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NOTE RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Im not, I repeat NOT quiting this story but I have removed it from this thread because I fucked up...ROYALLY and I want to start a new one(thread that is)

So I will be posting this story and all the chapters it currently had, except chapter two cause because it was shit, so......said shit chapter will be re-done.

And then it will be posted with the Pro and chapter 1 in the next few days.

Sorry. I hope you guys forgive me and still read.

And as for the stats of my other stories:

Forbidden Fruit: On Hiatus till I don't hate it so much anymore.

Nothing But The Blood: Still going. What Can I say, I love this story.

Written Sin: Still going as of today.

Anywho thats all I've got to say.


Oh and

:::clears throat:::

Eraser Room Where Art Thou???????

*My voice echoes in the void and I look sad and confused until I realise I don't have time to look confused cause I have three stories that need updating*


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Yup, put your name in the line again. Sorry if that bothers you.

But anyways heres the answers to your questions.

Eraser Room originally wrote:
Well damn girl! It Looks like everyone's in need of a little somin-somein. *big*

Yup,wouldn't have it any other way.*big*

quote: what has and what hasn't happened? Alex is here, so apparently he didn't die. Before, you said that graduation you mean the gov. is looking for them and they fled? (as in that is the only part of 'Graduation' that happened, and not everything that lead up to it) Because Tess is also here...did she and Max sleep together? Was there a baby?

I'm just trying to figure out where everyone is with everyone else (besides in heat). *big*

You know me...always full of questions!

Can't wait for the next part!! How will everyone react to Michael? And wil Tess's preminition of everyone with everyone come true?


And as for all that *looking up* No there is no Max and Tess sex/baby *shivers with disgust* . Alex is not dead *Because I love him and I say so* . And yeah the whole fleeing the Gov. thing is going on.

I think thats all. And thankyou for replying,and feel free to ask whatever you want when you want.

Somtimes you remind me of somthing I've forgotten.So thanks.

Oh and thanks for the reply*tongue*
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Okay you're probaly wondering where the update is.

It is here:

And it's more of a prequel than a new chapter. I realy should've put it as a prologue but....I didn't so, I'm doing it now.

And there will be a new chapter soon.

Oh and thanks for all the replys*happy*

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Bumped so that you(my readers) can read the note at the top.