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Title Life After
Author: Jeremiah
Rating: All of them eventually.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Category: M/L
Summary : Post-Graduation, Max and Liz are seprated when the FBI catch, them , and they have to find a way back to each other, before its too late.

Note: I know I have three other storys that I need to work on, but this is something that I had the urge to just go for it, so those that read my stories, I hope you enjoy this one as well.


Its been a rough couple of months, always living in fear that the end is near. But all that came to an end last night. They were in maine when all hell came busting loose. They were all sitting by the pool of their motel when it started. The FBI had found them yet again.

"Come on lets go!" max yelled for the others, while he was holding his wifes hand. How could they find us so fast, we thought we lost them back in geargia, but obiviously they were wrong.

"Come out with your hands above your heads!now you freaks!" The agents were yelling at them.

"What are we going to do max?" liz asked her husband for a total of two months.

"I dont know what or how but we are going to be fine, but incase if anything happens to me, I just want to say that I love you and I am so proud and honored to be your husband." Max told liz meaning everything he just said from the depths of his soul.

"Same here." Liz answered max by giving him one final lasting passionate kiss. Before the world went black.

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Part One

It was almost two in the morning,and she couldnt sleep.That isnt a suprise. She hasnt slept that much since she got seprated from him. He was her other half, the other part of her soul, her heart. They were happy , yeah they were on the run, but they were together and that meant happiness. But ever since what happened in maine, she hasnt seen his face. That was when the FBI caught up with them, they got relaxed and had some fun for a change and that was how it ended. Liz still remembers what Max told her that day at the pool.

"No matters what just remember that I love you, and it has been an honor to be your husband.

God why did this had to happen, why couldnt they be happy for once! just once, that is all they wanted, but of course they couldnt have it, it wasnt safe. And it probably wont ever be. But they are in love! why! Just when she got past the whole Tess mess, this happened.Well she couldnt just sit here and do nothing! He is her life and she is going to get him back! Not just for her sake.... Then she was interupted by a cry.

"Mommy is coming little one." Liz said as she moved to her son's room.


Somewhere in Canada.....

He woke up, with his body cover in sweat. He had that dream again. But this time it ended deffrently this time. There was someone there, some one that usually wasnt there before. It was a baby a baby boy and he belonged to him and liz. A smile crawled up on his face. Just the thought of having children with the one person he wanted children with was the most amazing feeling. To be able to be with them, that is what he wanted most in the world, but that wasnt possible now since the FBI teared them apart. That day he will never forget, in fact its burned into his soul. The day he had to say goodbye to liz for the second time in this lifetime. How fair was that, just when they got past the whole mess with tess and his son. His other son Zan, the one son that he had to give up for his safety. Max hopes and prays everyday that he is alright, a little part of his heart went with him. And the other was with Liz and now if that dream is any indication, his other son. Why was he never around for his children's births. Max couldnt take it anymore, he had to be with them, he was going to reunite his family at whatever cost.


Somewhere in Arizona.....................

Liz went to her son. To confort him. He was only a few weeks old, and he was scared, and she would make sure that he is safe and secured. She opened the door to his nursery and there he was in his crib, that Maria had Michael buy for Zach. Zach Alexander Evans was his full name. A smile crawled upon her face when ever she thought about their son. With his birth it helped her to finally let go of the hurt of tess having max's child, yeah she might not had his first born but that dosent matter, Zach is special in his own right. And he needed his mommy right about now.

"Mommy is here little one, Shhh, dont cry , are you hungry?"

Zach stopped crying for a second when he saw his mommy, she always made him feel better.

"Here you go precious one, I hope this makes you feel better. She was feeding him while she sang him to sleep.

Hush little baby, dont say a word.

Momma is going to buy you a mocking bird.

And if that mockingbird dont sing, Momma is going

To buy you a diamond ring.

Liz laughed to herself," guess you dont want a diamond ring, to girly for my big man." Zach fell asleep a while ago. Liz put him back in his crib and and gave him a kiss on his little tiny forhead.

"Goodnight baby, I promise you that we are all going to be together someday."
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Authors Note : I just want to say thank you for all the wonderful feedback that I have receved, that want to thank everyone that has read it personally.

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Part 2

It was cold and dreary, another overcast day in ontario, Were it seems to do nothing but snow. Max dosent know why he picked this location, he just needed to get away from the FBI, and this place seems to work, he hasnt heard anything from them in the past couple of months. And he is glad too, not for the fact that they could kill him, and so much more, but for the fact that if they did show up, Max was afraid that he would kill THEM for making him be away from all the people that he loves.His sister Isabel who he now nows lives in New York along with Kyle . She actally is working as a waitress not a model as you might presume, she thinks it would be too high profile and she just didnt want to take that chance. Who would of thought that his sister would take a low paying job, over then the chance to be famous and loved by millions of people just to be safe. Max has to admit that she really has changed, and for the better. That thought just made him even sadder. Not for the fact that is sister was doing ok, it was over the fact that he got to know about what izzy is doing now, but he cant know about liz and his son. Wow he still couldnt get over the fact that he and liz created this perfect and beautiful little life. He didnt keep in contact because that was too dangerous, and he couldnt take the risk of liz getting killed. But now everything has changed, H has a son out there and even though he knows that liz is a wonderful and terrific mother, the favt remains is that he lost one son, but he refuses to lose another.

As Max continues to think about what to do about this whole situation, as he looks out of his window of his cabin on the lake, There is a knock at the door. He wnt to go answer it.

"What are you doing here? how did you find me?" Max asked with panick in his voice.

"Max, we can always find were you are at."


Could it be any more hot out here. Liz thought as she went out to the car, carrying the groceries from the car.

"Chica, let michael help you." Maria told her, then she bellowed for michael.

"MICHAEL!!!!!!!!Get you lazy Ass out here and help!!!!!!!!!!!" Maria yelled as an amuzed liz looked on.

"Somethings never change." Liz said as michael finally showed up.

"What the hell are you complaing about now woman!" Michael answered Maria's yell. Maria was not amused at all.

"How many times to I have to tell you not to call me woman , you neantrhal! This is so not the cave age, I just wanted you to help out liz, that was all I asked for, so please I dont need this attitude of yours."

"My attitude?" Michael answered back. They were still at it and by the time they stoped Liz had already put everything away. She just laughed at those two. They love to fight with one another, Liz keeps wondering if that is some sorta foreplay. She is happy for her friends, but at the same time she wonders why if she is allowed to be with michael and maria, why cant max be here. That was due to the fact that Maria and Michael wasnt always here, in fact they lived in Mexico for a while. Yep that is right , Mexico, now I dont know how they dealt with it down there but now they are here. Liz still remembers the day that she ran into Maria at the store in phoneix, She and michael were driving through to the next town, At that time Liz was in her last trimester of of her pregnancy of Zach. And Maria being Maria decided that she an michael would stay with Liz and help the baby. Which turned out to be really good considering that her baby was half alien and all. It helped to have Michael here to help with the delivery of Zach, especially since max couldnt be.

That thought alone made Liz miserable, he wasnt even aware that she was pregnaut,hell she didnt even find out until she got here to arizona and tuscon. But by then her connection to max was slim to none, he turned it off, because he wanted to keep her safe. She still remembers that conversation, via through the connection.

"No, max you cant do it! Please no baby, I cant go on with out you."

"Same here liz, but the most important thing to me is you and to keep you safe I have to do this."

"were not even together max! and we are married! and now you want to kill the last thing I have of you."

"I dont want to do this, but I have to do it, it is to keep you safe and I rather die and to see one hair of you get harmed."


"Plus, it wont be forever, just until I know you are safe, then not only will we have that, but we will be in each others arms for the rest of our lives, now how does that sound baby?"

"Perfect. I will miss you every second of every minute..."

"....of every day until I see you again. Me too."

"Max , I love you."

"I love you too."

And that was the last time she spoken to max. The last time she could feel anything about him. well that was until zach was born and then she could at least still see him. Because zach looked exactly like his father, he might only be a few weeks old, but she could tell. Liz was lost in thought when the pain came and hit her like a flash.

"MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed out, before the darkness took over.

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Author note: Sorry, I planned on updating this morning all my stories, but I cant something has come up, but I will update tonight. Just to let every one know, I finally updated my stort Revelations, so please if you guys wouldnt mind checking that out! I would appreciate it!
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Maria and Michael were still out side when they heard Liz scream. Both of them took off to the kitchen to see what happened. When they got there they found a half unconcious Liz on the floor.

"OH MY GOD!!! LIZ!!!'' Maria screamed for her friend that looked like she was dead.

"MICHAEL, you have to help her! please !"

"That is what im trying to do, Maria, but dont forget that Healing is not my best power, so I cant garentee anything." Michael tried to let Maria possibly know that there might be a chance that Liz might not make it.

"I know, but you got to try, not just for me, But for max and zach! we all need her.

michael was about to reach and touch liz, so he could try to help her when liz finally came to.

"Liz!" Maria was estactic that her best friend in the whole world seemed to be fine, not just a minute ago they thought they were going to lose her.Maria just hugged her was not afraid to let her friends know that she was upset.

"Oh lizzie, I dont know what I would of have done, if I lost you too, but I am ao glad that your ok. Your ok now right?"

"Yeah iam sorry to worry you guys, but it was just part of the change to the alien side that im going through."

"WHAT, I thought that finished a while back after we left roswell." Michael said worried about his friends wife and his friend as well.

"It did, I atleast I thought I did, but after I had Zach, the powers reamerged and this time stronger they are stronger then before." Liz said

"and are you always in that much pain when ever you experience it? " maria was concerned.

"Somtimes, that is why I call out for Max, so he could help me, but then I just rember that he is not here, and I have to help myself, when im alone."

"I am so sorry liz." Michael apologised.

"Why are you apologising michael, you have nothing to apologise for!"

"I know."

"so come on, lets forget this or at least move past this , cuz im starved, and I want to see zach."

"Ok liz, while dont you go see your precious angel and michael and I will cook dinner."

"You guys are the best." Liz said as she hugged her two best friends.

"No problem liz." Michael said as he replied to the hug.

Liz left her friends in the kitchen to cook, so she can look and play with her son. She opened the door to his nursey and walked over o him.

"Hi baby how are you doing today?"

zach just nodded and smiled. His Mommy was here!

Liz just smiled and picked up her son and walked him over to the rocking chair that she had in his room And started to feed him.

She didnt even see the stranger that was looking through the nursery window.

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Authors Note : I want to thank all the wonderful people that left me feedback! I am so happy! the only thing that would make even more happy is if I got more! I know I have a problem but, I cant help it. Enjoy the new part!

Part 4

Max could not believe the sight that was in front of him. how did they know where he was. He hadnt even let Liz know were he was, and they knew.

"well are you going to let us in." Phillip asked his son.

"Oh, im sorry, yeah come in." max was still in shock.

"By the look on your face, I can tell we really suprised you." Diane said to heer son, all the while trying to supress the laughter she got from looking at his face, he looked like a deer that was caught in the taillights.

"Yeah, no offense or anything like that, but how did you find out were I was, I didnt even tell Liz."

"We are your parents, you know? We had followed you all the way to Maine, we hid we didnt want you to send us back to Roswell." Phillip said to an even more shocked Max.

"you followed us, why?"

"Because you and Isabel are our children, and even though you might be royalty on another planet, dosent mean that we dont love you, because we do and as your parents it is our job, to try and keep you guys safe...I know we have failed in the past but that dosent mean we are going to stop trying." Diane said with emotion written all over her face. Max was touched, here was his parents and they knew the truth about them and they stilled loved them. Hell they were willing to follow them into situations that turned out be very dangerous. Max couldnt help the tears that were falling down his face. he just went to go hug both of his parents, to let them know that he was indeed glad they were here, he was tired of being alone.

"I love you guys." max said with emotion that was barely cracking his voice, but his parents knew.

"So your not mad that we followed you." Phillip asked.

"No,in fact I was getting tired of being alone."

That sentence broke Diane's heart. Here was her son, and he felt like he was alone. That Damn FBI why couldnt they leave her children alone! They didnt do nothing wrong. it's not like they could help it about what they are, its not like thay chose it! She just pulled her baby in to her arms and tried to confort him, the best any mother would do.

"You are never alone, just remember that ok, sweetie." Diane said to a happy Max.

"Thank you."

They spent the next two hours catching up, talking about everything and anything. Max was suprised to learn that his parents were at his wedding to Liz.

"We were there in the back of the chapel, what you think I would miss my own son's wedding!not on your life." Diane said with motherly conviction. Both Phillip and Max laughed.

"It was a beautiful wedding Max, I am so proud of the man that you have become." Phillip said with proudness in his voice.

"Should we give it to him, Phillip?"

"Give me what?"

"We might as well, See son before we arrived here we were in arizona, tuscon in fact and we found Liz."

"You did!" max couldnt help to show the joy in his voice.

"Yeah, we did, I know this is suppose to be Liz's job, but we also saw..." Diane was cut off by Max.

"My Son."

"How did you know?"

"I was having dreams about Liz, and This one I had a dream about her, but it was deffrent, it had a little baby in it, a boy and I just knew.I knew from the depths of my soul that it was true." Max said with both Conviction and being proud of Liz the way she was taking care of their son.

Diane and Phillip were both speechless. They knew that Max and Liz loved each other very much, but it was just now that they realized how special it really was.

"Come on, I hate to break this up but we better get going, if we want to make it to arizona on time."

"we are going to Liz and my son." Max said with his voice braking in sadness.

"Yes, it is about LONG over due to reunite this family.All of its members, dont you think?" Diane said to Max.

"HELL YES!" Max couldnt help it, he was going o reunite his family no matter what it takes.


He has been watching her since thay got to arizona. He couldnt believe that they both still looked as gorgeous as ever. What is most shocking is that Liz has a SON! She is a mother. And Maria is a wife. She and Michael were finally married. He was so over joyed with emotion. His two Best friends were so happy, well Liz on the other hand was like a double edge sword, She was happy because of her child, but the beam in her voice and face were gone and he knew why. He could tell that when he looked through the nursery window tonight, she was incomplete, and that was because she wasnt with Max.Her Husband. Yes he was there at the wedding, he might of been in the protecon with Serena and Ava, but there was no way in hell he was going to mess one of his best friends weddings, in fact he went to both. They were both so beautifull just hat he wanted for his best friends. the only problem was that he couldnt let them know that he was there. hell he couldnt even let them know that he was still alive, that he had been saved from death by Serena and Ava, that day but he had to keep it a secret for their protecton. He also couldnt bare with the fact that all his friends were spread about the country. That was when he decided to expose him self, they might hate him for his deception, but he just didnt care, he was going to reunie his friends, no make that his family.

P.S Please let me know what you think!

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Authors Note: Want to thank everyone that as left me feedback, this part is short, but I wanted to give you guys something.

Part 5

Alex Witman Couldnt believe all the changes that his friends went through. Liz and Max were married, and had a son. Maria and Michael were Married as well, who would of thought that?! Alex always thought that hell would freeze over before Michael Guerin would be somewhat living a commentment ? And Isabel. IzzyBell, His Izzy how much has she changed over the last years, no longer the ice princess as she was back in high school. She matured, she wasnt the selfish bitch she use to be. She gave up her husband, so he could be safe. He was so proud of her. Kyle, he too has become a shell of his former jackass self. Buddha probably taught them that. Man he missed his friends. And he was glad too that they seemed close again. Yeah that seems funny since most of them are spread across the country. But even though they are that, they are a HELL of a lot closer then they were junior year of high school. God, he wish he could forget that year all together, but he knew that even thought it was a miserable time it was a valuable lesson, on how to keep communication open and to never repeat their mistakes. Now the only thing he hoped for was that they would forgive him for making them believe he was dead. He had no choice, he had to reveal what a BITCH Tess really was.

When ever he thought of that name, his blood turned to ice. She might of not killed him, but she came close to, just so she can go home and hop back in to kivars bed! talk about a slut! GOD! He hated her with a passion. He knows he is not suppose to feel this about any one but he was glad she was dead! In fact he wished he could find her grave and do a happy dance on it! I know that sounds a bit harsh, but it fit, for the kind of person she was. She truly was an alien.

'now quit being a baby and go see your friends, let them please understand.' Alex thought as he moved to Liz's front door.

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Part 6

There were no words to describe for what Max was feeling right now. He was going to be reunited with his family. He couldnt wait to have Liz in his arms again. It has been far too long, hell he might not ever let go! And his son. Wow what a concept. His son.His son that h has with Liz! A smile crept on his face just by the feeling that he has a child with the only woman that he will ever love. Unlike his firstborn.Zan. There is not a day that goes by that he dosent think about him.The son that he had to give away, just to keep him safe. A little piece of Max died that day when he watched his parents take his son, to his new home, a home that dosent include him. He was happy that Zan's new parents were taking good care of him.Max was grateful to them for that. When Tess told him that she was indeed pregnant, he was scared beyond belief, he hope and prayed that it wasnt true, and not because he dosent love Zan now, it was back then the only woman he wanted to have his children was Liz, and Now his first born had Tess, for a mother. Max so wishes that he could back in time and fix things, making Zan his and Liz's. But he refuse to go change the past. After what he did the first time.He screwed evertthing up for Liz and him. That's Right he knows about the whole fiasco none as Future Max. Liz told him the whole ordeal, he couldnt believe it! His Liz was so brave and so stong! He was so weak and immature, he fell for Tess's lies and gave himself to her, he always planned or rather dreamed that he would give himself to Liz. A silent cry came from hi throat. He will never forgive himself for that. he hates what he did with Tess with a passion, it is so diffrent when he was intimate with Liz. A smile returned as his face turned a bright crimson. It felt so right to be in Liz's arms, to have her touch him like that. The first time they made love was the night he proposed. It was the most beautiful moment in his life. He waited for the moment like that his whole life since the third grade, it has been the only thing he wanted, or rathered needed. They made love on the blanket on her balcony, They both seemed to come alive for the first time in nearly a year . He of course was worried about her, even though he knew it was safe, thanks to Michael and Maria, still he wanted nothing to come and harm his Liz. Liz reassured him that nothing would harm her, he was convinced. Then they made love all the way into mornings light. And in all places too, The balcony, Liz's Bed, the shower, The bed again and the balcony again as well. That thought made Max turn even brighter! he couldnt help it, he loves Liz and he wont be ashamed either. Then he remembers the time in Main when he made love to his wife.The time his son must of been concieved. A smile was still plastered to his face. he couldnt wait until he was in arizona so he could be with her like that again. Max and His parents were on a train that would take them to new york, so they could pick up Isabel and Kyle. Then all of hem would be off to arizona. He could not wait.


Alex was petrified to what was about to happen. He was going too be reunited with his friends.And he was worried about how they were going to take it. He knew they would be shocked and happy, but he knew they would be angry to at him. To make them go through the whole grieve process. That killed him, everytime that he thought about that. He didnt want to intintally hurt them he just had to prove what traitor Tess really was.

Then he knocked on the door. No one answered, a part of him was happy and was about to run. But the rest of him told him not to believe that and stop acting like such a baby and be a man, and strap a pair on. So he knocked again.This time it opened.

"Hi, Michael."

"Hi. Alex."

Alex was blown away by how calm Michael was being. Michael Guerin Was calm when a supposed to be dead friend arrives on their doorstep.Michale brings him out of his thoughts.

"We been expecting you."

"Really, How did you know?"

"Liz's visions."

"Damn, thats right, I completely forgot that!"

"No problem, come here." Michael said as he pulled Alex into a hug.


"Welcome home."


P.s Sorry! I promise that a reunion for the three muskateers will be the next part! Only if I get feedback of course.

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Part 7

Alex was nervous as hell. What would they do to him. Michael was really great about it, but he knew his girls would be diffrent about it. He knew thay would be happy to see him of couse but angry at the same time. Alex was pulled out of his self pity thoughts by a schreech.


Alex turned around and saw his two best friends standing ther, more like his sisters. They looked as they were about to loose it.

"Arent you guys going to give me a hug?" alex replied jokingly.

Only Liz and Maria didnt take it as joke. Both girls ran over to him giving him a hug, while knocking him and themselves to the ground.

"Oh My God Alex, Please tell me that you are really here! that this isnt part of my imangination!" Maria pleaded with tears in her eyes.

"Afraid, so Teflon babe! I am really here!" Alex said. Maria just lost it, and balled like a baby.

" dont know how much we missed you." liz stated a tears of her own were starting to fall.

"I have a pretty good idea, if it was half as much as I missed you two then I know." Alex said as he too began to cry.

"Why?" Maria asked.

Oh no, here was the moment of truth.

"guys , I will tell you ALL what happenned, and why I had to make you guys believe that I was dead, but I want to wait until every one gets here." Alex replied, hopefully satisfying their curiousity for the truth.

"When you mean mean...." Liz asked Alex wondering about what he meant.

"He means us, Liz." A huky voice annonced.

Liz was shocked. Could it be him. After all this time. No, she was just dreaming. She would wake up anytime and her heart would break again. She slowly turned around and saw with her own eyes. Her Husband was here.


"Yes Liz, Im really here." Max stated as he went to cover the distance between them as he gave her a hug, that was long over due.

"Oh my God, please dont tell me this is just a dream.I dont think I could take it." Liz said in her little girl voice as tears were flowing like there was no end. She couldnt be able to survive this, if it turned out to be nothing but a sick and cruel joke.

"Believe me baby, this is not a dream, here let this prove it." max said as he finally was able to kiss his wife.



The two of them just stood ther holding each other, never wanting to let go again.

"Now that we are all together again, Lets go sit down and I will explain all of this." Alex stated as he and the others made thier way to the living room. Leaving Max and Liz alone.

"I Love You." max stated.

"I Love You Too. Welcome home." Liz answered.

P.S Please let me know what you all think.
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Part 8

How can someone get any more beautiful? But she did. She happens to be more loveler by the second. Now that she is back in his arms, he cant get enough. They were now sitting in her room, as they finished listening to Alex, and what really happened. Isabel was happy beyond belief. That brought a smile on Max's face, to think how happy his sister is. She definetly deserves it. Especially after she had to give up Jesse. Jesse I wonder how he would feel to know that his wife's first real love came back from the grave. Max likes Jesse, he just like Isabel with Alex a little bit more. But he is not going to interfere. He has responsibilitys of his own. Like Liz and his son. God he cant believe it still, even though he had all this time to get to terms about it. He had created a sweet and innocent life with his beautiful wife. Wife. He couldnt even believe that after all these years he finally made his dreamgirl his wife. The only one that he wanted as his wife.



"I think some one wants to meeet his daddy."

And there he was his handsome son.

It took his breath away.

To finally to be able to see his family.

The one that he craved for so long."

"Hi, there buddy , it's daddy." He said as liz put Zach in to Max's arms. Zach just looked at Max, and reconise him. His daddy was finally here to be with him and his mommy. Zach gave Max one of his famous little grins.

Max just smiled as the tears were falling freely.

Liz couldnt move, all she could do was just stand there while father and son were getting to know one another. This is all that she ever wanted, ever since that day in the crashdown, were max saved her life. That was day her life truly begun. And Now here he was with the son that THEY created. Him and Her. She is the mother of Max's son. Not his firstborn, but that dosent matter anymore. It torn at her heart to remember the pain in Max's eyes when he had to give away Zan. She was sad too. Because no matter who his mother is he was a innocent baby caught up in this mess they called a life.

Now here was there second chance to be a family. A family they so desperatly wanted.

But she had to wonder, could it be too late to reclaim the other member of their family?

It couldnt be.

She had to find out.

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Part 9

It has been a total of one month since everyone was reunited. It felt good to have everyone in the same room again. It felt like old times. This time it felt even better, since the Evans, knew the truth about thier children, and they didnt have to lie any more, it was burden that was lifted from thier shoulders.

Michael and Maria, were still Michael and Maria. That would never change, they bickered like thier was no tommorrow.

Isabel and Alex were as close as ever, leaving Kyle to feel a little bit jealous. Dont get him wrong, he is beyond happy that Alex is still alive, but he just wished that he and Isabel could still hang out like they use to in New york.

Max, Liz and zach were bonding like a family should be. They were catching up on the precious time that they missed as a family.

Max was beyond estatic over this little fact. He missed so much time, that he planned on making it all up in due time.

Diane and Phillip were just looking at the room full of kids. Thats right, they were still teenagers, The problems is that they dont have the time to be a normal teenager. And that broke thier hearts. None of them deserved this to happen to them.

Phillip couldnt take it anymore, he turned awat with tears brimming in his eyes.

"We should tell them Phillip."


"Phillip, I think, no I know they have aright to know! Especially Max and Isabel."

"How many times do we have to go through this Diane! We are not telling them."

"Well they are going to notice something is up."

"I'll take my chances."

"It's not just your choice anymore, Phillip!"


Diane was shocked, her husband yelled at her, not to say they didnt have thier fights, of course they did, they wouldnt be normal if they didnt have a fight every now and then, but even when they were fighting, Phillip never yelled like that.

"Im sorry.' Phillip said, as he saw the tears in Diane's eyes.

But it was too late, Diane took off to her room.

In the living room were a bunch of shocked and worried human and hybirds.

"Wow ! I never heard your Dad yell like that at your mom before." Michael said as he looked at Max and Isabel.

"I know, we never heard him like that, I wonder what is wrong with him , Max?" Isabel asked with worry in her eyes.

"I dont know , but im going to find out." Max said as he was trying to find a way too see what is wrong between his parents. As he was about to reach the kitchen, that was when he heard his dad.

"How do you tell your kids, that you are dying?"

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Part 10

No he couldnt hear that right. His father was dying. His father, the one that found him and Isabel on the side of a road that one fateful night, he was dying. No that couldnt be right! It just couldnt it. Yes he and Max had a rough start this year, with the whole robbing of the convennce store in Utah. Max even moved out. But deep down he knew that things would be alright in the end. He absoloutley didnt know what he would do, if the only man he ever knew to be his father died. Well that is not going to happen Max thought as he was begning to remember all the good times he and his father shared.

The one time, that Phillip took both him and isabel to go see Santa Claus for the first time. The look on little Max's face was beyond priceless. a bunch a little questions went off in his head. Why does this man have a long beard? why is he so happy all the time? And why does he keep on going ho,ho,ho?

Just to see the look on his son's face was priceless. Max was so quiet and shy all the time, he and Diane were worried that something was wrong, they figured a trip to see Santa would help and bring him out of his shell.

"Daddy, why is he doin thats?" a six year old max asked his father. " See Max, santa wants to meet all the little boys and girls, to be sure that they are all good little boys and girls.

"Im a good boy!"

"Yes, you are! you are a good little boy."

"Thanks Daddy, for bringing me here."

"No Problem son, no problem.

The memory brought tears to Max's eyes. How could his father be dying, How could something so cruel happen to the two most people that didnt deserve any thing to cause them pain.Phillip and Diane Evans were the most loving and caring people that he has ever met, and he is truly blessed to be able to call them his parents. He was brought back to reality when he heard a voice call out to him.



"Are you ok?"

Max turned and saw his lovely wife there, he couldnt help it she could help him with his pain, he turned to her so he could feel her arms around him , he wanted to be conforted as he was when he was a little boy.

Liz didnt know what was going on with Max. It seemed as His world was crashing around him.Max couldnt held it anymore, he cried, he cried as he buried his head into Liz's neck, he cried as a little boy that lost his best friend.

"Whats wrong Max?"



"My dad...he dying."


"I overheard him say he was dying after mom left."

"Oh My God! I am so sorry max, I dont know what to say, but that I am sorry, and that I will be here for you."

"Thanks Liz I dont know what I would do with out you."

"You will never know that feeling again, because I just got you back and I refuse to let go."

That sentement meant the world to Max, he was one lucky half human on this earth.

A thought accured to him.

"I can Heal him."

"Max...are you sure, remeber what happened to Samuel, you tried to heal him, yet nothing worked. You Cant heal people that are already sick." Liz said trying to make Max realise that it might not be able to save his father.

"What Liz, You Just want me to watch and see my father die! I cant believe you! How can you say that to me! I never thought you could be such a selfish Bitch!" Max yelled at his wife,not helping that he is hurting her, god he loves her but he is in a lot of pain over the fact that his dad was dying.

Liz was in such shock! Max never used profanity and never called her that! She knew he was in pain, but that gave him no right to say what he did.

"You Know Max, I was just trying to confort you, but that was uncalled for. I know you are in a lot of pain over your dad, and im sorry for that, but right now, you can go STRAIGHT TO HELL!" Liz said as she slapped him across the face.

Max was empty. He knew he deserved the slap. But he couldnt help himself, he was in so much pain.

"That is great, I an see that I can rely on my supportive wife!" Max relied sarcastically.As he left and went outside.

Leaving a devestaed Liz to go back to the room and cry herself till she couldnt cry anymore.

Neither realising, That Tess was at the side of the house with a smile on her face.

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Part 11

Liz couldnt believe what Just happened. She and Max just fought. Actually more like Max was in pain and all liz wanted was to confort him, but he was so cold, so harsh. It felt like how he was during their junior year of high school. And she never wanted to see that max again. But it seems like he was back.


She refuses to let that happen. She was not going to lose Max to his Damn alien side. They have fought tooth and nail to get at a point to were they were and Liz refused to let that all go down the drain.

A Noise at the door brought Liz out of her thoughts. Liz moved to open the door. The face she saw was one that she thought she never see again.


"Miss me, Lizzie?" Tess said with an evil smirk.

Liz couldnt believe it. everyone thought she saw was dead. The base exploded. She was killed? Right? Then it hit her.


"No wonder your the smart one, I could never fool you Right Lizzie."

"Dont call me that!"

"What is the matter lizzie?" Tess replied.

"Just seeing you again, pardon me If it makes me ill."

"Wow, Lizzie that was a nice comeback."

"You know I try, all I have to do is look at you and it all comes out. "

"Now be nice! liz Parker, the Perfect Liz Parker would never put down a person, no matter how much she dosent like them."

"You Know Tess, I would not underestimate me, I Know I gave you reason before, But That was before, this is Now, Now I really see you as the lying, manipulative Murdering BITCH! You really are, so Now if you dont want to get hurt, Go Back to hell, were you belong." Liz said with as much venom in her voice she could muster up. It didnt take that much with liz hating Tess as much as she did.

"That hurt! now I know It hurts to Know that I was the one Max FIRST made love to. The one that taught him how to please a woman. Boy Liz, the things he does with his mouth. I get warm thinking about the increadble night we shared." Tess said with a smirk knowing how It hurted Liz .

Liz could feel the bile to rise in her throat. No Liz! dont give into her. Then she took Tess of guard.

She laughed.

Tess was suprised. What the hell was so funny?

"what is funny?"

"You are. Look I wont lie to you. it did hurt knowing that Max had SEX with you. But we werent together. Plus We Did share OUR First time together." Liz said with a smirk on her face.

"What the hell are you talking about? Max made Love to me First. And he enjoyed it throughly. I may add."

"Nice try. Really. But see Max did have Sex with you. He Made Love to ME! What he had with you was lets see what he says...oh thats right He calls it the worst mistake he has ever made."

"Shut up!"

"Oh, and by the way dont think about throwing the whole Hour orgasim in my face, it is nothing to brag. You should feel how it is when He loves the person he is with BACK! It was the best TWO hours of my life. I swear I actually thought we were going to die from pleassure overload." Liz said with a smirk on her face. It made her feel good by the look on Tess's face.

"Your lying!" Tess replied. There was no way that could be true.

The shouting match was interupted by a third party.

"It is true Tess." Max speaks up. Both Tess and Liz turn around and see him standing there.

"Max...." Liz said with a quiet tone.

Max just moved passed Tess and tool Liz in his arms.

"I am so sorry, I never should have...." Max was cut off by Liz cushing her lips to his. She poored all her love and reassurance into it. Max was left blown away, wondering how he wounded up with such a beautful angel in his life. But He was not going to complain.

Tess wanted to gag. The sight made her sick. She gave a damn about zan or his precious Liz. All she wanted to do was get rid of the heir to the thrown. She wanted to get back in Kivars good graces again. After she failed to get Zan into sleeping with her, she had to mindwarp the whole sex part along with the baby. Damn they were all even more stupid then they thought.! But what she didnt planned on was being exposed, By liz and being sent home. Kivar was furious! That was why She got sent back here, And by luck there she found an abandoned baby. But then she had to make it look like she was on their side trying to be a good mother. God she even hated kids! They were all brats! But now she is her to get her revenge. they were all going to pay.

Max and Liz broke apart. Everything settle and reveling in their love. Then they turned to face Tess.

"Tess, Next time you decide to mindwarp me again, To say what I said to Liz, I Know what it feels like now so you can forget it! Now I think it is time for you to go." Max said as he raised his hand towards to Tess.

Tess in her whole miserable life never was so scared . Not even Kivar could scare her, because she could always convince him to spare her life, But Max hates her so there is no way that she could ask him to spare her life again. Then she felt something in her, like something she was losing.

Then Max put his hand down.


"What did you do Max?" Liz asked with curiosity.

"I took away her powers."

"WHAT!" Tess and Liz screamed.

"I took away her powers."

"How can you do that?" Liz asked.

"I am Their King, so I have the ability to take their powers away, I just found this out not so long ago. When A King feels his four square loosing control or getting too much out of hand, they have the ability to eliminate their powers. Now I wish I knew this sooner, So I could have done something to you a long time ago. Maybe I could have stopped you." Max said with a little venom in his voice as he spoke to his crazy ex wife.

"How dare you do this to me! I Am Your WIFE!"

"Dont you dare say you are my wife! I Might Have fallen into your trap once, But I know who you really are. Liz Is My wife. My best friend, My Lover. She is everything that you wish You could be. I so wish I could erase what I had Done with you, It make me Sick to know that I touched that fake skin, You are disgusting, And I will never let you harm us again."

"What are you going to do?" Tess asked, afraid what he was going to do.

"Your Going Home."

"What I cant! kivar will kill me!"

"Well Tess that is your cross to bear." He said as he opened up a portal to the home planet.

"Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tess screamed as she vanished through the portal. Leaving Max and Liz alone.


' I will explain. I will explain soon."

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