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Before you all start asking about my other stories, they're still there and I'm still going to update them, I just have a new one too. By the way, "Theres Something About Max" That's gone. I had to choose whether I wanted to do this one or that one, I chose this.

Title: Femme Fatale

Rateing: Whooooo, I'm pretty sure I'm going to do ths NC-17 all the way. There will also be slash*wink* so I'll mark all those chapters if that isn't quite your thing.

Summary: I got this idea from a movie starring Antonio Banderas and Rebecca Romain Stamos. It hadn't even come out yet and it's by the smae name. Liz is living a double life and is a total non regretting badgirl who does all sorts of naughty things(right pinky finger goes to the corner of mouth.) Max is a reporter, who's put on her trail.

Femme Fatale

Chapter One

She padded through the silent dark museum with feline grace and prowess. The black leather catsuit that she wore was so tight she could barely take a breath but it made her blend into her surroundings.

The night watchman snored softly in his swivel chair as she glided up behind him, "good morning Johnson," she purred into his ear and took a step back when he awoke with a start and jumped from the seat to face the intruder.

"What are you doing in her Miss," she watched him visibly relax when he saw her and smiled softly. "The Manhattan Museum has been closed for awhile now, did you get stuck in here?"

"No," she said softly, "I came through one of the skylights and I'm going to steal The Cats Eye Diamod that's on display." Before he culd begin to comtemplae her words she pounced.

The guard wasn't old but he wasn't exactly young either. She had him on the floor within minutes, "good night Johnson," she said slowly and broke his neck. The sound of his bone breaking echoed through the museum and she started to move quickly.

The guard had taken up to much of her time, she had only ten minutes to get the jewel and escape she thought as she came upon it. It was in a glass case in the center of a arrangment of red alarm lasers.

She contemplated it for a moment before removing her backpack and getting into position. Those gymnastic lessons her overbearing father had forced on her finally coming into some sort of use as she quietly bended, flipped, and crawled through all the sensors.

There it was, the diamond men had killed for, stole for, died for. She smiled, and here was a woman, taking it from them so very easily, ahhh, the irony of it all. She laughed softly as she stuck out her foot and purposely tripped the alarm.

The loud screaming all aound her and the red lights blinking on and off all around said it was O.k. to be loud and she threw the glass covering off, grabbed the diamond, and made a ru for it.

This was always the best part for her. When the cops were bearing down and she wasn't so sure she'd get away with it this time. They flooded intot eh front door and she changed her course to the rope from the skylight over the entrance.

She began to climb when they shined the huge flaslight on her, "drop the bag and come down the rope" they screamed. She threw the jewel ontl the roof and climbd out after it but not beofre she she flipped them off.

They sent officers to the roof but it was already too late. The Shadow, as they called her, had done it again.


Max tried not to fidgit as he sat in his bosses office and glanced at the headline on the paper he was reading, "The Shadow's Done It Again!!!" "This..........guy
has the cops falling all over themselves. The Manhattan Museum has never had a robber that actually got away, and we can't get a picture of him."

Max brightened, could this be his break? Did Mr. Samson want him on the case? "No, the reporters you've put on the case haven't been able to get a picture of him at all. Maybe you have the wrong people on the story."

He glaced at Max and said slowly, "you know son, you may be right. I'm taking Carter off the case and putting Guerin on it." Max felt his heart fall. Micheal Guerin, his arch enemy eveen if he didn't know that he was alive.

He got all the good stories, all the money, all the..........everything. "I'm going to move Carter to the greenhouse case." "But Sir," Max stuttered, "that's my case."

"Sorry son," he replies when he finally listened to what Max was telling him, "I'll move you to the fashion show that's going on tonight."

He scoffed, "I went to Harvard for Journalism and you're putting me on the fashion beat, I can get a picture of the shadow if you give me a chance," Max said.

"Sorry kid," his boss said, "you're too new, I couldn't put you on this." He looked away and asked his secretary to call in Guerin, "Please go back out to your desk."

Max looked stunned then quietly got up and went out to his desk and the papers on the fashion show that night. "Victoria's Secret fashion show tonight with brand new sensation Liz Parker as the head model."

He threw the paper down, what did he care about some girl named Liz Parker?


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Wow, this has really been an awesome, totally unexpected respnse and I'm happy that you guys are ejoying this. I'll try and update this soon and don't worry. I will not quit this one after the second chapter...................hopefully.*tongue**wink*
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Thanx for the feedback guys, make sure to keep it up so I don't become a despondent writer.*big* Yeah, this story is diffrent then my usuals but I wanted to write one where Liz was a total badass who didn't answer to anyone and does whatever she wants. So, here this is.

Femme Fatale

Chapter Two

This was totally unprofessional. If his boss found out, he cut the thought, he wasn't going to find out. He was going to get this interveiw with Liz and then he was going to go home.

The show had gone well. Max had taken lots of pictures and done, what he considered, a fantastic job covering it. As he was leaving the hall a representative of Elizabeth Parker stopped him and said the model would like to give an interveiw. Max was shocked.

Liz was infamous for her dodging of the media. She never talked to the news and she never gave interveiws, until now. Max hated this assignment, he just wanted to go home but the journalist in him couldn't let it go.

"I want the interveiw," the representative smiled and he told him to tell Liz he would be waiting at the bar. "I'm sorry sir," he said and stopped Max from walking away, "she wants th interveiw in her room or not at all."

So here he was, sitting on the farthest corner of her bed. Fighting with himself about how bad this would look if someone found out but not being able to walk away. Just then the door flew open and she glided in the room.

He held his breath whe he saw her as if if she noticed his presence, she wouldn't stay. He hadn't seen her close up at the show but now...........she was absolutely breathtaking.

The red backless gown and black stilletto boots she wore
made her glow with confidence and a sexy attitude. She stopped, and stood absolutey still in front of him, "Maxwell?"

His mouth was suddenly dried and he was inexplicably tonguetied. This sort of thing never happened to him. She turned toward him and took him in from head to toe. "Well, you are Maxwell Evans right?"

"Yes," he was finally able to answer. the breathless tone of his voice not exactly how he wanted that to come out and he could tell she knew it. "Well," she said reaching her hand behind her neck and unlatching the dress, "You can ask me 1 question."

He watched the dress puddle around her feet and looked back up at her in nothing but a pair of black thong panties, he suddenly couldn't remember why he was here.

Liz turned away from him and he got a glance at her smooth behind before she pulled out a cigarette, lit it and pulled a chair from the corner of the room to sit right in front of him.

He was trying very hard not to look at her naked breasts, if he did Max didn't think he'd be able to continue this interveiw. She took a long puff of the cigarette in her hand and sat down in front of him as she weren't half naked in front of a man she didn't know.

She blew it out in his face, "you have one question Maxwell, I suggest you ask it." He heard an accent when she spoke but couldn't place it, he had to think of something good.

His body was beginning to ache. He hadn't been this close to a naked woman since...............well since Tess in High School and that was 4 years ago. She smelled so good and she was so pretty. "I don't have all day here," she cooed softly into his ear.

He'd been so enthralled in his own thoughts he hadn't felt her move in so close, his breathing was beginnig to hitch. No woman had ever turned him on the way this one was right now.

"Ummmmmm, I," she didn't wait for his reply but stood in front of him and laid her stillettoed clad foot in his lap. "I think you have beautiful eyes Maxwell." That totally threw him off.

"Ummm, Liz. This is really unprofessional and I think maybe I should go."


Liz smiled to herself, he wasn't moving away from her. She swept her tongue along her bottom lip, used her foot to push him back on the bed, and climbed slowly on top of him.

She let herself relax against him and thought that he would be a superb lover but there was no time for that, right now anyways. Now was the time to hook him.

She stretched out on top of him, making sure to bump the straining erection pressing against her stomache. She looked into his eyes, smoky with desire and said, "What's you question," while almost touching his lips with her own.

I want to know why you run away from the media, why this is your first interveiw?" His voice sounded strained and she dragged out he snswer, "because I'm a very private person there are things about me that I............would rather the public didn't know."

She ran her tongue along his bottom lip and sucked it into her mouth. He groaned and she gently bit it beofre climbing off of him and going to the door.

"I hope you asked the question that you really wanted to know, I'm leaving for Rome tomorrow." As he got up she noticed the look of confusion on his face, they always looked like that when she done with them. She smiled and ushered him out the door and closed it behind him.

She pulled his camera and his notepad from under the bed and smiled, she wasn't quite done with Max yet.

I know this is a really diffrent Liz. Usually she's the sweet good girl but here she'd the total Queen Bitch so I wanna know if you guys can stand this or not. Replyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanx so much for the replies and if you haven't alread, check out my new one under BabyGirl named "The Devils Henchmen." I think it's pretty damn good, diffrent, but still good.

Femme Fatale

Chapter Two

Max stepped off the elevator and entered total chaos. People were running around the newsroom, fighting, screaming. He didn't even notice as he stalked to his bosses office.

"No Guerin, you dropped the ball now get the fuck outta my office and be happy that I don't put you on desk duty!!" Micheal flew out of the office as Max burst in.

"Ah Maxwell," he said leaning back in his chair. "Just the fella I wanted to see." "Mr. Samson, I just wanted to ask when I had to go to Rome to follow the Fashion circuit."

He looked at me like he had the best present in the world under his desk and it had my name on it. "I got something that I know is know is going to make you happy boy," he said pulling out a cigar, biting off the edge and lighting it.

"I've decided to put you on The Shadow's case and move Guerin to the fashion articales." Max wanted to faint, ever since last night he couldn't get her out of his head. She was all he could think about and the only thing that kept him from going and getting on a plane that night was that he would be sent to Rome for his job.

Now he wasn't going.

The longer he stood there the more he felt that she was slipping from his grasp. That slowly but surely he was loosing her and would never see her again.

"I can't sir." "I know how you...." he stopped, "what did you just say?" I can't go, I would rather stay on the fashion scene, I've found a knack." He cut him off in and stood up from his seat, "No, it doesn't matter that you feel that you've got a knack for something."

He breathed out, "I'm the editor at this paper and I say that you're going to do the Shadow story." He sat down, "Now is that clear?"

If he had been the old Max, he would have nodded his head, left the room, and accepted that he would never see the seductress again but he wasn't the old Max.

He was now the Max that'd been with a supermodel the night beofre, the Max that was utterly in love and wasn't going to let anything get in his way, "No Sir, it's not clear."

He looked up at him stunned and Max turned in his I.D card. "I loved it here sir but I theres a girl I have to catch." With that he ran from the office.


Liz sat on the private plane and drew in a deep puff of smoke. Kyle, her representative came and took a seat beside her. "We just got word from our contact in the airport that he was spotted buying a ticket to Rome."

"hank you," she said and waved him off. He probably couldn't sleep after last night, probably ran into work and quit his job because he was 'in love,'' She laughed softly, they always thought they were in love.

REPLYYY!!!!!!!! Very short I know but I'll try and be better about this.