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Title: A Singularity
Author: Look to the left, I’m sure you can find it.
Rating: R+ (NC-17 a few times)
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except a vivid imagination that keeps me up at night.
Catagory: M/L (some M/M); Post Departure
Summary: Umm…I suck at these so just read it. *happy*

Chapter 1

Right after Tess' Departure:

Max's quiet reply to Isabel's question, "I have to save my son." still hangs in the air.

The 3 humans and 3 hybrids stand on a rock, over looking the desert. A hot wind from the East swirls a young woman's dark hair around her face but she does not seem to notice, as she watches the young man in front of her. The man for whom she has sacrificed everything; her heart, her future, her reputation...everything. 'But who is this man before me?' She asks herself. He appears the same, with his short, dark hair and soulful eyes that seem to caress her soul at the slightest glance. And he felt the same, when he held her, professing his love for the second time in one day. But there is a part of him that seems lost to her now. Something innocent has been taken from those eyes, and can not be returned. Words spoken, that can not be revoked. She knows Max loves her, has always loved her, just as she has always loved him. But is this man before her, Max Evans?

Max slowly turns his attention to the pairs of eyes watching him. Running his gaze along the faces of his people, their eyes looking to him for guidance and direction. 'I almost let them down.' Max says to himself, feeling his confidence waver. 'I am no King. I trusted the words of my enemy over my own heart. I betrayed my soul mate, allowed myself to lay with another and almost lead my sister to certain death. She was right, I am just a boy.' Max focuses on Liz. A sense of relief swells within his chest, only to be replaced by shame that his previous thoughts can be so quickly pushed aside at the mere sight of her. But he can not help it, it feels like a great yoke has been removed from his shoulders. Destiny, always pulling him, forcing him to walk paths his heart knew he did not want to travel, Destiny was gone. Shot, like a bullet from a gun, into space, back from where it came. And with it, all the burdens he had carried with him for the last year have vanished. 'Nicholas is still out there', Max reminds himself, but even the thought of his cruel enemy can not dampen his new found relief.

Kyle's voice punctures the bubble of silence swelling around the group, "Well, we better decide what we are going to say about Tess. Accidental death, I guess?" The name rips through the group, causing many darting glances and shuffling of feet.

"No.", Liz's voice rings out strong against the wind. Graceful and proud, she turns her slender body to address the entire group. "I will not have Alex's killer mourned by the town as Alex was. I will not tolerate grief counselors, and memorial vigils, and I will not to see her likeness placed beside his at the stadium. I will not hear her name spoken is the same sentence as his." Jaw set in defiance, her eyes sweep across her friends, finally falling upon Max.

Isabel is the first to respond, "I agree with Liz. Tears should not be shed for her."

All eyes swing to Max, as he weighs what the two most important women in his life have said. Death would be more clean cut. It would be difficult to fake mourning, but at the end, the issue would be permanently put to rest. He wants this chapter closed, never to be reopened. 'I could force the issue.' Max thinks to himself, but looking at the determined set of his beloved's face he becomes less certain of that fact. "Agreed". As the word leaves his lips, there is a visible release of tension from the group. The rush of exhales, from breaths unconsciously held, seems to rival the wind for a moment, and Max realizes, for the first time, the incredible strain that his and Liz's differences have placed on the group. "She decided to leave Roswell. There may be gossip, but seeing as she is 18, there shouldn't be any actions taken by the authorities. Iz, can you create a note in her handwriting?"

"Yes. I'll need an example first..."

Grateful that a peaceful consensus has been reached, Kyle speaks up again, "I can find something at home."

Home. The word hangs in the air for a moment, suspended between the two siblings, before Isabel and Max suddenly lock eyes. The same expression of fear mingling with panic is mirrored in the other's face. Wordlessly, Max and Isabel dart past the others, slipping and skidding along the narrow path. At the bottom, they abruptly skid to a halt. "The Jeep." They breath in unison.
"Later. Maria...!" Maria tosses the keys to Max before the request is completed, and the two Evans speed away in her mother's faithful red Jetta.

As the dust settles on the 4 stranded onlookers, Kyle halfheartedly kicks a rock between his feet and glances from Maria and Michael, involved in a quiet conversation, to Liz. Deciding she will consider his presence less of an intrusion than the couple, he walks over to her. "So do we just wait for them to come back here and get us? What did they run off for? It's going to get pretty hot."

There is a long pause before Liz responds. "Yes Kyle, we wait. I'm sure Michael will open the cave door for you if you want to get out of the sun." Although Liz's response proves that she is listening to him, her eyes seem focused on the horizon, and her somber expression makes Kyle wonder if he has made the wrong decision in choosing Liz as a partner for conversation. He glances over his shoulder at Michael and Maria. They are walking with arms around each other. Michael's head is bowed close to hers, as if he is afraid to miss any syllable of her words. "Well...umm...he and Maria look pretty busy..."

"Michael!" Liz's voice abruptly stops the lovers conversation. She turns and can't help but smile. Maria is clutching Michael as if he will disappear and Michael, for the first time, seems not to mind this public display of affection. Liz takes a steading breath, "Michael, could you please open the cave for us so we can have some shade?" Her voice is less commanding this time, more like she is speaking to a friend than to a soldier. Michael looks down at Maria before slowly, painfully releasing her from his embrace.

Walking to the cave door Michael waves his hand over a section of rock. A silver hand print appears and he matches his hand to the mark. Slowly the apparently solid rock face, slides open to reveal a large dark chamber. Kyle gratefully enters the welcoming shade and begins to sit down, siding his back down the rough stone wall. His eyes are focused on the ground in front of him, as he replays the night of the murder in his mind. Alex's pleading expression and hopeless demands. The weight of his limp body as he drags his friend down the front steps of the house. 'I helped her kill him.' the irrational thought floats through his mind. In mid scoot, he suddenly stops, his eyes focus on the cave for the first time. Squinting into the darkness, his eyes begin to adjust to the darkness. "Liiiiz!" Kyle's nervous call echoes through the cave.

Michael, still descending the slope with Maria in hand, turns around suddenly at the slowly rising panic in Kyle's voice. He and Maria enter the chamber only seconds ahead of Liz. The three friends run into the chamber to where Kyle is crouching, and as one, all eyes turn to where he is looking.

Max and Isabel speed towards home in the Deluca Jetta.

"So what's our story Max?" Isabel asks while frantically wiping dust off her face with a cloth she found in the back seat. Max smiles at his sister, in the middle of a crisis and Isabel still manages to make herself immaculate. "Oh..." Frustrated at the futility of her efforts, Isabel quickly peers around, instinctively checking that they are alone. "...there!" She waves her hand in front of her face and suddenly the dirt is gone. Looking at herself in the visor mirror, she runs her fingers through her hair a few times before finishing with a glossy red lipstick. Apparently satisfied, she flips the visor back up and looks over at her brother. "Well?"

"I'm thinking, Iz." His response is sharper than he means for it to be, but civility is not on his mind right now. 'This wasn't supposed to happen.' Max thinks to himself, 'God, I seem to be saying that a lot lately.' "Well, saying it was a joke is out. School project?" Max glances at his sister from the corner of his eye as he asks the question. "Iz, some counsel would be appreciated."

"Maybe...maybe this isn't a bad thing, Max." Isabel's hesitant suggestion causes a furrow in her brother's brow and she rushes forward with her thought, "I mean, look how much Valenti has helped us, maybe having our mother on our side would be even better." Isabel looks over at Max with a hopeful expression on her face.

"Maybe Iz," Max concedes, "but this is hardly the way to tell her."

They screech to a stop in the driveway of their home. 'At least, it has been our home for over 10 years. Will it still be tonight?' Max can't help think as they burst into the house. Glancing at the empty living room, they rush into the kitchen. Almost falling on top of each other in their effort to look 'normal' in case she’s there. Mrs. Evans' favorite teacup is sitting on the counter top. Half empty, the rest of the tea lays in a puddle, slowly staining the white tile. Max touches the cup and withdraws his hand quickly. "Still hot. Maybe upstairs..."

Rushing up to the second story, they pause at the top of the stairs. Hearing movement in the master bedroom, they each take a deep breath, walk to the door, and knock.

"Kids?" Comes a small choked call from within. Max and Isabel rush through the door at the sound of their mothers tear laden voice. "Oh..." Mrs Evans jumps off the bed and clutches her children to her, "I was so scared." she whispers to them in between sniffling.

"Mom, I know you have questions..." Max starts, his mind racing wildly trying to invent some excuse, some plausible story that will make it all like it was. Looking at his mother's tear stained face, all ideas vanish. The lies are all too petty, too cruel after what they have put her through. Regardless of the consequences, she deserves better from them. With the truth on the tip of his tongue...

"What on Earth prompted you to leave the house so early this morning? I get up and find your beds empty at 5:30," She clutches a bandaged hand to her chest, "I was half scared to death. And then the Jeep was gone..." She sits on the edge of the bed, looking from one of her children to the other, as if expecting an answer.

Max and Isabel flash a look at each other, "We, uh, couldn't sleep so Iz and I went for a drive. Have you been crying?" The lie sours on his tongue and Max looks to Isabel for support.

"Oh, it's nothing, Max. I spilt tea on my hand and it brought tears to my eyes. It just won't stop stinging." Looking from Max to Isabel, Mrs. Evans scolds, "Well, next time you go for a sunrise drive, leave a note, O.K.? I was worried sick."

"Sorry Mom. We will." Isabel murmurs.

Max and Isabel sit on his bed with the door shut. Both are too stunned to talk for a few minutes. Max keeps running the events over in his mind, not able to believe that their secret is still safe. Looking at Isabel, he sees her lip quiver as she holds back tears. Pulling her to him, "I'm sorry, Iz. I know how much you want her to know the truth. It must be hard to come so close and then have it pulled away."

"I did Max. I did want her to know. I've dreamed of that moment all my life. Every morning I would wake up and think that maybe today. But when today came, and I heard her voice...oh Max, all I could think was 'What if she rejects us?'. I couldn't live with that, Max. I realized, standing there, that the matter how tempting... is not worth that risk." Isabel glances at Max and a tear slips through her defenses, "You were right, Max." She nods, trying to convince her heart, "You were right."

Max pulls his sister back down on his bed as she clutches him and cries into his shirt.

Mrs. Evans fiddles with her bandage as her children shut the bedroom door. At the sound of it clicking shut, she stands and walks to the double VCR. Popping in a blank tape, she quickly records the short message she had been watching only minutes before hearing Max and Isabel burst through the front door. Wiping her eyes with the back of her hand, she ejects both tapes. Placing the original in the envelope she had found it in less than 15 minutes ago, she carries the copy to the closet.

From under a pile of old t-shirts, she slides out a large shoe box innocently marked "Memories". Gently, she removes the lid and places the tape on top of some old pictures, a newspaper clipping announcing, 'Shooting at the Crashdown', and a pamphlet on household safety. She slides the nondescript box back under the pile of t-shirts and softly closes the closet door. Grabbing the envelope, she hurries downstairs and puts it back in the mailbox, where she found it. Walking back up the walk to the house, she casually stops to examine a rose bush, while pondering the events of the morning, 'The handwriting on the envelope is not familiar, so the next question is...who left the tape? And who much do they know?' Apparently satisfied with her hand pruning of the rose, Mrs. Evans walks back into the house to finish her tea.


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Title: A Singularity
Author: Look to the left, I’m sure you can find it.
Rating: R+ (NC-17 a few times)
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except a vivid imagination that keeps me up at night.
Catagory: M/L (some M/M); Post Departure
A/N: Thank you for the feed back! This is my first fic so it's a big confidence booster. I have a few chapters saved up so I thought I'd put another out there.

Chapter 2

Captivated, Maria, Liz, Kyle and Michael slowly walk towards the alien object holding their attention. Mounds of rubble and gleaming shards of crystal lying at their feet are ignored by the four friends, as are the conspicuously absent incubation pods. Walking through the cave, past the remains of what used to be the camber wall, they stop within arms reach of it. Michael, unable to believe his eyes, slowly reaches out and places his hand on the Granolith.


Isabel is still wiping tears from her cheeks as Max reaches over to pickup the phone. One arm still around his sister, he waits impatiently as it rings. "Come on...pick up."



"Max! What are you doing here? I saw something shoot into space. I..."

"There's too much to talk about now. Where did you put the tape for my Mom? We have to get it back."

"It's in your mailbox. I dropped it off about 30 minutes ago, right after I saw..what did I see?."

"We'll tell you later, at your place." Without waiting for Jim Valenti's response, Max hangs up the phone. "We have to get the others." He looks over at his sister, still recovering from the near miss of telling their mother the truth. " Iz, are you O.K.? You can stay here." Max offers, laying a comforting hand over her own.

"No. I'm fine Max. I'll be fine." Throwing her brother a weak attempt at a smile, she stands and begins pulling the wrinkles out of the bed spread. "So where's the tape? Does the Sheriff still have it?"

Bring his mind back to the situation at hand Max responds, "It's in the mailbox. I'll grab it and meet you downstairs."

The watcher stands from his long held crouch beneath the bedroom window. Sighing in satisfaction that the situation resolved itself without having to interfere, he watches Isabel primp and fuss, before running out the door to join her brother.


Max and Isabel pull up to the base of the mountain in Maria's Jetta. Getting out of the car, they look around for the others. The glare of the sun on the parched rocks is now blinding as the temperature steadily climbs towards the heat of mid morning. The wind has not relented in the few hours they have been away, and swirling dust stings Max's eyes. He raises his hand to shield them. Turning in a slow circle, trying to find where their friends may have gone, Isabel grabs Max's arm and points. The cave to the pod chamber is standing open. Max shakes his head in disgust, " Does he never think?" Cursing quietly under his breath, Max sprints towards the entrance.

Max waits for Isabel to enter the cave before closing the entrance from the eyes of the outside world. "Michael!" Max calls out his friend's name as he turns around, but the scolding he is preparing dies unspoken upon his lips at the site before him.

The once small chamber is now twice its original size. The ruptured pods from which he, Isabel and Michael emerged, over 10 years ago, are gone and the delicate lattice from which they were suspended is a crumbled mass of crystal shards scattered across the cave floor. Stepping through the opening that was once the far wall of the enclosure, Max pauses. Michael, Kyle, Maria and Liz are gathered in the chamber ahead. Maria, Kyle and Liz are standing in a close circle, while Michael is leaning against the wall.

Isabel steps past Max, from the old chamber towards the group. "It's still here? But I thought..." Her words die as Max steps forward.

"I saw her enter the Granolith. She laid her hand on it and..." Max's pleading voice, trying to explain to the others that what is before him is not possible tares at Liz's heart. She step towards him unconsciously, hand outstretched.

"We all saw it Max, but here it is." Michael captures Max's gaze and gestures towards the cone shaped structure without taking his eyes off his friend. "Liz has suggested the Granolith may have multiple purposes." Max looks at Liz, standing with chin raised and feet set. He can't help but smile. She is ready to defend her theory. Max smiles to himself in admiration, 'I just wish she didn't feel like she needs to defend herself against me.’

"What?" Isabel's bewildered expression brings Max's attention back to his sister and causes Kyle to step back and open a space in the circle for her and Max as he attempts to answer her question.

"We have been discussing a few things while you were gone. Sit down, we'll catch you up." Kyle extends his hand to her as if to welcome her to the group.

Before Isabel can react to the invitation Max responds, "I just spoke to your Dad, we're meeting at your house. He needs to be caught up." With silent nods of consent, Max watches the group slowly file out of the cave.

Liz is the last person to pass him and he falls into step beside her. Gently laying his hand on her arm, she pauses, watching the distance to her friends lengthen. The warmth of his skin races through her body, making the air of the chamber feel chilled and damp, and she shivers slightly at the familiar sensation.

A shadow of guilt crosses his eyes as Max feels her body's tremor. Mistaking it for a tremble of anger, he reluctantly slides his fingers from her arm. "Liz, I know we have a lot to talk about and I know that this isn't the time, but I want..." he pauses, gathering his thoughts and trying to calm his racing heart, "I need you to know, that... I had to let her go. Too many innocents have paid for my mistakes, I couldn't..." Liz reaches up to Max's face with her small hand and gently touches his cheek. Max is surprised and confused for a moment as Liz lays her thumb over his lips to silence his explanations. Closing his eyes he breathes deeply, drinking in her touch. Laying his hand over hers, he moves her palm from his cheek to his lips. The scent of her seeps into his lungs, calming him for the first time in weeks.

"You don't need to explain." Liz looks away for a moment, seeming to remember something, before bringing her attention back to the man in front of her, "You did what you needed to do." Although her words are ment to be comforting, they sound flat and mechanical in Max's ears. He searches her face for any sense of what she is thinking, but her eyes are dark pools, and he can’t see beyond their depths. Feeling there is more to her words than he understands, he silently vows that one day soon, he will know everything. And on that day, there would never be a need for secrets again.

Chapter 3 (Candy)

*Rating Notice: This chapter contains content of a sexual nature.*

A/N - This is my first attempt at a love scene. I hope it doesn't suck (although Maria might). *wink*

Michael unlocks the door to his apartment and holds the door for Maria to walk through. She smiles to herself at the thought of Michael the gentleman, but tries to maintain a nonchalant expression, as if Michael holding the door for her happens everyday. Despite the cooling air outside, the apartment is still warm from the heat of the day and she shrugs out of her jacket. As Michael tosses his keys on the counter, her arms snake around his waste and he lays his own jacket on the kitchen counter beside hers. “Thought we’d never get away from Valenti’s questions.” She comments.

Turning in her grasp he looks into her beautiful eyes. So trusting and open, just like last night, when they had made love for the first time. He had not expected that to happen. He had been preparing to tell her that he was leaving forever. Abandoning her when she needed him the most, just like another man had done so many years before. But she had leaned into him and kissed him with a need he had never felt from her before. Her gentle probing tongue silencing his half hearted objections. He had drowned in those eyes last night, and been reborn.

Her full lips are turned up in a slight smile and he can't resist the urge to touch them. Running his hand up her neck he cups her face in his hand. His thumb gently travels over the full expanse of her mouth before bending down and brushing them with his own. She returns his gentle kiss and slides her hands up to rest against his chest. Pulling away, he looks down at her for a moment. Her eyes are still closed, but her lips part slightly, asking for more. Taking her face in both hands, he presses firmly against her. The tip of his tongue gently flicking against her lips before sliding into her warm waiting mouth. His lips catch her quiet moan as she runs her hands down his chest, trailing her nails over his pecks causing a flash of heat to streak through his body.

His tongue caresses hers, as he mimics a more intimate motion. She can feel his growing need as he presses her body into his. His hands travel from her face, and caress down her side, to the swell of her breasts. He pauses to run his thumbs gently over her nipples. They harden under his touch and his thumbs circle her peaks several more times. She gasps and then moans into his still probing mouth, as a faithfull throbbing begins between her thighs.

Running his hands to the hem of her shirt he removes the offending garment in one swift stroke. Tossing it to the ground he pulls away and looks at her beautiful face. Lips red and swollen, cheeks flushed with rising passion. 'How could I have ever consider leaving her?' he wonders. Arching against his thigh to sooth her rising need, he can feel the heat emanating from her center through his jeans, and his cock grows almost painfully hard in responce. Picking her up into his arms he carries her into the bedroom and lays her down across his bed.

Sitting up on her knees, she grips the large bulge in the front of his pants. A groan escapes his lips and she feels him throb beneath her stroking hand. She smiles as he closes his eyes to savor the pressure of her touch against his aching erection. Unbuttoning the top button of his jeans, she slides the zipper down to relieve his pressure. Doffing his shirt on the floor she runs her hands freely over his torso feeling the understated strength in his chest and arms. He steps out of his pants and kneels on the floor to undo hers. Wiggling out of the constraining fabric she resumes her exploration of his chest. Gently running her long fingernails over his skin, she leaves a train of goose bumps in her wake.

Slipping an arm around her back, he deftly unclips her bra and slides the lace fragment from her breasts. He pauses, unable to believe how lovely she is. Long slender arms frame her creamy chest. Tight, rose colored nipples seem to reach out for him and he can't stop his hands from cupping her softly, sending a shiver through her body to lodge against her core. Kneeling like this she can't press against him to relieve her ache and the need only grows. Messaging her pouty nipple between his thumb and forefinger he squeezes gently. Continuing his attentions to her hard tit he bends down and flicks his tongue along the slope of her other breast.

Making slow circles inward, he comes to her tight peak and sucks her silken breast into his wet mouth. A high pitched moan escapes her lips as she arches into his mouth and he draws more of her in. His free hand slowly slides down her side and grazes her hips before trailing along her flat stomach. Traveling down her torso, fingers first, he combs his fingers through her soft curls before enclosing her hot mound in the palm of his hand. She gasps, sending a wave of need through his own body. Afraid he will explode right there, with out her even touching him, he pauses a moment, holding her trembling heat against his hand. He feels her core drip onto his palm and almost looses himself again.

Feeling her need, he reluctantly releases her and slides his hand behind her back to lay her down. Throwing her hand out behind her she stops the backwards motion and concern shadows his face. 'Had he read her body wrong? Did she not want this…him?' "Is something wrong Maria? We don't have to..." He begins but she silences him with a gentle finger to his lips.

Kneeling on the bed, her back straight and proud, a glimmer sparks in her eyes that should have warned him, but he is completely caught off guard as her full handed slap catches him across the jaw.

"That is for making love to me and then trying to leave." Her voice is scolding but surprisingly playful. Still reeling from the shock of her assault, he grabs her wrist as she moves towards him again. "Maria, I..."

His voice is tight with pain. Twisting her wrist, she knows she won't be able to break from his firm grasp but is equally sure he will release her to keep her from injury. Michael's hand springs open at the first feel of friction on her delicate skin. Reaching towards him again, she smiles as he takes a tentative step, now wary of that twinkle in her eye. Extending her hand she gently but firmly grips his groin through his boxers, one hand moving against his rigid shaft as the other cups his heavy sacks.

Finding the rhythm he had shown her last night, she strokes and fondles his body until a shudder courses through him. Slipping her fingers into his boxers she slides them from his hips, allowing him to spring free. Gripping his throbbing member in her cool hand she circles the thick head with her tongue, before enveloping him in her hungry mouth. Throwing back his head, fingers blindly tangling in her sunlit hair, he cries out as her soft lips encase his sensitive flesh.

Thumb and first finger form a tight ring of pressure against the base of him as her mouth slides along his silk covered steel. The gentle sucking becomes stronger and quicker with one hand pumping him and the other sliding around to grip his ass and urge him on. His breath comes in quick gasps and he his body shakes with the effort of not ramming into her hot wet mouth. God how he loves that mouth…rational thought shatters as an electric bolt surges from his balls to the base of his cock.

Feeling the tightening of his scrotum, she reluctantly releases him and pulls his body down to the bed on top of her. Resting his weight on his knees and arms wonder and need swirl through his eyes, as he visibly tries to regain control over his body. "Maria." He gasps. She traces the red mark left from her stinging assault and quiets him again with a lick of her tongue. "This, my love, is for staying." She purrs as her long legs wrap firmly around his waist.


Days later

Listening to the pounding of the rain of the unexpected summer storm, against his bedroom windows, Max turns in his bed for the 100th time that night and the 1000th time over the past few days. Every time he closes his eyes he sees her again. Eyes full of pain and hurt. Pain that he put there. Max's stomach clenches again as he remembers her entreating him for space and time a few days ago. Curling into a fetal position he attempts to escape her words, but the nauseous pain of remembrance follows faithfully.

He would cry again if he thought it would ease the cramping of his heart but after days of this silent torture, he knows it will not. Everything had seemed okay between them, that day at the cave, strained, but still okay. Sure they had things to talk about, but he had been certain they could work everything out. Nothing stood between them now. But in the clarity that only a new day can bring, she had asked him for space, and time. Saying that everything had just happened so fast, she needed to figure out what she wanted. Taking a deep breath, he shuts his eyes again in another feudal attempt at sleep. Instead, the play resumes behind the closed curtains of his eyes, a private showing for his mind alone.

The sob escaping her perfect lips, the flash of her eyes at his attempt to console her, their silent trip back to school after what was supposed to be a lunch time excursion. Max, rolls to the other side in an attempt to elude the most painful image, but it flashes through his mind like a knife. Liz's unreadable look piercing him as she accepts Kyle's offer of a ride home. Kicking the twisted bedding from his legs, he sits up.

Standing with determination, he shuffles down the hall to his sister's room and opens the door. As the light from the hallway slips across her sleeping form, her eyes flutter open, looking straight at him. She had heard him tossing restlessly in bed for hours and is not surprised to see him standing in the doorway. But her expression turns from smug amusement to shocked disbelief upon hearing his request. "Max, this is not a good idea." Shaking her head in refusal, "How many time have you told me to stay away from Liz's dreams?"

"I know Iz, but..."

"She doesn't any control over her dreams and will probably not even remember it in the morning."

"I Kn..."

"Plus, I don't think it will win you any points if she finds out, and..." He slaps his hand on the nightstand with a loud crack. "Would you let me speak?" Iz quiets her protests but he can see more blooming and flitting through her mind.

"I can't loose her, Iz." His shoulders slump in defeat and Isabel puts her arm around him. Sitting on his sister's bed, he clasps his hands in his lap to still the overwhelming urge to pace a hole through the carpet. "I have to know what she is feeling so I know how to win her back." Isabel's response is quiet and soothing, "Why don't you give her some time, Max? I know she cares about you, it wouldn’t have hurt her so deeply if she didn’t. Just give her some time to come to terms with everything." Max shakes his head with each word. "No, Iz. I can't pull a Max on this. I can usually read her expressions...her needs, at a glance. But, she's shut herself off to me." Isabel sighs in resignation at his pleading look, "I can't let her walk away again. Please Iz, I need her.

"All right, Max, all right. I can't believe I'm saying this...I'll get you in." Playfully slapping him on the shoulder she smiles, trying to lighten his mood, "But I am not staying. This is between you and Liz. You can get out once I get you in." Max hugs her, murmuring thank yous. "Just, try to remember what I said before. She really doesn't have any control over her dreams, and I don't want you to get hurt." Taking his quick nod as agreement, she walks over to her bookshelf and begins rummaging around. After tearing Liz's picture from her old Sophomore yearbook, Isabel lays down next to Max, already stretched out on her bed. Placing the picture of Liz in her brothers outstretched hand, she clasps her own hand over his, sandwiching the picture between their palms.

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Thanks guys, for the great feedback! I hope you can be patient with me, it's going to take a few posts to get to where this story is really going. But I'm trying to keep things moving until I can really drop the bomb. *happy*

Disclaimer in first post.

Chapter 4

Max feels a sudden dizziness, like he’s spinning, and the darkness from behind his closed eyes becomes an abyss that swallows the grey into black. He stands alone in a void. No ceiling, no walls, just emptiness, for as far as he can see. His eyes soon ache from the strain of searching for some speck of light, some variation to the eternal emptiness before him when a movement catches his attention. Looking below, he sees an enormous garden maze stretching out beneath him. It's verdant walls are formed of white rose bushes, in full bloom, standing several meters high.
The snowy blossoms glow, futily trying to combat the emptiness that swallows their light. Another motion draws Max from the towering walls and his eyes find Liz, examining the maze from the outside, slowly circling the perimeter. His heart speeds as he watches her, unknowingly. She is wearing a long dress of gleaming white linen that is nearly transparent in the soft glow of the roses, revealing the shadow of her trim body moving beneath. His gaze drifts slowly over the silhouette cast by the dim light, slim thighs that extend further than he could have imagined, given her diminutive stature, rising gently at the swell of her hips and then falling inwards again to her narrow waist.
Quickly stomping down his rising libido Max forces his eyes up to her face. Adoration sweeps over him as her slender fingers brush glossy dark hair behind one ear and unconsciously trail down the length. She completes the labyrinth's circumference and stands at the entrance as if weighing her options, when an image appears above the heart of the maze.

"I'm coming for you, Liz.", it whispers. Max can't help but stare at the image of himself suspended in the air. 'Is this how she sees me?' The man whispering those words he had spoken so long ago, is more than handsome, he’s… captivating. Dark hair frames a face of strong lines and chisled features, exuding confidence and charisma. Gold eyes of unimaginable depths flash with courage of conviction, but are also softened by the thick, almost femanine lashes bordering them.

The image vanishes and Max looks down to see Liz rushing into the maze attempting to catch the apparition that has already departed, and hope swells in his chest. 'Well, at least she's thinking about me.' He says to himself as he moves closer to Liz's level. She is running quickly now, gaining speed as her search becomes frantic. She calls into the hungry darkness, but her words are swallowed before he can hear them.

Rounding around a corner, Liz stumbles into a large open courtyard were the path splits into 5 blind choices. She pulls up to a sudden halt at the solitary figure standing in the middle of the square. The man has long dark hair pulled back from his face, revealing gray at the temples, and his face is gaunt, and scruffy. Strong arms are criss-crossed with scars but somehow his eyes seem the most wounded. Tired and haunted, they look desperate for release from some invisible horror. The vision speaks, "Liz, I need you to do something..." Shocked at the sound of his own voice, Max realizes that the man before him is himself.

"NO!" Liz screams. Her piercing cry cuts through the void as she falls to her knees before this spirit. Her arms raise to her head, protecting herself from some unseen attack. Max's heart speeds in concern as he takes a step forward, intent on protecting her from this person, before remembering he is only a spectator, and can’t interfere. The revelation does nothing to ease the blood pounding in his ears, as he watches Liz flinch, convinced that this man will hurt her, even though he has yet to take a single step in her direction. In fact, this older version of himself, appears oblivious to her existence at all. Over Liz's pleading cries, the man's monologue continues, uninterrupted, "I had to get your attention, you had shut me out... I remembered white were your favorite...I came to your room, that was the night that things between us were cemented...we made love..."

Liz's cries soften as this monotone soliloquy continues. Huddled on the floor, she rocks back and forth as she pleads, "Please stop, I can' must go to someone else." Her voice is quiet now as she speaks more to herself than to the man before her, " I don't have the strength. How could I take away his faith in me, in us? He's the only reason I'm alive right now." Her voice gets smaller with each word, until the last emerges as barely a whisper, "I would die a thousand deaths for him."

Max is so focused on Liz's huddled form as she holds herself, defeated and alone, that it takes a few moments for him to realize what he (his older self) is saying. Slowly the man's words form into coherent phrases in Max's ears. 'I remembered white were your favorite'. That thought has been his own, eight months before as he serenaded Liz and tossed a bouquet of roses into her outstretched arms. Closing his eyes, Max remembers the nervousness he felt that night as he and the musicians formed a semicircle beneath Liz's balcony. 'Show her how you feel' Maria had said to him, so there he was, sombrero and all, ready to make a fool of himself. The music started, and suddenly she was there, looking over the angel. She smiled, and his heart soared. All the hours learning the words from Mr. Delgado had paid off with that one smile.

‘…I came to your room.’ His stomach twists with the anticipation of seeing her all over again. He had taken the rungs of the ladder three at a time and practically launched himself over her balcony wall. Every second away from her had been torture since she arrived back in Roswell after a whole summer away. Pulling the tickets out of his back pocket he had walked up to her window. Tonight he would not take 'no' for an answer. She would go with him, and remember...everything. Expecting to see her studying, it had taken a minute to understand what his eyes were seeing. And when they finally did, his world dropped from beneath his feet, sending him falling into some alternate universe.

Max shudders again remembering that night. But it wasn’t real. Liz had said so, although she had yet to explain why she had lied to him, killed him, time and again when he had confronted her about the truth.

"I'm coming for you, Liz." The words float softly down and cover Liz, infusing her with life and tearing Max from his thoughts. "Max?" Liz replies, lifting her tear stained face from her arms and searching the courtyard for the source of her strength. Noticing for the first time that his older self is gone, a shadow shifts in the darkness of the middle corridor and a huge figure materializes into the square pulling the shadows with him like a cloak.

He carries something in his arms. Stepping closer, a second smaller body, limp and lifeless becomes visible to both Max and Liz. Standing only a few feet from her kneeling form, the man's size dominates the labyrinth, towering head and shoulders over the walls. "No!" Liz screams at the sight of the body carried before her. The giant steps forward again and Liz rushes to meet him head on. Beating her fists against his chest she erupts in a fury. "You killed him! Murderer! Murderer! You and your destiny..." . The colossus steps from the shadows and his face comes into the light.

Max takes a sharp breath at the site of his face. HIS face. He is the bearer of this greusome site. He is the monster. He is the murderer. Unable to breath, the weight of Liz's words threaten to crush him with their truth.

Unmindful of the tiny woman throwing all her strength and anger upon his chest, the titan kneels and places the still form on the floor. Rushing forward, Liz obscures Max's view of the body, but he doesn’t need to see the face, to know whom she kneels before. Cradling his head in her arms, she gently strokes her friend's face. Whether she is trying to comfort herself or the body Max doesn’t know, but he is on the verge of stepping forward to console her, when her soft voice stops him.

"He was so strong and kind. I never realized how much I admired that kindness and depended upon that strength until it was gone.” Continuing to touch his face, “I lied to him. I lied so many times, but he forgave me, never asking for a word of apology. Accepting the illogical explanations I offered in consolation." A small breathy laugh of disbelief escapes her lips and her attention turns to the towering form hovering above her, "How could you kill him? He was no threat to you."

The giant focuses his penetrating gaze on Liz, his first acknowledgement of her existence. "I did not harm him." he responds. " He destroyed himself." Confusion spreads across her face and is reflected in Max’s eyes, as the question forms on her lips, "Why?"

"Because you asked him to. Because he knew the path he had to take to let you go. And he knew that only I could travel it. A human has no place in Destiny."

Liz rises gracefully and stands. Walking past the form lying on the ground, her skirts sweep aside to reveal the victim’s face for the first time. Max is stunned to silence as he looks not upon Alex, but upon his own face. Young and innocent, it is the face that first lead Liz into the maze with his soft words and fervent promise. His thoughts race to understand what he is seeing, 'If I'm dead, then who is that?' Tearing his eyes from his own prostrate form, Max watches Liz stand as David before Goliath. Her eyes bore into his as she reverently raises her left arm before her, palm raised towards the colossus with her ring finger bend at the second joint.

Her voice is strong and true as she passes judgement, “Destiny is a fiction wrought of lies in the foundry of a traitor. We shall protect you no longer, Zan.” Emotionless and eternal, the alien speaks, "Protection or not, I am all that remains." As the last word leave his lips, the mammoth form dissolves beneath her outstretched hand.

The scene fades, but Liz's solemn gesture fills Max's mind. He can't tear himself from the image of her hand. There is something so natural and right about that movement, it tugs at his memories like deja vu, and although he can't place it, the importance of that gesture is clear. The decree has been issued, and its finality is absolute.