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Titile:Come to me
Rating*tongue*g-13/R+~Language,Sexual situations.
Disclaimer:I don't own the rights to Roswell,or it's characters.
Come to me~By bjork~Copyrighted cause I didn't write this song.
Summary:Liz lives in NY as a photographer,Michael is her fiance,he's an alien but doesn't realize this.Much to her dismay,weird dreams draw her back to her Hometown..Roswell.Max has loved Liz since the third grade.He still thinks about her.Maria is his best friend..Why start another fanfic,when I already have two unfinished ones.I'm a glutten for punishment I guess,plus I really like this story. I hope you do to.
Peace Carolyn

Prolouge~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers~Come to me~By BjorkCome to me

I'll take care of you
Protect you
Calm, calm down
You're exhausted
Come lie down
You don't have to explain
I understand
You know That I adore you
You know That I love you
So don't make me say it
It would burst the bubble
Break the charm
Jump off
Your building's on fire
I'll catch you I'll catch you
Destroy all that is keeping you back
And then I'll nurse you I'll nurse you
Come to me
I'll take care of you
You don't have to explain
I understand

Liz Parker was waiting for him.With no idea who he was or what he looked like.Bizare yes,but this was a dream.

She sat on the curb underneath the street lamp light.Watching the breath coming out of her mouth,but it wasn't cold. Like the nights before,she couldn't see the surroundings around her. No buildings,no people,no cars,nothing,just darkness and the street lamp light.

It was boring,but for the past eight years this is what she dreamed about.

"You shouldn't be out here so late at night,"replied a voice from behind her,she turned around and saw this familiar man,with black hair,brown soulful eyes,tall and well built,he wore a black t-shirt,had his hands stuffed in the pockets of his black jeans,and wore no shoes. He was standing in front of her parents resturant,the crashdown.

What detail,the space ship sign half immbedded in the building,the patio table and chairs for the customer who wanted to take thier meal out side,glancing through the windows she could make out the decor inside.She smiled at seeing her favorite mural her mother painted when she was just a child.The place was empty,they were the only two people around.This is the first time in all the years of being in this dream that the scenery has changed.

"Why's that?"Liz asked not feeling really threaten at all,nobody was around.She remain sitting.Is this the man she was waiting for?

"The darkness can be a very scary place,who knows what evil could be hiding in the shadows,"he said,not once moving from his spot.

"You're weird,"Liz stated turning away from him.Not wanting to face her past,the life she has made with

Michael was good enough for her,this is a stupid dream and she would like to wake up now.

"What are you hiding in your shadows Liz,"The man asked,she was looking down at him,they were now inside the Crashdown.

He was sitting in one of the booths.Liz was startled by the sudden change of scenery,and her attire,which was now the tacky Baby blue uniform her father made the waitresses wear,complete with the bobbing alien attena headband and the silver alien head apron.Poised in one hand was a pen and in the other a order pad.what in the hell was going on?

"I don't know,why don't you tell me,"Liz replied sarcastically

"I would love a Cherry coke,Liz"He asked with a beautiful smile.

How did he know her name.Then she just shook her head,this was a dream,why wouldn't he.What pissed her off was that he knew who she was,but Liz was clueless to his identity.

"Get it yourself,"She spatted throwing the pen and pad at him,when she turned to storm off,he was there in front of her,grinning.

"Who are you?"Liz asked annoyed.

"I thought you might remeber me,but it was a long time ago."he told her reaching to touch a stran of her black hair that came lose from her pony tail,she slapped his hand away and he just laughed.

"Well I'm sorry,but you have an advantage over me,"Liz replied crossing her arms across her chest,angrily her right foot began to tap rapidly.

"I'm Max,Max Evans,"He said acting like this would jog her memory,though in the back of her mind recollection was slowly resurfacing.

"Well Max Evans,obviously I don't have to introduce myself to you,"she exclaimed,her hands went to her hips,angrily she at him,what is going on inside her subconsious to make her dream this nonsense,though she have to admit,this max guy was pretty darn good looking.

"Yes,I know who you are Liz Parker,"he said with a smile still on his face,he took this moment to walk towards her.

"What are you doing,"Liz replied taking steps back from him,which was useless cause she found herself being stopped by a wall. How in the hell did that get there.

Raising her hands up,she felt his hard chest,and looked into his eyes once more,Max cupped her face in his hands,she swallowed hard,and wondered if he was going to kiss her?,"Please go away."

"Why,you've been waiting for me for so long,"He whispered kissing her forehead.

"No I haven't"Liz lied turning her head to the side,"I don't know who you are."

"Oh,but I think you do Liz,"He replied making her look at him."I've been watching you for years,wondering if you would someday notice me,I'm here because you want me here."

"I think not,"She said defensively,why would she wait for someone she doesn't know,"I'm with someone that I love,you're just a dream."

"Oh that's right Michael Guerin,"He said with a laugh,"he's got his own destiny waiting for him,and it's not with you."

"Fuck you,"She replied slapping his face,causing him to let go,"Why am I arguing with a figment of my imagination,you are a dream, nothing else."

"Dreams are powerful you know,"Max said,his hand still on the place where Liz slapped him,"They tell us things that we're afraid to face in the waking world."

"Are you listening to yourself,"Liz spatted angrily,"You sound like some stupid New age guru."

"If you say so,"He said grabbing one of her hands and palced a kiss on it."You'll remeber,"

The feel of his lips making contact with her skin caused this amazing sensation,she closed her eyes,reeling in the electricity,his face flashed in her head,then of her old high school,she was sitting in her history class,there beside Liz was a younger version of Max Evans,he was looking at her with longing,exactly how this older version was looking at her when she open her eyes.

The hardness of the wall was replaced with the softness of a bed.They were in Liz's old room,in her old bed,Max was on top of her,she had her legs wrapped around him.they were naked and Max was inside her,she was moving her hips to his thrusts,why was she doing this,yet she wanted to.Max was kissing her,he grabbed her earlobe with his teeth and as he gently pulled he whispered."See I knew you'd remeber."

"We-we-,"Liz gasped trying to form a sentence,but the ecsatcy that engulfed her was throwing off her concentration,"I-I-ah w-w-ould hardly ca-ah call ou-ourselves f-friends,Jesus."

"No,but things will soon change,"he said,Stopping in mid thrust,slowly pulling himself out of her warmth,wanting to tourture her a little,enjoying her pleas,he remain hovering over her ,the tip of his arousal just bearly inside her.Liz didn't know what to say,what she wanted was Max back inside her.

"Please,Max for the love of god,"She screamed trying to pull him back down with her legs.His strong arms prevented her from succeding.

""I'll be seeing you real soon Liz Parker,"He whispered,thrusting back inside her,she climaxed and shouted his name.

That's when she woke up,sweating,gasping for breath and wet from the most erotic dream she's ever experienced.

Liz looked over at Michael, her fiance,snoring softly,sleeping soundly.Guilt racked her body.

It was only a dream,why would she let it effect her so much.Liz pulled the covers off her and left thier bedroom.grabbing her coat,she went outside on the back porch.

Roswell was so far away.She left that part of her life when she went to college in NY.On her first night,she almost got killed. Michael saved her life,he healed her gunshot wound a mugger caused and brought her back to his apartment.She woke up in his bed the next day,confused.

He told her what he did.

"How,"Liz asked,a bit scared

"I have these gifts Liz,I don't know how or why I got them,but I use them to do what I can to help this world."He said,sounding so much like a comic book superhero.

"So do you know Spiderman,I always wanted his autograph,"Liz jokingly asked,causing them to laugh and since that day they've been inseperable.

He played guitar in this popular local rock band called Destiny.He worked in his parents bookshop untill one day when hopefully, the band took off.

Liz went to college,eventually getting a job as a photographer for the NY daily news.

They have an apartment in the building owned by Michaels' adoptive parents. They lived on the first floor.They knew about Michael's abilities and did what they could to protect him.

"We knew he was diffrent the day we went to the orphanage,"Alice Guerin said,remebering fondly,"This 6 year old boy came up to us and told us that he would love to help out us out in our bookstore."

"He hugged Alice and we knew that we found our son,"Bert Guerin said,trying very hard to be manly and not cry.

These people were like her second family,they loved her and treated her like she was already married to Michael.

Liz's parents flew down when she told them of her engagement. They were in love with thier future son-in-law too.

So why is the face of Max Evans still srong in her mind.Why does she suddenly want to go back home and see if he still lives there.

Untill tonight, she didn't even want to set foot back in Roswell.

For eight years Liz got angry whenever Michael asked if she was going to vist her family back home.

"It's so beautiful,"He said looking at the pictures from her photo album,"Why don't you want to go back for a vist?"

"It's a dead end town Michael that sucks you into a dead end life,I like NY thank you,"She said,"Besides my family sees me,they know how I feel about Roswell."

"You can't hide who you are Liz,I'd dreamed to know where I was from,"He said closing the album.

Michael would definately have to come with her.he'll need his pressence for strength.To remind her how good she has it with him and not some stupid fantasy.

The only reason she's even thinking about going to Roswell is to get this dumb nonsense out of her system.Maybe this was her minds way of getting her to come home.

One final vist, to show Michael where she was from. Hopefully in the morning she'll change her mind.

Then again she almost hoped she wouldn't.

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Chapter one~Come to me~By Carolyn Swyers~The Other Side of Night (Lyrics and Music by Phil Solem and Danny Wilde~The Rembrandts.Copyrighted)

No spell that I could cast would ever bring you back too soon
But still I search for hidden answers, underneath this faded moon
The view from here should soothe my soul, even shed some kind of light
Because I know the sun is shining, on the other side of night
On the other side of night
Now you're movin' through you wakin' world, while in my sleep, I dream
You drift as closely as you can, without your ever being seen
But I know you're there beside me, just beyond my line of sight
Out where the sun is always shining, on the other side of night
On the other side of night
If you had stayed...Would I have ever found a reason
To feel this way-If you had waited one more season
Though I know you're out there somewhere-Only you can prove me right
Since you're the one who crossed the boundary, to the other side of night
To the other side of night
To the other side of night
To the other side of night
To the other side of night
To the other side (to the other side of night)

Max Evans eyes flew open.

For a moment, he was confused by his surroundings, he was leaned against a bed, with his arms crossing his chest.
A T.V. was in his view, ending credits to a movie were scrolling down the 21 inch screen.

That's when realization hit him. Max was at Maria's and they were suppose to be watching a movie together. God, did he sleep throught the whole thing.

"Morning,"Maria replied sarcasticly, even thought it was 8:00 at night, as if she was reading his mind said,"You slept through the whole thing,"

Max looked up to where her voice was coming from,Maria stared down at him from her bed,a not so amused looked on her face."I'm sorry Maria,I guess I kind of dozed off."

A pillow found it's way to his face,a few times in fact,"Ow Maria,I said I was sorry,"

"Max,you begged me to rent this stupid movie, and though I highly enjoyed it, I will not be sitting through it again!"Maria said taking my cheeks in both of her hands and gave them a squeeze.

"Yeth Maritha,"he replied,having a hard time speaking with her abusing his cheeks.

She gave one of them a playful slap and bounced of the bed."Your forgiven,now lets go and eat something."

Max kept staring at the T.V., even though it's screen is blank. He kept thinking about the dream he had. Liz Parker of course was the star,it was weird, yet erotic,and somewhat diffent from the ones he usually has.

It's been eight years since she left town, yet his feelings for Liz remain just as strong as when he first saw her in the playground yard when Max and his sister Isabel started fifth grade.

Max did try to date others, per order of Maria, but it was like he was just going through the motions, his heart wasn't in it cause it was thousand of miles away in NY with Liz.
Out of desperation he even started dating Maria,who better then to have a relationship then with your best friend,she also knew his big secret and still loved him for it.Maria never teated him any diffrently,still it didn't work out between them. It was mutally decided they'd make better friends then boyfriend and grilfriend.

"Max,please focus here,"Maria replied turning away from the mirror, a tube of lipstick in her hands,"Don't make me come over there, cause I will use this on you."Max turned around to see her shaking the lipstick dramatically,her free hand on her hips.Her face very angry.

Max got up quickly, raising his hands up in defeat,"I'm sorry Maria,I'm just a little distracted right now."He sat down on the side of the bed facing the mirror.

"Liz on the brain again huh,"She sighed in fustration and plopped down besdie him,"Max you are pathetic,you do know this right,"

Max shook his head in agreement,"Yes Maria,I do,and I wish I could stop the insanity."

"Liz is gone Max,"Maria replied hating that they are yet again having this conversation,"Took a plane to NY and hasn't looked back since."

"I know this Maria,I was there when she got on the plane,"Max said remebering the day he went to drop his sister off at the airport.

Isabel made him go with her to wait untill her plane arrived. He looked up from the magazine he was reading and there she was, hugging her parents goodbye.Max stared in awe by her beauty, wanting to go up to her,to take her in his arms, tell her how he felt, plea with her not to go.Of course Max remained in his seat,gawking like some stupid idiot.His last chance of professing gone.

"Max,you need to come back to reality and realize she's not going to have an eipiphany one day and announce she loves Max Evans,and she doesn't know why but she must go to you,no,cause Max she doesn't even know you exsist."Maria exclaimed, causing Max to roll his eyes.

"I know it seems impossible Maria,it's just the dream I had,while sleeping on your floor seemed,well diffrent."He said,causing Maria to shake her head in defeat.

"Max,you've been dreaming about Liz Parker every night for the past eight years,"Maria shouted,her hands gestured out in front of her,"how can it be any diffrent?"

Of course Maria would have to go and smash the reality pillow across his head.It's just somehow,he felt like he was actually connect to her,like Liz was dreaming the exact same dream.

Max passed on this information to Maria,this of course made her slap him on the backside of his head,"You haven't been getting dreamwalking lessons from Isabel,Max I didn't think you'd go that-"

"Relax Maria,"Max replied rubbing the sore spot int he back of his head,"Even if I could,which I can't,I'd never invade her privacy like that."

Funny,how diffrent Max and her sister are. Isabel wouldn't hesitate a moment to go and "have fun" as she would like to call it.

However Max doesn't dreamwalk like his sister,he has healing powers,it's what was given to him and he doesn't know why.

In 1947 aliens supposedly (according to the stories) crashed not to far from Roswell, New Mexico.Max and Isabel knew it was true,it had to be.Of course it's silly to think that they were from the crash,they were 6 years old when the Evans found them waundering aimlessly in the dessert,and that was in 1989.

However,they were in these incubation pods(you can't get more alien then that).They came out 43 years later,covered in green goo and very naked.Neither Max or Isabel has no reculation of what happen before that.They don't know why they're here or where they were sent from.All they do know it that they're very diffrent and keeping that part of thier lives a secret is important.

Thankfully the Evans adopted them not to soon after that. They're very good parents,but they're oblivously to who they relly are.,and that's exactly how it's going to remain.

"It just sounds crazy Max,I mean you mooning over her like some love sick puppy,you and Alex are hopeless,"Maria said with a sigh she slapped her hands on her thighs,then picked herself off the bed and went to continue her primping,"I mean Alex has more of a chance of getting Isabel,then you do with Liz,"Maria said,brushing her long blond hair.

"Ouch Maria that's rough,"Max replied,but knowing what she said to be true.

Alex Whitman,a lanky man who has been love sick for his sister just as long as Max has been for Liz.Does have a better chance.Isabel,of course likes Alex as a friend,nothing more.Max's sister likes to be free and on her own.Many hearts in Roswell have been broken because of Isabel.For her,it's safer to not get people close,her secret is a big one,getting involed with someone and trying to hide the fact that you're an alien is stressing.It's a lonely life,but it's normal enough for her,and she's happy,for now.

Max knew Alex was a good man,he would be good for Isabel.It's just he's not aware of thier secret. Maria is the only one. She found out by accident of course.Maria's Dalmation got run over by a car,they were about 10 years old.The driver drove off,either not caring,or he just didn't know.Rusty was hurt real bad.Max carried him outback to Maria's yard,she was trying to find her mother,without much luck.What she walk in on was Max kneeling beside rusty,his hand glowing on the dogs stomach.For five minutes Maria stared at her friend performing somekind of miracle.Rusty woke up and was running around like his old self.He was laughing as Rusty played in the yard.

"How did you do that?"Maria excalimed causing Max to tense with panic,he hadn't meant for Maria to see that,yet she did.All Max could do was run,run back home and pray she wouldn't tell anyone.

The next day Maria came into his room,sat down on the floor in front of him and asked Max to tell her the truth,that no matter what,she'll be his friend,"Your a good and kind person Max,I Promise not to tell a soul ,I'll Pinky swear it." It's seventeen years later,and Maria kept her word.

Maria turned to look at her sad pathetic friend.Max was an amazing guy,and she'd like for him to be happy.It was a shame it didn't work out between them,but they weren't meant to be together,she knew that.

"Max,I love you,you know that,"She stated while walking up to him,Max nodded his head as he looked up to her,"Not for a moment do I want you to think I support your silly obsession that obviously won't go anywhere,"She took his head in her hands and made him stare into her intense eyes,"Let's say for some reason you connected to her unconsciouly because of your alien powers,and the feelings you have for her." time to finish this conversation,because she was starting to get hungry,"However,the fact remains is that she's in NY,she's got a fiancee,and to her this is just a dream,a dream she'll forget about as soon as she wakes up."she kissed his lips like a friend would and went back to getting ready.

"Your support is astounding Maria,"Max replied sarcastically

"I just want to let you know that Roswell is the last place she rather be."

"You tell me this quite frequently Maria."

"Her own parents fly out to NY to vist her cause she hates this place so much."

"Again Maria,I do know this."Max said crossing his arms across his chest,pouting.

"Then let's stop talking about Liz Parker and go and get something to eat."Maria demanded turning around.

"Don't you miss her,you were friends once."Max asked gettting up to grab his jacket from Maria's desk chair.

"Max,the girl didn't say goodbye to me the day she left,I get no phone calls,just a occasional post card from time to time,"Maria excalimed trying to hide her anger,"I got over Liz Parker and so can you."

Taking the hint Max put on his jacket and fallowed Maria out of her bedroom,to the livingroom,where her roommate Pam Troy was watching T.V. with her boyfriend Kyle Valenti,the local sheriff's son. He's a Mechanic over at Tobey's garage.Not what he wanted to do,but he wasn't a sheriff like his father,so it was good enough.

"Hey Evans,Deluca,where you off to?"Kyle asked,he was cuddling close to Pam who was contently laying on his chest.

""We're hungry,"Maria excalimed impatiently,"So Max is taking me out ot eat."

"So I'm paying for dinner again?"Max asked behind her.

"Hey,I listen to you angst over Liz,"Maria stated turning to him and poking him hard on the chest,"I deserve some compensation."

Pam and Kyle laughed knowing all too well about Max's obsession concerning one raven hair beauty.Kyle actually dated Liz all through High school,the day she left was the day Liz broke up with Kyle,one more tie to Roswell severed.Of course Kyle got over Liz,he's been with Pam for two years.Max bearly talked to Liz,let alone date her,so why can't he move on.

"See ya,"Maria excalimed grabbing Max's hand and dragged him to the door,he bearly got his free hand up to wave good bye to the love birds.

"So can you promise no Liz talk during dinner,"Maria asked as she closed her aparment building s front door.

Max laughed softly and promised her he wouldn't.Poor Maria,she did put up with his carrying on about Liz.Not only did she deserve dinner,but dinner everynight for the rest of her life.

Okay Max knows Liz isn't going to be his in this life time.He should just move on,that would be best for him.

Max knew it's not going to be easy."Hi I'm Max and I'm a Lizoholic,"he thought to himself with a grin. It may come to that,have maria be his sponser.Everytime he'd talk about Liz,he should get whacked in the back of the head by her.Maybe the reaaon he's so hooked on Liz because she unattainable.It would make sense,him being an alien and all.

The first step of recovery is admitting you have a problem,he's done that countless times,the second step is to ask for help.Maybe it's time to start that process,talk to Maria about it over dinner.She's not coming back to Roswell.Her own parents couldn't get her to come back. What could a total stranger do to convince her otherwise.Well,he couldn't,just like he couldn't get her face out of his mind.

They both walked into the Crashdown,which suprised Max cause it was owned by Liz's parents Jeff and Nancy Parker.He just shrugged his shoulders and fallowed her into the alien theme resturant,willing himself to be a good boy for maria.Liz's father greeted them at the door.

"Maria,Max.How are you doing tonight?"He asked grabbing some menus for them.

"Hungry,very hungry,"Maria exclimed laughing.

"What you can't get enough of this palce Maria,you are working tomorrow morning,I thought you'd enjoy your day off away from this place,"Jeff asked walking to a empty booth.the place wasn't so busy this evening,so they were lucky to be sitting so soon. usually it's a 30 minute wait on a busy night.

"Yeah well call me a glutten for punishment,"Maria mused,sliding into the booth,"Plus I'm dying for a Crashdown special like no ones business."

"Do you know what you want Max?"He asked writing Maria's order on a pad,"I can just put your orders in now just in case we get a rush.

"I'll have the same,plus a cherry coke."Max replied shrugging out of his coat.

"You like Dr.Pepper right,"He said pointing his pencil at him,Maria nodded yes,and before he walked away said excitingly,"Oh before I forget,Liz is coming back home for a vist."

This caused Maria and Max to look first at each other in shock then at Mr. Parker."Really,"Max said with a half smile.

"Why?"Maria asked kicking Max under the table,Mr.Parker missed Max jumping in his seat from the pain and continued.

"Seems she had a weird dream about going home,took that as some kind of sign or something,I don't care I'm going to be seeing my Liz again."He replied walking away whistling a happy tune.

"Did you hear that?"Max replied smugly,"She had a dream."

Maria of course didn't want to be hearing any of this.

They just got over talking about Liz Parker's resistance to Roswell,and here she is coming back home.She is not going to be hearing the end of it from Max.

Of course he's going to look more into then it really is.Max is only going to get hurt again when Liz leaves again.

"Remeber your promise Max,No Liz talk during dinner."Maria said angrily.

"Not a peep,"Max said picking up his knife and began banging it softly on his napkin.

Of course Maria didn't say anything about not thinking about her.This was just as bad,cause it shot right out of him like a beacon.

Damn Liz Parker and the hold she has over him.Why didn't she just stay in NY cause her coming here will only mean trouble.

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Chapter 3~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers~

Liz hung up the phone with her editor,Marcus Nelson.

Nothing stands in her way of going to Roswell now.
Michael's band Destiny, will be touring for three months, starting next week.

Liz will be going with them, as not only a photographer,but a writer.

She suggested to Marcus a story about a day in the life of a band trying to make it big. He ate it up like chocolate fudge cake. The fact that she actually wanted to write it also,suprised the hell out of him.A year ago,Marcus asked Liz to do a article about world famous wildlife Photographer Jack Thompson.She reluctantly wrote it and took pictures of the Photographer in action, because not only was he one of her idols,but she did owe Marcus a favor.He thought she was a brillant writer.Wanted to give her more frequent writing assigments.

"Marcus,I'm a phototgrapher, I just Bullshited my way through that article,"Liz exclaimed at hearing his suggestion.

"Liz,do you realize how many people would kill for a byline of thier own,"He replied from behind his desk."I'm handing this to you on a silver platter,because your talented,your writing is as brillant as your pictures,not to many people can get away with doing both."

"I'm a phot-"

"A photographer,whatever you want Liz,"He replied angrily, ending the conversation, by putting on his glasses and looking over some articles for the paper.

The sound of Michael's guitar came from the den they set up for him to practice in.

It was a mini studio with an 8 track, speakers, amps, a sound systen that kicked ass. A varitiy of guitars, a keyboard, even a small drum kit were placed aimlessly in the room. Cd's in the hundreds were in racks that span almost the entire space of a wall, and posters of bands and Musicians that inspired Michael to start playing music covered the rest.

Liz slowly open the door, and quietly entered. She hasn't told him yet about the article.Kenny, thier manager will be thrilled. PR is always good,especially to a band still not known nationally yet.Of course the last stop in the tour was in Roswell.Michael told this to her, and asked if he could stop by to see her parents.

"I don't care,"She said going through some proofs,"They would love to see you,I'll call them tomorrow."

That was the night before her dream.The dream with the dark haired mystery man,Max Evans.He still haunted her memory.It was starting to annoy her.Liz stood near the door untill Michael stpped playing.

He felt her pressence and turned around to face her.Michael gave her a sexy smile,that made her feel a bit guilty.God,she was so lucky to have him in her life.Why did Max even have a place in her brain.

"Hey babe,"He said writing something down in his lyric notebook.

"How's the song list going?"LIz asked walking up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck,she kissed the top of his head.Michael put his hand on her arm and gently caressed it.

"Going very well,I'm excited about this tour,"He said taking her her hand and kissed it,"I wish you would come."

"Well,actually,I've got some news,"Liz said removing her arms and walked in front of him. Michael placed his guitar on a stand and dragged Liz to his lap, he kissed her lips.

"Really,what is it?"He asked wrapping his arms around her back.He looked up at her with love in his eyes.

"I want to go on tour with you."Liz announced,getting the shocked look,she knew he'd give her.

"I'm sorry,you want to come on tour?"Michael replied confused,Liz shook her head with a smile,then she realize maybe it was too late to go now.

"I know it's kind of last minute,if it's too late-"

"No,no,I want you to come,"He interupted quickly, not wanting her to think he didn't want her to come, Liz being there was a good thing, he then added,"Why the sudden change of heart,you do realize we have-"

"-a gig in Roswell I know,"Liz replied with a sigh,"It's just, I came up with this idea for an article to write, about Destiny and the day in the life of an up and coming rock band on tour."

"Your serious,an article about us,"Michael said excitedly.

"Yes,Marcus was all to eager about it,"Liz replied snuggling on his chest,"So,for the next three months I get paid to be a Rockband groupie."

Michael laughed and stood up with liz still in his lap,his hands went to her bottom for support so she wouln't fall to the ground.. She giggled with his sudden movement.

"Kenny is going to be beside himself with joy."

Liz wrapped her legs around Michael's waste,her arms around his neck,she kissed him softly.

"I think we should celebrate,"Liz said huskily,Michael's eyebrow arched knowingly,he began to walk out of the den into thier bedroom.

"You do realize will be in Roswell,"He asked in between kisses.

Is she really serious about going? With his foot he shut the den door behind them.They have two black and white cats,a brother and sister team named Josie and Putty,they're not allowed in the den anymore,since they destroyed one of Michael's lyric notebooks,thank god most of the songs were in the computer.

Liz shook her head,"Called my parents,they were as shocked as you."

"So you're alright,about this,"he said still not sure if he should belive all of this yet.

"Yes,"Liz said understanding his hesitance,"Can a person have a eipiphany one day and change thier mind."

"Yes they can,"Michael replied going into thier bedroom glad that the door was open,he threw Liz on the bed,and as she landed and bounced,she scared putty,causing him to dash out of the room.The two of them laugh by the cats freakish departure,Michael jumped and landed perfectly beside her,they both propped them selves on thier elbows,Michael began to play with her hair,he added"I'm glad you had a eipiphany,I don't know what I would do if I couldn't see you for three months."

"I would've miss you too,"Liz replied knowing she meant it,"I know I was crazy about Roswel and all, but I was thinking last night, that even though my family is in Roswell, I have agreat job and a great fiancee,r ight here in NY, and nothing, and I mean nothing could ever drag me away from you."

"I know,"Michael said cupping her face,then moved in to kiss her.

Liz meant everything she said, but she was still terrified of going to Roswell, this time it was a whole other reason in itself.

Max Evans.

Even now with Michael kissing her, she is thinking of Max,not her wonderful fiancee, but Max. Liz almost wanted to call it off, but all the plans were made,and knowing Marcus,he wouldn't let Liz talk herself out of going on tour.

They crazy thing is she probably wouldn't talk herself out of going either. Liz had a feeling,not that it was a bad feeling,but a feeling of change,and it scared her,not knowing where these changes are going to take her and Michael.

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Chapter 4~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers

"Come on Max,you've got to help me here!"Maria pleaded,Two dresses were in her hands,a basic black mini dress with spagehtti straps,it had a flowly look to it towards the bottom,the other was a kind of technicolor blue dress,it had no sleves and tied in the back.

"Maria,what do you want me to say,I honestly like them both,"Max said with exasperation,He never liked being Maria's fashion consultant,everytime she did this to him she'd always pick the opposite of what he liked anyway,so why bother asking?

"Max,come on this is like a major deal,"Maria pleaded clutching the clothes to her chest,"who knows what may happen at this party?"

Well Max had a idea of what Maria hoped might happen,to get laid.Though she'll try and sugar coat it by exclaiming that she wants to find a boyfreind,but you never go to these things to find a relationship,it's the same thing as going to a bar,it's like some friggin meat market.

Max thinks Maria is so much better than that.She deserves to find a guy that thinks the world of her,someone to treat her with respect and appreciate how beautiful,smart and kind she is.

Nelson Armstrong parties have a legendary reputation of being rowdy,drug infested,alcohol binging,you know the cops will come at least once, kind of shing ding.

The guy has been doing this since high school. He's one of Kyle's friends, part of the old football team, the guy was a prick then and still is even now.

Nelson is so stuck in his past, when he was mr.big and had everyone bow at his feet.Okay, so the asshole is still mr popularity, but only because he's rich. Not that he had to work for any of the money he spends, his parents were the ones that handed everything to him.

Must be nice. Max slaves away at the UFO center. You can call him the manager, he pretty much runs the place since Brody hardly comes by the place anymore.

Max's boss with the british accent is obsessed with anything alien related; he only bought this place because it was in the infamous Roswell,the mecca of alien sightings.

Did he actually think he would find a alien? Well, if he knew who Max really was he'd be shitting himself right now.

Anyway, he spends his time traveling the world checking out UFO sightings, the guys a real nutcase,thinks he was abducted. Who knows he might've been. Putting aside that he's a wacko,Brody is actually a pretty nice guy.He pays Max reasonably well so,he doesn't care what his boss does.

"Max,please get your head out of the Liz clouds and just focus,"Maria exclaimed waving the dresses in his face,"Black or blue,which one?"

Max sighed in fustration,took a moment to looked at his options again. He had a feeling she wanted to wear the black one. He pointed to the blue one,"That ones nice."

"The black one it is,"She replied throwing his selection on the chair in front of her dresser,she gave Max a quick kiss on the cheek,"Thanks, now leave so I can get dress."She pointed to her door.

It's not like Max havent' seen her with no clothes on,whatever.

Max decided that maybe he can catch some of the basketball game he was missing cause Max told her he'd go to this stupid fuction.

Kyle was on the couch waiting for Pam to get ready.He had the game on.Max sat on the recliner next to the couch.

"Finally decided on a dress huh,"Kyle excalimed,his eyes focus on the T.V. screen,Max nodded with a eye roll.

"I don't get her sometimes,especially when it comes to getting dress for a Nelson party,"Max replied leaning his head against the back of the chair."It's not like the guys there are going to be even remotely sober to care what she wearing."

"Hey Evans,it's a chick thing,so try not to think about it,"He said turning towards Max with a grin,"you'll be better off ."He then gave Max this weird look and asked,"What does it matter anyway,it's not like your going out with her anymore."

"I'm not jealous,if that's what your thinking,I just worry about her that's all,"Max expalin,knowing Kyle was just giving him a hard time,"It's just one night,Maria is going to flirt with the wrong guy,and-"

"Evans,I understand,but listen to me, Nelson knows what I'll do to him if any of the boys cross the line,regarding both Pam and Maria,he may be a ass,but he respects me."Kyle replied hoping that would ease his friends trouble mind,then added,"Besides why do you think you get dragged to these things anyway,you're Maria's little bodygurad."

"And what a glorious job it is,"Max replied sarcastically,wincing when one of the laker players missed the basket.

"Damn it,they better get on the ball if they're going to win this one,"Kyle replied angrily,"I have money on this game."

"Made a bet with your dad again,huh"Max asked with a chuckle.Kyle nodded his head and looked at the T.V. screen,and cursed. His team just got fouled. The two Valenti men during basketball season were insane.

They've got this little tradition they created,on game night. They put the two teams that played in a hat,you bet on the team you picked.Kyle thought he was sitting pretty when he drew the lakers. His dad,no matter what would always get the winning team.By the look of things,it seems Jim Valenti's winning streak will continue.

Max bit his bottom lip nervously and added reassuringly,"It's still early,they could have a come back."

"Thanks for the wishful thinking,"Kyle replied his face full of doubt,"Nelson better have the game on."

"You must be joking,"Max said with a laugh,"Nelson not having a basketball game on,right and Liz will actually know who I am."

Kyle laughed at the annology,he turned to Max and said,"I heard Liz is coming home."

"You heard right,"Max replied,he couldn't help but beam with excitment,"Her father told Maria and I himself"

"Well,I'll be damned,"Kyle exclaimed in shock,"Didn't see that coming,you must be peeing your pants with glee."

"I am,but Michael is coming with her too."Max said making a face.See this is why Max needs to put an end to this outragous crush now.All that Liz's vist is going to do is make Max depress,because she's with someone else and not him.

"The fiancee,really,"Kyle said his intrest peeked,"so what are your thoughts on this."

"I have none,"Max said dejectedly,

"Oh come on Max,you've been on the Liz bus for years,she's coming home,don't tell me you're just going to just remain in the background."Kyle challanged rubbing his hands together.

"And what Kyle do you propose I do,try and win her affections."Max replied sarcastically,eyeing Kyle like he was smoking something.

"Why not,It'll be like something right out of the movies,"Kyle replied leaning forward on the couch,he waved a finger in the air as a thought came to him,"Like Sleepless in seattle,but in Roswell."He had a huge grin on his face,as he nodded his head.

"Kyle you've been watching way too many chick flicks with Pam,"Max teased,shaking his head in disbelief.

"Think about it dude,in the movie Meg Ryan breaks up with her fiancee,cause Tom hanks did something that totally touched her,"Kyle replied getting all excited,Kyle may be a jock,but ever since he got into Buddhism,he's been very sensitive about love ,romance,nature,and being one with everything,and it suited him,but there are times when he did go to far with it,Like now for insistance,"and not only was he a stranger, but,he was like not even in the same city!"

"What,you want me to call up some radio talk show and hope Liz hears me bearing my soul?"Max excalimed skeptical of Kyle's sanity.

"That's one option,but think about it Max,heres your chance to win her,she's coming home,which no one would've thought could happen,not even her parents,that my friend..."He exclaim pointing at him for emphasis"-is fate,and you'd be stupid to ignore it."

"I don't know.."Max said leaving his sentence unfinish.In all honsetly Kyle encouraging him to persue
Liz was making him excited,could he actually pull it off,could he make Liz fall for him?Max eyed Kyle who was shaking his head knowingly,Max had that look in his eyes,the look of hope and possiblity,"Do you think?"

"It can't hurt to try Max,"Kyle replied then asked,"Whens she suppose to arrive."

"She's on tour with Michael's band,they're suppose to be in Roswell on July 14th to play in the UFO festival,"Max replied,this is the information Jeff Parker relaid to them yesterday,Liz called to tell him the exact date.

"Dude,it's perfect!"Kyle countered gesturing his hands in front of him.He looked at Max thinking he'd get it,but
Max shrugged his shoulders wondering what Kyle was talking about,he sighed in fustration and added"Evans, Brody sponser the bands that play in the festival."

That's when the light in Max's head switched on,he nodded his head as he said"That's right,and Brody isn't going to be around this year to take care of things so..."

"So my friend you have the excuse,now all you need is the plan,"Kyle replied finishing Max's sentence.

"I do don't I,"Max countered grinning,having this brand new dose of energy,thoughts bombared his head,this could work,there's hope,but then again it could blow up in his face,and he'd be back to the pathetic obsessed loser he was before Liz came back.

So he's got nothing to lose,and a whole hell of alot to gain.It's May 3rd,he's got exactly two months,one week,three days and,he looked at his watch, seven hours,twenty minutes and thrity seconds to come up with a plan to make Liz notice him,be freinds with him and dump her fiancee for him.Sounds easy enough,but Max isn't stupid ,it's going to take alot of work and he's going to need help.Max turned to Kyle and demanded,"You better help me."

"Of course,I'm the voice that convinced you,and with Pam and Maria we can-"

"Oh,I don't know Maria might not go for it,"Max said nervously,remebering her speech of damning her old friend for not keeping in touch with her."Liz really hasn't been the friend to Maria like in high school."

"Maria will do it,belive me,she may not like Liz anymore,but Maria does adores you Max,you're her best pal,once she stops pouting and being melodramatic about it,she'll join the fun."Kyle said assuringly,at this time the Lakers made a three point basket,the two teams were now tied,he jumped up from the couch and screamed in joy,pointing to the T.V screen he shouted,"That's the team I know and love,yesss!"Kyle walked over to max and patted his shoulder,and said,"We'll help you get Ms Liz Parker,my friend,I promise you."

At that moment two bedroom doors open and Pam and Maria walked out all dressed up and ready to go.Kyle's eyes waunder approvingly over his girlfriends body,she wore a tight sleveless red mini dress.

Kyle walked over to her and possively wrapped his arms around her,he gave her a quick kiss and said,"You look stunning hun,"Pam smiled at him and leaned on his shoulder,her high heels made her just as tall as Kyle.

"Thank you,"She purred enjoying his attention.

"Are we ready or what?"Maria excalimed walking towards max,she added a sheer black shaw to her balck dress ensamble.

"Yes we are,"Max said, he was glowing like he got laid,or won the lottery or something.What happen to him since he left her room.

"Are you okay?"Maria asked,he had his hand at the small of her back,leading her to the front door.

"I couldn't be better,"Max said,looking at Kyle,the two of them passed this look with a message that only they knew about.Maria had a weird feeling that something was going on,she felt uneasy for some reason and she didn't like it.Max never kept things from her for long,she only hoped he'd tell her soon,otherwise she'll get it out of him herself. So for now he's off the hook,right now she's going to party like she's never done before.

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Chapter 5~ Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers~Headlights~By Carolyn Sawyers!

"I'm sorry Marcus,can you speak up!"Liz shouted into her cell phone,using a few fingers from her free hand to block the exposed ear from the noise Michael's band was producing in rehearsal.
"I said you need to e-mail me again the last bunch of notes from your article,"Marcus shouted louder,"I deleted the last ones you sent me by accident!"
Liz shook her head in disbelief,how he ever became a editor was beyond her.Okay,so he was a talented editor,but his organization skills were horrid."Jesus Marcus,how could you've done that!"
"Liz,you know me and computers don't get along,"Marcus replied with a chuckle
"Yeah yeah,I'll resend them to you tonight,"She relented,then ended the transmission,having enough of screaming like an insane person,besides Marcus's lack of organization skills,he also had the worse timing.
Liz grabbed her camera bag from on top of the bar,taking out the camera,Liz put it around her neck, then took out a light meter,and began to scan the area around the stage.Feeling like Dr.spock from star trek, scanning for life forms.Happy with the reading she got,Liz placed the meter in her sweat shirt front pocket and began snapping pictures of the band. Tonight,they're playing at Rusty's,a popular little club,located in this dead end town called Manchester,NH.Tomorrow,they'll be making thier way to Boston,where they'll be playing a two nighter at some bar called Tribal.
"They sound great don't they,"Screamed Kenny,who appeared out of the blue beside her.Liz turned around the camera still in front of her face and snapped a picture of the bands manager.He hated getting his picture taken so whenever she could,Liz would sneak one of him,much to the horror of kenny.
"Liz,"He protested,throwing a hand in front of his face,"Why do you always do that."
"Cause it pisses you off,"Liz replied,bringing the camera down,a evil grin on her face.
Kenny huffed a fustrated sigh,putting his hands in his pants pocket,"how's the story coming along?"He asked suddenly.
"Suprisingly well,I say we're pretty much ahead of schedule."Liz said,walking back to the bar to reload her camera.
"Excellant,"Kenny replied,rubbing his hands together in glee.He had such a great feeling for Destiny's future.For years they've struggled to become a popular local band.When they won that record contract by kicking ass in the Battle of the bands show,it was the best thing that could've happen to them.Kenny was starting to feel like they're finally going to get the exposure that they desperately needed and deserved.The record company set up this tour to promote thier new acts,they've been travelling with two other newly sighed groups.June Bride,the all girl group from New Jersy,who kicks major ass by the way,and Abduction,from Seattle,who has major potential,but the lead singer Jake Tyler,is constantly drunk,and bearly finishes his segment of the show.Kenny has a feeling that he'll be the death of that band,what they need is to get Jake help.
Then if things couldn't get any better,Liz is doing a expose of the tour,for her paper.Thier patience is finally paying off.Soon they'll be playing staduims,maybe open up for Live,or if Michael had his way,Metallica.The band stopped rehearsing to discuss one of the songs.Kenny walked over the stage to earn his money."Guys,you sound terrifc!"
"I don't know Ken,Headlights could sound better,"Michael exclaimed,getting mumbled agreements from the other band members.
"Well,Michael it is the one song you sing on the record,maybe you should just sing it instead of Brian."Kenny replied,knowing all to well of Michael's singing stage fright.He's okay when he plays the guitar,jumping around the stage,getting into his solo,but singing,that's another matter.Michael bearly opens his mouth,and you can see sweat pouring down his face,the voice cracks, and he shuts down,guitar playing and all.The band members,Micahael included looked at Kenny as if he lost his mind.
"That is not an option Ken,we are trying to make people like us,me singing will only hurt the band,"Michael exclaimed,tunning his guitar.
"Work with me,I have an idea,"Kenny replied,Walking to the bar,he grabbed a stool,walked back to the stage with it,and hoist it up on the raised platform.The guys,a bit confused,yet curious,wondered what was going on through his mind.He never failed them,even when they wanted to give up,Kenny got them farther then they could've ever imagine.The four looked down at the little man waiting for an explaination regarding the stool.
"Sid,Frank could you please bring out Michael and Brian's acoustic guitars."Ken asked the roadies waiting off on stage right and left,Five minutes later two amazing looking Martin acoustic guitars,freshly stringed and tune replaced Michael and Brian's electric ones.Sid and Frank,being roadies for almost ten years,had a inkling of what was going through kenny's mind,while Sid,with the electric guitars, went out back to get some extra Mics, stands and cable cords,Frank began to aranged the stool in front of the lead singers Mic.
"Maybe you should think about getting some pick-up's for the acoustics,"Frank suggested while Sid came back to set up the Mic stands,so the Acoustic guitars could be heard.
"Todd,how's this sound,"Frank asked into the newly set up mic,Todd was the sound guy,and signaled him to keep talking into the mic,"Testing one,two,three,testing,"Todd gave a thumbs up when he was satisfied,and Frank went on to the next mic.
"What's going on here?"Liz asked,seeing the comotion around the stage,she snapped a picture of the group,and forward to the next picture.
"I think Kenny wants Michael to sing Headlights tonight?"Brian replied,knowing the song would sound better if he did,but knew of Michael's fear of singing.Liz looked up at Michael in suprise,by the look on her fiancee's face,she knew he was less than thrilled.
"Michael,just sit on the stool,"Kenny demanded.
"I don't know Ken,thi-"
"Just do it,Michael,I know what I'm doing."Kenny assured him.then to the rest of the band said"Guys take your places."
"Whatever,"Michael relented gruffly,then added,"I just want to say I'm totally against this."
"Noted,"Ken replied,watching Sid adjust the Mic in front of Michael's guitar,then the one he was singing into.
"Michael,Brian can you play your guitars for me,"Todd asked from the sound booth.They nodded and played some chords.
Liz snapped away,through the camera lense she saw Michael's stiff demeanor,she was a bit nervous about what Ken was making Michael do,"Ken,do you think this is such a good idea,remeber what happen at Jake's during the Battle of the bands semi-finals,that night almost cost us."
"I understand Liz,but the record company wants to release Hedlights as Destiny's first single,but Brian as amazing of a singer that he is,doesn't do the song justice,Michael needs to sing it."Ken replied,placing a hand on her shoulder,"I might be able to fix this."
"It just feels wrong Ken,he seems exposed,"Liz replied letting the camera fall around her neck."I don't understand what you think could help by having him sit on a stool,he's still going to see the crowd."
Ken open his mouth to explain the method of his maddness,but Brian spoke into the mic,drawing his attention to the stage,"We're ready Ken."
Ken smiled assuringly at her,he patted her shoulder and walked in front of Michael and said,"Listen Michael,rember back when we were recording Headlights,"Michael nodded his head,he didn't want Headlights on the record,knowing it really wasn't a song for Brian,he wrote it for himself,it was a song they played in practice,but Ken loved the song and told him to try anyway,after a rough couple of starts Michael asked for a stool so he could sit down,feeling alot more relaxed he closed his eyes and did beautifully,Michael looked at Ken and nodded his head thinking where he was going with it."We'll start the show off with headlights,the house lights will be off,everyone will be on stage,just close your eyes Michael,sing the song,play your guitar,think about nothing else."
Michael smiled thinking that maybe it could work,just get it done and over with.Headlights was fourth on the songlist,he'd be too nervous if they waited,it'd gave him too much time to worry about screwing up.It was brillant to make it the opening song. He looked over at Liz,who nodded her head agreeing that Ken might be on to something.
"Let's do a dry run,"Ken suggested,"Sid lets shut the house lights off."
Before the club went dark,Michael looked at Liz.Her smile was bright and supportive.He took a deep breath,closed his eyes and formed her face in his head.Liz was always by his side.When things looked hopeless for Destiny,she was the strenght that kept him together,when he had writers block she was his muse that made the words come out and onto the paper,Liz will now be the distraction to keep him from losing it on stage,Liz think of Liz.You wrote this song for her,now sing it as if she was the only one in the entire club.They were waiting for him to play the first chord,he nodded his head with determination,and strummed his guitar.The intro wasn't too long,it started off softly almost haunting,it was just him and Brian playing,Michael was the lead,while Brian played rythm,he open his mouth and the words came out....

I was lost in the darkness,
never thought I'd get back home.
Blindly trying to do it on my owm,
Never letting anyone in,Never letting anyone in.

The music paused for a moment then,Josiah on the drums tapped his sticks together four times,counting when the entire band will come it,it will be louder,more intense.he screamed into the mic,knowing the lights were switched on,but his eyes never open,they were concentrating on Liz's face.

Through the darkness I saw the light,
The brightess I ever did see,
There she was in all her glory,
Begging for me to release,
begging for me to let go...

Liz looked on with bated breath,daring not to move or cry out in joy,fearing that it might distract him or something.Kenny was next to her,silently celebrating,ecstatic that his idea actually worked.Let's just hope it'll turn out this good for the actual show.

Like headlights, she made me see through my darkness,
Like headlights, she made me see things in a diffrent way.
I will fallow her light anywhere,
I will trust in her like she trusted me,
This is where I belong,this is where I belong...

Liz must've heard him play this song millions of times.Michael wrote it for her,she knew that,but listening to it right now.It made her almost wanted to cry.It made her feel like she didn't deserve him,that the girl in this song wasn't her. Michael was pouring his heart out to Liz,and she's been secretly thinking about another man.The words that stuck in her mind were,"I will trust in her,like she trusted me,"What was she thinking,Michael loves her,she loves Michael and she's risking everything by going to Roswell to find a guy that was in her dreams,a stranger from her past that might not live there anymore.Well she's seen the light.No more crazy delusions.No matter how many times Max Evans vists her dreams,her reality is Michael,and damn it she'll do what she can to stop this nightmare she's created for herself.Like she said before,it's probably just some psycological thing about her going home.She'll be the first one to admit she left alot of lose ends in Roswell.Her depature from Roswell left alot of people mad at her.Kyle,Maria,Alex,they were once her friends and she pretty much gave them all the cold shoulder.Liz knew exactly what she had to do,she had to make things right with them again.To apologize for being such a bitch.Maria still works at her parents resturant.That's where she'll start her ammends.Maria was a great friend,they've done many amazing things together.Liz regrets not keeping in touch with her.Energized with a new purpose in her life,she began to take pictures of the band.Knowing that things are going to be Okay.
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Chapter 6~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers~You look so fine By Garbage(Copyrighted,cause I didn't write this song!)

Max was bored out of his mind!He's sat on a couch,clutching a soda bottle, in one of the quieter rooms,located in the huge house,Nelson's parents own.They were away on some cruise,so Nelson plays,by throwing a huge ass party.It seems like every other week the Armstrongs go away on some vacation.
Maria was playing pool near by,it was her and some guy named Thomas Reilly,against Kyle and Pam.Max had no idea who was winning or losing,what he did know was that he really wanted to go home and listen to the new Counting Crows Cd he just picked up,worry about how much of a disaster the festival is going to be,and angst about Liz.
"Is this some party or what?"It was Alex,he hopped over from behind the couch and plopped down beside Max. Taking a sip of his soda Max shrugged his shoulders with indiffrence.
"Listen I'm glad you're here,"Alex replied,leaning over to inspect the contents of a glass bowl,he grabbed a few pretzels out of some party mix and leaned back agianst the couch,"It's about The Whits playing at the festival."
"Don't tell me you can't play,"Max replied with a fustrated sigh,Alex looked at him guiltly,amazed that Max had guessed right."Cause Alex,I bearly got the bill filled,I don't really have time to look for another band!"
"Max,I'm sorry but Wendy Truman quit this morning,"Alex said popping a pretzel in his mouth,"She's defected over to Randy Phillps band."
"So you're telling me you can't find a singer in a few months,"Max snapped at him fairly,"I mean Roswell isn't that small of a town that it's deprive of singers."
"It's harder than you think Max,I mean I run the music shop,which bearly gives me time to rehearse,never mind find a singer,"He explained with a gesture of his hands,"Plus,we have a cetain sound to maintain here,I don't want just some Britney wannabe who doesn't understand our music."
"So what do you want me to do about?"Max demanded waving a fustrated hand at him,"I'm running around like some insane person trying to run a business,that's not even mine,organize some festival,and pray I don't screw up,while my crazy rich boss is god knows where playing Alien hunter."
"So tell me how you really feel?"Alex asked jokingly,but realize it wasn't funny for Max,as he darted Alex a evil look,which made Alex akwardly say"Ah, you know anyone that can sing?That'll be a nice step in the right direction,"Alex grinned, knowing he's probably asking a little too much from Max,then bravely added"and hopefully her main influence isn't Britney Spears or the backsteet boys."
"You're only looking for girl singers?"Max asked with a sigh,wondering why he was even remotely considering in helping Alex out.
"No this is an equal opportunity band,but having a girl singer is always a plus,"Alex said with a huge grin,"Wendy was not the best singer,but she liked our music and MAN she was hot,and that my friend attracted alot of guys to our shows."
"I never thought Alex Whitman was a sexist pig,"Max replied with a chuckle.
"Hey,I may be good ole Alex,every girl's best buddy,and nothing more,but I'm still a guy,and I can ogle with the best of them."Alex replied,giving himself two very big thumbs up.
Max shook his head in amusement,you think you know someone,then they do a 180 on you, and totally suprise the hell out of you,"I'll do what I can,"Max conceded,cursing himself for not being able to say no,"but,I make no promises,and you've got to be looking too,"Max pointed to Alex" I've got alot to do,before this festival takes place,and since Brody has decided not to get involed this year, I may not have time to find you a singer."
"Who needs a singer?"It was Maria fresh from her game of pool.She planted herself on Max's lap,totally catching him off guard,Max could smell the alcohol on her breath,she was defiantley drunk.Great,he'll be playing desiganted driver this evening.Max prays she won't be sick in his jeep like last time.It was months before you couldn't smell the odor of vomit.
"Alex does,"Max replied pulling the hand that got caught underneath her,and palced it gently on her knee.
"Well,look no more,I'm you singer!"She announced with a slight slur,she giggled as she drapped her arms around Max's neck,and whispered in his ear,"Right Maxy Waxy."
"That's right,Ria,"He said,patting her knee,and Making a face from the alcohol fumes that penatrated his nose.
"You sing,"Alex chuckeled in diebelief.
"I do,Maxy tell him about the Pizza Pan,"Maira defended,she snuggled her face to Max's cheek
"Pizza Pan?"Alex asked,his eyebrow arched in confusion.
"Every Saturday,Maria and I go to the Pizza Pan,its Karoke night,she's rather good Alex."
"Damn skippy I'm good,better than that bitch Wendy Truman,"She mumbled haughtily
"You Karoke,"Alex replied raising his eyebrows in uncertainty,"That's really not giving me alot of hope here."
"What,you think that because I karoke,I'm not professional enough for your stupid band,"Maria sputtered,clumsily getting up,using Max's legs to keep her balance,when she steaddied herself enough,she walked up to Alex and poked a finger in his chest,"I'll show you professionalism bucko!"
"Maria I didn't mea-where are you going?"Alex asked watching as Maria wobbily made her way out of the room.
"Nelson,"She screamed loud enough for the entire house to hear,"Nelson where are you."
"What is she doing?"Alex asked turning around to face Max,who shrugged his shoulders in confusion.
Five minutes later; Maria entered the room again, with Nelson and a few of his friends not to far behind,they were wheeling in a Karoke machine.She staggered up to Alex while the guys set up the machine near the pool table.Maria had a beer bottle in one hand and her other was propped on her hip,"Prepeare to be blown away,Mr Whitman."
Then walked unsteadilly to the pool table.With help form Nelson and Thomas,she sat her self on the pool table,she palced the beer on her right and grabbed the microphone that was on her left.
"She's serious about this,"Alex replied gesturing his hands toward her.
"'fraid so Alex,"Max said with a chuckle,"Hey you might be suprised."
"Or scared out of my mind,"Alex excalimed."Theres nothing more frighting than a drunk singing."
Max laughed,as he turned around to face Maria,who was waiting patiently for Nelson to cue up her song.He gave her a thumbs up when he was done,and with a smiled she spoke into the Mic,"Ladies and Gentleman,I will be singing a tune for your entertainment this evening,"The crowed cheered and as the music began,she added,"This is for Alex Whitman."

You look so fine
I want to break your heart
And give you mine
You're taking me over

For someone who hasn't stopped drinking since arriving here,Maria was doing an amazing job.
It's like she sobered up and was one with the music.The crowd was totally into Maria's singing,and taking a peek over at Alex,Max notice that he too was in awe of her talent.Breathing a sigh of relief,Max knew that Alex found himself a new singer.Which leaves Max free from worrying about booking another band. Thank god Brody booked most of the bands before he handed over the festival reigns to him.Max mostly dealt with the local talent.All the really good bands were playing the festival.Max knew he'd have to organize another audition if this little performance with Maria didn't go well.He hated every moment of listening to all those bands,and then making the painstaking decisions of which ones would get picked and which one would have to get cut.He owes Maria big time,and he had a feeling she'll remind him of that also.

It's so insane
You've got me tethered and chained
I hear your name
And I'm falling over

I'm not like all the other girls
I can't take it like the other girls
I won't share it like the other girls
That you used to know

"I can't belive that's her!"Alex excalimed to Max,his gaze hasn't left Maria since she started singing.
"I told you she was good,"Max bragged feeling good that his friend was getting a chance to broaden her horizons. Yeah it's not the big leauges,but it's better than the Pizza Pan.Besides,you never know who'd be in the crowd listening.Last year,local band Urban Picnic got sighed to a record deal.They've got a number one hit under thier belt and is at this moment touring with Nickleback.

You look so fine
Knocked down
Cried out
Been down just to find out
I'm through
Bleeding for you

I'm open wide
I want to take you home
We'll waste some time
You're the only one for me

You look so fine
I'm like the desert tonight
Leave her behind
If you want to show me

I'm not like all the other girls
I won't take it like the other girls
I won't fake it like the other girls
That you used to know

Maria slid off the pool table and started walking up to guys that were nearby,and started singing to them.She had the crowd around her finger and she knew it.Maria could sing,and alot better than Wendy,this was the kind of music the whits played,sometimes thier stuff was a little more harder,but it's nothing that Maria couldn't handle,and yes,Maria was hot.Taking a look around the room,Maria could with no problem get anyone of these guys to go home with her.She was beautifu,and had an amazing stage pressence.Max,decided to keep an extra eye on her tonight.He's not jealous or anything,but she is intoxicted,and in a perfect condition to be taken advantage of.

You're taking me over
Over and over
I'm falling over
Over and over

You're taking me over
Drown in me one more time (Over and over)
Hide inside me tonight (I'm falling over)
Do what you want to do (Over and over)
Just pretend happy end (You're taking me over)
Let me know let it show (Over and over)

Ending with letting go (I'm falling over)
Ending with letting go
Ending with letting go

Let's pretend, happy end
Let's pretend, happy end
Let's pretend, happy end
Let's pretend, happy end

The song ended with Maria singing the last words to Alex.She gave him a take-that-sucka- look,and bowed,as the crowd applauded,very loudly in fact.Maria went back to the pool table to get her beer,and to place the microphone back where she found it.Maria gave Nelson a hug,and thanked him for helping her out.
"Anytime Maria,"He said with a laugh,then walked out of the room to go back to what he was doing, before Maria came to asked for his help.
Maria walked back to the couch,taking a healthy sip of her beer.She sat on the back of the couch and leaned over towards a suprised Alex,and asked condfidently"So when's rehearsal?"
"Tomorrow at three O'clock,can you make it?"He asked immediately,feeling like an idiot for dissing her earlier,but happy that his search for a singer was easier than he had anticipated.
"I work untill three,can we make it for four O'clock instead."she asked tipping her empty bottle upside down saddly.Maria let the bottle fall to the couch.
"Yeah,that's fine,I can't wait to tell the guys."Alex replied in excitment.
"Okay,I'm in need of a beer now,"She announced standing up and walking away drunkingly to the kitchen. Max decided that he better fallow her.
"I'll see you Alex,I need to be with Maria right now,"Max said getting up.
"Agreed,she's very drunk and we're at a Nelson Armstrong party,"He said looking for more pretzels in the party mix,"These guys have one track minds,and eight hands,the girl is a open target."
"No kidding,"Max replied leaving the den and weaved his way through the crowd to find Maria.What a night,he stiffled a yawn,and wished he could talk Maria and the others to leave early.However,Max knew he was here for the long haul.Kyle and Pam were god knows where,probably getting it on in one of the many rooms upstairs,and Maria came here to party with a vegance.Thank god he's not schdeuled untill two O'clock.He prayed no emergancies occured untill he gets to the UFO center.
Max arrived in the kitchen to see Maria struggling to get away from Jonathan Pierce,who was definately having a one track mind moment,that Alex was talking about."Get away from me you freak,I said no."
"Come on Maria,I know you want me,"He gasped,pawing at her feircely.
"She said no,thank you,"Max announced sternly,crossing his arms across his chest.
Maria had a look of relief on her face,while her unwelcome suitor was quite pissed off.,"This is none of your concern Evans,"Jonathan exclaimed angrily,"Why don't you leave."
"It is my concern Peirce,so please get away from her before you get hurt."Max announced calmly,not moving once from his stance.
"You've got to be kidding me,"He laughed letting Maria go and slowly making his way towards Max,"You hurt me,very funny max."
"It wasn't suppose to be funny,"He warned hating that this idiot was going to be getting a lesson he won't forget.Maria at this moment bolted out of the room,she was probably going to get some help.Hopefully before Jonathan here gets his ass kicked.Jonathan laughed and made a very bad attempt to punch max in the face.He sidestepped the blow and grabbed Jonathan's arm,and twisted it behind the guys back.Causing him to yelp in pain,Max then slammed him roughly against the refridgerator,and with his free hand smashed his face into the door,he leaned in real close to his ear and spatted"You should listen to what people tell you,no means no,right."
"Right,"Jonathan answered quite scared,with one final shove into the refidgerator,Max let him go,just as Nelson and Kyle came running in."Mr.Peirce here is leaving the party."
"I'm sorry about this,I thought I told him the rules,"Nelson replied grabbing Jonathans arm and pulled him out of the kitchen.
"Where's Maria?"Max asked with worry,"Is she okay?"
Kyle shook his head yes, and with his thumb gestured out to the livivng room,"She's with Pam,"Then added"I think she wants to go home."
"I'll do that,"Max voluntered,"What about you and Pam?"
"Were staying,Nelson already said we can take one of the guest rooms."Kyle answered
"Okay,"Max said walking out of the kitchen,Max looked around for the two girls and spotted Maria and her roommate on the last step of the stairs near the entrance. Pam was consoling her friend,who was crying unshamely in her arms."Maria,I'll take you home."
Maria looked up at him,her make up smeared all over her face,her eyes a big red puffy mess,Thank you Max."She answered meekly.She got up and pulled up the coat that was slipping off her shoulders.
"I'll call you tomorrow,okay."Pam said giving her friend a final hug,Maria nodded and went to Max,who
took her in his arms and gave Kyle and pam a reassuing look.They left the Nelson residence and quietly walked to Max's jeep.He situated Maria into the passeger side,buckling her seat belt,then handed her some tissues he took out of the glove compartment,and asked softly"Are you okay?"She nodded her head as she made an attempt to wipe the makeup from her face.Max touched her head gently before closing the door and went to his side.The ride back to Maria's house was silent.He parked the jeep and walked over to her side,unbuckling the seat belt and helping her out of the Jeep.Max walked Maria to her house, up to her apartment,and guided her to Maria's bedroom.He then took off her coat and shoes and tucked her into bed.He kissed the top of her head,"Good night,Maria,"He whispered before he turned to leave.
"Max,"She said into the darkness
"Yes,"He answered turning around at her bedroom door.
"Can you lie down with me,I-I don't want to be alone right now."
"Yeah,I can do that."Max replied,walking back to the bed,taking off his own coat and shoes,before sliding underneath the blanket and took Maria into his arms.
"Thank you Max,"Maria replied softly
"No problen Maria."Max replied rubbing her back
"Kyle told me about what you know are going to try and do,"She suddenly said softly.
You mean concerning Liz,"He answered,bitting his lip nervously.
"Yeah,You're a dumb ass,"Maria said with a sigh.
"I know,I am Maria,"Max agreed
"I was really pissed off,I didn't want any part of it."
"I kind of figured you wouldn't"
"I've decided to change my mind,"She announced,shocking Max.
"You mean-"
"Yeah I'll help you,"Maria answered reluctantly,"You're a good friend Max,you saved my ass tonight,it's what friends do,help them even though they think it's a big waste of time."
"Thank you Maria,"Max replied happy that she's going to be involed,it just wouldn't be the same if Maria wasn't supporting him.
"Your welcome,"She said with a yawn,"Now lets get some sleep,Okay."
"Okay,"Max said closing his eyes,slowly entering into his dreamworld,and as always,Liz Parker was there,waiting for him with open arms.
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Pathos originally wrote:
Ok, I just found this story and first of all I need more ASAP! LOL and secondly I am so conflicted. I just love Michael in this but I'm a dreamer at heart and I love you Max just as much. Ugh! I can just feel the pain coming.

I'm glad you like it! I'm a dreamer and this is a dreamer fic,but I wanted to do something a little diffrent.
I'll have another chapter up by the end of the week! thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it!
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ms lane,ms shortcake! Thanks, you make me blush! *happy* I'm working on Nobody knows right now,so Come to me is next on my to do list! Thanks for the support!
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This part was done in no time,and I think it came out pretty darn good! Thanks for everyones suppport!I appreciate it!
Peace Carolyn

Chapter 7~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers

Michael was amazing tonight,he sang his song on stage and didn't freeze once.Kenny's little trick worked brillantly.Liz sat in a booth at the bar stirring the ice in her drink,with a staw,absoultely board out of her mind,and exhausted.The roadies were packing up the equipment,and the band was mingling with the patrons of the bar.It's definatley going to be awhile before they leave,and Liz didn't really want to wait around.With a sigh,she gathered her things and slide out of the booth,making a beeline to Michael who was talking to a bunch of very drunk girls,he was gracious enough to plaster a smile on his face and deal with them.Liz smiled as his body language told her he felt very uncomfortable and he would do anything right now to run away. Michael saw Liz walking towards him and his face brighten with love and relief,he's been dying to get away from these two crazy girls for ten minutes.
"Hey,"Michael said,circling her waist with his free hand,the other held a beer,he planted a long loving kiss on her lips,that caused the drunk girls to feel akward and walk away,Michael nuzzled her ear and whispered"Thank god you came,they were becoming a little too much,"
"I'm glad I could help,"Liz replied circling Michaels' waist with both arms,And added,"Listen,hun I'm going to head out."
That's all Michael needed to hear,he wanted so badly to leave this place and Liz gave him the excuse he needed,putting his beer on a near by table, he excitedly started to say"I'll go with you just hold on a sec and I'll go-"
"No,Michael stay here,hang with the guys,"Liz insisted kissing him quickly,"Consider this practice when you become a famous rock star and you have to deal with your groupies and do Press parties."
"I rather go with you in the hotel room and give my favorite reporter an exclusive,"Michael whispered huskily,nibbling on her ear.
"I'm sure you will,"Liz exclaimed arching an eyebrow,"but this reporter is tired and is wanting some sleep,I think you gave me enough exclusives for today,especially the one this afternoon."
Michael beamed remebering the encouter they had in the dressing room backstage."Well I guess I can wait untill tomorrow,but what I have to show you is very,"he planted a kiss on her neck,"Very,"another one went on her jawline."Important."With a smile he palced a hand on her cheek ,and softly kissed her lips,causing Liz to have shivers go up and down her spine.
Licking her lips,Liz eyed Michael wistfully and added"Well,I guess I wouldn't be a good reporter if I didn't fallow every lead."she whispered,wrapping her arms around his neck.
"That's right Ms. Parker,you need to do your job."Michael stated lifting her up slightly by her bottom,she wrapped her legs around him,not caring that they were being watched.
They kissed like that for awhile, before Liz pulled back away slightly.Michael gave her a sad puppy dog look that always melted her heart.With a sigh,she rolled her eyes and said,"The fact of the matter is michael I'm tired,but.."she said, placing a hand over Michael's mouth to stop anymore pleading,and went on"I wouldn't object if someone woke me up in a few hours."The smile on Michael's face told Liz he liked the compromise,he put Liz back on the ground and gave her a kiss before stating,"I'm going to hold you to that."
"Of course you will,"She laughed taking out her cell phone and called a cab,"Yes,I like a pick up at the bar Rusty's,going to The holiday inn downtown,thank you."she shut off her phone and placed it back in her purse."Well,thier on thier way,"
"I love you,"Michael proclaimed taking her in his arms yet again,"and I'm glad you came on this tour."
"I love you too,"She answered kissing him back,and added"and I'm glad I came too."
"I'm feeling like things are actually looking up,"Michael exclaimed excitedly taking her face in his hands and planted a kiss on her lips,he pulled away slightly and stared deep in her eyes,"I'm conquring my stage fright,the tour is doing suprisingly well,the record company is going to be releasing Headlights as a single,and I have you."
"You're only saying that cause I'm writing an article about Destiny,"Liz joked with a laugh.
"Funny,no Liz, I'm actually trying to be serious here,"He said trying hard not to laugh,"I think we need to set a date to get Married,the time is right lets do it!"
"Now,"Liz exclaimed a little uneasy,three weeks ago Liz would be bouncing off the walls with excitment,Michael always danced around the subject, when she asked him to set a date,he would reply that the time wasn't right,Now it was Liz turn to be hesitant, and she had a funny feeling why."We can't get married now ,the tour,"she gestured to the stage with a hand.
"Then afterward,come on Liz,this is what you wanted for so long,now I'm ready."He stated,wondering why she was resisting."You still want to get married,don't you?"
"Of course I do,"She answered quickly,grabbing a hold of his hands."It's just who knows what may happen after the tour,things may go well that they may extend it or--"
"Hush,"Michael interupted palcing a finger over her lips,"I don't care what happens,after the tour we get married."
"Alright,July 15th we get married."Liz agreed,with a smile wondering why she felt like she was going to vomit any minute.Michael started talking out the details,telling her to call her parents about it,that he needed to call his parents,that they should get married in Roswell,and have the reception at the Crashdown.
"Oh I need to tell Kenny about this,"he went on,kissing her quickly,then let go of her hand to bounce over to where Kenny was standing.A cheer went up in the bar,and she bearly heard the congrats from everyone.With a smile pastered on her face she waved in thier direction,wondering why she was having problems breathing? Liz should be happy,but she wasn't and it made her extremly nervous.
"Someone call a cab?"Asked a guy suddenly,Liz turned her head and raised a hand.Thinking to herself, not a moment to soon.She was dying to leave and hide in the motel room.
"I'm going Michael,I love you,"She blurted out,rushing out the door.
"I love you too baby,"He screamed after her.Making her want to cry.Why was she feeling this way about a stranger?Why is she freaking out about a damn wedding date?Why isn't she excited about marrying Michael?
"You know why Liz, it's because you're thinking about Max."
After a long bubble bath,and a few stiff drinks,Liz finally laid down to sleep.Moaning in joy as her head hit the pillow.Immediately her eyes closed and she went into a deep sleep.With the wedding being the last thing on her mind.
Liz found herself standing in the back of some church.She was in a wedding dress,a bouquet of flowers in her grasp.Michael,dressed in a tux, was in front of the church,waiting patiently for her.The organ started playing the wedding march and she started her decent down the aisle ,wondering why the church was empty except for the two of them.Michael was beaming as he saw his bride coming towards him.It seemed like years before she finally reached him.He lifted her veil and the two of them turned around to face a priest,who seemed to appear out of no where.
"Do you Michael Gurien, take Liz parker to be your lawfully wedded love and cherish through sickness and in health,untill death do you part."Asked the priest
Michael smiled and said "I do."
"Do you Liz parker,take Michael Gurien to be your lawfully wedded Husband,to love and cherish,through sickness and in health,untill death do you part."Repeated the priest.
"Why are you doing this?"Interupted a voice behind them,that she was all to familar with,turning around,Liz saw Max Evans,dressed in the same dark t-shirt,jeans,and still didn't belive in shoes.
"Oh for the love of god,"she exclaimed turning around throwing her bouquet at him,which Max caught with a smile.
"Look I'm next."He joked causing Liz to turn red in anger.hopping on one foot,while taking off her shoe from the other and chucked it at him.It bearly missed him,he laughed as she armed her self with the other one,which also missed him by mere inches."Why do you keep throwing things at me?"
"Why do you keep showing up in my dreams?"She asked turning around to face the alter and saw that Michael and the preist were gone."What the?"
"I'm not the one who's dreaming,,you are,so go ask yourself."Max countered placing the bouquet on the front pew.He started walking toward her,and she knew that he was going to kiss her again and that excited her.Liz didn't back up,or try to run away.It was going to happen no matter what she did. Liz held her breath in anticiaption as he closed the distance between them."You're not fighting me this time,"Max asked taking her face in his hands.
"Why should I, you're just going to be an asshole and kiss me anyway."Liz gasped huskily,locking his eyes with her own.
"Such lanuage,and in a house of worship."He groaned as he claimed her lips and throughly kissed her untill she couldn't breath.Max suprised her by suddenly picking her up and carried her down the aisle and out of the church doors,it was suddenly her room back in Roswell again,and he threw her on the bed,pulling the black t-shirt over his head.
"I hate you,"She spatted,unbuckling his belt,unbuttoning his jeans,and pulled them off with such urgancy.
"Really how much,"He asked ripping the bodice of her wedding dress and kissed her exposed skin.
"Alot,"Liz shouted,arching her back,aching to feel him inside her.As if he read her mind,she felt him push up the wedding dress,and entered her. She moaned his name over and over again with each thrust,dying for the release,dying to get this man out of her system,dying inside with guilt.Max stopped his love making for a moment,but remained inside her,he enjoyed her protests,enjoyed her wiggling for him to continue,he pulled Liz up in a sitting postion,claiming her lips,running his fingers through her black hair,they wrapped thier legs around each other and they continued the love making,both dying for release.This time,the two came as one.causng the two to scream out each others name.
"Liz,"It was Michael he was just standing thier shaking her shoulder,What was he doing here?
"Liz,"He said agian,this time Liz snapped her eyes open,she was in the waking world and her fiancee was looking down at her with a smile,"Hey,that must've been some dream you were having?"
"what,"she gasped disoriented, the sweat was dripping down her face,the wettness inbetween her thighs reminded her of that errotic dream.
"Liz,I came in and you were asleep,but you were tossing around,moaning like you were you know getting some."He said with a smile,"It kind of turned me on." Liz was relieved she didn't scream Max's name out loud,then she would've had alot of explaining to do.
"Well what are you waiting for handsome,"Liz demanded,throwing off the blanket as an invitation,Michael gave her a naughty smile,as he took of his shoes and pulled off his shirt.Liz laughed as he jumped on the bed and took her in his arms.
"God,I couldn't wait to get home,"He replied kissing her deeply,Liz kissed him back,knowing that making love to Michael right now was important.He was going to be her future husband.Liz wanted so much to belive that Max Evans was nothing but a dream.He was her guilty concious,telling her that she needed to make things right with the people she did wrong back in Roswell.
Michael entered Liz,she matched his thrust,and she moaned his name,yes that's who she loves,Michael Gurien,that's who's kissing her deeply and with passion,That's who's body her legs are wrapped around,that's who made this tourturing need from the dream go away,that's who's holding her now,stroking her hair and telling Liz that he loves her. The thing is that,Michael Gurien will never be Max Evans,and for some reason,that sadden Liz.Right then and there she was becoming in way over her head,and had no idea what she was going to do about it.
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Pathos Ya I like the bare foot Max too,I don't know something about a guy dressed in black with no shoes on....hmmm well anywho I'm glad you're liking the story so far,I'm having the best time writing it.
freefallYeah the dreams are getting intense,I originally had Liz say his name outloud,but I don't know I think it would be too soon,I'm going to drag out the whole Liz double life thing just a little bit longer,or depending how my Muse directs me! thanks for the FB I appreciate it!
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Working on the next part now,up in a few days maybe sooner!*happy*
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Robyn,thanks for the FB and support. Yeah I had to call the band destiny. I wanted all the characters in my story to be liked.Next part will be up in a couple of days,
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Well here' s the next part.earlier than expected!
It's short and kind of fluffy,but I think it flows well with the stroy.Enjoy thanks for the FB! It's greatly appreciated!
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Chapter 8~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers

"No,I needed those flyers today!"Max replied angrily,"How am I suppose to advertise this thing,if my flyers are with you?!"
"We know this is an inconvience to you sir,but these things hap-"
"Okay listen,"Max screamed impatiently into the reciver,interupting the salesgirl on the phone,"When do you think I'll get my flyers?"
"In two days tops,"The girl on the other line replied,thinking she just didn't get enough money to deal with grumpy people,like it's her fault the printer went ballistic and made a mess of his stupid flyers,"I can't promise you anything,but I'll try my best to make it sooner."
"Fine,"he sighed with a huff,"Do what you can."Then hanged up the phone.This is what greeted him when he came to work this afternoon,Zander,who was running the information desk gave him a message from the printers,that the flyers are not ready.He nearly snapped on poor Zander,but manage to count to ten and calmly thanked him for the message.No sooner did he hang up the phone,Zander came to his office and said,some lady who was representing Daivd Duchovny is on line two.
"Thank you zander,did you need to take a break,"Max asked staring at the blinking light on line two,flashing at him that this could only be bad news.
"I'm fine for now Mr.Evans."Zander replied nervously,It seems max Evans was not in a good mood today,which is a rare thing,cause it's usually a pleasure to come to work when Mr.Evans was in charge.He just shrugged it off,Everyone has thier bad days.
"Fine Zander,"max answered rubbing his tired eyes with the palms of his hands,and added"Can you tell Jennifer to clean the bathrooms and stock the toliet paper."
"No problem Mr.Evans."Zander replied leaving max to his business.
With a sigh of doom he picked up the phone and pressed the flashing button,"This is Max Evans,how may I help you."
"Mr.Evans,I'm Darcy Potter,I represent David Duchovny."said an all business sounding voice,on the other end.
"Okay,and what can I do for you today,"Max asked knowing all too well that one of his main meet and greet stars was going to cancell.
"Due to a scheduling conflict Mr.Duchvony can't make the July 13th apperance to your convention."she said,rustling some papers on the other end.
"Well the Convention is seven days long,maybe we can schedule another day."Max replied wondering what he did to deserve this.
"Well what are the dates Mr.Evans,"Darcy asked giving max just a little hope
"July 8th thru the 14th."Max answered flipping open his date book to the july section.
"It's kind of a busy week,with the new movie coming out and all.."she said her voice not sounding very promising.Max decided that he had enough,no more Mr. nice guy,he's going to lie his ass off.
"Ms. Potter,I understand your client is a very famous and very busy actor,however,I've had the flyers up for days now,and my pre sale for the meet and greet has nearly sold out,there's got to be something you can do for me."Max lied smoothly,almost beliving it himself.
Darcy Potter gave out a sigh,then started ruslting some papers,then after about a minute,which felt like years to Max,she finally spoke,"On the 12th of july Mr.Duchvony will be attending a charity Bruchen in California,his only other engaement that day is to do Leno,"She replied thoughtfully,Max remain silent,holding his breath, nervously gnawing on his thumb nail,then much to his relief finally spoke."I belive we may be able to do something here."
"That's terrific-"
"I'll have to confirm this with my client first Mr.Evans."
"I totally understand."Max replied,pulling his fist to his chest with a silent yes.
"Let me call you back in a few hours,Mr.Evans."Darcy suggestd,"Have a good afternoon."
"The same to you Ms Potter,"Max replied,placing the reciver back on the cradle,then let out a sigh in both exhaustion,and happiness,before he laid his face on the desk.What he really would like to do now is take a nice long nap.
"Hard day?"Maria's voice asked suddenly,ending Max's very short moment of silence.
"You can say that,"Max chuckled,scrapping his fingers through his short black hair,"I'm waiting for the UFO center to explode."Causing them both to laugh,then as an after thought asked as he looked down at his wrist watch,"Don't you have a rehearsal with Alex's band in ten minutes?"
"Indeed I do,but I just came back from the Mall,I wanted to buy the perfect dress for reherasal."She excalimed happily holding up a shopping bag.
"Maria,why is everything to you about the perfect dress?"Max asked arching his eyebrow in disbelief,"You've got like four million dresses in your closet,can't you wear one of those?"
"Don't be silly Max,"She replied,sitting on the edge of his desk,"It's all about first impressions,which brings me to my vist"she jumperd off the desk,to get ready for her presentation.
Uh,oh."Max thought to himself,"don't tell me she wants my opinion again."
"I need your opinion!"She asked pulling out a lepoard print mini dress,and a sheer black mini dress,with a red slip underneath,giving it a black redish look.Max leaned forward,and propped his chin with the palm of his hands,and sighed in defeat.
"Why do you always do this to me Maria?"Max asked,liking the lepoard print dress about as much as getting a migraine.
"Because I value your opinion sweetie,"She said placing the two dresses in front of her and shook her hips,"SOO,which one,Lepoard print,"She hid the black redish dress behind her,then did the same with the lepaord print,while the other made it's way back in front of her,"or Black redish dress."Maria then threw the two dress in Max's face and gave them a little shake.
Max shook his head and pointed to the lepoard print one,knowing of course she'll pick the Black redish one,he didn't think Maria would look good dressed in something animalish.
"Black redish dress it is,"She announced putting the dresses back in the bag,and placed it on the floor"You are the best!"she walked over to the other side of the desk , placed a quick kiss on his lips,then squeezed his cheeks,"What would I do without you?"
"God only knows,"Max replied rubbing his sore cheek with his hand,"You should probably call Alex,you're going to be late."
"Yeah,I should,"She agreed taking a cell phone out of her purse,but before she dialed his number,it started ringing,Maria looked at the Id window,and said in suprise,"It's Alex,Creepy,Hello alex."
"Your late,"Alex stated,not sounding very happy.
"I know,I'm sorry I was about to call you,you can even ask Max,I was having wardrobe issues."Maria announced picking up her shopping bag from the floor.
"Your late because you don't know what to wear!"Alex exclaimed
"Alex,your stressing just a little too much darling,I have two words for you Cedar oil,it'll make all that stress-"
"MARIA,for the love of god just get here!"He shouted before hanging up on her.
"Sheesh,what a spaz."Maria exclaimed rolling her eyes,as she put the phone back in her purse,"He's going to die of a heartattack if he doesn't stop worrying over nothing."
"Maria,you should've been on time,he's really nervous that's all,"Max explained,getting up to start patroling the Museum,"this concert could be The Whits chance to make something of themselves."
"I know,and I'm really sorry,"She exclaimed with a sigh, leaving Max's office first,she then turned to face Max as he closed and locked his office door,"I'll buy him a gift basket or something."
"I don't think you have to do that,"Max replied holding a door open for her,that led to the stairs that decended into the Museum floor."Just try to show up on time,the next rehearsal."
"Okay I promise,"She exclaimed,hooking her arm into his as they walked down the stairs together,when they reach the bottom,Maria gave him a hug,and a quick peck on his cheeck before announcing,"I'm outta here,don't want Alex to start having ulcers because of me."
"No,that wouldn't be good,"He laughed waving to Maria as she sashayed across the museum floor.Causing a few heads to turn.Max shook his head,with a smile.He was actually starting to feel a little better.Maria always seem to distract him from his problems.Well,except for thinking about Liz that is.There's defiantley no hope for him,when it comes to the girl of his dreams.
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Okay I realize I forgot to undate the chapters part!
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gij,Hey technocoly it's not a polarist story,even though it starts off that way.No Max doesn't hate Liz,he has this amazing love for her since third grade,and Liz is more confused in her feelings toward a man she's hardly knew in high school and all of a sudden she dreaming about him.
Maria has animosity towarsds Liz cause they were once friends,but when Liz left ROswell she kind of blew her friends off.*happy* Alot of people like the idea that I named the band destiny. I hope I cleared stuff up for you>
Thanks for reading my story!*happy*
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I think I'll dedicate this next chapter to Strawbehry Shortcake and roswelluver.The two of you have been big supporters of my fics! Thank you!
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Chapter 9~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers

"Liz,this is amazing stuff!"Marcus exclaimed to Liz, via his cell phone."You've really out done yourself this time,I think you've officailly become a newspaper writer."
"Geez,thanks,exactly what I didn't want to hear,"Liz said rolling her eyes.
"Oh come on Liz,take the compliment,you deserve it."Marcus laughed,then added,"So the guys on yet?"
"Yeah in a few,June Bride is just about done,"Liz said,pacing outside a little bar called Galileo's,in Oklahoma city.It was kind of loud in there and she bearly heard her cell phone ring.
"Oh yeah,you mention them in your article,so..."Marcus said with a slight pause,then asked"'ll be home in a few weeks,nervous."
"A little,it's been a long time,"She responded,feeling the butterflies in her stomach flutter again.It's funny how the dreams with Max grew more intense the closer they got to Roswell.All she could think about was if Max was still there,What would thier first meeting be like?Luckily,Michael had been coming home late after the shows. Liz dreads the night when Michael will find out about the erotic dreams she's been having of another man.
"Helllo Liz,are you still there!?"Marcus asked,causing Liz to snap out of her daydream.
"Oh yeah,sorry Marcus,"Liz exclaimed quickly,"I've got to go,I'll send out the rest of my story in a few days,along with some more photographs"
"Yeah,whatever,you have a good night Liz,"Marcus said,concern filled his voice.
"Bye Marcus,"Liz replied ending the call,and placed the phone in her purse.She waved to Tony the bouncer of the club as she went inside,and was happy that Destiny was just starting.The house lights were all off,and the familar chords of Headlights filtered throughout the club.Michael's voice started singing and Liz smiled with pride in how well he's been dealing with his stage fright. Last night when they were in Missouri,playing in a bar called Hurrah!,Michael actually glanced up to look at her,she was in front of the stage taking pictures. Ken was there beside her and was beaming like a proud father,who saw his child ride a bike without training wheels for the first time.
"Hey,Liz"It was Julia,lead singer of June Bride,coming back from the bar with a beer in her hand.Sweat was still on her face,and looked quite exhausted.Liz has seen thier shows more than once,and she gets tired just watching them.They've got quite the stage pressence. Liz had no clue how these bands manage to get the energy to preform,stay up all night to party,and do it all over again the next night.
"I missed your show tonight Julia,Sorry talking on the phone with the editor,"Liz apologize,thinking a drink sounds real good right now.
"Like you haven't seen our set dozens of times already,"Julia said with a chuckle,"I think we can forgive you this time."
"Thank you,"Liz exclaimed with a smile.
"Michael sounds good tonight."Julia pointed out gesturing her beer bottle towards the stage.
"Yeah,I can't belive how much he's come along with his stge fright"Liz said,looking at Michael with pride.
"Indeed,"Julia said taking a swig of her beer,and as a afterthought added,"Oh I hear congradulations are in order."Liz gave her a confused look,Julia just shook her head and reminded,"You and Michael getting Married in about three weeks."
"Oh yeah,"liz laughed,feeling awful silly forgetting,"just a bit tired,it's very exciting,I can't wait."
Liz hated the fact that she was having doubts about marrying Michael,and the more the wedding was mention the more those doubts intensified,and that didn't sit right with her.
"You're so lucky,Michael is one amazing guy,"Julia replied dreamily,"maybe when my boyfriend Noel comes to Roswell,Michael can teach him what it's like to be romantic."
Liz laughed nervously needing to end this conversation,she excused herself by announcing"I think I need to get a drink,I'm quite parched."
"Are you staying for the after hours?"Julia asked before she had a chance to escape.
"I might,"Liz lied,knowing full well she was going back to the hotel.LiZ guiltly looked forward to her nightly vists from Max.She waved good bye to Julia as she weaved her way to the bar.Ken was there ordering his usual guninesss.
"Liz,what's your poison?"He asked pulling some money out of his pocket,"It's on me."
'Well,in that case what's the most expensive thing they got here,"Liz joked with a grin,Ken laughed,as she turned to the bartendar and ordered"Give me a long island ice tea if you please."
"Where have you been?"He asked placing the money on the bar and started to walk away,Liz fallowed, sipping her drink happily.
"Talking to marcus."Liz replied,wrapping the napkin around the glass,"he likes the article so far."
"Ahh,"He replied taking a sip of his beer,then pointed out,"What no camera today,I almost didn't recongnize you without it."
Liz giggled as she answered,"I was told to take the night off."
"well,I'll be danmed! Does Michael know about this?"He asked in wonderment.
"Yes he does,"Liz countered laughing,"He was the one who sugessted it."
"So,how is the future Michael Guerin doing?"Ken asked joyfully,wrapping his beer free arm around her shoulder.Liz took a healthy sip of her drink before answering.Why does everyone keep bringing up the damn wedding!
"Okay,"She announced smiling.
"I can't belive Michael has finally decided to take the plunge,you must be thrilled!"Ken asked,knowing the histroy of Michael''s avoidence of getting Married,now it's Liz's turn,but of course she's keeping those feelings to herself.
"Ecstatic."Liz replied,taking another sip,her drink was almost empty.
"Hey,good news,I talked to the record company today,they're going to send out a camera crew to shoot live footage of the Roswell Concert."Ken excalimed excitedly
"Oh my god that's great!"Liz happily replied glad for the change of subject,"What did the guys say."
"Haven't told them yet,going to at the after hours party,you are coming.I hope?"He asked,looking at her as he sipped his drink.
"I want to but,I've got some re-editing to do on the article."Liz lied finishing off her drink,wishing she had another one.
"I though you had the day off."Ken pointed out.
"Well yes,but technically it is the next day,and I really should fin-"
"Oh come on Liz,it's a special night you've got to be there when I tell the guys."He interupted,obviously he wasn't going to take no for an answer.
"Okay,Okay,I'll stay."Liz replied giving in.
"Great,"Ken said satisfied that he convinced her to remain at the bar.then added,"Which reminds me,I've got to call that Max Evans kid about-"
Liz whipped her head at Ken when he mention Max's name and replied in horror,"Max Evans."
"Yeah,his boss owns the UFO center,they're sponsering the concert,"Ken answered taken aback by Liz's sudden weirdness,"You know him or something?"
"Ah yeah,we went to school together,"Liz answered hating that she was acting like a nutcase over hearing his name,"I-It's been awhile,kind of weird hearing his name."
"I would imagine,"He replied looking her over,with concern"Was he an old flame or something."
"Ah no,"Liz said firmly,"Just friends."Liz lied,knowing all to well,Max Evans would probaly be laughing at that statement,Since Liz bearly paid attention to him in high school.Which makes her wonder why she was having such disturbing yet thrilling and exotic dreams that she looks forward to everynight.Ken also seems to be thinking ,by the look on his face that he didn't belive her "just friends" statement either.Whatever,Liz thought to herself,he probably thinks he was some old boyfriend that did her wrong or something.Let him belive what he wants,he doesn't know what's really going on anyway.Which will stay that way.
"I'm going to get another drink,"Liz announced lifting her empty glass,"What about you?"
"I'm cool."He said lifting his half empty glass.Still looking at her,as if she was going to freak out or something.
"I'll be back."Liz promised making her way to the bar,placing the empty glass in front of her she ordered the same thing,"Can you make it a little stronger please."
The bartender nodded,and with shaking hands Liz reached into her purse for the wallet.Not beliving what had just transpired with Ken. Max Evans is still in Roswell,and will be dealing wth the band.The prospect of actually seeing him,made liz smile with glee.Yet it made her very nervous.The thing she needs to do is just breath,remain calm,and just act like she did when they were in high school together.That he didn't exsist.
Liz put the money on the bar and took the glass and immediatly started drinking,making a face from the strong taste of the mixed booze in her drink.Before she knew it the Long island ice tea was gone,and before Michael's set finished,Liz had consumed three more.When Michael finally found her she was drinking her fifth,and she was very wasted.
"Hey baby,"Michael exclaimed leaning in to give her a kiss,he made a face as he moved back,tasting the alcohol from thier kiss"Damn you're drunk."
"Probably,"Liz slurred propped up on the bar,looking as if she was going to slip off the stool she was sitting on.
"How much did you drink?"He asked trying to take the glass from her.
"Don't know,"She giggled,her hands latched on her glass,trying to pull the glass to her lips.
"I belive that's number seven."The bartender replied rinsing out some glasses.
"I think you had enough Liz."Michael replied,shaking his head.It was rare to see Liz toasted,she was pretty adament about not over doing it,but he did demand that she take the night off and have some fun,plus he does know how much she loves her long islands.No matter,she's been stressed because of this article what's one night of letting your guard down for awhile.
"Oh let me have one more please,"She muttered,trying to get down off the bar,Michael was quickly by her side,guiding her away from the stool, without her falling,and then immediately lifted her up in his arms,she was laughing as he walked over to Ken.
"Jesus,what the hell happen to Liz?"Ken asked in concern.
"Someone had a little too much to drink,"Michael stated,Shifting her body a little so she wasn't slipping from his arms."I'm going to take her home."
"You can't Michael,I've got a very important announcment and I need you here."
"Well I'm not going to just leave her here,and I don't trust some of the crew,Liz is defensless now Ken."
"I totally understand,but I have someone in mind that's very safe."He assured michael,he turned around and yelled to Todd the sound guy to come see him.
"Why Todd?"Michael asked unsure he liked the idea of someone other then himself taking care of Liz.
"Because I trust him like a brother,and Todd is gay."Ken whispered,so no one in the bar could hear him but Michael.
"Really,"Michael said in suprise,"I would've never had thought."
"I know,not your sterotypical gay guy huh."Ken replied nodding his head.
"What's up Ken,"Todd asked,a dark hair guy,who was tall,well built and in jeans and a Destiny t-shirt.No lisp,no glittery clothing,and Michael knew he didn't have a single album by Madonna.Michael and Todd were good friends and big fans of Metallica.Well you learn something new everyday.
"Miss parker here had way too much fun tonight,"Ken stated,gesturing towards Liz's Limp body in Michael's arms,"I need Michael here,so can you make sure she gets back to the hotel safely."
"No problem,let me get my coat and the keys to the van."He stated,shaking his head.
"I'm sorry you can't be with her now,but this announcement is important,she'll be in safe hands."Ken assured him,looking at Liz,wondering if this Max Evans was what made Liz drink heavily tonight.This guy must've of did some number on her.He won't tell Michael,that's all he needs is michael getting all jealous and starting a fight with someone connected to the sponser.They've come so far to let something in the pass screw things up.
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The announcement was already mention,{Though not officially to the band yet)the band being filmed by the record company,I guess I didn't make it clear enough,but it'll be mention again in the next chapter!*happy* Thanks for your support it's appreciated!
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Okay I have some additional copyrighted stuff for this chapter.
General hospital,it's characters and stories are not mine,they are the many writers,and property of ABC INC.
The Book,"If the Buddha dated:A handbook for finding love on a spritual path~By Charlotte Davis Kassl,not me.Okay now that we got that out of the way.Here's the next part!Thanks for the feedBack and support,It's appreciated!
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Chapter 10~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers

"No,don't do it Elizabeth,Zander is an idot!"Maria screamed at the T.V.,as A dark hair girl and a dark hair guy,dirty,battered and trapped in a crypt,began to kiss one another.Maria angrily gestured her hands toward the screen,and sighed,"Jason knows where she is now,he's going to bust in there to rescue her,and see that horrid display!"
"It's only thursday,there's no need for that kind of cliffhanger yet.ria,"Pam pointed out painting her toe nails a bright crisom red,"there's like five minutes of show left,he's not going to see them kissing.."
"Pam,he's so going.."she let her sentence trail off when she saw Zander pulls away from Elizabeth all of a sudden.
"What's that smell?"Said the manly soap star from the T.V.
"Oh my god Zander,it smells like gas!"Elizabeth screamed in panic.
"See I told ya,"Pam smuggly replied,gesturing a hand toward the T.V.,"The two of them are going to be knocked out when Jason storms in.God you get so crazy when General Hospital comes on."
"Whatever,"Maria pouted,sticking out her tounge,as she stared at the Screen,and sure enough,Zander and Elizabeth were pass out on the floor.the camera panned to Zander 's uncouncious body first,then to Elizabeth's who is a few feet away,then the scene fades to black.Before going to comercial,a voice announces,"Stay tune for scenes, from the next General Hospital."
"Why do you always do that!"Maria asked arms folded acros her chest.
"Do what?"Pam asked confused.
"Tell me what happens before it happens,"Maria countered taking the remote to shut off the T.V.
"Oh come on Maria,you're going to be mad at me,because I can perdict what happens on a soap opera!"Pam huffed angrily,"The stories are perdictable."
"Then why do you watch it with me."Maria asked, pointing the remote at her.
"I only think they're perdictable,I didn't say I hated watching them."Pam countered rolling her eyes in disbelief, they fight like this every day before,during and after the soap opera comes on,Pam commentaties her theroies of what's going to happen, throughout the entire episode,diving Maria crazy,while Maria gets just a little bit carried away into the show itself,which drives Pam crazy,but of course the two friends wouldn't have it any other way!"You know very well Zander and Elizabeth are going to be together,Jason is just going to be her friend,so just get over it!"
"Excuse me for wanting my favorite characters to finally be together,"Maria excalimed throwing the remote on the floor,"First it was that dog of a man Lucky,breaks her heart, for sleeping around on that poor girl with her sister Sarah,that tramp,and now Zander is sniffing around her.and his track record with woman isn't too impressive,Poor Emily,she did so much for him,and he broke her heart to the point where she had to leave Port Charles!"
"Oh and Jason is a Saint,the guy, is a hired hitman,for Sonny!"Pam blurted out,standing up to face Maria,balancing on her heals so her wet nails wouldn't get ruin.
"Yeah he may be a criminal,but he's loyal,tells it like it is,has yet to lie to her,"Maria held up a finger,to stop Pam's interuption,"he has kept secrets,but is always up front to Elizabeth that he can't always tell her everything,it's not like she doesn't know what he does!"
"Jason is the Mysterious loner guy,that has to stay single,you know he's a risk to Elizabeth's safty,it's because of him she got kidnapped in the first place Maria."
The two girls kept arguing with each other as Kyle and Max,who have been standing at the front door for the last ten minutes,soaking in the hilarity of the scene before them.
"How long do you think it's going to be this time?"Max asked grinning.
"I don't know,but it's hasn't been this heated since Lucky was thought dead."Kyle exclaimed with a chuckle
Max made a playful grimace and replied,"Ekk,that means they're going to start throwing things soon,"he looked at Kyle a bit scared and added,"Maybe we should leave,come back when the dust clears."
"I don't know,"Kyle said with a laugh,"This could get intresting."
"Hey,you weren't the one who got clunked in the nose by a flying paper weight,I still have nightmares about that,"Max joked,rubbing his nose,remebering the injury,that drew blood and cause a cease fire by the girls.Luckily,it wasn't bad where everyone insisted he go to the doctors.That wouldn't be good,but he was pretty sure if things got out of control,Maria no doubt would think of something to get him out of that kind os senerio,she was good witht stuff like that.
"Hey,it healed nicely,I don't even see a scar,"Kyle pointed out,gesturing his thumb to the kitchen."Let's go get a drink,I think we'll be safe in the Kitchen."
"Good Plan,"Max agreed,shutting the front door,and fallowed Kyle.The girls were still oblivous of thier pressence.
"I can't belive you said that Maria,he's not going to leave Carly,"Pam sputtered,waving a finger angrily at her.
"Oh please,Sonny got Alexis pregnant!Carly is infertile,when he finds out Carly lied to him yet again,he's going to throw her to the curb!"MAria screamed back,fists clenched at her sides.
Max and Kyle sat at the kitchen table,beer cans in hand,they clinked them together in a toast,"Here's to soap operas and the crazy ,yet entertaining effect, they have on the girls."
"I'll drink to that."Max aggreed,taking a healthly chug of his beer.
Kyle placed his can on the table and asked,"So how's the convention plans going,I heard you had quite the day yesterday."
"Yeah,the flyers were late,Duchovney almost was a no show,the slide projector caught on fire,It was a nightmare!"Max exclaimed shaking his head,"But by the end of the day everything worked out,and luckily Brody had a spare projetor up in the storage room."
"Excellant,"Kyle said,finishing off his beer,in one final swig,"So any late breaking developments in the Get Liz mission."
"Not really,but the record company representing Destiny;that's the band Michael's in, they're sending out a camera crew to shoot the band in action."Max replied excitiedly",might be good publicity for the UFO center.
"Could be,you nervous?"Kyle asked getting up to go to the fridge for another beer.
"A little,"Max admitted,palying with the tab on top of the beer can,"I'm still without a plan and the days are passing by quicker than I want them to."
"We'll think of something,but who knows,"Kyle said with a shrug,using his foot to close the fridge door,"Maybe the best thing is to just let things happen,go with the flow,Sometimes the best laid plans can blow up in your face."
"True,however I don't want to get into this thing without some kind of preparation,this could be my only chance into making some kind of an impression with Liz,I don't want to blow it."Max countered,sighing in fustration,"If we end up being just freinds,that could be more than I could hope for."
"Max my friend,you need to set your priorities higher than just friendship,"Kyle advised, shaking his head,"If you think you're just going to end up friends,than that's exactly what your going to be,friends"he went on,"they say action speaks louder than words,which is true,but your mind and heart have got to be on the same page,or it's not going to work."
"Very insightful Kyle,"Max said,raising his eyebrows in surpise.
"Yeah well,the mind is a very powerful ally,it's rational,unlike the heart,you need to convince yourself up here,"He placed two fingers on his temple,"That what your heart is telling you is a good thing,that it's not irrational,but benifical."Kyle finished pointing to a very baffled Max,he smiled at his friend and patiently waited for his comments.
"Kyle,what you're telling me is brillant,but you're kind of scaring me dude,"Max announced,wondering what Kyle's been smoking.
"It's all about being one with your self,your mind and body,so they can work together in harmony,so you can travel the path that'll take you to your happiness,""Kyle declared with a grin.Max stared at if he just announced he was joining a religous cult,Kyle laughed and went on,"Max,I'm getting more spirtual,I've found buddha,and I like it."
"Well,it's weird,but it kind of suits you,when did this happen?"Max asked curiously
"Oh about six months ago,"Kyle explained,"I was feeling kind of well,lost,and so I just was at Barnes and Nobles one day and gravitated toward the new age section and just picked up Buddha for beginners,I've been studing off and on since,and I haven't felt this Complete for a long time,"
"Hmm,Buddha huh,"Max said,looking at Kyle in a whole new light.
"Changed my life,"Kyle proclaimed with a content sigh.
"So you think Buddha can help me win the love of a girl,even though, she didn't know I was alive in high school,or now for that matter,and is going to marry a another."Max asked half serious.
"Anything is possible,I can lend you a book,It's amazing,It's called,If the Buddha dated:A handbook for finding love on a spirtual path,I'll drop it by tomorrow."Kyle suggested with a wink.
"Yeah why not,"Max replied with a shrug,"I'm going to need all the help I can get,I will leave no opitions unturned."
"Good that you have an open mind Evans,"Kyle replied with a smile,a crash was suddenly heard from the livivng room."Maybe we should ah you know,"Kyle pointed out the kitchen,and got out of his chair.
"Go and stop the soap opera wars,yeah,"Max agreed,also getting up,"But I will not get myself hit in the face again."
"No we don't want that handsome face of yours smashed up,you've got a girl to impress,"Kyle said,taking the lead,"I'll go first,"Then added"Maybe we should ban the two of them from ever watching that soap opera together."
"We could,but I think the girls actually like this abnormal little routine they've got going on."Max replied,cautiously entering the living room,then added jokingly,"Maybe Buddha has something for this kind of thing."
"Funny,"Kyle said with a chuckle,as the two of the headed into the war zone.

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Chapter 11~Come to me~By carolyn Sawyers
Liz was in the middle of a candle lit room.Soaking leisurely in a tiger claw white bathtub.White rose petals were floating in the water,soft relaxing music mingled in the air.She was dreaming and waiting for Max's apperance.
Leaning her head agianst the back of the tub,Liz closed her eyes,enjoying the smell of the roses.Next thing she knew,a hand went into the water and ran down her leg.Liz snapped open her eyes,and saw Max kneeling beside the tub.
"Hello,"Max said,wearing his usual attire,and looking damn sexy as always.
"Hi,"Liz gasped,as his hand continued to caress her leg.
"I like this,it's very sensual,"Max replied,gliding his hand up her inner thigh,he stopped,then took a few of his fingers and slowly slide them inside her,Liz gasped as erotic sensations goosedbumped all over her body.
"I-I-J-Just felt like taking a bath,"Liz gasped,clutching the sides of the tub.
"Needed to relieve some tension,"He grinned,watching Liz with lustful eyes.Her dark hair was wet and slicked back,Max licked his dry lips,as wet droplets slid down her neck,and made thier way toward her clevage.He stoppped the rhythm of his fingers,and slowly slid them out of her.With his hand still in the water,.Max moved it agonizingly slow up her stomach,untill it reach one of her breasts.It felt slick from the water,her pink nipple erected with excitment,he softly caressded the nub with his thumb,watching her eyes close,a moan escaped from her lips.Max pulled back his hand back,to quickly unclothed,and was instantly in the tub with her.Water cascaded over the sides,extinguishing some of the candles on the floor.His needy lips claimed hers,and they kissed each other hungrily, Liz found herself taking charge,taking his erection inside her.Max's hands went to her bottom,and her arms encircled his neck.For a dream,it felt so real.For someone who was suppose to love another,her fantasies of another man,made her heart soar and her body ache.Every night she longed for Max's company.
Everynight she gave herself willingly to the stranger of her dreams.Everynight,she woke with Michael snoring peacfully at her side.Everynight,she'd get out of bed and cry tears of guilt wondering what was wrong with her.Everynight she longed to be in Roswell where she knew Max Evans was waiting for her.
Max Evans woke with a sharp intake of breath.His bedding was either on the floor near his bed,or entangled in his legs,he was in nothing but his boxer shorts and a errection was very apparent.His arms were outsreched over his head.Max knew if he smoked he'll be having a cigarette right now.Instead,Max decided to take a nice long cold shower.However lately that wasn't really having any effect lately and he'd end up having to.. well.. handle the situation on his own.Liz Parker was having this effect on him and she wasn't even in the same state.What's going to happen when he does finally see her.Max grinned and thought that he'll probably combusted.The dreams felt so real.Like he was actually in them.Max knew for some reason,the dreams were having the same effect on Liz too.She was very hesitant at first,but lately he had the distinct feeling she looked forward to thier evening rendevouzs.The question that's been eatting away at his mind, since he knew liz was returning to Roswell is,What's going to happen in the waking world?Will the dreams eventually become a realitly?Max smiled as he turned on the shower and slipped out of his boxers.God he hopes so.Michael Gurien or no Michael Gurien,it's going to happen.
Michael Gurien kissed the forehead of his sleeping fiancee.For some reason she was on the couch.Sleeping soundly.He watched her chest rise and fall and with a smiled,thought how beautiful she is.He couldn't belive this girl was actually his.That she was going to be his wife.Glancing at the time on the VCR clock in the hotel room.Michael decided he really needed to start getting ready.He was due at the club for a sound check.They were in Texas now,two days from the Roswell gig,and the video shoot the record company had put together.The buzz surrounding thier album and tour have been so positive,that they were actually going to film them performing live.Eventually it'll be edited together for a video.That's what Kenny told them anyway.Nothing could get any better than this,well marrying Liz after the tour,nothing was going to stop him form doing that.Nothing.
Next Maria confronts Liz,Michael meets Max,and the meeting you've all been waiting for.

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Chapter 12~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers~Footdown~By Michael Penn.

Maria just got off of work.Exhausted from a day of serving ungrateful twits,who think they know her job better than she does.With a sigh of pure pleasure,Maria finally sat down at the booth, where she put ,Kyle and Pam at,about ten minutes ago.
In two hours she'll be going to Alex's house for rehearsal.Tomorrow the band will be doing a run through of thier playlist, at the concert stage,set up in the park behind the UFO center.Then later that evening ,The Whits will be preforming at the Crashdown's festival concert.They'll be opening for the Band Destiny,who's the main act for the week of the festival.Max told her that this was the band,Liz's fiancee,Michael gurien,plays guitar for.Intresting how Maria will be witnessing the whole Max trying to win Liz's affection,in all it's bloody glory.
This whole thing didn't at all sit well with her.Liz Parker didn't deserve one ounce of Max's attention.What she deserved was a good dose of harsh reality,and Maria will have no problem giving it to her.Yeah,she promised Max she'll behave herself,but sometimes you just have to do what you think is best.When they do finally run into each other(which will happen),Maria has eight years of anger,hurt and betrayal,that she needs to throw at Liz.They were best friends,they did everything together since thrid grade.They cried on each others shoulders,eatting ben&Jerry's,from broken hearts.They gave each other advice,and support,and went on many road trips together,one that Maria enjoyed the most,was when they went to Las Cruces,just to see Nelly furtado play at the University.Then when they started thier senior year,Liz started to be distant,became to be too busy for her.Making excuses that Maria knew were to be false.Even poor Kyle,her boyfriend at the time, felt Liz's selfishness.Liz wanted to distance herself,because she was leaving Roswell.Maria wasn't dumb,she knew Liz was leaving for good,but to start cutting ties with her friends,to not say good bye on the day you left,to not call or write a letter or e-mail,to say she misses thier friendship,why don't you come down for a vist!No she got two postcards.One to say she arrived in NY safely and the second one was when she got a job at some newspaper.Thank god for Pam,she was a great friend to her during that year.They went to school with each other since third grade also,but she was always unattainable.Pam Troy,was the popular girl,that everyone loved,or loved to hate.Maria always thought she was a snob,but in reality,Pam was amazing.She just did what she had to do to surive high school.Senior year, Pam just decided to not play the popular game anymore.She decided to do,say, wear and hang out with whoever she wanted to.People thought she lost it,but in reality,Pam hasn't been this happy since junior high school started.The day Pam and Maria started becoming friends,was one day at lunch.They were outside in the quarry.Pam came up to her and commented on Maria's blouse.
"Where did you get that it's lovely!"Pam gushed,eyeing the swirly technicolor shirt.
Maria at this point stopped in mid bite,wondering why Ms popuarity was talking to her,"Ah it was at my mother's boutique."
"Your mom owns a clothes store that's cool."Pam said,still standing,balancing her tray and books so they wouldn't fall.
"Well she sells clothes among other things,"Maria pointed out,looking over to the area where,the popular crowd eats thier lunch,where Pam is suppose to be.Her friends were just as suprise as Maria was ,that pam was talking to her.
"Do you think I could sit here with you and have my lunch,"She asked,well almost pleaded to maria.
"Ah,yeah,"Maria replied hestiantly,moving her book bag from a spot on the wall,so Pam could sit,"but wouldn't you be missed."Maria made a gesture with her head,toward the Popular crowd,who were in utter shock.
"Perhaps,but enough about them,"Pam said,avoiding the subject,"What I want to know is,do you think your mom's store has another shirt like that in stock."
That is the story of how Maria and Pam became friends,Liz was so out of the loop,that she didn't even realize untill graduation that they've been hanging out."It's good that you're hanging with diffrent people,"Was all Liz had to say.This infuriate her to the point of tears.That night,Maria and Pam ate Ben&Jerry's while Maria bitched about Liz.
"So."Pam asked,looking at he Crashdown Menu,bringing Maria back to the present,"You nervous about tomorrow night?"
"Maybe a little,"Maria answered,placing her purse and sweater on the seat beside her,"but I'll be find knowing,you,Max and Kyle are there,supporting me."
"Hey,if you perform like you do at the pizza pan,you'll knock them dead!"Kyle exclaimed with a grin.
"Thanks,"Maria beamed,taking the ,placed behind the napkin dispenser."God,I'm starving,what to eat!?"
Then the bell to the front door entrance announced a patron entering.From habit,Maria looked toward the door and her face began to scrunch up in anger,and muttered,"wonderful,she's here."
Kyle and Pam,swung thier heads around to see Liz Parker alive and in technicolor at the front of the resturant,waiting patiently to be seated.A guy,who was about six feet tall,with spikey brown hair,had his arm around her protectivly.
"Well,she does have great taste in man,he's cute."Maria exclaimed,giving Liz's fiancee a once over,"Poor guy,does he relize what he's getting himself into?"Then glanced back down at the menu as if Liz never entered the resturant.

In a little while,
I'll forget your name.
and with the time we had,
I will do the same.
'cause I can't belong,
to any future.
the pasts a
never ending overture.
untill it's only now,
no matter how,
I'll put my foot down.

"So are you going to talk to her?"Kyle asked,wondering why Maria decided to remain cool as a cucumber?As the days passed,Maria became irrate about Liz's upcoming vist.Why on earth was she helping Max's heart to be trampled on ?Liz Parker was a selfish Bitch who doesn't deserve Max.Even if for some reason she did notice him,it's only to be his friend.She is engaged to be married for god's sake.Not that she had any ethics in being commited to the opposite sex!.Poor Kyle worshiped the ground she walked on.Did everything for her.They were perfect couple,and what did she do to him!?She broke up with Kyle the day she left for NY.The girl was no good,and the sooner this festival is over with the better.Liz will leave with michael.Max will finally realize she was right,and then they can finally get back to thier lives.
"No,I'm hungry,I don't want my dinner ruin."Maria exclaimed,glad that the hostess sat them on the other side of the resturant away from thier view."Besides I promise Max I would behave myself."
"Yeah like that will happen."Pam laughed rolling her eyes,"I know you Maria,you are going to be all over Liz,and I hope I'm there to see it."
"Yeah me too,"Kyle added rubbing his hands together with glee,"Nothing like a cat fight,to warm the cockle sof a mans heart."
"Kyle,"Pam gasped hitting him playfully on his chest."Your terrible"
Maria laughed as Kyle feighn stupidity,"What,it's true."

I want to know my rank
and I want my reward.
or I will make a little war
that you can not afford.
I don't mean to be
somehow unkind.
but the bottom of my heart,
is in the backseat
of my mind.
It's a drive with will,
I guess untill,
I put my footdown.

"Hello Maria,"Liz said suddenly,Kyle and Pam looked nervously over at Maria,who slowly put her menu down on the table.She smoothed the front of it with her hand.Looked up at Liz and palstered a smile on her face.
"Liz,"Maria said with disdain,"when did you get back?"
"Yesterday,"Liz replied nervously,she knew this meeting wasn't going to be smooth,she was the one that fucked up royally.
Liz went to go to the bathroom,then did a double take,there they were, the three of the hanging out together,she almost didn't say hi,but she had to do it sometime.She needed to face her past and see if it could be fixed.
"Oh geez,when were you goiong to look me up then huh!"She replied sarcastically,"Or maybe prehaps you were hoping you wouldn't run into me the whole stay."
"That's not true-"
"Oh shut it Liz,"Maria shouted,smashing her fist on the table,the whole resturant stared thier way,including Michael."Did you actually think that we would pick things up,as if nothing was wrong?"
"No,I did-"
"Why don't you just go back to New York Liz,"Maria suggested interupting Liz again,"I mean why are you here Liz?"
"I came-"
"All I ever heard you talk about was leaving Roswell,that you'll never come back to this dead end town again,"Maria replied not listening to anything Liz had to say,"So just leave me alone and avoid me like the plaugue like you did back in on our senior year,kay."

I don't mean to be
Somehow unkind.
but when you put
your best foot forward.
Somethings left behind.
I'm gonna tell you now
I'm going to make a vow.
to put my foot down.

Maria glared at Liz,almost saying to her,Are you still here?Then pick up the menu and started pretending,she was reading it.
"Kyle,Pam,"Liz replied,close to tears,the two of the almost felt sorry for her,but she did kind of deserve it,the two nodded thier heads in greeting,,but remain silent."Sorry to have bothered you."Then walked off to the bathroom.
"You could've at least heard her out,"
Maria looked up to see the spikey brown hair boy,that came in with Liz,ahh the fiancee,coming to defend his woman how sweet.However Maria played dumb and asked,"I'm sorry do I know you?"
"No,the names Michael,Michael Gurien."He stated holding out his hand,Maria looked at it as if he was a leper,he pulled it back akwardly,and stuffed it in his pocket,"It was hard for her to come here,knowing what she's done."
"So what am I suppose to do?Give her a medal,a pat on the back,and I forgive you speech,"Maria exclaimed with contempt,"To hell with her,she gave up on her friends way before you came into the picture,so why don't you slink on back to your booth,and don't try to understand things you don't, am I making myself clear?"
"Crystal,"Michael said,glaring at this woman,who had alot of nerve speaking to him and Liz this way.It was weird how tingly he felt looking at her,she was kind of cute,sporting a pixie cut,cropped close to her head,her lips were pouty and kissable,and those eyes,so sparkily green---Michael shook his head wondering what that moment of insanity was about,and countered,"but there is a thing called second chances,everyone deserves one,even you."
"I'm sorry,what did you just say,"she spatted,knowing full well what he just said.
"You heard what I said,"Michael said.
"You have a lot of nerve buddy,"
"I can say the same about you."
Kyle and Pam's head moved back and forth between the two,as if they were watching a tennis match.Sparks were a flying.kyle smiled,a new paln forming in his mind.
"I will not sit here,and let you talk to me that way."Maria said haughtily,standing up now in front of him.Smoke coming out of her ears,actually enjoying,this verbal war with Michael Gurien.
"Oh,and Liz deserves to be abused,for something she regrets doing?"Micahel countered,pointing a finger at her.
"Don't point your finger at me,you bastard!"Maria excalimed,pushing his hand out of her way,"It's rude."
"I don't know what-"
"Whoa,what the hell is going on here!?"Exclaimed Max's voice from behind them.They all turned around to see him,gesturing his hands out in disbelief.Kyle and Pam looked at each other,thier eyes telling the other that,they were thinking what the other was thinking.Liz and Max could very well meet each other.Liz was in the bathroom for awhile know,what she needed to do was get out here and make this situation even more intrestingly akward.
"Me and Spikeboy over here,is in a disagreement of sorts,"Maria explained,folding her arms across her chest.
"Michael Gurien is my real name,"He said,putting out his hand,Max took it,understanding completely what was going on.Maria must of confronted Liz,and Michael wasn't too happy about it.Max nervously glanced around.Is she still here?Max felt like he was going to hurl.
"Max Evans,"He replied,then added,"You're in the band destiny."
"And your the guy who hired us,"Michael exclaimed,ending the hand shake,"nice to meet you."
"Like wise,I heard you're CD,it's very good."Max replied with a smile.
"Thanks,it's doing pretty well,we're in the top billboard's 100,we debut at 79."Michael exclaimed proudly.
"Good for you,the music business is tough,you guys have been around for awhile."
Maria has since sat down,she gestured her hand at Michael and Kyle and whispered to Kyle and Pam,in fustrastion,"Can you belive this!?"
"Oh it's about to get better,"Kyle whispered pointing behind Maria,Liz just got out of the bathroom,and saw Michael near Maria's table,Michael was blocking her view of Max,Kyle grinned happily knowing what was going to happen.
"Michael what's going on here?"Liz asked in confusion.
"Just getting to know some of your old friends,"Michael answered,moving to be by her side.
Then her world began to spin,there he was Max Evans,her dream guy,live and in color.
"It's you,"echoed the words in her head,the voice was Max's,simutaneoulsy,those words were echoing in Max's head,the voice belonging to Liz.She used every once of will power she had,to stop her from making the mistake of running into the arms of Max Evans.They looked at each other with longing,remebering the dreams,aching to feel each others skin.Wondering if it felt the same?
"Liz are you okay?"Michael asked,snapping Liz out of her trance.
"Yeah,I'm sorry,spaced out there,you know I've been getting little sleep,"Liz exclaimed,snuggling closer into Michael's chest.Max used all the will power inside of him to stop himself from going over to Michael and sock him hard in the face.However,Michael is a nice guy,who hardly know's Max.That would put alot of questions in Micahel's head."Maybe we should get our dinner to go,so I can take a nap."
"Okay,whatever you want,"Michael replied kissing the top of her head,then added to the stunned faces,it was nice meeting you all."Michael exclaimed,steering Liz back to thier booth.The table was quiet,everyone looking at Max,standing there in shock.
"Let the games begin,"Kyle announced,with a grin.Things were going to get pretty intresting around here,and Kyle was happy to be in the thick of it all.
Next~Dreams,music,and a Max and Liz private momment.
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I'm going to Dedicate this next chapter to my dreamer pals Robyn & gijYou've guys have been great supporters of mw.thank you.
And thanks to evryone for the feed back,it's very much appreciated.
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Chapter 13~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers
"MAX!"Liz screamed,straddling on top of him,enjoying the feel of his hands,roaming all over her body.Liz matched his thrusts,enjoying the feel of him inside of her.Then she felt her release ebb slowly throughout core.The tightness of her warm walls tighten around Max,signaling to him,that he could let his seed spill inside of her.She fell on top of him,deciding that she would let him stay inside her.Not wanting to seperate from Max just yet.Thier bodies,slick with sweat,from thier lovemaking ,were entangled together.You couldn't tell one from the other.
"I saw you today,"Liz mumbled,letting her hands trail down the sides of him stomach.
Max sighed,in contentment.Enjoying her touch,that caused him to get goosebumps all over.He kiss the top of her head as he replied,"I know,you look lovely today."
"Thank you,"Liz said shyly,raising her head to look into those wonderfully amazing hazel eyes.Smiling Max raised his hand to her hair,running his fingers through it's softness.
"So deciding on what your going to do yet?"Max asked,causing Liz to look at him in confusion.
"About what?"
"Well,about us silly,"Max answered,grinning.
"Well there is no us Max,"Liz explained,suddenly feeling anxious,"I hardly think dreaming about having sex with each other,consitutes a relationship."
"If you say so,"Max stated,flipping Liz on her back,and started to place kisses on her neck.
"Max,please stop,"She said,closing her eyes,loving the feel of his lips,but cursing the distracting effect it had on her,taking a deep breath,Liz forced herself to take Max's face in her hands,and pulled him away,"Focus Max,I don't know why I'm having these dreams with you,but I am going to marry Michael."
"If you say so,"Max stated again,slowly moving in and and out of her,he was fully aroused again,and decided all this talk was starting to bore him.
"Stop saying that,"She gasped,closing her eyes,her grip on Max's face fell,his mouth made it's way to her breast,sucking on the rosy harden bud,causing her to gasp.
"Saying what?"Max asked innocently,assulting her other breast with the same torment.
"If you say so,"Liz said,feeling herself losing control again.Max always had that effect on her.Making her forget that she was in love and was engaged to another man."This is just a dream,you are something I conjured up in my head,I don't know why,but I know I'm going to marry Michael."
"If you say so,Liz,"Max moaned,crashing his lips onto hers,knowing this conversation is over with. Liz gave into the passion,feverly kissing him in return. Her legs wrapped around his trimmed waist,urging him to deepen his thrusts. Liz can deny her feelings all she wants.However,Max knew what he felt when he saw her at the crashdown today.She was there alive and in person,and not a dream.There was something there.A connection was formed,and he saw it in her eyes.The two of them every night dreamed the same thing.Granted he was a bit more braver than he was awake.But he knew that Liz will be his.That soon she'll be in his bed for real.Calling his name,kissing his lips,and bringing him to heights he wouldn't even begin to imagine.
Max watched as Maria and the rest of theWhits,rehearse thier set for tonights concert.He left the UFO center in the capable hands of Zander.He wanted to be here to support Maria.Plus she threaten to be mad at him for a very long time if he didn't.He was but a phone call away,if Zander felt things were getting out of control.Max also knew deep down he'd hope to run into Liz.
"Evans,I was wondering when you were going to show up?"Kyle asked whapping him on the back.Max turned around and rolled his eyes.Didn't the man ever work?
"Hello Kyle,"Max replied,gave Pam a nodded in aknowledgment,who's arm is link into his,"Pam."
"Hey Max,"Pam replied,with a smile.
"So any Liz sightings yet?"Kyle asked,looking around the area,Max could feel the glee emenating from his eyes.Kyle was enjoying this a little too much.
"No,I just got here."Max replied,looking at his watch.
"How about a tour of the back stage?"Kyle asked,eagerly.Max knew that Destiny was back there now,waiting for thier turn on the stage.Liz of course would probably be thier taking pictures for the article she was doing on the bands tour.
"Okay,"Max agreed,but firmly stated as he pointed a finger at him,"Behave,understand."
Kyle laughed and threw up his hands in peace,"Understood,why do you think Pam is with me,"he squeezed her hand and went on,"She'll keep me in line."
"Yes I will,"Pam assured Max,placing her hand on Kyle's chest,"I know how over zealous he gets,when he's involed in a project."
"We are but observers,maybe we'll cause a distraction if needed."Kyle joked with a huge grin.
"Why do I suddenly feel like a lab animal,being experiment on?"Max asked arching an eyebrow in worry.
"You said it not me,"Kyle laughed,fallowing Max to the barricade area near the stage. A security guard,was at the entrance to the stage,arms folded across his very huge chest.Daring anyone to try and get by him.He looked like Mr.Clean,bald, buff,but he wasn't selling floor cleaner,and he wasn't friendly.
"Mr.Evans,"The guard said gruffly,eyeing Kyle and Pam suspciously.
"Carl,"Max answered,then added,"These guys are with me,do you have some backstage passes handy?"
Carl just nodded,as he unzipped the fanny pack in front of him,handed max two passes who in turn gave then to a very grateful Kyle and Pam.
"These are all acess,all week long,"Max explained passing Carl and heading behind the stage.
"Coool,thanks Evans."Kyle exclaimed placing the necklace pass around his neck.
"Well you are helping me,who knows when I may need your help."Max said smiling,looking anxiously around him,wondering where Liz was.She was here,he could feel it.The backstage consist of large tents,set up behind the stage,trailers,vans,cars that belong to the bands were parked behind the tents.The three walked up to another unpleasant guard,that hestiantly moved away when they flash thier passes.Passing through the entrance,Kyle and pam gawked in awe,at the hustle and bussle of the going ons.Michael saw Max and Immediately walked up to him.
"Max,hey,"He said,his guitar swung across his back.
"Michael,how's everything?"Max asked,trying to reamin calm.
"Excellant,thanks for asking,I love the food you catered good stuff."Michael said with a hungry smile.
"From the Crashdown,"Max said nervously.Then was glad when he saw Maria enter the tents,thier set was done.
"Everyone from Destiny please take the stage,Destiny is up!"Announced one of the organizers,through a bullhorn.
"That's me,"Michael excalimed,waving before he left.
"So you've got thirty minutes to find Liz and strike up a conversation,"Kyle urged,gesturing his hands in a shooing motion.
Max smiled and ran off,saying hi to Maria,before continuing his mission.
"What's up with him?"Maria sked,gesturing her thumb behind her.
"Liz Parker,"Pam explained,with a smile.
"You know I wish you didn't encourage him,"Maria pouted,shaking her head in disgust,"You do realize he's just going to get hurt in the end."
"Oh get over yourself and be more productive,"Kyle exclaimed with a sigh,"Liz falling for max is just as beneficial to you."
"Really,"Maria said,as if this was news to her,"And why do you say that Kyle?"
"Oh please,"Kyle bawked,rolling his eyes in disbelief,"You and Gurein had so much heat and spark I'm suprising you didn't set the Crashdown on fire yesterday."
"Pam are you listening to your delusional boyfriend over here,"Maria asked pointing her hands toward Kyle ,Pam just shrugged her shoulders neutrally,as Maria went on,"Don't do drugs kyle,they make you dumb."
"Whatever you say Maria,"Kyle said knowingly,"but I know what I saw and it's was intense."
"The man dissed me!"Maria shouted,not even beliving she's even having this conversation with him,"The guy is in love with Liz,don't try and get me more invole than I already am 'Kay Kyle."
"Whatever you say Maria,"Kyle said,his eyebrowing arching knowingly,anticipating impatiently for the shit to hit the fan,Lets go near the stage Pam,I want to hear the band."
"You want to join us,"Pam asked,knowing that Kyle was right,Maria liked Michael,she may not admit it now,but she saw that spark in her eyes when she was yelling at him in the resturant yesterday,the same spark she saw in her eyes,as she denied those feelings.
"whatever,"Maria said fallowing her friends to the othe side of the tent."I've got nothing better to do anyway."
Maria pouted knowing what Kyle said was true.Damn him for being right.It was just a harmless crush anyway.The guy was hot,who wouldn't want him.With a sigh Maria's ear immediately caught the music Michael's band was playing.They were pretty good.Not only was Michael cute,but talented too.She has to give props to Liz,she knows how to pick them.With a sudden bounce in her step,Maria decided maybe it wouldn't harm any if she burried the hatchet with Michael and talk to him about music,do a little flirting,.maybe the two bands can do a song together.Yeah,she'll have to talk to Alex about that.Maybe they'll get vidoe taped,and maybe some important people will see them and they could get a record deal.Walking up the steps to lead to stage right,Maria decided it was a good plan,and hey,Max could benefit from it also.
Max suddenly stopped in his tracks.There she was,talking to some girl,he'd recongnize from one of the other bands.He watched as Liz wrote some stuff down in a pocket notebook,laughing about something,causing Max to grin.God,but she was beautiful.Liz now was raising her camera,snapping a few pictures of the girl.Things around him started going in slo-motion.There she was,all he had to do was walk a straight line and he'll be by her side.Yet he couldn't move.Liz captivated him,all he could think of was those amazing dreams,and how amazingly great they felt.Liz was putting her camera away,and after swinging it on her arm,she shook hands with the girl and began to leave the tent.
"Go Max,don't be an idiot,this is your chance to talk to her alone."Max heard a voice in his head scream,"Go now,you may not get another chance."Max felt his legs move.Making a beeline towards the entrance Liz exsited.Hoping he could catch up eith her.So what would he say when he did.Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.Yet,he still march forward,as if his mind and body had a mind of it's own.
The light was blinding as he went outside.Max placed a hand to his eyes to block the sunlight.Immediately he went into search mode.Deperately glancing around,hoping he'd spot her again.Max saw her going inside one of the trailers.So now what?What possible excuse could he come up with that would make him vist her? Max found himself in front of the trailer door.Hand on the knob,fighting innerly about whether he should go in or not.Max made a decision and swung open the door,announcing,"Hey Alex,listen-"Max stopped dead in his tracks.Liz Parker was in nothing but a baby blue bra and matching panties.Liz covered herself as a small gasped escaped her mouth.Max quickly turned away,closing the trailer door behind him,locking it just in case."I-I'm sooo sorry,I thought this was someone elses trailer."Max stuttered,wondering what he was thinking,by coming here.
"Oh it's okay,"Liz said,a bit in shock,"They all look alike."
Max may not be looking at her now,but the image of her in nothing but her underwear,made his lose his breath.
"It's okay you can look now."Liz announced,nervousness was in her voice.
"I'm sorry Liz,"Max said,seeing she was now in a short robe.her arms drapped across her chest.As if that could hide what is already burned in his mind.
"No problem."She said,turning her head to avoid his look.Liz was afraid to look at him.Fearing if she did,she'd throw herself at him like some crazy wanton.It made her nervous that she like the idea max saw her half naked.
"So,"Max started,"So you finding everything okay?"Max asked trying to change the subject.
"Oh yeah everythings great,"Liz stuttered,walking towards the sink,running cold water to try and cool her very warm face.She took the towel on the counter nearby and patted her face,"Everyone's been so nice here."
Well,"He excalimed,reaching for his wallet in his back pocket,took out a business card and handed it to her,"If you or the band needs anything,don't hesitate to call me."Thier hands touched,and a tingly sensation coursed through thier bodies.Liz pulled back her hand with the business caard in her grasp,and the sensation went away.Which kind of made Liz sad.Oh Liz Parker you need to pull yourself together,Michael think of Michael."She thought to herself,putting the card in her pocket,and her arms went back across her chest.
"Well,I should probably leave."Max suggested,putting his wallet in his back pocket,forcing himself to turn towards the door.
"Well,do you want a drink?"Liz asked suprise that she said that.He was going to leave.Why is she doing this to herself.Well she's curious that's why.
Max was in shock when he heard her,say those words.He smiled and turned around to face her.Her chest raising as she breathed.Causing max to gulp.Yeah sure,a drink would be great."He said walking more towards her.
"Well."Liz started to say as she bent down to open the small fridge.Max nearly passed out as he saw the curves,the robe couldn't hide.Her perfect butt,the shapely legs,he took a deep breath and felt a stirring in his pants.He prayed it wasn't noticable,"We've got water,Peach snapple,rootbeer,ah lets see.."Liz had no idea what she was doing to him right now.
"Peach snapple is fine,"Max squeaked,racking his fingers through his hair.Think cold thoughts,cold showers,the ocean in the winter,Ice cubes,that he could trail down her naked body,no this is so not working.
"Here you go,"She offered,handing Max the bottle,he took it and thier hands touched again,causing a flash of last nights dream to enter his mind.She was thinking about last night.God,so was he.
"You feel it to?"Max bravely asked,as he started to nervously peel at the lable on the bottle.
"Feel what?"Liz asked knowing exactly what he meant.He was thinking about last night's dream.
"The connection we have,"Max said,closing the distance between the two of them.
"What are you talking about?"Liz asked,starting to feel nervous and excited all at the same time.
"I think you do Liz,the dreams,the ones we share everynight."Max answered,placing the bottle on the counter.He was know encircling her waist with his arms,pulling her closer to him.His arousal was up against her,she was wet and in need.
"I think you should leave,"Liz excalimed,not sounding very convincing.
"Do you really want me to go?"Max asked taking her face in his hands,his lips a mere inch from her mouth.
"No,"She said,licking her lips.Her breath unsteady,not beliving this was actually happening.
"I didn't think so,"Max said,taking her lips hungrily.Liz moaned,tring so very hard to resist,but soon,her hands were tossling his dark black hair,Max lifted her up on the counter,her legs wrapped around his waist.Liz's robe was off and max's hands went to the lacy barrier that covered her breast,her buds erected in arousal.Liz Started unbuttoning his shirt,wanting so badly to feel his skin,the shirt came off,and Max unclasped her bra,he lifted her off the counter,holding her close,moaning as her breasts pressed agianst his chest.They manage to graviate to the couch across the way,her legs never leaving his waist.Max began to kiss her neck,her finger racked across his back,he thought he was going to explode if he didn't have her soon.He began to leave trails of kisses down her neck,and manage to find himself licking her breast,taking the nub inbetween his teeth,she gasped not sure how much longer she can stand this.Max's hand,which was caressing the other breast,trailed down her stomach untill it reached the top of her underwear. He managed to slide them far enough to have acess to her very wet core,he began to finger her,using his thumb to rub her clit.Liz wanted to scream,but was afraid that some one would hear,she took the throw pillow her head was on and planted it over her face.Liz could fell the nearness of her release,when all of a sudden a knock came on the front door.Max's finger stopped in mid motion.Liz couldn't belive it,say something Liz,a voice in her head screamed.
"Who is it?"She gasped,pushing max off of her.Her finger went to her lips to tell him to not say a word.
"It's Ken,Liz are you okay?"
"I'm find,what's up?"She asked,picking up her bra,and began to put it on.
"Destiny's set is almost up,you're needed to take pictures."He said,then asked,"Liz why is the door locked."
Liz was glad it was,imagine if it wasn't would she have alot of explaining to do,she tossed max his shirt as she replied,"Oh I spilled coffee all over my shirt,"Liz tip toed her way to where her clothes were,hastily picking out a ouffit,"I locked the door,in case the guys came back,didn't want them walking in on me."She glared at Max,who did exactly that,he gave her a half smile,and Liz wish to god they weren't interupted.
"Oh,understandable."Ken replied then added,"We'll I'll wait untill you're finished,I'll walk you down."
"Okay,Ken thank you."she was struggling with her jeans,and almost fell to the ground if Max wasn't there to catch her.When she was through getting dress and trying to hide the fact that she was being ravage,she pointed to a door,it must've been the bathroom."Stay there wait untill I leave."She mouthed,Max shook his head and did as she said,but not before kissing her quite throughly.She closed the door,and after another adjustment,took a deep breath and open the door,there was Ken,smiling,"Sorry it took so long,you know us woman."
"That's okay,'he said laughing at her joke,"Got your bag,enough film?"
"Right here,"She answered holding up her camera bag.breathing a sigh of relief,and cursing herself for being weak.What the hell was she thinking?Rest assure,this will not happen again.Oh but kissing him,having max's fingers pleasuring her,god it was enough to make her say, hell with taking pictures,she wanted to be with the man hiding out in the trailer bathroom.However,at the same time it made her realize she could not be alone with Max Evans ever again.Liz knew she wouldn't be able to resist him.Michael doesn't deserve this,it was time to end this sillness once and for all.She'll just' call Max Evans tonight, in the safty of her hotel room,and tell him that today was a mistake,a moment of weakness.that I can never happen again.
The Phone call to Max,Maria and Michael exchange words,and another dream......

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Chapter 14a~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers
Max waited a good five minutes before he creeped out of the bathroom.Glad that the band was getting thier pictures taken.What would he say if somone came in the trailer and saw him here.Nothing plausable came to mind.He went to door,cautiously open it,peeked his head outside,and sighed in relief, when he saw that no one was around.He left the trailer,closed the door and distance himself from Destiny's trailer.Images of ravanging Liz on the trailers sink counter,burned in his memory.He had no idea what came over him,just being in the same room with her caused his mind to shut down,and do things that he would never dream of doing.Max's encounter with Liz went better than he anticipated.He just wanted to talk to her.Become Liz's friend,go from there.However,if Kenny didn't knock on that door,they would've defiantely made love.Kyle is going to be blown away,when he tells him what happen.The thing is,will she be thinking this was a mistake?Would what happen in the trailer scare her?It scared the shit out of him.Maybe Kyle would know what to do.
"Max,"It was his sister Isabel; that broke him out of his distracted state.
"Isabel,hey,"He replied a bit distracted.
"Are you okay?"She asked,catching up to him,"I was calling you like a millions times!"
"Sorry,got alot on my mind."Max replied sheepishly,stuffing his hands in his pockets.
"Whatever,"She said lifting an eyebrow,not really beliving him,she changed the subject,by adding"Thanks for the pass by the way,"She held up her necklace backstage pass from around her neck.
"No problem."Max said walking towards the tents,Isabel was fallowing him.
Isabel eyed her brother,knowing something strange was going on with him.She grabbed his shoulder to stop him,turned him around and asked,"Okay spill,"
"What Isabel?"Max asked obviously in no mood to deal with his sister right now.
"Your acting more stranger than usual,what's the matter?"Isabel asked,deciding she was going to get an answer from him,no matter what.
"N-Nothing's wrong,"Max stuttered,but looking at her sister,glaring at him,with her arms folded across her chest,he knew there was no way he was going to leave without telling her about Liz.Max knew making up a stroy wouldn't do work either,she could always tell when he was lying.
"Something strange,and wonderful happen with Liz and I,"Max explained,glad she knew the backstory of his intetions involing Liz.
"You saw her?"She exclaimed in a whisper,"What happen?"
"Iz,you wouldn't belive it if I told you,"Max answered,raking his fingers through his hair.
"Try me,"She demanded,pulling him from the tents,toward a more secluded and private area.
Max looked at his sister,wondering where he should start.Then with a sigh,began to tell his tale from when he saw Liz exsiting the tents,ending it with him making a getaway from the trailer.Isabel was stunned.She knew Max to be a level headed kind of guy.Thinking things through before jumping into situations.The Max standing before her was diffrent.It made her happy to see her serious brother let loose a little,but Isabel had a feeling it could turn ugly.There was Liz's finacee,and the fact that Liz could just break his heart by not going through with what they started in the trailer,made her feel uneasy.Either way someone was going to get hurt."So what are you going to do now?"
"I'm not quite sure,everything is happening faster than I anticipated."Max sighed,looking at her with fustration,"I have a feeling I might've messed things up.Like she may not want to be with me again."
"Well Let me give you some advice Max,"Isabel offered,placing a hand on his arm,"Don't stalk her,let her have some breathing space,let what happen sink into her brain."
"That's what I'm afraid of,letting her think that this was all a big mistake."Max cried,forming his hands in fist,curising himself for acting like a sex starved maniac."Damn,I'm so stupid."
"No your not stupid Max,Listen...."She started to say pausing a moment to find the right words of encouragement,"If she feels anyway like you do,all the denying in the world isn't going to keep her away for long."she went on making Max look at her,"in fact,it's going to make her want you more,plus you've got those dreams you're telling me about,to keep this attraction you have for one another burning,you getting me?"
Max nodded his hand,understanding completely.However,he hated waiting.Just than a group came out of the tents.It was Destiny,Ken and Liz.Isabel watched as Liz caught his eye.Max held onto her stare.His face changed into desire,and looking at Liz;Isabel could see she mirrored the same.Her brother has gotten himself mixed into the most weirdest situation.Isabel silently hoped, that he'll beat the odds,and win the affections of this girl that's gotten Max twisted in all sorts of knots.The group disappeared from thier view,which broke the spell that was on Max.He looked at her with complete hoplessness,"Im in way over my head Iz,"Max proclaimed closing his eyes trying to sort out the many emotions running through out his brain.
"I don't know, you think?"Isabel replied sarcastically,rolling her eyes.
"Evans there you are,"Kyle exclaimed,running out of the tent,he was alone."You just missed her you moron!Where were you?"
Max looked at Isabel,who looked at him,they both passed a silent message to each other.Kyle caught this and looked at them oddly,"Okay did I miss something here?"
With a sigh Max looked at Kyle and announced"Kyle,do I have something to tell you."

Liz paced the hotel room,uneasiness racked her body.Her cell phone in one hand,Max's business card in the other.Now was the time to call him.Michael,Ken and the rest of the band members went to the pizza pan,to eat something and drink some beer.Liz promised she'll meet up with Michael later.Saying she needed to work on the article for awhile.
"Well,don't be long,you deserve to have fun too you know,"Michael stated kissing her before leaving.
Liz sat on the bed,with a sigh, and placed the phone beside her.Staring at Max's business card,taking her empty hand to feel the raised letters,stopping at his name,remebering what happen in the tralier.She wasn't dreaming then.Liz closed her eyes seeing him with no shirt on,kissing her breasts,enjoying the sensation of his fingers inside her..Liz snapped her eyes open.Her breath was ragged,she felt herself getting wet from excitment.No,she thought to herself.This has got to stop now.Liz picked up the phone and dialed the numbers to Max's cell phone.
"Hello,"said Max on the other line,his voice was deep and sexy,Liz bit her bottom lip knowing this was going to be the hardest phone call she'll ever have to make.
"Hello Max,this is Liz,"she replied,she could feel his tension on the other line,did he regret what they did to each other?
"L-L-iz,hey how are you?"Max asked in suprise,"What can I do for you?"
"Max,I I need you to stay away from me,"Liz proclaimed deciding to just get to the point and not procrastinate,"You do things to me that I-I'm not sure I want to feel."
"I see,"Max said sadly,his fear coming true.
"Please don't take this the wrong way it's just,I'm engaged and I love Michael and-"
"If you say so Liz,"Max replied.Suprisingly enough he didn't regret what he said.
"Excuse me what did you say?'Liz bawked,upset at his rudeness,but those words echoed in her head. Remebering what the Max in her dreams told her,when she was declaing her love for Michael there too.
"I know what I felt Liz,so do you!"Max replied bravely,deciding if this was going to be thier last conversation,he was going to try his damnest to make her see,they belong to each other,"We would've made love if Ken didn't knock on that door."
"Max,you assume to much."
"Do I,you wouldn't stopped me,if my cock was thrusting inside you,you couldn't stop me in your dreams,this phone call is not going to end things between us Liz,"Max demanded bravely,not caring if she hated him.He's a man on a mission and plesantries will not make things happen any quicker.
"You are a pompas ass Max,I can't belive you have the gall to tell me this!"She spatted,her face red in anger,but deep down knowing what he said was true.The thought of Max thrusting inside her,cause a flood of wetness to seep out of her.
"I'm just telling you the truth Liz,"Max said,his voice lowered as he announced,"You want me to stop seeing you,come to my house and tell me face to face,not behind an impersonal phone call."
"I'm not going to your house!"Liz excalimed in fear.
"Why?"Max asked,getting aroused,wishing she was here."What are you afraid of Liz,the truth,that you'll be in my bed,naked,making love to me,and loving every moment."
"You have alot of nerve,"Liz shouted,fighting the urge to leave for his house.God help her but she wanted to be naked and in his bed,"Just stay away from me Max."
"Oh,I'll stay away Liz,but the question is,Will you stay away?"Max asked ending the phone call.
Liz stared at her phone in disbelif,the last thing Max said to her echoing in her mind.....
"will you stay away?"
Could she stay away?Liz threw the phone on the floor and braced her hands on the edge of the bed,closing her eyes,images of her and Max making love invaded her mind.Bolting from the bed,Liz headed to the bathroom,she'll take a nice long shower.Get dress and go to the Pizza Pan to see Michael.
With a smile Max put his cell on the night table near his bed.He felt excited in more ways then one.Looking down at the bulge starining in his jeans,he decided to take a cold shower.Liz was tortured by her feelings,he could feel it through the phone.Not to sound too cocky,but Liz will come to him.Isabel was right.You could deny what you want for only so long
.Max whistle as he walked to his bathroom,enjoying this new side of him.Liz brought it out,and he actually liked this feeling of freedom.Hiding what he really was,could be fustrating.He too denied many things because he was diffrent,not wanting the wrong people to discover his secret.However this connection he had with Liz,made him not care.That she would understand the real Max Evans,and love him no matter who he is.
Max turned on the shower,stripped down and stepped inside.Placing his hands on the wall ,enjoying the feel of water wash over him.Thinking about Liz,and the feel of her skin,the touch of her lips,the smell of her sent.Yeah,this cold shower is not going to do the trick.He reached down to his arousal and began to glide his had over his shaft,wishing it was Liz's hand.Then two arms reached around his stomach.It was Liz,but not in person,thier connection must be getting stronger.Now they were having daydreams together.
"Should I leave you alone?"Liz asked from behind him,turning around Max slammed her against the shower stall,claiming her mouth hungrily,he pulled away and said,"Does that answer your question?"
Liz crushed her mouth onto his,thier tounges immeditaely teasing each others.Max lifted her up,and she wrapped her legs around his waist.He braced one of his hands on the showers wall,as he held her tiny bottom with the other,entering her tightness,he moaned as he began to thrust deeply."Liz,ah"He gasped inbetween Kisses."I love being inside you."
Liz threw her head back,meeting each one of his thrusts,feeling herself close to release,loving the feel of her nipples rubbing against his chest,his lips kissing her neck.
"Max!!"She screamed as her walls tighten around him,Max orgasmed soon after.Then his world twirled around him and he was alone in his shower again.Feeling his seed on his hands,his breath ragged.Yeah,she'll be darkening his doorway real soon.
14b soon to fallow...
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Chapter 14b~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers
Maria was next to sing.The Pizza pan decided to add an extra karaoke night,because of the festival.Alex,Kyle and Pam were at the table with her,filling out thier slips.Maria glanced at the entrance anxiously,then looked at Kyle and asked"What time is it?"
Kyle sighed and replied,"8:45,which means that only five minutes have past since you last asked me."
Maria ignored Kyle's sarcastic remarked and with a huff demanded,"Where the hell is he?"
"Maybe he went to take a shower,"Pam offered,bitting her lip nervously."I'm sure he'll be here Maria."
"Yeah,everyone knows things don't start hoping untill at least after 9:00,"Alex added.sipping at his beer.
"Why so anxious Maria,you act like it's a date or something."Kyle asked grinning.
"Of course it's not a date,"Maria replied defensivly,"it's just a friendly gathering,to try and convince him to collaborate in a song performance at tomorrow nights concert."
"Riiiggghhttt,you keep telling yourself that."Kyle said shaking his head,knowing exactly what's going through Maria's head.
After Destiny was done with thier set,earlier that day.Maria was there talking to him,kind of apologizing in her own special way.
"Let's just bury the hatchet huh,"Maria said putting out her hand,"I'll try not to hate your fiancee in public,if you don't expect miracles,example being; Liz and I kiss and make up,"but quickly added,"but I'll give it a valiant effort."
Michael took her hand with a smile,and said,"Okay I can live with that."
"So,I heard your set,"Maria stated,gesturing her head behind her,towards the stage.
"So what did you think?"Michael asked,finding it very hard not to gawk at those big pouty kissable lips of hers.
"Not bad,"Maria said,adverting her eyes everywhere except directly into Michael's,nervously she began to play with the small cross charm,dangling from her choker necklace."you only sang one song though."
"Well,I'm not the lead singer,Brian is,I'm a gutiar player."Michael replied,trying to keep his voice calm and steady.telling himself he's with Liz,she's the one who should be making him tingly inside.
"Well,you've got a great voice,you should sing more often."Maria suggested with a smile.Causing Michael's heart to jump in his throat.
Michael cleared his voice,coughed once and exclaim,"Well I like just being a guitar player,"
"Oh,Michael just tell her you have stage fright,"Brian said,whapping his shoulder,as he came into the tent from the stage.
"Stage fright,and your in a band,"Maria said in suprise,"I wouldn't have known."
"I'm only nervous about singing,I don't know what it is."Michael said darting an angry look at Brian who just laughed,"I focus better on playing the guitar,less looking into the audience."
"Ah I see,well have no fear,I can help you with that."Maria replied,touching his arm.enjoying the feel of his skin.
"Really,"Michael said curiously,wondering why her simple touch effected him so."and how may I ask can you do that?"
"One word Michael karaoke"She said,patting his arm before pulling it reluctantly away
"karaoke?"Michael asked,arching his eyebrow wondering if he heard her right.
"Yes,"Maria comfirmed,a smile formed on her lips,"It's perfect,the words are in front of you,and no matter how bad you are,people still clap,cause most of them are smashed."
Michael laughed,scratching the back of his head in thought."I don't know."
"Come on,I'll sing with you,it'll be fun."Maria urged,deciding he wasn't going to say no,"Bring Liz,I'll be on my bestest behavior."she grinned innocently,batting her eye lashes.
"Okay,I'll come,"Michael decided,laughing as Maria clapped her hands excitedly,he quickly added,"but I'm going to warn you,I'll probably not sing."
"Well if he doesn't I'll sing with you,"Brian replied,placing his loosely arm around her shoulder.
"Great,"Maria said,placing her arm around his waist,which made Michael Jealous,which confused him,cause he shouldn't be.He was engaged to Liz.
"Sorry I'm late,"Michael announced,bringing us back to the present."we had trouble finding the place."
"Well your just in time,I'm on next,are you game?"Maria asked hoping he was.
"yeah,I'm going to give it a try."Michael said,wondering what else he'll do for this girl if she asked?
Maria took his hand as the DJ in charge of the Karaoke equipment announced her name.
"What song are we doing?"Michael asked,scared out of his mind,but at the same time felt calm by her hand in his.
"Paradise by the dashboard light,"Maria annouced with a smile.
"Nice choice,"Michael said nervously,using his free hand to grab the mic from the stand,he didn't want to let go of her hand.This didn't bother her one bit,she grabbed the Mic and whispered in his ear.."You're parts first,just look at the screen you'll be fine."
"What's Michel doing up there?"Ken asked,as he came back from the bar and sat on the stool near thier table.
"I think the word is singing,"Brian answered with a smile.
"Funny,"Ken said,wondering if he walked into a alternative universe,he squinted up at the stage and asked,Who's that with him?"
"Maria Deluca,she sings for The Whits,"Brian replied shaking his head amazed that Michael is actually singing,a little heistant at first,but he was staring at the screen that showed the words and his hand clutched Maria's.
"She got him to go up there?"Ken asked gesturing his hand towards the stage watching the two sing,the two looked very comfortable with each other.
"Yes Ken,she did,"Brian said impatiently rolling his eyes.Wishing Ken would shut up and listen.
Ken was in a state of shock. However he watched as the chemistry from the two of them oozed out into the audience.He survey the crowd around him.THey were clapping to the beat of the music,dancing,singing along.They were feeling the energy that he knew Maria and Michael genertated up there.Ken smiled,an idea forming in his mind.Michael mention that Maria wanted to do a song collobration with the two bands at tomorrow nights concert.Ken really wasn't for it.The video crew were coming tomorrow,but looking at the two of them preforming,he just knew the had to do a song together,and the song was Paradise by the dashboard light.Would they be able to pull off the same magic,tomorrow as they did now?That was a risk Ken would be willing to make.
The crowd cheered wildly as the song ended.Hands still linked Michael and Maria took a bow,and walked off the stage.The hugged each other when they got to the tables."You did great Michael!"
"It was amazing,could we do another song?"Michael said pulling away,he held onto her arms now,his eyes sparkled with excitment.Willing himself not to kiss her in front of everyone.
"Yeah,but which one?"Maria replied,pulling away from his grip and sat down to look at the songs that were avalible.
"Michael that was amazing!"Ken announced suddenly,Michael truned his head and smiled up at him.
"You saw then,"Michael asked with a grin.
"Indeed,I wouldn't have belived it if I didn't see it,too bad Liz wasn't here."Ken exclaimed wondering if Michael would go along with the plan forming in his brain.
"I know,she would've been so proud,"Michael said feeling a little disappointed,but releaved she was running late,cause actually Michael probably wouldn't have gone up with Maria.
"Listen Michael,"Ken began,as he watched Michael point to something in a black binder book,which Maria made a face at,"Hello Michael!"Ken screamed again,waving his hand in front of Michael's face.
"What,I'm sorry Ken.What is it?"Michael asked,looking up at Ken.
"I think you two should preform that song tomorrow at the concert,"Ken suggested,causing Michael's face to fall in horror.Maria on the hand was grinning like a happy little school girl.
"Uh uh no way,"Michael exclaimed waving his hands in protest.
"What are you talking about Michael,the two of you up there were amazing!"Ken replied gesturing up at the stage.A guy was up there singing Pearl Jam's Alive.
"Performing on this stage is not as intimadating as the one we were on today."Michael countered,hating that Ken is having ideas."It's scary enough performing one song,that I only did because it's the single right now."
"Michael,it won't hurt to give it a try,"Maria suggested,covering his hand gently with hers.
"I'm not doing it,ask Brain he's the singer,"Michael exclaimed, pulling his hand away,abruptly got out of the chair,and walked out of the Pizza Pan.Ken and Maria looked at each other stunned.
"I thought he would go for it,"Ken said raking his hand through his hair,sitting in the chair Michael vacated,"Maybe you and Brian could do it,that is if you're still game."
"Let me go talk to him,"Maria said,getting out of her chair,"If I can't convice him,I'll sing with Brian,deal."
Ken shook his head,as the blond hair girl fallowed Michael out of the resturant.He was starting to get a feeling that Michael and Maria had a chemisrty that surpased singing on stage.Then there was Liz and this Max Evans kid.He saw Max go into the trailer.Ken knew exactly what was going on in there,reuniting with his old girlfriend.Ken stood by his speak no evil,hear no evil,see no evil rule.if secrets were going to be discovered,it wouldn't be by him.Ken didn't get paid to deal with personal affairs,he was about the band suceeding. Michael and Liz were his firends,but he had a sinking feeling there wasn't going to be a wedding.
A Michel and Maria moment,Liz confronts Max,Alex and Isabel?

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Okay so I want to tell everyone thanks for the feedback and support! I'm glad you're enjoy this story cause I'm having fun writing it!
Now I wanted to have chapter 15 up tonight,and I have mention this to a few people,and well I have a problem,it's not that I'm having writer's block or anything,just the opposite,I can't stop writing!So I just wanted to tell everyone that it may be up tomorrow the latest,hey I could have it done tonight I just wanted to give a heads up in case anyone was wondering,Okay I'm off to write more
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Okay this is like the third time I've been trying to post this story!
Anyway,I wanted Isabel and Alex to have a moment,Not as intense,but a moment,but I was spent writing the M/M&M/L parts I just want to go to bed now!
Anyway thanks for everyone's suppport!
The next story I'll be working on is Nobody Knows,for the ones who fallow that story!
Peace Carolyn

Chapter 15~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers~I need you~By Marc Anthony(Copyrighted)
Maria ran outside the pizza pan,praying she would be able to catch up with Michael.What's with that guy anyway? He just freaked out when Ken suggested they pair up tomorrow.She thought he was ready.Maybe she hoped he was.Michael was an amazingly talented guitar player,she heard him play today,but his voice,well it was like butter.Maria got him to sing Karaoke tonight,she'll get him to sing tomorrow at the festival.
"Michael!"She finally shouted when she couldn't see him in her view,"Michael where are you?"
"Behind you,"He announced making her jump,she clutched her chest and screech, while she whacked him with her purse a few times,"Jesus Michael,DON"T ever do that again!"
"Sorry,"he mused,blocking some of the attacks with his arm,then when she was finished,Micahel grabbed Maria by the arm,and pulled her more into the parking lot,turned her around to face him and asked"What are you doing out here?"
"Well you must be deaf if you didn't hear me calling out your name,"Maria huffed,pulling her arm from his grasped,"What happen back there Michael?"
"What's to explain,I don't like singing,so let's drop it,"Michael said,stuffing his hands in his black jean jacket,then started to walk away.
Maria looked at his retreating form and decided to drop it for now,she sighed and shouted out too him,"Do you want me to drive you back to your hotel?"
Michael stopped,turned around and shook his head,and announced,"I'm not ready to go back just yet,I need to calm down a bit first."
"Well,I'll drive you anywhere you want to go,"Maria offered,catching up to him.Staring deeply into his intense brown eyes,not wanting Micahel to leave without her.
Michael looked at this blond hair, spit fire in front of him,looking extremely sexy dressed in hip hugger blue jeans,and a white peasant blouse that showed her midriff.What he should be doing is declining her offer,distancing himself as far away from this girl that made him think thoughts,that should be saved for Liz.Instead,he found himself accepting her offer,and suggesting,"Let's go to your place."
"My place,why?"Maria asked confused,her arms crossed in front of her,her tiny blue jean bag dangling from her hand.
"I don't know,maybe we can talk,"Michael said,nervously taking out one of his hands from his jacket pocket and raked it through his spikey hair,then quickly added,"forget it I'll just walk by myself,"
"No,I'll take you to my house,"Maria said qucikly,the added,"Maybe we can watch Braveheart,count how many people die."
Michael smiled,this was one of his favorite movies,and Liz couldn't understand why he counted the dead people."Yeah,I'd like that."
Maria gave Michael a half smile as she walked toward her car,"It's this one."She pointed to the red Jetta that was parked diagonally across from them.
"Nice car,"Michael replied,walking to the passengers side.
"It's a piece of shit,"Maria exclaimed unlocking the door,"It was my mothers,untill she got a newer model,so she gave it to me."Maria unlocked his door,and started up the car as he got inside and buckled himself in,a girl's singing voice poured out of the cars speakers.Maria pulled out of the parking spot,then drove out of the Pizza pans parking lot into the busy street of downtown Roswell.
"Who are we listening to?"Michael asked liking the song playing on the radio.
"Aimee Mann,this is her new album."Maria said,making a left at the lights,when it turned green.
"I've never heard of her,she's good."Micahel replied,drumming his fingers on his leg.
"Yeah she's under appreciated,she was in that band till Tuesday,"Maria added,stopping at a crosswalk to let a group of kids cross.
"Really?"Michael exclaimed,turning to face her,she looked back at him and gave him a half smile.
"Yeah really,"the two just stared at each other,sharing a extemrely wonderful eye moment,that is untill a horn honked behind them and broke the spell.They both giggled with emabressment and Maria press the pedal to go forward.
Ten minites later,Maria open the door to her apartment,dropping her keys on a tiny end table to the left of door, right under the light switch.
"Welcome to casa Troy/Deluca,"Maria announced,walking into the living room.her hands gestured out before her."Make yourself comfortable,I'll get us some pepsi's"
"Yeah,sure,"Michael said,taking off his jacket and hung it over the dark blue couch,he liked how it just sat in the middle of the living room.He walked around the couch and sat down.Picking up a cosmopoltian magazine from the glass coffee table,and began to flip through it.
"I see you're entertaining yourself quite nicely,"Maria replied,arching an eyebrow when she saw which magazing he was reading.
"Hey,it's how I get into the mind of the female psyche"Michael joked,putting the magazing back on the table.
"I think it takes a lot more then reading an article in a womans magazine Michael,"Maria pointed out,handing him a soda can.
"Perhaps,"Michael agreed,thanking her as he took the can,and added"but ever little bit helps."
"Hmm,"Maria ponder sitting beside him,placing her own can on a coaster.
"So,what happen that caused you your unique case of stage fright?"Maria asked,crossing her legs.
"I thought we were going to watch a movie."Michael said wryly,wanting to really change the subject.
"We will,but I'm just asking you a simple question,it's not like I'm asking you the meaning of life."Maria asked, hell bent on getting her way.
"Will you quite hounding me,"He asked
"Of course."
"I was in high school,I had a garage band formed and we manage to ge a spot in our school's talent show,"Michael explained,placing his can on the table,and went on,"I was the singer,this was like the first public appearence the band made,so it's opening night,we're pumped.they announce our name,and the curtains pull open, and I saw this sea of intimadating faces staring back at me,all distorted and judging and... well I froze,there was the typical booing,you suck,think of an insult,it was flung at us. Man it was such a disaster.The guitar player ended up singing,and I went backstage and threw up my dinner."Michael explained shaking his head in disgust,he laughed when Maria made a face.
"Oh my god,So you haven't sang untill recently?"
"Well,I tried a few more times in the early days of destiny,and well that didn't go too well either,Brian always covered,thank god."
"So,how are you singing now,without freezing up?"
Michael went on to explain the little trick Ken came up with,"It's the first song,just to get it out of the way.Then I go back to the saftey of playing guitar."
"So what would it matter if you sing another song Michael,you-"
"Listen,I am not a singer,I only agreed to do the song because the record company had to use the one song I sing on the friggen record as a single"Michael exclaimed bolting off the couch
"It sounds like a cop out more than anything else,"Maria countered,raising to her feet also and stood face to face with him,"You proved tonight that you can do it!"
"Ken hounds me ,you hound me,everyone wants me to do what they want,"Michael shouted pointing a finger at Maria,then turned the finger to his chest,jabbing it excessively, and added"Well what about what I want,I don't want to sing with you or anyone else,I want to be left alone,I want to play my guitar and nothing else,and I want to,I want to..."
"Well what Michael,spit it out already,"Maria huffed out angrily,her face beat red,her hands in fists at her sides,and to Michael,she was stunning.What was she doing to him?Why did she have this hold over, all his senses?He wanted to touch her skin.See what she tastes like,and it scared and excited him all at once.
Michael's face soften,he inched his way closer to Maria,causing her to look at him in confusion,"I want to do this,"He gasped,placing his hands on the sides of her face,and kissed her.Maria was hesitant at first,but the feel of his soft lips,soon had her kissing him back,linking her arms around his neck,pressing her body closer to his.Time seemed to have stopped.It felt like thier bodies became one.Maria heard herslef moan as he brought his hands down and placed then on the exposed skin of her back.Rasing them under her shirt.
Never wanting to let these feelings end,however Maria was the one to pull away.
"I-I-I'm sorry Maria,I-"
"You're suppose to be with Liz Michael,"Maria gasped interupting him.they still held onto each other,needing to feel each others wamth.
"Yes,I am."
"Yet,you kissed me,"Maria said,pointing out the obvious.
"I know,and I-See-uh-"He stuttered,having a hard time forming a complete sentence,he stared down into her sparkling green eyes,filled with desire,and he knew his mirrored the same,with a sigh he managed to reply,"The thing is Maria,I wanted to do that since that day we argued in the crashdown."Michael kiss the top of her head,inhaling the exotic floral smell of her hair.
"You did,"She asked in shock.
"Yes,"Michael replied,pulling away,only to hold her face in his hands again,"and it was everything I thought it would be and more."
"But Liz,what-"
Michael stopped her with a deep sensual kiss,pulled away to stared into her eyes,"I don't regret kissing you,and I'm not going to regret it when I kiss you some more,and I if I'm not sounding out of line,I'm not going to regret showing you how much I need you right now."
Maria stared at him knowing exactly what he wanted from her.Though if she were to refused his offer,Maria knew he wouldn't hold it against her.The thing is she wanted to sleep with Michael.Damn Liz,damn Michael,and damn the consequences,she will have this night,and remeber it for the rest of her life.Michael may not be regretting anything now,but he will in the morning they always do.
Without a word,Maria took his hand,leading him to a close door that was her bedroom.Silently telling him this is what she wanted to also.

From the day I meet you girl,
I knew that your love would be,
Everything that I ever wanted in my life..

From the moment you spoke my name,
I knew everything had changed
Because of you I felt my life would be complete

Oh,baby! I need you for the rest of my life.
Girl,I need you
To Make everything right girl.
I love you,and I'll never deny,
That I need you.....
Liz was pacing in front of Max's door to his apartment.Rehearsing what she wanted to tell him.
"Just get to the point,don't make eye contact,say what you came to say and leave,"she mumbled,clutching her hands into fists,trying to pschyc herself up,that she can do this.However,Liz felt sick,she was confident now,but he had this pull on her,and Liz was afriad she might not beable to resist him."Do it for Micahel,"She told herself,stopping in front of the door,looked at it for a little while,raised her fist up,and with determination knocked on the door a few times.
Time seemed to strech on forever.Maybe he wasn't home.This was a bad idea,Liz thought to herself,about to turn away when the door flung open.
"Liz,"She heard him say,"What are you doing here?"
Liz felt the words lodge in her throat,looking at him now made her melt.Max looked like he just finish taking a shower,which made Liz's cheeks grow red,remebering the intense dream she had with him,but thirty minutes ago.His black hair was slicked back,dressed in a black button down shirt that wasn't button,to reveal his very sexy chest,and chisled six pack,black jeans that hung low on his hips,revealed that he was going commando,and he wore no shoes,this was just like in her dreams.Coming here was a definate mistake.
"I-I am here to tell you,that I want you to leave me alone,"She manage to stutter out,not even convincing herself.
"I see,"He replied with a half smile,not convinced either,"would you like to come in for a drink."
"No I would not,"Liz excalimed angrily,she has already stay longer than she should.Liz could feel herself weakening ever minute she stands at his door."I said what I came here to say,so if you excuse-"
Max grabbed her by the waist,dragged her inside his aprtment,and closed the door in one fluent motion.His lips crashed onto hers.Liz reluctantly pulled away,and slapped him across the face.
"You know that you want this to happen as much as I do,"He said softly,framing her face with his hands,"I'm not going to fight it,why should you."
"I'm engage to Michael Max,"Liz said sadly,knowing what he said to be true."I don't want to hurt him."
"You'll be hurting him more,if you say you love him,when you don't,"Max pointed out,bending down to kiss her.Then paused a inch away from her lips,and asked,"Are you sure you don't want to stay for a drink?"
Liz shook her head no,as she waited with anticipation for Max's lips to touch hers.
"Can I kiss you again?"He asked,dying to taste her again.Liz nodded her head yes,and he linked thier lips together once more.The kiss started of lightly,slowly,but soon the kiss began to have a mind of it's own.Growing deeper,as time pass, thier need was still not satisfied.Without breaking the kiss,Liz grabbed the sides of his shirt and slid it off his back,letting it fall onto the floor behind him.Immediately her hand touched his chest,lowering it untill it reach the top of his jeans.

Nothing matters but you my love,
And only God above
Could be the one
To know exactly how I feel

I could die in your arms right now
Knowing that you somehow,
Would take my soul,
And keep it inside your heart.

Unbuttoning his jeans,Liz slowly brought down his zipper and reached in to touch his growing arousal.Not being able to control himself any longer,Max gathered her up into his arms,holding her up by her tiny bottom,she wrapped her legs around his waist and they both kissed each other hungrily,letting thier passion take control.Akwardly,Max made his way towards his bedroom.Thier lips never parting.It took a few tries before he was able to turn the knob and burst into his room.Liz felt her self flying through the air,and landed softly on the bed.She watched as Max took off his pants.Standing there in all his naked glory,erect with need,and man was he beautiful!Liz took off her shirt,and with a little help from Max,her pants found it's way to the floor.She laid there in nothing but her pink lacey bra and panties.Max stared at her for a few minutes before he went to her,claiming her mouth,dying to feel her inside warmth.Willing himself to not rush things,to make thier first time amazing.His hands went behind her back,unclasping her bra,and tossed it aside,touching her breasts with the palms of his hands,loving the feel of her erect nub press against his skin.Her legs encircled his waist,dragging him closer to her,his erection pressed against her wet need. Only
a thin layer of cotton prevent him to enter heaven.Both thier hips rocked,thier sexes grining against each other,heightening thier need,and teasing them with what is to come.Max brought his arms to her sides,balancing himself as he kissed her humgrily,wanting to taste more of her,his lips left her mouth,a moan of disappointment escaped her lips,but sighed in contentment,when his lips began to leave trails of kisses down her neck,the base of her throat,then traveled down to one of her breasts,sucking the nub in his mouth,while her other breast was being gently caressed by his hand,causing her to moan in pure delight.
Liz's hands tossled his hair,reeling in the sensations his mouth was adminstarting to her breasts.She long to kiss him again."Max,"she gasped,lifting his face up,urging him with her hands to look at her,"Please I need to kiss you ,"

Oh,Baby! I need you for the rest of my life
Girl,I need you
To make everything right girl
I love you,and I'll never deny,
That I need you

Girl your love to me feels like magic,
When you smile you have total control
You have power like nothing I've felt before.
I've let all my feelings show.
Cause I want you to know
That I need you

Max did as she commanded,gently nibbling her bottom lip,before completely devouring her lips,urging her with his tounge to open her mouth slightly,so he could play with her tounge.One of his arms snaked around her back ,lifting her up slightly,as his other hand decided now was the time to get rid of her panties.They somehow postioned themselves,so thier lips never parted.They were sitting up,her legs drapped across his, resting lightly on his hips,the tip of his arousal rubbing up against her.Thier mouths wildly kissing each other,making side trips to necks,ears. Hands caressing and exploring each others bodies.Max at one point took his fingers and began to rub her clit,untill she thought she couldn't take it anymore.
"Max,Oh god,p-pl-e-ea-ssse I want you inside of me now,"Liz gasped inbetween kisses,taking her hand and encircling it around his shaft,gliding it up and down.
"Jesus H Christ!"Max screamed,picking her up by the waist,and laid her back down.Liz parted her legs,anxiously waiting for him to fill her.Max went to her,hovering over her,looking deep in her eyes,sliding inside her wet warmth,a moan escaped his mouth as she streched to accomodate his size.Liz meet his thrusts,her legs wrapped around him,urging him to go deeper,faster.With her breasts rubbing ercotically over his chest,the feel of her lips on his neck,and the feel of her slick wet core around his need,made Max fell light headed and weak,he didn't know how much longer he could hold out.The need to spill his seed inside of her was great.
"Liz,I'm not going to make it,"Max gasped,trying to slow his thrusts ,but Liz wouldn't let him.
"Max,I-I'm almost,I'm almost..THERE!"She screamed,arching her back,as she felt the ebb of her relese,and the condstriction of her muscles tighten around Max,who came inside of her,not long after,while screaming her name.His arms buckled and soon he was lying on top of her,his soft member still inside Liz.Her legs stayed wrapped around him,and she was suprised,that Max didn't feel heavy laying on her.She shriek when he laid on his back taking her with him,encircling her with his arms.Liz rested her head,and hands on his chest,thier legs link with each others"That was the most amazing feeling I had the pleasure of experiencing,"Max gasped,kissing her forehead.
"I'm going to have to agree with you on that."Liz sighed,closing her heavy eyelids,she felt like she could sleep for days.Then something began to stir inside of her.Max was becoming aroused again.
"Already!?"Liz exclaimed lifting her head slightly to look at Max's sheepish gaze.
"Well sometimes the guy has a mind of his own,"Max joked,kissing her lips,"maybe I should take the fella-"
Liz sat up, stradling Max,placing a hands on his lips to silence him .She's kind of enjoying Max getting hard inside of her,made her kind of aroused herself..She began to ride him,getting lost in the sensations that untill recently have been unknown to her. Not once thinking about,Michael or the consequences all of this would bring her.

Oh Baby! I need you for the rest of my life
Girl,I need you
To make everything right girl.
I love you,and I'll never deny,
That I need you.
Isabel and Alex.Kyle's encounter with Michael,&Secrets are discovered!
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UruzBerkana originally wrote:
Well I have admit my preferences lie towards the more scifish elements of your other stories, but I think that the writing in your dream sequence in the very begining was the most stylisticly beatiful of your three stories I have read.

Can't wait to see the shit hit the fan when everyone finds out each others dirty little secrests....

Thank you,hey people are more sci fi others are not.
I'm glad you're going to be sticking around to see how the story ends.Thank you for your comments I appreciate them and keep them in my memory.I'm learning here and I want to grow.
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So I posted new chapters of Nobody knows & Has to be! I love when the words come out with such ease!
Next part will be up for Come to Me By the end of the weekend!
Thanks for the feedback!It's much appreciated!
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Robyn,gij,and everyone else,thanks for the feedback!
Don't worry Iz and Alex will get thier moment.
Taking a break from writing the next chapter.I'm very excited in how the direction is going,and with such positive feedback,I'm glad that you guys like how it's progressing also.
Well breaks over,back to writing!
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okay because of posting restictions,I'll be posting this cahpter in two posts!
Thanks to everyone for thier feed back!
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Chapter 16a~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers
The first thing Michael did when he woke up was,look down at Maria's sleeping form, and just watched her sleep.He slowly lifted up his hand,and caressed her cheek,loving how silky smooth it felt.The second thing he did ,was trying to figure out exactly what he was going to tell Liz.?God,she must be wondering where he is.What did he do?Not that he regrets his actions last night,he pretty much begged Maria to sleep with him.Michael even at this moment,while spooning her and caressing her cheek,made him want to go another round.With a relucatant sigh,Michael bent down and kissed Maria on the cheek.He needed to leave,before she wakes up.Maria would probably have questions,that he's not quite sure he's ready to answer.Slowly,without waking her,Michael slid out of the bed,got dressed,went to her desk and found a piece of paper and pen.He scribbled a message,then took another piece of paper,and with his powers made a rose.Then quietly,place the two objects on the side he was lying on.Michael walked to the door,stared longily at her one last time before opening it up,and gently closed it behind him.Scoping out the area,Michael was glad to see that Pam, her roommate wasn't around.He walked to the couch,picked up his jacket,and as he put it on the bathroom door, next to Pam's room,open, and there stood Kyle.The two looked at each other in shock.Michael was shocked because he was caught sneaking out of the apartment,Kyle was shocked ,because well,he caught Michael sneaking out of the apartment.
"Hey,"Kyle replied,his eyebrow arched in curiosity.
"Hey,"Michael said,stuffing his hands in his jacket pocket,hating the akwardness of the situation.
"SOO,you're ah heading out I see,"Kyle replied,walking towards the middle of the living room,his arms folded across his chest.
"Ah... yeah,I'm probably going to start being missed."Michael replied with a sigh of fustration.
"Sooo ahhh,um,"Kyle began,scratching the back of his head,then pointed to Maria's closed bedroom door,"She know you're leaving?"
"Ah... no,she's still asleep,I didn't want to wake her,I left a note,"Michael explained,gesturing his thumb behind him.
"I see,"Kyle replied shaking his head,acting like a concern father,"Well I don't want to keep you."Making his way towrds Pam's room,but before going in he turned around and stated,"I hope you know what you're doing,cause Maria is a great girl and I hate to see her get hurt."
"I don't want to hurt her,"Michael proclaimed,feeling knots form in his stomach,God when did things start getting complicated?
"I can see that,but there's also another person involed,"Kyle pointed out,going into the folded arm across his chest,stance again,"Either way someone's getting hurt, you've got quite the decsion to make,and I'm glad I'm not in your shoes right now."Then softly open Pam's bedroom door, went inside,and closed it gently behind him.
Michael closed his eyes,as Kyle words hit home.His chest started to constricted and his breath became ragged.He looked at the door Maria was behind and drew a heavy sigh.What he wanted,and what should be done,created havock in his brain.His hands clutched into fists at his side,and he willed himself not to get angry enough,where his powers would get out of control,and things would start to smash.That would just add to an already complicated situation.Michael dashed to the door,unlocked the bolts and found himself outside in the hallway.He softly closed the door behind him,not wanting to wake anyone up.Then escaped out into the streets,having not the slightest idea what he was going to do.He was in love with Maria,and after one night how fucking ridiculous is that! Then there's Liz,he loved her too,for god sakes they were to be married.Too much chaos muddled his mind.He needed to go to Liz,talk to her,tell her what he did.Liz has always been his rock,beliving in his music,his dreams,in him.Keeping his secret,and loving him unconditionally!
"That's great Micahel,"He cursed to himself,crossing the street,"no matter what you do,you find a way to screw things up!"
Liz has got to know the truth.He owes her that much.The thing is,what is he going to do about Maria.God he slept with his fiancee's ex-best friend,and enjoyed every moment of it!He's still thinking about her,even though he going crazy with guilt for cheating on Liz.What the hell is wrong with him?
Warning,the fallowing section is (NC-17)
Liz snuggled closer to the warm chest that was her pillow.Her legs,back,and womanhood ached in delight.Suddenly a hand went to her breast,caressing it gently,her rosey nub began to get errect and she knew Max was going to attack her soon.
"The last dozen of times weren't enough for you,"Liz quipped,with a gasped,as Max's other hand found her wet arousal.
"No,"Max said,taking her her nipple in his mouth,and began to suck on it hungrily.
Liz'a head flung back as the familar sensations racked through her body.Her hips moving with the rythm of Max's finger.Knowing exactly how she loved to be touched,it didn't take long for Liz's release to come.His lips found hers,and as he hugrily attacked her mouth,he slided inside her warmth with a satisfying moan.Thrusting deep and with need,"I'll never get enough of you Liz never."He gasped,dying in ecstay as her legs wrapped around him,making his thrusts go deeper,if that was possible
"Oh GOD Max,you're killing me,god I love it,but you're killing me."LIz screamed,Scrapping her finger nails down his back,feeling her realease again.Her walls tighten around him,but he still kept thrusting,wanting to feel her orgasim again.Max,slid his hand around her back as he flipped around,bringing Liz with him.without a beat,thier thrusting continued,this time Liz was on top,her hair flying wildly around her face,getting caught in the moment,Liz began to fondle her breasts,loving how his hand gripped her butt.
"Look at me Liz,"Max demanded,bringing his hands to her sides,urging her to go faster.They held each others gazes,seeing the desire and excitment on each others faces.This only made thier passion for each other soar higher.
Liz braced herself on Max's chest,her hips began to thrust faster,her release on the ebb again,"Max,Jesus...ah Jesus...god damn it,Ah,,MAX!"She gasped as she arched her back,reeling in the orgasim,thrusting still because Max hasn't come yet.Max rolled her around so she was laying on her back again,he was on his knees,while Liz's legs were under his arms as he thrust a few more times.
"LIZ!"He screamed as he finally spilled inside her,shaking uncontrollably,pulling her in the kneeling positon with him,and began to kiss her deep and wildly.He grabbed her face as he pulled away,and said with a gasp,"I love you,I know it's probably soon for you to hear it,but I can't help it,you make me crazy with need,even now I'm ready to make love to you again."
Liz looked at him,knowing she felt the same for him,but couldn't bring herself to tell him.She just took one of her hands that was at his sides and slid it down to where he was slowly growing hard again.Max hissed as her hand,wrapped arund him, glideding up and down his shaft.Max returned the favor and began to finger her wet warmth,needing to replace that finger with the arousal she was stroking.He was about to fling her back down on the bed,when she stopped him,and after kissing his mouth hungrily,began to make a trail with her lips down his neck,the base of his throat,his chest,his navel,then paused for a moment,before she kissed the tip of his arousal,causing Max to moan approvingly,she licked the length of his shaft,while her hands gently played with his balls.Then when her mouth was filled with him,she began to give him the best oral pleassure,he has ever experience.Her hands grabbed his butt,as she began to deep throat him,he felt the back of her throat,and thought he was going to
come right then and there in her mouth.Max held onto her head with his hands,moving her head in the speed he was enjoying the most.Her tounge twirled around the head of his arousal,as she slid up his shaft,then she was back to deep throating him again,and then his world turned upside down as he relesed in her mouth,enjoying the sensation of her sucking on him,swallowing every drop of his seed.She lifted her head and kissed him,tasting himself on her lips.Max told her to lie down,he kissed her,and began to place feathery kisses all over body.Though he did linger on her breast,licking and sucking hungrily untill he decided to go down further.He spreaded her legs and began to lick her swollen arousal,she arched her back as he licked her,using techniques with his tounge that drove her crazy,as she moaned her nearness of relesae,he would go back to her breast,causing her to wiggle with displeasure,but she loved the anticiaption of when his tounge will find it's way back to his administraions of her womanhood.When the teasing got to the point of insanity,Liz begged for him to make love to her.
"I want you inside of me Max,please."
He slided inside of her,suprised Liz knew he was erected again.It didn't take long for his thrusts to finish what his tounge started,he came when she did.Both screaming each others names.They clung onto each other,hearing each others ragged breath,laying there in each others arms, wondering what kind of power the other had over them.Wondering why that didn't care,only that they needed to be with each other or surely they would die.As the two began to slip into a deep slumber.They didn't realize the lateness of the day,and how soon people will begin to wonder where they were.

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Chapter 16b~Come to Me~By Carolyn Sawyers
Isabel looked at her watch and wondered where the hell her brother was?It's not his day off,so it's highly unlikely that Max slept in.He's already an hour late.They made plans to have breakfast,and she was starting to get pissed off because he didn't have the decency to call and cancel.
"So are you going to order or what?"Maria asked grumpily.Isabel looked up at her and wondered why Maria looked like she got run over by a truck.
"I guess,it seems like Max isn't going to show."Isabel replied,rolling her eyes."Give me the Flying saucer panckaes,no hash browns please,and a glass of orange juice."
Maria scribbled on her order pad,and walked off without saying a word to Isabel.
"Someone woke up on the wrong side off the bed this morning."she mutterd to herself,looking at her watch fuming by max's tardiness.
"Morning Isabel,"Replied Alex's voice from behind her,she turned around and smiled.
"Hello Alex,"Isabel greeted,recongizing Alex as one of Max's friends."You don't by chance know where Max is do you?"
"Ah,no,haven't seen him since the concert last night,"Alex asked,sitting down at the booth,and grabbed a menu,arching an eyebrow he asked"Why?"
"Because my bastard of a brother made breakfast plans with me and he hasn't shown up or even bothered to call!"Isabel sputtered,shaking her head angrily.
"Really,"Alex replied,wondering if Max's tardiness had anything to do with one Liz Parker."Well I'll have breakfast with you,if you don't mind."
"That would be wonderful Alex thank you."Isabel replied,with a smile.Alex shifted in his chair nervously,this is the longest conversation he had with Isabel.Yeah when he came to see Max when he still lived with his parents,Isabel bearly aknowledge his exsitance.That is untill now, he actually got a greeting and a okay to sit with her.Alex silently thanked Max for standing up her sister,and continued to read the menu.
Maria the train wreack,came to thier booth. Slammed Isabel's orange juice on the counter,flung a straw at her, and asked Alex if he was ready to order.
"What in the world happen to her,"Alex thought to himself,looking at a girl who always looked impeccable,when in public,she even somehow made the tacky baby blue crashdown uniform,and bobbing headband look like it could be the next fashion sensation.Today however, looking at Maria's disheavaled apperance,and not so joyous attitude,made him wonder what happen between her and Michael,after she ran out of the Pizza pan to talk to him.
"Yeah,ah the Cosmic egg platter,make it scrambled,I'd like wheat toast and coffee please."Alex replied,shutting his menu,watching her walk away,with a look of concern.Then turned to Isabel and stated"She looks terrible."
"Tell me about it,"Isabel mummbled unhappily,"And her customer service skills have been horrid this morning,"
"I wonder if this has anything to do with Michael?"Alex said outloud.Getting a shocked expression from Isabel.
"Liz's finacee?"she exclaimed,her eyes widen in suprise."You're not saying that the two of them are..."
"I don't know Isabel,"Alex interupted,leaning forward towards her and whispered,"if you ask me,if they didn't,they soon will."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean that at the Pizza pan yesterday,the two of them did a karaoke song together,"Alex said,raising his eyebrows,widening his eyes,"And the chemistry was there,and I'm not talking about how well they sang together,if you know what I mean."
"Oh my God!"Isabel whispered in disbelief,then something occured to her and she decided to share it with Alex,"Wait,so if maria was possibly with Michael last night,then maybe the reason Max didn't show up for breakfast because.."
"he's with Liz,"Alex said,finishing Isabel's sentence,nodding his head and proclaimed,"I'll bet my life savings on it."
Maria came back,and suddenly the two became silent.Without saying one word to them,She placed Isabel's pancakes in front of her,poured Alex his coffee,and threw a handful of half and half containers in front of him,then stormed off. The two passed knowing looks at each other,wondering if what they thought was true.
"Isabel,Alex,can we join you?"
It was Kyle,who had his arm drapped loosly around Pam's shoulders.Isabel smiled,glad that her once thought solo breakfast,was slowly becoming a gathering.
"Of course you can,"Isabel replied,gesturing her hand in front of her,"Alex,come sit by me,so these two love birds can gross us out with thier public displays of affection."
They all laughed as Alex slid out of the seat,and plopped himself next to Isabel,he reached over and dragged his coffee cup so it was now in front of him.Isabel gave him a warm smile,and asked if he had plently of elbow room.All he could do was nod yes,and watched as she attacked her pancakes.Alex grinned to himself,as he stirred his coffee,thinking this day couldn't get any better.Kyle and Pam situated themselves in the booth,and as they read thier menus Kyle asked,"So what's up?"
Alex stopped bringing his cup up to his mouth and brought it back down to his saucer with a soft clink,he turned to Isabel who stopped in mid bite,lowering her fork back to the plate.Thier private glances brought curiosity to the faces of Kyle and Pam,"What?"He asked,his intrest peeked.
Alex folded his hands in front of him,and as he leaned forward confied to them in a whisper,"Maria looks like she got trampled by a herd of Elephants,Max is MIA,for he didn't show up here as he promised Isabel for breakfast,you do the math."
"Ah,"Kyle replied,shaking his head,things suddenly crystal clear."Well,Michael was defiantely with Maria last night."
"No way,"Isabel and Alex said in unison
"Yup,caught Michael myself fleeing from the apartment.'Kyle replied,sharing his information freely,"As for Max being MIA,my money is on him and Liz being together."
"Yeah,I'm right there with you,"Alex agreed,shaking his head then added,"So let's say Liz is with Max,and Michael left Maria's probably filled with guilt,so he's wanting to see her.If Liz isn't where she's suppose to be.What is Michael opt to do?"
"Probably out looking for her,"Kyle added,dying to know how this is all going to end.Then he ridgedly sat up straight in his seat,there was Michael scanning the resturant.He caught kyle's eye and made his way towards them,he quickly announced,just loud enough for only the occupants in the booth to hear."Ah,speaking of which,Michael is making his way here now."
The group tried not to panic as the palstered false smiles on thier faces,and pretended they weren't just gossiping about Michael before he walked in.
"Hey,"He said nervously,trying to ignore the knowing looks on all thier faces.
"Michael,how're you doing?"Kyle asked,knowing all too well how Michael was feeling.
"I've been better,"Michael exclaimed,racking his fingers through his tossled hair."I'm trying to find Liz,have you seen her?"
"No,I haven't,what about you Alex,"Isabel said ,looking at Alex who just shrugged his shoulders,like he had no clue.
"Last time I saw Liz was yesterday at the concert,"Pam offered,biting her bottom lip.
"Yeah that's where I last saw her too,"Kyle replied honestly,knowing that was, when he last saw Liz.Trying very hard to ignore Max the whole evening.
"What the hell are you doing here?"Maria asked behind him,she was delivering Alex's breakfast order.
Seeing him took the breath out of her lungs.God,he was handsome.Maria,willed the tears from flowing,as much as she wanted to be with him for the rest of her life,she knew Michael would choose Liz over her and it infuriated her.
"I'm trying to find Liz,"Michael replied softly,wanting to do nothing more than take her in his arms and kiss her madly.
"Well of course you are,"Maria sputtered,hating that she belived everything that he wrote in the note.Hating that she actually belived,for a moment,that he'd honestly cared for her.
"Maria,please don't be angry with me,"Micahel begged,trying to reach for her,but she jerked away,knowing his touch would make her forget that he was engaged to another woman.
"Michael please leave me alone,"Maria demanded,side stepping him so that she could deliver Alex's breakfast to him,before she decided to dump it on Michael.
"You know I can't Maria,"Michael said,not caring who was listening."I want to prove to you that I'm serious about my feelings for you."
'Really,well why do you think I would give a rats ass about how you feel."Maria countered,propping her hands on her hips.
"You honsetly can't belive that-"
"Listen Michael,If you want to know where Liz is,why not go talk to Max Evans."Maria replied angrily,leaving him before he could rebuttle.
Michael raised an eyebrow,wondering why Max would know where Liz is? Well he was the cordinator for the Music concerts.She's probably there getting research for her article.
"I'll see you later guys,"Michael said distracted,dashing out of the resturant,deciding it wouldn't hurt to go see Max.
Kyle and company watched as Michael left the resturant.When the door closed behind him,Kyle looked at the others and said,"All in favor of taking a field trip."
Heads nodded in agreement.Coats and purses were gathered,in prepartion for leaving.Isabel began to flag Maria down for thier check.Everyone was hoping they'd get there before the fireworks began.
Next~A Max and Michael showdown!

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Chapter 17a~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers
Liz tried to ignore the loud annoying buzzing of Max's alarm clock,that was assulting her ears.For five minutes,it's been demanding that someone wake up and shut it off. Max contiuned to sleep through it,as if it were one of those ocean wave relaxation tapes.It was driving her fucking nuts!
Reluctantly Liz rolled over to the night stand that held the annoying beast,and as she shut off the alarm,her eyes widen when she realize exactly what time it was.
"12:30 in the afternoon!,"Liz exclaimed loudly,causing Max to jolt from his deep comma,"Jesus Mother of Mary,how can that be?"
"What's going on?"Max mummbled,wrapping his arms around her,and snuggled closly to her chest,ready to go back to sleep.
"Max, no get up,"Liz replied,pushing him off of her, jumped out of ,bed and started looking for her clorthes on the bedroom floor like a madwoman.
"Why,I much rather sleep in all day,"Max suggested with a yawn,rubbing the sleep from his eyes,with his open hands.
"Max,it's 12;30 for god sakes!"She screamed,gesturing at the clock,"You set the alarm for a reason."
"Oh yeah,"Max remeber suddenly,"I'm working today."
He watched,as Liz akwardly began to put on her jeans,almost falling in the process.
"What are you doing Liz?"Max asked,watching her bend under the bed to retive a piece of her clothing.
"I've got to go Max,"Liz announced,using the bed to rise to her feet,her lacy bra in her hands,"Michael is probably wondering where the hell I am."
Max's face fell when Michael's name brought him back to reality.What's going to happen now that the spell has been broken? Is she going to act like last night didn't even happen? Will she still go through with the wedding? Max knew Liz didn't want to,that she didn't love Michael. Why would she marry Michael if she didn't love him.Max knew she loved him.
"What am I gong to say to him?"Liz replied in panic,slipping into her boots,but kept them untied.
"That you're in love with someone else."Max said bravely,stealing a glance at Liz.
Liz sighed in fustration,wondering why she got herself in this mess.There was no way she was going to leave Michael.This will be a one time thing,and Michael wouldn't have to know. Liz will not be the one to hurt him.As Liz plopped on the bed,her body slumped in defeat,"I can't Max."She totally avoided,looking at him,knowing she couldn't bear to see the hurt expression that liz knew was in his eyes.
'You'll never be truly happy with him,"Max said reaching out to touch her shoulder.she leaned in to his touch,wanting so badly to turn around and throw caution to the wind,to take off her clothes again,and to feel his kisses,to feel him moving inside her."NO!"Liz said.with determination,jumping off the bed,needing to distance herself from Max.She will not be sucked into the hold he has over her."where's my shirt?"
Liz began to scan the room,and Max stayed still,on the bed,missing the warmth of her skin,his hand still raised to where Liz's shoulder once was.This is not happening right?He's just dreaming. Soon he'll wake up and she'll be in his arms,feeling her body's warmth.Max clenched his raised hand and lowered it to the bed.He closed his eyes knowing what he's feeling is right.He's not going to lose Liz,not without a fight!He tossed the sheet from his naked body,bolting out of the bed,and with determination,walked up to a distracted Liz looking for her shirt,grabbed her arm,turned her around,and kissed her firmly on the lips.
Liz gave in,her desire couldn't be hidden,no matter how much she tried.God help her but she loved Max so much it hurt.The feel of his hardness against her,his hands framing her face,and the deep passionate kisses he gave,excited her to the point of insanity.
Max pulled away,his face a mere inch from hers,his breath was ragged and his hands were in her hair.Liz looked and realize his eyes were closed.Her chest raised and fell,contacting with his chest,driving her mad with need.Max remain silent,occaionally kissing her lips quickly.what was going on in his mind?She was going crazy from not knowing."Max...."She started to say,but Max kissed her quiet,open his eyes and gazed into her soul with his amber gaze.
"I know you have a huge history with Michael,"He began,caressing her shoulder with his hand,his eyes never leaving hers,then proclaimed"I just want to be given a chance."
"A chance at what Max?"Liz asked,sighing in contntment,as her breasts were released form the confines of her bra,and his palm covered one,and started to gently caressing it.
"A chance to love you Liz,"Max answered,bending his head to take the free nipple in his mouth.Causing her to throw back her head,dying for these feelings to never stop.
"M-m-max youuuu're..God ah..youu're n-n-ot playing fair h-h-here,"She gasped,placing her hands flat on his chest.
Max,released his mouth from her wet erected bud,and raised his head to stare at her.Taking her face with his hands yet again,he pleaded,in desperation,"Just give us a chance,you want to be with Michael still,find,just don't stop seeing me,please."
"Max,I don't think I could do this,"Liz said in disbelief,totally taken aback but what he just said.
"Liz,you've been living a double life,since you've been dreaming of me,"Max pointed out,not wanting to give her a moment to think of the craziness of what he just asked her."Don't over analyze Liz,just say yes."
"You're crazy max,"liz said,not beliving that she was actually going to think about having an affair witth Max.
"I'll ask for no promises Liz,"Max assured her,seeing that he might actually get her to say yes."No strings attached,just let me love you,don't put a stop to us just yet."
"Max,you can't just expect me to say yes,without thinking about it."Liz replied shaking her head,thinking this whole thing is maddness.
"what's to think about Liz,"Max asked,finally letting her go."Do you want to be with me?"
"Yes,I don't know why,but I do."Liz replied nervously,not knowing who she is anymore.
"Do you still have feelings for Michael."Max asked,wanting her answer to be no.
"I-I'm not quite sure max,I love him,we've been through alot,I just can't end it with him."liz explained,hating to feel so confused.
"Then you have your answer Liz,"Max said,walking away to the bathroom,he turned around looked at her and said,"now it's up to you,you know where to find me."
Then shut the door behind him.
Liz looked at the closed door in utter shock.He wanted her to have her cake and eat it to.Not caring that Michael is in the picture.Liz had to admit that it was all very tempting.Though at the same time,it made her feel like a slut.With a sigh Liz grabbed her shirt that she spotted under Max's desk.She hurriedly put it on,tied her shoes and dashed out of the bedroom.Beelining it towards the door.Needing to distance herself from Max.Thoughts were running through her head,and she needed to really find a nice secluded place to sort them out.
Liz swung open the front door,and standing there to her suprise,finger posed to ring the doorbell was Michael.
"Liz,"He exclaimed,relief filled his face.
"Ah,Michael,"Liz responded in suprise,then asked,"W-what are you doing here?"
"Looking for you actually,"Michael replied taking her in his arms."I really missed you."
"I can explain why I'm here,"Liz repiled,wondering how he knew he was here.He didn't seem upset,so maybe he didn't realize what she did last night.Did he even wondered why she wasn't at the hotel all night.
"I know why you're here Liz,"Michael said pulling away from her.
"you do,"Liz responded,raising an eyebrow in confusion.
"Yeah,your working on the article,"Michael responded matter of factly,Kissing her quickly.
"The article?"Liz asked,wondering what he was talking about,then realization hit her.Michael had just given her an excuse,then replied quickly"Oh yes the article."
"It would be logical for you to interview Max,he is in fact the organizer of the concert."Michael stated,linking his hand with hers.
"Of course,he's my behind the scenes man."Liz lied,looking nervously at the bedroom door.She would really like to leave now,before Max came out,and made things akward.
"Where is Max by the way?"Michael asked cranning his neck,to look over Liz's shoulder.
"Oh ah he's getting ready for work,"Liz said quickly,pushing herself out of Max's apartment,and shut the door behind her,"He was nice enough to free sometime up for an interview,but only if I came by his house this morning."
"Oh well,did you get everything you needed?"Michael asked,taking her hand,as they walked down the sidewalk.Glad he didn't take the car,It was a beautiful day for a stroll.
Liz cleared her throat nervously thinking to herself,oh she got what she wanted,and a whole lot more.
"Ah no,I may have to interview him again,"Liz replied,knowing that if Michael knew what kind of "interview"she had in mind,he'll not be too please.
"Well I'm sure you could pull him away sometime tonight at the concert."Michael suggested,pressing the crosswalk button.
That's if Max doesn't pull me away first,"Liz thought,realizing she has decided to continue to see Max,and see how all this ends.God things are going to start getting a whole lot more complicated.
"Yeah,here's hoping,"Liz said,hoping Michael didn't notice her nervous fidgetling.
They walked for awhile,in silence.Each one with alot on thier minds.Both of them glad that the other wasn't doing much talking.They were both fighting with the guilt that racked thier conciousness.Wondering if they should just reveal what they were hiding from each other.
"Listen.."they both started to say at the same time.
"you go first,"Michael said,stopping suddenly.He turned to face her,hold her arms gently.
"Why don't you go first,"Liz insisted,placing her hands on his hips.
"Ah..Okay,"Michael said,with a sigh.Trying to assure himself that telling Liz was the best thing to do.This was his chance to come clean.However.looking into those beautiful brown doe eyes,and the feel of her hands on her hips,and the way her trusting smile beamed up at him,changed his mind completely.Michael knew he was going to lie to Liz.That he was going to stop seeing Maria. How could he for one moment end something that was so special.How could he hurt the one woman who's always been there for him.In a few days the consert will be over.They'll be heading back to New York.Once they leave Roswell as husband and wife.They can begin the life they always dreamed of,and he will learn to forget about how the effect Maria had on him.It was just him getting cold feet.He bent down and kissed her,and when he pulled away he said,"I wanted to apologize for not coming back to the hotel last nght."
Liz was suprised,and thankful at the same time.She actually got a reprive this time.Michael had no clue she wasn't sleeping at the hotel,but in the safe,warm arms of Max Evans.This was her second chance,to forget about what happen last night,and focus her full attention on Michael,and the wedding.In a few days,they be heading home back to New York.Far away from the chaos of Roswell,and the one night of weakness.God was she actually thinking about seeing Max behind Michael's back?The man was nothing but supportive of her.No this was right.
"I just figured you probably crashed in one of the other guys hotel room,"Liz lied,resting her head on his chest,silently thanking whoever was looking out for her.
"So you hungry?"Michael asked,kissing the top of her head.vowing to never go astray again.
Liz looked up and smile,"starving,"Gesturing her head to the side of her she added,"The crashdown's right across the street,want to get some flying saucer pancakes?"
Michael,turned around and thought to himself that maybe going to the crashdown wouldn't be a good idea right now.Maria is still working.He couldn't face her just yet.I's bad enough he's probably going to get an ear full from her at the concert later tonight.He shook his head as he stared in Liz's eyes,and suggested,"I was thinking something a little more private,"He wiggled his eyebrows up and down and suggested,"You know,me,you,and some room service."
Liz grinned knowingly,and whispered,"Why Mr.Gurien,I belive you are trying to seduce me."
Michael face had a false shock look on his face as he gasped,"Ms.Parker,my intentions are purely to make sure you have the most important meal of the day."
"Is that so,"Liz quipped,raising a suspiciois eyebrow,"I find that hard to belive."
Michael inched his face closer to hers,they were an inch apart,and he whispered,"Well belive this,that I love you very much."
"I love you too,"Liz replied,leaning in so thier lips met.Liz couldn't belive how wonderful Micahel was.She felt guilty as hell.Hating herself for cheating on him.Well whatever she and Max had,ended right now.Michael is her present,marrying him is her future,and max Evans,he was now her past.
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Cahpter 17b~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers
Maria looked at the scene before her and wished to hell she didn't.She had just finish taking a check from a customer.Something told her to look out the window,and what she saw floored her.Micahel and Liz were embraced,and kissing passionatley.Well the bastard didn't tell Liz after all.
"And this suprised you?!"She thought to herself,trying to tear away from the torterous act before her.Yet,like a freak accident on the high way,she stared,and felt the tears welling up in her eyes,wishing to god,she hadn't become attached to him.
"You're being weak Deluca,you only just meet him a few days ago! Did you actually expect him to end his relationship with Liz?No,he's about to get married and you're just the wild oat,that he needed to sow.Just be glad it was just this one time.He'll be gone in a few days and you can go back to your normal exsitance,and Michael Gurien will only be an unhappy memory,that will be easy to forget."Maria thought to herself,wiping the tears with the back of her hand.
Maria watched as Micahel and Liz walked in the direction of thier hotel.Probably going to get themselve some mid-afternoon nookie.Maria moved her head to fallow them untill she couldn't see them anymore.The nerve of Liz,sleeping with max,then getting it on with Michael.How does this girl sleep!
"It doesn't matter,"she thought to herself.She was still staring out the window,the image of Michael and Liz kissing,still burned in her head."He means nothing to me,let him be with her,they deserve each other,bunch of lying cheats!"
However Maria knew,that it wasn't as simple as willing her feelings away.Truth be told.She wished Micahel caught Liz in a compromising situation with Max.Truth be told,she was expecting Michael to dash into the Crashdown,sweep her off her feet and actually say that he did it.That he ended things with Liz and they could be together."What a fucking loser!"She screamed to herself.Chastising herself for her school girl fantasies.
"Are you okay Maria,"Said a familar voice from behind her.Maria quickly wiped the new tears from her eyes,and turned around to face Mr.Parker."Yeah,just PMSing."She blurted out as she bolted out rom behind the counter,leaving jeff Parker with a stunned look on his face,and beelined her way to the backroom.Promising herself to never get attach to another man ever again!
"Damn,she got away with it!"Kyle exclaimed stunned,as the group watched,from his car parked across the street from Max's apartment; Michael and Liz walking down the sidewalk hand in hand.
"I wonder how she did it?"Pam asked,glad that Maira was working and not witnessing Micahel and Liz.still acting like a couple.She knew her friend liked Michael and even showed her the note Michael left on her bed this morning.Obviously it was just all an act.It killed her to know that Maria's heart is going to get broken even more.
"Who cares about Liz,"Isabel replied angrily,"What about Max?God,I need to go talk to him."
Isabel open the passengers side door,and began to run across the street.
"Should we wait for her?"Alex asked,fallowing Isabel with his eyes.She was ringing the doorbell,and five minutes later Max open the door.He looked suprise to see her there.She began talking to him,waving her hands wildly before her.Max stepped back inside his apartment and Isabel went inside,the door closed.Leaving the group wondering what was taking palce between Isabel and her brother.
"We should leave,"Kyle decided,starting up his car,"Max will give her a ride."
Kyle inched slowly out of his parking space,looking over his shoulder to make sure no cars were coming.As he drove down the street,he thought that in the beginning all this matchmaking was fun.Now,he's beginning to wonder,if it was woth it? Looking at Maria today broke his heart.She really did liked Micahel alot.He's never seen her smitten with anyone like that before.Then there was the scene of Michael and Liz,looking so comfortable with each other,kissing and acting like the happy couple. Right in front of Max's house too!Maybe it was wrong of him to incourage Max to pursue Liz.Kyle had a sinking feeling that everything is not going to pan out like everyone hoped it would be.Maybe it would be best for everyone, if Michael and Liz did get married,go back to New York,so life in Roswell will eventually get back to normal.Let's hope Max and Maria's broken hearts will heal and they could move on.They both deserve to be happy,and have someone in thier lives to bring them that happiness.
"Max,I was so worried about you when you didn't show up for our breakfast date,"Isabel explained outside his apartment door.
"Oh My God Iz,I'm so sorry,I totally forgot about that,"Max exclaimed,shaking his head,feeling like a total idot!
"I don't care about that Max,"Isabel replied,shutting the door behind her.She gave him a look,accessing her brother's demeanor.He looked happy,and oblivious to what she saw between Michael and Liz right outside his apartmentand with a sigh asked,"Max,are you OK,I saw Liz Come out of your apartment?"
"Yeah,I'm find,"Max assured her,wondering what his sister was getting at?,"Well I knew she was eagar to find Michael,"He was acting way to calm about the whole thing.
"Well she found him Max,he was here,they left together,and they seemed very happy to be with each other."Isabel exclaimed,gesturing her hands out in front of her.
"Michael was here!Well that was unexpected,"Max said buttoning up his shirt,and walked towards his kitchen,Isabel fallowed him,with mouth agaped.Why wasn't he being effected by this news.Max open the frige and drank from a carton of orange juice.She watched as his adam's apple bobbed up and down as the liquid went down his throat.After drinking his fill he put the carton back in the frige and rummage through his cuboards,looking for something to eat,without having to cook it.
"Max,are you even listening to a word I'm telling you?"She asked in disbelief," Michael and Liz left together,holding hands,kissing,Doesn't this bother you?"
"Well why should it?"Max asked,leaning up on the kitchen sink,folding his arms in front of him,trying hard not to laugh as Isabels jaw dropped to the floor in utter disbelief,and added"They are engaged to be married,Iz."
Isabel arched an eyebrow,eyeing him in suspicion,and asked"Okay little brother,what's up?"
"Nothing's up,"Max said,with a grin,amusment gleamed in his eye,"I'm giving Liz the space and support she needs to come with the same conclusion that I already know will happen."
"And that would be?"Isabel urged,waving her hand for him to continue.
"That we are meant to be together,that she shouldn't marry Michael,because she feels obligated to."Max answered,bracing his hands behind him on the sink.
"Oh my God Max,you can't be serious!"Isabel exclaimed in shock,not beliving what she's hearing.
"I haven't been more serious in all my life."he countered
"Max you've always been too serious!,"Isabel replied sarcastically,"This is just plain delusional!"
"Why,because for once in my life,I'm doing something uncharacteristic,"Max answered back,pointing a finger at her,"Well get use to it Izzy,no more hiding,no more wishing,I'm going to take action,and for once in my life I feel free!"
"Max,I'm all for your brand new sense of liberation,but let's be realistic here,being with Liz is not going to happen,"Isabel countered,leaning against the kitchen table,"But I know what I saw,and it looks like she's made her choice,and it's not you."
"Iz,there's more to this picture than you realize."Max stated,crossing his arms in front of him again.
"I do know Max,and I can say the same for you,"Isabel said.
"What's that suppose to mean?"
"It means that it's not just about the three of you anymore,Maria is now involed."Isabel announced,looking at him sternly.
"What are you talking about?"Max asked confused.
"Max,you've been so wrapped up in Liz Parker land,that you've failed to see that Michael and Maria have gotten closer,"Isabel replied,hoping Max would get the meaning.He stared blankly at her,as if she was explaining quantum Physics to him,she sighed and after giving him an eyeroll continued,"Max,Michael,and Maria slept with each other last night."
Realization spread through his face,fallowed by shock,then he excitedly said,"Well this is perfect."
"How do you think that?"Isabel asked,wondering who was this man in front of her,for it certainly wasn't her brother.
"Iz,I asked Liz to continue seeing me,even though I knew she couldn't totally end it,just yet,with Michael,"Max quickly explained,then without giving Isabel a chance to speak continued,"Maria is just the distraction Michael needs,everyone wins in the end,I'll be with Liz,and Michael will have Maria."
"Jesus Max who are you?"Isabel gasped,thinking Max has just reach the point of insanity,"You're talking about your best friend likes she some pawn in a game."
"It's not like that at all!"
"Well it sure sounds like that Max."Isabel countered,then added,"Listen,before you get too excited,you may want to hear me out."
Max shook his head,bracing himself for the worse.
"Maria looked terrible this morning,no make up ,disheaveled uniform,her usual cheerfulness was taken over by bitterness and anger,what do you think think happen with her morning after?"Isabel sked,giving him a look of disdain.Max looked away,not able to say anything,she continued,"Max,Michael couldn't wait to get back with Liz,he used Maria,and to make things even more unbelivable was, that he wrote her a note,promising he'd end things with Liz.Well it didn't look like he was giving her a let's break up speech in front of your house,No,the fact of the matter is that they were making out,passionately!So what does that tell you dear brother.?"
"You think Liz is using me too,"He said softly,making a note to himself that he should go see maria.
"I don't think Max,I know,"Isabel chided,shaking her head,she then continued,"Max wake up and smell the heartbreak,end things with Liz,you'll be better off in the end."
"I can't,"Max replied softly,taking his hands and rubbed it acroos his face,he looked up at Isabel and announced,"I love her."
Isabel bit back a retort,knowing nothing that she said, could change Max's mind.She closed her eyes,and with a sigh,Isabel open them and proclaimed,"Max,I love you,you're my brother,all I want is for you to be happy,"she held up a hand to stop Max from interupting and continued,"There's no doubt you're headover heals for this girl,and who knows,she's probably in love with you too,but that doesn't change things..she and Michael have decided to stay together,they're going to get married."
"I won't belive it untill I see it for myself."Max countered,determination formed in his face,he wasn't going to give up.Isabel knew that."I'll fight for her untill the very end."
"I know you will,"Isabel sighed in defeat,going to her brother and taking him into a hug,"I hope you know what you're doing,I'll support you in anyway I can,but I think it's a bad idea."
"Thank you for that Iz,"Max said,pulling her away,"I know what I feel and this feels right."
Isabel shook her head,but deep down in her heart she knew Max was taking on something she knew he wasn't even remotely prepared for.This Liz Parker,had to be something special for her brother to risk losing the one thing Isabel admires most about Max.His heart.
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Chapter 17c~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers
The Whits finished thier encore,and after taken a final bow,they excitedly exited stage left.It was the best set they did as a group.The audience felt it,they felt it,and Maria hoped the video crew, Destiny's record company felt it too.
"That was so fucking exhilarating,"Marcus Marshall,the drummer for the whits screamed,banging his drum sticks together.
"We seriously kicked some ass!"Alex agreed,throwing up his hand and formed the horned beast sign.
"Maria,You were amazing tonight!"Nicky Phelps,the guitarist gushed,grabbing her in a bear hug.
"yeah we were pretty good tonight,"maria said softly,a bit distracted.
"Pretty good,"Screamed Chris Thompson,the rythm guitarist,whapping Nicky on the back,"I say we were a better adjective then that!"
As the band celebrated,Alex coudn't help but sense Maria's less than chipper mood.Michael was defiantley on the brain.
"How're you holding up Maria?"Alex asked,handing her a bottle water.
"I'm fine,"Maria answered,not sounding very convincing to him,or to herself for that matter.
"I think maybe you should talk to him Maria,"Alex suggested,wrapping his arm around her shoulder,"He's got alot of explaining to do,I think he owes you that."
"I want to Alex,but you know how I get,I might embaress myself,and cause a scene that he can't afford to be part of right now."Maria said with a sigh,hugging herself,and turned away from Alex's stare.Then he felt her body tense up,and he fallowed her pale face towards Michael and Liz,in a comfortable embrace.
"Well if you ask me Maria,the bastard dug his own grave,it'd be his own fault,not yours if he falls right in it."Alex pointed out,resisting the urge to stomp over to him and sock him good.
"I don't know what to do Alex,"Maria cried,leaning in his chest and started to bawl,"I love him and at the same time,I want to cut off his balls and feed it to him."
"Well,that was a distrubing image,that's forever burned in my brain,"Alex quipped,causing Maria,to chuckle as she cried,she hiccuped and looked up at Alex.pleading for some advice,"Just talk to him,wait untill he's alone if you're afraid to cause a scene,I think he needs to be reamed good."
Maria shook her head,deep in thought.Wondering why she wanted to still love this man,even after all that he did to her.
"Well,now's your chance Maria,"He announce pointing over to Michael.He was alone,his back facing them,Liz was no where to be seen.Maria looked up at him,with petrified eyes.Her mind active of making many excuses to not go over there."Go Maria,give him hell."He gently pushed her towards Michael.Encouraging her with his words,"I'll be close by I promise."
Maria bit her bottom lip,slightly tripping as she walked in Michael's direction.She stopped,closed her eyes,wishing she had her cedar oil right now.Her nerves were shot to hell.Taking a deep breath,she open her eyes,and with brand new determination continued her journey.Maria looked back at Alex,when she was but a few feet from her destination.Alex shooed her with his hands,giving her a thumbs up.Her lips formed a tight line of tenacity,as she reached out her shaking hand ,and tapped him on the shoulder.Michael whirrled around and all the happiness that was on his face turned into shame,his color turning ten shades paler.
"Maria,"He managed to choke out,stuffing his hands into his jean pockets nervously.
"So,Michael I was wondering if you can explain something to me?"Maria replied,pulling a folded piece of paper out of her bellbottom blue jeans pocket.He remain silent,his eyes looked like a deer's caught in headlights,"Cause by what I was hearing from people,and seeing right before my eyes moments ago,you obviously didn't end things with Liz."
"No,I-uh I didn't."Michael stuttered out,wishing he was anywhere but here right now.
"So why the fuck did you bother writing this god damn note,if you didn't have any intentions of doing it!"She whispered angrily through gritted teeth.
"I-I-I d-d-don't know M-maria,"He stuttered anxiously,wondering why he wanted to so badly take her in his arms,and say that he was an ass and that things were going to be okay.However,he knew they weren't.
"You don't know,"Maria bawked,throwing the note at Michael,it bounced off his face,and landed in front of him,near his feet.,"What kind of fucking lame ass shit is that!?"
"I know it's inexcuseable,but there's so-"
"Please don't try to explain things to me Michael,"Maria interupted,jabbing a finger into his chest,"You're only going to make yourself look like more of an ass."
"What do you want me to tell you Maria,Tell me what to say that'll make things right between us again,"Michael pleaded,in desperation,clutching her arms with his hands.
Maria laughed insanely,jerking herself away from his grasp,"You can't be serious,you're actually thinking there's an us,"She snorted and said icily,"There is no us,there never was an us Michael.You made sure of that when you went running back into her arms!"
"Maria,Listen to me please I will end it with Liz,I just need time,we have a long his-"
"I don't Fucking care Michael,"Maria whipered,looking around to see if they were causing a scene.No one but Alex was watching them,"Just stay away from me,K."
Maria then stormed off,obviously upset.Beelined directly to Alex and threw herself into his arms.Michael looked on as Alex whispered something to her,stroking her hair.He looked directly into Michaels' eyes,and gave him the most icey stare that he did deserve. What had he done?Why didn't he just talk to Liz,and say what he really wanted to tell her,instead of acting like all was right in thier relationship.He felt guilty for cheating on Liz,and at the same time for hurting Maria also.
"What was that all about?"Kenn asked from behind him,making Michael jump.
"I-uh,told her I wasn't singing the duet with her,she's not to pleased with me right now."Michael explained,it was obvious to Ken that it was a total lie.Michael clutch his hands into fist,feeling his rage build up,he needed to blow something up,or he was going to combust,"Excuse me,"he curted out,as he walked toward the backstage exit.
"Michael,where are you going?"Ken asked,screaming after Michael's retreating form,"You guys are on in Ten minutes!"
Kenny's words fell on deaf ears.He sighed in fustration."He'll be back,I know he will."he thought to himself with reassurance,though he had just a slight wave of naseous doubt,form in the back of his throat.Of all the nights for things to screw up,it had to be when the video crew from the record company was here.
Kenny looked over at Maria's distraught form,being consolded by her bandmate.What in the hell did Michael do to her?
"You know what happen," Ken thought to himself,raking his hand through his hair,"don't be an idiot and deny the fact that Michael and Maria got involed,and it ended badly."
"Destiny,you're on in five minutes,"Screamed an organizer through his bullhorn,causing Ken to panic.
He nervously stared at the exit Michael went through,and willed with all that was inside of him that he'd walk back in any minute,and end the burning sensation of nervousness that ate away at his stomach.
Ken looked around to find Liz,maybe she knew where he went.Though it appears she's no where to be found.
Hopefully she was with Michael,and he prayed that she had the sense of calming him down,and getting his ass back in here.They've got a show to put on,and a record company to impress.
Liz Parker,was however not with Micahel.She was a bit preoccupied with Max Evans at the moment.They were in his office at the UFO center,making Love right on top of his desk.
So much for ignoring Max,and focusing on Michael. She left her finacee to go to the tralier to get some more film for her camera,before Destiny went on stage.Max was just outside the exit, waiting for her.
"So,have you thought about what I said."He asked,from the shadows,scaring the hell out of her.
"Max,jesus,"liz gasped,placing a hand on her rapidly beating chest.
"Sorry,"He replied with a grin.Then asked,"So,do you want to go somewhere a little less public?"
"N-no I don't,"Liz stuttered nervously,"I want you to leave me alone."
"Really,"Max replied,raising an eyebrow,not convinced by her statement.
"Yes really,"Liz said,determine to ignore the voices in her head that were screaming to be touched by him,"Now if you excuse me,I've got to-"
Max pulled her to him and planted a passionate kiss on her lips,urging with his tounge for her mouth to open,so he can feel her tounge on his.Liz didn't resist for to long,for her mouth open willingly,moaning as thier kiss deepen,and thier tounges connected.
Liz relished in the familar emotions that surrounded her.Max's hands made thier way under her blouse,stirring senastions of pure bliss,as he fondled her breasts,what she wouldn't do right now to be free of her bra,to feel his hands on her bear skin.
What was she doing?No this had to stop,he was doing it again.
Casting his irresistable spell,that made her forget that she was suppose to be faithful to another.Pulling away,loving the way her swollen lips felt,and how she would do anything right now to be alone with this man,that made her wet with need just by looking into those soulful amber eyes.
"We have to stop this Max,"Liz gasped,trying to release herself from his embrace."someone could see us."
"Then come with me,"He asked,grabbing her hand,leading her away from the threat of prying eyes.All she could do was numbly nod her head,knowing that even if she wanted to,she couldn't resist the pull he had over her.
Five minutes later,they were in his office,he slammed her agianst the door,pulling her up to him from her bottom.Liz wrapped her legs around his waist,kissing him with such urgancy,she thought she would die,if he wasn't inside her soon.He akwardly,but expertly carried her towards his desk.Taking his hand and sliding most of the objects of the flat surface so she had someplace to sit.Max immediately took off her shirt and bra.He wanted to kiss and touch her so badly,it was all that he could do to not rip the clothing form her body.Liz moaned and lean herself more into his mouth,loving how his tougue careeses her erect nipple.His hands slid underneath her floral print skirt,finding the top of her panties and slid then down over her butt so she was exposed to him. His fingers slipped into her warm inviting core,dying to be free from the confines of his jeans,so he could thrust his arousal inside her.
Liz moved against his fingers,laying her hands flat against the desk,arching her back,enjoying the way he made her feel."Plaese Max,I need you to make love to me now,"She moaned,kissing his neck,his fingers slid out of her,and she heard Max unbuckle his pants,he pulled them down untill they were around his ankles,he pulled her forward so he could enter her easily.They both moaned as thier sexes finally fitted into,and around each other.Her legs urging him to thrust deep and fast into her.
"M-m-maxxx!"She screamed,as release finally swarmed around her.Max moaned her name as he released not to long afterward.With her legs still wrapped around him,and max still inside of her,they clung to each other,the sound of thier rapid breathing,filled the silent room.
"I-I can't belive that just happen."Liz gasped,kissing his neck.
"Oh I can,"Max proclaimed,squeezing her tighter,"It's going to happen often too."
"I-I know,that's what I'm afraid of,"Liz said softly,pulling back a little so she could stare into his eyes.
"We're suppose to be together Liz,"Max proclaimed,reluctantly pulling himself out of her,wet warmth,knowing if he didn't he'll be making love to her again,but he knew they needed to return to the stage area before they're missed.
"You sound so sure of yourself Max,"Liz responded,taking her bra max handed her.
"I know what I need,and that's you Liz."Max said,buckling his belt,staring at her with those amazing eyes of his.
"It seems that what you need is sex,"Liz replied,immeditaley regretting her remark.
"Is that what you think Liz?"Max asked,lifting her off the desk,and planting her on the floor gently,"Cause it's not,you know how I feel about you."
"I'm sorry,I didn't mean that."Liz said,apologetically,touching his chest,"I'm just confused about all this,you make me feel things I never would've dreamed off,I'm scraed about hurting Michael,he loves me."
Max laughed to himself,knowing that Michael wasn't the saint Liz thought he was.He could tell her right now of the little fling Maria had with Michael,but winning Liz that way was wrong."it's okay,"He finally said,touching her cheek,"I'm a very patient man,I'll wait untill you sort this all out."
"You dont't make it easy Max,"Liz pointed out,placing her hand over his and sighed,"What is it about you,that makes me need to be with you?"
"Well it's obviously Liz,"Max said,taking her hand in his and brushed his lips across her knuckles,"Were soulmates."
Ken was smoking a cigarette,watching his band preform wonderfully on stage.Michael deciding Ken needed an ucler, waited for the very last minute to enetered the backstage area.
"Where the hell did you go?"Ken asked,as a roadie fitted Michael with his acoustic guitar.
"I had to release some stage fright tension."Michael simply said,before climbing up the stairs to the stage.
Ken didn't belive his story,but no matter,he was here and the set was going smoothly.They sounded real good.They were half way done the set,and Liz was no where to be seen.Thank god Michael didn't ask about her before he went onstage.
"Great I didn't miss them,"Replied Max from behind him.Ken turned around and arch an eyebrow at Max's disheaval apperance.Well he knew where Liz was off with.
"Yeah,they're playing great tonight,"Ken announced,then asked,"So you stayed late at the UFO center?"
Max gave him a half grin,and said,"Yeah,I was a bit overwhelmed with a pressing matter."
'I bet you were,"Ken thought to himself knowingly,"enjoy the rest of the show."Ken replied,walking to the table that was set up for drinks.He needed a beer.As he reached toward the drink cooler,a sharp pain burned on his forearm.Kenny looked around,and saw that no one was paying attention to him.He unbotton his sleeve and rolled it quickly up.There on his arm was a glowing blue tattoo,Tiny dots formed a V shape.He quickly rolled the sleeve back down, and as he looped the button,in the hole,he thought to himself that this was unbelivable! The royal four were alive!The last time the Royal seal,glowed like this,was when he and the other watchers,hid the incubation pods twenty years ago,in a secluded cave in the desert,miles away from thier crashed spaceship.The four of them are together,all here at the concert.That was why his tattoo was glowing.
Ken scanned the backstage area and his jaw dropped,two blue auras glowed around,of all people Max Evans,and the tall,long blond hair girl that was sitting next to him.That was his sister Isabel.The other two were no where around here.A thought crossed his mind as he made his way to the stage entrance.He walked up the steps and peaked out,seeing another blue aura around Michael.Jesus all these years being his friend and he had no clue. He scanned the audience,there was Liz up front taking pictures,well she wasn't an alien.That was a relief,but it didn't explain the strange attraction she had for his two alien charges.He scanned the audience,untill there it was beaming from the middle of the audience.Her face was unrecongizable.
What was he suppose to do now? Well he should contact the others.They were spread throughout the united states,each one hoping that they would find the royal four alive.They all wouldn't be able to get here in a few days.Destiny was suppose to be on the road heading thier way back To New York .Well he's just going to have to tell them to meet him there.
They've got alot to discuss.
Paradise by the dashboard light!Max and Micahel have a little discussion!Ken reveals he's an alien!

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Wow - you really posted a lot! I'm pretty impressed with how cool Max is playing it. I kind of wish he'd let Maria in on things. Maybe if the two of them double-teamed Michael and Liz things would progress for them. Uh oh - fourth alien there? Is it Tess?

Hurry back!!!!!

Yes I did write alot. I couldn't stop writing.I swear this story has a mind of it's own. As for the fourth alien.well you'll just have to come back next week for she will be revealed in the next chapter.Among other shocking revelations to boot!
Thanks for everyones FB,support and bumps! It's greatly appreciated!
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UruzBerkana originally wrote:
What a great cliffhanger...please post more soon!!! The fourth alien isn't Maria is it? I've seen some fanfic go that way.

That did cross my mind,but no it's someone else.
I don't want to give too much away,but I really like how this stroy is turning out.
Thanks for the fb. How's your story coming along?
Is there a new part yet? I probably should go check it out.
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Give me a few days and I'll have the next part up.
Nobody KnowsHas been updated,and completed.However I already have the prolouge for the sequel up and ready to read!SomeWhere in betweenI have a link to the story.
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Carolyn, please don't think that I've forgotten about this but I've been in hospital and my reading to do list is getting so long. I've already read two of the three new parts and I'll be posting feedback later today. Thanks for writing such a wickedly good story. Back before you know it.

OMG Ms Lane! You take your time.I'm sorry to hear you're in the hospital. I hope it's nothing serious!
Do you read Nobody Knows? WEll I finished it,Completed,but I already started the prolouge to the sequel. Tell me what you think?
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Ms lane I'm glad you're on the mend. take your time and get better soon.
Working on the next part to Come to Me now. I really don't know when It'll be up.Hopefully,by weeks end!
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DMatahari originally wrote:
Wow, you've got to continue! I don't really like the whole behind each other's backs thing but apparently that's not going to last for long especially since Ken seems to know that they're aliens. Micheal and Max are going to be spending a lot of time together in the future it seems... the plot thickens *happy* More please!

DMatahari!!Thanks for your intrest. yeah I know cheating is a big no no,but take Michael and Liz,they've been together for so long,and then thier lives get turned inside out,upside down,by Max and Maria.Are they really suppose to be with each other? Are these feelings for these new people true,or just something to get out of thier system,cause they're going to get married.To me things happen for a reason.Whether it's good or bad.right or wrong.Maybe I watch too many chic flicks.ANywho Thanks for the FB.
Next chapter is being worked on,hopefully I'll get it done by the weeks end!
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A little early.
Short part for this story!
Anyway hope you enjoy it!
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Chapter 18~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers~Paradise By The dashboard Light~By Meatloaf(Copyrighted)
The first person he saw when he got off the stage was Maria.His heart both soared,and sanked,all at once.He was such an asshole.He was wrong to tell her he was going to leave Liz,then go back on his word.
Michael grabbed a towel,and a bottled water a roadie gave him,and began to get lost in thought.It's time,he decided that he, was going to make things right. He wanted Maria in his life,and he knew exactly where to begin.
"Michael,we're ready for the encore,let's go man."Brian announced,whapping his shoulder.
"Give me a minute,"Michael said absently,the suddenly turned around and added,"Tell the guys were playing Paradise by the dashboard light."
Okkay,"Brian said slowly.
Michael went down the stairs,leaving a confused Brian,on the top step.Maria notice Micahel coming her way immediately,and started to walk away.He however grabbed her arm,and turned her to face him,"Please,hear me out."
"I think we said everything that needed to be said."She replied curtly.
"Sing with me."Michael asked with hope,he melted as he stared into her sparkly green eyes,she raised an eyebrow in confusion.
"Excuse me?"She bawked,not quite sure if she heard him correctly
"Sing with me,the guys are ready to play Paradise by the dashboard light,sing with me."Michael pleaded,gliding his hand slowly down her arm,before reluctantly taking it away.
"Michael,come on already!"Brian screamed from the stage.
"I'm coming hold on,"He screamed back,not taking his eyes of of Maria's,"Come on I need you,"He held out his hand,and Maria didn't know why,but she took it,and let Michael lead her up the stairs and onto the stage.The crowd roared with excitment as the band took the stage again.The roadie handed him his guitar,but he shooed him away,"Get Brian's guitar,I'm singing."This caused the roadie to give Michael a-are you-serious-look,he nodded his head,to tell him he was sure,and walked up to the Mic,Brian usually sings at,his hand never leaving Maria's soft warm grasp.After taking a deep breath Michael grabbed the Mic and looked into the crowd,preparing to freeze up,but suprisingly enough,he was confident he could do this as long as Maria was there beside him,holding his hand,she was his lifeline."So is everyone having a good time tonight!" The crowd went nuts,and Michael smiled as he continued,"You all know Maria Deluca,from the Whits don't ya,"He turned to face her,she smiled at him,then wave to the crowd,she know held with her free hand a mic,one of the roadies must've given her.
"Thank you,"Maira announced in the mic to the crowd.
"Ms Deluca,was gracious enough to join us this evening."Michael said,squeezing her hand,which she squeezed right back.
"Here's a song,I think you might know,"Michael said,as Brian played the beginning guitar rift,from paradise by the dashboard light.The crowd erupted in applause.Michael looked at Maria as he sang his part......
I remember every little thing
As if it happened only yesterday
Parking by the lake
And there was not another car in sight
And I never had a girl
Looking any better than you did
And all the kids at school
They were wishing they were me that night

Liz was in utter shock seeing Michael on stage singing without his eyes closed,no safty net of a darken stage.He was up there,looking out in the audience,holding Maria's hand,and looking so utterly free.Liz clapped along with the audience,she was so very proud of him.Yet jealous,that she wasn't the one who got him to open his heart and sing.Maria of all people was responsible for that.

Michael:And now our bodies are oh so close and tight
It never felt so good, it never felt so right
And we're glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife
Glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife
C'mon, hold on tight
C'mon, hold on tight

Though it's cold and lonely in the deep dark night
I can see paradise by the dashboard light

Maria looked into Michael's eyes as she sang,forgetting that she was suppose to hate him,yet she couldn't help but love him.His eyes relayed the same,which confused her,because he didn't tell Liz he was leaving her.He chicken out,choosing the saftly of Liz's Familarity.She turned towards the audience and sang her part.....

Ain't no doubt about it we were doubly blessed
'Cause we were barely seventeen
And we were barely dressed
Ain't no doubt about it
Baby got to go out and shout it
Ain't no doubt about it
We were doubly blessed

Michael:'Cause we were barely seventeen
And we were barely dressed
Baby don'cha hear my heart
You got it drowing out the radio
I've been waiting so long
For you to come along and have some fun
And I gotta let you know
No you're never gonna regret it
So open up your eyes, I got a big surprise
It'll feel all right
Well I wanna make you motor run
And now our bodies are oh so close and tight
It never felt so good, it never felt so right
And we're glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife
Glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife
C'mon, Hold on tight
C'mon, Hold on tight

Max and Isabel saw Michael and Maria exchange words backstage,then when Maria took Michael's hand,and let him,lead her to the stage ;they had to fallowed; wondering what was going on.When Michael announced that they were going to sing a song togetherThey turned to look at each to her,and without saying a word,wondered what Michael said to Maria,that conviced her to do this. She was quite angry with him,and had decided to keep away from Michael Gurien,stating that she just didn't need the complication of him,in her life right now.However,by looking at things right now,Michael and Maria,do seem to have this odd stage pressence.Max also was knowledgable to the fact,that it did continue off the stage also..

Though it's cold and lonely in the deep dark night
I can see paradise by the dashboard light
Paradise by the dashboard light

You got to do what you can
And let Mother Nature do the rest
Ain't no doubt about it
We were doubly blessed
'Cause we were barely seventeen
And we were barely

We're gonna go all the way tonight
We're gonna go all the way
And tonight's the night

As Brian stepped to the mic,and palyed the part of the baseball announcer in the song.Michael and Maria,were dancing with each other,very suggestivy actually.Liz frowned as she witness the display before her.She felt a twing of jealously,but quickly scolded herself.What was wrong with her,it was just part of the show.Besides,she had no right to be anyway,Liz was having an affair with Max.Michael play flirting with Maria was just that,it was part of the stage pressence,which they did very well together.Liz almost belived that they could be involed.Which was silly,because Michael was the loyal one,he's the one who's honest with his feelings,while she couldn't make up her mind if she wanted to be with either Michael or Max.Okay she was lying to herself,Max is who she wanted.but is he want she needs?Is this just a moment of lust for her? Will the feelings go away,leaving her lonely,and screwing up a wonderful relationship with Michael.

OK, here we go, we got a real pressure cooker going here
Two down, nobody on, no score, bottom of the ninth
There's the wind-up, and there it is
A line shot up the middle, look at him go
This boy can really fly
He's rounding first and really turning it on now
He's not letting up at all, he's gonna try for second
The ball is bobbled out in the center
And here's the throw and what a throw
He's gonna slide in head first
Here he comes, he's out
No, wait, safe, safe at second base
This kid really makes things happen out there
Batter steps up to the plate
Here's the pitch, he's going
Amd what a jump he's got and
He's trying for third
Here's the throw
It's in the dirt, safe at third
Holy cow, stolen base
He's taking a pretty big lead out there
Almost daring them to pick him off
The pitcher glances over, winds-up and it's bunted
Bunted down the third base line
The suicide squeeze is on
Here he comes, squeeze play, it's gonna be close
Here's the throw, here's the play at the plate
Holy cow, I think he's gonna make it

Michael nearly died with happines as Maria's body pressed suggestivly against his.It was all he could do to not atack her on the stage right now.Brian was doing the announcer part right now,and he was kind of glad Maria's part was next.He needed to pull himself together,and concentrate on the song.Maria pulled him away as she screamed into the Mic.

Stop right there
I gotta know right now
Before we go any further

Michael gulped as Maria turned her back to him,and suggestivly slid down in front of him.Getting into the song,and making Michael have a diffcult time breathing.She turned quickly back facing him,staring deep in his eyes,singing the words to the song,like she was actually asking him if anything he did and said last night were true.

Do you love me
Will you love me forever
Do you need me
Will you never leave me
Will you make me so happy
For the rest of my life
Will you take me away
And will you make me your wife
Do you love me
Will you love me forever
Do you need me
Will you make me so happy
For the rest of my life
Will you take me away
And will you make me your wife
I gotta know right now
Before we go any further
Do you love me
Will you love me forever

Ken watched as Michael took Maria's hand.The two were dancing and playfully flirting,not realizing that they were heating the stage up,with some obviously powerful chemistry.Liz was out front,Ken was curious in what she thought about the very public display,that was going on between them.Not that she could plead innocence either.Liz had something on the side with Max,who at this moment was standing stage left with his sister Isabel,must be shitting himself with joy.If Liz didn't see what everyone else saw,then she must be feeling guilty enough,to let things slide,by turning a blinds eye.God things around here we're staring to be like a soap opera.Ken inwardly smiled,as he thought to himself,"Next on,As the UFO turns,the shit hits the fan,as everyone realizes they're all with the wrong person."
With a chuckle Ken glanced at the audience,looking for the blue aura,he saw earlier,dying to see if he could put a face,to the mysterious fourth alien.The Blue glow wasn't in the crowd anymore,but the painful burning on his forearm,told Ken that she was nearby. Ken hoped he'd be able to meet her tonight,or at least before he leaves for New York.

Let me sleep on it
Baby, baby let me sleep on it
Let me sleep on it
And I'll give you an answer in the morning
Let me sleep on it
Baby, baby let me sleep on it
Let me sleep on it
And I'll give you an answer in the morning
Let me sleep on it
Baby, baby let me sleep on it
Let me sleep on it
And I'll give you an answer in the morning

I gotta know right now
Do you love me
Will you love me forever
Do you need me
Will you never leave me
Will you make me so happy
For the rest of my life
Will you take me away
And will you make me your wife
I gotta know right now
Before we go any further
Do you love me
And will you love me forever

"What's it going to be boy?C'mon,I can wait all night,"Maria sang huskily,gliding her hand down his stomach,giving Michael,a very sexy smoldering look.Laughing to herself on the raction she caused that appeared on his face,"What's it going to be boy?Yes or no."Michael knew he was suppose to be pretending that he was sexually fustrated,but in all actuality He wasn't pretending at all.They were seperated by the Microphone that was between them,"What's it going to be boy?Yes...or...No."
"Yes yes yes,"Michael screamed innerly,raising his Microphone between them and stared into her eyes,spellbound,singing,dying to kiss those pouty lips of hers.

Let me sleep on it
Baby, baby let me sleep on it
Let me sleep on it
And I'll give you an answer in the morning
Let me sleep on it

Will you love me forever
Let me sleep on it
Will you love me forever

"Don't get your hopes up brother,"Isabel proclaimed,crossing her arms across her chest,as she witnessed Max's smile go wider with each passing moment.
"I'm not hoping for anything."Max said,turning to her,and gave her a wink.
"If you say so Max,"Isabel sighed,rolling her eyes."I'm just trying to be the sane one in all this insanity."
Max laughed,and zoomed his gaze on Liz,having memorized her exact location.She was laughing and clapping,but he could tell she was a bit anxious.Maybe realizing,Michael and Maria,shared something a bit more than a love for music,but for each other.
"They look pretty good together,"He said turning to a not so amused Isabel,"Don't you think they look good together?"
"Do I have to answer that question?"Isabel sighed,hating that she was caught in the middle of all this nonsense.What would make her happy,is for Max to stop this dumb game,before he seriously loses,and ends up heartbroken.The same goes for Maria. too.That's why she was glad not to be involed romantically with anyone.Yeah she wasn't a nun,she dated,but was always up front about how it was going to be.It will never be serious.because that could lead to complications and heartbreak.If a guy got hurt,it would be his own damn fault,if they thought it was going to be anymore.It was ther problem,not hers!
"Wow what a performance,"Replied Alex from behind them,both Isabel and Max turned around to face him.Isabel smiled shyly,glad to be seeing him again.
"Hey Alex,"Isabel replied,ignoring the look she knew Max was boring in the back of his head,"You guys were great tonight."
"Why-ah thank you Isabel,"Alex replied in disbelief,a little blown away that she was
standing there talking to him,and telling him she liked his band.
You like him,don't you Iz?"Max said inside her head.They've always had this connection since the day they left thier pods.As they walked the desert alone and cold.This was how they communicated with each other,they couldn't speak then,so telepathically they talked to each other,encouring each other to just move on,don't give up,they have each other and that's what's important.When it looked like they could very well die in this dessert,the Evans car pulled up.Answering thier silent prayers.So these day,when other people were around,and they didn't want to let people know what they were talking about.They talked the same way they did when they were scared little kids in the dessert,in each others heads.
"Why don't you worry about your own problems and let me deal with mine,"She answered back innerly,jerking her head towards him,and gave him a death look.
"Whatever,but you can't always be the ice queen forever,why don't you just let him in?"Max replied,raising an eyebrow,a big grin on his face.

Alex witnessing the werid moment between brother and sister.Wondering if he should just leave.Obviously he came at a bad time.
"Ah,maybe I should leave,it seems like-"
"No Alex,you're fine,"Isabel blurted out,darting a mind-your-own-business-look,Max's way,grabbed Alex's arm and announced,"Let's go get a drink,I'm thristy."
"Okay,"Alex asked confused,leaving Max standing there with a huge grin on his face.

I couldn't take it any longer
Lord I was crazed
And when the feeling came upon me
Like a tidal wave
I started swearing to my god
And on my mother's grave
That I would love you to the end of time
I swore I would love you to the end of time
So now I'm praying for the end of time
To hurry up and arrive
'Cause if I gotta spend another minute with you
I don't think that I can really survive
I'll never break my promise or forget my vow
But God only knows what I can do right now
I'm praying for the end of time(that's all that I can do do do)
Praying for the end of time..
So I can end my time with you

Micahel and Maria wrapped thier arms around each others waists,facing the audience.The song was about to come to an end,and Micahel was sad about it.He looked down at Maria,who at that exact same moment looked up at him.She too looked kind of sad that this would end.Did it really have to?Maybe he could get The Whits to tour with them,on thier next leg.The record company was so happy with the sales of the record,and concert tickets that they were going to set up another tour,this time they were going to open for Linkin park.Kenny told the band this when the whit's were on stage.The whole band was so pumped,that it showed in tonights performance.Liz was so thrilled,that she called Marcus and asked for a days
extention,so she could put it in the article.Everything was perfect,except well he needed to tell Liz that he had feelings for another,and tell Maria that he finally did.Michael decided that he was going to talk to Kenny,see what stirngs he could pull,he wanted Maria on tour with him.

It was long ago and it was far away,
And it was so much better than it is today.

It never felt so good, It never felt so right
And we were glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife.

The band still played,as Maria continued to sing "It never felt so good,it never felt so right,and we were glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife,"While Micahel talked to the audience.
"Thanks everyone for coming out tomight!Thanks to the Whits for letting Ms Deluca join us,"Michael pointed to Maria with his Microphone,and the crowd cheered,he went on,"Were Destiny,and we'll see you tomorrow!"He screamed before throwing the mic on the ground with a loud thumb and went to stage left,celebrating silently to himself.He actually stared his stage fright in the face and won.
"Michael that was so amazing!"Maria screamed,running in his arms,and suprised Micahel by planting a kiss on his mouth.They pulled away simutaneoulsy,she grinned as he stared at her in utter shock.
"W-why did you do that?"He asked,his arms circled her wasit"I thought you hated me."
"I do Micahel,but for some annoying reason,I still can't seem to get you out of my mind."Maria said huskily,raising an eyebrow,and raised a hand to his face.
"Okay,"he said in confusion,but not upset in the least,from the kiss,or the feel of her hand caressing his face,or Maria's body pressed up agaisnt his.
"I've come to a conclusion that you are going to be with Liz,even though I know you want to be with me,"She started,placing her hand on his lips so he wouldn't talk,and went on,"If you can,come by tonight,maybe I can change your mind,help you rethink your decision."She placed a deep breath taking kiss on Michael's mouth,pulled away,stared deeply in his eyes,and without another word,walked away from him.Maria just gave him a second chance,and this time he's not going to blow it.
Chapter 18b~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers
Ken,decided to walk back to his hotel room.He forgot his wallet,and thought the fresh air might do him good. Overall it's been quite a fun filled day.The record company was impress enough with Destiny,to continue the tour,but this time,it's with a major band.They'll be opening up for Linkin park in one month.He wasn't the only one who loved Micahel and Maria's performance tonight.The record representive wanted Maria to be a regular feature with the band."
"Well she's with a band already,called The Whits,I don't think she'll leave them."Ken relayed to Mr.Becker,the represenitive of glowing records.
"Oh yeah,I saw them tonight,very good,I can't make any promises,but if my bosses like what I recorded from thier set,we might add them to the tour."Mr.Brecker announced,but added,"However,if they don't go for it,try and convice her to join the band."
Ken would try,but he knew she'd say no.The normal singer dropped out to join another band,and she just joined to help out.However she was talented,and should seriously think about her future.
Though it would be quite intresting to see what the road would be like adding maria to the mix.As far as Ken knew,Michael had no intention of ending things with Liz.Yet,he saw the kiss between Micahel and Maria after they sang thier song together.Yeah,they definatley had more than a singing collaberation going on.Then there was Max and Liz.Ken knew he wasn't the only one who had witness the stolen kiss.
There Max was,stage left,grinning like a kid who got the best present for his birthday.Hiding in the shadows,when Liz came backstage to see Micahel.If she came two minutes earlier,she would've also seen what was going on between Maria and her fiancee.
"Micahel you were wonderful!"Liz gushed,throwing herself in his arms.She didn't see the akward look on his face.Maria was in the tent area,looking at him,daring him to come clean to Liz about how he really feels.
"Thanks Liz,"Micahel said softly,wanting so badly to come clean with Liz,but felt he couldn't,no shouldn't do it in such a public surrounding.
"Are you okay?"Liz asked,pulling away,catching the torn look on his face.
"I'm tired that's all."he lied,kissing her softly and quickly on the lips,pulled away and asked,"Would you be angry with me if we delay the wedding untill after the Linkin Park tour?"
"No,I was thinking the same thing,"Liz replied a bit releaved,"This tour came unexpected,it'd give us a chance to have a better wedding."
"That was what I was thinking,"Michael exclaimed,hugging her close,hating that he was stringing her along,but he couldn't just break up with her?Maybe Maria will see that he's making an effort and give him the time he needs.When they get back home to New York,he'll break it off,explain everything to Liz,and pray she'll forgive him.God,Liz didn't deserve this.
"Good thing we didn't invite alot of people."Liz joked,glad that at least she didn't have to go through marrying Michael.It sounded terrible,but it was Max she long to be with.This will give her a chance to figure out excactly what to say to Micahel.It'll defiantley be when they return home to New York.It's killing her just thinking about how hurt he'll be.He's been so wonderful,
and this is the thanks he gets for being a amazing boyfriend!Liz just wants him to understand that she didn't plan for this to happen,and hoped to god he won't hate her forever.
"So,are you coming to the Pizza pan tonight?"Michael asked,glad that the wedding got cancelled without much fanfare.
"Ah,no I should really finish up the article,I'm thinking about sleeping in my old room tonight.Vist the parents."Liz lied,bitting her bottom lip,wondering if he'll insist that she goes and celebrate with him tonight.
"I understand,"Michael said supportivly,glad that he could see Maria tonight,"We can have breakfast tomorrow at the crashdown,I'll meet you there,around 9ish."
"Okay,"Liz replied,counting the minutes before she could be with Max again.
Ken shook his head as he unlocked his hotel room door.What a tangle complicated ordeal they Weave
themselves.Why did they think they had to continue with thier relationship if they felt something for someone else?The procrastinating would only delay the hurt,not prevent it.Well at least there wasn't going to be a wedding tomorrow.What a three ring circus that would've been. Especially if the justice of the peace asked,"If anyone here knows of any reason these two shouldn't marry speak now or forever hold your peace!"Well he knew of two that would speak thier peace.
Ken shook his head and chuckled to himself as he closed the door and switched on the lights.He turned around and there sitting on his bed was a girl,with very long dark curly hair,with dark red streaks placed aimlessly in her hair,she wore,a black tight fitting T-shirt,that showed her midriff,it had Boys Suck in diamond rinstiones,a black leather mini skirt,her legs were crossed at the ankle,and they sported,thight high buckle boots,with a platform heal.A blue aura surrounded her.
"It's you,you're the fourth one!"Ken exclaimed excitedly,he should've known that this girl would've found him.
"Buddy,first of all,the names Serena,"She pointed out,uncrossing her legs so she can get up and walk over to him,then went on,"The second thing is that I saw you,this hotel,the room number in somekind of flash in my head!I've been dealing with these flashes all my life!So I hope you're prepared to answer my questions!"
"Serena,I've got all the time in the world."Ken replied with a huge grin.
Micahel and Max will fianlly have that conversation I've been promising,Ken reveals he's an alien&What's Serena's story?More Max and Liz.And will Maria give Micahel the time he asks for???
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Thank goodness the fourth alien is Serena!!!!!! You had me a bit worried for a minute there. Carolyn, I am completely hooked on this fic. Please come back soon with more!!!!!!


To be honset,I was going to be perdictable and have the fourth alien be Tess.Then I thought nah,let's be unperdictable.Serena,so far has made an apperance in everyone of my fanfics! lol
Anyway,I'm glad you like the story so far!
Peace Carolyn!
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Okay so I'm almost done writing the next part! I think it'll be up tomorrow the latest!
Thanks for everyones support and FB,It's greatly appreciated!
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part 19b will be posted seperatly because of page restrictions!
Peace Carolyn

Chapter 19~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers
Isabel just couldn't fall asleep.Watching T.V.was boring,so she though she'd go and invade someones dreams and play a bit.Max would Scowled her for invading peoples privacy,but he was a having Sex with someone's fiancee,so hell with him.
Isabel closed her eyes and let the dream world wash all over her.To her it felt like going down a steep track of a rollar coaster ride.When the sensation of motion stopped,Isabel open her eyes,and survay the familar surroundings of the dreaming.To her it was the dream corridor.It felt like she was walking down a neverending hallway,with endless amount of doors.Behind each one was a person dreaming.Normally,she would've already picked her latest victim,and by-pass coming to the Dream corridor.All she would have to do is envision his or her face,and automatically beam into the dream.However,tonight she was restless,indecisive,playful,she'll just walk down the hallway untill the right door spoke to her.
Oddly enough the first door that caught her attention was Alex's.Isabel closed the distance of the door,and actually had her hand on the knob,bitting her bottom lip,actually tempted,and seriously debating if she was willing,actually ready,to swing open the door and take a peek.
Max was right on the money when he said that Isabel was intrested in him.All the men she has ever dated,got a vist from her.It was her way of reconnaissance.To have the upper hand over the situation.Control was a big thing to her.Then why was it diffcult for her to turn the doorknob and go through.Isabel suprised herself when she answered,"Because you feel that things can go further than one date,that you could seriously see yourself falling totally in love with him.That going through that door would be wrong and unfair to him and yourself."
Isabel jerked her hand away from the doorknob,like it was burning hot.Confused by emotions, she tried so hard not to feel.Turning on her heal,she quickly distance herself from Alex's dream door,longing to find a dream to distract her,as soon as possible.
Liz's door stood out next,and she knew that was definately a big NO WAY! She already knew what was going on in there,and seeing her brother having sex was not something she wanted to see,even thinking about it grossed her out.Plus,it wouldn't be worth it to enter Liz's dream,Max would never let her hear the end of it,if she did.Max's door was right next to Liz's,she quicken her pace,wondering if coming here was wise.
Isabel glance at doors that passed her.Kyle Valenti's, Pam Troy's,Maria Deluca's,Li'zs Parents,Her parents,An ex-boyfriend,Micahel Gurien's.She stopped and smiled.Without hesitation she tuened the doorknob and went through.Wondering why she got a odd sense of familarity when she enetered,like she was visting her brother.Shaking it off,Isabel looked around and realize she was standing in the middle of a desert,almost like the ones around here.A rock formartion was in the distance.
Michael's figure was walking towards it so she fallowed him.He was dressed in a black T-shirt,black jeans,and black boots.Isabel looked down at her attire of Red silk pajamma's,she decided that she need a new offit,and with a wave of a hand over her person,she now wore a pair of blue jeans,and a red tank top,the fuzzy red slippers,turned into hiking boots.This maybe a dream,but you still had to dress properly.Hiking through the desert in her pajamma's wouldn't be logical.
When she reached Micahel,he was looking up at the sky,that was slowly becoming a sunset.It was purple,red and a bit of orange.Isabel thought it was stunning.They reached the rocks,and suddenly he looked down at his feet,she fallowed his gaze and nearly choked in shock.Isabel knew these symbols.They were from wherever they came from.They had no clue what they meant,but She and Max drew these symbols in a journal they kept.Hoping they'll come across them one day,giving them a clue in what they were,and where they came from.
"I hate not knowing what these mean,"Michael said,Isabel looked right at him,and he looked at her like he knew she was there.No one ever knew saw her in thier dreams before.Well except maybe for Max.What made Michael diffrent.Endless,he was one of them.That was crazy how could he?
"Are you going to say something,or are you just going to gawk at me?"Michael asked,wondering if she too felt thier connection.
"I'm not quite sure what to say?"Isabel manage to choke out.
"Do you know what they mean?"He asked,gesturing to one symbol that looked like a V.
"No I don't,but I-I think these are from where I come from."Isabel announced,walking to Michael untill she was facing him.
"So you're like me."Michael said,with a smile.
"It looks like it,but I'm confused,you're from New York,how did you get seperated from us."Isabel asked,thinking that things have just got a whole lot weirder.
"No clue,I woke up in a New York hospital,"Michael said,his mouth in a thin line of concentration."I've no memory of anything before that."
"Are there others out there,like us?"Isabel asked,looking down at the symbols agian.
"No,I thought I was alone untill you dreamwalked me."he said,grinning when her jaw practically fell to the floor.
"Can you dreamwalk?"
"Yes,but only if I have too,I have this thing about invading peoples privacy."Michael quipped,jabbing at Isabel,for doing what she was doing.
"Max is an alien too isn't he?"Michael said after they stood there in a five minute silence.
"Yes he is,"Isabel answered,wondering what she should do now?
"Let's go vist his dream,bring him in the conversation"Micahel said excitedly,"I think we should talk."
"Oh I don't think that's a very good idea right now."Isabel answered quickly.
"Why not,"Micahel asked confused by her hesitation."he's just as much a part of this,as you and I."
"I know Michael,but he's got this thing about me dreamwalking him,let-"
"Oh come on Isabel,this is exciting,we found each other,"Michael replied,waving a hand,to summon his dream door.He turned the knob and entered out into the dream corridor.
"Wait Michael,"Isabel shouted after him,running after Michael before he could reach Max's door.Now wasn't really the time for him to bust in on Max having sex with Liz.
Granted he was sleeping with Maria,and the fact that he was cheating on Liz and she was cheating on Michael.Wouldn't stop Michael from getting angry and starting a fight.It was such a guy thing,that she didn't completely understand.Isabel stopped short seeing Micahel enter Max's door.
"Wait Micahel,"Isabel screeched,running after him,but knowing it was too late.As she entered, Isabel saw Micahel's body tense up,his jaw clenched in anger.Isabel fallowed his direction and grimace,when she saw Max and Liz,who were in quite the compromising position.
"Michael,now please remeber that you have been sleeping with Maria."Isable whispered hoping not to bring attention to themselves,though she hardly doubted that anything could distract those two.
"You know about Maria?"Michael asked in disbelief,turning his head to face her,his face was beat red,and he was very angry."Have you been dream walking Maria?"
"Michael,I don't have to dreamwalk to know how much you guys like each other.It's about as obvious as Liz's feelings for Max,I'm suprising you didn't realize that they were together,"Isabel pointed out,clutching his arm as he started to walk towards the couple.
Michael easily jerked free of Isabel's hold on his arm,and as he walked forward announced loudly,"Well isn't this cozy."
Max and Liz stopped what they were doing.Looking up to see Michael standing over them.
"Oh my god,Micahel this-"
"Please don't Liz,I don't need you feeling guilty,I've not been exactly faithful either."Micahel proclaimed,watching Max get up from the bed,wave his hand over his naked body ,so he would be clothed again.
Liz wrapped a sheet around her,as she stummbled out of the bed,Liz stammered,"W-w-hat do you mean by unfaithful."
"He's been sleeping with Maria Liz"Max answered for him,the two were standing face to face with each other,one hand from each of them glowed,powering up for a battle.
"Maria,"Liz choked out,understanding why they connected so well on stage this evening.
"Yes,Maria,"Michael admitted,not looking away from Max,"However I have a feeling,this affair between the two of you has been going on for quite sometime,had a little dreamwalking nookie,that's why you suddenly had to come to Roswell,so you can see your lover!"
"I don't know whether to be happy,cause I wouldn't have meet Maria,"Micahel stated,letting himself look at a very upset Liz,"Or be angry cause I loved you so much,and thought of no one else,and we were going to get married!And even before I was with Maria,you were having second thoughts about us,sleeping with him!"
"Isabel why did you bring him here?"Max asked very displeased.
"Oh don't blame her,she found me,we discovered Maxwell that we have alot in comman,"Michael announced,getting confused looks from Max and Liz.
"What are you ranting about Michael?"Max asked,shaking his head.
Liz look over at Isabel,who looked very upset,her arms folded in front of her.Then it hit her.Max and Isabel were like Michael.They were aliens,and from the very same place,Liz sighed and softly replied"Max,Michael is an alien."
"An- alien you mean,"Max stutterd looking at Liz who shook her head,realizing she knew who Micahel was,just like Maria knew who he really was.Max looked over at Isabel who was nodding her head yes,confirming,what Liz had announced,Max,then turned his attention back to Micahel,who grinned at him knowingly.
"What a way to introduce ourselves huh!?"Michael replied sarcastically.
Indeed it was.Max looked away from Micahel,and focused on his sister,who looked at him apologetically.He realize she tried to stop Michael,but couldn't.He looked back up at Micahel and said,"Maybe you should come over,it appears we have alot to talk about."
"Agreed,"Michael concur,he looked at Liz,who was mortified,his face soften and he said to her,"Liz,I'm sorry for being angry,but I think alot of this mess could've been avoided if you just told me how you really felt."
"I know that now Michael,I'm sorry,I was just feeling confused,I-I thought that maybe,I don't know if I came here and confronted Max,I would realize it was just nothing,I never attended to let it get this complicated."Liz answered softly,what he said was true.If she stayed away from Roswell,her and Michael would still be together.However deep down she knew she'd do it all over again,and not regret a single moment.Michael nodded his head,understanding totally her way of thinking.Falling for Maria was totally unexpected,yet it happen,and that floored him.Michael still loves Liz very much!she had always been the center of his universe.Knowing who he was,loving for who he was,supporting him,and he knows that he would be lost without her,even if they weren't together romantically.Michael knows he'll not be mad at her for long.He smiled at her,assuring her silently that all will be okay.Liz's demeanor relaxed a little,releaved that a friendship could be salvage after all.
"I'll be at your place in 30 minutes,"Michael announced,turning away from Max and walked out of his door.
"Will you come to Iz,"Max asked,who just nodded her head yes before leaving herself.
Max went to Liz,who fell into his arms.It wasn't pretty,but the truth was finally out there.Ironically enough it appears Micahel is an alien.Could they forge a kinship,even after what just happen.Somehow Max knew that they wouldn't have much of a choice.
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Chapter 19b~Come to me~By Carolyn sawyers
Serena listen as Kenny talked of the home,she never knew she had.As long as she could remeber,she longed to find someone like her.She felt like a freak with these weird flashes that told her the future,and the other powers that helped her survie day after day.Never one for staying at one place for long.Serena would fallow the flashes.Finding the need to help the victims in the visions,beliving this was why the powers were given to her.Tonight she found out she was from another planet,a place called Antar.There were more of her out there.Serena for the first time in her life felt like she belonged.She found out she had a brother,who was alive and in Roswell.
"So let's go to him now,lets see my brother!"She demanded,bolting up from the bed,anxious to meet her family.
"I honestly don't know where he is."Kenny announced,Micahel was with Maria,but he had no clue where she lived.
"No problem,I know where he is."Serena annouced,eager to go,but she wanted Kenny to come with her.
"Alright,lead the way,"Kenny said,taking his jacket and fallowing Serena out of the hotel room.
"What's going on Micahel?"Maria asked groggily,watching Micahel get dressed.
"I'm going to see Max."Micahel replied putting on his shirt.
"Oh,I don't think that would be a very good idea right now.
Micahel sat on the bed beside her and after kissing her said,"I know about Max and Liz Maria,I'm going to see them now."
"What so you can punch his lights out,in some jealous rage?"Maria exclaimed angrily,why did she think he was actually going to be with her.
Micahel sighed and sat back on the bed bringing her in his arms,she tried to push him away,but he wouldn't let her go,as he firmly stated,"No,I'm not going to freak out on Max in some jealous rage,I'm going there for an entirly diffrent reason."
"And that would be?"Maria asked,lifting her head to look at him.
"I can't tell you right now,"Michael replied,kissing her forehead,"But I promise you that I'll fill you in later."
"No,I'm coming with you,"Maria insisted,as she manage to break hold of his embrace,jumped off the bed and searched for her scattered clothing,"I'm not going to be left out of anything,anymore."
Micahel sighed,and looked at Maria dressing herself.Of course she chooses to be stubborn now.WEll she might as well find out about who he is now.It was refreshing that Liz knew the truth.It frighten him,that she may not be so accepting,and he hated to think that just when he was free to love her publicly,that she'll turn her back on him,because well he wasn't exactly from around here.
"Okay,you can come,but promise me you'll keep an open mind,"Michael asked in defeat.
Maria spunned around to face him,a look of horror appeared on her face,"Oh my god don't tell me there's going be some freaky orgy thing going on."
That was the last thing Michael expected to hear Maria say.He kind of chocked on his coughing,shaking his head adamently as he insissted,"No freaky orgy stuff,I swear to you."
'You're going to actually make me wait!"She pouted,crossing her arms across her chest.
"Yes,I am."Michael insissted,thinking it'll be wise to wait,and have her see Liz a human,perfectly okay with knowing aliens.
"I hate you!"Maria joked,plopping beside him on the bed,Michael took her in his arms and kissed her on the lips.She moaned in delight,pressing into his body,wrapping her arms around his neck,totally contradicting her statement.She pulled away slightly,breaking the kiss and said softly,"Okay that was a lie,you rock my world Mikey G."
Michael laughed as he laid her down on the bed,and began to kiss her passionatley,okay so they're going to be longer than 3o minutes.However,if Maria found out the truth and decided not to get involed with an alien,he wanted one last memory to keep with him.To burn in his mind,the feel of her skin,the taste of her lips,the floral smell that was Maria,everything.
Kenny and Serena got out of the cab,and was suprise to see Maria and Michael getting out of her Jetta.Isabel also was about to ring Max's doorbell when she heard car doors slam beside her.
"So I guess this is the place to be,"Kenny proclaimed laughing.
"Ken,what are you doing here?"Micahel asked,looking at the girl next to him,wondering why she seemed so familar.Isabel,who decided to join the crowd felt the same thing.
"Actually we came to see you."Ken answered,grinning at Michael's confused look.
"And you knew I would be here how?"Michael asked raising an eyebrow in wonderment.
"Because this is where I knew you'd be brother,"Serena proclaimed excitedly.
"Brother,what is going on here Ken,is this some kind of joke!?"Michael asked angrily.
Ken shook his head no,and said,"It's completely serious,Micahel she's your sister,and the two of us are just like you."
"Like me,wait you mean.."he couldn't finish his sentence,for what he was hearing was unspeakable.
"Yes Micahel,Serena here is your sister,Max and Isabel,are just like you,I'm like you,"He replied,rolling his sleeve up,to show the glowing tattoo of the familar V symbol on his forearm.
"Why would you keep all this from me?"Micahel asked in disbelief.
"I honestly didn't know untill last night,but I think we should go inside,before we draw attention to ourselves."Ken suggested.
"Wait,you guys are aliens like Max and Isabel?"Maria asked,causing Michael to look at her in shock.
"You know,about who Max is?"
"Yes,for some time now,"She answered,realizing why Michael was going to see Max,and why he was hesitant about bringing her.yet,he let her come anyway,not knowing that she knew,willing to let her in on his secret,and that made her happy.
"Okay,I think maybe it's time to take this inside,"Isabel announced,making her way back to Max's apartment.
Everyone fallowed,and as the door swung open Max looked at the crowd on his front steps.
"What the hell!?"He exclaimed,wondering why his apartment suddenly became grand central station.
"It's okay Max,let them inside,"Isabel assured her brother,laughing at his shocked face,"Our day is going to get a whole lot weirder."
"Great,just what I wanted to hear,"Max said sarcastically,stepping aside to let everyone in.
"Hey,"Serena said as she entered the apartment last.
"Hey,"Max replied,wondering who she was,and why she seemed familar.He slammed the door shut and walked into his very crowded livingroom,thinking to himself, that this was turning out to be quite the intresting day.
Ken fills in the blanks for the aliens,Maria and Liz call a truce.A concert to end all concerts!

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Most people know I work my stories in a rotation,cause I have this need to keep all the stories updated. anywho I had a busy day yesterday! I posted on two of my stories! I'm certain Come to me won't be up today,but who knows anything could happen.So just anFYI that I'm writing the next part!
Thanks for everyone's FB!
Peace Carolyn
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Prue-18Thanks for giving my story a go!
RobynI'm glad you like how everyone learn the truth.I knew I had to do something soon.It was beginning to get a little OLD! lol
Anywho,I'm at this moment working on the next part which is totally going to be background history!
However it's majorly kicking my buttocks! So I will try to get it up this week.
I'm starting a new job soon,so the updates won't probably be as frequent.
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Well,I did it,and I'm actually pround at how it came out! It's a long part,so it's in three sections cause of posting restrictions!This is some background histroy of how the aliens came to earth.
I will be taking a little break from writing for a day or so,this part really wiped me out!
Thanks for everyone's support! Enjoy!
Peace carolyn

Chapter 20a~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers
Antar was a uiquely beautiful planet,that even with some of it's visual diffrences,was not too diffrent from earth.If a human came to vist,he or she would probably be doing alot of double takes.The sky was a light purple,with two suns,and two moons.Plant and animal life were familar,but at the same time diffrent.It would probably also take you awhile to get use to the air,since it's desency was thinner then usual,almost like you were on the highest moutain!The ocean was still blue,but the water was thicker,They had trees,but the leaves along with the grass were a light tan color.The Antarians,were not slimmy green creatures with three eyes,and eight swirmy tecnacles,no they looked exactly like they come from earth.The diffrence is they had powers,gifts as the Antarians like to call them.
This was where Micahel,Max,Isabel,Serena,and Kenny came from.Of course even if they could go back to Antar,they couldn't.It was no longer there.One of thier suns became unstable and erupted,destryoing what ever was around it.
Michael and Serena's father Josiah,was a very brillant man.A very well known scientist.And brother of Antar's King,Kivar.
Josiah fiddling in his lab day came across some disturbing news.Stunned,he checked and double checked his findings.Unsure if what was right in front of him in black and white,was actually true.Grabbing his papers with his findings,he left his isolated lab,and went to the palace to see his brother.It was defiantely going to happen.They had a year,and if they prepared now,they could start making evacuations.
"He's in a meeting Now Josiah,"Nicholas,his right hand man declared,standing inbetween Josiah and the door that'll lead to the great meeting hall.Where many decisions regarding Antar's wellbeing were made.
"Nicholas,It's really important,that I talk to him immediately."Joisah pleaded,hating that he couldn't see his brother without an appointment.
"Then make an appointment for tomorrow,he's got a few openings let-"
"I'm tired of this,"Josiah proclaimed,shoving Nicholas out of the way,and swung open the double doors,and began to walk down the red capet.His brother,advisors,generals,and whoever else were involed in the court, were in stunned silence,wondering what Josiah was going to rant about now?
"Kivar,we need to talk,"Josiah exclaimed,waving his papers in the air,"And I'm not going to make an appointment for tomorrow."
Nicholas a bit disheaveled came dashing behind him,apologizing profusly to the king,"Your highness,he just pushed me out of the way,I-"
Kivar raised his hand to silence Nicholas.Though not pleased with Joisah disturbing his court,he told everyone to leave and be back here in an hour.Obviously Josiah,though eccentric,wouldn't bother him if he didn't think what he had to say wasn't important.When the last of the royal court left the room,Kivar,got up form his throne and walked toward Josiah.
"What is it this time Josiah?"Kivar asked with a sigh.Brillant his brother may be,but he had the tendancy to think everything was a conspiracy. Sooner or later,whatever was so important,would be replaced by another crisis.
"Kivar,this planet is in trouble."Josiah proclaimed,handing him the papers.Kivar raised a curious eyebrow as he took the papers and read over them.His face became suddenly pale as he realized what Josiah had found,"An unstable sun,Josiah,none of my scientist have informed me of anything this major.."
"Because most of them are morans,look I have evidence,Antar will no longer exsist in a year from tomorrow."Josiah declared,pointing his finger at the paper in his brothers hands,"We need to start evacuating this planet!"
"Whoa,Josiah,I think maybe my moran scientists should take a look at this."Kivar replied playfully,what he didn't want is to cause a world wide panic,because of his raving mad brother.
"What's too look at Brother,I know you can read,there's your proof!"Josiah said,gesturing his hands out before him in frustration.
"Josiah,"Kivar sighed,holding his brother by the shoulders and stated,"humor me,please,I think this is serious enough to investigate further."
"Please,let me finish,"Kivar interupted angrily,then added,"I'm not going to have people go in a frenzy,endless there reason too,I will have my scientist look over this,if what this says is true,we will evacuate,I give you my word."
Josiah shook his head,understanding that he had to take the word of his brother.It wouldn't be very kingly of him,just to start a planet evacuation,on what Josiah found alone.He was confident enough,that the scientists would come to the same conculsion as he did.They couldn't be that dense could they?
"Now go home to your wife,your children,spend some time with them for once,instead of in that cramped musty lab of yours okay."
"Okay,"Josiah agreed,knowing that he did isolated himself from his family too much.It's just Josiah did what he did for his family.He wanted them safe,and alive.
However the next day,if Josiah thought he was going to hear what he thought he would hear,he was sadly mistaken.
"What do you mean there's no sign of instability?!"Josiah screamed at a scientist named Kirk.
"There's activilty yes,but nothing that concludes that the sun will explode in a year,"Kirk explained,shrinking back afraid that Josiah may strike him"I think you made a mistake in your calculations Josiah,we have a good 1000 years left on this planet."
"This is ludicrious,it's right there in your hands,your own discoveries match mine,how can you stand there and say otherwise."Josiah proclaimed,turning to his brother and asked,"Kivar,tell me you don't belive this,lives are at stake here!"
"Josiah,I love you,but these men and women are not some peasents off the street you know,I took your findings to them,they've done thier own tests,and it turned out you were wrong,you should be happy that our planet is safe."Kivar explained,hating that his brother was being so irrational,he then went on,"Now go home to your family Josiah,and celebrate."
"This is wrong,I know what I saw,and I know I'm right."Josiah exclaimed,turning on his heal and stormed out of the great hall.
"Your highness,I know he's your brother,but I think this time,he's gone too far."Nicholas exclaimed,his demeanor a bit ruffled,"What if he starts going public with his story."
"I'm not going to confine my brother to the isolation chambers,"Kivar proclaimed,looking at each and every person in his court.Daring with his eyes to tell him otherwise,"Josiah is known as an eccentric,his tales of conspiracy hardly raise an eyebrow,however,I will go to him personally and talk to him."
That seeem to satisfy the court,then with a sigh Kivar exclaimed,"Okay,let's get back to this problem with the south damn."
Josiah anxioulsy paced his livingroom.Racking his brain for something he could do to show not only his brother,but all of Antar that thier homeworld was in trouble.However nothing came to mind.Kivar belived in his lame scientists,not him,and made his decision.He knew Kivar wouldn't listen to him further.Josiah knew alot of people thought he was a loon,being protected by his powerful brother.Yeah,he was lucky not to be confined in the isolated chambers.For alot of his far out theroies,that were taking seriously,and ended up being nothing.Yes he'll be the first to admit that he could be out there with his beliefs,however this time he knew it was going to happen.Josiah cried wolf too many times,and now god knows how many people will die because of it.
"Well the little monsters are sleeping,"Courtney,his wife announced.She had been his rock,his anchor,supporting everything he did,whether she belived it or not,and,god love her for it.
"Courtney,what am I going to do?"He pleaded,sitting on a chair,his body sloched in defeat.
"I don't know Josiah,but I trust you,you know that."Courtney replied,going to her husband and took a place on his lap,"What if you took your findings to the press?"
"Yeah,like the time when I thought the whole corn crops were being poisioned,remeber how that ended,"He exclaimed,with a wryly look,"I have a feeling they won't be greeting me with open arms,and even if by some weird chance I convince them,the citizens,would probably think I'm just ranting about nothing,and ignore it anyway."
"So let's just leave,take whoever listens and don't look back."Courtney suggested,running her fingers through her hair.
"I was thinking about that,"He chuckled,kissing her forehead,knowing why he fell in love with this women,she always knew what to say,and what not to say.
The sat there in silence,enjoying the feel of being in each others arms when the doorchime rang throughout the house.
"Who could that be at this hour?"Courtney asked,getting off of his lap.
"I'll take a guess that it's my brother,coming here to make sure I won't bring my latest obsession to the public."
Courtney left the room to the front foyer,and a minute later,Kivar and his two bodyguards swooshed into the livingroom.Josiah was at his bar when the came in,he clicked a few ice cubes in his glass and asked without turning around,"would you like a drink brother."
"No thank you Josiah,I won't be staying long,"Kivar replied, as he sat on the couch,waiting for Josiah to sit down,"I know you're aware of why I'm here brother."
"Yeah I do,"Josiah answered,pouring amber liquid in his glass,his back still turned.He put the liquor decanter down,capped it,turned around and faced his brother.Remaining where he stood,he went on,"You're here to make sure that your loon of a brother,dosen't embaress you again,by going public with his latest obsession."
"Josiah I don't think your a loon,you just hold tightly onto your beliefs,that even you don't know when it's time to let go,so can you please just let it go for once."Kivar asked,hating to even be having this discussion,but like him,Josiah was stubborn,he knew his brother wouldn't listen to him.
"I won't go public Kivar,but I am leaving Antar,and I will take with me,anyone who'll listen."Josiah proclaimed,taking a sip from his glass.
"Leaving Antar?"Kivar exclaimed in suprise,standing up,"When?"
"In a year my brother,I've got alot of preparing to do,"Josiah said softly,looking at the liquid in his glass,swirling the cup,watching the ice cubes swim in his drink.
"I see,"Kivar said,then asked,"What does courtney think about this?"
"She supports everything I do unlike some people,"Josiah Jabbed,glaring at his brother.
"Josiah,that's not fair,I've always backed you up,I told the scientists of your findings,I took it seriously,it just wasn't correct,"Kivar replied angrily,then contiuned,"Courtney is a good women,but you think she'll just pack up and leave,her family, her way of life?"
"Actually,"Came courtney's voice from behind them,"It was my idea to leave."
Courtney swooshed past her stunned brother in law,and beelined directly into her husbands arms,making her own stand for her husband,"If he says that this planet will be nonexsitant in a year,I will stand by him,even if it turns out to be a mistake."
Kivar pressed his lips tightly together angrily,he shook his head and with a huffed sigh proclaimed,"Do what you have to do,tell who'll listen,but I swear to you brother,I want it low key,or I will put you in the isolation chambers!"
The two brothers locked glances,Josiah nodded his head,understanding what was said and what was expected of him.Kivar then turned on his heal and announced,"Gray,Clay,were leaving!"
Josiah and Courtney remained in each others embraces,listening to the door slam from Kivar's exit.
"Well,it's us against Antar,"Josiah said softly kissing her forehead."You sure you're up for it?"
"Of course Josiah,"Courtney assured her husband,laying her head on his chest,"My vows on our wedding ceremony hasn't changed,I love you and support you."
"At least someone dose."Josiah said saddly,squeezing her closly,thinking of the busy year he's going to have,starting tomorrow.

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Part 20b~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers

News of Kivar's brothers crazy perdiction,spread throughout Antar;quicker than the fire that destroyed half of Brauns parks forest.Josiah didn't speak to the public,in fact he tended to avoid it as much as possible,occasionally he'd leave his estate,to get supplies.
People of course would point,stare,laugh,gossip,but Josiah just turned them off.He had too much to do before the deadline to be bothered by what they thought.
Some Antarians,mostly Josiah's close personal friends,came to his house,taken up residence,beliving what he said,helping him in whatever was needed to make sure things were ready for whoever wanted to join Josiah and his family on thier escape.
Some even quit thier jobs,making Josiah's cause thier own,he never turned anyone away,and thier house was slowly becoming a boarding home.Courtney,and a few of the wives, took care of that asspect.Arranging sleeping quarters,feeding schedules,working rotaions,it was almost like a commune.Twenty five families so far lived in the the grounds of Joisah's estate.It was a huge house,he could house 25 more famlies and still have room for more.The quirks of being a king's brother.
Family members of these belivers, had made so many complaints to the king,that he decided to address Antar on viewscreen.Josiah made a party of it,making a huge feast and turing every viewscreen he had in the house to the channel that aired his brother's speech.
"My fellow Antarians,we all know what has been going on these past six months,I have no excuses for my brother,I love him,but he has chosen to belive that a great catasrophe will befall our planet,Now we all know that this is untrue,we've on numerous times showed you our findings on this matter.We hide nothing.When my brother first came to me with this matter,I took it seriously,and had my scietist investigate it further
,proving that our sun is very stable,and in no threat of destroying our planet.I have two children,if I even remotely thought this were to happen,I'd be right there along with my brother helping him,but I'm not,because it isn't true.
It has come to my attention,that a few of our fellow Anatrians have succumbed to my brothers beliefs,quitting jobs,ignoring family members,camping out in his estate,helping him with his latest cause.Well all I have to say is they're still my people,they're still your brothers,sisters,sons,daughters,husbands and wives,they will do what they do,and no matter how much we tell them that it's wrong,they'll go on doing it.
What I can advise is that you don't hold this against them.You love them,just like I love my brother.When they realize that this is just another one of my brother's conspiracy therioes,they will come back,and expect us to hate them,laugh at them,not hire them back,or even give them a job,that is not what I want you to do.
I want you to support them,re-hire them,tell them you understand why they had to do this,and though it was a mistake,you won't hold it against them,just like I won't hold it against my brother.I am a forgiving king,and I hope my people are just as forgiven.Thank you and good night."
Josiah got up and turned off the viewscreen,turning around to face the people who had risked alot to belive in him.He cleared his throat and said,"So,I guess no matter what,you will have a life,anyone can change thier minds if they want I won't hold it against you."
"Josiah,no matter if it's true or not,I am staying,every fiber of my being tells me to not ignore this,me and my family are with you,"replied Adams Douglas,a longtime friend of Josiah's since they were three.His wife cuddled in his arms,pregnant with thier first child shook her head in agreement.
"I'm not taking a chance on my families lives,I will see this through with you!"Shouted another from the back of the room.
Many cries of suppport fallowed,making Joisah smile.It was good to know that he knew who his real friends are,he even made some new ones out of this situation.No matter what happens,these people will not hate him,in case what he belived,may not happen.
"Well,then I guess it's time to eat,let's go outside,it's a beautiful night!"Josiah announced,leading the way to the terrace entrance,grabbing the hand of his five year old son,Michael,while his other one held his wifes hand who was holding thier five year old daughter,Serena's hand,Michael's twin sister. This is why he was doing this,for them,so they could have a chance of living a full life.Even if his findings prove to be false,he'd do it again in a heartbeat.
Two days before the launch,Josiah got an unexpected vistor from his sister in law,the queen,Skyler.
Courtney came into his lab,which has since been reconstructed to fit a very large spaceship.
"Josiah honey,Skyler is here waiting in the gardens,"Courtney annouced,laughing as Josiah swung his face up at her from a blueprint,a stunned look on his face.
Josiah dashed out of his lab,and strided with loghting speed,towards the gardens,Skyler sat under an umbrella,drinking probaly some lemonade,her two bodygurads at a reasonable distance,scanning the area for any threats.
"Josiah,how are you!"She excalimed getting up and embraced her husbands brother,Josiah kissed her cheek and sat down in a chair beside her.
"I'm find Skyler,the question is how are you?"He asked,taking the pitcher of lemonade,and poured himself a glass.
"Concern Josiah,"Skyler replied saddly,then bluntly announced"I want you to take my children with you."
This floored Josiah,to the point of silence,what could he say!She was the last person he'd expect to belive in his ravings.
"I know this comes as a shock to you Josiah,but I had a dream last night,"skyler whispered,so the guards wouldn't hear her,"My dead parents were in that dream,telling me to do what it takes to get thier grandchildren on that spaceship of yours."
"I'm assuming Kivar has no clue you're planning on doing this,"Josiah asked,raising an eyebrow.
"No,and I'd like to keep it that way."Skyler demanded,getting a nod of support from Josiah.
"The nanny has been a supportor of yours,along with a few of the royal guards,they will accompy them on the trip."
"Okay,uh sure,so when are you going to bring them?"Josiah asked,feeling a bit overwhelm by all this.
"The night before,the later I bring them, the less chance Kivar will know."Sklyer announced,getting up,ready to leave.
"Why don't you come with us Skyler?"Josiah asked,realizing she wasn't going.
"My palce is with my husband,"Sklyer proclaimed,touching his shoulder,"Sometimes you have to support your husbands beliefs,even if you think he's a fool."
Josiah smiled,and watched as Skyler without another word turned to leave.That would be the last time he sees his sister in law.
The night before the launch,five figures made thier way out of the palace.Hiding in the shadows,hoping not to get caught.They made thier destination,but of course a loyal royal guard who had heard what the queen had told Josiah,informed the king who in turned told him to tail them,and that he would be handling the matter personally.
An hour after the kings children arrived at thier uncles house,Kivar and his royal gurad entered the house.Courtney warned her husband just before Kivar entered his brother's lab.
"Kivar,hey this is unexpected!"Josiah announced nervously,wondering where Courtney hid the children.
"Where are they Josiah?"Kivar demanded,angrily.
"What are you talking about?"Josiah asked,playing dumb.
"Everyone leave us now!"Kivar screamed,like cockroaches that are suprised by sudden light,everyone scattered out of the lab,leaving the two brothers alone.To talk in private."Where are my children!?"
Realizing he couldn't lie to his brother,so he relented by saying,"They're in the main house,probably with Micahel and Serena."
"I can't belive Skyler did this!"Kivar bellowed,gesturing his hands out before him."If this got out,I'd be crusified for saying one thing,and doing another!"
"Maybe that's why she sent them tonight to keep it under wraps,"Josiah suggested,shaking his head and added,"Just let them stay Kivar,what harm would it come from it,if I'm wrong you can blame me,tell them I kiddnap them,I'll go to the isolation chambers,just give them this chance."
"I'm planning on it,"Kivar announced,causing Josiah to gasp in shock.The guards I came with,wanted to come,I overheard them talk outside my chammbers."
Okay,ah,I have no idea what to say!?"Josiah stuttered,shaking his head in disbelief.
"Just give my children this,"He asked,handing Joisah a black velvet bag.
"You don't want to see them before you leave?"Josiah asked,taking the bag.
"No one in the palace knows I'm gone,I should go,the gurad who told me about skyler's plan actually supported her decision,he voluteered to protect them,"Kivar said,shaking his head,"I pray that your perdiction is untrue,otherwise alot of people will be dead because of me."
"No they'll be dead because of your scientists,"Josiah defended,grabbing his shoulder,"You are a great king,and an even better brother,Kivar."
"And you Josiah are a great brother,"Kivar said,taking his brother in an embrace,"Take care of my children brother."
"You have my word."Josiah promised,trying hard not to break down and cry like a baby.
Kivar shook his head,and turned on his heal,ready to leave,but stopped when Josiah announced,"I love you too brother."
Kivar smiled and then left the lab.Josiah stared at the door for along time,knowing this will be the last time he'll see his brother,he slump to the floor,crying for Kivar,Skyler,and the many people of Antar.
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Part 20c~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers

The lauch of Josiah's spaceship,was beamed to all viewscreens of Antar.People really didn't take it seriously,turning on thier viewscreens out of curiosity more than anything else.Life on Antar however went on like it was just another normal day.People went to work,children went to school,Kivar,ruling his people at the palace.
He,had a viewscreen brought into the meeting hall,wanting,no praying that Josiah was wrong,so he could see his children again.Max and Isabel were five years old,and twins,though Isabel thought that because she was born four minutes earlier,took her role as the oldest,very seriously.He smiled to himself,remebering how terrible she was at times to her brother,bossing him around.Max taking it,like a real sport.They were on that ship now,are they wondering where they are,are they thinking about him now?Will they hate him because he didn't go with them.He turned his attention back to the screen,listen to the commentator on the screen.
"Well,it's been two hours since Josiah's dreams,the name he has given to his space craft,left the planets atmosphere and is now at a holding pattern,hundreds of feet away from Antar,as you see now.In thrity minutes,Kivar's brother belives the sun will start to become you see the sun is completely normal...wait somethings happening."
Kivar looked up at the screen,the sun was defiantley changing,god help them all,but Josiah was right.
"Everyone leave,go to your families."He announced,leaving the chammber to be with his wife,not caring what his advisdors were saying. Skyler was there on thier bed crying,clutching a photograph of thier children,knowing that soon they'd be dead.He held her stroking her hair,kissing her head,apologizing,"I'm sorry I'm so sorry,"
"Our children are safe,"She whispered,choking on her tears.
"I know,"Kivar said,as pieces of the palace began to fall around them.They held each other till the end,looking at the picture of thier children,glad that they were alive.
Josiah,sitting on what you could call the captain's chair,looked at the viewscreen.Antar loomed in view.He spent the last two hours,scanning the planet,getting readings of the plantlife,land masses,the oceans,moutains,everything that was on antar.Maybe they can find a deserted planet like it,and colonize it,who knows.Or if that wasn't possible,find a planet that they could possilbly blend in.
"Josiah,it's happening,you were right look."Adams announced,showing a close up of the unstable sun.destructive pieces flying toward Antar. It was only going to get worse."Prepare for hyperspeed Adams,we need to leave soon,or we'll be destroyed also."
"Understood Josiah,"Adams said saddly,pressing a few buttons on his consule before him,his solemn face,watching his homeworld slowly becoming nothing."We're ready Josiah."
Josiah looked at the view screen,hating that he was right for once.Deep down he hoped he was wrong."Bye Kivar,"He said to himself,then with a sigh announced,"Go to hyper speed."
Adams nodded,he pressed a button,the spaceship started to move,going faster and faster with each passing minute,untill the stars were blurred images before them.
So,they were now offically homeless,a crew of sixty plus Antarians,the only surviors.Unsure what thier fate was.However they had faith in Josiah,who of course was offically thier new king.A title he was glad to have avoided when he lived on Antar,Of course he had no choice but to take it now,Josiah got them in this mess.
Now they were counting on him to find them a new home.Josiah prayed he wouldn't fail them.
Kenny finished telling them the story that his father told him,one of the royal guards that,per order of Skyler,the queen,brought her children to thier uncles estate,his wife was already there,so was Kenny.He remebered being so happy to hear that his father was coming with them after all.He was nine years old.
"So what happen to my parents?"Michael asked,totally stunned by what he heard.His home was gone!What was going through Max and Isabels mind right now?Thier parents were dead.He turned towards Max and his sister,they were just as floored as he was.His sister Serena,was bent in half,her face in her hands,overwhelmed by it all.
"Well six months later we were in earths orbit,hiding from the satalites,planning on the next course of action."Kenny replied,remebering seeing earths picture on the viewscreen,minus the purple hue antar had,earth was a spitting image of thier dead planet."Well Josiah decided that he would send the escape pods spratically across the continent of the united states."
"Wouldn't someone have seen those pods?"Isable asked shaking her head,not sure if she was glad or not to hear about her heritage.
"Remeber,Josiah was a brillant scientist,the pods had cloaking fields,no one knew we were coming."Kenny pointed out,however a but was in his voice.
"Something happen to one of them,the one going to Roswell."Liz replied,sitting next to Max,holding his hand in support.
"Exactly,my father was on that one,along with a few others,"Kenny said saddly,"he died instantly,I got his tattoo,that's how I knew,I was now a royal guard at age nine."He went on,knowing it was his duty to tell them everything."You and Isabel surrived,and one Royal guard,he managed to hide you in a cave,along with two incubation pods,he put you in there so he could get help,knowing he'd have a better chance of making it without dragging two children along,and if he did get caught,the location beacon on the pods would lead help to you.However he never made it,no one knows why,or what ever happen to him,but when help did arrive,you were both gone,assumed captured or worse dead."
"Well that explains us,but how did you lose Micahel and Serena?"Max asked,confused.
"We don't know,all children were put in the incubation pods,so none of them would get lost.Michael and Serena, left the same night we landed on earth,while everyone was in sleep mode.The next day we awoke to find thier pods empty,and no answers to why."Ken answered,shrugging his shoulders."The only theory we came up with is that,you were all connected somehow,that when you and Isabel awoke,so did Michael and Serena,you wanted to find each other,but you never did,we dubbed you as the royal four,we knew that you were bound for great things,we prayed you were out there,searching everyday in hopes of finding you."
"Well we found each other alright,but the question is what now?"Michael asked,looking at Kenny in a whole new light.
"Well,I did send word to everyone that you were found."Kenny explained,with a smile,"Everyone will be in new york by next week,and hopfully so will all of you."
"Well I do have some vacation time coming up,the festiaval will be over tomorrow,I think zander is capable of running things in my absence."Max replied,planning what to say to Broady.However he'd probably wouldn't care anyway.To caught up in his alien sitings to care.
"Well,I can probably get sometime off too,but it won't be easy,"Isabel replied,thinking about her bitchy boss at the bookstore.
"Well do what you can,we've waited a long time,we can wait longer,you do have lives,before I came along."Kenny replied,slapping his hands on his knees and got up,as he announced,"I think I overwhelmed you enough for one day,anyone up for breakfast at the Crashdown,my treat."
"I'm hungry,"Michael replied,he looked at Maria,who was glancing at her watch.
"I might as well,"She replied with a sigh,"I've got to be at work in two hours anyway."
"Serena,"He asked,hoping his sister will join them,he had so many questions to ask her.What was she doing all this time?Who were her earth parents?What was her favortie food,did she like Mettalica?"
"Yeah,I'm game,"She said with a smile,"All this blast from the past jabber,has made me hungry."
"We'll come too,"Liz replied,speaking for Max,cause she knew there were more questions he wanted to ask.
"So who's with who,I know you came in a cab?"Isabel asked,looking at Ken's way.
"Well I've got room in the Jetta,Max has a jeep,and Isabel has her convertabile."Maria replied,giving options to everyone.
"Well how about if Serena and I ride with you,"Kenny suggested.Maria nodded her head.
"If you wait a few,we can take you in the jeep,we'll give you a ride back to your car afterward,"Max suggested.Isabel nodded,liking the idea she wouldn't be driving by herself.
Five minutes later,the group left Max's apartment,with a whole new future before them.
Maria and Liz calls a truce,A concert to end all concets and New york,the place that never sleeps!

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Well this was a tough chapter from start to finish.I at one point statred from scratch!
Anywho thanks for everyone's support. Enjoy!
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21a~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers.
Maria grabbed the two plates from the pick up window,thanked Carlos,before she sashayed over to the booth that contain her customers."One Tribble taco salad,and a Death Star Burger Combo,hold the Mayo,"Maria placed her hands on her hips,as she plastered a smile on her face and with forceable cheer asked,"Can I get you anything else?"
"No,everything looks great thank you,Maria"replied Brian,the singer of Michael's band,some girl she never meet before,sat across from him,shaking her head no,that she also didn't need anything else.Then he added quickly,"I wanted to say you really were great last night up there with Michael,I never seen him,well so relaxed."
"WEll,Thank you and yeah,he did seem diffrent,in a good way,"Maria exclimed shaking her head,Smiling.Then with a sigh she said,"Well,I've got to get back to work,See you at the concert tonight."
"See ya Maria,"He replied,picking up his burger.
Maria went to the hostess station up front to take some checks from a few customers,that seem to be waiting for awhile.She looked around for Agnus,the old bat is probably out having another cigarette.She rounded the counter and with another smile plastered on her face,apologized,"Sorry for the wait I can take that."
Luckily the patrons didn't seem to mind.Maria got the line down to no one in no time.She was straighting out some of the money;when the crashdown bell announced a patron.She looked up and was suprise to see Liz standing there.She looked nervous,fidgeting as she wrung her hands together.
"Liz,you just had breakfast here a few hours ago,"Maria excalimed raising an eyebrow,you think it's wise to eat here twice in one day."
Liz gave a small laugh,as she shook her head."Actually,no I came here to talk to you,but I'll order a coffee and have it at the counter bar,"She suggested.
Just then a bell rang,and Carlos announced Maria had a order up."Well I'm going that way anyway,"Maria said curious in what Liz had to say.They didn't really talk much during Kenny's tale of antar,and when they came here for breakfast,they sat in seperate booths,back to back with each other.They sat in positions, where each one could look up and see the other.IT was kind of weird.Maria kind of had a feeling,they were going to have a little chat,but she didn't think it was going to be so soon.
As Liz situated herself on the stool at the counter bar,Maria grabbed her order and delivered it to a guy next to her.She then went to the drink station,filled out a drink order for some customers she almost forgot about,took thier order grabbed the coffee pot,placed the slip on the order carousal hanging above the take out window,then walked over to Liz,flipped over her cup on the saucer and poured,she also filled everyone's cup who wanted a refill.Maria placed the empty pot into the coffee machine and pressed start,knowing a filter was already prepared with grounds.
Maria with a sigh walked back around the counter bar,and stood in front of Liz,waiting patiently as she fixed her coffee.It's a good thing the resturant is not busy right now.
"I wanted to talk to you for awhile actually,"liz said,breaking the silence,"things however got kind of..."
"Overwhelming,"Maria finished. Liz nodded and placed her cup on the saucer after taking a sip.
"I know I did an awful thing back in our senior year,"Liz stated,looking up at Maria,her face revealing shame,and regret,"I was a fool Maria shutting you out,and Kyle,god he was a great guy,and I was very cruel to him at the end,My excuses at the time,seemed logical,I was starting a new life finally,and I had no idea what me being away would do to us,to Kyle,So shutting you out,ending all ties sooner then later well at the time it seemed reasonable,"Maria looked at Liz,showing no emotion,giving Liz no insight in how she was feeling. With a sigh Liz went on,"I'm not looking for any forgivness,cause I don't deserve it,I just want to say I'm sorry,and that I realize to late that maybe I should of trusted the people around me more,that it wasn't just about how I felt,but,"She paused and said softly"about how you and Kyle felt."
Maria,with arms folded across her chest,face still blank,looked at Liz.The guy next to Liz,was chewing intently listening to thier conversation,wondering the outcome.He notice that Maria was glaring at him,and his eyes widen and he looked down at his plate,trying to act like he wasn't listening.Liz,Maria notice,was looking at her also,aimlessly played with her cup.Then Carlos rang the bell and said maria's order was up.
"I'll be back,"Maria said,holding up a finger,then proceeded to pick up her order.Leaving Liz to agonize over what Maria had to say about her apology.Would she forgive her?Tell her to go to hell,that it's too late.Which is what Liz is expecting anyway. Liz was wrong,and didn't expect forgivness,yet they are going to be running into each other.Maria and Michael are involed.Liz loves Max,but Michael,Michael gave her and showed her so much,there's no way she could just walk out of his life.
Leaving the crashdown after breakfast,that morning.They decided to walk back to the hotel.Taking the time to talk to each other.Liz was the first to break the akward silence.
"I'm sorry,that it happen this way,"
"Yeah me too,"Michael said grimmly,looking over to Liz,who was staring unseeingly ahead of her."However,it did,and we should probably try not beat ourselves over it,and move on."
Liz stopped,and looked at me,stating,"I don't want you out of my life Michael."
"Neither do I,we had a wonderful,amazing and loving realtionship,"He said softly,he took Liz's hand kissed it gently,"I would do it all over again,without hesitation."Liz smiled shyly,and nodded her head.
"So would I,"she managed to choked out,trying to hold back her tears,"I wish I was more honest with you in the beginning."
"It's Okay,I mean,I'm a little hurt,but then I was not the perfect canidate in telling the truth either,we both screwed up,yet I know after time,we can be just as great friends,as lovers."Michael said gently,raising his hand to my face,to wipe away some tears,that manage to break free.
"Do your parents know?"Liz asked,hating what they must think of her.
"Well,they know there isn't going to be a wedding,they're still coming tonight,I figured we can tell them together,about us not being romantically involed anymore."
"I think that would be a great idea,show them were still friends."
"Exactly,"Michael responded shaking his head,"They love you Liz,and I think no matter what we are to each other,they'll still love you."
"I hope so,your parents have been so kind to me,"Liz declared,taking his hand as they began to walk again,then joked,"I would hate not being able to taste your moms Peach cobbler again."
They laughed as they walked.The akwardness not as apparent as before.They were going to be okay,and it made Liz relax a little.Now if only things with Maria and Kyle,could be fixed that easily.
"So do you like General Hospital?" It was Maria's voice,bringing Liz out of her thoughts.
"Excuse me?"Liz asked a bit baffled,she stared back at Maria,who had this pondered look on her face.
"General Hospital,the soap,do you watch it?"She asked again,causing Liz to raise an confused eyebrow.Wondering where this was leading?
"Yeah,I love it."Liz exclaimed,then she realize she hadn't watched it the last couple of days.
"Did you watch it today?"She asked.
"No,in fact I missed it yesterday also,Brenda is suppose to be coming back."Liz said,making a note to herself to make sure she watches it tomorrow.Then as an afterthought she added,"Why do you ask?"
"Well,you're in luck,I've still got yesterdays,and Pam at this moment is recording todays,cause I'm working,"Maria answered,giving Liz a half smile,"Why don't you come over after work and watch it with us,Isabel and Serena will be there also,I-I think it'll be fun."
Liz was stunned.Maria wanted her to come over her house,to hang and to watch General.This was her way,Liz realize of her saying,'Yeah,I guess we can try and start over,we both got a reason to call a truce,Michael and Max.
I gave a huge grin,and nodded my head as I agreed,"I would like that."
"Great,"Maria said,taking a napkin and worte down her address and telephone number on it,she slid it over to Liz and added,"You know where it is right?"
Liz picked up the napkin,to look at it,and shook her head,"Yeah I do it's not to far from the high school."
"Maria,I'm sorry are you paid to talk?"Jeff Parker suddenly annouce from next to her.
Both girls stared in suprise at Crashdown's owner.They two girls didn't see him exit the backroom and walk behind the counter.
"No,Mr.Parker,Sorry,"She said apologetically,turned to Liz and said,"I'll see you around 5:00,I should be home by then."
Liz nodded her head,as Maria walked to the Hostess station to seat a group of patrons,that just enter.
"So I see you guys are talking again,"Mr.Parker declared,taking a few napkin holders to fill.
"Yeah,we're slowly making progress."Liz replied with a smile.
"So,How're you and Michael doing?"Her dad asked,she could tell he was still wondering why the wedding was suddenly called off.
"Were Okay,decideing to mutally break up."Liz announced,causing her father's eyes to widen in suprise.
"Break up!What happen?"He asked,placing the now filled napkin holders,in thier rightfull places.
"Well,let's just say,we both found that we loved other people."Lis explained,getting a stunned look from her father.
"When did this all happen?"Mr.Parker asked,shaking his head,"I mean when last I checked,you were all about each other,how could years of loving one another end in a matter of weeks?"
"Dad,I'm just as baffled as you are,all I can tell you is that it happen,and Michael and I are happy for one another,"Liz assured her father,taking his hand."I'm sorry for all the weirdness this may cause,but Michael and I still care and respect each other."
"As long as you're happy,Lizzy,you know that's all I care about."
"Thank you dad,you don't know how much that means to me."Liz sighed in relief,picking up her cup and took a sip.
"So,who is this person that won the affections of my daughter?"Jeff parker asked,hands on his hips.
"That would be me,"Annouced Max from behind Liz.Causing both parkers to stare at his sudden apperance.
"Max hi,"Liz exclaimed,bringing her arms around his waist.
"Max Evans,well no offense,but he's the last person I would've thought you'd be with."Jeff Parker declared,shaking his head.
"So did I dad,but what can I say,things happen for a reason."She said happily,leaning her head against Max's chest.
"Feeling weird that you're being talked about like you're not here."Liz's dad asked,holding out his hand,Max took it shaking his head.
"Kind of,but It's okay."Max laughed,ending the handshake.
"Well,You my dear,"He said pointing to Liz,"Have got alot to tell me and your mother before you leave for New York,"He turned to Max and said,"I guess we'll be seeing alot more of you,besides coming in here and getting a burger."
"Yeah I guess so,"Max answered,laughing as he watched Jeff Parker,go to an empty booth,and started clearing it.He kissed the top of Liz's head and asked,"How're you holding up?"
"I'm doing okay,"Liz answered,enjoying the warmth of Max's body,"Still getting use to the fact that everyone knows,and we don't have to hide anymore."
"Same here,just came back from my parents house,they ah were suprised,but thrilled that I found someone,they were starting to wonder about me."He said with a laugh.then added,"What are you up to know."
"Nothing untill 5:00,going to maria's for a General Hospital viewing.before the concert"Liz answerd,smiling as she glanced up to see a suprise look on his face.
"Really,you're getting along then?"He asked,taking a seat on the stool beside her.
"Well I wouldn't say we're the best of friends,or anything,but yeah were making progress."Liz told him,taking out her wallet from her purse and put a few dollars near her coffee cup.
"I'll go with you,I'm sure she wouldn't mind,and I'll like to be there as support for Kyle,It gets kind of crazy when Pam and Maria watching General."Max decided.
"Yeah,that might be a good idea,Maria also invited Serena and Isabel over too,"Liz said,getting off the stool,with Max fallowing her out of the resturant.
"Man,it's going to ba a full house at Casa Troy-Deluca this afternoon,"Max exclaimed with a laugh,as he open the door for her,Max slanted her a sexy look and asked,"We've got a few hours to kill,how about we go back to my place and figure out something to do."
Liz laughed,as she laced her hand with his,and proclaimed,"Oh,I think you already know very well what we're going to do."
Max thought about it for a moment,and then looked at her in defeat as he announced,"Yeah,you got me,I thought we could sit and watch the weather channel,it's very riveting."
"Max,"Liz excalimed,playfully hitting his on the arm.
"What you don't like the weather channel,there's always the food network,"He said looking down at his watch and said jokingly,"If we hurry,we can make it in time for the Iron Chief."
"We'll you can watch the food network or the weather channel all you want,but I was thinking along the lines of me and you naked in your bed,making love untill our bodies ached."Liz said,getting a grin from Max.
"Yeah,I think I like your idea alot better,"Max agreed,pulling Liz in his arms,and kissed her deeply,making her toes curl,her body tingle and thinking life couldn't get any better than this.
21b continued on next post..........
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Continued 21b...........
Chapter 21b~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers
Kyle Valenti had the worse day of his life.Pam's alarm clock didn't wake him up,so he was late for work.After an humilating reaming from his boss,Kyle began the slowest moving work day.So,because he was rushing to work,he forget to make a lunch,and his wallet was still on Pam's bedside table.Lunch consisted of a piece of chewing gum and tap wter,YUM!!!So when the day finally ended he was hungry tired,and dying to feel his girlfriends arms.
Kyle went to his house that he shared with his dad first,cause he needed some clean clothes,a shower,and hopefully he'll be able to find something to eat.What greeted him when he swung open the apartment door,was his dad and Maria's mom making out on the couch.Startled by the door opening,and Kyle's loud gasp emenating form his mouth,the two looked like two teenagers being caought by thiers parents,blushing,tucking in shirts,adjusting clothing.Kyle couldn't be any more mortified then catching his dad getting it on,with Maria's Mom of all people.Does Maria even know this has been going on?
"Son,I-I-I didn't t-t-hink you'll b-b-be home today,"He stammbered,plastering a smile on his lips.Amy Deluca began to gather up her things preparing to leave.
"Well I wasn't either,but I needed some clothes,"Kyle said taking in the scene.
"Maybe I should leave,"Amy declared,causing both the Valenti men to protest at the same time.
"No,stay,I'll be gone in a few minutes,"Kyle announced,going straight to his room,hurrily grabbed some clothes,went to the kitchen snagged a poptart pakage,and left without saying good bye.
Tossing his clothing on the passenger seat of the car,Kyle open the poptart wrapper,before starting the car.It seems he'll be taking a shower at Pam's.Maybe she'll join him,he thought with a smile.
Ten minutes later,he was walking up the steps that'll lead to her apartment.Pam gave him a copy of a key,because he was there so often.Positioning the key in front of the lock,Kyle heard a bunch of girls giggling voices.Oh no,that's right Maria worked this morning.Pam tapes General Hospital and watches it with her,when Maria comes back.They also missed yesterdays episode too,Shit,of all the nights it had to be the one night when he wanted peace,quiet,and his girlfriend snuggling up beside him,before the went to the concert later on this evening.With a sigh,he unlocked the door and opened it.Kyle unceremoniously tossed the keys on the small table near the door.Glancing up,he rolled his eyes as he saw not only his girlfriend and Maria in the living room,but Max's sister Isabel,Liz,which shocked the hell out of him,and a dark curly long haired girl,that he never saw before.Kyle's entrance into the apartment wasn't notice by the girls,who were glued to the T.V. anticipating the next exciting moment to blow thier minds.
"Hey Kyle,was wondering when you were getting here,"Max exclaimed from the kitchen.After throwing his clothes on the floor near Pam's bedroom,Kyle entered the kitchen,which was just as congested as the living room,but with the opposite sex.Michael,Alex,And Kenny sat around the table drinking beer,playing cards.
"Is every female we know,obsessed with that show,"Kyle asked,leaning on the kitchens doorframe,gesturing his thumb out towards the livingroom.
"It seems that way,"Alex agreed,throwing a few cards in his hand on the table,"Two Michael,"then looked up at Kyle and added,"My mom is crazy for that show too,my dad and I avoid the livingroom from 3:00 to 4:00 Monday through Friday."
"Yeah my Mom is addicted too,"Max said,taking the two cards Michael delt him.
Kyle shook his head,as he crossed his arms across his chest,glancing at the livingroom he asked,"What's up,they're errilly queit in there?"
"Brenda returns this week,"Kenny replied,knowing this because Liz was pretty adament about getting the soap taped if she were not able to watch it.
"Brenda,isn't she the one who was involed with Sonny."Kyle asked,frowing his brows together.
"Yup,I can just imagine what Carly is going to do when she finds out his ex-wife is alive,"Alex said matter of factly,throwing some poker chips on the pile in the middle of the table.then he added,"who cares though those two deserve each other,I'm hoping she goes back to Jax."
"Wait,isn't Jax with Skye?"
"Kyle where have you been,he broke up with Skye,"Michael declared,adding his own chips to the pile.
"Really,what happen."Kyle asked,intrested.
"Edward Quartermaine,used Skye's insecurities of distrust,and made Skye think Jax was cheating on her."Micahel started,taking a sip of his beer,then added,"The two of them planned to ruin Jax,and she'd be the only heir to the Quartermaine fortune."
"So when she found out he wasn't and realize Edward was just using her,she tried to get out of it,but he wouldn't let her,"Kenny added,looking blankly at his hand of cards.
"Ned found the contract Edward and Skye put together,and pretty much forced her to tell Jax,or he was going to do it."Max continued,adding,"I fold."
"Damn,I did miss alot,"Kyle agreed,turning his head towards the livingroom,when the girls were cheering excitedly over something,Kyle announced,"Oh boy,Jason and Elizabeth just kissed."
"What,that's crazy,what about Zander!?"Alex exclaimed in horror.
Just then the all the guys looked at each other,and realize what they've been talking about for the last ten minutes.
"I suddenly feel very unmanly,"Kyle announced,grabbing a chair,and sitting backwards on it.The guys nodded thier heads in agreement.
"So did anyone see that hockey game two days ago."Micahel excalimed,his voice deeper than usual.
"So,ah who's the dark curly long hair girl,sitting on the livingroom floor with?"Kyle asked gesturing his thumb behind him.
"Oh that's right you haven't meet Serena,"Micahel said with a smile,"She's my sister."
"Sister!?"Kyle blurted out in shock.
"Yeah,and my cousin."Max added.
"Wait so that means you and Micahel are related."
"Yup,"Micahel said,showing his hand,which was a full house.Everyone graoned as cards got angrily thrown on the table.
"So when did thisd family reunion happen?"Kyle asked,raisin an eyebrow.
"Very early this morning,Kenny brought her by,"Max answered.
"She's been looking for Michael,Serena conntacted me,and we went over to Max's house."Kenny added,gathering up the cards,"I'll deal this time."
"Wait why were you over...."Then Kyle stopped and realized what happen,"OOOH the love square,has been discovered."
"Love square!"Alex said laughing.
"Well it's not a love triangle,there's four involed right."Kyle stated,picking up the cards that were delt to him.
"Whatever,but yes,Michael finally got clued in about Max and Liz."Alex said,throwing three cards on the table,Micahel quickly replaced them and he continued,"and Liz found out about Michael and Liz,and oddly enough,everyone had been getting along."
"Wow,"Was all Kyle could say.Then asked,"So what's going to happen with you four now?"
"What do you mean?"Max asked,taking the one replacement card Michael threw his way.
"Well Micahel and Liz live in New york,you and Maria live in Roswell,who's going to be living where?"
"I don't know,we haven't really thought about it,"Micahel declared,looking at Max,they both had a why-didn't-we-think-about-it-look on thier faces.
"Well everyone has a life in thier cities,who's going to uproot and live where?"Kyle pointed out,wondering why he was always the one who stated the obvious.
A concert to end all concerts! The Whits future,Max,Liz,Micahel and Maria who's going where?New york The place that never sleeps.

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I'm glad you think so. I was hoping it would sound real enough and not rushed. I was afriad that would happen!
Thanks Robyn & everyone else for the FB!!
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I'm glad you like how things are turning out!
I just posted the next part of Somewhere in between!
Where are you going is next!
Whew.With me starting work soon how am I going to updat these stories properly!
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Fanart Banner~By Leery's Lover


Okay so here's the next part!I'm starting my new job tomorrow,so I don't know how frequent my updates will be.However I'll do my best to get them posted!
Thanks for everyones FB & Support!
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Chapter 22~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers
It was 7:00,when the group from Maria's house arrived back stage,just as the UFO festival concert began.Luckily for them,June Bride was scheduled first.
Members form both The Whits,and Destiny rushed to thier missing in action members,releaved that they showed up.
"Where were you?"Brian exclaimed to Michael,then shot a accusing look at Kenny,"And you of all people are the last I would ever think to pull a stunt like this."
"Whoa there cowboy,"Kenny exclaimed,raising his hands out before him,"Before you put us before the firing squad,can you let me explain."
Brain raised an eyebrow,his arms folded before him.Micahel who was behind Brain,was also wondering what Kenny was going to say.He's not actually going to tell the guys they were late because thier girlfriends were watching General Hospital.
"A bunch of us went to the Carlsbad Caverns,Liz was showing Michael and I some sites of her home,"Kenny explained,getting a look of approval from Micahel."We lost track of time,and though we knew we wouldn't be late,I was planning on calling you,to let you know we weren't dead or anything."
"Yeah his cell phone's battery was dead."Micahel added,with a smile,adding to the lie.
"Well,I'm just gald you're here,"Brain exclaimed,sighing away all his tensions,then announced,"I'm getting a drink."And ran off to the Bar.
"Nice one,"Micahel said,shaking his head.
"Thanks,"Kenny countered,"God I hope the record label people aren't pissed off at me."
"I think Brain would've said something,"Michael added,walking with Kenny as he walked to the food table.
"Yeah good thinking,"Ken sighed pulling out his cell phone,and began to play the role of Rock band manager once again,"Tracy,hey this is Kenny,give me my messages.."
Micahel sighed and piled his plate with a sandwich,chips and potato salad.Seeing no tabasco sauce,Michael was glad he had a bottle in his jacket pocket,for emergancies such as this. He found an empty chair and began to eat,Maria soon joined him carrying a diet pepsi.
"Hey,"She exclaimed,putting her hand around his shoulder.
"So you guys get in trouble?"Michael asked,dosing his open sandwich.
"No,Alex came up with some excuse about sight seeing at the Carlsbad cavarns,and a dead cell phone,for our reason of not calling"Maria stated,repeating the story Ken told Brian.
"I guess they both came up with a cover story when the rode here together."Michael replied,taking a bite of his sandwich,and sighing in contentment as the food went down his throat.He hasn't eatten since this morning at the Crashdown.
"Appears so,"Maria said,then her lips formed a thin line,obviously something was on her mind.
"What is it?"He asked raising a concern eyebrow.
"Well,I was thinking on the way over here,about us."
"What about us,"Michael asked suddenly,his face filled with panic.Is she changing her mind about being with him.Oh,God,she's going to break up with him.
Seeing Michael's look suddenly become terrified,caused her to state quickly,"I'm wondering how this realtionship is going to progress,with you living in New York and I'm here in Roswell."
Michael breathed a sigh of relief,then said softly,as he slanted her a look"Well then come with me."
"To New York?"Maria asked
"Yeah,you can go on the Linkin Park tour with me,"he answered,putting his plate down in front of him,he turned his body to face her and added,"Just think of it,meeting Linkin Park singing on stage with me,It'll be wonderful!"
"What about Liz?"She asked
"Well about Liz?"Michael answered.,then added,"We're not together anymore."
"I know that Michael,'Maria said slowly,and added,"It's just she still lives there,wouldn't it be kind of weird that the dust has yet to settle,and I'm already moving in."
"Well yeah things are going to be a little topsy turvy for awhile,and Liz said she'll look for another place when I'm on tour-"He stopped suddenly and looked at her in suprise,"Wait a minute,are you saying yes,are you coming to New York with me?"
"Well yeah,I am,but,"She quickly replied,before Michael interupted her,"I think maybe the month inbetween the Linkin Park tour,I should take care of things here,you know give Mr.Parker a proper notice,Pam's going to kill me,but I know she'll be happy for me,then I have to tell my mom,give her a month to cry about her baby leaving her,and moving so far away that kind of thing."
Michael smiled and shook his head,"Yeah,that would probably be a good thing."He pulled Maria into his arms and exclaimed,"You've made me so happy,I think I would've gone crazy if you weren't with me on tour."
"Well I think I would've gone crazy too,"Maria countered,pulling away from him and said jokingly,"thinking about all those hoochie groupies throwing themselves at you."
Michael laughed,and declared,"Maria,you're the only hoochie I care about."
"Jerk,"She replied wapping him on the arm,giving him a pout.
They laughed,and talked about the Linkin Park tour.Gald that thier future looks bright,because they'll be together.
Max was thankful that no problems occured during his time away from the UFO center.Zander has beautifully taken care of everything.From the celebrities,right down to the sound check for the festival's concert.Which made him think that maybe he could quit his job here,go to New York with Liz.The UFO center will be in capable hands.Brody trusts his judment.If he recommended Zander for the job of manager,he'd no doubt have no problems with it.The thing is will Zander want the job?
Max left his office and went to search for Zander.He was listening to an employee talk about there being no more alien masks.
"There's a box of them down in the storage cellar,"Zander replied,"Why don't I go and get them for you."
The employee nodded as she went back to the souvenir shop.Zander turned around and jumped back in suprise in seeing Max suddenly before him,"Max,hey,you scared me."
"Sorry Zander,"Max laughed,waving a hand before him,"Listen can we talk?"
"Okay,"He relied slowly,then asked,"Did I do something wrong,I swear I didn't-"
"Relax Zander,you have done an amazing job running things in my absence,"Max assured him,then added,"In fact you've done such a great job,I'm offering you a promotion."
"A promotion,Max me,"Zander exclaimed excitedly.
"Yes,I think you'll be a wonderful Manager."Max stated,with a grin.
"Wow,a manger Max that's great,I-"He stopped suddenly for amoment and his brow furrowed in confusion,"Wait isn't that your Job?"
"Yes it is,"Max answered,waiting for Zander's other question.
"Then why are you giving it to me?"Zander asked in disbelief.
"Well,something else fell into my lap,but I have to go to New York,"Max answered,thinking about Liz.and smiled."It'll be in about a months time,so I'll tell Brody about the changing of the guards,get things organized,show you the ropes,but I have faith you'll pick up on things with no problem."
"Wow New York,that's pretty cool,"Zander exclaimed,shaking his head,"So what are you going to be doing down there?"
"Great things Zander,great things."Max replied,leaving Zander with a confused look on his face.
With a press of the button on her computer,Liz sent the final draft of her story to Marcus's e-mail address.She was in the trailer,revising the article,and glad to finally be done with it.The rest of the evening she'll enjoy herself at the concert.Maybe even take some photographs.Marcus will probably wait untill she gets back to New York before the story goes to press.Wait for her final approval of his edits and photo selections.He'll run it in the weekend edition she's sure of it.
After booting down her laptop,Liz gathered her cambra bag,shut off all the lights and exited the trailer.Jumping in suprise when she saw Max standing before her.
"I didn't mean to startle you,"He said apologetically,taking her in his arms.
"No,it's okay,"Liz answered,kissing him quickly on the lips,"So how's the UFO center?"
"Running smoothly,Zander has done a find job."Max declared,lacing his hand with hers,as they walked to the back stage area."Which brings me to something that I think might make you happy."
"What's that?"Liz asked,showing her backstage pass to Carl.
"Evening Carl,"max greeted to the security guard,who grunted a hello,as they walked pass him,to the background tents.He then told her,"I gave Zander my job."
"Excuse me what?"Liz exclaimed,turning her head to look at him.
Max laughed and replied,"Well I gave Zander my job,I know you're looking for a place to live while Michael is on tour,so I was thinking I'll spend it here to get my affairs in order and then join you in New York."
"You want to move to New york with me??"Liz asked in disbelief.
"Well yeah,"Then a thought occured to him,"Unless you don't want me too..maybe I should've asked you before I quit my job."
"No,no that's not it at all,I-um I'm glad you want to be with me,"Liz said nervously,"I just didn't think you would want to leave Roswell,this is your home."
"Liz,It wouldn't be home,if you're not here with me."Max said softly,taking her in his arms,and leaned in to kiss her softly on the lips.
"I feel the same way,I don't think I could live so far away from you,I was planning to move to Roswell to be with you."Liz countered,suprising Max.
"Oh don't tell me you quit your job,"Max said with a sigh.
"Oh no not yet,"Liz quickly replied,"I was going to tell Marcus in person actually,I'm glad that I've waited."
"Me too,"Max said laughing,then added,"So it's settled,you find us a place and I'll be there in a month."
"I'm already counting the days,"Liz announced,leaning her head on his chest.Thinking to herself,that her life couldn't get any better than this.She'll be able to stay in New York,keep a job she loves,and Max will be with her.How did she get so lucky!
Alex Whitman was in total shock! He glanced down at the unsighed record contract.Kenny looked over it,and said everything seemed to be in order."Have a lawyer look at it,before you guys sign anything."He suggested,whapping him on the back excitedly."Gald to have you on tour with us."
How great is his life right now! Not only does The Whits have a record deal,but they get to join Linkin part on the second leg of the tour.How great is this!
Maria will already be on tour with Michael,so she'll beable to fill the guys on the atmosphere when they arrive in November.
"Hey Alex,You okay,"Replied Isabel Evans voice.Alex slowly looked up,his jaw still on the floor.
"Yeah,I ah,here."He mumbled throwing the contract at her.
"Oh My God Alex,this is great!"Isabel exclaimed,Throwing her arms around his neck,"Why haven't you sign it yet?"
"Kenny suggested that I get a lawyer to look at it."Alex managed to blurt out.
"Well My dad is a lawyer,I'm sure he'll do it for you."Isabel suggested.
"Really,wow that's great,thank you,"Alex said in delight,taking the contract she held out ot him,"Mr.Becker said to call him when we're ready to sign,they fly us out to New York,and make the final arrangments."
"New York,wow,that's far away."Isabel said saddly,cursing herself for not telling Alex how she feels about him.She really did like him,and now with him leaving,she'll never get that chance again."Looks like you're getting everything you wanted Alex,I'll see you around."Isabel said,as she kissed him softly on the cheek,and walked away from Alex.Leaving him stunned.Holding his cheek with his hand,on the spot where her lips were moments agao.He realize he has gotten everything he wanted.The Whits have got a record contract,they be touring,he'll probably move to New York.It's everything he's only dreamed about. Yet however,his heart sank,there is one thing that he wants more than anything in this world,more then all the record deals,concert tours,and moving to New York,couldn't give him.He'll give it all up in a second if he knew Isabel Evans would be in his life.
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Robyn& Ms Shortcake Thanks for the FB! This story is far from over,and there's a few more suprises in store.And yes there's still Isabel and Alex to attend to.They've got to find love too(Yes with each other lol )
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Robyn & roswellLady Thnaks soooo much for the bumps!
Okie dokie,the next part of,Loving What's gone Has been written and Posted,the next part of,Where are you going? Has been written ans posted!
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Hopefully I'll have it up by tomorrow the earliest.If not well,with my work schedule I can't give you anything concrete!
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musiChic originally wrote:
Hey Carolyn

Finally caught up! *happy* Can't wait for more.

What's this about "Loving What's Gone"?
I thought the sequels were "Where Are You Going" and "Somewhere in Between" (haven't started reading them yet, trying to finish up some others that are complete). *confused*

Well Amy your's truly has written another whole diffrent fanfic! I like to torture myself.
The ide of Loving what's gone came to me one night when I was reading about reports that they were planning to do a What if story,so one goes back in time and prevents Liz from getting shot,well the idea kept nagging in my head,and so well I began writing,and well Loving what's gone was created.
Here's the link for you or anyone else intrested.

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musiChic originally wrote:
RosWool originally wrote:
Well Amy your's truly has written another whole diffrent fanfic! I like to torture myself.
The ide of Loving what's gone came to me one night when I was reading about reports that they were planning to do a What if story,so one goes back in time and prevents Liz from getting shot,well the idea kept nagging in my head,and so well I began writing,and well Loving what's gone was created.

Wow, another... what will I do. thanks for the link.. I saved it, and will start reading it when I think I can handle it. With school now, the amount of times I get to read has increased my confusion between stories...

No problem.Since I started my job,my often updated stories have been lacking.
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Soo hopefully with a little luck,I'll have something for everyone to read by tomorrow!
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Chapter 23~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers.
Liz couldn't help but laugh at the scene she saw through her cambra lense.She decided to get a few more group shots of Destiny.However,they were clowning around,making the task of getting a serious photo accomplished.Kenny was beside himself.Chastising the guys for being unprofessional.
"Oh for christ sakes Brain,are you in the third grade,stop it with the bunny ears!And Michael what do you think this is Rolling stone,put down that middle finger this instant."
Liz's finger couldn't help but press the button,with each opening and closing of the shutter,she got some pretty amazing candid photos.Looking down at her watch she realize it was getting close for the guys to take the stage and start thier set,so she decided to end thier fun,and get the group photo she needed,"Alright guys playtimes over,give me five minutes of total maturity,and then you're dismissed."She announced.
To Kenny's disbelief,the foursome behaved themselves,posed for the pictures liz needed,then went off to psyche themselves up,for the concert. Each in thier own special way.
Michael walked her way,as she was putting away her cambra gear."Hey,"Liz replied,placing a cap over her cambra lense
"Hey,"Michael said with a grin,"So is that it,is the article finished?"
Liz nodded her head as she answered,"Pretty much yeah,"Liz went on,"When I get back to New York,I'll develope all the film,pick and choose,the ones we'll use with Marcus,go over my article,fix what he doesn't like and hopefully,it'll be in next weeks,weekend edition."
"Great,"Micahel said excitedly,"I can't wait to see how it comes out,you've worked so hard on it."
"Well thank you,I hope I did you guys justice."
"I have no doubt you'll make us look like the next best thing,"He replied,taking her in a friendly embrace.
"Michael,Liz,"Replied a familar female voice.Liz and Micahel looked up and smiled,as Alice and Bert Gurien made thier way through the backstage chaos to get to them.
"Mom,Dad!"Michael greeted,with a wave,walking to meet them half way,Liz fallowed close behind him.Dreading the first meeting with Michaels' parents,since they've offically called thier relationship quits.She prayed they wouldn't hate her.
"I'm so glad you guys made it,"Michael declared,taking his mom in a hug.
Alice Gurien laughed,as Michael kissed her on the cheek as she proclaimed,"We wouldn't miss this for the world."
"Everything is so...conjested,nothing like the club gigs you did back home,"Bert gurien observed,taking his son's hand.
"It's only going to get more congested,"Michael replied,whapping his dad's arm,"All of this is going to be calm,compared with the Linkin Park tour,"Michael,explained,gesturing his hand around him.
"How nice,"Alice said unsurely,giving her husband an auneasy look,then she look behind Michael and notice Liz fidgeting nervously behind him,"Liz darling,come here and give me a hug."
Liz smiled and walked into the older womans arms.Relief racked her body as Michael's mom pulled away and stated"Well you look wonderful as always!"
"Thank you Mrs.Gurien,Hello Mr.Gurien."Liz said shly,giving a small wave,still feeling a bit akward.
"So I hear that theres not going to be a wedding,"Bert replied bluntly,getting a horrid look from both his wife and son,he riased a eyebrow and exclaimed,"What?What did I say?"
"No No it's okay,"Liz replied with a half smile,"It's good that it's being mention,I was worried what you guys might've though about it"
"WEll we were pretty shocked actually,"Mrs.Gurien answered,shaking her head,"We just always assumed that you'd always be together."
"However,we can't wonder why fate has chossen a diffrent course for you and our son,"Mr.Gurien replied with a wink,"We'd end up driving ourselves nuts."
"All that matters is yours and Michael's happiness,"Alice replied,with a soft smile,"It's obvious you will always matter to each other,you just weren't each others soulmates,that's all."
Liz and Michael looked at each other kind of floored by his parents amazing insight.They both turned simutanously back at the smiling couple,grinning.
"So,When do we get to meet the new people in your lives,"Alice said excitedly.
"Maria's on stage right now,"Michael said gestruing a thumb behind him.
"Ah.I'm not quite sure..."Liz replied looking around the backstage area,turned back to the Guriens and shrugged her shoulders,as she continued,"...where Max is right now,he's the sponser of this event so he's probably doing something important."
"Well no matter,we'll meet them in due time,"Alice said with a smile,then with a tilt of her head,Alice looked at the frighten girl before her,adding,"I always thought of you as the daughter I never had Liz,no matter what you are to my son."
"I'm glad Mrs.Gurien,"Liz said sighing with relief,"I-I was kind of worried that you'd both hate me or something."She looked up at Michael who gave her shoulder a reassuring squeeze.
"Oh Lizzy,we can never hate you,"Alice excliamed,taking Liz's hands in hers,then added"You've done wonders for Michael and you've done wonders for us,remeber that."
"You are a good person Liz,"Bert said,then went on,"You both fell in love with diffrent people,and suprisngly,it was here in Roswell,fate does have somekind of weird agenda at times huh."
They all laughed and Liz looked at Michael with a look of relief,he return it with a I-told-you-so-glance.
"So Liz,"Bert asked,"What's going to happen with you and this Max person?"
"Excuse me,"LIz asked,not really quite sure what he's getting at.
"Well Michael said Maria is eventually moving in the apartment,are you going to move back to Roswell to be with your young man?"He explained,wondering if he was saying the wrong thing again.
"Oh,no,Max is moving to New York,"Liz replied understanding everything now,"He'll be arriving the day before Michael goes on tour."
"So you'll be needing to find an apartment."Bert answered.
"Yes,"Liz replied,dreading the weeks of looking through the classifieds for a half way decent apartment.Who knows how long it'll be before Max finds a job.Things are going to be tight for awhile,but it doesn't Matter.With Max by her side,they'll make it together.sighing she added,"I'm soo not going to look forward to that task!"
"Well Liz,it's simple,"Bert replied,"I have a vacancy in the apartment building."
"Really dad,I didn't know that,"Michael replied reliefed,he was worried that Liz would have to find some dump,and pay an arm and a leg for it.
"Yeah,the fergusons gave me thier notice last week,"Bert replied,"I was going to put an ad in the paper when we got back,but if your intrested Liz."
"Well yeah,but the Ferguson's apartment is quite huge!"Liz said,in suprised.
"Well yeah,it may be a little big,being a three bedroom,but think of how nice it'll be when yours and Max's parents come to vist,"Bert expalined,grinning,"They won't have to stay at a hotel."
"Not that I don't appreciate the offer Mr.Gurien,but I've seen the Ferguson's apartment,It's on the top floor,and it's got the terrace,and the two floors and I know how much you were charging them,and I don't think I could afford it,I'm not sure if Max will find a job by then,and--"
"Liz,I'm not going to charge you,It's yours, rent free,all you-
"Mr.Gurien,I can't possibly not pay you-"
"Liz,please,it's not like I can't afford it,"Bert replied,"The bookstore is doing great,I've got the rest of the tenants in the building,then theres the Brownstone in greenwich village,I'm not going to be hurting if I don't collect rent from you."
"Mr.Gurien,this is..well overwhelming,yet this is the apartment I could only dream of living in,I mean.."She said,turning her head at Michael,"It's so much better then the one we're in now,I feel-"
"Liz,take the apartment,I'm find with it."Michael urged her,nodding his head.
"well okay,"Liz agreed,with a chuckle,"I'll talk to Max about it,but.."She added waving a finger at him,"I want to give you something,and I won't take no for an answer."
Bert Gurien laughed,and gestured his hands up in front of him in defeat as he answered,"Okay,we'll talk about it when we get back home,agreed."
Liz smiled,nodding her head,glad that the nightmare of finding an apartment has disappeared.Everything was going smoothly.Which made her think,when's the bump in the road going to rear it's ugly head.
"You're moving to New York city,"Isabel exclaimed in disbelief,then asked,"When did this happen?"
"Well it kind of all fell into place tonight,"Max replied.They were backstage watching The Whits perform.
"I-I can't belive this,"Isabel replied saddly,"I-Idon't know what to say?"
"Say you're happy for me,"Max suggested,putting an arm around her shoulder.
"I-I don't want you to leave me Max,New York is so far away,"Isabel said,folding her arms in front of her,she lowered her head,trying to hide her tears.
"You can always move with us,"Max declared,hating to see his sister sad,"I can tell Liz to find a two bedroom,it'll be fun."
"I like it here in Roswell Max,I've got my job,my nice apartment,Mom and dad are here,don't leave Max,Why don't Liz move here."Isabel asked,lifting her face up to look at him.
"Because,Liz has her job,I can't make her quit something she loves doing,"Max answered.
"Well what about the UFO center,that's your job,don't you love it there?"Isabel asked.
"Actually,not really,"Max proclaimed,shaking his head,"It was fun when I was just a regular peon,but being manger,running the place,it's hell Iz,"Max explained,then added,"New York is going to be my clean slate,to do something I never thought I could do before,It could be your clean slate too.Don't tell me you actually like your job at the bookstore,I've been the bruntal of your bitch sessions,when we meet at the crashdown,after one of your shifts."
"Yes,true,"Isabel nodded in agreement,looking unseeingly on the stage,spotting Alex dancing around excitedly,playing his bass,getting into the whole show.She wanted to be with Alex,yet she thought it was too late,now however,her brother is dangling a chance right in front of her.With arms folded in front of her.Isabel looked back at her brother and announced softly,"Alex is going to New York too,he showed me the record contract."
"Yes,he told me that you were going to ask dad to look over it for the band,that was very thoughful of you Isabel."Max said nodding his head,then continued"Maria's,going to be already touring with Destiny,When the Whit's join the second leg of the Linkin Park tour."He watched as Isabel nodded,confirming she knew all this,after a short pause he added."You like him Isabel,why not fallow him to New York,see what happens."
"It could prove to be intresting,living someplace other then Roswell,"Isabel said,liking the idea more and more.She turned her head back towards Max,who gave her a huge grin,and was nodding his head,urging her to take the chance."Do you think Liz would mind,I mean I don't want to be intruding on anything."
"I was the one who suggested it,Iz,Liz would love to have you also,I'm sure of it."
Isabel forming a taut line,pondering,still a bit unsure.Max could pick up on those feelings of uncertainly,and decided to convince her some more.
"We do have to go down there anyway to meet,ah...our extended family,"Max replied,refering to the other aliens from Antar."You'll be there anyway,so just stay permently."
"Yeah,I was going to ask for my vacation time,but giving that bitchy manager my notice,sounds so much better."Isabel exclaimed with a sigh,then suddenly a huge smile appeared on her face,a twinkle in her eyes,told him she has made up her mind,she confirmed everything by deciding,"I'll do it,I'll go to New York."
"Great,"Max said excitedly,pulling her into a hug,"I'll talk to Liz about it."
"Talk to me about what?"Liz's voice suddenly asked behind them.
Max let go of Isabel,and took Liz in his arms,they kissed,and then he pulled away and declared,"Meet our new roommate."
"Roommate?"Liz asked,raising an confused eyebrow.
"Isabel was a little upset that I was going to move across the country,so I told her why don't she just move in with us,"Max explained,with a grin."I told her you wouldn't mind"
Isabel feeling a bit akward managed to stammer out,"I-I-If it's a problem then I can-"
"No,no,Isabel it's actually great that you're coming with us,"Liz assured her,walking up to Isabel,and suprised her when Liz took her in a hug,then pulled away as she explained,"I was talking to Micahel's parents,you know they were pretty amazing actually,even offered me an apartment,it's a three bedroom,kind of big for Max and I,so I told them I'll talk it over with him,but with you coming to New York,it's a sign that this is meant to be,"Liz said hugging her again,"You're so going to love New York Isabel,the shopping is wonderful."
Isabel pulled away from the hug and beamed at Liz,and then to Max,who gave her a thumbs up,and said in her mind,"I told you she wouldn't mind."
"I heard that about New York,and I want to see Rent,did you see that?"Isabel asked,the gears of her mind working with the endless possiblties of her new life in New York.
"A few times,I know one of the people in the chorus,Joey fatone of Nsync is in it this year."Liz declared.
"Really,is he good?"Isabel asked
"Yeah he is actually,he plays Mark Cohen the lead,not a big Nsync fan,so I was skeptical at first,but I went anyway,and was glad I did."Liz replied,then with a grin Liz continued,"With you moving to New York,you'll be able to see Alex more often."
Isabel immeditaley gave an accussing glare at Max.Who looked at her innocently,telling her silently in his sister's head,he told her nothing.Liz catching the silent conversation between the siblings quickly decided to set the record straight.
"Ah,Isabel,Maria told me everything."
"Maria!?"Isable exclaimed in shock"How did she know?"
"well It's not exactly from anyone that she knew this Isabel,"Liz replied bitting her lower lip nervously,wondering if maybe she should of kept the subject of Alex to herself,reluctantly she added,"Ah..well..your deamoner around Alex is diffrent."
"Diffrent?"Isabel asked in confusion.
"Well're more thawed around him."Liz replied,with a grimance,immediately wishing,she had worded it diffrently.
"Thawed,"Isabel replied shaking her head,realizing her reputaton as ice princess has proceeded her.
"I'm sorry Isabel,I was just quoting maria's words,I didn't mean to make it-"
"No it's okay Liz,"Isabel interupted,raising a hand up in front of her,"This is what I did to myself,no one else,I wanted to be unattainable,and I got my wish."
"Well,everyone knows how you feel,but they think you won't go through with it."Liz replied,"So prove them wrong,take a chance on Alex."
Isabel turned her head back towards the stage,watching Alex,knowing that if she didn't take this oppurtunity,she'll regret it for the rest of her life.She looked back at Max and Liz,who stared silently back at her with uncertainly,With a smile Isabel proclaimed,"That's exactly what I intend to do."

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StarCandy originally wrote:
It took me two days to read this story and finally here I am and I gotta say I love it and I'll wait for you to post some more, or is that the end.

I don't think so but anyway, I'll be back to check on it later.

Oh no it's not over yet.
Thanks for taking time out to read my story!*big*
Peace Carolyn
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Ms lane, Ms shortcake Amy & evryone else!
Thanks for the FB ands bumps and support.
I feel so bad that I've not been updating regulary.
I knew I was insane writing a bunch of stories at once lol!
Anywho, I'm working on the next part next. so since I have the weekends off, I'm hoping to have a part up for all you by tomorrow.

Peace Carolyn
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Part 24~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers~Perfect day~By Lou Reed~Inspired by the Krist MacColl and Evan Dando version (Copyrighted)

Serena was sitting on a stool, backstage, watching as her brother's band, Destiny, played thier set.

He was truly an amazing guitar player. Serena never really had time to figure out what she would like to do with her life. When she left her foster home in new York, about five years ago, she's just been kind of waundering aimlessly across the united states. Letting the visions lead her to the victims, Serena knew that she was meant to help.

Helping people, because no one could or would, was what she did, and she loved it. Not for a moment did she care that she had no home, no family, no one special to love in her life.

Yeah, she'll admit, that at times she felt a little empty. Even wishing for a time that maybe something, or someone would fill it. Yet she never was in a town long enough to get attached. The visions were her life, they made her who she was today.

Then her visions brought her here to Roswell. TO a brother, to cousins she never thought exsited. It kind of made her a feel little leery.

For how long will it be, before the visions take her away from her new founded family?

Serena thought she was suppose to be alone. Then Kenny told her who she was and where she came from.

She was from another planet. Her race had powers, and it was normal.

However that didn't change things, her planet was destroyed. It always made her wonder why she never felt like she belonged anywhere. Because she didn't belong. She was diffrent, and it made her feel alone. Now she truly understood why, but then again....she wasn't....alone. Michael, Max, and Isabel were her family, her home. It was really weird to actually be thinking that.

Was everything that she was doing, leading her to this. Was this her reward for all the good she had did. To finally live a life, she never thought she was meant to have.

Serena for once selfishly thought that she hope it was.

"So what has gotten you so lost in thought,"Replied Kenny from behind her.

Serena whipped her head around and smiled, seeing him there. Without a moment of hesitation, Serena answered his question,"Wondering why I'm here?"

Kenny shook his head, pondering her statement,he then sighed and replied,"Well It's kind of simple really, to reunite with your family."

"Why now, why not sooner, why torutre me with this when eventually I will leave again."Serena asked, getting a confused look from Kenny.

"WHy would you want to leave?"

"I for once don't want to, but I have a responsibilty to fullfill, Kenny,"Serena answered, wiping her hands on her legs.

"You're talking about the visions you have."Kenny said, getting a nod from Serena,he then raised an eyebrow and asked,"So you're just going to leave, when your visions tell you to."

"Well I have too, it's hard to explain, but if I gnore them, they will continue to haunt me, I will know the outcome of these visions, what will happen if I choose to look the other way. Nothing changes, because of what I know now." Serena explained, getting up from the stool, and with arms folded across her, looked out on the stage."I will not ignore these peoples cries."

"Well what about Michael?"

"I will fallow him untill I'm pointed in another direction,"Serena countered, her back facing Kenny.

"Well, maybe you won't..ah have to leave. Maybe you're suppose to be with Michael."Kenny sugessted, walking next to her.

Serena turned to look at him, and gave him a half smile, then told him, "That's what I'm counting on."

Tonight, Maria and Michael will be singing a perfect day. It was by Lou Reed.

However, Maria heard a duet version, done by Kristy MacColl and Evan Dando (He's the lead singer of the lemonheads).

She thought it would be the perfect song, that they could end the show with. All the members agreed that they should do it.

The stage was dark. Destiny left two minutes ago, when thier set was finished. They went backstage, to guzzle water, wipe sweat from thier faces and take a short breather. They, along with the audience knew an encore was going to happen.

With the lights still off, the band took the stage again.

Maria went behind the piano, and began to play chords to the beginning of the song. When she began to sing, a spot light went on her. The crowd cheered with excitment, they seem to recongize the song they were playing.

Just a perfect day,
Drink Sangria in the park,
and then later, when it get's dark,
We go home.

Michael was still back stage when Maria began to sing. He took a cordless mic from a roadie, and when it was his turn, he sang from off stage, another spot light caught him walking towards her. He too was greeted with applause. When he was done, he was sitting on the Piano bench next to Maria. His free hand went on her knee. She smiled at him, glad that they could finally be together. They no longer had to hide, how they felt about each other.

Just a perfect day,
Feed animals in the zoo
Then later, a movie too,
And then home.

They stared at each other when they both sang the chorus. Both remebering all the craziness that lead them to this moment. As insane and painful thier journey to be with one another was. They knew they'd do it all over agian.

The final outcome, made it all worth it.

Oh it's such a perfect day,
I'm glad I spent it with you.
Oh such a perfect day,
You just keep me hanging on,
You just keep me hanging on.

Isabel was at stage left. Watching Michael and Maria make beautiful music together. Turning her head towards the stage right area. She saw Max and Liz in an embrace. A glow emenated around them, just like with Michael and Maria. The four of them were in love.

Just a perfect day
Problems all left alone,
Weekendrers on our own.
It's such Fun.

For the first time in her life. Isabel felt envious. It suprised her that she wanted to feel love too. It suprised her even more, that she was hoping Alex would be that person to bring it out of her.

Just a perfect day,
You made me forget myself.
I thought I was someone else,
Someome good.

With a sigh, Isabel turned around and left the backstage area. Walking down the steps that leads to the back of the backstage.

Finding a secluded part in the huge tent, that was set up to be the bands area, to chill out, before, or after thier sets. Isabel took out her cell phone and dialed her parents house.

After a few rings, her father picked up the phone. Good, exactly who she wanted to talk to.

"Hey dad."Isabel greeted happily.

"Izzy sweetie,"Her dad replied in suprise,"What can I do for you?"

"Well,I was wondering if you could help out a friend of mind with a contract."

"What kind of contract?"

"A record deal one, he hasn't signed it yet, they told the band to have thier lawyer look at it....However, they don't have one. So I was figuring you could possibly...."

"I see no reason why I shouldn't,"Her father replied with a chuckle,"We do alot of Business contracts, it shouldn't be too much of a diffrence. Have your friend call my office tomorrow, will set a day and time when the whole band can get together."

"Thanks dad, I appreciate it."Isabel replied, bringing a hand over her exposed ear. Trying to block out the loud music.

Oh it's such a perfect day.
I'm so glad I spent it with you.
Oh such a perfect day,
You just keep me hanging on,
You just keep me hanging on.

"Of course. So now that business is taken care of. How are you and Max doing?"Mr. Evans asked,"We haven't seen you for awhile."

"Actually, there's also another reason why I'm calling,"Isabel explained, her and Max haven't told thier parents about moving to New York yet. They were hoping to get together tomorrow, tell them over breakfast or dinner."So what do you think about having breakfast with your children tomorrow morning."

"I think that would be wonderful, "Philp Evans said with delight. "Your mother will be thrilled."

"Great,"Isabel said, telling herself to inform Max of the plan. It was his idea to try and get together with thier parents tomorrow. She just went ahead and did the leg work."Max and I will be there around eight o'clock."

"I can't wait,"He replied with a chuckle.

Isabel ended the conversation with a goodbye, and placed the phone in her purse. Folding her hands on top of her lap and sighed.

Could she do this? Could she free her heart from the wall she's been building for years.

Isabel for a moment thought about changing her mind. Telling Max she decided to stay. What was she trying to prove? It scared her to no end of opening herself up to Alex. What would he do, even say if he knew who and what she was? Would that scare him? Would he change his mind about wanting to be with her?

However, somehow through her chaotic filled mind, words of the song, that Michael and Maria were singing, found thier way to her ears. Almost warning her not to give up.

You're gonna reap just what you sow.

Isabel felt a force pull her head into a direction.

You're gonna reap just what you sow.

Alex was standing about twelve feet away, with his bandmates. Talking adamently with his hands. She smiled thinking how handsome he was.

You're gonna reap just what you sow.

Isabel knew she wasn't going to give up just yet. It was time to put her insecurities away, and for once in her life take a chance. She needed to have faith in Alex. If he found out, he finds out. Somehow she'll make him understand that she's still the same Isabel. That even though she was diffrent. He should give her a chance to show him, that it didn't matter.

You're gonna reap just what you sow.

Isabel got up from her seat and walked toward Alex.

Everything around her started to move in slow motion. People around her disappeared. That is except for Alex. He glowed and shinned, and she knew this was suppose to happen.

You're gonna reap just what you sow.

Alex looked up from his conversation. He smiled as Isabel walked toward him. Thier eyes locked, a secret message was passed between them. A look of hope, of possiblity, of wiilingness.

Alex could never really think straight when it comes to Isabel. He could be looking into all of this, more than he should.

Yet, something told him, she wanted with him. He was wondering exactly how many beers he had tonight when Isabel stopped in front of him and said hi.

"Well hi yourself."He declared, loving how her precense makes his heart beat fast, causes goose bumps to travel the length of his body, and how he wants him to go down on his knees and worship the ground she walks on.

"I talked to my dad just now,"She announced, smiling shyly at him, causing Alex to sigh in pure joy, she went on,"If you call him tomorrow, he'll set up an appointment to look over the contract.

Alex took a business card,from her, that was obviously her fathers. He shook his head slowly, looking down at the card but not really reading it. "This is great thank you Isabel."

The other members of The Whits were thankful also. They were kind of worried about trying to find a good lawyer. Alex told him of Isabel's offer and they were skeptical at first. However here she is right now, telling them that she actually went through with her promise. That made them respect her more. Yet at the same time, they were suspicous.

Isabel Evans was always known as the Ice Princess. The impression she left many people was that she only cared about herself. That if it didn't help her cause she'd wouldn't even consider it.

Except for Alex, because he was distracted with Isabel. The other band members looked at each other. The same question on thier minds.

What did Isabel Evans want?
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Part 25a~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers

Three encores later. Destiny finally finished thier final set of the crashdown festival concert. Bringing an end to the week long celebration.

Holding hands. michael and Maria left the main stage area. talking excitedly with the rest of the band members. The Linkin park tour, was a month away. They couldn't wait to get back on the road.

"Maria you were wonderful!"

It was maria's mom, Amy Deluca. She was clapping excitedly, running towards her daughter.

"Mom." Maria replied in suprise. Michael tensed up beside her. He wasn't prepared to meet a parental unit just quite yet.

Amy held onto Maria's shoulder's as she pulled back from the huge hug, that threaten to cut off her oxygen supply, and exclaimed,"I'm so proud of you,"

"Ah thanks,"Maria replied nervously. She gave a apologetic look to Michael. She wasn't expecting her mother to get backstage so soon. She hasn't exactly been talking to her mother about things that have been going on the last week. She hasn't even told her about the record deal, the tour, not even about her moving to New York.

Even Pam didn't even know what was going on just yet. Maria was still trying to let everything sink in. Her mother is going to kill her.

"I think you finally found your calling sweetheart."Amy declared, snapping some pictures.

"Funny that you should mention that." Maria replied nervously. Embaressed by her mother's need for treating like this it was a piano recital.

"What is it honey,"Amy asked, realizing she was missing something.

Maria let go of Michael's hand, and grabbed her mother's arm. pulling her away from the congested group.

"I've got to tell you something." Maria began. Dragging her, hopefully to somewhere a little more private. When Alex and the rest of her band mates found her first.

"Maria, you're never going to belive this! We found a lawyer." Alex announced. Getting a confused look from Mrs. deluca.

"Why do you need a lawyer?" She asked in a panic. Her eyes widen in worry.

"Well to look over the record contract."Alex answered. Not realizing he was going to spill the beans about everything, cause he thought maria's mom already knew. "We're going to call Mr. Evans tomorrow. I can't belive we're going to be living in New York City."

"What's he talking about Maria?"Amy asked in horror.

"The Whits got signed, were going on tour with linkin park in November."Alex replied then realized, maybe he shouldn't be saying this to Mrs. Deluca."Ahhh..."

"A record contract, going on tour, moving to New York, maria what's going on here?" She asked, gesturing her hands out before her in fustration.

"Well alot has happen in the last week."MAria started to say.

"I can see that."

"Maybe we should leave,"Alex suggested nervously. The Whits disperse quickly. Leaving Maria to fend off her mother's rath alone.

"I was going to tell you-"

"When,"Amy asked, hurt. "From your New York apartment."

"No,"Maria replied with a huff, shaking her head in disbelief. God her mother was so melodramatic. "It' been crazy this past week, I was planning on taking you out to breakfast tomorrow-"

"Oh geez how thoughtful of you,"Amy said sarcastically, her hands went to her hips, a foot tapped, up and down angrily.

"Mom please, Not but five minutes ago you were telling me how proud you were, and that I finally found my calling."Maria countered, gesturing a hand out to her mother, "Why are you being so insane all of a sudden."

"Cause I just found out my little girl is moving on the otherside of the country going on tour with strangers."Amy exclaimed, raising her hands up in the air,"How do you expect me to take it."

"I don't know mom, but I'm not 16 anymore, you know. I'm 25 years old. I've not lived under your roof for three years."Maria replied, her lips formed a tant line. "I can move to where ever I like."

"I know, but I can still be upset."Maria's mother said with a pout. Then with a sigh asked,"Well when are you leaving?"

"In two weeks-"

"Two weeks,but I thought you weren't going on tour untill November?"

"Well yeah,The Whits aren't yet, but ahh....I'm rehearsing with Destiny. I'll be touring with them untill the Whits join the second leg, then I'll be pulling double duty."

"Why are you touring with Destiny?"

"Well the record company likes how, ah..... Michael and I sing together, they want me to be a regular in the band."Maria explained. Knowing what's coming next.

"Well Why leave in two weeks Maria? That's hardly enough time for us to spend time together."

"Cause I've got to move into the apartment before the rehearsals."

"You've already got an apartment."

"Ah...yeah I do."

"How is that possible, I know how hard it is to find a decent apartment down there."

"Well, ah....I really didn't have to look, ah I'm moving in with Micahel."Maria stuttered. Realizing that this was how she was going to find out about her realtionship with Michael.

"Who the hell is Micahel?"

"Michael Gurien, the gutiar player of Destiny Mom."Maria answered. rolling her eyes, bracing for the onslaught of anger.

"Wait isn't Liz engaged to a Micahel Gurien?"

"Well not anymore,ah..Mom can we talk about this-"

"Wait a minute, you're moving in with a guy that you've known for about what, a week!"

"It appears so mom, yes."Maria countered sarcastically.

"You're on drugs aren't you?"

"MOM!"Maria excalimed in horror,"How can you say that!?"

"Well, what choice do I have."Amy decalered angrily,"My daughter bearly speaks to me and when she does, she tells me she moving to New york to be a rock star, and her roommate is her ex-friends ex-fiancee. I'm sorry but I think I have the right to overreact."

"Whatever Mom!"

"God, and is Liz find with this?"

"Well yeah, she's find with this. If you must know, we've gotten over our past diffrences, and have manged to become firends again."

"Let me get this straight. You steal her Finacee, and this brings you closer, I don't get it!"

"Yes, as crazy as it may sound, people can act civil. I mean she wasn't really even in love with him anyway, she's in love with max evans."

"Max I know you're on drugs."

"You know, I can't talk to you when you're acting this way."Maria replied, raising her hands to her head.

"What way, like a sane person, and not like a character in a soap opera."

Maria glared angrily at her mother, then turned on her heal and walked away.

"Oh don't walk away from me young lady."Mrs. Delcua shouted, chasing after her.

As the two Deluca's ran past the stun members of The Whits and Destiny. Alex turned to Micahel and replied, "Good Luck man, you're going to need it."

Part 25b continued on next post.......
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Part 25b~Come to me~By Carolyn Sawyers

The next morning, Max and Isabel Evans knocked on the front door of thier parents house.

Diane Evans answered. A big smile on her face. Glad to see her children.

However, Max and Isabel had a feeling she wasn't going to be so happy when they tell thier parents the news.

"It's so nice you're having breakfast with us."Mrs. Evans exclaimed cheerfully. Giving both her children huge hugs and kisses on thier cheeks."It seems like ages since you've come to vist."

The two siblings looked guiltily at each other. Dreading how she's going to take them moving to New York.

Soon thier father Phillp Evans strolled into the foyer. He too was all smiles.

"You finally made it."He said, then continued,"Your mother has been up since six this morning, making all your favorites."

"Great,"Max heard Isabel say in his head. "Can I feel anymore terrible."

"It's going to be okay Isabel."Isabel heard Max assuring in her head, "We've got to do this. She'll get over it."

"Max, she's going to cry,"Isabel excliamed unhappily. "I hate it when she cries."

"So shall we eat,"Thier mother announced. Interupting her children's private conversation. "We don't want things to get cold."

Breakfast was filled with conversation, fueled by thier mother only. Max and Isabel answered, but they had too much on thier minds to initiate anything.

"So Max, how's work?"His mother asked. Spreading some butter on a pancake.

"Well it's good." Max replied meekily, clearing his throat he added,"It'll calm down, now that the festival is over."

"Well thank goodness,"Mrs Evans excalimed, shaking her head. "I know the festival brings alot of business to the town, but going downtown this past week was insane. It took me like thirty minutes to find a parking space."

"Yeah, it can get pretty congested."Max agreed, taking a bite of his toast.

"So how's that boss of yours..Brody Davis is his name right?"Diana asked. Smiling.

"Ah yes,"Max answered, his mouth full of toast. "He's somewhere in Argentina, investigating some UFO sighting."

"UFO sightings, goodness how silly is that."Diana laughed, her husband joined in.

"It's funny to see what people will belive in huh?" He replied. Getting a nod from Max and Isabel, he continued,"There's no such thing as aliens."

Isabel coughed suddenly. If only they knew who they adopted.

"Oh honey are you okay?"Diane asked in concern. "Drink some orange juice."

Isabel grabbed the glass in front of her. Gulping the sweet liquid. Not sure how much more of this she can handle.

"Sorry about that,"Isabel replied meekly,"Something just went down the wrong pipe."

"Well, that's okay izzybear."Her dad replied, using the nickname her father has given her. He picked up his fork and asked,"So how are things at the bookstore?"

"Well....ah...It's the same I guess."Isabel replied. Playing with the food on the plate, with a fork.

"That manger of yours, She still given you problems?"Her mom asked. Taking a bite . Waiting for her answer.

"Yeah kind of."Isabel said, then placed her fork beside her plate. She gave Max a look, and he nodded. All this procrastinating is ending now.

The parents noticed the silent communication, between thier two children. This made the two of them tense up a little. Something was going on with thier children.

"Max, Isabel, is something wrong?"Thier father asked. Concern filled both of thier parents eyes.

"Well, It depends on how you look at it?" Isabel began nervously.

"Okay, maybe you should tell us, and let us decide."Her father urged. Bracing himself for the worse.

"Well see...Ah an oppurtunity kind of fell in our laps."Isabel began. Looking to Max for some help.

"Yeah, ah...well, it's going to kind of take us away from Roswell."Max added. Staring at Isabel

"How far?"Her mother asked nervously.

"Ah..New York."Max answered slowly, wincing. Isabel was doing the same.

Thier parents were stunned, and the fact that they were sitting there in silence for five minutes wasn't really good either.

Thier father was the one who broke the akward silence by asking, "Is the reason you're leaving, have anything to do with that friend with the contract?"

"Well kind of." Isabel replied. Realizing this was more complicated then she anticipated. "Alex, well, he's doing what he like. You know being in a band. made me think about the direction that I'm not going in my life. My friends are doing what they love to do, and well..I thought that maybe I could find whats missing in my life."

"I don't understand, you're going to New York because you don't like the way your life is going?"Her father replied shaking his head.

"Well, yeah."Isabel said matter fo factly.

"So Max, what do you have to say?"His father asked, his brow frowed in confusion.

"Ah well."He said a bit anxious, looking at Isabel, then his parents, back to Isabel again, then back to his parents, and with a sigh, decided just to tell them the truth. "I'm fallowing a girl."

It was his mothers turn to cough uncontrollably, when the fit cesased, a hand went to her chest, as she gasped,"Your going to New York for a girl!?"

"Ah yeah,"Max answered,bitting his bottom lip. "I love her."

"I didn't even know you were seeing anybody!"His mother replied, wondering what other events in thier childrens lives they were missing out in.

"Well it kind of happened suddenly."Max said.

"How sudden?"His father asked. Not sure if he wanted to hear the answer.

"Well it's kind of a long story."Max declared. Not really wanting to go into detail.

"Well a sumarry would be nice." His father asked, stunned.

"Ah well, we've been together for a week."Max reluctantly answered.

"This just keeps getting better and better."His mother exclaimed. Shaking her head.

"What are you doing for work?"Phillps asked. Having a hard time beliving what his children were telling him.

"Ah well When I leave Roswell I'll be unemployeed."Max said reluctantly.

Thier parents began to pale. Thier eyes glazed in disbelief. His father looked at his daughter, who was fidgeting nervously in her seat.

"Yeah, uh unemployeed also."Isabel confirmed, averting her eyes from her parents accusing stare. Then added, with an uncomfortable smile. "We've got an apartment."

"Well, it's not going to do you any good if you can't pay for it!"Her mother replied, her voice raising an octve.

The rest of the vist, was with thier parents trying to talk them out of going. When they left an hour later. Max and Isabel were still leaving, and thier parents looked like the were going to combust.

"Well that was plesant."Isabel whispered, as they walked down the path back to Max's jeep.

"Well they didn't knock us out and lock us in our rooms."Max said,sighing from exhaustion,"So that's got to count for something."

"Max, what we're doing, do think it's a mistake?" Isabel asked,watching as he stared unseeingly out the windshield.

"No, I don't."He said with conviction, "I'll go anywhere, risk alot more, to be with Liz."

Isabel and Max turned to look at each other. They smiled knowingly. Not having to say a word. There's no doubt in thier minds, this IS the right thing to do.

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NATEVANS originally wrote:
ya they're going come back soon

what do you mean? That things aren't going to work out and they're going to move back to Roswell??

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cermel originally wrote:
I started your story last night and I love it! I just saved the rest of the chapters to disk so I can read the rest at work today. Shhhh.... I'll be back with feedback later!

Well it's good to know I insprired some devious behavior! lol
Thanks for giving my story a chance!
I can't wait to see what you think of it!
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ya they're going come back soon

I finally realize what you meant. I read it all together and misunderstood.

Yes they're all going.*big*
I feel really dumb now lol

Anyway, working on the next part. Hopefully it'll be up by weekends end,
Thanks again for everyone's support! I appreciate it!

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I'm sorry for the delay. I was really ill yesterday, and any form of creativity was non exsitant. I did try.
I'm working on the next part. I don't know if it'll be ready today. However I will try.

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Thanks for everyone's support!

It's greatly appreciated.

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Part 26~Come to me ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Liz nervously drummed her fingers on the tabletop. She was sitting in a booth towards the back of her parents restaurant-The Crashdown. In exactly two hours, she'll be leaving for New York City. That's how long she's got to tell her parents about Max eventually moving to New York with her. They will not be thrilled, this Liz knew. They barely put on a facade of happiness when she informed them of Her relationship with Michael was over, and she started a new one with Max Evans.

They probably thought that once Michael and herself returned to New York, their little "Phase" would end, and she and Michael would get back together again, after seeing the error of their ways.

The temptation of just running out of the restaurant, and waiting until she was safe in New York, was great. To tell them over the phone sounded even better. However, Liz knew that they deserved to be told in person. Whether they liked it or not.

They can protest all they want, but the fact remains. She loves Max Evans, they're moving in with each other. Nothing they say or do is going to change her mind.

Of course they probably did deserve to be upset. Max and her relationship were hardly a week old. Who in their right mind would move in with someone you barley know.

Well of course she was that someone. However Liz felt it was right. They were soul mates. So their beginnings were a little unorthodox. The fact that he was from another planet kind of proved that. No one ever said love was predictable. Whatever may happen between Max and herself whether it is good or bad, Liz knew she'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.

"Let me come with you," Max insisted. Before she left for the Crashdown. “I can be a little later. Zander can handle things at the UFO center.”

Twenty minutes ago she was in his arm in front of the Crashdown, saying goodbye. He had to work today so this would be the last time they see each other for a whole month.

Having Max come with her was tempting. Not only would she be able to be with him a little longer. She was also afraid of facing her parents alone. However she knew it was best to do this on her own.

“I need to face them alone, Max.” Liz stated, snuggling closer to his chest. “I think that you being there, may actually make matters worse. Let me break it to them first.”

“Are you sure?” He replied. Not really liking the idea of Liz getting the full brutal force of her parent’s anger alone.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Liz confirmed. Bringing her head up to look at him. “Just avoid the Crashdown for a few days. Let the news sink in. It’s not going to be pretty, but after awhile it won’t be so bad.”

“Well, you know your parent’s better than I do.” Max replied with a sigh. “Good luck.”

“Thank you.” Liz huffed in frustration. “I’m going to need it.”

Liz looked up as both her parents’ came to the booth she saved for their luncheon date. It was busy at the crashdown. The day after the festival usually is. Attendees of the event flocked to the restaurant for breakfast, or a late lunch before the trip to their homes throughout the country. There were even guests from all over the world in fact.

Liz remembered that there was always this one guy who came from Scotland every year. Tom Macdonald was his name. Strange fellow, but very nice.

Anyway, her parents’ managed to take some time out of this very busy day to spend time with her. She hated that she’ll have to spring this news on them. At least it’s in a very public place. No big scene will occur. Her life wil be spared, for now.

“Liz, honey. Sorry to keep you waiting.” Her father said. He placed a kiss on her cheek as Liz got up from the booth, to greet them.

“Oh, Dad that’s okay. I know how busy it gets the day after a festival.” Liz replied. Giving him a small hug then went to her mother, who squeezed her to the point of not being able to breathe.

“I can’t believe how fast time went by,” Her mother exclaimed, pulling away. Her eyes were misty. “It seems like you just got here!”

“Oh Mom, it’ll be okay. I promise to visit more often, and it’s not like you can’t come see me.” Liz said softly, she looked at her mom with a gentle smile.

Nancy Parker shook her head as she responded, “I know, but I miss my baby girl.”

“Come on, let’s sit down, so we’re not blocking traffic.” Jeff Parker suggested, guiding his wife into the booth. Liz took the seat opposite of them.

“So, the article you’re working on for that newspaper you work for,” Jeff started to say as he played with his silverware. “When will be able to get a copy?”

“Ah, well it’s hard to say. There’s still some major editing to do, and the tons of photos I’ve got to sort through, maybe in a few weeks, maybe sooner it’s hard to tell. But it will be in a weekend edition, that I do know.” Liz said, her throat felt dry, and she anxiously took a sip of her Ice water.

“Great, I can’t wait to read it.” He said with a forced smile. “So it looks like things are going well with Michael’s band huh?”

“Yes, and its about time.” Liz agreed, clearing her throat. Her parents’ adored Michael. They were beyond thrilled when they heard about the engagement. Ecstatic when they heard a date was set, even though it was sudden, and there was no time to plan a huge wedding. Then their happiness was shattered when she told them of their break up and her new relationship with Max Evans. They were hoping reconciliation would occur. Liz knew that wasn’t going to happen.

“Sooo, Liz. How’s Michael?” Nancy Parker asked.

“Fine, he’s really excited about the tour next month.” Liz answered, tucking a loose strand of her dark hair. “Maria will be touring with them until the Whit’s join them on the second leg of the tour.”

“Yes, It’s sad to have Maria leaving us. Its good that she’s doing something more with her life, instead of working for me.” Jeff joked with a forced smile.

They knew of Marias’ new relationship with their daughter’s fiancée. They loved Maria like a daughter. So they kept their opinions to themselves. Liz honestly believes they blame Maria in some way for Liz and Michael’s breaking up. Liz knew it was a mutual decision between Michael and herself. However Liz was the one who started have a “affair” with Max way before Michael knew about Maria. Just try convincing them that.

Liz gave them a smile and cleared her throat as she was about to start the path to revealing her future plans with Max. That is until Angus their waitress came up to the booth. She cursed inwardly, hating to prolong her agony.

“So are we ready to order?” She asked with a smile.

Everyone nodded their heads. Food orders were placed. Angus left, with a promise of returning with their drinks. Liz really wanted to get this over with before she changed her mind.

As her parents went on about future renovation plans to the Crashdown. Liz tried to take deep cleansing breaths. This wasn’t going to be easy. No matter how delicately she puts it. Liz patiently began to wait for a break in the conversation to tell them everything. She took a deep gulp of her water and with a sigh just went out and blatantly stated, “I’ve got something to tell you.”

Both her parents stopped in mid conversation. They could tell the whole time they got to the table that Liz was preoccupied with something.

“What is it Liz?” Jeff asked, concern filled his voice.

“Well,” Liz began to say. She paused to take another drink of water. Wishing it was some form of alcohol. After a sigh she announced, very quickly. “Max is moving to New York in a month and he’s living with me.”

Liz bit her bottom lip, looking at her parents’ shocked faces told her they were less then thrilled. Something Liz was expecting. She braced herself, knowing the worse was about to come.

“I see.” Her father replied calmly. Way too calmly for him, in fact. His face was turning very red, and he kept playing with his tie. Her mothers’ complexion turned ten shades of white, and the way she was drinking the ice water, made Liz believe she too needed something a bit more stronger.

“So exactly how did Michael take this?” Nancy asked. Sighing in frustration. It looked like she was going to cry.

“He doesn’t care mother, I mean Maria is moving in with him.” Liz proclaimed. Thinking maybe that was way more information then her parents’ could handle right now.

“You mean he’s kicking you out of the apartment.” Jeff gasped in horror.

“Of course not! Michael would never do that.” Liz said in defense. “I just felt that since it was a small apartment, I’d find Max and I a place of our own.”

“And how pray tell are you going to do that?” Jeff exclaimed through grit teeth. “It’s not like apartments, good ones anyway are cheap you know! How are you suppose to find one by the time Maria gets there in two weeks?”

“Does Max even have a job when he gets there?” Nancy added, her anger was starting to show clearly. In fact some of the patrons near by and the staff of the Crashdown, were noticing a bit of tension with the Parker family. Liz notice that Angus was coming their way with drinks, but did an about face when she realize things were getting a bit intense. Liz didn’t blame her. What she would give right now to disappear.

“No Max doesn’t have a job, but it’s not like he can’t get one. And as for getting an apartment. The Gurien’s have offered me one of theirs in the same building too. So you see there’s nothing to worry about.” Liz stated, knowing that no matter what she says and do. They’re going to freak out, and think she’s making the biggest mistake of her life.

“There’s nothing to worry about! Are you crazy Liz? You’re moving in with a boy that you have just started seeing! I can’t believe you’re so blasé about this!” Mrs. Parker exclaimed. Gesturing her hands wildly before her.

“Find so I’m making a mistake. Is that what you want to hear? Well it’s not! Max and I love each other. Deal with it!” Liz proclaimed getting up out if the booth. “ I’m going to the bathroom. When I come back can we not talk about this anymore. I knew it was a mistake telling you all of this.”

The Parker’s stayed quiet as their daughter abruptly left the table. Angus took this moment to drop of the drinks, and after walked away quickly.

“Jeff What are we going to do about this?” Nancy asked almost desperate.

“Well I know one things for certain.” Jeff promised, taking his wife’s hand. “Max Evans will be getting a visit from me. And were going to have a little conversation.”


Max missed Liz terribly. It’s been only thirty minutes since he left her at the front entrance of the Crashdown, but it felt like days. How is he going to survive a month without her?

Max put down a stack of papers he was reviewing and rubbed the bridge of his nose. Concentrating has been impossible. He was worried about Liz and what she was telling her parents at this very moment.
Max knew she had to do this alone, but felt like he should’ve been there for support. He knew a visit from the Parker’s would be inevitable. Would he be able to prove to them that he loved their daughter very much, that he had no intention of hurting her, or using her in anyway.

His parents weren’t supportive of his decision. What makes the Parker’s any different. He knew, especially from stories shared by Maria, that the Parker’s were very protective of their only daughter. This is going to be a tough sell for them. However, he’d do anything for Liz. He’s just got to somehow show the Parker’s this.

With a sigh, Max raised himself out of his seat. He needed to tour the UFO Museum, look for something more hands on to accomplish. Sitting here has been less then productive.

Arriving in the main room of the museum. Max looked around to see that the place is abandon. It was always like this the day after and days following any festival. The attendees are pretty much homeward bound. The Crashdown was the busiest place today. Everyone is getting a meal in before his or her car, airplane, or Greyhound bus, ride home.

“Max, good. I’m glad I found you.” Zander replied a bit disheveled. “The slide projector is on the fritz again.”

“I was wondering when it would finally start freaking out!” Max replied with a sigh. Then added, “Let’s take a look at it.”

Thirty minutes of screaming profanities, shouts of frustration, and a roll of electrical tape later. The slide projector was officially declared dead.

Max and Zander stood behind the machine, dirty, sweaty and defeated. With a shake of his head, Max proclaimed, “Well, it has been in this place since it open in the 60’s. Brody wanted to replace it when he first bought this place, but well I don’t know, I liked trying to keep the old girl alive. Gave me something to do.”

“At least it crapped out after the festival.” Zander pointed out. Patting the top of the slide projector.

“I think there’s another one in storage down in the basement.” Max said, tossing a screwdriver in the toolbox with a loud bang. “I’ll clean up here, and you go downstairs and look for it.”

Zander nodded his head before heading towards the direction of the basement. Max with a defeated sigh, started picking up aimlessly strewn pieces of machinery parts and tools.

Twenty minutes later, he heard the sounds of footfalls. Max assumed it was Zander, back from his adventure in the basement.

“That was fast Zander,” Max started to say. Tossing some trash in a heavy-duty garbage bag. “I’m almost done-“ Max turned and stopped in mid sentence. For it wasn’t Zander who was standing there before him. It was no other then Mr. Parker. He also looked very unhappy.

“Ah Mr. Parker. What brings you here?” Max asked nervously. Knowing all too well why he ventured across the street, to the UFO Center.

“We need to talk.” Mr. Parker replied firmly. Causing Max to squirm.

“Yeah, ah sure.” Max agreed, gesturing his hand towards the rolls of steel chairs. “Have a seat.”

Mr. Parker walked to the nearest chair, and stiffly sat down. His angered stare, not once leaving Max.’s.

“Soooo, aah, what can I do for you today?” Max asked, sitting down two chairs away from Liz’s father.

“It’s about Liz.” He responded, quite serious.

“I kind of figured that.” Max replied with a heavy sigh. “You think she’s making a mistake being with me.”

“It’s not the relationship part that I’m having a problem with.” Jeff said, softly and calmly. His mouth formed a taut thin line.

“You think Liz and I are moving a bit fast, with the whole living together thing aren’t you?” Max relented. Watching as Jeff Parker’s Jaw clenched a bit tighter.

“Yes I do.” He responded through grit teeth. He got up and after pacing for a while, turned to Max and asked, “I don’t think the two of your are thinking very clearly in all of this.”

“We’re not dumb Mr. Parker it’s going to be tough, but we love each other.” Max explained, hoping he could make him understand, he was in this relationship for the long haul. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her.”

“I’m not doubting that Max, but you’re still in the honeymoon stage. There are so many responsibilities and scenarios that you may not have thought about.” Jeff replied, his hands gesturing out before him.

“I understand what you’re getting at Mr. Parker. I know I haven’t got a job yet, but my current boss has some friends that work at some of the museums down there, and I do have a nice little sum of money saved up, so If that’s what you’re worried about-“

“Max, Liz was with Michael for a very long time, they were going to be married. Don’t you think maybe this is all very sudden, that maybe Liz doesn’t love as much as you think she does.” Jeff replied. He sounded almost like he felt sorry for Max.

“Oh, so I’m just some rebound fling, an itch that Liz needed to scratch, that after she’s done with me, she’ll dump me for Michael again. Is that what you think this is?” Max asked, getting beat red with anger. He was now on his feet, standing face to face with Mr. Parker.

“Hey, I’m just telling you what may happen.” Jeff replied defensively raising his hands out before him. “Who knows I may be wrong, but maybe moving to New York City isn’t the best move for both of you right now. You could visit her on weekends, see her on the holidays that sort of thing. Get to know each other better gradually. I mean jumping into something like moving in with each other, when you’ve hardly known each other for more then a month, I mean you should realize that this is insane!” Mr. Parker stated, shaking his head in disbelief.

“I understand that you’re concern for your daughter. Hell, I myself don’t understand all this myself either. However, I’m willing to take a risk and be with your daughter. I know this is right. I do not doubt any minute of this relationship, nor will I ever. I’m not expecting you to understand, or even have your approval for that matter. I just ask that you respect your grown daughter’s decisions. Right now, she wants to be with me, I don’t know why, but I’m grateful, and I’m going to do everything in my power to not let her down, and love her with everything I have. For having her in my life has made me a better person. I just hope I’m worthy of her love.” Max exclaimed. Then with a sigh, Max watched as Liz’s father stared at him, processing everything that he heard. His face was a blank so Max had no idea what was going on inside Mr. Parker’s head.

The awkward silence ended with Mr. Parker breathing a heavy sigh and replying, “I don’t approve of any of this. From what I can tell you’re a good person. However, I don’t really know you Max. For as long as I can remember, you’ve been a loner, keeping to yourself, not causing any trouble, but you’ve never really letting anyone in. For some reason, you let my daughter in. Why is that?” He asked, Max kept silent, then with a sigh he added, “I have to trust my daughter and hope that this isn’t the biggest mistake of her life. I know I can’t prevent my daughter from loving you, or stopping you from going to New York to be with her. Just let this be your warning. It doesn't make a difference how far you are from me, I'm going to keeping close tabs on you. Don't prove me right Max. I want to be proven wrong, you got that."

“Yes, I understand.” Max replied slowly.

“Take care of my baby Max Evans, if you know what’s good for you.” Mr. Parker replied, before turning on his heals and walking away from Max.

“Well that went well,” Max sarcastically mumbled under his breath. He shook his head in frustration, hating that everyone was questioning his actions. He wasn’t in high school anymore. He was keeping a steady job, and living on his own quiet nicely for a while know. Does everyone think he and Liz are incompetent or something? Do they not realize that they both know that this journey wasn’t going to be an easy one. That even thought they know that the odds are stack against them. They were willing to take that risk, and make it work.


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kittens originally wrote:
Is it a good thing or bad thing that it's not one 4 bedroom apartment??
Although Kyle's with Pam in Roswell, but Serena's in the mix. Just how many couples can be under one roof, LOL!!!
MAybe M/M in their own place is best, the yelling and all, LOL!!!
And why can't they set up a job in the weeks they have to prepare for the move, it's not like there aren't jobs in NY.
And just how great a job is manager of the UFO museum anyways, not like it requires a college degree.

I got everyone's futures pretty much mapped out in my head. Brody has lots of connections, he'll take care of Max. But it's true, having alot of people would be like a Real World episode. lol
Just read on and everything will be revealed. Though I will tell you the's not going to be easy.
Thanks to everyone's FB and support!
A new Chapter has been posted for Loving What's GOne~ For thiose wh read that story, and I'm trying to get SomeWhere in between posted today (Crosses finggers)
Anywho off to write!
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Lana Lane originally wrote:
Carolyn please don't think that I'd gone and forgotten about this story because I couldn't ever do that but what with real life, not feeling 100% and a nutty computer that's got a mind of it's own, I've finally caught up with this wonderful story today and I LOVE IT MORE AND MORE as I'm left excitably waiting for the next part, please post as and when you can.

Hey no problem, I totaly understand. I haven't been quite frequent over at your stories either. God knows I've got sooo many to read!!
I appreciate your support.
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Hello everyone, I just finished a new part on Somewhere in between! Working on a new part for this story now!
Thanks for everyones support, FB & bumps!
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Okay, I really don't know how I feel about this new part.
To me it's kind of filler, before the reall stuff gets started.
Anywho, enjoy! Thanks for everyones FB!
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Part 27 ~ Come to me ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Maria’s last day in Roswell was an emotional one. Especially for her mother, the whole time at her farewell party, she took endless amounts of pictures and kept hugging her daughter, waterworks were involved, so it wasn’t pretty.

Now they’re at the airport, and Amy Deluca was still crying. It was kind of embarrassing for Maria, but she forced a smile on her face, and dealt with her mother’s need to be emotional.

“Mom it’s not like I’m not going to see you ever again.” Maria replied, looking over her mother’s shoulder, pleading with her eyes at Max for some help. They were at the Security checkpoint. Saying their good-byes, before Maria went through the Metal detectors.

Max just smiled and decided just to look on. It was quite entertaining to watch Maria squirm every time her mother snapped another picture, or hugged her fiercely.

“I know, it’s just, I already miss you.” Amy Deluca wailed, hugging her daughter tighter.

“Mom,” Maria gasped, trying so very hard to be understanding, “I can’t breathe.”

“I’m sorry,” Amy said, pulling away, grabbing a tissue, Max conveniently had in his hand. She thanked him as she took it, and blew her nose.

“Mom I promise, I’ll call you everyday. I’ll e-mail you the entire tour schedule. No matter where I am if you want to come to the show, you just need to call and I’ll have everything arranged okay?” Maria said, hugging her mothers’ shoulders.

“Okay,” Amy replied nodding. She forced a small smile and added, “I’m very proud of you Maria, I hope you realize that.”

“Thank you for saying that mom.” Maria answered; starting to feel kind of misty eyed herself. “I love you.”

This of course started the waterworks again. “I love you too.” Amy mange to choke out, blowing her nose again.

This was when Kyle and Pam showed up. A bit out of breath but relieved they didn’t miss Maria.

“Thank God you made it!” Maria exclaimed running into Pam’s arms.

“We were a bit worried ourselves about making it in time.” Kyle declared, still catching his breath, he patted Max.’s back as he said, “Evans.”

“Hey Kyle.” Max returned, stuffing his hands in his jean pockets. “It’s good that you’re here, she was really starting to get upset, and with her mom being, well a little clingy at the moment.”

“Yeah, I see.” Kyle stated, watching as Mrs. Deluca was talking to the girls, crying and fussing over Maria.

“I can’t believe everyone’s leaving, Maria today, you and Isabel in a few more weeks. It’s going to be pretty boring around here.” Kyle stated, sounding a little sad, he then added, “I know this is going to sound weird, but I’m going to miss the girls going crazy while watching General Hospital.”

“Yeah, I’m actually going to have to agree with you on that.” Max laughed, shaking his head.

“Max Kyle, Come over here, let me get a group photo of you guys.” Amy said, waving her hands.

The two guys nodded their heads, and posed for a few pictures. Maria during the whole time talked to Max.
“So, how’s the job hunting going? Brody hook you up or what?” Maria asked, through a force smile.

“Actually, I have an interview a few days after I arrive at some air-sea and space museum. According to Liz it’s quite the commute from where we’re going to be living.” Max said with a smile.

“Well hey it’s something,” she replied, turning to face him, cause the photo taking was over with. “It seems you still have the whole “space” theme going on.”

“Yes, I appears so. It does sounds like it’ll be a cool place to work at.” Max said with a shrug.

“Flight 473 non-stop to New York City is now boarding in gate 35.” Replied the voice through the intercom.

“Well that’s me.” Maria said with a sigh.

Everyone got a few hugs and teary good-byes in before Maria turned to walk through the metal detector. She wished they could see her off at the gate. But they’d have to buy a ticket.

“Oh Maria wait.” Max replied suddenly. She turned around as Max quickly walked to her. He handed her a letter. And asked, “Can you give this to Liz?”

“Of course.” Maria said taking the envelope from him. “She and Michael will be meeting me at the airport. How are you holding up?”

“I miss her very much.” Max said with a sigh.

Maria gave him a reassuring smile as she stated, “Well you’ve just got to hold on for a few more weeks, then you’ll see her again.”

“I know, tell her I love her for me will ya.” Max asked.

“You know I will, but I’m sure you’ll be talking to her tonight.” Maria said laughing.

“I know I’m sounding pathetic, but well I can’t help it.”

“Hey you’re speaking to the choir girlfriend.” Maria said, then after stuffing Liz’s letter in her purse, she hugged Max and whispered in his ear. “See ya soon.”

Maria pulled away from his embrace, gave a wave to everyone and went about putting her things on the moving belt of the X-ray, and walked through the metal detectors.

Max watched Maria as she gathered her things, gave a final wave before heading off to catch her plane.

Max turned around and saw both Pam and Amy crying in Kyle’s arms, who looked awkward, standing there consoling two very emotional women.

Max was glad he drove Maria and her mother to the airport. Amy Deluca didn’t seem like she was in a condition to drive.

“Come on Mrs. Deluca, Let me take you home.” Max suggested, touching her shoulder.

She shook her head, and after wiping her wet eyes, the four of them started walking back towards the entrance they came in to see Maria off.

Soon, Isabel and he will be going through all of this with their parents. It’s funny the furthest he went from Roswell was California. New York is a long way from home. Not that New York was a different country, but it was a step in the right direction. He never imagine he’d be anywhere but Roswell. Liz has made it possible for him to have a whole new life, full of all kinds of possibilities.

Then there’s meeting people like him. Most of them live in New York, with others coming from all over the country to see the royal four together again.

He had so many questions to ask them. What were his parents like? What was Antar like? What was everyone doing since they landed here? He couldn’t wait to leave Roswell, and yet at the same time, he’ll miss the life he made for himself here.

However, he’ll have a new life waiting for him. Love, a new job (hopefully), meeting new people, getting use to a whole new state.

Right now Max Evans couldn’t get any happier.


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Part 28 ~ Come to me ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

“I can’t believe Liz called it!” Maria exclaimed in the phone to Pam. They were watching General Hospital. Of course it was taped because Maria rehearses with Destiny when it’s on. This was their routine now. Watching it over the phone, still going crazy over the plots. The yelling was still there, but Pam was in Roswell, and Maria was in New York.

“Courtney and Jason, who would’ve thought.” Pam said, then added, “I knew Jason and Elizabeth was so not going to work, and as for Courtney, I honestly thought she would be with Coleman.”

“EWW, her old boss from the Oasis, that’s horrid.” Maria proclaimed in disgust. “The whole mullet thing is just so wrong. He seriously needs to get a hair cut.”

“I know,” Pam replied with a sigh then continued, “ I feel like my intuitiveness is like on the fritz, I so should’ve seen this coming. Especially when Sonny told Jason to keep an eye out for her when she worked at that strip club.”

“Liz did tell us Pam.” Maria pointed out, “We just thought it was out there.”

“They distracted us with the whole Brenda is coming back.” Pam replied with a laugh.

“No kidding, and besides, you called him breaking up with Skye and going to Brenda.” Maria said helpfully.

“Oh come on Maria, everyone could tell that was coming.” Pam responded, then added,” Even Kyle knew that was going to happen.”

“Is he there now?” Maria asked curious.

“No he’s working.” Pam replied, then asked, “Is Liz there?”

“No, she’s at the airport remember Max and Isabel are flying in any minute.”

“That’s right.” Pam said, “We said our good-byes at their party last night, because Kyle had to work.”

“I miss you chica.” Maria said sadly.

“I miss you too girlfriend.”

“So when are you going to come and visit me?” Maria asked anxiously.

“I don’t know.” Pam replied, then said, “getting time off of work won’t be easy. But when I do, I’m on the first plane to New York or to wherever city you’re playing in.”

“Just call my cell, and I’ll take care of everything.” Maria replied, wishing her friend was here with her in the flesh watching their favorite soap instead of across the country.

“So how’s Alex liking New York?” Pam asked to change the subject.

“He’s loving it of course.” Maria replied smiling. “Mr. Evans sent one of his firms lawyers to New York yesterday to finalize the contract. The Whit’s will be rehearsing tomorrow.”

“So when does the tour start?” Pam asked.

“The end of the week.” Maria answered, getting up from the couch to shut off the TV. “I’ll be focusing on rehearsing with the Whit’s now, until I leave with Michael on Friday.”
“I bet your peeing yourself.” Pam gushed excitedly, “ I mean Linkin Park, how cool is that?”

“Very cool.” Maria agreed, shaking her head.

“I can’t wait to see this show!” Pam replied

“I can’t wait to see you again.” Maria cried, feeling her eyes begin to mist.

“Pam, Hun who’s on the phone?” Maria heard Kyle ask in the background.

“Maria, we just finished watching General.” Pam answered.

“Hey Maria!” Kyle screamed in the background, causing Maria to smile. He must’ve just got home from work. Man she is feeling a bit homesick. Almost all of her friends are living in New York City. Except for the one that really matters the most. Pam, and Kyle too. She needs to convince the two to move to New York. How fun will that be? Something out of an episode of friends she’d imagine.

“Hey Kyle,” Maria declared, smiling.

“She says hi back.” Pam relayed, then she asked. “So how’s Serena holding up?”

“Doing well, she’s actually living with Michael’s parents right now.” Maria answered.

“I thought she was living with you and Michael?” Pam asked confused.

“Well that was the plan until she finds something of her own.” Maria replied, then added, “ However, the place is small, not that it bothered anyone any, but Mrs. Gurien insisted that she takes one of the spare rooms in their apartment. Stating that Serena would probably like a place where she can have some alone time.”

“That was nice of her.” Pam said.

“Yeah, I thought so. She’s taken a liking to Serena. You should’ve been here when Michael introduced her as his sister.” Maria said with a laugh, “They were speechless!”

“Really, I can only imagine.” Pam said.

“It was like an instant daughter, she always wanted one too. Serena really likes them a lot.” Maria replied.

Just then Serena came through the front door. Serena gave a slight nodded of greeting, then bee-lined towards the kitchen. Maria watched as she opens the fridge. Something wasn’t right. Still watching Serena rummage through the fridge, she quickly replied, “Ah Pam, I need to go.”

“Okay, “ she replied a bit concerned. “Is everything okay?”

“I’m not quite sure.” Maria said, an eyebrow raised, as a depressed looking Serena plopped down at the kitchen table, eating a sandwich. “I’ll call you tomorrow okay.”

“Yeah, no problem.” Pam agreed, still worried, but knew Maria would fill her in later.

Maria ended the conversation with Pam five minutes later. With a sigh, she put the cordless phone back on the hook, and gave a sidelong glance over at Serena. Who was peeling the crusts off of the bread.

She got off the couch, went to the stove, took the teakettle and filled it up with water. As she turned the stove on, she propped a hand on her hip and stated, “So I’m getting the feeling that the job hunt isn’t going very well.”

Serena looked over at Maria and with a small smile and answered, “Is it that apparent?”

“Serena darling,” Maria replied sitting down at the table, then continued, “I don’t need alien powers to tell me something’s wrong.”

“Yeah well, that’s the problem, my powers.” Serena declared placing the peeled bread crust on a paper towel beside her plate.

“What happen?” Maria asked concerned.

“Well I go to the interviews and I think things are going well,” Serena explained shaking her head, “But then the interview ends, I shake their hands and well I get flashes of their future, and it’s not them giving me a job, they’re giving it to someone else.”

“Ah, I see.” Maria replied, with a sigh she replied, “It’s tough finding a half decent job, but you shouldn’t let those future visions get you down. You’ll find your path.”

“Maria what if I’m already on the path I’m suppose to be taking.” Serena replied frustrated. “Maybe being here isn’t where I’m suppose to be.”

“Perhaps, but you haven’t got any visions yet that leads you away from New York, right.”

“No I haven’t.”

“Then you’re suppose to be here.” Maria countered, getting up as the kettle begins to whistle. “Your visions brought you here, to obviously get reacquainted with your brother. I think you shouldn’t get yourself crazy about where you’re suppose to be going and concentrate on where you are.”

“That was very insightful of you Maria.” Serena replied smiling, and obviously feeling a lot better.

“Yeah well I have my moments.” Maria said with a chuckle, as she poured herself a cup of Chamomile tea. She took the cup with it’s steaming liquid over back to the table and as she sat down suggested. “Why not go and ask Mrs. Gurien for a job at the book store. With Michael going on tour, I know they’re going to be needing some help.”

“Oh no, that job doesn’t belong to me. Isabel will be the one to fill that position.” Serena perdicated, taking a bite of her sandwich.

“Okay, “Maria said, shaking her head, with a laugh. It’s still hard to get use to Serena’s knowledge of the future. When she started watching General Hospital with the gang, she would have this habit of telling events that would happen, which would drive Maria crazy. The whole point of watching a soap, even with it being predictable, was to get caught up in the crazy plots, and the outrageous pairings, without knowing really what was going on, that made the whole experience enjoyable. Serena was told nicely to keep her thoughts of the soap to herself, whom she gladly did, endless she was specifically asked, which was a rarity.

“Do you think Michael would have a problem if I go on tour with you guys?” Serena asked, looking up at a stunned Maria.

“Well, I see why not.” Maria answered, raising a curious eyebrow. “He was worried about leaving you behind.”

I didn’t get a vision or anything that I would be going on the tour, I just have more of a feeling, then anything else.” Serena explained with a sigh.

“I’ll talk to Michael tonight.” Maria said, crossing her legs, and reclining back in her chair.

“Where is my dear brother?” Serena asked, curious.

“Over Brains’ house going over some songs.” Maria answered, taking a sip of her tea.

“Can I hang out her for awhile?”

“Of course, I’ve nothing plan today.” Maria said, smiling, then added, “Want to go shopping?”

“Yeah, I would like that.” Serena agreed, getting up from the table to put her plate in the sink. She then turned to Maria and asked, “Did you tape General today?”

“Yes I did,” Maria said shaking her head, “Liz had to pick up Max and Isabel from the airport, I had rehearsal, so we can watch it later tonight.”

“You saw it already, watch it with Pam, yes?” Serena asked, turning back to face the sink to wash her hands.

“Yeah, but that’s okay.” Maria replied laughing, “I won’t mind drooling over Jason again.”

“Yeah, he’s a looker alright, but I’m quite taken with Lucky, I love his eyes.” Serena swooned with a sigh.

Maria giggled and walked over next to Serena, “yes I will have to agree with you on that.”

“Too bad the actor is leaving the show.” Serena replied sadly, “They’re going to recast him but it just won’t be the same.”

“Yeah, well Jonathan Taylor was the original any way, and Jacob Young was good but-Wait a minute Jacob Young is leaving the show!?” Maria exclaimed shaking her head.

“Oh I’m sorry it hasn’t been announced yet, crap I’m sorry Maria, I always get the future and the present mixed up sometimes.” Serena chastised herself, taking a towel and dried her hands.

“No, It’s okay, I’m just surprise that’s all.” Maria said with a huff sigh, “I can’t believe they’re recasting Lucky again. A lot of fans were upset when Jonathan left and Jacob took over, now we’re going to have to get use to a brand new lucky all over again.”

“It’ll be a while yet, but anyway,” Serena replied with a pause then continued, “So when is Liz coming back? Will we have time to go out or should we wait?”

“Ah,” Maria started looking down at her wristwatch, then said, “Yeah we’ll have time, she left about an hour ago, and Max and Isabel’s flight just got in, so it’ll be a while before they get back.”

“Great, let me get my coat at the Guriens' and we can leave.” Serena replied walking past Maria and slightly brushed her arm with Serena’s own. She stopped in her tracks, a flash appeared in her mind.

She didn’t know how long she was out, but when the vision stopped, Maria was looking at her with concern.

“Serena, are you okay?” Maria asked knowing she had a vision after touching her. Was something bad going to happen to her?

“Something bad is going to happen.” Serena said softly, still a bit shaken by what she saw.

“To me?” Maria asked disconcerting.

“No, to Liz, I saw her death.”


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Strawbehrry Shortcake originally wrote:
NONONONO!! Just when things were going so well!! Just like General Hospital!! *sad*I thought for sure a sign for Courtney and Jason getting together was when Sonny said no way, don't think about it to Carly!!
I hope that Serena got enough info to help them protect Liz!! Excellent Part!! Can't wait for more!! *bounce**angel**bounce*

Oh cool you watch the General too! I love Jason!
Elizabeth was such an idiot!
I'm glad everyone liked the part.
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**Authors Note**

I'm sorry that I've been lacking in my up dates! RL, Christmas shopping and Work has just made it hard to write often.
I've updated Somewhere in between, for those who read that, and I'm working on this stoy next!

Thanks for everyone's support, and the BUMPS!! YOu guys are the best!
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Even though I haven't posted it yet, but I've got a Roswell/Smallville crossover that I'm debating on posting or not, oh well we'll see lol

So okay here's the next part, its a bit short, but I wanted to post something, and I like how it came out. I might have the next part be 29b, well see. Anywho enjoy, and thanks again for everyones support!

Part 29 ~ Come To Me ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Getting to JFK airport was a nightmare. She was stuck in traffic for an hour, which normally was how long it took to get from her apartment to the airport. Liz left three hours before Max and Isabel’s plane would come in.

When she finally got her car parked in the airport lot. Max and Isabel’s plane had arrived thirty minutes ago.

Liz made sure she had her keys before locking the car door, then ran towards a bus stop to catch a shuttle to terminal four. They arrived on flight 272, on Northwest airlines.

Liz looked to see if a shuttle was coming, she hated waiting, and hated waiting more when she was late. She looked down at her watch and cursed. Max knew she was coming, and was glad she told him that she may be late, depending on the traffic.

She paced for about five minutes when finally in the distance she saw a shuttle coming her way.

Liz bounced excitedly, dying to get to the airport and jump into Max.’s arms. It has been the longest thirty days she’s ever experienced. Thank god for work, and decorating the apartment, or she would’ve gone mad.

The shuttle stopped in front of her, the doors open and she bounded on the bus, taking the seat nearest to the door.

Ten minutes later, Liz was power walking through the terminal. Stopping briefly in front of an arrival/departure screen. She found Max.’s flight; it came in on time. Looking around Liz searched for a sign to the arrivals gate. Finding the sign to take her in the right direction, Liz continued the journey through the chaotic airport terminal.

Reaching her destination, Liz frantically looked around for any sign of Max or Isabel. Other arrivals from different planes poured out of the arrival gate. Liz cursed for being late. She’s never going to find them now.

“Liz,” Screamed Isabel’s voice, from behind her.

Turning around Liz spotted Isabel waving frantically at her. Max wasn’t there, but she’s pretty sure he’s not too far away. Liz had a feeling he’s probably at baggage claim.

“Isabel,” Liz gasped a little out of breath, as she reached Max.’s sister. “I’m so sorry I’m late, you won’t believe the traffic I had to fight to get here.”
“We figured as much.” Isabel said, giving Liz a hug. “Max went to get the luggage.”

“Okay, good. SO we’ll stay here until he comes back then.” Liz said, shaking her head, then asked, “So how was the flight?”

“Better then I thought.” Isabel replied, fixing her purse over her shoulder, then as she crossed her arms she continued, “This was the first time for the both of us on an airplane.” Isabel shook her head and laughed as she added, “Max was clutching his armrest the whole time. He didn’t get up to go to the bathroom or anything. His seat belt was on the whole time. I swear I thought he was going to hurl.”

“Oh dear, poor thing.” Liz said shaking her head. “You think he’d like air travel being who he is and all.”

“You would think.” Isabel said laughing. Then she looked past Liz and with a smile announced, “Ah speaking of whom, Max is coming.”

Liz spund around and got this huge smile on her face. Max stopped pushing the baggage cart, and returned her smile with a huge one of his own.

Liz didn’t have to think twice, she started to run in his direction. His arms were open and ready for her as she barreled into them. Squeezing him tightly, reeling in his warmth, taking in his familiar smell of spice and musk. He was playing with her hair and kissing the top of her head. Finally they were together now.

They both pulled away at the same time, staring deep into each other’s eyes.

“Hey,” He whispered softly, taking her face in his hands.

“Hey,” She repeated, standing on her tiptoes, encircling her arms around his neck.

The distance between their faces quickly closed in, as both their hungry lips touched the others. Weeks of being apart, went into that kiss, many days of built up passion, need, loneliness, it was all there, and they were finally able to share with each other how much being apart really sucked, and how great it was to finally be reunited.

People around the couple looked on, some shook their heads horrid of the public display of affection, some smiled thinking to themselves how grand young love is, there was even some wolf calls, and cheers of encouragement.

However they might as well have been alone, cause as soon as they saw each other for the first time after being apart for weeks, everything around them disappeared, and all that remained was the two of them.

Isabel clearing her throat impatiently, bringing the two out from under their spell. They reluctantly pulled their lips apart, their foreheads touched as they caught their breath and looked longingly at each other.

“Sorry for the interruption you two, but the faster we get out of here the quicker we get home, and the sooner you two can well get reacquainted with one another.” Isabel said, shaking her head and laughing softly, she walked over to the baggage cart, and was ready for Liz to lead the way to the car.

Max and Liz smiled, looking a bit embarrassed by their very public display, but they didn’t regret it, knowing they’ll probably do it all over again.

Linking his hand with hers, Liz began to lead him back to where she was dropped off by the shuttle bus. They remain silent occasionally looking at each other with longing. Dying to be alone.

When they finally arrived back at the car, the Gurien’s lent her to pick up Max and Isabel. Liz opened the trunk as Max loaded everything inside. She stayed near by, watching his every move, feeling empty that she wasn’t touching him. It was pathetic sounding, but she missed him so very much. She had the next two days off from the paper and she was going to spend those two days, being naked in bed and making love with Max, until she has to go back to work.

Five minutes later they pulled out of the airport and were heading back towards Manhattan. It would be at least two hours before they get home. The city was tearing up a section of the highway, so traffic was going to be backed up for a while.

“So,” Liz said, glancing at max from the corner of her eyes, so she could still be watching the road ahead of her. “Isabel tells me you hated the trip here.”

Max with a hand on her leg replied, “Oh god, it was terrible, the only thing that kept me from not going insane was that you were waiting for us at the airport. I do not like turbulence.”

“Now that’s an understatement.” Isabel replied from the back seat laughing, “I thought you were going to rip the arm rest right off the chair.”

“The plane was shaking so badly I swear it was going to fall apart around me.” Max exclaimed, turning around to face his sister. “I don’t think I’ll be flying anytime soon.”

“I doubt very much, that you’ll be taking the bus when we visit home, it’ll take days before you arrive home.” Isabel pointed out, knowing how impatient her brother can be.

“Well mom and dad will just have to visit-whoa Jesus Liz what the hell is going on?” Max exclaimed, as he felt the car jolt all of a sudden.

“Its called offensive driving Max.” Liz explained, making a daring lane change that caused max to turn two shades of white. “It’s a way of life here, you do what you can to avoid traffic and other cars.”

“I think maybe I was wrong about flying-Christ Liz you almost hit that car.” Max proclaimed, pointing outside the car. “

Liz honked her horn as a car tried to cut in front of her, without realizing Liz was dangerously close to his front bumper. The guy gave her an annoyed look, and Liz screamed, “Watch where you’re going asshole!”

Max looked at Isabel who was laughing then at Liz who glanced at Max and announced grandly, ”Welcome to New York Max.”


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After much delay new part will be up late tonight after I get home from work.

Sorry that I've been really neglective of this story! I hate RL!

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Look I'm finally updating! I'm sorry for neglecting this story for so long, thanks for everyone's patience. This part will be in two posts.

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Part 30 ~ Come to me ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Max was glad to finally be out of the car. He loves Liz with all his heart, but the girl was one of the craziest drivers he ever had the displeasure of riding with. Though when they finally got onto the island, Max got kind of distracted by the newness of being in the big city. Isabel herself was craning her neck to see the tall buildings, and peering out of the car window to see the rhythmic chaos of the going ON’s in the street and on the sidewalks. It was actually kind of exciting.

They’ve lived in Roswell all their lives, and as overwhelming as everything is right now. Max is glad he decided to move to New York. They’re going to be experiencing so much that they would never have in Roswell.

The trio was laughing and talking as the stepped out of the elevator and onto the floor. They saw Maria and Serena near their apartment front door. It looked like as if they were going to go inside.

“Maria What are you doing here?” Liz asked a bit perplex.

The two girls turned their way, for a moment they looked distraught. However seeing the trio in the flesh quickly turned their faces into relief.

“Thank god!” Maria exclaimed, running to Liz and giving her the biggest bear hug, she pulled back and demanded, “Don’t you ever check your phone messages?”

“Am I missing something here?” Liz asked a bit confused.

Maria didn’t listen to her and continued to ramble on, “New rule Cell phones must be answered and never shut off when there’s a psychic living in this apartment building.”

“Maria are you okay?” Max asked, giving her a look of concern, “Have you been over dosing on the cypress oil again?”

“I’m afraid she was worried because of me,” Serena announced walking up to Liz and took her hand. She closed her eyes, and everyone looked on as she stood there in silence, when she finally open her eyes, she looked into Liz’s eyes and demanded,” When you go site seeing tomorrow, take the train.”

“Okay.” Liz replied slowly, realizing what all the chaos was all about. Serena had a vision involving Liz and some possible tragic accident. Yesterday she prevented the Guriens bookstore from burning down, by pointing out to Mr. Gurien that he should be more careful checking the store before closing. If Serena didn’t intercept him at the front entrance, then Pokey, their tortoise shell cat, would’ve knocked over a forgotten burning candle, causing total destruction. . The day before she prevented Michael’s’ arm from becoming broken by telling him to avoid lifting a heavy box of Liz’s stuff that he was moving to the apartment up stairs. He would’ve lost his balance and fell down a flight of stairs.

Serena had become the groups guardian Angel, but you can tell she’s kind of bored with all the little stuff, and was wondering why she hasn’t had the more dramatic visions like she use to.

“Good,” She stated, looking over at Maria and said, “Let’s go shopping, there’s a sale on Jeans at the GAP, ” She turned to Isabel and said, “ You should come with us. They need to be alone. I’ll be down stairs in your apartment Maria.”

“Thank God you’re safe!” Maria exclaimed in relief, giving Liz another hug, then added, “She saw you die in a car accident, and when I realize you were driving at the airport, my mind couldn’t stop thinking of the worse possible scenario. The fact that I kept getting your voice mail made me freak out even more.”

“She didn’t know when, that’s pretty odd.” Liz replied confused, knowing Serena would always proclaim that such and such was going to happen, to whomever, on this day, at this exact time.

“Yeah well she got a residual from a third party, which happens to be me, so all the facts weren’t available for her to decipher.” Maria explained, then with a sigh added, “But enough with the drama already, Max,” She said dashing into her friends arms, “ I missed you man!”

Max laughed as he returned the hug and repeated, “ I miss you too.”

“Dude there’s this club you so got to go with me before I head off to the Linkin Park tour, totally up your alley!” Maria announced, stepping back from max.’s grasp and added, “it’s called the Strange Brew and it’s like no bar I’ve seen before. It’s has couches and chairs and coffee tables, instead of bar stools and the walls have books filled shelves-I mean you’ve got to see it for yourself, there’s bands every night except for Sunday’s which is left for open Mic.”

“It’s sounds amazing Maria, I’m definitely interested.” Max answered, with a laugh. It was good to be around hyperactive Maria again. It’s good to know he can count on her tangent ramblings.

“Excellent, well don’t want to keep you-ah I’m sure you’ve got a lot of-ah catching up to do,” Maria replied knowingly, then turned to Isabel and added, “You’re coming right.”

“Me miss a chance to go shopping, never. Give me ten minutes.”

“Great, one floor down, apartment 4c.” Maria Instructed, then left, taking the stairwell to her floor.

“Goodness your first day is just chock full of excitement.” Liz laughed, taking out her keys from her jacket, to unlock the door.

Stepping across the threshold Max and Isabel could only stare in awe. The place was absolutely gorgeous.

“Oh my god Liz this place, it’s amazing.” Isabel replied walking further into the apartment. Letting go of her bags, and looking up at how high the ceilings were. She notices in the living room a flight of stairs that lead up to a loft that over looks the living room. That’s probably where the bedrooms are.

It was a very spacious and sunny apartment. Isabel just loves the large casement picture windows and how that even though there was no walls to indicate separate rooms. You can almost imagine there was the living room, then in the middle a dinning area, and then of course the kitchen. All the floors in the place were hardwood. Liz had a few throw rugs, which added to the apartment nicely, the walls are white and the woodwork matched the floors.

Isabel couldn’t wait until the moving truck with the furniture their parents have given them arrived. It’ll definitely make the place feel a bit homier.

The decorating possibilities were endless. From what she can see so far, her and Liz’s tastes are not far from being different. The two of them will get along nicely. Isabel held back the need to go into detail with Liz of her many decorating ideas, cause since the scene Liz and her brother made in the middle of the airport. The two lovebirds have been undressing each other with their eyes and she’s just way too sexually frustrated to be feeling their sexual vibes emanating off of each other.

Thank god for Serena and Maria’s shopping invitation. Isabel really didn’t want to hear her brother and his girlfriend having sex.

“I knew you’d like the place Isabel,” Liz said proudly, “I was figuring we could pow wow over some decorating ideas in the future, you know after the moving truck gets all your stuff here.”

“That’s a wonderful idea.” Isabel said nodding her head, glad that they’re on the same wavelength. She turned to face Liz and sighed as she witness the two of them eyeing each other longingly. Okay maybe she’ll get a tour of the place later. Just because she has no love life does not mean she should deny her brother a minute more without touching the women he loves, god it’s been a month. He’s probably ready to explode! She then declared,” You know I think I’ll just wait until later to see my room, I mean I don’t want to keep Maria and Serena waiting for too long.”

“Isabel it’s not going to take-“

“No, I’m cool for know.” Isabel replied grabbing her purse from the pile of her luggage that she dropped, then as she open the front door she explained, ”Believe me the pull of my shopping addiction is stronger then the need to see my apartment. So ah see yea around.”

Isabel abruptly left the apartment, closing the door firmly behind her.

Max and Liz looked at each other, smiling knowingly, wondering if they were actually alone. If this was actually a reality and not a dream that one of them had made up in their heads.

“So it appears we’re alone.” Liz said softly walking slowly up to Max, and slowly began to unbutton his shirt.

“Yes, it seems so,” Max agreed, watching her release his shirt buttons, then added, “However, I think that maybe we shouldn’t take any chances.”

“What do you mean?” Liz asked, slipping the black shirt off, letting it fall to the floor, She began to caress his chest, and he closed his eyes, dying for it to progress a lot more.

“Well,” He began as he abruptly picked Liz up in his arms, she screeches in surprise.

“Max what are you doing?” She asked as he made his way towards the staircase.

“Taking you upstairs locking the door before we get interrupted.” Max proclaims, climbing the stairs.

Liz giggled in delight as he made it to the landing. Liz directed him to their bedroom, luckily the door was cracked open, so with his foot he kicked it open, with the same foot he closed it. Preventing anyone form intruding on their reunion.

“I love you Ms. Parker.” Max declared, as he gently placed her on the bed.

“And I love you Mr. Evans.” Liz returned, framing Max.’s face with her hands.

They began to kiss each other hungrily, the annoying barriers of clothing was quickly discarded.

Her legs found themselves wrapped around his waist, and max wasted no time entering her. Her breasts gently caressing against his chest, his stomach on her stomach, her lips on his lips, they were becoming one in their Rhythmic dance. With time standing still and everything around them disappearing, the beat of their hearts, the sound of their breathing, the gasps and moans were the music of their private dance.

To Liz Parker and max Evans, Life couldn’t get any better than this.

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Part 30b ~ Come to me ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

“Okay so what do you think about this one?” Isabel asked, modeling for the hundredth time one out of many outfits she was indecisive on.

“It’s very nice on you,” Serena replied neutrally.

“Yes Isabel, like the past fourteen million different outfits you showed us!” Maria exclaimed, feeling exhausted and wanting to leave already. “They’re all perfect on you, so pick one, three, all of them for the love of god just decide on something!”

“I can tell you what ones you pick if that’ll-“

“No Serena, thanks I’ll do this myself.” Isabel interrupted looking in the mirror and sighed in frustration.

“Well here how about this shirt, this is nice,” Serena suggested, taking a pale blue peasant top with flair sleeves from the rack and handed it to Isabel

“OO, this is cute, and you know I have more pants then shirts,” Isabel proclaimed grabbing the shirt and bee lining into the dressing room.

“Are you on crack Serena!” Maria asked in disbelief, then added flaying her arms around madly,” WE’VE been here for hours, giving her that shirt has know added fuel to Isabel’s shopping fire.” With a huffed sigh she announced slapping her hands against her legs, “God I thought I was bad, but –well she’s insane! You know we’re never going to get out of here!”

“I’m sorry Maria, but if you come over here by the hats, you’ll see in about five minutes why I did what I did.” Serena said tugging at her arm to pull her behind the rack that hid them from plain view of the dressing room area, but gave them a perfect spot to eavesdrop without being discovered.

“What are you going about now Serena, I just want to go home to my-“

“Shh, look,” Serena interrupted, by covering her mouth and pointing to the Gap’s entrance. Then added, ”He’s right on time.”

Who of all people should walked in, well no other then Alex Whitman?

“Oh My god you sneaky little bitch that’s why you invited Isabel on this shopping adventure, because of Alex.” Maria whispered, shaking her head in utter amazement.

Serena nodded her head proudly and announced, “Sometimes fate needs a little help being pushed in the right direction if you know what I mean.”

“I totally am digging this.” Maria agreed nodding her head as her eyes followed Alex to the Men’s jeans, which were, located right beside the dressing rooms.

“Okay guys, I actually think I’m finally loving-“ Isabel stopped short seeing her friends were no where to be seen, she crossed her arms angrily across her chest and proclaimed, “ Ha ha, very funny guys, don’t think I won’t remember this.”

Alex at that exact same moment recognizing Isabel’s voice looked up from his pursuing of jeans and had a huge ear to ear grin on his face seeing Isabel standing there. Abandoning his mission for coming here, he walked up behind her and replied, “Well if you want my opinion I think you look great.”

Turning around to face Alex, she herself had a huge smile on her face. Isabel totally wasn’t even expecting to run into Alex for quite some time. How coincidental was this. However she’ll take what was given to her.

“Oh my God Alex,” Isabel replied giving Alex an unexpected hug.

“Hello, Isabel,” Alex replied laughing, returning the hug, loving the way she felt in his arms, and how amazingly wonderful her hair smelled. “Didn’t you just arrive in New York today?”

He pulled back and she nodded her head, answering his question. “A few hours ago.”

“Well I’m surprise you’ve decided to go out, wouldn’t you want to be taking a nap or relaxing after a day of traveling.”

“Believe me Alex Shopping does relax me besides, you forgot who my roommates are.” Isabel replied, absently rubbing her arm along his arm, this didn’t get unnoticed by him, but he just let it happen.

“I didn’t forget it’s your brother and Liz-“ Alex stopped short as realization hit him, he nodded his head and said knowingly, ”That’s right they ah probably are ah getting reacquainted.”

“Exactly,” Isabel agreed nodding her head, she then lightly whapped his arm playfully and said, “So my dad told me everything is all squared away with the contracts and everything, how do you feel now that you’re a rock star.”

“Well we’re hardly rock stars, but it feels like we’re on our way there.” Alex replied smiling as he continued, ” We got good press from the Roswell convention, and then god knows what kind of exposure the Lnkin Park tour will bring us. However I’m going to take this experience one-day at a time. Just in case it blows up in my face.”

“Alex, I’ve heard your band, you’re going to do great.” Isabel gushed excitedly.

“Thanks for saying that.” Alex replied softly, feeling a little awkward, then an idea sprung in his mind and he found himself asking, “So, ah what do you say if I take you ladies out for a coffee.”

Isabel smiled as she nodded her head and answered, “Yes I would like that, frankly I’m dead on my feet and some caffeine sounds wonderful right now.”

“Perfect,” Alex beamed excitedly, surprise that she said yes.

“I’ll-ah go get dressed, and why don’t you find Maria and Serena for me, I’m sure they’re lurking
Somewhere around here.” Isabel said, scooping around the store suspiciously. She had a feeling Serena and her accomplice had this all planned out. With a small smile on her lips she have to remember to thank them later on.

“Okay,” Alex said as he watched her walk back into the dressing room. He stuffed his hands in his pockets as he stood there staring aimlessly where Isabel stood but seconds ago. How crazy was he to run into Isabel of all places the GAP. He couldn’t stop thinking about her since that day in Roswell when he left and she came to the airport and said goodbye to him.

“Hey Alex, I’m glad I caught you in time.” Isabel said out of breath.

Alex was about to go through the security gate, and was glad he didn’t. His parents’ just left but minutes ago and the guys already went through.

“Isabel What are you doing here?” Alex asked shaking his head wondering if he was hallucinating.

“I’m sorry can’t I say goodbye to my friend.” Isabel asked smiling.

“Well yeah, ah of course I’m sorry I’m a little nervous, I hate flying.” Alex replied sheepishly, he stepped out of line to the security gate and got out of the way so other people could get by.

“Here,” Isabel replied handing him a gift bag.

“What’s this?” He asked taking the bag.

“Open it.” She said excitedly.

“Okay,” Alex said raising a curious eyebrow, he parted the tissue paper and pulled out a guitar strap, well he’ll use it for his base, it was decorated with stars, moons, and planets, Alex really liked it,” Isabel this is beautiful thanks.”

“I was worried, I didn’t want to pick something that wasn’t-well, you know masculine enough.” Isabel said blushing.

“You did great, thanks.” Alex replied.

“Last call for flight 295 non-stop to New York City, please board your plane now.” Replied an intercom voice through out the airport.

“That’s me.” Alex said sadly, he didn’t want to go just yet.

“I understand,” She said then gave him a surprise hug, and whispered sweetly in his ear, “I’ll see in a few weeks okay.’

“Yeah, in a few weeks.” Alex said pulling away from her. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, it almost felt like their faces slowly started to gravitate closer, as if they were about to kiss. However, Isabel broke the spell by stepping completely out of his arms.

Isabel smiled as she pulled her purse tighter up over her shoulder and said, “ Bye Alex.” Then turned and walked away not once turning back to look at him. Alex however stood where he was and didn’t go through the security gate until he couldn’t see Isabel Evans anymore.

Then we’re back in the GAP in New York City, and Alex is still looking at the dressing room. Maria and Serena are now behind him, looking at his blank stare.

“So what’s up Alex?” Maria replied whapping his back.

Alex jumped a bit, surprised suddenly out of his day dream, he looked at Maria and Serena and said quickly,” Oh hey Maria, Serena.”

“You okay?” Serena asked grinning.

“Ah yeah, I’m just waiting for Isabel.” Alex replied pointing towards the dressing room.

“Good luck that’ll be like in two years.” Maria said sarcastically rolling her eyes.

Alex laughed and then said, “Oh hey I invited Isabel for coffee, of course you guys are invited too, It’s on me.”

“Oh darn I would love to go, but I promised Michael I’ll go over some of the songs for the tour.” Maria said feigning sadness.

“Yeah, and I-ah promised the Guriens I’ll help them clean the apartment.” Serena countered, smiling.

“Oh, well that’s a shame. I guess I’ll just have to give Isabel a rain check-“

“What just because we’re not going doesn’t mean Isabel can’t go.” Maria said, wrapping her arm around his shoulder.

Alex raised an eyebrow as he said, “Well I mean she did come with you-“

“Alex, come on, when an opportunity arises, you should take it.” Serena advised, on the other side of him.

“Okay,” He said, looking at Serena feeling all of a sudden like the filling of an Oreo cookie.

“And well even make it easier for you.” Maria replied smiling, “Just tell Isabel we left because of our obligations. You know where we live, just drop her off when you’re done with her, okay.”

“Excellent idea.” Serena agreed shaking her head, as she began to walk towards the entrance.

“Wait shouldn’t you run this by-“

“It’ll be cool, don’t worry.” Maria said reassuringly, then they were gone leaving Alex feeling totally confused. What if Isabel refused to go without Maria and Serena there?

“Okay I’m ready to go.” Isabel announced suddenly, her arms filled with clothes.

“Here let me help you with those,” Alex offered, taking the pile from her arms.

“Thank you.” Isabel replied smiling.

“Wow you’re getting all of these.” Alex replied, adjusting the clothes so they wouldn’t fall on the ground.

“Well, I wasn’t quite sure about these pants,” Isabel replied digging through the pile of clothing, and pulled out a pair of brown corduroy pants. She held then out and asked, “Do you think this color would look good on me?”

“Ah well yeah I think they would.” Alex said shrugging his shoulders.

“Okay you talked me into them.” She said taking the pile of clothing from Alex’s arms and planted then on the counter. She looked over at Alex and asked, ”So did you find Maria and Serena, where are they?”

“Ah yes I did, but well they’re not here.” Alex said reluctantly.

“Not here, where did they go?” Isabel asked confused.

“Back to the apartment I’m assuming.” Alex said, waiting for Isabel to demand that he take her back also.

“Oh, that was rude, why did they leave me here?” Isabel asked a bit miffed.

“They had things to do, and well-ah-I guess they didn’t think you’d wanted to go back to the apartment right away.” Alex replied shrugging his shoulders as he added,” I mean if you want to go back and get the coffee some other time I-“

“Are you crazy,” Isabel proclaimed shaking her head wildly, “It’s way to early to go back there, no way you promised me a coffee.”

Alex beamed in pure bliss. It didn’t make a difference why she’s still going, he’s just glad she is.

“No problem,” Alex said, taking her shopping bags as the sales clerk bagged them up.
Five minutes later the two were walking down the street heading for the nearest Starbucks. She linked her arm through his and she talked about her flight to New York City.

Alex tried to contain everything she said, but with her touching him, and the beautiful way her melodic voice sounded, he was hypnotizing almost to the point of catatonic. He could hear her talk all night.

“So, you have to show me your apartment one day Alex, Maria said it’s a pretty huge loft.” Isabel asked, as she walked through the Starbucks door Alex held open for her.

“Yeah it’s really huge, I share it with the guys, there’s like two levels, the record company helped us get it, and it’s minutes away from the studio.” He explained, placing her packages on the floor near the table they’ve chosen.

“Well how far is it from here?” she asked, sitting down.

“Ah well it’s a ten minutes train ride.” Alex asked slipping out of his jacket.

“Well then how about we go after we have our coffee, I really like to see it,” Isabel suggested, hoping he’ll say yes. Honestly she’d lie if she told him she was just wasting time until she thought it was safe to enter her apartment during a love feast, but the fact of the matter is, she wanted to spend more time with Alex, maybe get enough courage to kiss him. She so badly wanted to at the airport when she said good-bye to him, but at the last minute she chicken out. However she swore if she got another chance, she would go for it.

Alex gave a small gulp as he replied, “Ah yeah sure that would be find.”

“I mean if it’s a pro-“

“No, no none at all, I even think it’s pretty clean then normal.” He joked then added, “I would love for you to come over.”

“Great, now go order me a large latte and a Blueberry Muffin.” Isabel demanded laughing.

“Your wish is my command.” Alex agreed, standing up and bowing before her he even went as far as taking her hand and kissing the back of it. Then walked away.

Isabel watched him go to the counter, and found that she couldn’t look away. He was so handsome, and funny, and a lot of fun to hang around with. He carried her bags, held open the door and even pulled out the chair for her. How romantic was that, pretty darn romantic in her humble opinion?

Tonight Isabel was going to have her kiss, and maybe if she plays her cards right, she’ll have her own little love feast.