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"Is it true love?" pg-13
These characters do not belong to me,they belong to jason katims and the cast and crew of roswell.
The characters are; liz parker...jeff and nancy parker(liz's parents)... michael guerin...max evans...isabel evans...diane and phillip evans(max's & isabels parents)
...maria deluca...amy deluca(maria's mom)...kyle valenti...jim valenti(kyle's dad)... alex whitman

Liz Parker rounded the corner hoping she wasn't late for cheerleading practice. She had been help up with Kyle Valenti, her former boyfriend. He had caught her off guard bygiving her roses and kissing her lightly on the cheek. Usually he would act all touchy-touchy. She kept wondering what was wrong with him lately. He'd been acting so nice to her. He probably wants something, he thought. Well, I'll fing out one way or the other.

Kyle Valenti walks out of the school building with a smirk on his face. He is thinking about is girlfriend, Liz Parker. Her curves are so sexy, her thighs, her whole body. I can't wait to get her alone. He dosen't love her. He dosen't even care about her. He just loves her body. He thinks he' gonna get her. boy is he wrong!!!

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Thanx ppl. I'm new to this, so it might be a little sucky at first. but plz keep reading!!! Luv ya!!!