"Is it true love?"pg-13 These characters do not belong to me.

Isabel Evans Watches the phone, hoping that her Boyfriend, Alex, Will call her. She had been waiting by the phone for some time now. She had gotten into an argument with alex the day before. he couldn't help but argue with him. He was flirting with Heather white again. Heather was the homecoming Queen. Alex had been looking at Heather for some time now. Isaben just couldn't stand it any longer, so she comfronted Alex about it. Of course, he had denied it. That was when Isabel asked him "would you rather be with her, or me?" and Alex responded, "I don't know now, maybe with her." That's when she screamed at him, "Well fine, you can have that trick bitch, it's over!!!" and with that she smacked him across the face, and walked away. Now sitting on her bed, thinking about what happened, she falt stupid, and embarrassed. She had picked up the phone at least 50 times that day to call Alex, but she couldn't do it. She wanted him to cann her, not her call him. Suddenly, the phone rang. "Hello", Isabel said,"Is Max there?", it was matthew, her brothers best friend. "hold on a sec" Isabel answered."Max, telephone", she yelled to her brother. She heard her brothers voice on the phone say "hello". She had to talk toAlex somehow. If only she could get HIM to call HER.

"Hey man, what's up?" Max said to his friend, Matt. "not much, dude. What are you gonna do this weekend?" matt asked, "probably just hang around here, bro.", Max answered, "oh, well dude, you still got ur eyes on Liz Parker?",matt asked, "yeah dude, but she's still with kyle"Max replied, "oh well, bro I guess I'll let ya go", matt said "ok, bye", max said, "Bye", matt ended. Max Evans had been drooling over Liz Parker for about a few weeks now. But he knew that she had been going steady with Kyle for a few months now. He wanted her bad, though. He knew that Kyle only wanted her for her body. If only she knew. Max had neverwanted any girl just for her looks. He thought Liz was something special. If only somebody would tell her the way I feel about her. If Only.

Heather White holds the phone cord around her finger. She is on the phone with Alex. "ok, so you'll pick me up at 7:00?" She asked. "yeah, be ready then" Alex responds. the phone went dead. YES!!! She thought. she had done it. she had gotten a date with alex. "Boy, Isabel is gonna flip when he finds out about this!!!", she said out loud. why don't I just call Iabel, she thought. she picked up the phone & dialed Isabel's #. "hello", It was max. "is isabel there?" she asked innocently, "hold on" he responded. he thought back four weeks ago. She had been hitting on max. She had took him by surprise when she kissed him. "hello" it was isabel "why, hello Izzy, what are you doing?" Heather said, "why it's you, heather, I'm just sitting here, felling good about being single." she lied harshly "well, since your enloying being single so much, then I guess youdon't mind if I go out with your boyfriend, I mean ex-boyfriend, tonight, now would you?" she said sweetly. "well, you got a date with him, well, as I told him, he can have you, and you can have him, you snot nosed BITCH!!!" and with that, isabel hung up. "sweet victory", Heather said. with Isabel out of my way, she thought, I will have alex all to myself. Just the way it should be!!!