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Title: Goddesses of Power
Author: SpiceMagRoswell
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Liz/Max=Xan (He has Xan’s features but Max’s heart), Michael/Maria, Isabelle/Alex, Kyle/Tess, Serena/Tom, (And others)
Summary: Liz, Maria, Serena, Isabelle are Goddesses of power. Liz has the power to read minds and has telekinesis. Serena can heal and also has Telekinesis. Maria has premonitions, and can see in the past and future. Isabelle can dream alter and can become invisible. Together they are known as the key to the Universe. The Antarians which include Xan=Max, Michael and others want the key to take over the humankind.
I read this book called Goddesses of the Night and I loved it so much. It takes from that book.
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Chapter 1 (Too close to the breaking point)

How do you transform chocolate-colored locks into a style statement? Colorists suggest enhancing the longer pieces of the cut. To really brighten up the front, color wide panels an ultra-light shade of pale blonde. Narrower sections of blonde are positioned through the graduated sides to direct the eye backward and prevent the front from appearing too shocking. Paired with medium-blonde natural color, the effect is fun without being overly avant-garde.

So here I am Elizabeth Parker standing in front of my mirror and looking at myself. Every week at least I try something new. So here I am with my chocolate hair down to the midst of my slender back. My eyebrows are outlined dark brown and my eye is outlined also a dark brown to black color. My roommate Serena tells me it brightens up my honey colored eyes. I have on a peachy colored lip-gloss on, and use my light lip liner to design it.
I’m wearing a black dress that goes to the middle of my thigh. My breast fills it to the fullest but not too much. My 3 inch black heels add a little sleekish look to it. I have glitter all over my body and hair and a temporary tattoo on my left arm, which resembles a tiger. I also have a black chocker on my throat and several rings on each hand.
Look out Pamela Anderson, here comes your little sister. I laugh out loud.

“Hello, Ms. Parker” said Serena Wilkins as she walked past my bedroom door.
“That’s Purrr-ker to you” I exaggerated.
She entered my room and looked through my closet
“Who are you looking for tonight.” She said her head buried into my clothes.
“No one” I lied.
In fact I was looked for Xan, Mr. Alexander (Maxwell) Evans. Mr. Hunk of the year, and Mr. Enemy of my kind. Xan was an Antarian someone I didn’t mess with.
Serena looked at me a couple of times and looked into the closet eagerly.
I knew she wanted something but was too scared to ask, so I went into her mind.
She had a lot of stuff occupied in that mind of hers, but I went deep and saw that she’s always wanted my blue skirt and white mini blouse for weeks.
“Take the mini blue, it’s all yours,” I said. Her eyes lighted up, and she thanked me before walking out of the room.
So here I am, about to go the biggest rave, to try to impress my cute enemy. There always would be a big rave every month, it would always be live and hot, but no one can ever say that they’ve never got any bump and grind while being there. Boys were all over the place and there was nothing wrong about that.
Serena walked back in my room to show me the outfit. It looked nice on her, but it fit me better. Her hair didn’t quite match with it, because she had short golden ginger red hair. But her eyes did, her blue/green eyes danced perfectly causing a massive heat that bounced over her clothes.
“Is Maria and Isabelle ready yet?” I asked, getting very anxious to leave. It was already 1:30 A.M.
“Maria’s ready, but you know Isabelle, the girl thinks she got a lot of time.”
I walked out my room and went through the kitchen and corridor and into Maria’s room.
Maria sat on the bed, grasping the small compact in her left hand. Her eyes were distant, which meant she was getting herself pumped up. In her right hand was a small bottle of her essence as she called it. I called it Herbal Disaster.
“Maria!” I shouted.
Maria jerked up quickly scrunching her nose up.
She wore a dark blue denim pants with a red tee, that fell below her breast. Her shoulder length blonde hair dyed red at the tips camouflaged into her tee.
“You guys readdddy yeeeeet” The words slipping out of her mouth slowly.
“Yea, all we got left is Isabelle” I looked at Maria closely and knew that she was in no condition to drive.
I left her room and took a short walk to Isabelle’s room.
I opened the door and smelt a faint odor of perfume and cologne. No one was on the bed but there was movement on the other side. I walked to the next side and saw a disgusting sight. Isabelle’s orange skirt was hiked high up her thigh and underneath her was Alexander. Correction: Not Alexander Maxwell Evans (He wouldn’t dare, mainly because he is her sister) But the one and only Alexander Whitman.
My close friend, who I thought left an hour ago.
They jumped up at the sight of a shadow above them. Isabelle’s hair was a mess and Alex’s shirt was sloppy. I lifted my head like the sight was cruel to look at. (Which it was)
Then all I did was walk away. Yes!! Walk away.

Janet Jackson ‘Son of A Gun’

All of us had split up, Isabelle probably to find a secret place to do Alex.
Maria to find some beer and to gamble a bit
Serena to find her man for the night
And me in look out for my (cough) man!

The heat was unbearable and so was the smell. Everyone was dancing wildly as the next song came on.
“Excuse me”
“Watch out”
“Um, s’cuse”
I bumped into everyone you could think off. How was I supposed to find him in such a crowd?
I remember the last time I saw him, it was in school yesterday, Friday.
I was wearing my red tee, which showed my belly ring, and on my back showed my small tattoo. My mini red skirt and my black leather boot. My hair was wavy and my eyes were smoky. He stared at me the whole day making my next enemy jealous, which was Tess Sluting. Okay, Okay, Tess Harding.

The only piercing I had on right now was my barbell in my tongue, my small diamond in my right nose and my two earrings in each ear.

Where could he be? He was always at these parties. Partying, making trouble. Where is he! I was getting frustrated!
Just when I was about to give up, I saw him leaning on a tree with a hoochie dancing in front of him. When she finished dancing I made my move.
All I was to do was walk by, sexy as I am. Not get to close, but not go too far.
Here I Go!!!!

I twisted my hips as I glided by.
My heel making noise and my body contracting heat. I walked in front of him, making it seem like I was unaware that he was next to me. Although I could always feel his presence anywhere. As I walked by, I looked into his mind and caught a glimpse of what he was thinking before he blocked it off. Obviously he was thinking about me!!! YEE-Haa

I decided to go a little further. I walked back to him and asked him for a light.
I had a cigarette tucked away behind my ear.
He looked at me, up and down. Then slowly took out his lighter and lit me cigarette.
I drew in the cigarette and glided it out. I never smoked before and never planned too again. 1st of all it gives cancer. And I don’t want to die soon. I was about to walk away to throw this cigarette away when he took me by the waist. He turned me around so I could look at him.

His chocolate eyes took me in slightly, second by second. I saw his pierced eyebrow, pierced lip, and ear. O he looked so damn cute.
His black baggy pants rubbed against my thigh.
O I wanted to stay here forever, but if I got caught in him, I wouldn’t be able to stop and then I’d betray my destiny.
“Hey Xan” called out afar from no other than Tess herself. She moved in closer, and I could see the annoyance coming to Xan’s face. He pulled me closer, but when Tess inched her way beside him, he had to let go.
He licked his lips then turned around and walked away with his crew leaving Tess running behind him.

The sweat was tingling on my thigh. Dang that got me worked up. I knew what I did was wrong but why did it feel so dang good.
Okay Liz cool down, don’t forget he is the one that tried to kill Serena 2 months ago.
All he had to do was get her to look into his eyes and capture her mind and thoughts, and then he would make her be his slave.

The Antarians were a group of people who chose the bad side. Even people who did drugs and could fight and didn’t have a life chose to be on the Antarians side. For ages now the Antarians would try to capture all four Goddesses so that they can use their power to take over humankind. But they’ve had no luck.
There are only 4 Goddesses at a time. Mainly because their soo powerful and that’s all it takes to have control. We were destined to destroy the Antarians like all the other Goddesses. Some would die, but the #1 rule is you have to have an offspring to take over.
If a Goddess knew she was about to die, like if she lost most of her power, or she knew she couldn’t fight or something else, she would have a baby.
You have to know when to have a baby though.
If Goddesses have sex all the time and they don’t use a condom or whatever, well they’re not really pregnant. You see, the egg is inside of you but it doesn’t start to form until the main Goddesses up above knows that it’s your time to die.
That’s how my mother died. She had me, and right after she pushed me out, she said “Goddess” and died. Just like others. So I know that I have to have a baby so that they can reign and become a Goddess. If you don’t have an offspring, they’ll immediately choose a person out of the ordinary to be one. I bet you’re thinking whose “they”.
Well we call “they”, the consciousness.
They are the main Goddesses that reign over all Goddesses.

Think of it this way.
God is like the main Goddesses
The Devil is the Antarians.
It’s harsh but it’s the truth.

A sharp pain crossed the side of my hip as I was walking through the crowd. Isabelle had bumped into me and was looking at me strange.
“Look” she started.
“You don’t have to explain, it’s your sex life not mine”
I started to move but I saw a tear in her eye.
“What’s the matter, I ‘m not stopping you from having sex with Alex.”
She didn’t find that a bit funny. Suddenly I realized there was panic in her eyes and Serena’s who was now behind her.
“What’s going on!” I said strictly.
They didn’t say anything at first, and then Serena spoke
“Maria had a premonition”
“What about?” I asked.
I knew it was something bad by the look in their eyes.
“She saw you dying,” Isabelle said.

Now you may think that’s not so bad, but it actually is, (1) Her premonitions are never, ever wrong.


Chapter 2 (Not named yet)

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