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Two in a million

"Okay guys, we're meet at 11 o'clock tomorrow to plan our route" Max said, acting the leader as usual. Liz and Max went to their room and Kyle and Isabel had to share too. Michael took Maria's hand and led her into their room. They fell on the bed laughing, suddenly realising they were starting a journey together, all 6 of them but Michael and Maria were starting their very own journey. "I can't believe we did this" Maria explained. It was silent for a while and then Michael said "I can, when all the alien stuff got in the way and I hurt you I just wanted to take you away somewhere and forget our lives". Staring into his brown eyes, Maria put her hand through Michael's hair and kissed him.

Out of all the boys, you're not like the others
From the very first day, I knew we'd be lovers
In my wildest dreams my darkest desire
Would a declare to you, your love takes me higher
Just when we both thought our lifes were set in stone
They shone a light and brought us together

6 Months later

"Happy Birthday" they all shouted when Maria walked in, "Oh, wow,presents" they were all laid out-big one's and little ones. After hours of drinking and karoke, Liz, Maria, Kyle and Isabel had left, Michael and Maria danced to some slow love song. Life was pretty much perfect. After leaving Roswell 6 months ago, all 3 couples (Kyle and Isabel were a couple now) lived pretty much in the same street, but Michael and Maria still had alone time. Maria rose her arms in the air and streched them around Michael's neck, then Michael stoped her and got all serious-which as you know never happens much. "I never gave you your present" Michael replied-he was surprised that Maria hadn't asked earlier, she usually kept asking until he finally gave in. "Michael, ever since we left Roswell, I've sacrificed everything but love and friendship and I've relaised that's all I need in life. I have you and I love you and I've never enjoyed life so much". They kissed tenderly for minutes neither wanting to stop, until Michael pulled away. "I want to ask you something" Michael got down on one knee and spoke five words that Maria would remember for the rest of her life. "Maria, will you marry me" A single tear rolled from her cheek and barely unable to get the words out she replied "Yes".

We are two in a million
we've got all the luck we could be given
If the world should stop we'll still have each other
and no matter what, we'll be forever as one.

She looked beautiful, her long newly brown hair in ringlets and her pearl corset and skirt fir her body perfectly. Beside Maria stood baby Laurie, now three yeras old. The day she was born was Michael and Maria's best day of their lives, well apart from today. When she walked up the aisle she started to cry, she couldn't believe that she would be this happy. Ever since she found out about Michael she knew her life would be different but she never thought it would be this good. When she got to the alter her hand entiwed with Michael's and the priest began:
"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today-" The doors slamed open, and Rath and Lonnie stood there with a guns in their hands. "We knew we'd find you" Rath replied. Maria gripped on to Michael's hand stronger than ever. "Hello, little girl" Lonnie said to baby Laurie pointing her gun at her. "Nooooooooo!" Michael shouted jumping in front of his daughter and saving her, but Laurie was looking somewhere else. "Mommy!!!!!" In slow motion the bullet pieced her cream skin and the crimson blood sepped over her bodice. It was too late, Michael ran as fast as he could but he wasn't fast enough. The best day of her life became his worst.

It's a crazy world, where everything's changing
one minute you're up and the next thing you're breakin'
When I lose my way and the skies they get heavy
it'll be okay, the moment your with me.
No one would have guessed we'd be standing strong today
Solid as a rock and perfect in everyway

White roses were on each aisle and black clothing presented the atmosphere. Outside they threw more roses on to her grave. By nightfall only Michael and Laurie remained, hand in hand. Michael bent down in tears and placed a single purple rose on her coffin with a note, inside it read:
Earth isn't my home, your my home and,
you will always be.
If I hadn't met you, they'd be less of me to know.
I wish I could talk to you now and tell you everything,
to touch your face and hold your hand.
I didn't deserve such a beauty as you and the only way I can repay you is to take care of Laurie-no matter what.

Michael and Laurie returned homw and listened all night to Maria's demo's and the song she had written for Michael

We are two in a million
we've got all the luck we could be given
If the world should stop we'll still have each other
and no matter what, we'll be forever as one.