretty well.

I started waitressing there when I was fifteen. All in all it’s a pretty good job. Sure, the coral and gold uniforms are really tacky, but it’s right on the beach and everyone I know comes there all the time...along with all the tourists.

I like waitressing. It makes me feel at ease, almost. Which is kindof weird I guess, but oh well. Just one more thing to add to the time.

Like these dreams I’ve been having lately. They’re about this guy...

And NO, they’re not THAT kind of dream. Get your mind out of the gutter. Anyway, I can’t see the guy, but he gives me, ya know...the feelings. He’s so important to me that even when I’m awake, and I think about it, it makes it harder to breath.

Anyway, the scenario is always different but the underlying theme is always the same. I’m worried about him. I feel like I need to protect him. I’m not sure why, but it’s like, I just KNOW that I need to keep him safe. From...something.

The thing about these dreams is that when I wake up, I KNOW that there was something really important in them. Like this one key fact that would make everything else in them make sense, but I can never remember. It’s just like that de-ja-vu feeling...only stronger.

I don’t understand myself sometimes. I mean, my life is great? Right? Nice and safe and normal and happy. I don’t understand why...why I get this paranoid, Matrix-y vibe sometimes. Like if I look hard enough I’ll see a glitch in everything. Like if I flip the right switch I’ll see things how they really are. I seem to be more confused about it than ever lately. I’m really good at hiding it, though.

I told Brooke about the dreams and she said I just needed some action. Somehow, I think it’s a little more than that though. I mean, ok MAYBE I haven’t really had a boyfriend ever...but that’s just because I haven’t found anyone that gave me the feelings. Someone who can...see into my soul.

Don’t think that’s really gonna change anytime soon though. I mean, what are the odds of me finding someone like THAT waitressing at the café all summer? When has anything exciting EVER happened while someone was waitressing?

“Max, Isabel, your father and I have some...kind of exciting news.” Diane Evans smiled at her two adopted children sitting across the kitchen table from her.

Max put his fork down on his dinner plate and swallowed the bite of food he’d been chewing. “Yeah, Mom? What is it?”

Phillip smiled at his wife before redirecting his gaze toward his children, “ see I won the case I’ve been working on. You know, the big one with Mr. Logan and her personal injury suit...”

“Oh, Dad, that’s great!” Isabel smiled brightly, a genuine smile she reserved only for her parents.

Phillip grinned proudly at his daughter’s comment before continuing. “Anyway, Mr. Logan was so grateful that he offered us to stay for the summer at his house in the Hamptons. His family is going on a cruise this year and...well anyway he offered it to us for the whole three months, for free. And I’ve accepted his gracious offer.”

Max glanced at his sister thoughfully before turning back to his clearly very happy parents. “The whole summer?”

“Yes, the WHOLE summer!” Diane asserted cheerfully. “Isn’t that just wonderful?”

Max chewed his lip, “’s...”

“It’s GREAT.” Isabel interjected, smiling. “Just GREAT, Mom. Isn’t that GREAT, Max? Dad’s clients must respect his so much.” She looked at Max pointedly.

“Yeah, guys. It’s great. I’m sure we’ll have a really good time.” Max forced a pleased tone, eyeing his sister with a conflicted stare.

“It IS great, Max.” Isabel affirmed strongly, sitting on Max’s bed as he sat as his desk. “Don’t you see it’s JUST what we need. Some time away from Roswell. Some time away from EVERYTHING. Being’s suffocating, Max. I know you feel it too.”

Max chewed his lip silently, deep in thought at his sisters sentiments. “ I know, Iz. Being here...growing up...out whole lives with Nasedo...and the rules, and...destiny...and...”

“And Tess.” Isabel finished for him. “I KNOW you don’t want to be with her, Max. Can’t you just stop pretending. I’m your SISTER. At least be honest with me.”

Max sighed. “You know what Iz...maybe I don’t want certain things...and maybe I don’t know why we have to be this way...and maybe...maybe sometimes I just feel like everything about our lives is wrong. I mean, I’m the KING? Right? So why should I have to be in this path that I just feel NOT ME.”

Running his hand through his hair, Max took a big breath. “But then I remember. I remember Nasedo taking care of us when we hatched...making sure we were all safe. I remember him telling us our destinies. And I remember getting the message from our mother when we were 13. Whether we like it or not, Isabel, we have duties. We have responsibilities. I have to be with Tess. We can’t let any humans know who we are. That’s just the way it is.”

Isabel surveyed her brother sadly. As bad as she had it, she knew he had it a thousand times worse. He always had. He was the one with the weight of the world on his shoulders. He was the one that bared all the responsibility. “Max, you need a vacation. Ok? From everything. From all of this. I think, that for three months, it’ll be ok. I can stop being such a bitch to everyone all the time and just...have fun. No life-changing strings attached. And you can just relax. And, get away from Tess...and Nasedo...and all the rules. It’ll be a nice break. And then, when summer’s over, we’ll come home, and everything will still be here. Roswell wont miss us for a few months.”

Max’s face actually brightened somewhat at Isabel’s impassioned speech. He knew he definitely wanted to get away for a while. His life had become a joyless act of going through the motions. He knew it hadn’t always been that way. At least, he thought he did.

He had memories from before this year...times when the four of them has been so happy. He and Tess had been so close. He remembered it...he just didn’t know what had changed. All that year he’d been getting more and more unhappy. He DEFINITELY wanted to get away for a while. But then his face fell as he realized what going away would mean.

“Isabel...Roswell might now miss us...but what about Michael? I mean...we cant just leave him here with Tess and Nasedo...alone in his apartment. He’ll be miserable.” Max leaned his head in his hands. “We have to stay.”

“No.” Isabel asserted forcefully. She needed a vacation and she was going to get one. “I’ll take care of it. He’ll come with us.” Isabel stood up and walked toward the door.


“I SAID, I’ll take care of it.” She interrupted, a look of determination crossing her face before leaving Max’s room, shutting the door behind her.

And Max, for the first time in a long time, cracked a smile. Because he knew that when Isabel set her mind to something, she would get it done.

They stood on the edge of the bridge together, terror gripping both of their bodies. They knew what was behind them...and that was certain death. And in front of was possible they could survive the jump into the icy water unharmed. It was certainly better than the alternative. Their hands clasped together, holding onto eachother as their only lifelines. Guilt consumed him. It hurt a thousand times more than the physical scars now covering his body. It was his fault she was involved in this at all. Risking her life.

But she was in it willingly, and when she turned her face toward his, and pulled his lips down to hers, he knew. That she would die for him. She would do anything to protect him. That she loved him like he’d always loved her. And they were strong together. Their kiss was both desperate and tender, and an affirmation of everything they already knew.

And then, together, they jumped.

And on two opposite sides of the country, two different people bolted upright in their beds, and, as they panted for breath and tried to slow their racing heart rates, they cursed the fact that they had no idea what they’d been dreaming about.


ok, this is probobly gonna be the last part im posting for a week. im going away till next sunday, so unless I can finish part three tonight and post it, this is the last part for a lil while. if you guys feel like it, you can bump this every once and a while. thats be GREAT*happy*

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still lookin for info on east hampton sites..can anyone help me out?

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So I worked really really hard*happy*...

and part 3 will definitely be done in an hour or so.
it will also really help you understand all the craziness that has been going on in this fic. now completely, of course, but it does start to explain some things.

things are more complicated than they seem, though, so keep that in mind. so like I said, expect the next part in an hour or so.*happy*

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ok, here it is just like I said*happy*


Liz stood at her locker waiting for Brooke. They both had to work at the café and their shift started in 45 minutes...but, as USUAL, Brooke was running late.

Looking down at her watch, Liz sighed in impatience. She loved Brooke...really...but...

“Uh...hey Liz.” A voice brought her gaze up from her watch and she was met with an attractive face she knew all too well.

“Hi, Scott.” Liz smiled warmly. “What’s up?” Scott Sanders had been in school with Liz since Junior High, when all the elementary schools merged. They’d always been acquaintances, being in the same accelerated science classes, and they’d been lab partners one year.

For the past few months, Liz had been getting the feeling that Scott’s feelings for here were somewhat more than friendly. Brooke was constantly making fun of her about it, saying that he was hot, and she should just go for it.

But, as much as she wished differently, Liz just didn’t feel THAT WAY about him. It wasn’t that she didn’t think he was good-looking. His sandy blonde hair and greenish eyes suited him very well...and he had a great sense of humor...he just wasn’t her type. She didn’t really know what HER TYPE was, but she knew it wasn’t Scott.

Scott smiled at Liz and cocked his head to the side. She seemed to be deep in thought. “Well, I was just wondering if you wanted to go, ya know, get something to eat or something.” He grinned.

“Oh, Scott, I’m sorry but I have to work. I’m on duty today at the café.” Liz explained apologetically. He really was a nice guy, even if she didn’t want to go out with him.

Just then, Brooke ran down the hall toward them. “Lizzy, girl, I am SO sorry I’m late. You see...Oh,” She smiled slyly at the two, “was I interrupting something?”

Scott chuckled and shook his head. “Naw, it’s all good, I was just goin’ anyway...Bye, Brooke. Bye, Liz.”

“Bye, Scott.” Liz smiled.

“Yeah, see ya, Scotty.” Brooke waved, grabbing Liz’s hand and pulling her out the door and toward the parking lot.

Scott watched as the two girls rushed out of the building, shaking his head and laughing to himself. “’ll just...stay here then.”


“So...” Brooke began, looking over at Liz from the passenger’s seat, “What was all THAT about?”

Liz laughed. “Oh, THAT? How did I know you would ask about THAT. THAT was nothing.”

“Oh, it was nothing? Because it didn’t look like nothing, it looked like Mr. Sanders there was askin’ you out.”

“Well,” Liz bit her lip, “he KINDOF asked me out. Just, like, to get some food.”

“Uh huh,” Brooke narrowed her eyes at her friend. “and I’m assuming you graciously declined, right?”

“That I did, Brooke. C’mon, you know...”

“What I KNOW, Liz darling,” Brooke interrupted, “is that you won’t give any guy a change with you. Not even a smart, funny, SWEET piece of pastry like Scott Sanders. I mean...not EVERY guy you date has to be this life changing, lighting, fireworks, look into my eyes and see my soul-thing.” Brooke gripped the door as Liz suddenly jerked the car forward.

“ foot slipped.” Liz apologized, shaking her head to clear it. Yup, there was that feeling again. Apparently it didn’t do wonders for her driving skills. What were they talking about again? “Right, so...anyway...I just...I’m not interested in Scott like that. We’re just friends. You know that.”

Brooke sighed. All she wanted was for Liz to be happy. She needed something in her life. “I know, I know.” She took her lip-gloss out of her bag and began applying it to her lips. “Oh, so anyway I forgot to tell you,” She paused, holding out the gloss for Liz, who shook her head ‘no’ in decline. Putting it back in her bag, she continued. “I got this new, insanely hot bikini for the’s like, this halter and has this tie thingy and...”

Liz listened as Brooke went on and on about little, unimportant things. It wasn’t that she was annoyed by her friends long explanations, it was just that...well, shouldn’t they have something exciting to deal with? Something...dangerous? Or at least interesting?


It had been fairly easy to convince their parents to let Michael come along with them for the summer. Diane and Phillip knew what a hard life Michael had led- Phillip had, afterall, been the one to get Michael emancipated from his foster father- and they had always seen him as somewhat of a third child. They understood perfectly when Isabel had pleaded not to leave Michael without his two best friends, alone in his apartment for three long months. Afterall, Tess had her “father”, Nasedo, around...but Michael didn’t have anyone. The house in the Hamptons had plenty of extra space, and it was really only the cost of an extra plane ticket, which Phillip had no problem paying for.

Explaining to Tess why she couldn’t go, while Michael could...that was a larger problem. Max and Isabel had told her about it on the ride home from school, and she was none too pleased with the situation.

Max sighed in frustration as he pulled the car up in front of Tess’s house, throwing an annoyed look at Isabel, sitting next to him in the passenger’s seat. “I’m sorry, Tess. There’s just nothing we can do about it. We leave tomorrow after school...”

“I just don’t see why I can’t go WITH you guys.” Tess continued persistently. “I mean, if Michael can go...and we should all stay together. You know that’s what Nasedo says. We all need to stay together all the time...and...”

“Tess, listen,” Isabel interrupted with exasperation, “our parents INSISTED that Michael goes with us...they said that it was just family other than that...and they already have the tickets, and there’s no room for anyone else in the’s just impossible, ok? Anyway, it’s only for one summer. We’ll come back in three months and then...we’ll all be together again.” She tried to sound more pleased about that than she was.

Tess pouted and sighed. “Well...ya know, if you can’t do anything about it. I’m just gonna miss you guys so much, that’s all. You’re my FAMILY. We belong together.” Giving Max a pointed look, she grabbed her bag and got out of the jeep. “I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” She frowned. “Our last day together.”

Isabel gave her a forced smile. “Oh, it’ll be ok. You’ll see. See you tomorrow, Tess.”

“Yeah, tomorrow.” Max nodded a smile to Tess before pulling away, leaving her in her driveway with a frustrated scowl on her face.


“So, let me get this straight...” Nasedo frowned, “Max, Isabel, and Michael are all leaving for the summer. And they’re leaving you here.”

Tess squirmed slightly under his scrutiny. “Yeah...I...I couldn’t do anything about it. They said I couldn’t go.”

Nasedo sighed leaning back against the kitchen counter. “Well, it is somewhat displeasing, them going off without you for three months...without my supervision, no less. But I don’t think it’ll be disastrous. Maybe it’ll give them some time to think about their roles...accept their destinies more readily. It should be alright.”

Tess nodded in agreement, glad that Nasedo wasn’t making the less than ideal situation out to be her fault. If he said that three months away from them was ok, then she knew it would be.

“I should see if I can get someone to keep an eye on them, though. Covertly, of course. Where did they say they were going?” He continued, scratching his head thoughtfully.

Tess bit her lip, thinking for a moment. “Um, New York. Their parents are borrowing some house in East Hampton, I think.”

As the words ‘East Hampton’ left her mouth, Tess saw her protector’s back stiffen and his eyes narrow in something she couldn’t quite pinpoint. “East Hampton...are you sure?” He questioned, his voice tight.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” Tess answered, confused at his sudden change in demeanor. “Why? Is that bad?”

Nasedo swallowed, his expression returning to normal. “No. It’s fine.” His eyes darted quickly to the phone and then back to Tess. “Listen, Tess...why don’t you...go upstairs...practice your powers. You don’t do that enough.”

“O...k.” Tess nodded, now sure that something was going on, but knowing not to ask yet. He would tell her eventually. And if not she could always go looking in his head when he was asleep. He’d know, of course, but she’d still get the information she wanted before he realized it. She always did.

Once Tess had gotten up from the counter and walked far enough up the stairs to be out of earshot, Nasedo hastily picked up the phone and dialed a number he’d hoped he wouldn’t have to use for a long time.

“Guess that was too much to hope for.” He mumbled as the phone rang on the other end.

“Is there a problem, protector?”

Nasedo took a breath. “The three are going to Wonderland. I think it’s time we brought Tess in on it...we may need her if they find Alice. And you should moniter.”

“Understood. And we always monitor, protector. Don’t underestimate us. As for Tess...we agree. We’ll reactivate her once they’re gone, so she doesn’t make them suspicious. Till then, do nothing. Is that understood?”

“Yes. Understood.”

“We’ll be in touch.”

The other line went dead and Nasedo shook his head as he replaced the phone to its holster. “Damnit.”


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I’m Liz Hastings, and today was the last day of school of my junior year of high school. Yup, one more year done...and I’m still the same, small town girl I always was. Tomorrow I start working for the summer at the Harbor Café. Not that I don’t love the place...but...I mean...I’d just rather be doing something else ALL summer. Something exciting. And if dad doesn’t get another waitress on staff I’m gonna be working nonstop. Not exactly my dream summer, but what can you do.

Yeah, so speaking of dreams, I had another one last night. And this time...I actually remember some of it. It’s all really blurry...but I do know that I was in this group...and someone we cared about was...well he was...missing, I think.

It’s always the same guy. I mean, who dreams about the same fictional guy every night? People are supposed to dream about killer lunchmeat and twisted stuff like that. Not the same, nonexistent guy...every night.

Oh, there was some kind of interesting news today. Maria told me that she heard the Logans aren’t coming up this year...and that someone else is staying in their house. The Logans are the epitome of snobby vacationers, and they have this son who’s always coming into the café and being a total ass to us-


Liz stared down at her journal page in surprise. Well, that was certainly weird. BROOKE had told her about the Logans...not MARIA. She didn’t even KNOW anyone named Maria, although it did instill her with that familiar feeling...

But there it was on the page, like it belonged there. She hadn’t even been paying attention...just writing off the top of her of consciousness-like. Crossing it out and shaking her head, she wrote the name Brooke above it. “You’re really spacing out, there, Liz.” She mumbled to herself. “People are gonna start to think you’re whacked.”

Chuckling slightly, Liz closed her journal and placed it in her nightstand. Not knowing your best friend’s name was probably a sign that it was time to go to bed. Afterall, she had to be up working the breakfast shift at 8. What a great way to start off your summer vacation.


“I told the protector we had it all under control.” The man kept his face stoic as he peered into the screen.

“Well, it’s not OUT of control, but we’ll have to watch very closely.” The other man said authoritatively from inside the oval monitor. “I don’t think they’ll figure anything least not for a great while. And...Unfortunately we don’t have enough power to eliminate any of them. We’ll have enough time to formulate.”

“We should’ve eliminated HER.” The other figure mumbled to himself.

“NEVER undermine my authority, you pawn. I may not be there PHYSICALLY, but I do have enough power to eliminate YOU, insect. You know full well that eliminating her would be as practical as raising a white flag. Don’t, for one second, think that you have the intelligence to make the kind of decisions I face. YOU just MONITER and REPORT. Understood?”

The other man nodded at the image of his superior. “Understood, sir. It will be done.” He cringed slightly as the steely eyes on the screen glared at him coldly.



Max yawned and squinted his eyes open, taking in his environment, and noting the massive cramp that had formed in his neck. Served him right for falling asleep in the uncomfortable plane seats, but he had had a long day, leaving for the airport right after school ended. His dad was insane about being there three hours before the flight to “take care of everything.”

Next to him, Isabel was staring out the window at the navy sky that stretched out all around them, and on his left, Michael was busy playing Game-Boy. Oh, the joys of the middle seat. He stretched as much as he could and turned his neck sideways, trying to get the crick out. “How much longer?” He asked his sister, scratching his slightly stubbly chin.

Isabel turned to her brother, smiling at his disheveled appearance. He already looked more at ease being away from Roswell. “About an hour. We should land at midnight, and then Dad said there’ll be a car waiting to take us to that guy’s house.”

Max nodded and leaned back in his seat, turning toward Michael. “Hey, bro. How ya doin’?”

Michael paused his game of Tetris and looked up. “Alright.” He narrowed his eyes at Max. “Listen, are you really sure your parents are cool, paying for all this...I mean, I’m not their kid...”

“Michael, listen,” Max shook his head, “I told you they INSISTED that you come. They care about you like a son. So just SHUT-UP about it already and have fun.” Max smiled a rare smile at his friend. Michael having fun was a nearly unheard of concept.

Michael looked at Max skeptically before nodding slowly with a raised eyebrow. “I’ll see what I can do.”

Grinning a small, half-grin, Max reached into the seat-pocket in front of him and pulled out the complimentary headphones, plugging them into his armrest. Maybe he could nap a little more before they landed. Putting on the headphones, and tuning to a soft music station, he closed his eyes and wondered what the summer and East Hampton had in store for him, if anything.

He secretly prayed for anything to happen. Something that he wouldn’t have to PRETEND didn’t make him desperately unhappy, like the rest of his life. Something that would make them all happier, and maybe something that would make him feel...well, feel at peace.


Nasedo stood over Tess’s sleeping form holding the cell phone against his ear.

“She’ll wake up once we’re done. It’ll only take a minute, and they you’ll have to be there to tell her what has been done. She’ll only remember what happened before, and have no knowledge of our operation.” The voice stated monotonously from the other end of the line.

“I understand.” Nasedo whispered into the phone.

“Alright,” the voice continued. “Commencing Reactivation.”

Nasedo watched in interest as Tess’s pupils began to move rapidly under her still closed lids. Her blond eyebrows began to furrow as her eyes moved faster and faster.

The seconds passed as Tess’s sleeping form seemed to become more and more agitated, her fists now gripping the sheets under her tightly.

“It is complete.” The voice on the other line stated, the line clicking dead just as Tess shot up in her bed, gasping for air loudly and her blue eyes wide with anger. “I’ll KILL her!” She exclaimed, gritting her teeth in fury.

Nasedo sighed and sat down on the bed, knowing that this would be a long night of explanation. “I’m afraid...” he began slowly, “that that is not possible.”


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and apathygirl...yeah, im still at kindof a turning point that I cant figure out..but im sure ill work it out eventually.

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..oh, and also, for everyone who's never HEARD the song CRAWL, by This Way,(that this fic is named for, and that I posted the lyrics from in the prologue) I highly HIGHLY recommend you try to find it and listen to it...although I gotta say its almost IMPOSSIBLE To locate. Its an amazing song though.*happy*

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“So...that’s one order of Lighthouse Waffles with Sunrise-side up eggs, and a Coast of Long Island Iced-tea.” Liz smiled at her customer warmly.

“And a side of toast.” The elderly man smiled, putting his menu back behind the lighthouse shaped napkin dispenser.

Liz nodded, jotting down the new information, and slipped her pencil back in her apron pocket. “Alright, I’ll be right back with your Iced-Tea.”

Liz turned from the booth and smiled when she spotted Emily sitting on the ledge between the restaurant and the kitchen, chatting happily with Ray, the Harbor cook. How ANYONE could be so energetic at 8:30 in the morning was beyond her, but Emily had already been awake when she’d gotten up, and had practically begged to come down to the café with her. She loved being there and all the staff loved her, so nobody minded when she’d just come and play.

“Em...” Liz smiled, tickling her sister’s sides from behind, causing the tiny girl to quirm and giggle. “Let Ray work. Why don’t you go color on the placemats?”

Emily turned to face Liz, still giggling. “Ohhhhh, Lizzy...don’t you worry, I can take care of myself. I’m ALLLLL grown up.” She grinned widely and leaned in to kiss Liz on the nose.

Liz laughed and pulled on one of Emily’s soft waves of dark brown hair playfully. “Oh, is that SO? Well, I wasn’t aware I was in the presence of a woman. I’m VERY sorry, Miss.”

Emily bit her lip and tried to look stern. “Don’t let it happen again, Elizabeth.” She shook her finger at her big sister authoritatively. “Now, GET TO WORK, missy.” She laughed her musical, little girl laugh and stepped down off the counter using the stool she’d pulled up next to it, skipping happily into the back room.

Ohhhh, morning shifts. Liz laughed to herself and ripped the page from her order-pad, clipping it onto the turnstile. “Table 5’s order.” She smiled at Ray, and turned to the next table in her section.


Tess gaped at Nasedo in astonishment and aggravation. “ you guys want my that is? You kept me in the dark ALL this time and now you’re telling me because you need my help?”

Nasedo gritted his teeth in irritation. He’d been explaining for hours and she was being so impossible about everything. Impossible and thickheaded. It was incredibly frustrating. “Tess. Let me explain this one-more-time. We kept you ‘in the dark’, as you call it, because we knew that if you were in on everything, it might have been easier for them to find out. They might have suspected something, or seen something in your head...or in a know how everything works.

“Keeping you as part of the operation made it a thousand times more workable. It was the only way. But NOW, with the problem we foresee, having you in the know is beneficial. You can be forewarned of anything that might come about...and you’ll know all the possible threats. Do you understand?” He tried to keep most of the irritation out of his voice, afterall, they DID need her on their side.

Tess pulled on a curl thoughtfully. “Yeah...I GUESS.” She answered, still slightly aggravated. “I just wish I’d known. I mean...all this time...I just can’t believe it.”

“It is a lot to take in, I’ll admit.” Nasedo said with a spec of sympathy. He knew that, for Tess in particular, knowing the truth would be mind-blowing. It basically changed everything she knew.

“So...a year...” She mused, her brow furrowing.

“A little less than one lost, and exactly one since.”

“Well,” She sat up straight, her eyes gleaming, “They absolutely can’t figure it out. We have to make sure of that.”

Nasedo sneered a twisted grin. “We’d hoped you’d feel that way.”


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haha ok so I know I said id beback in a second with the other 1/2 but my short m/l meeting scene is getting longer and longer

thats what you get when you just write on the spur and dont preplan parts...I HAVE NO IDEA where im leading right now...but it keeps goin, so heres MORE of the part, but not the ACTUAL meeting yet...but in like...les than 1/2 hr I SWEAR...

more of PART 5


Phillip grinned at his family...and Michael. “Mr. Logan said that the Harbor Café was the best place to eat on the beach.”

Isabel groaned and pushed a piece of her long hair off her face. “I’m sure it’s great, dad...but couldn’t we have sampled the food at...I dunno...BRUNCH?”

Max and Michael grunted in agreement and Diane laughed at the kids. “Oh, suck it up, you guys. Getting up at 9 is good for you once and a while. Enjoy the lovely, morning sea-air.”

The five walked down the boardwalk toward the café, which was impossible to miss due to the construction of the building. The roof was made to look like the ocean, and there was a large yellowish orange half-circle sitting on it to look like the setting sun. It could be seen from anywhere on the peer.

Max trailed a few steps behind the rest of the family with Michael, taking in the beautiful, east-coast beach that lay out before him. It was already quite hot, despite the early hour, and he pulled his short sleeved-blue button down shirt away from his body slightly.

All around him people passed by, looking summery and care-free. He frowned slightly, noting that, while the teenage guys around him may be wearing the same khaki shorts as him, and the same age him, and while any bystander would probably group them into the same category, they WEREN’T the same. None of THESE guys had to deal with what he had to deal with. They were allowed to do what they be normal.

He shook his head, trying not to think about it. It wasn’t like he could CHANGE anything, anyway...but maybe, at least for this one summer, he could pretend to be someone else. Someone with a different life.

The entered the café and went to the 2 nearest empty booths against the wall. Diane and Phillip sat across from eachother at the one closest to the door, and Michael and Isabel sat across from Michael at the one directly in front of the other. It was fairly busy for 9 in the morning, and Max wondered if the café always had this many patrons.

His thoughts were halted and replaced with amusement as a tiny girl who couldn’t have been more than 6 or so approached his booth with an order-pad. “Hello, my name is Emily and I’ll be your server this morning.” She grinned toothily, causing Max and Isabel to laugh and even Michael to break a small grin.

Max tilted his head and looked at the girl more closely. She looked familiar for some tiny with pale olivey skin and shiny, long dark brown hair. There was just something about her he couldn’t place...

“Hello, Emily.” Isabel smiled warmly. “Do you work here?”

Emily paused, biting her lip and seeming to think about this for a moment, before the voice of a teenage girl broke into their conversation.

“Emily Hastings, what are you DOING over here?” The three looked up from Emily to see the girl standing behind her in a coral colored waitress outfit with an ocean scene printed apron. “I’m sorry for THIS little one.” She smiled, looking down at Emily. “She’s just anxious to grow up and work here like her big sister.” She smiled in amusement and ruffled Emily’s hair.

“Oh...That’s alright.” Max answered, looking from the little girl to the waitress. “he wasn’t bothering us at all.” He smiled.

“Well, ANYWAY, MY name is Brooke, and I’LL be your server this morning.” She smiled brightly, pulling a pencil out of her red, curly bun on top of her head. “Have you decided what you’d like to order?”


After taking their orders and sending it over to Ray, Brooke walked back into the stock room to find Liz. The booth that Emily had been “waiting on” had actually been in Liz’s section and not hers, but Liz was stuck in the back doing some inventory for her dad.

She didn’t mind that much, afterall it was a nice short break from the business out front, but she was surprised when Brooke rushed in with a mischievous grin on her face. “Ohhhh, Liz. You seriously missed out back here...because there are these two guys sitting in your section...well, two guys and a girl,” she amended, “but that’s not the point. The point is that they are QUITE easy on the eyes. Especially the one with the ears.” She grinned. “You GOTTA check this out.”

Liz sighed in amused exasperation. Brooke was ALWAYS trying to set her up with one guy or another. “I have to finish this inventory, Brooke.” She turned back to the cans of pickles and started counting.

“UGHHH, Elizabeth Hastings. You are IMPOSSIBLE.” She laughed at her friend. “Ok, finish your crucial INVENTORY, but YOU’RE bringing them their bill. So finish up back here because there is no getting out of it. I REFUSE to bring that booth their bill.” She smiled brightly at her friend. “You’re gonna like this one, I know it. All dark and mysterious looking and...anyway, You’ll see.”

Liz laughed at her friend, nodding in compliance. “Fine, fine. I’ll be done in a minute and then I’ll be out.”

Brooke grinned in triumph and smoothed Liz’s hair that was pulled into a high ponytail. “It’s only because I love ya, Lizzy.”

“Yeah, I know, I know, now GO WAITRESS, before we get swamped.”


Emily sat at the counter watching the three eating their breakfasts. She had concluded that they were the most interesting to watch of all the customers that morning. The girl was so pretty with her long blonde hair, and the boys were so cute. And they’d been so nice to her. She loved talking to the customers, and as long as it was teenagers and not adults, her parents didn’t mind TOO much. They knew that people usually enjoyed Emily, most of the people who lived around them knew her anyway, since her family DID own the most well known café on the beach.

Bored just sitting by herself, she made a decision and hopped down off her stool and walked back toward their booth.


Max, Michael and Isabel had eaten their breakfasts quickly, famished from the busy day and night before. The Harbor Café really DID have amazing food, like they had been told, and the fact that they were all feeling more at ease than they had in years was aiding in their enjoyment.

As they picked at the last remnants of food on their plates, they little girl, Emily, approached them again, smiling widely.

“Hello again.” She grinned at them. “My name is Emily Hastings. My parents own the Harbor.”

“Hello, Emily Hastings.” Max greeted, holding out his hand for her to shake, causing Michael to chuckled. “My name is Max Evans, and this is my sister Isabel Evans, and our friend Michael Guerin.” He continued in mock formality.

Emily shook his hand seriously before sliding into the booth next to Michael, causing him to break from his usually stoic self and cock a half-smile down at her. “Are you on vacation here? Lots of people vacation here and come to our restaurant to eat.”

“Yup.” Isabel answered for them. “We live in New Mexico. It’s really far away.”

“Not THAT far.” Emily answered. “California’s farther.”

Max chuckled, marveling at the obvious intelligence of the tiny girl. Something about her was still making him almost drawn to her in a way. “You’re a very smart girl, Emily, ya know that?” He smiled.

“Uh huh.” She grinned. “I know lots of things. My sister teaches me stuff.”

more in a minute
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Liz put down her inventory list and stretched her arms with a yawn. Only two more hours of her shift. Yeah, ONLY.

Walking out of the back room, she laughed as Brooke shoved the booth’s bill in her hand from her position next to the kitchen. “Girl, go take care of business before your sister moves in on your territory.” She winked and laughed as she directed Liz’s attention over to where Emily was chatting happily with the aforementioned booth. Laughing, Liz made her way over toward the booth, but stopped laughing as her eyes met the face of the boy that was obviously who Brooke had told her about.


Stopping halfway to the booth, she just looked at him for a minute, taking in his appearance. He was gorgeous, there was no denying that, with his dark brown hair sweeping his forehead, his chiseled features...his built arms showing from under his short sleeves...

But that wasn’t even what got to Liz. What made her stop in her tracks was the feeling she got when she looked at him. It was THAT feeling. That “where do I know this from”, drive her crazy, insane de-ja-vu feeling. Only stronger than she’d ever had it before. She got it from the whole booth, in fact, she noted as she saw the girl next to him and the guy sitting next to Emily.

She was standing there staring at them...well, mostly HIM, when Emily turned toward her suddenly and broke out in a wide grin.

“LIZZY!” She called to her sister. “Come meet my friends!”


Max looked to where the little girl was yelling and was met my intense gaze of...well he couldn’t even explain what he was seeing. She walked toward him...well, toward THEM, but it felt like they were the only two people there. It wasn’t that she was the older version of the little girl sitting across from him...although he did note that right away. And it wasn’t that she was beautiful in a way he didn’t think he’d ever seen before, although that was DEFINITELY true as well...

It was the fact that, when he’d seen her, the dreams he’d been having suddenly came into his mind. Not a scene...or a flash... but just the feeling.

There was something about this girl, and while he could feel Isabel and Michael’s stares on the back of his neck, he just couldn’t seem to tear his gaze away from her.

Liz cleared her throat, trying to find her voice. “Hi. I’m Liz.” She smiled shakily at Max, and then, tearing her gaze from his, glanced at Isabel and Michael. “Hope you enjoyed our special breakfasts, here is your bill and the mints are on the house.” She breathed, embracing the routine of waitresses, regaining her composure. Since when did she get all thrown off by a GUY?

“Lizzy is my sister.” Emily explained to the booth knowingly before hopping up and hugging Liz around the waist. “She’s the best, prettiest, smartest girl there is.” She explained, as if these were facts that everyone had to know.

“Hi, Liz.” Isabel greeted warmly, intent on leaving her ice-princess act in Roswell with all her problems.

“Hey.” Michael nodded at the girl, before directing his gaze back to his best friend who was still staring like a moron. “That’s Max. He’s in a coma. Send flowers.”

Max shook his head at the comment, an embarrassed smile spreading on his face. “Sorry...” he chuckled slightly, “it’s just look so...” he trailed off again, searching for words that didn’t make him sound crazy. Somehow, saying ‘You look like something I don’t know but reminds me of something I can’t remember from my dreams’ didn’t seem like THAT good of an idea. “ much like your sister.” He finished, scratching the back of his neck.

Liz smiled. “Yeah, we get that a lot...” She looked down, trying not to stare at this guy she didn’t even know and seem crazy. She really, REALLY didn’t want him to think she was crazy. She wanted to get to know him...she knew that much. It was like...this thing se couldn’t deny. “Well...” she continued, “it’s very nice to meet you, Max...and Isabel and Michael.” She quickly added before holding the bill out toward Max.

“You too, Liz.” Max nodded reaching out to take the bill from her.

And then their fingers touched...

And she collapsed.


The man slowly stood up from the back booth and walked out of the café, unseen by the rest of the patrons and staff. Once outside, he sprinted toward the parking lot, opening the door of his van and climbing into the drivers seat, hauling the door closed behind him. “Shit.”



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** “Max Evans is staring at you again.”**

“Liz? Oh my god, lay her down over here.”

** “Max Evans? This?”**

“Get Emily away from her...she just fainted...that’s all..”

** “LIZ!!!!!”**

“LIZ?? Liz open your eyes.”

** “I need you to look at me...”**

“She’s breathing so fast...”

** “You have to look at me.”**

“Well at least she’s BREATHING...”

** “You broke the ketchup when you fell...”**

“WAIT, look I think she’s waking up!”

** “Don't say anything. Please.”**

“Liz? Liz can you hear me?”

Liz opened her eyes slowly, expecting to see one person leaning over her. One particular person. Instead, there was a whole group. Brooke. She registered her best friend leaning directly over her with a concerned look on her freckled face.

“Liz? Girl, can you hear me?” She asked, smoothing a piece of hair off of Liz’s forehead.

Liz’s eyes darted around the odd field of vision above her, seeing Emily out of the corner of her eye looking on worriedly...and then, behind Brooke, she noticed the blonde girl...Isabel, she’d said her name was, next to the spiky haired guy, Michael, both of them looking concerned and confused, and two adults behind them...parents, she assumed...and on her right, next to Brooke...there he was...

Max. Max Evans. She knew his last name...although she was sure he hadn’t told it to her...

“Yeah, Brooke, I’m ok.” She said softly, pushing herself into a sitting position. She’d been She’d fainted. If she’d been shot she would’ve died.

And she almost had died. And he had healed her? No. That didn’t make sense though. There were too many people here...and he hadn’t even been leaning over her when she’d woken up. Brooke had...

“I...I didn’t have breakfast this morning.” She swallowed, uncomfortable with all the people...mostly strangers...watching her so closely. “And it’s hot out...I must just have...low blood sugar or something.”

Nodding, Brooke took her arm and led her to the booth Max, Isabel and Michael had been at and helped her sit down. “You just sit, sweetie. I’m gonna get you some orange juice.”

Diane Evans looked at the sweet waitress with concern. They’d all been so worried when she had collapsed a few minutes ago. Max’s face was still pale, and she noticed how his eyes followed the young girl closely...watching every move she made. Well, THIS was something new...

“Young lady, you really have to take better care of yourself.” She scolded warmly at the girl with a kind smile. “You nearly scared certain people half to death, I think.” Her eyes grazed over her son before landing on the tiny brunette girl staring at Liz from next to the counter.

“Oh, EMMY, come here sweetheart.” Liz called to her sister in concern, motioning her over. She looked terrified, her big brown eyes opened wide.

Emily scuttled across the floor toward Liz before climbing onto the booth and throwing her arms around her neck, causing Liz to laugh in surprise. “Oh, Em, I’m ok. No worries, sweetie.” She smiled, her eyes suddenly catching Max’s from over her sister’s shoulder. He was looking at her so wasn’t just was...

“Lizzy...” Emily whispered to her sister while still clinging to her neck. “You know Max...” She pulled back and grinned widely. “He likes you.”


Max watched Liz and her sister from the 10 or so feet away he was standing. She hadn’t just fainted like everyone else thought she had. He knew it. He’d felt something when they’d touched. And before he’d laid her gently on the floor and had been pushed aside by her friend Brooke, he’d seen things. Felt things.

It was all very blurry, but...he knew Liz. He knew her. It seemed impossible...but he felt it in his bones. He’d never felt anything so strongly before. Ever.

And as he stood there, staring back into her eyes he was sure. She knew him too.


“You know, I just don’t see what our options are here. I mean...what can we actually DO about this?” Nasedo sighed into the phone. The situation was just so frustrating. They had never anticipated the two being reunited this soon...

It had only been a year. They had come together after only one year. From two different sides of the country. The prophesies had truly been underestimated.

“We are monitoring closely. We have confirmation that they have already begun to connect.” The voice answered hesitantly. “We are...for the a loss. It’s being reviewed carefully, though. I’m positive that the leader has everything under control. We’ll contact you soon, protector. Make sure that Tess knows that she may be needed at some point, and to be ready.”

Nasedo hung up the phone and shook his head. They could say whatever they wanted but he knew...they had no idea what to do about the situation either. No one had anticipated this happening so soon...

They should have believed the writings.


“Are you sure you’re ok?” Isabel asked Liz, standing by the door of the Harbor Café before they left. The waitress had seemed so sweet before suddenly fainting earlier.
Diane and Phillip had already walked back to the house having decided to let the kids explore on their own for the day, leaving Isabel, Max and Michael in the café.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Liz smiled. “Seriously, it’s no big deal, don’t worry.” Her eyes met Max’s again and she was momentarily distracted by the way he was looking at her. It made her all tingly inside, she mused to herself, biting her lip to keep from smiling goofily. Despite the weirdness of the day so far, she KNEW that whatever weird thing between them made her feel better than she ever had before in her entire, exhaustingly normal life.

“Listen,” she continued, breaking herself out of her reverie and glancing between the three. “My dad throws this...beginning of summer barbeque every year down on the beach. All the locals come and its great. You guys should come.” She smiled warmly.

“Oh, yeah.” Brooke added, joining the conversation as she walked by carrying a plate of food to a table. “It’s great. You guys should definitely make an appearance. The beach is AMAZING at night.”

“We’ll go.” Max answered immediately, abruptly joining the conversation causing Isabel and Michael to look at him strangely. “I mean, yeah...” he blushed slightly as he stammered. “Sounds like fun...right guys?”

“We’d love to go.” Isabel smiled. Afterall, this was what they were all there for. To make friends and have fun. And, although her brother’s behavior was strange and somewhat concerning, she’d talk to him about it later.

“Yeah, I’m ok with free food.” Michael added with a small smirk. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt more at ease with this girl, Liz, than with anyone other than Max and Isabel...well, in his whole life. Not COMFORTABLE...but not...hostile like he usually was. And she was certainly more pleasant than Tess.

Liz smiled happily, trying not to show just how glad she was that they were coming. “Well, great then. We’ll see you guys tonight down by the rocks. Starts at 7.”

“Great, we’ll see you there.” Isabel smiled and grabbed Michael’s hand, pulling him out the door. She wanted to talk to him about Max for a moment, and she was sure Max would lag behind to say goodbye to Liz.

“So...” Max scratched his head with a cooked grin, “You’re sure you’re ok?”

“Oh...yeah, I’m fine. Really. I just...”

“Fainted...yeah I know. I was just worried, ya know. Not everyday a beautiful girl collapses in my arms.” He chuckled with a blush, confused at his own forwardness with this girl he’d just met. But then he remembered that feeling. This was not just any ordinary girl. He was positive.

Liz blushed as well and laughed. “Yeah, I make quite the damsel in distress, I suppose. Well, don’t let the act fool you, Max Evans. I can CERTAINLY take care of myself.” She smiled.

“Oh, I don’t doubt it.” He grinned. “Not at all.”

Liz smiled, “Well, I’ll see you tonight then...I guess.”

“Yeah, tonight.” Max smiled, slowly opening the door, not wanting to leave. “Bye, Liz.” He finally said, walking out down the boardwalk with the door closing behind him.

Walking quickly to catch up with Michael and Isabel, he suddenly realized what she had called him. Max Evans. Max EVANS. How did she knew his last name?


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Tess sat in the middle of her bed holding a silver picture frame in her hands. It was the four of them smiling, sitting on a blanket on the grass in the park. They had been about 11 in the picture. A picture she now knew was completely fake. Doctored. Fabricated. Like her entire life.

She’d KNOWN he hadn’t wanted to be with her. She’d known they all got frustrated with her. She wasn’t COMPLETELY dense. But she’d also KNOWN that it hadn’t always been that way. They had been a family once. They’d grown up together.

But they hadn’t. She’d only known them for 2 years. Two years. And the first one had been filled with trying to pull them apart. And the second one...

The second one was the one that had her mind reeling. She was angry. Furious. Confused. It was something no one would ever expect to find out. Even with HER life, which was certainly filled with things that normal people didn’t have to deal with...THIS was outrageous. Everything she’d thought...everything she’d known.

Throwing the picture against the wall, she watched it shatter into shapeless pieces of glass, scratching the picture with their razor edges.

She wanted him. He wasn’t hers. Why did she want him? Because she had been told she would have him. They told her lies. He rejected her. He and Michael and Isabel... all of them rejected her.

And the others...they used her. Used her for their big master plan. Lied to her her entire life so THEY could get what they wanted. Making her believe a that plan that was never supposed to be was the DESTINY of them all.

He wasn’t hers. She wasn’t theirs. He didn’t want her. They wanted to use her. They hated her. The others didn’t even care. She had no one.

She had nothing.

And for the first time in Tess’s entire life she actually felt something genuine. Not petty and meaningless, like the frustration she felt sometimes when one the three brushed her off. No, this was different. This was absolute. Tess was torn and furious.

And, also for the first time in Tess’s entire life, she didn’t have to fake her tears.



“So...Brooke...” Liz laughed at her friend’s mischievous look.

Their shift had ended at noon and they had walked over to Liz’s house to pick out clothes for later that night. Ever since the whole Max/fainting incident Brooke had been eyeing Liz closely. Closely and suspiciously. Every time she’d tried to question her during their shift, Liz had brushed it off saying that they had work to do and they would talk about it later. was later.

“Liz. Lizzy, darling. Are you gonna just sit there and pretend like nothing’s goin’ on?” Brooke questioned with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

Liz looked up from her place by the floor of her open closet to her friend on the bed. “What? I fainted. I thought we already discussed it. I hadn’t eaten and-”

“NOT the fainting, you little skirter of issues. The GUY. Max? Don’t even TRY to pretend there wasn’t serious eye-nookie goin’ on there...because girl, I’m not blind...and neither is the half of the restaurant that saw you and that fine example of things male havin’ imagination sex. C’mon...don’t make me draw you a diagram know what I’m talking about.” She waggled her eyebrows and laughed at her friend’s blush.

“Ok, ok. There was something.” Liz admitted with a smile. She wasn’t about to tell Brooke EXACTLY what had happened...not that she even understood it herself...but the whole just carried this feeling if secrecy with it. Like she knew she couldn’t tell anyone what had happened. Aside from the fact that they’d just think she was crazy and hit her head if she did.

And that de-ja-vu feeling was everywhere now. Like a filter she was staring at her life through. No...she amended to herself, like a filter being REMOVED. It wasn’t like she was seeing and feeling things from a was like she was waking up from one.

Liz sighed and closed her eyes. “There was definitely something.”


“Max?” Michael knocked on the open door.

Max looked up from his position on the bed he was going to be sleeping in for the next three months. The Logan’s house was huge, with five large bedrooms spread throughout the house. Phillip and Diane had taken the master bedroom on the second floor with Isabel, who had chosen the room with the biggest balcony, which she was presently laying out on trying to get a tan. Michael and Max had taken two of the three rooms on the third floor, both of them very large with their own, smaller balconies.

“Yeah, Mike? What’s up?” Max questioned his friend, pushing aside the CD’s he’d been organizing into his nightstand drawer.

Michael entered the room and took a seat in the cushiony tan armchair next to the bed. “If you were, would you tell me about it?” He asked hesitantly, scratching his head.

“I’m sorry, Michael, but my feelings toward you are strictly hetero. I bat righty.” Max chuckled with a smirk.

“Ha-Ha.” Michael replied dryly, cracking a smile despite himself. “Sorry to disappoint you, Maxwell, but you’re not my type.” He paused for a second, thinking. “Seriously’d tell me if you”

“Why are you asking this?” Max asked, interrupting him. Had the others noticed his odd behavior? He’d been feeling weird even before leaving Roswell...with the dreams he’d been having.

The DREAMS. He suddenly broke into his own thoughts. They meant something...he’d known it before...but he’d never been able to remember them. But they had to do with her...he knew it...

“It’s just...” Michael answered, bringing Max out of his reverie. “Well, Isabel and I have been noticing you acting kind of weird lately...and especially today with that waitress, Liz...and Isabel wanted me to ask you about it...but the truth is...” Michael paused, collecting his own thoughts, “well, I’ve been feeling weird lately too. And when we were on the plane...I had this dream...”

Max looked up suddenly, his eyes opening wide staring at his friend’s confused face. Michael had been having dreams too. He wasn’t here to interrogate him. They were BOTH confused. “Yeah...?” Max encouraged anxiously.

“Well...” Michael took a hesitant pause, “that girl? Liz. She was kindof in it.”

Max’s eyes narrowed. Michael had been dreaming about Liz? LIZ?!

“No, no...not like THAT.” Michael interjected quickly, noticing his friend’s look. “It was actually about you...I think. You were missing...and she was there crying. Because you were gone. And so I hugged her.” Michael took a shaky breath. “I mean...who dreams about someone randomly before they meet them. That’s really weird, ya know. It has to mean something.”

Max nodded, shocked at Michael’s confession, and intensely relieved that he wasn’t crazy in all this. “, it definitely does mean something. I’ve been having dreams too...about her. For over a week now. And...” he paused, not sure whether or not to reveal what had happened earlier that day, but deciding that they would find out eventually anyway. “Today, when she fainted...I saw things. And felt things. And I’m pretty sure she did too.”

“In the dream,” Michael continued almost uncomfortably. He wasn’t used to having outsiders included in all the alien craziness, “I trusted her. I knew she was a friend.” He chuckled slightly. “And I never trust that’s GOTTA mean something.”

Max nodded thoughtfully. “Should we talk to Izzy? She’ll probably freak.”

The two looked at eachother for a moment, contemplating the decision. “Maybe later?” Max answered his own question with a crooked grin.

“I’m all for later.” Michael nodded.



I have to admit, this part wasnt at all what id intended it to be, and nothing in this part was planned ahead of time...but sometimes when you write it just takes you places all on its own, and this part just wrote itself while I stood by and watched haha..

so anyway id REALLY LIKE TO KNOW what you all thought...


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heres the thing. I dont feel sorry for tess. I wrote that part completely out of nowhere, and frankly I didnt see it coming.

but the thing you have to remember is that THIS is a POST SEASON 1 FIC. not SEASON 2 or 3.

in this fic tess didnt kill alex. and in the show, she was completely 1 dimensional. I HATE pure villians. there is no such thing as a pure villian in real life. she was made into this thing on the show that just acted evily. no actual dimension to her character, she was just the EVIL ONE. they tried to redeam it in like, 30 seconds in the 2nd to last episode, but that doesnt cut it.

anyway, I guess what im trying to do is make her into a real person...I HATE HER. shes petty and annoying and bitchy and selfish. but lets at least see whats up with that. ya know? like, I guess I was just thinking about what has actually gone on in her life (IN THIS FIC) and I wanted to see her react to it like a real, 3 dimensional person. petty and bitchy as she may be.

ANYWAY, enough explainin, shell be in this story much more, and DONT WORRY kids, im not doing a 180, TESS IS SO NICE NOW thing here. thats rediculous and impossible, and even less believable than her being totally evil.

hahaha I just KNEW That part was gonna cause contraversy.


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britterz_8 originally wrote:
Ok this is deffinetly a fic that has me guessing. Obviously (because you said it isnt AU) Someone took Liz and Changed her whole life. But what I dont understand are these few things
1. Nasedo is dead, Or is he!

this fic takes place directly after season 1 ended. well..ok thats not exactly true. it takes place a little while after that, but EVERYTHING UP TILL THE SEASON 1 FINALE is true. nothing after that ever happened, so nasedo is still alive.

oh, and alex and maria are in roswell*happy*

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anyway so here it is...


“Kyle? VALENTI?!?! Where are you, man? You got the hots for DeLuca or something? You’ve been staring at her for, like, the past 10 minutes.” Paulie laughed at his dazed friend. “Or maybe it’s Whitman you’re lookin’ at. You diggin’ guys now?”

Kyle looked away from the two on the other side of the Crashdown and back at Paulie, shrugging with a laugh. “Naw, Dude, no way. You know how I feel about the LADIES.” Kyle waggled his eyebrows exaggeratedly. “I’ve got those smooth moves they all love. Can’t keep away from me, all those’s like I’m a Backstreet Boy or somethin’.”

“Right, right. They all LOVE you.” Paulie chuckled. “So then why all the staring before?” Paulie nodded back toward Alex and Maria.

Kyle shrugged, scratching the back of his neck. “I dunno, dude, it’s just that...I had this really twisted dream last night...and they were in it.”

Paulie raised and eyebrow, cocking an amused half-grin. “Um...kinky.”


After Brooke went home to get ready Liz just sat there on her floor thinking. It was impossible NOT to think. All she could DO was think. About him...about what had happened earlier...about her life. Especially about him. She smiled to herself as she remembered the way he’d looked at her. She’d never felt so alive before. Never.

It was crazy. Everything she was thinking didn’t make any sense at all. And the fainting thing...the things she had seen. THEY had to have been hallucinations. But he had seemed affected too...and then she had known his last name. She had known because of the “hallucinations”. Max EVANS. How else would she have known that...

Max Evans. It sounded so right. Like a name she had been waiting to hear for years.

God, what was going ON with her? None of this made ANY sense. But at the same did.

“LIZ!” Her mother called up from downstairs. “We’re leaving. You wanna come with us in the car or walk down in a little while?” They lived only a few minutes from the beach, but her father was driving because of all the things he had to bring for the barbeque.

“I’ll go alone, Mom. I still have to get ready.” Liz yelled back, pushing herself up off the floor and picking her clothes out of the closet.”

“K.” Her mother yelled back. “See you in a little bit.”


“Ok, so here’s the thing...” the young man started hesitantly, staring into the oval screen.

“Spit it out already, you dimwit. I don’t have LEISURE-time, you know.” The voice boomed back, irritated at the sudden interruption from his work.

The man took a deep breath and began again, trying to ignore his superior’s callousness. “Well, something we hadn’t realized...we didn’t know what the effects were going to see. And, we had no idea what would happen when they came together...”

“JUST tell me, already. I’m getting VERY impatient with you, boy.”

“The hold is breaking.” He said quickly, nervousness consuming him. “We didn’t know what would happen when they came together...we knew it would affect them,’s NOT JUST affecting them.” He finished, wringing his hands in anxiety.

“Explain.” His superior answered more quietly, the calmness in his voice almost scarier than the anger.

The young man swallowed. “Well, the others involved are beginning to have BOTH locations...sir.”

And his revelation was met with stunned silence.


“You’ve got some good kids there.” Grant Hastings smiled at Phillip and Diane Evans while flipping burgers on his grill. “I heard how they helped out today in the café when my Lizzy fainted. She’s usually not so careless with her health.”

“Yes, we were all so worried.” Diane nodded. “They are great kids, though. And Liz and Emily,” She smiled at Grant and Sheila Hastings, who had just joined the group with Emily, “they seem like sweet, wonderful girls. I swear, it’s remarkable how much Liz and Emily look alike...and how much they both look like the two of you.” She regarded the two good-looking people. “You all the same eyes...and hair.” She smiled down at Emily. “But Emily here has her mother’s waves, doesn’t she. And Liz’s hair is straight like her father’s. They’ll both be heartbreakers, I’d guarantee it.”

Sheila smiled warmly at Diane’s sweet comments. “Oh, well thank you. We like them al lot. They’re great girls.” She paused thoughtfully. “It is so strange though...the way we all look alike. I mean, the three of us,” she gestured toward Emily, Grant and herself, “that makes sense, but Lizzy, she’d adopted. So it’s just this amazing fluke.” She shrugged.

“Wow.” Phillip added, amazed at the similarities between Liz and the family. “That really is remarkable.”


“Look at them over there.” Isabel smiled, looking over at her parents and the Hastings’s from her position with Max and Michael leaning against some tall rocks. “They’re already getting along so well with people.”

“They always do.” Max said quietly. His feelings were always bittersweet when it came to his parents; Able to go about their daily lives in content simplicity, while he and Isabel were forced to lie and hide not only to them, but to everyone. He wanted someone he could be honest with...who could actually KNOW him...

“Hey, guys.”

A soft, unmistakable voice greeted from behind them.

“Hey, Liz. Brooke.” Isabel smiled at the two girls, while Michael nodded a nonverbal greeting at them.

“Hey.” Max smiled a half-smile, his eyes immediately meeting Liz’s, causing her heart to flutter and that ‘feeling’ to show up again in her stomach. She was so beautiful...she looked like an angel in a white, strappy sundress which was floating around her body softly in the gentle ocean breeze...

Nice. One day around her and he was already trapped in a cheesy romance novel, he mused to himself. By the end of the summer he’d be contemplating her raven locks and heaving bosom as the golden sun dipped below the horizon, casting an unearthly glow on the earth. Damn Isabel and her Danielle Steele fetish.

Isabel watched the heated looks between her brother and Liz. She should be worried...angry...pulling him aside and scolding him...reminding him of all the things wrong with the situation.

But she had no desire to do any of it. It surprised her to no end. She had NO desire to stop what was going on. After years of Max and Tess being forced together...being told that TESS was his had never stopped bothering her. It just felt WRONG. Very very wrong. And she knew it made Max miserable. She’d felt it so much in the past year.

She was done trying to keep everyone doing what she thought was right. There were too many people doing that in the first place...and their “right” seemed undeniably wrong.

Somehow, THIS didn’t seem wrong at all. And he was smiling. Her brother was actually SMILING. What more could she WANT for him.

She didn’t care about all the other stuff anymore. It had never brought them anything but unhappiness. Everyone trying to control them all... especially Max. Well he was his own person, wasn’t he? And a KING? Well if he really was a king then he should make his own decisions.

Isabel smiled, continuing to watch the silent interaction. It was his life, afterall. He should be happy. “Brooke?” She smiled beautifully at the red-haired girl. “How do you feel about introducing Michael and I to some people?”

Brooke’s eyes glinted mischievously at what she saw Isabel planning. “Well, I think that’s a WONDERFUL idea.” She grinned, taking grabbing Isabel and Michael’s hands and pulling them off toward the large crowd that had formed.

Liz and Max broke out of their stares, watching the other three leave in amused surprise.

“I think they’re trying to set us up.” Liz laughed, shaking her head at Brooke’s blatancy.

Max chuckled, “I don’t think I mind.” His smile faded as he stepped closer to her. “Are you feeling better?” He asked quietly, his eyes and body drawn to her like a magnet.

“Huh?” Liz blinked. Feeling better? She couldn’t think with him standing so close to. What was going ON with her? This wasn’t the Liz Hastings she knew herself to be.

“Better.” Max repeated with a small, amused smile as he stopped advancing toward her, stopping a foot and a half away. “You fainted...this morning.” He chuckled at the confused wrinkle in her forehead.

“OH!, Right.” Liz exclaimed, biting her lip. “The fainting, about that...” Should she tell him what had happened? What she had seen...and felt. Ask him if he felt it too...if he knew what was going on? What if he thought she was crazy...

What if he didn’t.

What would that mean?

Making a decision, Liz took a deep breath and gathered her bearings. “Do you wanna go for a walk?”


I need some positive reinforcement after the week from HELL.


ok, and tell me what you think, I always adore hearing it.


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Ok, here's the first 1/2 of this part, I'm finishing up the second 1/2, and ill be posting it in a little while.



“Ok. We’ve done the calculations. It’s going to take two weeks before we can gather up enough energy to even consider taking them on. And that’s assuming she doesn’t help them...if she doesn’t realize that she can.” Junis relayed to his supervisor.

Nodding, the man’s eyes narrow in thought. “Till then we can do nothing. We can, in no way, match their power...and we can’t harm her. So...two weeks then. I’m assuming that you took Tess into account with all this?” He raised an eyebrow.

Junis nodded. “Without her it would take much longer. She may not be the one, but she’d still stronger than the others.”

“Right, then. We’ll start preparing immediately. Hopefully we’ll be ready in time. And excellent work, Junis.” The man complimented in rare appreciation. Junis’s findings were crucial to their operation. But two weeks. So much could happen in two weeks...


“ are you guys from?” Liz asked nervously. It wasn’t that Max made her nervous. He made her something...but it wasn’t nervous. It was more like anxious. He made her feel this excitement for whatever the future held. No, her nervousness was more about the subject she was avoiding than the amazing person walking only a few inches to her right.

Max glanced over at Liz questioningly. They’d been walking away from the party for five minutes in near silence. He was sure that her mind was as filled with thought as his was, and was wondering when she would broach whatever topic she’d wanted to discuss when she’d asked him to go on this walk. But she was obviously as unsure of things as he was. So he wouldn’t rush anything.

“Roswell.” He answered, throwing her a smile. “We’re from Roswell, New Mexico.”

**“God, this is just so Roswellian.”**

Liz’s eyes shot up at the voice that floated through her head. “Roswell?” She repeated. OK. Who hears VOICES??? She definitely WAS going crazy.

Max nodded slowly, confused by her reaction. Confused but excited. She had recognized something. He knew that look and tone, and it was definitely recognition. He seemed to be able to read her so well already...

“Liz...why don’t we sit down. You know...and talk.” He stuttered slightly.

“Right.” Liz nodded, fidgeting for a moment before sitting down.

Max followed, lowering himself down next to her, his hand inadvertently resting on hers as he settled onto the soft sand.

**“I have to touch you.”**

**”Just take deep breaths, and try to let your mind blank out.”**


back in a bit with the rest, but I didnt want to make you guys wait so long...
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ok, heres the rest....

Rest of PART 9

Max and Liz immediately pulled their hands away from eachother, gasping.

“Did you...feel that?” Max asked shakily, looking over at her with wide eyes. She had reacted so strongly when they touched. She must’ve felt it.

Liz closed her eyes, nodding slowly, realization dawning on her. “Did you...did you see it too? And today at the café...” she trailed off, drawing a deep breath.

Max’s heart was pounding in his chest. This girl...this amazing, beautiful girl...who he’d just met...she’d seen things from him...and he’d seen things from her. That had never happened before with ANYONE...well, anyone who wasn’t an...

But he didn’t feel like she was one of them in that sense. And if she WAS, she certainly didn’t seem to know it. “Liz...” He said quietly, causing her to open her eyes and look at him. She looked so confused. “today at the café...what did you see?”

Liz bit her lip nervously. Well, this is what she had dragged him out there for, wasn’t it? To tell him what had been going on. “I saw...I saw you.” She took a deep breath and continued, staring into his comforting eyes. “I was in a restaurant...waitressing...but not the Harbor...and you were there. I knew you. And there was this other girl. And...and I felt myself get shot...and then I heard your voice...and...and then you healed me. I opened my eyes and I saw you heal me...somehow.” She let out a shaky laugh. “That’s crazy, right. I’s impossible and crazy.”

Max closed his eyes, took a breath, and re-met her gaze. “I saw it too. All of it.” His lips curled into a small smile. “It’s not crazy. It’s...I know you. I feel...god, this is all so crazy, you know?” he let out a low laugh. “I mean...nothing like this has ever happened’s like there’s this...this connection...” he stammered, trailing off.

Liz nodded emphatically, letting a smile touch her lips as well. “I know. It’s like we’re...linked...somehow.”

“Does it totally freak you out?” Max raised an eyebrow, a little worried. The last thing he wanted was for her to be afraid of him in any way.

Liz placed her hand on his shoulder comfortingly. “Honestly? Yeah, it does. But it’s like...I don’t know...I...I trust you.”

Max smiled, covering her hand with his, her touch making his stomach jumpy again. It was a feeling he’d never had before coming to East Hampton, but he was getting used to it being around Liz. “I trust you too.” He said quietly, the words meaning more to him than to she understood. For him to be able to legitimately trust ANYONE was unheard of...but he knew. He knew that he could tell her anything about himself...about his life and the others. That they were connected.

Liz smiled, reveling at the warmth of his stare and the soothing feeling of his thumb gently stroking the back of her hand, and the strong muscle of his shoulder under her palm. They were connected. The thought ran through her and lingered in her body. It made her almost calm about everything that was going on. That she knew he would be there. “” She broke out of their thoughts, “what do we do?”

Max chuckled. “I have no idea. Go back to the party, I guess. Think things over? I’m kindof at a loss here too. I think we’ll just have to...wait and see.”

Liz nodded. “Right. Wait and see.” She could deal with waiting and seeing. Now that she knew that she wasn’t in this alone, it was all a lot less scary.

Standing up, Max reached his hand down to help her up. Once they were both standing, Max smiled down at her, his gaze drifting to where their hands were still clasped between them. He didn’t ever want to let go of that hand, he grinned inwardly.

“Max?” Liz’s voice brought his eyes back to hers. “I...I just wanna thank you. For being so great about all of this...” she trailed off and then abruptly leaned forward and pulled him into a hug.

“Hey...” Max laughed. “You’ve been worried about this...huh?” his tone serious despite its light air, hugging her back tightly.

Liz nodded against him. Yeah, that and she’d really wanted to be in his arms. She laughed at herself inwardly. Nice, Liz. REAL pathetic. Although it didn’t seem like he minded. In fact, the way his hand was rubbing her back soothingly, and his cheek was pressed against her hair...he really didn’t seem to mind at all. God, he made her feel

“LIZZY!” A tiny voice called, causing the two to turn abruptly toward the direction of the party.

And there was Emily, running toward them as fast as her tiny legs would carry her, her dark waves of hair flowing behind her. “Lizzy!!”

“EM? What are you doing?” she kneeled as her sister reached them. “Do mom and dad know where you are?”

Max watched the small girl with interest. She was only seven but she seemed so serious and worried.

“No.” Emily shook her head. “I runned away when they weren’t looking.” Her tiny chest heaved as she caught her breath. “Hi, Max.” She looked up at him, smiling widely for a moment before regaining her odd seriousness.

“Why, sweety?” Liz questioned, confused. She’d never seen her little sister like this.

“It’s dark...and night...” Emily begun hastily, looking from Liz to Max, her eyes wide. “And there’s bad people. I was scared about you...” She bit her lip.

“Oh, Emmy, we’re fine. We were just talking, sweety. But we’ll go back with you if you want.”

Emily nodded emphatically before looking up at Max again. “Can I have a piggy back?” She asked, a sly smile spreading across her face.

Max laughed at the small girl, noting the affection he’d felt for her immediately, and continued to feel. “Why, of course, madam. Would be my pleasure.” He kneeled, allowing Emily to climb on his back. “Shall we, ladies?” He grinned at Liz.

“Why, of course.” Liz smiled back. He was so great with Em, it was adorable. They could work everything else out later.


From down the beach, the man glared at the three, who were walking back down the beach to the party. He had just been about to intervene in what had been going on. And that GIRL had showed up. He knew she would be a problem eventually.

Gritting his teeth, he swore to himself and walked back toward his car.


ok, thats all of it. I know that not TOO TOO Much happened in this part, but im tryin to set a lot of stuff up and its takin quite a while. haha and im EXHAUSTED so its shorter than id intended it to be. but im off from work SAT AND SUN so ill be able to spend some REAL time writing.



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EMILY's connection to them is NOT ANYTHING like DAWN in BUFFY, btw.

just wanted to clear that up
haha I did consider it at the beginning but I hate using ideas from something else bc them everyone figures it out*big*


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she IS connected. I will say that.
but its not like the buffy-dawn thing.


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“So, you guys are staying in the Logan house?” Brooke raised an eyebrow at Isabel and Michael.

Isabel smiled and nodded. “Yup. It’s gorgeous. Huge.”

Brooke laughed. “Ohh yeah. The Logan’s are loaded. And really obnoxious. We were all relieved when we heard they weren’t coming out for the summer.”

Michael snorted. “Obnoxious rich people. Nice clients your father has, Iz.” He scratched his neck and cleared his throat. “So what is there to do in this town?”

“Oh, you know...the usual stuff.” Brooke leaned back on the large rock, thinking. “We hang out on the beach...” she nodded toward the group of teenagers she’d introduced them to a moment ago. “And shop on the peer...and Liz and I at the café...we need help actually. You guys should apply.”

“Work at the café...” Isabel mused. Well, it certainly would be different than anything she’d ever done. But wasn’t what the whole summer was supposed to be about in the first place? “Yeah. I think I WILL apply.” She smiled.

Michael snorted and cocked a half-grin. “Isabel Evans. Serving people. I would pay to see that.”

Isabel attempted to send him a glare but the truth was that he was right. It was an amusing thought, based on her previous vow of bitchiness. “It’d be a nice change.” She mused.

Michael stared at her in mild shock for a moment before his attention was diverted to the three approaching figured. Chuckling, he raised an eyebrow. “Maxwell, I see you scored yourself a chick?”

Liz laughed at Michael’s connotation, turning to look at Max who was still carrying Emily on his back. “Yeah, he had her at hello.”

Max kneeled, allowing Emily to climb down. “Thank you for traveling Air Maxwell. Please watch your step as you exit.” He grinned at her and playfully poked her on the nose before standing back up.

“Why don’t you go see what mom and dad are doin’, Em?” Liz smiled down at her sister.

Emily nodded knowingly, understanding when it was time for her to leave. “K.” She grinned widely at the group and curtseyed awkwardly. “It’s been a pleasure.” She giggled and ran off toward the adults.

Michael cocked a smile. “Are you sure she’s only 7?” he chuckled.

Liz shrugged with a smile. “I know. She’s always been all...wise beyond her years, I guess.” She laughed. “It’s amusing, though.”

“Yeah, at the least.” Max smiled.

“So...” Brooke grinned wickedly. “What have YOU TWO been doing?”

Max and Liz looked at eachother, the contents of their walk coming back to them. They were definitely not ready to discuss what had happened with the others...and although it pained her, Liz had a strong instinct not to get Brooke involved at all in whatever was going on. His soft eyes bore into hers, conveying his understanding of how she was feeling. They obviously still had more to discuss...and they both new that they would undoubtedly have much more to deal with soon enough.

“We just went for a walk.” Liz answered, her eyes wandering to Brooke and back to Max. “I...showed him some of the beach.”

Brooke bit back a laugh, her eyebrows raised skeptically. “Oh? How did you like it. The ‘Beach’, that is.” She asked slowly, causing Michael and Isabel to smile in amusement. It wasn’t ever day that they got to see Max squirm uncomfortably.

“Um...” Max scratched the back of his neck, clearing his throat. “It was, uh...I liked it a lot.” He chuckled at himself and flashed Liz a small grin. She was blushing and biting her lip in embarrassment.

Regardless of the serious nature of their conversation on the beach, there had been more going on between them and they both knew it. It was only a matter of time before they both admitted it outloud...

Isabel cleared her throat, breaking the heated silence that had taken over. “Um, why don’t we all go get some food? You know...from the barbeque?” She smiled in amusement.

The others nodded, and Brooke quickly pushed herself off the rock she was leaning on, leading the rest toward the bbq pit. Max and Liz fell in step with eachother behind Brooke, and Michael went to follow when Isabel abruptly grabbed his arm, holding him back.

“What do you think about all that?” She nodded toward Max and Liz, at a loss.

Michael glanced from the two back to Isabel. “I think it’s fine. Good, even. I trust her, Iz. Max and I, we both do. And he’s happy, I know you see it. When has he ever been happy? I think it’ll change things, but in a good way.” He finished.

“Wow.” Isabel’s jaw dropped in half-mock amazement. “That’s the most you’ve ever said about anything, Michael. Who ARE you?” She joked.

Michael shrugged, placing his hand on Isabel’s shoulder. “We’ll talk to him later. After the food.” He pushed her forward slightly, toward where the others were beginning to dish out their food.

“THERE’s the Michael I know.” She smiled, linking her arm into his and leading him toward the others. “I’m gonna hold you to that ‘talking later’ thing though.”


Tess looked over the book Nasedo had given her, baffled at all the information he had casually ‘left out’ of their talk the night before. More and more, she doubted her convictions.

He had told her that she wasn’t the ONE...but he had conveniently left out what she actually WAS.

The bastard.

What had they DONE to her? Her entire life.

The bastards. All of them. ALL of them.

They were going to bring her to the others. He had told her that, too. She was the one they were counting on. She had the power they needed to defend their side.

They had torn everything apart, and now they needed her to help fix it. Fix something she’d never known she was a part of.

But she HAD been a part. And now she knew everything.

Max and Liz. They instilled anger in her she’d never felt. And Nasedo and the others, they ignited her whole being in rage.

And there it was. In tiny black letters on clean white paper. Like some twisted office memo about the water-cooler or something trivial like that. Her entire life. Her ‘purpose’.

It was all bullshit.

She gritted her teeth and pulled harshly at one of her pale curls. Yeah, they all needed her. ALL of them. EVERYONE needed her and they ALL treated her like garbage.

Well, FINE. Screw them all. They could all go to hell for all she cared.

“It’s all about me.” Tess smiled a bitter smile to herself. “They can rip eachother to pieces and burn. It’s not MY problem anymore.” She slammed the book closed and barked a harsh laugh.

Lets see if either side could survive without HER help.


OK, let me know what you think, PLEASE? This part was kindof me trying to break through the writers block my week of nonstop working has put me PLEASE,



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On a side-note, haley joel osmond just talked about being in forest gump w/TOM and he gets on the mic and its like james earl jones up in that piece. kid went through some insane puberty voice changing thing. threw me off. hahah*big*

seriously. wierdest thing ive ever witnessed.

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yeah I have this huge conviction that if isabel and ESPECIALLY MICHAEL had actually grown up with the strict alien life they thought that wanted all that time, complete with all the seperation from the world and rules they didnt agree with,
that they would NOT impose other rules on eachother.

I know michael S1 was all PRO-alien life w/o humans and all, but with all the tess/nasedo "you cant associate with anyone" crap, hed be as claustrophobic as anyone to break out of it all.

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OK, here is the NEW PART, I worked like a little bee to get it finished, and im actually pretty damn proud of it...


Liz sighed and flopped down on her bed. It had been a long day. Long and thoroughly confusing, but amazing nonetheless. And to think that she had woken up thinking that it would be just another boring day in the life of Liz Hastings, small town girl.

The barbeque had ended around midnight, and everyone had dispersed in the general directions of their homes. Once home, she had immediately peeled off her sundress and put on the comfy tank top and grey, draw-string shorts she slept in. The whole night had exhausted her.

The Evans’s and her parents had become fast friends, and had already made plans to go out on their boat together. And she and Max...well she didn’t know WHAT was going on there, but it was incredible, whatever it was. Unbelievably confusing and scary, but the most incredible thing she’d ever felt.

Smiling to herself, she remembered how they’d said goodbye not ten minutes earlier on the beach. She had shared smiled and friendly goodbyes with Michael and Isabel, and had gotten the Logan-house number, promising to call them to hang out. And then there was Max. Standing there looking at her in that way he did. This indescribable smile gracing his chiseled features. He was so different than anyone she’d ever met before.

She had a million thoughts running through her head. And there was only one thing to do when that happened.

Liz sat up and smiled, tucking her long hair behind her ears, and opened the top drawer on her nightstand. Her journal. That was exactly what she needed.

Smiling, she opened her book to the first clean page and sat it in her lap. There was so much to say. So much had happened.

But she didn’t get to write it all down. Her hand guided the pen for the first three words, and then dropped it to the floor.

Liz’s face drained of all its color and she slid off her bed to the floor, her eyes squeezed shut and her knuckles white in tight fists. The journal lay haphazardly on the bed, its pages folded in creases under itself. The page she’d just started, left thoroughly unfinished and seemingly forgotten, bent to face her on the floor. Following her.

She couldn’t escape it. Liz’s body shook as she attempted to draw in any oxygen. Her chest shuddered with ragged breaths.

She had only written three words.

And they echoed in her head over and over. “Oh God.” Liz rasped, covering her ears tightly with her hands. “What’s going on.” She sobbed.

She couldn’t block it out. It pounded over and over in her brain. Through her whole body. She couldn’t escape it.

It just sat there. Staring at her in it’s blue ink. Standing out on its off-white paper. Screaming. Three words.

‘I’m Liz Parker’.

Liz Parker. It continued in her head. Playing over and over again like a bad song.

**‘I’m Liz Parker, and five days ago I died...’**

**‘I'm Liz Parker, and I'll never look at the stars in the sky the same way again...’**

**‘I'm Liz Parker, and this heat wave has made everyone crazy...”**

**‘I’m Liz Parker, and lately I’ve been having these feelings...’**

“God.” Liz sobbed again, curling herself into a ball on the floor. “ I’m not...”


When Max, Isabel and Michael had gotten back to what would be their summer home, Isabel had been quite persistent to talk to the two. They had both relented, knowing that they would eventually have to deal with the situation anyway, and it might as well happen sooner than they had gathered in Isabel’s room and gotten comfortable.

Isabel sat, waiting expectantly, in the center of her large bed, leaning back on the headboard. She glanced between Michael, who was sitting casually on the floor, leaving back against the dresser, and Max who had decided to settle into the armchair next to the bed.

“So?” She began, slightly impatiently. “ANYONE wanna try to fill me in here? This isn’t just about some girl...I know you guys.” She directed her gaze to Michael. “And BECAUSE I know you guys, I’m REALLY curious as to why YOU are so intent on trusting a stranger. That’s WAY out of character, Michael.”

Michael looked at Max, silently asking him if he should reveal what they had discussed earlier. Max nodded, running his hand through his hair anxiously. What would Isabel think about all this? And he hadn’t told EITHER of them about the flashes.

“Uh...” Michael cleared his throat and looked between his two friends. “Well, Iz. Its like this...” He took a breath. “Maxwell and I, we’ve been having these dreams...”

“About stuff you don’t remember ever happening?” She finished for him in a quiet murmur. They’d had them too. She wasn’t crazy...

“You have, too, haven’t you...?” Max asked softly. “You’ve been having the dreams. Did you see her in them?”

Isabel’s eyebrows raised in question. “Who, Liz? I saw someone...she was hugging Michael...and I couldn’t see her face...but...yeah it could’ve been Liz. She had that dark hair...I wasn’t really paying attention to her. I just remember being terrified. Because you was gone. You had been taken by someone, Max...” her voice wavered as she recalled her fear in the dream.

“That’s the same dream I had, Iz. Liz was crying, and I was holding her. She was crying because Max was gone. Taken.” Michael reflected, amazed.

Isabel nodded in understanding. “So that’s why you trust her? Because she was in your dream? It’s weird, I’ll admit...but I mean she could be an enemy. She could’ve MADE us have those get us to trust her...” Isabel continued in worry. The fact that they’d had dreams didn’t assuage her fear and apprehension to completely trust a stranger.

“Um...its more that that, Iz.” Max interjected quietly, causing both Isabel and Michael to look at him questioningly.

“It is?” Michael raised an eyebrow. Had Max kept other things from him? “What else IS it, Maxwell?” He asked, not sure if he should be angry or not.

“Yeah.” Max nodded. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, Michael...I just...I needed to make sure it was real before I said anything.”

Michael nodded for him to continue, and Isabel saw up straighter on the bed. “What is it, Max?”

Max took a breath. They would have to know eventually, he rationalized, but it seemed like sharing something meant only for he and Liz. But there was no other choice. “We got flashes...from eachother. When she fainted today at the café...and again on the beach.”

“You WHAT?” Isabel exclaimed in surprise. “How do you know you BOTH saw them??? What does she know??!” She ran her fingers through her hair in worry.

Max sighed. “She asked me about it. About the things she saw and felt. She was scared...she didn’t know what it meant. Listen, she doesn’t know about US...but she does know something is going on. NEITHER of us know what it is. The things we saw from wasn’t stuff that happened. It was like living through moments that didn’t exist. Or did...but we don’t remember them.” He took an exasperated breath. “Neither of us know what all this is about. But we know that we’re connected somehow. Liz and I. Are you guys are involved too, somehow.”

“What do you mean, connected?” Isabel asked, curious and confused. How could LIZ HASTINGS be connected to Max? Or any of them? “You don’t think she’s one of us, do you?”

“I don’t think so.” Max answered thoughtfully. “If she IS she has no idea. But I don’t get that feeling from her. When I connected with her...she FELT human. But I do know that we are connected.”

Michael shook his head. “That’s too weird, Maxwell. This doesn’t make any sense.”

“Yeah, I know.” Max sighed. “There’s something else.” He continued hesitantly.

“What else could their possibly BE?” Isabel wondered aloud. This was all so much to take in already.

“The was I feel when I’m around’s...not...normal.” He forced, his cheeks flushed slightly in embarrassment.

“Oh?” Michael raised an eyebrow, slightly amused. He had a good idea what Max was getting at. Bout time the kid showed some hetero-tendencies. Diane and Phillip would be so relieved.

“I’m, well, I’m drawn to her...It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt.” He tried to explain. “Like when I’m not near her, I need to be...and when I am...I...” he swallowed, “I need to be closer.” He took a shaky breath. “I think she feels it too.”

“Well..” Isabel bit back a smile. “That’s...that’s interesting. I don’t really know what to say, Max. I mean, are you SURE you trust her?”

Max breathed deeply . “With my life. It’s almost like instinct.”

Isabel nodded slowly. “Well then, I guess we’ll just have to...wait and see what happens.”

Max’s eyes widened in surprise. “Really? You’re ok with all this.”

Isabel shrugged. “I’m not saying it’s not weird or concerning...but you’re the one in charge. You and Michael both trust her...and I don’t NOT trust her. And I can usually tell about people, you know? We’ll just be careful, ok? Don’t take unnecessary risks.” She smiled at her brother. He looked so relieved. So much happier than she’d ever seen him. “But yeah, I’m ok with all this. Michael?” She turned to her quasi-brother questioningly.

“I’m alright with it. I LIKE her. It’s weird, ya know? But I feel like things are how they should be.”

Nodding, Isabel turned back to Max, her eyes widening at his appearance. “MAX?? Max are you ok?” Her brother, who had looked perfectly fine a moment ago was now sitting straight up, his face pale and his eyes wide in shock.

“Parker.” He said quietly. “Her name is Liz PARKER.”

“Liz Parker?” Michael’s own eyes widened.

Isabel took in a sharp breath. “Oh my God.”

The three sat in stunned silence, amazed and confused at their own surprising recognition.

“We know that...” Isabel whispered.


FEEDBACK and let me know what you think?

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especially because I considered wach and every one of them. seriously, creating her character was the hardest decision ive had to deal with in this fic. it took me a LONG time to figure it out myself, and if anyone does figure out than maybe youre as insane as I am*happy*

anyway, keep on feedbackin*big*

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just wanted to let you guys know that ill probobly be posting again tomorrow, but after that it may be a little while before I get to post again.

im gonna start KINDOF clearing up some stuff pretty soon.

Oh, come on. if I told you everything at once itd be boring. suspense is FUN, right??

so look for the nexyt part tomorrow night.*big*

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LOL, I honestly didnt think this part was THAT suspenseful...

apparently you all thought differently, so im sorry I guess, for leavin it hangin there.

I will post late tonight though.


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britterz_8 originally wrote:
BUMPITY BUMP BUMP BUMP! bty, Is your reason for Emily being there really really weird, cause I keep coming up with insane resons!

its actually super-logical and totally wierd at the same time.

ok well let me elaborate. who she IS is totally logical and obvious but in a totally backward and bizarre, unexpected way,

lol, does that clear anything up?

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HEY there kids*happy* im finally FINALLY done writing this part. its totally random and jumps from a billion things...but its all crucial, I feel. its like 30 different scenes, lol, so let me know if you like it.


Tess threw one more sweater in her small duffle and zipped it shut. She’d spent the past hour gathering up her belongings and ‘borrowing’ five-thousand dollars from Nasedo’s emergency “Haul Ass Out of Town” fund. He owed her much more than that.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the most well thought out plan. Maybe she DIDN’T have anywhere to go...or any friends anywhere to stay with...or anyone at ALL. But, lets face it, she didn’t have anyone here either. What? People who LIED to her? Or HATED her? Was that really any better than being alone?

No. She took a deep breath and picked up her bag off the bed and swung it onto her shoulder. “I’m better than any of them.” She smiled bitterly to herself. “Lets see how well they all do without me. They’ll be crying like babies that they treated me like shit for so long.”

Nasedo had been downstairs on the phone all evening. He hadn’t even asked her how she was handling everything. “Well, at least he won’t notice when I leave.”

Looking around her room, she scoffed at her photos and personal possessions. None of them were real. None of them meant anything. She’d make a real life somewhere else. Doing what SHE wanted to do.

Tess opened her window and threw her bag down to the grass below. She climbed out onto the trellis and swiftly down to the lawn. Grabbing her bag, she swung it over her shoulder. Arizona, maybe...or Vegas. Yeah. Vegas sounded good. Bright lights and anonymity. She could be a cocktail waitress or something like that.

Tess scurried across her front yard and to the street, before starting to walk in the direction of the bus station. “I’ve never even MET the girl.” She rationalized to herself. “She’s not MY responsibility. They can’t just drop some ‘PURPOSE’ on me and expect anything.” She quickened her step down the street. “I’m sure she’ll be fine. She’s got the others...” she whispered to herself, “not like I CARE.”


“She’s trying to bolt, you know.” The man nodded out the window of the van.

“Yeah, I see her.” His partner answered, staring at her through the tinted glass.

The first man gestured toward the communicator on the dashboard. “Should we inform the leader? He’s very adamant about her involvement in this. He’ll want to know if she’s not committed.”

“No.” The second man shook his head. “He doesn’t need to get involved yet.” He watched the young blonde girl walk quickly down the street. The leader would be very harsh on her if he thought she was going to back out of the plan. Maybe she could be convinced in a less harsh way. “We’ll pick her up at the end of the block. I think we can deal with this on our own.” He asserted, putting the car in drive.

“Right. I’m sure she’ll turn around on the subject.”



A tiny voice brings her out of her sleep. Ouch. Why did her back hurt so much? Why was she...sitting on the floor? With her legs drawn up and her head resting on her knees. Oh God. Her journal. She had fallen asleep crying.

“Lizzy?” The voice whispered again, causing Liz to bring her head out of her hands.

“Hey, Em.” Liz forced a smile and straightened her legs out on the floor. “What’s up? Isn’t it way past your bedtime?” Her terror from earlier was seeping back into her skin, and she couldn’t ignore ‘that feeling’ in her bones. The one you get while waiting online for a roller-coaster.

Emily’s huge brown eyes stared into Liz’s own. Hiking up the bottom of her long, white nightgown slightly, she climbed into Liz’s lap and wrapped her tiny, seven-year-old arms around her sister’s neck.

Emily smiled and kissed Liz’s cheek. “Don’t worry, Lizzy.” She whispered, hugging her tightly. “It’ll be ok.”

And for some bizarre reason, Liz believed her.


“Alex?” Maria pressed pause on the movie they had been watching and turned to her friend.

“Oh, DUDE...Maria. This is the BEST PART!” He groaned, shoving a handful of popcorn into his mouth.

Maria rolled her eyes, leaning back on the couch. “God, Alex. You’ve seen this movie a billion times. You KNOW EVERY SECOND of it.”

“I know...but...the Mormon twins...and the Chinese guy...and Brad and George and Matt...and...the father from Friends...and the old’s just SO good.” He stammered, pouting.

“Yes, I’m aware how you feel about it. Frankly I thin k you need a 12-step program...but that’s beside the point. I have to TALK to you about something.” Maria shook her head in annoyance.

Alex sighed and turned off the TV. “Fine, fine. Sorry, Maria. What’s wrong?” He turned to face her.

Maria picked at her nails. “Um...I think something’s goin’ on with my head.” She bit her lip.

Alex cocked his head in confusion. “Like, what? An aneurysm?”

“No.” Maria rolled her eyes. “Not an ANEURYSM. Like...I dunno...I’ve been having these insane dreams. Nightmares almost...” She paused. “And, like, I can’t stop thinking about certain people. Like people that don’t exist...and, like, total, loser people that I can’t even stand. Like, twisted, moron, hygienically impaired people that have the IQ’s of...of...those little rat thingies that run off the cliffs together.”

“Lemmings?” Alex raised an eyebrow.


“Maria?” Alex interjected slowly.

“Uh huh?” Maria bit her lip.

“Do we know anyone from Czechoslovakia?”


Max fought against the bindings holding him down. His heart was racing. So bright. So bright and he couldn’t move. Oh God, it hurt. It was searing. They were going to hurt her. They had said so. It scared him even more than the fact that they WERE hurting him.

They were all around him.

Oh God...OH GOD...NO!!!!!! The sharp metal bit into his skin. It burned. He closed his eyes, almost passing out from pain. He wished he would. He needed to block it out. Block it out...

Liz. He needed to fight. He needed to live. They would try to hurt her. He needed to live so he could protect her. He needed to make it stop. He needed to escape.

He fought against it. It wouldn’t go away. It wouldn’t stop...stop...

‘STOP!!!!’ He screamed in his mind, bolting up in his bed. His chest heaved and tears streamed down his face. Running a shaky hand over his eyes, he scrubbed at the tears and sweat. His whole body shook, hunched over in the middle of his bed.

That one hadn’t been like all the other ones. He’d been alone in that one.

If that was real...if that had happened...he wasn’t sure he wanted to remember.


“Nancy, honey...why are you sitting here alone in the dark?” Jeff Parker asked quietly, turning on the lamp in their living room. “Is everything alright?” He had woken up a few minutes earlier to find the space on the bed next to him empty. His wife usually slept like a log.

Nancy looked up at her husband, her tear-strained face illuminated by the dim lamp-light.

“Oh, Nancy...” Jeff rushed over to her, sitting down and taking her hands in his. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?” He stroked the back of her hand in concern.

Nancy bit back a sob. It was so upsetting she almost didn’t want to tell him...but she knew he wouldn’t let it go if she was this upset. “Oh, Jeff...” her voice broke, “I dreamed...I dreamed we had a daughter.”

Jeff nodded, his eyes downcast in his own sadness. It was their greatest dream...their greatest wish...something they would never be able to receive. It was just not meant to be. And he knew she felt responsible. Nancy was unable to bear children.


OK, there it is.

PLEASE PLEEEEEEAAAAASE let me know what you think. you know what THAT means...


( hey, im not too proud to beg.)

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OK, im gonna give you guys a clue.

REREAD THE TESS PART. it contains a really REALLY important piece of information.

also reread the Nancy/Jeff part. It may have more relevance than it seems.

TESS"S PART IS a big hint, though. seriously thoink about it.

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ohh lordy guys, ive had the most stressful night and I just wanted to let you all know how much writing and getting feedback makes me feel better when things get tough.


PS, guys are evil. and great. not sure which wins out yet.

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SugarManiac2011 originally wrote:
Great part!

I can't figure out Emily...I just have no idea who she is. About Tess...she said that she never met Liz before, that's important, isn't it? And Emily and Liz look a lot alike. Maybe there's something there? Thanks for the new part! Can't wait for more!

thats NOT what Tess said.;)
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bumpity bump...
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im writing the next part now but its already kinda late. would you rather it be a lil but shorter and me post it tonight anyway, or make it a longer part and I dont know when ill be able to post bc im workin all week.


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OK< so then here it is.


“NO.” Tess shook her head furiously.

“Get in the van...please?” He tried again, cocking his head to the side and holding the door open to her.

“NO!” Tess’s voiced raised in pitch to a whine. “Why can’t you just LET ME GO! I JUST - WANNA - GO!” She punctuated each word angrily.

The man shook his head in frustration and pity. “Look...either you come with us now, and we talk...or someone comes to get you later...and I guarantee they wont try to rationalize with you. You have no idea what and who you’re dealing with, Tess.”

“I can take care of myself, thanks.” She bit back bitterly, tossing her hair over her shoulder. “Don’t you worry your pretty little head off, sketchy van-guy.” She threw him a sarcastic smile.

The other man gritted his teeth in exasperation. “Listen, little girl. I know you think you’re being all tough and smart...but you’re only one person...and the are a lot of people with a lot of power who want you involved in this. You don’t stand a chance...and it’ll be a lot more pleasant for you if you just comply. Got it?” He didn’t want to be mean to her, but she had to understand. She WOULD participate whether she wanted to or not. The boss would make sure of that. Scaring her a little now might save her a lot of pain later.

Tess rolled her eyes. “If I’m just one person and they’re all Great and Powerful Oz, then why is it SO important if I’m there? Huh?” She was sick of all this shit. No one ever spelled things out. Everyone always lied.

The man holding the door open sighed. “Listen, Tess. We’re being watched. We watch you and people watch us. Everyone is always being watched. If we let you go, and you run. They’ll be watching you. They’ll be people all around you who are involved in this. They’d follow you across the entire county. You can’t get away from this. So just get in the van...and we’ll try to explain things.”

Tess closed her eyes and let out a long breath. She could tell they weren’t lying. She would be followed everywhere. She couldn’t escape them. Keeping her eyes closed, she nodded slowly and dejectedly. “Fine.” She sighed. “Fine. I’ll go with you.” She threw her bag into the back of the van and climbed in.

The man pulled the door closed and smiled. “We knew you’d see the light.”


“What the hell was that?” Kyle mumbled to himself, staring out the window of his mustang. He’d been driving around thinking. Just driving and thinking. He didn’t feel like going to sleep and having another twisted dream yet, and driving always helped him sort out his thoughts.

He’d been in the car for less than ten minutes when he’d seen a blonde girl walking down the other end of the street. She was staring at the ground and seemed so caught up in something that she didn’t even notice his car down the block.

As she looked up from the road, he realized who it was. Tess Harding. Another member of the Dreams of Crazy-Kyle circus. “What’s Tess Harding doing walking down the street alone at night? He wondered. With a duffle bag...

Maybe she was running away. The thought occurred to him suddenly.

He didn’t really know anything about Tess. Like almost everyone in Roswell, they had attended school together since they were in preschool...and she had always been surgically attached to Max Evans. Her hand was like, another extension of his arm. She was hot and all, but she seemed annoying and really clingy. And she didn’t seem to get the intense “not interested” vibes that Evans always sent out. But then, Evans was a pretty weird kid who knew what was really up with that. The kid also seemed to have a messed up “too close for 49 states” relationship with his sister...

Despite all that, the thought of her running away was very concerning. What could be so bad that she wanted to leave her home?

Just when he was about to drive up to her and ask her if she was ok, a creepy white van pulled up next to her and opened the door. “What the hell?” Kyle’s eyes widened in concern. But when he was about to intervene, he realized that Tess was having a conversation with whoever was in the van. And she wasn’t at all scared. It was like she knew them...and was annoyed but not worried.

Kyle watched with interest as Tess seemed to come to some sort of agreement with the men, and get into the van with them.

“Oh, shit...” He mumbled. “Am I NOT the guy to have around in a bad situation. She’s getting into the sketch-mobile and I’m sittin’ here watching.”

Making a decision, Kyle quickly turned off his headlights and followed the van.

Ok, something weird was definitely going on here. Since when did kidnappers or rapists take you back to your own house?


Max clutched his heart, still sitting upright in his bed. Nearly fifteen minutes had passed since he’d woken up and he still hadn’t been able to calm down. That had been the single most terrifying thing he’d ever experienced. It hadn’t felt like a dream. It had felt like life.

He needed to talk to her. It was all too much. He needed to talk to Liz Parker. He needed to be able to breath.

She had her own phone line. She had told them earlier that night. He had her number. It was still written on his hand. Looking down at the blue numbers gracing his skin, he almost chuckled. “I didn’t wash my hand tonight.” He mused. “That’s kind of gross.”

Should he call her? She would make him feel better. He knew it. But he had only known her a day.

‘That’s a lie.’ His mind whispered to him. He knew he’d known her much longer than that. She would understand. He knew that too.


Liz lay awake in her bed staring at the small cracks in her lavender walls. She hadn’t been able to fall asleep again after Emily had come in, but her sister had nodded off in her lap on the floor, so she had placed her in her own bed and made herself comfortable next to her. Having Emily there with her was somewhat comforting, and even though she still couldn’t sleep, it kept her from having a full out breakdown.

When the phone rang she picked it up before it really had a chance to make a noise. “Max.” She whispered to herself. She didn’t know how she knew it but she was positive.

“Hello?” she whispered into the received.

“Liz.” His husky voice floated through the phone, and she could hear the sleep in his voice. Sleep and something else.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, suddenly more concerned for him than for herself.

“I...” he struggled. He what? Had a nightmare? Was he a six-year old? “What time is it?” He switched subjects.

“’s 3am...why?” Liz looked at the glowing green numbers of her alarm clock. Thank god she wasn’t working tomorrow...or today. That late night/early morning stuff was always confusing.

There was silence on the other end of the line and then the sound of Max clearing his throat. “Can you meet me somewhere?”

“Yes.” Liz answered immediately. Two days ago the idea of meeting some guy she’d just met alone at night would seem as insane as Ross Perot. But it wasn’t two days ago. Not by a long shot. “We have a shed-thing. My dad turned it into a guest-house. Behind my regular house. Can you get here?” Liz’s house was only two blocks away from the Logan place. She’d described it to him earlier.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes.” Max said quickly. “Thanks, Liz.” He added quietly. “I...”

“Don’t worry about it.” Liz smiled into the phone. She wanted to see him as much as he wanted to see her. For more reasons than she could count. “Ten minutes. Bye, Max.”

“Bye, Liz.”

Hanging the phone up gently, Liz carefully extricated herself from her bed and covered Emily back up with the blankets. That girl could sleep though an avalanche, Liz mused.

Putting on her flip-flops to go along with her tank-top and shorts, Liz crept silently out of her room. She had a feeling that the night was far from over, would continue to be far from normal.

Everything was changing...and changes were scary...But, changes could also be great. Things could use to be a little less normal. She’d spent her whole life hating normal.

And there was NOTHING great about normal.


OK there it is.
let me know what you think, please? im really trying to move things along here. I always take way longer than I intend for things to happen...and this time is no different, but im really tryin:*happy*

so FEEDBACK PLEASE!! gimme some love


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maybe ill try posting tonight if im so inspired*happy*...and not exhausted from work.

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hey guys. wow, A LOT of you seem to think that Emily is Max and Liz's daughter.

very very interesting

anyway ill be writing like a maniac and try to post later a couple of hours or so.

posted on 3-Jul-2002 11:44:22 PM by *CindyLouWho* I might not be able to finish this next part if I dont ill DEFINITELTY be able to post it tomorrow night. I promise ill try my best but I dunno if im actually gonna be able to pull it off.

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im sorry guys but I REALLY cant post tonight. I only have one page done...its after 1am and I have to get up at 8 for work. yup, im workin ALLLLL day on july 4th. but I may be able to post it tomorrow. ifnot then DEFINITELY friday.

hey, no complaints, youve gotten three parts in three days*big*lol

although I LOVE the enthusiasm.

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nickeygurl13 originally wrote:
So sorry I haven't been replying the last week, I've been kinda sick and just started feeling better.
But OMB! I'm missing one week and this story is already up to 27 pages!
I must say, the way this story is unfolding, everything that's happening, I'm astounded by it. This story is absolutely amazing.
Ya know the thing I love the most about it though? I have no idea where it's going. I have no friggin clue what's gonna happen. Not a one. It's just amazing how original and unique this story is. I have no idea how Emily is connected to this. I can't even begin to wonder why it is that everyone in the normal gang who is now seperated are suddenly having dreams about things that might or might not have happened in that lifetime or another one alltogether. (Ummm, did that come out right?)
I mean, Nancy is having dreams about having a daughter, Maria and Alex are having dreams about their relationships and events that happened with the pod squad, Liz and Max are connected somehow, Liz' name is Liz Parker, and everybody knows that but nobody know's how, Isabel and Michael actually trust someone who they've only known a day and a half, Tess actually cares (sorta) about the well-being of Liz, and the others, when they don't even care about her. And yet she's helping this mysterious dark side to destroy them all.

In short, this story just leaves you guessing to the very last sentence. It keeps we readers on our toes, because I don't know about any of you out there, but this story never turns out the way you expect it to. And I love that!

Okay, I think I just pulled a Maria. I'm gonna shut up now, and give myself some quiet time.

Consider this a bump!
Happy 4th!

WOW. Um, id say thank you but that really doesnt seem to do your post justice, so im just gonna say WOW and leave it at that.*happy*

and special, person thank you's to all the feedbackers...including but not limited to (bc im just doing the ones from after my last posted part so sorry if I miss you)

BREATHLESS...who, knowing she likes my fic is like Elvis tellin you he likes your music*happy*
BelevnDreamsToo...dpmt worry about Kyle, he can handle himself...and ME if he likes*wink*
ILYMEFOREVER..who is the absolute best ar giving compliments in all CAPS*happy*
not_of_this_earth...who im afraid im driving crazy with confusion
Tabasco Liz...I'm a closet Polar too...shh dont tell one has ever related the word brilliant to me before...thanks for a really wicked first*happy*
SugarManiac2011...thanks SO much for all the great FB
calishali...yeah, I do have a feedback fetish, glad you noticed and THANKS for comin out of lurkdom for me. im honored.
roswells_angel285...I think I may just pop over to your fic this weekend and give it a read*happy*
Lillie...who is possibly the BEST FB-er ever*happy* haha...and also the closest to figuring out some major keypoints of the story so far
roswellluver...I gotta tell you IM not ever sure how I feel about tess sometimes...and im the one writing her here...and I dont know if thatll get cleared up anytime soon
Adrianna...believe me I WISH I could write this all day and not work. real life sucks sometimes
crazeesmilee...thank the lord I may be getting like 12 hrs of sleep tonight. I need it so bad. and as for tess...yeah shes a tough one to figure out
Nikkisue...I dont know about you but theres NOTHING iu hate more than predictability, I would seriously rather have something suck than have me see whats comin way beforehand.
izzylizard...I was worried I was taking everything way to slowly. haha I know taht this thing says it will be nc17 but I seriously have my doubts. itys so based on thsi complicated plot stuff...and not as much on m/l mackage...that it may go into the whole "sex territory" but not be nc17 graphic-ness....I dunno...but SHH dont tell
and nickeygurl13...well I already thanked you at the I think im done.

anyway, im gonna try to write a little more now, and ill be posting tomorrow night.

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ok, here it is...


Liz curled her legs under herself on the big, fluffy couch and picked at the maroon velvet flowers that covered the fabric. She had way too much to think about, she realized. Too much to take on all at once. She was going to go crazy if she let everything hit her at once. She’d completely break down.

And that’s not what she did. She was organized...and calm...and handled things. She would deal with everything rationally, and figure out what was really going on. Yup. She’d be calm and collected. That’s what she’d do.

“Hello?” Max knocked lightly and opened the door a crack, looking in.

“Max, hi!” Liz motioned him inside. Wow, she sounded a little too anxious. Definitely not calm and collected. But, WOW, how was anyone supposed to be calm and collected with him in the navy soccer shorts and a white t-shirt. Yup, there was ‘that feeling’ again.

Max closed the door quietly behind him and stood awkwardly in the middle of the guesthouse’s living room. Now that he was here he didn’t actually know how to handle the situation. Being in her presence, he was already feeling better...but he had so much to discuss with much confusion.

And there was the other thing. The thing where she was so beautiful he could barely breath. Curled up on the couch in these little shorts and an oversized sweatshirt...and her silky brown hair framing her face...and the dim lamplight lighting her skin...and the bottom lip she was biting...and her raised eyebrows as she stared at him.

Wait. She was staring at him. He was just standing there, wasn’t he? Great job, spaz.

“Uh...hi.” He said quietly. “Can I...” He gestured toward the couch.

“Oh, yeah, of course.” Liz smiled and slid over slightly, leaning against the arm or the couch and making room for him.

Max smiled and sat down next to her. “Thank you...for letting me come over.” He looked at her. “I hope I didn’t wake you up.”

“No, not at all.” Liz tucked her hair behind her ear. “I...I was having trouble sleeping. It’s been a...”

“A long night.” Max finished, smiling a small, knowing smile.

Liz nodded. “Definitely...” She took a breath. “Are you ok? On the phone you sounded...” Liz trailed off, looking down. Impulsively taking his hand in hers, she met his gaze again. “Are you ok?” She repeated, her eyes searching his.

Max fell into her soft gaze. Such pretty eyes...such soft hands...tiny hands that fit in pretty....soft...question that she was asking him and he was sitting there silently. Really on a roll tonight, Evans, he berated himself.

“I’, that’s a complicated question.” He bit his lip with a half-smile. “Things are very strange you know.”

Liz nodded. “Yeah...I’ve noticed.”

“I had a nightmare tonight. Before I came here. That’s why I called.” He confessed. “It was so real. the things we’ve been seeing. Except it was...” Max shuddered as he remembered his dream, “horrible.” He finished. “It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever experienced.”

So that was why he’d seemed so strange when he’d called earlier. She had known that something was wrong.

It was insane how knowing something had upset him had caused her to stop worrying so much about herself. This totally crazy thing had happened to her...and thrown her so off balance that she didn’t even know what anything meant anymore...but right now all she could think about was that Max had been upset, and that she wanted to make him feel better.

“What was THAT about?” Liz mumbled to herself.


Oh crap. Inner monologue. “What was it about?” Liz stammered quickly. “Ya know...If you wanna talk about it...” She trailed off, cocking her head at him questioningly.

Did he wanna talk about it? “Not yet...I think.” He looked down. He didn’t think he was quite ready to relive that dream quite yet. It was still so fresh in his mind. He could still recall how that blade felt slicing through his skin...

Alright he needed to think about something else. And there was one other thing prevalent in his mind at the moment...but he wasn’t sure if he should bring it up. But someone would have to eventually, he rationalized. He just hoped it didn’t upset her at all. “Liz...can I ask you a question?”

He seemed so hesitant about it, Liz noticed. Not in the same way he was hesitant before, when he had seemed worried for himself. This time his hesitancy, she was almost positive, was for her. But he wouldn’t ask her anything she couldn’t answer. She was sure of it. And she didn’t want to keep any secrets from him. She felt that so strongly. She couldn’t lie to Max.

Liz nodded slowly. “Yeah, of course you can.”

Max took a breath. “ your name...Liz PARKER?”

Liz immediately dropped his hands and closed her eyes, her whole body tensing up, causing Max to immediately regret his question.

“God, Liz...I’m sorry...I didn’t mean anything by it....just forget I asked...ok? I’m sorry...” He wanted to pull her frightened form into his arms, but didn’t know how she would respond to his tough at the moment so he just sat there helplessly.

“I don’t know.” Liz whispered, opening her eyes.

“Huh?” Max scooted closer to her, surprised that she has spoken.

“I don’t know...if that’s my name.” Liz said, tucking her hair behind her ear again nervously. “How do you know that name?” She looked down at her lap to where her hands were shaking.

Max watched her in concern. Her entire demeanor had changed. “ came to me earlier...after I got home from the barbeque...I was just sitting there and....and I heard it in my head. It was your said-”

“I’m Liz Parker.” Liz interjected softly, her voice trembling slightly. “I wrote my journal...after the barbeque.” She took a shaky breath. “Do you think my mind or something?” She looked back up at him.

Max’s eyes widened. “I don’t know...maybe...anything’s possible, I guess...with everything going on...” He stopped in mid-sentence and took a good look at her. She looked so shaken. This whole thing was affecting her much more than she was trying to let on. “What do you think about all of this, Liz?”

Liz blinked a few times, her breathing speeding up. “I think...” She swallowed, her entire body shuddering slightly with her efforted breathing. “I think I’m Liz Parker.” She finished, blinking tears down her cheeks. “I know I am.”

“I do to.” Max said softly, reaching forward and pulling Liz into his body. Wrapping his arms around her, he gently stroked her back with one hand and ran the other slowly through her hair. She felt so tiny and frail, trembling in his arms.

Liz buried her face in Max’s shirt, shaking as her tears soaked into the white cotton. She hated feeling so helpless...but Max almost made her not mind. Like she was allowed. Like he knew she was strong anyway.

“Liz...” Max soothed, still rhythmically stroking her back. “Hey...we’ll figure it out. I promise.” He whispered into her hair, pressing an affectionate kiss on the top of her head.

Liz took a deep breath, forcing herself to calm down. She couldn’t just fall apart like this every five minutes. She wasn’t this basket case. It was just...doubting who you were...not knowing your own name or what you’re entire life had consisted was terrifying.

Liz pulled her head up from Max’s chest, bringing her face level with his. Taking another deep breath, she forced a small smile. “You promise?” She whispered, her voice still thick with unshed tears.

Max brought his hand to her cheek, brushing a tear away with his thumb. “I promise.” He smiled a small smile, cupping her cheek in his hand.

Liz closed her eyes and smiled. She believed him. It would all be ok. They’d figure everything out. God, he smelled good...

Max groaned inwardly. Her cheek was so soft...and her long lashes on her cheek...and her soft lips, opening slightly to release a slow breath. Unable to resist, Max leaned forward to brush his lips to hers in a soft kiss.

Liz’s breath caught in her throat and her eyes fluttered open. He had just kissed her. Her lips curved into a sly smile as she brought her own hand to cup HIS cheek. Her turn.

Watching his eyelids flutter closed, she brought her lips to his again, this time both softer and harder than the first. Max’s fingers threaded through Liz’s hair, pulling her face closer to his and opening his mouth wider against hers. She tasted so good. Had he ever kissed anyone before? Not Tess...he hadn’t EVER kissed her...He almost felt as if he’d kissed Liz before. Was that possible?

She slid her tongue into his mouth, their lips caressing each other’s vigorously.

Yes, he knew this. He knew her lips...he knew her...

** “If I don’t leave right now things are gonna change...”**

** “No matter what we go’s all worthwhile for me because we’re together...”

Max and Liz broke apart, breaking heavily. They had both seen it. They knew.

God. What had they been through?



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PART 14b

Max and Liz stared at eachother silently. That had been their first kiss. Not the one they’d actually experienced...the one from the vision. They had seen a first kiss they didn’t remember living.

“Max?” Liz broke the silence softly.

“Uh huh?”

“All the stuff we’ve been you think it happened?”

Max swallowed. “I feel like it happened.”

Liz nodded slowly. “So do I.” She KNEW that they’d met before. There was this whole other life out there where they’d known eachother for a long where they had been through so much...

“Max...” she continued, “If I’m Liz Parker...than why am I HERE...? Why am I Liz Hastings?”

“I don’t know, Liz. I mean, it makes no sense...” He bit his lip. He wished he had all the answers for her. Things might be tough for him, dealing with everything, but at least he wasn’t doubting who he was.

“Well,” Liz stood up straighter, her voice steady and full of conviction. “I have to find out. I can’t live not knowing who I am, Max.”

Max nodded. She was so determined, who was he to argue. He was actually GLAD she wanted to figure everything out. She was so strong. “What do you want to do?”

“I’m going to blood test my family...and myself. I need to know if I really am who I’ve always been.” She said steadily and calmly. She wasn’t just going to let her life fall apart while sitting there idly.

“I’ll do anything I can to help.” Max said softly, tucking her hair behind her ear. She was so amazing.

Liz nodded. “I know you will.” She paused thoughtfully. “Max? The visions...the stuff we’ve been said you thought...that you FELT like it was real...” she trailed off.

“Liz?” Max raised an eyebrow. She obviously wanted to ask something but was hesitant for some reason.

“It’s just that...” Liz swallowed, “Well, the first thing I saw...yesterday...when I fainted...I saw myself get shot and...and I saw you heal me.”


ok, I REALLY REALLY hope it lived up to your expectations. I honestly have NO IDEA how this thing turned please throw me a line and let me know your thoughts, ok??



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I just wanted to thank you guys for taking the time to read this fic. It's my very first CC M/L fic, and my first solo-fic, and, although im not new to writing, I am kinfod new to FIC-writing.

and I know how, when you see a fic by an author you dont know, youre not as likely to take the time to look it over. so I just wanted to say thanks for givin it a chance.

haha and NO im not sayin all this bc im stoppin writing or anything like that. just was thinkin about it and wanted to let you guys know.

so THANKS*happy*

and also,
people are not who and what they seem, at times. and the most common guesses are usually wrong*happy*

so keep that in mind.

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thought id pop in to let you know that I'll be posting a

full of my usual fun, hyginx, and unanswered questions and ending that leaves you hangin.
im an awful person, I know.

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postin tonight at about 11-12, ET.

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just wanted you guys to note that whenever I switch back between roswell and NEW YORK, theres a 2and a half/3 hr time difference where its earlier in roswell. thats why some stuff may not seem right time-wise.

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Shit. He had forgotten about that. He’d seen it too...but he just hadn’t put it together. She’d seen him heal her. She’d almost died but he had saved her. And she had seen it. He didn’t know whether it made him terrified or amazed...or relieved...there was just so much involved with the whole thing.

“You saw me...heal you...” He repeated slowly, his wide eyes looking into hers.

Liz nodded. He seemed so strange suddenly. Scared...almost. “Yeah...Um, I was shot. I felt it...the bullet...I...I was dying, I think.” She swallowed. “And then you were there...and you put your hand...” She looked down to where his hand was resting on the couch, “you, um, you put your hand over where the blood was...and you healed it. You saved me.” She looked back up at him with a small, half-smile. “I mean, it’s really not anymore crazy than anything else that’s been going on, when you think about it...but, um...can you...can you heal people?” She stammered slightly cocking her head.

Ok. Well...she would be expecting an answer to that question. And the answer would lead to more questions...and...he wanted to tell her. He wanted to tell her everything. But Michael and Isabel...and it had only been one day...he had no idea how she would react...

But he DID know how she would react. She would be ok. He knew it deep inside him. He was too much for one day. They had already had to deal with so much. about a half-explanation. Maybe that would work.

“Ok, Liz...” he started, taking the time to think over each word before he said it. “Yes. It probably DID happen because I...well I CAN heal...and-” he kept talking even though she had opened her mouth to question him, “-and I PROMISE that I’ll explain everything about that in full...SOON...but, just not right now, ok? There’s been enough to deal with today, I think. So just wait a little bit. I’ll tell you everything, I promise.” He finished, blowing out a big breath. He really hoped she would be ok with not knowing everything right away.

Liz looked at him...well, looked through him would be more accurate. He could feel her gaze all the way into his soul. “Ok.” She answered firmly.

“Ok?” Max’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Ok.” Liz repeated with a small smile. “I trust you.” She placed her hand softly on his arm.

Max smiled, covering her hand with his. “Thank you.”

Liz shrugged. “Hey, no problem...”

God, she was amazing. She was handling all of this so much better than he probably would if their positions were reversed. “So...” He scratched the back of his neck. “You’re gonna blood test your family?”

Liz nodded, sighing. “I just have to know...ya know...” She bit her lip, “...whether or not they’ family.”

Max nodded knowingly. “Well, how about Emily? I mean...she looks so much like you.”

“Yeah, Emily too. I mean...we ALL look alike...I need to know for sure. I just have to figure out how to do it...” She trailed off.

Max clasped her hands in their lap, just as she had done for him earlier. “Hey, we’ll think of something.” He said softly.

They sat, just staring at eachother and thinking everything over for the next couple of minutes. She trusted him enough to accept not knowing what was going on. That was a lot of trust in someone she’d just met. It only furthered their beliefs that they weren’t strangers at all.

“So...” Liz broke into the silence, “Um...” she chuckled slightly, “...what’s with that new Halloween movie? Didn’t Jamie Lee decapitate him in the last one?”

Max chuckled, amazed at how comfortable he was with this amazing girl. “Yeah, she definitely did...”


“So...what your saying guys killed her? Because of the predictions?” Tess asked, trying to fully understand what they were saying.

The first man, who she had started referring to as Pop’n’Fresh (in her head of course) due to his less than great physique, shook his head. He was clearly the nicer of the two, and was trying to explain everything to her calmly. “Not exactly...that...that wasn’t exactly our’re missing the point. None of this is about her...she’s gone anyway. It’s about Khivar...and Max...and what we need to happen. What we need you to help us make happen.”

“What you WILL help us make happen.” The other man asserted. She’d started referring to HIM as Dick-wad. The good-cop/bad-cop thing was really aggravating.

Tess rolled her eyes and nodded in annoyance. “Right, right. The big PLAN. This thing really wasn’t thought through, now was it?”

Dick-wad gritted his teeth. “You better stop acting all superior and good, girly. Don’t act like we haven’t been watching you. Don’t act like we don’t know who and what you are. Don’t act like you aren’t the same girl who mind warped Max to have fantasies about you...and told Liz that she couldn’t see that it was YOU and Max that were meant to be. You’re just as deceptive and ruthless as the rest of us.”

Tess narrowed her eyes at the man. It was true. She was HARDLY a saint. She was an awful person. A petty, selfish, awful person. So what? Everything she had done in the past had been because of the things they had led her to believe, and Max and Liz hadn’t exactly been great to her either.

Well, that had probably been of how she’d been to THEM...but that wasn’t the point. The point was that it didn’t matter anymore. Nothing from before did. Because she went from a person who only cared about getting others to act how she wanted, to a person who didn’t care about anything or anyone. And it was all about her now. What could they do? Kill her?

She didn’t think they could...and even if they COULD...would it really matter?

“I’m aware of who I am and what I’ve done. I don’t regret anything...ever.” She replied unfeelingly.

“Tess...” Nasedo stood up from the chair he’d been sitting in silently since they’d all started talking. When the two men had brought Tess back his response had been only mild annoyance. Not concern...not even anger. He had just nodded and sat silently as they berated her. Some father figure. Some ‘Protector’.

“Tess,” he repeated, “this isn’t a matter of ‘good and evil’. There isn’t a side here that’s true and honest and a side that’s deceptive and wrong. There are just two sides. And there will be a point where you will be forced to choose one. Ignoring them both will not be an option. And as much as you would like to convince yourself and these men, I know how much you care about YOURSELF. That has never been a question. And you will not go quietly to your death. So I suggest you sort out your priorities and realize which side you have ALWAYS been on. History always repeats itself, child.” He glared at her sternly and nodded to the two men. I have this covered, gentlemen. I’m sure you’ll continue to keep an eye on things in case it happens again.” He shot Tess a look. “Although I’m SURE it won’t.”

The two men nodded and stood up from their seats, walking toward the front door. “We’ll be checking in soon.” The second man said severely before exited the house with his partner.

Once they had gone, Nasedo turned to Tess with a look on his face she couldn’t quite identify. “Go to bed.” He said monotonously.

Tess sighed and stood up. “Do me a favor, ok? Don’t try act like my father.”

Nasedo’s expression changed slightly, but again she couldn’t place exactly what it was. It wasn’t was something he was trying to close off. “Bed.” He said again.

Tess dejectedly picked up her bad and trudged up the stairs toward her room. Apparently she had decisions to make.


Kyle watched from inside his car as the two men he’d seen earlier with Tess left her house alone. Maybe he wasn’t all sheriff-guy like his dad, but he knew when something was off...and something about that whole ordeal was definitely off.

Maybe he should tell someone...

Yeah, “Hey, so I was being a stalker and I think I may have seen something shady. Help me do nothing about it.” Sounded like a plan.

So then why did that whole DeLuca/Whitman thing keep popping into his head? Because Tess had been in that dream too. Why hadn’t he remembered that before?

‘Ok, way to be insane there, Kyle.’ Maybe it was time he went home and got some sleep.

Tess was home...he was sure she was fine. Other than that...well, it wasn’t like they were even friends...why did he care so much?


“So you’ve ALWAYS wanted to be a biologist?” Max asked, amazed. That was quite ambitious of a goal to have as a little girl.

Liz nodded with a smile. “Yeah, for as long as I can remember. I science. Figuring things out. It always has these...reasons and logic...laws that you can see right in front of you. It’s...solid, ya know?”

Max grinned at her. “Yeah, I can see where you’d love that. You’re always in control, huh?”

Liz shrugged. “I try to be. I like being able to take a problem and solve it.” She bit her lip. They’d been talking like this for the past half-hour or so. Just telling eachother all the little details about themselves and their lives. It was so...innocent. And normal...and calm. It was amazing. “So what do you want to what’s your life’s purpose?” She asked suddenly, cocking her head to the side as he noticed she often did when she asked questions.

So cute...just like a little puppy, he thought, biting back a smile. “I don’t know, exactly, I’ve always just wanted to help people, I guess. I don’t know how...just...make things better.” He shrugged and gave a chuckle. “I guess that’s pretty non-specific.”

“No!” Liz exclaimed, smiling. “It’s very...its noble, you know? Not many people think like that, I think.

Max blushed slightly, looking off to the side. He didn’t so that well with compliments. It as always kind of embarrassing. His eyes landed on the clock on the wall. “OH, wow, it’s almost 5 in the morning!” He exclaimed in surprise. They had been talking for nearly two hours.

“Oh, god,” Liz stood up abruptly, “My parents will be waking up soon. They always get up at dawn. I don’t know what that’s about.” She laughed.

Max nodded, standing up and walking with her to the door of the guesthouse. “So...I’ll see a few hours?” He raised an eyebrow.

Liz smiled. “Let’s have 9:30 at the restaurant.”

“Sounds good.”

Liz tucked her hair behind her ear. “ Good morning?” She laughed.

Max laughed lightly and smiled. “Good...something.” He said softly, leaning down to kiss her forehead, brushing his hands through her hair as he did.

Liz smiled, pulling his face down to hers to kiss him softly on the lips.

We’ll work things out.” He whispered as they pulled away from eachother.

“I know we will.” Liz answered, breathing in his air with a smile.

“In a few hours.” Max stroked her cheek and then sighed, tearing himself away from her and leaving the guesthouse.

Behind him, Liz closed the door and leaned back against, taking a deep breath. Everything was different now. EVERYTHING.



important stuff will start happening soon...I promise.
I mean, its been the same day for the past...what...9 parts? I feel like im writin for PASSIONS, here. it needs to be a different day already. and with new days comes new, important things...right?

anyway, so keep your eyes open for the next part in a day or two.

and remember,


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calishali originally wrote:
Just read the last 2 parts, and have a quick question...

Am I making it up, or didn't Liz say she was adopted, that's why it is always so "funny" when people tell her how much Emily looks like her. So why would she do a blood test? It wouldn't show anything anyways. She doesn't yet know about the others "other wordly" origins, so she wouldn't be testing to make sure her famil
y was "human" I am confused.

I'm glad you noticed that, no one else did*happy*

its supposed to be there, and its a hint about something. so basically what im saying is GOOD JOB*happy*
YES< liz did say she was adopted, and YES, she also seems to want to do a blood test for something and YES, she is still unaware of otherworldliness.its gonna be explained in the next two parts probobly.

which will hopefully take place in new days, if I dont take a year to finish a scene like I tend to

theres a lot going on at once here, and things that happen have chain reactions. this is one of them...youll see what I mean when its all revealed soon.

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im really sorry guys but I wont be able to post tonight, but ill DEFINITELY be able to post tomorrow night. I promise*happy*

so hey, dont forget about me*tongue*


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if this continues we may have to admit you to a 12 step program.*happy*

off to work and posting later...

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I PROMISE. but it may be kindof late. like between 1 and 2 ET. I just have to figure out what im gonna friggin write...


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damnit guys, im having so much trouble transitioning...this part is driving me crazy!!!!


im determined to get it done, but I really dont want it to suck*sad*

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ok, so I know this sucks really badly, but I really just needed to get through it so I could get out of my writers block and be able to transition to the next part.

ok, so here it is...


Yawning, Liz pressed her face into her pillow. Three hours of sleep definitely wasn’t enough. Morning always came much sooner then you wanted it. Still lying face down on her bed, she stretched her legs and toes. Mmm...she could really go for a Jupiter Omelet with a Blood of Alien Smoothy and...

What the HELL? Liz’s eyes shot open, seeing only the pale blue fabric of her pillow and sheets. The Harbor Café DEFINITELY didn’t carry those particular items. ‘Oh, that’s right...’ Liz thought to herself, rolling her eyes in her head and flipping over on her back. ‘I’m going crazy. I remember now.’

Emily was curled in a tiny ball next to her, sucking her thumb. She’d had more dreams. Even in her sleep she couldn’t just escape and relax. It was so intense...and stressful. But it made her feel...alive. Yeah, she nodded to herself, stretching her arms out above her head. Alive was definitely the right word.

In her dream she had been devastated. Her grandmother was dying and she couldn’t do anything about it...only...only it wasn’t any grandmother she’d known here. Did she have grandparents? Why couldn’t she remember her grandparents?

Anyway, this woman, her grandmother...she was dying. And Max...Max somehow helped her say goodbye.

It was all different. That different life she knew existed but could only see in her mind. And Max had been always. And another guy...Kyle. Kyle had been her boyfriend...she thought...but she loved Max.

Wow. She loved Max.

Did she love him past-tense...or future tense...or present tense...or other dimension tense...? It was all so complicated.

She had kissed Max last night, she remembered with a smile. They had shared their first kiss...kindof.

Maybe. She felt like it hadn’t been their first kiss. She’d known it. It was familiar...

But it was the first kiss she remembered. Wait, she’d never kissed anyone else before? Why would she be unsure of that?

Why were some things she’d never experienced so clear...when things in her real life were so fuzzy?

Or maybe it was the other way around.

Why did she feel like she was in store for another insanely long and crazy day?

Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, Liz tried to clear her mind. Afterall, what was the point of getting all worried about things she couldn’t control. Right? So what if two days ago her life was clear-cut and normal and now she was unsure of everything? It was a good unsure...kindof. It was like...maybe everything was fuzzy...but she knew that behind the fuzzy was stuff worth seeing. Before everything had been clear...but there had been nothing behind it. And no Max.

Max. He had healed her...maybe. It a life she didn’t live...maybe.

And he was going to tell her about it. He’d promised and she somehow knew that he would never lie to her about things like that.

So wait...she was in love with Max? After knowing him for one day? Or...Years.

But she loved him. He was the one she had jumped off the bridge for. Of all the dreams that had been the most vivid one. The most terrifying. But also the most impacting. She had jumped off a bridge for him. How many people would do that for anyone? And she hadn’t even questioned it. She’d done it because of her love for him. It had been...all consuming.

Had that really happened?

‘I guess I can’t discount anything anymore.’ She mused to herself, sitting up fully and planting her feet on the floor, careful not to wake Emily. It was still only 9am and they didn’t have to wake up yet.

She had to think of a way to blood test them. Right. She couldn’t exactly be like, Hey, mom, dad...mind if I shove this needle into your arm, will only take a second, thanks. Pass the mashed potatoes. She would talk to Max about it at breakfast. Maybe Isabel could help.

Wait. Why would Isabel be able to help? Where did that thought come from?

Shaking her head, Liz stood up. She doubted a shower would clear her head any, but at least she wouldn’t be stanky.

--------------------------- maybe it hadn’t been the most well thought out plan in history...but he’d been pressed for time...and he hadn’t had all that many options. But it had worked for a year.

It had almost worked completely, Khivar mused, staring absorbedly at the blank communication screen. It had just been crazy chance that had brought them together again. But he wasn’t surprised.

He had expected it to happen eventually...he had been around long enough to know how these things worked. But it had just happened too early. Way too early.

They had just needed a few more years. Till they found the granolith...or created another way to get there. Two failed attempts were enough for them to learn not to rush into things. They couldn’t afford to lose such great numbers again.

Separation had seemed like such a good short term solution.

But the power...

Without Tess’s help they would be seriously lacking. Damn that girl. Earth had made her harder to deal with. When they had all been here she had been much more...malleable.

There was much more too this than they had anticipated. And the prophecy...and the GIRL. He had known she would show up...but it had been much more complicated than he’d anticipated. It had almost worked out for their benefit...her being who and where she had been. But now it was too complicated to even fathom.

What it came down to was that neither he nor Zan had been perfect leaders, but at least HE knew how to use and yield power. And that was what had mattered in the end.

Or what he had thought would be the end. If only that stupid woman hadn’t been taken out of the equation. Her knowledge could have prevented things. But the kingdom thinking that he and his followers had killed her certainly had worked out to his advantage in other ways. Nothing rules like fear...and nothing evoked fear like the death of someone that pivotal. predicting the new one coming, she had inadvertently predicted her own death. Of course she had known that at the time...there could, of course, be only one.

One of each. That was how it always was. Interlocking pieces, like a stupid puzzle. Of course he had his own piece...they all did. But it wasn’t set in stone...obviously. But there were some pieces that couldn’t change their shape. Some things couldn’t be escaped...or hidden.

Looking at the photos strewn in front of him on the shiny black table, he sighed in annoyance. The One. The Next-Seer. The Guard...or Guards, as the case may turn out to be.

Without Her he couldn’t defeat Zan...and without defeating Zan he would not be able to get Her...

And then there was the still missing granolith...

It was time to consult with his advisors.


im sorry you all had to endure through that awful part, lol. I hate when I cant write, but I promised id post and I dont break my promises whenever humanly possible, so hey,

THROW ME UP SOME LOVE, I need inspiration.
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hope you like it.


“Michael...he’s just, well...actually he’s been different since we got here...better...but usually he’s really hard to get to know. He kindof...well, he didn’t have the best childhood so he has this wall up, ya know?” Max took another sip of his orange juice through the straw and shrugged at Liz, sitting across from him. “He’s got these trust issues.”

Liz nodded. “Everyone does, though...really...” She took a bite of her toast. They sat in the booth of the restaurant closest to the door, eating slowly and making small talk. It was clear that they were both skirting the more serious issues, but they had time to get to them. In the meantime they were still just getting to know eachother, in an odd, de-ja-vu kindof way.

Max had been telling her about Isabel and Michael...and their childhoods and relationships with eachother. From what he’d told her she could tell how protective over one another.

“I’d really like to get to know them both. Michael and Isabel.” Liz smiled. “I kindof feel like I already know. They seem so...strong. And loyal.”

Max smiled and nodded. “They’re my family.” His statement inadvertently reminding Liz of the reason they’d agreed to meet in the first place. The two reasons.

Placing her fork down on her plate, Liz bit her lip. “So, we still really need to talk.” She lowered her voice and bent her head toward him. “I had another dream last night...and...things are...well, some things...they’ve been getting kindof...fuzzy.”

Max nodded. “We should go for a walk. You know, private.” He said, standing up and extending his hand down to her.

Liz nodded and placed her hand in his larger one, nodding to their waitress at the counter (free food was one of the many perks of having your family own a restaurant), and walked out the door with Max.

The walked in silence for ten minutes or so, still holding hands and enjoying the feeling of belonging it gave them. Neither one had ever felt so anyone before.

But they had a lot they still had to address. Way to much to avoid.

“Max-” “Liz-” they began at the same time. Looking at eachother Liz smiled slightly. “You go.”

Max nodded and took a breath. He was the one that had to do the talking here, so he might as well just do it. It was just such a touchy matter. How would she react to knowing what...WHO he was? He hadn’t slept at all after he’d left her house last night. He had just sat up in bed thinking about it.

“Ok.” Be began, closing his eyes momentarily and dropping her hand from his. They both missed the contact, but with what he was about to tell her, he should probably let her decide how she felt about even being near him. “Liz...the stuff I’m going to tell you...well, it all sounds really crazy. More crazy than everything that’s been going on. But...” he paused and looked at her intently. “I need you to know that I’d never lie to you...and I’d never hurt you either. Ever.”

Liz nodded slowly and led them off the street slightly to the alleyway between two buildings. Leaning back against the wall, She turned to look at his eyes. “I trust you, Max. Just...just know that I trust you, ok?”

Max nodded, leaning next to her and facing her. He fisted his hands to stop them from their faint shaking. Here goes...

“Liz. I’m...I’m not exactly...normal.” He swallowed and continued as she nodded. “I’’m an alien.” He finished in a rush, biting his lip and darting his eyes around nervously.

Liz didn’t move or break her gaze from his face. “ alien, alien?” Her voice did nothing to betray what she was feeling. Her whole demeanor seemed almost too calm. Like she wasn’t fully taking in what he was saying. Like watching something on TV.

Max nodded, taking a step back from her. “Yeah. I am.” He released a shaky breath. “Listen...I know...I know that sounds really...” he chuckled nervously, “really insane...but I swear...I really...I really...” he paused, “Can I show you? You know...That it’s true...and that I wont hurt you?” His gazed finally fell back to her, his eyes pleading for acceptance.

Liz didn’t know what to think. She innately believed him. She could barely breath, but she was also frozen in an odd calm. He wanted to show her. How does someone show something like that? She desperately wanted to calm him. To show him that she didn’t think he was crazy...or a monster. “How?” Her voice came out clearly and softly, breaking his paranoid thoughts.

Max swallowed. She wasn’t running away. “Is it ok if I touch you?” He questioned hesitantly.

Liz nodded slowly. He wanted to touch her. They were just touching. They had touched before. That wasn’t scary. That was ok.

Max moved to stand in front of Liz slowly, his hands moving to her shoulder level. “Can I...touch your face?” He asked, his heart racing even faster than hers. The combination of fear of what would happen and feeling that they had done this all before was overwhelming. If what was going on wasn’t so important he would probably faint from the stress of it.

Liz’s eyes were stuck to his. She couldn’t look away. “Yes.” She whispered, somehow knowing that what was about to happen would be immensely powerful...and important.

Max slid his hands over her cheeks to cup the sides of her face. “Just take deep breaths, and try to let your mind blank out...”

** “Just take deep breaths, and try to let your mind blank out...”**

She heard it again in her head, in another place and another time, and what happened after that could never be described in words.


The man stared at the screen in horror. “Shit, OH SHIT!!!! OH SWEET MOTHER OF SHIT!!!! NO, NOOOO!!! OH GOD.”

“Jesus, Bill. Will you shut up, I’m watching Passions. It’s actually a new day now, I can’t miss it!” The man from the adjoining hotel suite room yelled in annoyance.

“FRANK! Get your ass in here, THEY’VE CONNECTED!” Bill shouted, his fear evident in his voice.

Frank sprinted into the room and stared the screen. “Oh God.” He muttered. “Oh my holy God.”


Max and Liz were thrown out of the connection almost violently, Liz being pushed back against the wall and Max falling away from her.

Before she had the time to collect her bearings, Liz was being pushed back against the wall again, with even more force than before, and Max’s lips came crashing down to hers fiercely, his one hand wrapping itself in her hair and the other both pushing her waist against the hard brick and pulling it against his own body.

“Liz...” He mumbled against her mouth, her own lips kissing his back with just as much passion, her hand gripping his hair almost painfully. “Oh, God, Liz.” His tongue swiped the inside of her mouth. God, that taste. “God, Liz. I missed you so much.” He kissed his way down her jaw before burying his face in her neck, pulling her even more strongly against his body.

“Max...” Liz gasped, trying to control her ragged breaths. “Oh, God, Max...” She kissed his forehead and cheeks feveredly. “” She attempted to draw air into her lungs, her arms wrapping themselves around his torso as tightly as was humanly possible.

Max clung to her desperately, squeezing her body against his. “I don’t know...” He rasped. “God...I don’t know...”


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Okay, I thought of another weird sort of theory. How this is a Post S1 fic...

Yes, you should all definitely keep in mind that this IS A POST SEASON 1 FIC.

as for everything else you said, lillie, well I cant tell ya abything about all that*happy*

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I have just come across this fic, and I only have one thing to say...magnificent. I'm currently working on a fic as well, and I want to say that it is writers like you that truly inspired me to write one of my own.

although I also hate tess, I also feel that her character never did get a chance to develop. I love the way you are really going into such depth in your characters. although I'm totally hooked into the m/l saga, I'm really curious about maria and alex. I'm so happy alex is in this fic, I've really missed him. also, I can't wait to see what the story is with emily.

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THis is a really good story! very original!

The thing that confused me though is that at the beginning Lis knew she was adopted... so why tell Max she wanted to do blood tests?

Anyway, it's really bad news that when August comes you won't be posting often.... maybe you can finish up the story before then? *big*

Waiting anxiously for your next post!!! *bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*

haha, someone already asked that and like I said, NO its not a mistake, there is a reason for the discrepency. its got something to do with chainreactions.

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Their eyes flew open. The young girl still in her sister’s bed. The two teenagers sleeping a few blocks away. The three on the other side of the country. The sheriff. They had all seen and felt different things. None of them had any idea what it meant, and all but the girl were frozen in wide-eyed shock.

Something had changed.


Max clutched her tiny waist to him, his hands fisting in the sides of her shirt. He wouldn’t let her go. He didn’t know if he even could if he’d wanted to...which he definitely didn’t. And from the desperate grasp she had on him he figured she didn’t mind so much.

What had just happened...he couldn’t even begin to figure it out for himself, let alone describe it. It had had been living two different lives at once. In their entirety. From two different perspectives. It had been...all consuming. Frankly he was amazed that they had gotten out of it unharmed. The power had been...unimaginable.

“Liz...” He murmured again, stroking her hair away from her face, which was still resting in the crook of his neck. They had calmed down slightly in the past couple of silent minutes, but neither one had really been able to speak or move. They were in shock, to say the least. “Liz...” he dusted her face with feather-light kisses, his hand running rhythmically through her hair and down her back in comforting strokes.

Liz didn’t know what she was feeling. Everything inside of her was a huge mess. Every emotion possible was running though her body in thick waves. Overlapping eachother. All at once.

She had just...she didn’t even know what had just happened. But she had experienced something...something terrifying...and lonely...and devastating...and hopeful...and full of overwhelming love...and fear...and deception...and monotony...and new experiences...and excitement...and lies...and loss...and loyalty...of mistrust and trust...of horror...and of life. And it all came back to the boy...well, the almost man pressed so tightly against her.

She was Liz Parker. Or at least she had been. But she had also been Liz Hastings. Or at least she was now. She remembered both. They both had gaps...fuzziness. Things she was sure she was supposed to know but just couldn’t seem to see lucidly. It was was like her brain had too much information...and it couldn’t keep it all clear.

But there were things she knew for certain. And one was Max Evans. They had been together. They had been in love. They...WERE STILL in love. But they had been apart. Torn apart...somehow.

She had seen it all...through her eyes and his. Felt both their feelings. There was too much going on to even begin to sort out...but what they both felt...that was undeniable.

She ran her hands down the strong muscles of his back as to make sure he was real and solid in front of her. “Max.” She said quietly, finally finding her voice, “What’s real...?” Her voice trailed into a whisper.

Max drew a shaky breath. She sounded so unsure. So shaky. He didn’t know anymore than she did. It was all SO blurry and ambiguous.

Pulling his head back to look her fully in the eyes. “We’re real.” He touched her cheek softly. “You and I Liz. We’re real.” He bent his head down placing a soft kiss on her lips, and then leaning up to press another on her forehead, before pulling her back to him in a strong hug. “Forever, Liz. I’m not letting you go again.” He mumbled into her hair, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“Good.” Liz hissed, squeezing her eyes shut to hold in the tears she was determined not to release. “I’d never leave again.” She clung to his strong torso, seeing the image of herself running away from him down the cliff in her mind. No, she’d never leave him again...

“I need to find out who I really am.” She said hoarsely into his chest.

Max squeezed her body reassuringly. “I know. We’ll start working on it today.”

Liz nodded and reluctantly pulled out of his embrace. “I figured out a way to do the blood tests.”


“Ok, did you feel that? Did you SEE that? Ok, what the HELL WAS that?!” Isabel stood in Michael’s doorway having just run over from her room on the other side of the house.

Michael nodded, still breathing heavily from the intense experience. “You did too? I have no IDEA what that was, Iz. Did you ask Max?”

Isabel nodded, coming into the room and closing the door behind her. “He’s not in his room. Do you know where he went? I mean...this crazy power...flash things happens and Max is all MIA. What’s that about.” She rambled loudly and anxiously, sitting down at the foot of the bed.

“Ok, Iz. You need to CALM down. Indoor voices. Do you want your parents to hear you? We don’t know what it was so you need to relax a little.” When he found out where Max was he was gonna kick his ass... “Max is probably just out for breakfast or something...with Liz if I was gonna guess.” He placed a hand on her shoulder. Since when did HE have to be the calm one? “We’ll talk to him when he gets home, ok?” He paused and ran his hand through his spiky, sleep matted hair. “Isabel...what exactly did you see?”



“Yeah, Bill?” The man swallowed nervously, pulling on the ends of his mustache so fiercely that he was coming close to tearing it off.

Bill licked his dry lips and wiped the worried sweat from his brow. “We have to inform Khivar.”

“Yeah, I know we do.”

Bill continued quickly. “He’ll force Tess to help. They’ll do it without the granolith if they have to...but they’ll get it done. And then he’ll take care of it himself. He cant blame anything on us...we had no power in the situation.” He finished, his fear evident in his shaky voice.

“Right.” Frank nodded. “Right. He’ll take care of it. We’ll be fine. Right. Of course.”

“Right...” Bill agreed.



Emily sat down at the breakfast table with her two smiling parents.

“Hey, Em.” Sheila smiled warmly at her daughter. “Where’s Lizzie? Wasn’t she hungry?”

Grant nodded, dishing some eggs out on Emily’s plate. “Yeah, I made my special Eggs-a-la-Hastings. She loves them.” He grinned proudly.

Emily smiled brightly at her parents, picking up her fork and gathering up some eggs. “Lizzie went out to find somethin’.”

Grant shrugged and smiled at his wife. “Oh well. More for us then, I guess.” He devided the rest of the eggs up into their plates.


The woman stared at the screen for a moment before shifting her gaze to the man next to her. “So they know now? Everything?” She questioned hopefully.

The man scratched his head and breathed deeply. “It’s complicated. Very complicated.”

Rolling her eyes, the woman sighed in agitation. “Well can you try to explain it, please? It IS kind of important.”

Nodding, the man turned back to the two on the screen. They looked so... “They’re confused.” He said finally. “They do know it all...not how it happened...but what they actually lived through they do know. But they also know all the lies. They have ALL the memories now. The real ones and the overlay. And they can’t of right now they don’t really know...”

“Which ones are real.” The woman finished for him, nodding in understanding. “Wow. That has to be awful. But, I mean...this means that it’s all started. That everything that was supposed to happen will happen, right?”

Shaking his head, the man shrugged solemnly. “Probably. We can only hope. For Mom’s sake.” He finished quietly, casting his eyes upward sadly.


ok, there it is. like I said there is a
REASON FOR THE LIZ/ADOPTION/BLOOD TEST nonsense. I PROMISE. I know it makes no sense now, but it is NOT a mistake and will come in very soon for its importance.

FEEDBACK me, people. tell me your likes, your dislikes, any little thing your hearts desire.

I love it*happy*


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"MOM" is not Liz.

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ya know you guys almost make me feel BAD for confusing you...

but then I remember that its what I do best, and its kind of fun*happy* so haha

oh you know itll all be clear up eventually. and then youll see that you were all confused bc its well, pretty confusing and complicated*happy* but I LOVE writing it and I love that you read it.
I especially love coming home to great feedback after being understaffed at work today and being yelled at by stupid rude people who dont understand how the costomer-employee relationship works lol..

anyway THANKS and you guys are the BEST.

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so anyway, ill be able to post TOMORROW NIGHT unless I finish this part somehow tonight and then ill obviously post tonight.

and stuff will only become more confusing soon. and heres a hint kindof...

something that im sure youre all expecting to prove something we all already "know" will actually prove what we though was a lie is actually true.

HAHA make sense?

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OK GUYS, I finally got it done, AND the page is working, so YAY and HERE IT IS...


“Hey, Mom...Dad.” Liz nodded and smiled at her parents. Everything would work fine as long as she was her normal self. They had no reason to suspect her of anything...

“Oh, hey, Lizzie.” Grant Hastings looked up from the books he and his wife were going over in the back room of the café. “Emily said you went out to find something earlier?”

Liz froze for a second and then shook it off as to not seem suspicious of anything. But she hadn’t talked to her sister before she’d left that morning...and Emily was only seven. She couldn’t possibly know anything about what was going on. “Um, yeah, I had to go talk to the medical lab at the hospital, actually.” She smiled. Her lie was so simple that it was perfect.

Sheila looked up at her daughter from the fluffy backroom couch. “Oh? Why, hun. Is everything ok?”

Liz tucked her hair behind her ear and shifted slightly. “Yeah, Mom, everything’s fine. I just decided to work on a summer project for extra credit next year in AP Bio. I wanna take blood samples from you guys and Emily and do some tests on them, and the hospital said that their staff would help me out and let me use the equipment.”

Liz had volunteered at the lab in the hospital earlier that year and they all loved her there, and they really HAD agreed to let her use the facilities (she had gone there right before coming to the café and given them the same lie that she was telling to her parents).

Grant smiled proudly at his daughter. “Aww, Lizzie, that’s so great. Are you sure you don’t just wanna relax this summer, though? You work all year at school.”

“Oh, yeah, Dad.” Liz nodded emphatically. “It’ll be interesting, you know? And besides it’ll look really good for college.”

Sheila chucked. “Our Liz. Always thinking of the big plan for the future.” She smiled. “Of course we’ll help. What do you need us to do?”

“The lab said that we can go down there later this afternoon anytime and they can draw the blood for me.” Liz smiled as she felt Max’s eyes on her through the door window leading back into the restaurant. He had said he would wait out there while she told her parents about the “project”, and his presence was unbelievably reassuring.

Grant laughed. “You’re lucky your sister has never been afraid of needles, Lizzie, of this project would be a lot harder for you. Listen, you go have fun for a few hours and come back at 4. We’ll go over there together when new shifts here start.”

Liz breathed deeply and smiled. “Thanks guys, you’re the best. Where is Em, anyway?”

Smiling in amusement, Sheila pointed toward the window leading back into the restaurant and gestured for Liz to turn around. “I think Emily found what you were ‘looking for’ this morning...”

And there was Max. Through the window with Emily in his arms, his outstretched large hand enveloping her tiny ones, dancing to the song on the jukebox. His beautiful mouth was curved in a grin and Emily giggling hysterically as he spun her around.

Pushing through the door, Liz approached Max and her sister slowly, and Max’s eyes met hers over Emily’s head, and he smiled a different kind of smile.

Emily laughed as Max spun her again, and leant down to whisper happily in his ear.

“Oh, yeah?” He chuckled, his eyes widening. “Ya think?”

Emily nodded enthusiastically, her long waves of dark hair shaking around her tiny face.

Max grinned. “Well, if you’re sure.” Placing Emily on the ground, he extended his hand to Liz and raised his head up. “The lady says I should ask you to dance.” He said formally, his lips curved in a crooked smile.

Looking down at Emily with an amused smile, she placed her hand in Max’s and allowed him to pull her into his arms. Swaying her gently on the floor, he laughed in her ear. “This song is really corny.” He commented about Rod Stewart’s ‘Forever Young’.

Liz nodded. “He wears really tight pants.”

Smiling, he spun them slowly. “So how did it go with your parents?” He said softly into her hair so only she could hear.

“Yeah, everything went like it was supposed to.” She answered, catching her parents watching them through the window to the back and looking at her in what could only be identified as amused shock. “They’re gonna go with me and Em to the lab later.”

Max smiled. “You’re a genius, you know. Brilliant. Amazing. I can’t believe how strong you are. How you’re holding it all together so well right after...” he trailed off, not knowing how to expressed what had happened to the two of them earlier, and instead pressing a kiss onto her temple and hugging her firmly as they swayed.

Liz sighed. “Yeah, well I have a project, so that helps...and also my parents just saw you kiss their daughter.” She smiled as her parents’ eyes widened.

Max chuckled. “They should get used to it.”

“We should go.” Liz laughed, pulling out of Max’s arms and grabbing his hand, leading him out the front door of the Harbor.

“Hey...” Max pulled her to a stop once they were outside. “Don’t do that again.” He shook his head in mock sternness with a smile.

Liz’s brows knotted in confusion. “Do what?”

Max pulled her back to him and wrapped his arms around her tiny torso, looking down into her eyes. “Pull out of my arms.” He bit his lip with a half-smile. “I need you right here. I just got you back.”

Liz pulled Max’s head down to hers swiftly, kissing him fiercely, her lips sliding over his. “It’s not a problem, believe me...” she breathed heavily, her lips reclaiming his surprised ones once again.

Inside, Grant and Sheila watched in surprise as their innocent, or so they had thought, daughter basically mauled the boy she’d only met the day before through the glass of the Harbor Café doors.

“Well then...” Grant trailed off in confusion.

Sheila nodded slowly. “Yeah...well...”

“Should know...” Grant nodded toward the two outside, “take out the hose? Break it up?”

Sheila smiled in amusement and shook her head. “It’s our Lizzie, ya know? She’s smart...and it’s her life. They’re just...kissing, afterall. And...they’ll stop in a minute...probably...” she ended with a laugh. He seemed like a good boy. And it had been HER Liz that had just...well, attacked him. Yeah, they’d stop in a minute, she was sure. ANY minute...


“Sir?” A light knock on the door interrupted his thoughts, and he turned toward the port.

“Come in, Junis. What’s the news.” Khivar boomed, his eyes glaring as usual.

“We have good news and bad news, sir. The good news is that the granolith has been located. It’s being contained behind the pod-chamber. It will only take a couple of days to begin powering it up.” Junis began. He hoped...prayed that the good news would make the bad news have less of an impact...but he doubted it.

Khivar nodded. “Excellent. And the bad news, Junis...?” He gestured impatiently.

“The activation crystal not with the granolith. So we still have to find it before it can work. And...” he took a deep breath and prepared for the worst, “And the k- and MAX,” he corrected himself quickly, “Max and the girl have...connected. And they have their old memories back now...along with the new ones.” Junis stood frozen, preparing for Khivar’s reaction to the news.

He didn’t expect the reaction that he got, which was more contemplation than anger. “The location of the crystal is encoded in the Defenders’ memories. If she will not allow us to search her mind freely, we will do it forcibly. And if she blocks us...we will have to go to the other one. He wont be able to stop us as easily.”

Junis nodded slowly. “And...about the connection...” he questioned nervously.

“There is NOTHING we can do about that!” Khivar boomed angrily. Focus on what we can CONTROL, Junis. That is how to rule successfully. That is why HE failed. Only focus on what you can control and change. Now GO.”

Junis nodded obediently and left the room. Of course, Khivar was right. They had to focus on the granolith so they could intervene themselves. Khivar was always right.


OK, there it is. old part 19. hope it was ok. My theory that im trying to test out with this story is that if the plot layer of the story is interesting, people will still want to read/watch even if the main characters are together.

so I really hope its still interesting...


hey, I have an idea, why dont ya all let me KNOW what you can leave me little messages well call, it'll be like the new big trend*happy*



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its a huge mess. a HUGE mess. it only ruins things. you either pine forever...or you tell them and get shot down KINDOF...or you get the "I love you so much cant we stay exactly how we are now...where you sleep in my bed almost every night and im really touchy and petty" and then he wants to hook up with you basically youre together in every was except that he says youre not.

and you dont know if at this point you just want to be friends again..if thats even possible...or you hate him...or you still love him...or if the love is just residual...and then you leave school for the summer...

and he messages you and hes talking about how well you know him...about how great you are and how amazing the two of you get allong...and he calls you "love" until you tell him not to, bc that word is terrifying enough for you ESPECIALLY when the person whos saying it doesnt mean it like you do...but then when he does stop you wish he would again, bc it made you feel so nice...and all you want is to sleep in his bed like you used to...

but you cant. and if you do it means different things for each of you.

and hell be living in my building again this year and well be back in a month.

im sorry about that, I just talked to him
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you know why I love to write guys? its bc then im the one in control of whats happeneing. and even if there are al lot of problems, I KNOW how I will have it end up.

real life is panic attack worthy*happy*haha

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"I have a feeling we are about to embark upon a most unprecedented expedition."

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Jiggers originally wrote:
Hey yo! I don't know how I managed to miss like 10 parts but I'm absolutely in love with this fic ...

I will throw you all the love you want as long as you promise to keep writing and not leave me hanging.

I have the theory that Tess is protecting emily, and emily is max & liz's daughter ... however maybe not from the future, maybe recreated??? like maybe is liz and alien too???

and I'm thinking there are more like 3 sets of lives here ... the past where tess originally thought she and max were married but instead she was some sort of protector ... and then the life we saw on the show and then the life they planted in thier heads ...

Love this to pieces


you and lillie so far are the closest to figuring things out, but only a small % of your theory is right*happy*

but KEEP GUESSIN, you may just hit it right.

im having a little trouble with this part

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just wanted to pop in and let you guys know that im trying really hard to have this part out tonight, which means I probobly will...but that I'm having some issues with many different people involved and I have to cover them all...kind of getting me frustrated...

so yeah, thats the update. im really trying bc I definitely wont be able to post tomorrow bc im working till closing and ill be EXHAUSTED after that.

so if you guys can just randomly bump this to keep it somewhere toward the first or second page thatd be GREAT.

also wanna give you guys kind of oa heads up on the almost near-future.
after AUG 19th I go back up to school...which is great for me but not for the after that the parts will be coming much much more sporadically. im talking MAYBE one every week and 1/2, 2 weeks. if im lucky, but I also PROMISE That I wont stop posting completely. itll just be a while between parts, and I didnt wanna spring that upon you last minute.

but I also promise that I wont leave it in places that'll be torturously cliffhangery like I tend to do now.


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ok here it is, after MUCH MUCH MUCH delay...


“Max. MAX!” Isabel stared wide-eyed at Max and Liz’s heated kissing in annoyance.

“MAXWELL!” Michael grabbed his arm, spinning him around to face them. “We have to talk to you. NOW.”

Max and Liz gasped as they were retched apart harshly by Michael and Isabel’s angry voices...and arm. Looking down in confusion at the hand tightly gripping his bicep, Max frowned and pulled away. “What, Michael. What is it?” He asked angily, annoyed at the interruption.

“Max...” Isabel looked between him and Liz with interest, and Liz met her look with a slightly embarrassed smile, “we have to talk to you. It’s really important.”

“Really important...” Max mumbled, reading his sister’s worried expression, Michael’s unreadable one, and turning back to Liz, who looked concerned.

“Max...” Michael interjected impatiently.

“Go.” Liz said quietly, reaching over and squeezing his hand reassuringly. “I have that...thing I have to do with my family...don’t worry about me.” She bit her lip and forced a small smile. “Really, I’m ok. Go.”

Max nodded and pulled Liz into a hug, kissing the top of her head protectively, totally unaware of Michael and Isabel’s gaping stares. It certainly was a large change from how they were together the day before...and quite a shock to the other two.

Releasing Liz, Max nodded to the other two. “Ok, let’s go.” He turned back to Liz and smiled. “I’ll be by later, ok?”

Liz nodded and waved him off before taking a deep breath and re-entering her family’s restaurant. Or at least...who she thought her family was. The sooner she got those blood tests done the better.

“Lizzie!” A her sister’s voice pulled her out of her thoughts. “Come color with me!” She smiled up at her from the booth she was sitting in.

Liz laughed and nodded. “Ok, Ok. Sure, Em.” She sat down and grabbed a piece of paper and a crayon. Looking down at her sister’s paper, she cocked her head. “What’s your picture of, Em? It’s really pretty.”

Emily looked down at her drawing and back up at her sister. “It’s the moons, silly.” She grinned and shook her head at the obviousness of the statement.

“Ohhhh,” Liz laughed. “Ok, Em, sorry. They’re just great.” She smiled and began to color her own drawing, and wondering, in amusement, why Emily had decided to make three separate moons in her picture.


“So, you wanted to talk?” Max asked, plopping himself down on the living room couch in their summer house. Their parents had apparently gone out to see the town and had left a note saying they wouldn’t be back for a few hours.

“Max...” Isabel pulled a strand of her hair worriedly and sat down at the other end of the couch. “Max, Michael and I...we felt something this morning. A couple of hours ago. We felt and...saw something.”

Max’s eyes widened and he looked at Michael, who nodded in confirmation. They had felt something...a couple of hours ago. A couple of hours ago he was with Liz...and they had...connected...

Had the other’s been effected too? It hadn’t even occurred to him that it had changed anything for anyone but he and Liz. “What did you guys feel?” He asked slowly.

“Power.” Michael answered him, sitting down in the armchair across from them. “Like a blast of power. And we saw things. We had flashes.” His expression was very serious as he addressed Max. “Disturbing things.”

“We saw things that we don’t remember happening.” Isabel interrupted quietly. “Max, this is all really confusing. Do you know...I mean, did you...did it happen to you too?”

Did it happen to him?? Hell, he’d all but caused the damn thing. They needed to know everything...he knew they did. But telling them meant telling them he’d opened a connection with Liz. Exposed their secret. But once they knew everything, that wouldn’t matter. Hopefully. Yeah, he had to tell them. And show them. If they knew, they could help. They could all figure it out together.

“It...yeah, I know what it was...kind of. I mean, I know why it happened...but before you get angry,” Max shot a look to Michael, who had opened his mouth to speak, “I have to tell...and show you everything. Ok?”

Isabel nodded and Michael shrugged his shoulders. “Fine.”

“Ok, good.” Max took a deep breath. “Give me your hands.”


Kyle braced himself before knocking in her window. It was still pretty early in the morning for a summer day, but what he had to do couldn’t wait. It was inside his head, driving him crazy. It was a good thing his father had left for the police convention at dawn...he’d had no trouble leaving without being questioned.

Knocking again, this time a little harder, he took a breath. Either he was going insane, or there was something insane going on. And he needed to find out. And the only way to do that was to talk to-

“Kyle Valenti?” Her confused voice broke him out of his thoughts as she pulled the window open in front of him. “Um...hi?”

Pushing her blonde hair out of her face, she cleared her throat. She had a reason why he had come, but she wasn’t going to be the first one to bring it up.

Kyle cleared his throat, pulling his hands out of his pocket and running then through his hair anxiously. “Um, can I come in? I kind of have something...something I wanted to talk to you about.” He stammered, shifting his weight.

Biting her lip and raising an eyebrow, she shrugged. “Uh, yeah. I guess so.” She moved out of the way and waited while he climbed in the window and stood in her room awkwardly. “So...” She began, motioning for him to speak.

“Right.” He nodded. Well, he was there. He might as well ask her what he had come to ask her. “Why I came is...well, I wanted to know...have to been...seeing things. That don’t make sense. And there’s this girl that...that I know...but I don’t...” He trailed off. Yup. He sounded pretty insane.

Taking a shaky breath, she sat down on her bed and closed her eyes. “You felt it, didn’t you.” She whispered. “You know about Liz.”

Kyle took a step back at her words. “Oh my god.” His eyes widened. “Maria...what’s going on?”

Maria looked up at him with large eyes. “I have no idea, Kyle. But Alex knows too.” She shook her head in confusion. “Something really weird is going on.”


Michael and Isabel sat agape as their connection with Max ended. “My God.” Isabel whispered. “Was that....was that all real?” She asked, her eyes wide.

“I don’t know.” Max sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I feel like it was...don’t you?”

Michael nodded. “It’s like...I remember it...but at the same time...”

“I remember this life.” Isabel finished. “They can’t both have happened. I just makes no sense.”

Michael’s face suddenly changed to realization, his eyebrows narrowing. “So...this means that Liz knows everything.” He acknowledged. “Everything about us...everything we just saw.”

Max nodded hesitantly, looking back between his sister and best friend. “Yeah, she does...but, I don’t have anything to worry about...”

“We know.” Isabel interrupted with a small smile. “We can trust her. Don’t worry, Max. We both just saw that we can trust her.” Realization hit her and she frowned. “God, Max...she must be so confused. More than us. Everything about her entire life...her family...everything...she must have no idea what’s real anymore.” Her eyes filled with sympathy. At least she still had her family...Max and Michael. Liz had no one. Isabel took a deep breath. She didn’t know WHAT she’d do if she didn’t have Max and Michael.

Max nodded sadly. “She’s taking it all pretty well...but...” he shook his head, “I don’t know how ok she can really be. Her whole entire life could be a fraud, you know? It has to be the most horrible thing...” he trailed off and took a breath. “She’d going to blood test her family later today. She told them it was a project.”

Michael and Isabel nodded. “Well, we’re all in this together now.” Isabel asserted. “We have to figure out what’s going on.”

Max’s eyes widened in surprise. “Really, Iz? You’re ok with everything...with Liz I mean? Michael?”

Michael nodded in agreement. “Yeah, why not. She already knows everything, anyway. Can’t possibly be any worse than that.” He shrugged. “Like I said before, I trust her, you know? She’s ok with me.”

Max smiled at his friend in appreciation. “You don’t know how much it means to me to have your support.”

Michael chuckled. “Don’t get all mushy on me, Maxwell. I know you need me around to defend you if there’s any trouble, ya wuss.” He shrugged. “It’s no big deal.”

Max chuckled and smiled genuinely. “Thanks, Mike.”

Isabel smiled at them both. It was so nice to see them get along so well...all of them. Especially with things as crazy as they were. She had a feeling that they were going to lean on eachother for strength pretty soon. Even Liz. Maybe especially Liz. She wasn’t sure.

“Wait,” Isabel interrupted their thoughts and looked at Max in confusion. “Why is Liz blood testing her family is she’s adopted?”

Max’s brows narrowed in puzzlement. “Liz isn’t adopted.”

“Um, yeah, she is.” Isabel repeated. “Mom told me she was. She was so amazed at how much Emily and Liz look alike...even though Liz is adopted. Mister and Misses Hastings told her last night. So why the blood tests?” She tucked her hair behind her ear and looked at her brother expectantly.

Max scratched his head, cocking it to the side. “I have no idea.”


ok there it is. hope its up to what youve come to expecty of me*happy*lol

it took me forever to get thourgh that, so I REALLLY hope you guys like it.
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just a little hint to you guys...

something michael said that sounded normal but phrased a little strangely perhaps ties in to the last part and something Khivar said.

it was a little foreshadowy hint*happy*

thought id let ya all know.

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bc this is unacceptable lack of feedback*happy* lol

need more love people! send me the love

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hah told you guys the blood test thing wasnt a mistake on my part, its very intentional and kindof important*happy*

I MAY be posting tonight, but no promises

keep you eyes open and bump this occasionally if ya feel like it*big*


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thats all im gonna say, girl


SOME of that is VERY close.

not all but some.

very very good guessing.

not all, but Some


im definitely posting tonight. I HAVE TO after that post, so everyone thank crazeesmilee
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OK, here it is, after much adeu (ok, not so much...)


“No.” Tess shook her head, her eyes glaring fiercely. It was one thing to be passive. To sit by and watch...and not revolt against them. That was fine. She didn’t really care either way, afterall. But this was another matter. This was her head. Her mind. Her thoughts belonged to her.

“NO.” She repeated again angrily.

“This is not a choice, Tess dear.” Nasedo pointed out coldly. I wasn’t asking permission.

“I can keep you out.” Tess spat out, tossing her hair arrogantly. “You know I can.”

Nasedo rolled his eyes in aggravation. “What reason do you have to resist, Tess. To HELP THEM?” He laughed in amusement. “You don’t care about them anymore than we care about you.”

Tess held her breath. Well, it wasn’t as if she didn’t already know that. She was fine. He had no effect on her. “You’re right about that.” She said slowly. “I don’t care about them at all. But I wont let you in my head. Ever. Find out what you need on your own, if you guys are so smart.” She scathed, her eyes blazing with anger.

All she had was her thoughts. What the hell did they think she would do, roll over and obey? She was no puppet. Not anymore.

“So brave all of a sudden, is that right?” Nasedo smirked in amusement. “Such a stupid girl. Someone’s going to kill you eventually.” He snickered. “Stupidity and bravery always lead to a downfall.” And with that, before she could even realize what was happening, Nasedo had grasped her blonde curly head in his hands.

And Tess’s face contorted, her mouth agape in a silent scream of agony.


“How is this possible...” Kyle ran a hand through his hair and sighed, leaning back against the wall behind Maria’s bed.

“Got me.” Maria shrugged. “I thought I was going insane. Then Alex told me he’d seen the same things...and now you.” She cocked her hair. “You think we’re all part of some whacked out alien-cover-up conspiracy thing? And I’m like Scully or whatever? Except cuter.” She laughed.

“I guess anything’s possible.” Kyle raised an eyebrow. “So you think it’s true then? That those wierdos are really aliens?”

“This is Roswell.”

“Yeah. Glad we’re not cliché or anything.” Kyle chuckled. “Should we, like, call Alex or something?”

“I’m here.” Alex’s voice broke into their conversation as he opened the door to Maria’s room. “Your mom let me in.” He looked at Maria and Kyle on the bed with wide eyes. “And unless the two of you have made some really unsettling and...twisted life changes, I guess Kyle saw it too.”

Maria nodded. “Yeah, he knows too.”

Alex nodded back and leaned back against her dresser. “So you guys think Liz is real, right?” He scratched his head thoughtfully. “I remember her like she was real.”

“So where is she now, though.” Kyle asked aloud. “And...why are we just remembering her.”

Alex sighed. “Well, I think it’s safe to say that there’s seriously weird stuff going on.” He turned to Maria with a smirk. “Speaking of weird and Michael Guerin?”

Maria shook her head adamantly. “No. That part’s wrong.”

Kyle and Alex chuckled and Kyle rolled his eyes at her. “Riiight. Of course.”

“Seriously, shut up, you guys.”


Blood tests didn’t really prove anything, Liz repeated to herself, staring at the results written clearly on the paper in front of her. Nope, blood tests were only abstract guesses at genetic relationships. Didn’t prove a thing.

But she’d known that beforehand. Of course she had. She was a biology freak. She’d worked in the genetics lab in the hospital for months. She knew how these things worked.

Which is why she’d also taken hair samples.

And as everyone who ever watched day-time talk-shows knew, hair samples were 99% accurate.

Hundreds of dead-beat dads on Ricky Lake had learned that the hard way.

99% accurate. That’s a pretty big number. Pretty friggin accurate.

When 4 o’clock had rolled around they had all taken the short trip to the hospital. Her parents thought it was ‘just great’ that she had taken up a project during her off time. Of course they would do anything to help. And Emily had just smiled and readily accepted the lollipop the nurse had given her after drawing blood.

Yup, no big deal. Just a project.

The DNA test had taken a little longer. The technician had helped her do it. He was so proud...happy that she was so interested in the field. And then he had left her to finish up. To look over the results.

The fact was that no matter which way the tests went it would be hard to handle. Any result was a shock. Any outcome changed her life.

No matter WHAT they said...things would be effected.

But regardless of that, she had expected them to come out a certain way. Even she hadn’t really realized it, but she’d expected a certain result.

Not that one result was less confusing than the other. But still...

She couldn’t tear her eyes from the paper. What did it mean? How could everything she knew possibly fit together. Nothing made any sense.


Max. She knew that voice. Why was Max here now? Turning around to face the doorway, she smiled slightly at the sight of him. Max made sense. Max made sense and he was there. Here.

“Max...” her voice came out smaller than she’d expected. “what are you doing here?”

“I asked the front desk where you were. They let me in.” He smiled, walking toward her slowly. Let him in, forged a clearance tag...same thing.

Liz nodded. “Couldn’t wait to see me?” She joked, raising an eyebrow. “It’s only been a few hours.”

“I was lost without you.” Max smiled, only half-joking. “And also...” he continued slowly, “I had to ask you something. There’s something that I kind of...well that I don’t get.” He fidgeted slightly and leaned against the wall, shoving his hands in his pockets. Why was he having so much trouble asking her this. It was a really simple question, wasn’t it?

But, for some reason, it didn’t feel like one.

“Ok...” Liz looked at him in confusion. “What is it?”

Max nodded, biting his lip. “It’s just that...well, why are you blood-testing your family if you’ know...adopted?” he finishes, scratching the back of his neck.

“I’m not adopted.” Liz answered quickly, brushing the question off.

Ok...Max contemplated. Well something didn’t make sense...because her parents wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t true...and they wouldn’t tell strangers if Liz herself didn’t know. “Um, well, it’s just that...your parents told mine that you were...” He trailed off. She had this look on her face. Like she wasn’t even in the same room as him anymore. Like she was deep in thought somewhere inside her head...

Adopted. Liz repeated the word over and over to herself. She wasn’t adopted. She would know if she was adopted...and she had no recollection of...

‘Oh my God.’ There it was. It was like this...whisper of a memory. Like something that she’d forgotten...

“Max...?” She said finally, her voice very quiet and unsure.

“Are you ok, Liz?” Max walked over to her at the table and sat down at the stool next to her.

“OK.” She said strongly, sitting up straight. “Um, there’s two things. Um...” she wrung her hands together. As if she didn’t have enough to deal with, lets add one more thing to the pile. “...and the two things...well, they don’t fit together.”

Max nodded for her to continue. He’d never seen her like this. She looked...overwhelmed.

“Ya see...well, the tests, family and I...we’re all related. We’re a family. All of us. My mother is my mother...and my father is my father...and Emily...we’re related. Both tests prove it. And...” She continued quickly, “I...forgot that I was adopted. How does anyone FORGET something like that, you know? I’m...forgetting things. I’m losing memories.” She finished, biting her lip nervously.

What else had she forgotten? Why the HELL was she forgetting things. It was almost like...

“It’s like I have too much in my head.” She closed her eyes, trying to control her rapid breathing. “Like I can’t handle it all.” She choked back a sob. God, anything ELSE?

Max pulled her forward into his arms, holding her to his body. He was not expecting any of that. Even before he’d found out she was adopted he’d been sure the tests would show that she wasn’t really a Hastings.

But she WAS a Hastings.

And she was adopted. By the Hastings’. Or at least she’d thought so at one point.

And she was forgetting things. Was she forgetting real things? Real memories? Or were they the fake ones?

And she was Liz Parker. PARKER. At least she had been. He’d been sure of it.

He WAS sure of it.

Liz sniffled and pulled her head back, taking a deep breath. “Those tests sure did clear a lot up, huh.” She said with a small, sarcastic smile. “I was only KIND OF confused before.” She laughed. “Can’t have that, can we?”

Max bit his lip and smoothed her hair out of her face. “I promised you we’d figure this all out, didn’t I?” He brushed her wet cheek with his thumb. “We will.” He whispered with a smile. “I promise.”


WHEW. ok that one took a lot out of me. and I wasnt even supposed to post tonight. but I just HAD to. after crazeesmilee's post lol...I couldnt NOT let you guys in on the little info hidden in this part.

and yes, im aware how confusing and crazy this part is.but Max's promise to Liz is my promise to you guys.

WE WILL EVENTUALLY FIGURE EVERYTHING OUT, I swear. look how far we've come already.

but only if you guys feedback and throw me the love (lol, im irrepressible im aware, but im A feedback whore. you guys know that)

so with that said, FEEDBACK PLEASE, ask questions (not that ill necessarily answer em,), tell me what you think, what you like, what you hate haha I need it all.


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I just want to make some thing very clear.

my LIZ is not weak or a whiney, crying baby. shes just got way to much to deal with at once. seriously now, imagine not knowing anything about who you are, and every time you try to figure it out, you know less and less.

so yeah, shes overwhelmed. NOT weak. just thought id make that clear.

lol, I have a "never let em see you cry" thing. sorry. I dont even cry in front of my friends at sad movies.

so wanted to straighten that out.

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calishali originally wrote:
I hope you feel special, cause you are the only one I come out of lurkdom for!

Anyways...ok, I was thinking about the whole Parker/Hastings thing, and they are all related... have we heard anything about Jeff and Nancy in this yet? Are they still in Roswell running the crashdown? Maybe they are Mr & Mrs Hastings... none of the roswell crew have said anything about the Parkers, even after they realized what Liz's last name was...I don't know, just thinking out loud, cause that still doesn't explain how Emily is part of that genetic family...

So my new vote on who Emily is...not a daughter, but maybe Liz (from Antar's) little sis...

Seriously, there is so much to think about, I could come up with at least 20 theories and makes my brain hurt!

FIRST OF ALL thanks so much for coming out of lurkdon for me. I do feel very very spoecial about it*happy*

and there was a part with NANCY AND JEFF PARKER. they were in roswell, sorry to say, lol so you may wanna go back and check that.

IM SO SORRY hun but I cant tell YOU EVERYTHING beforehand, can I? you gotta be surprise like everyone else. its much more fun that way (at least for me).


yeah, I know this part was really really confusing. I knew it was gonna be but I had to do it anyway lol. it was necessary to make sure you know everything you need to know.

so to recap,

Liz, Grant, shiela, and Emily Hastings are all genetically related.

Liz remembers that she was adopted.

Some of Liz's memories are fading.

I know, it all seems really contradictory, but it makes sense I swear. I REALLY hope you guys dont get so confused that you give up, bc things will get cleared up eventually I SWEAR.

and hey, KEEP THE FEEDBACKIN. makes me so happy.


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im not sayin that your guesses are right, but I will say that you are a very good guesser*big*.

if I was gonna start this fic all over again id use a lot of your ideas that arent right this time around. lol


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nickeygurl13 originally wrote:
I know, it all seems really contradictory, but it makes sense I swear

Hahaha. That's what you think bec, dear.


I guess you forgive me for lyin to ya? haha I knew that wouldnt last.


I may post tomorrow night. ive had a spurt of creativity*happy*

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LilBecca originally wrote:
this si great I found this a couple of days ago and I've just been wowed by it. this is great I can't wait tos ee what's gonna happen next!! great fic keep it up. update update!!!!*bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**happy*

just wanted to say that when I saw your name on my latest feedbacker thing it was really wierd bc Lil Becca was my nickname for 2 years.

there was more than one becca...I was the smallest.


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HERE ya go...took me long enough...


“So...” Max scraped his foot on the pavement, biting his lip slightly.

Liz nodded. “So...”

Max scratched his head with the hand that wasn’t currently holding hers. “Do you have work tonight?”

“Nope. I’m off all day today.” Liz glanced toward her empty driveway they were standing in front of and back to Max. “My parents...are at the café...though.”

Max nodded quickly. “..oh.”

“,” Liz, “You wanna, you, watch a movie or something. My dad keeps, like, every movie ever made in the guesthouse.”

Max smiled slightly, his eyes grazing her longingly. Shaking his head, he cleared his throat. “Are you sure? I mean...that you don’t just wanna go relax...get some rest, you know?” He eyed her in concern. Could he really think about his own desires with the day she’d had? With everything that had happened and that they’d found out.

Liz smiled and squeezed his hand. “Hey, don’t look at me like that, ok? I’m fine. Really.” She laughed at his skeptical look. “Seriously, I am. I’m not saying it isn’t a lot...A LOT to deal with, but I’m ok.”

Liz had calmed down pretty quickly in the hospital, and she and Max had spent the rest of the afternoon just walking around town together...talking and relishing the ability to be together. She prided herself on being able to hold it together, and she wasn’t going to let this situation turn her into a basket-case. She had a feeling that they were all going to have to be pretty clearheaded in the future...the near future.

So they had ended up front of her empty house. Her parents at the café and her sister sleeping at a friend. Just she and Max.

And all afternoon she’d been plagued with the thought that things were going to fall apart really soon. That something big was coming and that it was going to be unbelievably hard...and scary. That she didn’t have all that much time to just enjoy things.

And she wanted to make the most of it. Liz smiled to herself. She didn’t know whether her priorities were all backward or if she was finally thinking clearly...but she knew that the last thing she wanted at that moment was for Max to go home.

And she was pretty sure he didn’t want that either.

“Come on, Max.” She coaxed with a mischievous smile. “It’ll be FUN.”

Sighing, Max shook his head. “How can I say no to that? You, young lady, take advantage of me with your charm.” He chuckled in amusement. “Yes, yes, I’ll stay. But the second you feel tired or anything you just kick my butt out, ok?”

“Deal.” Liz grinned in triumph, dragging him toward the guesthouse with a smile.


“So, I’m taking it that your efforts were unsuccessful.”

Nasedo sighed in aggravation into the phone. “Yes, sir. She blocked all attempts to extract the information...despite the physical pain in obviously caused her.” It was true...she had screamed like she was dying. HE had almost been able to feel the agony of it. “The girl may not be the sharpest but she certainly is stubborn. She refuses to help in any way.”

“I’d expected that.” Khivar’s harsh voice replied. “We’ll have to go to the other Defender. He wont be able to keep us out like she was. It is significantly more difficult, though. I’ll have to get someone more competent than YOU to take control.”

The phone abruptly went dead on the other end, leaving Nasedo clutching the useless receiver angrily.

“Right...” Nasedo gritted his teeth. NO ONE could’ve gotten the information out of Tess. Khivar knew that. He knew the extent of her powers...and how strong she was.

Just because Michael couldn’t keep them out of his mind didn’t mean it would be any easier to get the information. It had been placed with those two for a reason.


“I love this movie.” Liz murmured with a sigh. “Don’t you just LOVE this movie?”

Max chuckled, running his hand through her long, silky hair, his eyes glued not to the TV screen, but to her lithe body curled temptingly into his on the couch. “Yeah...” he nodded absently. “It’s great...”

Liz shook her head at him with a laugh, smacking his playfully on the shoulder. “You’re not even WATCHING, are you?”

Max nodded. “Yes, I am. I was totally watching. Captivated my attention, this movie.” He ran his fingers up the length of her smooth arm. So soft...

“Liar.” Liz scoffed in amusement. He hadn’t even looked at the screen in the last twenty minutes. “Who’s that guy?” She tested him with a grin, gesturing to the character currently speaking.

Max glanced quickly at the television before returning his rapt gaze to where his hand was tracing patterns around Liz’s shoulder and upper back. “That’s Frank. He sells umbrellas and has a problem with gambling away his earnings on dog races and pie.” He answered easily, leaning his entire body closer to Liz. She smelled so and flowers and...cake batter...

“Ok...” Liz shook her head and laughed, her heart speeding up in her chest. Turning her eyes back to the screen, she licked her lips anxiously. “I have no idea what movie you’ve been watching, but-”

Liz’s breath was forced out of her when Max’s hand ventured from her shoulder, sliding down the side of her body slowly, grazing the side of her breast and ending it’s journey on her stomach, where it began to slowly stroke the smooth, flat skin of her lower stomach.

It’s been so long since he’d felt her...touched was like he couldn’t stop himself...

His other hand slowly moved from the arm of the couch to her cheek, stroking the skin with his thumb before threading his fingers expertly through her hair.

Liz closed her eyes, trying to take deep breaths. God...she’d almost forgotten...

Moving her body as close to his as possible, slid her own hand up his chest, fisting it in the material of his starchy shirt. “So, dog races, huh?” She hissed as his hand skimmed across her stomach before pressing into the small of her back. Pulling her body more firmly against his.

“Oh yeah...” Max groaned as Liz’s free hand came to rest on his khaki short-clad thigh. “Frank’s a sucker for the hounds...”

Max pulled Liz onto his lap, spreading her legs to straddle him. “God...” He rasped, sliding his hand up her back under the thin material of her tank-top. She felt so good on top of amazingly perfect...and...

Oh, God. She had started to unbutton his shirt. When did that happen? She was almost done.

“Liz...” He hissed, pulling her face down to kiss her jaw. His wet lips sucked the soft skin there, traveling up almost to her ear. Licking...sucking...

Liz gasped at the sensations Max was causing in her. She’d forgotten what it felt like to feel his hands...and his body...and his...

Max grunted as Liz ground herself down on his lap, pushing her own core down on his arousal. They’d only ever been like this a couple of times before...

“Can you take your shirt off?”

He hazily heard it somewhere in his head...or in reality...he couldn’t be sure, but either way he gave a jerky nod and momentarily disengaged his hands from the assorted places on Liz’s body they had made themselves at home for her to push his shirt off his arms.

And she was sucking on his neck...his collarbone...her hands sliding over the taught skin of his chest and stomach haphazardly.

Max finally pulled her face up to his, claiming her mouth urgently, his lips suckling hers hungrily. His tongue invaded her mouth forcibly, tangling with hers. God, he needed her...

Liz frantically rocked herself in to Max’s body, desperately trying to ease the churning in her stomach...or enhance it...she wasn’t at this point. She just couldn’t stop...

“Max...” She rasped, pushing him back against the arm of the couch and practically climbing on top of him.

His hands were everywhere...on her hair, on her face...her body, sliding up her front and cupping her breast, her hard nipple grinding into his palm. “God, Liz...” he moaned at her whimper. Everywhere was like

“NO!” Liz screamed suddenly, jumping off the couch, her eyes wide in horror at what she’d just seen. “ no no no no...oh God...oh God, no...”

“LIZ!” Max jumped up after her. “It NEVER happened...I swear...God, Liz...I would never...I DID never...” He gulped in air frantically. “It’s a lie, Liz...I swear it’s a lie...” he pleaded with her, his eyes begging hers. “Please...”

“You...” Liz tried desperately to swallow the rapidly forming lump in her throat. She was overcome with the urge to throw up, all of a sudden. Her voice came out small and questioning. “You had sex...with Tess?”


“They saw it, right?”

The man nodded, “Yeah, they both received the flash...don’t worry, it worked.”

The other man nodded, pleased. “Good, good. That should hold them off for a while. Can’t have things getting out of control, now can we.”

“No, sir.” His colleague agreed. “Don’t worry. We’ve got everything under control.” he affirmed. Sure, they did. For the next...what? Few minutes? Like it would make any kind of difference in the long run.



ok you guys BETTER send me some love after that part...that was ALL for you guys, ya know. Special bc of your requests....

oh, cmon now, ya didnt think id give you EVERYTHING you wanted all at once...I hope youve at least learned THAT about me after everything so far...



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I basically told you STRAIGHT OUT That those guys made them see that, and that tha TEX IS NOT REAL, so chill


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Breathless originally wrote:
Oh, you're so cruel! Getting me all worked up for some M&L lovin, and then WHAM! Tess gets thrown in my face! What a horrible horrible reminder! Now you owe us some SERIOUS M&L lovin, and soon!

I know I know im horrible but I had a couple of reasons for what I did...

and also I cant have you guys feelin too sorry for Tess. She's still TESS> and I think we all needed a reminder.

people dont do 180's instantaniosly.

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for more feedback*big*

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ok guys, before you kill me too much I have to let you in on a couple of things....

1) I did NOT put the tess thing in there to piss you guys off*tongue*

2) there is a VERY VERY IMPORTANT reason why they made Max and Liz see what they saw and not something else that would make them stop doing what theyre doing. they NEED max and Liz to hate tess...

just thing about it

3) dont worry too you really think the dillusion will last long?

4) um, love you guys?

ANYWAY, keep reading, keep feedbacking, NOTHING I put in is there for no reason...every little detail has a purpose...

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and you know its just my way to reveal one thing only to mess other things up. thats why this fic is a mystery...if anyone was ever able to predict how it was gonna end up I think id just stop writing...

anyway atay tuned bc ill hopefully be able to post tonight, but on the off chance I cant I will tomorrow night, ok?*happy*

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tooniiiiight toOniiiiiight

but try to go to sleep earlier!! cuz I think we'd all rather miss you for one day... than have you miss weeks and weeks being ill. least I think we do

ohhh and I think nickygirl summed up our feelings perfectly well.... hahaha :D she's quite passionate about her feelings.

anywhoooooooooooooooo I'll be here waiting for 11:30!! well maybe I'll be here waiting at 11:30....

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hahaha shoot for 12:30, hun*tongue*

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ok, see, I KEEP MY PROMISES, guys..and only a little late...


“I just wanted you to know, CHILD, that despite your great efforts against us, we’ll be able to obtain our information anyway.” Nasedo sneered at Tess as she entered the kitchen.

Tess scoffed at the man she’d been forced to call her father for so long. “I feel like you should’ve picked this up by now, but I don’t CARE what you do or don’t do. I just wont be your PAWN anymore.” she scathed.

Opening the refrigerator and pulling out a bottle of water, she turned to Nasedo with a flip her hair. “You can destroy all of humanity for all I care. Have a friggin field day.”

Nasedo nodded patronizingly. “Oh, I’m SO glad you feel that way, Tessie. I may just take you up on that. But first we’re going to take a painful little trip into your friend Michael’s head.” He paused and sneered at her menacingly. “You know what it feels like to have someone browse through your thoughts...don’t you Tessie? I’m sure Michael will enjoy it...he can’t keep us out like you can.”

Tess paused for a moment before shrugging absently. Taking a swig of her water, she plastered on a sugary smile. “Thanks for the info, Nasedo, hun, but like I said before, I DON’T CARE.”

“Oh, I’M SURE you don’t. Why would you? Afterall, it’s not like HE cares about YOU...obviously.” He smirked before abruptly turning to leave. “Oh, and Tess,” he turned his head to look at her, “if I were you I’d start packing some clothes up, cause in a few days we’re gonna be going on a little trip. Let’s call it a FAMILY VACATION.” He sneered before walking out of the room, leaving Tess, as she had grown so accustomed to, alone.


“I didn’t...I swear I didn’t...” Max’s pleading eyes bore into Liz’s alarmed ones. “Please...” he whispered, taking a slow step toward her .

Liz closed her eyes hard and forced herself not to back away from him. “But...I saw it.” She took a shaky breath and opened her eyes to meet his gaze. “I SAW it.”

“I saw it too...” Max swallowed, moving forward till there was only two feet of space between he and Liz. “Liz...I...I don’t know why we saw...that...” his voice wavered and he cleared his throat, “but I SWEAR, Liz...I SWEAR to you that it never happened. NEVER, Liz...” He placed his hand gently on her forearm, noticing that her eyes immediately went to where they touched. The look on her face made his whole body scream. She looked so...betrayed. “I would never do anything ...with HER...” He grimaced slightly. The image he had seen hadn’t just disturbed Liz. The very thought of being with Tess...especially after everything they’d she’d lied to them when they’d met, tried to drive he and Liz apart...made him see things...

She’d made him see things. Disturbing things...

Like the two of them together.

“Liz, it must have been Tess!” He dropped his hand from her arm and ran it through his hair nervously.

“Um, yeah, I know it was Tess...I saw it...” Liz stared at the floor, her voice hard.

Max shook his head furiously, “No, must have been Tess that made us see that.” He grabbed her hand and brought it up between then, causing her to look up into his face. “Think about it, in Bio-lab...she put things in my head...remember? Made me see...things...”

Liz nodded slowly, searching his eyes and seeing his obvious sincerity. “Yeah...” She bit her lip thoughtfully. It DID make sense...and in her her heart she just didn’t...COULDN’T believe that what she’d seen was real. But... “But Tess isn’t here.” She pointed out quietly. “She’s in Roswell, Max. How could she...”

“I don’t know.” Max cut in with determination. “But I KNOW that what we saw wasn’t real, Liz. It never happened. And that means that someone...or something made us see it. And...we know that she can...”


Anger for her swelled up in him. Why would anyone want to keep he and Liz apart? What could her motives possibly be? Even when it was just the two of them...when Liz hadn’t been in Roswell the past year...they had never been TOGETHER. He’d known that it was what she wanted...what she’d said was “meant to be”...but the point was that it never HAD BEEN. Not in this life, anyway. And that was all that mattered to him.

Liz watched as the emotions played out on Max’s features. He had gone from upset to angry in a matter of seconds, and as his eyes once again sought out hers, she saw the determination that had filled them.

“Liz, we can’t let her win, we CAN’T.” He clasped both his hands around hers tightly. “We can’t let her keep us apart. I...I need you too much. I need you to believe me...”

“I believe you.” Liz said softly. “I do. I believe you.”

“You do...” Max exhaled, a small smile playing on his lips. “You believe me?”

“I do.” Liz repeated. “’re telling the truth. I know you are. I...I think I knew it even when I saw threw me off. Seeing...THAT.” She held back the shudder that threatened to run through her. She had NEVER trusted Tess. How could she trust ANYONE that could make people see things that weren’t there? Especially someone who had been lying from the moment she’d walked into their lives...

Assuming that that life was actually real.

Either way, regardless of what was real and what was not...she and Max had been torn apart...and had somehow been brought back together. That HAD to mean something. They lived across the entire country from eachother but they’d been brought back together.

And no mind-controlling slut was going to break them apart. “I hate her...” she whispered, biting her lip. She didn’t like to think that about anyone...but there was no other way to put it.

Max nodded knowingly and lifted his hand to stroke Liz’s cheek gently. “If she ever comes anywhere near you...” he trailed off, tucking her hair behind her ear. “I love you so much.” He whispered fiercely, biting the inside of his cheek.

Liz smiled slightly, closing her eyes. “I love you.” Her voice sounded it had when she’d said it back to him that night in the van.

In the van back in another time.

It was real. She knew it was. She knew it with everything in her being.

“Max...” She swallowed, “I-”

“Lizzie? Are you in here?” Brooke’s voice broke into the still room as the redhead opened the door to the guesthouse. “I brought a movie, HEY...guys...” she laughed awkwardly as she was met with the two obviously smitten teens. Looking in amusement between them, she raised a suspicious eyebrow at her friend. “Was I...interrupting something?”

Liz laughed nervously as Max shoved his hands into his pockets and blushed. Brooke. Liz had almost completely forgotten about Brooke.

Who was supposed to be her BEST FRIEND. How did someone almost forgot about their best friend?

She hadn’t, a small voice inside her head whispered. Her best friend was Maria, back in Roswell. Probably.

“BROOKE!” Liz smiled widely, fidgeting and tucking her hair behind her ears. “Um, hey! How’s it goin?”

Brooke smirked. “Good, good. Just got off work...came to see if you wanted to watch a movie...but I see you’re already busy?” THEY sure seemed pretty close after only knowing eachother two days, Brooke mused to herself. She would have to fish the details out of Liz later. Being impulsive was so unlike her quiet friend...

Liz bit her lip. “Um...”

“Actually, I was just leaving.” Max broke in, returning his gaze to Liz. “Michael and Isabel...I should really talk to them about...” he trailed off. He didn’t want to leave her. In fact, everything in him was screaming to stay...but it had been a long day. A VERY long day...and they would probably be better off taking a little time to go over things. Figure things out.

And if he stayed he had a feeling he knew what would happen. And while he wanted it...A LOT...things were just too complicated at the moment. WAY too complicated.

Liz nodded solemnly, giving his hand a squeeze, before he turned to leave.

“Bye, Brooke,” he smiled warmly. “It was nice seeing you again.”

Brooke nodded. “Yeah, I’m sure I’ll be seein’ more of you.” She chuckled, watching as Max turned to Liz at the door, giving her friend the most intense look she’d ever seen on a guy.

“Bye, Liz.” He said quietly with a small, secretive smile.

Liz nodded slowly. “Bye, Max.” She sighed as he closed the door behind him. She understood why he’d left...but it almost scared her how much it still affected her.

Brooke’s eyes widened as she witnessed the exchange. This had gone much further than she’d thought. They had already progressed into soap-opera goodbyes. This was serious.

“Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie...” She grinned, plopping herself down on the couch. “You got some ‘splainin to do.”


“So once he falls asleep, then?” The man raised an eyebrow at his partner.

“Those were the orders.”

“And if he wakes up before we start?” the man’s voice had a shakiness to it that he wished he could conceal better.

The other man took a deep breath. “Let’s not think about it.”



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roswells_angel285 originally wrote:
*taps foot impatiently* C'mon, Bec. This decade might be nice... *lol* J/k. My get-away at Ziah's grandmother's country house was great. We mostly read books, slept, watched movies and talked. We hadn't really talked in a long while....

I had to break up with "my Max" the other day... *tear* I'm not too happy. It wasn't really my choise to give him up; my parents have grounded me and he'd never see me. He likes Zi anyway so I told him to go out with her. He was a little upset, but I'm sure he'll be fine after he starts dating her....

Sorry; babbling. Just needed to write that down. Maybe you can use my misery in your story. *lol* J/k again. *grimace* Sorry, not very funny....

Well, I'm gonna go check up on my other fics.


~Zoey T.

aww hun, hope youre doin ok, life is a huge pain in the ass sometimes, I know.

and fic-wise, im sorry I havent been able to post in a while but its been a crazy week. my dads in the hospital for back surgury and I had my last few days of work, im goin back up to school on tuesday and I have SO MUCH to do before then, and packing all my shit back up...but I promise I'll post 2 mors parts before I leave bc once I get back there my parts will be MUCH MUCH farther apart.

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Im writin away, guys, should be able to post in a couple of hours.

and I cant tell you how much of a pain in the ass this thing is*happy* in the best way, of course.

each part has SO MUCH happen in it...and everything is so impacting on everything else thats its almost exhausting to work it all out in my own head.

which is why the story had all taken place in I think 5 days...and look how much has happened. SO much crap packed into each part, haha ...and cause I hate reading transition parts in other people's always like, DUDE NOTHING HAPPENED.

so I dont want any of those

ANYWAY...back to writing diligantly like a 6 year old sweat-shop child.

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took me long enough, I know. hope it isnt a large piece of poo.


I’m Liz...Something...and right now my heart and head are so full that I’m surprised they don’t both explode. And someone would eventually come find the mess and just shrug and say, “Hey, there are pieces of Liz all over the floor. Strange, she’s usually so neat.”

Brooke came over tonight. She walked in on Max and I...

But that’s a whole separate issue. I’ll get to that in a minute. The point is that Brooke came in and started asking me all these questions. Grilling me about Max...and how close we were getting so fast after ‘meeting him’. I had almost forgotten that to everyone else we’d just met. In my head I’ve known him for years.

And I lied to her. I lied to Brooke. My best friend since...since...

I don’t remember. I can’t remember how we met...or how long we’ve been friends. Which is terrifying, and I would be freaking out about if it wasn’t almost expected at this point. Nothing surprises me.

But the fact is that I know Brooke. In my heart I do, even if I can’t remember our friendship together perfectly. And I lied to her.

And the worst part is that I know that not only is it going to happen again, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to NOT lie to her again.

And I keep thinking about Maria...and Alex...and even Kyle. If everything I’ve remembered is true...

Which I know it is. I feel it inside me. Do my friends even know I exist?

So what now? Does Brooke just get cut out of my life? Do I just stop talking to her completely?

Not that that would work, anyway. She’d be even more determine to find out what was going on if I did that. She knows me. Maybe not like Maria did, but still...

She shouldn’t be involved. She’ll only get hurt.

Because, even though I don’t have any idea what is actually going on, I know that people are going to get hurt. I’m not sure how I know it, but I do. It’s like this hollow feeling inside of my soul. The kind you get before something really bad happens.

She shouldn’t have to be involved in that if she doesn’t need to be.

And then there’s the whole Tess thing. God, even writing her name makes me shiver. What kind of person is so...selfish. And horrible. And so wrongly driven.

I know that I left Max that day...on the cliff...and I know why I left. I know I left to let him be with her. To follow his destiny.

And when we had the flashes and I remembered it all, there was a fleeting moment where I thought about running away again. The reasons I had the first time were still there...

But there’s so much more going on than just that. And Tess...I KNOW that she and Max can’t be together now. I didn’t before...but...I just know it.

And nothing makes me sicker than the thought of her manipulating him...US.

Max, Isabel, Michael...they’re connected to me now. All of them. She’d better stay away. No one hurts the people I care about.


Liz slid her journal back her nightstand. She was exhausted. And rightly so. More had happened that day than whole years beforehand.

She didn’t even want to think about the whole situation with her family...and whether or not they were actually her family. Her parents...and Emily. The DNA tests...and what she remembered...

And who the Parkers were.

It was all too much to sort out. There were so many things that just didn’t add up. So much contradictory information.

She needed to get some sleep.


“So what are we going to do about this...exactly?” Kyle shoved another french-fry into his mouth.

Maria rolled her eyes. “Can we try to swallow before speaking, please? I don’t feel like watching your digestive process in action.”

Alex snorted a laugh causing Kyle to shoot him a pointed look. “What, dude. She’s right. There’s more food in your mouth than on the plate. You’ll scare away all the ladies.”

Kyle swallowed loudly. “Fine, fine. I get the point. ANYWAY, like I was saying...about what’s been going on...?”

Maria sighed, the seriousness of the situation taking effect. “I have no idea...I mean, what is there that we can POSSIBLY do? You know? Go up to Mister and Misses Parker and be like, ‘Hey guys, ever have a daughter? Wonder why she’s not here anymore?’” She took a sip of her soda and glanced toward Jeff Parker behind the Crashdown counter. “Somehow I don’t think that would go over well.”

“No.” Alex shook his head. “PROBOBLY not.”

Kyle ran his hand through his hair, taking a breath. “My dad called from the convention before...he remembers it all too. He was so upset...about know, me being shot thing. He’s leaving early. Said he’ll be here tomorrow morning.”

“Good.” Maria nodded. “That’s good. The sheriff is good. He’ll know what to do. Good good sheriff.”

“You know what I wanna do about it...” Alex began hesitantly.

Maria shook her head. “We’ve been over this, Alex. There is no way we can just leave. My mother would hunt me down and chain me to her for the rest of my life...and your dad...”

“Well, maybe MY dad can, you, get us an alibi somehow. He’s good like that.” Kyle scratched his ear. It was so be in this situation with two people he hadn’t even SPOKEN to in forever, let alone actually worked together on anything. “Maybe he can, um...think of a good reason...that we need to go.”

“What are we gonna do? Show up on the doorstep of strangers and be like, ‘HEY. You don’t know us, but we think we know you.’? We don’t know where any of them are...where would we GO? Looking around the country aimlessly? We don’t know if any of this is real.” Maria pushed the food around her plate nervously. Could her life get any more ridiculous? What would they find out about next, leprechauns? When did real life get so damn unrealistic?

Alex shrugged. “It’s not a bad idea. I mean...we all remember this stuff. You guys, me, the sheriff. Chances are it’s real, don’t you think? And the others all remember it too...”

“But we still don’t know WHERE they are.” Maria repeated. “I mean, if you can solve THAT little problem than MAYBE...but...”

“Um, I think I have a way.” Kyle interjected, his eyes widening. “I think I know how we can find out.”

Maria shook her head adamantly. “If you say what I think you’re going to say...”

“C’mon, Maria...give it a chance.” Alex broke in. “He’s probably right, you know...and she can tell us what we need to know.”

“No.” She shrugged off the looks both Alex and Kyle were shooting her. “You remember just like I do...c’mon guys, she’s not going to help us.”

“But...she’ll definitely know where they are...and” Kyle began.

Maria gritted her teeth angrily. “Am I the only one who remembers how she was? Seriously guys, we are NOT going to Tess!”

Alex placed his hand on Maria’s arm. “She’s the only way.” He said calmly, looking across the booth to a nodding Kyle. “You’re right.”

Maria huffed, biting her lip. “Fine, fine. You guys win. But if she does anything...” She shook her head with a small smile. “I can kick her ass, you know that. And I will, too.”

Kyle snorted a laugh. “Right, right. Of course, Maria.”

“Definitely.” Alex added with an amused grin.

Kyle nodded. “So tomorrow, then. When my dad gets home.”

Maria sighed in consent. “Tomorrow.”


He slept on his back. That would make it much easier for them. Easy access to what they needed. And he was a sound sleeper. Thank god for that.

It was easy to see why he’d been the one chosen as Defender, the man noted, taking in Michael’s rough appearance and strong build. And he was loyal. They’d seen that already. And powerful. He could probably do much more than he suspected. Could blow a man to pieces in seconds.

The man shuddered at the thought. Well, stalling was only making the situation worse. He needed to just do it and get out of there as fast as possible.

Leaning down, he placed his hand on the top of the boy’s head, instantaneously forcing the connection.

Michael’s eyes shot open, his body paralyzed. The pain was blinding. The light.

The pain and the light. His head...

Oh, god.

He tried to scream. The pain...

In his head. They were in his head.

Ripping apart. Blinding, blinding pain.

And then it stopped. He couldn’t move. His eyes closed of their own accord. The pain was different now. A darker, more worn pain. The screaming still wouldn’t come. He just wanted to scream.

Oh, God. What the hell had just happened to him...

He barely made out the sound of his bedroom window closing. Whoever...whatever had been there with him was escaping down the balcony.

God, why the hell couldn’t he move.

The pain was a deep throbbing now.

Pulsing, dark pain.


“So do any of them know yet?” The woman walked into the room, her brother still watching the screen in front of him.

He shrugged. “Hard to say. They’re getting pretty close, though.” He sighed. “I wish we could help more.”

His sister sat down next to him, placing her hand on his shoulder. “You know what mother always used to say...”

“You can’t intervene in what’s meant to be. I know...but...” He took a breath, looking away from the screen and toward his sister. “Do you think she knew this was going to happen? I mean all of it. When know...left.”

“Probably.” She answered with a sad smile. “She always knew.”


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haha just needed to throw that out there. I need to see nw in something soon bc I seriously adore that boy more than anything.

yeah, haha that was just a sidenote by me.

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so be prepared guys, im leavin in 4 days, and ill post once before then but afterward...

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jeremiah originally wrote:
I Just Found this story and I have to tell you. It is probably one of the best stories out here. I am a HUGE Dreamer, so please tell me Max and Liz will be alright? I defiently cant wait to see were your little journey takes us next. BUMP!

oh, you dont know how nice it is to hear that.

I gotta say that even though all my readers are AMAZING and give me the best feedback ever, it seems like not that many people actually read this story, which makes me sad:(

lol, im needy, you guys know that. just feel like I work really hard to make this different than everything and so few people get to see it, but hey, I guess thats what independant filmmakers feel like every day, so I should just get over it.

ill probobly post in the next 2 days sometime. probobly tomorrow night if I can.

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I'm REALLY going to try to post one more time before I go back to school tuesday morning ET, but if after that, guys, dont expect a part for a long while. it may be weeks before I can post again, so just DONT FORGET ABOUT ME OR FIR, ok?*happy*


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im trying INSANELY hard to write a part right now, because if I cant post tonight im leaving for school tomorrow morning and I have NO IDEA when the next time ill post is. probobly a couple of weeks.

so you guys, if I work my butt off and get out a part tonight (even though I still have packing to do and should SO be getting ready to go) you have to all do me a favor.

while I cant post, and when there are big gaps between when I post, can you guys randomly bump this fic every now and then? id really like for it not to drop off the face of the site*happy*

THANKS, and im really gonna try to get out a part, because I know I left it in a mean place.

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(I'm 1/2 way done with this part, btw)
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WHEW, ok as promised. hope you like it bc I dont know when I can post again.



“Mmmm...” Isabel mumbled, ignoring the tiny voice calling her from her sleep.


This time the tiny voice was accompanied by a tiny hand, grasping her shoulder and shaking her gently.

Groaning, Isabel turned over on her back. Why anyone was waking her up in what she only assumed was either LATE night or early morning was beyond her. Didn’t people realize she needed her beauty sleep?

“Isabel...?” The little voice called again, this time slightly louder.

“Uh huh?” Isabel mumbled, opening her eyes and squinting into the darkness of the room.

The shape in front of her was not at all what she had expected to see. She hadn’t know who would be standing in her room when she opened her eyes, but she CERTAINLY hadn’t thought it would be...

“Emily?” Isabel sat up in her bed, staring at the small girl through the darkness. Why the hell was Emily Hastings standing next to her her pajamas. At- she looked at the clock beside the be- at THREE IN THE MORNING?

“EMILY...” Isabel shook herself awake and placed her hands on the girl’s arms. “sweetie, what are you doing here?”

Emily stared at Isabel, her brown eyes huge and her pale skin even paler in the moonlight. She looked almost...eerie. “Michael needs to talk to you.”

Isabel’s breath caught in her throat and her hands tightened slightly on Emily. OK, Michael needed to talk to the middle of the night. And somehow EMILY knew...and was alone at night in their house? “Did he...did he tell you that, sweetheart?”

God, her eyes were so large, Isabel noted. And she wasn’t blinking at all. She was so still. So calm...

Emily shook her head ‘no’, taking her own small hand and placing it on Isabel’s shoulder.

“ did you get here, Emily?” Isabel swallowed. What the hell was going on?

“I walked.” Emily answered quietly. “Go talk to Michael.”

Isabel nodded slowly, releasing Emily’s arms and standing up. She was just a little girl, right...

Right. She was just a little girl. She didn’t know what she was talking about. But... “I’ll go talk to him, Emily. You stay right here, ok? Stay here, sweetie.” She walked backward toward the door of the room. “Just...don’t go anywhere.”

Emily sat down on the bed in the dark, her shadowed figure nodding.

“Ok...right. Just sit there. Good.” Isabel forced a smile and made her way toward the other side of the house.

What could Michael need to talk to her about in the middle of the night?


Liz’s hands fisted in the sheets, her face contorting and her body writhing.

** “LIZ!!! TAKE MY HAND!” **

** “NO! I won’t leave him!” **

** “I’ll get him after! He’ll be fine...I promise! Liz, you need to come with me! **

God, the screaming, so much screaming...

** “LIZ!!! NOW! I promised him...” **

** “LET GO OF ME!!!! Where is she?” **

** “Tess has her...” **

Liz shot up in her bed, her body drenched in sweat. “Oh god...oh my god...” She gulped air into her lungs. Burned. Her lungs burned from the cool air swirling around the room. Her heart pounded in her heaving chest.

What the hell...

She was POSITIVE that that had never happened...not in any version oh her life she could remember.

What the HELL...

Why would MICHAEL want her to leave Max...

And why the HELL did TESS have EMILY?!?!


“Michael?” Isabel whispered, opening the door to his room quietly. “Michael, are you awake?”

She could see his unmoving form on the bed, his chest moving up and down with his breaths. He didn’t want to talk to her...he was just sleeping. Nothing unusual there. Sleep, to Michael, was like the third most important thing in life (after food and Braveheart).

So then what was the deal with Emily being all Poltergeist in her room?

Isabel walked slowly over to Michael’s bed. Yup, he was just fine.

His breaths were pretty quick though, that’s weird for sleep...

Reaching his bed, Isabel gasped as she saw Michael’s face. “Oh my God...MICHAEL!” Isabel exclaimed, kneeling down next to the bed and grasping his hand.

His whole body was limp and seemingly dead but not his eyes. His eyes were wide open...and filled with terror. And pain.

“Michael...” She hissed, clutching his hand tightly. “Michael, what’s wrong?!?!”

Michael drew in a shaky breath, swallowing hard. “Head...” His voice came out raspy and forced. “ head...” He lifted her hand with his slowly and with much visible effort and rested hers on his forehead. “Look...”

Nodding her head slowly, Isabel took a deep, bracing breath...

And connected.

And she saw.

She didn’t know what scared her more: What had happened...

Or that Emily knew.


hope it doesnt suck too much, guys.
remember, goin to school tomorrow so I dont know when I can post, probobly not for a week or two, so helpful bumps??*happy*]



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I really just wanna repost the lyrics of the song that this fic comes from, because im listening it and its all "Im sad and happy bc im leaving home again in 4 hrs and going back to my other home at school...and im stressed and its calmin me down.

Faces I Remember, I still see
And places in a memory hold on to me
And I cant wait to crawl out of my shell

Promises tell me
in a thousand ways
movin on forever
livin life this way
and I cant wait to crawl
I cant wait at all
I cant wait to crawl

Cuz if I wait too long
How am I ever gunna reach my destination?
And now I know the time has come
It's all right here yeah
It's all so clear to me

Eyes that open slowly
It's so hard to see
I've never seen an angel
But I'm trying to believe

And I can't wait to crawl
I can't wait at all
I can't to crawl
I can't wait anymore
I can't wait anymore
I can't wait anymore

so pretty, so pretty *happy*hahagod I havent slept in 2 days and I have a 6 hr drive in 4 hrs
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Im really trying to get this next part done, you guys, and I have to say its pretty tough considering how long its been since ive sat down with it...but im tryin my best.

things here are insane as all hell, every second is drama drama drama...and its endless...

but I finished all my work thats due tomorrow so im really working on getting out a new part either toniht or tomorrow...

and then after that probobly a week or two since the next one.

SO ANYWAY, keep your eyes open.

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I know what I said, you guys...that I would be posting tonight, and I seriously do have the part about 1/2 done, but I didnt anticipate my friends car dying at AMES tonight and us living in the scary, gender nonspecific, townie world that that insane store is for 2 hrs, so im not done and wont be able to get this part out tonight.

IM SO SORRY, but im really gonna shoot for tomorrow.


and bc im so sorry, heres a hint about something...

the SHE that the guy and his sister keep talking about is not Liz...and it never was, but theres a strong connection to another character already introduced.
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frenchkiss70 originally wrote:
Where are you?


I'm so sorry guys, I have 4 tests this week (1 every day but friday) and ive been studying and making notecards NONSTOP for like 5 days...and my classes are intensely hard so im a lil freakin out right now...

and there are also quite the boy issues
I will eventually post though, I promise. this is NOT a dead thread.

just be patient with me...ok? its so busy here I barely have time to reply at all.


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I know I promised and I definitely meant it.

NOT a dead thread. just in a little bit of a coma at the moment, but even if I absolutely cant post for a lil while, theyre will definitely be a part up at thanksgiving.

I know im really sorry. I forgot how crazy things were here.

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ok so its time for the big beccas apology once again,

since ive seen you last ive gotten into a relationship with my best friend, broken up with him, and just today gotten back together with him, and for the 1st time in 3 months tomorrow I get to go home. but I was supposed to have a ride, you see...and now I have to fly which means NO LAPTOP...bc I have too much luggage....which means

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I am so sorry, you guys, but trust me, paying 200 bucks to fly instead of getting a free ride home suchs much more for me than it does for you.

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I also know I havent posted since months ago. lets be honest, a lot of months. and there are way too many reasons for that to even go into. like I said, sometimes life can be a huge pain in the ass.

im so amazed that you guys have stuck in there with me, and that you are still bumping, and thanks SO MUCH for that. as always, I promise that this is not a dead thread and that the fic will be updated. but this time im not promising when bc I dont want to let you guys down. but hang in there, I WILL write more of this. its too crazy and detailed and in depth for me to just leave it without finishing it up for you all. I ve put way too much effort into planning all the crazy details.

so thanks again, and I hope you stick around for when I actually so post.