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Heart Of Mine

Disclaimer: I own nada
Rating: PG
Pairing: M/L
Summary: set during heart of mine

~Liz seeing Max & Tess kiss~
“Liz” Max said
“HUH?!?!?!” Tess said (Dumb!)
“Liz, wait” Max said, as he saw her run away, chasing after her
“Leave me alone” Liz said as Max caught up to her
“Max I just wana be alone”
“I thought you wanted it like this” Max said looking Liz in the eye
“Yeah, well I don’t have to see it” Liz said turning away
“You want to know what I felt when I was kissing her?”
“I don’t want to know”
“Love” Max said bringing tears to Liz’ eyes
“Max, look I don’t…..”
“Love for you. I was thinking it doesn’t feel right to kiss anyone other than you, I love you Liz & I cant deny it” Max said cutting Liz off
“Max, don’t, don’t do this”
“Why” Max asked, by this time they were both outside in the rain, completely soaked
“Because, you know why”
“No, I don’t, why???” Max asked intreged
“Because, you belong with her, & I belong with someone else,” Liz said her eyes focused down
“You don’t love me right?” Max questioned
“Max, please”
“That’s what you said, But I know you do, what I feel for you, I know its not one sided, I know what I felt when I was with you, when we connected”
“LUST, all I felt was lust, I thought I had to love you, its like I felt obligated” Liz said still not looking up
“NO you don’t mean it!” Max shouted, hurt
“I do” Liz said still refusing to look up
“Look at me & say you don’t love me” Max said grabbing Liz’ chin & forcing her to look up
“Max let me go home,” Liz said pulling away
“Max you belong with her” Liz said walking further away from Max, only to have him pull her back
“TELL ME YOU DON’T LOVE ME!” Max said forcefully pulling her to him
“I, I don’t, I cant..” Liz said breaking down & crying
“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, its ok” Max soothed kissing the crown of Liz’ head
“I, I, cant do this” Liz stammered crying, harder
“Shhhhhhhhhh, im here”
“Im, sorry” Liz cried
“Its ok, lets get you inside” Max said, holding Liz close

“Maria, Liz didnt have a coat did see?” Max asked finding Maria
“Um, no” Maria said
“Why?” Maria asked puzzled
“Im taking Liz home” Max replied pointing at Liz sitting on a bench

“That’s better, nice & warm” Max said waving his hand over Liz (drying her off)
“Thanx” Liz said still teary

~Liz’ Room~

“WhatDoYouThink?” Liz asked giving Max a twirl, in her PJ’s
“Beautiful” Max said smiling at Liz
“Look Max….” Liz stared
“It doesn’t matter” Max cut her off
“Max, please, you, you don’t have feelings for me, im mean what about your planet?”
“What I saw, what I felt, the energy, it didn’t feel like home, it felt…alien. My life, what was my life, it’s not my life anymore, it doesn’t feel like my life.” Max explained
“But what about your destiny?” Liz asked
“DESTINY?!?!?! I hate that word, Im supposed to marry Tess, I don’t love her, I don’t even really like her, I kissed her because im supposed to, like it’s the right thing to do. I have this whole other life; im supposed to be king of a plant I’ve never been to a plant I don’t know. Im 17 I don’t wana be an alien, I just wana be normal. You want to be with a normal teenage boy, & I want to be that boy, But I cant because im not normal; Liz I just wana be normal. I don’t wana be a king, I don’t want a destiny, I just; im scared” Max said breaking
“Come here” Liz, said gesturing to next to her on the bed. Max walked over to her & started sobbing.
“Shhhhhhhhhh” Liz soothed, stroking Max’ hair
“I just wana be normal” Max said crying hard.


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