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Title: The Unnatural Eye
Author: Chynna Princess
Rating: PG-13
Couple: M/L of course *wink*
Summary: Everyone else, along with Liz, thinks she's crazy. She sees things that aren't really there...or are they? When chance brings her and, WRH's biggest stud, Max Evans together, they begin to discover maybe Liz isn't crazy. Maybe she is the most sane person he's ever met. And maybe her curse is a gift.
Notes: Max is not an alien. Isabel is still his sister. Michael and Kyle will come in as his friends and Maria and Alex will come in for Liz later.
This is a challenge from butterfly_girl


She used to be happy. She used to be caring. She used to be feeling. She used to be loving. She used to be Elizabeth Parker. But now...she just was.

Every day she woke up, got dressed, went to school, and came home. The same routine never changing. Her life seemed ordinary but really it was anything but. Liz Parker was not well. She hadn't been in a long time. At least thats what her father, the school guidance councilor, and well...all of West Roswell High believed. Liz was scared into a world thinking that maybe they were right and started to close herself off. She no longer had friends to rely on. She shut them out. She no longer had a family to turn to. She shut them out. She had no one and that's the way she liked it. No one made her feel inferior anymore. Like she didn't deserve to breathe the same air or that she should be locked up and kept far away from people. She now through cutting herself off to the world was safe from hurt and pain that others caused her and, more importantly, she caused others.


Ok, I know that was short but it's just a brief intro. Anything you think I should change? Like it...hate it? I wanna know. I could just set my sights on another fic.

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Do you think? It's such a great idea and I suck at writing. I think one of the better fic writers maybe should take it.
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Eeeeeeeeee! OK, I'm going to have chapter one out in a little while. Hopefully I'll get some good feedback and know whether to continue. When I get chapter one up you guys read it and let me know what you think. If it's bad I may take you up on the co-author offer. It's a big probably because maybe someone with more experience can help me.
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I'm having someone beta the first chapter but in the you guys think I should change the title. I was just trying to see what people thought of the story first and butterfly_girl suggested a really good title: The Unnatural Eye. What do you think?
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Just waiting for Apathygirl666 to bmail me back with the changes. She's my beta.
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Chapter 1

Liz Parker walked down the halls of West Roswell High ignoring the glares she got. People had learned to stay clear of her. She didn't mind. She wanted to be left alone as much as they wanted to oblige. She walked to her locker and opened it. She got the books she needed. She glanced in the mirror quickly and was caught off guard by the gaunt face staring her back. A cold chill ran up her spine and she backed away from her locker not turning around. She dropped her books and used her now free hands to cover her ears.

"YOU'RE NOT HERE!!!! YOU'RE NOT HERE!!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. She then opened her eyes. "Leave me alone!" she called out. She noticed there was no one there now. Everyone was looking at her shocked. All conversations had halted and there was a dead silence. How ironic. Just then she recognized the woman who came barreling around the corner. It was Ms.Topolsky.

Great going, Liz, she chided herself. She had succeeded in making a spectacle of herself yet again which meant an extra day talking to the guidance councilor. Topolsky walked up and put her hands on the side of each of Liz' now trembling arms.

"Come on, Liz. My office," she whispered. She turned around. "As for the rest of you. The second bell rang 3 minutes ago and you are all late. Now move before I starte issuing out detentions," she said sternly.

The teens knew better than to go against her and quickly left not looking back. For being just a guidance councilor she was very respected. Maybe it was because she always made good on her promises or maybe it was because of the rumor that had spread around school when she had first transfered there 4 months ago. Liz didn't know or care. She was just happy that people weren't staring at her as if her head had just exploded.

They made their way through the now empty hallway to the place Liz spent most of her time. The guidance office was small and cozy but that didn't make up for the vibes she got from it. This was a place of scrutiny. You walk in the door and talk about your problems, blame it on your mother, and walk out. walk in and tell them the truth, are deemed legally insane and carted off. Your choice.

"What happened today, Liz," Topolsky asked butting into her thoughts. Liz contemplated what to tell her.

"I saw a rat. It scurried right in front of my locker and I paniced," she told her. Liz was never an experienced dramatist but after lying for so many years about the truth she started to even learn to convince herself.

Topolsky wasn't easily swayed though. She arched one eyebrow as she always did when she was examining one of her students to see if they were telling the truth. Liz didn't flinch.

"Are you sure that's all, Liz? A rat?" she asked disbelieving.

"Yes, ma'am. I'm sure. It just kinda scared me," she said convincingly. "I don't think I'm going to buy lunch today. Do you think you could have the janitor check and maybe spray. I hate rodents and insects. They're unclean. Rats were the cause of the Black Plague you know." Topolsky sighed knowing Liz wasn't going to relent. She took a piece of square blue paper out of her desk and wrote something on it.

"Here," she said handing it to Liz. "This is a pass. Go directly to class. I've dated and timed it so they'll know when you left here. No stops on the way." Liz nodded and stood up tossing her backpack across her right shoulder. Ms. Topolsky's voice stopped her in mid stride.

"Oh, and Liz," she turned around. "Remember, Wednesday at 12:15. We're really getting somewhere." Liz didn't respond. She just nodded again. Then she turned and walked out. and into the deserted halls.

She made her way to her 1st period class which was already started. She opened the door and walked in handing the note to her teacher. Her Chemistry teacher, Ms. Johnson, nodded knowingly. "Take your seat, Liz," she instructed pointing the paper in the direction of her lab table.

As she walked down the aisle to the very back of the class she heard everyone whispering about her. She caught bits and pieces of their conversations as she passed.

"She's a freak..." she heard some blonde whisper as she passed.

"...just started screaming..."

"...totally weird...."


She finally reached her table and sat down ignoring all the commotion.

"People, people," her teacher said clapping her hands together, "I realize Ms. Parker looks lovely today and that we should all talk about her incredible fashion sense but this is Chemistry class and though far beneath you, you have to learn about the chemical reactions." She took a deep breath and sighed. "Now open your lab books to page 67. We're going to be doing an experiment today involving determining if a chemical reaction is taking place. You will observe the changes we make and write them on the sheets I am handing back now. By observing these changes you should be able to deduce whether it's a physical change or a chemical reaction. Now..."

Ms. Johnson got all into her discussion about chemicals but Liz didn't pay any attention. She could do this stuff with her eyes closed even though her grades had gone to crap recently. She broke out of her daze as Pam Troy began to wave the worksheet in front of her face impatiently. "Hey freak, take the paper," she said meanly. Liz ignored her and snatched it.

The teacher didn't notice this little exchange and continued. "Now get together with your partner and do number one in the lab book first. One of you heat the evaporating dish while the other prepared the rest of the materials." Liz looked around. There was an uneven amount of students in the class so Liz was stuck by herself. She didn't mind. She knew if she were in a group with someone else they'd probably end up screwing up the experiment. The students in the class were complete morons.

She began setting up her busen burner just as Ms. Johnson called out, "Liz, if you want you can work in a group today. We can have a group of three for this experiment. Liz looked around the class at the dreading students each hoping she wouldn't get stuck with them.

"No, it's ok, Ms. Johnson," she said sweetly. "I already have everything set up. Maybe next time." The teacher smiled at her. Liz went back to work getting everything ready. A knock at the door got the attention of the teacher as well as all the students. Liz ignored it and kept working. Ms. Johnson opened the door and Liz could hear the talking in the room die down but she still did not look up.

"Class, we have a new student," Ms. Johnson announced looking down at the paper in front of her. "Maxwell..."

"Max, he corrected her.

"Max Evans. He just moved here from..." she looked down a the paper again, "Los Angeles," she said wide eyed. "Wow. Have you ever met any movie stars?"

"Yeah, I used to see Tom Cruise walk his dog every morning. He's very tiny." This got a lot of chuckles but mostly from the girls. Even Ms. Johnson seemed enchanted by this guy.

"Well, Max, you're in luck. We have one student in need of a lab partner." This got Liz' attention. "Liz, raise your hand," she said. Liz held it up halfway. "Max, Liz Parker will be your lab partner for the rest of the year. Get aquainted."

Liz watched as he made his way to the table. The girls smiled and waved as he passed by. What flirts.

They're such sheep, she thought. He was your typical jock guy. He was tall, dark, and toned. Every girl's dream. Maybe at one time even her own. He finally took his seat next to her.

"Hi," he said in a soft yet smooth voice. She didn't say anything. "So, what should I do?" She had yet to answer him. Maybe she was shy but something told him she just wasn't much of a talker.

"Get the wood split and the hydrogenized salt. I'll do the rest," she said inspecting her evaporating dish to make sure ir was now cool. Max did as he was told and watched her. She was different than all the other girls in the room. They were all drooling over him and he knew it. It was a gift. But not this one.

He enjoyed just being able to relax while she did all the work. Usually girls did his work so he'd notice them but he'd take what he could get. The first day was going to be a breeze.


The story idea has merit but my writing is atrocious, I know. Tell me if you think I should continue or give the idea to a better writer.

Also I'm changing the name of the story to The Unnatural Eye. I like that better.

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I'll write some more today after I get back from grad rehearsal. Promise.
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The only thing I could offer would be to post an un-betad chapter. Let me know what you guys want. I haven't needed many fixes in the past so it might not be too bad.
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Ok it's unbetad but what the hell!

Chapter 2

Liz made her way toward her locker. It was finally lunch time, thank God. Just then someone tapped her on the shoulder. Fear crept up her spine.

"No, no. Not again. Just leave me alone," she screamed. She turned around to see a petite blonde cringing. Her face fell.

"I'm sorry, Lizzie. Alex and I just wanted to know if you wanted to eat with us today. You've kinda been distant lately. Even more so. We were worried," she told her. Liz sighed.

"I'm sorry, Maria. It's just... You wouldn't understand. I can't. I have to go." She took off running down the hallway. She ran smack into someone.

"Why the hell don't you look where you're going, jerk." She didin't bother censoring herself. Her day had been noting short of crappy and now some moron had cut her off in her attempt to flee. She was pissed.

"I'm sorry," the voice was like silk. She looked up into the most beautiful pair of amber eyes she'd ever seen. "I wasn't looking where I was going. I'm kinda new so maybe you could cut me a little slack." He smiled hopefully. Maybe that sweet crap worked on the drooling masses but not on Liz Parker.

"Save it, Butch," she spit angrily. "I'm in a hurry." She gathered up all her books and ran past him a second time almost knocking him down.

"I can see that," he said to himself. He looked down at his books and began picking them up. She sure did have an attitude. It was funny, she didn't look the type. She looked like a sweet, caring person but the outside was stone.

He wondered why she put up the wall but it was none of his business. All he knew was she had the most beautiful brown eyes he's ever seen. They were like dark chocolate swirling in pools of gold. Beautiful as they were, they were hollow.

He walked to his locker and was greeted by his sister. "Hey, Iz. How's your first day?" he asked sighing.

She smiled knowingly. "Obviously not as eventful as yours," she said pointing at him.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I saw you and that girl engaged in a heavy conversation. I've never seen you listen so intently," she told him.

"That's because she knocked me on my ass. I was afraid of what she might do if I didn't listen."

"Yeah right," Isabel exclaimed incredulously. "Well I've never seen a girl knock you on your ass either. This one's got spunk. I like her already."

"Well don't like her too much. I won't be asking her over for dinner anytime soon."

"Whatsamatter? Wittle Maxie can't handle da big scarwy girwl?" Isabel said imitating a childlike tease.

"Come on, Iz. She's not my type. Drop it," Max told her.

"She can't be that big a bitch," she rolled her eyes. "She's too sweet looking."

"Oh, she's not a bitch...she's THE bitch," he told her shutting his locker.

Isabel arched her eyebrow knowingly. Max never talked this much about a girl. Never. She looked down at his books. "Since when do you take AP Trig?" she asked scrinching her face together.

"Crap, this must be hers. She must have..." she cut in.

"Yeah, yeah save it. You probably snatched it so you'd have a reason to talk to her. You know, she's a lot different than those little snobs you've dated before. I bet she could hold her own against you."

"Yeah, I bet she could kill me too," he oozed.

"Well, at least she's a smart bitch instead of a dumb bitch," Isabel said knocking on the textbook as she turned to leave. "Speaking of... Tess Harding 5 o'clock." She waved. "Bye," she mouthed smiling. Then she left him with Tess quickly approaching.

"I hate my life," he muttered.


So? What'd you think? Love it? Hate it? Really hate it? Let me know.

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