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Title: Identity Crisis
Author: Lanie
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Rating: PG (up to R)
Spoilers: None
Summary: What happens after graduation, when they leave Roswell for parts unknown?
Note: I own nothing but some silly ideas.

Identity Crisis

Part One:

"What happens now, guys?" asked Maria.

"Well, Liz, that leaves you to ask that stupid question next time we get into some major shit," said Kyle.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Isabel demanded.

They were sitting in an empty diner not far from the border of Kansas. They had all six been driving for days since they had abruptly left the graduation ceremony that would have meant death for at least three of the six if they would have stayed and actually went through the entire ceremony. Of all of them, that left Isabel with an actual diploma, not that it would do any good now.

"Well, from a good source, that has been said by first Tess after that whole momogram thing, and then you when she then set out to the final frontier," Kyle said, looking at Liz and winking.

"The plan was to get the hell out of Dodge, wasn't it?" asked a tired Michael?

"Uhm.......maybe it was get the hell to Dodge....spaceboy."
Maria sat there with a smirk on her face, her previous question completely unanswered, but she seemingly got over it and was forging ahead of the conversation.

"What?" asked Liz?

"I think what she is talking about, just a guess, is that we are headed towards the next big town of Dodge City, KS." Max stated to his new bride.

"I guess it pays to be the one driving, hon," laughed Liz.
She guessed he would know where he was headed while the others were dozing off, only knowing the general direction of exactly where they were to begin with. The important thing being was that they were far from home, and hopefully away from danger as much as they were ever going to be.

"Well, the first thing we need to do of course is to get new identities," says Liz.

She went on to explain how she thought that it would be a good idea to acquire them along the way to a temporary place to stay for a while, a new home if you will.

"What you are saying is ....what exactly are you saying now?" asked Isabel?

Well.......and then she began her theory on new identities.

Liz went on to tell them that while they were driving, she kept running through her mind on how they were basically on the run and helpless. She thought of a plan, she said. See, it pays to be a good girl. When she was in middle school, she and Maria had worked in the school office during their elective classes, or rather in place of. When they got to high school, only Liz had actually worked voluntarily in the school offices, but only during her freshman year. Still, she had all the knowledge stored for what she had in mind.

"So, since most schools are still in session for another week or two, I think that my plan will work," she said.

"This is the plan. We go into a school, high school of course first, and plant ourselves into their databases. The whole works. We should only do one person per school, and we can go in as a team and make sure that we do it right. Alien powers will come in handy now won't they?" Liz sat there with a huge smile on her face.

"Ok, then, how do we pull this off now?" asked Michael.

"Well, first we pick a school that isn't too small. I say if there are about 400 to 500 per graduating class, then that ought to work, right? We go in, make up a student file, put ourselves in the old yearbooks that they keep on file, and go from there."

Everyone else sat there looking at her like she had gone crazy.

Kyle was the first one to question her, of course. "So what you are saying is that you want us to go and break into a school and be back to being high school students again? I just now got out of one hellhole, I don't want to go to another one."

She went on to tell them that first thing she was going to do in the morning was that she was going to go to the library to use the internet. Once there, she was going to look at the surrounding areas to see when high school graduation was going to be, and then go from there.

"I think that we will be in luck because some schools are not out until mid-June at least because of how many snow days they end up taking because of the weather during the winter. We should be ok to use Kansas, Missouri, and maybe Colorado even," she said. "It will be according to when they are graduating. We need to get in there now. Not that it would be a big deal to go in after, but it would just be easier to do it now."

"But then what? I mean, back to my original question, what now?" asked Maria.

"We are going to start our new lives, starting tomorrow." Liz sat there cuddled to Max, whispering to him, saying, "I am glad we got married right out of town under our old names. That was really important to me."

As they all finished eating, they still had tired and confused expressions on their face. When they were thinking more clearly after getting some much needed sleep, they would find out exactly what Liz had in mind.


Let me know what you think of this, ok?

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Not a good idea, then?

*sad* or *happy* ??

I thought it might be a stupid idea, but I really wanted to wonder what they would do about identities after they left, cause fake ID's like Margarita Salt will not fly in most places, especially ones if they are looked at and checked.
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Here is part 2. You all will have to tell me if I am a bad writer and in need of stopping now.

Let me know if I need to continue on with my hairbrained ideas.

Part 2
They all finished their meals and decided that the next stop being only 45 miles away would be a better place to find a motel to stay at than the seedy little motel that was beside the dinner. As luck would have it, not forty-five minutes into driving, they found what seemed to be a Motel Six. This generated quite a bit of the “leave a light on for you” jokes, and that was all there was to it. Since they were paying with cash, all they had to do was show their ID’s which had been altered for the time being to the clerk on duty, and they had their rooms.

The next morning when they were all dressed and as ready as they were going to be, they all met up in the newlyweds’ room, and set out to find out what Liz had been talking about from the night before.

“So, here is the plan,” she said. “First things first, let’s decide what we really want out of this other than a new identity. Isabel of course was already taking college classes, so…who else of the six of us was planning on going? I know that I would love to be able to have gone to Harvard, but we all know that isn’t possible now. Northwestern would have been great, but that is out now. We have to decide where we are headed and who will be going to school.”

“Go to school, “ Maria asked? I have just spent 13 years of going through that torture, I have no intention of going back.”

“Ok, that is me and Isabel wanting to attend, anyone else?” she asked?


“Nope, not me, I am with Maria.”


“Nope, I wasn’t even graduating, remember?”

“Well, that one class isn’t going to be in the way now, you will have a diploma if you want, so….do you want one, then, and do you want to go to college? We have to do something, right?” she said, deep in thought. “I mean, we can’t just go and drive around in this van for the rest of our lives. What happens if we get pulled over? I for one would like to not have to do any alien mojo on someone and leak out our location to the people that want us dead or at the very least as experiments for the rest of our lives. So, again, me, Isabel, and … about you Max? You want to join the ranks of higher learning?” she asked, smiling at him prettily.

Kyle snorted, “yeah, save the sweetness for him why don’t you!” he said jokingly.

“Well, yeah, I did want to be normal, as normal as I could get, and I did really want to go and do something, I just don’t know what,” he said, hugging her to him.

“Ok, that is three for and three against going. That leaves it a little easier than it could be I guess,” she said.

“I still don’t understand why we would want to go in and infiltrate high schools, Liz.” Isabel said with a frown on her face. I mean…. what are you wanting to do again?

“Ok, listen, “ she said and went on to explain her thoughts. “Here is the plan. We go in, get records from a pretty large school, then we duplicate the records and make a file for each of us. I remember having to go in and do some stuff for the guidance people when a new student would come in, and I am fairly certain that we can go in and input our information. When we do, we will also have in hand a copy of a birth certificate, right? All we have to do then is go and get a license, and that is that. It will be at least for the ones that don’t want to go through any more schooling. We can go in, make up bogus records from you all transferring from some other school, and we are set. Does this make any sense so far?” she asked?

Ok, then, why are we doing this again? Maria asked.

“Because, when you go to get a job, anywhere other than the Crashdown, they will want to see your drivers license and want to know if you graduated from high school, right?” she asked

“Yeah,” Isabel said. “But what about Social Security Numbers? We need those for work, and for school, and for college especially. I mean, come on, how will we ever be able to pull that off?”

“Ok, we are in luck there,” she said. I know this sounds awful convenient, but I have the answer to that as well, Liz smiled, looking awfully pleased. I happen to have the knowledge of acquiring social security cards as well. See, when I went to Florida two summers ago, guess who just happens to work for the Social Security place? See, I knew that would come in handy one day. While I was there for Thanksgiving this past year, and thinking that we might want to one day take a road trip in case another Special Unit-type problem would arise, I made up a story for my aunt to show me how someone would invent an alias, telling her that I was thinking I wanted to go into law enforcement of some sort, and maybe work for the US Marshals and witness relocation. She bought it of course, and was only too happy to show me. Her office is on the first floor, and I went back to her office when everyone was asleep and applied for six different social security numbers with fake last names. The day before I had gone out and opened up six different PO Boxes under your “our parents” names, and then filled out a forward mail to my PO Box in Roswell, and now have the Social Security cards for us. I would have told you all sooner, but we didn’t need it until then. By the way, we have our last names changed, but our first names stayed the same. I am assuming you all don’t mind this?” she caught her breath, looking around to everyone.

“Oh, yeah, and we also have birth certificates that will be completely authentic when someone does some alien mojo on them and makes them all official looking with that raised seal thingy. We all are now from Dade County, Florida.” She pulled out a folder with the cards and birth certificates, handing two of each to Max, Michael, and Isabel. Oh, yeah, I also went in and got a copy of my Aunt’s high school and college transcripts. She went to school the last two years of high school in Florida, then went to a small community college there for her associates degree. I copied her transcripts and the envelopes they came in because I know from asking her that when she decided to go on to the University of Miami, she had to get a copy of both her high school transcripts and her community college transcripts. She said she didn’t know if she was going to like U of M, so she knew it would be easier to get a few sealed copies of both transcripts to use if she wanted to apply somewhere else. She said that as long as they were sealed from the college and high school that they would accept them and not have to wait for them to mail them to the college she would go to next. Is this making any sense?” she asked them.

“Ok,” said Kyle, “then why are we even going through with breaking into schools in order to make fake files up for us if we can already have these things in hand and go from there? I mean, why bother?”

“Well, now that is a good question, Kyle, “ Liz said, smiling at him. “We need to be on the safe side of things by the places we are getting licenses and all, right? Plus, what if you go to get a job and they ask where you went to school, and then they check? What then? I know it would not be wise to have a copy of a transcript from high school in hand, I mean how funny would that seem to them? We need to have some paperwork that you can trace at least to one point, cause then they would stop when they got to the first one I am guessing, right? Everything would appear on the up and up. I got a copy of the college transcripts because I didn’t know when something would happen, and I wanted to have an out so we would not have to start fresh at some college if we were already a year or two through, like Isabel is.”

“Thanks, Liz, good thinking there.” Isabel looked slightly more relieved. She was glad that she didn’t just spend a whole year full time in classes for nothing.

“Why do we have to go to more than one high school then, why don’t we just go to one,” Michael asked.

“Well, there is less of a chance that it would seem unlikely that six kids all transferred from Florida and there aren’t any pictures of them anywhere, wouldn’t you think? One or two not wanting pics is one thing, six is another. Plus, I bet we will get lucky and find that the yearbooks are in some office somewhere waiting for the last days of school for them to hand out. Remember how we always hated that they waited until almost the end of school to give them out? It will come in handy, we can go and put our names under the senior lists as student not shown, or however they do it at the school. Isabel will be the only one that will have a problem if they look at someone else’s yearbook if she wants to have graduated last year. We can change the one in the guidance office they keep of every year, but she won’t be in anyone who has them from the prior year. Wonder how we can get around that?” she asked, looking around and hoping for some insight.

“Ok, I have it, how about this”….Isabel went on to tell them how she was given a few options when she graduated early from school. If she would have wanted to wait, she had been told, and taken any more classes, she could always graduate mid term. Sometimes that is what students did that were short one credit or two, but didn’t want to take summer school before setting off for college. She then said, “and of course I would be in the yearbook, right? Just with maybe red hair? Curly too. What do you think?” she was rattling on with these things when Liz interrupted.

She said, “ok, but then you would only be one semester to the good if you use the transcripts from the community college.”

“Well, I took four classes both terms, which is not exactly a heavy load. Maybe we can just put down I took six classes? That would only leave me off like two classes. What do you think?” she asked.

“Sounds good to me, so that takes care of Isabel and her studious self. That seems doable. So, it looks like we are set to have six high school grads soon enough, once we figure out where we are going to be graduating from.”

“Who is in for Topeka or Kansas City? By the looks of the map, they are only about an hours drive from one another. Plus, we have high schools in both Kansas City, KS, and Kansas City, MO. Let’s get on with it and find out when their ceremonies are. We might all get to be from Kansas. I figure from there we can go just about anywhere, right? It is right dead set in the center of the states, now isn’t it?” she asked. “Then between getting us in some systems, we can also go and rent some PO Boxes and get drivers licenses for us all. That is the top priority just in case we are to get pulled over, ok?” She sat there waiting for anyone to ask any more questions or add anything else.

“Well,” Michael said, “ it looks like we have our work cut out for us.”

“Good thing we aren’t from somewhere with a big accent to have to fake,” Kyle laughed. “Have you ever heard those Midwesterners talk?”

Everyone was quiet, while they sat thinking about the things they were getting ready to do. They were all smiling at Liz and thinking that it was a good thing that she thought ahead and got them Social Security cards and birth certificates.

Michael snorted, and said, “damn Liz, did you have to make me a Gerber? And my middle name is James? Where on earth did you come up with that?”

She laughed and said, “well, I kept your first names and I kept your first initial of your last names, thinking it would be easy to remember, and you wouldn’t make a goof if you went to initial things, right? I just made up middle names right on the spot, it wasn’t like I could call and ask what you all wanted,” she said as she rolled her eyes.

This prompted everyone else to look at their new names. They had Maria Nicole Dawson, Maxwell Scott Evers, Elizabeth Marie Porter, Isabel Diane Ramsey, and Kyle Alexander Vaughn.

“Alexander?” Kyle asked. “Why did you go with that?” Liz then smiled and said, “well…….I couldn’t think of a middle name that would go with Kyle and I thought back to how I wish ed that I had Alex to get one for, so I used his name. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not a problem, not at all, Liz, “ he said. “I am honored.”

“Ok, so, first things first, we have to get to a local library” Max said. “We don’t exactly have all the time n the world since it is already Tuesday. Most of the schools will probably be getting out this weekend at the latest, right?”

And so that is how they were all six up and at em’, and raring to go get on with their new lives.

Michael said, “ok, and what about the van?

Liz said, “well, I figure that after we get our licenses and our PO Boxes, then one of us needs to go and acquire some tags for the van. We surely can fudge the papers somehow and get our tags legally listed in the DMV, right?”

“I knew I married you for a reason Liz Parker Evans.” Max grabbed her and hugged her to his side.

“That reminds me. We will need to get married again and be Evers. Do you mind?” she asked him. “Will you marry me again?”

“What do you think?” he asked her. He pulled her to him to give her one of his long, slow trademark Max kisses. The kind of kiss that had him chewing on her lip and digging his hands into her hair.

“Get a room,” yelled Kyle from the doorway.

Max looked up, laughing and said, “this is our room, everyone get out and give us another few minutes alone before we head out, ok?”

They all filed out leaving the couple alone. Since they were all packed up, the only ting left to do was turn in their keys. Max gestured to Michael to get his and Liz’s bags for him to load, and the key on the table to turn in for him. Then for the next few minutes he indulged in the better perks of married life.