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My first story all done and dusted and I'm on such a high so extra special thankyou shouts to Shama, Just Me, Sweetlildreamer, Jessica, Cookie 2697, ChaosTheory, Lizzie_Parker 17, Ceo Shaft, Jeremiah, Sarahdreamer, JaneLane, Roswellluver, Ria, Lilevee, Roswelllover, All for Love, Frenchkiss 70, Nana, Jen, Aznroswell Anglgrl, Anniepoo 98, Ellie Adair, Roswool, Avenging Angel IQ, Mama T, Alien 614, Luvjb, The better twin, Tyranese, Lrddane, Ice rose, Wish you were here, bite me, Lilly, Sunrise 102, Blink1lit, Marteloise, Sarah behr evans, Kath 7, Clueless, Gaby7tvm, Angelic, Michie, Shelly 2, Amie, Princess Stacey, Mystical light ml 4 ever, Behrstars, Smilee UK, Jo, Soppysophs, Devill Kitty, Lixmix 5, Alienchica, Rattlebox, Jiggers, Watcher Tara and Gagnes girl for taking the time out to leave me something, it meant so much. Thank you and I'll be reposting this story on the Repost Board

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OMB thanks to Shama, Just me, SweetLilDreamer, Jessica_01, Cookie2697, Chaostheory, Lizzie_Parker17, CEO Shaft, Sarahdreamer, JaneLane, roswelluver, DreamingofMax84, LiLEvEe and roswelllover for all the brilliant feedback and I'm working on the new part that I thought I'd never get to do thinking that this would sink without a trace but we've all got to give it a go at sometime or another. Thanks for being there for me.

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Special thanks to Allforlove, frenchkiss 70, Nana, Jessica_01 and Lizzy Parker *big* for the brilliant feedback and I'll be posting the new part tomorrow.
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Special thanks to AvengingAngelIQ, Teresa, LiLEvEe, just me, Jessica_01, Alien614, Care_behr, Nana, Luvjb, frenchkiss70, the better twin, Cookie2697, tyranese, roswellluver, aZNroSweLil anglgrl, LrdDane and Ice rose and their brilliant comments, kudos from being there for me. Part 3 is coming but my muse is being uncooperative so it might be a while.

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Feedback junkie you've made this Jeremiah junkie very happy. I'll write faster.
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Thanks to Ice Rose, Teresa, DreamingofMax84, Wish You Were Here, Chaostheory, RosWool, Anniepoo98, French Kiss Lily and Nana (the picture came from site) for the brilliant feed back but with my direction awol my place here is reading it not writing. Maybe I could post again when, if I find it?

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To Ria, the feed back junkie and "my sister" I'll go hunt her (my muse) down and try again. Wish me luck.
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Mama T, Baby L loves that your bumping and she's still trying to get hold of her muse but she promises to play nicely so a new part in the next day or so. lol.
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To LiLEvEe and Gaby7tvm, I couldn't sleep due to thinking about the world cup and RL (real life) so kicked this out. I thought it sucked, thanks for putting me straight. Lol.

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OMG, You bumped me feedback Junkie, I'm stunned. Thanks so much Jeremiah and to everyone that left me something (Mama T, Nana, frenchkiss70, Angelic, m14, aznroswell anglgrl and Lilly) Lol.

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This a shameless bump (hangs head) not for this but for my other story Where are you going? , a Smallville Crossover co written with Jen (Lizzy parker and please check out her stories too 'The fifth Element' and 'Magic, the first Harry Potter crossover', they rock!) While I'm here I'd like to thank Shelly2, Care-behr, m14, Ria and Jeremiah for what you left me, you guys rock! There is only one part left unless you want a sequel (and that I leave upto you after you read it) Lol.

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Jen, Mama T, Jo (twice), PrincessStacey, MysticalLightML4ever, Jeremiah, Behrstars, JaneLane, Smileeuk, Frenchkiss70, Shama, Soppysophs, Care-Behr, m14, Angelic, Sweetlildreamer and Devil Kitty thanks for leaving me something it was really sweet of you and look out for the last part tonight.

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m14, your so sweet I posted to Fearless as you bumped this, Freaky. Stand well back I've got nasty flu and bed's not for me (well, depends just read happy hauntings by teresa) If I don't collapse the last part should be out later.

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Thankyous to m14 (twice), Lilly, Luvjb, Princess Stacey, LixMix5, Angelic, Alienchica, Jeremiah (what you wrote was extra special) and Ria for leaving me something it was really sweet of you all. I'm still not feeling too great but I don't like to break promises so the conclusion coming next.

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I'm overwhelmed, thankyou to Jeremiah (please don't pout that's my job for your stories), Sweetlildreamer (I love your short stories too), Shama (I'm thrilled that you liked it), Aznroswell Anglgrl (I love unhealthy obsession too), m14 (what flavour cookies?), Lixmix5 (I thought it would be a good place to stop, unless more was required), Care-behr (how did you guess?), tyranese (nicola, I'm stunned- you, like, mine) and Lilly (if you want it then you got it) Your all so special for leaving me something. Thankyou.
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Shameless bump to say my thankyous. Rattlebox (that was so sweet of you to say and your here now), Angelic (I am going to), Jeremiah (I'm only doing a sequel because of talented writers like you), Shama (when will we get more of your wonderful story?), alienchica (What will Maria say?), Jiggers (I've got one back, YES), Sweetlildreamer (I love your tagline and your update), Jo (I want to see more of Rumours &Revenge, deal?), Ria (that coming from you, I'm honoured) and Lilly (the next one's all for you) Your all so sweet for leaving me something, I've got nasty flu so it has made me feel so much better. Thankyou, you guys rock and look out for the sequel very very soon.

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m14, I'm not contagious so squeeze away and I'll have all of them please but with all the ginger ale, hot magazines and comfy pillows why get out of bed? A big, special thankyou shout goes out to you for all your support, lol (lots of love)

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Hey everyone, special thanks shouts going out to frenchkiss70 (your totally getting one), Shama (your so sweet and I loved the update), roswellluver (She had to come to her senses didn't she? Who wouldn't?) and m14 (my sanity, your comic timing is so refreshing). You guys rock and make me feel so special when I'm feeling so poorly.

Author question: There's three ways that the sequel can go Liz's pov, Max's pov or both? You decide. Please let me know because I can't choose.

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Special thanks to Jeremiah, Smileeuk, Ria, alienchica and m14 (if was getting way too comfy) for leaving me something and making me feel a whole lot better. You guys rock but I won't be writing anymore (only to my smallville crossover with Jen) just reading from now on.

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Bumping this so you get to read the post above.
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Amie, m14, Tara (I'm stunned that you read mine) and Shama (I'll go the nuthouse if you stop) your so sweet for leaving me something and I've now posted the sequel thanks to all of you and I hope you enjoy A Kiss from a Rose too.

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Gagnes Girl, opps if you meant the sequel, I had to change the title and it's now 'A Kiss from a Rose' but I forgot to change it here. Put it down to having a blonde moment and it was sweet of you to leave me something. Hope you enjoyed it?
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Bumping just so a very good and horny as hell friend of mine can read it. Special thanks to m14, Bite me and Roswool (I'll be catching up with come to me tonight) for leaving me something.

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