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Author: Nehal
Summary: Very weird Slash where Isabel is a southern baddy. Due to my being british some of the Texan slang may be wrong. In fact it probably is. *happy*


We made love and it was wonderful. Warm, hot, passionate and Oh Lord so sticky-

Fuck you. You’re lying. You’re all lying!

Didn’t your momma ever tell you not to interrupt a woman when she’s talking? It’s rude, and not becoming in the slightest.

Fuck you!

I’d watch that mouth of yours sugar. Michael has a pretty mean temper on him. You wouldn’t want to provoke him now would you? I didn’t think so. Now, where was I again? Lord, I can’t remember, I think you need to be punished for that. Kyle, if you could pass me the shears- I think Little Lizzie, over here, needs me to ream her a new one.

No! Lord no, please, I’ll do anything!

Anything? Cross your heart and hope to die?

I promise. Anything.

Well you’re in luck then. I happen to be in need of a certain something from you, well actually that isn’t quite true- I want a certain someone. I certain blonde haired, green eyed, creamy skinned someone with legs that go on forever and a perky little behind just begging to be- well a lady can’t really say it in public, but you understand don’t you sugar?


I want Maria here tonight before midnight. Don’t you fail me now Lizzie. It took me a whole lot of restraint not to keep Max after our little night in the woods. He is such a strong healthy man and his stamina- well lets just say the boy made me blush, which isn’t easy to do. Poor girl, you haven’t touched him yet have you? Don’t worry. Give me Maria and you may just be able to. Do you understand me?


Yes what sugar?

Yes Miss Isabel.

Oh isn’t that sweet. You are quite the darling when you want to be. Michael, honey, can you been so kind as to show me the time? I forgot my watch again. Oh, it’s only half past three. We have plenty of time to play, before you bring Maria to us. Isn’t that right boys?


Hello this is the Deluca residence-

Hi, Maria, it’s me, Liz. Could you meet me outside the old Turner place by the cliff in fifteen minutes please?

Why, what’s wrong?

Nothing. I just thought we could talk.

Okay, I’ll see you in ten-

Oh, and Maria?


I love you.


Liz, Liz I- Oh my God, Liz! What happened? Is she-

I’m afraid so honey, as dead as a doornail. I saw her jump off the cliff myself, and in her underclothes to boot. It’s a shame. She had such lovely skin, but not compared to you.


Hush sugar; let me admire you for a second. Your skin, your eyes, your hair- I bet you smell like jasmine all over-

Get off me! Help! Help! Help me!

Nobody can hear you out here honey; now keep quiet while I kiss you. I don’t like being interrupted during lovemaking, it lacks a certain class don’t you think? Now be a good girl and lift up your nightie for me. Let Miss Isabel, give you a nice hot seeing to. I’m good with my mouth, or so I’m told.


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Why, thanks. I try to be different, glad to see it's appreciated :D

A Max related sequel shall come next. Poor boy, now Liz is dead, how on earth will he escape the force that is Miss Isabel?