the characters do not belong to me. pg-13

Liz Parker walks up to her boyfriend, kyle as he pulls out a white rose. "what's all the roses for?" she asked him. "can't I give my girlfriend a rose every once in a while?" he replies. "well, yeah A rose EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, but not a dozen every day" she said."well, I just wanted you to know how much I love you." He said sarcasticly."well, ok, but you can show me that you love me some other way." she said, "and what wayz are that?" he asked teasingly. "you'll figure it out"she said, ending the conversation. As he wen't to give her a kiss she pulled away. HE looked hurt, but she didn't care. He was being too touchy-touchy lately. "see ya later" she called over her shoulder. Why is he trying to butter me up? she thought. I don't know whay, but I'll find out.

Kyle had a smile on his face coming out of the school building. 'she's mine' he thought, 'all mine'. "hey dude", someone said behind him. it was Max Evans. "what's up?" he replied. He knew that he had a crush on Liz. He had had a crush on her since the begining of the school year. "not much" max replied. "Did you see the way I put the moves on Liz?" kyle asked max. "no, I wasn't looking over there, dude" he said stiffly. "man, I've got that chick wrapped around me finger." He said, acting mancho. "well, I g2g dude, bye" max said "see ya" kyle ended. He is so obvious, kyle thought. well, he's gonna get his share of put downs. you just wait max evan, you just wait.

I HATE HER! Isabel thought to herself. she was bubbling over with rage over the call she had just gotten from Heather. well, I'm gonna give alex a call and give him a piece of my mind. she picked up the reciever and dialed alex's phone #. "hello?" alex said. "HOW DARE YOU!"

alex hung up the phone with a slam. "how did she find out?" he asked out loud. what did she mean when she said 'two can play at that game'? oh well. I hope she dosen't start anything, he thought. I CAN'T THINK ABOUT ISABEL! he said, I'M GOING OUT WITH HEATHER NOW. I'M FINISHED WITH HER. 'STOP THINKING ABOUT HER ALEX!' he said to himself.

WHAT AM I GONNA DO? Isabel thought to herself. I know, she said out loud. She picked up the phone & called Brad Miller, Kyle's best friend. I'll show him, she thought. "hello?" a man's voice boomed out. "is brad there?" she asked "hold on" he replied. She would show kyle that two can play that game. "hello?" brad's voice came from the reciever. "hey brad, it's Isabel...Isabel Evans, what are you doing tonight?"

"hey Isabel, I don't have anything planned, why?" Brad asked. he knew thaT Isabel & Kyle had broke up, but he didn't think that she would already start dating other people. "would you like to go out with me, Brad?" Isabel asked. "um, yeah, I guess." he replied, confused. "GREAT!!! pick me up at 7:00, k?" she said quickly. "ok" he replied.