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Max stared sheepishly at the ceiling. The alarm clock to his right indicated 4:00 AM. Why couldn't he sleep? To his right, he found Maria, the beautiful Maria, sleeping calmly. "God, she's too beautiful", he thought. Struggling, Max got of bed, brushed his teeth and made his way to the living room. Outside, the early day was still dark, even though you could see the sun wanting to come out.

He then took a good look at his neighbour's house. A dark shape ran out of the front door, carrying an obviously heavy object. Max pushed HIS front door and ran all the way to the strange man. The stranger pulled out a gun, and pointed it at max. Max then realized what was happening, lifted his hands, and was dangerously pulled into the man's car. The tires made a deafening sound as the car speeded down the road.

Maria woke up with a start. What were people doing starting a car at this time? She ran to the window just in time to see the car disappear in the distance.
"Now, where's Max?" she said out loud. "max? honey where are you?". She didn't want to scream too loud, not to wake up the baby. She put on a bathrobe and some slippers and went to the living room. "Max? Where are you? Max? Come on! This isn't funny anymore!" Outside, she could see the neighbours franticly yelling and crying. They spotted Maria in the window and urged her to come out.
"What happened? Why is everyone shaken up?" asked Maria.
"We were robbed. I got up in time to see the robber pull Max into is car and drive off real quick", said the hubby.
"WHAT? MAX EVANS, MY Max? That's impossible! Tell me that's not true! Please!", cried Maria.
"I'm afraid it is".
"Well, did you call the police? We have to do something! Maybe he's being tortured, or worse, maybe he's dead!" yelled Maria.
"The police are looking for the car we've identified. It was a blue convertible, license plate EARTH 101."

Maria stood there, thinking why that car ringed a bell. "Oh my God" she whispering slowly. "It can't be..."
"What did you say dear?", aked the old lady.
"Oh no-no-nothing, Mrs. Rydell. Will you excuse me for a moment?"
Maria turned around and bolted to her house. The baby started crying just at that moment. "Samuel, please, give mommy just one second!" She looked desperately through some papers and finally found, after 5 minutes, the one she was looking for. This is what it said:
From Max Evans
To Michael Guerin
Object Blue Convertible
License Plate EARTH 101
Date February 23 2005
Max Evans
Michael Guerin

Maria gasped as she realized that the car that she saw driving at a dangerous speed down the road was the car that Max had sold to Michael after Max and Maria's wedding. She quickly dialed Michael's home phone number. It rang a few times before she heard Michael's harsh voice yell "WHATTTTTTTTT?????"
"Michael? It's Maria. Listen, have you seen Max?"
"I never implied that, it's just, um, I wanted to know. Are you okay?"

Michael hung up. Scared as she was, Maria grabbed Samuel and brought him to her Jetta. She rang numerous times on Liz's doorbell. When she finally answered looking dreadfully sleepy, Maria quickly explaining: "Max has been kidnapped, I think by Michael. Take Samuel. Thanx, luv ya! bye!" And she ran off. Liz looked at the 1 ½ year old boy in her arms. Samuel mumbled: "Mommy cuazy!" Liz agreed but knew that something had terribly gone wrong.

Maria started her jetta once again, but this time heading towards michael's apartment. What was wrong with Michael on the phone? She just knew it couldn't hav been the real him. He would have never said those things. What was the purpose? She quickly called Jim and explained the situation. He told her to wait for him before going into Michael's place. She nervously inside her car for Jim's van to pull up next to her. He arrived, and she scrambled out of her cramped jetta. "Are you sure he sounded really peculiar?", asked Jim. "I have never been more sure in my life. Now come, Max is in trouble!"

Back at home, Isabel was woken up by a horrible dream. Max was being mistreated, like in the white room. "MAX!" she yelled helplessly. Jesse woke up at that moment and tried to comfort her. "NO! MAX!" she yelled. "Honey, are you alright? Listen, it was just a nightmare." With a trembling voice, she replied: "No! My brother's in danger! He's hurt! I saw... Michael! He was doing something to him. I don't know if it was good or bad, but it probably can't be good. I have to go!"

She put on a pair of pants and ran out the door, followed by Jesse. They climbed in the car and sped towards Michael's apartment. They found Maria and Jim's car and knew it wasn't a false alarm. They ran up the stairs as fast as they could and found Jim and Maria banging on Michael's door. "Stand back" Iz yelled. She layed her hand on the door handle and unlocked it. The next thing they knew, they were inside.

The site was horrible. Maria yelled in horror and Isabel hid her face on Jesse's shoulder. Jim and Jesse watched thedreadful view amazed, shocked and furious at the same time. Everything was upside down. Papers were flying everywhere, light bulbs were exploding. Utensiles and plates hung several inches above the ground. The sofas were knocked over, glass objects were scattering all over the floor in a million pieces. In the middle of all the chaos stood Michael, partially hunched over Max's floating body. His feet, his head, and hands were almost at Michael's head height. Michael realized the presence of unwanted visitors, and turned his head towards them. Liz came running in at that moment. He saw her and collapsed to the ground.

Max gently floated back down to normal level but didn't show any sign of life. Maria ran to him with Isabel while jim, jesse and liz lifted Michael to the couch. Slowly, the two men regained life. Max looked up at Maria and smiled. Michael looked around and seemed confused. He tried to remember what had happened. He then got a serie of flashes; him robbing mr and mrs rydell, pointing a gun at max, forcing him to his apartment, knowcking him out, and trying to gain his soul. "What did I do? How could I have done this?" Isabel went over to him. "Are you alright?" she said. "Where's Max, is he okay? What did I do to him?" Isabel replied: "Max is fine. Are were you trying to do to him?" "I don't know. It was like it wasn't really me. I mean, it was this body, but it wasn't me. You have to believe me, I didn't know what I was doing, it's like something had control of me. Where is he?"
"He's with Maria. He'll be okay. But are you gonna be okay?"
"I'll be fine." He looked at Liz. She was frightened and pale. She couldn't believe and had just happened. "You look at me and collapsed. Why?" she asked him.
"You're what brought me back."
He smiled at her and she smiled and said: "I guess you'll need me all the time to watch over you, huh?"
"I wouldn't mind." he said, and they kissed.

"Maria, oh god, Maria, I thought I would have never seen you again." said Max.
"Me too, don't ever go after robbers again, ok?" she said, laughing.
"Promise" said Max and he gave a gentle kiss. "Where's Samuel?"
"Samuel? Liz? WHERE'S SAMUEL!!?!" cried Maria.
"Oh, My, God!" Liz said and she bolted down the stairs. The group followed her as she ran out the door. Outside, they saw a little boy standing on the hood of the jetta. When he saw them, he laughed and clapped and shouted: "Mommy! Me walking!"
Tears ran down Maria's face as she realized what had just happened. Max brought Samuel off the car and on to the sidewalk. Samuel stoop up on his feet and walked as best as he could to his mother. "Foot up, foot down" he kept saying. Maria cried and cried of happiness and took her son into her arms and twirled him around. Max joined her and the whole group smiled and laughed. The two parents kissed their child.

Samuel had taken his first steps.
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