Author: Nehal
Rating R
Notes: contains slash content.
Distribution: to my site and anyone else who asks.
Parts: 1/?
Stuff: Yay, I can log in! Heh, this is so cool. I can finally post some of my dreamer fics!


They are as night and day. Polar opposites. Where one practises severe restraint, the other is a maelstrom of unguarded emotion. Where one broods severe intensity the other is light, almost innocent in her actions and thought. Where one is darkness lifted by the palest moonlight, the other is sunlight in all of its unabashed glory-

They are different, unique, and separate from anything and everything in my universe. They are special, and I want them both.


Elizabeth is a human name. It means God’s promise. In reality however, she is promised to God. A nun of the highest order, she lives, sequestered from all male contact, in a church on an island at the centre of the magical lake. No one impure of heart may cross it; no one except me. However, I have not done so, not yet. But I will. Soon, when the moons adjoin and then depart, I shall make my way across the water and take my beautiful prize. Until then I console myself with watching her, unceasingly with my mind’s eye. She is indeed a perfect creature, not only of form but also mind. I will enjoy taking her when the time comes.

I wonder if she screams-

I know Maria does. Maria-

She was the betrothed of my second until he met an unfortunate accident by the ocean’s edge. His death pushed her to the brink of madness, but I slowly brought her back. Beautiful, with long yellow hair and the greenest of eyes, she is one of only two humans on my planet. That makes her unique, special, an item to be collected and treasured. I allow her to stay in my palace as a guest, in a beautiful room that is separated from mine with an unseen mirror. She doesn’t know how I stare at her as she undresses; she remains innocent to the knowledge that I ogle her large pert breasts and small curved bottom. Maria knows not my raging desire as she shaves the apex of her thighs in the morning, on occasion slipping her fingers deep inside herself, in an attempt to mimic her former lover’s ministrations. She knows not how I explode into my clenched fist as she screams his name in completion. Soon, the name upon her lips will change.

Soon it shall be mine-