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title: She's back
Rating: R? PG-13? you chooose
disclaimer: don't own any of it!! don't sue!!!
summary: read and find out.
Authors note: sad. very sad. but it has a good ending. well... not really. kinda good.

Part one
(Very sad…. Get your tissues ready)

“She’s dead Max,”
Voices filled the air as gunshots were heard in the background, but Max blocked them out, trying to make a connection with his angel lying in his arms. He desperately tried to heal her, and his heart broke in a million tiny pieces when he couldn’t get in. Something was holding him back. Blood trickled down her chest to her stomach, her skin going pale and her lips turning blue. The smell and touch of death was in the air.

Maria was sobbing openly, her face buried in Michael’s shoulder. Michael was trying his hardest not to cry but was not succeeding in his own battle. Tess was the only one not in shock. If there still wasn’t so many bullets flying around, she would have been jumping for joy. Isabel was talking to him. He tried to drown out her voice.

“ She’s dead Max, Liz is dead,”

And it was all Max’s fault.

Max had ignored her, betrayed her. He had slept with Tess. 4 times. Max looked at his angel in guilt. He had betrayed something so sweet, so innocent. But still she loved him. She still loved him. Overlooked the betrayals. But Max kept pushing her away. Formed a wall, a barrier where the trust once was. And Liz thought it was her fault that Max was pushing her away.

But that wasn’t all. Max had given up.

He had given up on their love.

Thought it would never last. But Liz loved him unconditionally even though the love was one sided.

She was at his side through the skins, through the betrayals.

And Max didn’t appreciate it.

Until the love was gone.

Until Liz was gone. He realized he loved her more than life itself.

He didn’t want her hurt.

But with the pushing away he had gotten her killed. Yes. He killed her.

It was an honest mistake. An accident.

But it consumed max. The guilt consumed him.
Max pulled a piece of her silky hair off her pale face.

“ I’m so sorry Liz,” max cried about his loss and hers, and he cried for all the times he pushed her away.

“Max… I have something to tell you,”

Maria had found her voice.

“Liz didn’t want to tell you, but she wanted to die. She kept on telling me she was going to kill herself. She said that she couldn’t live when you shoved her out of your life. She said she wouldn’t live with you like this. She wanted to die cause you gave up. Max, do you hear me? She wanted to die. Because of you. But I didn’t think she would do it…”
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Pat two is coming up! Glad you like it. I made this story cuz I was really mad at Max. I mean very mad at Max.*bounce**angel**bounce*
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Part two

Maria was wrong.

She had too be.

Had he pushed her to the limit that she wanted to die?

Did he?

Max was consumed with guilt already, why add this?

Max still held a dead Liz Parker in his arms. He looked down, and as if the truth finally came to him, he remembered what happened before she died.


Gunshots were heard everywhere. The skins were after him. But they interfered. The people he loved the most interfered. Maria was screaming, Michael was doing his hardest to shield her. Isabel tried to use her powers but they didn’t work. So she ran. Ran away and came back some time after.

But Liz. She guarded him. She sacrificed her life for him. Right when Max’s life flashed before his life, fate was changed.

Liz changed it. She died for him. Let the bullet burn into her flesh instead of his. And Max’s and Liz’s eyes held together until her body went and hit the floor.

That was when Max went crazy on ht skins. He hated the so much. In an instant they were all dead. Max then fell to his knees, his knees making a banging noise. He kneeled next to Liz and tried to save her. He couldn’t but he tried. He really did.

The others held their breath, waiting for Liz to come back to them. She didn’t

“She’s with Alex. Oh God, both of my best friends is gone. Oh god.” Maria spoke out, her voice cracking.

Max then realized that Liz was dead and she would never come back.

End Flash****

Oh god. It was all max’s fault. It was. So he cried for his loss. Feeling sorry for himself. Max felt helpless. So helpless. And the others cried right with him.

The funeral

They had picked out an amber colored casket for Liz. They had told the Parkers that Liz had been accidentally shot. The Parkers cried too. But they couldn’t come to the funeral. They just couldn’t.

So the 5 friends went. And wept.

Liz was in the casket, he hands laid elegantly near her stomach.

“And may God keep her safe in heaven as keep the people that cared for her, keep them happy, as dying is a part of life. Amen.” The pastor’s voice lifted up into the sky.

The casket was closed and lifted unto the ground. The she was covered. They just watched as there friends was buried in the ground. The cold ground. On the tombstone it said, The secret set her free, let her be free from the ungodliness of what we called Earth.

And they cried until there were no more tears to be shed.
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Part three

It was exactly 9:06, five years since Liz died.

Maria was getting better, but never really forgave Max. Wait, let me rephrase that. At the last encounter at the Crashdown, Maria flunged a pan at Max. Yup they are getting along fine.

Michael got over it.

Isabel still mourned at her loss of a sister-in-law.

And Max, Max was fine.

He healed. And mended his ways.

But it took 2 years.

He has now been dating a young woman named Jade.

For 3 years.

Maria is mad at him for that.

She thinks it’s too sudden.

But Max didn’t care.

He truly loved Jade. Loved her now more than he loved anybody alive. Keyword alive.

It was the anniversary of Liz’s death. The time of the year that everybody was sad at.

But Max ruined this year’s moment by bringing his girlfriend.

Ruined it.

Jade doesn’t even know Liz.

And Max acts like Liz is just an ex.

Yeah right.

Maria was surprised when they both came in hand in hand, unto the lightly dimmed candlelighted room. A perfect place to mourn for Alex and Liz.

Maria hated him now.

Wished he died.

“What the hell is she doing here!!!!”

“Maria! Shut up! I invited her!”

“But she doesn’t even know Liz..” Maria pouted.

“Oh, are you talking about Liz Parker. Max’s ex that killed herself?” Jade’s statement caught Maria’s attention.

“do you mean like committed suicide!!?!?!?” Maria’s voice rose, staring at Max menacely.

“Well, that’s what Max here tell me.”

“Oh really?” Maria’s mouth spout out venom.

“ Oh shit, look what you did Maxwell,” Micheal tried to calm Maria.

“Stop argueing!!!! It is time.” Isabel’s voice shook the house. Everybody settled down.

The clock struck 9:11.

The time that Liz lost her life.

“Now breathe…”

“Um….. what are we doing?” Jade’s voice was whiny and high.

“AHHHHH!!!” Maria’s scream erpted out of her mouth.

“She ruined it!! Now we can’t see Liz,”

Maria looked like she was going to kill Jade. Maria advanced to her.

“Max!! What is she doing?” Jade’s high woice shrieked.

“Go back Maria!”

“Shut up max. Look what your girlfriend did! Now I can’t see Liz until Another 2 years. I’m gonna kill her!” Maria’s threat troubled Jade.

“Max!!” Jade’s voice shook.
“Maria we all miss her, but don’t be like this. “ Max’s voice of reason said.

“Miss her!!?!!?!? You Miss her!!!? Look at you!! You’re happy!! And your little girl doesn’t even know what you are!!?!!? You miss her!!?!” Maria’s voice rang out venomously.

Maria went up to Jade and prepared to slap her, but Max raise his hand to blast her, but it was stopped.

“Oh no you don’t Max. You’re not killing anymore people.”

And Max stared at Liz Parker’s glowing hand.
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part 4 coming soon!

thank goodness you like the story!!!

Oh yah, Jade's a blonde!

Her parents had a hard time picking out a name!*bounce**angel**bounce*
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Part four

Max looked up in amazement.

Liz’s hand was shooting neon green sparks that resembled light pixie dust.

“Hi!” Liz said brightly. “Nice to see you again. But now, put your hand down. Max put it down. I have more power than anybody you ever known.”

Max put his hand down.

“You’re human though. How can you be stronger than me? Or anyone else?”

“Hello!! Max is you in there? Liz was dead!” Maria said, her voice filled with glee.

“Um.. Honey, introduce me!” Jade’s shrill voice broke there gaze.

“Oh crap. Liz, Jade. Jade, Liz.”

“Huh? You mean the ex.? The one that killed herself?”

“What??? Killed herself? Wait what?” Liz looked at Max, her eyes unreadable.

“Well, uh—. Well you see,” Max began.
“ I’ll tell you. Okay, I wasn’t supposed to die….. The skins was a mistake in fate I was not I repeat not supposed to die. So I had another chance. So here I am.”

”But how are you stronger than me?”

“Max are you a blonde or something cause—“

“Don’t worry Maria, I’ll tell him. Okay Max, I know you will think this is weird but, I’m an alien and---“

They can hear squally laughter.

“Ha Ha!!!! An alien! Are you mad?” Jade’s high voice pierced the air.

Liz looked at her strangely.

“Liz,” Max growled, “she doesn’t know,!!”

“ Oops.”

“Know what?” Jade’s green eyes questioned Max’s.

“Uh—that he used to be gay!” Maria said suddenly.

“Uh, Jade you should leave,”

Max shot Maria the look of the devil.

“But HHHoney!!

Jade pouted her pink lips and kissed Max shot Maria the look of the devil. on the lips, all the action coming from her only.

Maria rolled her eyes. Michael snickered.

“Bye Honey, call me!”

Liz started laughing.

Jade came out of the house, wiping the make-up off her face.

Max was a hard one.

Hard one to follow.

When she finally found him he was all sulky and junk.

Now, he was groveling at her feet.

He’ll be proposing soon.

But he shouldn’t matter now since she found one.

One of the aliens.

One down, 3 more to go.

Part five will be here later! aight?
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part 5 is coiming soon!
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sorry I havn't updated it'ss come soon or donnie would kick my asian ass.*bounce**angel**bounce*
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part 5

“ Nice Girl,” Liz commented.

“ She’s on the slutty side tho,” Maria said thoughtfully.

“ I’m just glad your back!” Maria squealed.

Isabel, Micheal, and Max looked on in shock.

They look at each other and Micheal whispers “ what the hell”

There is suddenly a had bang on the door. Max raises his hand to strike.

Then suddenly he is looking at his dupe.


“ Zan!!!” Liz yelled, running to Zan and hugging him,

“ I’m back baby,” Zan said, while kissing Liz’s cheek.

Max looked on, anger boiling in his alien veins.

“ What is with everybody coming up from the dead?”

They all laughed.

Except for max.

He stared.


They all sat down tot talk.

Liz sat down with Zan, her head snuggleed in his chest.

Maria was with Micheal.

Isabel was alone in her chair.

Max was on the chair beside Isabel, staring at Liz the whole time.

Then it struck him.

Liz wasn’t his anymore.

Zan had her.

Zan had her. .
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happy Faith?

I updated!!

do I still get my ass kicked? lol*bounce**angel**bounce*
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part 6 coming soon
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ive never seen him, but I saw the descrip, and well, I think hes u-g-l-y.

piercings? tattooos? wutever gurly! dream on.

Alyssa *bounce**angel**bounce*