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Hey people!! This is my second fanfic on Roswell Fanatics so hopefully this will be pretty good. It is basically a feel good fun fic. I must say I got the idea from another fic that was orginally a Sailor Moon fic. I didn't just change the name or anything I just took the poker game setting. Oh also,(before Jasonsgurl kicks my butt), she helped me out tons!!! She gave me many scences and one that will remain unmentioned right now but I know True CandyClaners will love!! lol U happy now Jasonsgurl???? lol!

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Royal Flush
"Can we play again? Please????" Maria squealed excitedly, looking at the deck of cards Max was holding. Max and Alex only gaped at her obviously shocked she liked poker, while Michael looked on her in something akin to blind hatred. *No way this chick could get anymore annoying.*
"Sure, if you want." Max answered quietly dealing the cards. Oh great, Maxwell, humor her!
Shifting his death stare from Maria to Max, Michael fumed. "Fine, but then your out. No more."
"Whatever." Maria was not about to find herself in a sparring match with Michael "Stonewall" Guerin.
The four looked around the table and began the hand, yet soon one of them was a little preoccupied. So preoccupied that it took a sharp blow to the head to wake him up. "Max! Maxwell! Come on man go its your turn." Michael shouted as he smacked him in the head, quickly getting angry when he followed Max's gaze to Liz.
"Max, if you want to talk to her so bad just go." Alex coached not looking up from his hand.
"Listen, just go up there! We all know you wanna. You can do it girlfriend!"
Michael raised his eyebrows at the pet name that had popped out of Maria's mouth. Laughing like the little pixie she was, Maria then pushed Max a little. Though Micahel swore up and down he had no feelings for her, he couldn't make himself believe the stupid lies.
"Okay, can we get back to the game?" Maria shouted, almost getting as annoyed as Michael was. *Stupid Michael. If he wasn't so stubborn we could have what Liz and Max has!* "Is three kings good?" she asked looking like a confused blonde.
Groaning all three guys folded as Maria scooped up the pile on money in the center of the table. *Works everytime!* Not able to surpress her laughter she giggled helplessly,her laughter drifting over the Crashdown. Laughing like hyena having spasms she turned the cards last hand over on the table revealing the less then stellar pair of twos.
"What!?!" Michael yelled but found himself smiling at the hysterical girl in front of him.
"Ok...Ok" She gasped trying to regain herself. "I'll deal!" Maria quickly handed out the cards so they could play the finally game.
"I'll bet $20." Max said solemnly through the money in the middle of the table. Everyone threw it in, yet Michael taking a few seconds longer putting in his last $20.
"I bet $50." Alex replied. Maria and Max threw it in, while Michael, in vain, scrounged around for the money. He sighed knowing he had only one worthy possession. "I bet my motorcycle."
"No way. You love that bike!" Alex objected. “You could just fold, Michael.”
“Maybe I don't wanna fold!” Michael snapped. “Now, you guys just have to find something of equal value.”
“But I don't have anything as important to me as…” Max let himself trail off as he cast a nervous glance towards Liz. “Um… Liz can you come her a second?” Liz obediently went over to Max’s side. *Goodness, they're like golden retrievers!* Michael leaned back in his chair, watching the color drain of her face. *He wouldn't! Not holier than thou Max, even I know better than that!* Yet, he sat in awe as Liz threw in her tiny silver band in. “I bet Liz.” *Oh, he’s gonna pay tonight!* The thought clouded Michael’s mind and he almost laughed out loud.
As everyone else was recovering from the shock, Maria, as always, voiced her opinion. “Lizzie, hun, have you heard of the feminist movement? You know, not surrendering to what these neurotic caveman want!”
“I’ve also heard the word obsessive.”
Maria sat by shocked, as Isabel bet herself for Alex, throwing in one of her earrings. “No. No! I’m not betting myself!”
“You don’t have to, Maria.” Isabel said in a vain attempt to calm her down.
“But I don’t wanna fold!” Maria whined in a high voice. “Fine!” She threw in her beaded necklace in anguish. “Now lets set the terms.”
“Okay… I say the winner gets the girls as maids or servants for a day.” Max stated waiting for approval from the group, yet all he got was disapproval from Michael.
“I’m betting my bike and all the winner gets is a day? I say we get a week.”
Max looked around the table to see everyone's nod of consent. “Fine. Let’s see the hands.”
As everyone laid their proficient cards on the booth table. Max with four of a kind, Alex with a full house, and Maria with a straight flush. They all looked at Michael’s straight face as he laid down a royal flush. Smiling like a moron, Michael swiped the assortment of money and jewelry to his side of the table.
“No!!” Maria yelped in a high voice. “Not him please! Alex, Max, one of them I could deal with, but not him!”
*Ouch, that one hurt. Did I tick her off that bad? Well, maybe I can fix that.* “You know what?” Michael questioned as the whole group looked at him. “I really don’t need three servants.” He fingered the jewelry that lay in his hands. “I mean I couldn’t really use you all.” He smiled as he handed the jewelry back to Isabel and Liz but he paused as he held the Maria’s necklace on his finger just inches away from Maria’s greedy hand. “But… I could use one of you.” He almost shuddered as he saw the icy stare that she gave him. *Yikes! Down girl.*
“You really are heartless aren't you? Mr. I’m a stonewall I can’t show an ounce of compassion.” With that Maria slid out of the booth and walked out the door to the backroom slamming the door behind her.
“I want you at my apartment by eight tomorrow. And I mean in the morning.” Michael shouted to the closed door.
“Wow Michael.” Isabel breathed shaking her head. “You really know how to poor salt onto an open wound.” Isabel and Liz stood up and walked to the backroom to console their angry friend.
“How do you do that?” Alex asked his mouth hanging open in awe.
“Do what?” Michael questioned back his forehead scrunched up in confusion.
“Piss off the whole female society in one sentence.”
“It’s a gift only Michael possesses.” Max laughed.
“I’ll see ya guys later.” Michael sighed pulled his coat from the booth backing. “Maria! See ya tomorrow! Remember eight sharp!” He could hear her loud infureated words pouring from her beautiful pink mouth. *This could be interesting*
* * * * *
Hope u guys found that funny!!
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I'm so glad u liked my story! I have day one of the bet done already but I would like to finish day two before I add the next part. I am also working on my other story Not as it seems so that is complicating matters. I think the next part should be up by umm.... friday. Though I can't promise anything cause I could be babysitting tomorrow. I'm not sure. Yet, either way it will be up by net wendsday at the very latest.
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HEY ALL!! I finished day one of the bet. I don't think it's good at all but hey here it is! I promise the next day will be mucho better. I just didn't put enough time into this chapter. OH btw this is set in season one if u can't tell. You know during the whole I'm a stonewall crap *happy* well ttfn!!

"Whoever acknowledges Me before men I will also acknowledge him before My Father in Heaven
~Matthew 10:32~
Day 1

Maria walked into Michael's filthy apartment at exactly…noon. Looking around the apartment, she sighed happily, no Michael in sight! *Maybe he won't rub this in my face that much.* Or so she thought, not a second later Michael Guerin's frame could be seen coming threw his bedroom door, but not before his angry, booming voice could be heard. "What time does 8 o'clock sharp mean to you?! It's noon, Maria, noon!"
"I'm sorry. I couldn't meet your time frame." She smiled as her calm voice filtered through the room, infuriating Michael even more. "Now what do you want me to do, master?"
His smile finally appeared and she knew he would make her eat her last sarcastic words. "I would like my apartment cleaned… now."
Maria looked around the foul living room, which was littered with empty pizza boxes, dirty laundry, filthy bowls and plates, as well as misc. things. "No way! This place is vile it should be quarantined!"
"Hey, I wasn't the one who lost the bet."
"But you were the one who let my friends off the hook but made me come here. You're also the one making me clean this sty that 20 people would have a handful with."
"Sucks huh?" With those last words he left the now fuming Maria to clean up.
* * * * *
After cleaning up the vile living room, and being ordered to the rest of the house, and the never ending pile of dishes, she sank into the now dust free couch. She had sat there a total of 5 minutes when Master Guerin, as she now called him, walked into the apartment from work. "I didn't know a work day ended at five." He stated fully knowing that a sarcastic comeback would soon fill the air.
"Ya, well obviously you didn't read the memo's." *And he scores! *
"Oh, I read them and I still don't care."
"Come on, Michael, I've been working for five hours!"
"Ya, well you should have worked nine."
Maria leaned for the remote that sat a cushion away from her. Flipping on the T.V. she heard Michael asking her some sort of smart butt question. "What did you say?"
"Don't you have a T.V. at home?"
"Ya, but that would take 10 feet to get to my car and then a good 5 miles to drive. Yours is closer."
"Ever think I might not want you here?" He joked. He looked at her crest fallen face and immediately felt guilty for his poor attempt at humor. * Opps, guess that wasn't the right thing to kid about. *
"Of course you don't. I should have known that! Mr. Stonewall can't even let anyone sit down and relax without feeling as if someone is getting too close. I've been nothing but decent to you since you pulled that stonewall crap and how do I get repaid? I am made to feel cheap and worthless because you thought it would be fun to let my friends go and see how I would act! Well, you know what one-day your going to wake up and no one will be there when you need them. Then you'll be sorry for treating one of the only people who ever really loved you like crap!" Michael saw the tears slowly coursing down her check before she slammed the door behind her. She ran to her Jetta, trying to make a fast retreat. And she would have done just that if Michael hadn't stepped into the line of the car.
"Unless you want to get run over, move!"
He moved out her way and then went up to her rolled down window. "Maria, I didn't mean it that way. I was just…"
"Joking. What about the other times you've pushed me away? Were you joking then too? Oh, by the way, the bets off." She yelled before hitting the gas and speeding away.

* * * * *
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Thanks for the feedback guys!! The next part will be up by next sunday at the latest! I'm giving myself deadlines for every sunday so that should help me keep on schedule!! Bye people!
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