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Okay, I know I never followed through with any of my other stories, but I WILL with this one. Anyway, IT'S SUMMER!!!!!! Okay...
Title: Blank Pages
Summay: I can't now, it's different. Just read. M/L

A man woke. His vision was blurred and his head stung. Cheeks were stiff and lips tasted of salt. His vision cleared and the bright pink word 'Max' was the only thing he could see through jagged glass and blackness.
He pushed himself off the cold pavement and straightened his back. Darkness surrounded him, consumed him. He looked about himself and saw only broken glass and a dried blood on the ground, with an old shack in the distance.
He heard the crashing of waves in the darkness. He strained to see the words before him now
"Maxwell's Diner" it read. He looked around. Nothing but darkness and the sound of the ocean. He then noticed something laying at his feet. It was a brown small book. Tied tightly in leather. The man started to flip through the pages- of nothing. Nothing. It was blank. He stumbled on for what seemed to be forever. The pain in his head growing with time. Never knowing if he was going or coming the way he came. Just into darkness.
"Are you okay?" A small voice came from behind. When he turned the young woman jumped back in fright. "You have blood all over, are you hurt? Where are you going?" Her voice had a hint of fear. At that moment the man realized he didn't know.. anything. "What's your name?"
Name. Name. The man thought quickly. The neon sign popped into his head.
"..Max-my name is Max." The two stared at one another for moments of unknown time. Just standing in the darkness and letting the cold, damp air hit them. Nothingness.. then both realized for the first time that they were truly free...

Sorry, I know this was kinda crappy, but I'll explain it all later. Just tell me how bad it was and well... ummm yeah. If I get some FB I'll post more soon. Thanks, -Peace

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Thanks to you wonderful people who give me FB. Thanks! Answers, answers... I guess I'll give you some...
Part 1
His feet were growing tired. For the first time Max notice the backpack swinging on Liz shoulders. He broke the unsteady silence.
"So.. where are we going?" Max looked to Liz's face that had now gone blank.
"Away from this hell. There's a greyhound station up about another mile." Liz had no emotion on her face. She didn't even know why she was allowing herself to be close to this person, no this stranger. Well a stranger was better than anyone she knew.
"Why are you running?" Max asked looking strait into Liz's eyes. Her face was blank, but her eyes showed fear. Max knew the look of fear. He didn't know how, he just knew.
"I-" She then realized a lie wouldn't help her like it had so many other times. "We need a plan, no I need a plan. I can't get a ticket unless I'm 18, I'm only 17. We can't look suspicious and the way were going, that's just not gonna happen." She gave a small smile to Max before facing front again.
"Brother and sister."
"Brother and sister. If we make up some story about going cross country to meet our parents they might believe us." Liz thought about this for awhile. Then something popped into her head.
"Maybe, but why would you run away with me? You don't even know who you are. You're just some guy. For all I know you could have a happy little family in a town near by."
"No." Max struggled, "No- I just know somethings wrong. I can't stay here. I mean, how many guys do you find with no memory and blood covered just lying out in the middle of nowhere. I must have been in trouble."
"Okay." Liz was hesitant. You know what they always said about strangers- screw it. He was kinder and less harmful than ANYONE Liz knew. He could be a good friend. Maybe more- No. Liz told herself. It wasn't gonna be like that.
Before they knew it they were standing in front of the empty station. Liz looked up to Max with worried eyes.
"Where are we gonna go? How are you gonna pay? I didn't think it this far out, but there's no way in hell I'm turning-"
"Liz, it's okay. Maybe I have money." Max dug into his pocket and pulled out some lint.
"Try your shoe."
"My shoe?" Liz just nodded and Max leaned down and took off one of his shoes. Stuffed in the side was a wad of 20s.
"Are you sure you didn't know me?" Max questioned Liz with his soft eyes. He then stepped up to the sleeping person at the desk. He started tapping on the glass only to get a glare from an unhappy man.
"Ummm. Hi. Can I have two tickets to-" Max looked up to the map quickly. He spotted a small dot that no one would look for him at. "Roswell, or Albuquerque. Which ever one is closest. My sister and I have to get there as soon as possible. We have this great family reunion every year with-" Max said like he was happy as ever.
"I don't care. Just fill out the forms man. The next bus to Albuquerque leaves at 4 am. That's in two hours." The fat little man shoved some papers into Max's hand and turned on his TV.
"Wow. Maybe your were an actor in you past life. No wait! A lawyer. You definitely could be a lawyer." Liz smiled up at Max once he was away from the hearing of the fat little man. "Oh. and Max. If we're paying cash we don't have to do that paperwork.
"Thanks.. umm.. sis." He could help but smile. Liz put on a quirky grin as some hair fell in front of her face. As Max reached out to shove it back he noticed the bruise. Liz knew he saw it. She just then found her shoes so interesting.
"Liz-" He stopped not knowing what to say. "I'm just gonna go pay for this and then we can get out of here." Max turned back to the fat man and to his own thoughts.

So............. was it bad? Please tell me what you think. Thanks, -Peace

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K, thanks to all the wicked people who bumped me! Yeah, Lana Lane's pic is really spiffy! Sorry, I use.. different words... anyway! Yeah, I'll have a new part in one day. When I started this I was thinking about the movie 'Memento', which just happens to be one of my favs. Thanks, -Peace*tongue*
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k! I know what I'm gonna do now! Go me! Sorry... I had no idea where I was gonna take this story, but now I have a plot spinning around in my head. Well! I promise a new part tomorrow. I might have it done tonight though. Thanks to all those trippy people who bumped me! Thanks, -Peace*tongue*