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AUTHOR: Carolyn (aka Maria!)
TITLE: Wil you be the one?
CATEGORY: Max/Maria GZer fic --- romance
SYNOPSIS: Maria's day.

A bright new day set itself comfortably on Roswell High's grey roof. The trees were green even though there wasn't a tree in sight. Birds were singing but none could be heard. A mild frost covered the dry grass. And slowly, Roswellian teenagers made their way to the front door of the school, dragging their feet at every step. Dark rings hung around their eyes. Some yawned, some went to sleep in the field, some didn't even come at all. Another day was set upon them along with all the burden that followed. People might have thought that this was just another day, that nothing unexpected would happen...

Maria Deluca followed her classmated through the familiar doors and directed her feet towards her locker. Although the others were quite sleepy, Maria embraced the day and smiled at everyone who passed here way. The most common responses were low, almost unperceivable grunts and moans. But non of that mattered to her, today was HER day. Why? She had no clue. She just felt that something extraordinary would come her way on this bright new beginning.

She soon figured out the reason to her happiness as Max Evans walked in the entrance to the school. Besides being built like a greek god, Max had a face that could be compared to none other. His eyes drifted off into hers and there was an instant conenction. He quickly reached her and gave one of his smiles. The kind of smile that light up his whole face. Most people would say that ALL smiles light up EVERYONE'S face. But not Max's. His was different, out of this world. Maria didn't know if it was because he is a Czechoslovakian, or just because he was just plain gorgeous, she didn't really care. All she knew that today was going to be the best, and nothing would come between her and her happiness.

"Hey Maria! How are you?" said Max while giving her a kiss on the cheek. He slid his arm around her waist.
"I'm fine now! How are you doing?" she asked, leaning her head on his built shoulder.
"Never been better. Listen, I wanted to know if you wanted to meet me in the eraser in 2nd period?

The eraser room. Such wonderful memories. She remembered being with Michael a few years back, and always going to the eraser room with him. Or the time she gave Liz a lecture on what goes on the eraser room. "Sure!" she replied.

It seemed to take hours before the 1st period ended. The bell finally rang and Maria got up and brought her books to her locker. Then, she made her way quickly and casually to the eraser room, making sure none of the janitors had seen her. Once in, the dim light provided by the light bulb lit Max in all his glory. He was standing there, with but only a pair of boxers. His hair was pulled back, the way Maria loved it. His whole body was tanned to perfection, that is, the parts she could still see. In a quick movement, she slid her arm around his neck and laid upon his lips the sweetest kiss one could ever deserve. It lasted a few seconds until he pulled back.
"Maria, what the hell are you doing?"
"I, um, was kissing you?"

Maria lifted her eyes to see Michael standing right in front of her.
"Michael? What are you doing here?"
"I'm waiting for Liz. What are you doing here and why the hell did you kiss me?"
"I'm waiting for Max. I'm sorry, I, um, didn't quite get a good look at you and thought you were Max."

Michael opened when the door opened wide. Liz came strolling, still looking at her feet. She looked up.
"Maria? What are you doing here?"
"I, um, nothing. What are you doing here?"

At that moment, Max came strolling in.
"Michael, Liz, what are you doing here?"
"We're here together. Now will you two get out?" said Michael.

Max looked at Maria, and they slowly walked out.
"Now THAT was weird." Maria said to Max.
"Tell me about it."

They walked down the hall, both thinking about what they just saw. Michael and Liz were together? Or were they just going to talk about Agent Topolsky like Max did with Liz when they went in the eraser room? Without even knowing it, they walked out the door and climbed into the jeep. The principal yelled after them to come back, but they just drove away, not knowing what they were doing or where they were going.

After a few minutes in the car, Maria stared at Max.
"Where are we going exactly?"
"I thought you'd know." he replied.

Once again, they didn't speak until they got to the desert. Maria looked back at Max.

"This whole with Michael and Liz, it hasn't affected us, has it?"
"No, of course not, I love you and that's all that matters." He slid his arm around her shoulders and they just continued driving. Soon after, Maria heard her phone ring.
"Hello?" answered Maria.
"Maria? It's Liz. Where are you? We've been looking all over school for you and couldn't find you."
"Who? You and Michael? Why didn't you tell me Liz? I'm your BEST friend. I thought we said never to keep anything from each other."
"Look who's talking! Who DIDN'T tell me she was going out with Max? YOU Maria!"
"That's totally different and you know that."
"Are you two fighting on the phone?" asked Max.
"Maria, tell me, how is my relationship with Michael any different from yours with Max, huh?" cried Liz.

Max grabbed the phone. "I'm sorry, the line was disconected. Goodbye!"
"Why the hell did you do that for?" asked Maria.
"Maria, you two are best friends. Whatever is going on between the both of you needs to be settled in person, not on a damn cellular telephone." said Max as he drew the machine out the window.
"You're vandalising my property just like Michael did! Are you siding with them?"
"No, of course not. Just the thought of Michael and Liz..."
"Oh my God, you're still in love with her."

They both looked their separate ways. Twears obscured Maria's vision of the endless desert.
"Stop the car." she said.
"I said STOP THE CAR!"
"You're crazy!"
"Let me out Max!"
"You're not going to walk the whole way on foot."
"Watch me."

Max didn't slow down his speed. Maria looked down and the road, trying to judge just at what speed Max was going at. When she saw that things on the ground were moving pretty slowly, she opened her door and jumped out.
"MARIA NO!" yelled Max while he slamed the brakes. But it was too late; Maria was lying on the sandy road, not moving. He ran out of his seat and sprinted towards what seemed like her lifeless body. He turned her around so that she was now facing the sky. Cuts marked her face and caused blood to trickle down her cheeks. Max placed his hand on her body, searching for the fatal wound. Little drops of sweat made their way down to his chin, then onto the sand. He covered her face in the same way and healed her cuts and bruises.

"I love you Maria" he whispered while tears fell down, wetting Maria pink dress. He kneeled beside her and let his head rest on her stomach.
"I love you, please don't let go. I love you..."

A hand stroked his hair gently. "I love you too Max."
He looked and saw her pale blue taring into his. "Maria!"
"How did you... I mean..." he mumbled.
"I was imagining you in boxers with your hair pulled back the way I like it and remembered that I couldn't die until I saw like that."
Max laughed. "You have any other fantasies I should know about?"
"Just a couple others. But I'll keep them secret for the next time I almost die, so I can remember to live for you."

Max lifted her head and gently kissed her. This is the way things should be. So what if Michael had Liz. Max had Maria and that was the best thing one could ever want.

Max looked around him in search for a small pebble. Once he found what he was looking for, he picked it up, placed is hand over and changed it to something new. He then took Maria by both hands and lifted her up to her feet. "Max, are you okay?"
"Never been better."

He kneeled down on one knee. "I love you so much Maria, more than you can ever imagine. And I want to make you the happiest woman ever. Will you be the one to whom I live for, the one who will wake up by my side every morning? Will you make me the happiest man to ever walk this earth? Maria Deluca, will you marry me?"

Tears swelled Maria's eyes once again. She looked down at Max and smiled at him. "YES!" she yelled out at the whole wide world. "Yes! I would love to be your wife!"

Max jumped up at her, slid the ring around her finger, smiled and kissed her.

Something extraordinary happened. Maria was right. This WAS her day!


Maria and Max held hands all the way back to car, which wasn't very far. The husband-to-be opened the door for Maria and helped her in. He couldn't stand the idea of Maria getting hurt. He passed his hand once again over her body, just to heal the remaining wounds. Maria smiled and thanked him. She cupped his face into her hands and laid her lips on his. After the romantic kiss, Max ran to his side of the car, started the engine and pointed the cars towards West Roswell High. They were going to make their first appearance as engaged lovebirds!

The whole way to the school, Maria looked passionately at Max, wondering how she could have possibly earned this wonderful person. What did she do to deserve him? Nevertheless, Max stared back at her at every chance he could. They finally reached the school's parking lot.
"Wait right there." Max said to Maria.

He leaped out of the jeep, ran to her side and opened her door. "Miss? Or should I say MissES?"
"Why thank you kind Sir!"

They held hands once again all the way to school. They paused a moment before entering. They knew the principal would probably be in sight, possibly accompanied with Michael and Liz. They skipped a few periods, but they judged it was worth it. Now they just had to announced the great news to everyone!

Soon after their entrance, Liz ran after them.
"Now tell me M-A-R-I-A, after you deliberately hung up on me-"
"That was Max honey!" she replied to her.
"Wh-What? Why are you too in such a good mood?"
"Yo PEOPLE! waz up?" Kyle said as he strolled towards them.
"Kyle? When did you get oh so very macho?" Maria asked.
"Me? I'm not macho! Pfff!"
"Maria, tell me, why do you two have these goofy grins on your faces ever since you walked in? You had sex didn't you?"
"What? No Liz. Please." Maria said.
"Well, you know, it's a perfectly normal stage of life. And you can tell me anything, you know that."
"Liz, we didn't have sex, promise." replied Max.
"Well, then, they don't have more exciting lives than I do!" said Kyle as he smiled at both of them.
"Maria, seriously, WHAT is going on?" Liz asked.
"Well, if you must know, Max and I have something to tell all of you." Maria answered.
"Not without us you don't!" yelled Isabel followed by Alex from the hall behind them.
"Where's Michael?" asked Liz.
"Right behind ya babe!" replied Michael.

They were now the whole group reunited once again; Max, Maria, Liz, Isabel, Kyle, Michael, and Alex.

"What Maria was trying to say was, well, that we are getting married!" said Max, while giving a heavenly smile to Maria.
"You're WHAT?" asked Isabel, obviously shocked, amazed and REALLY happy!
"You heard him! We're getting married!" shouted Maria with a huge grin on her face.

All the students in the hallway at that moment stopped moving, craned their necks to see just who exactly pronounced those words. When they realized who was getting married, some shouted and some just went by with their business.

"Let's see it." said Isabel to Maria.
"See what?"
"The ring you dummy!"

Maria handed her finger on which the ring was beautifully displayed.
"It's gorgeous!" said Kyle, Alex and Isabel all together.

Slowly Liz had started to walk backwards, without saying a word while Maria showed off her wedding band. "Max and Maria, married?" she thought. It was just so impossible to be true. It seemed like just yesterday she and Max shared the better half of their lives. Even future Max had said they would get married in Las Vegas. Now it seemed that Liz's hope that she held forever in her heart had started to fade into Maria's life. She walked slowly and quietly to the women's room, locked herself into a stall and started crying. "How can this be? Doesn't he love me? Max and Maria! NO! I can't let it happen! He doesn't belong to her! I have to stop this before it gets too late for me! I have to break up the wedding!" she said to herself.

Outside, Michael, who was standing beside her stall, started to go back to the exit. He heard everything, every word crushed his heart into a million pieces. Liz was still in love with Max. Somehow, he should have realized it before letting himself be tempted by her. The way she talked, walked, laughed, everything about her made shivers cool down Michael's spine. But now he knew none of that was real. She wasn't really there for who he was. He went out of the room and out of the school, mainly thinking about the unthinkable, the one thing he shouldn't be thinking about. Maria.

Part 3

Maria wondered why Michael had run out of school so quickly. She also tried to find Liz from where she was but was out of luck.
"I'm gonna find Liz." she said and ran off.

Max watched go off in such a hurry but decide to continue to respond to everybody's quiestions. He would have wanted to have Maria by his side, but thought that it was for the best that she went to get Liz.

"Liz? LIZ!?! LIZ PARKER? Where the hell are you?" Maria yelled through out the school. She decided to check out the washroom, that is because she always had deep conversations with Liz there. She walked in just as Liz was walking out, her eyes swollen and red.
"Liz! Are you okay? Hun, what's wrong?"
"Nothing." she replied dryly.
"You sure? I didn't even see you leave."
"So that's me now, huh? You don't even notice me anymore? I'm like this shadow amongst the people now, is that it Maria? Cause if you want, that shadow won't bother you anymore!"
"Liz! What's with you? Listen to yourself! What has gotten in to you? Shouldn't you be happy for me? I would have thought that of all the people in the world, you would be the one to stand by me and be happy."
"You don't need me to stand by you, you've got YOUR man, Max! My dear buddy Max. Oh and by the way, you mean man-stealer, I'm not happy for the both of you, you can both go to hell. This isn't over Maria Deluca." Liz pointed her at her "best friend" while saying that last sentence. She walked off to her left, then stopped, turned around and went the other way.

"What has gotten into her? This can't be happening..." Maria thought. She walked towards Max, who had been staring at the two of them since his wife-to-be left him. She tugged at his arm and he ask the remaining of the group to be excused. They went outside and sat on the bench near the football field.

"What happened Maria? Are you and Liz alright?"
"I thought we were until I found her in the washroom. Her eyes were sooo red, you would have thought she was on drugs. She started yelling at me, that I stole steal her man and that she wasn't happy for us... Maybe she's right you know, maybe we shouldn't-"
"Don't say that. She's just under shock. Listen, we love each other, and just because Liz is under temporary insanity doesn't mean we can't go on with our lives. And she has no reason to be jealous. SHE broke up with ME, remember?"

How could she forget? It was forever carved in her memory...
March 10th 2002
Liz Parker and Max Evans had been through thick and thin. They had done everything to say together. They jumped off bridges, killed and even cheated on each other. But none of that came between them. They had this instant and out-of-this-world connection. Who could have thought that they would no longer be together? It was that night that Liz decide to change her life forever. No more alien love affairs no more messing up her life to contribute to saving others. It was time that she focused on herself. It was the day she said no to Max. It was their last goodbye.

Now, 3 years later, Liz obviously didn't cut out all the alien business. What were those adventures with Michael all about? She obviously regretted her refusing Max in the past. But why should she? She seemed to be having a good thing going around with Michael...

"You're right Max. She's just tired and stressed and shocked I guess."
"That's my girl!"
"Listen, I gotta get to work... Hopefully, I'll get a few more words out of Liz without having her yell at me like a deranged madwoman. See ya!"
She kissed on the cheek.
"Bye! I'll miss you!" he yelled back at her.
"Right back at ya!"

Part 4

After she lefts Max, Maria went stragiht to her Jetta and parked it a few minutes later right in front of The CrashdownCafe. She knew that today wouldn't be a very busy night since it was Wednesday, this way, she could have plenty of time to have a woman-to-woman conversation with Liz. She pushed the front door open, making the few bells rings. Liz was nowhere in sight so Maria moved towards the backroom. She pushed, once again, the door and found Liz rocking herself with a few blankets in the corner of the room.
"Liz, why are you crying? What is really going on with you?" Asked Maria.
"You should know, Maria, I told you everything at school!" She shouted back at her, her eyes shooting daggers at her best friend.
"Listen Liz, YOU broke up with HIM, right? So why are you mad at ME? You have Michael, isn't that what you want?"
"Maybe not right now."
"What? You deliberately met him in the eraser, made out with him and ditched right then and there? That's not you Liz."
"You're right Maria. I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me. Please forgive me."
"Hey, what are best friends for?"
"Thanks Maria..."
"Liz, will you be my maid of honor?"
"Gladly." Liz answered with a smile.

Maria nodded and smiled, relieved that Liz was back to her old self. She put on her uniform and walked out the door to start her nightly shift, leaving Liz behind in the backroom. Quietly, Liz whispered: "What a fool..." And she laughed uncontrollably.

Part 5

Before long, Michael was back at his apartment, trying desperately to avoid the few bottles of beer he had just bought.
"One won't kill me." he stated out loud.

He took one of the bottles and helped himself. He immediately felt the liquid burning his stomach and acid flowing to his head. He brought his hands up to his skull, trying to ease the pain by thoroughly rubbing his temples. It slowly died down and he took another sip. Indulging himself with pain was the only way to get his mind off Maria. The acid burned his skull, at least, that 's what it felt like. Michael heard someone bagging loudly at the door. He yelled as he felt his flesh burst under the unimaginable pressure. He drank the last bit of alcohol as the door swung open.

Max ran in while the bottle exposed before his eyes. Pieces of glass were scattered all over the apartment. Max hid his face with his leather jacket and grasped Michael's, motionning him to get the hell out. Michael let himself be dragged out the door while lamps, plates and other objects blew up just as the beer bottle did. He flinched and screamed as he felt Max'sarms hull him out of the disaster.

Once out in the hallway, Max was worried but furious. He could see the pain and hurt in Michael's eyes. He looked around, no one was near. He searched his friend's body with his fingers, reducing the eternal ringing in Michael's ears. They clamed down, and Max waited until Michael was completely back to his senses to reproach him.
"What the hell do you think you were doing? Michael, you know the consequences that alcohol has on us!" he said, yelling.

A neighbour quickly walked out of his home, locked the door and ran down the hall as fast as he could, avoiding any eye contact with Max or Michael.
"Sorry M. Clevers!" Michael shouted out after him. "Look what you did now!"
"What I did? Michael, you're the one who was drowning himself with alcohol, not me! Would you look in there and tell me just who caused that mess?"
"Ah no! Not the new TV!" cried Michael.
"The TV? Michael, would you listen to yourself? This is the happiest day of my life and here you are, torturing yourself with beer and complaining about ruining your TV!?!?!"
"Well good for you Maxwell. I'm just about having the worst day of my life and here you are, telling me that this is the best day of YOUR life. So, if you don't mind, I've got some "shutting myself up" to do."

He left it at that, stood up and slammed the door in Max's face. Max stood there, didin't even move a muscle. Through the closed door, he yelled at Michael: "Will you be my best man?"

Michael slightly opened the door, looked at Max hopelessly and answered with a cornered smile:"You know I will."

Max smiled back at him. He felt like kissing him, but didn't, naturally. When he was gone, Michael closed the door gently and said out loud: "Over my dead body..." and laughed uncontrollably.

Part 6

After Max had left Michael's apartment, he went to see Maria at work. He entered the restaurant and exclaimed: "I've got a best man!"

When Liz saw him, she forgot about all the things that were going on at the present time. She smiled and remembered him walking in to see HER, not her beat friend. She approched him, looked him in the eye and said:
"How could you?"

She slid her arm around his neck and kissed him deeply, just like she always used to. Max tried to pull away but she quickly grabbed his shirt to keep him close (she always was a quick thinker). Maria stepped out at that time.
"Max! Liz! Oh God!" she said. Under shock, she turned around and headed once again to the backroom to stop seeing the horrific image.

Roughly, Max pushed Liz away and gazed at her with slight disgust. He ran to the back door and tried to open it, but Maria had locked herself in.
"Maria, open up! Maria please! I tried to pull away, you know that! I love you, only you!"

Maria looked at him through the window and started crying. She let him in and fell in his arms.
"Shhh... It's okay. I'm sorry. She just came up to me and... Well... The rest you saw."
"How could she have done that? She JUST said that she was sorry and, and, she accepted to be my maid of honor." she exclaimed, letting tears flow down even more.

Maria went ot to see Liz.
"How could you do this to me? I'm your best friend!"
"Well, maybe not anymore Maria."
"Liz, what are you talking about?"
"You heard me. This is it. You've done too many things that have hurt me in the past and I want out!"
"Quite speaking as though we were a secret society or something. And tell me what I did to hurt you!?"
"Max. You took Max."

Max walked out from the backroom.
"Correction Liz: YOU broke up with ME which left me single according to most normal people. Yes I was heartbroken, yes I was devastated, but I eventually got over it. Maria was with me every step of the way. Now we are together, whether you like it or not. But that is no reason to break a life-long friendship."

He paused and said again: "Oh, and by the way, she didn't "take" me. I "chose" her."

Maria smiled at him, but Liz didn't fin this amusing at all. She threw the cloth that used to wipe the counters at Maria. She stopmed her way up to her room and yelled : "YOU WON'T WIN THIS FIGHT DELUCA!"

Maria shivered as she heard Liz pronounce those words.
"Max, something isn't right, that wasn't really Liz." she said and cried once more.

Max held his fiancee in his arms to calm her down.
"Listen, she has a lot on her mind right now. WE are going to have the most wonderful wedding ever, you hear me? With or without Liz Parker. If she decides to come, then that means she knows she was wrong and is ready to clean up her act. If she doesn't, then we'll have a great time together nevertheless. Okay?"
"Yeah, I guess you're right Max... Well, I guess I better close up."

A few minute passed and Maria went back to get changed. When she was done, she closed the lights and whispered: "Goodnight Liz." She walked out holding Max's hand.

Part 7

Staring up at the stars, Isabel couldn't help but worry about her brother and Michael. She felt an incredible tension run through her spine not too long ago. She wondered what had happened that was so intense and fierce that she could sense the terror and anger from where she was standing.
"Come home Max, show me that you are allright."

She walked over to her bed, making sure her toes weren't making any noise. Lying down, she picked a frame that held a picture of herself, Max and Michael. She laid her finger on Michael's face and slowly drifted off into his dreams.

She found herself in his apartment which was, surprisingly enough, empty, except for one little box.
"Is that the last one honey?" asked a feminine voice from behind the door. It sounded a lot like Maria.
"Yep! I got it!" answered Michael who entered the room searching for the box.
"I'm so excited! We're finally moving in together!" Maria exclaiming while going to see Michael.

He lifted her up in his arms and kissed her. Isabel noticed that both were wearing a wedding ring.

She woke up abruptly. Michael dreaming he was in Max's place? She HAD to talk to Max. Something wasn't right and she only knew the least of it...

Part 8

"Are you all right Max?" asked Maria.
"Yeah, I'm just thinking about what just happened..."
"But that's not the only thing on your mind, is it?"
"It's nothing you should worry about."
"No Max, don't do this to me. If we are to be in this relationship, we have to tell each other everything."
"Well, it's just that I went to see Michael after school to ask him to be my best band. When I walked in, he was drinking. Things all around him were exploding and I had to drag him out of there. We yelled at each other for a bit and when I asked him to be my best man, he acted as though nothing had happened and said yes."
"That's odd. The same thing happened to me with Liz. We were fighting and again, when I told her that I wanted her to be my maid of honor, she accepted right away."

Max stared up at the starry sky as he led Maria to her Jetta. He said to her:
"Let's think about this in the morning. It's late. You and I had better get home."

He opened the door and kissed her on the forehead as she got in.
"Call me tomorrow?" Maria asked.
"Sure. Bye!"

Maria drove off while Max climbed into his Jeep. What a weird day, he thought. He just couldn't wait to get back home and wake up so he could realize that he had just dozed off in class after the proposal and that everything that followed was just a dream, a really bad dream...

(due to great demand by some friends who kept reading my fic right after I wrote it in class, this is a "sex" scene... Sorry if I don't respond to your pornographic self! lol)

Part 9

Liz crept out of her window and descended the balcony via the ladder. There was only one person she could bear seeing right now: Michael. She walked with a quick pace and made it at his apartment 15 minutes later. She knocked impatiently at his door and when he finally answered, she placed her finger on his mouth, telling him to keep quiet. She entered and he shut the entrance after her. He turned around to ask her what she needed but she immediately took his face within her fingers and pulled it towards hers. She kissed him like a "savage beast" and hulled him over to the couch. In the mean time, she unbuttoned his shirt while he brought her sweater over her head, exposing her bare stomach and AQUA (!) bra. Hurriedly, they slid of their pants and found themselves laying on top of the other (Michael over Liz of course) on his rather narrow sofa.

The, out of the blue, a connection formed instantly between them. A rush of images of Maria flooded Liz's mind. A slight pain stabbed her heart as she sent mental pictures of Max to Michael. They both knew that this meeting had nothing to do with lust that one had for the other; it was about gaining the person they really did truly love. But still, their movement was not slowing down. Reaching underneath her back, Michael undid her bra and took it off. Liz pulled Michael's boxers off while Michael did the same with her underwear.

Liz felt a burst of pleasure streaming through her shortly after. The screaming and ecstasy followed for the both of them. Maria was right, alien sex WAS different! It lasted for quite some time or at least that's what it felt like. Liz hadn't felt so good and yet so hot in all her entire life. She wanted to scream at Max that this was her life now, this is what she wanted to do. She opened her eyes and looked up at Michael to see him smiling down at her. She knew HE was having a good time also.

When it was over, Liz put on Michael's shirt and buttoned it. She grabbed her jeans and slid them right back on and rearranged her hair. Walking through the door, she said to Michael:"Thanks, that's just what I needed." And she left in a hurry.

Part 10

When Max got home, he went straight to his room, avoiding his mother's worried eye, and of course, Isabel's room. But, too late, Isabel had made it to his room while he was gone.
"Where the hell have you been Max?"
"Out with Maria, that's all."
"Do you know what I've been doing all night?"
"Worrying about you... I felt like a sort of lighting cross my chest earlier, and I know it came from you or Michael, or BOTH! So don't tell me you were always with Maria."
"I was with Michael at one point, and we just had an argument, but everything's okay now."
"Are you sure? Because Max, I just dream walked Michael."
"So what?"
"Well, first: usually Michael NEVER goes to bed this earlier, let alone stays asleep for more than 5 minutes. Second: Max, he was dreaming that was he was moving in with Maria. He was dreaming he was in your shoes."
"You heard me. You've got to do something. Cancel the wedding. You weren't meant for Maria anyway. Tess she be around soon to visit over spring break. You should hook up with her."
"Wait Isabel, what are you saying? You want me to cancel the wedding? You were so excited when we told you the news this afternoon!"
"I know I was, but that's all just appearance. What did you want me to say? Hey, Maria, he's all wrong for you? No, I couldn't. I just had to wait until I could talk to you. Alone."
"I can't believe you're actually saying this."
"Well, I am. Listen, I arranged a rendezvous for you and Tess at Chez Pierre next Friday I believe. It will really help rekindle your feelings!"
"Hold on, you did WHAT?"
"Oh yeah, and dress classy! Goodnight!" She turned around and walked out.
Maria yelled after her: "Let's try this. Maria wants you to be maid of honor. Will you Iz, please?"

Isabel poked her head into his room. "How flattering! I'll be there, top notch captain!"
"But, didn't you just say..."
"Didn't I just say what? Max, I just walked in here, how do you want me to have said something to you already?"

Max gave her a confused look. "You didn't just get in! You told me-"
"I think you should get some sleep little bro! See you in the morning! He have lots of things to plan!"

Part 11

Max woke up with a start, sweating. Could it really have been just a dream?, he thought. He glanced at his clock. It was 6:00 AM, just about time to get ready for school. He dragged his feet all the way to the bathroom before Isabel could take it over for a good half an hour. He washed his face, and brushed his teeth. He bathed himself in a cold shower, making sure that this time, everything was real. When he got back to his room, it was already 7:00 AM. He heard his sister stomp her feet all the way to the washroom, and locked herself up to do what she called her "beauty wake up". Max got dressed and went down to the kitchen and found his mother and father chatting away and eating breakfast. They gave each other a quick sign of "hello" and Max searched the fridge for the carton of orange juice. Just then, the doorbell rang. He went to answer and saw Liz through the window. Startled and surprised, and without thinking, he opened the door for her.
"Listen Max... I just wanted to explain everything you saw yesterday in the eraser room. I know I should have told you sooner, but Michael and I are an item now."
"What? I mean, that's great! So why the whole scene at the Crashdown...?"
"What are you talking about Max? You came to the Crashdown yesterday?"
"Yeah, to see Maria and you were there, and..."
"Maria and I weren't on shift last night Max. Are you sure you're all right?"
"Yeah. I'm, I'm, fine."
"Because I also wanted to asked you if you felt better."
"Felt better?"
"Yeah, after you healed Maria yesterday, you were knocked out cold since it drawed so much energy from you. Michael, Maria and I drove you back here and left you to sleep."
"You mean, I didn't go to school or anything yesterday?"

Isabel came down the stairs and saw them. She came over to see them.
"Hey what's up Liz?"
"I think you're brother's still sick."
"Liz, you're telling me that Maria and I aren't getting married?"
"Married? What are you talking about Max?"

Max looked at her in despair. He pushed her out of the way and ran like a madman. He jumped over fences and ran throughout the pharmacy heading in one precise direction. He needed to see Maria. Maria was all he wanted. Maria is what he needed. At her doorsteps, he didn't even bother to knock and be answered. He unlocked the door and entered, running still towards Maria's room. Amy yelled after him:
"Max, Maria's sleeping!"

He couldn't care less at the moment. He flung her door open and kneeled down beside her bed.
"Max, are you okay?" Maria mumbled with a tired voice.
"Maria, I've been dreaming about a lot. And there is one thing that I absolutely have to ask you."

She looked into his eyes, wondering what he could possibly have to ask her that couldn't wait until school. Liz and Isabel rushed in just as Max began to speak.

"Maria Deluca will you marry me?"

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